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REVIEWS OF Manchester Memorial Hospital IN Connecticut

Paulina Burek

The labor and delivery unit is amazing. Our son was born here and the nurses and staff were angels!

K Nels

I was sent to the ER by my primary care doctor for some thorough testing. I had never been to Manchester Hospital before. Everyone was so nice and concerned and they really made me feel comfortable and welcome. Doctors and nurses in the ER were the best! Thank you.

Erika Dunham

I am so happy with the care I received at Manchester Hospital. Every single person who interacted with me and my family was kind, patient, and caring--from the nurses to the orderlies to the ER docs to the surgeon. Everyone explained what was going on, listened to our concerns, and answered all of our questions. I feel so lucky to have been under their care and ended up with the best medical outcome given the situation I was in.

Janice Dutram

My review is mixed. My doctor (Dr. Dua) is fantastic. I had a total knee replacement. He has done both surgeries. Each one was done at Manchester Memorial. The phycisian assistants, the physical therapists, the nurses and the aides were all competent, caring, and professional. I have only one complaint and that is the doctor who did the spinal block before surgery was lacking in skill. At one point a pain shot down my leg that felt like an electric probe had been stuck in there. My leg reflectively shot out. Anyway , I had the impression that the block usually wears off. But my foot is still numb. I am hoping that it is not permanent. That is the only reason I am not giving more stars.

Susan Hamilton

I was sent to Manchester ER, from a CVS Minute Clinic because of shortness of breath and fever. I will never go willingly to that ER again, with the exception of the x-ray tech, the MRI tech, and the PA attending to me, everyone else was rude and condescending. Not a good experience at all. I did have pneumonia and fluid in my lung, I just thank goodness i wasn't admitted.

Marilyn Jankowski

I went to their rehab for my hip. They were wonderful in terms of appointments, registration, etc. The person who worked with me couldn't have been better. A great experience!!!

Lilgokupump E

I was seen by a new doctor doing his residence named Jonathan he is such a great doctor he made sure I was well taken care of , he was caring and compassionate you can tell that he’s gonna be a great doctor i honestly say that he made feel so comfortable and at ease even though I was in pain

Dez M

The staff was rude and judgements were made when they knew what medications I am on due to back trauma. They referred to me as the "little junkie girl in the back". I was ashamed to even bother the nurses and they told me,a few of them not to call them even. I didn't get checked on sometimes for 6-8 hours. I was admitted for a few days and not once did they offer to help me wash up or anything. It was a terrible experience and I felt that I lost faith in the medical professionals now. I have nightmares about it and have flash backs of the ringing noise and the nurses leaving me alone,in terrible pain! I asked to speak to Social services before I left several times but they discharged me before I saw anyone,3 days...I would never go back there.

jeremy k

Great Place

meghan Quirion

I have had 2 c-sections here and the staff is amazingly great! They are so kind like one of the staff os Shally she was so GREAT! She helped every moment she could, and helped from her heart not as if im a job or paycheck. Love love her and all the other staff too.


If I could give no stars I would. Poor service in The Er. I never even got to pass through the doors. Nurse on duty was rude as can be. I was bleeding from a nice wound and just needed stitches, sat for over an hour and a half. Asked when I would be seen. The nurses replied snotty "no beds and there won't be any time soon" now there are way better ways to service the public and this was one of the worst experiences I have seen. I checked myself out then got a bill for no service even disputed it they still want money. They are terrible don't even walk through the doors!!!!

Steven Begin


Ruhi S

There are no words to describe how satisfied, I am with my experience at Manchester hospital .The entire staff of nurses,nurse anesthetist , my gynae ,was amazing and made sure I was comfortable during my surgical procedure . The hospital setting was very clean and staff very approachable and informative . Great service

Andrew McAllister

I brought three copies of a list indicating medications I take; they lost all of them. They billed medicare/medicaid for myriad treatments I never received. Because they so incompetently mismanaged my medications, I left MMHS much sicker than I entered, but I was only too happy to "escape." I am 54. I suffer from a severe disease. This is, absolutely and by far, the worse hospital I have ever entered. I would never go back.

Barbara freeman

Comics Grrl

Poor bedside manner all around. I'm in tears again as I write this. During my visit to the ER, I had further concerns about my very serious situation, and they were very condescending and defensive in explaining why they would not do more. I already had an appointment with a specialist to deal with my condition, but that was not for a few more weeks (the earliest they could get me in), and a regular doctor visit told me to go to the ER without hesitation if my symptoms worsened – which they did. Clearly I chose the wrong ER. Because of the likelihood of rapid change and serious repercussions with this condition and its evolution over the previous several weeks, I was borderline in crisis by the end of my visit here. They put one portion of my concerns to rest, using equipment one described as a "dinosaur," but did not care to further explore the other evidence found by my other doctor (who'd reached the end of their scope). As near as I can tell, the whole department lacks empathy, has poor bedside manner, and would rather patronize and demoralize a patient to their face and whisper about them from down the hall than consider a person might actually be in crisis in dealing with their condition. This may not be accurate to their performances over their careers. They might be outstanding and show excellence in all their other interactions. But I saw absolutely nothing of the kind tonight, and they really dropped the patient relations ball with me.


To all of you out there. Do not use Manchester Memorial Hospital. They do not care about their patients. My father was admitted on Monday October 2nd 2017 with a SERIOUS infection in his left caused by poor circulation and Venus disease. And if even though the leg looks horrible and he is still on IV antibiotics the hospital wants to transfer him To a rehab facility. Never mind the fact the doctor doesn't want to talk about him even though he has alzimers.

Shania Jonshon

My boyfriend was admitted from the ER. We took an ambulance and then was placed in the waiting area for an hour and a half and we were the only people waiting. When I got up to ask if we should go to a different hospital (which I wish we would have) the lady at the registration window said, “he’s still waiting?” Sort if as if she was shocked too. When we were finally brought into a room the nurse staff was sarcastic and rude. The doctor that came in immediately said that surgery was necessary before we were even told the results of his tests. Once he was admitted and moved upstairs the service was completely different. It was better. Oh and he didn’t need surgery. Thanks doc!

Sarah Sterlacci

Sitting in the waiting room watching an old man cocking and unable to breath... "NO ONE WAS AVAILABLE" I'm extremely glad I don't live in CT. I feel bad for anyone who is in need and has to come to this awful place.

Victoria S

Laurie Struebing


Lisa Delimater

I am very happy I made the decision to go to MMH after rotator cuff surgery in April. Everyone there was extremely helpful every step of the way. Today was my last day of therapy and was actually sad to be leaving. Thank you to Joann, Adam, all the threrapists and the wonderful ladies at the front desk. Sincerely, Lisa Delimater

Patrick Danford

Christopher Stacer

I would like to thank the staff of Manchester Hospital Mick Devanney PA-C DR Andy Boyko and Nurse Ann Marie are the best. I have been sick and nauseous for 6 weeks. I was at 3 different Emergency Rooms were they just gave me nausea medication with no relief and sent me home. I was at my wits end until I decided to go to Manchester Emergency Room. They diagnosed my biliary dyskinesia and I had surgery and know am back to normal. What a great staff at the Emergency Room and the 3rd floor staff and the Operating Room Staff are the best. Thank You so much for helping me Chris Stacer

Jessica Cross

I had the misfortune of visiting this ER on Monday. I literally could not drive any further. I showed up with SEVERE abdominal pain. The intake burse bullied and scowled at me the entire time she was taking my vitals. Then she started racing away demanding that I follow her. When she noticed I wasn't traveling at the same pace she turned around, looked at me impatiently, and said "the faster you walk, the faster you can lay down" Then she stomped off to the room. I was in so much pain that I was holding on to the rail on the walk for support when she looked at me. I collapsed on the floor of the room in pain after she left me. I HAVE NEVER IN MY LIFE SHOWN UP TO AN EMERGENCY ROOM WITH SEVERE 9/10 ABDOMINAL PAIN AND BEEN FORCED TO WALK!!!! This is literally the first time I've had abdominal pain and been made to walk. In the past they have put me in a wheelchair, because it literally could be anything. In my case it could be anything from a stone in my bile apparently now kidney stones. Turns out I wasn't faking it at all...and I have a kidney stone which is still there a week later. If you can go to ANY OTHER ER (Except for Rockville...I hear that one is even worse somehow) please do...if your ambulance driver gives you a choice take any other choice. If your friend is driving ask them to bring you somewhere else. And for my part...If I can't drive any further I will pull over and call an ambulance to drive me to a proper hospital. This place is not worth the pain


I LOVE going here for any testing, like MRI, CT scan, bone density or blood work. Its close and I can get the results in a day or two. Everyone is always nice and its immaculate. For blood work, nobody can touch their staff. I NEVER even feel a needle at all. I found out, that even if your doctor gives you a blood work slip that says "Quest", you do NOT have to go there! They hire mean people and the place is a dump. I am surprised the health dept does not shut that filthy lab down. (the one in Manchester I am talking about) Manchester Hospital is the ONLY place that does not torture your arm to get a blood sample. As far as the ER goes, its a whole other story. I am going to focus on the positive aspects right now.

Brian Raskin

Stephanie Wasylishyn

I gave birth at Manchester Memorial and thought it was supposed to be a happy time. While most of the staff was helpful and supportive there was a group of nurses whom were rude and really need a class on empathy. My daughter ended up in NICU a very difficult time for anyone. Staff told me I no longer had a room so I waited everywhere I could. I stayed in the backroom in a chair most nights. A few nights I was told I could use the faimly room however some nights I was told that was not an option. While my daughters father would call they would ask him to tell me that he should try to get me home. I wasnt needed there. WHAT my child is in NICU I am going to sit in the waiting room on the floor or wherever. It took 3 days for a doctor to tell me what was going on and what the plan was. After several questions and lack of response. I saw the doctors doing rounds and walk right by me like I was not important in any regards. I was in NICU 12 days never offered a breakfast and was treated as I was a burden. A few nights the monitor would go off and a nurse would not respond for up to 15 min. 2x a nurse wrapped the monitor around the foot so tight my child's foot was purple and when questioned was told ya that is a little snug. I would go home and shower only if one specific nurse was there whom ensured me she was actually paying attention. I was not comfortable and the girls at the front desk well some should tone down their rude comments. I was fearful to make any kind of complaint in fear I would have been treated worse but no new mom going thru such a terrible experience should be spoken about nor have to feel this way. Every patient should be treated the same and their faimly should be treated with respect

Janie Genie

Just okay but definitely not in the same class of hospitals as Yale or Saint Mary's. Their bedside manner could improve a bit, but it wasn't the worst.

Karen Rabe

My brother went to the ICU last week severely ill. The doctors and nurses were fantastic and treated him with respect and care. They answered all of our questions pertaining to the illness, meds, and machines. We would like to say a huge thank you to Nurses Amanda and Nicole you were great and helped us thru a few awful days. My brother did not make it but it wasn't from a lack of care from the staff - they did their best it just was his time.

Chris Wood

Brought my wife in for what we thought was a seizure. They weren’t sure if that was what happened so they called stroke protocol too. Once they saw her altered mental status at check in we were immediately pulled in and treated. They did a great job and even came in and explained everything to us once she was more like herself again. Very impressed with Manchester this time.

Jill MG

Do yourself a favor and stay home before going to the ER here

Daniel Roberts

Great place, very professional, and a lot of the proper equipment to get the job done.

Subhajit Ray

KD Channel

Emmanuel's House of Prayer for Nations


Lāna Lee

I was in the Er last Sunday , they needed to draw blood and this nurse in particular tried to get my vein five different times before getting another nurse. One of the spots that she hit got infected and now now I have to take medication for it. She was extremely rude to my grandmother who was just asking questions and worried for my well-being. She was scratching lottery tickets on me and another patients room. The only time she was nice is when we were leaving the hospital.

Aaron White

Nafisa Noor

The hospital is good. Nurses are very busy. But my overall experience of baby delivery was awesome. There are excellent lactation consultants. Nurses are knowledgeable. Good food variety in the cafe. Very convenient ordering procedure over phone. We also received a grand dinner before discharge.

Jim Gaffney

Michelle Genao

if I didn't live across the street , I go to another hospital , I had a uti they send me home with antibiotics that didn't work , Develop a fever with chills and vomiting, Went back they change the antibiotics , Few days later my husband rushes me in , I collapse in the er , An then when they decided yea lets keep her , I could have died , I had an infection that turn into a staff infection , I could have been dead , Don't go to that hospital , Lousy doctors with quick remedies that don't work , They forgot how to treat patients an the relatives that go with them , Poor Place . Very poor ,

Supersonic Umair

Currently I have been waiting since 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM in the waiting room. That’s absolutely ridiculous, been told multiple times I’m next but the keep saying that and nothing is happening. This hospital is utter nonsense.


I go there often to get my blood drawn, and they are great! The phlebotomist there are some of the best I've ever had, which is why i keep going back! But when you are admitted , its another story! I was a patient on 2 east, and my Nurse was Justin. Boy is a rude, arrogant A** not only was he rude to me and my family, but even some of the staff. I was very fearful of my life, which is why i never said anything! He should not be a NURSE!


October Bickford

Ray Piccinino

Emergency Room staff SUCKS.

Sage Kim

Nick Wikipotamus

My beautiful daughter was born here today at 1:07pm and I just have to say how much I loved the experience. Moe, Becca and Kristen were the 3 greatest people we could have ever had while we were here and we loved them so much for all of the help and information they were able to supply us! If you have the chance for any of these 3 ladies, please please please do not pass it up. They are perfect! Edit: Our last night here, we were introduced to Amy. Shes equally as great as the rest of these ladies!


Great place to pop a baby out! Might even have another!

Barbara Johnson

Just wanted to thank my nurses who took such amazing care of me yesterday (May 13, 2019) for my colonoscopy!!! Soooooo kind and caring and comforting. I had an issue where I was hyperventilating during the prepping, which is quite uncomfortable and very embarrassing, but they kept me calm and reassured me that I’d be just fine. From the minute I walked in, to the minute I was wheeled out, they were amazing!!! Thank you so much to all of them❤️❤️❤️

RH Music

PLEASE AVOID IF POSSIBLE. This is a scam of a hospital network. They will tell you that your insurance is covered and then BAM hit you with thousands of dollars of bills

Hattie Wilcox

Never having been hospitalized on an emergency basis, I received superlative care from minute one. My sister is a nurse and she flew out next day from west coast after hearing I was in ICU for pneumonia with sepsis. Competency with smiles all around, in addition to the fact the staff made things a lot easier emotionally and psychologically by often anticipating my needs. Sometimes staff got busy, but that's to be expected and they were always apologetic when not able to get back or respond right away. I moved to Manchester from California and I don't think I would have gotten as high level care there as I did here at MMH. My sister the nurse gave it a big thumbs up, too, and she knows a lot about patient care from the provider side.

jennifer morrissette

Paula Fabrizi Kiely

The doctors associated with ECHN and Manchester Mem. Hosp. are terrible with the exception of the doctors at 130 Hartford Rd and Dr. Dahhan. Dr. James Mazzara is the worst doctor in the world, he is an orthropeadic surgeon and did surgery on my left shoulder fixing a torn rotator cuff and ligament repair. After surgery, I went through 6 weeks of PT and still couldn't raise my arm straight up in the air, Mazzara told me that there was nothing more he could do for me, he left me to suffer for the next 4 yrs. It is now 9/17 and I am having arthroscopic release surgery to release my shoulder from massive scar tissue that is creating capsulitis in my left shoulder, UConn Medical Center will be doing the surgery for me. To hell with Manchester Mem. Hospital's doctors.


butchered veins by Rebecca, left arm was left numb for a little bit

Luke Heckel

Had our son here. Nurses were accommodating and friendly. Hospital is clean and well staffed. Only thing we didn't like was you are not made aware of providers being out of network, which happened to us with our anatheasiologis.

Jelli Shipley

Horribe bedside care. I threw up on myself and was left sitting for 30 mins at a time. Never saw nether one of my doctors after surgery. Infact i have black and blues on mt arms. Go to saint francis in Harford by far the best hospital doctors abd bedside. If donna rn was not there it would be no stars. Surgery date 3/17/17


Andre McBean

Awful service. I don't think the staff is very qualified at all.

Jessica Hubbard

This is the third time my family has used this hospital and this is my third disappointment. I have been waiting over 2 hours for stitches...... again. Staff is rude and cold. I am a nurse for a living and can't imagine my patients having to go through this. Would never recommend this place.

Renee Choquette

Well I have had several experiences at this hospital. For the most part the staff was professional. But I have had a few that need to find a better suited career for them. Checking into the GI. The nurse Terri at the window is not cheerful or pleasant. Rude she called me my husband's ex wife's name on purpose and when I corrected her she smirked. No similarities between our names. On a different occasion I had been in the recovery room and in a lot of pain . The nurse told me to be quiet because she was doing her paperwork. I really don't care . You don't treat people with such disrespect. I had been there all day and my surgery was pushed back over 4 hours to wait , so yes I was anxious and no you didn't care.

Kevin Cauley

Was admitted from the ER. Some of the staff were great. Once on the floor it got worse so I was outta there and I had kidney failure. They couldnt find my bag of my belongings so they called the ED and they had no Idea where they were. They made me leave in hospital clothes. Oh and by the way my jeans had a controlled medication in the pocket. Interesting.....

The Lalligel

If you can avoid this facility, please do so at all cost. The doctors are okay, but the other staffs are very unprofessional and disrespectful, especially those who work in the Medical Records Office. Also, you would be in excruciating pain in the emergency room and there would be nurses and other staffs congregating and chattering, or going by but never come over or stop to ask how you are doing. Really poor experience!

Patricia Bavosi

I am writing to recommend to go & see Bruno Lozito, a mental health counselor. Bruno Lozito is my Uncle. He is my mother's- Lucy - half brother. I had called the hospital & the woman that answered the phone said my Uncle Bruno is very patient & kind. I always remember him being nice, & kind. Who ever had him as their counselor, got the right person to help them out in their difficulties with a mental health problem & substance abuse. It's a blessing to find the right person to help you out with your struggles. My mother suffered everyday with so many medical problems & heartaches. Please pass this information on so others can also get the right help they need to function daily without destroying other people's life. My life was also destroyed by someone who had mental issues, like my mother did. It is not good to suffer in pain everyday. I am a private investigator but wished I become a psychologist too. I encourage people trying to get someone to go for help to read the book-I don't need help, I 'm not sick-I don't need help. Getting help for any kind of problem is very important, but especially getting help for mental health issues. Thank-you, Lucu and Tyler investigations , LLC Patricia Bavosi -President & owner of company.

William Shakespeare 1564


Natasha Perri

Worse hospital I have ever dealt with. They take forever to do anything let alone the staff has horrible attitudes. The nurse couldn’t get my vein took about five tries it’s insane truly hate this hospital wouldn’t recommend anyone to come here.


I will never return to Manchester Memorial Hospital. Last week I called an ambulance due to back pain. I couldn't move without assistance due to a Doctor recommending that I exercise to strengthen my back. I laid down and waited for the EMT's to arrive (10 minutes), they were professional and courteous at the same time. My pain was addressed in the ambulance with 100mg of Fentanyl. It made me drowsy and I fell asleep shortly after laying on the stretcher in front of the registration window once arriving at Manchester Memorial Hospital. Once in the room, I awoke briefly after (5 minutes), and asked for a drink, the nurse nodded and said sure. I fell asleep and woke up 2 more times over the next 1hr and 35 minutes, no drink. During this time, she had come in and asked the patient next to me who had a sore shoulder if she could assist her in any way. She brought her food, 3 drink trips, an extra pillow, and had a PA from Orthopedic come down after they were done performing surgery to speak with her. I was denied the option of speaking with Orthopedic by a Doctor who said "That isn't how things work". So apparently a sore shoulder is more important and life threatening than Genetic back problems that have been a daily struggle for almost 5 years. During the time speaking with this Doctor, she proceeded to listen and come off condescending, suggesting I stop doing what I do for work (computer programmer), so I can give my back a break, and "It's not my fault you don't take care of yourself". Which I do to the best of my abilities. I also eat healthy and stay away from caffeine as much as possible. 2 hours and 35 minutes later, I received 6 Percocet, even though mentioning that Tylenol made my stomach upset and hurt for hours. I received my first drink after visiting the water fountain once discharged. I then proceeded to file a complaint with the Charge Nurse and prior to that I overheard a few nurses laughing slyly and quietly about how upset I was. If you want to be treated with care, passion, and understanding, the drive to St. Francis and Hartford Hospital is worth it. The Doctors care, they aren't paid to pretend to care or find themselves looking for loopholes to discharge you quickly. My Mother spent the last few years of her life being treated by Doctors at St. Francis and they did great work. My Mother had a surgery at Manchester Memorial which left a scar on her stomach and the wound became infected due to poor stitching and lead to her having to be hospitalized for over a week.


Very dissatisfied. MD's at this hospital gave a family member incorrect and harmful medical information. We are currently dealing with the fallout from dealing with this hospital.

Mary Hoffman

This is a review for the maternity ward. I delivered my son there several years ago. The labor and delivery part of my experience there was excellent. It truly was amazing. The nurses and my midwife were wonderful and the facilities were great. I would rate the delivery half of my experience there as 5 stars. However, once I became a "postpartum" patient things changed. I received much less attention than I had received at Hartford Hospital for my other two deliveries. Even when I needed something and pressed the call button, often I would wait for a very long time for help or no help would come at all. I was by myself for a lot of these two days and I actually really needed the help, so this made my experience there even more isolating and depressing. One nurse in particular, Mary Beth, was terrible to me. One night I had very painful afterbirth cramping and I called for help. She had no reaction to my pain at all and blankly told me that I had to wait 30 more minutes for more medication. She didn't offer me anything else that could help, like a heating pad. So I asked her to take the baby to the nursery for an hour so that I could at least try to get some rest. I had been up with him for hours at that point, but when she was in there he was quiet. She said something like "Well, he's quiet now so why do I need to take him?" This woman was so unsupportive, heartless, cold, and haughty and really a horrible nurse. I told her to go. Then I had my first ever panic attack and didn't sleep the rest of the night. My multiple-year struggle with postpartum depression and anxiety began. I wrote all this out in my evaluation for the hospital after I went home and I hope to God that Mary Beth was fired and is no longer working as a nurse anywhere. Other nurses were much kinder, but they were very slow to get to me when I needed them. At night, visiting hours were supposed to end by 8 PM so that the ward would be as quiet as possible. My first night there, our baby was actually sleeping around 11 PM, and I was woken up because there were another patient's visitors right outside my door talking loudly. Later that night, the patient next door was in labor and her screaming woke me up. This made me realize that having separate labor/delivery and postpartum areas is a GOOD thing. At Hartford Hospital, I never heard any noise at all from other visitors or laboring/delivering moms. The trip in a wheelchair to the postpartum wing was no problem at all and it was totally worth it for the quiet. Manchester touts its combined L&D/postpartum maternity ward as a plus, saying that it's so much more convenient to stay in one room for your whole stay. It's really not worth it! One thing that went well during the postpartum portion of my stay was the food service. I have food allergies and the kitchen was totally accommodating and made me excellent meals. I thought the food was great and it was always on time. I also want to add that I called the Lactation Services dept. when my son was a few months old because I was experiencing a problem with my milk supply. The advice I was given was wrong. She told me that there was probably nothing wrong with my milk supply and that my son was self-weaning and it was probably time for me to stop breastfeeding. Luckily I did not listen to the lactation consultant. I insisted that she rent me a scale and a breast pump, and after using those, I determined that my supply was low. My son was not self-weaning - he was only 5 months old - he was just hungry! Later I shared this story with a family member who has since become a lactation consultant and she agreed that this advice was totally wrong. So, mamas, listen to your instincts. Not all lactation consultants have the best training.

Gina Bourque

I recently had an emergency appendectomy at MMH. My entire experience was so pleasant. From the staff in the ER, to the surgical team and the nurses that took care of me all night..... they were all amazing. What a professional, caring and personable staff. Thank you all!

Shana Lee

I was immediately sent by my primary care doctor to ECHN . I've been here in ER since 5 pm now its 10: 18 and still in the same spot without any examination . Yeah I'm still in the waiting room area alone while others who came after me went in with less issue but I'm wondering if it's because I'm the only minority here. I was here before the once filled waiting room which is now empty and I'm still here with dvt now feeling chest pain. .smh last time I'm voluntarily coming to this place. If I die it's due to neglect


The worst hospital. The employees working for billing are rude and disrespectful. The ER service is absolutely terrible. I will never go back.

Notnow Ma1988

Worst hospital ever, do yourself a favor and go to another hospital!


Ethar Alassaf

I like the hospital's atomosphare, nice staff. Some are mean, majority friendly.

Merry Roloff

My 99 year old aunt is currently hospitalized here for pneumonia. Why does it take over 45 minutes to get an aide to help her to the bathroom? Seriously? I think this hospital is understaffed. My cousin said they only had two aides for the entire floor.

Jesse Brown

Manchester Hospital almost cost me my life. I went in to the emergency room with a severe case of chronic pancreatitis. After being in the most pain I have ever been in throughout my entire life, I was ignored and treated with disregard by the admission staff. Finally being able to see a doctor a couple hours later, he immediately realized the serious nature of my condition admitting me to the I C U. Where I was mistreated by nurses, and forced into an unwanted coma and strapped to a bed heavily medicated for two weeks... while strapped to the bed unable to move and ignored I Swallowed my own vomit and aspirated ( where I died and was brought back by panicking staff ) and was then forced onto a breathing machine with a new condition, pneumonia in addition to chronic pancreatitis... Due to the ineffective treatment I received from multiple doctors with multiple conflicting ideas my body swelled to an alarming size and they had no choice but transfer me to Hartford hospital, in an effort to save not only their reputation but my life. I was admitted to Hartford hospital, and literally was able to go home in 1 week... because of CARING staff and COMPETENT doctors who literally took me off of ALL the medication that I didn’t need and was hurting me which I received at Manchester Hospital. I wouldn’t recommend Manchester Hospital to anyone. If it’s your life, your health and the care you will receive that concerns you.... GO TO HARTFORD HOSPITAL.

Randall Luster

Great place for kids!!! They take you in right quick !!

Dan Pepino

This hospital is DANGEROUSLY understaffed. Go somewhere else!

Phyllis Wallace

I was in ICU for a heart condition, then 3 days in step up. I found the nurses, doctors, all the staff, helpful and caring. I actually have been in the hospital about 3 times. I highly recommend Manchester Memorial Hospital.

Rob Watson

Pamela Woods

Dylan Tilley

Called to ask a few simple questions. Was forwarded through for people before being hungup on rude and awful service.

Yolanda Rosario

Manchester hospital

Tashia Grigsby

JasMin Semmler

I am currently on the phone with my brother waiting to be transported to Hartford hospital because they can't deal with his skull fracture, shoulder fractures, collarbone and ribs being broken. On the phone for 45 minutes with him to make sure he is alive! He is an alcoholic, yes! But he is bleeding from his ear.. this is unbelievable.. do not ever trust in this emergency room...

Minty Fresh

This is the lousiest hospital I been to in my life they cancel my ap because it was at 5 pm.

Susan Berte

I am a 76-year old woman who had early-stage breast cancer (Stage 1) detected through my routine annual mammogram at the ECHN Women's Wellness Center in April 2019. I needed surgery to remove the tumor and was immediately guided through the process to select a surgeon, through sitting down with staff to understand my options and support me as I was receiving this very difficult news. The Breast Cancer Collaborative was there to answer any questions and always returned my call within hours. After the surgery, I was immediately scheduled to start my chemotherapy protocol because of the fast-growing protein. From Mark, the valet who parked my car to the administrative staff who checked me in & made my appointments with my oncologist, I was always treated kindly. I never expected the treatment experience to be so personalized and positive. Upon entering the infusion center, they welcomed me in. Because of family circumstances with my daughter living in NYC, we observed many years of her care at Sloan Kettering, and my ECHN doctors & nurses are just as world-class. Their attention, professionalism, and skill are what gave me the confidence to choose DeQuattro Cancer Center. Not only did they detect this cancer, but the radiology team was so thorough they detected a small malignant tumor on my lung. Once again, they are guiding me through the best care to eradicate lung cancer and I will undergo lung surgery this fall. Living alone and wanting to remain independent, ECHN continues to be my number one choice for medical care. My remaining three children & I are ever grateful.

Jessica Breton

Juan Vazquez

wise one

Adrian Green

This is the shittest hospital ever!! It's only 5 of us in the waiting room and no one is being called I have a deep wond in my left toe and it's still bleeding badly and no one is making a priority to check my damn foot!! I'm never comung here again

E. J.

Do NOT Believe any of the positive reviews here. This hospital is a Nightmare!!! In addition to numerous issues including putting the wrong patient ID band on a patient who was arguing with them that he was not the patient listed on the ID band (which can result in the DEATH of the patient through medical error) They are incompetent and can not even give out crutches that are the correct size. Additionally, IF you survive the horrible care... good luck dealing with the INCOMPETENT billing nightmare who can not even enter the correct codes so the items are paid by your insurance coverage. Expect to spend HOURS on the phone with your insurance company investigation why your COVERED services were not paid.... BECAUSE ECHN / Manchester Memorial Hospital billed for the WRONG CODE !!! Then... expect to spend WEEKS to MONTHS with ECHN / Manchester Memorial Hospital Billing Idiots who barely speak English and can not understand a simple concept such as... you billed it under the wrong code - it needs to be changed to the correct code to be covered by the insurance! "Sorry Sir, this is the code the doctor told us - we can not change the code." Well, go to the Doctor and tell them to correct the code... Oh.. we don't know how to do that... Do yourself a favor... Go to a real hospital for care... like St. Francis or Hartford Hospital. For God's sake NEVER go to the ER department at Manchester Memorial... if it can't be handled in a walk in urgent care... go to Hartford... the extra 10 to 15 minute drive may just save your life!!!

Darlene Cameron


I have been a physician for over 30 years and former full professor at a tertiary care medical center in NYC. My elderly parent has been admitted here. The E.R. and hospital physicians and nurses are of extremely variable quality but, on average, the overall quality of care is poor. The nursing and resident staff cannot keep track of important medical facts about their patients or their medications. No one I have ever spoken to there actually knows their patient's medical history or current medical problems. You have to inform every new staff member of facts that they should know from a patient's medical record. Many floor nurses are confrontational and rude when you advocate for a family member and their hospitalists are almost impossible to contact when you try to obtain information. Cannot imagine how the State of Connecticut has not stepped in to require this hospital to improve the quality of its care.

Astrid von Wolfe

Awful experience with the Mental Health Inpatient unit. I admitted myself due to PTSD which I have struggled with all my life and severe depression. I was admitted through the ER and had my blood taken by a man who WASN'T WEARING GLOVES! After spending the night they moved me over to the psychiatric unit where I was dumped off and passed around to staff and asked the same questions over and over again regarding my trauma...literally I had to tell the same story to at least 8 different people for "paperwork". I asked them if they could reference the initial statement I gave to the crisis worker because having to explain my very personal rape trauma to Techs and other staff who were not involved in my therapy was getting humiliating and exhausting. After yet another retelling of my story I was handed off to another person who told me we had to do a "skin check" where I was to be standing naked in front of a stranger while she looked at my skin. This was NEVER explained to me, rather just sprung on me. As a rape survivor who has been severely traumatized this was obviously anxiety inducing. When I cried about it the tech looked irritated and told me it was "no big deal." You don't say something like that to someone who has had their body violated. It was a HUGE deal and I received no compassion. After the humiliating "skin check" I was dumped off in my room where I was told to wait for staff so they could give me a tour and explain what would be going on. I sat in my room for over an hour and eventually wandered out into the hallway, giving myself a tour. On the schedule, there were only 5 groups during the day...most of which were cancelled (as I came to realized during my stay). I received NO therapy. They just dump people off on this unit, throw pills at them, and eventually release them to the world. Here are some things I experienced/observed while I was there. - A boy with severe Diabetes I wasn't being given the correct amount of insulin provided by his doctor. As a result he was hyper vigilant on his own with his diet making sure he was getting the right amount of carbs. - A man admitted in a bloody johnny was allowed to wear the bloody hospital clothes for 3 days, including inside the dining area. It would touch people while they were eating since it was so close quarters. - A couple patients who were discharged had items and clothing stolen from them. - Patients staying there for more than 3 mo the were STILL not allowed or taken outside for fresh air. - A patient became aggressive with me and was taunting me by staring me down and making punching motions. She also would walk close behind me pointing while staff watched while saying "looks like she's having a bad day." Never did a thing to curb her behavior or make me feel safe. - Patients coming in with prescriptions were not given their medication and instead, given different medication without the doctor ever having met with them (this was also true of me). - Staff not looking you in the eye and treating you as though you were a third class citizen. - An overall sense that they don't value or care about the mental health of the very people who come there either voluntarily or involuntarily. I have had to be hospitalized for my PTSD before and have seen the inside of other facilities and this was the absolute WORST. It's the absolute bare minimum of care...if you can even call it that. There were good and caring members of the staff and my Social Worker, Michael was incredibly kind. But they are in the minority. Please, if you have a mental health concern, do NOT go here. It was awful and shame on Manchester Hospital for the way they treat folks with mental wellness issues.

Vanessa Gonzalez

Came in and checked in then waited, person who came in after us checked in and was immediately seen, then was placed in a safe room, came back from a scan and was placed in the hallway for the rest of the day. Go elsewhere

Tom Tam

Busy emergency room visit on a Friday evening. It's possible they are understaffed. Expect to be in and out between 3-4 hours. If you need to come here, bring some snacks because it'll be a while.

Susan DeRosa

I've been involved in Healthcare for 30 years and I've never experienced the sub-optimal level of care received from the ECHN Network. I had to go to the Emergency Room with a red, hot skin infection that was quickly spreading.The initial triage screener was incompetent, leaving me in the waiting room for 2 hours. The nurse apologized for underestimating the severity of the infection and the long wait, immediately ordering IV pain meds and antibiotics. By way of follow up, it took 2 days to see the referred surgeon who lacked even a modicum of professionalism so I took charge of my own treatment, found a surgeon and fought with ECHN for 3 days until my ER records were forwarded. This health network is so dangerous that I would urge anyone to re-consider before going for treatment. UCONN and St. Francis Hospitals are premier medical facilities, well worth the distance where you will receive the best care possible.

Mia Camilleri

Worst experience I’ve ever encountered with a hospital. My Pre op team was great. My doctor is amazing but as soon as I was brought up to my room I was not treated the way I should have been. Anytime I needed something I would call and no one would come... even after called a few times...I had to wait over 2 hours for someone to take me to the bathroom( I called several times)...didn’t give me my meds on time... my Brochure said unlimited visiting hours but come to find out they ended at 8 but no one noticed my boyfriend was there until 214am ( goes to show how much they were checking on me and then made him leave and he was the only one helping me (so I was stuck all night with no assistance. When I asked to speak to a supervisor a women named Kathleen Ryan ( I believe is her last name) she could careless about my concerns and just kept saying “I wasn’t here so i can’t speak on what what happened.” Wasn’t apologetic in anyway and didn’t care to look into what really happened . Her only concern was making sure my boyfriend left. I would seriously consider a different hospital if you have to have anything that requires over night stay.

Jennifer Ledard

A wonderful medical team. Thank you.

Nina Kruse

Had an outpatient surgery yesterday and every single interaction from the front desk to the surgeon, anesthesiologist, nurses all the way to the recovery areas were exceptional! They took time to explain every step that would take place during my stay and allowed me to ask as many questions as I wanted until I was at ease. I’m overwhelmed by the coordination and compassion of all of the caregivers. Thank you for your dedication to helping people everyday and especially for your caring ways.

Owen James

I know this might come off insensitive- but the Best times of my life were spent here, as my life became whole welcoming my 2 beautiful kids into the world with the wonderful staff of the the Family Birthing Center.

Angel Dave

Miguel Pedraza

Midge Farr

I was a patient at Manchester hospital on June 5 for a complete knee replacement. This would not have been my choice of hospitals had it not been my doctor's affiliation. I had no choice. From the moment I walked through the front door to the day I left EVERYONE was kind, caring and helpful. I was there Tuesday to Friday. I was blessed every time there was a staff change, each being better than the last. Never having a bad one. Even the cleaning lady was happy, helpful and caring. I would have to say this was the best hospital stay I have had my entire life. I was telling nursres I wanted to bring them home with me. I had the best Dr you could ever want. I highly recommend Dr Veltri for your orthopedic needs. I went to Woodlake in Tolland for rehab. Do not make that mistake. From the day I got there till I got home, it was a nightmare, enough said.

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