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REVIEWS OF Gaylord Specialty Healthcare / Gaylord Hospital IN Connecticut

Stacia Roberts

Andrew Patrick Reynolds

My Mom worked at Gaylord for 25 years and I have had several friends fully recover from their specialized rehabilitation

Angel Dabber


I went to sati lite facility in New Haven with injuries including Traumatic Brain Injury and other serious injuries. They helped me both physically and cognative. I was outpatient for a year and was pushed to work hard in a caring way. Thank you Gaylord.

Jon Rodriguez

Gaylord is an amazing place. Unfortunately I had a bad experience with security today. Jon the supervisor of security was mean and disrespectful! He stepped out of line. I was working with my patient and long story short. My client and I got in a small disagreement. He budged his way into the conversation and told me I wasn’t doing my job right. Then told me to shut up and that the conversation was over. When I told him if I could talk to the superviser? He got all cocky and said “I am the supervisor.” I’m so disappointed because everyone in Gaylord is so nice. But Jon made me feel belittled and hurt because I didn’t deserve to be spoken to in that manner. Action should be taken for being disrespectful. I’ll definitely be putting in a complaint. I’ll update you on the status on whether the hospital took action or not. After I right the complaint. STAY AWAY FROM JON THE SUPERVISOR SECURITY AT SECURITY. Hello everyone! Here is the update I promised. Within hours, had Bob Hual the director of a few branches in Gaylord hospital including security called me to resolve the issue. I am very impressed on how he handled the situation. He apologized for the terrible experience I had. He also reminded me that Gaylord does not accept this kind of behavior. He promised me that the situation would get resolved and that he would be speaking to JON the supervisor of security. I am very happy because I actually got an apology. It wasn’t from JON the supervisor but an apology is an apology. I feel like this will most likely not happen to anyone else. Thats all I really care about. Customer service is one of the most important things to have when running a business. Gaylord hospital proved to me that no one is perfect, that we all make mistakes, and they took responsibly and corrected the situation. Thank you Bob hual! So my rating went from a 2 to a 5 because I can promise and assure you that this is a very rare situation at Gaylord hospital! I know from experience. I had a few clients go to Gaylord hospital. You won’t find sweeter nurses or doctors anywhere else. Unfortunately can’t say the same for security!

G Mann

The staff is the BEST

Chrystal Plude


Sharon Lyons

This place seemed clean and the staff was nice and attentive!

Kristen Sanchez

Everyone is so helpful! I can get most of my doctors visits done in 1 place! They've helped me so much!

Sara Darkella Wunsch

Pete N

I arrived after a spinal cord injury revision, with complicated by bilateral knee replacements. In three weeks I was stronger and went home able to continue with my recovery. This being my 11th surgery in just over 5 years, this has been my best surgical outcome. Thanks all!

Eric St John

I want to share that I met with Dr Juven on Sept 17th as to new braves. I waited an hour past my scheduled time to be seen and my consultation was under 10 minutes. I traveled 60 miles for this appointment . The consultation resulted in me having to schedule an appointment with Hangers in New London for heal braces to be used in addition to my current braces which Dr Rosenblum said, “were inappropriate” for my condition. During my consultation I was also advised that if I want to continue working I should seek another place of employment as my current job ( managing outside lawn and garden at Lowe’s .....which is physically active and a job I love) is not conducive to my condition. I was diagnosed with Myotonic Dystrophy on July 26th 2017 and this is the first time I felt completely dismissed....

Jessica Rivera

(Translated by Google) Excellent (Original) Exelente

James Bellmore

Ken Harrington-Howes

Rick Sampson

I stayed at Gaylord from June 20 - July 13 with a spinal stroke. This has to be the best hospital I've ever been to. The staff was so friendly and experienced, made me feel good every day. Special thank goes out to Allyson, the nurse in Lyman 2, thank you. Kudos to Gaylord. And the PT group was awesome, they did not take can't or NO for an answer, thanks.

richard earle

Mike Weed

It is a awesome place!!

dianne ouellet

My boyfriend was there for 5 weeks He absolutely loved When he first got there he couldn’t even brush his teeth without help They did everything they could to help him adapt to his new way of living He wouldn’t be where he is today without all the care he received He is there now for outpatient therapy I would highly recommend it.Thank you to the staff and doctors for all your hard work and dedication.

Rosalie Molnar

Husband is presently there after6 weeks in acute medical hospital


I am poor guy please help me my back is damage

Bryan Marshall

The preeminent acute care & rehabilitation hospital in CT. For Spinal Cord Injury therapy, Gaylord is one of only 19 select facilities in the country to have the Ekso bionic walking exoskeleton! Gaylord is a premier long-term acute and chronic care hospital with the specialty to provide Medically Complex 24 hour care required post-surgery. Rehabilitation from stroke, Traumatic Brain Injury, neurological disorders, musculoskeletal problems requiring advanced orthopedics, and SCI is provided both in- and out-patient from award winning doctors, nurses, and therapists. I should know. I broke my back at T4 and arrived at Gaylord a paraplegic on a ventilator and a feeding tube. In only two short months, the amazingly kind and enthusiastic staff had me off the ventilator, eating, and most importantly, adapting to facing the activities of daily living in a wheelchair. Thank you to everyone at Gaylord.

Ogechukwu Egini

Great place and very helpful staff

Eric Ridel

This by far the greatest hospital in the world! I shattered my femur, had a punctured lung, broke my left elbow, and received traumatic brain injury back in 1993. They spent almost 1 full year rehabilitating me both mentally and physically and Ive earned college degrees since and am fully functioning. Gaylord Hospital and their staff RULE!!!!!

W. Pierre

After the auto accident in October and our brief stay at the hospital we were referred to Gaylord. I can not emphasize enough how awesome the staff here was for us. Everyone is different but I can say that the staff on the 2nd floor over in Lyman was super nice, super attentive and so very helpful in our recovery.

Kathryn Bailly

Thomas Madden

Your hospital is unique. Not only is the campus a delightfully landscaped park, you fill the place with extraordinary people. I have never seen a place like this before. Whatever criteria you use to select people for employment – don’t change it. You somehow manage to hire people that have true compassion for their fellow human beings. Other hospitals had adept skilled staff but they seemed more interested in me simply as another case. Your facility has the same high level of skill with the added benefit of really caring people.

Andres Miguel

Kevin Blackwood

Mary Pratt

Great: group PT and one-on-one--4 sessions a day! Cafeteria families can eat at. RN patient ratio. MD visit every day. Great aides/CNA. Horrible: Lyman patient room size and set up. Almost as bad as YNHH. No hooks for coats or anything recognizing patients have families! No communal eating for patients.

Michael M

Conor Ehring

Catherine Summers

I am sorry that I had to give any stars in order to post. My neighbor was taken there . Upon arrival, this person expired. What followed that evening was unacceptable.. Its terrible enough that the family just lost their family member but the staff has to hit them with " its up to you to make a call and remove the body"... How cold in attitude and compassion can this place be? All Gaylord had to do was dial 911, let Hunters take the body to Mid-State and let the hospital call time of death... The body would have been held there, until the family could make arrangements ,as to where to take it.. I cannot believe this place was so cold and heartless to this family.... I will make sure others know of this treatment the family was given.

Merideth G.

One of the worst experiences for a patient. Nurses not qualified, beware of the social workers that are fraudulent, inaccurate and dishonest. I could not wait to get our loved one out of this facility. Do not go to Gaylord. It provides unacceptable services. Nightmare.

Madison Milano

Lots of nice and friendly staff there that help out my grandma there. God bless these staff and for helping people in need. Thank you!

Christopher Lewis

They contacted my wife after falling asleep while driving. I had a rod placed in my right femur. The therapist, nurses and doctors at Gaylord helped and pushed me to walk again. I spent 7 weeks with them and i walk with no lim or cane. I recommend them all the time. I will forever be gratefull to entire staff and facility!

Mike San Jose

Christopher Perry

I spent 1-2 months here to recover from a broken hip, I'm a little hazy on the time span because I had TBIs and wasn't able to remember much soon before/a little while after my accident. Point is, I was really impressed with Gaylord's dedication to the wellbeing/safety/both of their patients, one of which I was. I was also pretty impressed with the kindness and compassion of all of my therapists. I would most certainly recommend this facility to any injured friends of mine who are willing to drive to Wallingford from where we live and/or fulfill basic requirements to become a patient here, which I can assume are extensive because they treat people with both physical and mental handicaps, no matter the person's age or gender gender, of course.

kate Scott

Jon Zelisko

Tonya H

This place is a miracle place. Not only did Gaylord support me after being run over by a car they did everything to help me learn how to do everything again. The staff are amazing and never did they discourage my sometimes outlandish goal yet helped me complete them. I waited to get into this place from another hospital because this place is where you work hard to get apart of your life back. I even wrote a book about my stay here. It's called Superstar because that's what they called me. I was challenged and very well supported. Through my dark days I painted in the rec department. If it wasn't for painting therapy I might've gone mad. You are given every chance to get yourself back to your new normal. Dr. Rosenblum and Kristen were the best support and listeners for me. Dr. R is a Rockstar to me!

Reggie P. Savaria

Suzanne Handy

I was a patient at Gaylord Rehabilitation Specialty Hospital and I just want to say I had the best care while I was a patient on Hooker 1 recovering from a spinal fusion on my back. Everyone who took care of me during my stay made me feel better and couldn't ask for a better hospital. You all are truly remarkable caretakers. If I ever need to have to be admitted to a rehab facility again I would go to Gaylord Rehabilitation Specialty Hospital for my care. Thank you all very much.

Cheryl Kolesnik

Gaylord and all of the staff that work there are miracle workers & are blessed with a special knack for caring about every patient. I was there for 5 weeks after I had a stroke at 49 years old. They honestly became like family to me and supported all of my achievements. They allow your family and friends to be there every "step" of the way.

Denise Macioce

My husband, was review by a team in the hospital he was at,they said he was a candidate,to be in Gaylord,I was told they take our insurance,which is united health care with Medicare,a woman told me sometimes they don't allow to much money for care,I call the insurance told off his seriously. Health staus, open huge womb from gangerien in groin stomach hernia complications also degenerating. arthis,they kept himabout ten days hounding him about going to a new home,team said they couldn't help,I call insurance they ask for my husband information,never got a reply,they were not happy they read his condition,should allow couple more weeks would off pay,he was a nobody,another Spanish man I met brother was being shoved to another home,his insurance,was not great Medicare,had to go Derby two star home,I will not recomend,people,these Chris,nurse supervisor,was really cold,Cindy social worker told my husband he would have to leave couple a weeks ago,he said she never said that,she was in his room 7:00 am July fist to see where he decided to go imagine 7:00 am ,to leave July 1 St we left,they sure don't really. care,the attendance, off nursing staff and rehab,were pleasant ,and proffesional,the higher ups need better education,

Odis Coleman

I recently was a patient at Gaylord. The care I received was superb. The staff at this facility is comprised of top notch professionals who are dedicated to the care of patients. The rehabilitation program I endured was extremely challenging but I am fit today because of it. I especially liked the way I was apprised of how my rehabilitation program would benefit me. Each objective in my program was explained thoroughly to me along with the benefits of meeting each objective in my program. In sum, this was a life saving experience for me.

Vicki Morgan

Awesome medical care for a number of reasons. Great staff !!

Ella Saunders


Kris Spisak

One of the worst experience my family has ever experience. Administration was awful. When my family member was brought there we asked for a family meeting to discuss the case. The coordinator was annoyed. Come to find out they could not handle our case and did know what we should do. In August we asked the Coordinator if they could put in for an appeal (since insurance was almost exhausted) we find out that the appeal was done on Sept 9th (according to the insurance company). She was never planning on doing it. If you can go anywhere else go. I would rather give 0 stars but it asks for at least 1.

Michael Kegel

Never again

Robyn m

Probably a great place if you have insurance or private pay.If you don't they want to ship you out ASAP. Physical therapist stop working with you and the only job of the social worker is to GET YOU OUT.

Kelly Pryor

My grandma stayed here in the stroke unit. It was hard to get in contact with the people who were in charge of her care. We left voicemails because you can just go to the person's office. And it would be days and days with no response.

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