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REVIEWS OF St. Francis Medical Center IN Colorado

Rory Teehan

Very clean and new. I've been in a lot of hospitals and this one is one of the easiest to navigate.

Steven S

PlAce is a joke. No help. Just want expensive tests. Wouldn’t even give me a naproxen. Will never go back here after a car accident.

Anne Onomous

Kind, caring staff!


Sat in the waiting room for 3 hours (one of those hours were spent with an IV in my arm), was refused any water or anything to eat, then got shuffled to a real room and sat there for another 3 hours while they gave me 2 sodium chloride bags (of course no water but you’re gonna pump me with that because I’m dehydrated) gave me a GI cocktail which NEVER HELPS and sent me on my way. Oh the nurse had no problem giving me a doctors note and circle the next day on there because OBVIOUSLY I’m just trying to get out of work. Still have the same pain in my lower abdomen and never even got to see a real doctor. Heard them outside talking about how I had no insurance and basically thought I was there to get a popsicle and sit there and waste there time. Should’ve known better than to go to the same hospital my mother died in10 years ago because you guys don’t care now and you didn’t then either! Do yourself a favor and go ANYWHERE ELSE.

Mari Leighton-Marin

This is one of of the best experiences I have had at a hospital in a long time! My baby was hospitalized this past weekend with an lower respiratory infection and the care she received exceeded any expectation I had. The nurses and specialists were so kind and caring. Our main RN pediatric nurse was a young lady name Meghan and she was awesome! She was so attentive and kept me informed of everything that was going on. I felt involved in every decision that was made. The rooms were a lot bigger than memorial Central and more comfortable! They also include a meal tray for parents at no cost which I know Memorial Central doesn't do so it was good to see they care about the parents as well as the child. Unfortunately we have had to stay at memorial Central in the past and it was a nightmare. I dreaded having to go back to that place. I'm glad I had the option to go to St.Francis. Thank you guys again for everything! And thank you again Meghan, Ginger, Jo, Jo Anne and everyone else that touched our lives and heart this weekend!! Me and A'Leiyah appreciate all that you do!

Diane and Mark Smith

Nurses and Doctors are amazing ❤️ kind, knowledgeable and patient

Hannah Mercier

Thought this was a great hospital but wow. I was making regular payments on my bill and they sent it to collections without notifying me. Apparently they didn't want any more of my money. I was prepared to pay the remaining balance when I discovered this.

Kellie Spurlin

Rude non medical employees. They sure don't seem to care!. If you have an emergency, go somewhere they actually care or plan on being there for 4 plus hours before you are seen by a doctor. Be prepared to wait,be called back to get vitals,and don't bother wasting your breath tell that "provider" how you're feeling, they aren't even listening. then back to the waiting room then back to get blood work,then back to the waiting room and after a few hours they might have a clean exam room (you'll probably have to wait an hour for that). But they do seem to care in that area. Sooo. JUST GO SOME WHERE ELSE TO GET TREATMENT!

Nancy Medina

We were there in 2015 and now in 2017. All the employees we encounter in 2017 were 100% better then the ones in 2015. Great improvement!

Mykeal Hancock

My wife had to stay here for a month recently while they kept her under observation during pregnancy. Understandably, we hadn't planned for this so it threw us into chaos for a bit. The entire staff was amazing throughout the month and did an excellent job of answering questions and making her as comfortable as possible. Being in the hospital always sucks but these people did an amazing job.

Marina Gustafson

There is no amount of words that can describe how absolutely floored I am at how this hospital treated my family. The staff was continuously rude and inconsiderate and obviously cared very little about what was best for the patient. They kept me from seeing my family and they were completely unorganized. I pray for anyone who is forced to put their safety into this hospitals hands.

patricia march

The Cafeteria Staff are rude. Please don't ask them to go out of the way for anything. God forbid you are down there 5 minutes to close.

Barry Chewning

This is he worst hospital I have ever been to. Do NOT COME here. They keep you from seeing you family. They under the table interrogate their ICU patients while they are INCOHERENT AND FIGHTING FOR THEIR LIFE just to get more money. They do NOT care for the safety of their patients. I'm disgusted at this hospital And i hope to help other families in the future avoid going through what my family has. They tricked my Daughter into saying exactly what they wanted and then when my daughter realized what they did to her, she freaked out and they TIED HER TO THE BED. DO NOT COME HERE

Deadra Mitchell

My husband and I are from North Carolina here visiting my brother when my husband experience and heart issue. From our arrival to the ER 5th floor and ICU excellent care. Wonderful caring professional care.

Rita N

I had surgery all the staff (nurses food and cleaning staff) was so nice and helpful. But nurse nancy was scary. My family did not leave me until her shift was over.

Sieyono Lee

Pathetic services. The staff is unknowing to the biological field. Would you want some dumb ass with an incapability to answer a question relating to human biology to work on you or to diagnose you?

Kati Arsenault Olivares

Every single team member - from techs, nurses, and docs in ER, ICU and Surgical floor took exceptional care of my dad. We were so impressed and thankful.

Kalee Kroupa

This place is horrible and rude. They don’t help you at all when you need help with something. You can’t count on there support. They don’t let you see your family. If you need to go to a good hospital then DEFFINITLEY DO NOT GO HERE.

Steve Munyon

Dirty, unprofessional, lack of adequate medical staff, way too many problems to count. Horrible experience, save yourself the nightmare and go a few miles to Memorial hospital instead.


This is the best hospital! I have had both of my babies there and my son has been hospitalized twice there. Wonderful doctors and nurses! They are so kind and caring and I feel so lucky to have such a wonderful hospital to care for my family!

James Payne

Friendly, professional staff and clean professional facilities.

pfife 6

May lose my life thanks to this hospital and I’ve never been treated so awful in my entire life. It’s taken me nearly 2 years to write this because it was so damaging mentally. For context I’m in my mid-20s, went in with my mother, on two different occasions. The first time, I went into the ER with severe continuous back pain and the doctor treated me with a rude attitude and said there’s nothing wrong. To stop wasting his time and go home. No tests. Nothing. The second time many months later, still with severe back pain, I came into the ER having a seizure. I was still conscious but ALL muscles in my body were locking up, causing me to convulsive involuntarily. It just kept getting worse and I couldn’t control my own body. It felt like I was choking on my own toungue and couldn’t breathe. Neck locked sideways. My arms and legs locked upwards... looking like a drooling human praying mantis. Yet I was considered low priority and left waiting for over 2 hours! The entire time ppl watching me at my most embarrassing yet unstoppable moment. Fear on their faces. Never having felt so much pain and terror. When I was finally seen the doctors thought I was “tweaking” on drugs. While seizing, unable to move my own body, they forced me take a pee test before offering ANY help. AFTER waiting close to 3 hours just to get in a room. My girlfriend and mom drove me and helped so at least I wasn’t alone, but the hospital staff could care less. Of course my drug test came back negative and then another hour in, they gave me a simple medication that stopped everything. Then sent me on my way. No tests. No caring. Nothing. Months later neurologists found out I have Stage 2 Glioma. I cancerous brain tumor that’s instead growing inside my spinal cord. There’s nothing they can do for me right now. Eventually I’ll either die, or be paralyzed the rest of my life. Never walk again. Before I’m even 30 years old. For a “Christian” hospital this place single handily made me lose my faith. AWFUL staff and awful people. If they hate their job so much, they should find new ones. Seriously pathetic. This hospital is a joke. They only care about your money and care less about you or your family. They’ll happily see you die as long as you leave their doors first. -Bryant P. PS- there’s so much more to this story but I plan on going to the news. If I’m dying, I’m going to do all I can to warn other people about this “hospital”. I have witnesses and paperwork from Mayo Hospital, Barrows Spine Clinic, and well known Neurological experts around the entire country now.


Unless your family member is in dying need. AVOID this hospital at all costs. My grandpa has been here for three days, I am currently in nursing school and am so ashamed to soon have the same title as these "nurses". They are more like a wait staff who spends more time talking bad about family members then actually knowing their patient. My grandpa is incontinent and NPO, but 2 different shifts of nurses were unaware. They gave him juice while he was NPO and now we are having to back track issues. It seems like their daily job is to peek their head in the door and then sit and chat with their coworkers. My family and I are so worried about him getting the right care that we don't trust him to be left alone. If you care about the family member you are considering taking here, find a different hospital.

sarah cleaveland

Extremely dissatisfied, we took my son to the emergency room here. He was treated with a bandaid, neosporin, and ibuprofen. Saw a doctor for a total of 5 minutes. Estimated charges at time of visit $587-$1,218, ok I understand it's the emergency room. Well I received the bill in the mail, actually two bills. One for $5,634 and the other for doc for $513.71. Both companies agreed to cut bill in half the first time I called but said they could do no more. Centura rep and supervisor were extremely unhelpful, only pushed for payment, and had an attitude when I tried to explain that I think I there may be some misunderstanding. It's sad that medical companies try to gouge people at a time of stress and worry. Also that we dont have many other options on weekends, and evenings.

Shaunna Crane

Everything was great till I got to my room after surgery my pain medicine machine kepted going off and got left going for mins and called three times and had to get out of bed to open my door so they would finally hear it going off and send someone in to fix it tried to order food wench from cafeteria was disgracefully nasty and rude on the phone hung up on me my bratty teenagers have more respect then I got took to long to get a charge nurse to come in and hear my complaint and yes nice to offer to still try to bring me something but all options is not good to eat waited for over 45mins for something to stop my nausea so I could keep even water down ppl got no respect for one another anymore next time I need surgery or meds for anything or anything at all I'll croke before I go anywhere for treatments or ask for anything thx God this surgery over going to go home file a formal grievance with my insurance company and never return back here again



Lyndon Gotelaere

Great hospital with good staff.


ER run like a meat locker... Despite not being able to walk, they’re not concerned about rotating bodies and tables than caring for patients and rather have folks in pain in the lobby. The faster they can get you out the door the better, to hell with quality care here. My regular physician was appalled they never took images or properly evaluated the situation. Will never go back to this place.

Adriana Campuzano

One of the worst experience in my life.. The staff is rude, very unprofessional and gossip

Leslie Reed

I would have given zero stars if I could. I went in the ER with massive pain. The triage nurses were extremely rude and when the one took me to my room she walked so fast and far ahead of me and didn’t even bother to see me struggle to even walk let alone keep up. They didn’t ask about my allergies and while administering iv drugs they almost gave me what I was allergic to. The doctor was even more rude. For my pain I was given fentanyl. I have never had that drug before ever and it didn’t seem to work very well. After me complaining about it several times and after 3 doses my heart rate jumped, blood pressure and oxygen dropped and fever broke out to 104. Now keep in mind I went in for pain in my pelvic area, near my ovaries. This should not have happened. It wasn’t until then that the doctor started to actually scramble to get me well. I was allergic to the fentanyl. They had to admit me after all of that. They ran tests on me that had NOTHING to do with my original complaint! I fully intend on going to DORA about this. This was by far the worst experience of my life. And this is the extremely summed up version of my nightmare. I am at a loss of words.

Hatrick Bateman

I thought my appendix burst so I visited the ER one day due to the excruciating pain I was experiencing. I was there 3 hours (no surgery) and received a bill for over 11,000 dollars. Nearly 8 thousand dollars billed for a 5 minute CT scan. They refuse to negotiate this amount with me and and have been no help whatsoever when I try to reach out to them by phone.


Highly disappointing! I understand the treatment and care at any ER are a function of timing, critical cases, and the staff you happen to see, so I am hopeful this review only applies to a very small number of providers. Unfortunately, most of the staff I encountered seemed to lack compassion, and no one effectively determined the source of my excruciating pain (nor managed it successfully, either). While I am deeply thankful to the doctor for ordering the emergency CT (the radiology team were very compassionate and efficient), the CT findings were dismissed and downplayed by the PA (and I never saw the doctor again). There was an apparent lack of communication amongst the staff, and there seemed to be little interest in truly listening to the patient. As a result, the source of my pain never was diagnosed, and I felt very dismissed throughout this encounter--I am not a complainer and seek out an ER only when I truly have to, but this was pain worse than childbirth and post-op! If the staff had listened and truly determined (and managed) the source of my pain, I could have avoided a follow-up ER visit the next morning, in the same excruciating pain as before. I truly hope this was an isolated incident that can be used by the staff as a teaching opportunity--bottom line, compassion and listening to the patient can go a long way.

Bonnie Cline

I want to thank all of you who cared for me on the surgery floor durimg my stay, especially my RN's Rachel & Bobbie. You guys go way over the standard! All of the staff i encountered were awesome. The hospital md.'s SO understanding & always with answers for me. I just cannot say enough how much I appreciate you all. Centura rocks with the BEST! Love you all thank you so much!

Erik Konig

Staff is caring and attentive. I was in and out surprisingly fast for the ER. The total time it took was about 2 hours, x-rays and all. Security watches closely which shows they value the safety of everyone there. One of the security gaurds, Scott, had a great attitude and even brought me a drink and snack while waiting for my ride. The hospital is exceptionally clean and sanitary which of course is important for health reasons.

Jayde Love

I gave birth to my beautiful baby girl in this hospital and though I'm happy and grateful for my daughter being taken care of . I cannot say I felt happy with my experience i had to deal with 2 rude nurses and one who projected her lifestyle onto me during my golden hour allowing my mother in law to take that time from me . Not pleased and will not be recommending this place to anyone. Also I had broken my thumb on another terrible experience with these craxy people and my er doctor smelt like booze and did offer any pain meds for 3 hours. I had to ask for ibuprofen and I had to wash my own broken thumb In a restroom.... terribly ran all around

Brittany Fears

The surgical staff at this hospital is amazing, at least the morning shift! Thanks for an awesome and calming experience!

Kim Grizzle

Go to memorial north they have caring staff and actually care how you feel as a patient they go above and beyond to meet your needs , St.Francis treats everyone like a junkie always assuming that you are there for drugs even though they are a hospital/ER you should be able to come to them when you have pain or discomfort.

javier ayala

Terrible place would give 0 stars. Took my wife to the ER and was greeted by a ER tech with a real bad attitude. After waiting several hours we finally where moved from one waiting room and into another waiting room. After hours of waiting we finally where moved to a tiny triage area not the ER anymore. During the 4 hours I asked several staff members for a cup of water for my wife and nobody cared to bring her anything. After being tired and very thirsty in a very hot and small room. I chose to get up and ask staff where can I get a cup of water. The staff just looked at me and ignored me so I went to the other nurses station and somebody just pointed to a faucet nearby and of course no cups for water. ( I guess staff assumes I am to use my hands as a cup and run it back to my wife.) After that the doctor with her telepathic abilities was able do diagnose my wife in less than 30 seconds ( I was counting the seconds just to see) and also without even laying a single finger on my wife as well. And they just gave her several prescriptions drugs to go buy at a pharmacy (none where open at the time so I guess we just have to wait hours before she can take medication to do something. This is how my wife was treated at this horrible place by people pretending to provide patient care. Save yourself the time and im sure to expect a 10,000$ bill for the whole 23 seconds of the doctors time. I wouldn't let these people touch my dog or cat much less a human being. Find somewhere else. You don't need to pay these people to ignore you and at best make assumptions and guesses as to what is wrong with you.

Janea Barber

My family and I are not happy with the service received at Saint Francis Medical Center. In the past our mother has ALWAYS gone to Memorial North and we I have NEVER had any problems there. The staff was nonchalant on arrival Sunday & DID NOT do the things they should have for the first 2 days of my mother's stay at this Hospital. Nothing was done until the third day when my mother was moved into the critical care unit. Only then the staff was more urgent about my mother's care. After all was said and done the pulmonologist called and basically blamed my sister and I for making the decision to no longer have her be in pain and let her go home. They sound very worried that we may take matters into our own hands because their care was not sufficient. God will deal with them... When it is their family. You reap what you sow!

Jenee' Rose

Was taken back in less than 2 minutes. A warm blanket was given to me while getting vitals. Every person from check in, vitals to nurse & Doctor were so kind and helpful. Immensely grateful as I was so worried after reading reviews which ER I should go to and not be shrugged off or ignored or rushed back out. I never felt rushed but had a full work up of labs, urine, ultrasound etc for abdominal pain that's lasted over a week. For the first time in a week I had relief! Left with medicine to help heal my insides, referral recommendation to the GI Doctor, and have a follow up with my primary this same afternoon so I'm all cared for. They went above and beyond, it was more than I ever expected and I am so relieved & grateful that I had real help and a plan to help figure this out and come to a solution. My nurse was Kim and my Doctor was Dr. Sooch - thank you both for your kindness and care! The Dr. Even sat down when talking with me and never made me feel rushed but took his time and let me ask any questions I had. It's rare to find that genuine empathy and care at most places....but I did here at St. Francis ER!

Jake C

Absolutely terrible service!! Came in with my girlfriend and she had pains that were restricting her from being able to walk. Sent to a room to have the vitals taken by someone who even says THEY ARE NOT THE NURSE! After that sent to a waiting room for over an hour and a half as we watch them take one person back at a time with 7 rooms open. People complain to the front desk about how long it’s taking and all they say is that the rooms are being cleaned. Children are sitting here with pains and tears along with grown adults in intense pain and everyone gives you the feeling that they really don’t care! I understand coming in at 12:40 am is early but you picked your career and you choose your job! The least you can do is to do your job. Ant believe the “care” that comes from this place.

Annie Jenson

This is the WORST place you could possibly go. The workers there are very rude self centered people. They threatened to call the cops over a broken family just trying to see their mom without her being taken to a mental facility. They did all this without any consolation with her therapist or family (the people who know her and her needs). If you care about your loved ones in need of help from nice and sheltering people then PLEASE find somewhere else to go than this hell house.

Deanna Wenner

I cannot express enough how unprofessional, rude and just pure lack of caring this hospital is. I ended up in the ER the end of November 2017 with what the Urgent Care thought was Appendicitis. We waited over 20 minutes to go back and get blood drawn, urine sample, blood pressure and history. Still in extreme pain!!! Then we were sent back to a very full waiting room. We waited an 1 1/2 to then be taken back to a bed. Still in extreme pain. Another wait of 1/2 hour to be seen by a doctor for 5 minutes to say we are going to do a cat scan. Waited another 1/2 hour to be wheeled back for the cat scan. After the cat scan another wait for the doctor to come back and tell me the results. Still in pain. After about another 1/2 hour the results came back as they couldn't even see my Appendix and asked if I was still in pain..... Uhhhh yeah!!!!! At that point they gave me a shot and let me wait there as the doctor said he was going to double check the cat scan to see if there was anything else that could cause the pain. He never showed back up. I was literally just ticked off at that point and just told them I'm going home after 45 minutes of waiting. They sent me home with antibiotics... lol I just shook my head Antibiotics for what???!!!! About a week later I get a bill from the hospital for over $10,000, a bill from the physician for over $700, bill from the radiologist for over $300 and finally a bill from the lab for about $46.00. I have tried numerous times to contact the financial assistance lady (leaving messages) to resolve the bill with the hospital with no return call. I have left probably over 20 messages! I have paid all other bills and am trying to be responsible to get this resolved as I do not want this affecting my credit but to tell the truth I'm ready to take this up legally because I'm just fed up. Please beware of this hospital.

Phat Vegan

The ER doctors here are flat-out incompetent! I wouldn't trust a pile of dog poop to these doctors. What a worthless organization! You're taking your life in your own hands by putting your life in theirs. And when your unconscious that's probably not the best thing to do. Because at that moment you're probably smarter than those doctors.

Shawn Hunt

My daughter-in-law went to the ER December 31st, 2018. I was very shocked by the lack of care and compassion she received. She was having severe abdominal pain and back pain, couldn't sit still and was quietly crying throughout our 5 hour visit. She was assessed by triage quickly, they asked her what her pain level was and she reported 8.5 -9. They apparently wrote it down, but made no further comment about it. Then we proceeded to wait for 3 hours to receive care. The entire time she was writhing in pain, could not get comfortable, vomited, etc. I asked the ER triage nurse multiple times about when she would be seen, with the usual excuse of them being busy and down staff. I have been an RN for 35 years, in Pediatric ICU and School Nursing and was ashamed of what my daughter had to go through. She was finally seen and her nurse Kaitlyn was a poor excuse for a nurse! She also asked what her pain level was, 8, and never addressed it. She said they needed a urine sample and did she need a bedpan, I said could we have the wheelchair to wheel her in the restroom and she said she was afraid she might fall, so it was either the bedpan or she had to walk to the bathroom. What? you would rather have her walk if you are afraid of her falling than use a wheelchair. I walked her to the bathroom, where the nurse was impatiently waiting with the urine cup. I asked several times for some medication for the pain and was told no. I finally asked to speak to the doctor. I met him in the hall where he proceeded to tell me about the opioid crisis and that if he gave her something that in a year, she probably would be addicted. I said she has never been to an ER or a hospital before and is not on any medication. I said it was unnecessary for her to be in pain for 5 hours and not given anything. He then explained why he couldn't give her Toradol (because surgery might be needed) although I do know that Toradol has been given prior to surgeries and the anesthesiologists did use it when I ws in the hospital and I asked about morphine, even 1-2 mg would probably help. He informed me she then would have an ileus. After one dose, it is possible, but better than laying in pain! He then argued with me about giving the morphine and said he would have to tell the head of the hospital why he gave her pain medication. I said fine, tell him I said to! Then he said you want me to give her morphine, I said yes and he said it would be my responsibility then. He continues to demean me by saying she has the softest belly he has ever felt (intimating that she has nothing wrong)! Miraculously the CT scan results just came in and she did not need surgery and there was not anything highly unusual. The nurse said she could have a GI cocktail and some Zofran, which was great. Kaitlyn then said I have the morphine you said you wanted for her, in a very disgusted way. I said no, not now, the GI cocktail with provide pain relief and numbing! Curiously, the doctor did not mention that she had gallstones, we found out later when the report was sent. I wonder if she was having a gallbladder attack, um?! Abdominal pain, back pain, vomiting, low grade fever, no appetite, vomiting. We were not given any specifics of her blood work or urine, just "they were normal", so I don't know if the WBC was slightly elevated or other signs that could have been there. We were then hustled out very quickly with no assistance from Kaitlyn! The whole time I was thinking how jaded the ER staff appeared, having suspicion that everyone is wanting pain medication and willing to spend hours in the ER waiting for it! I certainly know this happens and working in high school I am very aware of the opioid crisis but, to deny a patient the right to have pain lessened, along with her history (which is nothing!) is bordering on negligent. Maybe Kaitlyn could have offered a heating pad, or turn the lights low, try and get her comfortable with changing position and pillows, nope, nothing. I will not ever take my family members to this ER again!

Gordon Heuser

Great staff at the E.R. From the nurses to Dr. McFarland, all of them provided wonderful care. I can't say enough good things about my experience at St. Fancis.

Caroline Bushnell

I am absolutely APPAULED by this Medical Center. If I could have given 0 stars I would have. I was rudely denied entry to visit my mother, and when I tried again, I was kicked out again. If you have any desire to actually see loved ones, this is not the facility for you. They have continuously attempted to refer her to other facilities that are unnecessary and would be more harmful to her. Overall, I'm very disappointed and just wanted to share so other people don't have to go what my family did.

Hunter Quist

If I could give zero stars I 100% would. I had to bring my husband to the ER and had the absolute worst experience I’ve ever had at a hospital. The nurses and doctor were extremely unprofessional and made the issue a million times worse than it was. At one point when the nurse left our room we heard her talking to another nurse right outside the door about my husband in a very negative manner. Not to mention we were there for 10 hours because they thought they fixed the problem but turns out they completely messed it up and put him in excruciating pain that lasted 2 weeks. I will never go back to this hospital and if I could I would tell every other person in Colorado Springs to never use this hospital.

BaconAnd Cake

The nurse triage staff have a bad habit of sending me home when I’m in active labor. It happened with my second child and I was sent home with ambien and told to go to sleep only to return 15 minutes later with my daughter crowning in between my legs. My third pregnancy wasn’t any better: Mira, a nurse in triage sent me home in active labor this past July 2018 even after I informed her of my labor with my second child. I explained to her my pain was a 9 and she told me and I quote, “Most moms are more tearful”. This hospital desperately needs cultural diversity training because it is seething with biased and prejudiced employees. I was then sent home and returned a couple hours later after the pain became unbearable. They were still reluctant to admit me. I was then reported for child abuse and neglect for disclosing in preadmission that I take CBD products and a THC massaging balm for medical reasons. I was also told if I had said nothing about the usage then nothing would have been reported to Department of Human Services. So even if you take a urinalysis at every doctor appointment and are fully transparent about everything, they’ll report you anyway! Many surrounding counties do not report this but Penrose St. Francis will, which is located in El Paso County. To top it off, they also put in a false claim that I had second insurance and sent me a bill directly for my labor and delivery. There was never a second insurance company and it again was up to me to clean up their mistake and get it sorted out. ************************************************ I also brought my 5 year old daughter to the E.R. while 37 weeks pregnant for a seizure from high fever. During intake, a nurse with blond hair and black frame glasses was extremely rude and impatient and started shoving Tylenol down my daughter’s throat as she’s crying hysterically and choking on the medicine. She then stormed off told me to go back to the waiting room and excused herself to see another patient. I was in shock and started crying realizing what had just happened. The staff noticed I was upset and took us back to a room. The next nurse had great bedside manner and was more understanding. The nurse also suggested to the doctor that additional tests be ran because my daughter’s health was still decreasing and she had another seizure while we waited and her oxygen kept dropping into the 80s. The doctor refused to do anything for my daughter beyond a popsicle and we basically sat there for 8 hours for nothing and I almost passed out from starvation. The doctor never acknowledged the wait time or my pregnancy and I finally just asked the nurse to bring me discharge papers. I will never step foot in this hospital ever again.

Richard scott

Awful experience and very dirty. Good luck finding anyone working if you end up going on a Sunday afternoon. Wife ended up going to er for emergency surgery. Called before arrival to make sure Insurnace would be accepted which stated it would be. After services rendered and insurance paid 14k Now they’re claiming we still owe them 14k. Have now since sent us to collections. Will be contacting the state in regards . They are a bunch of crooks! Don’t go here!

Tessa Tesh

Horrible emergency room staff! I am a nurse so i have a little experience.. I took my grandmother to the emergency room and the staff was extremely short and rude to my grandmother with dementia. They didnt explain to her what they were doing and were getting frustrated with her for being a bit slow. Absolutely horrible nursing staff i am astonished at their behavior.

lawrence strickland

Beautiful new ER opened this year

Noel xoxoxo

Jen in the ER was truly rude while screening. She clearly hates her job. Memorial was way busier, but the employees were so much more pleasant, kind, and apologetic. It would have been worth the wait at Memorial.... We are clearly wasting Jen’s time. Lesson learned!

Clay Seymour

I'm from out of state and went to ER with kidney stones. They took great care of me and the facilities were very nice. Very positive experience compared to other places throughout the country!

David Neveling

During that major storm last week a lot of people got stranded at this hospital. The staff there went beyond the call of duty to make us fell safe and welcomed. We where not even paying customers . Just people who could not get home. God bless you. And thank you.

Diana Mercer

They refused to re take my son B/P and refused to check kidney function in the ER! We could only speak to a PA ! For a hospital that had all the health history in the computer why dont they read it before they come into the room? Rude!!!!!! Never again !!! Memorial will be our ER they also would better with the children's hospitals in including rocky mountain children's!!!

Brittney Donner

God forbid you have an emergency and you need someone to examine you. They lie on charts and will do whatever it takes to push you as fast as possible. I brought my son in and they "recorded" that they checked every inch of him in his chart. But when something still wasnt quite right I went to the pediatrician only to discover that he has infections that were not only dragged out for days because of neglagence, but they "treated" my son with no intention of actually healing him. The doctor did however take pride in his intimidating tactics to get us to vaccinate our son the way he wanted us too. Mind you vaccines have nothing to do with what we were in for. Long story short, when I called the hospital concerned and upset that my one year old had to suffer because a physician didn't take our situation seriously, they assured me someone would be in touch as soon as possible to resolve my "issue". Which leads us to this post, NO ONE has bothered to get in touch with me and I do not believe they will until I take legal action. I do not believe that they value patient's well-being, and if you are a parent in a dyer sitiation concerning your child's health, please take them anywhere else.

Dilly Woppers

I came in with chest pain. They took my xrays about 30min into my visit and have been waiting for 2 hours(still waiting here with pain in my chest) to get a room. Unless you are dying do not come to this hospital. I have asthma on top of all of this and it seems like no one cares. I'm just sitting here with a bunch of other people just waiting

Stewart Kett Laughlin

Best Hospital in Colorado Springs. Best Service, Best Staff, Best Food, Best Care, Nicest Building. I Always, Always try to get here for serious health issues.

Trista LaRue

Seems very understaffed. Not many people in the er waiting room. But still waited 3+ hours to get to a room. and then over another hour in the room before we even saw a nurse....Tests were taken after an hour of being in the waiting room and still no results. And there was an extremely rude lady at the desk... when an elderly couple asked how much longer it would be (they sat there for 4 hours). She snapped at him ... unproffesional. Oh yea... and four hours into the wait you wanna come and collect payment... WE HAVENT EVEN SEEN A NURSE! After being told they would bring a blanket because my wife is freezing when we first got to the room.... after and hour and 20 minutes.... i had to hit the call light.

Jessica Enriques

Had my baby here, was well taken care of.

Algorhythm Glover

The overall medical service in emergency situations has been good. The customer service is terrible. I was on speaker phone as a p.a twisted my words and openly called my wife a liar before threatening to have her removed by security. Nurses have "fished" for an vein after being asked not too. On multiple occasions emergency occasions they will treat one symptom and ignore others not seeing the whole picture, it is as if they do not have the time to listen. When i am not there she has returned with bruises for an i.v that normally do not happen. My wife has suffered from chronic stomach pain, which we are now finding answers for, and doctors would refer her here for pain. The e.r is careful about their narcotics( which i greatly support) but my wife has a stigma attached to her that she is a drug seeker. She would only go here when a doctor told her too. It is a revolving door in the springs as doctors cannot find an answer and the patient suffers. When asking what the best next step is the e.r doctors refer to specalists for specalists to refer to the e.r. it is like they have no clue what the other departments do.

Steven Beebe

I have to say, EVERY SINGLE TIME you go to this hospital, they WILL give you and "additional bill" or "deductible" beyond what your insurance company will pay. It does not matter what is your insurance, medicare, Tricare, they just throw on an additional bill of hundreds or thousands. This has happened to several of my family members with very good insurance. Go there... it will cost you a couple of hundred dollars.

Life with Masha

Let me be honest , I was worried about coming here because of the reviews and thankfully I was pleasantly surprised it was nothing like what I’ve read. The Emergency room was VERY Clean and the staff were so professional, kind and attentive!!! I was treated with nothing but dignity and RESPECT, all of my concerns were addressed and listened to. The Dr, the PA And the Nurses were incredibly caring and had great bedside manner. I wasn’t waiting for hours, I got seen , treated and discharged in a timely manor. Thank you to the staff for treating me so kindly !!!!

Eric LoGiudice

Who likes spending time at a hospital? Wait wait wait. No one's In a hurry to get the job done! And smile, not available, kindness, what's that? Guess you can say not really happy ! Appointment why? Now 45 minutes late , If I showed up this late I'd be made to reschedule the appointment ....again , no concern. fasting diabetic great combination and no end in sight

R Lewis

Absolutely top of the line staff. I was admitted through the ER, then to the ICU and finally the hospital floor and every step of the way, I was met with compassionate, well-informed people who went out of their way to make me feel safe and comforted (and also took the time to look after my family, who stayed with me). The hospital itself is spotless with efficient amenities and gorgeous views. It was terrible to be sick, but they made things so much better. God bless the nurses and physicians at St. Francis.

Ephraim Robert

I had appendix rupture and they rushed me to the or. Saved my life. I will aways owe them my life for such great service.

Vee G

I had a great experience at birth center where my son was born. Very professional, attentive nurses/doctors and friendly staff. My son was also taken care of very well during our hospital stay.


Transferred to unanswered lines and recordings by workers trying to find out if a family member is alive

Juan Acosta

I love this place. So much history in this hospital

Official_Aaron Green

I would sure love to have an ER where the nurses don't talk about what they are doing after and what booze taste the best at the club. But unfortunately while my mother is suffering from symptoms of a heart attack this is the service I receive. No aid has thus been given for the 4 hours we have been admitted under the care of the ER. I also find it very disappointing that I personally had to ask for test results from a nurse 2 hours after they were preformed. If tests and procedures are completed it is the right of the patient to receive such news, I feel as if this right was denied or passed over by current nurses and doctors. I don't fully blame the lack of service on those pm shift as it has came to my attention the ER is preposterously under staffed.

Lou Gutierrez

The quality of care here has gone WAY downhill. It's unfortunate because they used to provide the best here in the Springs.

Samantha Fowler

I’ve come here twice for delivery and everyone is amazing! The staff goes above and beyond every time. Cyndra, Radiance, and Jen are some of the most caring and attentive nurses I’ve ever met. I highly recommend!

oopS not-tellinG

I can never explain how much everyone has helped me throughout my medical experience. The best care & overwhelming sweet employees I've encountered. I'm quite familiar with UC Health, but for now on I will only get my care from St. Francis. My family was always greeted with smiles & friendly conversation. Even house keeping was very friendly & helpful when needed. If you want to be in good hands then this is the place for you. If you prefer mind games & unfriendly employees then UC Health might work for you. If you value having good quality care then St. Francis will definitely go out of their way for you. I highly recommend this hospital!!!!

Sam Fargo

Grumpy old nurses need to be replaced with nurses that actually care about people , people in Colorado Springs don't want to go to a hospital where the employees are sour and unable to work with you in time of need . I went to Memorial hospital UC health and they treated me way better, and there service was fast and they are always willing to help me.

Karen Parks

Waiting 2 hours now while friend is doubled over in pain. No pain meds offered and just being told to wait Meanwhile pain is so bad for my friend she can't straighten up. I'm not seeing the benefit of coming to an EMERGENCY room. Considering leaving here and going to another hospital!

Mary DeLaBarre

We were in emergency a week ago, was a weekend. My husband had surgery 48 hours earlier and releasked. His care then was awesome BUT THEN we returned. The weekend crew were a joke! My husband could hardly walk and kept want to throw up. I had to fill paperwork out, that part o understand but I had no idea what was wrong with him. He was put in a room and left. Suddenly the diarreh a started again and dry heaves. I found a bathroom and took him to it. No one nowhere, went back to his room and he was just freezing cold. A young woman I'd seen brought one and laid it on the bed and walked out. Finally we saw a nurse and she said they were going to put an I V in and if he had diarreh a again they needed a sample. So of course he had to go again, no one around so I took him. In the bathroom there was a container to catch the stool. My husband filled it and the container was falling in the toilet, again no on anywhere. Eemergency was not busy!! Anyway he tries to hand to me, it spills on the floor but had enough left to fill the bottle for testing. I CLEANED UP THE FLOOR SO NO ONE WOULD WALK IN IT then took him and the container back to the room. Not one single person offered to help us. Then they, after at least 30 minutes took him for xray. He had a blockage in his bowel. Upstairs to a room, no vitals machine hooked to him or anything. Did still have the I.V. and they gave him pain meds to try sleep. The next morning at 10:40am a doctor named Dr. McCann shows up and tells us he isn't doing surgery, white count was fine, blood and stool had no infection and THERE WAS NO BLOCKAGE. He would not listen to our concerns, talk So arrogant, unprofessional and walked out saying I'll write some orders. Never saw him again and never want to either. My husband did have a blockage and two days later it was finally treated by DR. ZIMMER. He was great too. Will say the staff on 5th floor were fantastic. Thank God!! We truly appreciate everthing they did and were all so caring.


Good treatment, but the billing process was insulting. Lousy customer service and usurious prices. It really says a lot when you'd rather die than go to a hospital. Thanks for bleeding me dry.

Crystal Fay

I was not a big fan of the er department, labor and delivery on the other hand deserves more than 5 stars. The women that work in this department are truly a blessing. Each of them go above and beyond of what is expected of them and seem as if they care about every single patient that walks through their door. If you have the privilege to be able to deliver at this hospital, jump at the opportunity. These women saved my sons life, for that I am grateful.

Monica Garbizo

The pediatric DO and PA were pleasant and professional. Other than that I thought the ER was a dump considering it’s a new building. Exam room floors were filthy and the sheet on the bed was stained. The ancillary staff were not the friendliest. We waited two hours too long. Unfortunately, I’ll be traveling across town to the pediatric urgent care than come back here.

Shawn Red

Pregnant gf in car accident. They were slow and when they did get us back, they checked the babys heartbeat and then sent us on our way telling us baby is protected pretty well. Went to memorial north next morning (as still large amount of abdominal pain) and they actually did a full scan (ultrasound, heartbeat, checked organs, etc), questionnaires, and ensured everything was ok. Complete night and day difference when it came to care for the same exact issue.

Teresa Rendon

I normally have a good experience at this hospital but today has been a sad exception. I brought an 74 year old man in today who was visiting from GA with altitude sickness. A CT scan was performed just to rule out any other problems. They injected him with iodine for the CT scan and was told to drink plenty of water to flush out the iodine. (he was given permission to both eat and drink) We are in the ER 4 hours later with no offer of water. I went searching for a vending machine to get water and had to go to the basement to finethe cafeteria closed and vending machine not working. I came back up to the unit and the patient was itching from the iodine. I asked the nurse to please get him some water. She came back a small cup with warm water. He drank that water and it has been two hours with nothing. I am so very disappointed. We came into the ER at 11 am. It is now 6:00pm. We are waiting for oxygen to bring home. Everyone knows that staying hydrated is a key component to oxygen levels in Colorado and yet he has not been given fluid in an IV and not one time has been given water except when I asked. One cup of water in 7 hours. Sad. Another complaint, the female nurse that checked him in at triage rudely told him to not come to Colorado to see his family anymore because he will always get altitude sickness. This was before a Dr ever saw him. She was clearly irritated that he was here. Again, very sad. The other complaint I have is the patient had to use the restroom and asked to be wheeled to the bathroom. They asked if the could bring him a urinal, he said he wanted the restroom. When he got back to our curtained partition he was given a urinal (plastic bottle) and was told from now on he was to use that.

Stephen Podrasky

Easier to just die than deal with their billing department. I even have insurance: I shutter to think what would happen if I didn't. Separate bills for the physician and the E.R., no communication and they just sent me another bill 6 months after my visit.

Ashley Solari

I was in there Jan 9 late at night and it was such a long wait. I waited 2 hours before being seen, no biggie, it was busy, but even when I finally got a room I was in there for 4.5 hrs! I had a couple tests done and they said each would take an hour so I expected to be maybe 2.5hrs but it was wayyy too long. The only part I loved and appreciated soooooooo much was Cat. I'm pregnant for the first time and she wrote down all these suggestions and tips to go about it. She NEEDS to be acknowledged for going above and beyond!! What was even more impressive was when I asked her how long she's been there and she said only 2 months! What an amazing asset she is to your staff!!!! :)

snk snk

Got the best care possible, nursing staff and doctors were top notch—could not ask for better. Thank you Women’s Center Staff and Staff on 5th floor, you guys rock!

ga Pordel

If you have an emergency go somewhere else because they are super slow and will take you forever to get any kind of treatment. Besides it is not even clean.

James Edward

Pathetic excuse for a healthcare institution.

Parris Vargas

Had the best nurse ever here! I think it helped the healing process of my c-section. Tracy in Labor and Delivery, thank you! Awesome anesthesiologist too! Wonderful doctor as well! Food from nutrition was so so.

Julia Llorens

I will never seek medical help at this hospital again! They were unprofessional and down right rude to my daughter being treated nor my family. We Could not get ANYONE to listen to us about her medical issues and she was treated with no dignity nor respect. I have never experienced anything like it, and I hope I never do! I can only pray that my daughter survives!


I have been severely Ill for two months .. And I still haven't been to the doctor Because every time I come in the wait is absolutely ridiculous. FIVE+ HOURS sitting in a waiting room suffering. They must either be absolutely incompetent, or too cheap to hire more staff. Life is short, we do not have the time to spend five hours in the waiting room any time we get sick or hurt. The staff also seem to not care, and even if you do go back to a room, you still end up spending hours in there with doctors not listening to you, and a huge bruise from the IV injection site. Going to find a better hospital because this one is just terrible.

Nick Rodriguez

Just had our baby girl here in January, all the labor/delivery and baby/mom nurses had fantastic bedside manner! Also our delivery doctor Larry O'Connell also had fantastic bedside manner and was fantastic when it came to delivering process. The entire hospital is very nice, but we were really impressed with the size and up to date style of the delivery and recovery rooms in the maternity ward! We will definitely be coming back here when our next child is on the way!

Thomas Dinan

Scratched in the eye, the Doctor made sure I wasn't in Pain for the Day , very caring for patients.

shaughn jamieson

Lack of work ethic. instead work working everyone would rather talk and gossip. Walking past a rn station I wonder if this employee playing crossword on a computer understands the concept of earning a dollar.

Nick D

UPDATE: Still waiting to hear back from the patient advocate... they left me a message and I called them back and left message myself. No call back whatsoever!! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Horrible experience with the emergency room. The nurses and staff there had no compassion whatsoever and seemed like they really didn’t like doing their job or even being at work. Also all they wanted to do was pump meds into my wife and not even test or really try to find out what was causing her pain. Tried to get an EKG and when the nurse came in to take the EKG, she could see that my wife was crying and in excruciating pain and couldn’t lay on her back. I asked the nurse if she could wait a few minutes so we could try to have the pain subside a little and the nurses response was “uh, not really...”. I mean she sounded like we were inconveniencing her for her having to do her job which by her own admission was going to only take a minute to do. Very unprofessional and rude. We declined the EKG cause were we so disgusted by her attitude. There were other things I could list here but I’m so fed up. Go to Memorial Hospital ER or somewhere where the staff cares and is nicer. We will never go back nor recommend this place. I talked to and placed a formal complaint to the charge nurse for this and have a message in to the ER director but still haven’t heard back from the director.

Timothy Miller

If I could give none, I would. Doctor forgot to sign rx, nurses couldn't do an IV right if they wanted to, transport is like a snail, and if they say a few.minutes, they mean a few HOURS. terrible place, avoid. Update: 3 hours after leaving the hospital, Dr. Kahn still has not actually sent the Rx in for the gas, post surgery pain, and nasua. Sidenote: he was reminded by Staff 3 times on hour intervals after discharge. Now as for the nurses? 80/20, great to terrible.

A2iztd Sa1nt

Emergency rooms are always a hassle. My recent visit late in the evening was a strenuous one, but the staff in the ER made me feel comfortable. I do not do hospitals, but Penrose St. Francis has always been my go to.

Sarah Fann

I just had my baby girl at this Hospital. It was a great experience, better than the Hospital in Missouri were I had my son. The only thing that I was not ok was the nurses bragging about what their favorite alcoholic beverage was. Very unprofessional! It kinda made me weary and unsure about them taking care of my Daughter in the NICU when I was away for a few hours. The other thing that bothered me was when I came back to stay the night with her she was crying and had spit up all over her blanket and all of the nurses including the one in charge of that room was not around and I felt like she was not attended to when she absolutely needed especially to be burped after feeding on a bottle. You can't ignore a newborn's cry especially if they have excess gas after eating or if they have a wet diaper. That made me highly upset and irritated. Some nurses here seem inexperienced with caring for newborns. Need better training with attending to newborns when needed.

Richard H

My 1-1/2 year old grandson (who is visiting us from out of state) apeared to have an allergic reaction to food he ate last night and we brought him to the ER at this hospital to make sure he was OK. We were shuffled from one room to another, yet he was never seen by a doctor and we left because of the long wait. We witnessed another patient with a heart condition come into the ER with chest pains and apathetically told to fill out forms and then return them, to which his wife replied, "Yeah, if he's still alive." What a poor excuse for a hospital. We were embarrassed by the lack of care and competency at this hospital. We'll drive a bit farther and go to a different hospital next time we need emergency care. My response to all of the "Response from the owner" on other comments: Don't bother pretending like you care by having someone in your PR/Marketing department try to placate the multitude of dissatisfied and hurt patients/customers who left you negative feedback. It's transparently obvious that if you really cared you would address these concerns by proactively working hard to improve the quality and compassion of your staff as it relates directly to patient care. Also, please don't bother directing us to a "patient advocate". It's too late. We'll never trust your hospital -- or any facility/provider in your hospital -- to provide care for our loved ones. The best we can do is warn others about your business. I sincerely hope, for the sake of those may need your care, that your facility makes necessary improvements to raise the level of patient care in the future.

Jessi M.

I had extreme back pain that brought me to my knees. I tried to go to my regular doctor but was told to go to an ER. My husband drove me here. I could not sit only lay down or stand but was still in extreme pain. I had leg weakness and numbness in my legs. Upon arrival i was signed in and no one could care less how much pain I was in. The security guard and a patient already waiting cared more. There were no seats available, which was fine since I could not sit anyway. I was about to see if I could lay on a blanket on the floor but after 45 minutes my husband took me to an urgent care where I was given a cortisone and pain med shot and allowed to lay down. They told me I needed to go to an ER. No way was I going back to this uncaring hell hole. There seemed to be no triage going on here. I know my issues were not life threatening but my pain was very high. No one asked what happened to me, what my pain level was. All needed was to lay down...anywhere! But no one cared. I was treated like I was an inconvenience. Oh by the way, I need back surgery. Thanks a lot.

Amanda Mata

Never have I spent such a short time in the emergency room. The staff are absolutely amazing. Thank you for being so Efficient and taking great care if me.

Nay Nay

Not at all pleased. Staff acts like they’d rather not treat patients, and are concerned about everything other than the patient. Highly disappointed.

Whitney Lambert

I love, love this hospital! I had a visit to the emergency room and they're just as great as this rest of the hospital! I go every month to Dr Shelton for my pregnancy and can't wait for July 13 when I deliver! Highly recommended!

Kathy Whisman

My husband was brought into the hospital in early July of this year. He came into the ER and was very ill. The doctors were great to find out what the problem was and the whole staff was very caring and professional. He ended up staying for 7 days with a very serious condition. We were from another state and were on our Honeymoon. Everyone was very concerned and took great care of him. Thank you so much! We can never thank you enough.

Andrea Darlene

The nurses are rude and careless. This is by far the worst hospital I have ever dealt with in my life.


Both times I have had family brought here by the ambulance the staff have been amazing and did a great job caring for them and doing everything they possibly could to help them! The only issue I ran into EVERY visit was the one female security employee with the shoulder length black hair. I was instructed by the medical staff over the phone was to just check in with security and I would be brought straight back to my family member. The woman was unapproachable just doodling a giant rose on a piece of paper, and wouldn't even greet me, just stared at me blankly. When I told her who I was and who I was seeing, she gave me the biggest attitude sighed and stood up, opened the doors and just started walking away. Unsure if I was suppose to follow her I just waited, and she finally turned around got annoyed and barked "well let's go." I don't know how this employee has kept her job this long with her behavior towards guests who are apparently there for a serious reason. The 3 family members who went through security that same had the same exact treatment from her. Unfortunately the family member we were there to see did pass away during this visit, and my families experience with this employee has stuck with us.


Front staff very unprofessional and dont care about any individual that is coming through there department. ER department is very dirty ( bathrooms were disgusting) I was more worried about contracting something in the ER department than what I came in for care. Felt like I was being treated by an individual (nurse) that just came right of the streets. Maybe, you should be more aware of apprenince for your nurses. Centura Heath get your act togeather. I should not have to feel like I am get medoccure care from your facility. Will never come back.... DISGUSTING

K Wicke

We had all three of our children here great hospital

Carys Bennett

I have had a few surgeries and ER visits here. This is the only hospital I will go to. The staff is absolutely amazing.

Pat Baker

They Where Wonderful with my husband when I took him in, for ALZ...NOT EASY TO DEAL WITH ! they r kind, helpful caring as for as I seen, I'd tell anyone to go there wonderful, clean, Great food, fast nurse service ! Great Please !!!!

Chalena Gibbs

If you get Jackie as a nurse, I'm so sorry. She's short in stature and in temperament and was rude as hell to my husband who was providing useful information. Everyone else was fine, but she was especially sour.

Brian Kirkpatrick

Care from the Docs and staff was good, but as others have noted the staff in the ER needs some work. I came in with a traumatic shattered ankle and could not walk or stand. I had to come by car since 911 never answered when we called after the accident. That is clearly not the hospital's fault, but just because I arrived by car does not mean that I was not SEVERLY injured. The staff did nothing to help and just silently gestured my wife over to a random unused wheelchair. Thankfully a passerby was kind enough to help me with the transfer from the car. Once in the waiting area the nurse remained uncaring and pretty much just told me to shut-up and wait. Thankfully the other patients that were there realized the pain and degree of injury and insisted that I been seen before them. Once back and being evaluated they realized the distance I had fallen from and level and degree of break and declared me as a "trauma victim" and that changed everything on a dime. From that point on I have no complaints.

Melissa Andrews

Read the Reviews - They are all true - the ER staff is excessively rude, uncaring and unorganized. When in the ER, you are already stressed the last thing you need is to be treated like this. There are many other options and would recommend any of them over this St. Francis ER.

Nikolai Frankenstein

My sister in law had her child here about a month back. Everyone was friendly, helpful, and seemed knowledgeable when asked question. Would definitely recommend for others who are looking for a place to deliver at.

Ruben Stevens

4 of my children where born there staff is extremely friendly and they care about the patient well-being. However, the ER need a little bet fine tuning other than that you can't complain about this place.

Patrick Trosper

The care was great but took over 8 hours to discharge my Grandfather and I had better things to do.

Cynthia Ann

I was incredibly impressed with this hospital. Laura, the nurse took such wonderful care of me when I was in pain. I can't say enough about the kind,compassionate high quality care I received. Definitely a top hospital all around with the best nurses.

Claudia Soto

Worst experience ever!!!! If I could give them 0 stars I would! Waited for hours, nurses are rude, and the “Dr.” we had (Justin Jester) is honestly the worst, most unprofessional “Dr” I’ve ever come across. It’s pathetic how rude he was to my six year old and myself. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME AND MONEY HERE!!!!

Stephen Miller

Stephen Miller/ Retired Army Went to this Emergency Room with a smashed thumb and they told me to fill out the paperwork with the smashed thumb hand as best as I could, I handed them back their paperwork and went to Memorial North and received excellent help immediately!

Jared Green

Great care. Great staff. My mom is a nurse case manager, Susan Merrill, probably the best person and employee you will ever meet to give an awesome experience when all hope seems doomed. Also best food in any hospital I've ever been in.

Lauren Fleeman

I had an overall great experience at St. Francis Medical Center. I went into the ER for sharp abdomen pain. The charge nurse was caring and I was seen as soon as they were able. They were very busy on a Friday night. I was discharged but ended up having to come back to the ER Saturday. They got me right in and seen by a nurse within 30 minutes. They were on top of getting me pain medication, drawing blood and setting up an IV. That day they did a definitive test to see what was wrong. I got a CT scan and from there got an ultrasound so they could better see the problem. I had to have a gynecological surgery. The Dr. was able to coordinate with an OB for the surgery in a timely manner. The ER nurses and doctors, OR nurses, the OB and the other allied health professionals were competent, had concern for my well being, never talked down to me and made me feel comfortable as best they could despite my pain. All the procedures were clearly explained beforehand. If an emergency happened again, I wouldn't hesitate to come back based on the quality of care I received.

leslie danks

This is mainly meant for the intake nurse with the blonde curly hair that works the graveyard shift. She is one of the rudest nurses we have come across . My husband and I brought in my 91 year old father in law he was in pain from a catheter he has in she did not even look at him or bother with him she had this mean look on her face was rude when she talked to us . I hope I never deal with her again. She seems to hate her job

LaPetite Wolfe

We were there about two months ago and it was such a great experience. They helped us right away as my son was very sick and within two hours we were released with a plan, after xrays too! It was also very clean and quiet.

Mary Lougee

I have had many terrific experiences at St Francis Hospital. HOWEVER, right now I am angry and very worried about my daughter, who had to get stitches in the ER today. She had a wound about the size of a half dollar piece on her leg. You could see the covering of her tibia. Mid stitching, the PA took a phone call. Then left to speak to a different patient. By the time he got back to finish, she could feel everything. There was no advice about walking, no script for antibiotics ( or explanation for lack of), no pain management script. My daughter is 22. I am far away, and was unable to meet her and ask these questions. A few minutes more at discharge would have been valuable

Joe 12345

worst hospital if you are an addict. there is an opioids epidemic and they stick me in a room with severe withdraws and check on me once. Water is what I received, that's it. Then they sent me home (my ticket) and I have had a seizure. I wouldn't send my dying mother there. Complete BS that this place is standing. If you are an addict drink water and sleep. That's much better treatment you will get than going here and admitting you have a problem. the 'doctor's' there don't care and they don't understand.

Daiquiri Hammond

Unfortunately, my sister was transferred to this hospital due to insurance reasons. She experienced rude and uncaring staff (both drs and nurses) in the ICU. No compassion. Family was left for hours and hours without updates on her care, even though the lobby was empty. They had poor communication and kept her belongings, including her phone, instead of returning them to family. Overall, it was a terrible experience for my sister, and I would urge others to seek medical care elsewhere.

Miranda Reece

The staff here is amazing. Went to the ER for a threatened miscarriage. I was heartbroken and a complete mess. The staff did such a great job reassuring me it’s not my fault and calming me down. It’s so easy to forget the humanity component in this field and I’m so grateful for everyone who offered kind words while still being professional.

Jim Rodgers

Excellent ER services and personnel. Treated very well and someone was always there when needed. Highly recommended. Patient in October 2019.

ash b89

If, possible, GO ANYWHERE ELSE FOR ER. I wish i had read reciews. I brought my husband in and I was SHOCKED by the way they treated us and other patients we observed. They are unprofessional and cold. Especially the doctor or whatever he was who "helped"my husband. Do you think we WANTED to come in and spend HOURS of our evening and who knows how much MONEY to be told, there's not much more we can do than what you're already doing. Show some compassion! There's such a thing as positive bedside manner. LOOK IT UP! (The lady RN was helpful and much nicer)

Ashley Punihaole

By far never been so disrespected in a hospital. I went in on 11-2 because my knee had been acting up. They said I was fine to just follow up with my primary. I was fine with that no extreme worry at that point because nothing had really happened medically severe for them to do much so went home with only discharge papers no braces, prescriptions or crutches. On 9-3 I was helping my husband move stuff around and felt a rip in my knee and yesterday they said if it got worse to come back. In my mind this was worse actually having a lot of pain and the rip feeling. When I got there they got me back in a alright amount of time for being busy seemed to have genuine concern for what is going on. I found it interesting that with being in as much pain as I was in they did not suggest anything to help the pain. I figured the day before they were talking about possible surgery so that may have had something to do with it. They did x-rays and said it was basically inconclusive. Did a physical exam on both I knees and says that my legs are really strong. Something I understand because I'm a active person. Then he goes onto saying I need to drop weight because it is making my knees weak??? First he tells me I have strong knees now they are weak because I'm not "fit". After that I got irritated and was starting to get ready to go because he said that's all he can do for me. Then I hear him outside the door talking to the nurse about me being a drug addict trying to get prescriptions. His tests come back inconclusive and that makes me a drug addict??? He wrote me a prescription for something like aspirin and told me to get a hold of my own doctor asap. I went there yesterday to find out options for physical therapy today because I was genuinely concerned about the rip feeling never did I want prescriptions frankly I can't stand taking pills unless pain is excruciating and I can't take it anymore. Then to go to a hospital and be called a drug addict because I'm having issues with my knees that pissed me off.

Anthony Foote

I gave two stars for the techs and nurses there who actually care about patients. After visiting the hospital for three days straight for pot syndrome and passing out at work i finally ended up on the ER where they ran a bunch of the same tests they ran all day only to come out and tell me im fine, i just have a cyst on my spleen amd that my symptoms are coming from somwhere else. OK. FIRST OF ALL. MY SYMPTOMS ARE THE EMERGENCY, excruciating pain in my side and chest, cant breathe, vert lightheaded and dizzy. I passed out at work for gods sake, but im makong all that up apparently. Apparently no doctors in the er actually care about patients. Or the issues. Guess it will only matter when my lifes on the line. NEVER GO HERE IN CASE OF AN EMERGENCY YOU WILL NOT GET HELP. PLEASE FOR TGE SAKE OF YOUR HEALTH GO ELSWHERE AND PLEASE BE CAREFUL. Lots of lazy practioners out there.

LoveLieghStory Gaming

Just gave birth to my very first baby here on Sunday. Staff was absolutely awesome and extremely helpful.

Bret Wolter

Dr Kates horribly represents this hospital. He came into the room and was instantly disrespectful and unprofessional. He would not take us seriously because we didn’t have a parent with us (although we are adults) and then continued to talk down to us. I have never been spoken to with such disrespect, and that from a doctor is unexceptable. Everyone else in the hospital was perfectly friendly and professional, even though the bed in our room was covered in dirt. The two star rating is strictly because of the care we received from Dr Kates.

Tabitha Hart

Our son was born here and it was the best experience I could have asked for! The staff is INCREDIBLE! So caring and accommodating to all of our needs. Our son went into NICU for five days and they were amazing and went above and beyond to take care of us and his needs! Thanks so much for all that you do!!

Katie Bills

I have delivered all 3 of my children here and have never had a bad experience! But what happened to the annual NICU reunion picnic? We loved going but haven’t received a email in 2 years for it.

James Marron

Wow.. Zero triage... I brought my wife here with severe back pain.. After making her stand in tears we left to find a urgent care that would actually see her!

Lloyd Malone

Well, I am appalled. What happened to the importance of family bonding at the NICU at St. Francis? I cannot visit my grand daughter without having a parent present..according to their 'policy', I can only visit this premature baby when one of the parents can also attend. They work...they're tired...why can't St. Francis have a policy that 'clears' appropriate grand parents. So this baby sits in an incubator with little family contact for the next 2 or so weeks....what a sad policy. St. F should be ashamed.

Brad Stoddard

I had surgery at St Francis Medical Center this week and had a great experience. The staff was kind and communicated with myself and my family. They provided expectations and answered questions. All were friendly and professional. I am grateful to them for my care.

Tracy Montoya

The Admission man to the ER, was Rude, Sarcastic, rolled his eyes at me! The Security guard that sits behind the glass in the ER was Rude arrogant and laughed in my face! I asked another security guard for his name she refused to give me his name!!! I will NEVER return to this Hospital... Unethical Un-professional.....

Nicole Pierce

I have visited the ER at St Francis on several occasions for migraines. I have always received excellent care. Everyone is so helpful and kind. This week we came in via ambulance after my mother collapsed. Thank you so much to everyone in shift Sept 13th, 2017 overnight. Everyone took such great care of my mother and really cared for her well-being. A thousand thank you's!

C Lopez

One of the worst hospitals i had ever been. The bathroom in the delivery room where my daughter was staying in was filthy. I ask the nurse to call housekeeping to clean it and after 17 hours of labor we move to a better room and that bathroom didn't got clean. Anesthesiologists had to try so many times to do an epidural that i was about to make him stop and ask for someone that knew what he was doing. Close main doors, rude nurses, waiting hours to get your food. Breakfast at lunch time. Stay away from this hospital if posible

Edin Keranovic

Just went to the emergency despite my better judgement. IF I COULD GIVE ZERO STARS I WOULD. Should have wait to go to my Dr office. First tried to x ray wrong foot. There PEOPLE do not care if you blood pressure is HIGH and you are in pain. They will diagnose you with what ever slap a shoe on you and send you out the door. I dropped cast iron pans on my foot I was diagnosed with joint pain. I am in more pain then when I went there. Please be advised if you are in pain please go to your PCP or Memorial hospital. Do yourself a favor... These are crackerjack Doctors and nurses. You never know what you will get. They don't look at your meds and advise you to take something you can't like ibuprofen when you I take warfrin. Or they will give you a steroid that will counter react you heartmeds.... Don't bother trying to call patient advocates or the floor Dr. They will never call you back and nothing will ever change.... They lie and do not care about there patients. Sincerly Kelly Verhaeghe Update 2 hours later my foot is 2× the size and in 10 times in more pain from there shoe that was supposed to help with the pain.

Marcy McReynolds

I recently had spine surgery at St Francis, plus the pre-op evaluation and tests, and I could not have been happier. Everyone I encountered was extremely pleasant and professional. Loved as much of the facility as I saw. Everything seemed to run very smoothly. Would highly recommend this hospital.


Both of our sons were born here 2.5 years apart from each other. We had very good experiences here and were extremely well taken care of. With our first son, the nursing staff went above and beyond our expectations. They made our 4 day stay much easier to deal with and couldn’t have thanked them enough. But, I tried thanking them with 2 village inn pies ;) but they were definitely the unsung heroes and they definitely don’t get thanked enough!

Stacey Singer

I recently delivered my baby here and was super impressed! All of the nurses were fantastic and really friendly, even the student nurses. I have zero complaints, even with the billing department, who were very helpful as well! I would recommend this hospital to everyone!!!

Jim Wolongevicz

Can't say enough about St Francis! Over the last few years I had two emergency room visits and a son born at this amazing hospital. The facility is modern and well-designed, but what really makes this place shine are the people; the nurses and doctors are top-notch in every respect.

Steven Gustafson

This is the WORSE place to go. They were very rude and self centered people. They threatened to call the police over a broken up family wanting to see there mom without her being taken to a mental facility. If you care about loved ones in need of nice and sheltering people then PLEASE find somewhere else to go then this hellhouse

Tia Joy

My mother stayed overnight after surgery. She had intractable nausea even after Zofran . The nurse said he would “get something else ordered” and never came back. While she was throwing up, the CNA just walked out. Post operative nausea is very common. They need standing orders for anti nausea medications or maybe they do have them and the nurse forgot to check in on her. Either way, her miserable night could have been avoided if the nurses were more thoughtful and caring. Perhaps it is a matrix issue? Too many patients assigned to one nurse? Not enough CNA’s to assist? Whatever the reason, I give them 2 stars for the poor uncompassionate care on the surgical unit. Controlling post operative nausea with vomiting should be nursing 101 on a surgical floor. With that said, the hospital is nice and clean, surgeons were great!

Sarra Weddle

I just want to say thank you to Kevin! My daughter was in an auto Accent that thank god was not to extreme, but she still needed Medical attention. We started at Memorial Main, a hospital that I have always gone to. Unfortunately the staff at Memorial Hospital,where not only rude, but made my daughter feel worse. We left the facility, and went straight to Penrose North. The Staff in the ER were all amazing! Lucky my daughter injurious were minor, but the staff, and mainly Kevin did an amazing job of making her feel better! I just wanted say thank you to everyone that took such good care of my kid!

Emily Keller

Horrible hospital. No communication between staff members. This situation was best exemplified when my husband used the call button to call for assistance, got voice mail, then the line hung up! Go to Memorial! Called the number on the reply to give specific feedback regarding all of the bad experiences we had during our visit. Rather than a person, I got voice mail and was told to leave a message. Obviously Penrose does not care about customer's experiences!

Jennifer Ardon

Delivered our second child yesterday morning, and had a wonderful experience. From the minute we got there until we left we felt as though every need was met. The nurses were aweomse! Answered every question we had, were quick and effecent. We could not have asked for a better experience and a better nursing staff to help welcome our little one into the world!

Mildrett Medellin

I love my new provider she is caring and awesome, 3 stars is because. My previouse Provider was negligent with my care and dod not care about my baby or my self putting us both at risk. I was a week and 3 days late. With preclapsia and my baby breached went to Urgent care 3 times and non were convinient for him.

Sharon Killian

Very pleased! My mom was in this hospital in January of last year and the doctors were very very wonderful. They took very good care of my mom from January 2 - January 25th 2017 the day she passed away. Thank you all so much for what you do and have done.

Josie Kincaid

Probably the worst hospital I have ever dealth with. I would go the extra mile to NOT go to this hospital! Highly disappointed in the staff and experience!

Google User

The old ER was better , there new ER treats everyone like they are criminals going through security and metal detectors and on top of that if you have a EMERGENCY you have to wait in line until everyone takes everything out of there pockets and purses to make the matters worse , then when we get to the front desk a rude white girl at the front taking her time to check you in there is no way I am using this ER again at least at UC health they are more friendly and organized. What a shame .

Michelle Rubel

I am writing this from in the emergency waiting room. My daughter 15 whom is the patient finally feel asleep. Only after an almost three, yes 3 hour, wait so far!!! With so few patients here I can count them on one hand. We checked in just after 10 pm after my daughter had been throwing up for several hours and experiencing diarrhea, stomach pain and a bad headache. An hour ago I asked for a warm blanket. And how much longer before we are going to be roomed? I was given the pat answer of we are just really busy, yada, yada! Shift change. I have been in the medical field over 25 years and I worked for the Centura system for many years. So I can smell the bs miles away. I am just very frustrated with the whole situation and the way things were handled, both as a mother and caregiver. As we walked into the actual er dept to be roomed I see lots of empty rooms and a few employees hangout around the Nurses station. Let’s just hope that the service improves from here.

Erin Miller

I gave birth to my son here and received excellent care from the very beginning of the process when I was pre-admitting, touring, taking classes, and on the day of delivery. Dr. Bron (from Exceptional Healthcare for Women) and all the nurses (Stacy, L&D; Tina, L&D; Rachel, M&B; Brittni, M&B; Cheryl, M&B) were amazing.

Joshua Osborne

I was there this morning because of a tree trimming accident. I was in a lot of pain and experiencing a lot of nausea. I had a broken arm, broken ribs, and broken bone in my face. I felt miserable but the staff was so kind and gentle with me, they had great personalities, helped me to relax and even laugh, which really helped make a horrible situation somewhat enjoyable actually

Benjamin Quintana

Well, where can I start, or stop for that matter. My nephew has and did receive the worst ever care at this facility. I will not even give it the proper name because of our time spent here! All staff from bottom to top and the sides are unprofessional! The buildings floors and rooms are dirty, the staff and nurses are unbelievably rude, and have no empathy for patients! The house supervisor is incredibly naive to the background of support her facility provides. So many negative reviews over and over but yet she backs this staff up! Something needs to change here and should start at the top and work it's way down. Call lights not being answered for my nephew until 35 minutes later and sometimes an hour and half. One time inparticular was a serious blood issue of an open wound bleeding onto the floor. The talk button was pressed 40 minutes prior to them finally addressing the wound. During this wait time nurses and CNAS were observed all being at the nurses station sitting and visiting! There is much more rudeness, negligence and unprofessionalism that can be spoke of with this facility but I probably won't have enough time or space here. Bottom line is avoid this facility at all cost! Your loved ones deserve great care and not deserve what this place provides!

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