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REVIEWS OF Parker Adventist Hospital IN Colorado

Kristin Sattler

My son came at 30 weeks and spent a full month in the NICU. If it weren't for the excellent nursing staff I would have lost my mind. This is a wonderful hospital!

Bonnie Leary

I have had two experiences with Parker Adventist both bad. They over bill big time! My daughter was charged $8000 to be seen in the emergency room. They diagnosed her with a mild concussion. I would go anywhere but here if you have a medical emergency. I also had a Doctor well care visit with Dr. Kevin Molk and they charged me three times what well care visit should have been, $425!. Parking is a nightmare!

Lauren Borgmier

Had to make a trip to the ER this morning and I was so comfortable the entire visit (minus the reason why I had to be there, but..) The staff was so sweet and professional and took great care of me and my expecting baby! I just couldn’t imagine why anyone would write a bad review. I’m looking forward to having my baby at this hospital. I felt as if I was in great hands the entire time, from check in to discharge. Thank you Parker Adventist Staff!


The worst place to do your knee replacement surgery. The Neuro joint has very rude and disrespectful night manager. After having my knee replacement and complaint of having pain, she said if you are not happy you more welcome to leave.i personally feel bad for the patient who need to stay at Neuro Joint Spine department.


Worst experience of my life! I had my baby a few months ago and the nurses here are horrible, there was a particular nurse Hayley which was super rude and I just found out many other moms in Parker who had delivered here also had a bad expercince with this nurse! Your better off going somewhere else. Definitely not recommend this hospital for your birthplace.

Nata Vishnev

The worst hospital and the staff. Avoid them. They dont care. My husband experienced shortness of breath, jumping pulse, low blood pressire and chest oain. They wanted to give him vicodin. No diagnosis. No ekg before discharging. Refused to admit him overnight. The nurses were rude, disrespectful and did not care about his symptoms. Go somewhere else

Jenna Hopkins

Worst Emergency room I’ve experienced! I have chronic kidney stones and infections. I came in with the feeling of passing a stone. One nurse, Ryan or Brian the blonde one with glasses. Made a statement about seeing me too much. And not in a nice way. The PA Keith (whom I’ve seen many times and do not like) came in and immediately told me he wouldn’t be giving me any opioids. I never even mentioned them. Then he asked why I didn’t have a picc line this time. When I told him they found clots deep in my armpit he got defensive and said, “Well we never found any.” I’m sorry that upsets him but I had to get my doctor who asked for the piccline to check and there were 3 CLOTS!!! Needless to say I waited two hours for any kind of care. Meanwhile the patient next to me comes in complaining of the same thing and get taken care of very fast. I ended up asking to be let out because nothing was happening and they had made me feel like I was something I’m not. When Keith heard about this he came into my room and was mad almost. Like I wasn’t allowed to be upset at all? I ended up at a different ER, Centennial Health One, where they were kind to me and listened. Turns out I have a 4 mm stone stuck. Thank god I left because nothing would have been done here. I would give it zero stars but the rooms to stay here in are nice.

Erin Garcia

I never felt so cared for before in a hospital. Thanks so much to the excellent doctors but especially the nursing staff. I was so scared when I was admitted and they made me feel comfortable and eased my mind, not to mention followed up with me and my family.

Gina Draper

My 19 you daughter is currently at this hospital. We have just moved to Parker and this hospital was very close to our home. I wish I would have researched before I took her there. 90% of the staff is extremely rude and incompetent. Being a nurse for 20 years myself, I seemed to know more than some of the Doctors. My Daughter who has always been strong and healthy, all of a sudden can't walk. She has severe pain and weakness in her legs. None of the tests they were doing were giving any answers. It reallydoesn't make sense to me or the Drs. She needs a diagnostician. While trying to comfort her gently messaging her legs she had extremely abnormal feeling anatomy in her calfs and calf pain. I immediately went to the nurses station and basically told them.that they needed to ultrasound her thighs. They got orders for the test just to shut me up. Good thing I was obnoxious and demanded those tests. She has a DVT in one of her legs. This isn't something that the Drs ever even considered. No one has exams her legs to feel the abnormalities, expect for one very kind and competent nurse. She felt exactly what I did. I could go one and on, blatant lies from a radiology tech saying that Valium is contraindicated before a lumbar puncture. Totally not true, and something that the neurologist told my Daughter (who was terrified and bawling her eyes at at the thought of have a spinal tap) that she could have before the procedure. I could go on and on. I can t be with my Daughter now and am banned from the hospital, even though she wants me there. I cannot bring her little brother to see her or even be in the parking lot, despite my Daughter begging the patient rep to allow me to at least being her 11 yo brother to see her. They did offer a " compromise" I could drop my 11 yo son off outside of the parking lot and a nurse would meet him at the door and then walk him back to the front door after the visit, then he would walk by himself out of the parking lot to meet me. Like I said I could go on and on, there are many more seriously messed up situations that happened between Saturday afternoon (when I took her to the ER) and Monday when I was very forcefully removed from the hospital. There have been 1 great nurse, one awesome neurologist, and 2 great pt/ot staff, but other than that, there has been much incompetence and rudeness, lies and extreme negative attitude. We are a Christian family, and were very comforted by the images and literal writing on the wall, however the greater part of the staff doesn't reflect that sentiment at all!

Mark Safi

BE AWARE OF THE SECURITY GUARD. I walked in the ER with my wife who needed care after her accident. As I walked in the ER the security guard yelled “pull your hand out of your packed” this type of behavior is not necessary in a ER. This is a place of care not a prison. I hope that the administration of this hospital change this unnecessary policy. I felt like I was treated like a criminal. All I can say “A YOUNG SECURITY GUARD WITH A GUN” good luck.

Nomadic Vet

Decided to have our baby here from good referrals but come to find out things were going downhill and still is. As our stay in the hospital my wife pushed but wasnt coming out so the doctor pushed our baby back in and went into csection. After the baby was born the paper work came when we were checking out no picture people that came by for a week no knock for any refreshments or snacks like nobody cared at late night the food we ordered from the kitchen was horrible tiny fruit bowl old fruits and grilled cheese the bread was hard nasty. Needs a new management or else this place will start going to the bottom

Slava Davidoff

I went to the ER with my 2 year old daughter, she experienced some discomfort at day care and was throwing up. She was very pale and just as a precaution I decided to take her to the ER. After spending 2 hours in the ER, we were finally processed by a triage room nurse and were assigned a room. Once we were in the room, nurse stopped by for a few minutes to do check on my daughter's vitals with a stethoscope. She told me she will be back shortly to discuss next steps. One hour later, no one came to the room to check on us. At this point I took my daughter and went to a nearby urgent care. As i was leaving, all of a sudden the nurse appeared to be available, but I had enough and was not willing to stay. A few weeks later a received a bill for over $400 to pay for ER services rendered, that's my co-pay portion. When I spoke to a representative from the hospital, i was told that nurse did see you even for a few minutes and did check my daughter with stethoscope and that constitutes ER services and the exuberant ER fee. They are not willing to lower or waive their fee for a terrible experience and lack of service. I would give them a negative rating if I could. Their focus is on money, not health. I do not recommend going to this ER.

Bernie Foreceipt

Not worth the trip to ER, they’re there to get em in and get em out. Makes me wonder if the story about card games for nurses isn’t actually true (I’m being facetious because I know better). Not worth the waste of money. I go in for a muscle spasm at 2 AM hoping to get relief because I haven’t slept for two nights because of it. Told them the Tylenol/Ibuprofen mix was not working so at the hospital they gave me a Valium (muscle relaxant) and a Tramadol (for pain). I’m thinking in 30 minutes (approx body absorption time) I’m gonna be a happy sleepy camper with no pain. So when they hand me my scripts to go home it’s just for Valium and to use the Tylenol/ibuprofen mix for pain. No script for pain meds after I told them the Tylenol/ibuprofen mix doesn’t work. By the time I get home, 45 min after taking the meds, in more pain than before and fully awake. Mind you they made me wake my wife to come get me cause “the meds are gonna knock me out” so I can’t drive. I call them up and they say “go get the script filled, 5mg of Valium is probably too little for a guy your size”. Aren’t they supposed to know the mg to weight ratios? Mind you the 24 hr pharmacy is back by the hospital 30 min one way drive. Talk about not treating the patient for what they need. I needed them to knock me out for the first real sleep in two days but no. And people wonder why I don’t believe in medical doctors too much. I now owe for an ER visit that did not help me out.

Jamie Kunkel

Thank you so much to all of the nursing staff at the Birth Place. They were extremely kind, helpful, and knowledgeable. I really enjoyed my stay there and felt welcome and taken care of in that short time. I can't thank you enough! I'm glad I picked this hospital for the birth of my first child. :)

Jacque Kounkel

The absolute worst care facility I have ever had to stay at in my life! If you care about your loved ones, take them somewhere else. The day after abdominal surgery with and 5 inch incision through the middle of my stomach and bellybutton and a laparoscopy inscision to the side. The nurse had made a mess when changing my IV and blood was all over my bedding and my gown. The nurse literally walked into my room set a clean set of sheets On the counter And said “here are your clean sheets if you want you can make it or I will be back in four hours”… But I think she meant four days because she never came back to make them instead I did. If you ask for anything you better be wait able to wait for 24 hours to get it. We were getting stuff the day of my surgery drinks ice bags everything that I needed I was up walking around crawling on my hands and knees at the bottom of the refrigerator to try to get the juice drawer open that was always stuck and very painful to tug on. But don’t worry they’re not understaffed you can usually find at least 3 to 4 nurses texting on their phone or standing around in a big group watching you struggle and talking about what they did over the weekend....while you’re suffering… And yes don’t worry they see you they actually look at you and then look back at their phones And sooner or later after they watch you for a while one of them might turn around and say”ugh can I help you?” And roll their eyes like you’ve disturbed they’re very important meeting. But listen you’re better off getting stuff yourself anyways I literally asked for a cup of coffee the second day I was there and one of the nurses brought back a hot cup of water and said “I’m not sure if you want to drink this or not it’s not very strong... I mean it actually looks like water”. Well sugar that’s because it is hot water. I asked her if she knew how to make coffee and she said no we can’t. I said well I bet I can let me go with you and I’ll try to help. She was correct the coffee machine was locked. So she said to me we do have more coffee on the other floors, I can tell you how to get there. So I walked down to the elevators down to the next floor and got myself a cup of coffee...That’s right one day out of surgery no one came with me and they felt that that was just OK. There were so many horrible experiences here that there are too many to list and I don’t want to bore you. So I will just let you know that even though it’s the law that you take a patient out of the hospital in a wheelchair and make sure that they have a safe ride home…They don’t have time for that either they push a cart in your room if you ask several times for help, with a couple plastic bags and walk away to let you pack up your own stuff even though you’re not supposed to be lifting anything with a open abdominal incision. maybe a little help but no never mind! I would hate to bother you. Then they will have you sign out of the hospital push your heavy cart to the elevators and out the front door and then load your car up by yourself. And drive away. Oh and don’t think you’re important enough to get a phone call just to check on you after you’ve had your first day home after a major surgery on a five day hospital stay. You are alone and are confused about the poor instructions that they gave you for aftercare.… They’re so sick of seeing your face by then They never want to talk to you again. So I’m three days at home after surgery and couldn’t be happier to get to my house and out of that horror hotel hospital. I will never go back again and I hope you don’t either. I will say they’re good at two things answering the nurse button after you push it to two or three times for help and saying can I help you? And then saying “will send a nurse.” There still working on the send the nurse part but they’ve got that nurse button answering thing down pat. Please I urge you... go to a different hospital I wouldn’t want my worst enemy treated the way that they treated me. God bless

Dominique W.

Super slow and not very attentive. The quickest part about the whole experience was collecting my co-pay. Obviously. No one communicated with me until I pressed my call button. No regular updates whatsoever. Horrible experience. I hope I never have to come here again.

Nancy Gold

I was hospitalized for more than 2 weeks and the doctors and nurses were excellent! Always asking me if I need anything. The food was delicious and the menu have variety. THANK YOU !!!

Trisha Craig

We have loved the support team at Parker Hospital! Everyone, the nurses, admin, doctors and even the cleaning staff have been so kind and able to answer questions over our 10 years of 4 hospital deliveries here at Parker Adventist.

Sarah James

STAY AWAY FROM THIS ER!!!! My husband went there having a terrible stomach issue. He took himself not knowing how bad the pain would be when he got there at 10 pm. They misdiagnosed the problem. They pumped him full of painkillers all night, because the pain was so bad. Then the nurse told him he was discharged and to have someone pick him up (it was 1 am at this point). He told her his wife was home pregnant with a full day of work ahead of her and we also have a one year old at home he didn't want to wake.She told him that "this isn't a hotel and he needed to get out." He was so out of it and still in a lot of pain, so he stumbled for his phone and said well I can call a cab but I don't know how. YES THIS IS HOW OUT OF IT HE WAS! She wouldn't even help him call a cab, so he drove home. Thank goodness he did not get in an accident. We are grieving this nurse to the state. Terrible care.

Nicole Williams

If u want to live DO NOT go to this ER! They sent my sister home saying she had a cyst when really it was sepsis & she almost died. My father in law had a massive heart attack & they told him it was pneumonia & sent him home. Skyridge ER saved him. neighbor of mine cut his finger on a saw & they sewed up his finger with wood still inside! It got extremely infected & he almost lost his finger. My nephew was having severe stomach pain & they said they did a stool sample & things were fine but upon taking him to children's hospital we discovered that they had lied for if they did the test they would have known that all was not fine. I would give this hospital a rating of minus a million stars

Harry Edwards

Do to a few changes in bldg. Since last visit I asked security where something could be located if still had. All I got was a dear in headlights look and no answer, asked again in more detail so I did get an answer then and all kidding aside she said ahhhhhh. I then said ok, ahhhhhh is not even a guess but ok thanks and walked off. If security dosen't even know where the easy location's are what and how are you going to get somewhere if your needed and why are you the help desk and not just monitoring.

Eric Dyer

I have worked in Medical Imaging for over 22 years, so I know what to expect when referred for imaging procedures. My doctor ordered an imaging procedure and I scheduled to have the procedure at Parker Adventist. My case was very complicated due to my symptoms. The staff were very accommodating and professional...they went put me at ease to complete my procedure The personnel involved included two Special Procedures nurses, a Nurse Anesthetist, an Anesthesiologist, and two members of the MRI team. I did not name names here, but I spoke with Administration and gave the names of the personnel involved.

Nicole Sweeney

Worst birth experience of my life. Still healing from the treatment of the doctor and nurse in charge of my birth

Dana Leva

Having been a patient, a mother of a patient, and a grandmother of a patient, I must say that the services were incredible! Way above a normal expectation. All rooms are private rooms! The food is pre pared by a chef! The nurses are extremely kind and knowledgeable. No one in the hospital is a patient....they are all people who are treated as individuals. The surgery that I personally experienced was by Dr. Scott Stanley...and his procedure was far less evasive than other docs said was required. My daughter had her baby there...superior attention by docs and staff. I once took my granddaughter there, who was in a state of emergency...the hospital took her immediately...even before asking for insurance information! I highly recommend this hospital.

Todd Poradzisz

Wonderful nurse staff at the birth section. Very caring and always attentive. Our nurses Marta and Shiri were tremendous! Thank you so much for your help with our first baby! Excellent hospital. Keep up the excellent work!

Pam Stansbury

I had a great experience here both in November and December of 2016. My neurosurgeon Dr. Angela Downs was awesome. I have never had a surgeon call me personally after I went home, she did both times. Thank you for helping me!

Casey Drummond

Had a wonderful experience at this location. The staff really made me feel welcome. Definitely will be back and recommend!

Cathleen Valencia

The staff at Parker were great! They were very helpful and kind and I waited under 5 minutes to be taken in for my tests. They called with my results within 2 hours. When I called back for a follow-up question they returned my call within 10 minutes. Definitely would recommend them.

Young D

THE MOST AWFUL HOSPITAL I DO NOT RECOMMEND!!! I was there for a boil on my face. The nurses and doctors took no time rushing me in and out, however taking their sweet time while I sat in excruciating pain. After all was said and done I was left bleeding with 1 bandaid on my wound and nothing but 2 ibuprofen to “ heal the pain” I then had to go admit myself to ANOTHER ER. Do not waste anytime nor money at this hospital.

Trevor Richards

Obviously hospitals are going to have low reviews, it just is what it is. But I have been here a number of times include a surgery and thought it was a positive experience. The hospital is VERY nice and clean too.

Carl Olson

5 stars to wonderful nurses and staff. 0 stars to admin who decided to move my mother in law to another floor literally while she was passing.

laziepandabear E

I love the care I get everytime I come here.

Albree Halstead

Overall I had a very positive experience with the hospital. Nurse Sandy was great! She was probably the reason I’m giving 5 stars. All the people were very nice though, and my room was neat and clean. I had a splenectomy performed and would absolutely chose this hospital again.

joshua moore

Great. Staff in the er. Doctors all nice answer any questions that you have it is an Adventist so it caters a little bit more to old people but that's fine my only quarrel is with the nurses your nurse either is very personable very upfront and caring checking on you frequently even if it's just popping head in the door or your nurse we'll see you 3 times Max in a 12 hour shift will have about Pre-K communicating skills in a large lack of Common Sense and/or job awareness I understand routines and procedure but nursing is a job that requires personality maybe some charm I shouldn't question if you're on the Spectrum as my nurse some nurses are forgetful also had to remind some about my shots and my medicine like I said it's hit or miss not all the nurses are this bad just some

Theresa Dzwonczyk

Gave birth to my daughter they took great care of us both excellent care also have Dr Jill Wingner awesome pediatric doctor I have moved from that area travel from Northglenn to parker they are awesome

Amber Slaugh

Went into the ER. My nurses were really nice this time. I have multiple issues at the moment. They drew blood and left it sitting on the computer, ruled out the flu and that was it. Wouldn't address the pain in my arm because, and I quote, "an MRI would cost 5500 dollars" so they didnt help at all. This isnt the first time I've went in and left without getting help. What are people supposed to do when they are sick and hurting?

John Wolf

Surgery was successful, however not all the nurses were helpful. I would post the details, but this is a public review.

Julie Dahm

Zero Stars for Parker Adventist ER. Wow I didn't know they could remove bad reviews so I'll put this review up weekly. The staff exhibited zero compassion for my 15 yr old son whose 2 teeth were knocked out by a baseball last week. They did not even offer him fresh ice or gauze for his bloody mouth and exhibited no sense of urgency to replant the 2 teeth that were knocked out. We were sent to Parker ER by the dentist because they have a Facial Trauma Team. The ER DID NOT contact the Facial Trauma Team. In addition, the stitches were poorly done and had to be removed and redone by the endodontist. The ER referred us to an oral surgeon we could contact the next day but there was NO WAY we would use a referral from this hospital after how my son and family were treated by this ER staff. We will never return to Parker ER!

Jen Lacny

Very nice, kind, considerate and helpful care. The staff is happy to help and they make sure your needs are met.

Jessica Arguelles

WORSE PLACE EVER. went in for abdominal pain. i was not dying so i had to wait, pretty normal. but once in the room i got an IV some pain meds. i saw the dr once when he introduced himself to me. 45min later comes back and says it sounds like you have appendicitis. and tells me to go home. did not run any imaging testing to confirm what i had on my discharge papers it said "unknown" abdominal pain. Like that's why i went in to see what was going on. Went to skyridge instead come to find out i have a hernia and gall bladder. Thanks Parker, thanks. Now thanks to skyridge i am scheduled for surgery.

Adam Davidson

We've gone to Parker Hospital on two occasions. On the first, after a full day of running tests we were referred to another hospital and all of the test work we had done at Parker was not transferred so had to be redone. Parker Hospital was unresponsive to the other hospital's request for the information and test work. In addition, the staff at Parker Hospital had my wife drive our child to the other hospital when they likely should have taken an ambulance. The second occasion was a children's emergency room visit. Without going into too much detail, the entire visit was a chaotic disaster that took an egregious amount of time. We'll be going elsewhere if at all possible in the future.

Sarah Abbate Trupo

I went in to their ER for generalized stomach pain. Within 4 hours, I was diagnosed with appendicitis and was on my way to emergency surgery. Every single staff member was amazing and took wonderful care of me and my unborn baby. They were friendly, knowledgeable, responsive, and so so kind. I was visiting from out of town without my husband, and needless to say I broke down when I heard I needed emergency surgery at 17-weeks pregnant. They sat with me, comforted me, and took excellent care of me. They let me listen to baby’s heart rate immediately after surgery (once I was coherent), and again before I was discharged just to give me piece of mind. I can’t thank all of the staff enough! Wonderful, wonderful people.

Bill Covington

Worst hospital ever for knee surgery, or any orthopedic operation, no safety precautions used when moving patients, allowing orderlies to take patients out for walks with no safety belt. The OR only treats you like a person if you have money (curtains for privacy. Your liaison calls you for an update then comes out 2 minutes later and notifies the person with money face to face) orthopedic nurses would rather sit at their station and discuss drinking and partying than attend to patients needs (the entire floor not just one patient) Not helping the patients start their PT instead telling them to just lay there (the PT nurse had to yell at the floor nurses to get anything done) Terrible terrible hospital for orthopedic surgery! Stay safe and go somewhere else.

JSC Flaherty

This ER will financially ruin you. They have a reputation of EXTRAORDINARILY overcharging for treatment. They treated a minor fractured thumb as a level 4; my bill was over $4,000 for 2 X-rays, a Tylenol and a splint. And the billing dept is so nasty. Between Cigna and Parker Adventist (collusion?) this has been a horror show with a painful and incredulous price tag . Prepare to pay thousands if you go.

Carol Gibson

My husband had surgery and stayed overnight. His level of care was wonderful and he was very pleased with his experience. The nurses were caring, friendly and knowledgeable. Not just to their patients but to the visitors as well. The thing that struck me the most was how many of the staff had smiles on their faces. In the hallways, at the information desk, the volunteers and the valet man. He went out of his way to help me. I thought " they must really enjoy working here". I didn't feel like I was just another person. I felt appreciated. I would recommend this facility.

Aimee G

Southlands ER. I should have written this a long time ago but I am happy I waited. I have been seen in your facility over the years for a multitude of health issues. As soon as Southlands ER opened I was so happy we would not have to go far for emergency medical care. over the past year I sadly have been in the facility way to often for way too many different reasons. However, I have to say WOW on the physicians at this facility, AMAZING nursing care. The nurse I normally get is the retired paramedic Brian who is just outstanding. Amazing bed side manner & care for a man who has seen and heard it all he is just amazingly attentive and makes you feel good in a bad situation. The doctors there are such a wealth of knowledge they dont rush you out and just see you and make the nurses do the work. They take the time to spend with you and talk about your condition and whats going on with your body. I have never left not knowing what to do after I have left.. THANK YOU!

Jimmy Song

Great,our baby was born here too so many memories

Trixie D.

Treated my grandmother with the utmost care when she had a mild stroke. It makes me laugh that the bad reviews are about things like food...seriously?

Ken Deluca

This was my 2nd back operation and everything went well. The food was ok but not as good as the previous year. My nurse Meghan , was exceptionally good , compassionate , and attentive to my needs. She always checked in on me. She and her co-workers deserve better leadership and better pay.

Becky Glotzbach

My babies got to spend 8 days in the NICU and we had a fantastic stay. All the nurses treated my girls like they were there own. The staff was always happy to answer our questions about how to handle a situation at home or what was happening to them during their stay.

Cassandra Stanek

This hospital and the staff was sooooo amazing and caring. My mother had surgery and not only the patient care, but the care they showed toward the waiting families was like nothing I’ve ever seen. This place is wonderful. Hopefully we won’t have to be back, but if we do, we know we are in good hands.

Jen Heinz

I went in for an ADR/Spine Surgery and this hospital was amazing, they were attentive to all my needs as well as the needs of my family. My stay was extended due to complications and I felt very safe and comfortable during my time there.

Jenni Hanson

Great experience at the childrens hospital out of Parker Adventist. Awesome staff that is great with kids. Our RN Eric was amazing, really took the time to talk with my daughter and make her feel comfortable.

Sarah Milligan

My visit to the ER was actually the best I’ve ever had, which you don’t hear often having to make a trip to the ER. My nurse was Chase Cunningham, he was amazing! I was stressed and scared and he really calmed my nerves and was on top of everything! I have tiny veins and he got an iv started quickly without pain the first time! He was great and really made my stay very comfortable! My Dr was Chris Post he was also great! If I ever have to go back I will be going there hoping I get these two again as they really care about their patients and made me feel safe and comfortable which I really needed yesterday. Thank you very much Chase! Definitely the best nurse I’ve ever had! Sarah Milligan

Aaron Mote

Very helpful ER staff. We visited here after visiting one of those mini Urgent Care / ERs (total waste of time and money). This place took more time to try and understand what was going on instead of just trying to get her out the door asap. We had to come back as the symptoms didn't change over night and the staff was very helpful and caring of the situation. Billing is working with our insurance to see if they can combine it to one visit. Helpful professionals at all levels of the ER

Sue Hammond

Well, still sitting here, waiting OVER AN HOUR PLUS for a Radiologist to READ a CT SCAN.. This is the 2nd scan SERIOUSLY???? At the very least could they check on my son. So unprofessional NOT communicating, quick yo get my copay, but font see the place HOPPIN with cardiac patients.

Courtney Munson

Love, love, love this hospital. My baby girl was born here and I had to have an emergency C-section. They took great care of us for the 3 days stay. The staff was incredibly friendly and helpful. They provided us with everything we could possibly need. About 7 weeks after my baby was born she came down with a virus, they sent us to the Children's hospital area of Parker Adventist, they also took great care of us and helped my daughter get better. I can't say enough about this amazing hospital. It's very clean, orderly and has the most caring staff on hand. Which is always needed when you are in stressful situations. Thanks for taking great care of us!

Alex Mayster

Worst experience of my life. Came in for an "emergency" procedure that was pushed back multiple times without any acknowledgement. Apparently they didn't seem to think an emergency could interfere with their already busy schedule. Never going back there again..

Paul Gerlitz

I would not recommend going to this hospital. I had the misfortune of going here when I had done something to my knee. I was seen in the ER for maybe 20 minutes. I was admitted to the ER with a blood pressure of 175 / 110 of 120 can't quite remember as I was in extreme pain. I was told they do not do MRI's in the emergency room and was give a Valium, a Tramadol and Tylenol. I was discharged with the same blood pressure and nothing was done in regards to this. For this 20 or 30 minute visit I was billed $3000 dollars by the hospital and $900 from the doctor. The doctor saw me for 5 minutes 10 tops. Looked at the explanation of benefits from the insurance company and they showed vitals were normal. Discharge paperwork showed the extremely elevated vitals. Gee, I wonder if they were covering there back sides.

Lina VanSciver

You guys almost let my son die. My 3 month old baby you sent home with RSV doing zero test on him, he was in the PICU for 4 days!

Grace Erickson

This is certainly my go-to hospital. I've had a couple of operations here, and the recovery process was so much better than expected (as was my stay). There are some amazing doctors, nurses, and staff members here. I really trust and respect this place.

Amanda Sobkowicz

I cannot say enough good things about this hospital. I visited 9 years ago when I was diagnosed with a tumor and in extreme pain. I remembered how great I was treated so last week when my pain that had been going on for several months got worse I of course chose Parker Adventist. First off I only waited 2 minutes before getting taken back and made comfortable. Doctors were constantly updating me and my bf which is very rare in hospitals. Normally they put you in a room and you have no idea what's going on for serveral hours. Every test they performed and all their findings they kept us in the loop every step of the way, The nurses were so kind and caring. Doctor Thomas Frank was one of the best doctors I've ever experienced. I was in so much pain and the meds knocked me out. He was very kind and understanding. He even told me I needed a scope done but they don't do them in the hospital. He said we could do a cat scan but didn't want to expose me to unnecessary radiation. Tell me how many doctors or hospitals would tell you not to get something done and actually care about your safety over making more money? They even had a volunteer that comes in the room every so often and makes sure your comfortable and ask if you need anything. Even offered my bf a snack and drink. For someone who doesn't have insurance let me tell you this place treats you with respect, is understanding and actually cares. Keep it up PA your staff is incredible even your security guard.

Why Ford

Thank You for the antibiotics, however; it cost me and my insurance company 2000$ for them. Who makes 869.00 an hour? This is what's wrong with the health care system. If the Dr. Is Not in your insurance plan, you will pay dearly. Should probably not send a Dr. In to treat a patient if that Dr. Is Not covered by the insurer.

Liz Wendling

I was blown away at the staff, the hospital and the level of care I received. Felt very taken care of.


I have had many visits to Park Adventist Hospital over the past three years. Most of these have been for treatment of breast cancer. The staff in the Breast Care Center are amazing! They managed to make a very frightening diagnosis something that I felt I could deal with. Their technicians are incredibly caring and helpful. I have had two surgeries and many imaging studies there, and was treated with kindness and dignity by everyone from the admitting staff to the nurses, physicians and technicians. When I walk through their front doors, I feel at ease and at home, knowing I will be well taken care of. My visits to the Cancer Center (and there were many) were always as pleasant as they could be. The front desk staff, the nurses, and the oncologists were kind, caring and showed genuine concern for my safety and comfort during my treatments there. I cannot imagine going anywhere else for my health care needs.

T.R. Whelan

Horrible experiences compared with other similarly situated hospitals.

Shannon Wachsmann

Horrible ER. My mother in law was transported here because it was closest hospital. They staff was not attentive and not able to communicate with her due to her first language being Spanish. When I asked about bilingual staff they said they could get someone on the phone if needed, but it would be better for a family member to stay and translate. Being that Spanish is such a common language I was shocked that they had no one on staff to talk to my mother in law. They insisted she stay overnight for observation and then continued to call multiple times about her insurance (seemed to be more worried about getting paid). The next day we are still waiting at 1 o clock for the doctor to do rounds and release her. This place provided no care or competence. I would highly recommend not going there.

Mark R

Put a saw through my knee and ended up in the emergency room at this hospital. That lead to emergency surgery followed up by a few days in the hospital. I have to say, as far as a hospital stay goes- this place was great. The nurses and doctors were top notch. The room was very nice and the food... sounds odd to say it, but the food was really good. I don’t know, I guess if you have to stay at a hospital, this one is the one to go to.

Lorrie Robison

We recently spent 4 days in this beautiful facility, and was impressed with the staff and care given. I have been a nurse for 42 years and the attention to detail in caring for the patients needs went way beyond just the physical. The meals were great tasting and attractive with allowances for every imaginable special dietary need. The staff was efficient and thorough while being very personal. The Drs were amazing and literally found and treated a condition that wasn't known when we arrived. The time in the ER on a busy Sunday was swift. The communication was open and they included my expertise in making decisions for my client. The facility is beautiful and comfortable. Every department from PT to music therapy was great. We really appreciated every consideration. Thank you!

Luke Barton

Beautiful building indoor and out, superbly clean, top tier customer care and medical

Shay Walter

If I could give zero stars I would. I called at 7AM this morning in respiratory distress and chest pressure as I was on my way to let them know I was in fact on my way and find out the wait time. On hold for a few minutes and a woman answered the phone. Without getting 5 words in she said "I can't take this call I have an Emergency call"..and HUNG UP on me! How RUDE and sad. I drove to another hospital that doesn't take my insurance and was seen asap with respect and care. This woman needs serious training on customer service. No call back? No, can you hold please? WOW. Would never go here. Ever No one should be hung up on trying to get help.

Vince McNew

Hospital is close to home. If you have other choices for medical, I would use an alternative. Second time in ER for family members. You could be missing a leg and the girls at the front desk would not assist or look up at you. Overall sense is that you are bothering the nurses and staff. The Doctors have been very friendly, so that warrants two extra stars. Prepare to be asked to swipe your credit card... before you receive any sort of compassion. Btw - I've maybe given 4 reviews ever, felt obligated to give this one.

Tasha del sol

My boyfriend and I have come to Adventist a couple times in the last couple weeks for his right flank pain and kidney stone issues. Everytime we come in they do the same routine. Give him a mix of morphine and toradol. The mix only last for about 5 minutes, that's how bad his pain is. Than we sit in the room for about half an hour than someone else comes in for an ultrasound of his kidneys. After that we sit here for an hour or longer with him in either a 9/10 pain or a 10/10 pain with nothing helping him, no one checking in, nothing. We have even had to call the nurses station more than once to get a nurse into his room. I will not be recommending this ER to anyone.

Nasim Sabahi

I delivered my baby about 3 months ago.. It was one my best experiences in my life having my baby there! All the staff and doctors are amazing.special thanks to Dr. Jerath, Brithney, Jennah and callie.

Th3 gr3y 3ff3ct Lvore

They didn't even bring me into the hospital after triage only because I said one cuss word, went to rose medical center to find out what was wrong and as it turns out I was very Ill and needed emergency surgery. Thanks for helping Parker. Not.

Sabrina Hunt

One incompetent CNA but everyone else was professional and caring. I'm having trouble getting a refund for over payment from them though.

Yasiris Torres

So my long review got deleted! Stay away from these people! This hospital is not friendly and get easily annoyed by children.

Rebecca Sills

Had a great experience at the ED and as an inpatient with a completely unexpected health issue. Everyone Was very caring and nice and the food was even good.

Michael Massengill


Michel Delver

Wow, I cannot believe some people are giving a hospital 1 star lol...look, they're overworked medical professionals, what's next? Down voting Mother Teresa cuz she has wrinkles? I've been to this hospital several times. 1st, easy to get to. 2nd, the people working there (the entire staff), have been nice and helpful every time, even if 1 or 2 have been a bit cold (probably cuz they have to deal with a lot of unpleasant stuff, and a bunch of unpleasant people). 3rd, the medical care has always, every time, over 15 years of my experience with multiple incidents, been perfect, and I can't ask for more. The end

Rob Martinez

I am grateful to the kind and attentive staff in the birth place. I have 2 granddaughters born here.

nickie smith

I liked nothing about my experience I had at the E.R. after I was in a car accident 2 weeks ago. Terrible care. Then today I called for a copy of the x-ray I had while I was there, and to ask a question about the continuing pain in my wrist. I was transferred from the main line. A lady answered who interrupted me as I started talking, and said that she was just a radiation tech who had a patient on the table and she was to busy for this. She then said to call back tomorrow. I understand that people are busy. I feel that I had poor care due to a busy E.R two weeks ago. But to have been not listed to twice and told I'm to busy for is unacceptable.

Chelsea Spika

If I could give a lower rating, I would. My experience was over two years ago and not only was it the worst experience of my life but I am still receiving bills for the FIRST time. Nothing like having to relive the worst time in you and your child's life two years later. I had two friends give birth there in the past year and have almost identical, horrendous, experiences to my own. We have family members be treated there and had awful, completely unnecessary, outcomes. They are absolutely horrible and I would not recommend them to anyone. Make the drive to Sky Ridge! You won't regret it!

Junam Lee

I used to work there last year on the cardiac/stroke unit. The floor used to be pretty good when we had a good manager and he was super helpful with us. There were some people I enjoyed working with and some I didn't really cared about. Then in the summer of 2014 the administration merged our unit with medical/oncology next door to us. The administration splitted unit back in 2012 and decided to merge the unit again for $$$. Things went chaotic and the floor started to fell apart. The manager ended up leaving and more people moved onto different careers. The facility is beautiful but the administrations don't know how to make up their minds when it comes to managing the staff and the units. I used to love working there but then things changed and everything is falling apart at that hospital.

Alyssa Gomez

This is just for the maternity ward. The nurse station was pleasant upon arriving. Recovery, hey...they have to check on you. Though it can be annoying when you're trying to rest, they have to see how you are and check vitals. I would give 5 stars if the beds were more comfortable. But, they are so thin that you can feel the steel bed bars under them. Very uncomfortable. Food, I like it. I think it's great. Remember, they cannot cook with a ton of butter, grease and salt. So for me, yum. I love the natural taste. I also wish they did have a few more channels on their tv service. I still would recommend this place highly.

Tanner Spark

I have been to dozens of hospitals and had my share of good and bad experiences. This was without a doubt the worst experience to date. My wife and I are both physicians and it's times like these I'm embarrassed to be one. To make things worse we are dealing with a small child with a significant health condition. All that being said the ancillary from the pharmacists, nurses and assistants were all fantastic.


STAY AWAY! Save yourself and go to Porter or Skyline. Maybe the homeless guy under the bridge would be a better choice than Parker Adventist. I am amazed at how similar the experiences of the reviewers with bad experience share the same type of discontent towards the staff. They lie, they operate on their own agenda, and worse than that they do not respect Doctor Patient confidentiality. The staff was 100% in favor of these practices. I've never been to such a pathetic and unprofessional health care facility in my life (and I spend a lot of time caring for my health). A lawsuit for the failure of the staff to properly care for me, maintain patient confidentiality and their out right refusal to offer me any information regarding who was in charge so I could register a complaint forcing me to to walk out of the hospital after they had admitted me but were not capable of caring for me seems appropriate. What an embarrassment to all other Adventist facilities. I would rather die before I go there again. At least I know what to expect. And attention Parker Adventist,l I will be contacting my insurance carrier to discuss any and all suspect charges ($17, 000 for 10 hours??).

Beth Remington

We have only been to the Children's Hospital part but the staff there is always attentive and knowledgeable. They are always willing to help and will spend as much time as you need to get your kids healthy I have never felt rushed or like I couldn't get all my questions answered or concerns looked into.

Scott Borgmier

Their focus is on money, not health. Its very obvious. All complaints and issues were minimized and ignored as best as Centura could. Patient rep can't give me answers or calls back, what a useless reply the owners are providing. Unreal.

Marcelo Benson

It was awful. The people the Drs the nurse were worse then you would believe. I have been treated better in a store like Wal-Mart. They profile you accuse you of being on drugs before you even open your mouth and the nurse even told my wife she wasn't going to finish our babies heartbeat test until my wife peed in a cup when she had just walked over from esperit and already peed got blood taken and all. Asked my wife about our other son being born addicted to something I was baffled. Told my wife what street drugs do you do. I can't believe it and would never go back no matter what. Saddest day ever. Don't let the parker cool ya you would be better off going to Denver health or rose. They actually care and do not profile and make you drop your pants for whatever reason. Ughhhh

Joe Munson

The Birthplace staff is friendly but they are all on different pages. One RN will give you facts concerning your questions, then when they do a shift change, the new RN tells you something different. The staff director needs to get everyone on the same page. It’s very frustrating getting different opinions.

scott weston

To the response from the owner: I have called the number you referenced multiple times (I can attach screenshots of my outgoing call log if needed) been placed on hold and have transferred just to be told to work through a Patient Advocate. After months of communicating with the "advocates" I was told that this billing issue ($1900 of miscellaneous charges) can't be resolved at the hospital level?!? This review is months after treatment and based on my own experience as a patient, and having a loved one as a patient at Parker Adventist. The staff is overworked even when the demand is not great. Much like being in a restaurant that is 20% full but waiting an hour to get someone to get your drink order. There are doctors/nurses standing in the hallways, chatting and laughing without a care in the world. The rooms are dirty with overflowing trash cans, garbage on the floors and counter-tops. Aside from a couple of employees that actually seemed to care, both times the actual staff was apathetic at best. Billing. To be fair this is a Centura item and not necessarily unique to Parker Adventist. Either way, good luck if there is an item that you want to dispute. I am 8 months into trying to get more information on one line item. They route you through "Patient Advocates" who seem about as much as voice for the patient as your elected representative in Washington. Apparently nothing can be done as long as the charges fall within the acceptable limits for that region. That means that if hospital A charges $800 for ibuprofen and hospital B charges $2800 for the same ibuprofen but the acceptable range is $500-$3000 then the billing is correct and you should have known better than to visit that ER.

Ricky Reese

My experience has been great. They saved my ex wife's niece's husband which was a Douglas County Officer life. Great staff.

Bill Keller


Ashley G

I delivered my baby girl via c-section on 12/19 and I can’t believe how amazing the hospital staff was! Everyone from the doctors to the nurses to room service, I felt like we were always well taken care of and that everyone really cared. I hope everyone delievering here has the same experience I did!

Sandy Whelchel

Receiv÷d excellemy water physical therapy there.

Emerson Herridge

The staff and nurses of the emergency, ICU and cardiac units were very kind and attentive. Also, they saved my life!

sabrina fite

I was seen in the ER on 6-4-19 for being dizzy. They ran multiple tests including a CT and an MRI. I had solid gold earrings in both my ears that they insisted had to be removed for the MRI. I told the nurse repeatedly they are gold they don't need removed. She took them out anyway with hemostats scaring and bending the hoops. A $300 pair of earrings that were extremely special to me was destroyed by a stupid nurse. Are they going to repay me for the damage to my property?? Of course not. But they expect me to pay my bill. I told her not to take them out like that and now they are ruined!!! I am disgusted by her carelessness. I AM A NURSE!!! I know how to treat patients and its not like that!!! I also know I did not need to take out those rings bc I have had many MRI'S done with them in without any complications or interference. All my tests were normal, and unnecessary, and I was sent home with no dx except you have water in your ear. I do not recommend that ER to anyone!!! My sister gave me those earrings and she died in that hospital. I nvr should have gone there!!!!

Hal Loomis

My wife was transported by ambulance to the Parker Adventist ER with stroke symptoms. From the time we entered the ER she was well cared for by kind, friendly, professional health care providers. She ended up having a full stroke alert procedure and spent 2 days in Critical Care for follow up observation. Every doctor, nurse, administrator, and tech we interacted with was sincerely interested in my wife's care and well being. I highly recommend Parker Adventist.

Rebecc Heckenbach

I wish there was a zero stars button! You guys are horrible! I’ve been in there twice and called today about a test and you guys are terrible with your patients :( now I have even more anxiety then I did before I called u guys :( you were even terrible to my sweet dr :(

Lori Clark

I was with one of the reviewers Julie Dahm and I can attest to her review as I was with her during her son's visit to the ER. I was a nurse at Children's for 23 years (1992-2015) and I was appalled at the care there. They did not see any urgency to get the teeth back in after I found them and rushed to the hospital with them. Then, by the time they finally saw him they said it was too late to reimplant the teeth. They said he will need dental implants (which cannot be done for kids younger that 17-18 as they are not done growing yet). Dental implants - really pricey when you could have just reimplanted the teeth. Then they proceeded not only to suture his lip but the sockets where the teeth were missing!!! The dentist recommended Parker Hospital because they have a facial trauma team - which they never bothered to contact . The oral surgeon and endodonist that saw this child the next day were appalled not only by the fact that they sutured his sockets by also that they never attempted to reimplant the teeth. Now this family will be spending a lot of cash over the next several years to fix this child's mouth. Note: Julie Dahm put a review up 1/8/18 and it was gone by 1/10/18. Interesting

Hot. Coffee

I have 4 kids and have bin to the Parker Adventist ER 2x within 6 months of moving to Parker. Once to the Children's hospital ER and once to the Adventist hospital ER. I had no problems both times.. I have bin to the ER 7+ times in the last 2 years from Boulder to Parker.. and we were in and out no problem. The Quality of care was quick and friendly. If i needed to go to a hospital i would choose this one over the others I have bin to in the Denver metro. 2015 Update; well kids are kids after 3 surgeries 4 broken bones, more ER visits both to the Parker Adventist ER side and the Children's ER at the same hospital, yes there are 2 ER's. I know some of the Nurses buy name now, I would never hesitate passing up another hospital to go here. We had 1 bad Doctor, but he was just doing surgeries there he is not part of the hospital practice. I get how people think there one in the same, but there not. He is also no longer there after multiple complaints. I also read some of the 1 stars are complaints about stuff that every hospital would do, yea 2 ER visits 2 bills, yea get in a fight with the staff they remove you from the building.. I have never had a problem with the hospital Nurses and other staff. They were understanding and any concerns were taken care of as fast as humanly possible. Even when I was being the over protective dad..

Fish Gorl

I was sent to the ER here to check whether my system had drugs about a year ago. The nurses and doctors were mocking me while I was crying and high, it was very professional and traumatic considering I was under the influence which made it worse. I felt like it was a nightmare and all my insecurities attacking me. This experience makes me despise religious institutions even more. This is possibly the worst staff I have ever encountered in my life. Do not go here.

Dena McClung

I've always received excellent service at Parker Adventist Hospital. Wait times vary depending on the timing of the visit. But while I was there for something that seemed rather minor, my lab work revealed a major health issue and specialists were brought in to consult and recommend treatment. Their thoroughness no doubt prevented me from suffering more serious consequences.


Great doctors and staff! We were so thankful we decided to go to Parker Adventist ER when my husband needed doctors who listen to their patients. He ended up needing emergency surgery that was successful. Cant thank the doctors enough!

Isabella Milano

This is the worst hospital we have ever had to use. My mom has been in there for over 48 hours and a cardiologist has not even been to see year until just five minutes ago , good thing she wasn’t really in pain It’s a joke I think they just want you to stay there so they can take your money If you love your loved ones do not send them to this hospital. They must only have one cardiologist on duty at that hospital because literally it took him 20 hours to get to her. Now let’s see how long it’s gonna take them to get her an angiogram This should be very interesting


Do not come to this ER if you expect to see your loved one again. They are rude and uncaring in the ER. The nurse manager Sarah R is passive aggressive and unhelpful. They have different policies for different people and do not treat all comers equally. AGAIN DO NOT COME to this ER!!!!

Mohamed Kariyeh

Nice staff and place, they will take of you very well

Christine RN

Great facility. The care I received was excellent.


From out of state and the ER staff was welcoming, kind and all around amazing! They went above and beyond - so pleased with the level of service i received from the 1st person I spoke with to the doctors and nurses. A+

Christian Scott

There is not one thing negative I can say. This hospital, staff and doctors are the most helpful, caring, attentive and compassionate professional people I have ever encountered. I was treated top-notch in any & every aspect. I have had two, separate, total knee replacements done here, and I would highly recommend this hospital to anyone who needs any kind of care or treatment.

Kristen Salas-Manners



Centura Health and Parker Adventist Hospital is the best healthcare available. Great doctors, nurses and staff.

Morgan Bidwell

My family and I have had many visits to this hospital over the years. It is close to home, which is the only reason my review even warrants one star. Not every visit has been horrible. Most of the staff are very kind, but the care is extremely questionable, especially through the ER. If I was seriously hurt, like life threatening, I would ask to be stabilized and then transported to another hospital. The misdiagnosing and overlooking by the nurses and doctors could honestly kill someone. Recently, my mom went in because she fell and smacked her shin and foot. They said she had an infection in her Tibia and didn't even bother to scan her shin. She had 6 scans done, and none of which were of her shin, which was her main complaint of pain. I would also like to note that she didnt even have a cut, so there is no possible way for her to have had an infection. The scans consisted entirely of her foot and ankle. Their report said that she just had an infection. The next day my mom's leg got incredibly worse with a noticable lump where a red patch designed on her shin. I convinced her to have a second opinion at Podiatry Associates where the doctor was astonished at the poor care and unbelievable misdiagnosis through the ER. She had a break in her foot and build up fluid on her Tibia. I myself went to the ER several years ago for my foot. I can handle a great deal of pain and even so, I couldn't stand to bare weight on it. They did 2 x-rays and my report said that it was just deep bruising. I got a second opinion through Dr. Cynthia Oberholtzer-Classen. She was astonished that they did not see anything seriously wrong with my foot as it had a clean break right under the muscle belly. My mother also went to the ER a few years ago for a bat bite. My family and I went in a few caves over the summer and a bat came back home with us. My sister at the time was pregnant and woke up in the same room with the bat, so my mom did extensive research to see the protocols for such situations. So, when my mom went in to get a rabies shot, which consists of several shots over a period of time she noticed that when the nurse was about to give the first shot, she was placing it in the wrong location. After questioning the nurse, the nurse proceeded by reading the instructions that came with the kit and apologized to my mom and said she was correct. I may also add that if the first shot (called a booster) had been done wrong, the rest of the shots would have been proven to be ineffective and could have resulted in my mom contracting rabies and dying since there is no cure for rabies. My mom had to correct 2 other nurses on two other series of shots as they almost made similar mistakes. On one of these visits, the nurse made a comment saying that 7 other people that week had come in for rabies shots. I wonder how many others did not get the correct care needed because they did not educate themselves before coming in. These are a few of many hospital visits for my family at this particular hospital. I now question whether anything else was handled incorrectly, including 2 head injuries for my father.

Joe Liebherr

We have been here a number of times and felt pretty good about the care that we received. One issue REALLY BOTHERED ME, some of the doctors in the ER are contracted and while the facility was "In Network" the doctors may or may not be "In Network" and so we received a really BIG BILL from one of them! The doctor made no attempt at clarifying the fact that he was "Out Of Network" and I didn't know that I literally had to ASK EACH PHYSICIAN whether they are "In Network" or not. Apparently this is something happening nation-wide!

Irina Borrego

Do not go to the endocrinologist Dr. Sharmini Long in the Alpine building. She works part-time, doesn't care about pregnant women and prescribes high dosages of medicine without warning about the side effects and reactions that can happen. If this is her only area of expertise, she failed at being a true professional who is dedicated to make a difference in people's lives. Her assistant doesn't understand how medicine can have an impact on someone's body. They take lives instead of creating miracles...

Fitness WithNik


Leo Guzman

Can't say enough good things about this place. They treat you right, fast service, professional, clean, even the security guard is professional and nice.

Matt W

My wife had a miscarriage the day after Christmas, and we went here because it was fairly close to us and we had heard good reviews. It's a big, expensive hospital, but all of the staff we encountered were incompetent, rude, or both. There was only one other person in the waiting area, but we still waited over 15 minutes while my wife was bleeding. I gave my insurance information to the check in staff, who apparently input it incorrectly, and over a year later the claim has not even been submitted to my insurance and I'm getting bill after bill in the mail. I have Tricare people... it's not some small little insurance provider they don't see every day. The ultrasound tech was physically rough trying to rush through her job, and was very short with us like WE were making HER day hard. She shouldn't be in any job where she has to deal with people. I have only ever left 1 bad review before because I generally would rather build up good things that I appreciate, but after a year of dealing with these people I just not going to keep it to myself anymore. Please save yourself a lot of grief and go to Skyridge if you can. I have been there a good dozen times or so for various reasons and I haven't had a bad experience in any of their departments. Note: This review covers only the emergency department and check in staff. The rest of the hospital may be fine. Edit: CONTINUING to get calls and letters about my insurance being wrong and according to my insurance, they still have not seen a claim from the hospital. These people don't seem to have a clue.

Jennifer Gettel

I am ashamed i ever gave this ER a good review. 8 hours there and they didnt: give iv fluids, give water, give a blanket, help my husband get up or lay down (i had to) They found a possible problem and said it could be the cause, but will only address it if it gets worse AGAIN. Depsite the fact it got worse already. In 8 hours they checked on him 3 times and did 2 scans. And gave him one small pill at the beginning for the pain.

Nikaela Dudek

I just want to say a big thank you to the front range spine and neurosurgery team at Parker Adventist Hospital. I am 32 with severe cervical stenosis, joint disease, and degenerative disc disease. I was born with shorter pedicles which caused this. Thank you to Dr. Boyer, the anathesiologist, all the nurses and CNAs which include Chanelle, Emily, Bre, Fira, and the other nurses that helped me out. I was so scared but each member was professional, passionate, caring, listened to my needs, and most of all made me feel comfortable. All of you literally saved my LIFE. Thank you. You guys didn't have to have empathy but took the time for me to believe in myself and my recovery. I felt better after I had my surgery. Thanks so much, what an AWESOME, AMAZING, and EMPATHETIC TEAM!!!

Shaggy Little

Wish I could give a lower rating. Everything was ok when I first was checking in, but then the nurses came in to talk to me about what was going on and things took a turn. The nurse who did my IV/bloodwork was very fast and rough. She did not care if she was hurting me she just wanted to get it over with. Then, the PA who came in to talk to me would not take me seriously and treated me like garbage. Basically told me I was wrong for coming in to the ER to get checked out. I hope I never have to come back to this dreadful emergency room again. Which is crazy because the nurses next store in the children’s hospital section were actually pretty nice the first few times we had been here. These people need to get a grip and realize they are here for the patients not just a paycheck. They were a**holes all around and gave very poor quality care. I DO NOT reccomend this ER/ hospital to anyone in need of care. I will not be coming back.

Richard Pollock

Sorry to say, that if you go in for one thing, treat that thing. Not some other issue that said Hospital patient is there for.

EJ Melbourne

Very good hospital. Staff is nice. Took my daughter there and they were knowledgeable and professional. Wait time wasn't long.

Christine Lucero

Took us in immediately, the staff was caring and professional.

Kathy Robbins

My daughter went in waited an hour No help Ridiculous She went in for a medical emergency Never seen She ended up checking herself out. What hell is going on at your hospital???

Artsy Events

We have had several great experiences here, including the birth of our child and also the loss of a father. All the nurses and doctors were amazing! This is our hospital of choice.

Jennie Linet Bonilla

We in the ER and the nurse name Katie Z isnreally bad and unprofessional, in respect for her 000.000 star. We don't like this hospital. For that reason we never comback here, we prefere Uchealth, the room is not clean, no bathroom. We here everything for the others room. The Doctor never come to see my husband. Really bad service in ER. Please never come to this hospital.

A Williams

Parker Hospital treated my father and my family incredibly well. The doctor checked on him often and communicated with us about his condition and how we could help him get better. His getting better was their priority. Everyone caring for him was wonderful.

Ann Morris

I had surgery at Parker on August 1, 2018 and stayed one night. Every single person involved in my surgery and recovery was SO nice, friendly, and compassionate. I felt completely comfortable staying there. The surgeon, nurses, OT, PT , CNAs, and cleaning people were all confident in their roles and made me feel confident that I was getting the best care. I would highly recommend Parker Adventist Hospital to others.

Ginny Waters

I'm currently sitting in the room with my mother who had a fall and hurt her knee to the point she can't walk. It's been 48 hours and we have yet to see an orthopedic specialist. She was supposed to see one yesterday, was told all day he was coming after clinics. Turns out, HE WAS A HAND DOCTOR. Yep. So obviously he never came. We lost an entire day because they couldn't figure out what f****** kind of doctor to look at her. And now the supposedly correct doctor still hasn't seen her. Never ever coming here again.

Casey Meraz

This ER has long wait times, non responsive staff, and put my family at risk due to their negligence. If you are in the Parker area and need to visit an ER go to Skyridge instead. Yesterday we had to visit the ER on advice from our doctor due to a stomach bug my pregnant wife had contracted. This had caused some dehydration which was having a negative affect on our unborn son. We arrived and checked in where they said they would be a room open and they would let us in to get checked out. At first we got the vibe that they didn’t take this seriously, but We were informed we were 3rd in line for a room and they were discharging patients at the moment. After they told us this we point blank asked how long the wait would be or if we should go to Skyridge. She informed us it would take longer to drive there and get in than to wait. Over the next hour we waited patiently as my wife continued to suffer. At no time did anyone come to check on us. Seven or eight different patients were attended to and taken back to rooms as we waited and my wife’s condition started to get worse. I could tell the dehydration was getting worse and starting to cause other medical complications at which point I went back to the front desk and asked for an ETA. She told me the nurse was busy but would find me. That never happened and after 10 more minutes I knew I had to do something. I informed them we were leaving and we raced to SkyRidge where there was no wait and she was treated promptly. Only after 10 hours in the ER that night did we realize how bad her condition had worsened. Parker Adventist put my wife and my son at risk due to their negligence.

Mike Littlefield

I went in for concussion treatment. later found out, Parker Adventist charges 4 times more than other treatment facilities in the area at $270 per 15 minutes. In addition to billing the insurance company while the claim was opened, they also liened my insurance settlement for far more than the time spent in therapy, so they are receiving double payment out of the insurance claim. I would highly recommend people to stay away.

Joe Morales

On the morning May 1st 2018 I entered the Parker Adventist ER due to what turned out to be a serious infection. I came in with extream pain, feaver and other issues. The ER staff processed me in quickly, attending physicians and nurses worked hard to address my pain and issues. It was determined that I have a severe infection and was admitted. I spent a week in the hospital, still doing home care, probably for several more weeks. My condition required constant care and monitoring, what stood out most was the quality, compassion and professionalism of the nursing staff and attending doctors. They made a very difficult situation so much better. I write this review to thank them for being amazing, friendly and kind, and at most times with s sense of humor, yet still being very focused and professional. I want to let Lena, Nichole, Alla, Nichole Doyle, Said, Janet, Elizabeth, Shon and Brandon know how much I appreciate the quality and compassion of the work you do and for treating me with dignity, and thoughtfulness, your care was amazing...thanks you! The attending physicians were also most excellent, thank you Dr's Chinn, Huff, Baily, Ayyar, if I missed anybody my apologies. Overall my Parker Adventist Hospital experience was excellent due to its high guality, professional, capable, and caring staff. I would highly recommend.

Jonathan Goodloe

Yeah... umm.... Nope... Like Nazis... who do these people think they are... then again my phone has a mind of its own...

Dominic Suchkov

We would not want to end up in this emergency room ever again and if we ever have to choose one it will not be it. The rudest nurses who multiple times showed an unprofessional behavior. On top of that in two hours we’ve stayed with my mother-in-law a) doctor never showed up and b) we were asked to leave when we asked for a second chair and in a nice manner asked when a doctor come.

Mays Mays

I had to get a few CT scans and a ultrasound today. I was given great care by all of the staff. I also couldn't help but notice how well my eyes adjusted to the nursing staff. Just saying...


The Spine team and surgeon was excellent. The care team was there for me every second I needed to move. The food was healthy, delicious and excellent. 5 Stars Care Team and hospitality team!! Billing department processes, ZERO (0) Stars. I told Parker Adventist before my surgery that I was going to be maxed out of pocket. If I paid anything up front, I would be stuck chasing a refund. That is exactly what is happening four months and counting. Surgery was in June and Parker Adventist's claim was fully paid off on August 14th. Today is Oct 22nd. I have been calling every month, asking for the credit balance to be refunded. Each month, I'm told the system will automatically refund my credit balance but it will just take time. Ahhhh, but here's the loophole. Because I do my post-op x-rays/imaging at PAH, apparently it keeps my credit balance for future payments. It's never going to release my funds unless I do my imaging at your competitor, Skyridge Hospital. Any business I give Parker Adventist unrelated to surgery "date of services" from my hospital stay, keeps my credit balance. Impact: perpetually holding my funds needed to pay my other real bills. Apparently, no human manages closed claims or accounts with credit balances spanning 4 month. The patient needs to get frustrated and escalate (deteriorating the PAH experience). I like going to Parker Adventist for my imaging but you are making me realize I should go to Skyridge (they are also in-network) This is an unnecessary hardship to a patient that should only need to heal.


Been waiting to get CT scans back for over 2 hours, been checked on 0 times by any of the nurses or “doctors” that they have. Wouldn’t recommend it to anyone with any type of medical problem, takes hours to get seen for simple things.

Trent Macdonald

Have had both of my children delivered here. I dont know about the other sections of the hospital but the delivery section and obgyn have by far been the best in colorado. I have went to the childrens hospital a few times witch thry claim to be top 10 in the nation. I will absolutely bot be going back to the childrens hospital in aurora co. By far the worst experiences there. Parker adventist hospital has been amazing and they should be rated higher than childrens. I will be returning to parker adventist for anything that happens with my children even if i have to drive an extra 20 miles.

Bubba Smith

The care here was scary. Brought in my ambulance. IV put in in ambulance. Liquid attached at hospital. First woman nurse was taken away and nurse Chase took over. Just talked about himself. Noticed IV was not working but just left it. Doctor came in to talk. Gave her my heart doctors name. She wanted to do nuclear stress test but said I should stay in hospital for 2 days. Also said IV was crimped. After 6 hours a third nurse came in to take blood and he said IV not working. He asked if I wanted it hooked up or should he just take blood. How did I know. I finally said - yes - hook it up because I assume I should have had the fluid. So he redid IV, took blood, and let bag of fluid go in. I was so frustrated when doctor came in and said I wanted out of there. I could get better care at home. She set up nuclear test at Parker Adventist for 2 days from then. I called my heart doctor and got in the next day. I canceled test at Parker Adventist for stress test because I did not feel like their service was caring or responsive. Scary when dealing with heart issues.

Keith Jordan

The RNs were terrible. Not competent and all they wanted to do was shuffle you out the door. Great facility and nurses assistants but no way I am going back to this joke!

Sonja Smith

If we could give them a zero or negative number today, that woold be a better assesment if the service we received. Not only did they not even look at my husbands problem, but they told us they were too busy and they would give us an atibiotic and shew us away. They did not even bother with a Dr., but one had to release us for us to leave. They told us that our regular Dr. would have to deal with my husbands infection. If we wanted to wait for a regular appointment, we would not be in the emergency room in the middle of the night as it is a very nasty infection.

Drummer Hill

Thank you for providing knowledgeable, proactive, thorough, and kind, life saving services. The ER surgeon and staff saved the life of a patient who was transported via ambulance from a nearby Hospital. We would have lost this life, were it not for your expertise and success where the other hospital had failed. Thank you!!!

Parker AdventistSucks

I wish there was a zero star also , anyone who has problems with this hospital needs to contact, The State of Colorado, The Joint Commission, KEPRO (medicare) and report everything! This hospital has been getting away with dangerous practices for awhile now and needs to be stopped.

Teri Vogt

Entire staff, from surgeon to nurses to support staff, was SO kind, caring, patient and helpful!!! Given a choice, I wouldn't use any other hospital in the state!!!

Denise Steininger

The ER was great. While my loved one is in ICU, however, I've had to call to check on him and all the nurses have been wonderful save one. Claudia, she complains about being short staffed and not having up to date equipment and when I call to check on my loved one she is short and acts like it's an inconvenience to have to speak to me at all. I work a full time job and have ten hour dialysis treatment every night so getting to the hospital is difficult so I call. I don't expect perfection but some kindness would go a long way. She may be a wonderful nurse but being disgruntled makes your hospital look less than caring.

blake pfannenstiel

spent a considerable amount of time just waiting around for 10 minutes of actual conversation with a doctor which gave no legitimate reasoning or diagnosis. his best guess. trigger happy nurses just aching to shoot me up with an IV before even speaking to anyone with a medical degree. sending in 3 nurses, one right after another, after i said i wanted to speak to a doctor before shooting me up with an IV. don't try to intimidate patients by sending male nurses in either. very displeasing. got a horribly large bill for a blood test and 10 minutes with a doctor which should have taken 2 hours tops and took over 4 hours, most of which was just waiting. tell me why i am going broke to pay off a bill for receiving nothing, but stress and an very ambiguous peace of mind? by the way, if the hospital reads this. please do not inform me to contact your representative. i do not find it helpful to receive the same response you have sent to half the reviews and when your hospital will not work with me to pay off this absurd bill. just know, you need to get your act together. I will NOT be going back.

Sean Cook

I had to major surgeries here in the past year. The staff here is the best. The food is awesome as well.

Ed Warnick

I went to Parker Adventist for spine surgery a week ago Tuesday. Because of a bit of difficulty adjusting to the correct pain medications my stay ended up being four nights. In any 24 hour operation the staff changes at various shifts for either basic care, RN care or even the food service staff. The care and attention to detail were excellent in my experience. Yes, some nurses were more outgoing or pleasant and others less so but overall, everyone was well trained and helpful. The food was both excellent and/or not so hot. The French Dip, omelette and quesadilla (without the chicken) for example were good, The fresh fruit plate was excellent one day then less so the next day. A low spot were the two staple hospital foods: chicken noodle and tomato soup. I have no idea how this otherwise excellent facility missed the mark on them so badly. LOL If I ever need hospital care again I would feel 1005 confident having the procedure and stay at Parker Adventist.

Wilson Christner

Had an excellent experience here. Nurses were phenomenal. Will never forget Daryn, Shirley and Brittany. Highly recommend as a birthplace.

Chris Wake

Most people don’t review unless they have a complaint. Probably even less submit a review about an emergency room as they have other concerns. That said, Parker Adventist ER was truly a great experience. With a few broken bones, the staff there was helpful, caring, and fast. I hate *hate* hospitals and such, but the staff, all the staff, from intake to discharge was amazingly kind and compassionate. The nurses and doctors were amazing, as was every X-ray, CT tech. They made me feel comfortable and cared for, which went a long way. I can’t recommend them enough.

Jake Cruger

Staff was very kind in the ER but a little slow sometimes. Had to ask more then once for things. I think they were understaffed.

Sharla Long

Wow for once they showed me up. This visit was the only one I can be happy with. I've had to go to this hospital I think 3 times before this one. Believe me it was hard to go back this morning. But I was just bleeding to much not to. I just hoped for the best. They were nice and knew what was going on with my thumb and went right to work on it. It was around 4:30am when I got there. The staff was great. I was told everything that was going to happen to me as it happened. Great to have a doctor and nurses today that got the training and education form real schools than the ones I got in the past that had no idea how to start an IV. she turned that IV needle around in a circle twice as I kept telling her she was hurting me. Lol she never did stop until she finally found the vain.


I arrived around 2pm on a Sunday afternoon. It took 5 hours to get a quick ultrasound of my leg and a PT/INR test. That was it. I was charged $7,000 and had to fight to get it down to $3600 for the services rendered. Even that amount was above what I thought was fair and reasonable with insurance. When calling to complain, I was told I shouldn't have used insurance. The service I received was extremely poor quality. I do not recommend going to this ER due to poor service (which I provided in a review to them) and due to their extraordinary charges.

Rick Bryant

You know you're in good hands if the hospital you're in has a painting of Jesus on the wall. But seriously, my grandma is here after suffering a major heart attack. The treatment and care in the ICU was stellar. The treatment and care after they moved her from the the ICU was subpar.

Jessica Litton

I had my daughter here in Dec 2013 and will definitely return when I have more kiddos! My Dr (Dr Drennen) is amazing. The nurses were all super caring and attentive. This was my first baby and they helped and explained so much to me. I was in nursing school at the time and they even went out of their way to explain the procedures in depth as I had not yet done my labor and delivery clinicals. Their knowledge and caring was a huge reason I finished school. I've been a nurse for 3 yrs now and I strive to be as caring and professional as the nurses that were with me for this experience!

Michael Arias

This place is great! they take care of my sister like a child of their own. Very nice atmosphere and people, i would really recommend coming here

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