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REVIEWS OF Middlesex Hospital: Emergency Room IN Connecticut

Heidi Neumann-Venetianer

Was seen quickly and given excellent care

Killer Zer0X

Four words, Stay Away From Them! [also if the person who had the incident in 2015 sees this I want to ask them some questions]

Nadeepa Jayasundara

We were there more than 3 hours waiting for treatment. At the end going home without getting treated. Worst experience ever. What they said was there are no beds. But they treated many people came after us.

Jack McQuack

K v

They can't seem to get their fax machines to work. Communication between the doctors the insurance companies, is a joke. Lost paperwork on their end, has caused me months lost wages because they can never seem to get their paperwork straight sent out received. But if I get someone to email me a form and I hand-deliver it to the office to be filled out it's still a minimum of a two week wait to maybe have the paperwork filled out and maybe have it sent out to the proper location.


Charged me 1100 for non emergency visit they advertise for on their website. All I needed was a doctors note for my cold to provide to my eemployer. My doctors note cost me a fortune. My insurance provider covered 50 dollars .Yay

Carl Neri

robert schwarz

In October, 2015, I was physically assaulted, and abducted by Hunter's Ambulance Service, and taken to Middlesex Hospital, over my strenuous, and physical, objections. At one point, it even came to blows. Once at the hospital, I refused all treatment, which is my right, and tried to leave. I was physically restrained by the hospital staff and given an injection to sedate me. Middlesex Hospital, being the incompetent institution it is, did not have the ability nor the quality of staff to treat me, so I was transferred to Hartford Hospital, again, against my will. I woke up in Hartford Hospital's Emergency Room, where I spent the next 36 hours on a gurney without food nor water. My wife had to buy food at the cafeteria. Again I was prohibited from leaving and physically restrained. I was told that I had a subdural hematoma by the resident neurologist, who, as it turned out, has done multiple residencies at other hospitals through out the county, having been a graduate of the Moscow School of Medicine in Russia. Apparently she was overly qualified for an American Medical School such as NYU, Hartford, Columbia, Sanford,etc. Would you let a graduate of a Russian medical school touch you, let alone drill a hole in you skull to relieve an alleged subdural hematoma? She told me that if I did not have the surgery, I would be dead in two(2) hours. I told I would take my chances, which surprised her as she expected the threat of death to impress me, and cause me to change my mind. However, having to deal with death almost every day, it is going to take someone a lot more qualified than a wannabe neuro-surgeon to impress me. She wanted to evacuate the subdural hematoma by drilling a hole in my head-which I patently refused, particularly by a resident, with little or no experience. I was not going to be a test, or practice dummy, for an American Medical School flunk out. After 36 hours, I was transferred to a private room for further evaluation, which I was not going to let them do. My clothes were placed in the room with me, and when the orderly left, I got dressed, and attempted to walk out off the hospital. I was met in the hallway by the Chief of Nursing, two (2) orderlies, and two(2) security officers, and was told that I would not be permitted to leave(apparently Hartford Hospital needed the money). I told them point blank, that someone was going to get seriously hurt if they tried to stop me, as I would not have hesitated to defend my right to refuse medical treatment by incompetent, unqualified, individuals, and leave the hospital. Recognizing the challenge, they let me leave. I filed a complaint with the Connecticut Department of Health, regarding the unauthorized treatment, but was ignored. Apparently, the extent of corruption, and incompetence, in Connecticut government extends into its Department of Health. Moral of the story, if you need medical help, go to your local vet, and stay away from Hunter Ambulance Service.

Carleton Riddick

Outstanding medical treatment. I'm 69 years old and I've been a patient there 7 times during my lifetime. Each time, the medical staff displayed incredible teamwork and a willingness to go above and beyond. The level of care was truly amazing.

Stephanie Garvey

Marco Vasi

Julie Oman

Just read about a medical kidnapping that occurred here. I am disgusted.


This place is a disgrace. I was here with my mom Dec 6 2018. She had a broken hip and was not seen by the ER Doctor for nearly 3 hrs. Then transported to Middlesex Hospital where see was discharged with an active severe urinary tract infection. She had to be admitted to L&M ICU. within 8 hrs of her discharge. Terrible NEGLECT. VERY SAD. VERY UNPROFESSIONAL PLACE.

Brenda Rivera

Giving this hospital a star is too much went in there with two kids with virus infection waited two hours to get seen and one hour to be told to go buy the medications over the counter. When I explain if I can get a prescription due to lack of money and that my kids insurance pay for over the counter they refuse. The doctor waited forty minutes to wait if I get out without consulting me about he's refusal. To refuse care or medications to children should never happen.W I'll be writing complaints to the Board about the discrimination my kids and I experience in this ER.

Malik McClain

Poor attitudes of doctors, rude , and long wait times with very little people waiting.

sean gibson

Solid care, often in a quick and timely manner. Nurses generally are a bit brusque (over visits for myself and others over many years), but professional. Docs are usually top rate. I do not like the increasingly corporate nature of the hospital and it's influence in doctors office's in the area, but that is not about the ER.

Sharon McCormick

Lunisol Sandoval

Great experience, nurse very friendly.

Crista Turnage

I had to come to the ER because I was bleeding badly. I was losing a baby and had to have Emergency Surgery, and the nurse Cindy was so kind and compassionate towards me. She held my hand and calmed me down before my husband could arrive to be with me. No one knew I worked for a separate department outside of the hospital, they were just being kind and compassionate people. The wait times can vary, but that is why urgent care is a great option for people with viral infections, colds, and dislocated fingers.

Kim Moore

I brought my husband in for what turned out to be a kidney stone and he received excellent treatment. They were much faster than I'm used to seeing in emergency rooms, and both the nurse and doctor had excellent bedside manners.

Vincent Graham

1 hour waiting with a dislocated finger, and they take non-emergencies ahead of us?

Jason Pinette

Middlesex Hospital System (Mayo Clinic) seems to have a front end and customer service problem. Yes I view any transaction with America's big business healthcare system as a client - provider relationship. The amount of money we spend for healthcare is crazy, but to be treated with annoyance and looked at like we are hypochondriacs is disappointing. This is clearly my opinion though, and you can take it or leave it but here was my experience with this facility. Disabled Veteran who receives the majority of his care through the VA, currently diagnosed with intussusception by the VA. Since last Thursday I suffered from diarrhea and vomiting, pain in my left side and aching in my neck, groin, and lower back. Saturday the room started to spin and I called out for help, my words were slurred and nobody could hear me. I got up and made my way to the bedroom, I could not find the door handle right away, and when I did I opened the door and fainted into the room. My wife jumped up and helped me up and tended to my bruises. The rest of the weekend and up until yesterday I had the same symptoms, and felt faint twice. My PCP at the VA said to go the ER if I faint again or symptoms get worse, and an appt was made for this Thursday. What prompted my visit last night to this hospital was I fainted again, and was experiencing tightness in my chest. I could not confirm the VA ER was open and I wanted to go too a larger Emergency Room even though the Shoreline ER is closer but a smaller ER that would transport me to Middletown anyway. Just in case something was urgently wrong with the intussusception I chose to patron their main hospital in Middletown. I have insurance outside my disability coverage, and I new this visit would cost me out of pocket, on top of what we pay monthly for the insurance. It was clear by the questions the intake nurse asked that he was questioning if my chest pain and my issues were an Emergency, as I tried to explain them to him he would cut me off and generally seemed to not care. No beds were available but he said to wait here we will do an EKG. The nurse who did the EKG said nothing to me, but a few words of direction. Once the test was done, in less than minute, she ripped off the sensors and hair and sent me back to the waiting room. She did not give me the results, all she said was, OK, there are no beds please go sit in the waiting room. I watched as these two intake nurses role their eyes and shake their head at all us crazy sick folk, who in their mind could probably wait to see their PCP and whatever we were struggling with is not worthy of a ER visit. Again I don't know that is what they thought but their body language and running back into the ER to talk and laugh made me feel like that. We tried to leave because there was three people waiting, we approached the lady at the front desk who half heartedly tried to get us to stay but did not know what the ETA for a bed to open up would be, I told her we were leaving. She tried to send me back to the nurse who had a few moments ago had a lot to say to the patients standing in front of his office in the waiting area, making sure they knew they could not sit their but had little to say during my stat intake. I had heard what he said 5 minutes before when she sent another patient asking for ETA so I declined her offer and left. That was my experience and seems from other reviews here and at other Middlesex Hospital locations are all saying the same thing. But Hey, your mileage might vary.

mi mi cheree

Megan Castillo

If I could give zero stars, I would. I have never encountered a more unprofessional staff from the 2 receptionist sitting there texting while there was a line of people waiting to check in. To the tech who just yelled out the next persons name from the back room instead of coming to the waiting area and announcing it... to the “PA” who accused my fiancé of being there for pain medication when he was just looking for an antibiotic to help with his very sore throat. Extremely rude and unprofessional. No body comes there because they want to! Staff needs training on compassion.

Spiros Mavrudis

although it has been three years since my last visit, i wanted to forewarn potential patients that the hospital does not adhere to the one thing that is the basis of a hospital: medical ethics. unlike business, the medical field is supposed to be an ethical field that assures the best judgement from not only the medical staff, but from the professionals that allocate funding and maintain business partnerships. while it is modern for professional to do what is good for their career, it should also be contingent that the hospital applies standards, accountability, and ethics to prevent bias and self interest excuse unedited grammar


as someone who works the front end of another hospital, the receptionists in the er could use some training on keeping their customer service voices and not throwing attitude at someone in pain when they cant hear. also the eye rolling should be kept to a minimum.. not the most pleasant of people to deal with when coming in for a major concern...

sugi dewey

Now after reading these reviews I understand why the social worker was so rude and uninformed about the law of POA and no heart!

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