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schecter seven

case management worker Kim Davis was very pushy and kept up about therapy would not listen to me she was told we already have therapy setup but she kept pushing and pushing very rude women. Finally i just took her card to get rid of her, she would not quit my mother is 94 and very ill she does not need someone badgering her, case management was horrible! nursing staff was fantastic doctors to.

Connie MacKenna

A family member was in the ICU following a car accident, The care they received was piss poor at best. The nursing staff and the care they gave was deplorable ......even the basics they failed on. The doctors were arrogant and abrupt when asked questioned and seldom gave a complete answer. I assumed it was because they had no idea of what was going on because they were too lazy to go over the chart, etc. I definitely would NOT recommend St. Anthony Hospital to anyone.

Caitlin Guerette

If You want to be treated and cared for, do NOT go to this hospital. I visited this hospital March 2017, for horrible upper abdomen pain. I have had chronic lower abdomen pain for years, but this pain was different, sudden and horrific. I usually go to Lutheran, but this hospital was closer. The nurse at the front that checked me in was the only one that actually seemed like he cared. I waited in an ER room for almost an hour without being seen. A nurse finally came in to get vitals, and another nurse came in with a trainee to put my IV in. The trainee stuck me with needle, only to put it in wrong, so the actual nurse had to stick me AGAIN to get blood. You probably shouldn't be practicing on a person who is already in pain. So, another long wait crying in pain before I seen anyone. A doctor, Dr. Fisher finally came in, and asked my symptoms. In the middle of my talking, she got a phone call and left the room. I didn't hear from anybody and then cat scan came to get me. I have had multiple cat scans before, and had been advised to try and eliminate any radiation. However, I let them do this one as the Doctor didn't say anything about what was going on. The lady who did my CT was very sweet, and noticed that I was in agonizing pain, and actually had to tell my nurse to get me something for the pain. A while after the Cat Scan, I finally got something for the pain. And the doctor finally came back in. She was the worst Doctor I have ever had. She told me there was nothing wrong, and that I have had multiple scans and hospital stays at another hospital. I explained to her how this pain was different than what I normally experience and that it got too bad for me to handle. She then told me she didn't think I was in pain, and that "something else was going on". She then suggested that I was depressed. She told me that I won't be able to have children because of the cat scans, and that I was going to give myself cancer (that was on my discharge forms). She was very rude and I left the hospital crying and feeling worse than I did when I got there. After my GP got the scans, turns out I did have a small kidney stone that may have been causing some pain. And now, two months later, I am Getting my gallbladder and appendix removed. This was by far the worst hospital, doctor and nurse experience I have EVER had. And reading many other reviews, I'm surprised anybody ever goes here.

Jim Remley

Three days and the tray from kitchen was never correct. NEVER. Got opposite information and advice about blood thinners from two physicians - one said eloquistt, one said no eloquist ???. Who to believe? Nurses on the 7th floor were great - thanks to Katie! & Lynette & Brooke!! We were told that the hospital does not have heating pads for a sore back and neck (not the reasons for hospitalization - just for comfort) - and the next day, they brought a heating pad?? Do they or don't they? Nice building, nice everything - with some bad service. My guess is that they are happy we are gone - so are we. I used to work for Centura - glad I don't anymore.

Sandi Chaney

Listening to the EMT and nurse talking about patient's is so unprofessional, where's the compassion for others privacy. The waiting times is ridiculously crazy. The PA's don't really listen to their patient's, cuz I'm back for the second time this week. What is this world coming to if you can't even rely on the Pa's or doctors. It's all about the money cuz doctors and Pa's really don't listen to their patient's ...

Dave Young

I had a major stroke, was brought via flight for life after dying 3 times from the western slopes, and this hospitals ICU team saved me, and showed tremendous compassion while doing so. I think it was the compassion that made me pull through. Thanks.

Daniel Busa

Had metal in my eye from a power tool accident. Waited too long had to go to ER urgent care couldn’t extract it. These guys got it out quickly and relatively painlessly. The only complaint I’d have was that they didn’t want to give the numbing drops more time I was telling him my eye wasn’t completely numb and probably being busy with real emergencies didn’t want to wait. But other than that was great.

Topher Toke

The hospital lyes about billing and cost was told my visit with out insurgence would be 250 so I checked my self in for a really bad tooth infection they saw me for 5 min gave me antibiotics and charged us almost 2000 was told this was our bill, then 3 weeks later I got a separate bill from the doctor. The billing person told me that the hospitals bill included all services will never go there again


They misdiagnosed me 2 months ago . The ER Doc missed 3 fractured ribs which led to pneumonia. I was just released from the hospital after 5 days. I was still not ready to leave. The Dr. said that she did me a favor by keeping me an extra day and out of the cold. They were more worried about the ammount of pain killers I had to use rather then the fact that I couldn't breathe without them.

Sharon Duffy

On February 26, 2016 I drove myself to the ER at Saint Anthony's Hospital because I was experiencing weakness, chills, and uncontrollable shaking initially the check-in was acceptable and performed in an efficient manner however once I was brought back into the exam room things changed a nurse came in and took blood and recorded all of my symptoms and then left for an hour then another nurse came in 45 minutes later and basically asked me the same questions another 45 minutes later the ER doctor walked in and told me that sometimes they find nothing wrong and all tests are normal as if to imply that what I was experiencing was all in my head lying there for another hour hooked up to an IV to rehydrate me I needed to go to the bathroom and had to yell from my bed to a nurse at the nurse's station to help me unhook myself so that I could do so another 45 minutes later the ER doctor came back and told me all my tests were normal and that he was going to discharge me I was left alone for another half hour until they could discharge me there could have been more attention and concern given to me people do not go to the ER unless they feel there is something terribly wrong and the staff should have been more empathetic to my needs I followed up with my primary care physician within 48 hours and my issues are ongoing even though the ER doctor told me my tests were normal there were several markers on my blood tests that were out of range on a scale of 1 to 10 I would give my overall experience at Saint Anthony's Hospital ER a 2

stanley Rice

A wonderful place with hard working people, always willing to serve.

Yelena S

I happen to be admitted to this hospital a week ago for gallbladder surgery... Amazing care, very caring and thoughtful medical stuff! Everybody starting from cleaning crew to the surgeon and or doctors are professionals I was treated like I was in the hotel, not in the hospital!! Hospital is a place you don’t wanna come back, but if something would’ve happened again I’ll chiíes this one this One again! Very satisfied!

Pat Morgan

very unfriendly staff/ nurses!


With my parents being in their 80s we tend to visit this emergency room at St. Anthony's frequently. Every time we've been there I have my purse and they searched it which is been fine. However today they were training this guy and they had their head up their you-know-what because he started taking everything out of my purse which isn't necessary to check PLUS I don't have time for him to empty my purse out and put the contents back when I'm going into the emergency room with my parent. St Anthony's security department really is incompetent!!!

Jenifer Farrell

I spent 12 days here in summer 2019 with my mother, in the E/R (twice!), the 4th floor, and the ICU. I brought her in because of suspicions of a stroke; instead, a brain tumor was diagnosed. From the emergency care triage, the ER stroke team, the CAT scan / MRI, emergency doctors and nurses, the regular floor nurses and doctors, the neurosurgeon and his PAs, all the way to the people cleaning the hospital and working in the cafeteria (yes, I spent a lot of time there as well!), I was more than amazed at the smiles, friendly nature and helpful advice we received. I feel absolutely lucky that I brought my mother here. She was admitted twice and discharged twice. Thank you, St. A's, for your care!

Gina Morin

Working in health care. I hate going to hospitals even to visit and I am extremely vigilant for myself and family. The staff on the 7th floor was horrible. No one ever came to take a breakfast tray out of the room and it had been sitting there for hours. A EMT tech came to place an IV and was very rude and cocky couldn't be bothered to take into account the patients suggestions as she has had many many IVs and her port had to be removed. Up point, the ID doc was very nice.

Mitchell Thies

Came in recently for an Emergency Room Visit and most of the staff was caring and helpful however Dr. Latham was short with me, seemed to not care much about my questions or well being, and quite honestly made me feel like I was an inconvenience to her day. She then gave me instructions to call the Surgery Clinic for additional testing and to schedule a surgery within the next couple days. I have called 6 times in the last 4 days, every time only getting a voicemail and I've also left 3 messages without a return call. Guess I'll be looking into other options if I survive that long...

Trieu Gentry

I came here for a double surgery rhinoplasty and septoplasty. From the moment I walked in to the moment I left I was in caring hands. I was greeted by Registration who directed me to where I needed to go and had two escort walk me to my room. The chart on the wall had all my providees namds and the nurse sat with me to go over ALL the activities of the day. I received my anasthesia and 3 1/2 hours later I awake to another smiling nurse who called me and patiently waited until I was fully awake to procopr me, and my accompany ride, full instructions. I was wheeled to my car by a whistlknw young man. A week later I came back to remove my stints. The valet parked my car. My doctor came in and examined me with his nirse and cleaned me. I was so happy and surprised that the removal didn't hurt at all! And I was brearhbreath for the first time in almost 20 years through my right nostril! Thank you St. Anthony''s for tajing such great care of me and making me feel safe throughout the whole procedure. I wish you were all over the US!

Dave Znothere

It is very rare to get a Doctor as skilled and talented as Dr. Aghili who also communicates in a caring and understanding Way. A++!! Addionally the nurses in ICU we're Excellent! However, everything else got a failing grade. Admissions lady explained twice that it was "just her job" to be rude and uncaring. The older seasoned Nurse Rachet in Cardio Surgery was insensitive and mean-spirit during a very painful process which was endured with no sedation or pain meds. In ICU the over bed table had food and blood Spatter's underneath, crud on the light switch, and fecal matter on the toilet seat which we quietly cleaned ourselves. Only the attending physicians and nurses were seen washing their hands. And this is the slow season? Come on you can do better people!

Lindsay Borneman

We’ve had to use the ER twice & both times the doctors & nurses were wonderful. We got great care in a timely manner.

Maegen Lieb

It's a shame that this nice looking hospital is prejudice and has no compassion or care in what they do. I just visited them on Tuesday in the ER because my mom was in a bad car accident and they were more focused on getting my mom in and out of the emergency room than actually providing the best care for my mother. The nurses were rude with a horrible attitude and I felt like I was burdening them with getting assistance for my mother with whatever she needed. I thought hospitals are suppose to give attentive care to their patients and make them feel welcomed and like their in good care. But boy I felt the complete opposite. If you are a minority I recommend you to not visit this hospital for any care because they will not give you what you deserve because you are a minority. I seen it clear while I was waiting with my mother. They were very nice and helpful to the other family who was not a minority family. It's a shame I seen that with my own two eyes. I will never return to this hospital for any care and I would rather suffer in pain and drive across the city to another hospital than be seen by St. Anthony's. By the way this is not the first time my family and myself have been treated this way at this hospital.


I was taken here by ambulance, I had a gallstone stuck. Everybody was super nice to me. Everybody here was my hero from the nurses, doctors, even the cleaning lady was very nice. I was scared about going under first time, everybody talked to me about what they was gonna do. Drew and Chris who put me under walked me through it tysm . I would recommend this hospital to anybody. All I can say is I'm very happy to be taken to this hospital.

Beth Distel

My partner was seen for a serious infection in her abdomen. She was seen in the ER twice in 3 days and the ER doctor on the second visit was appalled that she was not admitted the first time. She had a MRSA infected abscess the size of a grapefruit spreading up her abdomen from her hop area. We now have 2 ER charges and bills for her overnight stay in the hospital. They then sent us home with no instructions on how to care for her gaping wound left from the incision made by the surgical team. The surgeon never came to see her to discuss her wound and the wound team never came to explain how to care for her wound. We were promised that we would see the surgeon and the wound care team before we were discharged. She is now stuck with a gaping hole in her abdomen and several hospital charges. Her nurse practically made up discharge instructions and sent us away. We will mever come to this hospital again. All of our healthcare needs will be addressed by the professional and compassionate team at Denver Health going forward.

Brad Sarsona

My mother-in-law had a blood clot that needed to be removed. The surgeons were great, the clot was removed. But watch out for a nurse Bonnie M. in ICU. On the other hand Melissa C. was very professional and kind in addressing the situation. After surgery my mother-in-law had to be moved to a different room for some reason. Bonnie M. was noticeably irritated, tired and she was rude to the other nurse Melissa C. helping my mother-in-law move to a different room. She then followed up by telling me I was in the way when I sat down in a chair in the corner of the room that was clearly out of the way. Which was later confirmed that I was not hindering the job that needed to be done. After I moved Bonnie came back in the room and raised her voice at me to make sure that I understood that she was right and I was in the wrong. I responded by telling her that both patients and their family/visitors should be treated in a fair and respectful manner. Just minutes prior my wife had stated that Bonnie was stressing her out because she was so noticeably irritable and my wife didn’t feel comfortable with Bonnie as her mother’s nurse. Absolutely and undoubtedly not the way nurses should be treating anyone. Patients or family. Beware for your loved ones if they are admitted at St. Anthony Hospital Central.

trey jones

Absolutely amazing care! I spent time in the ER and ICU. The nurses and doctors where very nice and great care givers couldn’t be happier with the care I received!

Ruby Q

As a patient seriously ill, they pumped me up with pain pills and antibiotics, and they didn't even know what was going on with me, they took no biopsy. They didn't even diagnose me with Non-hodgkins Lymphoma, I had to fight my way out of here to go to another hospital. They treated me like a prisoner and were hurting me. The staff and the doctors are terrible. The hospital looks nice on the outside but on the inside, you have entered hell.

Copper Head

Absolutely the best hospital in Denver metro area! I would definitely go back here again. The doctors, nurses are very good. They actually listen and try to solve the problem. Unlike Lutheran Medical Center, St. Anthony's doctor's are not egotistical! Thanks to all the people who cared for me during my stay. I am very grateful for your care.

Nicholas Johnson

ER people are the worst. They don't care about you. Go elsewhere. No compassion and fully callused. Call with a life threatening condition and you will be put right on hold, they don't care.

marge workman

Not one to write bad reviews,but this hospital is the worst around. My husband and i went there tonight because he had back pain, he told the nurse his pain was a 9. We ended up staying there for two hours. People who where there after us was going back. I would not recommend!! I would give this hospital a zero!

Nicole Harnden

Absolutely terrible experience here. Then they send me 2 different bills saying I recieved two different levels of care, charged me one bill for level 4 care when literally all I did was sit in the ER with a bp cuff on my arm and an IV of 1 bag of NS on the other. Would recommend another hospital any day.

Zulma Garcia

I took my Daughter Zulma Alejandra Garcia to the Emergency Room because she had aFever of 103 when we got home she realized she had forgotten her phone in the room I called and no one really cared about the stolen phone . I searched it on find my IPhone and it was showing that the phone was still at the hospital the security personnel were very Rude and didn’t do anything to Help me find the phone . It is So sad not only I have to deal with my daughters sickness and on top of that the housekeeping staff stole My daughters phone

Marc Erickson

ER Visit for 3 Staples in the Knee. Service was adequate but the Bill was outrageous. $4600 for 3 staples in the Knee?!?! You're not healers, you're crooks.

Chris Man

On hold so long, I died.

Miss LanaJean Kermit

The care we received from the ER staff was horriffic to say the least! And the way they treated other patients was just sickening!! I come from a nursing background and what I saw tonight made me ashamed to share a title with any of these so called health care workers. The people that are paid to care for and treat patients (from all walks of life) like humans could care less about the patients or their families!! These are the people who have your loved ones care in their hands. The staff could care less about family's concerns and continuity of care. Gaining no history or insight into why the patient is there. Events leading up to the reason they are there and any barriors they may have with their care while in the ER. Even when patients may not be on their best behavior, they are in the ER (pretty sure it's not their best day) in fact they may have just went through something very traumatic and because they don't act right your staff treats them worse!! I mean really!!! You are working in an ER not on the set of some sitcom drama. The so called Dr was offended when a patient used colorful language (not directed at anyone or any staff) and told the patient (a minor) if he didn't stop he will have him kicked out of the ER and no one will take care of him. This said to a 16 year old after an extremely traumatic event. No empathy shown whatsoever!! I have never seen such a lack of concern or care for patients in my 20 years in medicine. This place makes my blood currdle. If you want quality care for your loved one, DO NOT GO here. The quality of care is questionable, we are going to our family Dr to get a second opinion. It is really sad to leave a health care facility and feel like the only people who give a hoot about you/family are the security guards and volunteers! That's how this facility made our family feel!!

Debra Pummill

Mixed Review The hospital is clean, care in hospital is very good, also has some of the best doctors in the area. The emergency room is poor and luckily if you survive it you will get excellent care at the hospital.

Damon D

Horrible experience in ER. I would rather die than go back to this facility. Poor care, customer service, and then received surprise bill. I will demand ambulance take me to another facility and risk death than ever go back.

vincent yeaman

Im a Veteran of United States of America, Navy. This hospital is number 1 on my list. Lately I was ran over by a truck, and dragged about 15' feet. The trama center was excellent doing all the tests, plus patching my head with Staples. Scanning my spine, testing for spline damage,etc. Very impressed, better than a MASH unit. God bless you'll forever. Your number 1 I've been around the world and back. thanks

Rabbit in Red

As you might expect, St Anthony's is a microcosm of the community it serves. It is a mixed bag. There are a lot of very good people, some world class doctors and nurses, and some decidedly less than world class. The concerning thing i noticed is that this hospital "cuts hours", when they're patient volume is low, which is some Bush league trash you expect from a retail clothing chain, not a hospital where there is literally always something that needs to be done, and sometimes lives depend on it. I'm not sure if this is common practice for hospitals or not, but if it is - and i was in charge - i would seek to immediately part with that practice and separate ourselves as being a better, more compassionate hospital by adequately staffing AT ALL TIMES NO MATTER WHAT.

Paige Eden

I had the worst experience with this hospital and with Centura Health. I hope that I never require their services again. I went to the ER for a bladder infection (as Urgent Cares were closed in the middle of the night). I was in severe pain and already on antibiotics. I spent less than 1 hour in the ER - I walked in, filled out paperwork, spoke to a nurse who took a urine sample, saw a doctor for 5 mins and went home with a pain reliever and something to give my bladder relief. Imagine my surprise when I received a bill for almost $4000!!! See attached photo. I have fought this bill for 2 years - I've sent certified letters only to be IGNORED. I've called, emailed and complained about this OUTRAGEOUS disaster without any resolution. I've reported this experience to all who will listen and even 9News has reported my experience. This experience was truly awful - I will continue to share this story and will never EVER go to this hospital again or trust Centura Health for any reason. Edited to add: It's funny how you leave a negative review and now someone wants to talk to you. I've called, emailed and sent CERTIFIED letters only to be ignored. So, NO - St. Anthony's does NOT take complaints seriously. I will keep sharing this HORRIBLE experience to all who will listen.

colte holiman

This place is a fraud. If you have good health insurance they will keep you admitted for long after your good to go home. They have been trying to treat my brain injury with no ct scans or ex rays. Avoid if possiable. Thank you

Rindi Hauck

I went in for severe stomach pain and was given an IV, and they ran a pregnancy test without my consent after I told them it was not possible for me to pregnant, which is an expensive test, yet never did anything figure out the pain I went in for. Gave me numbing solution and a GI doctors name. No ultrasound, X-ray, nothing to see what was going on in my stomach. Had the same excruciating pain the next day, the same pain I’ve been having for weeks. So basically sorry suffer in pain until you can see a GI doctor in a month! This was in the ER, and by the way I never actually saw a doctor, after waiting in the ER for over 2 hours in pain, a total of 5 hours in pain when all was said and done. They chalked it up to me not having a gallbladder and something I ate even after I told them it happens with anything I eat. I’m still trying to figure it out. Very poor service. I am sad about the decline in our healthcare system. Next time I’ll try to a better advocate for myself and demand the test. Just trying to free up the bed I guess.


I came into the ER with a pain level of about 8 or 9 with a severe sore throat. They put us in an examing room and not a real room. My pain level kept increasing and we asked for a nurse. They said they would be right in and never came. My test came back negative for strep and we could hear the nurses talking badly about me outside of the door. Then the doctor came in and found two things wrong with me and finally gave me painkillers and antibiotics. I have never felt so disrespected by doctors/nurses. The nurses who actually came and helped were very kind. The doctor was also very nice. The registry lady was one of the nicest people there! But i'll be taking my business elsewhere.

Kasey Ward

Was given a strep swab for a hard, enlarged, painful lymph node. I had no symptoms of strep. Saw a nurse one time over the period of two hours it took to run the swab for some reason, and when I was told what I already knew, I was discharged, still in extreme pain. Even if I were at death’s door, I would never step another foot into this hospital.

katherine howard

The Hospital was fine. The ER Doctor was a douche.

Christine Y

Friday morning I landed on my arm wrong bouldering and completely dislocated my right elbow. There was excruciating pain, numbness in right arm- looked funny and I didn't want to lose it or move it. All I wanted was for my arm to be put back together. When my ambulance arrived at hospital 4-5 people worked on me and I was immediately put in a room. Everyone was pleasant, reassuring, professional and made me feel comfortable. I knew I was in good hands. 1 hour later my arm was back together and in a wonderfully wrapped splint and I walked out the hospital. Gave me prognosis and after care instructions including after care referral. Bill has not arrived but at that moment I did not care about cost- all I wanted was for my arm to be put back together, fast. And for that they were amazing.

PRESENT GuerraMestas


Nicole Roman

Everyone here has been so nice to me during my stay. I came in here for pain in my leg they found multiple blood clots in my lungs and one in my leg and some other problems too they have taken nothing but superb care of me.

Jade Keeler

Calling these people is a joke you can’t even get a call back about something serious and they call themselves professionals. Also their nurses or whoever is answering the phones need to change their attitudes this is you’re job actually try to fake it like you like it just like customers fake that we actually like talking to you.

Christopher Wightman

Normally I would give St. Anthony's a 5 especially when it come to injuries. However I'm sitting here shaking and still haven't talked to the neurologist. Despite asking numerous times and having been told I needed to stay overnight to talk to them. On top of that I was given a nicotine patch which put me I a deep state of depression but won't do a damn thing about even acknowledging that could be caused by them. I was even told by a doctor while attempting to Express my concerns that it was all stress any way and I can just ******* leave. Then I got talked to about watching my language. Maybe if you took me seriously instead of telling me it stuff that's already been ruled out I wouldn't be so damn stressed out. Also I have asked multiple times to talk to some form of management and still nothing. This has gone from my go to hospital to my avoid at all costs hospital. I especially want to point out Dr. Diane Maassen who when I was freaking out from being in the hospital all night and not knowing what was going on told me I could just leave. It took an amazing nurse named Lynn to bring me back to my room to take my i.v. out and calm me down enough to not leave.

Michelle Salisbury

Excellent facility. Very well maintained. Helpful, friendly staff.

Jenna Lin

I can only describe our visits here as an educator bringing my students here on field trips. The Flight for Life crew are wonderful and very informative and are great with the kids. I am glad to partner with them each year knowing they care deeply about our youth. Thanks, Flight for Life! Math Pioneers Ignite and Shades of Blue love you!

Lyn Welch

Charged me while 1/2 conscious (my insurance paid 100%) and let me leave with pulmonary embolisms !! Did not address my breathing issues and was admitted to a different hospital shortly after. Waste of time - they did nothing but keep me in bed for 6 hours and rack up their bill!!! Still waiting for them to refund my payment since my insurance covered the visit 100%!

Jim Galford

After 3 tries to set up a simple scheduled test with them and being left to rot in hold music purgatory (30+ minutes each of the three calls), I decided to call the main number to find out if I had the wrong scheduling number or something similar. Instead, I was told to just call in and keep waiting no matter how long it took. When I objected and asked if they could check whether scheduling was open and available, I was encouraged to find a different hospital.


I'm never going to st anthonys again I went in for chest pressure and trouble breathing they told me they were stumped when the chest xray and ekg showed normal and they discharged me. A couple days later on my follow up my main physician said on my file they put that when I went in I had pain in my gutt that moved to my chest because I had eaten a piece of pizza and that it was diagnosed when it wasn't not only that but I went in at 2:30am who's eating pizza at 2:30 in the morning. Why is the hospital so expensive when they can't even do their jobs correctly? One word incompetence...


They killed my husband not having diabetic staff for his care

Rob Myers

was taken here after a motorcycle accident. There was over 20 people waiting for me to arrive by ambulance. After checking me all out never saw my doctor again. had a x-ray on my hand and a ct scan on my chest and pelvis. The results came back and still never saw a regular doctor. Ortho surgeon came a saw me. Was there for nearly 6 hours nurse came and discharged me. I never spoke to a doctor after they checked me at the beginning. I had some cuts and scrapes and they didn't even put a band aid on.

Savanna P

I went in today for chest discomfort and mild trouble breathing after being told to go to an emergency room by the Urgent Care I visited beforehand. It's frustrating that the hospital wasn't able to figure out what was wrong with me, but I understand that sometimes that can happen and no news can be good news so that's not why I'm giving this hospital this rating. All of the staff that attended to me was super helpful and wonderful except for an RN named Brian. If it weren't for him, I would be rating St Anthony's 5 stars. When Brian came in to discharge me, I was on the phone with my mom because she works in the medical field, I have very little experience with hospitals/medical care due to my age, and I had her listed as an emergency contact and had given the OK for medical staff to tell her my medical info under HIPPA. Brian was speaking quickly and I didn't really understand what he was telling me and so my mom wanted to speak to him, and he said no multiple times even after I told him the info I said above. He then told me that I could either hang up with my mom or I could finish the call and he could come back later because, and I quote, he has "actual sick patients to take care of." I don't know if he thought I was faking everything (which I wasn't, I wouldn't have even gone to the emergency room had I not been told to by urgent care) or what, but regardless that is no way to talk to a patient. He later did agree to speak with my mom but was very obviously trying to show how annoyed he was, as if it was a major inconvenience. I feel bad for the "actually sick" patients that he's taking care of because they may not be able to stand up to his rudeness and unprofessionalism. I really hope Brian was just having a bad day, because otherwise RNs like him will and have given this hospital a bad reputation.

Shirin Torabi Kasbi

I was taken to North San Antonio ICU through the emergency situation and after Iwas transfered to a recovery room and I was resting and few people who I did not know where they were from came in and started holding my arms and legs wildly and I said that they were hurting me and I just had a very hard time to breath when they were treating me like that and they did not listen to me they were like robotes in order to inject me sedation and I did not know sedation for what I was not a dianasourof dragon that needed to be injected sedation,I was treated less than an animal, I was treated as if I was in a pshychiatric hospital and reminded me of movie names Changeling by Angelina Joli.

Sewer Monger

Saved my life. New hospital and they need to improve how soon I can recover.

Shannon White

This place is a joke! I have pus draining from my mouth was sent here by the nurses line and then was treated like I was just here to get pain pills I dont want pain pills I wanted help. I couldn't function at work.

Dispatch Services

Had triple bypass surgery here. Dr. P Rudersdorf saved my life here and I was very impressed with the staff's high level of professionalism and ethical conduct. Genuine care and God's love felt throughout my stay here. Adrian

Dooah Almarzoog

It is super expensive, I don’t recommend someone who don’t have insurance to go there. Bad communication in regards to Billings. They offer you a help if you are not insured but nothing, you end up with hallarious bill.


I have to laugh at some of the reviews- when they save your life they get five stars, but if you don't have a life threatening condition and you don't get catered to then people just give one star and cry about it. Grow up people it's a hospital not a five star hotel and restaurant. Maybe you aren't the only one they have to deal with at the moment- the world doesn't revolve around you! I had surgery last year and take cancer treatments. I appreciate all the help I have received and am so grateful for all the wonderful people who work at this hospital! Thank you St. Anthony!

Rebecca Hill

Worst experience ever at an ER. This was approximately at midnight fyi My son was injured while playing golf - we suspected something torn in his knee so brought him into the ER for review. Got situated into a room almost immediately which was good. The doctor came in - spent 1 minute or less with us (I actually had to ask him to examine my son's knee) stated they would get x-rays. We were confident it wasn't a break but that appears to be standard procedure so fine. (My other child had a torn PCL and meniscus ripped off the bone and they did x-rays first then too so I get it.) That was literally the last we saw of the doctor. Our first nurse Bree was pleasant and helpful - unfortunately she got off shift at 1am. She announced that Todd would be taking care of us. Well Todd may as well be a construction worker by trade - a) he never came into our room b) he told me to hold on and he would be in the room in a minute as their computer system was having issues and c) he was "dealing" with the patient next door. That is where this account of events takes a turn for the worst. "The patient" (I have her first name if you need it), who apparently was in the room next door was an elderly woman. Now I have no idea, nor care, why she was in the ER. The point is that she was. He let her soil herself stating that "you don't need to go to the bathroom as you just went". She clearly needed to go as when my son used the restroom there was poop all over the seat. Todd was rude, condescending and had zero bedside manner. He was yelling at her to lay down or stay in bed or to stop moving. The registrar came in (actually we saw 3 registrars so there is no shortage of folks wanting you billing information, just a lack of care) and I told her that she had better get management out to deal with that situation going on next door. Their answer was to close our door - cause that works. We could still here "the patient" yelling in the room next door (17). So after 3 hours of sitting in the room with a 30 second knee exam, and 1 ibuprofen the second nurse Emma came in to discharge us. There was no "follow up with this person or that person" just a print out for knee pain (um were there for a knee injury not pain) and a prescription for ibuprofen - whaaaaat - um I think I have plenty of those in the medicine cabinet at home. So I would really appreciate management looking into this situation. I will be taking my son to an orthopedic surgeon as he obviously has torn his lateral meniscus and/or his ACL. I am not a doctor but I am also not an idiot.

Shane Crump

In would like to thank all the hard working nurses and doctors at St. Anthony's medical center, for taking extra time to provide the care and assistance needed for me while staying in their facility. Wonderful show of respect from every hospital staff member that had come to see me. Thanks again. Shane Crump Room#362

Daniel Tappan

The staff at St Anthony's Hospital are wonderful people who are dedicated serving. they truly care! And are of the highest caliber. Seven stars! For example, one of the nurses was able to fabricate pajamas made from a pair of Scrubs for my comfort. One outstanding young man even washed my own clothes by hand when my stay was prolonged. I didn't even ask! Going above and beyond their duty. The inefficiencies and frustrations of this countries healthcare system were overcome by the hard work and quality of care that these people strive for every day. Big thanks to everyone at st. Anthony's who brought me joy in a time of suffering. Julie, Caitlin, Dr. Terrie, Beth, Molly, the random 'toy story' nurse who made me smile after surgery :) and Evan whos desires to help others is inspiring.

Renee Ryan

This hospital does it right. The organized care and well thought out way they treat every patient makes you feel like you are in the best place available. From the minute you check in, they have someone escort you to your destination in the hospital to make sure you get there ok, cause the place is very big. We got our own surgery room that you have all to yourself with your loved ones. The nurses were AMAZING~! Rachael, Shelley and Helen were compassionate, empathetic and so friendly. We were constantly being updated before surgery and the team of Doctor, Anesthesia and nurses answered all our questions before hand. My husband had a hard recovery from the anesthesia and we went through 3 shifts of nurses before we could leave. Those nurses before mentioned, were the best ladies to have caring for him. Everyone wanted to make sure my guy was right as rain before we left and truly did care! We ended up being the last patients there from the surgery day and it was a 10 hour ordeal, looking back it would've been horrible without these ladies.

Tony Kiev

i wish I could give them zero stars. Rude!!! Rude!!! Rude!!! I came in with a massive head injury and bleeding everywhere. They took my vitals and told me it would be 1 hour and I had 3 in front of me. 2 hours go by and I ask the guy up front how long it would be, the same person that told me an hour 2 hours before than, now is telling me there's 3 people in front of me and a 3 hour wait!!!! People kept coming in and they kept taking them right in front of me. He took one girl who got punched in the face by her boyfriend over me and she only had a black eye...while I was sitting there bleeding for 2 hours. Do yourself a favor and go to Belmar ER about 10 minutes away from there. There was no wait time and the staff s amazing.

Ashley Crane

From the primary care to the emergency room I can rely on St. Anthony Hospital. Dr. Star Fowler is the BEST doctor I ever had. She listens and will find a way to get to the bottom of what's wrong with the patient no matter the circumstance. Keep up the great work and you give people like me hope thank you

M Clary

Despite being in the hospital after suffering a heart attack, I can actually say that the entire staff from surgeon to food tray delivery man, made my hospital stay a pleasant experience. My cardiologist surgeon Dr. Altman was excellent and spent quite a bit of time answering all of my questions. My main nurse, Michelle, was what every nurse should aspire to be... thoroughly professional, kind, reassuring and gentle. Even the man who brought my food treats each day was friendly and professional. The Cardiology ICU area was well staffed, very clean and enjoyable to be in.

tawn russell

My mother was brought in for a heart condition to this facility. The staff was excellent everyone explained what was going on and next steps. The cardiovascular team was amazing, Dr Venkaterrean was top notch! My mom left w/ a pacemaker implant and felt great. One nights stay an she was back home. She was also brought to this facility in the middle of the night after falling down her stairs. She suffered a torn spleen, fractured facial bone, fractured ribs, and two broken wrists. They took very good care of her then as well, the whole staff was amazing and the after care set up at a rehab facility was painless. Absolutely love this ER smart staff, caring, and professional.

Darren Luttrell

I was at St Anthony's on August 16th for a heart math. I can honestly say they made my entire experience very nice. They were always talking to me, keeping me informed, and very personable. The procedure turned out great, but they made the waiting very easy. Again thank you all for your professionalism and support. I would highly recommend your Hospital to anyone. Darren Luttrell.

Dinah Paris

Nurses were hardly in the room, they didn't seem to like their job. They made mistakes. I felt I was in a sitcom that wasn't funny. I would never go back. It is sad that such a beautiful building is a epic mess up from nurses to cluncy furniture that doesn't work and uncaring staff. Don't take your chances with this hospital. As a health care professional I am shocked!

Rebecca Krengel

The ER restroom they sent me to for urine sample was absolutely disgusting, blood splattered all over the soap dispenser. They left me in pain the entire time and sent me home still in pain and with high blood pressure from the pain. They told me to just take some Tylenol. I have other health conditions in which my blood pressure cannot stay elevated. Worst experience in an ER, the doctor had no bedside manner and did not care about helping me.

linda sweet

I flew in from CA at the end of June 2019 to see my brother. Nursing and Care coordinators were very nice. All doctors expect Dr Dreiman were nice. At 1st he was okay. I was honest and told him my niece didn’t care for him. She had a right to her opinion. That was her dad in the hospital bed. When I feel I need to express my concerns about my brother’s health care. I have to speak up. He the told me to not yell and lower my voice. My husband explained that he is hard of hearing and sometimes my voice level is louder so he can hear me. The doctor then proceeded to RAISE his voice at me when speaking. I lost All respect for Dr. Dreiman. My brother passed away. Thank goodness he won’t dealing with that doctor. Everyone else that I encountered was very nice and professional.

peggy butler

Excellent care! I was in the process of moving to Tampa Fl within days when a mass in my breast was found. It was large and had not been there a year ago. It needed to be assessed. Radiology had a very full schedule (a week before Christmas holidays)but managed to somehow to do my x rays and needle biopsy. This was necessary information for the surgery I just had. Great team work! I will be forever greatful

Michael Yearout

I've now been there twice. Once for a quadruple bypass and again to clean out the main artery to my right let. Both times I have been very happy with the doctors and the nurses.


I have cycled through this ER several times as well as been admitted to ICU and the general care ward. They run this place like a clock and always have you traiged quickly. The ICU staff are amazing. 95% of the nurses and doctors are great, however there is the occasional rude one. All-n-all this is a top notch hosptal. However, lately the issue is with doctor's not singing prescription letters leaving us patients in a bind. Please correct this.

donna kriege

My Experience with the nurses and doctors here were unbelievably amazing. I am grateful for all there hardwork and dedication with my son.

Jackson Benjamin

they couldt save me doggo;(

Mal Eliz

The M.D. was good and the R.N. was okay, but otherwise this is a terrible hospital. The billing employee was truly awful at her job and couldn't even read numbers. She confused her wording repetitively and said the amount wrong (by thousands of dollars). Listening to her explain the bill was more stressful than the accident that brought us into the ER. Also, can't you wait till we're done? Pain is happening, I don't care to talk about money... so, leave my room please. The xray tech was by far the WORST part of the trip. If you get the small Latino woman with long brown hair, a Hispanic accent, and her butt-crack hanging out... run! She shouldn't even be in health care as she doesn't know what she's doing, can't even remember which questions she's already asked, has THE WORST bedside manner I've EVER encountered! She'll also hurt you more by pulling broken bones in the wrong direction if you're unlucky!


Wonderful staff, doctors and nurses. I was on the 7th Floor being treated for DKA. The nurses took extra special care of me. My head nurse, Maureen was absolutely the most amazing nurse I’ve ever been treated by. Her knowledge was beyond exceptional. Her bedside manner was caring and compassionate. She took to time to calm me down when I was freaking out. And I mean absolutely made a concerted effort to reassure me that I’m in good hands. And she did this while still tending to other patients and working her long shifts. I swear she was there over 12hrs per day for the 2 days I saw her while never missing a beat. I don’t know how she does it. Truly an excellent example of what it means to be a nurse. Thank you Maureen. ~Josh :-)


I brought my patient here, any time I was asked a question about her condition I was never allowed to finish my sentences. The lobby for the er reeked of puke and the room my patient was admitted to was wiped down with a mildew bleach rag. The smell hit me as soon as I walked in the door. The whole time I was ignored and not given updates as to what they where doing to my patient. I really do not appreciate how the staffs customer service was. Granted I understand some might be tired but when you constantly ignore me when I’m asking a question there is no excuse for that blatant type of disrespect. Idk who’s running this place but something needs to be re-evaluated.

Carrie Peduzzi

They are really good at what they do they helped my mother with a lot of issues that she was having and she is 85% better with new technology they will try to do their best to help you also with medication if its tight$ Thank you guys tremendously you made my mother so happy Keep up the Gr8 work!

rob eye

Don't come if you need help fast 3 1/2 hours to get a room. Just a broken foot but still 3 1/2 hours is absurd. If it's going to be that long maybe recommend a different hospital. I definitely recommend any other hospital.

Kendra Guyton

I don’t like they pancakes and they made with corn meal.... then the bacon and hash browns are half done and cold and they over charge and need cooks who care about the food and the people they serve and they need better communication skills with people. I’m sorry but I won’t eat none of this ever ....

arlene pellegrino

This might be an insurance thing, but grandson taken to ER for serious dehydration due to 48 hrs of throwing up. After many tests that came back OK, told to go home. I asked what about staying hydrated if he throws up everything. Could not even drink a sip! Told to go home anyway. Sure enough back in the hospital about 24 hrs later. Dehydrated again. Maybe all ER'S send most people home as soon as tests come back OK. St. Anthony's sent me home with a bleeding ulcer after first round of tests couldn't find anything. No heart attack, so go home. Back next day bleeding to death. Next time we will try Swedish!

Dalton Fox

The best nurses in the business, and the best post-op floor in the state! My father has been here several times for surgeries and has had great experiences!

star Dust

So I went into the ER to get my appendix removed. I was very dehydrated. The nurses were not great at checking up on me. I went to the OR were they were to prep me for my surgery. All the nurse on the second floor of the OR were unattentive, all they did was gossip about work and life. I was having a fever burning up sweating my family tried many times to get their attention and my husband asked them for a towel cause I was burning up not once did they care to check if I was ok they acted like.they hated their jobs and was surprised how the heck did they get hired as a nurse. I went into surgery came back into the OR for recovery when I was waking up in pain I was crying . The Nurse (Kathy) from the OR told me to stop complaining and whining. I did get upset and told her don't tell me how to feel when your not the one in pain. And another nurse came by and they injected my IV with some kind of medicine and didn't tell me why. My parents and husband came in and I told them what happened. After this (kathy) came back and started ripping my wires from surgery aggressively. My parents and husband were shocked how.hard she was pulling on me and I was crying in pain. After that we went back to the 7th floor in my room number 725. By the way this happened yesterday 7/22/18. Me and my family were back to my room and demanded to speak with Kathys supervisor from the second floor OR. Her manager came up and my parents and I explained to her supervisor what happened her supervisor didn't acknowledge anything that we said and kept changing the subject. Me and my family are taking this up to their corporate manager about the situation and will not be coming back to this hospital from hell. I was in extreme pain and for someone who's a nurse to not care about your safety and health shouldn't be a nurse in general. I recommend not coming to this hospital unless you like the fact that nurses don't care about your pain and all they do is gossip about everyone and everything. I had the worst hospital from hell.

Bletcherous Cretin

Wonderful staff, here. Every single person was direct, gentle, empathetic, and in every way respectful. They are busy, extremely overworked like most hospital employees, but it was very clear that they were doing everything they could and then some. I can't imagine how stressful of a job it must be to work at a hospital; please thank all the ones who are good to you, (which in this case was everyone we interacted with, even the security officer), they need it!

Zach Trimmer

Had surgery today checked in at 9:30am for a 11:30am surgery it wasn't till 1:15pm before I even got to see the doctor. We talked about what he was going to be doing he then marked the spot of the pain with a marker and left. Well when I I woke up after the surgery my abdomen had three holes in it but not in the area of the pain it was never touched. And I couldn't move my jaw and there is a golf ball sized lump on the side of my face and surprised surprised nobody can explain how it got there. They didnt know what to do but hand me my discharge papers. Never trust this hospital make sure you have everything in writing

Kaiser Frost

Don't go to this hospital! They charge $5,000 just to walk through the door in the ER. They will charge you for stuff and won't tell you what it is. They will lie to you about legal forms and not let you leave. Extortionists!

Sooner Keith

Great hospital with caring people! Unfortunately, I recently lost my mom to cancer but the last few months of her life were spent in several hospitals in the metro area and this one was the best of them all! Within the first hour of her admission to the ICU I was contacted by the specialist that would be caring for her and the nurses were all very attentive and to a person they all listened to what our family had to say and wanted to help any way possible. Ultimately, my mom was moved to a step down unit where she was placed on palliative care and eventually hospice (in hospital). As bad as the situation was for us, the family, we couldn't have asked for a better place for mom to spend her final days. My mom was a nurse for over 50 years and I'm 100% sure she would have appreciated all of the hard work and dedication the staff of St. Anthony's showed her and us. Most people don't want to be in the hospital at all, however, if you end up at this one you are in good hands!

Jeff Jinks

We were heading to Fairplay for a family vacation when my wife became dehydrated due to her cancer condition. We chose St Anthony’s to stop at ER. This was a great decision as the staff gathered vital information and then got my wife into room in a matter of a few minutes. Nurse Kellie and Dr Tripp assessed her condition, ran tests, hooked up to monitors and fluilds along with medications very promptly. All the staff we saw treated us like we were the most important part of their day. We are very appreciative to giving us a very positive experience at your hospital! Thank you and a God bless each of you!

Ben Anderson

The billing process was an absolute nightmare. The nurses and doctors were wonderful, but the wait was long and I can’t say enough, the billing process was a nightmare. My daughter had 4 stitches and the cost was $14,000. Our bill after insurance came to $4000. This absolutely blew our minds. Centra BALANCE BILLED (this is illegal in many states but not yet in Colorado) us too. Choose another hospital if you are at all concerned with cost.

Anja Contreras

I had the misfortune of becoming very, very ill while visiting loved ones in the area. I was however fortunate enough to end up in your ER! I've been in hospitals more then I'd like to my health issues and can honestly say that I have never been treated more kindly and efficiently! Knowing we had a plane to catch you took time to see to me right away and I'm happy to say, we made it all the way back to Texas that day, thanks to your wonderful ER staff! The doctor who's name I don't recall, I was there around 1 pm if I remember correctly, was very kind, she is a keeper! I don't recall any names, was too out of it but everyone there was fantastic, it is nice to know there are still places such as your facility! Now, I may change my mind when the bill arrives :) keep up the wonderful patient care!

Donavan Bellcour

This hospital is the best place to be, they are very concerned with my pain level and kept me very comfortable. Also they were so comforting when I was facing a serious infection.

stephen Allen

Went in to the ER and they took great care of me!

Julie Jandeska

I was involved in a really bad car accident due to someone who was texting while driving and from the scene I was taken to this hospital. They referred to my car accident as a "fender bender" when my car rolled multiple times, ended up landing on the driver's side and slid across the highway. I have a whole history of spine issues and they barely asked me about my history. The nurses treated me like garbage, I did not have anywhere to go since I lived an hour away and was new to the area and no longer had a car, and they watched me get into an Uber to stay at a hotel that night with a swollen face and a concussion that they didn't even test for. (I had to get further checked out by a different doctor to get diagnosed with a concussion). I would say 0 stars.

Julie Leventhal

2 stars comparatively seems pretty fair. The service level in the ER is far inferior and slower than other hospitals in the Denver area. We asked for certain assistance (breathing treatment, water) and had to talk to 4 staff members before the nurse would even return. Hospitals are tricky because if we felt like we could have driven the additional distance to another, we definitely would and will when possible in the future. Hopefully we aren’t stuck with this lack of care through the night.

Millie Diekman

We love St Anthony Hospital. Everyone is so caring, helpful, and professional. Best hospital we've ever used. Thanks for everything.

The Truth B

Absolute monsters work in the ER. Psych nurse Teresa was heard shouting at the top of her lungs at patients and it was completely unacceptable. When confronted about it she said if the patient is going to be rude, she's going to yell at them. The fact ahe says that to a concerned family is mind boggling. They give more run around than a baseball player and their snide, rude behavior brings a significant amount of worry and stress too families. I can't say it enough, absolute monsters.


Clean hospital. Nice nurses. Quality doctors. The ER is decent. They do a bit of profiling but, it isn't as bad as other hospitals in the area. I have had good and bad experiences in this institution so I just can't give it my full support. I think the biggest issue that this hospital has is being open to new things and knowing that just because something is new doesn't mean it's wrong.

Barb Naperalsky

I experienced a heart attack over a week ago and I can assure you, the excellent care, empathetic support, quick and efficient treatment was detrimental to my recovery! This hospital deserves a 10 star rating! I am so blessed to have had such great care during my stay! Every person, nurse, chaplain, doctor, housekeeper, and staff members of the kitchen was courteous, smiling, and uplifting! Than you from the bottom of my heart for all your care, support and prayers!

Laura Neyer

Scheduled ultrasound appt. at 8am for 9 yr old type 1 diabetic. Requires fasting 7 hours. They did not get him in by 10am, he had no breakfast or snack - sugars began dropping. Had to eat and cancel procedure. Patient care beyond terrible and a waste of my morning and lost 2 days trying to figure out my sons stomach issues. Going to Invision to get it done right!

Harry Rhulen

I am at St. Anthony's right now. I have spent a lot of time in and around hospitals, doctors, etc. This is the nicest facility, with the most helpful and courteous staff I have ever seen. The quality of care is second to none. For your family, the restaurant and waiting areas are hotel quality. The rooms have couches and recliners. I don't recommend anyone going to the hospital, but if you have to go, this is the place.

Jennifer whytock

If I could give it 0 stars I would . Went in chest pains closest hospital to me. Was told when I told them what symptoms I was having which was chest pains was told to sit and there were people before me. 15 min later no contact. Don’t go there if you want to live.

Ty H

Wife has chronic health issues where we have unfortunately 3-4 hospital visits a year. Last few experiences were so bad that now we have the ambulance take her to Swedish instead(25 minutes away instead of 3) because we trust this hospital that little. Missed cracked ribs causing her pain where they simply sent her home, misdiagnosis another time. When you go somewhere where your life is possibly on the line, Id rather go somewhere I trust.

Angelica Tickle

I got taken in by ambulance because I couldn't breathe and my throat was in agonizing pain. They took my info in a room and left me there for almost 2 hours with no water or even a blanket. I saw no one. My mouth was so dry and tasted like metal. They let me have water after paging them. Not once did they even take my temperature. They did however hook me up to the oxygen sensor so they knew how much oxygen was in my blood. $5k, a bloody nose (from a flu swab shoved so far up my nose it literally bled) and a bruise the size of a baseball (from an unsuccessful IV attempt in the ambulance) later I got released with a diagnosis of "light headedness". This hospital told me my throats and ears looked just fine. I went home and took my own temperature it was 102. THANK YOU FOR NOTHING. I was forced to come back to NY not even being able to swallow or breathe. I saw a REAL doctor who diagnosed me with strep and an ear infection. This is the only hospital I've ever been to outside of NY, and it was by far the worst experience I've ever had. Let me give you guys a learning opportunity, when someone says it hurts, you should probably at least look where they say it hurts. I spent $5k for this hospital to check me for the flu and monitor my oxygen level. Thank the lord they tested my urine for drugs and it was clear

Janna Unnever

Unfortunately they don't follow their core values as listed on their website. A female nurse was extremely rude to my father when he explained he wanted to leave their care to go back and see his own cardiologist. He understood the risk, but felt well enough to travel back and explained that it was nothing that the hospital had done and that he respected and understood what the doctor's and nurses were saying. The nurse immediately got a tone and became aggressive and angry about his decision When he signed the paper work so he could be released the female nurse lectured me how I should be scared out my mind that he is leaving and that he was going to die in transit. I understand they want to make sure he is well, but there is no need to bully and intimidate me, especially since it is not my decision. Then the female nurse wouldn't help him remove any of the monitoring pads and told him he could do it himself. When she finally came back to help get the stint out of his arm she didn't apply pressure to the cotton ball after removing it and allowed blood to drip out on the floor on his bag and then proceeded to leave. As we left she wished us good luck and finally noticed his arm had been bleeding and made weak effort to check if he was okay. The centura health clinic was a lot better then the hospital care we received here. We were disappointed. Luckily my father made it safely back home without any complications and now is receiving treatment from his cardiologist. Although that specific female nurse tainted the experience, a male nurse named Mark, who worked with my father the previous night, left a wonderful impression that showed the values I wish the other female nurse had had.

Deanna White

My cousin is currently terminal. The nursing staff has appalled me. The man is dying and they won’t even refill his water. They stood in his room and just stopped and looked at us while we helped him. This is only one example of what has happened over this past week. We won’t leave him alone at this point. Can’t wait for hospice to take over at home! Makes me wonder what happens to dying people without family advocates?

Chris Smith

After a bad car accident, prescriptions were forgotten in discharge, asked for water 3 times, was told they were on it. 10 hours and not one drop. I’m not sure communication is of value here.


I was denied care in the er due to me not allowing a security guard to throw away my personal property that's worth over 100 dollars and no it was Not a knife or a weapon or a pencil or a lighter. It was a E CIGARETTE!!! I would not mind if the security guard kept hold of it and returned it to me after being discharged but that was not the case he stated I wpuld not get it back if I was to be seen! If you go here make sure to ask if they're going to throw away your personal property that is NOT HARMFUL TO ANYONE. I understand you're not able to use these inside but that was never the case. I was denied entry into the er because I would not allow the security guard to throw away or keep my personal property! Then belittles me for being a disabled native American woman! Extremely sexist! Oh Yea I have it on video too and him tryong to cover it up! I've already contacted them , but yet still no results. That so called security guard who tried to play God with me should be fired and oh an update , he broke my personal property.

Mathew Maldonado

I love that hospital i was born at the old one my brother passed away from the old one i want to thank you for what you did for my brother and my auntie thank you from the bottom of my heart

Timmy Yanchun

The ICU staff at St. Anthony are some of the best people I have ever met. I debated writing this review because they're aren't words that can describe my fondness and admiration for everyone I had the great pleasure of meeting last week under such sad circumstances. But I decided to write this in the hopes that any one of them who MUST sometimes feel the pressure of having such a tough job, can know what they do for patients and their families they come in contact with. You are Angels on Earth. If I could have it my way you all would get anything you wish for in life. I pray you know what you are doing for others every day and are truly proud of yourselves. Thank you.

Hank Cramer

I'm from out of state, and needed emergency hospitalization here. It is a modern, well- equipped facility - but the best part is the staff. I interacted with at least 25 staffers during my stay, and every one of them was positive, professional, cheerful, and informative. This is the best hospital I've encountered in my life.

Alison Kasney

I was taken here for emergency care and had two surgeries the month following. In the emergency room I was very well taken care of: nurses and doctors were all very sympathetic, one even nice enough to give me a hug while I was distressed (I had no friends/family with me). I constantly had someone with me and making sure I was comfortable and everyone I interacted with was very professional. For my surgeries, both times things went extremely smooth. Check-in and pre-surgery consultation were right on time and everyone was friendly and answered all my questions. Both times surgeries occurred right on time, and post-surgery care was phenomenal in that the nurses were super sweet and accommodating. The day before both surgeries I was contacted by two different people who were very thorough. I'm not a fan of emergency rooms or surgery, but I have always felt I was in extremely good hands here.

Cristina Gonzalez

Sense this is the hospital that saved my brothers life once bfore i have alot of luv for them, but sense they moved location n the nurses r more rude and cant manage to answer a fone its seriously went downhill.

Robert Mason

They tried to blame me for them giving the wrong meds which almost killed me today

Gina Arellano

DONT GO HERE UNLESS YOU DONT HAVE ANY OTHER CHOICE!! We ended up at this hospital after being transferred from a hospital in Leadville. When we got there the nurses started out being very kind. My husband got some bad news and was having a hard time with it, the nurses then started getting combative. We ended up having to leave the hospital after we had a nurse who was late for his shift and spent the next hour and half out talking to the other nurses while we are calling for pain meds. Naturally my husband who was in severe pain and has anxiety ptsd night terrors and other emotional issues and just got bad news wanted help got screamed at by this guy who told us if we didn’t like it then he would hold open the f**king doors and we could go. Well we went didn’t get far ended back in the E.R. we then spent the next 14 hours waiting for a new room to get into. We were then treated like we were liars and bad people wouldn’t let us roam and go for walks like the other floors were unless we had some to supervise us while we walked. We are good people who try to good in our lives and good for our community. I don’t think I would ever recommend this hospital to anyone even if it was a enemy and I could stand them! To many people in this place and everyone is running different directions and doesn’t seem like anyone is coordinating anything useful there!

Rebecca Johnson

I was at St Anthony's for over two weeks following a ski injury. I went from the ER, to the ICU, to an orthopedic wing, to the rehab floor. I got to see a lot of the hospital and meet a lot of people. While some nurses were not the best, and some doctors were harried, overall the quality of care I received was EXCELLENT. I highly recommend St. Anthony's to anyone. The best part of long term stay were the PT's that I got to know well, the music and dog therapy that came by several times during my stay, and the clean but inviting atmosphere of the hospital. There are fireplaces downstairs by the cafeteria, so once I was mobile I was able to visit with people down there. For a really bad time, they sure made it as good as possible!

Jim Bodkin

When is the FAA going to crack down on the helicopters flying in to Saint Tony's under the minimum altitude?

Glenda Velez

I was treated there for High altitude pulmonary edema after a few days of snowboarding at Breckenridge. Was transferred by ambulance from Frisco and from the very first minute the team took great care of me and my needs. I ended up being admitted to the cardiac ICU. The entire care team was superb. All the nurses were so attentive and caring, always asking at the end: “what can I do for you?” to me and my husband. Best experience at any medical facility. Thank you to all of you!!

D. T.

It's really strange because based on the review I see, it seems you either get amazing care or that ( per those unhappy one ), they get treated like the worst in society. I personally doubt the latest. My wife walked into the ER for stomach pain. She was seen promptly by the first nurse taking the preliminary test. She was then admitted about 30 minutes later and then started receiving some basic test, i.v, fluids, etc. The nurse was a guy. Not necessarily the most warm person, but after working 10 years as a nurse ( asked him ) and being on 12 hours night shift, I didn't necessarily required him to be Mr. Friendly. He did the job just fine and gave my wife everything she needed when needed, answered all the question she had, etc. The first doctor that came was very empathetic and very professional. Reminded me a lot of Sheppard in Grey's Anatomy. Not as much "warmth" for the second one, but she was still very professional and her answer we're clear and easy to understand. Their diagnostics ( based on the test/scan they did ) was spot on ( now I know ) and they didn't wasted time. My wife was then moved to another floor, where she was scheduled for surgery the next morning. Total, she had I think 3 or 4 different nurses for the 3 days she stayed there. All in all, they we're all different in style if I may say it that way, but none we're rude or anything like that. If you stayed on top of your things and calling them when needed, they came and helped on what was needed, on top of their regular routine run. My wife had her surgery in the morning like planned and everything went very well. We didn't have insurance so the hospital bill was very very big. But once we visited the Financial Counselor, she was absolutely wonderful with us and helped us TREMENDOUSLY! We handled the rest of the cost with no problem after this ( something that would have been impossible before that ). All in all, I absolutely cannot explain at all people saying they we're beaten or things like that. I never noticed anything of this sort the 3 days I was there with my wife and I walked around a lot. The ONLY thing I could say I would improve is the nurse on the recovery floor we we're, as one of them at some point said to my wife she could eat anything she wanted ( when the surgeon who did the operation told her to go slow ). So not sure that nurse knew what she was talking about ( and I am not even sure she was a nurse since her scrub we're not light blue but grey ). Other than that and one of the machine beeping here and there and my wife having to call a nurse to handle it, I have nothing but good words for this hospital. It's been open for 4 years only, Cafeteria is not expensive and very nice and it just looks great. I don't expect any hospital to be 100% flawless and our outcome was perfect. No reasons to not give 5 stars.

rebecca strobel

What a nightmare! 90 year old mother in law sat waiting to be given a BED for over 6 hours. She came in via ambulance - people are rude (except one kind women who took her to her room finally) - when the staff DOES deem it timely to visit you - on their timeline - they are rude and grumpy. HOURS and HOURS go by with NO ONE checking on her - ! THIS PLACE USED TO BE GOOD - WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED?

David Hahn

Very modern hospital. The public areas are like a hotel. The patient areas are modern and inviting. The staff is the best I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with, very attentive and caring.

michaela harman

I would give a zero if I could! This is not the place to go! I went in twice in 3 months for having seizures, nosebleeds and different neurological issues like forgetting where I am and extremely blurred vision. They dismissed my issues like I was a hypochondriac. I went to my eye doctor and they told me my optic nerves were extremely swollen as well as my brain. They referred me for an emergency spinal tap and mri to alleviate my excess brain and spinal fluid. I called ahead and asked if they had gotten the phone call for the referral and I got the rude answer of “Come in and find out” after trying to explain myself a million times. I came in with my referral and prescription for an mri and they dismissed it and let me go without doing either! She said I was asking for a referral. I went to Swedish and they ended up taking care of me right then and there! And they referred me to an emergency neurosurgeon. Don’t go here if it’s life threatening! They will not take care of you! Update: I had my surgery for hydrocephalus (water on the brain) and my surgeon said I would have died within a month or two if my eye doctor had not found something wrong with me. I would not come here if it is a true emergency . I would not come here for a cold or anything at all. They dismissed me every time I came in here for help and yet I had a condition in which I nearly died from. I am a med student and I kept telling them something was wrong yet they kept dismissing me like I was drug seeking or a hyperchondriac. This place needs to be reviewed by the state and med board. They treated me sub standard and nearly let me die. I am glad I kept pursuing the issue or I would not be here today . So stay far away and get help from doctors that are more qualified and knowledgeable. Do not settle for what they tell you here.

Nikki Taylor

My mother in law was life flighted (Classic Air) from Pagosa Springs Medical Center to St. Anthony’s and from start to finish, thru many change of hands she was treated with the utmost skill and care. She was quickly treated and transferred from Pagosa via Classic Air and the flight crew literally worked their tails off to stabilize when she crashed in flight. After arriving at St. A’s a team was waiting for their arrival and whisked her off to surgery, after addressing her immediate life saving needs. She spent 3 days in the ICU and is currently in the step down unit. We couldn’t be more pleased with the top notch care of all the facilities involved.


My husband had surgery here and I thought he received outstanding care, especially from the nurses. My only issue was the food in the cafeteria, which wasn't very good, although it was a comfortable place to eat in. I think overall this is a nice hospital.

Mark Wolff

Emergency room visit went smoothly and quickly in site of a reported heavy load

Larry Taylor

I was in a motorcycle accident and taken this hospital's ER. I was not seriously injured, but had some substantial road rash injuries, and was bruised from head to toe. I was also in a significant amount of pain. The ER did a decent job of getting me in the room and setting up some x-rays. However, I was only given pain medication once (initially) over six hours, and had to ask repeatedly for something for my pain. Finally, after hour number four, I was ready to send my wife to CVS to buy me some Ibuprofen. The nurse walked in at that point, and I complained that I had asked several nurses several times for something for my pain, and she rudely stated "You are not dying, so you are not a priority". Wow. I almost jumped out of my ER bed. They finally brought me a Vicodin and some water, although they clearly did not want me to have it, for whatever reason. Here's the best part: they released me after about six hours, and never even attended to the open wounds from my road rash injuries. I went home and treated them myself. I cannot for the life of me imagine an ER so inattentive, leaving me in pain and not treating my open wounds. The bill? Over $26,000.00!!

Lisa Munoz

I’ve really never seen a more rude, incompetent, group of medical nightshift staff in my life. I also see we are not the only ones to feel this way, so you should all probably consider taking a longer drive to have more qualified and compassionate group of professionals to take care of you.

Bryce Lockwood

The staff at St. Anthony's was so wonderful! We had grandpa there in the ER and then for four days and they took such great care of him. They eased his panic when he thought he was dying. The staff was so professional and caring. Wow! They were proactive in finding the cause of Grandpa's pain. Their bedside manner was amazing. They took the time to listen to the patient and to the family members. The entire staff went out of their way to make sure they helped Grandpa. They also used humor, kindness and compassion to ease everyone's fears. The physical therapist, Natalie, gave Grandpa hope that he wouldn't need the walker. He had just run the Bolder Boulder a few weeks prior, but then developed medical problems while visiting the Grand Tetons. He is now healing and back to walking his dog around the park again much to his happiness. I would choose St. Anthony's over any other hospital in Colorado!

Melanie Zgabay

This hospital is amazing. My son was going into septic shock, and the ER and ICU staff were absolutely incredible from beginning to end. No one thinks they are going to be in such a terrifying position, but if anyone has to go through a life-threatening trauma, then I cannot stress how competent and caring the staff and facilities are at St. Anthony's Lakewood. Thank you to the ER staff on that night that stabilized my very sick son and huge thank yous to the ICU nurses, Karen, Laura, Chris, and Erin. You guys were top shelf RNs and words cannot express how our family appreciated your care. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Alyssa Hamilton

My grandmother was recently here for surgery on her Diaphragm. She went through surgery and was put first in ICU she was doing well but her nurses was some of the worst nurses I have seen very rude with how they talk to the patients very irritated easily. I understand their job is not easy but they chose the career. The nurse was just not pleasant. My mother got of hold of the head nurse and she told my mother that this is just how this nurse is it’s her personality. What? Personality to be unprofessional with patients and also make family members more uncomfortable let alone their patient. The nurse shift ended and the next one was no better. Went in the corner and expressed how frustrated she was with my grandma like a child Throwing a Tantrum. Finally she got moved to the 6th floor and the nurses was no better told my grandmother that she was forced up on the floor and in reality there’s no room for her here. Her tube that was inside her came out after the nurse moved her and my mother asked why was it out when it needed to be draining the Lung. She had blood all over my mother asked what happened and if they were going to fix it and the nurse replied you Need to be quiet and let me do my job. I mean seriously? I would never want to be put in this hospital. How would they feel if it was their family member and people were in charge of their love ones and seeing being treated so poorly. I mean it is sad to watch.


Took them THREE hours just to tell me I have a cold. Meanwhile Im hearing the rest of the staff talk about their allergies and what causes them. Not coming back here again thats for sure

Susan Bellone

They saved my life. I was having a heart attack with atypical symptoms. The ER department had me diagnosed and in a life saving procedure in under an hour. God bless them all. Very professional, caring, and knowledgeable.

john wortherly

this place needs to be shut down. i went there because i was blacking out and my hands were curling in on themselves and i explained to them my concerns as to why i thought this was happening. they signed me into the psych ward and for 15 hours i had to sit in a room while they watched me, and i couldn't leave by force. now i have a bill for 2,800$ for what these animals did that never cured my problem and never did anything for me what so ever. avoid this corrupt hospital, they care not about medicine or health. they want money, and the e.r doctor didn't even know what cellular structures were or how to use a microscope.

Irving U

I was airlifted here after a stroke, great place, clean and awesome staff

Bay Bay

Wound care center is totally ridiculous! Try to call to get an appointment and goes to voicemail every time. Leave message after message with no call back. Really, why do you have a voicemail if you don't return calls? If this is any indication of how they treat people, I will find another clinic that can treat me.

Scott Neugebauer

They were very quick to see me, diagnose and discharge me.


My treatment from the entire medical service staff at St A's was superb! I spent time in ICU, cardiac, and neurology. I wish I could remember all the names, too thank them personally, but I can't. Not only was the medical staff great, but so was food service and house keeping. I can not say enough good stuff about St Anthony's.

Jacque Boyd

My sister was taken to St Anthony by ambulance last sat the 22nd of September 2018, after a motorcycle accident. She was there for over 4 hours and did not get any pain medication, did not have her wounds cleaned, and the intake lady had to find her a washcloth to wash the blood her hands with so she could sign intake and insurance forms. She was till bleeding from multiple scrapes and abrasions on her hands at this point 2+ hours into her visit there..the one male nurse that I asked about cleaning and bandaging her abrasions said they were not "stitchable" so there was nothing he would do. She was to go to her regular Dr for follow up...this was on a SATURDAY NITE! Who's regular Dr is available on sunday to clean out and possibly remove tissue from a wound? Isn't that what we were in the ER for? I couldn't believe it when he then (because I wouldn't let it go) abraded her badly scraped arm with an a rough gauze pad that we later found out was soaked in alcohol. I was amazed she didn't come off the table. She had several deep gouges in that arm, he roughly scraped it and then wrapped more alcohol soaked gauze around the wounds. I could not believe we were in an ER, with injuries, and basically being told to leave and let the "regular Dr" deal with it monday. One lady came by and said, if there is redness or signs of infection, be sure to get that checked offer to clean it properly with betadine to prevent that infection, or a prophylactic shot of antibiotics to prevent that were even offered. Deplorable. Please don't take your loved ones there if you can't prevent it. I would give them a _5 stars if possible. It was ridiculous and my sister is going to have long term problems from this lack of care.

Jheri Miller

Billing is absolutely incompetent. Billed the wrong insurance and didn't direct me to the right person to talk to after my operation when I asked 5 times. With that being said, they kept me from choking after a few hours.

Pepper7 Dance8

I told staff NO regarding a routine breast exam. I made it clear, in writing and verbally, I do not consent. They told me I was not "allowed" to say no. They REQUIRED IT HAPPEN NO MATTER WHAT. I said STOP. I wasn't even a patient that day. I turned my phone on voice record and I fear what would have happened if I was a patient. Run from this facility. No means nothing to them. #metoo

Saul Reisman

7 stitches in 30 minutes for $400 with no insurance. That's some quality service .

K Derry

Shakara on the 6th floor is an excellent nurse. As well as Alyssa in PCU. Good hands.

Linda Rodlund

If you are thinking about surgery or any services at St Anthony Hospital that involves an anesthesiologist or having one of their doctors put in or take out a port, I would not do it. I went in for surgery December 15, 2017 and the anesthesiologist could not intubate me. She put the tube down in my stomach and causing the surgeon to call in a special team to bring me back ( three times). Also had a port put in which took couple hours and was not charged extra from the Hospital but since I had the port removed which takes less than having a port put in, they (hospital) has charged me an extra $295.00. I DEFINITELY WOULD NOT RECOMMEND ST. ANTHONY HOSPITAL FOR ANY MEDICAL REASONS.

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