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Greg k

Do not have your baby here!!!! We were treated like a liability. My story is to long to share but I urge you to seek another hospital for child birth.

Stacy ann Baxter

Don't deliver your baby here. worst experience ever

karole greene

They need help, short staff at times, one hand not communicating with the other. We were told my mom was being discharged by the doctor on weds, we waited all day, nobody knew anything. Then we ask the nurse, she had to check. 3 hours no response we ask again, didn't know. Around 5 pm the doctor comes in and says I understand you have been unpatiently waiting, really. We were there since 9am. Never mind he was supposed to call me after rounds at 8am. We asked twice since the nurses didn't know, no discharge info, didn't even know where she was going. Now when she was on floor 7, they were great. 6.2 needs much improvement in communicating with patient and family members. This is the short version of a bad experience

Quintero Eduardo

E.R os not well trained they practice with you and send you home worse pain that the one you got there .

Keri Kienholz

Their customer service for claims billing department was an issue for me when I was looking for different information than what was provided regarding a claim. Once I posted a poor review of this on here, I was immediately contacted by head of customer service and was immediately offered the info I requested along with an apology. If you have the same issue, just ask for someone higher up or for a return call once your request is further investigated. Great customer service.

Keith cali

the time you spend waiting for a room is outrageous ive been in the hallway on the bed with an iv for the last 7 hours im currently waiting for a room and they said 5 hours ago that they were cleaning the bed and im still in the hallway horrible service

Kayla Foley

A fantastic hospital with experienced staff!

Octavia Gordon

Very racist at the hospital; they put me in the ER hallway! I had to demand a room. Nurses are very uncaring and hard! It’s like they have no emotions for patients. Went and had to stay the entire day for them to give me two laxative prescriptions!!!!!! They NEVER resolved the problem. I’m still uncomfortable and in pain!!!!!! Worst hospital ever!!!! GO TO HARTFORD HOSPITAL

Faith Prevails

Horrible ER treatment!!! Dr. Schiller very rude, and Nurse Julie very neglectful. They left my alone for hours with no water, or anything for her headache. They kept saying they were going to come back but never did. Avoid this hospital ER if you have a choice. The only staff that was good or humane was nursing aid crew. It is a very sad situation when you are at the mercy of sub standard care.

David Cappa

The Doctor's and nursing staff do not respect patient wishes. Fail to offer important medical information, risking overall well being and health of those unfortunate souls that find themselves there. Do not choose this hospital. Hartford Hospital is the choice to make.

KJ Brands

Attentive and warm staff, clean facility..

Mandi C


kashif chaudhary

Horrible ER process and staff. Basis necessities such as bathroom usage are burden to the “busy” staff, meanwhile they have plenty of spare time to chit chat and talk about their personal lives. ER rooms are dirty and not cleaned properly. Never again.

Andrew Strigun

The ER experience that I had was awful. The sense of urgency with the nurses and other staff is lackluster, as it took 4 hours and 45 mins before the doctor came to our room for the FIRST time. The urgency that I had expressed over a heart issue my mother was experiencing finally motivated the nurse to come back just to hook up an IV. I don't know about the non ER departments, but if you're in a hurry with an medical issue that doesn't involve the loss of a limb, go somewhere else. Seriously.

Srijan Chakraborty

I think this hospital is way too expensive even for general tests. I had an echo cardiogram done at this hospital and the bill came out to be $1500 (after insurance discount). My co-pay came out to be $300 which is still a lot of money for a simple test. I researched prices for the same test in other medical centres and the cost was much less elsewhere (around $500). Because of this huge cost gap I would really have to think twice before going here.

Recabite Jehonadab

Since S.F. Hospital has a new owner( Trinity) the ER Staff is now understaffed and overwhelmed by huge volumes of patients and thus are burned and stressed out even though they try to keep up with the new demands of Trinity. It also doesn’t help when the State of Ct.s current administration ( Governor Malloy) fails to reimburse hospitals that must take patients that don’t have insurance. This hospital is trying to cope under the heavy handed liberal policies of a liberal state that is financially broke itself. Liberalism/Democrats/taxes are the reasons why people are leaving CT. And leaving Mark Twain’s poisoning progressive beliefs behind them.


Great hospital my family member is here and she said they take good care her all the time

Zay Rod

The Surgery men practician try to put back my hernia with out medication and it hurt a lot. First of all he didnt know what the (f×+^) to do. He put it back with the hand wish it was no problem but the problem was that he wanted it to keep on doing again and again cause my hernia came back on the bellybottom. Hello i got a big hole inside of the bellybottom. Am not going back there ever. They are not doing my Surgery at all. Well but the doctor John P Fojtik did a good job i cant complain and the nurse was alsome did a great job 2.

Barbara Ahern

I have never had a bad experience at St Francis. The emergency room, the nurses, the doctors were wonderful.

Cuen Funderburke

Nurses were great, they got us in quickly and were helpful and calming.

tid ier

My dad was a patient recently in the Emergency and the surgery team took care of him. He needed an emergency operation for a hernia and a blockage. dr Shapiro's team was attentive, helpful and supportive. I'd go back myself and though I haven't had operations myself, is feel comfortable doing so at Saint Francis. We felt papa was under the best and safest care. There were many nurses, assistants, and surgeons who were great. Thanks to them.

Debra Woodhall

My husband had day surgery on his back. The whole experience was great. All the staff were kind, considerate, professional, and knowledgeable. They explained everything that was going to happen and it all went smoothly. Dr. Yannapoulus and his team were superheroes. My husband who could not sit and could barely walk before the surgery was able to walk painfree that afternoon. We have never been to your hospital as patients before but now I know you will be our hospital of choice in the future. Thank you for making a scary life experience such a positive one.

David Timour

They were there to help me all the time good people good staff

Grace Galazan

If I could give 0 stars I would. If you or your child is assigned to Alexandra Cabral ask for a switch. My sister was at St Francis while we were being advised on places to send her for her current issues. I called Alexandra no less than 4 times. All of which she ignored, didn't get back to me, or was out of the office. She also did not answer my father who is my sisters primary caretaker. Instead, she dealt only with our uninvolved mother. Alexandra did not bother to hear anyone else's side of the story and won't answer calls or emails to tell us where my sister/my fathers daughter is! Saint Francis if you see this please reach out and let us know she is ok and if she is even still in your facility please! I think the person who is expected to pay and has taken care of the patient for her lifespan at least deserves that information and it is not Alexandra's job to decide who does and who doesn't have the right to be informed.

Wil son

I love that the waits are short here but the privacy is almost non-existent and I worry that other folks are as privy to my information as I am to theirs. Employees here seem to have no ability to keep things in confidence and gossip with eachother way too much.

bolaji G

Thank you guys, you all are amazing. We are grateful. Had a fall @ my job.

Olive Yonkers

The staff was nice but the prices are astronomical. Over 1200.00 for a pre-natal ultrasound!

Leslie Maldonado

Doctors here are always nice n respectful at each appointment. The emergency room is not so long and plus they saved my life when I was in come from a car accident. Never had a issue like I did in other hospitals

Frank Nemeth

Very dirty except for the entrances shops and the ICU. I mean you would think they would have the janitors do a better job at cleaning up. I had a friend work there and they said it was the most worst experience they ever had working there.

Gwendolyn Cheong

Yesterday I went into the hospital for severe case of UTI and everyone was so helpful. Very personal able people. I was in and out quiet quickly.

Jean Carlson

My mother had to have emergency surgery during the night after being transferred from another hospital. She was gravely ill and needed surgery to save her life. EVERYONE treated us with kindness and total respect - even after being called to come in to work at 4 am to provide emergent surgery . She flew through surgery and they saved her life ! The care she received was superb ! I cant say enough good things . I am a critical care RN and have high standards - those standards were well met. Thank you each and every one of you !!

Melanie Hanah

I have nothing but good things to say about my stay at St. Francis for total hip replacement. The staff (PT, PAs, Nurses, Nurse Assistants and especially doctors) were all knowledgeable and responsive, the surgery went well, and I was able to just relax and start the healing process. I even enjoyed the food - any time I don't have to cook it's a positive event. It was also a nice touch that every patient has a flower to cheer up the room. I would recommend this hospital as much as I would never recommend Yale-New Haven.

Leamsi Diaz

The worst place ever. Went in at 4pm left at 10:30pm and thats because i decided to leave i was never seen just asked what is wrong 3 times through the time i was there. I told them i been here for hrs they didnt care. Had me in the hallway while there was plenty of rooms empty. One of the nurses spent his time digging his nose and never washed his hand other nurses saw still didnt say nothing but let him touch everything. Nurses were rude n the old guy was next to me in the hallway had a bad heart problem never gave him a room n his heart way went down. The nurses didnt even get a doctor for him. A lady was there since early telling the nurses she hungry they said the will bring her something n never did. She kept telling tthem nothing was done. Saint francis need new staffs cuz the ones they have are not doing they job.


My overnight stay was almost a wonderful experience. The nurses and aides especially were kind, gentle, and pleasant (except for one cranky woman who was brusque with me). One thing really ruined my stay: at 11 pm or thereabouts, apparently the shifts were changing. It sounded like a wild party! There was loud talking by several people, as far as I could tell, which went on for about 10-15 minutes. (I must have been near a nurses' station.) I was trying to rouse myself enough to complain but was too drugged-up to even press the button that would call for assistance. St. Francis would have received a 5-star review except for the loud gathering that night which greatly disturbed me (in addition to that cranky woman).

Brendqn Mccarthy

Is there a program for high schoolers interested in surgery ?

RealReview Now

Had laparoscopic surgery in their ambulatory department today. First time ever being at this facility too. I will say I’m in the medical field and I know what expectations to hold for physician and facility care and this department exceeds them all. I was greeted by warm smiles, caring, considerate, and empathetic people. Every single professional that I encountered there had immaculate bedside manner. The Peking was easy, navigating the building was easy, and the floor I was on was tidy and ran well. I am very impressed with how this facility staff carries themselves. Wonderful people to hold my hand through a scary experience.

Rose Lee

I love this Hospital !!! The entire staff is Always very friendly and helpful ! I see my 3 Specialists in the GENGRAS building @1000 Asylum st I have been admitted a few times and have no complaints!!!

Terry Christian

I am convinced that some of the nurses trained at Guantanamo Bay. They had the bedside manner of Heinrich Himmler. I will never go to this concentration camp again.


I had surgery at St. Francis on 10/4/2018. I have a high deductible insurance plan. I gave St. Francis a substantial deposit against my responsibility for costs. After the insurance claims were processed, my deposit turned out to be larger than my responsibility. I have been requesting a refund from St. Francis for two months. Each time St. Francis has said a refund is processing, given a time frame and then nothing happens. When I call to complain, I am told a supervisor will call me back. No one ever calls. My insurance company has even contacted St. Francis directly and requested a refund on my behalf. Apparently their provider agreement with St. Francis requires timely overpayment of refunds to participants. It appears to me St. Francis has failed that part of their agreement with the insurance company, as again, time passed and no refund. I even looked up who the VP of Finance was at St Francis and emailed her requesting assistance. No response…and I have the read receipt. The refund due me is $379.90. I am a single mother with two children. I am about to pay for a second wisdom tooth extraction in less than a year. I really could use the money due me back. I gave them a substantial deposit promptly when asked before services were rendered. I don't understand why they can't give me an overpayment refund promptly when I ask after services were rendered. I did finally get a call back today from someone who identified herself as a manager. She said she would call again when the transaction was processed. I’m not hopeful. Currently, looking for new doctors for myself not affiliated with St. Francis. This will be a shame as I am a 10+ years patient of my current doctors who are affiliated with St. Francis, have had surgery in the hospital in prior years and I like them. However, I feel I have been treated not only poorly, but unethically, and I am not comfortable going there any longer.

Daniel Mccauley

Worse nurses, doctors, pysch staff and zero bed side Manor. Would not give me my pre prescribed meds cause I tested dirty for weed. Let me go without Clonazepam and refused me non narcotic sumatriptan during a cluster head aches attack. I'd give them -5 stars if I could.

Joe Rossi

Say what you want,I enjoy my stay the 8th.and 9th.floor staff are the best.if I ever have another event like that.I hope I make it back there.

Sally Lerman

Had a great experience using InQuicker scheduling to visit the emergency room for a fall. Was in and out in just over an hour on a Saturday night!

gini selvaggi

Best ER experience EVER! My daughter was in a car accident in Hartford. She went to the ER at 9:50. Saw a nurse, a doctor, had X-rays and was out the door by 11. The whole staff really has their act together. I would absolutely drive from my hometown to this ER rather than use my local one…

joan kiley

This hospital is top notch. Great doctors who diagnose accurately and compassionate nurses.

Zory Sanchez

I've been here 3 days so far and every personal has been very polite and kind ,right now I can say I'am taking well care of. Thank to the 10 th floor staff. Bless you all.

Michael McAuliffe

This a great hospital. The ER is so well run

Rowena Kemp

Attentive, professional service!

Melissa Buchko

The pulmonary department was awful to me. My mother is a patient of Dr. Grover and she is a very sick patient with fibroids in her lungs, she needs a lung transplant and gets a prescription every 8 days and they never have the prescription ready for her. The staff is very rude especially one woman named Omayra. I work for a big doctors office so I know how busy it can get but one thing I do right is put my patients first and make sure they have the best care. I make sure i take care of priority cases first. If people don't know how to work in a doctors office and don't have great personality work ethetics then I feel that maybe they need to work elsewhere.

stacy salmon

The worst ER ever!! For chest pain & back pain it took them 10 hours to find a room!! I wanted to voluntarily discharge but then a doctor came by & said they were cleaning the bed upstairs...4 hours later...NO BED!! 14 hours in this ER...worst hospital ever!!



Victor Chung

A very good hospital.

Susan Howard

Went here for an ablation. All the employees I came in contact with from admitting, ablation staff, recovery and after care were caring, knowledgeable, and professional. I highly recommend this hospital. It is exemplary.

Marc Rhodes

This afternoon I completed a phone pre-registration for an upcoming surgery. I think the second question they asked me was they wanted to know my sexual orientation. I was left speechless for a minute trying to figure out what relevance that had to the surgery on my ankle. I thought I had heard everything until the next question was "What sex were you assigned at birth?" Really? Assigned at birth? I'm supposed to feel comfortable having surgery at a place where medical people don't have a basic understanding of biology? So far I'm less than impressed. I was expecting to be asked about my political affiliations next, but thankfully that didn't happen. It was the most bizarre phone call.

Malcolm Williams

nice staff

Alexis Jake

Doctors and staff are really nice and cooperative. Very professional. They treat you well.

Michaela Haga

Endocrinology department is trying to kill me. the office staff is completely unprofessional and incompetent. Call in a prescription over a week ago. Insurance requires a “prior authorization” form to be signed. The office staff had not returned the form after a week. Called after I confirmed that the insurance sent another and they decided to close there office while they moved...two days before the holiday weekend! I have left messages, so has the insurance company with no reply. I have two uses of insulin left before i am out and that’s before Christmas. The hospital cant get in contact with the department and no one higher up will answer my phone calls. If i end up spending Christmas in the hospital it’s their fault.

Zelda Raharule

Still sitting here after a day now. No answers or results. Asked for help 3 times no response. Attitude from some staff and inappropriate jokes during overnight I felt uncomfortable. I want to leave now.

Be.blessed. Forever

The Doctors here are really good. Very informative and gives a patient comfort. They have saved a lot of my family’s lives here with successful surgeries. My kids were born here. Sometimes the ER wait can get crazy, but overall, the staff is working to get you better!

Kay Vars

This used to be a hospital I trusted. After 6 hours in ER I was sent home with discharge papers that said everything was normal. Despite the fact that they told me that they found a kidney stone in my right kidney that they declared could not cause the pain I had. Severe right-sided abdominal pain migrating to the back. Radiologist knew it was a stone. Lying on discharge paperwork is not a good thing for them. Don't go there unless you are bleeding to death or having a heart attack. And lord forbid if you are female. For the record, the radiologist deserved 10 stars. She was the BEST they had and the ER could learn their bedside manners from her.

Jasmine Thompson

Had four kids here on my last and they gave me a epidural and now telling me I am noy active labor anymore they are getting unorganized ready to have my baby somewhere else becareful they are not the same lost all my respect

Carole Romatis

Had back surgery on a Monday; released on Friday noon. Received a bill for $108,000, including $42,000 for surgery, and $3,000/day for the room. WTF?!

Chuck Lewis

Very disappointed, I received a call from St Francis to approve the admittance of my uncle - in the ER. I was unaware of what was going on and asked the hospital registration person for information. I was transferred to the ER nurse, explained my inquiry and without any information was transferred to the registration department. I was connected to a representative who although took my call was engaged in a side conversation. All this time and I still don't know why my uncle is in the ER. I was then transferred back to the ER who said my uncle's nurse was with another patient and to call back in 15 minutes. I asked if my uncle was in any imminent danger. After an immediate "no" reply, I was hung up on. I thought the medical field was pursued by people that care. Not my experience at all.

Ausenda Oliveira

Excellent care. The staff is very friendly and helpful

Divya Gopal

Had a bad experience where we had to wait for 3 hours and also elder peoples waiting like us for 3 hours. Try to avoid if possible


They will do everything possible to release you before you're ready. In the situation of those who are very sick, elderly, etc, this means that if the release you before 3 in-patient days, that you will not be approved by medicare for a skilled nursing home. They get penalized my Medicare if too many of their releases stay past the 3 days. In the case of my sister, who suffered a stroke many years age and could not speak, it we me who had to look out for her best interests. out of approx 20 hospital admissions aver a four year period, I had to fight with them tooth and nail to make sure she could stay UNTIL SHE WAS ready to be transferred. They looked at Medicare penalties. I looked at the well-being of my sister. One time, they did release her into a hospital sponsored rehab facility, but she was too sick to participate. They then sent her home (instead of back to the hospital). She passed out )with convulsions. (It was now approx 4 days after her final release). So another ambulance ride back to St. Francis, where it was discovered that the UTI infection she had was now A MRSA infection. My sister was a fighter, but from that incident forward, she just gradually lost her fighting spirit. One year later, she was dead. On an earlier occasion, our father had Alzh ,and bad respiratory problems. He, too went to St. Francis, where he was admitted. We were told there how serious it was, and that they could revive him and get him to a "functional" level. Problem: My father had a living will, and went above and beyond the normal to make it known that he NEVER wanted to be kept alive in those situations. In Connecticut, MD's are not legally obliged to follow the wishes of the patients last directives. His attending MD, (Dr Basu - I will NEVER forget that name) informed us that was going to go against my fathers wishes and start putting the tubes and support systems into his dying body. Panicked, we finally called the nursing home where he had been for 3 months prior, and explained the dilemma. They said, 'if you can get him back here, we'll keep him pain free and follow his wishes'. It wasn't as simple as just walking into his room and wheeling him out, but I'll spare that part of the story. Bottom line is he ended up back at the Home where they treated him with love and dignity. They kept him pain free, and he died two weeks later. If Dr. Basu had his way, he would have probably lived another 3 or 4 months, painfully, fed thru tubes, and barely conscious and constantly aspirating - a situation that he had made everyone aware he never wanted to be in. I'm running out of space so you won't hear the entire complete stories, nor the other unrelated things that were so bad. God, what a forsaken place. To this day, I regret I did not write to JAYCO (Hospital Accreditation Board) to describe this nightmare. I could write a book.

Gerald skyers

Saint Francis is a joke. You can never call and get in touch with anyone. The phone lines and the people on them are terrible when it comes to customer service. God forbid you have to speak to a doctor at Gengras or confirm an appointment. You'll be completely frustrated and lost trying to reach someone over there. That hospital needs a complete overhaul.

Carla Tracy

Horrible hospital Once admitted they forget you are there except for everyone repeating checking vitals and asking your med list even though it's in their system and been verified over and over and over Seems none of them trust each others notes but want me to trust them

Judy DeTuccio

Had surgery Monday March 19..still waiting for pathology report a,week later. I have called the women's health center three times with no satisfaction.

Paul Abrilla

I was just at the St. Francis Emergency Walk-In Center Entrace on 7/12 around 10:00pm before the lockdown. They have zero empathy from the people in the Emergency Walk-In center lobby. They just go on their spiel without hearing what's going on and what people are experiencing while their love ones are in the emergency room. Tried to explain why I needed to see someone that was brought in the emergency room and their spiel is we're just following orders. You cannot see the patient until she gets a room. I guess they don't care, if the person in the emergency room is dying alone. They didn't offer even a phone call. I guess they have to do their jobs no matter how inhumane it can be. I understand protocols, but I also believe that there are cases that are exceptional and reasonable. I'm thankful that nothing bad happened. But if something bad happened because of this policy, I hope they will have regrets. But then again, perhaps they will have nothing because they were trained to be animals!

Zory Kris

For me I was hospitalized in St. Francis and I was treated very well and the staff ,nurse's were very nice,so for me my experience was excellent . Thank you to the 10 floor staff.

althea unger

I was only there to visit my brother and it seemed to very clean, helpful people, and my brother was happy with his treatment while there.

Tom Brewer

Worst business I've seen in a while especially for a hospital. I highly recommend that people don't go there so they can avoid a migrane from dealing with the multiple major issues I had to deal with in the matter of 3 minutes. These included a price of 14.95 or something like that for a phone call to a patient, nurses who think there job consists of nothing at all, and above all a stale rudeness throughout the entire experience. If anyone decides to take a chance with this hell hole, then best of luck to you. Hope you make it back out alive and well.

Joan Bernard

Most terrible and callous experience in my life. Went with worse pain imaginble from Trigrminal Neuralgia with which the docs were not familiar! So suffered more than if I had stayed home and taken two OTC pills!

Sheila Rodriguez

Bad hospital some people think they are better because they sit at front desk racists no go more


I took my husband there to be seen cuz he was not feeling well and It was horrible the waiting to be seen then to top it off no room so we was in the hallway the hole time and then they wanted my husband to take is shirt off in front of dozen people walking by like really to rellyr top of my day the doctor that come to us is so sloppy and kind of rub I will never go there again.

maria ortiz

So I'm in the er for a miscarriage and the leave me in the waiting area for about 1 and a half hour to be seen and the medical assistance in the reception taking pictures that was so unprofessional I ask when they going to call me they said we waiting for a room but about 4 patients already left this is a crappy hospital I'll never go here again then last week I called my doctors and they connected to saint francis hospital they right across the street they told me they can't see me till the 30 of May 4 week later after I started spotting what the he'll is wrong with these people

Michelle Weddle

I wish I could say -10. DO NOT go if you have a diagnosed mental health condition because you become labled as crazy. I came in by ambulance (guy was reprehensible) and what they said was all they heard even though I kept repeating the answers paramedic, doctors, and nurses talked over me. Went in with the absolute head I ever had, tingly hands and feet that wouldn’t respond, major confusion, by the time we got in the ambulance I was having hallucinations. I was told they could strap me down and do their tests, insulted, called crazy, mocked, saw psych twice after the first 5 minute exam. Was stuck in room got water when they wanted something, was there 13 hours had to have two patient reps kept asking for my patient rights. The female doctor on at 12 threatened me, the other female doctor that left at 7 wouldn’t listen to physical symptoms. Finally a word flash one light in your exam and squeeze my finger test. I was refused a CT. Will be going to my doctor. My head still hurts and I have e high blood pressure. Save your family members avoid this hospital. Also nurse Laura needs the word refused explained to her it does not apply to please ask doctor to bring it in. She is rude, and condescending. Also crisis workers should now that at my age There are many more. Since I wrote this I fully expect it not to be reflects in my records but I would actually like to talk to someone that will do more than reprimand because my rights were not only ignored but I had none. I had hoped after speaking to nurse Kelly C Nurse Manager from St Francis. Instead I spent around 40 minutes on the phone telling me they had done everything right. I must repeat avoid this hospital at all costs. This is extremely important if you have a mental or anxiety disorder, or any other disorder on paper that can call your IQ in to question, or that can explain your symptoms because from that moment on you are crazy and that is what is causing anything. I do not understand the reason to have someone call me to reiterate this, to ask me about drug us that I clearly stated inmy prescription drugs, and to tell me all I was doing was having a panic attack and since I wasn't threatening to kill anyone they couldn't calm me down. Personally if my choices were to return here or die I would die. Through description Yale ER diagnosed me with a migraine disorder when two more occurred. I still have not fully regained my ability to speak a thought without several hesitatation. All I want is a sincere thankyou and some assurance that the doctors and nurses involved will not treat another patient in this manner.

Michael Maduske

Everything about my stay at Saint Francis was 5 star. From the staff, the facility, the food, everything couldn't have been better. I hope to never have to return but if I do, I will rest assured I will be in the best care possible.

Camilo Cadena

Maternity staff was great. Our first baby was born a couple of days ago and we are really happy with the dedication and attention level of the nurses and doctors with my wife and my baby!

Leigh Victor

I had my first and only child here, and over a year later, I am still angered and heartbroken by how we were treated by the staff. It truly tainted what should have been the happiest days of my life.

Laticia Pierce

I have been to the emergency room three times in a row with my nephew. The staff treated us like royalty each time. Thumbs up to the ER.

Jeff Sylvan

Another hospital told us that someone we cared about was going to die, nothing could be done, and we'd have to make our peace. We transferred the individual from the original hospital to St Francis. St Francis identified the issue, took care of the individual, and assisted the individual through a full recovery within a week. If we left the individual we cared about at the original hospital, that person would have very likely died. St Francis's expertise made the difference between life and death.

Kate Rietberg

Very caring and friendly staff all through the hospital and at all levels of care and facility management

Brenda Vasquez

As a person who constantly goes day everyday for a living. It is safe to say it is one of the best hospitals around. These people writting reviews here don`t know there`s something in the medical field called triaging and thingk that they`re the only and most important people on the planet. Don`t forget that there are people with more seriously illnesses and actual life-threats that needs to get seen first and they have limited staff, not to mention they never know when it will get busy so there`s no telling when to cal more or less people. With that being said. Every single hospital you google will have terrible reviews... Because of countless reasons I could not and would not say... St fran is SERIOUSLY one of the best hospitals in the area, maybe even CT.

Randall Jarabek

I had hip replacement surgery on 9/18/17. I went online to look at the bills submitted. I do have private insurance and the ability to pay all deductibles. What struck me most was the inflated and unjustified expenses listed on the bill. I will list a few as examples. $745 for an occupational therapist. She was a nice young lady who I saw for about 15 minutes. She showed me a sponge on a stick and a few items that could help getting dressed we found that kit at rite aid for $31 A PT lady saw me for 15- 20 minutes. We walked down the hall together and then we went up 3 steps then laid on a bed. $645. I have 3 bills from doctors that I never met. A PA submitted a bill for $8145.i saw him for 3 minutes. Even if he suggests he oversaw my case for 24 hours $8145?. No offensive intended, he is a PA not a doctor, he just does not make $8145 a day. The room cost was over $3000 for one night. I have stayed in some very nice hotels in Boston and in New York, they were about $500 a night. I was in banking for 30 plus years, you end up in jail if you fo this to customers in banking. At a hospital,you just hear you have insurance so what. I can go on and on with other examples. It really feels like the hospital sees that you have insurance so let's hammer him. I recently retired and am paying $1177 a month for insurance. I do know health care costs are complicated and is not easily fixed. This unjustified inflated bill is part of the problem. I just do not know you folks look yourself in the mirror. This should be illegal. Since this morning I have spoken with two different people at the billing department at St Francis. They both told me in essence that it is what insurance will pay so what? The arrogance and attitude of submitting these jnflated bills are alarming. I really need to find an aggressive reporter on TV or in print your run with this. The PA is named Michael Guerin I am willing to make him an offer. If he can show me tax returns that show he makes $ 8145 a day times 5 days a week times 52 weeks, I will write him a personal check for anther $8145. Something tells me That won't happen. My mom always taught me right and wrong growing up. Please call your mom and tell her you saw a patient for 3 minutes or less and billed him 8145 dollars. I doubt she will be proud.

Charles Hortley

My mother fell and broke her arm and hit her head. We went to the emergency room and the staff response was really very excellent. Not a lot of waiting at all. We've been through that at Hartford Hospital for years. It's a new building, three years old, that can handle 240 ER patients, with lots of staff to get things done. We had CAT scans, EKG, X-rays, bone settings, blood transfusion - all right in order. I could not complain about one thing, really. This was yesterday 6/17/13.

Clark Kathan

I have to say that all the staff on 7-7 the bariatrics Dept ,doc Perillo entire crew are absolutely amazing,they essentially saved my wife's life from complications from another hospitals screw up from a surgery she had, I honestly love the whole floor we were on the nurses were awesome and on top everything morning,noon,night thank you all from bottom of my heart (Clark)+(Destiny) we been here since April 2nd 2018 till present day but I saw all these negative views and couldn't say my view on the hospital

Shanda Williams

I think that Saint Francis is a place that truly cares. I accompanied my boyfriend to surgery and they treated us with respect and took in interest in keeping us informed of what the next steps were in his recovery. They also allowed me to stay 2 nights in their hospitality suites located on the other side of the hospital. (The rooms are available to loved ones free of charge for up to 1 week and you can make a tax deductible donation). They took such good care of my boyfriend and really answered all of our questions and concerns. They treated us like our concerns mattered. Thank you St. Francis- the quality of care and the staff are top notch!!

Adrianna Joel

great staff, nice facilities, comforting atmosphere.

Cosmetic Dentistry

I recently had a medical emergency and went to St Francis Hospital because I had heard such great things about their care. As a small business owner I am passionate about making sure my customers get a great product and service, and I have to say, this hospital is fantastic top to bottom. From the time we were greeted in the ER to the end of my recovery from what turned out to be an emergency surgical procedure, EVERY person, and there were many that had something to do with my visit, EVERY person was wonderful; warm, engaging, sincere, helpful and everyone displayed a much appreciated sense of humor- all of which I found very comforting. Technically they were excellent- I recovered very quickly with minimal discomfort and was back to normal in a very short period of time. Someone has spent a lot of time hiring and training the right kind of people to create such a caring and technically proficient culture top to bottom. St Francis Hospital is a wonderful place for care if you or a loved one should be in need. I highly recommend them!

Tristram-Tim Gaillard

17 years ago Dr. John Grady Benson and his team replaced my two hips. Yesterday, he replaced my left knee. The experience here at St Francis versus the experience 17 years ago at Hartford Hospital is like night and day I give Hartford Hospital a B- and St Francis and their joint replacement team an A+. His staff is intelligent, Competent, caring, confident, cheerful, professional, and best of all a serious devotion to my having a very germ free and safe experience.

Judith Tsylor

I am here and typing this review thanks to St Francis. All of my physicians 7 of them...... are all excellent and work together to keep me going


My father had his knee surgery done here and Dr. Grady-Benson’s surgical team was absolutely amazing (he deserves 5 stars)! The reason I’m giving only one star was because of how incompetent the over night staff was. My entire family works in the medical field and the complete lack of knowledge and follow up was flat out deplorable. Let’s start with the fact that the surgeon’s requests of getting my dad to stand and begin mobility work were ignored by the nurses and all they did was bad mouth the surgeon’s orders stating that he “didn’t understand their jobs”. Having been in hospital settings my entire life, a 20 year veteran surgeon absolutely knows what is going on and the ignorant nursing staff should get over their own egos. It wasn’t until I said I wasn’t leaving until they got him moving did they actually do it. When my dad had to use the bathroom at 4am, instead of helping him out of bed to use the restroom, they just tossed a container at him to use and it ended up having a hole in it (you can use your imagination as to how that worked out). After not apologizing, the staff member proceeded to say “its not like I was doing my nails”. Are you effing kidding me? On top of that, during my time in the room, every time they said “I’ll be back in a minute”, it would take over an hour for them to come back and the only reason they even came in the room was because my mom had to flag them down in the hallway. This included nurses, assistants and respiratory therapist. Apparently the RT didn’t know if my dad needed oxygen? Dude, it’s your effing job to know!!!! If there was a place for me to sleep there I would have stayed the entire night, but I guess they don’t want family to feel comfortable staying so that their incompetent over night staff don’t get called out in real time. When the supervising nurse came by to ask my dad how his stay was, he was too embarrassed to tell them what had happened, but I’m a little different. Thank god my dad is doing well and he’s home resting now. I would never recommend this hospital to anyone who has to stay overnight.

Monique Wilson

Worst hospital ever. I was told my mother wasn’t a patient, the assistant didn’t even attempt to search her name literally as I’m on the phone with her from inside the emergency room. After a few more of my relatives arrived, they were able to magically find her in the computer. My mother was given a bed in the hallway where we all stood and waited for 2 HOURS to be seen by a nurse. They kept asking her what happened during her accident and taking detailed account of the incident and didn’t focus on the care. Her pain was watered down and made to seem that she was overreacting. Other patients waiting to be seen complained about the wait and started screaming and yelling that they preferred to die in the hallway than wait any longer. There’s more than enough staff on duty but they all seem to walk around in circles not assisting anyone. Honestly, you’re waaaaay better off at Hartford Hospital save your money and time.

Nick Morelli

03/07/19 (M)Tbi,5x ER visits,Multiple MRIs severe headaches,Balance & coordination, Termors, it was like looking out the window but nobody seen in.I would like to give this hospital five stars. Only issue is equality. Well all I seek is Mercy and wellness sometime the answer is in the sky. I prayed and prayed and prayed took 3 Bayer Aspirin 925 milligrams and God answered all my prayers my movement restored my balance and coordination well no trimmers no headaches everything is subsided Lord knows if I knew Aspen was a lifesaver I would just took it in the beginning I'll apologize personally for bills and inconvenience are coming to your hospital I'll be following up with my neurologist who has been my staff and savior during this or ordeal thanks saint Francis hospital all the staff and medical community Nicolas Morelli and family.

creighton bond

Staff has been nothing but great taking care of my family. Most recent stay Carmelita on the eight floor of the er building was fantastic. Her positive attitude was infectious and truly appreciated during this tough time. Thank you

corinne freaney

went few wks ago for a mammogram to Nod road facility in avon. gave reception my new insurance card and watched while it was scanned into my record. last night, Friday, September 22, I get an automated call at work at 7 pm telling me I have no insurance. what, the right hand can't tell what the left is doing? I should call back during business hours to arrange payment? don't call me on a Friday night at work AFTER business hours and ruin my weekend. oh I will call on Monday, and I plan to give them a piece of my mind and that I will from this point forward go back to Jefferson xray at riverdale farms in avon. I am 100% covered for this service.

Melanie Scheibenpflug

Husband arrived by ambulance after having a stroke. ER was full but they treated him as if he was the only one there. Took a while to get him a room upstairs in the stroke unit. The people in that unit treated him as the special person he is!! Excellent care. Great staff and clean environment. Thank you St. Francis!! !


From the minute I walked into the building to the minute I left the care was amazing. The staff in the Ambulatory Care Department was wonderful. Each one of them explained step by step what was going on and each paid close attention to details.

Laurie Holmes

You let my boyfriend die. He was a strong man. You have the skills, medicine and knowledge to heal him and your politics and ways of means killed him. Your coordination with Smilo Cancer Center sucked . He was not the first to have this .When things where working you stopped it. The care was mediocre and in life and death situations that is unacceptable. He had a strong will and trusted you all. You failed. Now the love of my life has been taken. His name is Leo Souza remember that name.

Sean Lypher

Arrived at the emergency room with my 2 month old at 6pm and its now 12:17am. I spoke to other patience and found out they had been here way earlier; since 2pm in the afternoon....almost a 12 hour wait!!?!?! RIDICULOUS!!! Worst hospital!


My friend gave birth to a baby boy. In the maternity ward, every hospital worker the entered the room (Nurse, Lactation, Doctor) when reviewing information, kept asking if she was on HUSKY when her chart clearly says private insurance. I guess due to the area, demographics of patients, and my friend being a women of color they automatically assumed she was on Husky. Note to St. Francis: There is a large percentage of successful Blacks/AA with lucrative careers. Not all of us fall into the stereoptype “Husky Low Income Family”, so please stop with your preconceived notions.

Kelly M

They get -5 stars from me. I was brought by ambulance to the mental health area of the emergency room. The staff there were disrespectful, antagonistic, had no regard for me as a person and treated me like a prisoner. I was not allowed a phone call or to have a family member with me. My requests were ignored and I was told repeatedly to sit and "be patient" at a time I was having a serious crisis. They had complete disregard for my dignity and were apathetic to my needs. They were argumentative in every situation and if I did not move fast enough to comply with their demands they immediately called out security. They made inappropriate comments and most importantly were extremely abusive. I was discharged after 22 hours with ferocious bruising to my left arm and other areas as well. They actually made up lies about my being aggressive with staff, and after subduing me with force and pain got in my face and threatened to have me arrested. I begged for them to go ahead and call the police, or at least speak to a patient advocate and my requests were disregarded. They ignored the fact that they had injured me and did not offer any treatment for my injuries, not even an ice pack. I have been in other emergency rooms for mental health reasons and have never been treated like this. I was not given my medication until over 12 hours after I got there, and that was only by request and then could only be done by them calling my pharmacy to verify my medications. I was put literally in a cage and when I couldn't handle that was then 4 pointed. I was not monitored whatsoever while in restraints. I was severely traumatized by this experience and received no help whatsoever for the issues I was brought in for. I not seen by a crisis worker until I had been there over 18 hours, then had to wait for a doctor to speak to me before I could be discharged. I was constantly reminded that there were more important patients than myself - which I can understand to a point but not to the extremes they took it to. They were extremely unprofessional throughout, with the exception of one night nurse (a male nurse) who was actually decent to deal with, and the doctor who saw me for 3 minutes prior to discharging me. Even then the doctor didn't seem to care that I was just saying whatever was necessary to get the hell out of there. She also had a med student with her, to whom I was not introduced or given the option of not having her there. No treatment was received as a patient and no follow up was arranged for me. They were worse than no help at all. I am absolutely disgusted by the whole situation, and not only would I not recommend them I would tell anyone to run as fast as possible to ANY other facility than St. Francis. I will be making a formal complaint to the hospital, the state department of public health and may consult an attorney in regard to taking legal action against them for the intense and unnecessary abuse I was forced to endure. BTW: they food was also awful!

lauren marsh

My grandmother stayed 3-1/2 days after a stroke. The hospital discharged her at 1:30 A.M. !! Yes, the middle of the night. WHO DOES THIS ??? Her BP was 180 . She had a different nurse every few hours and a different Doctor each visit. At night when my grandmother buzzed the nurse station to help her go to the bathroom, she was ignored for hours. .......Terrible , terrible hospital. Terrible communication between departments.

Chicken nugget Queen

My dad went there and even though he was in a lot of pain, the nurses had helped him. Also we loved the food there, my dad had liked the food. Also, the waiting room was nice. Thank you Saint Francis Hospital!

Layla Begovic

HORRIBLE!!!! Worst experience of my life!!!! Very neglectful and rude!!!! Doctor was very rough in handling my back, he knew i was in aA LOT OF PAIN WORST PLACE EVER!!! Basically told me to go home because i didnt need to be here

Maria Martinez

My aunt was attended here for about a full week, the staff was very nice and treated her very well. Except for one staff member, seemed to be an African American, she was rude and gave my aunt an attitude just because english was not her first language. Excuse me but even if you can’t speak English doesn’t voice you the right to mistreat a patient and give them a bad attitude.

Jill Demir

Just wanted to share an experience that I had. My husband is a pt here we are from Springfield and I am disabled legally blind and it is difficult to walk longer distances so when I was dropped of here to be with my husband I asked a nurse about having food delivery and she recommended a cafe in here that would deliver but the app was not working. This nurse renee for the room 8720 gave a voucher for family so I didn't have to find or walk all the way down to either cafe or cafeteria... thank you for the excellent and pt and family service renee from us at room 8720.

Mary M

Worse place ever,,,, alot of discrimination going on up in this hospital.

Kawaii Chibi

Ughhh!!! I hate it!!! Everytime my older sister come home from this so called hospital she would complain!!! She would say how mean Saint Francis Hopital staff is!!! And just because we are a different race and we didn't have the best english!!!!! UGHHH!!! This is discrimination!!!!!! But thanks to the doctors who were nice.....

Joy Wilson

SCARY ER VISIT - disrespectful aids, nurses and ER doctor. My daughter was seen days after a car accident, almost passing out, numb legs, arms and face, heat and pain in chest, etc. She was judged as having a panic attack/drug user. We were left alone most of the time, doctor did full DRUG SCREEN with blood drawn, UNDISCLOSED to us! 4 hours later I had to ask for cardiac blood work to be done, which showed a blood clot!! To make a horribly long story short, she could have died from NEGLECT in a place where you should be cared for by medical professionals. THERE WAS NOTHING PROFESSIONAL ABOUT THIS ER!! ALL PATIENTS SHOULD BE TREATED WITHOUT JUDGEMENT!!! THERE SHOULD BE PROTICOL NOT PREJUDICE!!!!

Heather CT

The staff was mediocre in the labor and delivery department and their billing department is HORRENDOUS. I will avoid this hospital at all costs and hope this is a helpful warning to those trying to plan for their hospital choice in labor and delivery. They charge more per night than the major Boston hospitals and provide a "service" below par (for instance, the nurse in the delivery room had a different philosophy than mine for labor and delivery and seemed to snub my desire for an epidural). Thank GOD I didn't have my first child at this hospital...I kept thinking of the nurse at Brigham Women's to get me through delivery.

Tom Cherry

Yes, the medical care and personnel were great. That's what one expects. However, the building is dirty. Just spent the day as a family member waiting outside the OR and ICU unit. The carpets and furniture are filthy, stained and worn. very shabby. Having had the whole day to quickly see why. The "housekeeping" staff just drifts around, spending a large amount of time trying to look like they are working. They whisked here and there danced around that was it. I would fire them all immediately. There is a sign on the way in: " if you have recently traveled to West Africa....let the staff know (Ebola).. They should add....if you have recently been at St Francis....let a the staff know. I understand the the CEO of the hospital is earning several millions annually. He should spend a day in the family waiting area to really learn what's happening. Oh ....he's at lunch? Sorry to disturb you Chief. It all comes down to poor management of the house. The doctors and professional staff are first class.


Needs caring staff.needs a good dancing and already freashner

Theresa Fair

Update: Hospital called me after reading bad review. They are going to talk to everyone about my experience. They are going to talk to the two nurses who were the only ones kind to me. Put something nice in their record's. They would do Clara Barton and the profession of nursing proud.

Winston Foote

The nurses and staff in the cardiac cath ward - 35 -are wonderful, caring, kind and professional. They make a stressful situation much easier to deal with. Thank you.

Kolby Rogers

I've been on hold with the medical records department for 45 minutes. Very upset! Please get someone on the phone with me asap, my shift is going to end by the time someone picks up.

Jodi Baxter

I'd give 0 stars if I could. Customer service is terrible. They messed up my bill and it's taking months to fix. I'll never go to anybody affiliated with St. Francis.

Raymond Hayes

I was taken to this hospital by ambulance after falling and hitting my head on the side walk after dinner. I woke up naked, on a bed, in the hallway by the nurses station. The nurse was professional, but others were not, i woke up to an employee asking the nurse "What's up with sleeping beauty?" Is this how confidential medical information is handled here? Then, they wouldn't let me use the bathroom which was litterially 3 ft. away and made me pee in a bottle in the hallway, then proudly proclaim "now we have a urine sample!" I would have gladly provided one if requested, and as far as i can tell all it was was a drug test. They took so many unnecessary X-rays, lab tests, and CT Scans, this was after going through my wallet and seeing i have good insurance, the bill came to 21k! I was there for 6 hours and walked out after calling for a ride, with no follow up care required.

Brittany Marques

Disgusting facility. My fiancés finger was completely detached, and the ER acted like he came in with heartburn! I'm so disgusted with this facility. Called an ambulance around 12pm, and didn't see an orthopedic PA until after 2pm! You would think if someone loses a body part, it would actually be treated like an emergency. No talk about reattachment, nothing. It's 5pm now, and we ARE STILL waiting for discharge paperwork (we've been waiting for the paperwork for over an HOUR). For a trauma hospital, this place is a JOKE.

Joseph E. Blodgett

I was there as a patient twice. A few days in Feb and Mar 2017. The staff on 8-9 was the best ive ever seen !!!!! Friendly, professional and promt. Bend over backwards to make you feel at home. I cant say enough. ...

William Mauhs

Very racist hospital. My wife came to meet me and they let her fall asleep in the lobby for hours with no answers. Little do they know my black wife is a LCSW. RNs think they are better than everyone. They looked at me and my girl friend like we were nothing even tho we have more degrees than they actually do. They are used to dealing with so much trash that when they get honest hard working people in there, they mistreat ya.

John Thomas

Terrible hospital, if I was bleeding out and dying I wouldnt go here. Their customer service is trash. My wife went here and was treated like garbage, misdiagnosed and given bad service, then received a bill for $3000. Go to Hartford Hospital If you value your life and money

Glenn Catania Sr

My Mom passed away at St Francis Hospital due to complications, post op. She spent almost a full month here and although we lost her, I cannot say enough about the caring nursing staff and the excellent overall care she was given. My personal maladies resulted in 3 admittals to St Francis. Again, the care was excellent. The nursing staff made me feel comfortable and informed every step of the way. Every one of them were professionally skilled in excellent patient care. Most recently, my daughter had a baby here and the care again exceeded our expectations by leaps and bounds. Two out of my three personal experiences through the ER, were quick and I received immediate attention from caring professionals. In summation, 6 different visits involving myself and my family, all resulted in a five star experience. That average is commendable.

Genesis Negron

I have honestly always had a good experience at this hospital while it may not all be perfect i went through really hard times there and they made it so much better for me from two surgeries and a pregnancy . I am now expecting again and will continue to be seen there . Only thing I'm sad about is not having the same doctors. But im hoping for the best. Everyone has diffrent experiences I personally don't want to go anywhere else. For emergencies or obgyn. As for.the adult clinic it certainly needs to do better . Long waits and it smells like old people. They need to make it more welcoming. That includes the front staff a little.

Behishta Khybery

4 hours in the waiting room. 3 hours inside the ER. What kinda Service is this? The staff member and the nurse are very rude.

Jody Searing

My mother drove herself to the ER on Friday, June 5, 2015 at about 5:00 because she had a fever and chest pains, she is a cancer patient, and was already on antibiotics for another, unrelated infection. (why she drove herself instead of asking for a ride, I don't know, that's just the way she is). Anyway, she was brought into a room in the ER after waiting for an hour. Her fever was increasing and she was very upset and uncomfortable. I arrived at 8:00 pm with still no Tylenol or CT Scan of her lungs as they told her she would get two hours prior. No nurse to be found, no cold compress for her burning head, nothing. When finally locating her nurse, Nurse Lisa, not sure of her last name and I will definitely place formal complaint to the hospital, she was rude, disrespectful, unprofessional, insensitive, and not helpful at all. She kept telling me she would check on the Tylenol, check on the CT Scan, but she never got back to me. At one point, I rang the call buzzer from my mothers room, and she answered then hung up on me! I went to see her at the nurses station eating crackers and talking with co-workers and she rudely told me she was busy and I would have to wait until she was done. WHAT??!! By 9:30 my mother finally got her Tylenol, and by 10:30 she was brought to CT Scan. However, when they came to get her for the scan, they complained to the nurse because they had been waiting for over 2 hours to be called to get my mother--REALLY??!! The head doctor was very nice and was speaking to us about my mother's condition, and at that point I didn't have enough energy to complain to her. It was 1:30 a.m. when they decided to admit her. A terrible experience. Cancer patients are at high risk of infection and blood clots, among many other things. Why wasn't she given the highest level of care? Why wasn't she highest priority?!

Nancy Farrell

We went into the ED last night for urgent care. The attention was immediate and was what was to be expected. Rachel our RN was attentive and acted urgently to assess and get the situation under control. Her time with us made us comfortable and reassured. At one point a "patient advocate" came in and inquired about our stay, we never saw him again and received no answers, not sure what his purpose was. Things progressed so slowly and 6 1/2 hours later we lost our patience and requested discharge to follow up with the Surgeon the next day, since the last 4 hours there delivered no answers or results. Now, for the nitty gritty. A student paramedic was sent in to take vitals. Clearly he was unsure how to do this or operate the machines. He attempted to take the blood pressure on the same arm that the IV was in until I told him to cuff the other arm. I don't think he ever even got all of the vitals he was sent in to get. He clearly needed to be supervised and should not have been sent in alone. Rachel came in and took over to complete his task. At one point I needed to leave to go to the car. Upon my return the reception desk needed to let me back in through key pads. I interrupted her cell phone search and when I approached her she looked up, said nothing, heard my request, still said nothing, stood up, walked away from me, waived me to follow her with her hand, twice, I followed, still saying nothing, she swiped me though and left. No customer service at all, I felt as though I had interrupted her precious time on her cell phone. This is not the way front desk personal should perform. I personally haven't been to this ED in many many years but the overall experience hasn't changed or improved in decades. Except for our RN Rachel. Thank goodness for her, she clearly knew what she was doing, but could't be with us for the duration.

Cameron Lemaire

The doctor was nice, but this place is a joke when it comes to caring about the patient! GF came in after constantly puking for hours at home and they stuffed her in a room while she dry heaved for 25 min till I went out and cussed everyone out and said she needs some help! The lack of compassion here is repulsive! When I went in for back pain on my surgery I got medication in 5 min to alleviate my pain, this place just took 45 min just to get some nasua meds and alleviate her symptoms, after asking her to pee in a cup, hook up to a machine for blood pressure stand up and lay down and asking about her insurance while she is dry heaving! Absolute joke man, will not be coming back to the e.r. here under any circumstance

Cody Dominique

Before St. Francis was switched out to “Trinity Health” they were one of the best hospitals in Hartford. But since, they’re not anything I would recommend. My mother went in to have her Gallbladder removed, unfortunately they weren’t able to remove it microscopically and they have to cut her open. They accidentally gave her too many narcotics post op and had to give her a dose of Narcan to wake her up. She was in the hospital for about 3-4 days post post op. At home she then realized her pain was only getting worse and went back to the doctor. Who shared with her that she should’ve never been discharged in the first place, the nurses never showed her how to properly get out of bed, etc. About 3 days after that, she noticed the incision site was very irritated and red. So she then returned, again. A different doctor wrote on her stomach with a red marker and said, “come back if the redress matches this color.” Less than 48 hours later, she’s now sitting back in the ER waiting to get assessed because the site is even more red. Seems that they removed her drain tube way too early. So they have to reinsert a drainage tube. So then she had to be readmitted.

Tianeek Barrett

Thank you all though It was a little long thank you for treating my baby sister

Zee M

Right now I am not happy with the treatment at st Francis. My husband is suffering in the hospital, I finally asked for a doctor, got the covering resident who told me alot of nothing. However he came to his senses and called in and ordered an x-ray, mind you I requested a scan more than 5times while talking to him. Test was ordered around 8/8:30pm, it's now 9:45p m and no one has showed up to take my husband for the x-ray, am told they have trauma in the er. So what are they really telling me is the question. Is it that they have one x-ray machine or is it one staff on duty. VERY DISAPPOINTED in St Francis. I expected better.

gloria warner

We arrived on Saturday night about 1130. We were taken into the triage area immediately. We were put into room almost immediately after that. we received nothing but the best attention from the ER staff. ICU staff, and the surgical ward staff. High praises for the hospital and their staff.

Serafin Mendez

I went to the emergency room after a nasty fall and received one the best care that I have received at an emergency room anywhere. It was outstanding. Kind staff and competent medical care. The emergency room had many people being cared for and they still managed to serve me with care and compassion.

Yahaira Vega

ER STAFF ARE RUDE. Went tonight and left pissed as hell. There's this one middle age bald headed white guy on the front desk whom seem to be the most disrespectful human being I've ever come across. He who showed no sympathy or respect didnt even bother to look up while we spoke with him!!

William Brighenti CPA CVA Certified QuickBooks Pro

My only regret in writing this review is that I have to give St. Francis Hospital a 1 instead of a minus number; however, my wife survived in spite of the nursing staff's care so I guess that's a positive, huh?

Leandro Rodriguez

Thank you for everything i love you

Anna Channel

Thank you to safe my life

Alex Ayala

Made an appointment for my son. Took the day off to get him in, got up early, took him in and they couldn't see him. His appointment was scheduled but they didn't enter it in the computer correctly so he couldn't be seen. They couldn't fit him in and we were told that we were just out of luck. The school is going to blame us... and the office wants to try again in a couple weeks. I'm not optimistic.

Jeffrey Swenson

Horrible ER. 2 hours 20 min for an ice pack or any treatment. Would never suggest going here for any type of fiancee asked to be transferred to another hospital multiple times. Nurses were rude, shift change was better but I would never allow anyone I cared about to go there again. Best part they couldn't figure out what was wrong with her.. good luck hope she doesn't die. Come back to us for a check up. NO thank you! They are not racist, they are incompetent. Lucky this was not a law suit and had proper medical treatment after leaving.

Jennifer Mae

Very awful slow not many people in there we got referred so they had not much to do in all the hours there I learned about there dates who's cheating what's latest videos they watch on phone and pure laziness instead of whats wrong with my husband funny they say skip the Dr in our town if there's a problem and go back to them so not happening worst hospital ever

Floyydd Mumford

I went here to see a doc here. This is a very large and extensive hospital. I thought their wait time and docs were fabulous

Kay Kay

Very clean and has a very loving staff i will never forget my cna nurse Roxanne. She was very nice and caring and took very good care of me thank you Roxanne :)

Justin Clark

Helpful staff. Had to visit a relative here and was helped by a group of nurses. They were very knowledgeable, kind, and willing to let me ask a bunch of questions.

Daina Tennant

The emergency room service is DEPLORABLE. Uncaring, miserable, unattentive nurses... one was even rudely snarky. I visited my boyfriend last night. I was there for an hour. He’d been there for a full day at the time. No one will tell him what’s going on, why he’s there (he was moved from another facility when he was a bit out of it, but doesn’t know why), I don’t think he’s actually seen a real doctor. He asks every time a nurse comes in, VERY KINDLY, “can you please find out why I’ve been moved here and why all these electrodes are attached to me and why I remember talk of surgery when I was woozy, also, why can’t I have solid food?” NONE of these questions have been answered by ANYONE. For well over 24 hours now. He’s anxious and timid and SCARED because NO ONE will tell him what’s going on. If you ever need to go to an emergency room, AVOID ST FRANCIS AT ALL COSTS. Go to Hartford hospital instead. If I could rate this joke of a hospital zero stars, I would. Absolutely ridiculous.

Roadside dan

Horrible service ! waited 6 hours for a xray and doctor in er told me nothing they an do to help me but discharge paper tells me to go see a neurosurgeon never going to this hospital agin and will friends and family know and to spread the word

William Hogan

Great Care at St. Francis! I just had hernia surgery at St. Francis and want to say that in all aspects it was an excellent experience. The Surgical team headed up by Dr. Daoud and the anesthesiologist and nurse anesthetist team were very good as well as all of the post operative staff of the Ambulatory Surgery unit. They were caring, efficient, with a strong knowledge of their respective field. Thank you all!

Tytaviana Hayes

Ive been here on numerous of occasions and had to wait over 3 hours ro be seen. Dont come unleas you absolutely have too.

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