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REVIEWS OF Craig Hospital IN Colorado

Amy Medlock

Diana G


I've been going to Craig for 46 years since my accident leaving me a T7 para and have had first rate service 98% time . Fantastic place an people

Lee Baker

They only take brain injuries and somehow my brain injury doesn't fit that. Confused? So am I. They wouldn't even see me for an initial consultation.

stephen hester

Went to Craig Hospitol to see my friend. Front nurse on his floor had to check. Said he was asleep. I asked if I could leave my business card in his room so I could lay eyes on him and he would know I was there. They said NO. I added that I had come a long way and it wasn't likely I could be this way again soon. My friend suffered traumatic brain injury and needs support of friends and family. I assured the nurse I would not disturb him. Her response was to announce she was calling security! I was polite and quiet. Not rude or disrespectful in any way. I simply expressed my desire to let my friend know he is loved, that we care, and that people are here for him. I understand not waking a patient. I even understand the nurse not allowing me to enter his room while sleeping but not really as I was in the Hospitol and my family ANd friends sat with me practically 24/7 and yes...while I was sleeping. But that being said I see no reason to call security for anything that was said. I left quirky upon the front nurse's statement of calling security. Family and friends are the support that helped me heal along with good, professional and personable care. Separating a patient from that support can only slow recovery and further push my friend into isolation and despair.

Dougie Sinclair

Scott Ludgin

I had a great time there. I recovered from a TBI 8 years ago and am very proud of how far I have come. Craig helped make the final steps in the initial rehab go fairly smooth. I was released from the hopital in September in a wheelchair, October comes and I am doing good walking. November comes and I go snowshoeing with a friend that has never snowshoed before. I actually gave him a few tips a week or so after graduating from using the cane. Can you say proud!!!

Nick Sullivan

Otis Wilson

I got hit by a vehicle going 40 mph while I was crossing a crosswalk with the right of way and suffered from a tbi and couldn’t walk in the beginning and being at Craig for just two months got me back to where I was before and I’m still going to Craig for outpatient therapy and I’ll be done with outpatient 5 months after being hit. I’m now able to walk and go back to work in irrigation pretty soon. The staff here are very caring and make it to where you’re not struggling to get back to society. They keep up with you to make sure you’re doing well. I’m completely deaf after being hit and they were able to get me hearing aids without me having to worry or stress about paying for them. They want what’s best for you and do what is best for you!

Copper Head

Great hospital, Doctors and support staff! Can't say enough about Craig and how they mend not only damaged spinal cords and TBI but also mend the heart's of the patient's and their families. Helping them readjust to a whole different world making the transition much easier.

Matt Arnold

I brought a friend here for an appointment. I thought it was clean, peaceful, and easy to navigate.

Stormy Schultz

My Dad was at Craig for a little more than 3 months after suffering a TBI. The staff did a phenomenal job and the facility is absolutely amazing. We were blessed to have been accepted by Craig Hospital. After going through what seemed an endless nightmare at Vibra Hospital in Thornton my Dad finally had the compassion and care every human deserves and my gratitude is beyond words.

Evan Powers

Incredible place of healing...I am where I am today thanks to the wonderful individuals at Craig hospital!

Matt B

An outstanding hospital with amazing staff.

Shelbe Bearstail

Tori Houghton

I cannot say enough good about Craig Hospital. 'Thank you' to every single person at Craig. From Adam at the front desk all the way to DR. J... EVERYONE is amazing.

samg mgsa

Sarah Crook

My father was a patient here for 3 months and we couldn't have made it through this experience without Craig. It is an amazing rehab facility with incredible staff.

LANE Magazine

It has taken US 141 days to write this. So here goes. WE believe that there is GOOD in ALL people and with LOVE you can accomplish ANYTHING With that being said THIS WAS THE WORST PLACE WE HAVE EVER STEPPED FOOT INTO FOR HEALTH CARE. Our 20 year old daughter was a patient at Craig following a Super Bowl Sunday accident that left her a quadriplegic. The day we arrived We were VERY disturbed, saddened, and frightened. When our daughter arrived after being in ICU for 38 days at one of the BEST HOSPITALS We had EVER STEPPED FOOT IN she was on 4 medications. The doctors, nurses, and staff (NOT ALL OF THEM) were rude and UNCARING when we informed them that we were a more natural family and wanted to introduce our healing methods with some of theirs to create a safe, healing environment for our daughter to begin her VERY LONG healing process. Instead they added MORE PRESCRIPTION MEDICATIONS. Totalling 25 pills all together 3 times a day. She WAS BEING DRUGGED RIGHT IN FRONT OF OUR EYES. ON TOP OF HER SPINAL CORD INJURY And all that comes with that. Her strength that she had gained was leaving, her mind was disoriented and her heart was hurting. Divine already didn’t quite understand how and why her legs did not any longer work, she also started to question why she felt so much worse instead of better after taking the medications. She was not able to lift her head some days let alone make it to some of the classes. However they ignored that and many other VERY noticeable details they ridiculed belittled and out right ignored her words actions and feelings. When we outright refused to add any more medications and started to eliminate some of the ones she was on they informed us that Eirrace wasn’t progressing enough and that our only other option was to place her in a nursing home. WE LEFT FOUR DAYS LATER AGAINST MEDICAL ADVICE. Since being home our daughter has weaned off ALL PRESCRIPTION MEDICATIONS that they said she would be on for the rest of her life. She is HEALING WELL. We are writing this letter because after being contacted by other Craig survivors we realize OUR SILENCE IS PROTECTING THIS INSTITUTION AND ALLOWING THE CYCLE OF INJUSTICE TO CONTINUE. We have talked to many families who have had loved ones at Craig and most have the same concerns.NO HEALING JUST ADDICTIONS IS WHAT WE SAW IN THIS REHABILITATION FACILITY. Craig has MANY caring people on staff and that’s what kept us there for 43 days but unfortunately they were few and far between and the in between staff members need some more compassion exercises, videos and or classes. WE HAVE DECIDED TO BREAK OUR SILENCE IN MANY AREAS OF OUR LIFE STARTING HERE. SOME CHANGES NEED TO BE MADE BECAUSE IVE HEARD HOW amazing this place is and I guess it might have been awesome and amazing to our family as well if we had A LIGHTER SKIN COLOR OR DEEP POCKETS. We felt the discrimination the moment we walked into the door and it didn’t stop until we walked out the doors 43 days later. We contributed their rudeness to the stress of life but again that was us dismissing the fact that prejudice as well as injustice was happening to us daily. TODAY WE HAVE HAD ENOUGH AND ARE TAKING A STAND AND THIS WAS OUR STARTING POINT because OUR DAUGHTERS DEPENDENCY STARTED RIGHT HERE we’re coming to YOU FIRST. Our intention is to Awaken US as people. Many humans aRe suffering from injuries or dis-eases. The solution is to pump US full of Prescriptions that heal one body part but disrupt some other organ in our bodies. Whenever one mentions herbal remedies, The answer and response is most often than none, that research is still BEing done. However these herbal more natural remedies have little to no side effects And GROW from the Earth. Why aRe there not schools teaching our health providers more natural ways of healing US. Why have we BEcome so comfortable with these man made methods that aRe destroying so many minds, bodies, souls, and families? We must take a stand together to truly heal. They aRe afraid that if we heal they won’t BE needed. Therefore sickness has BEcome profitable.

Sarah Greene

Such a positive, family environment. Felt so honored and grateful to be there. It was a struggle to get there, but so well worth every ounce of effort. All of the staff are exceptional and truly caring and professional. My fiance suffered a stroke, was given very low expectations for recovery, and Craig turned all of that around. They had him out of bed and showered for the first time in a month the day after we arrived. They didn't stop providing him multiple options for medical treatment, rehabilitation, recreational activities, and hope for our three months there. Today he is continuing to make great strides in his recovery thanks to the wonderful time at Craig. As a caregiver I, too, am deeply grateful for all that I learned there and use daily. We will always be proud to be a member of the Craig alumni family.

Jake Hill

Craig Hospital gave me my life back!

John Grove

What a wonderful, wonderful caring hospital. Very early into my son's injury and he is already making tremendous progress. Exceeding our expectations.

Shanell Moore

Craig Hospital has been amazing since the moment I called to inquire about my son coming to stay for his rehab. Mason says "Its the best place he has ever stayed" Honestly though, he has been well cared for and the staff put my mind at ease when I had to return to work and leave my boy in their hands. I never once worried about him while I was away. After 6 weeks we are finally going home and couldn't be more grateful for everyone from the housekeepers, cooks, bistro staff, Techs, nurses, physical therapist, occupational therapist, speech therapist, neuropsych therapist, teachers, case worker and Dr. Spier and Dr Staley who were the leaders in his care. He had hours of therapy every day with one goal, to get him better and home and tomorrow we are headed home! Craig Hospital is my #1 recommendation for anyone who needs rehab after a brain or spinal cord injury.

Santos Lopez

, it's a great place to get better

Trice Kelly

Alan Carrick

Great hospital.

Kolton Kincaid

I was a patient for 2 months at Craig after a farming accident. I was paralyzed from T10 down, complete injury. They were wonderful with helping me understand the changes and teaching me to adapt. Would recommend to anyone

Laura Molnar

Keith Wallace

David McCollough

They are taking great care of my brother-in-law...

Jeff Batte

Amanda Huginkiss

The people who work at Craig are the biggest part of what makes this place great. Are they perfect and can they work miracles? No, because nobody is, and nobody can. What they will give you is hope. Hope that there is life after recovery. They will try to give you the tools to help your loved one get back to as independent a life as they can. They have been very generous to my family, and we have learned a lot about adjusting to life going forward.

Cinder Jones

Joseph Torregrosa

My dad has had multiple surguries here, he is paraplegic. This place is amazing!!! wonderful and loving staff...

Belen Garcia

Terasa Knoll

Uplifting and super supportive!

Rachel Blusiewicz

Coming from a hospital where most of the staff had never dealt with a spinal cord injury before, and ending up at Craig was such a relief. The staff is very knowledgeable and is able to help make sense of a catastrophic injury. The staff helped to give some order to the most chaotic and scariest moments of our lives. We are very grateful to have been able to come here.

Kris Cordero

David C. Uhlig

To my surprise I was very displeased with my experience as an inpatient and also as an outpatient at Craig. After a month of inpatient, when I finally just began to make progress, the Dr. sent me back to UCH due to "infected fusion equipment." Guess what, not the case... I was septic from a UTI that I'd had for weeks AT CRAIG - this caused a major setback in my recovery. No surprise as the quarters were dirty to say the least. They sent me in a non-covered ambulance also which I ended up paying $2K for. One nurse told me I was "unpopular because I asked too many questions). As an outpatient (yes I went back after being assured it was the "best!", I was assigned a PT who did nothing but search for the correct equipment during my sessions and gave me 3 exercises to do (in 20 sessions) - she never remembered where we left off the last session - she was rarely prepared. PS - you don't get to use that PEAK Center which they display front and center. As an inpatient, they tell you it's for outpatients. Once you are outpatient, they tell you about the packages you buy (for thousands) outside of your insurance and you can use the locomat, exoskeletons, etc... on your own dime and your own time NOT during your PT. For PT you sit in a small gym and work with a randomly assigned, overworked, trainer. They probably have some good ones. My take, for what its worth, is that if you have a complete injury - they may be able to help you learn to live in a wheelchair BUT if you have an incomplete injury, they have no clue. I made more progress in 3 weeks inpatient at UCH (after Craig sent me back) than months at Craig. Once they have you there they'll tell you it's not about learning to walk again but about learning to live in a wheelchair - pretty uncool. I felt tricked while I was at the lowest point in my life. Meanwhile the bills they sent my insurance company were over $500K for about a month - very nice for them I suppose. 1 year out from my surgery I am still in the chair.

Eileen Mccoy

My nephew is here from St Louis

Lori Bennett

My husband could not have been sent to a better facility after his accident

Wheelie Guy

I did my rehab at Craig Hospital after an accident left me paraplegic last year. My experience there was mixed. The therapy is excellent, the doctors are lazy, and the young nurses are terrible.

Jesus Hernandez

(Translated by Google) I'm in hospital creg.y is the most extraordinary k has happened to me all are very good at doing their job especially with doctor johansen my good friend joe .and sara .. thanks to all the team ... (Original) Yo estoy en creg hospital.y es lo mas extraordinario k me ha pasado todos son muy buenos haciendo su trabajo especialmente con el doctor johansen mi buen amigo joe .y sara ..gracias a todo el equipo...

Alissa Zink

Brandon Trimborn

I came here a c6 quadriplegic it's an amazing rehab hospital, I can't thank them enough to get me on the road to independence! Love this place

Pleased Patient

Great therapy, room, food and medical care. It was a very comfortable place to convalesce. Craig lived up to its reputation as one of the best in the country, which means, in the world. One day it will be the place to heal and cure the spinal cord. I didn't care for my doc, though, who is now retired. He was vain and abrupt, definitely not a healer. The orthpaedic surgeon who visited occasionally thought he was being helpful by parting every week with a friendly slap on the back. Not a good thing to do to someone who has broken their back! The nurses were beautiful, especially Christine, very kind and caring. They and the CNAs kept me alive until Craig taught me how to care for myself. Great respect for the therapists (especially Chuck H.), cooks (Bernard), janitors, nurses, admin and doctors except for Dr. H.

Soon to be not a Wife

They did literally nothing but drug my husbamd for the first 9 weeks. They are short staffed and unless you get Joe Funk as a nurse its even worse. The " tecks" are lazy amd worthless unless its Antoine Smith and the Rob's and possibly Kelsey. Weekends leave your loved one tied down for 16 hours a day. I'm not sure how they are top in brain injury.

Sadia Prema


No good

Julia Wells

J.D. Kim

wonderful hospital with great service and passion to help others!

Alex Schroeder

The hospital to me it felt like "a hotel or spa" because they truly do care about the patients that are in their hospital. The best thing about that hospital is everything, especially the dogs that they have come in. & I am an old patient that was at Craig Hospital & when I was there I never wanted to leave but I had to go, & I still love that place!

Natalie Wright

Christina morris

Apparently Craig Hospital Rehab doesn’t want patients with certain medical history despite your brain or spine trauma. If you or your loved one want to be chosen for Craig, be careful how much you disclose in talking with admissions. You may think you are exhibiting integrity in being honest but it may work against you. My husband had an IVH (intra-ventricular hemorrhage), a bleeding stroke. My husband was declined based on past history prior to the brain injury even though he was a fully functioning person until this brain trauma. We were told that Craig “cherry picks their patients”. I guess my husband wasn’t a cherry worth picking for them. Reading about the apparent over use of prescription medication for some patients in these reviews, perhaps it was best that he didn’t go there.

wyatt stafford

What a bunch of thoughtful caring individuals, when a hospital has good food you know they are doing something right.

Greg Dews

Knowledgeable and courteous.

Liam Hughes-Butler

My dad is currently at Craig. Amazing place.

Jessica Dawson

I had a family member that had to stay here for a couple days and this is just one of the best hospitals in Denver the staff were simply just amazing they really took care of my nephew the doctors were sweet so were the nurses.

yousuf khan

Natasha Wright

Mourad Elattar

Dan Kunce

Sacred Lady


Diana Garner

It was a home more than a hospital! Staff is family. Gave us hope

Alex Espinoza

Zac Zarach

T Epperson

brandi abbott

my husband is currently in Craig hospital after a stroke.

Pedro Ramirez

Not knowing what is about to happen after a traumatic experience. Your loved one is sent to this facility hoping they will be able to help them. My brother was a patient here years back and I just came back to leave a review and tell people how amazing this Hospital is and how fortunate we were to have them at that time. I hope it continues to exist for a long time. Just know that there will be ups and your downs but this place knows what they are doing and they have been doing this for years. They literally saved his life and helped us prepare for the future. Thank you Craig Hospital and especially you Kate and Katie where ever your girls are!!

Bruce Mosher

Tom Joseph

China Dixon

Brittany Harris

I went here back in 2008 my senior year of high school!! I was in a near fatal accident and suffer from TBI!! Everyone here is great and I received great therapy that still helps me with everyday life and I’m glad I was fournate enough to recive my rehabilitation here!! I saw Dr David Ripley whose no longer with them but was a great doctor!!

Peke Zuri

Seoungbean Cho

Akm Hossain

Best rehabs service in USA

veronica erwin

Have a bowl and it hurts to. much pain

Britny Gregory

Treva Bryning

Patricia Brown

My husband was in a plane crash in June 2013 and spent 6 weeks at Craig Hospital recovering from a spinal cord injury and a TBI. The hospital and the staff are superb--both my husband and I, the caregiver, were extremely happy with the expertise and quality of care my husband received. We live in San Diego, and I can tell you there is no place like Craig within a 200 mile radius of San Diego. Because they focus on these two types of injuries, they can organize to be the most efficient in the delivery of the best care. We felt that he made his maximum recovery possible in the time spent at Craig because of the level of their care. We would tell anyone in a similar circumstance to consider going to Denver for the best possible recovery.

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