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Robyn Bee

I visited last night on January 29, 2018, when CSPD sent me down for a SANE exam. I was overall very pleased. I had a nurse see me within 10-15 minutes of checking in, in order to get my vitals prior to the exam. The nurse was a little on the rude side as she kept barking orders at me. That was the worst of it. It was pretty busy last night, so I had to wait a little bit before the nurse could give the exam. She did come in to talk with me a little bit, but since there were a few other cases, she had to work with them at the same time. We were also waiting for law enforcement to show up and take my case. While I was waiting, they sent a TESSA advocate down to talk with me about resources I could use. The SANE exam is an invasive procedure, and it can be hard after an assault. However, the nurse was great with telling me what she was planning to do next as well as telling me I could skip steps of the exam if needed. Both the nurse who performed the SANE and the TESSA advocate were very comforting and gave me great advice about recovering from what happened. I hope that no one will have to go through what I went through, but this location did well with helping me the best that they could. Thank you.

Lesley Alarid

Called the first time no answer. Called a second time, got disconnected on their end. Hum. Not professional!

Amy Stenborg

I only give it a 4/5 because it was our first time here, so I’m not familiar with all of it- but our experience was great, given the circumstances. We had to visit the ER with our 3 small kids, and the nurses/doctors were very friendly and helpful! They brought in juice for the kids and even brought them each a new toy, to hell keep them entertained and happy during our wait. That was tremendously thoughtful, and caring! The ER staff we saw, definitely get a 5*


Very fast E.R. - in and out, very very impressed how smooth everything went and when you are "E.R" worthy sick or with a loved one that is, the "paperwork" side of things running "extra smooth" is just what the doctor ordered!!!!

Serene WC

The valet parking is ridiculous. I waited for almost 30 minutes to get my car. When I was finally the last person there, I asked where my car was. The lady behind the podium hadn’t even given anyone my damn keys. I had my 9 month old with me and it was cold and snowing outside. Unacceptable.

Gabriel Kelly

You can call every phone number listed and will never get through to main operator or er. It rings until it disconnects. Hopefully you're not trying to find out about a loved one transported there by ambulance.

Cassandra Perea

During my labor experience one of the nurses seen we were trying to sleep and I asked her if she was going to let us rest she said yes and five minutes later she came back in and started doing more stuff so I ended up telling the dr I dont want her back in my room and the lady in delivery was not telling me to push when she should have and when I got left alone with her she was very mean told me I'm not to get up and not to eat yet and wouldn't let me take a shower this experience was terrible

Cody Henderson

Have been in an intake room in the ER for over three hours waiting for a room having brought an unconscious possible drug overdose patient in. Received no help getting the patient in the door when they obviously could not stand. So they took us immediately into a triage/intake room where we have been sitting for at least three and a half hours waiting for a room. My friend is still unconscious we are not being checked on and I got spoken to like I was a five year old when I asked how his room was coming. Can’t check him out because “their system is down” so we have to sit here with no one checking on him and not one person concerned for his care but we’re still in a triage room because he was creating a scene in the lobby by having convulsions and puking. Worst cafe I’ve ever seen from a hospital thouroughly disgusted with the care here. My field medicine has far exceeded the care given to him thus far tonight.

Stephani Martinez

My mom went to that hospital last night becuase she kept having contractions every 5 minutes and they wanted to give her a shot to stop her contractions but the last time we went there for the same reason they gave her the same medicine over and over again and it never helped so she said no this time and they told her she neeeded to leave And then told her to come back if she has contractions every 5 minutes even though that was what was happening. I am very upset. As a hospital you should be more patient and understanding especially because she’s been in pain becuase of her contractions for 2 days already.

Jeremy Pavlik

I give it five stars because the nursing and CNA staff on the fifth and sixth floors took great care of me. Are extremely professional and personal as well they genuinely cared about my well being while I was here in the hospital as well as making sure I had a plan for when I got out of there. I was in bad shape when I got here and because of them I was brought back to health. I completely trust the nurses and staff of UC Memorial Central and we trust him in the future if I ever needed them again. They showed genuine concern for their patients and provide a smile when it's needed.

Jamar Hyghes

This place is the worst hospital I've ever been to...what a joke. Waiting time is waaaaay too long, the staff check in on you only when it is completely convenient for them. I get that ER's are busy, but still tend to your patients in a timely matter!

Isabel Rodriguez

The staff in the emergency room is always horrible. Went in today after getting into a motor vehicle accident and I was treated as if my injuries weren't real and my complaint about my head pain was brushed off. Apparently if your not Caucasian your lying about being injured. It was a waste of time to go.

Raymond Caveza

really caring and respectful in our time of need

Nate Johnston

There valet is total junk, my friend had his truck parked with them and we witnessed them drive past our window at stupid speeds. So of course i was skeptical parking with them in the first place. About a month ago i had them park my car (emergency valet) and got it back with an airbag warning light?? So im looking at my car today 7-4-19. After i had parked with there emergency valet again on 7-2-19 and happened to notice that my hub cap is scratched the whole way around it like it took a nice curb shot or was parked to close to a curb. I am the ONLY ONE who drives my car and have NOT hit any curbs since placing these hub caps on about a month ago. Like i said total junk. It would be nice if someone would get in contact with me and make this right.

Regino Chico

Good dr .good stuff.

Joshua Willhite

A 5 Hour waiting time okay I can understand that but when the nurse walks in and throws her phone in my face saying that talk to your wife even though I've been in contact with her the whole 5 hours even though with a three year old and a six-year-old was very trying I have to explain to her that that's my ex-wife and I just told her I had no news 10 minutes earlier interrupting my parenting time and helping my ex-wife stalk me then as I was trying to leave the hospital waiting for my vehicle at the valet some doctor came up and asking me questions and I told him wrong person and then he had the audacity to ask my 6 year old how old she was what is wrong with these people

Ian Wiersma

If it weren’t for this place I would be dead, enough said


This is by far the WORSE hospital to go too they just write you off like nothing is wrong with you when there is indeed something wrong!!!! The nurse's are rude they treat you like your nothing dont listen to you and the doctors well I cant say much because i dont know who's worse!!!! I will never come to memorial again! Have me waiting hours for what just to take a guess what's wrong and not even run any testing wow!!!!!!!!!!!

Joanne McElhinney

Memorial Hospital has lost an MRI order multiple times since 2/7. They failed to communicate with my neurologist that they no longer provide the IV sedation requested. My doctor sent over new orders specifically stating anesthesia and the staff have still failed to schedule this important test. I have been advised to never trust this hospital with my life unless I have really great life insurance or a good lawyer because they don't make patient's lives a priority. This is just proof that my life means nothing to these people.

Linda Matthews

So far today on birthing hall the doctors and nurses were great. Didnt have an issue until I left on the 2nd floor i encountered some older short haired lady blackish cropped hair with a nasty attitude when I asked her how to get to emergency exit. She was very snarky nasty woman. Other then that everyone was nice . She was behind the desk past the elevators

Tammy Benshoof

I deleted my original post because I did not realize that I was at UCHealth memorial North I'm not at this hospital. My apologies.

Lori Furtado

This place is gross and ghetto!! The emergency room is rarely attended by valet employees, which means you have to park in the parking garage far away and walk during your emergency. Then you have to get your bags checked by security guards, THEN go through a metal detector before you can even tell anyone about your emergency.


If you need an emergency room, pray you don't end up here. I never leave reviews anywhere, but my experience here was SO BAD I just can't stop myself. My child had intense abdominal pain two days ago. We got there when it was busy (yes I get that this can't be avoided) So we were in the emergency waiting room for two hours. During that time I experienced what can only be described as a morbid circus show. * Patients would come up to the counter to check-in, and in some cases, they were asked their social security number, along with their DOB and name. If I was a criminal, I could have stolen the identities of at least 5 people who had to answer these personal identifying questions within earshot of EVERYONE in the waiting room. One man who was brought in by ambulance (I'll get to that fiasco in a second) actually objected to being asked his social security number. His tone was not yelling, but he was obviously louder than normal, sarcastically commenting about how unprofessional that was and then asked for a paper and pen to write it down. One of the front desk men was obviously upset by his objection and tone and proceeded to reprimand his behavior (which wasn't even bad and he had a right to be upset). * The ambulance.. dear God.. everyone who arrives by ambulance gets paraded right through the waiting room in front of the audience of chairs facing their direction. Their belongings are publicly searched by security in front of everyone, and the mad guy from earlier who was asked his social security number became even more upset when security found his weed. His weed was paraded in front of everyone while he was very publicly notified it was illegal on federal property and it would be destroyed. He was obviously embarrassed and even made mention to the fact that this should have all been done privately (I agree buddy, I agree). * About an hour after we finally got a room the registration lady came in. She did not announce who she was when she came in and instead asked my daughter if she was feeling better and what was wrong. After my daughter spoke to her about her ailments she finally announced she was from registration and asked for my ID and insurance information. I might be being overly dramatic here but what the hell is a registration person doing leading us to believe that my daughter's condition is any of her business? *All in all we were there for 7 hours, no issues found, and I found out a lot of personal information including medical issues about total strangers. This hospital does not respect patient privacy or dignity at all. Avoid at all costs.

Monica O

I tried calling to make a well woman exam appointment with a gynecologist 3x and no success. The first time, I was sent to the right department, but when I tried to press 2 as the automated response said to, it didn’t work. The 2nd time I called, I was sent to the wrong department. The 3rd time I called, I was sent to a different wrong department. Wasted time.

Kelsey Scott

Went to this ER for chest pains and tightened throat, thought I may have been having an allergic reaction or cardiac issue. After check in I sat in the waiting area for about 3 hours before getting called back to a room. Thank goodness my symptoms were subsiding on their own. Not to mention, the whole place reeked, floors were riddled with food particles and trash, things falling apart. The first nurse that attempted to draw blood decided to fish around for my vein (I’m bruising now). Luckily the next nurse who came was way more professional. Also, the tape used over the injection site is not the proper tape for skin. Had a fun time ripping off hairs and irritating my skin :/. My wife is in the medical profession, she works in a hospital everyday , when she arrived to see the conditions of that place she was disgusted. Some of the staff were friendly while others seemed annoyed to do their jobs. Next time I’ll drive a further distance for better conditions/service.

Emily Rikli

No heat and no hot water. Not a good place for neuro patients. Maintenance just walks in without knocking

Emily F

If you're pregnant don't go to this emergency room. They don't know what they can and can't give a pregnant woman. I came in with kidney issues (had been seen in a different state two weeks prior, and the pain had become unbearable) and they did nothing. I was there for 5ish hours and got fluids, a benedryl, and nausea medication, and then got sent home. They did not treat my pain at all or they didn't tell me what I could do for it. They just wanted me to follow up with a urologist. So so frustrating. By the way I went to the urologist today and they gave me medication and explained everything going on, which the ER could have easily done.


I didn't even get to make my appointment before the receptionist started being snarky and rude. I asked if I needed an appointment or if it was an emergency room and she gave me way too much attitude for a receptionist.

Tina Lynn

I can’t believe a hospital as well known and as nice as this would not feed a mother of a toddler inpatient. This little boy and mother have been there since Thursday and no social worker, nurse or higher up will provide the mother with food. She is staying 24 hours a day to be with her child and is being denied food. She doesn’t have any money to get some. You would think this hospital would be willing and eager to help out.

Original Techsquad

Care was poor. Admitted 6/5/2019... Still here as of 7/26/2019. Staff will not assist with shower. 6 weeks no shower. Bummed!

Michael Spadafora

Absolutely terrible. I went there last year because of kidney stones and other issues that were caused by the kidney stones. I will never go there again, and would never recommend anyone go there for anything. they are not only slow getting you back to a room the doctors don't seem to care when they are checking you out. When I went back I had a doctor tell me I had a kidney stone and to see a urologist tomorrow. I ended up paying hundreds of dollars to a hospital and doctor for them to tell me what I already knew. what I needed is a doctor to help with the pain and possibly do a surgery. I'm still dealing with them every month I try and pay and something is wrong. I can't find my info online to pay so I have to call and when I call no one answers. So my payment is always late. This is the worst service I have ever received. A few months later I found out they didn't process a payment correctly had a wrong phone number for me and keep telling me it's my fault. I have personally made it my mission to make sure this place loses business

javier ayala


Steve Wilson

Poor communication by staff between each other and different departments. Mistakes made that were easily avoided by paying attention and communicating. VERY SLOW discharge process. Our family will never use this hospital again! Cafeteria gives new meaning to horrible cafeteria food! Parking attendants have poor customer service and don't even say thank you for a $5 tip. Ceiling was leaking water in hallway by my wife's room entrance.

Justin Wisdom

Slowest ER ever people come in behind us and they go first. My wife has been puking since 5pm we arrived @ 11pm it is now 110am and we still have yet to be seen WTF. Another gentleman had been waiting since 830pm.

Kyla Seber

I was diagnosed with appendicitis and referred to Memorial because Grandview didnt have a surgeon on floor. I went to Memorial and waited in an exam room for 24 hours. My surgery was pushed back 4 times, all while being deprived of food and water because of my supposedly-urgent operation. The nurses were very nice but don't come here with any trust in the surgeons seeing you any time soon.

Rob Hodge

I have always been treated very well at this hospital. My doctors as well as the people caring for me all were outstanding when I was there in late 2017 with a heart issue, I was in for three days and can't say thank you enough. The continued care I am receiving from my cardiologist is excellent. This will always be my first choice when I need a hospital.

Joshua Hagen

Got in a pretty bad motorcycle accident, after the surgery it's like they forgot about me. I found out that one of my teeth were shattered, called a nurse and no one came. Anytime I asked for assistance it was either ignored or hours late. I nearly picked myself waiting on a urinal. I'm a 23 year old Male, this is ridiculous. Never come here!!

Lisa f

Worst service I've experience!! Drove an hour to get there,sat there for another 45 minutes just to finally get into a room and see the doctor for five minutes was told he could not help me and he was not trying to blow me off he was blowing me off or otherwise he would not have said that. And sent me home with no help. That is no way to run an ER when you are a doctor, refusing service to a patient. I think the only way you can get help there is if you are a drug addict overdosed maybe maybe then you would get some help. We'll never go back there.

James Morlan

Very unprofessional they told me my surgery was at noon I didn't get into a room till like 4 when I woke up a nurse was pushing me back in the bed being very rude and hatefulsaqutrying to flash everyb

Sarah Mcallister

If I could rate no Stars I would!! This place is horrible and the service is even worse! If you dont like caring for people or having respect for them than why did you go to school for this profession. When you hire people who could care less on patient health!!! My mom was taken by ambulance, after that her experience was a nightmare! Who covers a patient (elderly)in a wet blanket and when asked for a new one the nurse we asked never brought one, we had to ask another one..This place has went down hill, insurance companies should be aware of the horrible treatment given by this hospital and the care people receive..You all should ashamed of yourselves to provide this type of treatment to patients! Just horrible!

Harry Bauer

The entire emergency division is absolutely aweful. Terrible attitudes from staff and security. The nurses try to make you scream in pain and then go laugh about it while there doing it saying your fine. No joke. An absolute nightmare. One the phlebotomist snuck up beside me and stuck a needle in my arm(some type of vaccine i didnt want) without my consent as well. Hopefully i die before i go back to that hospital.

Pia Hildebrandt Young

My review is about the UC Health Birth Center Memorial Hospital Central: With two exceptions (the lady who measured my baby after she was born made a mistake, and a very unpleasant nurse who I only want to forget for the nightmare she was), I have only amazing things to say about this medical center and its staff. They were caring, thoughtful, patient, and compassionate. The doctors, the nurses, the technicians, the lactation consultants, the social workers, etc. Everybody was wonderful, and they made our birth experience easier. Thank you very much!

grace B

I have spoken with Miranda every time I call, and every time she is incredibly rude and unhelpful. If that is any way you are treated just on the phone, I would hate to see how you are treated as a patient.

realist art productions

I have been waiting with extreme chest pains in the waiting room havent been seen a gentleman came back with extreme pain front desk staff was extremely rude saying they know what his issue is when they are obviously no type of doctor seriously going to leave if there was a better hospital nearby then i would be there right now seriously going to drive to denver to be seen worst er experience ever


As a driver of a care facility bus and one that picks up patients and take residents to appointments regularly from all hospitals in town this hospital is by far one the worst for parking not only large vehicles but ANY vehicle, not to mention getting yelled at by hospital authority for not parking in only one area that is usually filled with regular cars of family members picking up loved ones that work at the hospital. In short there is no dedicated place for larger vehicles to park from a hospital that does notcare about your nor any of the patiens situation for discharging!

Susan Lindsay

I cant say enjoy about this hospital and all the wonderful people while I was there for a difficult time of a family member that passed away. They kepvasking me is their anything they could do for me and get me. From the wonderful the wonderful the wonderful social worker to the minister. Thank you so much.

Tia Buford

This is the most slowest and rudest hospital I have ever seen. In the waiting room for 6 hours with my mom who has her appendix erupt. Still have not been seen because there are no rooms. Another guy who was having a heart attack sat here for 2 hours before anyone took him back. Even with them telling him you're having a heart attack they put him back into the waiting room. This is ridiculous. A lady ran outta oxygen and waited 30 mins before the nurses took serious enough and got her a new tank.

Rubiks Cubed

I’ve been in the er twice this week. I’ve been convulsing now for 80 hours and they don’t take my concerns seriously. I have multiple brain tumors and dismiss my concerns about that. I’ve even been accused of faking it. I was having a violent seizure in triage and the person who came with me went to get help and the staff refused to come in and help saying the doctor will be in shortly. The nurses are rude and mean. Places like this are the reason I hate the us healthcare system.

Anthony Bernardi Scotto Diluzio

Our baby boy was born here just a few days ago and we were beyond impressed at how loving and attentive all the ladies in the birthing center were!! Everything from intake to birth all the way to discharge was a perfect experience start to finish!!! Thank you to all the wonderful ladies who helped bring our little man into the world!!!

Crystal Kelly

I have had pretty good experiences when I need to go to the ER or stay for short periods at a time. Great nursing staff! And my Dr’s that are affiliated with UCHEALTH are amazing! Thank you

christian burkey

Karen the patient care check was a great help extreamly sweet. Kerey my nurse went absolutely above and beyond to make my stay as painless as possible. Loved them

Dave Jones

The first thing you will notice is how dirty it is by the elevators the windows are dirty the elevators are dirty the carpet is dirty, the steps going in are dirty!! I Drove all the way from California to come see my elderly dad who is almost 90 years old that was admitted for being dehydrated, and (probably) pneumonia, they couldn’t tell me exactly and kept giving me this “probably” scenario!! He hadn’t been out of bed in two days, had not been cleaned up, and was laying in urine soaked sheets, I asked them why they did not get him out of bed yesterday for physical therapy and they said he was asleep so I proceeded to get him up on my own tell them they needed to change his sheets and underwear and get him moving around, they tried telling me I couldn’t get him out of bed and I said well I just did and he needs his sheets and underwear changed because I won’t allow him to lay in urine, that got them doing their job that they for some reason didn’t want to do and in minutes the physical therapist was there to get him walking around the halls and his sheets and underwear were changed, please give people dignity on your own and don’t wait for a family member to get the ball rolling, I feel sorry for patients, especially elderly with no family to make sure dignity is given. Very displeased with everything from the dirty entrance all the way to how my Father has been cared for!!

Algorhythm Glover

It is depressing the best emergency room in the springs is rated at 2.7. My personal experience while i was here was amazing. My wifes has been less stellar. Nurses have "fished" for an vein after being asked not too. When i am not there she has returned with bruises for an i.v that normally do not happen. My wife has suffered from chronic stomach pain, which we are now finding answers for, and doctors would refer her here for pain. The e.r is careful about their narcotics( which i greatly support) but my wife has a stigma attached to her that she is a drug seeker. She would only go here when a doctor told her too. When discussing the situations with the doctors it is as if they are not listening to her but will listen to me It is a revolving door in the springs as doctors cannot find an answer and the patient suffers. When asking what the best next step is the e.r doctors refer to specalists for specalists to refer to the e.r. it is like they have no clue what the other departments do.

Chris Coleman

Reading all the negative reviews of this wonderful hospital makes me sad. My husband has had two surgeries at Memorial Central. The first was a planned hip replacement. The care and concern of each and every staff member from receptionists to doctors and nurses on the orthopedic floor was top notch. As the spouse I can say truthfully that I felt like he was getting the best care he could get from anyone other than me.

Jennie Martinez

With the care of my grandson was excellent but when I went to visit the gift shop I was not pleased with how I was treated there, their were 2 orderly white women working there that made me feel uncomfortable they did not smile or they did not say Hi or anything, they look at me if I was going to still, we are the United States of America where there should not be no discrimination of color or race or religion, between 12 to 1 p.m on 5/13/19

Gianelli Diaz

I’ve been in the hospital for about 4 hours for a miscarriage and no doctor has been able to check me, I am so frustrated! There is no good reason to have a patient wait for 4 hrs when you show at the emergency room! This is unbelievable

randy brosius

Worst hospital ever,would not take a dead animal there,they scheduled my 4 yr olds surgery,so i had to make her fast,then show up for surgery to find out they know nothing about the surgery,then noone could own up and tell us they made a mistake,instead they make us wait another 2 hrs will they play on phones,will my lil girl is crying for food as u sit in front of starbucks,VERY SAD,and people like this are teaching are next generation.I would love to hear a response.Thank You

bret havick

Great treatment for my friend she is cared for and always assisted


I am 13 weeks pregnant and went to the ER with HEAVY bleeding and cramping. I was shocked at the lack of compassion and care displayed by this staff. I was told by the doctor that triaged me in not so many words that my baby was probably already dead and they just needed to focus on stabilizing me. I was there for over 2 hours before there was any exam or ultrasound done and another 2 hours for results. It turns out the symptoms are from something else. This was not a miscarriage thank goodness. I realize they are busy but I felt there was no excuse for this in the situation I was in. The only saving grace was the ultrasound tech. She was amazing. I will not return here in the future if I can help it.

Tynika Woods

I took my 6 yr old daughter to the ER at memorial central on 2/19/19 around 4:30pm maybe 5pm with abdominal pain with a knot in her stomach. They took her vital and a doctor came seen her in the triage area. She never made it to a room. He listen to her stomach, touched it and had her jump up and down, then says oh it's just her stomach muscles in flamed from all her coughing. He also stated oh just give her some Motrin or Tylenol for pain. We were in and out within 30 minutes. My daughter was still in excruciating pain on 2/20/18 took her in to see her pediatrician and she was diagnosed with constipation. Her stomach was compacted. I'm very disappointed in this hospital. I use to give them thumbs up but now this makes me re-think my whole view on them. One bad apple (er doctor) can spoil the whole bag(hospital). My daughter stomach could've been severely damaged.

Rick Krenz

I am cared for by the Cardiology Service. I have had exams as well as surgical procedures and I cannot trust anyone more than I do them. Techs, Nurses and Physician staff is the best. Truthful and honest and caring. I also needed urgent care after a procedure and I got the right care at the right time! I will not go anywhere else.

DeNeen Williams

Over the past 10 years there has been a major improvement.

Tristan Sines

Wouldn't give me anything for my muscle spasm pain even though it was my second visit to the er in the same day after the drugs prescribed to me didn't do anything for my pain. Doctor is more worried about not prescribing opioids than helping people in pain. They will prescribe a muscle relaxer which has potential for abuse and no proven benefit but not an opioid which has the potential for abuse over short periods of time and is proven to relieve pain. I would have taken a single pill without a prescription just to alleviate the pain. Waited 2 hours before being seen at all just to be told you cant help me... go to memorial north this hospital sucks. Not to mention 2 girls(both have computer) at the ER desk talking to 1 patient while there are 5 people in line waiting to check in.

Michael Owens

I would like to give a gaint shout out to the nurses,techs and all the other caregivers on the 6th ( orthopedic floor) . They ate amazing had a great sense of humor to match mime. Once again thank you so much!


I had a very unscheduled stop and stay at Memorial. Despite it being crowded more than usual after Memorial Day weekend, most everyone was super nice and very accommodating. Two nurses I would like to recognize and thank specifically are Devon in the E.R. and Christie in recovery. Although as I said most everyone was nice, those two really seemed to enjoy what they do and went above and beyond to make sure you felt comfortable, answered any questions, and were quick to manage any pain. Employees like that are key in making an unpleasant event so much more bearable if not enjoyable. Thank you again!

Julie X

I, Juliana Robinson, must say that my emergency visit to this hospital will be the last. I drove myself to emergency around 1:30 - 2:00 on the morning of September 29th due to my left side aching tremendously and I was in tears driving and upon my arrival. The lady at the front desk “took eternity” searching my purse. She broke the record as it took her what seemed to be 5 long painful minutes as I sat there in a wheelchair “very patiently” waiting. Why didn’t I just leave my purse in the car. Wish I had. Her persona was that of a poker face that was rehearsed lacking warmth. I just did not see real concern in her and I was searching for it. I have been to emergency at UC Health Medical Center of the Rockies in Loveland and Saint Anthony Hospital in Lakewood Colorado and both staffs made me feel like an actual person expressing true empathy, genuine warmth and concern with steady eye contact ensuring me that I was in good hands and that they would take care of me and they in fact did! I felt like they really cared about my wellbeing and me! I did not get this impression at all at UC Health Memorial Hospital Central of Colorado Springs. UC Health Memorial Hospital Central staff made me feel like I was not a person and not one who was suffering. The woman nurse or technician that took down my information in the room where they took my vital signs walked in the room and started talking “at me” rather than to me lacking any compassion nor empathy regarding the suffering I was experiencing. She did not even give me any eye contact while talking at me and then abruptly left the room when she was done with taking down my insurance and personal information. She made me feel like I was an inconvenience and not an actual person. She was indifferent towards me lacking in warmth and genuine concern. Thank goodness Colorado Springs has other Hospitals to choose from. I want to feel that I am in good hands by a staff that truly cares about me and I did not get that at UC Health Memorial Hospital Central.

Jessica Lotzer

Evelyn in the emergency check in department is very submissive and rude to ALL patients. I asked her a question and she said “ sorry doing my math homework” while she was texting. Then after I told her she was being submissive and to be more empathetic......... she leaves and puts someone else in charge. Coward

Xavier Urruchi

call in to check on the status of a patient. was placed on hold for several minutes then they hung up.

Lacey Vasquez

The staff on a night shift recently, most tarried night of my life, I will never understand if the staff itself was mentally impaired as they seemed to smile huge, while they laugh at you, bully and speaking in baby slow talk, I was looking like are you ok, this is creepy, your breaking all my rights, creepily baby talking to me. Staff that night was just breaking patient rights, HIPAA like nothing, false statements that were a lack of checking medication prescription ingredients, not to mention the nurse failed to keep needles sanitary uses the same needle on alcohol prep pad re using same needle arm four to 5 times in each arm. I'd say I would never trust a hospital again and reports will be filled.

Lily Troost

Had a spinal tap/lumbar puncture at 22 weeks pregnant in October 2017. Has to put a needle into my back 12 times and the first two people that started the procedure couldn’t do it and had to have a third person come in to do it. She literally SHOVED the needle into my spine. Wasn’t allowed to get out of bed except to use the bathroom so my back was in constant pain. It is now July 2018, three months away from it being a year since I got this done and my back is still in EXCRUCIATING pain to the point where when if I stand up straight too long, I can’t move or bend at all. It’s been difficult trying to care for my son with my back like this. I rock him to sleep and I have to force myself to grit through the pain just to lay him down. Will NEVER go here again.


The ob department is fantastic. The doctors the nurses I felt so cared for. They saved my life when things went wrong and when I had a break down they did not judge me they made me feel loved and comforted. I can not say enough good things about them. Thank you is not enough for what they did for me.

ricky roo

This hospital doesnt care about you in the slightest, I just got in a car accident, and told them that my neck and back were sore as well as my wrist from gripping the wheel. They ran xrays on my wrist but not my back or my neck, and told me to take ibuprofen and sent billing in immediately after. I could easily have a slipped disc or fractures in my back but the only thing they care about is collecting their money

Devyn Wilson

I called in advance to ask about no insurance nor job and they said it would be covered and then I was seen and told I have a 500 charge for ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. I'd rather be sick than ever come back here again. The staff is awful at their jobs and noone seems to be able to actually HELP a patient.

Rob Martini

Don't waste your time here.. What a joke of a hospital.

Michael Johnson

I came in here because I was seeking treatment for sleep apnea because I have not been able to sleep for four days. The doctor on call refused to treat me unless he treated me for high blood pressure that is caused by sleep apnea. Guess cause he was young, he can afford a lawsuit.

Yesenia Orozco

I went into hospital on 8/1/2018 haveing sharp pain on my right side abdomen, Doctor in admissions checks me pressing on my side lightly it hurt so bad he made me cry. He ordered a CT SCAN he stated it might be my appendix, prior to coming to hospital I went to memorial urgent care because I couldn’t handle the pain any longer, provider there also stayed it could be my appendix. They did not have equipment to run test so he sent me to hospital. I was in pain waiting to complete Ct scan. My daughter ask for pain medication for me and the nurse stated I could not have any. Test was complete and I waited 45 in pain still for results. Doctor never came in to give me results, nurse came in with an injection of antibiotics and told me I had kidney infection and I was being sent home. I asked again for pain medication and she said no I needed to go buy something over the counter. Told me to get dressed and bye!! This was the worst experience ever!! Three days later I am still in pain it hurts to walk and eat I do not want to return to this hospital ever again!! I still think it’s my appendix not kidneys. It hurts in the front not the back no where else I’m feeling pain!! I suggest everyone stay away from this hospital!!!!

autumn tapia

If I could give a zero star review, I would. This establishment and it's administration, have absolutely zero integrity, values, nor work ethic. Because if someone had done their job as thoroughly as I would like to assume hospital/ uchealth employees would do (I mean these are the people with whom we as patients, should be able to comfortably trust.), than i would not be stuck with a $13,400 bill for an hour and a half of prescription treatment. Had my benefits been checked at the check in ( why even ask to see my Medicaid card at every infusion appointment, if there is zero intention to utilize the information on it), than it would have popped up that my benefits had been cut at 9:30pm the night prior to the appointment. Yes, it could be asked why I didn't know that my benefits were cut? Simply because I had zero awareness that it had been cut; under what circumstances would i be online On the Medicaid website checking my benefits ( especially at 9:30 at night) if there were zero reason to think that i was going without? And yes, it could be argued that this is a Medicaid communication issue. And though i do agree, Medicaids lack of communication is an issue, that does not negate the fact that the hospital again, did not look into my case prior to my treatment. To reiterate, i was asked for my Medicaid card at every appointment prior, however if the information on the card wasnt used, why was it required to begin with? Was it a facade to portray the appearance of professionalism? That they were actually doing something behind the desk other than slapping a bracelet on my wrist? Furthermore, when i did finally get notified my benefits had ended, it was because Penrose hospital called me, prior to an appointment with my Nuerologist ( about 16 days after the infusion at memorial) and said something along the lines of " your Medicaid benefits have been cut, call us when you have updated your insurance". You mean they were checking my benefits before my appointment even occurred? Why thank you Penrose hospital and centura health for making patients a priority and not putting me in a position similar to the one i am in now. On top of not knowing anything about the Medicaid ending, i then got a letter regarding the amount i "owe", from uc health over 3 months later. Beyond the time frame to appeal this ammount from the hospital and well beyond Medicaid being able to help me. As a patient, i feel 100% disrespected due to the sheer lack of thoroughness; that i was not worth the time to get benefits checked like other patients do, nor do i hold any value as a patient. I could've handled a, " ma'am we can't treat you today as your benefits have been cut", a lot better than the stress and anxiety that comes with a bill that hefty; patients first? Ok. Id like to see the patients whose illness, disease, or disorder gets better with that stress. I would've loved the option of " your benefits are cut, so if you get this treatment, you must understand youll have to pay out of pocket". That right there, would have been welcome; of course i would've had to go without treatment as i just don't have that type of money ( I'm a college student!!) But it wouldn't have felt like it does now. As if i was taken advantage of. This situation feels slimy with undertones of possibly illegal. The timeline for those confused: 7/31/18- Medicaid benefits were cut off at 930 pm ( I've since checked my Medicaid account to review my communications and this "ended-benefits" message was timestamped 930 pm) 8/1/2018- infusion appointment at memorial hospital Between 8/7/18 and 8/13/18 - i don't remember the exact date but Penrose called between those days to notify me of my ended coverage and the necessity ti get new insurance prior to getting an appointment. Additionally they had to cancel my existent appointment. 11/19/18- i receive a letter from uchealth notifying me that i will be expected to pay the amount If i didn't get the benefits fixed with medicaid. Avoid! Avoid! Avoid! This place.

Christine Watson

Do not visit this hospital, take the drive to another hospital or clinic. This hospital ran unnecessary tests for my 3yo, prescribed meds for an incorrect diagnosis, doctors did not give a full exam and just passed us around with to other nurses. We were then charged twice the amount of what our 3 day hospital stay at children's hospital cost. I have gotten nowhere on a dispute. The bed side manner, customer care is not worth the agony during or after going to this hospital.

Colleen Condon Jackson

I always receive excellent care and the up most respect whenever I’m a patient at both Memorial and Memorial North.

Mozella Newson

This place has some of the most racist employees this side of Colorado springs. I asked for a warm blanket for my mom who was brought in via Ambulance under the direction of Pace. I was informed that they do not have blankets in the ER intake waiting area but will ask if one could be brought down! One hour later my mom who was still in severe pain and who suffers from RA, was still left to freeze. My Caucasian husband asked for a warm blanket and one was brought down within minutes. Just ensure I was not jumping to conclusions I asked for another blanket and one still wasn't brought down, so I had my aunt who is Caucasian to ask minutes after me and she was given one as well! I am surely filing an ethics complaint along with discrimination. I deserve the same treatment as my husband and aunt but that was not given! As we speak we are still waiting to be seen, so I may have more reviews to post! I am still waiting with my mom to be seen, after being informed at 5 pm that she had one other person in front of her! She is still being looked over and I see that is due to her race. I will continue to update my post as long as I am waiting with my mom in the ER waiting area.

Mark Lizotte

So far I have called the main phone number 5 different times in a row...letting the phone ring for over a minute and still no answer. That's terrible

Creative Kraken

I have been miserable for three days. I was dreading going to this ER because of my previous experiences, but I felt like I was dying! This ER has improved DRAMATICALLY. wait time was down, and the whole thing flowed like a well-oiled machine. I wish I got all the names of everyone who helped me today, but thank you for taking such good care of me. Friendly nurses, AND they're AWESOME at their jobs?? Very rare, but I'm very grateful for everyone who helped me feel better. Also I have no bruising from my I.v. so that's super awesome!

Bradf Leeper

Terrible. They just wanted me out of there as quick as I came in

Adam Rezner

I took my son here for an ER visit. Our visit went fairly well, and the wait was not long. Unfortunately, my experiences after the visit have prompted me to rate this place 1 star. It took me months to get an itemized bill to forward to my Health Share account, which has delayed the payment of my bill. I set up a My Health Connection account so I could just get the bill from there, but that was over 2 months ago and I still can't access any bills there, despite both the Billing Department and Tech Support professing that it's each other's fault. Here's the latest message I sent them: I've contacted UCHealth Billing and My Health Connection Tech support multiple times regarding that fact that I can't see or pay any bills on my online account. UCHealth says it's a technical issue, and to call tech support. Tech support says it's a billing issue, and to call billing. I'm extremely frustrated at the conflicting messages and the fact nobody seems to want to go any farther than pointing the finger at somebody else. I'm tired of spending my precious time on the phone with people unwilling to help, and would appreciate assistance getting to the bottom of this situation. I was under the impression My Health Connection was supposed to make billing easier, and so far it has been an utter failure for me. At this point, even though UC Health has the closest ER and Urgent Care facility to me, I feel a strong urge to avoid both at all costs based on my experiences so far. Dealing with this facility has been a god-awful nightmare and a waste of time, and I can't imagine anywhere else could be worse. I will not be returning here if I can avoid it.

Artem Kozitsky

Good service, but they hype with bills! You need to be slave forever to pay off their bills! Try to avoid this place !!!

Stephanie Marotto

I went in yesterday and ended up with ruptured ovarian cysts. Every single person was amazing!! Dr lockee did amazing with surgery and nurse dale was incredible with taking care of me post operation.

Brian Snapp

Nice hospital but i wouldn't use the vallet service. Theyre so overworked they cant be bothered to use an elevator so patients that are parking themselves have to go to the 6th floor of the garage and limp/hobble their way down to emergency not to mention theyre all children so expect damage, weed and missing fuel in and to your vehicles. Plus apparently we're all too dumb to read a 15 foot sign telling us to park at the top in the sun, so we have to be stopped by another child that doesnt listen when people speak.

Bessy Diaz

Absolutely horrible place to go and get any lab work done. They tortured my two-year-old child when they missed his veins they just kept digging around until I told them to stop that I would go somewhere else.

Joyce Gutierrez

Update!!!! Please go somewhere else!!! They told my son to not eat or drink anything. He's 9! Almost 5 hours later and still in the waiting room I decided to leave. They literally drew blood and he seen a doctor that was too busy to really even listen. Now... This trashy girl at the front desk just said they do bill my insurance because he seen a doctor. That's unethical and everyone know it. Even if it is legal. I'm from this gotten and have never went anywhere else for emergency messiah care. I swear by God I won never step foot back in there. This is beyond ridiculous. We have been here for over 4 hours. My son had been sick for 6 weeks. GI unable to see him until 17 April. Specialist specifically said to come here if he continues to vomit and if pain increases. These people care more about gossiping than caring for sick children. And I'm not talking about a common cold... I've watched one little girl go on and out for what seems to be a lack of o2. A man was in there hunched over... There is just too much to put in here. THE MOST PATHETIC THING IS... The only person at all who asked if anyone was okay was a lab tech (phlebotomy) who happened to be walking through the ER. This place should get closed down. Of the 3 bathrooms 1 had blood all over the sink and the other had fecal matter all on the toilet. Not to mention the blood splatter on the trashcan where you see a doctor for literally 60 seconds... Just in short.. Steer clear...

Michelle lewis Paparazzi

They are a horrible hospital. Over dosed my 1 year old grand-daughter when they gave her something to put her to sleep for a CT scan. Then they couldn’t wake for up for hours. Denied my grand-daughter having her mom in the room for a x-ray and was forced down for a hour and a half screaming and now she is traumatized instead of letting her mom be able to calm her down. Scheduling stuff then they having miscommunication with other departments and messing up on tests. Never been so pissed at unprofessional behavior in my life in one hospital... and all this in 3 days. You couldn’t pay me a million dollars to step foot in that hospital again. If you have children I strongly suggest you don’t go there either

K Wicke

What is this country coming too were we have so many junkies out there or idiotic doctors were a normal hard working mother of 3 who has an abscess tooth can't get any help I mean come on if anyone has ever had tooth pain you know it's the worst and with 10 hour shift and three kids it's almost unbearable,they gave her a script for anti biototics which I understand will start to kick in in a few days and take away majority of her pain but she went there hoping for some relief that's why you go to a doctor to treat you help you when your in pain she can't eat or sleep and can't get back into the dentist for 2 days I think that's crazy not only was the doctor rude he treated like she just needed pain meds ,sorry all you treat is crack heads and junkies but that's wrong not to help someone in that much pain I guarantee that doctor won't just be taking ibuprofen if he had an abscess tooth .will never be back hope I am never injured and brought here they might think it's staged lol

Lorrie Sierra

My mom was in for a stent, that went great as were the Dr n nurses!!! But..... the receptionist on the 3rd floor cardiac unit, told us, when we asked if we could get more coffee "if we wanted coffee we could go to starbucks" those words. Another lady came n got the coffee cart making us think she would make some. Well when we asked again (as more of our family came) and we did not want to leave the hospital til the surgery was done)same lady said" I'm not making more coffee, it's only for the morning and if you want free coffee you could go to the 6th floor". WOW...and we all live out of town. And told people that "there was a BIG family and to not go over there. Yes we are a big hispanic family but thats no excuse for rudeness. Customer service at it's finest....Right. tried to get a comment card no one could find us one, called to make a complaint stayed on hold for 10 minutes.

Linda Kilpatrick

My seriously ill mother has been receiving excellent care from the doctors and all the staff during her days here. Nurse Lucia Mayes is particularly outstanding. Out of numerous hospital visits for family members I have never observed a more caring, hardworking and professional nurse. Lucia you are a gem!

Andrea Row

Sent me home and I almost died ended up having to go to Denver ER because I couldn't breathe from having cystic fibrosis and pneumonia and some other things wrong on top of that. They have no care for your actual well being. This is the worst hospital you can go to. I have now been in the Denver hospital for 12 days and counting.

Dawna Voss

Never had a bad experience and the pediatric staff were so nice when my daughter was admitted with a staph infection.

Jacqueline Morga

Took me over 2 years to write this review. My daughter was brought here via ambulance on March 21, 2017. She was taken into the ER and the doctor dismissed her, we told him she showed signs like she had a seizure we found her rigid, eyes rolling, unresponsive to our voices, afterward she seemed like she couldn't see. (My daughter was 10 months old at the time, first time this ever happened). The ER doctor was just going to discharge her but we knew something was wrong & insisted, he finally said she can get admitted to a general floor. While on the way up there, the nurses noticed something was wrong and she was sent to the PICU. She had to be bagged and experienced more seizures. Eventually she was transferred to Children's Hospital in Aurora, I only wish she would've been transferred sooner, that may have prevented her stroke & find the diagnosis quicker. They misdiagnosed her at the PICU, I was pregnant at this time as well, they tried to say she was malnourished and lacked nutrients bc I was breastfeeding while pregnant "kwashiorkor" which is a malnourishment found commonly in third world countries. A few nurses in the PICU were helpful, others were negligent! The social worker a male, don't remember his name, was not understanding, he kept pushing me to LEAVE and go home and shower at home or eat at home, all the while we had no idea what was wrong with our daughter. He was very insistent and wouldn't leave me alone during this stressful time, I eventually cried from frustration of him insisting for me to leave my daughter, my husband had to tell him to leave & stop. When my daughter finally got transferred she went on life support immediately and a breathing tube immediately put in. Today she suffers from speech delays, (so far the only delay we are aware of since she's only 3) from the stroke that occurred and she had left side paralysis, but recovered mostly from that with rehab. It turns out she has a rare incurable disease, which she receives infusions for weekly now. We almost lost my daughter and I do know for a fact there was negligence from this hospital. She was hospitalized for 3 months after being transferred to Children's hospital Aurora, life support for heart & lungs (ECMO) after going into cardiac arrest 45 mins upon arrival, CRRT, and so many other medical issues that escalated. This hospital disgusts me truly, the ER doctor that night, the social worker, & a couple of negligent nurses in the PICU. Please parents if you have the option transfer/take your kids to children's hospital, now they have a location here in Colorado Springs!

Debra Vogts

We were treated by Dr. Joseph Maslak while at the hospital. We was amazing, caring, and easily approachable. Best experience we have had while at this facility. Top in his field. Thanks, Tom and Deb.

Adam Nadeau

Scheduled me for emergency tendon repair surgery while medicaid was backed up. Walked in a CICP patient, and had to renew medicaid app. Post surgery sent bills to collections after receiving my approval for medicaid. Ruined my credit. Unprofessional on the phone and worse in person.

eric sunden

Step son has been here twice for emergency services . They are basically where ems and people with no money are taken didnt ask to be treated there. Insurance pays going rate . This place charges above and way beyond . You will get huge bills from this place and all people contracted with them . Have you sign paperwork after docs who are contractors already have done all tests. They are not county hospital they are a big time profit hospital. If you are not rich and cant afford thousands of dollars out of pocket do not go here. You will be in collections . you will be taken to court . Your wages will be garnished . Period !!!!! they will destroy you financially!!!!!!!! Oh also also the contracted docs and everything else will do the same !!!!! My wife believed what she was told . Never again . For profit at expense of working class people . Not for well being and health of said people.

Ed Breunig

The staff nurses and doctors here were extremely polite and I couldn't have asked for better care. I would also like to thank them for preventing me from being dead :-)

Cord Pfeiler

Im a native to colorado springs. For 30 years ive had TERRIBLE service to point were ive reverted to home remedies that accomplish more for free. THIS YEAR ALONE ive lost my mother due to neglect and malpractice and now another one i care for is in there going through the same neglect and im forced to watch lest i be escorted off premises for voicing my opinion. I cant get one physical story from any of the nurses. Just a load of opinions. I talk with the head nurse and his reply was he stands behind his you accept the neglect your team is giving to their patients?! Oh and if your caught filming their negligent malpractice you are quickly escorted off by a team of 15.... The hospital is funded by the state. You are given minimal treatment as provided by state regulations. They care nothing for their patients as ive seen over countless visits between myself and others. ALL they want is your MONEY. If you can survive without going to this establishment im strongly urging you too. Go to penrose....funded by the church, by the people. Go to the local library or internet and look up home remedies. More likely to get the personal care then memorial by far and at half the price for those of you not as wealthy as the next. Im right there with yall...unless you have money you will not be treated correctly...bare minimum..if i could take away the one star i had to give them cause of google id rate them as a -10...needs to be closed....

Christo Raymond

Thank You So much, hands down still the best staff, Doctor s and treatment. Thank You all for your kindness, and for the blessing.

R Baker

Absolutely unethical care. Multiple times i have experienced vulgar staff, improper care and today they left me in the corner of the waiting room having seizures and symptoms of a heart attack for over 7 hours. I was refused a patient advocate, and after calling the staff supervisor of the ER after having to leave, she cut me off and told me she would have to call me back. I wouldnt put my worst enemy's life in their hands.

Erin Jackson

Father-in-law is a patient in the ED. We have been trying to reach the nurse’s station for information on him for over 30 minutes with no answer.

Krystyna Van Driel

Literally the only good part of this hospital is the Radiology department. No one else in this place gives a damn. I've been here multiple times, and it gets worse every single time. Right before I was scheduled for surgery, I came in with my husband because I was passing out multiple times from the pain of an inflamed gallbladder. No one cared. Was told by the doctor that since we knew I was passing out from pain, that they would do nothing. 3/4 of the time, I wasn't even hooked up to the machines. Then got to hear two of the nurses outside the room at their station very loudly talk badly about and make fun of another family that was in the room next to us. Found out from another facility later my gallbladder was inflamed. Got scheduled for surgery, and when I was waking up from anesthesia, had the nurse constantly threaten and make fun of me, until I was shaking uncontrollably and crying. They never told me or my family how the surgery went, what they saw, what to expect, nothing. At the post-op appointment got told by Dr. Tiffany Willard that I was making up how bad the pain still was. When I called to complain, got fed a load of BS about how the doctors are all contractors so they aren't technically employees of the hospital, and there is only so much the hospital can do about complaints. I firmly believe this hospital would let so many people die. Do yourself and anybody you care about a favour - never come here, especially if your life depends on it.

DL Feather

My sister is a patient at this hospital. I spent much the last several days there with her. EVERY staff member I encountered was extremely helpful and seemed to be genuinely caring. Whether a housekeeper, nurse, barista, or physician, everyone was ready to help. My sister and her family believe she is getting excellent care.

Cassandra Edwards

My grandfather was checked in at 6am this morning for a procedure at 730am. The procedure was quick and after he woke up his doctor came in to suggest admitting him. He agreed and the doctor told us she would get a room set up and have him transferred upstairs. That was at 8am. It is now 11am and we are still waiting to be transferred. We have talked to multiple nurses and received multiple stories about the hold up. The first nurse said we needed to wait for some called a hospitalist. A second nurse told us we were just waiting to hear from the doctor. A third nurse said she didn't even know he was being admitted and the fourth just came in and told us the paperwork for admission was filled out improperly. Keep in mind these are all nurses that have come to check on my grandfather. We are still waiting but as we wait our curiosity grows about just how well the communication is in this establishment.

Vato Ohio

I was always told growing up to go see the doctors when something is wrong and I’ve been sick for a week and today I woke up with weird stomach pains they ran a blood test and cut me loose I will never come back here again

Tanjalia Dillard

Had my baby there a few weeks ago all the nurses was amazing!! They treated me so kindly and they worked very well. Labor went by smoothley and postpartum care was also amazing!! My only complaint is the valet they take a long time to get your car we waited another 30 minutes to go home just waiting for our car.

Karen Spohr

Sitting on the 3rd floor by NICU and looking out onto the zen garden. It is filthy. So much dust its disgusting. To think a hospital is this dirty.


TOTAL RIP OFF. Don't go in with high deductible insurance... Even though visibly bleeding they let you sit until they confirm your insurance. Then they make sure they bill you 100 times the uninsured rates. We have high deductible insurance so would have paid a fraction of the cost uninsured.

Jim Gonzales

Ok spent 4 days there with a cardio emergency. Arrived early AM and started to receive the BEST care I could. The staff that took care of me we SPOT ON, Professional, well educated, very friendly, and made the incident amazing. Even though my cardio issue was bad, with the way the staff took care of me I was never with out information and was told every thing they were doing to me. Thank you for everything and keep up the awesome care for all. Gonzo 5558

Renita Hinson

This hospital is so disrespectful. They violate your rights. I have filed 2 complaints against them. Never will I go there again.

Savannah Tennant

Went with my friend to labor and delivery late one night because she was having painful contractions. We sat there for over an hour before anyone actually told her anything then proceeded to be extremely rude and joking about the situation. I stepped out into the Hall when the nurse was doing checks while I was standing there the nurses started making fun of my friend's pain and basically assuming we were there for drugs! Come to find out my friend had a UTI!!! The nurses and doctor didn't bother to tell her! She had to call her regular doc the next morning because the pain hadn't stopped and her doc informed her of the infection. Those "nurses" need reevaluated since none of them know how to do their job!

Meghan Pino

I can't thank the pediatric surgery team enough. My 5 year old had to have his appendix removed and we chose this hospital over our own 3 hours away. We were not disappointed! From the moment we arrived to the moment we left, we were taken care of 100%. They explained everything to us down to every last detail, made our kiddo feel comfortable, managed his pain after the procedure consistently without the harsh pain meds, checked on him and us regularly. Every person asked us before leaving the room if WE needed anything. We felt so taken care of in such a scary moment.

Chalyn Fitzgerald

Very angry! I'm not a patient. I'm a friend of a patient. Trying to reach her each day to check in on her. (Her cell phone is not working there.) The main hospital line just keeps ringing and ringing. No one picks up the line!! How can a hospital line not be manned?!? One time I waited two full minutes and someone finally picked up and answered like it was the first ring she heard! Not even an apology for the ridiculous, inexcusable wait. What if it's an emergency?

Tammy Davis

Going on 4 hours seen the nurse once no doc yet. We were here last week and they failed to run all the appropriate tests. Had a brain angio-gram, husband is having problems which is why we came to the ER. Called the nurse and they turned off the notice without sending anyone. After I stood in hallway but no answers to our question

Isabella Marie

My mother was rushed there in a ambulance to be put in a wheelchair and told they have no beds for over 4 hours when people being going back and coming out left and right and she still sits there screaming in pain!! This is the worst hospital ever don't bring your worst enemy here.. Sad my mom isn't doing good and there letting her sit there shaking and crying! They need to close this place down ill be contacting someone about this cause this isn't right at all! If i could give 0

Albert Atkins

I a currently on the 6th floor room 6506 .I have been here almost a week .i could not get better care anywhere. I cannot remember all the names of the nurses and doctors but every person I have come in contact with has been very caring and nice .I cannot say enough good things .I am not sure how much longer I will be here but these people are just awesome. Thank you . Albert Lynn Atkins

CariLee Surges

RUDE! RUDE! RUDE! My grandma been coming here off and on sense last March and every time they keep getting even more nasty especially th RNs. They are very rude and it makes my WHOLE family never come back so unless they change their attitude towards my 76 year old grandma and my 2 year old son who visits her we are thinking about not coming back.

Mark Rice

Arrived at the ER with the worst flu symptoms in my life. Waited in the waiting room for 2 hrs. before being seen, along with homeless people using the waiting room for their bedroom. Seen by nurses who couldn't put in an IV, a lack of concern for my well being, and with their piercings, tattoos and general appearance, looked like they belong in a bikers bar. Had x-ray, blood work, urine test and never heard the results of any of them. the worst experience ever at a medical facility. Room was filthy. Given some fluids and shown the door. I will avoid this facility at all costs, you should to.

Tonia Davy

I had to stay at that hospital overnight with my home care client on the sixth floor. Most of the nurses were really nice. It's just this one nasty nurse that made this visit so unpleasant. If I knew her name, I would report her so fast. I don't know how anyone can work in this field and just be plain nasty. God bless her, He'll deal with her.

Annette Ludington

Husband was driven by ambulance to this hospital late Saturday night. He received excellent care from Dr. Conard and Nurse Teresa on the 6th floor. Both were extremely professional, informative, knowledgeable, and kind. The surgery staff yesterday also did an awesome job. Thank you ALL so much for all your support, help, and excellent care.

Alton G Martin Jr.

My Son came here 3 days ago with appedicitis and had to have surgery. So far all is good as he will be here 2 or 3 days more. The whole staff here is awesome. Always asking and checking if we need anything. Nice hospital and careing staff. Thank you all.

Andrea Munzer McCauley

My mother was recently in the ICU for extended medical care, and nurse Vicky was incredibly patient as she tended to my mothers needs that were quite extensive. Her calm care of my mom was comfort not only to me but to my mother as well- especially under difficult circumstances . Nursing is an incredibly demanding job and nurse Vicky was remarkable. In addition, we were fortunate to have Dr Leinager as well. As he came into the room, he asked my mom "How can I help you today?" I have never seen a doctor as engaging in patient care. We were lucky to have this team during this difficult time and we will never forget their care and compassion

Troya Schroeder

The care was fine. The medical staff and ER Security were very respectful, attentive, and overall the entire visit was surprisingly short. I even got my radiology results emailed to me before I even got into an Intermediate Care room, so I knew before I saw the doctor that my foot was broken and how badly. Aside from that, there was an issue for which I gave a 1-star, but I decided that it was not enough to take away from the goodness of the care I received overall. It was, however, enough for me be bitter enough to write about it here. So here goes: The first and last Security Officer I encountered during this visit (Same individual) just didn't seem to care about jack [censored]. I drove myself to the ER after breaking my foot. There is no parking lot near the ER for such things. There is valet, but no one drives my car but me and certain mechanics. So I parked in the garage, and limped my way into the North entrance. I asked the security guard sitting there if someone could take me to the ER. He said it would take a while. There was a wheel chair there, so I took it and wheeled myself through the convoluted maze of long hallways and backtracking and elevator rides, got to the ER, and was seen. They put my foot in the splint, gave me crutches, and then refused to wheel me out to the garage. So I wheeled myself out of the ER, down the long hallways and ramps, and back to the North Entrance. Along the way, multiple hospital employees saw me struggling with the chair and just kept on walking, never saying a word (other hospital patrons offered to help) I got to the north entrance where the same Security guard just sat there and told me I could use the ramp to go out to the garage in the chair. I don't have the physical strength to go up the ramp, so I asked if someone could take me. I ended up just leaving the wheel chair there, and started hopping up the stairs with all my stuff in my hands, and crutches. When I got to the top of the stairs, I tripped and fell down. The Security Guard just sat there. Didn't say a word...just left me there on the floor...crying. ...gee. Thanks. I picked myself up, some people offered to help but I figured I'd gone that far so to heck with it and fumbled my way with all my stuff and crutches to the garage and got in the car and left. Seriously... When I was a Security Officer in hospitals, I was attentive and would have never just let someone fall down like that without saying something and trying to help. Note to Security Admins: You can verify this on camera recordings: Fall on stairs 07-04-2018 between 1930-2015hrs

syN not-tellinG

Do not go here if you need surgery, they will only treat you like a seeker. They won't review your records to find out what's wrong, they will withhold food, medicine and water well over 24 hours with no regard to your care. Over night surgery turned into 6am, in the morning, sometime before noon, 2pm, 230pm, then finally 6... No food since noon the day before, no water since 9pm. Surely someone would have enough insight to see that breakfast could have been served, medicine could have been dispensed breathing treatments could have been given. No, none of the above, just frequently dosed with fentanyl. Guarantee if we were related to the surgeon, the care would have been significantly better.

Bennett Heimple

After the difficulties with the nursing staff on floor 2 the first day, everything was great. The 2 nurses had the incorrect name and DOB on her tag, and instead of giving me a syringe to feed my mom medicine and watch me suck it through a straw. The nursing staff on floor 7 was absolutely great and made our family feel comfortable through this tough time. Kristen, one of our day nurses was the absolute best and you could tell she genuinely cared for my mom and . Thank you Kristen, and the wonderful nursing staff on floor 7

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