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Kathy Brundidge

The pain started Saturday night, I was in Milford ER Sunday morning. We got right into Triage, didn't even sit in the waiting room one second! The whole experience was a whirlwind, my husband and I were in there for about 90 minutes tops. Great doctor, great nurse, got my problem taken care of quickly.


If you value your health, just don't go here. The doctors here seem unintelligent and are incredibly rude.

Kendy Desances

Just not Not good. I don’t usually ask for a lot. Their service was nothing much. I was there with my wife. The Dr walked In didn’t even look at my way. We didn’t feel welcome there. It was horrible. I don’t recommend you to go there. Now I see why they Are not busy.

M. Wiseman

So here’s the full story of the Milford, CT ER room experience: We got into Milford late Friday night. Not having had a shower (the campground was a bit too icky) and being stressed from a looooooong day, I got into the shower at the Red Roof In (also in Milford). I started lathering up with soap and picked up a foot to place it on the edge of the tub to scrup my foot and leg (bending over far is hard becuase I do, in fact, have spinal stenosis and bending is hard). The soapy water made the tub surface SUPER slick, my feet went out from under me and I crashed heavily in the tub. My travel buddy hollered from the room, “Marti!! Are you alright??” I could tell I hadn’t broken anything so I replied, “Yes, I’m fine.” The I realized that I had badly sliced open my foot (between big toe and the next toe) on the metal drain plug and that’s where all of hte blood was coming from. I didn’t know what to do, so I just stood there....worrying a bit about how much blood I was losing. stopped. Like a faucet shut off. THE most bizarre thing. So I gingerly stepped out of hte shower and wrapped my foot in a washcloth. I was sure it would immediately be soaked with blood, but....not even one drop. So I figured I was okay. And then the pain hit. I put my pj’s on and went into our room and sat on a chair. Knowing that Mary had experience with wounds, I asked her to take a look at my toe. She did and immediately said, “You need stitches.” I called down to the front desk to let them know what had happened and so that they would have a record of my fall. THe night manager said simply, “I’ll report it to the mornign manager.” After a few minutes of chatting about whether I should go to an ER then or wait until morning or just wait and see how my foot was, I made the decision to go that night. I called the front desk to ask for the address of the closest emergency room. He gave me the address. Mary wanted to drive me, but I didn’t want to leave the dogs in the car and, frankly, I knew she needed sleep as much as I did!! I knew I’d be less stressed if I knew she was in the hotel with the three dogs (her Caillaigh, my Callie, and Ziva), so I insisted that I just drive myself. Got to the ER and they were kind and welcoming. THe PA was very nice and since my way of dealing with my own injuries is to make jokes, we bantered back and forth about how their standard protocol for injured toes is amputation at the hip but he said he’d make an exception in my case. And then the intake questions. I’ve never been to an ER before, so I had no idea what to expect. I reported my broken arm but no other medical history. WHen he asked about meds, I was taken by surprise, because I don’t think of myself as having medical problems. Hence, my hesitation as I had to really think about what meds I take. And that’s when everything changed. No more smiles and bantering. The ER doctor was very good, but also very brusque (I attribute that to just being his style). At one point, still trying to kid around, I made a joke and he replied, “you should thank me for being honest.” I had no idea what that was about but in hindsight, kind of wonder if it was a jab. I asked him how deep the cut was and he just said, “Deep.” Several incredibly painful shots of novacaine and three stiches between my toes later, he was done. And then he left and for about maybe 20-30 minutes, i lay there shivering. When the PA came back, no more friendliness, no blanket when I asked for one (just the question, “You’re cold?”). No prescription for an antibiotic, although they’d asked me early on if I could go to a Walgreens in town to fill a script. I left feeling confused, hurt, and then ANGRY. It was one of the most bizarre experiences I’ve ever had and I ABSOLUTELY felt like I was being viewed as making things up....both to create a reportable injury and then (from the hosptial), as a liar. My faith hospitals is badly shaken.


Wonderful care

Anthony Sanchez Alcantara

Jess Mallory

I went it on a Thursday evening at about 10:45 pm for a pretty bad nose bleed. I had been having it on and off for a few days. This was bad this night. Only waited about 10 minutes and answered a few questions from a wonderful nurse with initials of P.P.(read it on my report and was seen by the physician on duty. Told him my situation and I've had these bleeds before at this time of year. He emmediately knew what to do. He used a spray in my nostrils and said he wanted to monitor me for about an hour. It worked and there was no more blood going down my throat or bleeding from my left nostril anymore.He check that with a scope. What a relief. Dr. John Scarfo, THANK YOU SIR for your professionalism and kindness in fixing my problem. It's fine now two days later and getting plenty of sleep and trail climbing again. Also would like to thank Annette for handling benefit info and submission and to the security people at the ER desk for their curteous and directive support. I like Milford Hospital and will continue to use their facility.

Ben Smith

Private User

Some urban accented woman as the operator answering your calls. She was very rude and lazy. We called twice for help with our family member. She is terrible. I'm sure she can improve if she was properly trained. But she was dreadful to deal with.

Gabe Lupo

Admission called me at home no answer. I returned their call leaving my cell number for a week never got an answer or call back.

ASA 5544

Very bad service, the worst

Will Clark

WORST HOSPITAL SERVICE I HAVE EVER SEEN. If you aren’t dying you’re gonna sit in the waiting room. Absolutely disgraceful

Taylor Waid

Was given no Diagnoses and no breathing treatment for my asthma attack I was 70% percent oxygen. Thanks to these jerks I had another attack because you jerks made me walk back. I will not be paying your bill you staff needs serious help. Hospital I think more like Hell

Andrew VanDenAmeele

Mary Tursi

My mom had a hip replacement by Dr Lim. From admissions to discharge the care was superb. The nursing staff was so accommodating, compassionate and caring. I would highly recommend Milford hospital.

Dan Pesce

Absolutely the worst experience I have had. Took 3 hours just to be seen. After seeing doctor for 2 minutes didn't see him or nurse for 4 hours. They took test and didn't have the decency to give the results as they came. Every hour I ask and they said not much longer. Finally started getting mean and cursing at them for being so inconsiderate. 7 hours of nothing is ridiculous. DO NOT !!! I SAY DO NOT GO THERE!!! And after all that time they said to see to see a specialist cause they don't know what it is. Only give 1 star so I can give review. They deserve 0

Judy Hernandez

Omg my experience visiting a patient for almost a week has been a pleasure ... rose the RN has a special place in our hearts ... the way she was taking care of the older patients I will never forget it ... the aides are great .. the transporter and doctor ... and every day I was eating in the cafeteria and the cook that I got to meet Ruben omg it was soooooo good because it was my only meals too since I was stressing and couldn't eat well ... even the lady that bought the food was super nice ... they were simply the best even kristi the RN was the best .... I thank you from the bottom of my heart to all ... may god bless ....

M Hanson

Extremely disappointment with Milford Hospital Billing Department. I just received phone call indicating that my September payment was never received and that I needed to apply two payments during the month of October to “catch up” my payment plan or I will be delinquent. I never received a notification in September. The other bills I mailed on the same day were all received by the other companies. The representative then stated that the hospital tried to call me on October 14 (Sunday?) then changed her statement that they called me on September 28th, then the 24th! I have no missed calls from the billing department. No voicemails. I asked why I was not emailed about a late payment... she stated that Milford hospital does not email. Not even a curtesy email to inform me my payment is late? I then found my latest statement, it says there is “0.00” past due payments. The representative stated that that’s because the 10/14 due date listed is actually for the September payment... what? So the “missed payment” was only due day before yesterday? Nope, it was due in September. Now my concern: I am placing a payment via phone. What if my mailed payment arrives? Is the hospital going to charge me an extra payment? Representative states they have no way to prevent that. I asked her to put it in notes, she stated that it wouldn’t do any good because they have no way to keep a recurved payment from being applied. WHAT??? My actual visit to Milford hospital was in June of 2017. The actual visit was horrible. I was there for hours, unattended, the nurse left an IV bag tap open 100% and I got more fluids than necessary during my visit before the bag emptied and she realized what happened. The doctor had crappy bedside manner (I left in tears, more confused than when I arrived, my husband was furious) and here I am, OVER A YEAR LATER still dealing with this aggravation. Go to Yale, go to BPT, go to Griffin... don’t go to Milford hospital.

Mary Ohara

Tonight was my third visit to milford hospital emergency room. All three visits were these past three nights. I originally went because I had a fever of 104.6. The second day I was there because I was not feeling much better and the DR that diagnosed me told me to come back for more I.V. antibiotics. The first two stays in really have no complaints about. The staff were very helpful and friendly. Tonight however was another story. I went back tonight around 9 p.m. because I was vomiting blood and I was scared. They got me into a room rather quickly which was nice but that's about all I can say was positive about this visit. When the DR came in to see me he was very condescending, his name was DR Henri Lamothe, and he did not take me seriously at all. That was the first and last time I saw the DR. The next three hours was my mother and I listen to staff be very unprofessional and not really helping their patients. My mother is a nurse and I am not one to complain easily, especially when it comes to people working in the medical field. The nurses continously yelled at a young woman, who seemed to be having some kind of psychotic episode to lay down on her bed and go to sleep. This poor girl was right by the nursing desk and all the nurses were talking and laughing right where they were telling her to go to sleep. Anyway a lot of people left AMA including me. I learned nothing why I was vomiting blood and my stomach still hurts. DR. Lamothe also told my mother on the way out I can not treat the emergency room as my primary care physician. Remind you I was VOMITING BLOOD at 9.00P.M, I don't believe a primary care physician would be open to see me. I have nothing bad to say about the DR I had the first night he was great. But DR Lamothe I think you need to find another job, because you clearly do not like to help people.

Gabrielle Geroldi

grafart188 grafart

Deanna Leibovitz

Worst experience in my life. Waited over 4 hours to be seen! The least they could do is have the decency to tell you how long the wait would be. It was after 2, so all the walk-in clinics were closed, which is why I didn't leave. After the 4 hour mark, I asked to speak to a supervisor. The supervisor kept saying over and over again, how they don't have beds open. Again, she was missing my point. She never gave me a clear reason as to why I was waiting four hours, and why I wished someone would just told me the waiting time from the start. After trying to explain what I was complaining about, (took 10 minutes) she finally said she'll try to get a bed open. Meanwhile, I had a bad second degree burn on my hand and the women next to me looked like she was about to pass out. She had a high fever, and was in worse pain then I was. All we wanted was for someone to tell us how long we would be waiting, until we were actually seen. It should be our right to know. The security guards were a joke. One was sleeping, and the other one was shopping for a house. VERY UNHAPPY with my experience at Milford Hospital, and won't be going back.

Justin Loschiavo

I’m writing this review as I’m sitting in the waiting room. I asked the security guard if it were possible to have a place to lay down as I felt that I was going to pass out. He pointed at the double chairs in the waiting room and said, you can try that. Didnt realize this was a third world country. And btw I just made it to the double chairs before everything went blurry. Thanks again Milford Hospital. I should’ve taken the trip to St. Vincent’s where they haven’t sold their souls to Yale.

Lesley Sareen

I don't recommend Milford Hospital at all. I had minor surgery and was infected by MRSA while under their care. The staff was kind and attentive but, to add insult to injury received a bill after being released. Went round and round with the billing department and then eventually ended up talking to a VP who accused me of not understanding my test results after speaking to my primary and a specialist who made it clear it was hospital ONLY acquired. Well it's 2 years later never saw another bill after that conversation but just got a notice they handed it over to collection.

Paul Dockter

Not sure how anyone could give them less then five stars after my experience. I should say I had a total hip replacement, scheduled in advance by one of the highest rated joint doctors in the country. This hospital has finished multiple time as being in the top 4% for this type of procedure and my doctor, Dr. Irving rates in the top 1%. The care I had here was the finest I have ever received at a hospital. In a day and age where many hospital look at you as a number and income, never once did I feel that way. Rather the opposite was felt, the nurses where concerned and incredible helpful, answering all sorts of questions and offering good advice. If you need orthopedics/ joint I'm guessing you be very hard pressed to find a better hospital possible in the world. Read the doctors ratings and the ratings from their peers, it's a big deal having this kind of procedure done, I did a lot of research and feel it paid off handsomely.


This hospital is the worst hospital I have every been too. My husband was sent home after an hour and was told his stomach pain was just "stress". Turns out he had gallstones and pancreatitis. He could have gone septic or die!!!!! I would never go to this hospital or send any of my loved ones here ever again.

Dylan Willette

Matt M

Milford Hospital is incapable of dealing with any level of medicine beyond a flu shot. I was brought here by ambulance in septic shock with a bacterial infection of the heart. Milford hospital doctors were seemingly unable to recognize my scar from prior open heart surgery or the extremely loud noise that my prosthetic mitral valve would have made under a stethoscope. I was instead tested and treated for meningitis. Upon waking up it became obvious that because of my appearance; ratty bed clothes and the black carbon stains on my hands from my machining job, that the entire staff mistakenly assumed i was homeless and my treatment, i can only assume was modofied for that fact...disgusting way to treat a person. Thankfully my family became aware of my hospitalization and intervened to get me to yale where my life was saved from the incompetence of milford hospital. Please for your own sake, if you are shot at milford hospital, walk to yale.

Sara Pressler

I have a fear of doctors that stems from an incident with a doctor at this hospital years ago, well again tonight i went to this hospital and explained in the very beginning of my visit this fear of doctors. I was in the room for less than 10 minutes and it ended with this doctor yelling at me telling me that i did not belong in an er. DONT go to this hospital. They are bad doctors.

Mike Croke

I am sitting at my house in excruciating pain because Milford Hospital pushed me away after I burned my foot in a grease fire. I was driven to the hospital about two minutes from my home and waited probably five minutes for a wheelchair at the emergency door. Once finally in the hospital, I was admittedly emphatic about my pain, yelling for a doctor and frantically trying to get staff attention. I stressed the urgency since I hadn't seen a doctor in the 15 minutes I spent there. Upon being checked in, I was escorted into the suicide room. This room is made of glass and requires supervision. I was a burn victim and was being treated as someone struggling with mental health issues. I was confronted by one of the nurses while simultaneously dealing with extreme pain and sitting in an empty panic room, to either be quiet or leave. This made my stressful situation worse, since as I'm typing this I'm experiencing the worst pain of my life. I simply wanted to see a doctor. Instead I was given the ultimatum to shut up or leave, and I chose to leave because of this despicable treatment option. I was born in this hospital but I'll never go there again. In the future I'll have to drive to the next-closest hospital. I recommend this "hospital" to nobody but somebody who is suicidal and needs a safe place.

Karina Falco

Justin Quinn

Don't listen to the people below I was in and out in about 90 minutes. I went in paranoid thinking I was having a heart attack turns out I tore a muscle in my chest and shoulder. Everyone was very kind and courteous.

Chris Thomas

Terrible John Scarfo is a quack. My wife went in with a visible infection (yellow puss exciting wound) from 4 stiches coming undone, from a glass she broke. They didn't even clean the wound, Or look at it they said my wife was just looking for pain meds. BTW she said no pain meds please I have work in the morning. I just need this infection taken care of. I took pictures and will be following up with a formal complaint and possibly a malpractice suit.

Belinda Evans

Virgil Naveda

clark hass

Waited for 3 hours and no doctor. Extreme pain and no nurse, no staff to be found around my room, no intercom and I could not walk. This place is a real disgrace and the Doctors & Nurses here should be ashamed of themselves. Healthcare professionals are supposed to be responsible for helping people and giving them the appropriate treatment they require. Instead the staff here treats you like 2nd class citizens. Milford Hospital is a joke and you should drive yourself farther so you can get decent health care elsewhere. SHAMEONYOUMILFORDHOSPITAL

Violet Dedvukaj

If I can give this a zero I would. This was the worst service I have ever received, I was in here for 5 hours shivering when I had to ask for multiple blankets. They said my blood work said I was find, meanwhile I had a swollen tongue and couldn't talk. They gave me a steroid before I left that wasn't helpful when I got home. A gargle they prescribed me made my mouth worse, and I didn't even see a doctor, only nurses.

John Maloy

The worst experience I ever had to endure. Dr.Lisa McCarroll was nothing but condescending. Told me that the er does nothing for people in pain.I am conducting Medicare about this doctors care

Kev S.

Amanda Altieri

Richard Symons

I have always had great service here.I had a hernia operation here back in 1996 and a colonoscopy this past week and have had great service Here! The staff are fantastic and this is a very neat and clean hospital. The lobby is beautiful and luxurious.

Omar Arce

Wait times for everything were outrageous. The hospital was mostly empty and not busy so I don't understand why does it take so long to get an x- ray complete I was just left in the room for long periods of time waiting for staff. The only good thing I can say is I received pain medication quick at the beginning after that it was just waiting and waiting. Unbelievable how long it took me to leave the hospital especially since it was so empty. There is no excuse.

Len Dog Diggity

James Crawford Jr.

Long initial wait, but once they got the ball rolling with the ekg, xray, blood work, went fast and out 1 1/2 hrs later. Was at Middlesex in Middletown and Milford said I was fine when Middlw said I had an enlarged heart when I did not

Pete Alonso

James Richardson

would have died waiting if i didn't leave

Tya Lucas

This is one of the worse places you could work for. I was hired and quit in a 2 weeks the training is horrible and they have the most drama amongst older people in the kitchen one of the cooks dropped food and tuned around and put it back on a patients plate the manager is very rude they have been at that job for so long and they are so miserable and will not credit you for being a good cook I went to hr and nothing was done so if you get sick don't go there because your food will be dropped on the floor and put back on your plate.

roseann teta

Came to the E.R having constant heart palipatations, dizziness, and sweating. I take a medication that has a black box warning for Hyponatremia and I was concerned because these are some of the symptoms. So I get in the room, was given a EKG and about 10 minutes later a PA came in the room with discharge papers telling me my EKG came back good and I can leave. Didn’t do any blood work or anything until I refused to leave unless they atleast checked my electrolyte levels. And to top it off I was informed that maybe my regular MD would have been a better place to go, it’s the Saturday before Christmas, I’m not gonna wait until Wednesday when they re open to have my non stop palipatations checked.


Great hospital fast er

Nina Po

Service was decent but the way they bill is absolutely insane!!! They charged my insurance 3 separate times and tried to bill me for what my insurance should have covered and that resulted in collections. Don’t bother with this place.... go to Yale

mike rich

I always had good results with this hospital, staff has been attentive and spot on for the most part, not much wait time, free parking, clean,,safe.

Shon Davis

Kelly Simko

I’m just appalled with how absolutely downhill this place is going. Let’s start with the fact that I have been to the ER several times with my father, mother, and once for my husband. Forget ever getting any answers, you try to call a nurse or doctor in to help you or fill you in on your loved ones condition and no one comes in the room! When I was there with my husband a couple of months ago they put him on a stretcher and left him in the hallway. They did an EKG and then nothing!! We sat there for TWO HOURS waiting for someone to tell us something, anything. I had to approach a nurse myself and find out why no one had come to see my husband and then finally a PA came to check on him. Then a few weeks ago my DIABETIC mother went there because she was feeling the effects of a very bad infection in her leg. They gave her antibiotics and just sent her on her way! The next day she was in la la land because of the infection (which turned out to be sepsis) and Milford hospital refused to take her! She was sent to Bridgeport hospital, probably for the better! Now yesterday she went to a routine wound care visit and they sent her to Milford hospital ER. She’s a diabetic, she hadn’t eaten since 9:00 am. She went to the ER at 12:30 pm and asked to be given a meal. They didn’t bring her food till 7:30 pm!!! That’s unacceptable and totally neglectful! I will be taking this up with patient care services!!

Nurse SamIam D

If I could give zero stars I would. My husband is there currently for IV antibiotics after a toe amputation became infected. He has a 4 inch open wound on the bottom of his foot, so he's pretty much in bed all day and in pain. They are consistently late with his pain meds up to 2 hours, so when he finally gets them his pain is extreme and all the meds do is take the edge off. The nurses have attitude all the time, one even sucked her teeth and rolled her eyes at him, then when he tried to complain to the nurse manager, he said, "attitude gets you attitude", excuse me what?? I am a nurse and I am appalled at his treatment there. I have gone there and spoken to the nurse manager and patient relations to no avail. Next step is a call the state department of public health. Do NOT bring your loved ones here at all!! Its a ghetto hospital with ghetto staff. And I am getting him out of there and into a proper rehabilitation facility.

Pamela Lynn

A very heartfelt THANK YOU to the amazing nurses in the ICU at Milford Hospital! Not only did everyone take excellent care of my dad these last two weeks, my family was shown such great compassion and understanding during this difficult time. Thank you for doing your very best to prepare us for home hospice. We greatly appreciate everything!!

Dawn Greenhill

Howie Gordon

The doctor misdiagnosed me. Saw me for two minutes and ran out of the examining room. Then I was told that the $65 dollar co pay would cover everything only to receive a bill for $190 dollars a month later. They never discussed any additional charges with me, so I was quite surprised to see the bill. Stay away from these country bumpkins.

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