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REVIEWS OF Saint Joseph Hospital IN Colorado

lena garcia

The nicu nurse's more then excusable have shown poor value of care and show no accountability when a concern arises they seem to make it a joke.

Jenny Ryen

I had my first baby here and I wasn't really sure what to expect. I am so happy that I went with this hospital. All of the nurses were SO amazing. Kind, compassionate and attentive. I even preferred Dr. Kim over my obgyn that was supposed to help me deliver. I can not recommend them enough. You can tell they love their jobs and really care about their patients!

d w

I don't remember much about it... but I am still here today so I reckon that they did something right!!!

Dragon Fyre

Been waiting in emergency for 5 hours. Others that came in after have been seen. When I asked, was told that the "nurse makes the call". Seems like nurses need to take in to account the time someone checks in when making their call. Worst place ever .

Carolyn Schwab

My husband was there. Everyone in the outpatient surgery department was Exceptional! with the care they gave my husband. Wonderful people

Ernesto Cardona

Their billing system sucks! They use SCL health . . .I can't get them on the phone, and I don't have time to be on hold for a half hour at a time. . The actual hospital can't give any info about the cost of services before they perform them. Wish I could run my business like that. How immoral!!!! I can't even get any info on the cost of my ER visit 3 weeks ago. I wish I would have just taped up my finger after putting it through a table saw.

Marvin Noah

I was asked to leave even though I paid for services while I was there and had done nothing wrong. I wish I joking.

Zack O'Malley

NEVER AGAIN!!! Our Family will NEVER go here, again for any reason Medically. The Facility is Very Nice In Side & Extremely Clean. The ‘grunts’ of this place, ie Janitors, Orderlies etcetera seem Happy and are Very friendly. That’s it, though! • VERY Rude Nurses & Doctors who seem to have this ‘We don’t care attitude,’ • Extremely Poor Communication From ‘Day Surgery’ Staff. • Ask a Nurse her name and She covers up Her Employee Name. Totally Childish. • Very incorrect Information provided to Us, by ‘Pre-Registration’ Employee. • ‘Intake’ Staff who could not answer one of our 5 questions. However, She wanted Everyone of Her questions answered by Us! Her answers to Us, regarding our ?’s: quoting...“I need to get through this stuff.” Well what about OUR Stuff, or questions? • RN’s In ‘Day Surgery’ amongst the Rudest, Authoritarian, UnProfessional, & Unethical , We meet @ Any Hospital setting in Metro Denver. Disgusting & Highly disappointing considering this was our first visit to this Hospital for any type of Surgery. • Restrictions on visiting, Spouse after Surgery. You Don’t get this option at ALL! Unlike many other Hospitals that allow such. OLD SCHOOL Ways still prevail here. • We as a Family could Feel & Sense a ‘Discriminatory - Attitude,’ toward Us. • There is a Aura about this place and ‘Their Religiousness’ that if your not like such, Your looked @ differently, by many Staff Employees. • Their ‘Resource Center’ & ‘Billing Dept’ are Unattended many times. Additionally, They are Unprofessional & Delay giving refunds when it’s pointed out, that Their billing practices are illegal or by mistake (ha). • Finally, When we started asking questions about these so called ‘independent contracted’ Doctors, Nurses, Labs, Anesthesiologist, etcetera, THEY PLAY ‘Stupid.’ Very! Lastly, we think this is a ‘TOTALLY’ Unacceptable way to run a Hospital, IOHO! Bye

t johnson

If you want your loved one to live, dont go here. Horrible communication, sends people to rehab without medications regularly, who needs mwdications including ANTIBIOTICS. this can cause a staph infection from hospital to turn bad and shut down a persons body amd KILL them. This happens way too often.

Alexia Flores

Best care I have received. Great staff, from the valet to the doctors everyone seems to care and actually show that they like their jobs.

Shanna Maldonado

Best Hospital Ever!!! The environment is friendly. Free tasty water in the front of the hospital. Front desk help is friendly. Free computers to use in the lunch room or Resources Center. And 2 gift shops

Jamie K

Everytime I’ve had to go to this hospital the doctors, nurses, and staff were amazing! I highly recommend St. Joe’s in Denver.

Q Le

The hospital is new and nice. The staffs are nice. HOWEVER, if you planning to have a baby, DO NOT go here. You will be hit with with TWO BILLS. One for you and one for your baby. My wife had our first kid here when the hospital has not been remodel yet. At the time, they only have one bill that covers everything. Ever since the remodel, in order for them to make more money, they will mine you for every cent. So double the bill it is. Note that this is for normal delivery with no complication and 1 day stay. If you have complication it will be much worst.

Olesya Kuperwasser

I had my first child at the old St. Joe's. I was very impressed with the level of care. I was not as impressed with my service at the new location. They have a huge fancy new building but they need to get back to focusing on what is important.

Jeff Sagerman

From the time I checked in for a surgical procedure (involving an overnight stay) until the time I checked out, I felt safe and well cared for by these ultimate professionals. Every doctor and nurse that interacted with me prior to surgery checked ALL pertinent information with me first. After my procedure, in my room, the nurses and nurse assistants took great care of me. They were so good at their job; moving with confidence and authority, and so friendly too.

Stephanie Hobbs

We were is a car wreck on October 28th, 2018. I got all the treatment necessary in the ER. However my friend had an head injury from the steering wheel. Not only did they ignore her obvious concussion she asked for head and chest imaging and was refused but her barely bruised hand was xrayed after she asked. The Resident said 'its unnecessary radiation' when inquiring about the head and chest. When we got to McCook NE via train cause the car was totalled she immediately went to the ER there. They did EVERYTHING st. JOSEPHES DIDNT. bloodwork, CT SCAN, XRAYS. My friend had in fact fractured her face in 2 places and had to see an eye surgeon who said they MAY not need to do surgery . I got all sorts of imagine done my friend got nothing. No blood work, no imaging and we knew she had a concussion at the very least. Thats why we went to a different ER when we could. Will NEVER EVER SAY this is a good hospital. Her Eye doctor said if she followed that ER Dr. Suggestions she could of died from it. How in HELL DOES SOMEONE COME IN WITH A HEAD WOUND AND RECIEVE NO IMAGING OR BLOODWORK?!

Annette Vandiver

I have been a patient with them for 15yrs and have had excellent care. Yesterday I had a brain MRI the lady that did my procedure was great talked to me the whole way through this To her I say THANK YOU FOR all of your help

CBris Alchemist

Had EEG testing and was impressed with the cleanliness of the facility, the helpful staff and the experience in general.

Juan M

2 1/2 hour wait in the Emergency ("and in the Fast Track" section none the less....). At first, it seemed like it would be quick, but really they just moved us from one waiting room to another. 4 nurses came in to ask the EXACT same questions, tell us a doctor will be in "soon", then more waiting, and really no one during the last hour or so. No real communication. No sense of urgency or any desire to actually help us from any one there (I didn't see many patients, but I'm sure they were busy) PA finally comes in, after we complain. She was nice enough, but I think that was partly because we complained. 5 min exam, stitches, a band-aide and a tetanus shot. Leaving this review because of a similar wait experience a couple months back with our mom, but didn't think to post anything at that time. But we're stuck going here for emergencies and urgent care because of our healthcare coverage.... Just feels like there has to be a better (more efficient) way Exasperating experiences overall

Melanie Kuhn

THIS HOSPITAL IS AWFUL Went there with a severely cut hand. The whole process took 3 hours, even though I was only seen for 30 minutes of those. They kept treating me and leaving and then I would be sitting there with my bloody finger. The doctor gave me 6 stitches and left two parts of the cut open when they needed a stitch. I have had trouble healing because they didn't put enough stitches. They also billed an insane amount. Please do yourself a favor and avoid an awful experience. Find a better hospital!!

Ted Tanner

What a horrible hospital. Kaiser sends me to the emergency room because they thought I was high risk for a stroke and I sit in the emergency room for 2 hours before I walked out. I really hope I'm OK.


After my grandma got an infection from sweadish medical center we took her out of that place and we came here and they took GREAT care of her

Sheila Dahl

Wonderful experience from check in to check out. The Drs and nurses were so kind and empathetic. The hospital is new, clean and efficient.

Riley Combe

Went to ER for 2nd time in 2 days. Sent by OB to St. Joseph's, not sure why. I left 7 hours later knowing nothing more then when I arrived. They gave me pain meds "just in case" and sent me home. Feel horrible left in tears. Poor communication, uncaring (sometime rude) staff. Do not go there if you want answers/help.

Bernadette Brown

Went in today for urgent care. Waited for 50 minutes for anyone to enter my room. Dr. Murphy came to treat me. He asked no questions other than the issue at hand. He advised me to continue my current regimen. If I take his advice I will perrish because of existing health issues. I went to help get better, no an assist in suicide. This is not the place to go.

Howard Hall

My wife was brought to this hospital ER by the Denver Health Paramedics today. First the paramedics were fantastic in their assessment and treatment of my wife's heart issue (3 hours of rapid 170+ heartbeat). Upon arrival at the hospital the attending ER doctor and two nurses were equally fantastic in their quick and gentle care of my wife. I was so reassured by their competence that it relaxed me from my anxiety. And my wife said she too became confident she was in good hands. Thank you Saint Joseph's ER.

Lisa Monaco-Adams

They ask what pain level you're in and then do very little about it. I have been here since Wednesday (it's now Saturday) in constant pain. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS HOSPITAL. It's riddled with heartless people.

sara marquez

The cafe is dirty and the staff is rude. The pizza was hard and old. The soup was dry with no liquid. I asked when the grill would open for a cheese burger and the staff was so rude stating they didn't have enough staff and there was nothing they could do about it. I won't be spending my money there.

Tiffany Tramutolo

Nurses were considerate and welcoming. Delayed communications between staff and family memembers. Delayed testing and processing could use improvement. We Waited over 1 1/2 for pregnancy testing alone. Stayed through 2 shift changes

kathleen floyd

total lack of communication between drs.and myself.thoughi asked repeatly for it. retaliation by my doctor for my calling paitient representitives for help. the nurses on oncology floor were nice, and tried to help me, but the dr. i had was pompous and rude. no communication like theother fellow said.never again! if you love yourself or family member, and they may have cancer, please go anywhere but here.

Jessica Denheeten

i walked in, asked if they do specific testing. they told me they do & they would if i would wait a few hours. i agreed. i sat for several hours. i was taken back to room where nurse then told me they wouldn't do said test that they'd already told me they would do & to which I'd upheld my end of agreement by waiting for hours to do. i explained they'd i'd already spoke with front desk staff who then brought out medical personnel who confirmed they would do this if i waited. we went back & forth, she continued to refuse to do the test even after confirming they had capability & my insurance did cover. i was cruelly defeated. billing staff walk in & happily charge me for the privilege of sitting for hours & denied any service whatsoever even that which was already confirmed they would do. the least you could do Saint Joseph is comp the charges, since you performed no services & had the indecency to tell me you would ahead of time & waste hours of my time while I fretted about the unknown state of my health that I really needed tests done on, to ease my health fears of. what were the charges for? Saint Joes, you did nothing & that was less that what was agreed they would & could do. How about instead of charging patient for nothing, you do said basic testing agreed to or at the very least apologize for wasting the patients time & void the charges. unbelievable from start to finish

Rocky Mountain Wonder Dogs

got a whopper of a bill for a minor fix. online billing services don't seem to work well if at all. had i known that when i asked for a pain injection to cover the previous injection that didn't work it would have been a few hundred dollars, i'd probably have just sucked it up. they screwed up initial injection so i got billed for both! thanks!

Stuart Mccallum

I went in because I thought I tore my knee. The registration process and getting into a room was fast. After waiting two hours and having an X-ray, I was informed that I likely tore my knee, however they don’t do MRIs for ER patients. I should take Motrin and see a surgeon outside of the hospital. This was a complete waste of my time, money and patience. I will not return to this substandard level of care unless I’m carted in unconscious and have no choice.

Cailey Cogburn

When I walked into St. Joseph's with a seemingly non-urgent issue, staff was still quick to great me and get me back to be seen. Every employee, even the lab technicians and room service team, is kind, smiling, and concerned with how your treatment progresses. I was hospitalized after they found out what I thought was a small issue was really a life threatening issue. Been here a few days so far and have recived the best treatment I have ever had at a hospital. I would like to mention Dr. Cappa (sp?) from the overnight ER, his residents, Savanah and Sara from the Oncology department as outstanding staff member's!

Etta Coley

My daughter had a level 4 cervical fusion at this location and the doctor and surgical team were phenomenal!!! But the after care in the hospital was so SUB STANDARD!!! They discharged my daughter unable to swallow oral medications after giving her IV pain medication. They were warned before medicating that she could not assimilate basic pain oral medications and needed alternative pain care. She choked on the medication provided for home care and 911 had to be called. We refused transport to St Joseph and THANK GOD ended up at Swedish Medical Center where she was admitted. After 3 days was sent home with alternative pain medication and capable of starting her life over with limitations. I don’t think we will EVER use St Joseph Hospital for any reason again.

Jeremy Mumford

Fast,great staff and aways willing to help when in need.

Vanessa Pan

The hospital itself was relatively new and clean. Some of the nurses were extremely nice and helpful. My problem is with the customer service representatives. When I was discharged from the hospital I was told that I would get a call from the hospital regarding setting up a follow up appointment. After two weeks with no phone call, I called their unit phone number to try to make the appointment myself. I was on the line with Pam, and was appalled at her rude, agitated, unprofessional behavior. She didn't answer any of my questions and then quickly transferred the line to another hospital, basically hanging up on me. Staying at a hospital is physically, financially, and mentally stressful enough without having someone making you feel like you're inconveniencing them by asking a question. My mother had surgery at the University of Colorado Hospital around the same time and they had set up a follow up appointment with her primary care doctor for her and for a follow up at University Hospital all before she was discharged. It was astounding to see the difference between the two hospitals and the way things were handled at each. I called Saint Joseph's a week later and received the same demeaning attitude. Apparently the customer service representatives are taught to quickly transfer calls if they don't want to deal with the patients. It's unfortunate that this aspect of the hospital has ruined my entire experience with Saint Joseph's.

Jarrod Ewing

I was born at this hospital smh this is pretty disappointing how bad the service is. Kaiser has also declined in service as well. I’ve been here for just about an hour in the ER and twice they’ve given my room away to someone else. I understand people are dealing with issues but so am I. Reason I’m there in the first place. They kept me in the waiting with an IV sticking out my arm

Jason Worner

I went here because Kaiser doesn't have any coverage for urgent care facilities (switching back to United next month, Kaiser is sucks) due to having another round of Strep throat. When admitted, I was asked if I had any allergies to medications. I explained I was allergic to penicillin, and watched the intake technician type that in. About 30 minutes later I was finally in a "room," which was just a corner of a larger room with a curtain around it. The PA that came in asked if I had "won the game." That was confusing, but apparently I was where a guy who had been hit in a baseball game was supposed to be, and he was where I was supposed to be. After he examined me, he left. When he came back he offered me a shot instead of a ZPak. I was confused, no one has EVER offered me a shot for strep. So I asked what was in the shot. You know what he said? "Penicillin." Penicillin. That wonderful miracle antibiotic that I'm ALLERGIC TO. If I hadn't asked what was in that shot, I would have been extremely sick, if not dead. All because he couldn't be bothered to read my chart.

Mike Morris

They’re too busy to allow family members reach elderly patients by phone. I live in another city. I learned from my mom’s elder care residence that she’d been taken to St. Joseph’s. I had to call 5 times throughout the day before they could connect me to the phone in her room. The first three times, I was connected to the nurse station by her room and twice connected with the wrong room. The third time, I was asked to call back later and told I should ask the operator to stay on the line when I called back to make sure I got connected. Due to work, I wasn’t able to call back for several hours. I told the operator about the issues in the morning and asked her to stay on the line. The operator refused and said it was up to the nurses. When the phone rang through, my call was cut off. I called again, reached the same operator, said “we’re now up to call number five”, and said it would be nice if she’d stay on the line so I didn’t have to run the phone maze again. She snapped, “this is a busy hospital” and sent my call through. Happily, I got a friendly nurse on the phone and got to talk to my mom after a day of worrying. I’ve had relatives in busy hospitals before, but never had so much trouble reaching them by phone. I take them at their word that they’re too busy to care about that.

Nancy Crutchfield

Great Hospital good doctors the staff is amazing. The food is good for hospital food. No complaints here. Brought my husband in on a Thursday left the following Tuesday.

Carlos Zedillo

Very nice people helping out make u feel better and making sure attend on whatever you need

Rcordes08 Ryan

Great care and responsiveness from doctors and nurses. Dr. Whitman was extremely pleasant and it was to have a doctor that really cared about her patients.


My experience here has been great.

Jennifer Gardner

Every summer, my family and I drive through Denver from Chicago to get to our family cabin. On the way through Nebraska, I had signs that could’ve indicated a heart attack/problem or an anemia deficiency, or something else. Since we will be hiking and there is no medical care immediately available, I didn’t want to take a chance. I looked at reviews for ER’s in Denver and St. Joseph came up. Based on what I’d read, I decided to give them a chance. So glad I did! The entire ER staff has been efficient, thorough, and absolutely professional, kind and friendly. The ER is clean and attractive. I hope this will be my last visit to St. Joseph, but I would recommend this facility if you need it!


Loved it when I had my son here years ago and now about to deliver here again. Friendly staff! Very clean hospital.

Michael Burnell

Billing department will screw you. I had my child there. Set up a payment plan, the card I set it up with was lost and cancelled and before I updated it they sent me to collections. This place needs to amend its billing policy. Needless to say we will be going to another hospital in the future for our second child.

Chelsea Botta

4 hours left waiting in the ER waiting room. Multiple people called before me when I had been waiting an hour before they arrived. Ended up leaving without being seen

Gloria Chavez

Walked into an empty emergency room. It hurt my daughter to breath. Were checked in and asked to wait in another extension of the emergency waiting room where an older men was waitingto be seen for a sinus infection. At one hour we asked one of the staff if it was going to be much longer. She said it shouldn't be. We waited for 2 hours before we left to seek help elsewhere. I do not recomend coming to this hospital's emergency room unless you come by ambulance.

Vanessa Yeager

Good people

Alex Crowe

Brought my girlfriend here when I found her passed out at home. Was told to wait while people with little wrong were put ahead. I loudly complained that she wasn’t getting taken seriously a male nurse then attempted to intimidate me by aggressively getting inches from my face and when it didn’t act frightened of his aggressive attitude and told him to ”go do your job” . He then kicked me out of the ER. I then went to the Admin office which eventually had me escorted out by an excessive amount of security. They would not let me speak to her on the phone for hours. She said they wouldn’t tell her what was going on with me. She was scared and alone in the ER. I cant believe the way we were treated here. Take my advice go anywhere but here.

Cameron Sprenger

I was billed an incredibly high bill for being seen for 2 hours. I was given an EKG and an iV for fluids and charged over 6,000 dollars. This is robbery. This is morally wrong.

Lindsey Pekas

The only reason they did not get 5 stars, is because all the nurses on the 6th floor, seem to be extremely incompetent. This nurse, Elle was very rude, extremely rough, and does not know how to transfer, or treat pts. The nurses and CNA's on floor 7 were awesome! Everyone there was awesome, except for floor 6.

Joseph Wiggins

Wife had severe abdominal pain, took 3 hours to be seen. Some people working in patient care shouldn't !Rude customer service representative.

Martin Roth

The hospital itself is very new, and their equipment is very impressive. The staff was attentive, but didn't always seem to be on the same page. The nurses were constantly telling us different things than we had been previously told.

Zach Reed

I have one word about the care and the staff here - OUTSTANDING!!!

Carol Neiberger

I gave this place 2 stars because not everyone working here is lazy, uncaring, and rude. Blood left on an elevator floor for over 8 hours when staff had been notified 3 times. CNAs running amuck on a step down ward. Staff not bothering to check on a newly transfered patient from ICU for over 3 hours, nasty comments being made about patients on nurses communication boards. And case worker that can't be bothered to do their jobs.Then when you ask for a patient advicote you are declined. Great, what's wrong with this picture. Go to St Joe's to die. They won't even notice.

Kirsten Logan

Bait and switch. They charge a facility fee and a separate radiology fee for a "free" mammogram at the breast care center. This isn't mentioned when you go in, and insurance won't cover it. Bonus, they're harassing me by phone, email and snail mail demanding payment for bills "due" less than 1 pay period after the service. Techs and people were nice, but will never go there again. Not sure if they have the same scam going with the mammography van.


This is my second time coming to Saint Joseph lab department. The first time, I signed in and waited and waited. I asked the lady sitting at her desk how long it would be and she just looked at me so I left, I didn’t have time to wait and be ignored. Today I came in and again same lady still rude. I signed in as did others, she walked over and yelled out our names saying we need to put a birthdate in the sign in area. Honestly if it was more clear, maybe a sign on the empty wall (In Spanish and English) and a smile on her face would make this easier. We all just looked at each other, the other patients did not understand due to a language difference so they just watched what I did.

Dryden Parker

Extremely long emergency room wait time when they weren't that busy. Come here if you like LONG walks by the beach pictures and someone to grow old with while you wait to be seen. Other than service time, quality is okay.

Paul Green

Excellent staff and care. Nurses very prompt on call button and the food is very good. Made me very comfortable during a difficult time

Russ Johnson

I have generally received compassionate, accurate, and collaborative care in an environment which was respectful of all, genuine, and with empowered staff. The billing is generally accurate and if you keep your commitment(s), you can pay over time with reasonable, transparent terms. I don’t know about other SCL health locations but St. Joes is definitely a well-run facility.

Usha Raman

Fantastic communication from staff. Very Helpful front desk. Every interaction with staff was pleasant and they constantly checked up on us and brought us what we needed. Amazing doctors too!

kiley Mayoras

Discriminated my husband based on an assumption which lead him to receive improper care by the doctors for an extremely painful infection. Dr. Rebecca Eva Rivkin then slandered my husband via his medical record so that he cannot receive proper medical care anywhere. Does anyone know a good malpractice lawyer?

solen 1

These people are amazing. They are acommadating to you, and your family. They understand having your loved ones close is crucial to your health. They have continued to work with me on the bills, will go here again if God forbid anything happens to me. (I had open heart surgery)

Paula King

My husband had quadruple bypass surgery recently and his stay and treatment at St. Joe's was outstanding. The staff (special kudos to Sarah in the ICU, Alex and Nicole on the 6th floor) was exceptional. There were other nurses whose names escape me who were also tremendous. Thank you all for making an unpleasant experience as comfortable and caring as possible.

Chad Beezy

My first child was born here 10/04/18 the staff took amazing care of both me and my wife throughout the long process. If you’re reading this wondering if you should have your baby here or not I can say you would be doing yourself a disservice not choosing this hospital.

Steven Baker

I worked here for many years. The ER is the best in town. Though not a trauma center. All my children were born here. And family members have passed here. This is Denver's hospital.

Erin Miller

I gave birth to my first child at St. Joseph’s Hospital in February 2017 and had a harrowing experience during labor and delivery and when being readmitted through the Emergency Department. This review will focus on those two aspects of the hospital. I had my second child at Rose Hospital and had a much better experience. Some elements of my experience are described below. TL; DR: More than two years later, I am still in physical therapy due to a birth injury I received at this hospital. I was also sent home with postpartum preeclampsia and then had to be readmitted through the ED, but only after waiting for 7 hours with severe-range blood pressures. 1. Obstetric Violence -- An episiotomy was performed on me WITHOUT MY CONSENT with no efforts to reduce tearing. I suffered a 4th degree laceration as a result of this procedure and experience ongoing issues from this injury even several years later. My baby was born vigorous with all normal readings. 2. Chaotic Delivery Room -- no one was in charge in the delivery room. Nurses and doctors were all yelling at each other and yelling at me. Critical diagnostic tests (including checking my urine for protein) and vitals (including taking my weight) were not performed or recorded. 3. Poor Communication -- I experienced poor communication with nurses, residents and attendings who often provided conflicting information. No one reviewed my birth plan, which had included a desire not to have an episiotomy. 4. Lack of Adequate Supervision of Residents -- Critical procedures were attempted only by residents. When the resident rounded and I had questions, she provided inaccurate information. 5. Inability to Get Supplemental Food for Baby -- St. Joe’s is a “baby friendly” hospital, but this protocol has been implemented in a way that disempowers families. My child was born small for gestational age and very hungry. I had a traumatic delivery and so my milk supply was both reduced and delayed. We continually asked to get supplemental food and were denied. He lost weight rapidly. It was not until he had lost 12% of his body weight that it was treated as an emergency and the nurses threatened to take him to the NICU. 6. Very Poor Service and Hygiene in the Emergency Department -- I returned to the hospital with severe postpartum preeclampsia 4 days postpartum. I waited 7 hours to be treated and even then, the attending in the emergency room did not call OB until I asked him to do so. There were also poor hygiene practices in the emergency room. A man was vomiting profusely, and the staff took his vitals -- including blood pressure and pulse ox (on his finger) and then took mine, without cleaning the equipment. 7. Poor Documentation -- The fact that I had a hypertensive event during delivery was not clearly marked on my records. Therefore, when I returned to the ED with severe range blood pressures 4 days postpartum, they did not immediately see that I had been hypertensive during delivery. 8. Inability to Get Food for Moms 24 Hours -- Food is not available for patients at all hours. When I was readmitted in the middle of the night after waiting in the ED for 7 hours, I was hungry, but there was no ability to get food to the room. 9. Not Offered Supplies or Care to Room with Infant when Readmitted 4 days Postpartum -- When I was readmitted for severe pre-eclampsia 4 days postpartum, I was not offered a bassinet or diapers or wipes for my 4-day old infant. After several requests and waiting for hours, we were provided with a bassinet so we could sleep. However, I was unable to get a boppy to support the baby while breastfeeding until a new nurse started during the day shift. Further, our infant had been losing weight rapidly and was therefore scheduled for daily checks at home. However, once we were back in the hospital, no one would check the infant. My partner had to find the baby scale in the room, google the user manual, and track the baby’s weight himself.

Tammy Hunter

My ex roommate Robert Carter who works there in the evs department and the whole 9 months I lived with him he had not once taken a shower he's nasty and doesn't bruch his gums, he has a stinky body order . I will never come and get anytime of care from that hopital.

Dannielle Radin

Highly recommend this place! The staff was incredibly nice and caring! But be aware that the insurance and billing department are very hard to deal with.

Joseph Franco

Clean , decent food in the cafeteria. some of the staff is rude and makes it obvious they don't like their jobs. ( always frowning and never friendly)

Jen J. J. Johnson

I came to the ER after ingesting antifreeze and was treated like a dog by the behavioral evaluator, Jennifer Spahr, otherwise known as the "Tattoo Lady" for the cheap tattoos she wears which look like they were drawn by a 5 year old retarded monkey with epilepsy. When I came to the ER at Saint Joseph hospital this week. Jennifer Spahr was disrespectful, rude, mocking and verbally abusive towards me. I am a female-to-male transgender individual and told Jennifer Spahr this- she ignored this information and used female pronouns towards me anyway. Jennifer Spahr joked about sending me to a psych unit, saying with a sadistic smile on her face that "You know we're going to have to ship you off to a psycho place, right? Haha. That's what happens when you drink antifreeze, you know?" I am physically disabled and use a cane. Jennifer Spahr interrogated me about my cane and questioned if I really need it. I calmly asked Miss Spahr "What does my cane have to do with a psychological evaluation?" And in response, Miss Spahr scoffed, smiled and said brightly "It's just a simple question, sweetie! Why don't you just answer the question?". I then told Miss Spahr that she was being disrespectful towards me and asked her honestly "Why are you disrespecting me?". Miss Spahr responded with a huge grin on her face "It's just a simple question. You don't want to answer a simple question? Haha, well if you don't want to cooperate then there's nothing I can do with you. Haha, bye!" And then she walked out of my ER room without a second glance. I immediately complained of her behavior to her manager and the patient advocate, but Saint Joseph hospital ignored my complaints for over 3 days and refused to document my grievances. Unacceptable! People like Jennifer Spahr are part of what drove me to drink antifreeze in an attempt to end my life.

Monica Ayala

The Nurses made me feel pitiful for having a stillborn. They praise healthy babies not dead ones.

Omar Hernández

I attended today for a pain I had and really people were amazing, at no time I felt ignored the nurses all the time asking if everything was fine, I am really very happy with the experience, God bless you. if I could I would give more stars

Mary Ann Cito

I was admitted into St. Joseph Hospital late afternoon June 13, 2018 and discharged late afternoon June 14, 2018. To start the new hospital is beautiful, very clean and I was greeted by a friendly staff and very well informed. Afifa had all my information upon arrival and personally took me to my room. I was admitted into the Cardiac Unit room 6523 where again I was greeted by friendly Stephanie who gathered information and got me settled into my room. Stephanie made the orientation very relaxed and at times fun,she also introduced me to my night nurse Danielle. I am sorry I did not remember any last names but wished I had. Danielle was very polite and kind she made my evening and night very pleasurable. Danielle checked on me often and attended to my needs always with a smile and a kind word and interesting conversation. In the morning I hated to see her leave but she turned the day shift over to Rebecca. Rebecca was amazing, she was always one step ahead of my needs. When attending to my needs Rebecca made nice conversation and although extremely professional she was more of a friend than a care giver. I was made comfortable with full confidence in the care given. I honestly have to say I didn’t want to leave. I have had hospital stays in the past that could never compare to this stay. Although my condition wasn’t the best this staff made me feel as if I were the most important person in the hospital. Again, I am sorry I don’t have last names for the nurses because they are best I have ever had the pleasure to meet. I want to thank all the staff for a great job and highly recommend St. Joseph’s Hospital to anyone. Respectfully, Tony Cito

Lee Maynard

An unexpected visit to the ER and it was so pleasant! I was attended to right away and everyone was kind and thoughtful and very interested in taking care of me. If you have an emergency this is the place to go!

Miriflor Mm

The worse PA I ever seen. He came with horrible aptitude and his hands on his waist like he doesn’t want to be bothered then all he wants is give injections for pain without dins out what is the problem. Then the nurse sees the I was brought on w/c and asked me if I can walk to the restroom, I sow that she didn’t want to bother with the w/c then I said that I could walk, my knees were painful and I was walking with the cane. Because the terrible pain on my left shoulder I couldn’t zip my jeans then I lost balance and fell. I DON’T RECOMMEND THIS HOSPITAL! The worse in Denver area.

Leandra Garcia

Don't go to the emergency Room at Saint Joseph hospital they left me bleeding Their stuff is in compassionate hateful mean I will never go back to this emergency Room in my life I'm warning you don't go there I'm I'm getting a lawyer and Suing them for malpractice

Tari Harris

I was on vacation from Seattle and broke my shoulder riding an electric scooter. I was treated very well and in a timely manner. I didn't feel judged by my purple dreadlocks, or my lip, nose and eyebrow peircings. thanks for your help with my very painful accident!

Maria Pinedo

Took my 9yr old in to E.R complaining about abdominal pain, nurse and med assistant were very friendly but when the Dr came in he ruled out appendicitis and suggested NOT doing any further testing. She had advil previously and was feeling a bit of relief while he pressed on her belly next day she was still in alot of pain and made an appointment at clinic turned out to be bacterial infection in her throat that was giving her abdominal pain. Will never go in to St. Josephs again.

Jack Torres

By far the best hospital we have ever been to, the staff is so giving and take great care of you and your family, we were in the women and infants division and the staff went above and beyond to take care of our needs they are polite helpful and concerned about your well being. I would recommend this Hospital to anybody that is looking for Quality Care hands down.


Literally the only good thing about this place is the attractive Texan triage nurse and Hannah in the ER. The facility is dirty, the staff lacks urgency and is rude and inattentive. In addition to the plethora of issues, the wait time is absolutely absurd. I sat in the waiting room for over 5 hours with the same IV in, backing up. The doctor who saw me spent less than 5 minutes talking to and observing me , didn’t even tell me his name. Several other patients have been ignored by hospital staff and instructed not to speak to nurses. They wouldn’t even give me a note for work or school saying I was there. What the hell kind of emergency room is this?! If you actually value your life & the way it’s cared for, I can not recommend this hospital. If you are enduring a serious life-threatening issue, go somewhere else!!

tom maloney

Our 3rd joes baby... it always feels like you are treated like family. The nurses are absolutely amazing . It always feels like a resort spa...thank you to everyone that helped with baby Claire. Our nurses Deb Cindy and katja you are amazing nurses!

Atomic Gringo

Been in the "fast track" of the ER for 20 minutes w/out being seen. Place is a joke.

April Lundberg

My dad was brought here for a heart attack and my family and I were SO impressed with pretty much every person we came in contact with (there were a lot of doctors and specialists coming through). They kept him and the family well informed from the moment he got there to the time he left and were pleasant to talk to. One nurse even stayed with him throughout the night to monitor him closer (he wouldn't stop bleeding and she wanted to keep an eye on him) and we can't thank her enough for her care! Dad said even the food was pretty alright!! The hospital itself is also very nice and actually has a cozy feeling to it somehow... Anyway, I highly recommend this hospital!!


Such a nice and clean facility. A gentleman I care for was on the orthopedic floor and the staff there is absolutely amazing. They pay attention to detail and truly care about their patients. They answer call lights so quickly and address the situation at hand so diligently. I have to be there for fall prevention 12 hours a day and am truly impressed with the staff here

Judy Cox

Everything was wonderful until my sister was thrown out of the hospital room for helping our mother to the toilet. We were told we disrespected the nurse by helping my mom, she can tell us all about disrespecting her but we weren't allowed to tell her about or feeling disrespected.

Erin Ware

I've delivered 2 babies at St. Joseph's and been to the ER once. All 3 experiences were great. The staff is very supportive & kind. I love this hospital & would definitely recommend it.

Brentney Kaye

Delivered my baby and everyone was super friendly and helpful. It’s clean and felt welcomed and relaxed. Defiantly would recommend!!!

Rachel Yamiolkoski

Fabulous. First-rate nurses, especially. They were cheerful and positive, not stressed and grouchy. They listened to me. A great touch was that they offered little aromatherapy pods for nausea as well as drug interventions and they took my own suggestions well. I couldn't choose a favorite because they were all completely awesome. I have sampled many hospitals and this was the best by a mile.

Olivia Pablo

Very good service.

Kassandra Crowder

This hospital is a joke! I was forced against my will by Stadium Medical to go to St. Joseph Hospital. I was tortured in the ambulance provided by Stadium Medical's staff. I came into the hospital with cuts and bruises all over my body and the staff gave me too much medicine in the ambulance and no one at St. Joseph asked me what happened to me. Stadium Medical also falsified my medical records and lied to the medical staff at St. Joseph about my condition. Instead listening to the patient, they made my situation worse. When I received my medical bill they had the wrong doctor. They said I saw a female when I know I saw a male and my boyfriend confirmed. I'm now over $5,000 in the hole because of this whole situation. On top of that, the male doctor I spoke too told me I never needed to come to the hospital and released me with only being there 15 minutes. I had no blood work done, no testing, no medication, etc. at the hospital and had to pay that much. Billing is a joke. Rude and hateful! Stay away from this hospital as much as possible! Greedy and shady!

bill blaser

Billing error not sorted out for 1500 dollars. Its been almost two years and 15 phones calls to their billing department. Complete incompetence .unless you have medicaid or medicare where you have no copay I would avoid unless you want to have billing error that isn't fixed.

Bugsy Bunny

I'm kinda upset, I wanted to get an x-ray of my head because I get pain that comes and goes, that or a cat-scan. Any way I was sent to a room you might as well call it a fast room because those rooms are there to get people in and out fast. I mean they could of at least took blood. Doc just looked me up and down basicly said you're good to go home. Lazy doctors and nurses are no good. You make good money, why not do your job?

Mohamed Kariyeh

Very big hospital and staff are good.

Sahalu Saidu

i love this hospital. very clean and super friendly people. they have one of the best restaurant's. the food is great and nutritionally tops. i have been at SCL Health about 10 times. every time. i was treated awesomely well. the building is modern and very clean. DONT FORGET TO CHECKOUT THEIR RESTSURANT. great place to go for breakfast, lunch an dinner. the Coffeeshop is also great. i give them 100 percent

Happy Ash

I had my second daughter here and it was a pretty bad experience. I would give them fewer stars, but I was reasonably impressed with how they handled things afterward. Two things that were the worst (although many others were not great): First, the doctor broke my water without asking me first which really ticked me off. Then later the nurses wouldn't believe me when I said I was ready to push. They kept telling me the baby would be born after their shift change. Excuse me? Babies don't care about your shift change. Then they have a policy of waking you every 1 to 2 hours all night long. Apparently the doctor came to check on my during one of the only 15 minute stretches of sleep I got and they didn't wake me up. So I had no follow up until 6 weeks after the baby was born (a Kaiser policy). Since they don't provide birth notes or records to your provider, I had a time trying to figure out why things went so wrong. I filed a complaint against the doctor who broke my water and received follow-up that she had been spoken to. I was pleasantly surprised by that although I don't know if it will make a difference. Then after literally hours on the phone, I was able to talk to the patient manager or something like that who was able to get the medical notes and go over them with me to try to understand why some issues and the baby's status at birth. That was very helpful, but it seems like that should be routine not something you have to work so hard for.

Kayla Maxwell

Waited A While Which Is Expected . But I Went With Excruciating Stomach Pain &&’ They Helped Me Be Comfortable.! They Did What Needed To Be Done ! Friendly Staff , Competent People . Thank You So Much St.Joseph’s Team !!!! You Guys Rock !!!!

Bree Sierra

Went in for surgery on 12/4 and I received excellent care here. From the nurses all the way to my surgeons and anesthesiologist. I would highly recommend. They really took the time to care for me before my surgery and afterwards while I was in recovery. Amazing place they deserve the 5 stars.

Elizabeth Black

I have a very good team of Dr's taking care of me. I'm convinced that I would have died anywhere else. I have been very sick. Now out of ICU and slowly getting better.

Rudy Lovato

Worst ER ever! All they want to do is get you back out the door. A couple nurses were good. The doctors on the other hand are worthless. Oh and if you happen to smoke pot or are not part if their religion forget about getting any real help. Thought they were supposed to help no matter. Don't let these people take your life in their hands. Hopefully there is nothing serious happening to my girlfriend. If so I hope st Joe's is ready for a lawsuit.

Kimberly Schmit

I had a family member who was a patient at Saint Joseph Hospital. The staff, the nurses, the doctors, and everyone else at Saint Joseph Hospital are excellent! There was nothing that my family member needed while at Saint Joseph Hospital. His needs were met, and beyond. Other family members were also impressed with the care, the cleanliness, and the general atmosphere and feel at the hospital. The hospital is huge. From what I've been told, from one end to the other, it's seven football fields long. So, if you get lost, ask someone for directions, instead of wondering around. If you do wonder around, you'll see what I mean. It's just a nice hospital. The cafeteria is good, the food is good too, although I've had better at other hospitals. I'm not knocking it, just wish they would have other choices, more variety. There is free valet service outside the hospital, but be sure to tip them several dollars, as they really work. There is a wonderful Emergency Department here, as well as a Oncology Department as well. There are two gift shops, one on the first floor, and the other is on the 4th floor, Baby Joe's. Parking is free, in a large parking garage. Saint Joseph is a good hospital, founded by the Sisters of Charity of Leavenworth. They accept multiple insurances too. Thanks Saint Joseph, for taking such good care of my family member. It is truly appreciated!

Samantha Evans

I have poly cystic ovaries. Been dealingwith this for years. So i go in cause I'm in EXTREME pain. They do an ultra sound and find two cysts,one of which is bleeding...So,they KNOW I'm in pain. They sent me home with nothing. They always give lame excuses I understand about the "EPIDEMIC" but do you understand MY pain??? I've read countless stories about ppl of color being treated different but this is ridiculous. I also KNOW you all will NEVER admit that. Here's some news for ya... we colored ppl...feel pain too. Whether y'all believe it or not. My hubby also had MAJOR surgery. They gave him 25 oxycodone to go home with and his other Dr FLAT OUT REFUSED to give him his other pain meds. Shame on YOU ALL!!! I could go on with great examples of how I KNOW we're not treated the same as others,but maybe a real review and other eyes seeing this...maybe y'all will get it together ✌

arturo garcia

Wife delivered here. Great nurses and doctors. Friendly staff.amazing hospital!

Leisa Campbell

I greatly respect and cherish every nurse and doctor that took care of me. They explained everything that they were doing all along the way. Excellent hospital.

Angela Clodfelter

I had to have emergency surgery in December. Obviously my insurance didn’t cover everything so I was left with a substantial bill. I was paying as much as I could every month and they sent me to collections because “they don’t do payment plans”. The last payment I submitted was $1000. I was obviously doing my best to pay you guys off and don’t understand why you’d send someone to collections who had not missed a payment. The emergency surgery was for a bad infection I had possibly gotten from a scheduled surgery at your facility two weeks prior. Your billing department is full of incompetent people who can’t even answer basic questions or mail paperwork that they are supposed to. I will never go to your hospital ever again for any reason.

Kaleb DeSmet

I drove myself to the ER because my security earpiece got stuck in my ear at work. I had literally two minutes of face time with the doctor where he looked in my ear, saw the earpiece and removed it with tweezers. After insurance was factored in, I payed $200 out of pocket at the time of the visit then received a $2,000 bill in the mail a month later. This is highway robbery. This cost more than my wife's 7 hour delivery and 2 night stay at a hospital in Fort Collins. HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE? I just started the process to contest the absurd, and almost comical over priced service. Hopefully I can get this reduced to a somewhat ethical and reasonable amount of money for services rendered. A genuine question for the billing department; at what point when you are calculating hospital costs can it seem ethical or even reasonable to charge $2,200 for a 2 minute visit to the ER with no ambulance ride, medications rendered, or surgical procedures performed? AVOID AT ALL COSTS! IT MAY COST YOU YOUR FIRST BORN CHILD FOR AN ACTUAL PROCEDURE!

Debbie Asmus

They've saved my life twice. They are an outstanding, brand new facility. Every single staff member I encountered was focused, beyond smart, genuine and went over and above their duties. Nov 2018 Update: Another visit and consistently amazing Nov 2018 ... medical imaging was not friendly today. Very disappointing July 2019 ... such a wonderful establishment. Can't say enough about these folks


The care that my mom received from this hospital was exceptional, every doctor and nurse she came in contact with was professional, kind and caring. A special thank you to Dr. Steve Johnson and Dr. Tim Liao for their remarkable surgical abilities that truly saved my mom's life. I was very impressed with everything encountered from entering the hospital, to the discharge. She was never treated like 'just a patient' by the nurses on the cardiac unit. They treated her like she was a member of their family. I can not possibly think of anything that wasnt top notch. If I ever need a hospital admission, I want to go there !!

Jordan Elliott

My son was born here. I was absolutely in love with it until today. My son has been choking on a foamy flem that he's been vomiting up and the nurse (Jennifer Debro- idk if I spelled that right) handed me a bag and told me to "keep it under his mouth". I used to love this place. If you're coming for a delivery, they're great. The ER is ass.

Lauren Butterfield

The on-call doctor lied to us about when our surgery was. The admin and nurse staff was very polite though. Lots of available parking.

Jordan Davis

Went to the ER for my eating disorder. Although they got me back fast, they don't seem to know much about Eating Disorders. Dr. Jacobs seemed to care less and didn't seem concerned, even though he tells me my EKG is not normal. He tells me I'm dehydrated, but doesn't seem to want to give me much fluids. Never seen a hospital give you less than half a bag a fluids. The nurse Sydney was super sweet though! I would say if you have an Eating Disorder, go to Denver Health. This is why I waited until I passed out last year before going to the hospital, because doctors like Dr. Jacobs who make you feel like you are wasting their time with your ED. Also I think could have to do with the fact that I have Medicaid.

Linda Brown

best heart doctor in the world. They saved my husband's life by doing a quadruple bypass. he was 48 and is now almost 66.

Simran Baliga

Love the hospital on the inside and outside. The staff is very sweet and helpful

D Roberts

Very nice hospital and they are connected to the Jewish hospital. Everything is new and improved.

Justin Tippin

This is no joking or laughing matter. Thanks to 2 doctors here all of the progress my wife has made is now in jeopardy. My wife had a central line for home infusion which is critical to her survival. 2 doctors who not even a part of her normal health care team have now made it impossible for her to receive the treatment she needs. This stay was suppose to save her life not put it in further risk. These doctors have no right to interfere with her health care plan outside of this hospital. I expect to be contacted by your management staff to discuss this further and come up with a resolution before further action is required.

Parable Paul

They asked me what was wrong when I initially arrived... Obviously something right? Well since they mix my insurance up andand thought I must have been on Medicaid or some some kind of Indigent, After experiencing a lot of worries... They never realized I had insurance andand so they kicked me out 2 hours later after getting me one IV, after 7 straight flu symptom days and said I would be fine. Well it turns out that I was not fine.. I had a parasite that they could not catch and refuse to buy their lack of empathy and thoroughness.

Ratnaker Kumar

At Saint Joseph Hospital, we’re happy to tell you about us: our compassionate caregivers, our clinical excellence, our award-winning care and even our beautiful campus. But it’s really all about you. Our patients and families are the center of every thought, communication and action that takes place in this healing space.

Courtney Lucas

I had my daughter here in January 2015. It was an overall good experience, no complications. I did not have a birth plan, and by the time I got to the hospital I discovered that I have a very low pain tolerance and would be having that epidural after all! Everything went as expected, and we stayed two nights after birth. The only complaint I had is that the nurses came in ALL THE TIME. One nurse would come in to check baby's vitals. 15 minutes later, another nurse would come in to give me pain meds. It was nonstop, not coordinated. I got maybe 2-3 hours of sleep in 3 days thanks to this. Apparently there is a sign by the door you can flip to indicate "Do Not Disturb". They didn't tell us about this, but my husband found it. They came in slightly less frequently after this, but it was a relief to go home and not have people barging in constantly!


Excellent hospital. Very new. Felt like I was a guest in a upscale hotel. Staff is very attentive.

Angel Littleton

Pretty much the worse hospital experience I have ever had. Before checking out, they had someone come and speak to me about follow up care. I suppose she was a social working, I am not entirely sure. The woman, came in to the room and asked me "Why didn't you go to your hospital?" in a very snooty tone that felt like she meant to say -- you are a veteran, so why waste my time? And, why I have to teach someone who works in a hospital about the status of EMERGENCY ROOMS is beyond me. You see, the VA hospital DOESN'T HAVE AN EMERGENCY ROOM. They have their inbound ER patients routed through "Rose". I am not very sure why a hospital would employ someone to speak about follow up care, if they treat people like trash. When I finally checked out, after receiving no help from her on aftercare, whoever the person was I walked over to the bus stop where one other person was released just a few minutes before I was. While waiting for the bus that heads into Denver, the other person they had released from the ER had extremely yellow skin, yellow eyes, and was carrying an extra large sized bottle of Listerine that they gave back to him when they released him into the blistering cold of Denver. They gave him a one way ticket to go die as far away from them as possible. Denver has some real lousy places: Samaritan House, Step 13, Denver Cares, the hospitals.

Michaela MarRod

I absolutely love this hospital! Great staff!

Bobby Lister

WORSTTTTTT hospital experience ever. They are likely the epitome of why there is a study on why doctors do not take African Americans seriously when they're in pain, and why so many of us die in hallways waiting to be treated. So I'll take you through this journey of this completely unfair treatment: I started in an Urgent care (highly recommend UC Health on Steele). My symptoms weren't improving with the I.V bag, so they called an ambulance to take me to St. Joseph ER. Mind you- they wheeled me into that place in tears. The EMT tried taking my blood pressure but it hurt like hell. At the ER, they had me in a wheelchair in the lobby (in my half exposed gown) taking my blood pressure again. It hurt like hell, my fingers were cramping up in a completely uncontrollable way, and I was in tears in so much pain. The nurse? Had an attitude and was yelling at me to "relax my hand" and "take deeper breaths"- don't you think I would be doing everything in my power to give you a good read? I couldn't believe how rude and unsympathetic she was to me in that lobby. But that's not even the worst part- They wheeled me back to see the doctor. He comes over and ask "do you have a history of anxiety"- explaining that's the biggest issue and I need to relax. So of course- I LOST it. I haven't been sick in over TWO YEARS, I've already been sick a week in a half with MYLTIPLE symptoms before coming in (from an urgent care recommendation who literally called my ambulance, remember?) and he tried to send me home and tell me to calm down. So yes I had a few words for him about not taking my pain seriously as a young Black female, but honestly couldn't say much as I wanted due to my low energy and body pain. He followed up with a condescending attitude “what do you want me to do”- YOUR JOB. Is this how doctors at this hospital speak to sick patients? He said there was nothing he could do and left. I AM SO THANKFUL FOR SHARON L!!! She was the angel who showed to to actually show me some kindness and compassion. She got me into a more private space, gave me some medicine, and fully helped me get to a good place before calling me a cab. She was my saving grace and that hospital is lucky to have her because the rest of this staff is the WORST. If it wasn't for her help, I would have sued this hospital for racism AND neglect. It's the closest hospital to me but I will NEVER be back. I'd rather die with dignity at home than in their unwelcoming waiting room with their terrible staff (minus Sharon!). My advice is to go however far you need to find a better hospital than this one to go to.

Andrew Givens

The doctors here power Trip. I was told as a patient in the ER, after receiving zero help for my pain, that if I was nice to Dr. Dearstyne, that I would be released earlier than later. Since when is it acceptable for doctors to act like cops, and power trip on their patients? If I am nice to the doctor who isn't helping me, I get released sooner, but if I stand up for myself, they keep me locked up for hours. These people provide as much hardship as help. God help you if need these people's help. They won't help with pain, and will keep you locked away against your will, and will laugh as they take your money. Trust these doctors at your own peril. They want your money, but could care less about your well being.

Anthony Davis

Its. I way to give them a 0. But its truly sad to have to wait I a waiting room. For 4hrs. While the nursing staff does nothing but laugh talk an joke. Yelling you it will be a minute do to emergencies. None of these bastatfs can evaluuate'gas from a heart attack. Sadly you can get better info off Google. I understand why so many people become.drug addicts. Trying self medicate cause these er s should not be in business with the info they give people.and the way they treat People. Sadly there is alot of racial inconsideratuon.. it's really a dam.shame blacks are treated in ers in blk communities. One day everyone .will get there day

Wayne Hecht

Horrible they tell you you can leave they'll get you checked out at 8 a.m. and your hair past 7 p.m.

russell Jones

All kaiser docters are hartless and dum . they should call kaiser a slaughterhouse not a medical facilitie.

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