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REVIEWS OF Griffin Hospital IN Connecticut

Andrew McLoughlin

I have to say I used to love this place. My wife gave birth to my son at Griffin and the whole experience was awesome! Therefore, when I fractured my right hip on February 21 in an atv accident I had no issues with going to Griffin ER. After x-rays and cat scans I was admitted and received surgery on February 22 at Griffin Hospital. Post surgery I was informed that I could not wear my insulin pump to manage my diabetes. Apparently this is hospital policy. I have had diabetes since I was 5 and have been on an insulin pump for 6 years! Instead, I was put on a "sliding scale" according to their endocrinologist recommendations. Needless to say, my blood sugars ran high , which does not promote optimal healing and leads to dehydration. In addition, they gave me IV fluids with sugar to hydrate me. Sugar increases blood sugar and leads to dehydration! I had to tell them to take me off the IV in order to lower my blood sugars. I asked on several occasions if the nurse could call the endocrinologist in order to approve me taking more insulin in order to lower my blood sugar. This request was followed through by one nurse and ignored by the rest. Most simply waited until the next meal in order to give me more insulin. The final straw came when I was released from the hospital and received at home physical therapy for the first two weeks of my recovery. Turns out I was not supposed to receive any physical therapy for the first 6 weeks! Therefore, someone at Griffin approved me getting physical therapy, which went against my doctor's instructions. Needless to say, next time I will go to Yale.

Jimy Guzman

Cristina Santoro


Q Qaiser

victor navarro

I would give zero stars WORST HOSPITAL TO GO TO. Was in the waiting room for 5 hours I would avoid this hospital as much a possible just go to a different one wait times are too long and everyone is RUDE!

Nancy Merritt-redmond

My sister was there for two days. They released her at 2pm she had a massive heart attack 4 hrs later at home and died. Do u think they missed something? Duh!

Vilena Karaban

Very poor knowledge of knowing what blood work they can do and what they can’t. Supervisor is there for nothing basically. I had to come back multiple times so they figure out they can’t take my blood work because they don’t know how to do that. Very dissatisfied with there service. Will never go back to this “hospital” again.

Timothy Edward

Worst hospital ever other then Johnson memorial in Stafford CT

Donna Fischer


Best year


Tom Rivers

I have 2 bills with them, One from the hospital and 1 from a DR office attached to the hospital. I pay both monthly always on time but the Hospital calls me non stop to discuss my bill that im already paying monthly in an agreement THEY set up. If you didn't want monthly payments then DON'T OFFER IT

Katelyn Mcdonnell

I was admitted through the ER i was extremely ill could hardly walk. Fever and dehydrated. 1 week later i still am, and bed ridden. My dr. Cannot help me cause Griffin refuses to give them my records. I have to drive there and get a copy in person. They will NOT give me my results on the phone either. I guess they would rather have a patient die then facilitate one fax of blood work.

Fabiola Sciortino

This is the WORST hospital ever. I was in terrible pain and they made me wait 3 hours in the ER. Didn’t even give me a room I was in the hallway, did not see the doctor kept forgetting I was there. Charged me thousands for horrible service.

Laurie Beth Keller

Had a routine hysterectomy with a complication that was handled with utmost care and concern. Later had nephrectomy at Griffin. Both times the staff, nurses, doctors, volunteers were all top notch, super personable and made both surgeries and recoveries as pleasurable as one could hope under the circumstances. On top of that, the manager of the billing department happily worked with me on payment plans. Every person I have interacted with from check in to medical to records have treated me like a person and not a number. I go there for all labs, check ups and procedures. The Planetree model shines at this facility. I couldn't be happier to have Griffin as my local hospital.

William Perez

On February 22, 2017 I was admitted to Griffin Hospital for a Hip replacement. There are not enough words to describe the genuine show of concern beginning with valet parking, reception staff, right through all involved in the surgery itself. All my questions were answered, all fears set aside. The nurses at recovery made my stay a pleasant experience, the meals were tasty and abundant. The recovery room sparkling clean. The beds is another issue, they were a bit uncomfortable, mind you, I had my hip replaced, so I'm taking that into account. I will not hesitate to refer friends and family to Griffin. My thanks to the staff.

Arek Golebiewski

WORST HOSPITAL TO GO TO. Was in the waiting room for 4 hours had to leave and go to another hospital because when asked after a 4 hour wait how much longer they said with attitude "We're busy i dont know". There is always big commotions going on inside. I would avoid this hospital as much a possible just go to a different one wait times are too long and everyone is RUDE!

Nicholas Adams

The doctors were respectful and the nurses were kind. My room was clean and they kept me aware of what was going on.

Carol Moccaie

Nurses, Techs and Crisis workers so totally professional. Psychiatrist on call unprofessional with a serious attitude problem, not a volunteer a paid job, leave attitude @ home.

Ron Skurat

The library's a great place to look things up, do homework, or just read a magazine. Deborah & Kerry are super-helpful and pleasant to talk to.

Kimberly Kozlowski

Lauren Pedersen


Well where do I start. First the ER is ridiculous and my mom never EVER cry's because of pain and when she did she was Denied pain meds. She had pancreatitis and thought she had the flu. And then when the doctor ran 2 test 2! She was called a liar and that nothing is wrong

0ne n 0nly allie

Andalyn Swan

hugh jackson

I don't know what time u guys up there went or if u even went to Griffin but been here for 3 hours and the rn comes over and say o yout oxgen lvls went up even tho I visable still was having trouble breathing but since they went up u can wait till u clapse if I could zero stars I would. I can't stress this enough do not go here. Also this the second time I came here for asthma related troubles as and same thing. Fool me once shame on you fool me twice shame on me. If I didn't live I. The valley I would go to so many other places

Dave Boehm

Gabriella C

My grandmother is staying there. Amazing nurses, doctors..very friendly and clean place! I super recommend it !!!

jodi gifford

Took my almost 2 year old on a sunday evening. He had nursemaids elbow. The kind of thing that you could normally go to an urgent care for but it was late. Plenty of parking, wait time was short. While we were giving our insurance in the ER, the doctor came over and popped his elbow back in so he didn't have to wait longer than necessary. Then we just had to wait a bit to make sure everything was fine. They brought him stickers and and coloring pages to see if he would reach for them which was a cool trick. Every said hi to him when they went by so it wasn't scary for him and we were in and out in a little over a half hour. We are new to the area so I didn't know this hospital exists but will definitely look to use them in the future.

Martin Fitzgerald

Hands down worst hospital ever to go to. Literally come here to be slaved if your a worker. All the people of this place care for is there money. They literally have one person to clean all the surgical rooms, deliever and pick the laundry, and trash. Come here if you'd like to have a lackluster experience

Thomas Todisco

My father was killed by a nurse in front of my eyes. She had given Dad a shot of morphine 15 minutes earlier, then woke him up to do a throat suction. Dad did not have a chance to come out of the sedation as she stuck the metal wand down his throat. With a startled look on his face she continued to jam wand down his throat. When she finished Dad was gasping for breath. She ignored this and left Dad tried to catch his breath, but he had no control over his tongue, because of the morphine influence. He choked on his tongue and collapsed dead in my arms. No one would listen to me, and no lawyers would represent me because they said Dad was too old and they wouldn't be able to convince a jury he would have lived much longer!! Can you even image that. Dad was 90 at the time. He was a WW11 vet of 5 years in Europe under General George Patton, with the 2nd Armored Div. know as "He'll On Wheels". Yay, I got a problem with Griffin. Sincerely, Tom Todisco

Anthony Weitzler

Terrible. No need to waste anymore charcters on them.

Heather Racan

Absolutely terrible! Had surgery done last month. They did not inform me I will be receiving bills from outside companies! I did not authorize it. Worst hospital I have ever dealt with.

Thomas Autumn

When you walk into an ER with a pain level of over 10 , 10 being the highest I don't understand why it takes over 2 hours to be treated. My first time there I waited 14 hours before they would see me because I was uninsured.My appendix nearly burst in the waiting room. This time I waited 2 hours to be seen and another 10 before I was admitted to a room. my appendix surgery was 14 years ago the reason I was back this time and a few time before is because they botched it up the first time. beware


Wish I could give more than 5 stars! Very nice hospital and nurses are extremely nice and friendly. They really make you feel comfortable

Alyssa Michel

Many people in the valley say don't go to Griffin... I found them to be very professional, caring, knowledgeable and for the most part a pleasure to deal with. I never hesitate to be hospitalized there. Food was good, doctors & nurses are excellent. Their one goal is to get you better and on your way home!

Jennifer Campanelli

From start to finish my experience(s) were fantastic...staff was super friendly, kind, caring and capable. Facility was spotless and beautifully updated. So blessed to have Griffin Hospital and Health Services in my part of the state. Highly recommend to anyone.

Mildred Reyes

Chloe Fargannugan

Alex Johnson

Wait 12 hours just to get into a room from the ER? Ridiculous and horrible place.

Kyle Mitchell

Griffin crisis people absolute fools do not go here

Abraham Idokoko Abraham

This is quite an unfriendly service point particularly, for non-US citizens who requires medicare while in the CT area, and have to pay out of pocket. Use alternatives like Yale primary care center, etc.

Luis Gonzalez

mike sosa

It a joke!! i got better chances CVS diagnosing me right

Jen Sarrel

Absolutely awful, wouldn’t recommend to my worst enemy. Misdiagnosed and charged thousands, go anywhere else!

Megan Minkara

The surgery lougue Was so comfortable and charmine was so nice and kept me and my mom entertained the whole time my dad was in surgery!

Misty Rivers

Star was required. Security officer thought it was acceptable to scream at a pregnant woman. I was passed out and he assumed I was sleeping. A level two situation was turned up passed a ten. Retrain your staff.

lowkeysav 123

I had bad experiences at Bridgeport Hospital with my elderly Mom's care, a couple at St.Vincent's ER and I didn't know what to do. Because of these experiences they practically just sent her home to die. I took her to Griffin and it was like an oasis of help and support. The doctors went above and beyond to look for answers and do what they could to help her and the nurses were kind and helpful. Unfortunately they said it was too late and she wouldn't last long weeks, months, but something that should have been done in the previous hospitals and wasn't dimmed her chances. I didn't know they had a hospice unit. I didn't want to face it but I had to. They helped me in every way possible and made Mom's last days here better than I could have at home. We were treated us so good I felt I was the patient. I always think to write a letter to thank them for being there when no one else was. They reminded me of the way things use to be years ago when people cared more and did their jobs. They made a difference in our lives and I thank them.

Natalie Lorentson

Charmaine was amazing in waiting room. I havent yet had my surgery but while waiting my nurse in pre OP Mark love him too

roderick Isaac

Katherine at front desk in emergency has an attitude problem bad!! i would not recommend anyone to go to this hospital if u need fast care asap they do not care about u in the emergency room the doctors are nice but everyone leading up the then could care less about u if your not bleeding i would not recommend this hospital to anyone ever unless u absolutely have to go if there was a Zero rating i would put 0!! They also skip u for patients they think need care b4 u i was skipped an asked why was told they need care more then u

Jack Keller

Very clean and home like esp for Acute care setting! I was very happy with the many experiences I have had here, Both my boys were born there and the care was tremendous and my wife and boys were very happy. The visits to the ER were less than two hours to be seen and on a friday both times! I must say I was very happy with the care I rec after being very ILL! So YES i say your safe to feel safe there and I have NO horse in this race.

Amond Tillman

I made a visit at the ER yesterday due to experiencing heart palpitations and the staff was phenomenal. I was given tests and a blood work up, the results of which alleviated any fears. I want o thank all of the staff, especially the PAC on call (James) and the discharging nurse (Percilla). Very attentive and helpful.


Mohamed El Bahrawy

The child birth center is wonderful, our baby girl was born there, great staff, excellent facilities. An overall outstanding experience.

Laurel Vicidomino

GRIFFIN HOSPITAL PHYSICAL THERAPY DEPARTMENT: I can't speak highly enough about Physical Therapists (Liz & Karen) as well as the office staff at the Griffin Hospital Physical Therapy Department. I had an injury that I never properly took care of and I was in search of a physical therapy program that would help me address this issue. To be honest, I didn't realize use of the physical therapy department at Griffin Hospital was open to the 'public'. I thought you had to be a patient and or be referred to the program by a primary care physician. Physical Therapists Karen & Liz were friendly, kind, attentive and took the time to listen to my concerns and issues. That was key for me because I'm an active person and didn't want to slow down. The physical therapy itself corrected my exercise form and lessened the pain from my injury while the stretches that were suggested also helped me tremendously. I would recommend Griffin Hospital Physical Therapy to anyone and everyone who may need to use this program.

Nicole Rao

The only reason they get 1 star is so I can write a review. They are not properly staffed and definitely do not have the proper space to accommodate. Wait times are ridiculous. Most of the staff is rude. I would never recommend this hospital even for life threatening issues, find another hospital. Most of the time the staff just sits around talking to each other, they don't care about the patients.

Kiara Lynn

Ashley, the blonde chick at the front desk is so rude!!! This makes a terrible first impression!!!!! She is texting on her phone and is rude as hell when we tried to check in!!!! I told her how long the wait was and she said two hours and I said I'm in serious pain I have chest pain and she smirked and said "that's not my problem." Who the hell tells a patient that!!!!? We left and went to yale !


Griffin, You made a horrible decision to allow American Adjustment Bureau, Inc to handle account payments. I'm not in collection but had to interact with them in order to pay for my husband's copay. These people are not only rude but grossly incompetent. Can't even take a simple payment over the phone. Month later I'm getting billed again and treated like a liar and they refuse to take responsibility. You have lost my business and I would rather die in Waterbury Hospital than to deal with these people again.

Nawaf al7b

Russell Woodward

Camille Sneed

Dominick Damato

Alicia Hilliard

I love the birthing center. I gave birth twice here at griffin. The staff are very friendly, nice and helpful. They really cater to the patients.The place is very clean and relaxing. It makes you feel like you're right at home. I like that you can get visitors at any time. Thanks staff at the birthing center!

Ian Champion

Billed twice for a single service. Slow and barely spent any time with me.

Silvis Samitis

Rachel Martin

Charles Aspinwall

I was in a andmotor vehicle accident 3-19 I went to the er and that's when it began. No nurse came in only a pa 45 minutes later. Told him what hurt.Did a ct scan of neck and head and said it was ok. I got a copy of the results not ok. Told him another location of pain and called for x-Ray of another location. Did not get discharge papers or follow up. Avoid this place if at all possible.

Bob Big

wait time in ER was short ,Nice staff too.

Marissa Michelle

The first time I went they were quick to get me in and seen. They were respectful and kind. Second visit they were rude and one of the male nurses said “I don’t know what to tell you. I can’t do nothing about that. You have to figure it out” when I couldn’t move my legs. Third visit they did nothing but let me sit in a room for 5 hours to tell me I need to see another dr. And I went today as I’m pregnant with low blood pressure and Tachycardia, they just did my vitals and left me out in the waiting area with nothing I waited an hour before I told them I’m not going to be staying. They said I was fine and no one actually saw me. I was dizzy, faint, blurry vision. And this is how the way you get treated after just one visit.


First of all, I'm not even going to start with the fact that if you are having a real emergency, they leave you sitting in the ER for hours upon hours; with no concerns or questions on how you are doing (if you are in horrible pain, or bleeding, or throwing up); and I'm talking up to 15 hours (thats how long me and many patients, even dying patients had to wait) I'm not the person to leave bad reviews for public places, even if they weren't that good of service. I like to leave good and well written reports for hospitals and medical services in my area, but I've personally never experienced what I just did. The cater to patients was very good, they brought anything you needed to the rooms. My mom has arrived at griffin hospital in terms of a almost heart attack. By what I've experienced in the past. I'm scared that she may come home and have a real heart attack. I say this because they do all these tests on their patients, not to see whats wrong, but to add money on to a bill. I know this because my step brother USED to work there. Most of the time they don't even tell you what is wrong with you. Unless its something obvious like a broken bone. How is it a hospital when they don't do the proper work that hospitals do? If you go to Griffin Hospital, you are most likely to leave there with no money in your pockets. They don't even tell you whats wrong, they first talk about the money. They only half ass do their jobs, just to take patients money. I believe and encountered that they do not care about the patients nor medically help them. They run fake tests or maybe tests you don't need, suggest meds YOU DONT NEED, or wont help your problem, just for the money. No one is really getting taken care of.

Christopher Brown

As a veteran of many orthopedic operations I have stayed in a lot of hospitals, and Griffin Hospital in Derby is my new favorite, although I can speak only for the ease of checking in and my entirely positive experience as an orthopedic patient. It’s pretty small, but well-equipped, and patients don’t get lost in the shuffle. The nurses are wonderfully friendly and professional, as are the doctors and physicians assistants, physical therapists, and other staff. The food is remarkably good, including very tasty brick-oven pizza (crust a little thick, but the pepperoni, mushroom, and onion topping with cheese and tomato sauce was outstanding). At no point during my stay in the hospital did I feel neglected, something I don't think I can say about any other hospital that I have stayed in. I had a hip revision performed by Dr. Philip Minotti, who is an excellent surgeon, not only in my opinion but in that of many others with whom I have spoken. Dr. Minotti replaced my knee seven years ago, and it has been trouble free ever since. He uses an "anterior" approach to hip surgery that avoid cutting muscle and gets the patient out of the hospital and healing much faster than the old approach, and he has created his own ideal workspace and caring and professional team at the hospital. Although Griffin Hospital probably isn’t the place you want to go for something like major heart surgery, if you need a hip or a knee replaced by a friendly, thorough, first-rate surgeon in a great environment, I highly recommend it.

Dan Mello

Brittany Lapointe

AVOID AT ALL COSTS!! if you really need to be seen, try MedExpress down the hill. They are AMAZING.

Michele Berrios

I went as my surgeon told me to due to having stage 4 endometriosis I've been out of work over a week the dr did no testing on me and then told me that I should be getting pain meds from my surgeon them says follow up with my Dr I have appointments scheduled already so I now have to live in miserable unbearable pain until surgery on 9-1-2016 because the Dr here said he would not give me anything for pain let alone a medication to help me stop throwing up as well.... It's not right how they can play with your life based on how they see fit

Rochana Rashid

ABSOLUTELY AWFUL. ridiculously overpriced and careless treatment of patients and their family members. staff was unfriendly and did not even offer family members a place to rest or water for hours of waiting during procedure. they did not even let me know when I was able to leave just so they could charge more for overnight. nurse did not let you know anything unless you asked, and did not come in to check on patients. anesthesia left me weak for days, and medication given worsened it. a terrible experience, would give zero stars if I could.

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