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REVIEWS OF Sharon Hospital, part of Nuvance Health IN Connecticut

Marleny Estrada

I had my daughter in this hospital. I loved everything about this hospital, nurses were very attentive to my needs and they have great doctors here too. Very clean and santized throughout the whole building. I would love to have more babies in this beautiful hopsital but unfortunately I moved out of state. DOCTOR MORTMAN IS GREAT and was my doctor throughout my whole pregnancy but Dr. Trias delievered my babygirl. **THIS WAS IN 2017**

Kevin Donisi

Helped me on multiple occasions, whether Lyme's disease or a car accident.

Juls Finazzo

After hearing 3 different doctors tell my father that he would need his big toe amputated due to a diabetic foot ulcer it was a relief to find Sharon Hospital Wound Center. The first day we arrived at the wound center they said "you may lose a tendent in the toe but not the toe." Sure enough after 50 times in the hyperbaric oxygen chamber my dad is wound free and still has his toe. Our sincere thanks to the staff of the Sharon Hospital Wound Center for all the care they gave to my dad.

fleming maher

I had a horrible experience there a few months ago after a car accident. The little twerp doctor insisted on scanning me to tell me what I already knew, got prissy and mean when I wouldn't consent to an IV drip. And in general did exactly what the Oath told him not to do: he made a bad situation much worse. Physician, procreate with thyself. The hospital can check the report and see who I was referring to. Oh I just got the bill. The doctor is an idiot.

Stacey McGovern

Susan Klocker

I live in a big city and I was visiting my daughter who just had her second child here at Sharon hospital. Well her care and the babies care were great so as her mother I was very grateful. Then I fell broke my foot. The ER people were swamped. I sat for awhile but I sit even longer at the hospital in Cleveland. So I waited til it was my turn. The doctors and nurses were great. Very friendly and simpathatic to my needs. Considering a ambulance rolled in every couple mins. They stayed calm and cool. I then had to go to see an orthopedic doctor. The first doctor did not take my insurance so I had to find another and I was glad I did. Again back at the hospital because this doctor was doing surgery’s that day. He fit me in his long schedule and was wonderful. Again I received great care at Sharon Hospital. Tomorrow I get to go home to the big city. I told my daughter and son-in-law they are very lucky to live where they live and get care here. Thank you Sharon Hospital and your employee’s for you wonderful care and kindness.

Trish Miles

6/18/19..... SHARON HOSPITAL CONTINUES TO PROVIDE SCARY HEALTHCARE - “Advance the level of healthcare” ... that’s EXACTLY NEEDS TO BE DONE .... the QUALITY OF HEALTHCARE THERE IS HORRIBLE So I don’t know who does the HIRING for SHARON HOSPITAL, but you don’t know what you are doing!

Alexis Peterson

Daniel Ma

My baby was born here last week, great people and great service here!! Thank you!

joe king

Refused to deliver our baby told us we weren't ready. Sent us to hudson hospital. My wife was in delivery while trying to drive. The doctor was very rude, unprofessional, and not very caring. The doctors in e.r are very good on the other hand.

Nicole Merritt-Quiles

***updated They intentionally did not bill to my insurance, despite multiple calls and corrections on my end. They sent it to collections, who are refusing to send it to insurance. The insurance company NEVER received a bill from them or Glassfish. **** Sharon Hospital is a fraud! Twice I have used the ER at Sharon in the last year. I have since chosen to drive over an hour whenever I need an ER after my experiences there. I have reached out to Sharon through their Facebook page, their main phone number, and now through this review without word from them in regards to my experiences. The first time, I took my husband who was up all night in extreme pain and could not sleep. The nurse and Doctor implied that he simply needed a "release", and his pain was nothing without anything more than that, after a couple blood tests. Thankfully, I took him to a specialist, and we discovered it was something very serious. I am glad I did not listen to them. Second time, I have CRPS, and I woke up in extreme pain with a high fever. Tylenol did not bring down my fever, when I got to the hospital it was over 103. My body felt like it was on fire, I could barely walk. They not only made me walk to multiple rooms before they gave me a bed, but they had me walk to all my tests. They told me I had an UTI, and gave me a prescription for antibiotics, I went home to take more Tylenol. A few days later they called to tell me I have Lyme's disease and were prescribing extra antibiotics. Not only was the nurse rude and condescending to my pain and discomfort, but she implied I was over exaggerating. I literally felt as though my body were on fire, and come to find out it was the Lyme's disease exacerbating my CRPS, but I was being treated as though I were lying. I see a specialist who has an office in the hospital, and it is the only reason I have ever stepped foot in that building again. I would rather drive an hour then be treated by people who need more training.

Herbert Moore

Our daughter was born here last year. Incredible place - caring, attentive staff and doctors in the Maternity Ward.

shannon clark

Since the hospital has been taken over by Vassar the care has gone way down. None of these new doctors actually care about your well being just wether or not there getting paid. Sharon you messed up.

Melissa Becker

I just had my baby at Sharon Hospital. It was a great experience. The staff was amazing, the doctors all were awesome and the attention and care I reiceved was absolutely the best. I can’t say enough about everyone there. I had my previous babies at a different hospital and was never given the attention the staff all gave me. I would recommend and I will recommend to everyone I know who’s going to have a baby.

Pamela Hetzel

Stacy Gauthier

Anabela Bartovic

I delivered my baby in December 2018, Dr. Mortman is excellent and the nurses who attended to me were wonderful! I have nothing but good things to say about my stay. Care was wonderful!

Gracey K.

I had an abscess from a staphyloccocal infection on my c section scar that I was just discharged from Sharon on/gyn with. When I was sutured up after my c section, the surgeon pushed some air out of my abdominal cavity which is where the staph infection got through. With blood drawing, one nurse didn't put on gloves, another had blown my vain and said it was fine, kept the iv in my arm while my arm started pooling up with antibiotic which left a pouch. Completely ignorant staff.

Matthew Russo

Nobody in the ER waiting room, yet made to wait. Then when roomed, treatment was going to be given without any further discussion. Bad medicine! Then made to wait again on a very uncomfortable cot. The MD was not kind, uncovered for a very cursory exam, not recovered with blanket. Poorly treated, disrespected for my knowledge. I am a nurse. Won't be using that ER again.

ahmed` hassan

Robert Cyr

Gordon Senzer

I've been going to Sharon Hospital since 1968 when I was a child. Over the years, it has wrestled with issues common to to small, rural hospitals. Recently, my elderly father has had numerous trips to SH for various ailments and injuries (falls) so, I feel that my experience is recent and extensive. IMO, Sharon Hospital is one of the "most caring" health care providers I have ever visited. It may not be the best choice for neurosurgery or non-invasive robotic surgery but, its "patient care" is among the best. The staff is thoughtful and caring. The Dr.s are thorough and creative as they perform diagnosis. I feel like my father is in good hands when he's in SH and, I trust them to take the best possible care of him because, in my experience, that's what they do.

Dan Smith

Not attentive or willing to offer assistance. Leaves you with astronomical bills after submitting unjust claims. No explanation before setting up consultations. $3000 later, won’t return a call nor respond to anyone on here. Professional and ethical development is well needed by this company and I wish they would reach out.

Black Queen

Great place

Abbey Fagan

I, unfortunately have been to Sharon Hospital several times over the years, with very bad results. Most recent was when my son hit a deer with a motorcycle. It happened right by our house, so I was able to get him to the hospital before an ambulance could. My son was complaining of neck, shoulder, & back injuries. I took him to Sharon Hospital, by mistake ! After conveying his injuries to the ER staff, we were treated extremely poorly. We sat there for fifteen minutes befor I started to lose my patients. After a brief verbal dispute with the staff, we were forced to drive an hour to another Hospital. This type of treatment towards anyone in need of medical help is appalling ! This is why SHARON HOSPITAL has an overall rating of three and a half stars. I personally feel it should be one star, if that !

Sarah Robertson

Birthing suites are TERRIBLE. STAY AWAY. The nurses are super over bearing and make up stories about you to gossip amoungst each other: Leigh and Donna will call social services and DCF on new parents out of boredom: Operating room will not be cleaned thoroughly before you go in. This place needs to close down!!!!!! Half of these nurses need to lose their licenses. They don’t use proper hygiene and protocols.

Catherine Alderman

Great place to have a baby if you want PTSD from the experience! Nurses infiltrated a vein with an (unnecessary yet forced) IV causing serious swelling, they over-filled a bathtub spilling water into the floor below. The midwife was arrogant and aggressive (and never even had a child before so seriously lacked appreciation for the mother's pain). The doctor was even more arrogant and aggressive, not to mention uncouth and lacking in any social niceties. They caused more problems (plenty) than they fixed (which was none). I would suggest home-birthing before stepping foot within these doors to bring your miracle into the world.

T Dorrer

I was planning to have my baby here, but 4 routine blood tests were sent here by my ob and they charged me $800. I told them that it should have gone to quest and the charge was supposed to be $60. They told me I can pay $600 and no less. Very appalled by the mark up. Editing to show that I was angry at the above billing. The staff at the maternity ward were in fact excellent. They were very attentive and caring during my stay. I was very happy I went to Sharon Hospital despite the above experience since the nurses were a lot better than the financial side of the hospital.


Hospital visit in August 2013 was ok. Most seemed professional. But the company they use for their billing...Peryourhealth, Horrible, Horrible, Horrible.. I have health insurance and payment was sent in Oct,2013. by electronic cc payment. Come April 2014 I get statement showing past due and threatened to turn over to collections.. Called them 3 times to resolve issue and to get them to process electronic payment sent by my ins. co. 7 months ago. I will avoid choosing Sharon Hospital in the future because the comp. they choose to use for billing. Employees don't lift a finger to get payment processed, don't return any calls either. Peryourheatlh has an "F" rating by the BBB, and for a reason. Read it yourself. Save yourself a lot of aggravation, avoid Sharon hospital because of billing company they use....

Michael N

I went to Sharon Hospital because CMH in Hudson is a total dump. I didn't have to wait more than five minutes to be seen. I was passing a kidney stone and was in severe pain. The nurse (Amy) made me walk from the lobby to the far end of the ER without offering me a wheelchair, a significant distance considering the pain I was in. She had poor bedside manner and didn't seem very enthusiastic about her work. Dr. Bodden on the other hand was great. He was very friendly and compassionate, listened to my concerns and explained everything very well. I was also impressed with how clean the facility was, compared to CMH in Hudson. If it weren't for the nurse's poor attitude I would have given five stars.


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