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laura pelletier

First off, I would like to say that I had great nurses and doctors about five years ago in the surgery center and the care was wonderful. However, not the same can be said about the Emergency Department; I am disgusted with the lack of sympathy and care. Three days ago, my healthy 20-something year old friend had her first seizure after fainting and hitting her head on a tile floor. She was rushed to the E.D. via ambulance. She had another seizure in the ambulance, and another about five minutes after she was wheeled into the E.D. Nurses AND a couple doctors saw that she was seizing. She was taken into a testing room and no said told my friend and I what she was going to be tested for. She eventually was wheeled to a patient room, where we found out she had no tests or x-rays done on her head and that she only had an ECG done. The doctor said she had a panic attack. She was dismissed and we went home. Yesterday, she had another seizure at her home and was rushed back to Hartford Hospital's E.D. She also had seizures in the ambulance again and in the E.D. She was immediately brought into a patient room, where she waited an hour and a half for her nurse to see her. Essentially, she was there for about six hours yesterday and no tests were done once again. An IV was not even placed in her. She also had two more seizures while she was waiting and nothing was done. She was dismissed yesterday evening. This kind of behavior demonstrated by the E.D. is appalling. One would think that a healthy, 20-something year old female having a first seizure is something of concern, but not to the doctors or nurses we saw. Even after witnessing her seize, nothing was done. I wouldn't recommend this place to anyone.


The worst ER I have ever been too!!! Never again will I go to this ER...dirty, not professional and the longest waiting period I have ever had in my life!! I was in so much pain it had taken 3 hours and I still haven’t gotten any medicine for pain or have seen a doctor!! Needless to say I will never go back to to this hospital

Paula 1

I will NEVER be back. Worst hospital ever. Was in a car accident, and waited over TWO HOURS TO GET A MOTRIN!!!!!!! TWO HOURS!!!! DR FORGOT TO ORDER PAIN MEDICATION. NURSES WERE VERY RUDE. I WILL NEVER EVER BE BACK. MIDDLESEX HOSPITAL ALL THE WAY!!!!! This hospital doesn't even deserve one star. AWFUL!!!

Stacey volk

This hospital has gone down hill big time! My father was brought in by ambulance and we’ve been waiting here 5 hours in a hallway then sent back to the waiting room! Rude nurses and not enough help. You’re better off at the Vet hospital!

Vlad Ivanov

i had to take my mother in law in emergency a few days ago. honestly it was one of the most bizarre experience. the queue was very long, some people were holding up, some were in severe pain, looking like they might start scream and roll on the floor . hospital stuff looked like it has nothing to do with them, nurses were chit-chatting, doctors googling images, drivers and firemen flirting with nurses, generally it looked like that hospital is place of a vibrant social life. some patients actually left (!?) before getting help (i don't if they went home, another hospital, or strategically position themselves next to a cemetery) . after more than an hour of waiting we were moved to ... another chair 5 meters deeper into the hospital, then she has to wait another hour, than a doctor showed up, - pretty much personification of tranquility. I haven't witness the rest (overall whole adventure took 10 hours (!?)), but according to mom in law everybody was moving with a speed of thoughtful snail, she was back home at 6am. i mean i understand that the professional skills of hospital stuff is pretty much a basket-case, but just have some human decency.

Klodiana Martinaj

HH used to be the best hospital Not anymore! The stuff is so mean Was there last night waited for hrs To be checked..people they came after me got checked before me..I went to front desk to complain about the situation and they told me you have to wait. Finally got inside They put me to the room with no chair to sit I got so tired waiting on my feet I decided to go home without seeing a doctor I’m still in so much pain, I will go somewhere else where people treated with care What happen to HH?? Since they changed the stuff nothing the same anymore! Very very disappointed

Kayla Foley

I participated in the Scrubs Tour at Hartford Hospital, and it was an educational and truly inspiring day. The physicians and senior leadership drive every decision based on quality of care for the patients. After seeing the details of almost every department in the hospital, I can attest that you will receive unbeatable care.

Felix Morales

Rather slow service. Very understaffed which makes time to have care rendered very late. They need more staff desperately, otherwise, level of care is very very good, speed of care is obviously an issue

Luis Barriento

I been a patient at the Hartford Hospital for more than 20 yrs . Every time I get admitted .They treat me like I'm home no complaint at all .Thank You . Keep up the good work Hartford Hospital ...

Bob Zier

Horrible accident in the lobby due to poor equipment in a public area. Wife ended up in emergency room. We were billed for services even though it was hospital equipment that was faulty. Hospital will not discuss. Put on hold or go to voicemail. Hospital does not return calls. Longer story but this is the gist.

Edith Hatfield

From the moment we arrived my husband was given such incredible care. That could not have been anymore gracious or caring throughout our entire stay from the ER to 10 days later in recovery.

Shylock Therrien

This place is a dump! It is filthy, the staff is rude, and the hospital is to capacity. What does that even mean, filled to capacity? Then why are you not rerouting? Why are allowing people to be transported to your hospital? Are you about helping people or making as much money as possible? After being transported to this hell hole, to have a procedure done that the original hospital couldn't do, we waiting 2 hours in a " waiting" room for a room in the er. No monitors or anything, then asked to walk to the er room and wait for a stretcher. Then we waited 4 hours to be seen by an extremely rude resident, who had no clue why we were there, and could not answer any questions. Then another 2 hour wait, to be told that the first hospital was over reacting! But that we would be admitted anyway, that we would have to spend the night in the er, as the hospital is full. That they would order food for us and someone would be back shortly to help us get situated. 3 hours later, a hospital bed was brought in, and when we asked about food, we were told it was ordered. That was it! So, in an effort to find something, I walked around till I found a desk with people. Who tried their best to avoid eye contact and then couldn't tell me where a vending machine or a place to buy food was! It gets worse from here!!!!! We had a couple of very nice nurse but that is it. And this horrific experience isn't over yet, we are still here waiting for the medical test, which may or may not happen this morning. Never again!!!! We are more stressed, now then when this ordeal began and stuck alone in the middle of some much chaos with uncaring staff is disgusting!!! Get your act, together Hartford Hosptial

Suraj Ekka

All doctors are very experienced and supportive. I was their for two major surgeries which went successful. Very good office staff too. But need to compromise on food as patients are restricted on limited diet. Overall Good experience.

Michael Desilet

My father received an LVAD fall of 2017, which included 5.5 months in the hospital, and now received a new heart February 2019, at this point having spent many thousands of hours in the halls of hartford hospital i can confidently say everything is broken. My final last straw was this morning. When checking in at the desk prior to 7:00 am it is manned by security guards. They rarely can work the computer system efficiently, they are generally rude or at a minimum checked out and the customer is clearly an annoyance to them. This morning they had a speaker playing loud music, i had to repeat myself 3 times and the third time he told me he couldn't hear me. Afterwards I hear the security guard and surgical tech sitting next to him talking about me and how I'm the rude one. It's a rather small thing but after two years of dealing with this and similar episodes at every level of the hospital and in every department i have come to the conclusion it is mismanaged, unsupervised and just plain terrible. I could go on and on with many instances of poor and rude service but I don't have the time and my patience is flat out gone. It's a shame because there are some incredible doctors and nurses there, but you most likely won't survive getting to see any of them.

Mildred Elliott

Everyone was very courteous

April May

This hospital is very organized and the staff always friendly and accommodating. My great aunt had to stay here a few nights due to broken hip and falling. The treatment they gave her was very professional and kind. Thank you HH for your care!

Evan Mercado

It sucks I hate the service they are rude And disrespectful to me and they are never focused on the patients and they are never responsible for anything They take forever the nurses are never nice they always ignore everyone They just threw me on the corner In The hallway and did bloodwork after that they put me on a stretcher and just left me there waiting for ever most of the day they were not on point asking me questions instead of putting me in a

Talaynah Penfield

I've been in extreme pain for a week. My gauge bladder should be taken out. It hurts to breathe, eat, sleep, everything. I take Tylenol extra strength every day it dosent work, nothing helps....they wouldn't do anything for me except prescribed me more Tylenol. I also find it terrible that a woman lost her job because she's in so much pain that she had to go back everyday for 2 weeks you could physically see her body ruining on the outside, covered in bruses. The only good thing was the professional ultrasound woman named Pam. She was wonderful and she deserves a raise.

Madeline Jackson

A nice hospital with a caring and professional staff.

Hayden Malcolm

ER staff is very helpful and caring. They check you very well and make sure you are fit and fine before you leave. 5 stars all the way.

Dara Koon

i was admitted in emergency in "critical condition" last two weeks. The ER staff was very knowledgeable and gave me all kinds of necessary tests to effectively help me get well. I am grateful to their detail orientation and caring.


Where do I begin. Three words: unsanitary, unprofessional, and unorganized... Arguably the three most important qualities of a properly functioning hospital - completely lacking at this Hartford establishment. During my visit to the ER for an X-ray, I registered myself at the welcome desk and unknowingly encountered dried blood on the counter top. The receptionist kindly informed me to be careful (which implies that she was aware of the spillage and decided not to clean it up). Such negligence for sanitation and public safety in an already virus ridden environment is appalling. I have no more to say, but if you can avoid Hartford Hospital, then do yourself the favor.

Delyses Vanallen

I am a Hartford native and I gave birth to my 2nd child at Hartford Hospital. Unfortunately over the years with the renovations, building a brand new bone and joint center, I just assumed the overall experience of emergency care would not be at stake and would actually get better meaning more time efficient. I am currently sitting in the waiting room when I registered in at 1pm and it is now 7pm! My leg is swollen, my back is killing me and on a scale of 1-10, I came in an 8 and now it's at 12! The nurses are trained to placate you so when you just want to know if you're getting called soon, it's like they're extremely busy, even when you literally see them chatting with Co workers at shift change(no need to explain I understand relieving a fellow employees & gossip) or they introduce themselves as your PA but are on a computer ignoring the whole world! So after blood work, ultrasound, and just when you think you're on your way to seeing a physician, they push you out to the waiting room and completely forget you. When I finally flagged down a nurse she said " you must understand, we had 140 patients since you've been here and that's not to say your pain means nothing but you're at the top of my list" BS! SMFH! Please do better service with your walk ins as well as the Lifestar, ambulatory services. Funny thing is for a while even the ambulance patients were backed up & sadly, put in the hallway until a bed is ready? Unbelievable! I truly hope this changes because I am losing faith in emergency hospital care.

Dave z

The absolute worst er I've ever been to I've been here since noon waiting for a room it's now 8:22 pm never again should have went to yale.not to mention that the place is dirty and unsanitary update: not to mention the ER room I'm still in has no heat or ac control 2:01am and no relief in sight.continued scheduled for 8 stress test dr Hurst didn't show until 845

Emily Lemieux

I will never go back to this hospital as it was the worst medical “professional” experience I’ve ever had. I went into the hospital because for over a month I have been unable to eat or drink anything without extreme pain and nausea. I was pushed to go to the hospital because I woke up in so much pain it was hard to breathe. After being in a hospital bed for three hours and telling three different nurses my pain level was at an 8 I still was not given any medication. Finally after 4 hours a doctor came in and told me she would give me anti nausea meds and see if it helped which were not administered to me for another hour. I told her after ANOTHER hour when she finally came back that I felt worse than before and she sent me home anyway. 7 hours, no testing, no help and I’m still in horrible pain, considering going to another different hospital. Do not go to Hartford hospital ER if you want to feel better.

larry golden

This review is to say thank you to all the wonderful people at Hartford hospital that helped take care of my mother. My hope is that who ever reads this understands that there is a hospital that genuinely cares about their patients. You are not just another number. My mother means everything to me and my family so I want the best care for her. I am very pleased to mention just a few health care professionals that helped take care of my mother. Dr. Misbahul Siddiqui. (Asst director of medicine) Nurse Mgr Laurie Dewey Nurses Evan, Maryanne, Elisa, Denise, Catlin....and all the supporting staff that helped take care of her..Thank you again to all the staff on the 7th floor at the Bliss east wing and emergency room for helping bring my mom back home to the ones that love her. She was hospitalized approx 6/11/19 thru 6/15/19..I wish I could give 10 stars but 5 will have to do....

Alain Rizkallah

Excellent Emergency Department. Excellent staff.

Nicole Grosso

My dad's in icu most of the nurses very nice the 2 I dealt with last night and today extremely rude to my mother!! It's Unexceptable ! !

Joan Burgie

My mother was in the hospital twice within the past three months. Both times her personal belongings bags were missing. The result of the first incident her bag was found and we had to go to the nurses' station. As for the second incident, her bag, which had her house key in it, was not in her room but it wasn't noticed it was missing until she was home. I called the nurses' station, they couldn't find it, lost & found couldn't find it either. Her care at the hospital was fair as far as the staff goes. Very slow getting her a bedpan or taking her to the bathroom. When she requested Tylenol she'd have to wait & remind a nurse again. I understand they are extremely busy but they should try to be more timely taking care of their patients.

James Conn

They have the worst transplant program in the country they botched my live donor kidney transplant from my sister .Dr Lally kinked the vessel preventing blood flow , did not discover for days by then it was too late , they had to remove my sisters kidney from me and throw it in the garbage Who is looking at my blood work daily ? because they failed . They do not perform ultrasound to ensure blood flow while every other hospital performs this test to have a successful transplant . I asked why they did not perform ultrasound they said they don’t have to . please avoid Hartford hospital they ruined a perfect match creating Dialysis for me .

Alisha Rivera

worst Hospital ever they dont take care of the patients they always take a long time to put you on a stretcher and with me they did Bloodwork in the hall way and they didn't even bother to do bloodwork in one of the rooms that's embarrassing to do bloodwork in the hallway they threw me in the corner like I was a bad person and I didn't feel loved or anything by the Nurses didn't even bother to put me into a room to get seen by the doctors I do not approve of that at all dr muyandi put me on this drug lamotrigine and it is used for dementia and other diagnosis no one put me in a room just left me hanging there like oh she doesn't need to be seen I feel that wasn't nice at all worst hospital id say ever I dont like it there dr prasad said there was nothing they can do for me I was upset I dont like Hartford hospital at all no one should go there to have a baby no way..............

Tricia George

I love my doctor at the Women's Ambulatory Health Clinic. The service is good, she is patient and knowledgeable, and willing to answer questions without rushing. Unfortunately, someone is poorly managing a change in the medical records system and I have been unable to schedule my annual exam for the last 2 months. The receptionist said, "Of course we WANT to be scheduling patients, otherwise we lose money!". But what about my health, HH? Sorry about your cash flow, but I think I need to find another doctor.

Eat_My_Dust_76 My Own Worst Enemy

*** 5 ☆☆☆☆☆ SERVICE through the ER & Cardiology Departments! *** I was admitted and stayed overnight a Total of three days and two nights. The Staff, over all from the Cardiologist Doctors, in particular, Doctor Craig Casey and the rest of his colleagues, the RNs, CNAs, Phlebotomists, Nutritionists, Security Staff, and Custodial Professionals were nothing COURTEOUS, PROFESSIONAL, GENUINELY CONCERNED & CARING TO MY EVERY NEED!*** Miss Beth and Freda were the names I remember the most as Outstanding and caring Registered Nurses who cared for me so well. Thank you all so much for being so good to me during this tough and challenging time in my life! This is the nest Hospital I've ever been to, Hands Down!☆☆☆☆☆***


Steer CLEAR of the Conklin Building. You need to be there with your loved one 24/7 and take care of them and ask them to be taken care of appropriately. I'm not sure where to start...But this is a very, very honest review from me someone who has to be there all day to take care of my family member because they aren't doing things correctly. I feel as if I am leaving them in an empty hallway when I leave and I can't wait to get back the next day just to see what they need. Whether a simple ice cube because their mouth is completely dried out or their arm adjusted for comfort.

robert schwarz

In October, 2015, I was physically assaulted, and abducted by Hunter's Ambulance Service, and taken to Middlesex Hospital, over my strenuous, and physical, objections. At one point, it even came to blows. Once at the hospital, I refused all treatment, which is my right, and tried to leave. I was physically restrained by the hospital staff and given an injection to sedate me. Middlesex Hospital, being the incompetent institution it is, did not have the ability nor the quality of staff to treat me, so I was transferred to Hartford Hospital, again, against my will. I woke up in Hartford Hospital's Emergency Room, where I spent the next 36 hours on a gurney without food nor water. My wife had to buy food at the cafeteria. Again I was prohibited from leaving and physically restrained. I was told that I had a subdural hematoma by the resident neurologist, who, as it turned out, has done multiple residencies at other hospitals through out the county, having been a graduate of the Moscow School of Medicine in Russia. Apparently she was overly qualified for an American Medical School such as NYU, Hartford, Columbia, Sanford,etc. Would you let a graduate of a Russian medical school touch you, let alone drill a hole in you skull to relieve an alleged subdural hematoma? She told me that if I did not have the surgery, I would be dead in two(2) hours. I told I would take my chances, which surprised her as she expected the threat of death to impress me, and cause me to change my mind. However, having to deal with death almost every day, it is going to take someone a lot more qualified than a wannabe neuro-surgeon to impress me. She wanted to evacuate the subdural hematoma by drilling a hole in my head-which I patently refused, particularly by a resident, with little or no experience. I was not going to be a test, or practice dummy, for an American Medical School flunk out. After 36 hours, I was transferred to a private room for further evaluation, which I was not going to let them do. My clothes were placed in the room with me, and when the orderly left, I got dressed, and attempted to walk out off the hospital. I was met in the hallway by the Chief of Nursing, two (2) orderlies, and two(2) security officers, and was told that I would not be permitted to leave(apparently Hartford Hospital needed the money). I told them point blank, that someone was going to get seriously hurt if they tried to stop me, as I would not have hesitated to defend my right to refuse medical treatment by incompetent, unqualified, individuals, and leave the hospital. Recognizing the challenge, they let me leave. I filed a complaint with the Connecticut Department of Health, regarding the unauthorized treatment, but was ignored. Apparently, the extent of corruption, and incompetence, in Connecticut government extends into its Department of Health. Moral of the story, if you need medical help, go to your local vet, and stay away from Hunter Ambulance Service.

Matthew Ross

This is the only hospital where you can get brought in by ambulance after getting into a car accident and be put in a waiting room. You will have a neck brace on and thrown into a chair.

Singh Manjit


Chris Wood

My wife came here via ambulance from Manchester. They considered her medical issue extreme enough to warrant seeing neuro surgeons at Hartford hospital. She arrived and waited 5 1/2 hours for a neurologist to see her. During this time and at Manchester she was not allowed food or water. By the time the neurologist saw her it had been 14 hours since she had food or water. She was nauseous, her headache was much worse and she felt weak. The nurse she had was a joke and never came when paged, the first nurse complained about working at the hospital, and we could tell you everyone’s 4th of July plans but not her nurses name. They’re definitely more concerned with social lives than patients here. The neurologist told her that neuro surgery said she was all set and it’s of no concern. The other hospital made it sound serious yet Hartford did no further testing other than repeat blood work. No MRI no repeat CT scan nothing. My wife asked to be discharged against medical advice and we’re going to another hospital. Nice work hartford hospital. I should have read the reviews about your ED before allowing them to bring her here.

Krysten Wakefield

My very best friend Lauren wyrick is there tonight she was admitted last night they have been taking great care of her after she hurt her arm thank you Hartford hospital for your continued helping and caring staff

Duane Eddy

good care, but the place is horribly run. Incompetence from the top down. Called administrative office 6 times just to get a form faxed, nothing.

Whitney Urgiel

Very disappointed in Orange pod day nurse! Very rude and also took almost a hour for pain meds.

Stephanie Weis

I had a very positive experience with Hartford Hospital E.R. staff this evening. From the moment I stepped in, I was taken care of and spoken to professionally and kindly by staff. Dr Marino and nurse Shona took time with me and treated me with care. Thank you for your kindness

Lorenzo Martinez

This was the worst experience I've ever had at a hospital... I didn't even get to see a doctor waited 2 hours for nothing wasted my time.. the staff weren't doing what they were suppose to be doing they were more worried about having their own private conversation... very unfriendly made us feel like we did something wrong... we left with out saying a word went to Manchester hospital and in seconds were in a room being seen by a doctor everyone was very friendly and welcoming in Manchester hospital unlike Hartford hospital they treated us like criminals

Rachel Ellis

I am currently sitting in the Emergency Room with my sister who had flu like symptoms. We arrived at 10pm and it is currently after 6am. I have had to call 4-5 times each time to get pain medication, help to the bathroom and water for my sister. It has taken up to 2 hours for a doctor to come talk to us. I’ve heard multiple staff members discussing unprofessional topics right outside the door. I get it’s a busy better.

Ali Joy

Worst hospital ever. Male doctor was extremely rude to me after I've had an awful migraine due to jaw problems. Terrible.

romaljan madani

I'm here in emergency room I'm waiting long time but no any doctor came yet .

Anastatian Romani

Restroom Renovation needed for the public.. better qualified and screamed staff and employees is needed in this quadrant... Poor customer service terrible empathy

Matt Burruano

This was my first experiance with hartford hospital, and i was appalled with how rude, uncaring, and unorganized the nurses staff and doctors were. My grandfather was in end of life care, and i can imagine that doctors and staff are taking care of several patients at a given time and are very busy. And were not expecting 5 star hotel service by any means. But i have had nothing but rude nurses with attitudes and laziness at least every other day. It got to the point where i did not feel comfortable leaving him in HHs care. It does not make sense to me that in a place like hospice where you can have no restrictions, have pet therapy offered, or companionship, or anything to make him comfortable, that a nurse is unwilling to check his blood pressure more then once during the begining of his shift, and once and the end in an 8 hour span. Which is the only way we could monitor when he would pass. Not to mention when i ask for help if he needs to use the bathroom, i had one specific nurse named Enghazi who after i called for help several times, (and i know she heard me) could not run away fast enough to even ask for help or send another staff member. Im not sure if this is due to over stressed and underpaid staff due to hartford healthcares policys and the way they run a business, but if i ever become ill. I will NEVER attend this hospital, and i recommend you do the same.

Coral Amayi

This place is appallingly wasteful. They gave my mother in law 8 styrofoam cups with her water. It is not difficult to wash and reuse cups. So must waste. They even give out plastic bags for people to put umbrellas in. Just deplorable. Do not support this waste factory.



luz rivera

My mom and I arrived around 4:30 pm to the Hartford Hospital E.R medical services. After 5 hours in the waiting room, someone called us in. We walked to the back to be placed on a bed in the hallway. I asked if this was another wait time period or would she be examine in the hallway? Respond: Doctor will examine her in the hallway. A positive experience: someone in passing the hallway from housekeeping asked my mom if she needed a pillow because she noticed.Brought her a pillow helped her get comfy, covered her and checked if she needed socks. My mom declined the socks. Lastly, smile and rubbed her shoulder and hope you feel better. It's the small things that count. I will make sure to let her Supervisor know what a compassionate worker they have. Still waiting to be examine...

Shashmine Andrews

If I could put 0 stars, I would. Came here at 7am this morning and they puuled an infected abscessed tooth. They didn't even send me home with antibiotics. It is now past 3am and I have been here for over 3 hours and haven't even been seen. Do doctors even work here? Also, I've never seen a dirtier hospital.


My sister is in ICU and intubated right now. Her nurse, Christine, is fabulous. However when her respirator machine started to beep and turn red myself and my family had to call a nurse in to check on her. The nurse who came in was not our usual nurse and was very rude and short with us and blamed my family for making my sister uncomfortable. My sister is 24 and could possibly die, learn some damn sympathy. Get your ass off the computer when a machine starts beeping. Do your job. Also the hospital is a mess.

Jen Wetmore

I honestly don't understand the bad reviews . my experience has been nothing less than excellent . my father had heart surgery the doctors were so great.the nurses really were great and attentive . my father is in great hands This hospital and staff are top notch .

Kim Friedgen

HH ER is obviously very, very broken! Spent 24 hrs in hallway with my elderly Mom. That was after the seemingly 'normal'? Hours of being bounced back to waiting area after triage. I recall early in the nightmarish experience, overhearing a nurse tell a very upset patient they would be leaving 'AMA'.. Against medical advice. I thought at the time: 'wow - who would do that?'. Well, 24+ hours later after docs said my Mom needed to be admitted but was still in the hallway and at the bottom of the list for a needed mri and was told it would be at least another 8 hour wait... You guessed it: we left AMA. Had to. Pretty bad when staff feels so terrible about the care they cant offer! (And actually applauds our decision to leave stating they would do the same thing if it were their mom).. I know we will see the standard response from HH from Lynn T. Which is pretty sad after reading so many similar stories with same std response and no apparent change (based on sheer number of bad reviews and std response over such a long period). And - I had a very similar experience with my paraplegic boyfriend over a year ago. That visit also became life threatening.. Sad nothing has changed. Wake up people and get some heart and compassion! Oh.. Btw, the one star is for the couple of exceptional, caring and professional nurses we did encounter ! As for me, my family and anyone I am with who needs emergency care, we will not grace your doors at HH.

Christy Matthews

Some of the staff seems exhausted but my doctor and even my rn seemed fantastic. Matthew Carter was my RN and he really listened to me and made me feel like how I felt mattered.

Josue Rivera

Just got discharged but first of all they did nothing just give me pain meds for my back instead of checking what’s really wrong witch I’m still in pain they take me out to the waiting area and the security and the nurses behind the counter so rude basically telling me I can’t wait inside for my ride witch then I got a little offended

Me Myself

I was at the hospital doing testings for my other health issues at hat time I started to have breathing difficulties so the original test was put to a halt while they taken me down to the ER to be checked out. I received excellent care with the place being so overcrowded and I ended up staying over night. I will use and recommend this hospital to my friends and others. Thank you Doctors and Nurses for the great care!

Erin Gatto

Just had a 24 hour debacle here. My initial doctor was fabulous as was the OB who came to consult at night. After being the “missing patient” for an hour while I sat in the waiting room desperately waiting to hear my name, to being ignored for 2 hours while my migraine from dehydration ramped up to a 10/10...I am so thankful to be out of there. I will not be going back to that ER. Upon shift change, I fell trough the cracks and despite requesting my nurse, I was told she was busy with other patients. For 2 hours.

Molly Christina

nice hospital with all the latest facilities and the staff is really professional and they treat you very well. Thanks guys for taking care of me.

Kandace Farrell

I am not a fan of hospitals, the doctor's office, or taking medication, so when I got pregnant with my first son I was terrified of being in the hospital and under the "control" of doctors. I felt that I would not be able to advocate for my own body against their judgments and that they would do what they thought would be most time efficient to get me in and out of the hospital without much care or consideration for me or my growing family. However, after my experience at Hartford Hospital my views on the medical industry have completely changed and have been restored! I was in awe of the care I received at Hartford Hospital in both their labor and delivery, and postpartum units! Even though we worked with a rotating shift of nurses, doctors, and aids (which I imagined would be very difficult) everyone, and I'm not exaggerating when I say EVERYONE, was so considerate of what my husband and I needed while giving birth and while learning how to recover from our labor! And each team member transitioned so well to the next! Each person we worked with was knowledgeable, could answer our questions, was professional, and extremely kind! Both the doctors and nurses never pushed what they thought was best, but were VERY considerate of what I wanted during labor. I never felt pressured, but was always offered many options. By the end of our fourth day it felt like the staff there were family members! The lactation consultants did everything possible to make sure we felt prepared and confident leaving the hospital. Everyone reassured us that we were not alone and made the transition from our wonderful hospital stay to back home very smooth! I could not be more happy with and thankful for the beautiful team of people that worked to bring my son into the world! It really took a whole village to birth our baby boy and Hartford Hospital was the perfect place!

Pamela Flewelling

Had the best care there for my heart. And the nurse where awesome.

Greg Fairbrother


Destin Johnson


Jessica Squier

Their answer to my Grandfather's problems are to heavily sedate him so they do not have to deal with him. If you try to call the nurses station from outside the hospital, no one answers. Very poorly run and most of the nurses lie to cover everyone else's rear. Never will I or any of my family go there.

Michael Glasser

Great hospital.

unknown source

The nurses are very rude. They do not take the time out to check for all the issues they dismiss patient's with no regard


Not to put my business out there but recently four months ago I got in an accident broke one of my legs and the other one was a dislocated ankle I can truly say the Hartford Hospital did a great job attending me throughout my stay which I spent close to two weeks there I'm just glad because with a team of doctors they were able to put me back together only time I gave them a problem was when I wanted to go home already but everyone there was absolutely heartwarming towards my situation and now I'm walking like a warrior.

Vidamarie Hoyle

I was born here in 1990. Last time I was here to visit a patient was in 2014. It was very clean with friendly service.

Michael Paul

My girlfriend was taken at 7pm last night after suffering from a seizure. She was supposed to take her medicine at 9pm. They didnt review the scan she took for hours, they didnt bring her medicine until 12:30, they also messed up the dosage and only gave her 2 out of 6 required pills. They did absolutely nothing for her except keep her there when she would have been safer at home taking her medicine and sleeping. 6 hours wasted and they only put her at greater risk. One of her monitors came unhooked and started beeping like crazy. nobody came to look at it. There was some kind of puke or something on the floor of the first room they put her in for a few hours. I am not qualified to do what these people do, but are THEY?

Amanda Zaleski

It's human nature to ONLY feel compelled to negatively review a service if one's expectations were not met. This is particularly true of hospital care because a) who has the energy to do anything extra after being hospitalized and b) why spend that energy typing up a narrative if your expectations WERE met. I think thats why there are fundamentally more negative reviews than positive on any review board you could possibly ever find. But, in this instance (although Im exhausted after a 5 day staycation in Center 10), I cant help but share my unforgettably, wonderful experience at Hartford Hospital; an experience that most certainly exceeded my expectations. Within ~7 min of arriving to the ED with a suspected blood clot, I was assessed by the intake nurse and on the path to being admitted. During my stay I encountered dozens of students, physicians, specialists, nurses, APRNs, PAs, environmental service professionals, rad technicians, phlebotomists, patient care technicians, registrars, parking attendants, etc. I can honestly say that EVERY SINGLE hospital employee I met was universally patient, understanding, attentive, and positive. My health situation required a great deal of coordination and collaboration between many different departments and I am still astonished at how quickly and effectively everything fell into place to ensure that I got home to my husband and two children...feeling 100% better than when I left this house five days ago! Thank you a million times over to the amazing and caring hospital staff at Hartford Hospital!!

Kristin Goodwin

I’m absolutely appalled at how my brother was treated in the emergency room yesterday. APPALLED. Your staff should be ashamed of themselves, and the head of the hospital embarrassed at the “care” in which they give patients. I wish I could give zero stars as a rating. He came into the ER, via ambulance, with a neck/back injury. Not only was he initially misdiagnosed by the resident doctor (good job doc), it took hours for a real doctor to come in and say that yes....he actually fractured his vertebrae. He was sent for an MRI and those careless staff were misinformed saying he didn’t have a fracture and they were handling him and moving him in a painful way. Actually let his legs fall off the table and then telling him to lift them himself. HE HAS A FRACTURE IN HIS SPINE AND IT’S PAINFUL TO DO SO. Are you kidding me?! Then once the MRI was completed, he was placed back in his room for hours with not a single soul checking on him. After several hours, he stared yelling for someone to come in and help him. They left his call button on the table so he couldn’t even use it. Not that it mattered because the call button was pressed several times prior and his joke of a nurse was too busy chatting about his weekend and wouldn’t even come in the room. He was given no water, food, NOTHING. He asked for at least some water and was told sure and what do you know....NOBODY EVER BROUGHT HIM ANYTHING. He was discharged after 12 hours and left in the waiting room in a neck brace and hospital gown (because they cut his clothes off upon arrival) to wait for pickup. He finally got himself a drink of water from the sink in the bathroom because shocker.....nobody would even bring him a cup of water. Your hospital is a joke. What’s even better....he’s a Marine Corps. veteran and this is how he was treated on Memorial Day. I will never ever step foot in this disgusting place ever again.

Taylor Walker


Paulina Migliorati

Worst hospital ever! I do not recommend Hartford Hospital at all. Middlesex is the way to go!!

shawn boulier

They treat you more like a prisoner than a patient. They're better hospitals in the area never come here.

Cathy Branson

EVERYONE was very welcoming! I felt like they actually genuinely cared! I’ve been placed where I was treated like garbage so this was wonderful! Dr. Vinnie and Dr. Robin with my absolutely wonderful nurse Laylyana made my visit/ stay comfortable! Thank you for all your help and thank you for caring enough to do all you did to find the issue to my weird health issues. I will forever be grateful ❤️

Aileth Rhiannon

Literally have been here since 12,have gotten my papers but oh wait!! They forgot my splint how nice. Thanks for caring for you patients oh and by the way I think gossip is way more important than us patients.

Gemini Ct

very helpfull

Stacey Dufrane

I went to Hartford Hospital a couple years ago and told them I was having trouble breathing. They told me I have anxiety. Several years later, I find out that I have asthma. Don't go here. Find a hospital where they actually take you seriously.

Jayden Daniel

a very nice hospital with all the latest equipment and facilities. The staff is always smiling and cooperative. Keep up the good work guys.

Rion Lindsay

Great staff they try their best

Erika Cicero

All the staff and nurses are very friendly and nice. Even the food was pretty good .several selections and variery.

Kristina m

I would rate 0 stars if I could. My grandmother was there 5hrs before getting enough attention for them to realize she needed fluids, BP meds and pain relief . 5hrs in a room in excruciating pain, high bp (monitor going off and being ignored) with no one checking in on her. Every time id go to get someone the played stupid. when her nurse FINALLY came she told us to quit chasing her down. Well honey I guess you need to find a different field to work in since u cant handle the ER

Lisa Davis

Its on of Hartford Ct oldest historic Hospital's it has a Cancer center and Childrens Hospital on the grounds it also has a medical building with specialist also has out patient clin8c for low income families with good medical dr.

Karalyn Palozej

The residents of this hospital require a higher level of education, or it must be mandatory that the attendings are with them at all times. When an OT and an eye doctor can understand pain management better than an MD in a professional hospital, you know there's a real concern. HH should make it a priority to hire the best qualified professionals to take care of our family members, it's scary, and quite frankly upsetting, when you can't trust a medical professional in a time of need.

William Shakespeare 1564

i was in institute of living psychiatric unit and i was just trying to get my life on track because i was living a very rough life at the time, and the psychiatrist that was talking to me, told me ''you will rot in jail" she told me that because i hurt somebody else, i was confused and did not mean it, but look at the way she was talking to me, she was not supposed to talk to me like that.and one time i saw this doctor because i was throwing up allot and needed healthier diet, and the doctor i saw was sarcastic,he wasn't really listening to me, and he lied to me about something he was not honest about.the inconsideration, hostility and rudeness that allot of Hartford hospital employees exhibit must be Exposed with a capital E.good luck. oh something else, a security guard at this hospital granbbed me by my shirt and made me leave the hospital in my socks outside.ALLOT OF DOCTORS AND NURSES AT HARTFORD HOSPITAL ARE RETARDED.

Maria Sager

Dealing with HH has been potentially, one of the worst and most frustrating experiences I have ever had. My Father has been there for just under two weeks. I have called dozens ouf times, trying to get updates, find out how he is doing, begging them to please to attend to toileting needs sooner than 1-3 hours of wait time—any type of query regarding his care. There was NEVER a voluntary phonecall from any care giver or doctor. I had to call multiple times in order to get a return call—sometimes waiting up to 10 hours after being told I would receive a call within an hour. I called our care coordinator many times. She rarely knew what was going on and was always trying to track someone down for information. I talked with patient advocacy twice. They operate in a reaction based environment instead of attempting proactivity. He was finally discharged today. We had an agreed upon plan and HH arbitrarily changed the agreed upon plan, did not contact our family and now, we are left scuttling for a wound vac on a Friday evening with a three day weekend ahead. I have never experienced such a clown show. Grade “F” for communication. Grade “F” for capability. Grade “F” for organization. My hope is that my Father will not be negatively impacted by HH’s decision to discharge him after changing the agreed upon discharge plan. I will be following up on Tuesday to find out why this happened. You see, HH conveniently did this after the close of normal business—so, all of the players in this dismal scene are no longer at work. Such tremendous frustration and worry!

Anne Moran

It was ok my aunt feel a year a go the service was terrible she was lying in bed took the nurse a long time to come in we were there for a long time She was taken in by ambulance she had to wait in the hall for a bed to open up

Tessa Marie

I base this review on my mother’s experience and care there just after a surgery (L4-L5 fusion) 2 years ago. After a suscessful surgery my mom was sent to rehab for recovery. Due to a possible GI bleed she was sent back to HH. They located and correct the bleed. She was then transferred to The Conklin Building. My mom was 4ft 10inch, petite, fragile due to RA and osteoporosis. I mention this because the second night she was on that wing two third shift aides handled her so roughly they ended up fracturing her neck, causing her to lose her ability to eat resulting in a feeding tube, lose of weight, multiple medical conditions due to decreased movement. My mom passed away May 4th of this year due to this injury, 17 days before her and my dad would celebrate their 34th anniversary. She was 56 years old. Although we cannot prove this according to our attorney, I was there the following day and remember my mom crying, complaining of these two women and how rough they were. It also caused her a great deal of pain to move her neck, causing her to guard it; symptom that was not present the day before. I am not basing this review on every experience I’ve had with Hartford Hospital but I feel as though this is an important experience to share.

Shelly Valentine

Right about now 1 star is pushing it. My Step Daughter suffers from an uncommon illness which requires several emergency room visits. She is very frail and sick. I could not believe the stares she recieved from the staff. Made me want to haul off. She was sent home in a taxi one night with a johnny on in a snow storm. Wouldn't send my dead dog there. The Hospital of Central CT is right there with them. AWFUL, DISRESTFUL.

Carol Leon

I went there on a Sunday because of a problem a family member had. Worst service ever, I understand that it was a Sunday but it's a hospital. It took them 2 hours to come to us when we pressed the button for the nurse. Never going there again.

Ali Azeem

Great teaching programs.

Danita Bernard

I wish there was a way to give less than one star. Horrible experience in the ED. 7am - 3pm staff was great (Cydney - nurse, head of the ED Dept and OBGYN). At change of shift, got a horrible male nurse. Came in and gave me pills, no explanation as to what they were or dosage. When questioned, he had an attitude. Like how dare I ask what I am taking. It's been 4 hrs and I am still sitting here with sever abdominal pain 15/10!

Jill withey

I'm torn in rating....I was transferred there from Bakus Hospital due to an acetabular fracture of my right hip and they didn't have a proper orthopedic specialist. Upon getting to the Hartford Hospital ER I waited approximately 4 hours for my 1st dose of pain medicine. My boyfriend had to approach a group of six doctors and demand one write a script for my pain relief. Upon getting "admitted" to a floor yet again I was left without a doctor or nurse following my case and it finally took two incredible nurses to advocate for my pain control. Once admitted onto the floor I couldn't speak high enough of the care I received from the nursing staff. They were easy to get a hold of, and gave very good care. (Full disclosure I too am a nurse so know how most protocols should be run in various settings)

Shana Lee

Absolutely awful!! A hippa suit in the making.. Dirty where's infection control

berry baby

If going to ER, expect to be in the waiting room for 6-8 hours before being seen. Security guards are straight up MEAN, I've witnessed a patient be grabbed physically for having his feet on the table.

Kenneth DeNicolo

Hartford hospital should be embarrassed with the neglect they show their patients. 9 hours to wait for a doctor in the emergency room after being taken there in an ambulance with an irregular EKG. Shameful

Danielle Jasmine

A really nice hospital with a loving and caring staff. Bravo.

Sarah Jason

the quality of care here is really nice, doctors and caregivers are always smiling and friendly :)

Vaughn Puccio

IF YOU NOTICE ALL THE BAD REVIEWS ONLY HAPPENED WITHIN THE LAST YEAR HARTFORD HOSPITAL MUST HAVE MADE A CHANGE IN MANAGEMENT TO CHANGE THE LEVEL OF CARE THAT DRAMATICALLY!!! The level of care at this hospital is the worst I have ever seen. The hospital prays on less fortunate. The PA was rude and never asked meds or family history. I show up with pain being and 8. The doctor agreed something was significantly wrong with my back but was not willing to further my diagnosis. He suggested a local clinic in the future but not Hartford ER. No translators for the ESL crowd. I am so glad I have the option to go somewhere else. If you are unfortunate to end up in this ER I feel sorry for you Good Luck

Lourdes Bahia

I would give this zero stars if I could. I went into HH with severe bleeding and abdominal pain. I had called my Obgyn who thought I might have an ectopic pregnancy or a ruptured ovarian cyst, both of which are very dangerous. I walked into the ER and the nurses in the triage area were eating pretzels and watching something online. By this time I had started to bleed onto the floor through my clothes. I waited about 3 minutes before clearing my throat. They looked at me, saw the blood and went back to eating. I approached them and they asked if I needed to be seen. I said yes; and they told me to have a seat, they would call me. 4 hours later, I was still bleeding and feeling weak and dizzy. I still hasn't been seen, and was waiting to be triaged. I went to the bathroom, and the person I was with, found me in the bathroom, unconscious.She ran to get help and the nurse scolded her saying I shouldn't have been left alone! Still haven't been seen, but now worried about a lawsuit, they put me in a room. 10 hours later, I was in so much pain I couldn't breathe. Finally, a gyn resident came down to examine me. I told him, I think I've had a cyst burst, to which he replied, you wouldn't be bleeding if that was the case. It's most likely your menses. He sent me home with pain meds. No ultrasound, nothing. Not even a pelvic exam. A few hours later, I started vomiting, and shaking uncontrollably ; I stood up and found myself in a pool of blood. I went to St. Francis er, waited 15 minutes to be seen and was told I had a ruptured ovarian cyst. I will NEVER go back to HH, I only went there because my doctor has privileges there; St. Francis is not that much farther, it is cleaner, the staff kinder, more knowledgable and it is a lot faster. You can even schedule a slot to be seen in there fast track, which is great. Avoid HH at all costs , use Uconn or St. Francis!!!!

Jamie Saltzman

I don’t know what happened but I just posted our entire experience here (still here) and it wouldn’t let me post it, so I’ll try to summarize. Was sent here last night by Urgent care due to my boyfriend having appendicitis. We arrived at around 9pm and were admitted pretty quickly into the ED. Then it began, we were brought to a room for him to lay down with NO BED. They told us to wait in the hallway while they went to get one, well, we never saw her again. After about 20 minutes I asked someone who was walking by in scrubs and she finally found us a bed. At this point my boyfriend is in excruciating pain and they couldn’t administer pain meds until they confirmed the diagnosis. Once in the ED room we were not greeted by a nurse for around 30 minutes who told us he needed to be hooked up to fluids and that he needed a cat scan ASAP to look at his appendix. At this point we are terrified. Again, no one comes back to hook him up for another 30 minutes and told us that he should be going up for a cat scan ASAP. Our nurse finally comes back and says he may not get a cat scan until the morning. After this 4 other people came into our room to ask the same exact questions and all gave us different answers around his care. Apparently no one communicates. He was finally taken upstairs for a cat scan and they told us we’d need to wait an hour for the results. When the results were in about 5 different people came to tell us he needed surgery ASAP and once again told us numerous different plans. Then someone came about 20 minutes later and said they were taking us “up” which we assumed meant he was going in for surgery. Nope, we were brought up to a room in which the nurse knew nothing about him needing surgery. She stated, “they are so confusing in the emergency room they don’t tell us anything.” At this point I wanted to tell my boyfriend we were leaving because I was not about to let these people operate on him. After me asking numerous times our nurse finally called the OR and said oh “they’ll be here when they’re here. They’re waiting on anesthesiologist.” I was so enraged at this point but I knew we couldn’t leave because my boyfriend was in excruciating pain. He was not given pain meds on time and our nurse was never available at 2 AM. They finally came to take my boyfriend in for his “emergency surgery” at 3AM, and he was done around 415. The surgery went well and I would highly recommend the surgeon and his team Dr. Cohen, but NOT AT HARTFORD HOSPITAL. Since this morning again, we experienced horrific service. His pain meds were ordered for every 3 hours and I was lucky if I could find ANYONE who would come in after 4-5 hours. He wasn’t given enough fluids and the nurses were rude. The man at the 5th floor desk told me he didn’t know where our nurse was and said, “you can look for her in other peoples rooms” I REFUSED, came back and called her. We were told we would be discharged about 10 hours ago and we are still sitting here as I’m writing this. Thankfully my boyfriend feels better and our most recent nurse has been the only decent interaction we’ve had. Slow, but attentive. However she was missing for periods of time as well. The absolute worst part just occurred, after being told different instructions by different people all day and night a member of the surgical team JUST NOTICED THAT AFTER 16 hours of prescribing narcotics my boyfriend is on bupeorphine and she was NOW concerned about the interaction. Me and him had to explain that it could be taken with pain meds but if it was suboxone it could have been a DEADLY OR DANGEROUS INTERACTION. I am APPAULLED THAT A DOCTOR WOULD NOT KNOW THIS. With the opioid epidemic that is happening in our country you’d think someone would notice the patients medications before prescribing barcotics or before speaking with the patient. I am disgusted at this hospital and will never be back. Do not bring your loved ones here please.


Great nursing staff. Doctors never rushed my questions

Jason Clark

The care you receive varies greatly depending on what unit you are sent to. Some are full of nurses who obviously hate their job. Others have staff that truly care for people. I've spent months here over the last year and have had good and bad experiences. Overall it's the best medical care you are going to get in CT other than maybe yale. Hartford hospital saved my life after another hospital left me misdiagnosed and for dead. I literally died. No joke. I never thought I would breath outside air again or see my home and my pack. Now I'm doing what I have to do to recover including a couple surgeries. Life is too short to gripe about enerengency room waits. Bottom line is if you are awake to complain in an ER your most likely not the most critical patient. The best for me so far is bliss 8. I wont mention the worse because they have good staff too. I'll update this as I go.

David Lyhne

Our daughter was brought in yesterday with a kidney infection, 2nd day still in emergency room. No privacy just a curtain. They keep telling us she's getting a room but nothing. She can't get any sleep because of all the noise and activity. I called paitent relations and got VOICE MAIL. Next time ST. FRANCIS. always had good experience there.

Magda Caban

My 1997 Honda Accord LX tan color red side marker lights and a Honda logo on passenger side going down was stolen from the building Garage across from the children's hospital yesterday at 2:00 am any one has information let me know

Daysean Lumpkin

I went to emergency room for what doctor said to be bronchitis. He somehow sent prescription to wrong pharmacy which isn’t my complaint. I called him again to please “call” because “cvs” machine never works and they never receive them to find out that even though we spoke twice about where it needed to go he called Walgreens instead. Even though his effort was there, the lack of detail and listening to where it needed to go really affected me. I figured I’d wait till the am to call again, worst thing I could do because I woke up with the worst throat pain I ever had (probably after being in hospital prior with tubes down my throat). Anywho, my biggest complaint is I tried to call and operator repeatedly hung up on me, she wouldn’t put me on the phone with someone even after advising I just needed a prescription RE-SENT. She wouldn’t state her name, she wouldn’t put me on the phone with her boss, she wasn’t empathetic, she was RUDE & disrespectful. After being in the hospital for 6 days at Hartford prior & in the worst throat pain of my life, it wasn’t exactly what I needed. It was right before 8 am on December 29. You guys can be better.

Jinny Blaisdell

The hospital care was great, however, the valet is not to be trusted whatsoever. My friend suffered a severe head injury and was bleeding profusely. Upon arrival I was preoccupied by getting my friend some help, and left my wallet on my seat which had a generous amount of cash and it was stolen. I almost couldn’t even pay the valet because I had left my wallet in the car, and when I went to grab it to pay it was nowhere in sight.

Thomas Minnich

My Grandmother is a dialysis patient at the Jefferson building of Hartford Hospital, she also suffers from dementia, ranging from mild to moderate(memory problems). She goes in for dialysis 3 times a week and has been for almost 5 years now and so many problems have arisen during this time that I felt I needed to write this review. Just to list some of the incompetent decisions and disasters of the dialysis technicians and people that handle her while she is there: they have lost belongings, several times, ranging from clothing, winter coats and even her walker, which she needs to walk. They have sent her home to an empty and locked house(once or twice during the winter) in a taxi cab without notifying me on more than more occasion. They have lost HER on more than one occasion after leaving her unattended for extended periods of time. Once I had to involve the Hartford police department, because they refused to take responsibility(this is something they do quite a bit)and search for her beyond looking in a waiting room. If she had the financial resources for a better facility then I would definitely move her somewhere else, but unfortunately this is all that can be afforded. I did not give it zero or 1 star because despite the general majority of the staff ive run into have been unhelpful and have made some pretty foolish decisions in some cases, this is obviously not the case with the entire hospital. I can only speak for the ER and Jefferson building dialysis unit. There have been a few staff that have been very patient and helpful over the years, though they number very few.

Brianna Jason

the caring staff is nice and cooperative. Facilities are nice here.

Jane Dickinson

The best part of our experience was the valet parking. Unless you are in a life threatening situation , don't go here; you are not a name, not even a number- you sub exit. We saw a staff member, on average, every 4 hours, if we were lucky. HH-under staffed, over worked, Get your act together!

Daniel Morrison

The Orthopedic team we had was amazing, did a perfect job setting my wife's wrist. Five stars on that part, couldn't be more pleased! Unfortunately, the emergency room is an emergency room, expect strange wait times (triage is hard, and you may not have top priority). They also (like all emergency rooms) sometimes have trouble re-joining families after a transfer.

john creaco

Surgical team awesome. Night time nursing staff horrible and lazy hope this is my last night here. I'd like to update i had one bad experience my first night with a nurse i was sent home only to return again the next day to which the Nurses were awesome and really helped me get better enough to come home again i feel sorry how i worded that first review because i had one bad night with one person. My overall experience was good with the staff and the doctors. Everyone was great except for that one nurse i don't know if she had a bad day or just didnt care about her job. I apologize if my post grouped the rest in with my frustration.

Sherie Babylove

My experience over the past weekend was horrible. I go into the ER and you have the staff of six people behind the glass that is so unprofessional behind the glass. They are all carring on in conversation with themselves along with the security guards. One lady at the window using profanity in her conversation with the guard. When the lady finally acknowledges my presents she hushes the other lady. Why are there so many people behind the glass? What about HIPPA everyone is hearing your business even the security guard when your talking to a person at the desk. My experience was the worse because when I left to go to other area i can hear them laughing. This hospital Needs a different area for the guard cuz he is definitely useless cuz when I was leaving I wanted to him ask a question he ignored me cuz whatever was in his computer screen was more important. What is wrong with these people of today they don't take there job seriously or professionally?

Sara Kiryluk

Amazing staff on Bliss 8. After having surgery they took great care of me.

Rick S.

My daughter's post-op pain management was just awful. She cried for 3 straight nights in pain. Stay clear if you have choices


RE: Stroke Center I only gave one star because giving no stars is not an option if I wanted to write a review. This center is grossly incompetent. I'm not sure if it's the doctors, APRN, nurses or the clerical workers. I have nothing but problems every time I have to deal with them. I cannot speak on the rest of the hospital as I only deal with the Stroke Center. Save yourself the aggravation and find a different stroke team/neurologist. People who do not feel well should not have to deal with the incompetency of this office. It seems they are very scattered and there is a huge miscommunication between all employees. They should be ashamed of themselves. Very unprofessional. Time to find a new team who values each patient and actually gets the job done right the first time.

Alexis Jimenez

Last night there were two nurses making fun of a female patient. She suffer from heart problems, seizures and back problems. They treated her like she was crazy.

Generosa Pastor

I went in there 2 days in row and the place was empty they dint have to much variety of. Sweets plug the dint have hot food is like the person who is in charge don't care.

Marc Meeker

Several years ago I went to the ER with a life threatening condition. After the predictable multi-hour wait to get in, they put me in a main corridor/hallway for maybe an hour in a bed with lots of chaos and activity going on around me. I felt half alive and very sleep deprived at this point, so the chaotic hallway was more than I could handle. I asked to be moved, and they put me in an old room with medical furniture older than I am and left me there for almost an hour. Next, they moved me to a updated looking storage closet at the end of the hall for hours. They were out of space on the ward I should have been on, so when they finally found a room for me hours later they put me on a hall with the neuro patients, two people to a room. Being on that other hall, I was far from the team of people that knew my condition or could be of much help. Due to my condition, my stomach was completely wrecked and I hadn’t been able to go to the bathroom for many days. When I suddenly felt the urgent need to go, I rang the buzzer for about 10-15 minutes to get help making it to the bathroom. No one ever came. I eventually did what I had to and crawled down from the hospital bed, unplugged the machine that powers the iv while trying to not tangle it or rip it out of my arm, and commando crawl and drag that unit and myself with all my might to the bathroom. Unfortunately, I discovered the bathroom was completely soaked with urine... all over the floor, the toilet seat. I mean everywhere. The last person in that bathroom was a male nurse about an hour before, and I saw him walk in to empty my hospital roommates bedpan. He had emptied it everywhere and left it. No one else had been in the room since him. In that state, I had to clean all of it off, then climb on the toilet to use it. Of course, it wasn’t sanitized, just dried off and covered with TP... putting me at all sorts of risk to exposure to who knows what, especially considering my weakened state. No one ever came to help me get back in bed, so after waiting on the floor I had to do that myself as well. It took everything I had. On my 5th day, I was allowed to have my first food. A few minutes after eating and laying back down, a doctor who I hadn’t seen came in, looked at my chart, and said that I was going to be there for at least another 3-4 days and I should try to relax. While trying to mentally process that, about 30 minutes later another doctor who I also had never seen before came in and announced that I was clear to leave immediately. Luckily a very kind nurse allowed me to use the computer on the nurses cart and I was able to get online and buy a plane ticket home. I certainly felt that I was dismissed early. Looking back at all of this it’s flabbergasting. They came up short in ways that they should have been completely professionally embarrassed by. I hope this experience was unique, but I fear it is not. Be careful here. Sans a few good people on the staff, I can’t stress how consistently unprofessional and unacceptable this experience was.

Anne Norris

The care from staff on Center 10 is outstanding. What a wonderful group of caregivers. I applaud you in every way.

Hooria Hashimi

Impolite staff and the worse patient care ever. They even don't want to listen to your problem.

Vicky Cruz

Horrible customer service, Nurses are miserable and rude very unprofessional they gossip and talk bad about the patients out in the open were everyone can hear. Just a horrible horrible experience here they don’t allow you to even go in with your spouse to the rooms because of lack of space how redicoulus. I can’t even imagine people that have vehicles but aren’t as fortunate they have to pay for parking even if it’s to go to the emergency room. This is supposed to be one of the best hospitals absolutely disgraceful so sad to think of all the patients that come here and get treated the way they do it’s disheartening what I saw out in the waiting area while waiting. For at least 5 hours and the hospital was not packed at all there were only 3 people sitting in the waiting room. I even witness a sick lady come in and the nurse was rude and refused to take her stating you have been discharged already if you are still ill you have to see your pcp we are not seeing you again. She was hunched over and you can tell she was in pain. I WILL NOT EVER STEP FOOT IN THAT PLACE AGAIN THE STATE SHOULD INVESTIGATE THAT PLACE AND THERE EMPLOYEES

Liam Peter

nice hospital with all latest facilities. nice, friendly and knowledgeable doctors and nurses.

Leandro Rodriguez

I love you thank you for everything you guys are the best!

Grant Bergeron

Professional Staff Caring and courteous at all times. Nurses and Doctors, at all times put my needs and comfort, as their top priority. Friendly and thoughtful at all times

Xena 64

We lost our brother on 01/07/2019 in ICU-Bliss 11. The nurses and doctors were absoulely wonderful, caring and professional.

Geoffrey Carlson

Being a local funeral director I am absolutely appalled with the way that Hartford Hospital handles people who have passed away. This is the only hospital where he takes anywhere between 15 hours and 48 hours until I loved one is released to the funeral home so that their family can have the opportunity to see their loved one. After someone has passed away it seems the doctors write them off and could care less about authorizing the death certificate and allowing grieving families to begin to heal. Their “culture of caring“ seems to end at the time someone passes away. Please do your family a favor and do not be a patron of this heartless institution

Jennifer Ledard

Wonderful imaging team. Kind and informative. Thank you.

Randy McAllister

Terrible Hospital. Unprofessional and out of control. Staff discussing co-workers coming to work intoxicated and management not doing anything about it. Hostile and incompetent. Scary place!

JInnelly saez

I will never ever in a million years EVER go back to Hartford hospital! Has to be the most disorganized! Disrespectful! Place I've ever been too! I will always stick to middlesex hospital! At least they treat me Like a human being with feelings! Completely disappointed in my experience in Hartford hospital

rudy degracia

The staffs at Hartford Hospital treated me with respect and dignity from the moment I walked in and walked out,They truly care about their patients well being,superb service all the way around !! I give this Hospital 1 million star


Giving birth at a ‘baby friendly’ hospital means that you as a new mom will be treated like a rotting, useless, vacant carcass. It took me a lot of time to process everything and write this review. During the birthing process up in labor and delivery, I was actually treated wonderfully. I was a seizure risk being sent in from the OB with preeclampsia symptoms and was given an incredible nurse, a nice big relaxing room and staff was caring for me and compassionate. It was after the c section when things went down hill. When you didn’t think they could get any worse, they kept getting worse. I had slept six hours in four days because of being so sick and they knew this going in. I wasn’t aloud to sleep. I begged, I cried, even my husband told them how desperately I needed sleep. I felt like I was going to die. Well, in the three days that I was in the hospital, I didn’t get more than seven hours of sleep combined. They insisted that I was some sort of ‘junkie loser’ because of some sort of sedative they gave me in labor and delivery. It was a medication that was medically necessary for me. It took them 48 hours to figure out the med was given to me there, and not something I took for ‘haha’s.’ How could there be such a lack of communication? I was treated like human garbage, because of something the hospital gave to me. The baby was sluggish because of it. They didn’t tell me what was going on, and probably because they didn’t know for so long. I wasn't aloud to rest, because the baby had to be in the room with us. He couldn’t be taken out for a few hours so I could take a nap? I just had abdominal surgery and was VERY sick. On top of that, I had to BEG to get my meds on time, at one point went over 12 hours without what I needed. I of course had to stand up eventually and use the bathroom after the catheter was removed, and they said “Oh wow, look at all of the blood, we will be right back.” This isn’t scary? The doctor had to check and see if that was an appropriate amount of blood. So, they just left me in the blood soaked room wondering if I need some sort of emergency care. I was continually apologized to, and told how short staffed they were. Why don’t you hire more staff? The final bill for all of this was over 30,000$. Insurance paid for 99% of this. How can you not hire a few more nurses? They charged the price of an entire bottle for a single Tylenol. I really could continue on for a while. I could be a bit more understanding if this was a free, nonprofit clinic of some sort. I get that the birthing process is painful, not enjoyable, etc. That the most important thing is the mother and baby surviving and being healthy and getting past the situation. My health, both physical and mental, was not taken care of. To add insult to injury, they are sending a new bill every month, and despite me telling them I didn’t consent to some of these services and charges, they just say it doesn’t matter. They barely give if at all an explanation of the services rendered in said bills. Go to a hospital where you will be treated like a human being. I’m a human being that loves and cares about myself and my baby. Do not go here if you have any self respect. I’m just glad I survived this and that my baby, six months later is doing perfect. Don’t let this be your birthing story- or worse. Go to a ‘baby friendly’ and ‘mom friendly’ hospital.

Kassandra Cortez

If I could I would give them negative 5 for the emergency room. Been here since 5pm and I’m still waiting it’s 11pm now.. I was in a robe waiting in a hallway for 3 hours... I wouldn’t recommend this emergency room for emergency!!! I been extremely patient for the amount of pain I’m in.. also I asked for a doctor note for work and was told I have to wait till I get discharged papers.. at this point I just want to go home.. Also the staff is just there talking amongst themselves about there personal life.. And they just have people like my self and other sick and not well or extremely injured just waiting off in a corner hallway.. feels like “outta sight outta mind”... I would take a picture but don’t want the surrounding Patients feel like Im invaded there space.. Also NO ONE CAME TO CLEAN THIS HALLWAY CORNER AFTER EXTREMELY SICK PEOPLE BEEN HERE....

Anna Ryzak

I went into the hospital for an outpatient surgery. Everyone who I came in contact with was professional and tried to make me smile. Overall, it was an extremely positive experience.

Carmen Marcovici

It could have been worse, but I was wishing they would have been better with keeping us informed, we were patient at first, but then when it seems like zero information would be provided over a period of multiple days unless we pried, it just got frustrating

Big Boy

Went there last October as a visitor for a relative that was brought in as a patient by the police department. Was upset that I couldn’t visit, wasn’t loud or rude, when a couple of the flashlight cops called security guards there came out and told me I had to leave, when I tried to explain myself, one of them named Cruz, who was a tattooed thug more than a security guard, literally picked me up of my feet and threw me out the door, and made extremely rude comments towards me. Went there again last week and waited 6 hours in the ER waiting room and then another 2 hours in a room before anyone even spoke to me. Never again will I step foot in that dump of a hospital

Ankit Dhaniwala

Our experience with the Labor & Delivery and the Bliss 6 department of the hospital was excellent. The nurses and doctors were extremely polite and experienced as well as helpful throughout our stay. PARKING AND BILLING SUCKS !!!


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