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REVIEWS OF Greenwich Hospital IN Connecticut

Whitney Powery

I went into labor July 3rd 2018 at night I wanted to stick to my birth plan of giving birth naturally and thx to my nurse

Fernando Carvalho

Jacob Forero

The place is gorgeous inside and it like being in a hotel. It's a very nice Hospital.

Ken Schwartz

was there for 3 days for knee replacement surgery. surgeon (chosen separatey) was excellent. the nursing care was extremely spotty - some excellent, one just plain cruel (laughed and mocked me when i screamed in pain during a very tough procedure), many missed important protocols and instructions. one example - there is a big sign in the room stating that patients should not be taken out of bed without a knee brace. this was repeatedly ignored. calls for assistance sometimes answered exactly correctly and promptly, sometimes not at all. phone calls and emails (before and after) often ignored. i sent a letter to the VP of Patient relations explaining my issues. no response for a week. i sent another asking why no response. she said she had gotten "distracted". i took it to the CEO/Prez, whose response was officious, dismissive and evasive of my major points. he closed his letter advising me that if i had any further issues, to address the "patient relations department". an amazing and contemptuous document, but indicating that the deep disrespect that i experienced repeatedly starts at the top.

Fisherman 9900


Not so friendly environment, people are lazy to do their jobs. I step outside the ER patient room to catch fresh air I saw half of the staff taking their break eating in the hallway and I was told we need to wait for an hour because they’re all busy. Very unethical service and uncivilized staff.

Christian G.

Jacqueline Weiss

Patrizia Pagano

Beautiful, exceptionally clean, excellent service. Knowledgeanle and extremely helpful staff.

renee tucker

I went to the ER Christmas night with the flu. The care I received in the ER was excellent. Drs/nurses/staff were extremely kind and pleasant during my experiece. I was there about 6 hours. Even though they were working on Christmas? All were pleasant!! I left feeling so much better than when I got there.

Dan Ward

Beautiful Greece

Very very good

Andy Sikou

Great Local Hospital - very clean & Free parking - staff very friendly & helpful

Vera Redhead

Peg Yang

Looks nice outside.

Stephen Carbery

Ella Pownall-Gray

Appalling experience in the ED. From intake the nurses made me feel small and unheard, like I was being annoying/unreasonable. There was one ER doc on staff the entire night- I asked repeatedly to see her for severe nausea and had to wait 3 hours before I was finally followed up with by a nurse. We went to Greenwich because the labor and delivery floor is supposed to be so good, but am extremely reluctant to give birth there now. The only kindnesses the entire night were from an aide and a security guard. Please, please change

julien trubman

Kristin L

Excellent. Went there for a burn after a kitchen accident. They were quick, humane, and very knowledgeable. All ER experiences are regrettable, but if I have to go again, it's great to know they're there.

Anthony LoFrisco Jr

I had a positive experience during a brief stay recently at Greenwich Hospital. The facility is attractive, seems new and is impeccably clean ...and ps, the food is outstanding. The staff is friendly, attentive and accommodating. The care I received was good although not as good as you might get in New York. It took the doctors a couple days to accurately diagnose my condition but they worked hard and eventually figured it out. All's well that ends well and a big thank you to everyone who worked with me.

The Emily O. Show

I just had surgery on my breast to remove a few benign lumps. I was treated with exceptional care. I had a single room with a bathroom and a very comfortable bed. All of the nurses were nice, compassionate, and caring. I was never uncomfortable or in pain and I am very happy with the results. Thank you to Janet and Coleen and any other nurses that assisted me!


EJ Flynn

I won't go anywhere else! This hospital is amazing. The people who work there are genuine and compassionate and understand what people need to be made to feel comfortable for whatever reason they need to be there. I have had the pleasure of delivering my daughter there, visiting the breast center for a mammogram and most recently outpatient surgery in their ambulatory unit. From the sweet gal in Admitting, to Pavel in Phlebotomy to my Anesthesiologist and her team, to the nurses that took care of me and my sister (who jokingly offered to accompany me to all of my surgeries) the day of my surgery (Maria, Carlene, Olive and Ana), my experience there has never been anything but stellar. I highly recommend Greenwich Hospital to anyone that wants to be treated like the most important in the world!

Cassandra A

Worst labor experience ever!!!!! Horrible patient education while in labor and did not give accurate information on tour about facility. They don't have wireless fetal monitors. So get ready to be hooked up like a cow ladies!

sophia m

great staff!

Maria Perrone

Been so many times and this hospital is wonderful . Their staff is so caring and efficient . Wouldn't want to be taken elsewhere. Thank you for being here

Sheikh Ahmed

This over exterior structure is very good - more like the Hyatt but the service and treatment is pathetic as compared to Stamford Hospital. The nurses also here look so sad and it seems they work more like bonded labor as if they are scared. Believe me move to Stamford Hospital.

Elaine Sullivan

GH is a clean and comfortable facility, doesn't feel like a hospital. Every staff member I encountered was welcoming and professional.

ring tone Temu

Arrived on the 20th of June and was released fully recovered from a serious pain in my belly. Thank you to the african American woman receptionist who showed me compassion and care and was very quick. But about the nurse in triage and the doctors who worked quickly to care for my condition in the ER.....everyone on that early Thursday morning at 2am. They clearly love their Job. The registration clerk who went to find a charger for my dead phone so I can call my family. To the katscan and ex-ray tech who helped me to the bathroom and the doctor in the hall way who helped me fix my gown. I was here for two days comfortable beds clean floors and smell clean environment with nurses and doctors who stayed visible and kept me updated on my test and what the next step is. My speach Pathologist was everything my discharge nurse was compassionate, friendly knowledgeable. And to the Chaplin who sat for almost 45 mins just to chat a while. To the women who got me my liquid diet with a smile and the women who cleaned up the vase as a spilled on a floor she had already cleaned. Everyone seem to love their work at Greenwich hospital...And to Doctor Schamberg who did my Endoscopy; Thank you so much for following through for me. I am pleased with this place they exceeded my expectations. Team work makes the dream work. Thank you!

Marco Hernandez

My family and me been in the ER for few times already everything great. From the start to the end they always seems caring and helpful to your needs. Never saw any Emergency department work this fast to make you feel better.

Dil Fareed

Rina Suarez

John Richard

The maternity unit staff was honestly the best..

Jinu Manalil Joy

Great hospital

Let People Know Truth

You can find doctors do drugs in the hallway in Greenwich hospital. People may likely to be fooled by the wanky outlook of this hospital but the truth is the hospital uses business fashion to retain doctors and medical stuffs. The doctors are treated like boss here. All nurses are intimated by the doctors and the hospital management. It's a place only care about bucks. Using hospital as a business to make fast and big bucks. The doctors in this hospital may appear to have nice credentials but they are sub-par. A bunch of losers who deem themselves deserve better life quality without taking their job of being doctors seriously. Don't be fooled by the lobster meals or champagne after any procedures here. If you are able to check the hospital's medical accident records, you will be surprised how beautiful and nice this hospital appears from the outlook.

Patrick Kennedy

Aaron Gershon Gershon

Christian Corpuz

Highly recommended. I am very satisfied and pleased with the kind of service I received from this Hospital. After my inquiry, I was even asked if there is anything else that I can be helped with. As someone who work in health care industry, I will highly recommend this location.

R.J. Grand

My Orthopeidist doesn't work weekends and said if I think I'm getting pneumonia to go to the Emergency Department. I explained to PA Kaitlyn Kasinskas that I put weight on my ribs leaning over the front seat of my car and heard thud and my rib area moved inward. I'd been in pain and had limited use of my right arm due to it. She ordered an xray and told me the results were negative for pneumonia, that I didn't have any fractures or dislocated ribs ( which to I told her I was glad to know that), and that I had blood pooled in my rib area. She said she was writing a script for antibiotics in case I was coughing up more mucus, and felt worse. The nurse came in after and gave me discharge orders from Kaitlyn. After speaking with my doctor's assistant, I called Kaitlyn to ask her to give me more details about the pool of blood she saw. She said she looked at my information and that I would have to come back in to see her. She didn't give me any information. I told her I shouldn't have to go back and she should give me the information. I saw my doctor today who'd ordered a copy of my xray from Greenwich Hospital and said Greenwich Hospital never sent it to her. She also said it was very serious to have pooled blood and the PA ( Kasinskas) should have done something about it. My doctor went into Kaitlyn's notes in my records and Kaitlyn wrote that I "wasn't forthright." Forthright about what? Kaitlyn falsified records about a woman who writes 400 page books and didn't write down everything that she told me during my Greenwich Hospital visit. I also talk in detail. Ask people that know me well. Kaitlyn isn't thorough, and when I questioned her further over the phone and told her she should have had the information in her notes, she falsely wrote in the notes that I wasn't forthright. It appears Kaitlyn Kasinskas thinks if she falsifies patient documents, her tush will be covered. Next stop, Greenwich Hospital Administrator regarding Kaitlyn Kasinskas.

Carol Morant

David Cooper

Nice facility BUT some hospital DOCTORS bill separately & may not be on your insurance plan. We got stuck when a doctor in a Greenwich Hospital lab coat billed us separately as Greenwich Radiology ! Hospital was on plan but Dr was overpriced and not on plan. Moved to Stamford Hospital who bills for doctors and services. Ps Letter to Greenwich Hospital CEO was never answered! Customer service was not interested in helping resolve. Pss.. after reading comments below I called customer service ... left message ... return call on 7/2/18 indicated the same issue exists today , two years after our problem... be careful !!

Mickey Lewis

Great care, nice facility but like many has long wait in emergency dept

Catherine L

Wish I could give this place a zero for their Behavioral Health Unit. No one listened to me so I was put in this unit for no reason. They claimed I was suicidal without asking me if I actually felt this way. Spoiler Alert I am not! The toilet was clogged over night and no one could clean it besides a male nurse who volunteered! Does no one in Greenwich HOSPITAL clean. I vomited into the toilet of caked feces and blood which I would expect at a poor hospital but Greenwich Hospital claims to be the best yet there is no cleaning service? Despicable!! Thank god I didn't get sick from my week-long stay! What a joke this hospital is if you want a clean hospital go to Westchester where no one is too good to clean!

Matilde Rosario

Eve L

I've had several diagnostic tests done at their radiology office but I will no longer be using their facility due to two incidents. CONTRAST REACTION: During my Cervical Spine MRI, I began coughing and having a reaction to the contrast and they so long to pull me out to I could sit up and catch my breath. Shortly after that we repeated the scan that I moved on but my cough got worse when I was getting dressed. The tech went to tell the nurse who I could overhear him say, "let me know is she gets worse." I've worked in an MRI facility and the nurses there would NEVER allow a tech to make a assessment and determination if a patient is good or not. SCHEDULING/STAFF CONFLICTS: Most recently, I was scheduled for an Head MRI and due to Friday rush hour traffic I arrived 15 min late (4:45pm). As soon as I arrived, the receptionist snarked at me, "you do know your appointment was at 4:30pm right?" and I replied "Yes, I am aware but I'm only a few minutes late". She said, "Well we called in another patient and medicated them. We will need to reschedule you for tomorrow morning" I said, "Are you kidding me? Every time I've had an MRI here, I've been made to wait upwards to an hour of my appointment and now I am a few minutes late you want to reschedule me???!" Then another woman saw that I was getting irate and asked me to come into an office to talk privately to which I complied. She then had someone come in by the name of Holly (didn't catch her last name or "title"). Holly perpetuated the I'm sorry but we medicated another patient and we have no more machines." She offered for me to wait until after 6pm to be seen since coming in the next day was not an option. I told her I can't believe they would not even call me to see if I was enroute or canceling. She said they don't do that and said that I was not 15 minutes late but 1/2 hr. I told her that my appointment was always given to me as 4:30pm and I was never told to arrive at 4:15pm. Then she said, "I will have to look into who told you it was at 4:30pm." Each other time I was scheduled for MRI's I arrived 1/2 hour earlier since they give you a time and then expect you 15 mins before then they make you wait upwards of an hour. eg. appointment is at 5:30pm but you are to arrive 5:15pm. then your seen about 6-6:15pm. RIDICULOUS! CUSTOMER SERVICE: I would think that this Holly person would have tried to come up with a better excuse for their obvious lie of another patient being "medicated" as the reason I had to wait. Even though she said, "I'm sorry but" I could tell that she was enjoying telling me that I'd have to wait or reschedule. I told her "I do not plan on waiting and once I walk out of this facility, I will not be returning...ever!" Not at all what I would expect from this hospital which used to pride itself as top notch. It's a shame that they have a wonderful looking facility and top of the line scanning machines but they can't invest in some competent staffers. Another thing they might want to invest some capital in is a text or email appointment reminder so that patients can have the true time of their appointments and PROOF of that! And if they don't want to invest in that, they could at least do it the old fashioned way... phone calls!!!!!!

Molly Freeman

Greenwich hospital birthing center and maternity was an amazing experience. We had an unmatched staff of nurses, doctors and aides. From the moment we came to the hospital during such a hectic time of labor to benign wheeled out a ew days later with our baby boy we could not have been happier. Elizabeth and Katryn our delivery nurses were there every step of the way with positive attitude, helpful tips and info and encouraging words. They worked seamlessly with Dr. Waldman who was our amazing OB. Being a first time mom is scary enough goin into the unknowns of birth and motherhood, but with this delivery team I was finding myself laughing at jokes while in between pushing. Our maternity nurses; Jeanie, Stephanie, and Jaymie, were saviors for our first two days of parenthood and my recovery. They were there to answer any questions, help make me as comfortable as possible, set up such a friendly and welcoming environment, and ensured us that someone from the team would be able to help us even after being discharged. My husband and I could not have asked for a better birthing experience for our firstborn. I would highly recommend Greenwich hospital and the maternity services they offer.

jillian tristan

Greenwich Hospital is the best hospital in the state and one of the best in the country. Staff is always friendly and available to meet your needs as a patient or visitor. Free indoor parking with a few spaces outside makes it an easy place to access. Complimentary valet parking provided outside. Large light filled rooms with comfortable leather chairs with a glass or two of mineral water make this hospital comfortably welcoming. Experience the best in health care at Greenwich Hospital. The emergency room is absolutely excellent as are all of their departments. Greenwich Hospital has well known highly skilled physicians to treat your every need with nurses holding masters degrees who are always kind. Located on beautiful property with sculpture gardens for relaxation outside Greenwich Hospital is outstanding. I highly recommend Greenwich Hospital to everyone for outstanding medical care provided with knowledge and kindness. Note: Greenwich Hospital is a Magnet Hospital with Exceptional Nursing and Exceptional Care.

Greg Willis


This hospital should set the example of one of the most professional, considerate, and well run institutions..from the experience coming through the ER, transporters, nurses, support and highly knowledgeable doctors they all deserve a nod . And 10 stars!!! I left feeling calm and confident.

B.S. M

Entry is confusing, no direct sign to guide you in. Nurse desk was empty and had to walk about looking for help. Very harsh Physician on call, more like a Catholic school gym teacher. Messed up my medication and ran all over CT trying to find which pharamacy they sent my prescription to. I will rather do a longer drive and go to a different hospital for any emergency.

silvia esquivel

La Lynk

So far so good. My husband and I are going to deliver our new bundle of joy here. I have visites twice for sonograms and it has been an amazing experience. I had my daughter at Soundshore in New Rochelle. I wouldn't send a dying dog there. The worst experience ever.

Elyse Saber-Goldstein

I had a total hysterectomy and removal of a free floating non-malignant tumor by the most amazing surgeon ever. Dr. Karen Nishida is in my opinion a true master of the da vinci robotic surgical system. My surgery was on my birthday in October 2016. I never suffered a minute of pain at all after the surgery and the surgical team was unbelievable. They afforded me the opportunity to have them recite a prayer I asked them to offer before my surgery and before they knocked me out, they stood around me outside the OR and said the prayer. I don’t know if it would have made a difference had they not but as far as I am concerned, it worked. Amazing, amazing surgical team. Thank you Dr. Nishida and your surgical team! Elyse Saber Goldstein

Donna P

Superior. That's the word I would use. There is nothing sub-par about Greenwich Hospital or it's staff. Up to date and often cutting edge of medicine is offered to all. Skilled physicians, nurses and supportive staff; pleasant, helpful and caring, this is why Im willing to travel 50 miles away from my home. My health and well-being is worth the trip to a hospital I can trust.

Charlie Cook

Competent care - but watch out for their billing! My physician sent me to the ER for testing in conjunction with flu symptoms. They billed the visit at a lever 4 with 5 being the most serious and life threatening, charging over $4.5 thousand dollars for the couple hour visit which I spent in the hall on a gurney. Final bill was over 3 times normal ER fees, which my insurance company refused to pay and the hospital wants paid in full.

Doug M

I recently had a total knee replacement at the Greenwich Hospital, October 2016. The joint replacement program at GH is excellent, and I would wholeheartedly recommend this great hospital for anyone considering joint replacement. From the moment that I arrived I was treated respectfully and with care, and received this level of care throughout my entire stay at GH. The minimally invasive computer assisted surgery went extremely well, and I was able to walk without a cane 16 days post-surgery. My surgeon and his team were exceptional, as were the anesthesia team and nursing staff. The hospital staff is professional, courteous, friendly, and always very willing to go out of their way to assist. The food is excellent, and the food service staff meet with each patient to take their food orders (never had to pick up the phone to order a meal). The Nursing Staff really go out of their way to make you feel comfortable and special. Beyond that, it's not just the staff and facilities that make GH great, but rather the mindset of every staff member that I came into contact with. I spent 3 days post op in the hospital, and I understand how and why GH has achieved Magnet Recognition. Greenwich Hospital is truely an outstanding healthcare facility. 5 STARS! DM Shelton, CT

Deborah Prince

Greenwich hospital is great only for the insured..or the rich...they only care if you can pay...

Stephen Gombas

I was born here without having a choice in the matter and now life has been nothing but suffering ever since.

Sarah Durand McGuigan

I delivered my daughter here in April, 2013, and the care I received was spectacular. The nurses were like friends, the food was good, and the lobster dinner on the last night was such a special send-off for us. I had a c-section so was there four nights, and I actually felt sad when I left. My birth experience was not what I had expected--far from it--but Greenwich made it the perfect birth for me. God bless private rooms, quiet halls, and a hands-on hospital that treats you like a guest. That was Greenwich for me.

Jimmy Weeks

Liv life

If I tell you I was extremely nervous bc I live in the Bronx and didn't want to give birth on the road or in the back of an ambulance. Anyway I arrived on time and had the best nurse and substitute OB! My nurse checked on my enough to not get on my nerve and enough to keep me confident we were okay. She kept my annoying family out when it was time for delivering and helped me push in 13 mins. Best experience ever! Thank you Jackie!!!

Samuel Fils-Aime


The nurses are amazing and so is the support staff. Great place to have your blood drawn as an out patient. Pleasant surroundings, hotel like. But in my experience, if you have anything seriously wrong with you, this is not the place to go. Again, in my experience, the doctors are sub par and not good diagnosticians. If you are able to go to one of the top hospitals in Manhattan, then do so.


I was in an accident were the car collided with a deer. I went to get checked out and when I got admitted in the doctor did not see me until 3.5 hours after I arrived. No one checked on me to see how I was feeling. The nurse was unfriendly. I was having bad pain in my shoulders, neck, lower back, sharp pain and pressure in head, dizzy, nauseous, weakness and swelling of limbs and groaning from the bad pain I was experiencing. The staff was completely unconcerned. No one offered me Advil or tynol for pain. When the doctor finally came he just checked my breathing and that was it, no full exam, no X-rays, no MRI, no CAT scan after being the passenger in the front seat of a car that just collided with a deer on the highway. then they told me to go home. They filled a prescription for muscle relaxers that I had to pick up myself the next day. I would not recommend this hospital anymore to anyone that needs help.


I have been here multiple times over past years for surgery, there is no hospital that even stands close to the care the staff and the quality.

Kim Sasko

Had a procedure done in ambulatory surgery. Everyone was extremely nice and i felt very comfortable going in for my procedure. If i dont have a life threatening issue i will go to Greenwich Hospital for all medical issues.

Marjorie Kennedy

This review is specifically for the labor/delivery and Maternity department. I can not say enough good things about GH Maternity and Labor and delivery department. From the moment I got there to deliver to the day I was discharged I had nothing but the best care. The nursing staff, specifically Lynne, my labor and delivery nurse and Katherine, my post labor materinty nurse, were extremely knowledgable, professional and kind. Everyone from the valet, the CNA's and food service treat you with kindness and top notch service.

Andromeda Klein

I delivered my son at Greenwich Hospital and I have to say, the quality of care I received should be the standard nationwide. Everyone I came in contact with from the labor & delivery nurses to the cleaning staff were cheerful and professional. My first experience at Greenwich Hospital was during my pregnancy in the perinatology department. Dr. Adams and Dr. Stella were both great at helping me see and understand how my baby was growing and I felt like I was in good hands as they were on top of checking for everything every step of the way. The front desk staff was also wonderfully helpful and pleasant. I ended up having to have a C section even though I planned for a hypnobirth. The staff, nurses, Dr. Ankrah and anesthesiologist, were all so incredibly kind and confident in their work that it really put me at ease and my son was still able to have a gentle and calm birth. After care nursing staff went above and beyond to help me adjust to new motherhood. I felt like they truly cared about my family and provided my son with patient and loving care during his first few days of life. They were incredibly helpful and efficient at managing my needs postpartum and the lactation consultants and nurses helped get me on the right track with nursing so I wouldn’t be discouraged. The hospital itself is beautiful, like staying in a nice hotel. The food served was delicious and always delivered with a smile. I would highly recommend having a baby at Greenwich Hospital and will be continuing any future medical care at this wonderful facility.

Morgan Rousseau

Absolutely superb care in the Labor & Delivery and Maternity wards. The staff was amazingly caring and offered tremendous amounts of attention during the birth of my child, and afterwards. The hospital itself is clean, quiet and comfortable. I highly recommend delivering your baby at Greenwich Hospital.

Harvey Mains

Top notch. If you must have a knee replacement, this is the place to have it done. The rehabilitation was strenuous but just what is required for a quick recovery. The food was good. The staff was great, friendly and helpful. I would highly recommend this hospital.

yara carola lara

(Translated by Google) The maximum in medical care (Original) Lo maximo en atencion medica

Eddie Giron

My wife just gave birth to our beautiful baby girl, and Greenwich hospital gave us the best experience ever!!! Doctor Elias, was great!! we couldn't ask for a better doctor, she was top notch! Very professional, with a great attitude. I would STRONGLY recommend to request her as your doctor. We want her to be our doctor for our future new borns. We also had the best nurses in the world Daniel, and Iren, they went ABOVE, and BEYONG for us!!! we also recommend to request them. Thank you Greenwich Hospital, you gave us the best experience we could ever ask for!!!!

Yasuyuki Kawabata

cristian cerza

Denise Monaco

The nurses, staff and doctors go the extra mile to make sure your medicals needs are met. The doctors are very communicative and provide information on the procedure needed. They also listen to your concerns and adjust treatment as needed. The staff follow up after you are home and give instructions to come back if any of the criteria should emerge. The complimentary valet parking at the ER puts your mind at ease when needing immediate care. The free parking is a God send for those needing to see multiple doctors each month. The hospital is kept immaculately clean. I would highly recommend Greenwich Hospital and the Yale New Haven Team.

Mario Lemus

Melissa Westphal

Terrible experience. I had two people in front of me when I checked in to ER. I waited two hours and was not seen while waiting in a room. Totally unacceptable and when I asked to check myself out I was shown the room where I could check out. I waited 5 mins for someone to come to check out. No one came and I was told it was ok and that I could go. How is this possible? I just left. It’s funny, contrary to what I have “heard” about the Greenwich ER, I still went. Well, what I heard was right. Don’t go there for the ER. Drive a little further for care. I do recommend them for deliveries and out patient care.


Richards William

Jenna Sciabica

This hospital was wonderful! It’s beautiful and immaculate. Felt like I was being operated in the house from Home Alone. I instantly felt at ease when I was escorted to my own room with a bathroom. I am terrified of needles and Nurse Coleen was absoluty wonderful ! She was calming, comical and comforting. She distracted me from the IV and assured me that everything would be fine. Dr. Kanayama was superior, as was the anesthesiologist Dr. Delan. I reacted to the anesthesia and he offset it immediately. Love the hospital , doctors and nurses!

Nastya Blyakher

Gwen Taylor

Sending a big shout out to the nurses here. I had a long stay stay here recently due to some severe health issues and the nurses were all top notch. Every single one of them was knowledgeable, gentle and careful. I was so impressed to see a whole group of people who care so much about what they do. The facilities here are also comfortable and well maintained inside and outside. The facilities staff here must take great pride in their work- it shows and, the comfortable surroundings do make a big difference when you are not feeling well. If you have the misfortune of being stuck in a hospital, this is probably the best hospital you could hope to be in.

Cindy Serra

Spent a couple days in Labor and Delivery but for a severe vertigo attack while pregnant. I cannot say enough positive things about the staff and the overall cleanliness and aesthetic of the hospital. Nurse Katie deserves a special shout out- not only was she there to help me every step of the way but she did it with a smile. I am so thankful to the whole team for getting me through that awful experience

Matthew G

Loved it. Great staff, great facility.

Adam Rothman

Fantastic staff always upbeat and friendly with this great nursing staff it helps speed recovery. From the moment you walk into the hospital you feel from volunteers to staff in the halls welcome and cared about

Nana Ishikawa

If I could I would give zero stars but that’s not possible so I give one stars. My mother had an emergency surgery after going to the ER. First off, my mother would call for the nurse to go to the bathroom but the nurse wouldn’t come for 30-40 minutes so she’d end up wetting her bed. This was not just once. That’s why I started to bring her to the bathroom and when asked why, they denied that that had ever happened. They did not clean the pee with bleach they just wiped with their paper towel and foot. When speaking on the nurse call monitor, nurses never responded to the patients request (no “okay” or “will be right there”). At the end of her stay we were told to prepare for discharge and that a wheelchair will be prepared between 5:15-30. When we called for the nurse at 5:15 saying we were ready, the wheelchair did not arrive until 5:40. Her personal nurse stopped by and told us to call them again because transporters were slow. They should also do a quick bunk mate questionnaire/match where they either prefer noise or no noise. Overall staff were very slow.

Juan O.

6 stars all the way. I went to ER for chest pains. They immediately took me in. Everyone on the entire staff was more than great to me. I was moved after a short time frame to the Chest Pain Unit. They monitored me overnight. The staff in the Chest Pain Unit were fantastic. If you must go to a hospital and Greenwich Hospital is in your area, do not hesitate to go. All around great peopl.

Megui Ramirez

Jonathan Williams

Alex Shaw

I love this hospital they took good care or my mother when she was sick now their taking good care of me I couldn't be any more grateful to all the amazing staff every person who says "I work at Greenwich hospital" has a place to be pround of.

Dave Delaney

I have had numerous occasions that I needed Greenwich Hospital and each and every visit has been the top of line treatment, from the emergency room to surgical unit to Cardiac therapy. Every single person I have dealt with was great. Many thanks to everyone.

Francesca Priola

I was seen on what should have been an outpatient basis for surgery I've had 10 times before (in a different hospital). I explicitly told them that I am allergic to morphine, codeine, and codeine synthetic. The anesthesiologist insisted that "you have to have a pain killer, its a very painful procedure", even giving my experience with it. He also was very pushy for giving me a sedative before the surgery and I had to argue with him that I did not want it because they make me more anxious. I insisted I wanted nothing for pain or only a non-narcotic for pain in necessary. When I awoke in recovery, before I even SAID I was in pain (I was but it was tolerable and did not need meds), they injected me with a morphine synthetic. I immediately began to vomit profusely, started to bleed from the surgical site continually, my blood pressure dropped, I could not even stand, and my skin felt like it was being burned off with fire. I had to get admitted because they could not control the vomiting, blood pressure, or get a handle on the bleeding. No one listens in that hospital and because of it I ended up having the worst recovery I have every had in my 10 surgeries of this procedure. My surgeon may be wonderful but I will never step foot in that hospital again, especially if my life depended on it because they would be sure to kill me.

Vaughn Austin

Im not saying nothing just go and see why it is the best hospital.....

Asheliley Guojree

they got my boyfriend pregnant

moonlight lover

Came here after a really bad experience in another hospital with the personal. They never disappoint me. Always getting fast kind and professional services here in the ER Department

Audrey Alt

great staff, very clean and organize

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