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Aaron Smith

Great service. It was crazy busy at the ER, but that's not their fault. The doctor had a really good bedside manner and my two year old felt comfortable enough with them that he was able to get stitches without crying or screaming. Also the ER has awesome slushies :)

Srinivasa Rao Kalipatnapu

Lot of waiting for doctor, I took my son as he fell on the floor and got hit on the front teeth. We waited for 90 minutes for doctor and dentist was not available. Finally some doctor came and said he will call the on call dentist for opinion. Nurse also so delayed the discharge paper work.

rinaz mala

My son had high fever so I rushed to the emergency , we were admitted inside in 2 minutes ! The nurse was very good , we then were seen by a nurse called Rebecca , she was so professional in a sweet way and very patient with my kids , the doctor is the best I have seen in Connecticut her name is Dr.Cornachio , she gave an excellent diagonse and when we left the hospital my son already started to feel better , I would recommend this hospital ! I'm so grateful becaus tonight after a week finally my son is sleeping peacefully thanks to Dr.Cornachio and the team that made this happen

Leon Adams

Dez M

Dr. Parker in the Er was wonderful working with my daughter, the hospital staff was all great,efficient and charming with my 9 year old daughter. I had a very quick time also,less than 2 hours and they had to give medication and re-check and shes done! Yay,they saved the day! Also Clifford,whose my dad name also,was a great nurse in the Er,it was hysterical how they were teasing with her,they made me so comfortable and relaxed that I was in good hands. I would recommend them to anyone and shes also had a previous stay here 2 years ago with pneumonia and they were even better,if that's possible ,upstairs too. They have volunteers that play with the kids....very good hospital!

Anais Roman

I rather travel here then go to midstate in Meriden! My son came here for his surgery when he was only 2 months midstate couldn't figure out what was wrong with me son after 3 visits came here and they found out right away my son needed surgery ! I've been coming here ever since. Came today because my son was with a high fever and they told me he had a virus Dr. Casey and her assistant were great !!!!! There a children hospital so it does get packed here but I didn't wait 3 hours like I do every where else

Jimmy Iven

Mustafa Al-Furaiji

HHF Supporter

do they take donations

Daniel Sainato

The quality care and expertise that each and every doctor, nurse, medical assistant and staff have at this hospital creates such a sense of peace, wisdom amd unity amongst the patients families and doctors. It is a wonderful hospital.

Cedric DeLaCruz

John Tarbell

dma kp

The child psychiatric unit in the emergency department at CCMC does not have enough rooms for all of the children in need - often children are laying in stretchers in the hallway because there are no rooms for them. Children are given nothing to do except some crayons and paper. They may sit like this for days getting restrained and sedated and bored out of their minds staring at the wall waiting for an inpatient bed to open up in an inpatient hospital - this certainly does nothing to help a child with mental health issues and can be detrimental. The social workers are very cold and rude generally and treat you like another number and when you call to talk to them about your child they act annoyed as if you are bothering them. This is a sad state for a children’s hospital - you would expect better. The nursing staff is generally pretty nice.

Tracy Tripler

The nurses were great. The doctors were unbelievably rude and dismissive. Five days in observation with no answers and barely any test done and two weeks later I still have no results or discharge papers

Karelle Zala

This facility is FORCING a teen (Cassandra Fortin) to undergo chemotherapy - when she ran away from home to escape them, they found her, brought her back to the hospital and STRAPPED HER TO A TABLE so they could inject the chemo drugs into her AGAINST HER WILL AND HER PARENTS WILL!!! Chemotherapy has a published 2.5% success rate - is this what YOU would want for yourself or your children???

Claudia Schkeeper

Kayla Alicea

My daughter had surgery here earlier last week. The staff was extremely kind to my daughter and myself. They made sure to explain to her what was happening before they did anything. They gave her an iPad to play with while waiting and let her drive an electric car to the OR. Afterwards they gave her a stuffed animal to have while she stayed the next day. Not only did the staff take very great of my daughter but always made sure I was taken care of as well. Always asked if I needed food and drinks. I would recommend anyone who has a child needing surgery to come here. The room was comfortable and clean. Stocked with linens in case you needed to shower and the nurses were frequently seen even though the hospital was packed.

Stacy J. C.

I bring in a 4 month old with head injury been waiting for almost 3 hrs, and will not get ct scan nothing. It's alway crowded nothing moves or gts done. This isn't the first time I go through a long wait experience for nothing.

Anibet Baez

Usually I am happy with my experience here. Unfortunately this is not the case now. My son has been in the Psych Department of the E.R since the Friday 12/2/2016 today is his 4th day.This place is full and no where to send and admit my son for mental health issues. They expect him to stay in the room during his stay. He is getting meds to sedate him along with restraints to manage him, because of this experience parents that have children with mental health may need to consider going else where for help. Conserned, Parent that is in disbelieve that there is no place children with mental health needs.

Kyle Smith


Will never take my children here. Obviously they don't believe in second opinions, freedom or the constitution. Forcing someone into chemo injections...Involving police and social services for monetary gain. shame, shame, shame.

# anonymous

Do the people posting about a 17 year being forced to have chemo at this hospital realize it was DCF that had authority to make medical decisions, not the hospital. This place is a wonderful facility with a very caring & knowledgeable staff. My children and grandchildren have been treated there. Wouldn't go anywhere else! Connecticut is lucky to have such a great children's hospital!

terence chen

Jacqueline Hernandez

We still here but my baby had received a great care and all the personnel has been respectful and supportive


Melissa Moore

Always the best with 6kids I'm here a lot and it's the Best

Mandry Santiago

Mandar Kulkarni

What a pathetic facility. We came here at 6pm in the evening to ER for our premie who was coughing. They took almost 4-5 hours to find a bed for her and after getting a room for her we are still waiting for a doctor to come see her. Its 12.30am right now and we are still waiting for a doctor to come in.

keep love in it

I've Heard Of Worse Hospitals And Doctors Hospitality. But Not Like This One

Chelseaa Dailey

Work great with kids and save many lives!

5th Wheel

My daughter has had to come here multiple times for her complex medial care needs. Each time we've come here, the nurses have always been so friendly! Their passion for children really shows!!

Hi ImJulie

Michael McAuliffe

Excellent hospital.

Liza Vintage

This is the hospital that forces 17 year-olds to have chemotherapy against their will. To me, that is akin to murder. When a hospital puts their egos ahead of their patients, they have lost their way and need to shut down. Shame on you.

Jill MG

I am 18 years old and recently went to the ER at CCMC and was admitted for uncontrollable vomiting, after 4 days my mother & I spoke to the doctor who agreed that I could be discharged. The first thing the next morning I returned to the ER feeling worse than ever. I was immediately admitted back into the hospital. Several tests were done and they all came back normal, but I was still vomiting uncontrollably. I was then seen by the psych team and we had come up with a plan and medication that I was going to try. I was ready to go home but they wanted me to stay for 1 more night. I was told all my paperwork would be ready so I could be discharged 1st thing the next morning. The next morning the team of doctors did their rounds and told me I needed to stay at least a few more days possible a week. I would not agree with this. Another therapist I had spoken with put me on a medication that I wanted no part of and told her I wanted no part of yet when I left the hospital the prescription was waiting for me at CVS. She insisted that my vomiting was caused by me being anorexic when that was absolutely not the case. She told me if I left the hospital and had to come back I would be put on restrictions and would have to earn any and all privileges. I felt this was very inappropriate coming from a professional, so I signed myself out. As soon as I got home I received a message from my psychiatrists' secretary that he would no longer see me, he had spoken with someone at CCMC and felt he could no longer help me. So thanks to this hospital I was left with no medication and no help.

Tresa Thomas

So I'm with my 8 month old.....before I could even say don't, Alexis Scianna a Tech did my child's temp without putting the plastic protected piece on##!! I asked shouldn't you have used the protected plastic, she replies oh no we clean it also... that was a lie! Like I work in the medical field, protect my child from getting further germs then they already have.... Then she advice me to put my child on the dirty floor to take his height! No Alexis... you could have measured them on a table as they do at his pediatrician! I will be at Uconn next time.

Adisa Senderovic

Worst place you can go the doctors don't care about your child's need they just want to get you in and out so it counts. My daughter needed a refill on a perception that she really badly needed I called for 3 day and the pharmacy faxed over paper work everyday and they just said they would leave it for the doctor to see my daughter is in pain and they just don't care. That place is all ghetto the nurses are too. Just a horrible experience all around. For your child's safety and we'll being take them else where. They don't let you schedule and appointment ahead of time they say they will call you and never do. My daughter had a diaper rash and it took 3 doctors to see what kind of rash it is so the doctors don't know what they are talking about. Only good thing about the place is dr.newel but he is not there everyday so you get stuck with some other stupid doctor.

Sara Mavredakis

ED staff is wonderful, Inpatient residents on the other hand are not qualified at all

Yaris Marrero

(Translated by Google) I love the service they give (Original) Me encanta el servicio que dan

Charles Jr DyNiesha Whitfield

I will NEVER bring my child to this hospital again. I went to the ER Friday thinking since it's a Childrens Hospital that my Daughter would be treated with the best care. My whole reason of going in was because my Daughter had just came back from vacation with her biological and was complaining of itching & burning in her pelvic area, Mind you she has swollen bumps from the front to back. Once we got called in, The Dr. came in said they will check her pee, for any infections. Then he proceeded to say that I should give her a warm bath and apply bacitracin cream on her and it should go away by Monday. He leaves to check her "pee" and then comes in with paperwork. States their is not signs of infection and to sign this paper. Once I start to read the paper it says the diagnose was Execma. I asked him how is it diagnosed execma when he hasn't even looked at the affected area. He says well would you like me to take a look, Well of course. that was my whole agenda of going to the ER. Before telling me to undress her he states" This would be the first time in my career" um, who are these people they are hiring. He was about 50 yrs old. He is in such a rush that he swaps my head with the cord of the light barley looks at her pelvic area and says yeap thats execma. After talking with one of my friends, a Male Dr. isn't even supposed to examine a female child without a female Nurse present. After talking with my sister she had a terrible experience here as well. I wish I would of known of her experience because I would not have taken her to this location at all. I will stick to going to my local ER rather then taking her to this location. I should not have to tell a Dr. to examine the patient before making a diagnose

Abo Haroon

The best place to care for your child

Idaliz Cruz

(Translated by Google) Very good hospital and good service (Original) Muy buen hospital y buen servicio

Rebecca Joerg

So it hurts me to have to give a 4. I've been a patient of the orthopedics department for the past 14 years. It is the only reason I can walk today. I go in every three months for steroid injections in my hips so I can continue to walk. The past two appointments I was given the wrong day and had to wait longer to be squeezed in. I'm going to inform my surgeon of this as well. But I after being somewhere for so long it's quite unexceptable.


Patrick Ryan

Sarah Curulla

Everyone was super nice and helpful

jamila bailey

Didn't have a long waiting time

Farhad Abdulrauf

Caring and happy environment.

Ms. Ortiz

Truly care about the patient and it's a beautiful facility . Wait time can be long but it's worth it

Charisse Raul

Love this hospital


Quick, efficient, personable. I was thrilled with the care they gave my daughter.

Lacey Hagedorn

I can't even begin to express how HORRIBLE of an experience I had at CCMC. We went in for a dog bite on a weekday afternoon and it took 6.5 hours to get my daughter a few stitches. I'm giving it a two star only because the staff was very apologetic regarding our long wait.

Jared Kohut

I give this place 1 Start since they were able to get my child a room rather quickly. My family spent 3 hours here on Christmas day and they did nothing but give him Motrin. They said it was to far into the sickness to be able to give him any medicine. Then sent us home. His ear aches are still there and getting worse. Thankfully we were able to get him into see his family Dr. today. This was a horrible facility and you should avoid it at all cost's.

Jennifer Gonzalez

Jasmine Morton

My child was DENIED services because we have tri-care. Way to support military families CCMC.

Maria Vega

Too crowded and not enough doctors or nurses to go around. Good caring compassionate nurses.. when you can track one down. Very clean hospital follows all rigorous health safety standard

:O Love yourself

Love it


Great staff, very beautiful hospital with an appealing look for children. Very nice nurses and doctors too. Parking services are also great!

Karri B

The hospital is very unorganized and in my opinion compared to another children's hospital, doesn't even compare equipment wise or facility wise as a whole. Very substandard in my opinion. Plus the staff either doesn't seem to care about doing their job and takes 10000 hours to get to you for a 5 minute thing such as discharge. Horrible horrible hospital!!!

Julie Biron

Haven't had a bad time here yet. Everyone is very nice and passionate about what they do!

Reggie Mcgee


Heather Wohlgemuth

Everyone who works at CCMC is an absolute angel. Wonderful experience during a very scary time.

Michael Maniscalco

Excellent from beginning to end. Everyone involved in the process of our child having surgery went above and beyond. I am truly grateful for the care provided. Thank you all very much.

Merry Gasorek

I will be forever greatful for everything from the doctors, nurses, secretaries, administrators, custodians, security, and anyone else I have forgot to include, thank you from the bottom of my heart ❤️

Jose Martinez-Oneill

Kemar Smith

Omg this place is amazing when I say amazing it is amazing.... There is this nurse she’s so sweet and helpful and knowledgeable and so friendly she left by the time I could ask her for her name... I would recommend anybody to carry their child here...

Miss Burts

Jennifer Metcalfe

This hospital saved my sons life. Everything they did was explained to me in great detail and they were very attentive to my needs for my baby. Any questions were answered right away. My son, who was only two weeks old at the time, is healthy because of them.

Jennifer Bilbraut

Eileen Egan

Trying to call and coordinate appointments so difficult Dr is not available but says wants to see patient a big facility you should make yourself available

kim norwood

Stephanie Walker

I brought my son in for surgery today - he is 8 months old and my husband and I were very anxious for this day. The staff in the pediatric surgery wing were absolutely amazing. They made us feel comfortable and reassured when handing over our little one for his procedure. I was truly taken back by their level of professionalism and support - it was so appreciated. Thank you all.

Aaron Weintraub

We took my infant son to the NICU and the level of care we got literally saved his life.

Rose Love

The staff here are truly amazing they are so caring and kind thank u so much

Priscilla Delvalle


Elisa Amaro

I work for CCMC and we treat our kids as our own. The services provided here are amazing for our children and we have many professionals with years of experience that provide the services your child needs

Leslie Burby

We love Ct Children's Medical Center. I wont bring my kids anywhere else. They have staff that help explain what is about to be done using pictures. They let my son play on a tablet as a distraction while he got stitches. When he had to be sedated they coated the mask with his choice of chapstick scent and let him play with it before having to put it on. Everyone is so friendly and accomodating. They really help a stressful situation go smoothly.

Evelissa Gonzalez

I have to say I came here to see the urologist for my 4 1/2 month old I got to admit this place is big and got lost but I love the hospital. 2 days later ended up in the er in Bristol a day they transferred my baby to hartford since I been here since Saturday. This hospital has been the best very kind and respectful staff here they have helped my baby get better thank u to the staff in the er to the admitted staff u all have been very helpful and great to my son and me and his dad.. thank u so much. And thank God my baby is doing so much better.


They are so caring

carmen cruz


Ice Princess


Kevin Puckett

Tara Hendrix

My teenage son was admitted 4 mental health issues. He couldn't have had a more knowledgeable staff. The hospital is clean and very comforting for children. The environment makes the patients and family feel at home. I definitely felt like I was listen to and any questions were answered.

Vicki Rodriguez

Children's fast tract takes longer than being seen in ER

Julie Gillis

Great hospital, great doctors and nurses

Gabriella Mendillo

Great when I broke my foot they took me in and seen if it was broke and it was so they gave me a cast right away.

Angel diaz


Jennifer Homan

Rion Lindsay

Great staff

Courtney Courtney

Dr. Valdez at ENT is great!

Robert Moore

Great staff and minimal wait times. Facility is truly kid friendly. Staff are always polite and explain anything you need to know. Parking isn't free so be prepared to pay for the garage or use the valet service.

Joann Lilley

Recently my son got very ill and had to be transferred to this hospital from Danbury ct. The staff was amazing from the doctors to the nurses right down to the cleaning staff! They all made sure not only my sons need were met and he was as comfortable but myself as well. The doctors and nurses made sure to explain everything to me daily and while it was a very nerve-wracking experience I felt his care was in some of the best hands. I can't thank everyone enough and wanted to say you're all doing a wonderful good!

Lisa Davis

Great place to bring your kids for there over. health care and if they need specialist this is the place

Erica Hernandez

Best hospital yet .

cool cavalier

Took great care of my son and made him feel comfortable..he broke his leg and needed to be casted..I later came down with MRSA!!!

Jazmin Cartagena

AMeeR Al-MashaD

They are theives that have a terrible service and keep lying about what they did to take your money

Christa Baker

Botched my sons surgery, overbilled me for an emergency transfer to ER for my infant son. Billing staff are unprofessional and uneducated, specifically Maria. Will go to Yale from here in out!

Onilton Rodrigues

Nothing but good things from this center. I have only been here once with my daughter and upon arrival she was miserable. The first thing they did was gift her with a teddy bear. Always attentive and made us feel welcome. The two day stay there would’ve been otherwise treacherous if it weren’t for their attentive and caring staff.

Paul Naski

Our 3 month old son was admitted to the hospital yesterday due to an unknown sickness. He was crying constantly when he is normally a very calm and quiet baby. My wife went here on her own at first and I could tell our son was in good hands the minute I was able to finally get there hours later. My wife seemed very calm and at ease which I am sure the staff had a lot to do with. During our stay we found all of the 15 to 20 members of staff whom we encountered to be very nice and accommodating to all of our needs between our son and our unexpected overnight stay etc. Even though we don't know the exact source of the virus or exactly what it was they treated him very well and we all were confident in his discharge within 24 hours - even though original estimates were 36 to 48 hours. We can't thank the facility enough and although we hope we don't have to visit again we know should any future emergency issues come up we know where to go!

Mrsnool Rodriguez

b flo

What an awesome experience. We were blessed to have Dr. V, Dr. Soltis, nurse beverly and child services Colleen. My daughter was treated so so good. I must give a big "thank you" to the staff there. I hope this makes it to their bosses, and recognize what an awesome job their employees do. Besides the testing which weren't fun, And they never are, my daughter loved this place.

Heather Bressette

There's no other place I'd rather rather bring my child when he's sick but to this particular Children's Emergency Room CCMC gets things done fast and professionally! There hasn't been a time that i was disappointed with their diagnosis.

ashlee thomas

This hospital saved my sons life after my local hospital denied up proper care. He had pyloric stenosis and CCMC caught it immediately and scheduled him for emergency surgery right away. This is a great hospital with wonderful and caring staff.

John Thomas

Overpriced! Took my son here with a bad cough. Was here for 4 hours. But the wait wasn't the worst part, it was the bill that came in the mail. I thought it would be about a $200 copay for my insurance, but even after my insurance paid I'm stuck with a bill for $1150. I'll be struggling to pay this bloated bill off. I will never come back here again. Crooks and thieves

Jose Acosta

Love this Hospital even though is 30min away i take my daughter there better than taken her to midstate

Marc Conrad

As a child, I was at CCMC for a multiple times, commonly ear drum operations The staff is very nice, and the service was very comforting to me as a child going into surgery. The best part of each operation was before each one, the operating wing I was in had small drivable cars for children. Each time I went in for surgery (3 times within 5 years) I got to drive one each time to the operating room from the waiting room. That and the big cafeteria all the doctors go to. To top it off, after each operation I remember picking out a stuffed animal to take home as a reward. The last time I was there for an operation was in 2005, within about a month I was in the operating room twice, once for a two hour operation and the second time for a follow up to have bandages removed. It was during the second time a problem occurred, and how the staff handled it was very professional. I was to be under anesthesia using the mask technique, but for some reason the gas wasn't making me sleepy. At some point I panicked and the staff realized within seconds of what was going wrong. They then removed the mask, comforted me, and used the needle to complete the sedation. I'll never forget how professional the hospital is, even the security guard was nice to me. Thank you CCMC.

Bob Gallagher

Awesome Children's Hospital!

Fatima Chowdhury

Great hospital. Very inviting for the kids. Hospitals can be intimidating, but they have a great atmosphere and everything looks very appealing to kids.

Diane Wielgosz

Have brought my daughter here twice so far and both times I was very happy. They are wonderful with kids and I did not have to wait either time. My daughter was coughing and sneezing terribly and was very sick, they made her as comfortable as they could and diagnosed her quickly with croup. Second time she had a 104 fever and immediately threw up in front of their front desk, they gave her a T-shirt to change into and a gown for me. Very impressed with them and will go no where else for emergencies with my children!

Yamil Goytia

Randall Luster

Great with Kids!!

Shannon Barriere

Great place for kids!

Ebony Hunter

Ingimar Bjarnason

The hospitals "One Call Referral" system doesn´t work and to make matters worse the hospital is unwilling to make up for it. So my kid is going to be in pain for longer than he should have to be.

Ashley Cole

I have taken my daughter to CCMC several times over the years. They are extremely knowledgeable and the bed side manner that all of the nurses and doctors have with children is amazing. The only reason that I didn't give 5 stars is that they tend to be a little slower than most EDs. Very clean facility and pretty tech advanced.

Matt 851awesome coolness T

Awesome care

Catherine Smith

Often my grandson spent many times there during his childhood and you always get the feeling that you are with people who truly see the individual child and that child's family. Such a warm , hopeful, knowledgeable, place in a time when a family needs that!

Sambuca Mike

Had chemoabolation today 7/17/2019 (2nd time). I can’t say enough about the H.H. Radiology and Jefferson Radiology staff. As always they were all friendly and professional. Plus they all had a sense of humor. Unlike many others. Dr. Kallen is the epitome of what a doctor should be. Great beside manner and the willingness to explain everything in a way that normal people can understand. Thanks to both staffs. Michael C. Bittner

Cesar Salcedo Escoboza

Dustin Miles


Jucenta Walker

Jessica Manfredi

My 3yo son had surgery today and the entire staff did an awesome job at making him feel comfortable and explaining what would be happening. The staff is amazing!!! We had a great experience here, I would recommend anyone who has a child who needs surgery to have it here!!

David Wheatley

Kristen Johnson

Our two year old son took a nose dive into a coffee table and managed to split his nostril away from his face. He's just days away from being three years old and they had to sedate him in order to put in a few stitches. Everyone that came to see us was fantastic. They were always asking what we as the parents wanted and if our son was doing okay. I can't imagine what a normal emergency room staff goes through daily and these guys do that with kids who are scared, fidgety, screaming, and what's probably worse is they have to deal with the parents too. They definitely know what they're doing here and seemed genuinely concerned for everyone's comfort. Our son even got a stuffed animal which he loves and a ninja turtle figurine. I hate to say it, but I'm sure we will be back for future boo boos.

John Ansart

My son was taken here by ambulance. By the time I got there (about 15 minutes after the ambulance) my son was already done with x-rays etc. I don't think we were there for more than an hour. The staff was awesome!

Ped Health

Faisal Nasser

The best Hospital for kids in USA

Andrea Weber

Well wort the drive. Plus several satellite locations.

courtney ewell

Melissa Tefft

Excellent staff, all very caring, very nice building

Donnell Williams

Michelle White

Please clean the rooms!! Hair and visible dirt throughout the room that my 15 month old and I were in. Just not what you expect from a hospital that cares for sick children. Cleaning crew needs to step it up

armando camacho

Maria Santos

Ryan Santee

Great, great people! We went there an in emergency for our 19 month old little girl and everyone was cordial & accommodating. Everyone would ask if we needed something & they even brought in a dvd player for her. The doctor was very patient with our questions and we left there feeling good, despite being in a horrible situation

fe jewett

They have best quick response to my baby, and they're Pediatrician Doctors are friendly same with all nurses and medical assistant people.

FaZe yami

Good medical services

Charlie Stack

Exalted at customer service. N very attentive to what I needed

Melissa Camarota

My son had surgery here in December 2016 and I have to say i was beyond impressed , this hospital is amazing and the staff is just as amazing ....I cannot say enough great things about CCMC .Even though we live an hour away it's the only hospital in CT that I would recommend for any child

Morgan Peterson

Raeqwan Jordan

Scott DeRico

Sophia Copeland

I brought my son to Connecticut children's hospital because my son was having severe diarrhea and vomiting. The nurse kate did an awful job triaging Matthew. We waited three hours and no one came to see Matthew. Finally after I went outside to express my opinions I ask to speak with the hospital liaison was told that he or she is not available but they would send in the charge nurse after she was finish with her patients. All the nurses and techs just stood there gossiping and no one offered to help me. Finally the charge nurse came and told me she would talk to me in my room. A doctor came with her and said he is the doctor in charge and what's going on. Finally after waiting three hours he examined my son and said he needs fluids and will need to be admitted. Now it took me voicing my opinions and advocating for my son for him to get some help. Then the rude nurse said she is not coming back in here to see matthew. At this point it's now 3:57am february 20th and I have been in here since 1am February 20th. Still waiting on my son iv fluids

keyanna stewart

Jordan O'Linn

Best hospital ever! Saved my family members life!

Jennifer Ledard

The entire staff here are angels. Saved my son's life and were so good to me and his father. Carefully explained each diagnosis, solution, and complication. Thank you!

Kiara Powers

The staff is friendly, especially the techs in psych. The wing is rather small and when there's an overflow of patients they either have to sit in the hall inside the unit or on one of the two or three beds outside the unit. I've seen reviews mentioning children having to wait to get a bed in a behavioral hospital and giving a bad review for that, but the staff has no control over that. I do agree it's rather boring having to wait to be admitted, so I think someone should invest in finding something more for patients to do-- it's a psych ward, being bored doesn't help with behavioral issues. Techs should get more respect from their superiors, they know the patient best so therefore they know what's best for the patient. I understand there's many rules and regulations in place about what patients can and can't do and I understand that's due to every patient's problems proving different while interacting and there's probably a lawsuit waiting to happen if patients interact. Techs know their patients best and most behavioral hospitals know the benefit of patients interacting with other patients or at least with staff, so techs are bound to feel some of their patients feel lonely and would benefit from socialization. The social workers or psychiatrists or whoever interacts with a patient once or maybe twice are alright. The techs are the gold of patient care, they're the only thing keeping the psych unit from falling apart.

Peter Vargas

The doctors and staff are amazing. Services that are second to none. I live 45min away , believe me I wouldn't bring my child anywhere else!!!

Aymara Mangual

Takes a long time

Natalie Rios

Susan Ng

Tonight I have met some serious rude employees at front desk. I brought my son in because he twisted his arm. It's only hurting him when he lifts it. It should be an easy fix because my daughter had came here a couple times for the same reason. But this place is too pack tonight and these people are trying to tell me I should give him some Motrin.

Jam Vanilla

My 5 year old son had surgery here yesterday and boy was I scared. From the moment on the phone I felt the warm spirit and made my mind at ease. I went in and from the beginning to the end I can tell I was in good hands. Anesthesiologist came and greeted me even put the smell goods in his mask and had him pick out his favorite smell. He drove a truck to the emergency room and I watch them put my baby under. The entire process was GREAT! Thank you guys so much for taking care of my pride and joy ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

waleska carrion

anna seavey

they are the best hospital to have for your kids . they treat them with great care i will keep taking my kids there.

Paul Holts

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