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REVIEWS OF Bridgeport Hospital IN Connecticut

Jasinto Carrasco

emily vonick

Irving Siegel

Dr. debroff and surgease the tops!

Tom Dapp

Great for premiee baby's

Kendy Desances

I took mom there. Her blood pressure was high. They took great care of her. She was so happy. She told me how nice the people were. They’re very patient. They went over everything to make sure she’s well. Her heart was racing. They brought it down low close to 100. The normal rates. I was so impressed. They worked as a team. Such a great team and very patient too. I’m very satisfied with the way they treated her.

Yaser Elwishahi

Eve Marcano

(Translated by Google) I've been visiting my sister for the last 2 weeks, nurses and doctors from the 10th floor are the best !! (Original) He estado visitando mi hermana por las ultimas 2 semanas, las enfermeras y doctores de el piso 10 son los mejores!!

Andreas Christoforou

Jaresa Brown

I’m in the hospital now the worst floor in this hospital is the 10th floor they don’t even care they make you wait for over 25 minutes to 45 minutes for a nurse to come in they really don’t care on this floor I been waiting for almost 35 minutes just for Ice water and Tylenol smh this is ridiculous it’s just this floor There to busy at the desk laughing and giggling to actually acknowledge the people there last time I needed something after waiting 25 minutes I walk to the desk and they still didn’t come

Camila Philipp

I wish I could give 0 starts. Doctors and nurses could not care any less about your wellbeing. If they don't know what's wrong even thougt they can see in the tests there is something wrong, they will just let you go. I went in after seeming my physician for appendicitis. When I got to the hospital, it took a while for me to be taken in. I was there Friday at noon, not their "busy time". They took me to this ghetto looking wating/treating room. I don't even understand what was going on. Instead of beds, it's was uncomfortable waiting room chairs. The nurse who gave me an iv let in a ton of air bubble in my vain and never once came in to see if I was ok while I waited 4 hours for a ct scan. I removed the empty bag myself after 3 hours just there, ridiculous! Then I went to get the scan after 4 hours waiting and when the results finally came back, by then the hospital was busy. I was told they can't find my appendix (how did you pass the boards without being able to locate an appendix, even if it's not in the traditional location, did a dr actually look at my scan?) BUT there IS an area that IS inflamed. It could be the appendix that's is in the wrong place (I googled that and it can happen) or the bowl (which I also goggled and it's not good either). They had me eat some nasty 2 day old ham sandwich as a "test" (I am sure I'll be charges $100 for that nastiness) I didn't have an appetite and don't eat pork, but the options where old ham sandwich or old tuna salad, I'll take the pig please. My last meal was a cup of milk 13 hours prior and the last solid mean was the night before, by then 26 hours earlier. The idea was if I threw up then it's appendix, uh ok. I couldn't eat much because again, I wasn't felling well and I don't eat pork, it tasted gross and slimmy, were they trying to get me sick? The 2 student surgeons came in (a experienced doctor never bothered to come in) asked a couple of questions, then the ER dr came in and said "we don't know what's wrong, come back if it gets worst" seriously????????? I'm in sever pain enough to come to the hospital to be told we don't know what it is, good luck? You see in the ctscan there is something going on but because I didn't puke I'm ok to go home, is this truly happeneing??? I have private insurance and this mess is going to cost me at least $4,000, unlike the other patients who clearly have state insurance and went in because her hair hurts, yes the lady after me at check in was there because their hair in her head hurts, WHAT!! Now I have to get a second option and fast because if it's my appendix and it's inflamed, time is of the essence. I will never go back, they only care about patients who are pregnant, kids or gunshot. If there is something wrong with you but it's not cookie cutter symptoms and they don't know what it is, they will send you home and you better pray you don't die. I was discharged last night and in my wait to another hospital because surprise surprise, they pain is getting worst. Long story short, use another facility for your true medical emergencies.

Mandi C


fatima popalzai

Roy Barnum

Marcos Lugo-Busanet

Horrible visit for a tooth pain waiting now for like 5 hours

Mark Robertson

My daughter, on a recent University study trip from the UK, was recently admitted with a life threatening condition following a sudden ruptured abdominal cyst. She required an immediate blood transfusion, following severe internal bleeding amounting to two litres, half her bodies blood volume. Her condition was so serious that we were advised that had she been admitted an hour later she would not have survived. We cannot praise the surgical team led by Dr Joel Messom who operated on my daughter, highly enough. We quite literally owe our daughters life to the skill, care and dedication of the whole medical team. Words cannot express our gratitude that our precious daughter is now recovering back home in the UK.

J Oli

They don't have personal for night shifts I spent more than two hours in the emergency room before deciding to go to another hospital since I received no treatment

Justin Batres

I am taking the time out to write this review in effort that someone from Bridgeport Hospital is reading this review and will do there best to avoid anyone else from having a bad experience like I did this past Monday when I stayed overnight not only did I leave with two black and blues im my left and right arm arm because the young lady in the ER was new at drawing blood , I had to give blood twice because I was told they lost my original blood sample on top of sitting in the ER for 8 hours waiting to be moved upstairs to the observation room once in the observation room I had a nurse send in a tech to try to draw more blood from my arm I had to remind him that no more needles where needed because I had the IV in my arm so he sent in a nurse named Mavis who was going to draw more blood from the IV inserted in my blood and instead of using a clean Saline solution to flush the line she used one with blood in it then in the morning I called the morning nurse named Silvia who came to see me almost two hours after I paged her she was very rude to me after I asked her to take the heart monitor off she just walked away I had to figure out how to take everything off myself so I can use the bathroom later in the day I called her again and she never came back in every time I tried asking for her she either walked away or sent a tech in to see what I needed this was the worst experience I’ve had and to top it off I spoke to the cardiologist who said all the test came out good nothing to worry about but the Dr on call wanted to add heart pills when the Cardiologist had just spoke to Me and said I didn’t need any medication than when it was time to check out I had to again take all the heart monitors and blood pressure off of me to get ready to go home because Silvia refused to come in to take the stuff off of me and had said let him wait for nurse Marryamo to do it but the only good thing I can say is that the nurse named Marryamo was very polite helpful and she kept apologizing for Silvia’s disrespect and attitude. I am afraid to go back to Bridgeport hospital very sad but I might just have to drive all the way up to Yale New haven those guys have everything in order.

Ce Fa

Wonderful experience for my mom at Bridgeport hospital. From the time started being take care of in the emergency room to her admission and the care received. Everybody working at the hospital has been so nice, polite and caring. They want to make the stay of their patient the best they can. They also have a level of patience with some patient which is out of this world! So professional! The facility is also very nice and modern.

Stephanie Murphy

I recently gave birth to my second child here, the housekeeping manager Pam is absolutely amazing! She is the sweetest and made me feel as much at home as I could be, and all of the nurses on the maternity floor were so wonderful and helpful! My 19 month old came in to visit his baby brother and the whole staff made him feel on top of the world as a big brother!

Nelson dario Moncion rosario

Andrew VanDenAmeele

Outstanding medical service and care

Tracey Johnson


Amatavaotea Fetutaimane Umaga-Pearson

They will abuse and hurt your love one!! Run I'll upload picture at my page or YouTube of the abuse.

Jacqueline Grey



This place went downhill. Their new system gets people in “faster” which it doesn’t. It’s disorganized and they have students work on you. Students work like robots. They don’t care about the well being of patients at all this was my first time in 5 years going and I will never return there again.

Katrina Duda

I came here to have my appendix removed. The nurses and doctors were really helpful and nice. My only real complaint is it took a long time to get a diagnosis.

Karen selling

This is my 3rd visit to Yale during the course of a couple of years and my last no matter what my medical condition is. The treatment received was beyond horrible by the Doctors and Nursing staff. Ended up signing myself out because I was tired of being treated as if I was incompetent

Kara Zalesny

Being a resident of Westchester New York, I have dealt with some excellent hospitals. I had a family member in this hospital and it was the WORST experience of my ENTIRE history of dealing with medical officials. My family member went in for a ROUTINE angioplasty which ended up with a ruptured artery, open heart surgery and bypass surgery. NONE of the doctors and nurses have any idea what they're doing, so they had to bring over a doctor, who was excellent, from Yale New Haven Hospital to perform her emergency surgery. The nurses left my family member unattended when she needed help, some were rude some were not, but they all disappointed us in one way or another. They lied to us, they were neglectful to the patient, and they were the SLOWEST hospital staff I have ever witnessed in my life. I ended up helping my family member on and off the bed pan because when we would page the nurse (which, by the way, the button was broken for a good half a day before they decided to fix it) they would take their sweet, sweet time (how does a half hour sound?) to come help us. They are understaffed, which I understand why, because I don't know what self respecting doctor would want to work there anyway, and the whole visit was a nightmare. My best advice to any reader of this review would be: take your medical emergencies to Yale New Haven Hospital or it's almost a guarentee that your loved one will leave Bridgeport hospital in a body bag.

Anthony Caiazzo

Melissa Zowine

Came there multiple times for help for not being able to walk. My situation was/is very serious. They ran a test or two then gave me the boot. No wheelchair or anything. I was falling and having seizures. They seemed to busy to care. They are overworked and it shows..if u need doctors to care and help. DO NOT COME HERE. desensitized staff that just want to get u out. They don't care here

Eugennie Tucker

Very poor

Danielle Jones

The most terrifying medical experience of my life. The doctors do not listen to the patients needs and coerced my family and I into a treatment plan we did not agree with. They gave us little time to decide and when we said we were seeking an outside opinion they automatically assumed we were using Google which is insulting. When it comes to people of color their expectations are low. I admit I didn't look my best because I had just given birth but they assumed I was riddled with STDs and didn't know who my child's father was. Please keep in mind my husband was by my side the entire time. They tried to convince us our son had an infection that they had no substantial medical proof of and after 3 days of torturing him with excruciating tests they said oops your milk wasn't fully in. DISGUSTING. If you're looking to be profiled and treated like a crack head go to Bridgeport Hospital but my family will NEVER stop foot in that hospital again. It's sad because they have a clear bias towards freethe community they primarily serve. Only positive thing was the E.R. staff and the NICU nurses were helpful. Stay away from the pediatric department and avoid Dr. Hen at all costs he was extremely disrespectful to our family during such a sensitive time.

Matt D'Amico

I went here twice early December 2017. Two visits (a day apart) in a row with a concussion and neck injury. One doctor gave me a Valium and said not to worry about my injuries. "Some people would handle having a concussion differently" The other doctor I saw said not to watch movies and said because I was young he was not interested in doing any testing or proper precautions. Turns out I had a serious grade 3 concussion, a herniated disc in my neck, nerve compression in neck, nerve damage in my right ear (going to go deaf in it while young), and bad whiplash. I got 0 treatment for my injuries here. Don't go here for head injuries unless you just want to be given an Advil or Valium and have the doctor rush out the door.

Monica Klahr

I have been in this hospital many times in the Urology area, just wonderful the staff and all the doctors that work in that department..Dr Viner has been my physician in his office and their, and he has taken the fear out of any procedure you may or may not have to endure..he is kind and caring all the nurses are just wonderful, their are no words, to express just how professional and caring too..Hats off to the entire Urology department even the receptionists make you feel welcome, the place is spotlessly clean to the highest rating...I don't relish being born with Urology problems, and the fear of needles, but they understood my fears and needs, which has made my experience and experiences well pleasant and...rewarding. Again thank you to the complete staff their..Bridgeport Hospital DOES CARE....THANK YOU ONCE AGAIN AND MANY MANY THANKS TO ALL THE WONDERFUL DOCTORS THAT I HAVE TREATED ME, I FEEL BLESSED......THANK YOU

Natalie Gerhard

I was sent to Bridgeport hospital by my primary care physician to be treated for pneumonia which was not getting better. I went through the emergency department and was seen quickly, had blood work done, and put on an IV quickly as well. Every staff member I encountered was caring and friendly. The doctors and nurses seemed knowledgeable and explained what was happening and what was going to happen. The only complaints I really have were that the food wasn't great (it's a hospital so that's understandable) and my biggest complaint is that in my room the bathroom didn't have a sink in it. The sink was located outside of the bathroom right next to my roommates bed. So I found it awkward to be standing right next to someone else's bed while needing to wash my hands. While I'm glad I only had to stay for one night, it wasn't a terrible place to be and found the staff to be top notch.

Angine Auggie

Luke Egan

We were recently patients of the hospital through the birth of my daughter. The level of care that we received was outstanding! Each and every team member was personally invested in our care experience. I can not say enough good things about our experience. I would highly recommend this hospital and care facility!


Martha Deegan

I was inpatient for 13 days at Bridgeport Hospital, in March, due to an unidentified virus I contracted abroad. They treated me like a Queen. All of the staff were nice and understanding, helpful and encouraging. I will never forget them.

Hayato Saito

Paul Santo

I was Born Here. November 12th. 1969..

Katherine Turner

The hospital was clean and nice. But what truly concerned me is quality of personnel. I had difficult time communicating with a doctor. It turned out she never attended medical school in the US and I'm not so sure about her qualifications and skills. It's probably cheaper for hospitals to hire doctors from foreign countries. But when my health and wellbeing are at stake I want to make sure I receive the best service possible.

Allan Bruce Campbell

Beware of how much they will bill you beyond your insurance. It has cost my $2,600 out of pocket for visits where they did nothing for me! Do not go to a colonoscopy if you have a cold something they do not tell you when you book the appointment. I still have to have a colonoscopy!!!!!!! I went through the prep for nothing and had an anesthesiologist diagnosing illnesses I do not have and costing me $1,100 in extra payments for things I didn't need. That was March 2018 in June of 2017 I had AFIB for a week and decided I had to go to the hospital. It stopped when I got to the triage area. My luck! I spent 45 minutes in the ER had a EKG my out of pocket was $1,500 and they did nothing for me!

Suzanne carl

Received marvelous treatment by doctors and nurses! thanks

jodi gifford

This is a review of of the emergency services. I had to get a test on a one year old baby ordered by the doctor. First, I will say all the staff were very nice and helpful which is why this is not a one star review. That, and I think the place was genuinely clean. Next, I will list the order of events. 1. Parking-emergency Lot full at 11:30. Parked in main garage. To get to the ER, you basically have to cross the building and walk through the ER which is very confusing. 2. Check-in was fine and almost makes you feel like things are moving along since you get the initial screening done quickly. 3. Registration, not to be confused with actually moving into the ER did not come until after 4 hours of sitting in the waiting room. Waiting room has the hardest freaking chairs, no visible vending machines, no music, only muted cartoon tv. There is no way at all to know your progress. 4. Post registration, things are definitely not moving along. It took another two hours to be admitted. Names are called by individuals who struggle with last names. You could easily miss being called. There are no toys for kids to play with. So at this point, if there was a screen showing your waiting time, you could have ....gotten a bite at the cafeteria (although not accessible from this area) or vending which is somewhere I assume. 5. Admittance- I have only nice things to stay about the staff. One even found us a sandwich which sounded like they could have used a lot more of for other patients who had been waiting for hours. Blood results took 2.5 hours and room was freezing cold were only complaints....just happy to leave really. It seems like the hospital could put a few chairs that don't kill your spine. Maybe some kind of DMV like waiting display. And put vending in the ER waiting area. Possibly even have a cart come in every couple of hours with coffee and sandwiches for sale. Maybe a few books or toys to buy as well. Also, a phone charging station with standard cords would be awesome. At least there is cell service at this hospital as we did the ER once in Norwalk and couldn't contact an emergency. Having snack bags stocked once in the ER would be considerate given the number of hours most patients have waited. It almost feels like these inconveniences are done on purpose but if there is a reason, don't expect people to understand. Finally, why did I have to goto the ER for a urine test on a baby. Isn't there another area of the hospital that can cover this..

Nicole Inverno

Awful communication between employees.

Carlos Alberto Ramirez Maldonado

(Translated by Google) School (Original) Kool

Claudia Perez

(Translated by Google) They treated me well and I liked it so much I felt good (Original) Me trataron bien y me gustó mucho me sentí bien

Ariel Nieves

I don't have the time to right about all they do wrong there.

Rose Mendez

Anthony Cannon

Good staffing

shavonne King

I was not pleased yesterday with my visit to the ER. I was treated good when asked what I was here for the nurse who took my vitals was very kind and concerned. I was brought to my room my nurse was rude they changed nurses (shift change) I requested something from her she never told the doctor which made my stay longer the nurse in the recovery room never took my vitals they didn't get taken in til the next nurse came in I use love Bpt hospital I've been going there for years and since they've changed to Yale it's going down hill you guys were fine just the way you were !!!


Bridgeport Hospital has psycho security guards who tried to break my arms in the emergency room and the doctors did not know how to treat me. They are also running some name scam with their former and current employeesl

Marjorie Osavio

Thank you bridgeport hospital for taking care of my mother Videl Duhaney let me say in the ER on 8-29 Dr James,nurse Angella,Carlene,and Stephanie ,tech support Tiffany and Alex thank you.In the observation unit Nurse Jackie,Jenelle,tech support Stephanie and Rita and my mom cardiologist Dr McPherson and his team Dr Shah,Karen and the other 2 ladies thank you

Macho Gaming USA

So upset I only come here at the ER for my kids whenever they have a fever and always a wait. This time my 3 year old daughter has a fever for 104.2 and this people took her temp and put me to wait at the waiting room for 2 hrs. I’m so upset on how they make lil kids fever a priority. They remodel this place for nothing.

claire alvarez

Tuta Claro

HORRIBLE SERVICE. NEGLIGENT. THEY DO NOT GIVE A F$;):&!! These people had me waiting HOURS to see my 6 months old baby. I had to walk out

Sheila Vesciglio

I had surgery at Bpt Hosp. My husband sat with me in the pre-op holding room. They wheeled me away for surgery... I woke up in my assigned room... My husband was never told where I was. He was left downstairs in the pre-op section for hours... He thought I was in surgery for all those hours and was worried as hell bc it was only supposed to be about a 3 hr surgery... Don't forget your patient's family, Yale!!!

Valley Regional Adult Education

Very quiet on the 10th floor.

Fay T. J.

I just left 9/28/17 @9:54pm I'm headed to another hospital! This place is scary and emotion less! The lady getting blood work couldn't draw any blood after I told her I was dehydrated. Wouldn't the smart thing to do is wait and or get water in me? Instead she goes let's try the other arm!!!??!! I have a kidney disease it's literally hard to breath! Why would I add more pain??? I walked out. I came back because we'll I'm still in pain. The lady at the front desk said I need to start over again I said that's fine but before we start is there anyone else to do blood work, I don't want that lady again? She said she didn't know and can't call to find out!?!!! So why check back in???? I would give no stars!!! I'm headed to st V's. I'll buy something to drink on my way smh!!!!

L. S. Young

Jazzman's/ Pandini's has great customer service. RHEA is always a pleasure when taking care of my order.

Jules Armani

I hate this hospital!!! It's always a long wait. The nurse told me two hours ago we were next nobody was in front of us and still here. Horrible wait times nothing here changes !!!!!

Adriana Waki

DONT COME HERE IF YOU HAVE A REAL EMERGENCY. I wish I could give negative stars. I broke my foot, came here and waited over 3 hours before seeing a doctor. Norwalk Hospital is 10000 times better and cleaner.

Jessica Marlowe

Daniela Aquino


Malpractice lawsuit could be on the way for Dr. Mallipudi. Zero stars. Had to put one. Dr. Mallipudi will kill your family members if they are elderly. He should lose the right to practice. I am the granddaughter of a former patient. Was told all my family member’s levels were down and they were in the process of dying and we had to “let them go” and that’s what he would do if it was his loved one. He said all of this in front of my grandparent and they silently started to cry. What kind of person does this? A surgeon there refused to give them possibly life saving surgery. Guess what? My grandparent was brought to another hospital and it has been a week and they are alive and this kinder hospital gave them the possibly life saving surgery. No mention from them of their levels going down or them being in the process of dying. If you or a loved one get Dr. Mallipudi and you’re over the age of 60-watch out! It seems it is easier for him to get on with his day if he can “make you comfortable” and move on to his next murder. It is disheartening that some Doctors forget they are supposed to be helping and not taking the easy way out for them. It’s a tough career and you should leave when you get so jaded you want to get rid of human beings with flesh and blood and lives and families. Shame on you Dr. Mallipudi. I am not the person you think I am. I never even spoke to you. I just stood there and listened in shock. Malpractice lawsuits are not good for you or the hospital. I now await the lovely copied and pasted response they give everyone that asks you to call to complain. They never read these and personalize the response. Too busy for that I guess.

cathy Gutierrez

Had both my kids here lovely nurses

Rosangela Sanchez

Ionut H

Professional and most important they put humans first before business goals

Jennifer Vazquez

Genuinely caring, friendly staff, non-judgmental, attentive, helpful; the way it should be in a healthcare setting. Granted, it was a busy weekend, but somehow my father received the services he needed and the TCORS program was great in establishing financial assistance for him since he had no insurance! Thank you Evelyn at TCORS and the staff is ED last weekend. So happy I brought him here! Thank you!

Beba Irwin

its horrible they have not gave me my food and I've been here for 3 hours horrible experience.

El Negro Perla

Maureen Marino

I was hospitalized a year ago. Ecellent care and excellent staff.

Magda Rodriguez

kay craigs

The nicest most friendly doctors in the ER. They checked me thoroughly and were so nice. Made me feel like my mom was taking care of Me. God bless all the staff here . :*)

Jackie With The Jatty

mari moreno

Very good

Traci Frank

Great staff in person rude on the phone... For sure the psych department isn't understanding towards the needs of those who call, we call to feel better instead made to feel like crap an hang!!!

Kenny Hernandez

Arika Ice

Doctors where awesome, my delivery went great, and even after I got discharged I got a card with congratulations and signatures from the doctors, best hospital ever, love the whole staff

Eun Lee

Zachary Caron

Great service, very nice doctors, great medical attention, very fast service and check in, great medical equipment, a lot of professionals, I would definitely recommend this hospital to a friend.

Anthony Campbell

Diamond C

Raven Walters

Watched a guy that's been sitting in the waiting area for well over an hour pass out. It took hospital staff more then 10 minutes to notice. When they did thet seen bother by the fact they needed to help him. God forbit you are dying and actually need immediate care you might want to consider making an appointment with your primary care doctor you will defiantly will be seen faster. Horrible hospital and the staff has sadly forgot that the reason your open and have a job is because of the very stupid people like ne that continue to go there....

Gian Andrea Morresi

Christine Jusino

I call every other month for a new patient appt and they always hang up on me and say theyre not taking new patients....really? for 5 months.....poor service.

maria clara barroso ferreira

I understand that the health care is going down fast. I have been in this hospital many times,and it is the same thing always. these young nurses have no exprerience or respect. They treat the older patients as if they are not worth the trouble. My patient was neglet ,found her in pee from head to toe. Horrible care. specially on the 9th floor So because of circunstances i have to come to this place and only gets worst. A Dr lied to me and when i got upset and raised my voice asking for copies of what she was saying,i was accused by the management of being aggressive and was threatened of restricted visits with the patient. Patient Relations WILL NOT HELP WITH PATIENTS PROBLEMS,they will turn things around and accuse you of being agreesive for protecting a human being with out a voice. There is no intregety or respect and now i know why this place has such a bad reputation. Instead of fixing the problems they actually allowed the staff to continue. There is no communication or coordenation this si a nightmare. The stressed i get from this place,makes me vomit when i have to go there. I only can pray that these people someday will know what they have put me and this poor soul through. I AM THE COSTUMER AND THE COSTUMER IS ALWAYS RIGHT!!

Brendalis Santiago

Tyshawn Johnson

The Labor and Delivery team was great in taking care of my daughter's mother, her labor, and her operation. I however was very disappointed by the overnight staff in the Mother's Care ward. They made false accusations that marijuana smells were coming from the room my newborn was resting in. Simply due to an overpopulation of the room by 2 people. That just isn't right and lives can be ruined.

Gisselle Marie

I went to the ER on May 28th with severe abdominal pain and I could not be happier with the service. Everyone from check-in, triage, the nurses, the doctors...they all did a wonderful job keeping me informed in everything that was going to transpire. They made sure I was comfortable the entire time and that meant a great deal to me with how much I was hurting. I received a diagnosis for something I had been dealing with for a very long time that no one else had been able to find and am on my way to getting it taken care of through this hospital. I wanted to take a moment to mention Yolanda who helped me get insurance on the spot as well. I just moved here from New York and had no insurance whatsoever so I am beyond thankful that she helped me and I am able to take care of my problems with no worries in my mind. Thank you!!

Matt Souza

My wife was badly burned and they took great care of her on the burn floor, but needed the bed so they moved her to another floor. Was all downhill from there. Dr did not come in and see her, but said they did so she never got the proper pain medication and refuses to give her the relief she needs. No fun watching wife cry in pain and being ignored in her room. Stay off the 8th floor if you ever come here.

Karla Gomesjjjhff

Joseph Quinonez

Alberto stefanacci

The paramedics and emergency staff are the most amazing, professional, courteous people that I met. Thank you for your amazing work. Thank you for taking care of my wife so meticulously You all schoud be recognized .

Tasha Thompson

Had endoscopic procedure today excellent Dr excellent staff very caring.

Anne K. Mulligan

My husband and I have both had surgery at Bridgeport Hospital. We were treated with compassion and courtesy. The surgical nurses there are lovely, caring people.

India Tolliver

Today was the worst experience ever at the emergency room. I went to the lady at the front desk (big heavy white ladiy) and I ask her to order me a taxi cab through my insurance. She told me no because I don’t have a car seat. Like my daughter was just seen to and still sick. She goes “why can’t you go and take the bus “? It’s freezing cold out side, my daughter is sick and u want us to sit out there in this night air cold weather

maria robles

Terrible experience at the emc unit, lack of compassion for the mental health patient. staff and security make fun at the patient in the most cruel manner's, I was skocked to see the way the behave and how they make fun of the mental health patients. No respect or value for the dignity of patients and families. Overall, the worst experience at a hospital, definitely not compassion, dignity,courtesy or comfort and kindness... they didn't demostraded any of this behavior's...they make you feel very uncomfortable.

Angelica Bonilla

Im glad i picked this hospital to give birth the doctors are so nice and caring they supported me the whole way through thank you


My Mother who is dying, who has a fever is getting kicked out today Room 7-543A 2 pm ,,She’s going to a Convalescent Home for Rehab. To top it off,, I’m trying to comfort her , telling her she’s going home. Because she really isn’t with it enough to know where she’s going. I was trying to make the Transfer easier, her Nurse walks in the room raising her voice said,,don’t tell her that ,, she’s going to the Facility,,, then calls Security to have me walked out,, with a great big Smirk on her Face,,, just because she can ,, these are the kind of People that work at this Hospital,, No Respect, No Morals God Help Us All

Gillian Escourse


Every time I come here I’m always waiting in the waiting room for about 3 hours. When I get to the examination room I’m there for another 3 hours. I understand that there is a lot of patients but oh my goodness it shouldn’t take more than 6+ hours just to get checked out. But other than that, great staff.

Barbara Kasbarian

Have been there twi e in the last few months. Had an endoscopy in December. The endoscopy suite looked fairly new. Exceptionally clean. Staff was wonderful. Had major surgery there in January. Room was like a shoebox and not very clean. In four days, saw housekeeping twice. Had a major accident in bathroom, and no one came to clean. Complained to nurse, and he got down on hands and knees to clean, so bathroom could be used. When housekeeping finally arrived, she bragged that it was her first day on job and she hoped she knew what she was doing. She didn't. It is no wonder the risks of infection are so high. With the exception of one night nurse, the staff was great, including the student nurses. I had no toiletries, toothpaste, brush, washcloth, etc. One student was appalled and had to scrounge around to get them for my room. I could go on, but I think you get the picture.

Jen Spinella

First time at Bridgeport hospital ! I had to have a xrays done on my ankle. I am a single mom and came with my 3 year old and the radiology department took him behind the desk while I had the xrays done.. he sat with a man referred to as "Happy" ..Mr. Happy was great with my son !!!!!!!!!!!! Staff was very professional and caring!!!! Thank you, your kindness is greatly appreciated!

My Health Review

Zero stars; I had to give at least one to post here. I had the worst childbirth experience in this hospital. I trusted them because it was associated with Yale but was extremely disappointed. Despite it being a teaching hospital, they were really arrogant, unfriendly, patronizing and insincere. The staff was cold and I was treated incorrectly. They had a horrible bedside manner, bad doctors coming up with the wrong diagnosis, disturbing nurses, and with so many residents (who are still students) all over the place, I felt like a guinea pig. It's been months since I was there, but since my traumatic experience I haven't been able to recover at all. I'm still traumatized and stressed over the delivery of my baby and I still have aches and pains in my body. I would not recommend this hospital to anyone at all for delivering their baby. I will never forget the significant moments of my life such as giving birth for the first time, and this one was horrendous.

Alexis Altiery

This place is HORRIBLE!!! Have and appointment and wait 2hrs to be seen then get sent to ONE STOP for lab work and holy s**t It’s called one stop for a good reason, you’ll be stuck at that one stop all day. Receptionist are rude and they are extremely understaffed and under experienced.

Kay-Ann Clarke-Gray

I just brought my son to the ER because he was vomiting, and had a temp. I was told by the triage Nurse that it was a 3 hr wait to get in, and another 2 hrs to be seen and they were 5 patients ahead. She didn't even want to look at my son or take his vitals. Instead she sent us to St Vincent. I read before that this hospital was trash and they weren't lying.

Mikey Johnson

Gary Pond

Had a colonoscopy done at the hospital .. The folks working at the hospital are more than helpful. The problem is that the management of yale health seems to think that the use of robocalls and emails are customer contact. They think we are going to drop everything we are doing to speak to a robot that calls us. They also believe that try to take a long time to watch or fill out a bunch or emails that are more junkmail than anything else. While I realize that there is a LOT of cost cutting, they should not have the right to call this patient contact. After all of this, you get another email to fill out a survey about their service. And when I dont do their survey, Im sure they will keep sending more emails. Heres your survey ....The folks who I have dealt with in person were nothing but great. The folks who are thinking that robot calls and emails replace humans are raising my blood pressure. Gary Pond

Lillian Torres

Work there


I was sent to the emergency from the urgent care, because of chest pain, shortness of breath and hand tingling, numbness, when the the doctor came, just asked why I went there, said I was ok and sent me home. Horrible service ,

Vivi Fab

Honestly, I must say considering the way things just are (they JUST ARE) i usually always find places like hospitals and places like such to be unpleasant experiences BUT Bridgeport Hospital has taken not only care of me when they were obligated to in more serious ways but ONE STOP was very helpful, efficient and all the staff members were courteous to me and timely matters were always the case for different procedures and protocol that i needed to have done. I was given a beeper to wait so i could go about doing what i needed to do. Hospitals don't get enough credit in general but kudos to Bport's hospital for always being open minded and for me personally, the most pleasurable trip a hospital trip can ultimately be. My opinion, just saying thank you :) **Vivian

Ange Lauture

Nice view from the 5th floor

Maria-Regina Asamonye

Was treated so well when I put to bed.My husband and I were very happy through out our stay there.Good and caring nurses.

Mia Aponte

There is so are some nurses

B Days

Nilsa Chacon

Fivestars isn't enough... For the first time in my life going into the emergency room and admitted in the hospital for almost 4 days..from my first nurse Stacy and Patty at ER to the best of the best Daniel Schuffer "Danny" what a Robin Williams type of character and all the amazing staff Sheri, kadian, Maricar, Bianca, Sara. If you are lucky enough to get any of these to care for you, or anyone you're definitely been seen by the best..I notice that they really strive to be good at what they do, understanding the issues and targeting providing good medicines, equipment they working with, hospitality, care, compassion, professionalism, overall very impressed, I hope I never get sick but if I do, I know where I would go. This place is a gem that must get acknowledge for all the great things they do..if you must go, don't hesitate you will be on good hands!.

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