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REVIEWS OF Institute of Living IN Connecticut

Benjamin Schramm

Poor inpatient facility. Do anything, at all costs, to avoid this facility. Doctors do not care about your condition, lots of neglect. Even if you are not a harm to yourself or others, you will be held until they've extracted as much insurance money as they can. If you value mental health, stay away.(Food was good)

Candice Tallarita

Very poor communication between staff, dr, patient and families. Not enough actual therapy offered. Wrong meds given many times. Those who know they need the help can't get it. Broken hospital system and broken system period. We're better off finding help on our own.

Luz Ramos

Went there for help and got nothing

Diane Hayes

Best mental health that I've ever had. The staff is very attentive

Mark Matthews

Corey Mordasky

Lived in the group home for kids here about 20 years ago.......

leslie rosario

Kaylyn Klaneski

A loved one spent some time in here and I was very disappointed in the quality of care. Basically she was pumped full of drugs and shuffled through they systems, they did not help her work through any underlining causes of her mental health illness.

Sonya Conrad

Very caring staff.

jenn owen

Currently trying to get my sons father out of there. He went for out patient therapy and they denied him said he had to go inpatient. He went voluntarily to the ER waited for two days there. Went inpatient and they have since pumped him full of mood stabilizers to help him sleep. He filled out the 72 hour notice and they are refusing to let him go citing any reason they can. They are not treating him just medicating him stupid. 5 to 7 days is what we were told. The staff knows nothing about medications and can not answer questions. They have refused him an advocate as well. DONT EVER GO TO THIS PLACE

Danica Stephens

Excellent and varied services. Very impressive!

Deus Lo Vult

As a patient I have never experienced such unprofessional treatment in my life. Doctors could not let me finish my online school program, Doctors had no clue about my diagnosis or even my NAME. Also we were there to get help but instead doctors brought there home life and problems to work. Doctors unlawfully made people sign papers stating that it was mandatory for me and others to go to a rehabilitation program even though it was a voluntary signature. Also doctors talked bad and gossiped about patients, making jokes about the patients staying there and laughing at them. Also multiple times I have found hair in my food and mold on my bread. Just disgusting and unprofessional. If you didn't do as told you were sent to your room and let out when they felt the need to let you out. All in all don't come here for treatment.

Gianella Grullon

J Dubs C

I met with Dr Lukens, as well as several other team members. They were all very attentive and caring. I never felt they were trying to bilk me for insurance money. Dr Lukens was extraordinarily attentive towards all of my issues. I would have loved to keep her as my doctor but she had a more than over-filled schedule but she recommended me to another under the same umbrella as the institute of living who was also excellent. I honestly am not sure of why I am giving 4 stars instead of 5, but while everything was great, there were minor things that could have been improved. In my opinion, everyone I interacted with was extremely caring and concerned about my issues. I hope you too would be willing to try them.

Oliver Burman

Preist admitted to raping a 14 year old girl and you did nothing. All you had to do was report it to the police. Shame on you.

Daniel Rodriguez


The Institute of Living should be prosecuted and shut down for the way they mistreat and even abuse their patients. To say they are unprofessional is an understatement. They offer little in regard to counseling but merely *warehouse* patients and are quick to restrain and sedate them with antipsychotics, whether necessary or not. They lack compassion and have little care for the patient's recovery. IOL is in business primarily for the insurance money and will keep patients hospitalized for as long as possible. If you or a loved one are in need of treatment, you are strongly advised to go anywhere but here. Grade F.

Latasha Bagley


p4rk3r 534t0n

I stayed inpatient at the Donnelly building (Donnelly 2 North Unit), and I had an amazing stay, I'm surprised there's so much negative reviews here, but I guess each building is different. There were amazing staff and it was easy to get along with peers. They kept us busy all day, while still giving us some free time. Therapists were helpful, medication was sorted out, the food was not that bad for what it was, and it was generally great. I mean it may depend who is working or what people are there, but I actually enjoying living here better than home. It's a great facility with amazing staff and great groups and system. I feel emotionally and mentally stronger and I could easily say it is all thanks to this place.

Kezlin Douglas

C. Ivette Green

Mark Sullivan

Two wonderful Doctors and staff while being in outpatient therapy. The problem comes when the powers to be must think outside the box. Stuck in a haze.

Amanda Mills

Over the summer I spent a couple weeks there but it was the worst experience ever. Some girls were vaping outside and the supervisors weren't even looking at us. They found out because someone from a different building saw it. But instead of telling everyone why we weren't allowed to go out side, they just let everyone point fingers. At one point I was blamed for snitching on them and when I looked at my friend to back me up she just started crying because she has anxiety and people were yelling at her. Later she was crying and telling me she was sorry. I tried to hug her but I got yelled at for "overstepping boundaries". In conclusion they didn't notice the vaping, then let them point fingers and watched as kids were pressured into admitting things they didn't do. And then wouldn't comfort them once they started crying. The only time they even payed attention to us was when we tried to hug each other then we got yelled at.

Gary Thompson

Amy Gray


I was a patient there around 1989-1990 I was only 12 yrs old..i was there for getting sexual abuses and no body cares for family issues with my abuses stepmom..these days cps in more for the child and believes them and helps..but also cps is also wrong in something's..i live my life always in nightmares from all the drugs they have me for no reason..i was not a suicide risk ..i was just there because they thought I lies about my abuse ..this not the place for if your getting help for family issues is not the right place ..but it good on help with drugs ..suicide..and other things they are helping ..but for sexual abuse or family don't go there ..they just want to drug u up ..and later in life you become a druggy..i am no thank to .. jeuss but I know some who are .so I give this place 1 star for not caring about small kids and they issures.

Jill P

Travis Bickle

Lisa Davis

Its a place that offers mental health , groups, one on one therapy programs for people just getting out of prison it's also connected 5o Hartford hospital so you have a wrap around service !!

A Google User

Here is a laundry list: -Misdiagnosed resulting to improper medication -patients raped while heavily mediated -they identity fears and create them -violent hand gesture and tone from doctors -adults mixed with children -some patients there under stolen identity -the state is over billed -some of the staff live there -hidden cameras in the bathrooms -they continue to report your attendance to the state after you leave there -over staffed - you don't leave with all the items you came with i.e phone or id -distort your sense of reality -need new management or shut down -THE BIGGEST FRAUD OF THE STATE

Reyhan Robinson

This place was horrible! They put kids of all ages in a restraint chair that leaves bruises. I went there cause i was depressed. It was literally hell. I felt worse and worse everyday being there. This place made me feel alone and empty. Only a handful of staff actually cared about me and everyone. But a lot of the staff had power control issues and tried to use there size and power against you. Worst Place Ever! (Decent food)(Powdered eggs though)

Annica Jarrett Hamblin

Yomairy M. Vargas Hdez

Anasian Andrews

I’ve been calling and calling for the past TWO AND A HALF HOURS, desperately trying to figure out if my loved one is even checked into this place, and for the past TWO AND A HALF HOURS, no one has picked up the phone. Left voice messages, left contact info, but nothing. I’m understanding why this place even has the reputation it does.

Kennisha Dixon

The Institute of Living was a very good experience for me overall. The staff was very pleasant and genuinely cared for their patient's needs. I was evaluated then admitted into the hospital without any problems. The doctors were very clear on my diagnosis and treatment plan inside and outside the facility. The daily schedule was very helpful and kept all the patients engaged while also keeping things orderly. I wanted to give the facility five stars but I'd have to say my biggest problem was the food. They allow you to pick anything you want off menus but more than half of the time you don't get what you want. It was extremely frustrating and unfair to the patients.

Jane Gallup

If you get a call from a patient and call back, the staff does not or "forgets" to give them the info! How about putting a board of some sort up to leave messages for the patients??

Justin McCalop

james kwiatkowski

Dr did not admit .evaluated without even seeing her.Very disheartening ,don't understand how they let people fall through cracks .

Victoria Guerrera

Katie Gagnon

Constance Strickland

Hid the names and never turned into the police preists of the catholic church who raped young girls' from Keough school in Baltimore.

Bomb Fun

The recent comment is fake people! Watch Out!!! from bad and ugly people they are everywhere!!!

James Kaufman

Can’t tell if incompetent or malpractice. Dealt with two doctors and supervisor, got total runaround, literally incorrect and contradictory information, and truly rude and disgusting service. Unfathomable they have a license. As a Psychology PhD, this is beyond words a horrible place.

Maria Bossio

Not happy with facility Bc they were nasty and my fiancé was literally scared bc health reasons and now my mother in law isn’t happy either bc the doctors were rude to her and me,


Shame. History and God will not forget what your "instite" covered up.


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