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Gil Schaper

Much better than the new haven hospitals. Emergency room wait time is significantly less. Staff if friendly and helpful. Maternity unit is great. Parking is easy. Cafeteria is better than expected.


If I could give ZERO stars I would this is the WORST hospital around I’m here right now at 3:35am with my sick TYPE1 diabetic son . Who has both his ears hurting so bad he was crying In pain . I came in at 115am been sitting in a room ever sense Not one nurse or even Doctor has seen him yet !!!!!!! I asked when the “doctor “ would be in and nurse said soon we only have one on .. really it’s a hospital I only have 1 ER doctor on !!!! Never Again !!!! Don’t ever bring your kids here they don’t care !!!!! Place is a JoKE!!!

Blair Elizabeth

I have to admit I have been here a couple times due top Tachycardia,and found out I have "PoTs" which is orthostatic tachycardia im left with fast hr standing and feeling miserable... everytime i have gone they have eased my fears of this being not dangerous and to increase fluids/salt etc....Iv seen the same nurse i think her name is riley? she eases my anxiety about my fast hr and nerves about that! Kudus! thank you for your care, warmth and compassion.

Christopher Harris

Alex Massey

Extremely friendly staff and kind hearted workers, the people hear helped my grandfather fight a vicious form of stage IV lung cancer, it’s a fairly large hospital however extraordinarily the staff seems to be able to to offer their help to all of the patients their. The walls are al extraordinarily clean and the floors and windows are scrubbed daily the close to godliness the hospital takes care to keep just shows you how dedicated the staff are. For hospital food it’s genuinely not that bad, I myself have been here on a few occasions and they do their very best to get you in healed up and out as soon as they can This hospitals main priority is you.

Erik S

A good, clean hospital with short wait times

David Collins

During a recent visit to this hospital by my elder parent, the attending doctor was rude and unprofessional. Making personal, judgemental remarks under any circumstances it not acceptable by a "professional". "You only come to the hospital for attention"....... my parent didn't admit themselves. Someone saw fit to admit them. I don't care if you are 100% right, our elders deserve to be treated with dignity. Doctor, perhaps you only come to the hospital for the money.........

Crystal Rivera

Mad I even have to rate this!!! Been in ER an hour and not seen!!! All they're doing is sitting out there talking.....gossiping with one another like really.. Guess they don't think my issue was an emergency... Just lip hanging off why not make him wait another HR!!!

peter scozzafava

Always have your best interest.

ام خالدة

Amazing labor & delivery. All the nurses are caring and helpful. They are accommodating and really respected my birth plan for my C-section. Dr. Ozbeck one of the obstetricians there was always professional and she is an expert at her craft. I highly recommend Middlesex as they are recognized by WHO and it is obvious why. They also are advocates of breastfeeding and will assist if there are any issues to the best of their ability.

Amethyst StarCrasher Felidae-Thompson

Lily A

Janice Read

s.r. mccutchen

Karma Felidae-Thompson

A security guard and several nurses sexually assaulted me, held me in restraints and drugged me to keep me from seeking help, and then threatened to accuse me of assaulting THEM if I go to the police. I was left screaming for ice for my bruises and water to drink for a long time. These savages should be in prison!

Lois Sakorafas

xoxoxo Love

Thousands of times better than Saint Francis without a doubt!!! Hospital staff here at Middlesex actually CARES ABOUT THE PATIENTS and don’t just want to empty o out their wallets!!!! Every time I’ve had to go to Middlesex, I’ve always had good experiences. Nurses are very patient, and the doctors take the time to actually EXPLAIN EVERYTHING TO YOU IN DETAIL which is a much welcomed refreshment! When you have questions about your procedures or follow up treatments, they don't mind explaining to you again and again to the average lay person until you understand! Thank you so much for treating patients like people instead of vending machines…… maybe some of your peers in this same industry could also learn how to follow your good examples!!! Lol!! Care offered here at Middlesex is worth the extra drive for me, that’s for certain!! I’d rather go to a hospital like this one that actually has good service and caring medical “professionals” so I don’t mind driving a few extra miles out of my way. Billing practices are also pretty good here at Middlesex, they don’t springing any surprise bills on you without first given you a very detailed explanations of what your insurance wil lversus will not cover.

Liza Koshy Fan

It was so great I really loved it I wanted to stay in it and the staff are the kindest people I have ever met


They used to be higher on my list. They were great when our daughter was born. However, totally misdiagnosed my wife's issue on a holiday and did what he could to get us out of there as quickly as possible. Also, the doctor did not take accurate notes reflecting our repeated comments about the severity and unusual nature of her ailments. A $10 blood test would have saved us thousands in later medical bills and would have gotten her the treatment she needed immediately instead of putting her through hell. And thanks to the inaccurate notes from the doctor, we have no legal recourse. I hope our issue is an anomaly, but you'll find me dead before you find me in their emergency room after that experience.

Walter van Dusen

Excellent treatment. I had surgery and also spent a week for another illness. The hospital staff were very polite and friendly. Been there several times and I'm very happy with the results. Clean rooms. Highly recommend from a patients perspective.

deborah albuja

Great staff! Everyone I have encountered during my visit have been kind, caring and extremely knowledgeable! Thank you for everything!

Priscilla Brinkley

The worst hospital I could imagine. They missed my son's broken bone, they sent us away twice in one day when my son was in respiratory distress which ended up requiring hospitalization, they mistreated a family member when she was raped (I was there to witness this and fight for her), and I can keep going. They are really falling behind and I refuse to even deal with them anymore.

Bobby Lopez

Dear MIDDLESEX HOSPITAL STAFF, I am writing to tell you how grateful, I Robert Lopez that you were the nursing staff assigned to me when I was a patient undergoing a surgical procedure of my cervical spine. The competency of you and your team was all inspiring, and I couldn't have been more lucky that you were the staff on duty when I came into the hospital the day September-15,16 - 2016. The fact is that I will always remember how incredible the staff around the clock attending to my care was phenomenal. I know that you probably save a lot of lives in a given years, but I want to let you know that I ROBERT LOPEZ is forever grateful considering the stress and nervousness that I was in. The work you do is so important. And you excel at your work in every way possible. SPECIAL THANKS TOO: Tammy RN, Marie RN, Marisa RN, Cheryl RN Sabrina PCT, Mary PCT, Casandra PCT, Ella PCT Including the Surgical Staff THANK YOU So, thank you. I Robert Lopez will never forget what you've done for me. With unending gratitude, Robert Lopez

robert schwarz

In October, 2015, I was physically assaulted, and abducted by Hunter's Ambulance Service, and taken to Middlesex Hospital, over my strenuous, and physical, objections. At one point, it even came to blows. Once at the hospital, I refused all treatment, which is my right, and tried to leave. I was physically restrained by the hospital staff and given an injection to sedate me. Middlesex Hospital, being the incompetent institution it is, did not have the ability nor the quality of staff to treat me, so I was transferred to Hartford Hospital, again, against my will. I woke up in Hartford Hospital's Emergency Room, where I spent the next 36 hours on a gurney without food nor water. My wife had to buy food at the cafeteria. Again I was prohibited from leaving and physically restrained. I was told that I had a subdural hematoma by the resident neurologist, who, as it turned out, has done multiple residencies at other hospitals through out the county, having been a graduate of the Moscow School of Medicine in Russia. Apparently she was overly qualified for an American Medical School such as NYU, Hartford, Columbia, Sanford,etc. Would you let a graduate of a Russian medical school touch you, let alone drill a hole in you skull to relieve an alleged subdural hematoma? She told me that if I did not have the surgery, I would be dead in two(2) hours. I told I would take my chances, which surprised her as she expected the threat of death to impress me, and cause me to change my mind. However, having to deal with death almost every day, it is going to take someone a lot more qualified than a wannabe neuro-surgeon to impress me. She wanted to evacuate the subdural hematoma by drilling a hole in my head-which I patently refused, particularly by a resident, with little or no experience. I was not going to be a test, or practice dummy, for an American Medical School flunk out. After 36 hours, I was transferred to a private room for further evaluation, which I was not going to let them do. My clothes were placed in the room with me, and when the orderly left, I got dressed, and attempted to walk out off the hospital. I was met in the hallway by the Chief of Nursing, two (2) orderlies, and two(2) security officers, and was told that I would not be permitted to leave(apparently Hartford Hospital needed the money). I told them point blank, that someone was going to get seriously hurt if they tried to stop me, as I would not have hesitated to defend my right to refuse medical treatment by incompetent, unqualified, individuals, and leave the hospital. Recognizing the challenge, they let me leave. I filed a complaint with the Connecticut Department of Health, regarding the unauthorized treatment, but was ignored. Apparently, the extent of corruption, and incompetence, in Connecticut government extends into its Department of Health. Moral of the story, if you need medical help, go to your local vet, and stay away from Hunter Ambulance Service.

Jose Plaza

awsome staff, the lady in the front told me that it was very busy that moment, that they didt have any beds available i was like ok guess we are going to spend alot of time here but no, i took 3 hours to do everything and i was out real quick, the nurse even gave us chocolates and very very helpfull best hospital so far. love it love it and love it.

Stephen Mancuso

Such a warm place. Everyone is very very helpful!

Ineabell Jimenez

Raymond Medina

ER was pretty much empty, still took me a total of 5 hours to get in and out.. better luck next time.

Scot Mckee

Very bad tried to go outside have a smoke wasn't told I was under any restrictions but was told if I tried security would be called on me , funny I'm almost 40 and I'm being treated as a child. You actually get more freedom in a prison they get at least one hour of recreation a day. Definitely will go elsewhere for anything medical

joyce Ayensu

Jason Lynch

Carolann Arrigoni

I usually don't comment on sites but felt compelled to after reading a post that wrote "Funny reviews are written by". That's not true. Middlesex Hospital is my #1 preference for myself and my parents. They are wonderful with the patients and the care is 5 stars. The staff are professional and do not rush the patients nor family. At times, I have laughed when my Dad (90+) introduces the staff to me, saying ......"This is my friend.....". Carolann Violissi

Vidamarie Hoyle

My aunt Florence recovered from her hip surgery here. Very friendly staff.

Stephanie Civetelli

Montanna Aja

Excellent staff but the waiting time is ridiculous

RKKA 123

I appreciate you and your work

Crystal Acevedo

I completely understand that the nurses need to come in and check on you. And this is not the place to ever really get rest. But I think it is absolutely uncalled for, rude, and extremely disrespectful to walk into somebody's room while they're sleeping and start banging things around and start cleaning my room like nobody was there's. As if I don't already have enough people walking into my room to wake me up, to stick me with needles, to make me take medicine, to take vitals on me, just to ask me if I needed anything, to come by and take my trash, to stock the room. I DEFINITELY do not need the janitorial staff walking into my room while I'm sleeping, very sick in pain, disregards the paitent and continue to do whatever they feel like doing. When you see somebody sleeping you should walk away close the door lightly NOT SLAM IT. and maybe try to clean their room another time. I don't need my floor mopped and the walls wipe down while I'm in my room. You can clean my room when I leave. It's very disrespectful I wouldn't walk in to someone's room in my house that was sleeping and start cleaning and banging things around let alone a very sick patient in pain in the hospital. And after She Bangs her cart into the wall and woke me when I just fell asleep for the first time in 11 hours. As I sat up waved to her to please no thank you I don't want my room cleaned she argue with me louadly about it. "What you don't want your room cleaned." I say no thank you. she started to say something else again and I just talked to her I said please close the door. And she slammed it. I've been here 3 days why is it so important to clean my room right this very moment while I'm sleeping.

QuiQui Ortiz

Majority of my stay in the maternity unit was fine. Not spectacular but not horrible. However, an overnight nurse that I encountered in the “special care” nursery was rude, hostile and nasty to both my husband and I. I felt like I had to walk on eggshells while caring for my sick newborn. This woman made an already overwhelming, emotional experience 10 x more intense. When I asked the other, nicer, nurses about this particular woman, I was advised that she’s known for her attitude and nasty demeanor. I can only hope that other parents don’t share our experience and can enjoy their maternity stay, unlike I did.

Randy Castillo

I had to appendicitis and needed surgery right away, best hospital I've ever been to. Everyone there was amazing from ER personnel to the North 5 Personnel every was friendly attentive and made my 2 days a real comfortable stay.

Vivian Lehman

I visited such emergency room on February 17, 2015. According to the Emergency Department Documentation, "Dr. Lynders states that the pt c/o vaginal itching in the main ED and thinks it's the cause of her asthma...she was threatening law suits and other inappropriate threats, so he does not feel a gyn assessment on her at this time is appropriate..." I believe "pt c/o" means 'patient complained of'. Obviously, I do not recommend a hospital which connects vaginal itch to asthma. Dr. Lynders has a very vivid imagination. I also do not recommend a hospital which withholds appropriate medical treatment when threatened with a legal action, and boasts proudly of this in its own files. If Middlesex wants to restore my faith, it should have Dr. Lynders recite the Hippocratic Oath on YouTube.

Annabelle Mead

I have been in and out of this hospital with my mother many times as she has been fighting a horrible cancer for three years. Although she is not curable, I would like to thank Dr. Philips for recently going above and beyond. I have met a lot of doctors and Dr. Phillips is the one who I can say has actually made a true difference. She is very knowledgeable and very comforting. She stands out as she proved to take her time to explain to my family the status of my mothers condition and what to expect in the next coming week/final days. Thank you for being sincere and helpful at such a difficult time for my family.


Always a pleasure to come here knowing the experience will be the best Connecticut has to offer.

Micheal Lucas

The best hospital I've ever been to

Thomas G

Absolutely the friendliest hospital staff I have EVER encountered! I am a pastor and chaplain so I know what I'm talking about. My mother-in-law lives in the area and injured herself in a fall and was hospitalized there. My wife and I were on our way up in our motorhome from Alabama when we got the news. Motorhome + hospital parking = typically equals disaster. My wife's stress level was at 11 on a 10 sale. But we were greeted by security officer "Andrew" at general parking and he WALKED IN FRONT OF OUR MOTORHOME to guide us a safe parking spot. Are you kidding me? My wife's stress level bottomed out! I went to his supervisors to tell them about Andrew's kindness and they were just as nice telling me that they will accommodate us if my mother-in-law's stay is extended. Throughout the hospital from security, reception, nurses, gift shop, cafeteria, doctors, everyone was extremely kind. A very heartfelt "well done" from two stressed and weary travelers!

brixhida kalluci

Melissa Herpst

The GPS took me to the unloading entrance.. got lost.. walked around the whole thing to find the er.. once inside, it's nice, people are friendly just was hard to get to.

Jacqueline Sholes

The er nurses and doctors are rude and I will never go there again. Funny how all positive reviews are from the staff lol

David Hall

My son was admitted for a serious case of Colitis. I can't say enough good things for this hospital. The Staff was wonderful, and the treatment of the patients was better than any experience I have ever had in a hospital in my many surgeries etc. They let him sleep as long as he wanted to (sleeping is healing) and he was able to call down to the kitchen when he wanted anything. WOW! That right there was wonderful. I will have to say he was on a liquid diet for 3 days and maybe this was the reason, but still, this is the very first time, my son hasn't complained that he was in the hospital. Kudos to Middlesex Hospital!!!!!!!

Yasiel Puig

Stephen Noland

I am sure they are friendly but I missed my first appointment and the phone call to remind me of the appointment. When I called to reschedule they said NO! They have a very spiteful policy which states, roughly speaking, that if you waste their physicians time they will ensure you NEVER get to come back and see them. I tried to pay the no show fee but that didn't matter. They were kind enough to give me some other places to go though. So, I guess with the changes in Healthcare, Middlesex Hospital is making money hand over fist and happy to turn away patients like myself who have remained loyal to their prior primary care physician for over 20 years. I wonder what other policy's they have that put the patient last.

Virginia Bond

I came here at 12 it's now going on 2:00 the nurses staff they got working today are rude asf I'm still sitting here as i type this they moved me from one end of the hospital to another said it's going to be quicker and yet i have not been seen still get it together the staff and the wholw hospital

jon dowd

I had out patient surgery at Middlesex Hospital Out Patient Center. Prior to the surgery, I underwent several tests, one of which the technician did not perform correctly and it had to be redone, both for which I was charged. I was never told the cost of the surgery, despite numerous request for the costs. When I received the bill it was for approximately $84,000.00 for a one (1) hour operation. I seriously questioned the basis of the bill, and realized that I was being charged for services that were never rendered, i.e., padding, the hospital billing department thinking the insurance company would not bother to check, However, I didn't have insurance, so I scrutinized the bill very closely. When I refused to pay for the bogus charges, I was sued. The only witness the hospital produced was one Joanne Brown, who resides at 51B Highcrest Dr., Rocky Hill,, Connecticut. Her title is "supervisor patient financial services". She admitted that she was not a doctor, had no medical experience nor training, and admitted that she did not have any knowledge if any of the alleged services were actually performed. Among the items sued for was for services rendered by one Dr. Joseph B. Weissberg, who Brown claimed was an employee of Middlesex Hospital, when in fact he is a principal, and owner, in Central Connecticut Radiation Oncology, P.C., located at 760 Saybrook Road, Middletown, CT, which rents space, and receives referrals, from Middlesex Hospital. Despite being specifically told this fact, the judge ignored it, and permitted the Hospital to continue to testify as to the value of the services allegedly rendered by Weissberg, even though she was not an expert witness. No medical records were ever introduced into evidence to prove that any of the alleged services were actually performed, and no expert witness ever testified as to what these alleged services were. Brown committed perjury, which was reported to the State's Attorney, but nothing was done, in keeping with corrupt Connecticut politics. "The Richardson's Rules of Evidence" do not apply in Connecticut. as the Connecticut judiciary does what is politically expedite, and politically correct for ts friends. Unless you are part of the 'ld Boys Club, don't bother going to Court. Middlesex Hospital, allegedly a not-for-profit institution, is actually owned by Middlesex Health Care Systems, Inc., a for profit health care entity, created solely to over charge patients for fabricated services. Middlesex Hospital funnels its "not-for-profits" and sympathetic donations, to Middlesex Health Care Systems, Inc., for distribution among its owners. It must be kept in mind that at one time, the president of Middlesex Hospital was being paid $2,000,000.00 per year, but that has been cut back after a public out cry, to the high six figures. It is no wonder that the Connecticut Judicial System ranks 48 in the country, in the areas of competence, integrity, honesty, fairness, corruption, and politics, just above Mississippi and Louisiana. The bottom line is that I lost the case to a corrupt judicial system and a perjurer, and corrupt local politics. If you really have to go to the Hospital, go to Yale New Haven-it has an excellent reputation for competence, integrity, honestly, and fairness. The shame of it all is that Middlesex Hospital seeks volunteers to aid in perpetrating these fraudulent billing practices either directly or indirectly, and the volunteers are gullible enough to believe that they are helping the hospital, and more importantly, the patients, when in fact they are increasing the hospital's revenue stream by not forcing the hiring of additional paid workers, and the volunteers get a certificate of appreciation every year for their volunteering, not realizing that they have been exploited for the sole purpose of increasing the revenue stream, not of Middlesex Hospital, but Middlesex Health Care Systems, Inc. And just think, this Hospital is endorsed by the Mayo clinic-for what, fraud, greed, dishonesty,corruption?

Spiros Mavrudis

The $25,000 in taxpayer money could have been better allocated to a cancer patient or for that matter a child. The hippocrates oath doesnt seem to apply to the physicians who try to convince a patient to take sleep medication when the patient has no trouble sleeping. The state of connecticut paid for my expensive $25,000 hospital visit...i think the hospital visit, a waste of time, was an unethical decision and a disgrace to the complex determination of allocation of resources. Also, i think the hospital should be investigated for violating several HIPPA laws and violations. I cannot believe professionals earn salaries to be unethical failures that jeopardize their licences, and for that matter, their ethical reputation.

Andrew Sands

Had a chest Xray. When read they said I had small spots on both lungs. They have old out of date machines. they only have a 32 slice cat machine which is like a 1950 pickup. I went to another place Advanced Radiology and had the 128 slice cat machine like a 2020 pickup and found nothing. 2 major differences a 128 slice cat machine has 10x the resolution and has 80% less radiation. What a dishonest way to make money.

Matthew Cleary

Very happy with our experience delivering our first baby here. Staff was helpful and patient, which was very nice for new parents.

Alfredo Colon


Graham Grimaldi

Gregory Richards

Easily the best "emergency" room experience. My daughter is non-verbal & autistic and can be very difficult. The staff, nurses, and doctors were amazing and terribly kind. We were in and out faster than any other ER experience I have ever been a part of before. I am so glad I chose Middlesex hospital for what could've been a very stressful experience.

Alli Fam

Alexa Standish

I gave birth here to my beautiful baby girl in January 2019. I arrived shortly after my water broke at home, and was immediately rushed upstairs to the maternity ward. My daughter was born 6 weeks premature but everything went so smoothly. My OBGYN office is right across the street from the hospital and she arrived to deliver my daughter. Her name is Dr. Julie Flagg and she is absolutely amazing!!! Each and every one of the nurses, food service people, doctors, etc were wonderful. My daughter was in the NICU nursery for 9 days after birth to be monitored since she was a preemie. They were great and treated me with kindness. I am a recovering heroin addict and I’m on a methadone maintenance program and I expected to be treated like a low life druggie, but I was treated with the utmost respect and care. The food was amazing, and my fiancé got to sleep right next to me in the room during my stay on this cool couch that folded up into a decently comfortable bed. My family and I were so happy with my labor and delivery and postpartum care. I can’t say enough good things about this hospital! I will never give birth anywhere else after this wonderful experience. I’m young and I had a stillborn a few years ago due to preeclampsia so I was worried when my water broke early but the staff made sure to explain everything that they were doing, and assure me that my baby was doing fine and that everything was progressing as it should. I had my mind made up that I didn’t want an epidural during my natural birth and the staff had no problem helping me labor naturally. I got there around 3:30am and my daughter was born at 7:32am. Backus Hospital is much closer to me since I live in Colchester CT, but Middlesex was my choice and I don’t regret it one bit. Thank you for making the most amazing day of my life as stress free as possible! I also want to share that one of the NICU nurses, Golda, was beyond wonderful to myself, my family, and my newborn daughter. She took such good care of her while she was in the NICU and she treated me like family with respect and care. Also, Laura the APRN in charge of the NICU was great too!!

Kayla Stomberg

If I could give negative stars I would. My brother is suicidal, threatening harm to himself as well as my father and myself and is violently destructive. They won't admit him to get mental health despite violating probation repeatedly, his case worker begging and my parents begging. They do not know ANYTHING about mental health clearly. DO NOT GO HERE.

Edith Plancarte

Better service, changed attitude, very helpful. Thanks for the imporvement.

Josh Figueroa

Ana Franco


Causes my left genitals to be removed because they infected it during surgery. Do not go here, I could rate 0 I would

Brenda Rivera

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