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REVIEWS OF UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital IN California

kenneth whitespeare

serina walter

Im so happy that we went to Benioff. The people here saved my childs life! It was so clean and spacious. The rooms were amazing! staff was very friendly and accommodating. What a wonderful place for children! They made a very scary thing a little easier!

Sharon Riley

This is an excellent Children's Hospital. The Dr's and Nurses, social workers, and floor employees here, go the extra mile and truly are a team. Thank you for your hard work and positive attitudes. You have made this nightmare much less scary than It would be without your dedication.God bless each of you for the many hours of hard work you put into helping children from all over the world. Sincerely, Heavyn's Nana!

Christina Armenta

They have the best customer service, they treat us like family and is always clean!! Wifi is fast too lol

Trina Burnside

The staff and the doctor's were very informative and knowledgeable when asked question's. My granddaughter illness was treated accordingly with professional and personal care.The Ronald Mc Donald house was very clean and they accommodation were very satisfying. The volunteers were kind and friendly. Thank God my granddaughter got flown to UCSF.

Fernanda Ruíz

DaShanna Brown

Rafael Sanches

New, clean and friendly staff.

Chris Bowman

Everyone, literally everyone, at this place has been amazing. They find ways to make bad situations feel a little more manageable and a hospital a little more like home.

Alberto Ramos

Olivia Wiyak Young

My daughter got transferd here fron Reno NV since we been here all our questions have been answerd (awesomely) the nurses,doctors and staff have been amazing,kind,generous,helpful and very caring on my child. Overall UCSF is amazing and i recomend this hospital to all

raul rodriguez

(Translated by Google) Good service that we received very attentive both nurses and doctors, dieticians and nutritionists (Original) Buen servicio que nos dieron muy atentos tanto enfermeras como médicos ,dietistas y nutricionistas

Mari M

Best hospital for children they cure everything ,really nice, answer your questions,nurses,doctors ask if you need anything to drink,blankets, pillows it is a beautiful place please like 5

Donna Mathwig

Every visit to Benioff has the dual elements of potential concern by simply just being there, but also comfort for having been cared for so well. And unending gratefulness for each person in our son's constellation of care. ❤️

Rodo Cord

Enna Cristina Mazariegos

(Translated by Google) It is best hospital you q there !!!!!!! (Original) Es hospital mejor q existe!!!!!!!

Ricardo Mesa

Esta es una obra maravillosa para los niños,les deseo todo el cariño del mundo a ustedes.!!

G Brothers

Best experience in emergencies in whole life!!! One of my sons broke the clavicle of another one ! Les than two hours from time we walk in to cast on my boy!! With three certified experienced nurses and two doctors! (Remember only doctor Rosenthal - you the best!!! Thank you very much personally) and super pro X-ray gentleman ! both lady’s on reception super super super cool ! Super clean and super new ! If it’s would be some kind world rating , - this kids emergency room will be number# 1 in the in the world ! Even security guys was really really nice Thank you very very much!

Arcelia Rosas

This is by far the best hospital experience I've ever had! Unfortunately we were there during a stressful time in our lives, having birthed our son and him having a birth defect (CDH) he was in the ICN for 1 month. I was mentally prepared to be there for months and didn't know if my son would come home with breathing devices or feeding tubes. Fortunately for us, we had the best doctors and nurses taking care of him. They were all super nice and informative. They had so many support groups and daily activities to help out the families. They have a wonderful play room for the siblings to play at while we looked after our baby! I am forever grateful for the level of care they gave our baby! Our baby was discharged a month later and he is absolutely perfect! Thank you UCSF staff!

Virginia Bosch Hyttfors

Amazing hospital, the nurses were so attentive, pleasant and knowledgeable, great anesthesiologist team as well and most importantly, they have an NICU level 4. They made it feel as close to a hotel stay as possible, with the big bathtub and great room service options.

John Patrick

Friendly efficient staff

Salomon Gutierrez

Crystal Stratton

Absolutely terrible .. never again will my child be brought here


Anna Vasquez

I wouldn't take my Isabelle anywhere else! They're our 2nd family.

Mirna peraza

kent hickman

The comfort this hospital gives to our family, in the high level of professional care, technology, and just truly caring, is unmeasurable. I really can't find the right words to express our appreciation to EVERYONE, from housekeeping to the physicians, they ALL deserve recognition! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Our baby, Reagan Rose Hickman has been receiving the best care possible, with that and God on our team, she will be fine!

Simon Valdez

Mac Macaraig

Stephanie Osborn

Surina Singhal

Brandi Findley

I cannot thank UCSF and our surgeon enough for the care my daughter received. On 2/1/16 she had major spinal surgery. She was very upset and scared when we went to check in, the child life specialist was so amazing, I cannot thank her enough. Not only did she help my daughter feel more at ease, she helped me as well. Surgery went all day, from about 7:30 AM until about 8 PM. I really appreciated the phone call updates, it was very hard to sit in the waiting room and see other families come and go, knowing my girl was still back there. Finally I wish I could personally thank Marc from the pediatric ortho physical therapy department. He was absolutely amazing, kind, patient. My daughter was in so much pain, so nervous, she yelled a lot! She told him he was mean all the time and said she didn't like him, once we got home she said, I shouldn't have said that! I really do like Marc! He was very good :) we got home and she followed his restrictions and walked like she was supposed to. Now, 4 months and 1 day post op it's almost like none of it even happened!

Israel Jaime

Rosie Bernardo

Always on top of everything. Calls returned in a timely manner and when you have a sick child that is critical. Entire team is in the know. I never feel lost or alone in the care of my daughter. The new facility is state of the art and beautiful. Now we need San Francisco to build a direct access off the freeway.

Sam Burris

The staff here is amazing everyone from security to custodial to surgeon's are all friendly

Ernesto Enriquez

Its a sour relationship with this hospital. I have come to the conclusion that if you are here for a short stay you will likely have a great experience. But if you are here for a long haul, the experience will change dramatically. If you ever have a nurse named Kat or Sofie, deny their help. They are horrible nurses. Kat specifically. Nurse managers Kim and Christina are no better. They make you feel as if the concerns you are raising are ridiculous and the answers to the questions you provide them are very condescending and contradicting. If you find a nurse you like ask them to primary right away, it is a bit embarrassing to ask but if you don't it's not likely you will see them again for a long time. They rotate staff a lot and they don't seem to like to schedule the nurses in same areas consistently and give them the same assignment. Patient Relations doesn't get back to you if you make a formal complaint. The only thing you can do is spend as much time you can with your child while they are there and make sure you make yourself a part of your child's' care when you are there. They say its a group effort and they want to include you but its far from the truth. You have to be willing to ask questions, be there for rounds, and be annoying. Don't worry if the nurses fear or don't like you. In the end, you will be the one that has to deal with the decisions and care that is provided when you take your baby home not these doctors. We have been here over two months now, and we've had new nurses regularly. Both NP's, Doctors, Nurses have noticed problems and have tried to find resolutions with the nurse managers and charge nurses and we are in same boat. Very frustrating, already having your baby here is stressful, but having to worry about incompetent staff and being treated more as a thorn rather then patients is unbelievably annoying and worrisome.

Joni Wellington

My 2 year old son broke his femur, and what could have been a traumatic experience was made so much easier by the amazing staff at Benioff... I could not have asked for better care or a more state of the art facility!!! So thankful for everything!!!

Antaneza Brooks

Great kids only Hospital

Lisa Atkins

The staff is so helpful and caring. Doctors and nurses are knowledable and considerate. The entire staff makes this experience a little easier.

Carolina Ochoa

This is where I got operated because I used to have seizures but now I'm seizure-free it's been 6 years. Since my operation


Jason White

Justin Hirst

Matthew Domaoan

Misiz Salmon

My baby was misdiagnosed. She qualified to move from Neonatal Unit to Pediatric Unit, she was over 1 years old and she met the weight requirements. There had been nurses from the 4th Floor pediatric unit coming down to take care of her in the 3rd Floor Neonatal Unit in order to get to know her. Myself and my family had meetings every Wednesday to remain on the same common ground about treatment plans and goals of treatment. Wednesday April 19,2017 we had a wonderful meeting better than most, in that meeting we were told that we had more of a long term care health plan and it was covered by three insurance companies so the goal was to transfer my baby up to the pediatric Unit before May 1, 2017. We all had good vibes good energy and we're soon to have a fresh start in a Unit moving on up. During Wednesday April 26, 2017 meeting we were told that Physicians made a unanimous decision to take her off of life support within 7 days with or without my consent. Which would be MAY 4,2017 withdrawal of life support one day after her first birthday. We found a legal life defense team who began to represent us and extended that 7 days to a further date to prepare a case. Sadly my baby girl died on 5-5-2017 due to a nurse leaving her arms out of her swaddle she was able to lift up the ET tube tape and her tube was halfway out I jumped out of my sleep pushed the tube in and shouted for help. Nurse and respiratory therapist responded at a turtles pace and said I think she is dying. There is a complete DNR at this time we can not touch the tube or retape it. My heart has never felt this pain. I am suffering and unable to properly grieve after this and now I find that physicians list her death as 5-4-2017 in which she died on 5-5-2017 at 11:34pm. I still remember looking at that clock crying and knees weak as I am helpless to my only child. Social workers and administrators contacted me days later to say that the doctors listed 5-4-2017 for a particular reason and determination. I wonder is that how we operate now in America. List the date of birth and date of death as in how we determine it other than what it actually is. Lord knows somebody pray for me as I am praying for myself. This facility I will never go to again, this medical team, staff and physicians I will never again trust. Lord have mercy on all the souls involved with this I am seeing a conspiracy. No stars !

Cyrus Butler

Excellent care. Thank you.

Clint Claassen

The medical and emotional care for both children and families is top notch

Marty Bevill

First class facility nothing but the best, it's amazing that other hospitals have to try first before they get there for proper care

Bruno R

My grandother born here love this HOSPITAL

Ashley Maldonado


UCSF is not only our hospital, is our second home, the doctor and nurses are family. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication!!

Michael Tomlin

Patient and parent centered delivery of care.

Stacie Martinez

Best care, best physicians, best PA's! The level of care my child has received is above outstanding,

Charley Va

desen fommen

The doctors are very good. They hear the patients’ problems and after that, they solve it fastly.

Ruth Faagata

They have a good place for children.

April Martinez

They are so caring and sweet, always very helpful and addresses any questions or concerns about what procedures they are going to be doing. ♡♡♡♡♡

Akilah Ocana

The Drs and nurses are AMAZING! They truly care about their patients.

Thomas Nunez

The services are great

Florian Dorfbauer

Never ever in my life I felt better taken care of in an hospital than here. 6 stars of 5.

Diane Powell


Staff is amazing, caring and friendly (90% of the time). Thank you to all dear nurses and doctors who took care of my munchkin, when she was not feeling well. Hands down the only ER place I would ever bring my little one into, for as long as we live in San Francisco, and if it ever needed again (no offense, but hopefully not!). THANK YOU!!!!!!!

Junior Rodriguez

Great hospital ! The best doctors and staff ! My son had surgery and everything went smooth , couldn't be any more happier or thankful for everything ! Thankyou UCSF ❤️❤️

mercedes arrunategui

Lena Maes

Gabrielle Medina

This hospital is the best hospital we have been to and they habe the best doctors, nurses and surgeon's. My daughter was born here and she comes back for her ongoing condition and requires several surgeries and everytime we come we always have the best experience. ❤

Steven Stokes

My favorite hospital. Everyone here are amazing to work with and to know. Friendly and happy. One of the best hospitals in the city.

Willie Johnson



When my 10yr old nephew went in for brain surgery, not only did this hospital do an excellent job in caring for him but communicated with the entire family. From the surgeons to the nurses to the security, I was very impressed with this facility. I only wish it wasn't so far from home.

Camiel Zeijen

Excellent care for patient and parents! Nurses, doctors and staff do everything so that you as a parent only have to be there and support your child. Many thanks to NICU unit Yellow and Orange!

Christine Ojeda

Awesome team of doctors and nurses! My daughter had surgery yesterday and the team was so nice and so thorough in explaining everything and taking the time to make sure she was ok and watched over from beginning to end.

Gah Angel

Ellie Benton

Such great knowledgeable Doctor's that treat you with so much respect! They took great care of my grandson during his stay and also with his follow up visits. I would definitely recommend!

Kristin Miller

Almost killed Kingston.

Naif Saud

Excellent and very luxurious. They have delicious food. But a few.

mauricio Hndz

Trabajan profecional mente

Swazerre Dean

My grandson is here after being diagnosed with AML leukemia in September... Of course the news of his diagnoses was COMPLETELY devastating to my daughter and the rest of our family, however I will say that the nurses and doctors involved in my grandson's cancer treatment have been absolutely wonderful .... He's only 3yrs old and was diagnosed at 2 so quite naturally he has no clue what's wrong and often down hearted because he's not at home where he wishes to be. But the staff and family environment here have made him feel a bit better about where he is... At any rate thanks UCSF Benioff... You have made our dilemma easier to deal with....

Grace Tollie

UCSF is amazing and staff is outstanding! They each go above and beyond to make sure your hospital stay is as easy as possible. They have made my son's numerous stays tolerable and even fun at times. The school teachers, Child life specialists and support staff are out of this world amazing. Thank you UCSF

Christy Perkins

Great hospital, great doctors

Nelson Torres

Very bad service, we almost have to do everything in here, like the bed every day, the nurses just bring the linens and never ask if we need help,and that's their job they received a paycheck to bring a service and to make the patients and their families feel comfortable,but we didn't feel like that never

Diana Melchor

I can't express how great full I am to all the Dr's and nurses who cared for my son on our stay. This is by far the best service I've received anywhere, ever! THANK YOU staff for answering all our questions, for your patience and for your care!

Crystal Reynolds

The best children's hospital I've been in. The staff is friendly, competent and understanding.

John Boy

UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital is an amazing place what's amazing staff I spent 35 days there with my daughter Lilly. She was flown from Mercy Hospital in Redding California to UC Davis in Sacramento where they stabilized her and then flew her to UCSF benioff Children's hospital where they saved my daughter's life. Thank you...

Jessica C.

Both of my children are patients and both have had surgeries. Today my son had a very hard time with a simple procedure. There was so much amazing support. I truly felt like I had a team behind me. Everyone down to the anesthesiologist played an active roll. Tonight he is resting safe and sound in his own bed. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Chris P

My daughter, Kati, has Down's syndrome and has had to deal with a number of issues. Every doctor and practitioner we have seen has been absolutely wonderful. Kati just had knee surgery on October 13 at UCSF with Dr. Diab. He is the kindest, most respectful doctor and human that one could ask for in a surgeon. As well, all of the nurses who took her into OR then brought her out helped put me at ease especially since I was alone for the day. I know Kati will always get the best care in the world whenever we go to UCSF. (I know this sounds like we were paid to do a review, but we weren't. I just love this place!!)

Edmund Huang

I'm a patient and staying here. It's really nice

Emmanuel Osawe

Amanda Arambula

This is a good hospital it provides great services and have awesome staff over all magnificent surgery team wonderful NICU care brings any family's hope to expectancy

grissel Rodríguez

Im very grateful for all the help they have done with our daughter if it wherent for there dilegence and amazing staff she woul might not be here today

Jerry Gierman 81

shyam tripathi

Joon Kim

Awesome! I could say best hospital at bay area. Nice and Clean facilities, Kind and professional staffs. Even with Ocean view. What could you expect more?

Mrs. David Whipple

The best doctors in California

Strive 1030

this hospital saved my sons life and mine as well i was a high risk pregnancy my son was born with sb and required surgery after birth i cant stress how much of a blessing this hospital was for my family we were here for 2 months i traveled from Stockton and they were very caring and helpful the icn nurses are wonderful i only encountered 1 problem but with a nurse on the 4th floor it was taken care of but it doesn't take away from how i feel they were a blessing thankyou


We need to wait for a long time and they told us to come early but they not finish

Alfredo Duran

Arsenio Abalos

Mehnaz Malek

lovely staff, great care!

Tammy Rossitto

My son had surgery this morning and was in recovery by noon. He is still waiting for a bed. I asked to have the surgeon call me, but he never did. Won't recommend this hospital.

Mage Ng

People are nice and friendly. Doctors are professional.

rosario dagio

Kun Sad

The best children's hospital

Trae Sebastian

It's truly fantastic. Foods great, rooms are spacious, and staff are friendly.

Jonathan Abrenica

#1 in California

Cynthia Paez

Best hospital ever. ❤❤

Morganism In SF

Personable and informative and efficient

Christine Chang

First time we came for my son he have apendcitis, and he have surgery. He stay in the hospital for one week, went home for two days and come back to the hospital again for another surgery. Not supposed to have two surgery. The doctor should do the surgery only one time not two time. The doctor should see if everything is good before sending him home. That is really care less mistick.

Dominique Dillon

Andrew Mapalo

Stewart Wilson

Modern, clean, friendly staff, excellent doctors.

Desiree Clendennin

In the middle of my son's stay right now. Really amazing staff!!!! The food is great but I sure could use a candy bar! The room is super clean and Big so is the TV. They have many movies that cater to young and old.

Alejandro H

Wonderful place

Leanna Apachito

Jose Fuentes

Great hospital. Great staff. They take the time to listen when others don't. They have an open mind.

Jessica Sutherland

They have huge tv's which is nice for entertainment, good food, and nice spacious rooms

Silvia Sanchez

(Translated by Google) They are doctors excellent buenisimos and very friendly clear in his instructions uriel has been fine and well staffed and give us confidence and as a family was very nervous is normal but when finished his cirujia the child and passed to recovery were kind enough to let me be with the child and are for my real good best are aware know tell you why you do not have to be afraid because they do their job well and god decides what follows many thanks for deciding to devote his oara life saving lives god bless you all staff enables all this in order to save lives (Original) Son doctores excelentes buenisimos y muy amables claros en sus indicaciones uriel estubo muy bien atendido y nos dan confianza y yo como familiar estuve muy nerviosa es normal pero en cuanto termino su cirujia del nino y lo pasaron a recuperacion tuvieron la amabilidad de dejarme estar con el nino y son para mi buenisimos lo mejor tienen conciencia saben decirte el porque no tienes que tener miedo porque ellos hacen muy bien su trabajo y dios decide lo que sigue muchisimas gracias por decidir consagrar su vida oara salvar vidas dios los bendiga a todo el personal que hace posible que todo este en orden para que vidas se salven

Robert Sauber

We come here from 6 hours away because they are the best.

Edith Abad

Everyone is kind and helpful. Great people, God bless them.

yuliana hernandez

They have the best doctors and nurse practitioners!

Anjel valencia

Nurses and docters help si,

Jessie Mahan

This is a beautiful hospital and the people there were friendly and very helpful in finding your way around the hospital. The only problem is it's to far from home.

Sam Hecht

New facilities. Great snacks in the pantries. You can have one heck of a good time having your baby at this place.

Antonello Erittu


Fernando Gradilla

Phil Huber

It's a great hospital

Eddy Aguilar

(Translated by Google) Very good thank them recover from my cancer (Original) Muy bueno gracias a ellos me recupere de mi cáncer

Una gota de arte de Nicole

Excelente la atención en este Hospital. Excelente los profesionales

chuki López t

(Translated by Google) Thanks UCSF benioff children's hospital San Francisco they recovered my baby are very good specialist I recommend it to parents

Frank Bella

The people at this hospital are the hands of God at work. My grandson arrived here with Meconium Aspiration Syndrome (MAS). We had been warned that he may not make it at the delivery hospital. Upon arrival, he was surrounded by a huge Care Team that did not leave his side until things were turned around. Now 6 days later, he is in his mothers arms, free of respirators, and on his way to a normal childhood. There are no words to describe the gratitude we feel towards this team. And my hat is off for Marc Benioff - whose generosity made this facility possible. Five stars are just not enough.

rell ish

People was very nice and it was very fast to see the doctor

Drea Morones

A really good hospital

Nick Payton

Diana Bunimovitz

Over prescribe and over charge for everything! As a patient do not accept tylenol, your bill will reflect a $75 charge for it. That is but a tiny example of huge over the top costs, some of which were unnecessary and perhaps prescribed or done to pad the bill with huge charges and costs.

Kurtis Harris

The best hospital I've been to. They saved my twins life. Thanks again

Patricia Moore

Maritza Iniguez

Unbelievably amazing staff that makes you feel at home when you are not. My baby was only 2 months when she had to be flown from Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital. I had been up almost a week with less than 4 hours of sleep because my newborn was so sick. The nurses took care of my baby while I slept and they were amazing. Best hospital experience and we had to be there 10 days! The nurses and doctors were so supportive and me being a new mom needed all the support I could get. If there were a higher rating, UCSF definitely earned it. THANK YOU UCSF

Priscilla Escoto

Horrible horrible horrible!!! Had to give a star so I can give a review. We came 2 days ago for a high risk surgery from a transfer from our hospital and our home which is 5 hours away. We’re STILL here and they haven’t even gave us an actual surgery time or day!! The nurse told us only one person can sleep here (it’s just me and my sister staying with my mom who is the actual patient) absolutely horrible service and made my mom feel like she was a burden when all she is doing is waiting in her bed for her surgery! No parking because of all the construction and already paid more than $200 in parking lot and a ticket for not moving my car at 2am!

Jason Curd

Ajol Masih

Kelly Zhang

I love the hospital Nurses are nice .Patients can order food at the TV.Foods are so good.

lupe zavala

My son been coming to ucsf scinse hes a new born. Son we love it here

Russ Cucina

Jae Ho Sohn

Adriana Meza

Anthony Scott

Johanna Gregory

I was sent to UCSF after my water broke at 26 weeks.I was told that this was the best hospital if my little one decided to come out early. Once I was admitted I was greeted by a nurse by the name of Ms. Dee Dee, she made me feel so welcomed! On 11/24 I had an emergency C-section and my little one was born. The staff in the NICU are so amazing!! They answered every question, helped me smile when I was down and made our stay very pleasant. UCSF is by far the best hospital I've visited. I've never met such friendly, welcoming people.

Marisa Mackenzie

From the parking attendents, cafeteria workers, environmental services people to the socials workers, nurses, surgeons.... every single person I came into contact with at UCSF for my son's open heart surgery went above and beyond. Thankyou UCSF Benihoff!!!

Ben Matthews

The labor and delivery team are the only reason I can give somewhat of a positive review. Sure the nurses were nice and helped and somes are really good. But we came here for a high risk situation. We had to come early and then eneded up being here for almost 2 weeks. We needed them to help with me a signiture for pfl to take care of my disabled pregnant girl friend. They just gave us the run around. I had just started a new second job and I lost it for being stuck here for two weeks with zero help with paper work in terms of signing so I can not lose my jobs. Well now they finally 2 weeks in told me they can't sign my paper work after claiming they will see what they can do. Honestly they are terrible. Complete water off time only useful truly during delivery. Still stuck here because baby is close to jaundice and my girl friend has been discharged but not the baby. We are in a location where it's 32 a night for parking unless you say you lost your ticket. No way to easily get food besides a Target and I can't leave my girlfriend because she's still to weak to carry the baby but she can be discharged?!!??!!! So they won't sign for tet FACT I HAVE TO BE HERE but they will claim my girl friend who can't drive can't carry the baby on her own is safe to go home. Which means they are counting on me to take her home to boot her out so they can maximize flow of patients for profit. Also don't even bother with the social workers. Everything is set up here to cripple you financially as hard as possible.

Dario Garcia

Great place to work. Go tugs!

TiTi Renee


Thomas D

Julie Campbell

Wonderful, caring, and knowledgable staff. Very accommodating to the patient, as well as to their families . Excellent facilty!

Farzan Roashan

It's simply great place

David Robinson

Cliff Fogle

condorito limon

(Translated by Google) Excellent (Original) Excelente


Alexzandra Velazquez

Great service

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