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Brandon Johnson

Avoid this hospital. I am a Doctor of Physical Therapy and I've worked in the hospital setting. I've seen much better. That's an understatement. This is my personal experience, and only my opinion. The person that I would have liked to deliver compassion for my current healthcare needs is the Doctor of Medicine in the ER. Although some of my needs were met, I would have appreciated being treated with more respect. Instead, the time spent with me by the MD was less than five minutes and I felt like just a number to her. I wouldn't be surprised if the hospital bills units for more time than actual face to face time spent, indicating potential fraud. I can only hope that is not the case. The MD was caustic, disrespectful, and treated me like I was less than human. Nobody deserves to be treated like that, in any setting. I hope this MD figures this out at some point, for the sake of other patients and for the sake of her professional growth. The nurse appeared to be less than competent, running around asking questions trying to figure out what the monitor reads meant in other rooms, and she hardly spoke a word to me when it was time to discharge. Waiting time to care time ratio was absurd, and during my time there, not one professional checked in with me to ask how I was doing while I was waiting. The X-Ray tech, and the EKG professionals were good, efficient, and I have no complaints about them, hence two stars. In closing, this review was solicited by the hospital. I did not look to write a review.

Jc Keurjian

I suddenly found myself being admitted, I was nervous and honestly, not prepared, but ALL the staff at West Hills hospital made me feel at ease, explained every procedure I was scheduled for and what to expect. I am very grateful to all the nurses, doctors and technicians.

Manisha Makwana

The visit , staff , facility all were great but scheduling a f/u was a huge challenge The frontline customer staff is v inefficient after 3 calls I found the right guy who cud help me navigate thru the hoops to help me schedule a f/u. The schedulers need to have access to patients records so they can help them and not make them run arnd from pillar to post . I can only imagine how difficult it must be for old Medicare members to navigate .

Chris Mahony

Assume crew in the outpatient recovery area!!!!

Mir Kabir

It was a very good experience for me. Nurses a And doctors were very caring and sympathetic

Tina K

Went to West Hills last night with a severely lacerated index finger. I was bleeding and was surprised to be asked to self check in at a kiosk, but other than that the visit was not a bad one for a hospital. They were EXTREMELY busy but I was in and out in about two hours with 7 stitches. The nurses were harried but humorous, and the Dr was also. They explained what they were doing, broke medical jargon into lay term even though I knew what they were saying (I work in the medical field). It felt like a longer wait than it was. On the over all it was a good visit with relatively prompt care. I should probably mention I was in the fast tract area also. On an off hand note, I could hear others being treated through the curtains, and my experience was not unique. I could hear other patients being asked if there was anything else the staff could do for them, making scared little kids happy by offering cartoon band-aids, answering extra questions patiently and fully, and explaining bills to a woman who did not understand as best they could. The staff in the fast tract area at least gave what I would consider as good as possible medical care bordering on excellent.

Stanley Waldman

Wonderful caring people.

Collin Marchet

Rude staff, waited 3 hours and was never seen by a doctor, when you ask how long the wait is they become rude!

Patti Ginise

As usual my visit was great.

Deborah Hyte

Five day hospital stay. In general the hospital is well run however there are things that could be improved for patients. One important one is the Call Nurse button for patients. The system does not work properly at all. It needs to be completely overhauled. The nurses are good although some are better than others but let's face it, this is the same at any hospital. Would I use this hospital again? Yes.

Justine Park

Always a great experience! I actually look forward to getting mammograms done here! So quick and efficient. Shelley (sp?) is so gentle and reassuring. I was in and out of there in 25 minutes!!! Outstanding!

Jessie Jay

Last time I was here I had a not so nice Nightshift Nurse this time was much better Nurse Marialeone was Nice and after my Visit another Nurse JaneAnn came in to check on my overall Experience she was a Sweetheart. The Discharge time was not to long

Judy Ly

Stay clear of RN Karen Ballantyne. She is one of the nurses in the Outpatient section of this hospital. I specifically requested an RN expert at accessing my veins or anesthesiologist so a vein finder (device) was suggested for me. I get in to Outpatient and no vein finder. Karen sticks me in the most painful spot on the side of my wrist next to my bone and I've never, in my life, felt that much pain from a needle. She's drawing blood and has to hold the needle at a certain angle to keep the blood flowing which was excruciatingly slow and extremely painful. Not to anyone's surprise, they had to re do a vial because it clotted so she draws blood again from the site of my IV but instead attaches passed the tube connected to my IV and not directly from where the site is. Clot again and then the 3rd try, she went and finally found that vein finder and said she was going to access me from another site. Screw that! She starts looking at my hand and I'm ready to cancel . There's no way I'm enduring any more torture from her. Because of her, my procedure was delayed 2 hours. I told them I'm canceling because there is no way I'm allowing her to stick me again when I've never endured this much pain before from a draw or IV hook up. Karen was like, "you're cancelling? Ok." And she started to unhook my IV and set the machine aside. She had no quality of care. Why would I want to be in her presence at all anymore? I'd much rather reschedule, delay my procedure to have it done at ANY other facility than here because of one uncaring lazy nurse (who likes to cut corners at the cost of your comfort) and she was ready to cancel my procedure just like that until karen was stopped by another nurse before she pulled the IV from my wrist, and the nurse asked me what I wanted. And I told her I specifically requested someone who is good at accessing veins like an anesthesiologist or sharp shooter RN. Karen made a remark pretty much saying what anesthesiologist would want to draw blood as if it was beneath them but the other nurse found one available for me and he comes in and sees the tragedy that has become of my arm ....and this wonderful anesthesiologist questioned Karen on everything she did...he asked her why she did that, and why didnt she do this. He told Karen what she should have done and Karen lied and said she did do that...clearly lying right in front of my husband and I. I felt justified once the anesthesiologist came in and called Karen out. So the anesthesiologist accessed my vein after numbing the area (what I'm used to) and drew blood from the back of my hand no problem . Karen insisted it be filled to the top and he stopped and said it should be enough. The anesthesiologist asked if he hurt me cause I told him I was in pain, my whole right arm, and I said no I'm not in pain and I thanked him for giving the quality of care patients expect in a hospital. Because of Karen, I've never had that much blood drawn out of me (10 or more vials), I've never felt so much pain in my wrist, and my procedure was delayed 2 hours so we spent the entire day there. Then everyone leaves, Karen is last in the outpatient. She was supposed to remove my IV around 330. I'm waiting so by 340 I tell her to remove it. She is taking off the mummy tape around my arm and pushes back the IV Plastic in to my wrist as they get pulled out halfway while she removes the tape...she pushes back the IV in my wrist not once but twice. WHY does West Hills hire someone like Karen in the first place? Because of this one nurse Karen, My husband and I have decided to NEVER have anything done at this hospital again. Because this hospital can put a nurse like this on payroll...I have zero faith in this facility. I would rather drive else where (further away) than to have anything done here again.

Julie L

Took my 16 month old to the ER this past Wednesday, with an extremely high fever. We didn’t wait long for him to be seen. In fact we were in and out in less than 40mins. The most frustrating part was the fact that my baby had an ear infection. No medication was prescribed for it. And I asked repeatly and the doctor just said it would go away on it’s own! Are you kidding me? I just stood there in disbelief. She said to just give me Tylenol. Well guess what, got him to his dr the next morning and sure enough she couldn’t believe they didn’t give him anything for his ear infection. Will not be returning to this ER. If you have a small child this is not the right ER to take them. Sadly it took me 2 visits to realize it because when I brought my 2 yr old, they gave her 5x the dosage of Tylenol for her weight. It’s a shame one hopes to get some help and all you get is a oh “it’ll go away on its own.”

Jeffrey Norvet

I checked into West Hills for an emergency heart surgery on 4.15.2019. My care by the cardiac unit, cath lab, surgical department and ICU were all first class. One great thing is that I essentially had a private room the entire time. I’m very happy.

jon Mills

Great service from the cleaning people through the doctors. Everyone was friendly nice and very tentative. The nurses were Great, Sara, Mary and Ronald. Thank you!

Karina Alfaro

Just left here, we are on a family vacation and out of towners. My daughter got ahold of my husbands coffee and had quite the burn.The first ER we attended for our daughter suggested we come here for a follow up. We arrived and she was quickly seen. No more than a couple of minutes. The male nurse that attended the dressing for my daughters burn was beyond excellent. He cut out her supplies needed to treat her wounds for the next couple of days. Very pleased with the visit.

Conan Barbarian

6, no, no...more like 3 like 6 hours. Update: I have insurance (good insurance) and following the visit received 5 different bills totaling over $1500 (so over $1400 more than my co-pay). It is a you should avoid. There are simply far too many parties trying to cash in on your visit. And don't believe the is not 4 minutes. As a thumb rule, double it and convert it to hours.

david alvarez

Everybody was very professional and very helpful made my stay very

Melvin Bustria

The actual nurses, doctors and medical staff were great... the reason for the low rating is because of the female security posted on the night of may 7. She was very unprofessional. My wife had brought my son in who got diagnosed with pneumonia. They had gone ahead of me and I had to meet them there. When I get there she was bent over twirling and trying to tie her hair(of all things to be doing) it literally took her 2 min before I could get her attention. When she finally did acknowledge my presence I was in shock on the tone and the way she spoke. She acted as if I was bothering her!! I was trying to contain my emotions, you know the way you feel when you have a sick 5 year old who’s scared and you don’t know what’s happening. All this transpired with a simple question of “ I would like to see my son, please” his last name is.. first name is... I understand protocol and procedures but pls be a little more professional... people are there because they feel they have an EMERGENCY!! Have empathy and compassion. Especially if you are the first person they speak to before a long uncertain visit!if you don’t care ( no one asks you to) at least be professional.

Nadine Rudley

I was on the Cardiac Care floor. I have had many surgeries. The care and the devotion and knowledge these nurses gave me was unsurpassed. I was made to feel calm and got me through a very scary time. I don’t know what I would have done without those nurses. Thank you so much!!!!!

Cynthia Meyerowitz

It was a positive experience as everything was done in a timely fashion. Also the staff was helpful and friendly.

Vicki Turnbull

Staff were very friendly and helpful. Procedure was performed efficiently and quickly.

Russell D

Worse experience ever. Would give zero stars if I could. They like to advertise they have low wait times, but it is a bunch of BS. Took about 2 hours before I was seen but they tried to collect my money and get me into their billing system within 8 minutes from arriving. Now I am getting told everything is considered out of network and they are trying to collect additional fees on top of the astronomical fees they have already collected from my insurance company. GO TO TARZANA, GO TO NORTHRIDGE, GO ANYWHERE ELSE....JUST DONT GO TO WEST HILLS!!!!

Ezra Leylian

Tribble experience. I was held in ER till 8 pm from morning. no food no cardiologist visiting me. Stress test supposed to be same day didn’t happen. Stayed at 6th floor over night, no Dr. Visit just nurses, who were super friendly. Next morning they forgot to assign stress test, when they did it was for afternoon and again no food allowed. so I had to fast for 26 hours. I checked myself out. The male nurse in the morning was unfriendly.

Howard Rosen

Given a choice between dying and being treated at your facility I would seriously consider dying

Steven Goldstein

My Nursing Staff was "TOP NOTCH!" Morning, Noon and Night! Always a Smile!

Mohammad reza Mirebrahimi

I went to the a lot of Hospital but I %100 sure this one is the best ,so professional nurses and doctors,thank you so much

Stephen Watts

I had a nuclear stress test procedure. I showed up a little early but staff started the procedure immediately. Staff were attentive, extremely competent, courteous, and cheerful. The procedure turned out to be less stressful ( ! ) than I expected. We completed earlier than expected. All in all, an excellent experience. Based on this and other experiences I have had at West Hills, I highly recommend West Hills Hospital.

Alberto Junco

Very good hospital. I've had to use there service once or twice and the staff has been very attentive, helpful and responsive to my needs. With that said, it ain't cheap or fast if your a walk in. But its a good place to be sick at.

Genevieve Gunis

The efaluation Burn Center form did not come through, so I am pleased to be able to respond. I was an outpatient at the Grossman Burn Center on the 4th floor. I would give them 100% in every area; preregistration; short 5 minute wait time; compassionate staff and knowledgeable about treatment. Dr. Evans was great. I am healing.. I am still returning weekly. They send all the bandagesm etc home with me, so I don't have to go find them, 100%.I only saw the lobby of the Hospital. Everyone was kind checking me in and giving me directions, Genevieve Gunis

Ann Kaser

Very efficient with check-in and appreciate them accommodating me though a little late. I was happy to only have to endure two positions in the vice vs four the last mammogram I got. Four stars only because I just can’t give this tortuous experience five stars. But the staff made it as positive as possible.

Erin Dustin

This was my second c-section at the hospital and both times I have been extremely happy with the quality of care I received. From the administration to the nursing staff to the anesthesiologist, everyone was wonderful! Highly recommend this hospital.

Annette Eddy

I brought my son in to the ER and Dr Friedman was amazing. Service was so kind and prompt. Thank you

La F

I hear horrible stories about ER experiences, but I’ve never had one at the West Hills Hospital. Though the wait was a bit longer than usual this time it wasn’t their fault. There were a lot of people there so it can’t be helped. I found the nurses and doctors to be kind, caring and concerned. No complaints here. Probably not the norm but I appreciate and understand the medical’s not easy, especially in an ER full of sick, crying children. Keep up the good work, and thank you!! 4/2/18 I just wanted to update my review. I was there yesterday and again I got wonderful service and care. It was really busy but I was actually in and out in 1 hr. The administrative people, nurses and doctor were so attentive and made what could have been a bad experience very good. Thank you again!!

Lindsay Gee

Nurses and doctors are fast, efficient and really care.

Cindy Marie

Went into the ER for a panic attack and came out with a $4500 emergency room bill. They did a calcium test for $1200. My vitals were good and that’s all I wanted them to check. Avoid going to the ER at all costs. This hospital is money hungry and doesn’t listen to their patients

Lindsay Snell

AVOID THIS PLACE! Their advertising says "WALK RIGHT IN MEANINING "SIgn up with your ID at a Computer Screen" Their advertising says "See A Doctor Right Now! No Appointment Needed." Suffered in agony for 8 hours. Got billed $225 for the privilege of sitting in their waiting room. Paid in full in cash. Now getting more dunning notices from Collection Agency CMRE Financial Services. For $228.37 MORE! Then got surprise billing "separately" for the doctor who showed up for a minute. Close to $500. TREATMENT RECEIVED (A Shot for pain) which did not work. WAITING TIME: 8 Plus hours. The doctors there were busy. Told more doctors would come when it is change of shift - 6:00 am. We paid the bill in cash in full. Now we keep getting more bills. No explanation of what for. Under a Collection agency that has no information. And Separate Bills for the doctor just keep coming. THIS PLACE IS A FRAUD! BILLING UNSCRUPULOUS AND OUTRAGEOUS. AVOID THIS PLACE AT ALL COST.

Terry Kelly

They shipped me to Glendale due to insurance reasons. The ambulance for that trip was 2.5 hours late. I had to ask 3 x for pain meds before I left. Other than that, the care was good.

Elley Langsam

Excellent nursing and medical care

Haidi Hamedani

I had serious injuries after accident.they brought me to this hospital.they get exray and said:you are okay back to home and take pain relief but my neck from c1and c2 was broken.after two days they call me “don’t move””don’t drink “and brought me back to hospital a gain.they did wrong surgery a gain.i m really lucky I m in life.this hospital has very bad and poor service.they don’t care what happens to patients.after this problem happened to me I asked for my medical records but they cleared everything from me.i had very bad experience in my life and never recommend anyone go there.

Betty Thomas

The staff was prepared for my visit and I was in and out in a very timely manner. The technician was smiling, friendly and capable. She answered my questions about the new equipment and the results possible with same.

Fern Lippert

Overall it was very good. During my admittance the nurse kept sneezing near me and I asked if she had a cold and her response it was her allergies but the next day my nose was running for 24 hours. Also, no one asked if I had a bowel movement during the three days I was there and when I came home I was really blocked up from the medication I was taking. At times the day nurse did not check up on me and I would have my husband find her to add ice to the machine and other needs. Everyone else was wonderful.

Ann Weisman

My nursing staff was outstanding everyone I dealt with treated me like famiy

Noora A

Absolutely dirty and disgusting. Horrible staff and unfriendly nurses . Very very poor service. I’ve been hearing that till I personally experiencing

king Geo

Disrespectful Due To My Grandma Being An Immigrant Even Though She Needed Treatment y'all didn't want to help her

June Schroeder

Very efficient!

S. Burn

Excellent care from the moment I walked in. Dr. Bash and nurses involved in my care, Julie, Jerome and Patrick were great and made me feel safe and taken care of. I was really scared about what was happening to me but Dr. Bash has a soothing bedside manner about him and explained everything, which helped me to feel less worried. I would recommend this hospital.

Ronald R. D'Avignon

i was overcome by the heat on a long walk. they took good care of me. juiced me back up and sent me on my way. thank you very much.

Ebrahim Dadvarshargh

ER is horrible, they don't care if your kid needs emergency medical

Sharon Wales

Was seen extremely fast the PA's were very professional and curtious. They were very helpful provided me with good medical advise and information. Gave me some medication and paperwork to show my regular doctor plus prescriptions and i was on my way home in less than an hour.

Saul Jacobs

The Emergence Room personnel were terrific -- friendly, efficient, and prompt in dealing with my problem (a fall). I've been served by others in the Surgical Center and even as n in-patient in the hospital -- and always received top service!

Gail Kearns

I have had no complaints about West Hills. I also don’t know why I got this survey. I don’t think I’ve been the hospital lately!!!

Suzanne Barger

I love the Women’s Diagnostic Center at West Hills. The staff there has taken care of me for years. So caring, kind and compassionate. I moved to Ventura County but still continue to drive over there for all my screenings.

susan farrell

Everyone was great

Shawn Fluke

I'm a c5-c6 quadriplegic and was nervous to go to a hospital I've never been to but was immediately put to ease by the extremely nice doctor that did my ER intake. They were very busy and things took a while but I was never kept too long without someone checking on me. Every single nurse, lab tech and especially the doctor was very friendly, helpful and informative. I will gladly go back without worry next time.

Ann Castle

We have heard a lot of negative reviews about West Hills in the past, but when a broken femur sent my husband to West Hills (we wanted to go to Tarzana), we were pleasantly surprised. There were a few minor hiccups with communication in the ER and when he was being discharged, but I cannot let those things tarnish all of the good things that happened during his one week stay. The nursing staff and doctors were absolutely wonderful and responded right away to administer proper care for my husband who deals with a lot of chronic pain on a daily basis. Thank you to Drs. Blau, Kamrava and Hirsch for your attention and professionalism. Thank you to all of the nurses and administration staff in the ER. Thank you to all of the nurses in both east and west wings on the 6th floor and to the RT team. And a special shout-out to Jennifer in care management who listened and acted with so much compassion. Thank you so much!

Gail Speight

Love, love, love this hospital and staff. The nurses were the best and the doctors were outstanding. I couldnt have asked for better care. I was in the hispital for 2 weeks with chemo side effects and was very sick the first week and a half. The nurses were so compassionate. The doctors figured out what was making me sick and prescribed a treatment plan that made all the difference. This is the hospital I will go to and recommend to everyone. Thank you West Hills Hospital for making a possibly unpleasant hospital stay into a very positive experience.

Alma Diffie

The amount of paper work needed to get into the hospital to see a practitioner is too much! After finally see a nutritionist, she was easily 100 lbs over weight. I could not even listen to her give me advice on how to lose weight. I gave her the benefit of the doubt but she really did not know what she was talking about. At the end of our session, I asked her to get on the same diet she put me on and not in a mean way. I really would genuinely like to see her healthy.

Judy Palmquist

I was admitted to West Hills Hospital for an outpatient surgery. All along the ways I was treated with compassion and I felt comfortable with the staff.

Christine Seth

Checkin for my yearly Mammogram was quick and efficient. Clean facility. The experience was excellent.

Gelid Mejia

We been here before but it seems that on weekends they have the worst stuff ever . They were good til now , my kid crying on pain and they just make you wait . I found out before that sometimes they ready with your papers or things but they talking about non work related things .

Lorraine Blanton

Went in for mammo and bone density screening. In and out in under 30 minutes. Quick and friendly.

Cathy Martin

The doctors and nurses that cared for my mother through the last week of her life were a true God send to our family and to my mother. Loving and compassionate care is what we all received from your wonderful staff. Thank you for everything. Sincerely, Cathy Martin

Perry Sperling

Terrible hospital gave me grangreen and didn't keep place clean.Doctors gave me drugs I can't have and treated me e for in fection instead of a facture.caused a charkot foot No no arch.left there and went to cedars 6 weeks no customer service.Everything is billed separately

George Davis

Visited this hospital in December of 2017, overall experience was positive with the staff and I was taken care of. Dealing with the hospital since then has made my life a special sort of hell. I paid the hospital an agreed amount and gave them my insurance information to cover the cost of my visit. Was told that this would close the account and that would be that, boy was I wrong. The accounting department has made a number of errors and sent my account to collections multiple times despite the fact that I paid the hospital for the service on the date of service. I have cleared this up multiple times only to have it show back up on my credit and have a ripple effect in my life causing me to be denied housing and dropping my credit score like a rock. Every time I call the hospital’s billing department no one is able to give me a straight answer as to why I owe them more money and I keep getting a response of we’ll look into it call us back in x number of days, but with no resolution. It is absolutely crazy to me that I’m dealing with this still almost 2 years later and the fact that the incompetence of the hospital is negatively impacting my life is infuriating. Had I known how coming to this hospital would negatively impact my life I would have surely saught treatment elsewhere.

Donna Friedman

Went to ER two days ago. I had been choking and throwing up for over two hours went I went in to ER. I had to wait while two employees were talking personal. When they did call me in they asked me questions which were hard to answer as my throat was swollen and sore. When I told them I did not know my weight or height they told me to guess rather than weighing me or checking my height. The nurse assigned to me was nice but I had to wait for the doctor before they could do anything. When the doctor came in he asked me questions but he did not give me a physical or check my throat or chest. They did do blood work and a chest x-ray, no results were ever discussed with me by the doctor. I requested copies of the blood work and x-ray. That is when I found out my sugar was high and I had a shadow on my fourth right chest rib. This was frightening to me as I am a breast cancer survivor, and I had previously informed the doctor of that. All I was told was to contact my GP for further service. I got no service from the ER doctor except to be told to go to my GP. Why go to ER if all they tell you to do is to see a GP. I WAS THERE BECAUSE I HAD BEEN CHOKING AND THROWING UP FOR OVER TWO HOURS. WHEN I FELT I COULD SAFELY DRIVE TO THE HOSPITAL, I DID GO. NO EXAMINATION of throat or body. NO HELP! I DEFINITELY DO NOT RECOMMEND WEST HILLS HOSPITAL ER!

Linda Palmer

I was treated with great care and kindness.

Angel Games

1st and last time at this hospital. I took my son he was really sick. He never maid it inside to see a doctor. I was there from 9am to11:30. I left and took him somewhere else.

Cherry Davis

Care was excellent. Unfortunately the ER was very busy so our stay was about five hours, but that's just the way hospitals are.

Carl Oliverio Jr

The doctors, nurses, and staff were great. Close to the house and great care. The wait was a bit long to get in while they weren't that busy, but that is really the only complaint. Thanks for helping me out!

Stefany Garcia

Love the staff, enviroment and the way the hospital feels private, cozy and convinient for visitors to park and walk to the hospital

Theresa Goldman

My husband was admitted to the hospital ER at 930am this morning. As of 8pm he was still waiting for a room, had not received any thing to eat or drink. I called the hospital to ask if they had found him a room, and to ask why he had not been given anything to eat. The nursing supervisor hung up on me. The second call resulted in the person telling me that if I was so concerned I could bring him something to eat myself.

Danny Barnes

always have family members and friends with with YOU not very friendly atmosphere for diverty "sad" now i certainly believe that THEY have great staff...but if you cant effectively cross COLOR line that a serious issue, not giving the right meds to dual diagnosis person who suffered from fire burns '''wow" wrong meds for fire victim- when you having them the right one not good creating a whole new on set ----BUT THEY PAINLY SAVED A LIFE AND FOR THAT IM GRATEFUL......AMEN through grace of GOD all is repairable -----help hites Bioethicists often refer to the four basic principles of health care ethics when evaluating the merits and difficulties of medical procedures. Ideally, for a medical practice to be considered "ethical", it must respect all four of these principles: autonomy, justice, beneficence, and non-maleficence. we approve of that massage ...

Linda Matuz

I have used the Women's Diagnostic Center for several years and everyone is always so kind. Whether a routine visit or something that needs a second look the staff is always comforting and compassionate.

Ashley Lindsey

The staff were all very nice during my stay. There was a lack of communication that was very frustrating as a new mother with my baby in the NICU

Cheri Linn

Waited three hours to be seen by a Dr. The triage P.A.C. Was extremely unprofessional (Eric Lyon). Was told he wanted to order a scan that would involve an IV with contrast along with a rectal contrast and wanted me to confirm his order. I hadn’t even been seen by a Dr.! What’s wrong with that picture? I walked out and will wait to hear from my Dr. Paul Diehl.

nikitha 31

PLEASE DO NOT VISIT THERE EMERGENCY IN ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. I HAD THE MOST WORSE WORSE WORSE EXPERIENCE FROM THIS EMERGENCY. They made me wait for 4 hours even with blood vomitings and very bad migraine. There was no nurse to assist me after giving me saline. Once they treat the patient the nurse disappears and you have to take your own care.

Ahsan Nabib

Horrible experience in the ER section. My dad had an abdominal pain. We took him over there. He was having lot of pain , he was screaming in pain. After lot of wait and tests they give him a rolling bed in a hallway. Dr said he needs an enema but there's no room or nurse available. Also she would like to keep him over because she wants to see his heart condition but they don't have rooms available so he has to stay on that bed in a hallway. She was like if you want you can leave and you guys might help him for the enema in home. So she was about to discharge him without doing anything. Then there's this nurse came . I think her name was Gema . She was like I will take you to a room while there was another nurse was telling her to discharge him. She still took him to a room , gave him enema, helped with everything and then discharge him. When she took my dad to a room I saw there were few empty rooms still they made lot of people lying in a bed in hallway. God bless that nurse. Other than that this place is total chaos. Never coming here again.

Rita McCormack

I received a CT Scan and Ultra Sound. I received excellent care. The two young women who did the scans were very helpful, and I was very pleased with their service. The staff in the front office were very welcoming and pleasant. Thank you, Rita McCormack

James Gustanski

This is the second ablation at WH and the overnight stay was not good either time, due to sleep issues, that could be mitigated if there was a process for me to use a CPAP, my own or hospital provided. Both times, I've gotten conflicting stories, but no sleep overnight.

Byanka Aragon

Fast service and very friendly staff.

Matthew MEO

all worked to make you feel assured of receiving great care.

John Witt

I was very happy with everything except the FOOD. The food actually mad me throw up two times. The nurses were great. If I had to go to a hospital again, I would go here except have my wife bring my food.

Robin Hutchinson

If the radiologist had read my mammogram correctly the first time 6 months or more ago i would not of had to come back and been nervous about it for months. Maybe he needs to get his eyes adjusted. When i came back the 2nd time the radiologist who read my scans could not understand why his"partner" had said he saw something. It was clear that there was nothing there same this time with the radiologist who read the scans. She could not see anything and also could not understand why i had to go through this. Very unnerving. Your technician who took the scans was wonderful., kind ans understanding.

Kay Berry

Was always been wonderful to me. And whatever the time I had to wait, I left feeling that I had been taken care of.

Deana Langer

I went to get lab work done. It was fast, efficient and professional.

Sherry Schwartz

More like visiting a doctor's office than a hospital facility. Very nice.

Dertyslave Dertyslave

What bunch of incompetents. We call up and they tell us don't come in till you are really sick and Joneing, that way we can help you the most. (lie) So we come in at midnight and are not seen till 2:30 am. He is taken in and accepted. 5:00 pm and he is really hurting now and they cannot get a hold of the doctor (trying for an hour). He is really in a bad way now and they cannot give him anything. He leave because he is really in pain and has something at home. Losers!

Nicholas Dan

If I could give this hospital 0 stars, I would. I came in here a month and a half ago for a laceration on my arm. They cleaned it, stitched it up, and sent me home. A week ago I got a bill in the mail.. for $4000. Another bill from the Dr. For $1000.. Just to be clear, it wasnt a surgery. It was a laceration that got cleaned with saline and had maybe 7 stitches put in. Funny enough, I ended up having a complex anorectal surgery a month after this, and I got that bill... $2000. Including everything... the surgeon, anaesthetist, and the fentanyl. My insurance recommended I never go back here again because they were flabbergasted, and I strongly recommend that same thing to anyone and everyone else.

Barbara Aranda

Front check-in to screening my visit was a positive experience.

Fran Veltre

It was a very pleasant hospital stay, from the time I checked in until I was released. The nurses in the outpatient surgery area were so kind and friendly. They went out of their way to make me feel comfortable. As I waited in the surgical suite, everyone who passed by me greeted me warmly. The anesthesiologist stopped by to explain his procedure in making sure that didn’t feel a thing. I wish I could remember his name. My surgeon, Dr. David Kim, stopped by to see me before and after the surgery. He’s just the best! Even after my surgery I had no pain. When I got back to the outpatient suite after the surgery, the nurses were very solicitous. They did everything they could to make sure I was comfortable. After feeding me a light lunch, my nurse made sure my blood pressure was normal, and then made sure I was able to get my clothes back on without assistance. My sweet nurse put me in a wheelchair and wheeled me to my car where my daughter was waiting. Many thanks to all of you wonderful people.

Neil Schwartz

I came in with my mother who was ill and we went straight to the emergency department. We waited for at least 5-6 hours for my mother to be assigned a room. The hospital is very short staffed. All of the nurses, doctors, and staff were very nice.

Darlyn Duffield

The worst hospital ER I have ever been to. Ridiculous billing system, ridiculous wait to get in the back, never actually saw a doctor one of my visits to the ER but got billed as a Level 4 emergency, second visit two days later I saw a doctor for 5 minutes before being released not feeling any better, I laid in a bed in a hallway for 3 hours next to the nurses station while they laughed and carried on while I cried in pain, not one nurse asked if I needed anything, there is short wait times for triage but to get in the back takes forever.

Jenny Olmedo

Over all it was good but the nurses should be more professional when patients are coming out of the OR and are recovering because just when you think we can't hear what you're saying we do.

Karen Grivas

This is a very good hospital for heart care.

Kelly Callirgos

Everything in one central location. No fees for parking. Quick service and caring staff.


West Hills Hospital are no help at all. If possible go somewhere else!

Laurie G

I had an appointment for a mammogram. The nurses were very friendly and helpful. They show a lot of respect for privacy and are very kind and comforting. It was a very pleasant experience.

David Kahn

The Cardiac response team in the ER was great, fast, efficient, and very nice. thank you, David Kahn

Dominick Morra

I was taken care of in a timely manner.

Imai Imai

I hate surguries, But It worked out well!

gloria Zitlaly

Waited for hours in the hallway and in excruciating pain it took one of the nurses to actually feel bad for me to offer me something for my pain after that five hours later I was sent home still with a high fever and all I got was an antibiotic nothing for the pain very disappointed with stuck in the hallway like some sort of dog in pain the only people that were nice and I guess feel bad for me were the technicians That’s took me to the CT scan took me a come by nine hours to be diagnosed with kidney infection and then just sent home doctors words were you’re healthy you should be fine even though I was in excruciating pain and had to go home and tend to my two children

Hira Qadri

Clean environment. Highly equipped. Nicest pre labor and post labor nurse staff. Loved my dinner date with my husband at the hospital, dinner arranged by the hospital. It was worth it.

Courtney Chase

I had such an amazing experience giving birth to my son here. ALL of the nurses and my doctor, Dr. Khodai are all fantastic and make you feel so much more comfortable with the process. I highly recommend delivering here.

Shawn Rabizadeh

Beware Of checking in at er visit. Runs about $10,000/hour. Was left with half after insurance payment.

Jay Myers

The nurses took great care of me.

Mike Baird

Very professional and even though the ER was super busy I got in and out in very good time.

Francis Keenan

The emergency room here is more comfortable and provides a higher level of service than you'll find at other hospitals in Los Angeles

Peter Eli

Incredibly unprofessional hospital... My mother had been bitten by a black widow and was in serious pain, so we went to the emergency room here at around 10PM. After being placed in a room and waiting a couple of hours without seeing anybody, I went to the front desk soon after midnight to see what was taking so long. AJ at the front desk acted like he was ready to flip a table on me when I merely asked him when we would see the doctor. After 1AM, a nurse came in and told us we were placed in the incorrect room and this was the reason the doctor was not coming to see us. It took them three hours to tell us this and the doctor couldn't bother to see my mom even once during this time? The doctor, Anh Nguyen, had my mother wait three hours in pain. To make matters worse, he was seated at a table directly next to our room and even casually walked past our room to assist people with sprained ankles, among other minor injuries, all of whom had arrived after my mother did. He sat at his table next to our room and chatted it up with co-workers for hours while my mother was in pain and did not see my mother once. I emphasize: My mother and I waited three hours and he did not even come see her once--all while sitting at a desk next to our room. We decided to get up and leave after the three-hour mark. I would advise against seeking treatment at this hospital.

Lynn Nestle

My 91 year old father has been in ER and admitted several times this year. The nurses and staff have provided wonderful care and not only give the patient care but make sure the family is kept informed. I am very grateful for the care he has received and the compassion shown to him.

Jim Larson

Was diagnosed with an abdominal hernia and when I reported for surgery I felt like a guest in a five star hotel! EVERYONE from administration to the nurses and doctors treated me with such a warm and hospitable attitude that I couldn't help being amazed!

Jessica Serata

This hospital is worse hospital ever in the California. They just charge people with crazy bills. They think on their business than patient care. Strongly I can say other door of hospital will open to the mortuary. They want your money, that's it!!!

Debi Staron

The hospital staff was very pleasant and professional. Then treated me with great care, the doctor asked which way I wanted her to approach care, and delivered excellent service.

Art OK

Wasted an hour of my life and $500 dollars. Got misdiagnosed by the doctor who examined me. The medication they prescribed me made my pain significantly worse, promoting me to visit another extended services doctor before eventually visiting with a specialist. The specialist told me to immediately stop the other medication because its application was making my condition much worse. I paid $200 for my ER co-pay and they billed me an additional $300 for the remaining balance. They charged my insurance company close to $1800 dollars for an hour of nothing and poor diagnosis. I disputed this with the hospital and they only reduced by remaining balance by $45 bucks. I'm disgusted by their customer relations and will never visit this facility again.

Jo De La Torre

I never had a problem with West Hill Hospital. Only thing I can say is they have a wonderful caring staff. Thelma and Pam are fantastic!

Karen Ortiz

Update: I called the number in the response to my initial review and spoke with Ashley. She took the time to listen, follow up on my concerns and made satisfactory accommodations for my experience. Based on my experience with Ashley and the overall professional attitude of the doctors and nurses, I would definitely return to the ER in the future should I need care. Original review: I came in with Colles Wrist Fracture. I was triaged quickly and seen by doctor. Xrays were taken, local anesthesia was given, bone was reset and casted within 90 minutes. I was told I likely needed surgery and given a list of Orthopaedic doctors to follow-up with quickly. So far so good.......Well I went to see the ortho the same day. Ortho took one look at xray and said I needed a Speacialist hand surgeon and that the ER doc didn’t properly reset the bone. I had to get the cast taken off, get shot up with lidocaine again, have the bone reset again and recasted. That ortho visit cost me $900. I wish the ER doc would have reset the bone better and known to refer me directly to a hand surgeon.

Jacob Sommers

Very Professional. Good follow-up. Did everything to make me comfortable.

Anne Mann

I gave West Hills Hospital 5 stars because they saved my life! The nurse in recovery recognized my behavior as urgent and called the Doctor. After six days in intensive care I returned home very grateful to all the Drs. and nurses. Thank you!

Jeffrey Davidson

The full review is available on YELP At approximately 12:00 midnight I entered West Hills ER with debilitating pains after having abdominal surgery for a bilateral inguinal hernia. I was given X-rays, an EKG and blood was drawn without my ever having seen or spoken to a doctor. I recognize that I was not the only patient in the ER, but there was only one other patient in the waiting area with me. About another hour passed. I said that after having been in the chair for over two hours I could not sit there any longer and needed to lie down in a bed. I was told nothing was available and I responded that if I could not get a bed that I would have to lie down on the floor. I finally got out of the chair with much difficulty and laid down on the floor for some relief. A male nurse/technician told me to get up and that I could not stay there. I responded that I could not get up. He very rudely said, “You got down there yourself, now get up. You can’t stay there.” I said that I would be happy to get up but I needed help. He left and a minute later he appeared with a gurney which magically became available, and another nurse/technician. He grabbed me by the arm and yanked me off the floor like a “sack of potatoes” while I was screaming and crying in pain. I almost collapsed, whereupon he and the other nurse/technician grabbed me by my arms and legs, improperly lifted me while I was screaming and crying and roughly dropped me unto the gurney like a “sack of potatoes.” What if I was suffering from head, neck or back injuries? The exacerbation of those issues could have been catastrophic. I was moved slightly down the hall but since I was still moaning in pain, I was finally taken to a room that miraculously became available. I was left in there with no method of contacting a nurse, no water and no way of going to the bathroom or relieving myself. Totally exhausted, I finally fell asleep at about 3:30 AM. At 6:00 AM a doctor came to see me. I had been at the hospital for 6 hours with no care. At 6:00 AM a doctor came to see me. By then, I asked her what she was there for and told her what had transpired. She was very apologetic and I told her that it was not her fault as she had just come on duty. She wanted to examine me but at that point I was so disillusioned with having received no care and the disinterest by the staff that I felt absolutely no confidence in West Hills ER or staff and I just wanted to leave West Hills Hospital as soon as I could. I slowly got out of bed called for a ride and left. I was given tests without first being examined or talked to by a doctor; there was a complete lack of consideration for my medical issues; rude, inconsiderate or no attention; no care whatsoever given to me; and left alone for almost 5 hours without any contact. This type of experience should have never occurred at an ER or anywhere else in a hospital. If you are not aware of the total lack of quality of care as well as the total lack of any care that I received as well as physical mistreatment, then this practice will continue unabated to the detriment of patients, the community and West Hills Hospital. Copies were sent to the President/CEO, Chairman of the Board, Chief of Medical Staff, Director of the Emergency Room Department. I am still waiting for a reply.

Norman Siegel

I was pleased with the stay

Diane Tobin

I was taken on time and the staff and technician were friendly and efficient. Very good appointment..

Michelle Sarrow

Doctors took their time ordeing a common test to diagnose medical issue. Caused excessive time in hospital to run up bill by thousands of dollars. Never again.

Amir l.

This ER deserves ZERO stars! This not a treatment facility but a Butcher house. It’s unbelievable how the place dropped in a few years time, they do an initial exam and let stay in the main lobby for hours before attending an ex-tay/ultra sound/give you a room. I waited nearly three hours with chest pains standing in the lobby!!!!!!! There were couple of people literally crawling on the ground from pain without given a room! A very old couple that was there even before I came, maybe in their 80’s giving up and leaving due to not getting treatment or getting called in for a room. What a Disgrace

Randall Paluszak

A nurse in particar was rude, judgmental and in appropriate. She told me wife she thought I was "still high" and that was what probably caused the accident. One of those knows more than the doctors and is quick to let you know that. All other staff were great!

Tamara Mendez

The ER at this hospital is Top of the line!! So fast and efficient. Plus the nurses and doctors treat you like a person, not a list of symptoms.

Elliott James

This hospital deserves zero stars. In fact it shouldn't be called a hospital at all. Believe the reviews that call it a "butcher house" or a revolving door to get a paycheck. They are absolutely correct. They've put a lot of money into false advertising their ER wait times. Sure as their billboards claim you will be "seen" quickly- that just means a nurse will take your vitals and do triage on you in the waiting area in front of everyone. After that expect to wait 6 to 12 hours while being ignored by the ER staff. They seem to only employ doctors who can't take the time to listen or diagnose you. I've never met so many doctors with horrific bedside manners and such a lack of knowledge! Doctor Nasim is one of the very worst, he should have his license taken away. He's incredibly rude and will misdiagnose you and then hang up on you to avoid having to answer questions or actually do his job. I've been to a lot of hospitals in my day, and my family has had many experiences at West Hills due to it being close to home and I can say with authority based on multiple visits with multiple patients in my family that this is the worst hospital I've ever seen. And on top of that the highest prices I've ever seen! The stock response of "we're sorry for your bad experience contact us so we can give you another stock response and not actually care or change anything" is just a ploy to make it seem like they care. They don't!!! Avoid this hospital at all costs, if anything you'll leave worse off than when you came in.

Jr Garcia

Brought my 2 month old baby boy with a fever and I’ve been waiting for 6 1/2 hours. No one has come to see how he is doing and everyone who has came before and after us has already left. I would assume that they would see him sooner being that he’s a small infant.

Susan Hillman

I didn't wait very long in ER. They took very good care of me all throughout ER to CT scan, then surgery. Aftercare too. I love this hospital and know if I ever have to go back, I will be well cared for.

Sheila Martin

I recently had a Mammogram at West Hills Medical Center, the staff were extremely helpful and very polite, and the facility was super clean and very streamlined. I would highly recommend it.

Wendy Pelamati

Normally they're a pretty good hospital, but this time they were horrible! Luckily, I was only there for a few hours. I was there on a Monday (7/3) from about 8 pm to 11 pm., 1st Floor. The ”Security Guard” was sitting right outside my door socializing LOUDLY with everyone and would not shut up. He wouldn't shut up for two minutes. I even asked my RN to tell him to keep it down which he did for.about 10 minutes, and then he went right back to speaking very LOUDLY again when he tells his boring stories and his non-stop rambling. Personally, I'm not sure why he doesn't get fired for not doing his job!

Sonia Parada

Extremely irritated with this ER! Brought my son last night for Food Poisoning, thinking he would be getting good care since they hype this ER so much. And man was I wrong, he got triaged fairly quickly but after that we were forgotten for hours. 6+ hours later, and me complaining about him not being seeing and he finally gets seen and they don't do nothing. No labs or medication. They told me it was a regular case of food poisoning and it should pass in a couple days. Waste of time and my son is still very sick. Will never be coming back here again.

Mary Schillinger

Extremely efficient admissions process. Calls prior made by staff to answer any questions. Nursing staff were exceptional! Friendly, but not overly chatty, put fears at ease and monitored every step of the way for my outpatient surgery. Couldn't have been better!

Rupali Arun Bhosale

Nurse Staff and ER staff is really amazing and helpful too has such a caring staff for a patient and her baby is beyond expectation.

Gonzales Monique

This was my preferred hospital until they started doing patient vitals in waiting area. This is very unprofessional and it has become a daily thing for the E.R.. it's an invasion of privacy and very uncomfortable. I observed patient's as they had vitals done and noticed how disappointed and comfortable they were to have they're information exposed to everyone in waiting area.

Rosemary Hintz

Terrible trip to the ER today. We were waiting for hours for my dad's various test results to come back, am checking in with the nurse on when a doc is going to check in with us. At hour three, I ask again, only to hear the other nurses inform our nurse that the doctor just left for the day, without speaking to us. Nice. I too had to stand by the nurses station and wait for them to finish their personal conversation before even acknowledging me. Our nurse gave us a cryptic update feeling a twinge of awkwardness about the doc just walking out. Go elsewhere if you can.

Lyssa Ainsworth

Terrible. The Dr has no care for my pain and called me a hypochondriac. He tried to offer me pain meds and vaulim when I'm in recovery for addiction. Refused to seek out my sciatica.

Jackie C

Dr. Little and the c section I had after my water broke early were exceptional. The anesthesiologist was very experienced and I'm so grateful for that. Most of the nurses were very nice and helpful, I called on them quite a bit during the time we were there for getting the baby to latch etc. One star off for not having a lactation consultant on hand, especially when I became engorged and needed some advice.

Mario Ochoa

The doctor told me I had an ear infection 5 hours ago & said they’d have a prescription ready in a bit. 5 hours later they said they’re very busy and must treat the others first. I’ll never come here again.

Bryan Raub

I was in there for over 8 months and the nurses, doctors and staff couldn't have been better I am very grateful for taking such great care of me. Thanks to all of the people that work there Bryan Raub

Debbie Moster

Excellent nursing and medical care for outpt surgery

harish kumar

AVOID THIS HOSPITAL! Went to Emergency since my wife fainted at Home. She was told everything is normal(Thank God) and sent Home within 4 Hrs. Then got below bills- 1. Bill of around $2270 for "Hospital services" - No detail of what services in the Bill. 2. Separate bill of $30 from Pathologist for Tests which is fine. 3. My Insurance website shows Doctor claim(Bill which I am yet to receive) of $170 for just showing up and telling everything is normal. No Treatment received except few tests and Bill of over $2400.

Dianne Tillman

Friendly, competent, thorough.

Norm Goodkin

Great doctors and the best nursing staff! Staying in the hospital is never fun, but my problems were quickly resolved and I have no complaints.

Ericl Lemire

I normally have nothing but the finest opinion of this hospital .Not this time however there was a problem that began in the E.R. my girlfriend of fifteen year informed me that she was having problem s breathing so I w1w4eteww her to the E.R. I'm not new at this she has a heart condition thst has b to go iught u

Jen Cerna

I came in around noon today, (Thursday) and I was received right away, literally. I came in with a severe pain on my lower abdominal area, and got my testing done within the hour. Waiting for results took the longest, but they offer free WiFi and cable tv by each bed. I must say that my doctor was a super friendly and hilarious woman. My nurses were all personable and enjoyed my 4 year old’s presence as well. I found out it was a UTI gone bad- but did not feel an energy of being judged whatsoever. I am happy about my visit and consider this hospital the best one yet!

manish singh

worst experience with billing department. They ask the payment upfront and tell you that your will get 20% discount and will not submit the claim to insurance soon and later point of time they refund the amount without giving a discount . so complicated.

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