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DJ Niki Matteo Matteo

Had both my babies there!!.great staff!!.

Patti Silva

This hospital will let you die. Then diagnose you with a mental disorder within two minutes. Lie about your illness. They must have something wrong with THEIR minds to treat people the way the do. This hospital should be shut down.

Mark H

This is a nice, new hospital and I think the staff are very nice and I could easily provided a five star review if it wasn't for one thing - the noise. Unfortunately things are very loud. Everyone hangs out at the nurses station and it sounds like a constant party with laughing and giggling all night. I don’t expect to sleep well in the hospital, but not because of the hallway social scene. A little more respect for patients trying to rest would be much appreciated. Other than the noise issue everything was great! People are nice, rooms are spacious and comfortable, food is.... well, not bad for hospital food.

Tara Kelli Farrah

I've only been to this Hospitals ER twice in March 2018. From triage to registration, to the nurses to the Doctors the service was outstanding. The staff are efficient and skilled. The Doctors are authentic, with a trusting attitude. They work very hard to determine what's wrong with you. I was confident that the Doctor's used all resources available to them to make an accurate diagnosis on my condition. Fortunately, they weren't able to locate anything that was visible or that would be a indication of a red flag. I have Sickle Cell Anemia, thus it's important that I'm evaluated properly, as having this illness can be scary at times. I rate this facility with 10 Stars! Thank you so much for treating me like a human being first, as it always helps the recovery process as well as the diagnosis. Update!!!! The following day thr ER doctor called me to advise me that I had an symptomatic blood clot in my left lung, and that I needed to start a blood thinner ASAP! He was very concerned. Since I started the blood thinner all coughing has stopped. Thank you so much for saving my life Dr. Andrews.

David Bartek

I was born here in '93, and I'm doing alright.

SriHarsha Tatineni,RRT

Opened in 1958 and located in Fremont, CA, Washington Hospital Healthcare System has grown to include a 341-bed, acute-care hospital; The place where my nephew was born/my sister delivered

Shonta N

Been here a few times for cancer and infections. Always 5 star service with a great staff.

Zhi Ouyang

Charges additional night service fee.


The staff didn't treated my grandpa good and bothers him when he had a stroke,at night just because he doesn't talk that much English and he says help for something but they dont care very bad at treating other people

Farid Jan

UN happy customer service. UN professional employee at the reception desk UN help full person name Matt Stewart But some Dr are nice nd an experienced .

Josh Johnson

Their doctors do not care and neither do their phone staff. Just a cesspool.

A Mojadidi

Very insensitive and unprofessional staff, valet, and security. Some wonderful nurses, some rude - unfortunately only one in Fremont outside of Kaiser. Parking is a mess as well!

Monica Quintero


Yikes, Just looking at the reviews of this place from other people makes me want to warn others to watch out for this hospital, especially students who wish to volunteer here. They have such high standards, asking for 100 hours of Volunteer work, but yet do not have good staff themselves which would leave the volunteers at a loss on what to do. Honestly, looking at how many 1 star reviews this place has and seeing as I rarely review places, please choose another hospital if you can.

Iris Hou

Went to have dental appointment and the security doesn’t let me walk thru the sidewalk in order to get to the bart station as the google map recommended, instead she insisted that the parking lot area is only for the employees. So instead of a four minutes walk under the sun, it turned into a 15 minutes walk. Clap clap

Sumedha Kapuganti

I don't know about emergency department but I just had an emergency c section here.. and they saved my child by doing it at the right time... Also my baby was in NICU from when she's born.. they're taking care more than parents could.. They are God sent for me.. I stayed for four days and the nurses are angels... They don't just do their jobs and go but they do it with love and compassion... Being in such a difficult situation for me and my baby is tough.. There's no other place where we would be taken care of so well.. Even after discharge they gave me another room in the hospital to stay close to my baby... If anyone wants to have a baby, I highly recommend this place.. Also the breastfeeding support is amazing they provide a pump in room...I so much loved their care and service...


It was OK the staff weren't the friendly or really caring but overall the doctors help my brother really well with his horrible stomach ace but you need to improve staff such as nurses and other workers

Ravinder Kesireddy

Very bad service, I can say it worst.. They will not take care if patients well and process, bills anything will not go in a fine manner. I strongly strongly suggest do not go to this hospital until and unless you know a responsible doctor in this hospital. And please take care of bills, monitor them very closely. They have charged me around 700 bucks without sending it to insurance. They will send proper prescriptions also to the pharmacy I suffered twice with this mistake. For one day 1 hour 30 min service, they claimed it as 12 days service and they are not raedy to share the info that what kind of service they have provided it. what kind of fraud it is??

robin pacheaco

David A

top drawer

Subbu Parameswaran

This place is just crap for the lack of a better word ! Came to emergency, since my mom was unwell. went to urgent care, thinking mom could be having some form of vertigo and they sent us to emergency. between the 2 places within a matter of 15 minutes, her blood pressure was checked thrice. at Urgent care the person said all the information will be sent over to Emergency, but we were seen by 5 nurses and 2 doctors. We had to tell each one of them why we were there. a doctors job is to diagnose based on tests and not get inputs from us who are not doctors and speculate on what the issue might be. For that advice we can use wikipedia / WebMD. It took 2 hours for somebody to even see us once we were in emergency. 2hrs to be seen in an emergency, isn't that ridiculous by itself? we ask them how many doctors are on duty, the nurses don't know. How many people ahead of us for the CT scan, nurses don't know.. it is just a few feet away. ask them what's next in the process, they don't know at the end of some xrays, labtests, a ct scan and some rather corny jokes, they tell us that they are unable to find anything from reports and it might be vertigo, which we already suspected. and they also gave us a printout from WebMD about Vertigo. The doctor Randeep Thiara was a real jackass. He had no supporting information for his inferences. He wanted us to run more tests and keep her under observation to figure out what's going on. Ask him why, he doesn't know!! We asked him to just give the meds and got the heck out of there before they could levy more tests on us. Mom is doing much better. The fact that they gave the meds which made mom better gives them 1 star. if you are not careful they are going to try everything on you and then send you a big fat bill. The common man places a doctor 2nd in line after God. You begin to lose faith in doctors after you see jokers like these guys. Rural hospitals in India would have treated us better than what we experienced @ Washington hospital ER.

Chris Boyce

Steve West

Bedside matter was best I seen in long time. Good to great, professional treatment from Doctors to Nurses. One to two Nurse was on the hard side or having bad day. But, I wasn't the best A1 patient 100 percent at Time either. Food best I ever had in a Hospital.

Lupe Macias

I went in for a back pains that I was rating at 9's and 10's and I sat there for 4 hours to only be told to take these medications and go to another health clinic they didn't even look at me

Lei Wang

Richard Dazzington

The experience of sub rate doctors, and the incompetent billing makes this being my closest hospital terrifying. It's so bad I'm considering moving from Fremont to be closer to a competent medical facility which would not cause me harm in an emergency and then bill me multiple times at incorrect rates.

Chad Zhou

Shashi Sharma

androidbj monkeydf

Nat N

seriously. .the worst experience. . had stroke.. can't move or talk.. they treat me bad.. i saw hematologist and neurologist once in 5 days.. they never called my regular neurologist. all the specialists are on contract.. so please go somewhere else in case of emergency. .

Robert Dicks

Yet another emergency department trip, this time for what turned out to be a painful, but relatively minor sports injury. Excellent attention and care by the staff, and a really easy, positive experience.

Rose Njuki

I have never met a group of nurses and doctors that are so kind !! This is definitely the place to go. They will go above and beyond to assist you.

laura shapiro

Ali Kheam

This hospital is a complete rip off. They will charge you for any thing. and the pricing are hospital discretion. Few examples: iburphese-- market value 20cents, at washington 20 dollars breast pump-- market value 25$, at washinton hospital 524$ blanket, though never used, since we brought our own. Market price = 15$. at washington charges = 517$. strip of vaseline = market cost = 1 dollar max, at Washington hospital around 30$. They are running this hospital as a business, while I argue with them about the pricing, their answer was that its their decision to chose whatever they can chose. no contest. There is no price control and based on the conversation i have with the billing department, they can engage in price fixing( the bulling person clearly mentioned that other hospitals are charging similar). Its a poor hospital, its not clean, messy and hardly any research output,

Mark Mata

Send my mother home with no MRI and she went to UCSF and they attended well I found out she needed surgery

Haritha G

One of the worst hospital service i have ever seen.whole crap. I Will never recommend to any one.During my stay for 6 days they did not clean the room,they did not give the medication on time,i have to call them and ask for medication due to pain.They will not change the bedsheets,They will not provide you gowns or towels during your stay.we should call them frequently and ask them. Airconditions will not work.All the staff members will make loud noises.Like other hospitals they will not provide footprints of baby.No one will provide you correct information regarding health.Very Bad experience.

Archana Ravi

Paras Wadehra

This place is a fraud when it comes to billing. ALWAYS ask them for a full itemized bill and you will surely find items they are charging you/your insurance for which you never used.

gary keeth

for a hospital its good but I want to go home

Henry Martin

This is a 1st class place. As you first was walk in you are immediately greeted by a security guard, who directs you to the front desk after inspecting any bags you might have. ((Trust me, you will not pass Go with these guys on duty. 5 stars)) The hospital has a nice waiting room in the knee and hip surgical department with coffee and a TV. Whats cool is I was able to talk with others in the room about there family members surgery, as most were having the same thing done. Overall I had a very good experience with the staff and the facility.

Jacob Finegold

Yikes!!! This hospital is a complete joke stay away at all cost. Go to Sutter Health where they have high quality service. Washington Hospital is like Walmart a complete dump.

Ning Jin

Didn't send me any bill and didn't file any insurance claim, went directly to debt collector; wouldn't even take my insurance information when I called, horrible attitude

Octavio Robles

estefany Espina

Good attention to patients.

Wendy Roe

ER is horrible (with the exception of some terrific nurses) - even if they are "in network" with your insurance, most of the providers and services that you will encounter won't be and all of them will Balance Bill you after the fact. Surprise!!!!

mae herrero

Amazing and fast service in the ER. Polite and courteous staff. Thank you.

Rongxin Du

Great service, spacious room and nice food

Jeffrey Tenenbaum

Well it was going to be a 5 star review if not for the nurse named Shobna. She was not at all helpful couldn't answer any questions we had. Would not even give a straight answer and proceeded to argue with me when I was asking for a time frame about what's going on. We just had our first baby on Sunday and it was easy and great. Then Shobna make it hell. She tells us nothing doesn't know anything about us. Even tho there is a file. And she just came in and took our baby only telling us it was for a procedure! Making us freak out cuz she's already a horrible nurse and is going to kill someone giving them the wrong medicine and she just walks in and takes our baby not telling where she's going. Or telling us exactly what's going on. Please fire her!!! Before she kills someone


Vivian Maillet

Star Wilmington

Very attentive and responsive service. The two nights I spent there I was tended to constantly. Food was excellent. Maybe because I have PPO.

Amit Desai

Great experience! The nurses are so kind and supportive. Facility is well equiped and clean. Overall they turned the frightining baby delivery phase into most pleasant one.

Qi Zhou

Christine Sanchez

It is very unusual to have a hosp now without private rooms. The emergency dept has guerneys separated by curtains, the inpatient rooms are also shared, including the bathroom and shower. Think about this, someone is sick enough to be admitted with some type of illness, bacterial infection, open wounds, etc and you are sharing a shower, toilet, etc. Without cleaning in between. Come on Washington, use some of the money you shower on your CEO for a terribly overdue patient area update to private rooms. Take a look around at the other hospitals, this is the standard of care.

fawad jawshan

Worst hospital . All they looking after your pocket. I was almost lost my mom in that hospital until I transfered my mom to UCSF. And Standford. This hospital doctor Kileru. He practice on patience . I don't recommend anyone go here for surgery or emergency use any other hospital.moat doctors cam from India have no experience treatment customer as much as they get paid here. They all practice and I saw two patients lost their life in this hospital. I don't recommend anyone go to this killer hospital.

Wang Xiu

Very pooor and careless doctors and they are just focusing on money and ignore everyone

Ashraf Wahba

Good medical care, but the billing practice of a brothel. Random bills from unknown/unverified entities up to 3 months after the service.

Sa S

Stay away from Dr.Koo in the ER. Worst Dr ever. He will not come and see his patients till you have waited forever and you have complained about you have not seen after waiting 2 hrs in the ER bed. Then he comes and gives you fake diagnosis and put fake notes on your medical notes .Acts rude. He doesn't know what he's doing. Nurses at the ER are terrible. In other departments at WTMF Beware of false notes in your medical record. Go and see your mychart to see the false notes put in your chart. I don't trust their lab reports or MRI, mammogram, ct reports etc.

Steve Tutt

After 2 in patient visits coming in through the ER, I can only express how fortunate we are to have this hospital in our community. Great staff and OUTSTANDING nursing care.


Terrible experience with staff there since they even fabricated lab results, CT report, and also the unprofessional nurses there ignored the important changes of the patient. Can not believe how worse the persons working there but ridiculously they are still running their business. Watch out you risk when you select it as you ER!!! You may lose your most important person there!

Hari puri

Gina Bishard

If you are female, don't go to the male indian doctor in 301, you won't be taken seriously

Ravikiran Bhandari


honey grammar

William Bryson

The best hospital in the Fremont area.

Josh Lanci

Thao Matlock

My father just had a brain tumor removed at this hospital and spent about 10 days there. We saw nothing but the most courteous, professional, and compassionate service and care from everyone there, from receptionists to nurses to doctors.

Kamal Etemadi

Service is not good.

Jose Sarellano

Great service

Gurjit Singh Jhampur

The professional staff, excellent security people, great quality services, cleanliness at highest quality

Eric Chai

Kenneth Jucaban

I've been wanting to make this review, because of what happened the day I type this is unforgettable. My grandfather suffered a heart attack which only lasted him in the hospital for a day or two. My mother's schedule that my grandfather would be discharged from the hospital at around Saturday morning, as we had a very difficult schedule to deal with, not because we didn't want to, it's because we this complex time system where we make every hour count as we have no time to do so. What happened was that my mother spoke to the doctor (not mentioning a name, it's rude) who stated that my grandfather would be discharged on Saturday, my mother understood it, as well as the doctor. My grandfather's doctor even told him that he would be leaving the next day. However, this happened. At 3:30 PM of today (as of typing this), my grandfather called my mother stating that he would be leaving tomorrow, which is what they agreed. However, after a couple of hours, the same doctor came in and told him that he was scheduled to be discharged "today". My grandfather explained that tomorrow he would be going, but the doctor had already filled out the exit form (unsure if that was the case, based on what I've been told and heard). My grandfather called my mother in order to explain and assess the situation. She was confused as to why they discharged him early. And when my mother went to consult about the situation, they've forgotten and that it was too late. This is where is get's ridiculous. We were on the other side of the bay, dealing with a couple things (the usual paying bills, deposits and such), when we gotten the call from my grandfather, he told the doctor that he wasn't going today and that the doctor told him to tell his daughter to come pick him up and if they couldn't pick him up, suggesting a taxi, but we were on the other side. So unfortunately taxis would be staying in the area they're in. So we went to pick him up, which caused us to deal with a two hour traffic, where every pathway and road we took had many cars that crashed, so many accidents during that time. By the time we were getting to the hospital, either the nurse of the doctor said that they could wait for him to get picked up tomorrow. Which was total outrage. Not only did they say keeping him until pick up tomorrow, they said it straight as we were heading for the hospital. They didn't tell us that they could keep him in bed til tomorrow. It was dumb move, they didn't call us earlier, only told us to come pick him up, they didn't say that they could keep him til tomorrow. This is unfair and absolutely unacceptable. I believe that this must've happened to a few people here in the county. I want this problem to be addressed and fixed. The understanding of communication is key for mutual action. I give it a star, because they've at least took care of my grandfather who's been treated by the nurses well enough with respect. Just please, don't forget to address and remember when will your patient be discharged, if it's that time, it's that time decided by them, unless there is a change of plans. Thank you very much.

Christopher Sims

Staff lack compassion and are very dismissive of pain/illness. Avoid unless it's an emergency! 4 days after initial visit and still suffering from same symptoms; Doctor: "so what do you want me to do?"

Muneeba memon

Baljit singh

hella Expansive place . they charged three times more than other hospitals for partial joint knee replacement. And the billing staff of both DR. .Dearborn & sah And Washington hospital is so rude. really bad Experience,

Nazary Fro

surajit dutta

Hortencia Granados

Taesuk kwon

the worst ER experience . specially the doctor is very rude . my kid was sick and try to find the reason and how we can help . The doctor didn't try to diagnose her and we felt very embarrassed since he kept asking what worries us to come here even my kid is sick . If we know the reason why she is sick . why do we go visit ER ?

Selim Aşcı

Christian Sieck

I love how the only response from the hospital are just the positive reviews! Typical!

io media

Great Public Hospital Paying taxes for free public services are worthwhile in healthcare. Emergency call included a fire medic and ambulance staff pick up within 5 minutes from the house to emergency room 30. Immediate attention and monitoring of vital life signs by various staff. Several hours waiting for a private room C359 but worth it. Large windows with a view, automated bed controls, lights, temperature, healthy diet meals for patients and same in cafeteria, accessibility showers, ample supplies plus friendly knowledgeable staff add to the great experience. Visitors go through identity check, photo print sticker and can visit the room two at a time. An overnight visitor is allowed to sleep in a pullout bed armchair. The staff encourage this to expedite the process of healing. Hopefully public healthcare becomes global because it creates jobs and paying taxes is worth it as much as police, teachers, and garbage collectors.

Karissa L Martin

Roberto Ortega

I really don't like here the major of the staff is either in a bad mood, and I amited in the hospital for pain I was there for 8 hrs and the bill was 15k dollars and have filled as "uninsured" patient when I gave them all my medical paperwork

Philip Kingston

Jyotsna Gamidi

This is one of the useless hospitals we have been to in Bayarea. We took our child for emergency for breathing difficultly and they took more than two and half hours for the doctor to even see him.

shalini av

Dahni Hawk

Miserable emergency room experience. Unusually high bills. God awful billing department that makes paying bills difficult.

kuldip pallian

Shivakumar Burugu

Worst place to vist

Matthew Crockett

My dad had trouble breathing and was in pain, so we went to the E.R. The security guard was more concern about checking us for weapons then letting us enter the building. This place is a joke!

Daniel Gomes


I got very sick in Dec of 2018. Unfortunately this was the only hospital I could go in emergency due to Insurance. I felt tortured when 2 nurses put Catheter in n were very rude. Man who pushed my bed to take me to the ward didn't know how to get there so he took me outside n around the building at night it was windy n cold I was terrified felt like I was going to fly off the bed. This man had issues with his knee so he had difficulty pushing the garnier with me on it. I was placed next to screaming patients one of them had TV so loud I couldn't sleep. When I complained to the nurse he offered me sleeping pills instead of calming down the other patient or turning the TV off. I was moved around 3 times. My room didn't have hot water. The nurses would not wash their hands after cleaning my commode they wud touch my food n water jug with same gloves on. On my 2nd day I had to call 911 cuz after buzzing over 10 times no response from my nurse. My oxygen level dropped to 74 I couldn't breath I thut I was going to die. Only 46% of my lungs work and I wasn't put on oxygen until this incident happened. The day I got released my nurse went to lunch b4 I left . I wud never recommend anyone to this hospital. The people who r suppose to answer the call button r always on their phone and iPads cuz the day I got released I kept calling for wheel chair n no one wud answer. My daughter walked up to find someone and that's what she saw.

Khoshal Bajouary

I really appreciate this doctor [ Nguyenp Myhanh NP ] she was a great person and very helpful doctor & nice to my Daughter helped her get her medicine thanks again.

Bill Fong

This hospital helped my family with they needed care in the ER. It did take patience on the individual treatment areas did make them comfortable. The outside waiting area will test you patience and tolerance. Staff was helpful and kind. Medical doctors did the best they could. I even seen them transfer patience to trauma centers when they needed specialized care.

Sandy Wood

Would never try this place I have been treated not right and extremely bad service . My insurance was not appreciated here at all.

Ranadheer Goud

Bad experience with this hospital they don't know how to treat also .. They are playing with the patient patience.... If the person is dying they won't care

Isaac Carlon

Hospital is a complete joke. Customer service is in need of help

Teri S

They've always treated my family with kindness and respect. The ER department with Dr Khoi Lam and Stephanie were so kind. His bedside manner was excellent and he took his time and the staff was polite, efficient and thorough. Thank you!

Ajmal Soroor

Don’t go here and take anyone they don’t care and just want your money we just moved here we don’t like here anymore .

ChangQing An

I went in the ER on Saturday with severe soar throat, unable to eat for 3 days, dehydration. They took me really quick, gave CT scan which confirmed abscess beside the tonsil, luckily no surgery was needed. They gave me IV, antibiotics, steroids, then sent me home with Rx when I already started feeling better. All these happened in roughly 2 hour span. As a nurse myself, I am very impressed with their work. The second day I started eating, less pain, back to myself now. Thanks to their wonderful work. The staffs are courteous, professional, knowledgeable, and caring....They deserve a full five-star:)

Leslie Green

Had an emergency and had taken a friend here due to a bad burn. The people were rude and they dont care. Its very sad that this is accepted in this profession. I see noone responding to the bad experiences that are being reported. You would think that WTF (which should stand for what the f!#k) would utilize this informative feedback to better a patients experience, maybe weed out the bad people there.

Aaron Clements

Filthy bathrooms no ever cleans them

Raul Eduardo Villafuerte

the waiting is long, some drs are mean,one dr told me one day, u don't have anything and don't shake hands, he barely did a a good checking on me, another time the nurse throw me the clothes u wear there in my face, don't like, don't have another option near me

Yan Wang

medical service is ok. But the billing department is a disaster. For the same service they charged three times and without any expense detail. The woman of the billing department I called was terrible, she dose not answer your call immediately, ask you to leave a message , maybe she will call back, with a very rude attitude.

Reshma Ch

Unfriendly staff, negligent and delay in taking cases. Dont understand the patients condition and will make you wait for long. Onething is for sure, better be prepared to pay higher medical bills compared to other medical facilities. They don't offer any discounts on copayments. Their charges are insane. Never visit this hospital for your treatment.

joseph lanci

Allah Is the greatest

Zarah Zalazar

Doctor never even showed up. Billed $6,000. Sent to collections. Billing department gave wrong information, gave important information late, and to top it off you can only pay via snail mail. Treated and talked to so poorly. I feel like they hate their patients -- like we're an inconvenience. Filing a complaint with health department. This is not acceptable.

stupid idiot

I wonder when someone is going to sue this place or file a report with edd for discrimination in the hiring process. If you are not the same race as the recruiter, you are not going to get hired, period.

Pavan M

One of the worst emergency care experience I ever had. They don't diagnose the treatment properly.

Pattabi Ramaraju Rallabandi

Ami Jariwala

Not helpful staff that would get you to a doctor at all. Specially few phone operators like Julien, Elizabeth M., Selfie S. always find ways how to stop you going to see a doctor. I am quite sure the doctors and other upper level staff doesn't know about all this what is happening at initial phase of getting a new patient to a doctor.

Adilene Jimenez

The doctor was so mean he told me to think twice before marring my fiancé just because he was drunk

Rabia Umer

Dirty ER rude staff!

Jonathan Singh

A good place for the sick people. Hardworking.

Joseph Lucero

Tiffany Blachford

This hospital sent home a homicidal and suicidal family member who threatened everyone with a knife and to burn the house down. The cops transported him to their ER, where they didn't get him any help and tried to get my family to take him home. When we refused because HE THREATENED TO KILL US, a case manager threatened my family with APS and abandonment. As an ER nurse myself, I'm absolutely appalled at the "care" and complete lack of professionalism here, not to mention the complete utter disregard for patient and community safety. This ER is staffed mostly by travel nurses who just don't care. I'd rather die than attempt to get care here.

Ankush Kar

Victor Wong

The security people acting like a boss


One of the ICU nurse looked the other way when patient was screaming from Pain. Solution to everything is morphine and off you go. Never trust your X-rays because it always come back clear even if they see cancer. Worst hospital ever. May God be with everyone who enters

Brenda Cox

I traveled from Las Vegas to Fremont to have Dr.Mary Maish perform a Heller Myotomy,due to Achalasia.The day before surgery I had a pre-op appointment at 8:am,to do paperwork,labs, chest X-ray ,etc.I was done by 9:am .Everyone I met was so nice and very professional.The entire process was much different than any other experience I've had at a hospital,and it went like clockwork. Later the same day I met Dr.Maish.She is one of the most petite women I have ever seen,However she is so full of knowledge and more passionate about what she does than anyone I have known.The surgery was a very complicated one but I knew I was in good hands.I can't say enough great things about my team in the operating room, recovery or the nurses that came into my room to see if I needed anything and take great care of me.Each one was just as sweet as the last. I have 4 incisions in my abdomen and never needed any pain meds during my stay or after.I was told the normal stay was 3-4 days but things went so well I was able to leave the hospital the next day with the understanding that I would not leave for Las Vegas till I talked to the Dr. the next morning.I would HIGHLY recomend this hospital and its team of people and Dr Mary Maish if you find yourself in need of a thoracic surgeon.

Vijay Lakshman

Service is very bad. Nurses are don't listen or follow what's written in the file. When I asked them to do certain things, nurses ignored, that resulted in complication.

Dayana Soriano

brenda mad

HEART PATIENTS: DO NOT GO HERE..My brother in law was admitted to this hell hole and for two weeks. He walked in with water gain from his heart. Washington made him lay in bed for two weeks, they let his health deteriorate beyond sick. They let him get bleeding bed sores because all they did was made him lay in bed and did nothing to help him. They did not have pillows to stop bed sores? They never moved or adjusted him even after we complained, just let his sores get stuck to the sheets and bleed. When we would ask questions we would get excuses!! By the time he left he was shaking, could not understand anything he was saying, talking jibberish to himself like he has a brain problem! they never made him eat and never knew how much he ate? They did not care about him at all. Patients are left on there own. We finally got him transferred to Stanford after writing a complaint to the board of directors of Washington and Stanford was SICKENED at the lack of care and the bed sores washington hospital allowed him to get. We were told next to an elevator at Washington NOTHING MORE WE CAN DO AND NOT SURE HOW MUCH MORE THE HEART CAN TAKE !! and they still let him lye in a bed for weeks. By the time he left that hospital he was not talking, not walking and not eating. He walked in that hospital but could not walk out. I think they were giving him something we don't know about so he was delirious and hallucinating. Not sure what was going on. SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT WITH THIS HOSPITAL. He has been in Standford for 5 days and he is talking normal after the first day, eating and they have him walking. SHAME ON YOU WASHINGTON HOSPITAL, SHAME ON YOU DR KUMAR!!!! Do not take your family to this hospital under any means. They will do NOTHING for you family..... I am filing a complaint with the Medical Board.

Balvinder Singh

Surendra Reddy

Hospital is not fit for even 1 star , Staff is not responding in time and even emergencies cases also they took minimum 1 hrs - they do not know the meaning of emergency even, careless staff.

Robert Ham

Had to bring my kid into the emergency room, then he was kept overnight for evaluation. Caring and knowledgeable staff, great communication. Good, good experience.

Ylana Lauren

They treated me as a family here

Patricia B

Totally missed the diagnosis of a fracture in my 95 year-old morher's femur. We were told at least 5 times by the doctors that she did not have a fracture when, in fact she did.

Ashly Ojeda

Duolingo Owl

I usually joke around when I review other places, because I make joke reviews, but when I was about to joke review this place I saw an onload of reviews saying how terrible the service was, and how terrifying it was, I legitimately give this place 2 starts because of what others said, and I think I should warn others of this hospital.


Nada mal aparentemente

omar mohamed

Diamond Hillside

Slow response, My left leg and right arm was removed after a dog attack and it took forever to get pain meds

Jean Philippe Granchi

Beware, went to the ER, and was correctly treated (Ok actually) they recommended additional checks, and that was not done by a Doctor in my network , but that was done by an Out Of Network doctor, it looks like it is a common practice, before doing anything even if you start with a in-network doctor with a in-network hospital, they might present you in the middle of a procedure with a out-of-network doctor, and then they bill you and you are left with, a bill in the order of several thousand dollars. You have to ask firmly, if every doctor that interact with you or every procedure they do if he/she/it is covered by your insurance. Most Doctor do not know or don't say what insurance they cover you have to ask and insist.

Rachel Hurtado

I used WH, from the day my children were born.They have the best care, then today, best Nursing care, very professional. Now aftet 40 years, i came back to have my knee's replacement one at a time by the joint specialist Dr. Sah, and now its been two years, and I'm very happy happy with no pain no problem. Now my husband is having the same, and today as well as 40s are steel providing the best service. Thank you Washington Hospital for all you do, and all the professionals too.RN,Orthopedic and specialist.

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