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Jamie Thayer

My friend had a medical emergency and the team at UCSD Medical Center was absolutely amazing. From communication and compassion to efficiency and top-notch medical professionals I can’t say enough about the care he received.

google user

Lindsay Du Bois

My grandfather suffered a stroke and was life flighted here... The Dr's nurses as well as all the others we encountered were pleasant helpful and professional ... They have definately helped us through this tough time.

the one w

I had a severe migraine headache no questions asked the doctors help me immediately after I was discharged the doctor that treated me gave me a call 3 days later to check up on me .

Amalia Cortes

(Translated by Google) I am very grateful to the medical staff and nurses for the attention given to my daughter received excellent attention. My daughter was transferred from the hidden dovecote and since she arrived until she left at no time she was always neglected by a nurse available to help her and in the care with the children NICUO the very nice nurses affectionate with the babies May God Bless all the staff Doctor and continue to give you wisdom to continue helping everyone who needs them

Jason Lindsey

UCSD - Owen Clinic has my favorite doctors and nurses! They are very informative, willing to help, and attend to my appointments in a timely matter, keeping my wait time to a minimum. Please, check out Owen Clinic, it is a great place for treatment of chronic and infectious disease.

Mark Jansen

First rate

Mark Koenen

This place is so unorganized my Dr. Wasn't even here had to wait for ever get the nurse Michelle I believe, was extremely rude and acted careless towards me swearing etc.etc. like really be professional. Definitely never coming back here

Emily Bradford

Everything was checked and double checked. I felt like my preemie was in the best possible place he could be for treatment.

Ofelia Rios

(Translated by Google) Fabulous information (Original) Fabuloso la informacion

Olivia Francis

Terribly long ER wait. Poor use of Med staff.

Roberta Smith

So on the complaint of a woman who called me satan joined by another who had expressed hysteria about a homeless girl who walked by I was taken to the ER, and when I complained in a normal tone of voice about being there, the security guards threatened to put me in a straight jacket. I laid down on the gurney and the nurse at UCSD, put something in my veins that caused amnesia,. I did not remember the event until later when I received a bill for an ambulance service: I was transported from UCSD to Sharp and from my physical reaction later as a man approached me to touch or hug, I put it together, that some boy in the ambulance fooled around with grandma's knocked out and unconscious....corpus

jesse j Kaufman


Stephen Hughes

My child is in the nicu at ucsd and they are the best they truly are we love everyone here. After my child being released from the nicu at ucsd I have a update we are thankful for everything they have done they saved my child's life and we could not be any happier and and huge thank you the the very few primary nurses we have had they know who they are. They are so knowledgeable and professional and we're there day and night walking us through this experience step by step without them I don't know what we would of been like. FROM THE BOTTOM OF OUR HEARTS THANK YOU AND HUDSON THANKS YOU TOO.

Tottie Angel

I spent 5 days shy of two months and I give 10 stars. Best care. Special thanks to the 11 floor staff.e

Jorge Andrade

Great hospital!

Marcos Miranda

My 78 year old cousin gets run over by a vehicle, fractures his hip, pelvis, lower back, and left clavicle. Orthopedic dr says he needs surgery, 2 days later hospital says he won't be getting surgery and that he'll be fine with physical therapy......WTH!!!!! A week later he's discharged and put in a convalescent center for a week of physical therapy!!!!!! He can't even walk!!!

KickAssMthaFN Barbie


Jamie Burns

I have been in and out of this place my entire life, born here and probably will move on from here. It must be good. If I need of medical assistance. I come here. They even saved my life after a motorcycle accident. Don't just read my review, the world does also.

Courtney Langan

Do not go here - under any circumstances. I went into the ER with a laceration on my leg. They decided to give me staples. There were 2 young nurses that stapled my leg while telling me it was one of their first days. I was in a reclining chair. Please view my picture because words do not do this justice. The staples fell out that night while I was sleeping. I went to my primary physician the next day who was horrified. He removed the staples and replaced them appropriately with stitches. I will now have unnecessary staple hole scars in my leg for the rest of my life. This was an awful experience. Again - please view my picture.

JaShae Henderson

Worst hospital to go to. They treated me like crap

sean schwab


Rod Dillard

The new remodel looks nice here. Parking is a issue though.bring change for a parking meter.

Robert Coppelman

The professional personnel I have met have all been without question first-rate. Unfortunately, if one needs help because of being injured or sick,getting to see a doctor seems to be a major undertaking.I fell on August 5, breaking my left fibula. I went to the La Jolla ER on Aug. 8 because of great pain and inability to walk. Xray and C-Scan revealed the fracture. I was sent home, with the written instructions telling me that someone would be calling me "within 3 days" to refer me to orthopedics. This is where my problems began. The call never came, I called orthopedics the 4th day and was told someone would "call you back today to give you an app't." The call never came. I repeated this the next day, with again no call back. I then emailed the dept. and received an email back telling me to make an app't. I called them last Friday, the 13, was told I would get a call-back to get an app't for the 16th, Monday. Again, no call back. Thus, I have had 4 no call-backs, still have an aching knee, and am completely disgusted withn their set-up, despite their bragging about their "incredible system."

francisco ortiz

(Translated by Google) good (Original) bueno

Judy Amigos

Please beware of a man by the name of Ian Jenkins MD, who happens to be an internist/hospitalist doctor and professor here at UCSD. There was an incident that occurred in which involved Jenkins and a fellow volunteer at the hospital as well as another. While he may hold great reputation, there is major uncertainty as to his intentions when it comes to his personal life as well as in the workplace. We personally wouldn't trust him. Please watch out to anyone who may be a patient/student of his. If you see this, please report any harassment/sexual misconduct immediately.

Chris Dyer

The lab staff is rude, doesn't communicate well, and isn't patient focused.


My mom was recently there for 11 days in the CCU and Cardiology dept and the staff there were a blessing very caring Drs nurses and all hospital staff I stayed with my mom all her stay they made sure we were comfortable and made the best to give us great care . Nurse Nicholle, Hannah and many other that I don't remember there name they were all a great help feel very thankful with everyone and there help .

Victor Angelo

Excellent treatment

Media WareHouse Guy

i stayed in the burn ICU here for 7 weeks. the people here is very nice. the cafe has good food. i go here once or twice a week. child life was good here. the building is big and beautiful so this place DESERVES a place on my top 3 favorite hospitals.

Caleb Baggstrom

best service cant wait to go again

Araceli Johnson

I had a heart transplant, and I can be more happy, got excellent Care and my dream team doctors are awesome, people should stop giving bad reviews,

Emma M

I was at an amusement park on Monday, and had a cramp start that turned into excruciating pain. My husband rushed me to the ER, and the ER staff acted quickly and started doing tests on me, putting in an IV as well. Shortly after my arrival I had an ultrasound which showed an advanced ectopic pregnancy that ruptured, and was causing internal bleeding in my abdomen; the ultrasound tech said "you don't need to be in ER" and rushed out of the room to call OB. About 30 minutes later I was in emergency surgery performed by Doctor Frugoni and Doctor Reggiardo. Even though I am sad for the loss of my baby (ectopic pregnancies are not viable and always fatal to both mommy and baby if untreated), I am extremely thankful to the ultrasound tech, and my surgical team, for acting fast and saving my life. During everything - ER, ultrasound, ER bed, being taken to surgery, and the recovery room, everyone was very informative and told me everything that would happen or did happen. I've never had better care in my life. (I was vacationing in San Diego, so I am not local) thank you UCSD medical center, Hillcrest. I am home now and really wish Doctor Frugoni was local to me for follow up because she is so amazing at what she does, and has superb bedside manner for a doctor.

John Johnson

I had 2 surgeries for cervical issues including disc replacement & insertion of titanium rods from cervical to thoracic & severe compression issues. The surgeons, neurologists, & countless nursing staff made my stay as pleasant as possible & the outcome was a roaring success. I highly recommend!!!!

Adrian .Siguenza

I am here now 4 hrs thieve called 2 people. Sick people everywhere and no sense of urgency. No water fountain. When you ask they tell you there is none. What if people are sick and dehydrated ? What ER doesn't have a water fountain. No sense of urgency no one cares. If you need to go to ER your better off at a county facility. Sad.

Ellen Stirling

I have been put on hold by the apathy (wonder what department auto correct changed this from?) department for the past three days for an average of 30 minutes each time and then disconnected! All I want to do is cancel an appointment.

Glass Dragon

If you're not bleeding and on the verge of death, choose another ER. 6 hours average wait time.

JM Harby



Was a volunteer there. They don't give you parking permit if your shift is on weekdays, and most of the staffs either don't care or don't welcome volunteers, which make you feel your are not suppose to be there. Becoming a volunteer is very hard since students from UC San Diego are all applying.


I see UCSD writes replies. So try coming up with one to this. I was on the psyciatric part of the hospital. West wing. And I had the worst experience with the nurses ecxept for one. Specifically three were bad tho. Nurse Jesse. And Nurse Chris, and Nurse Paul. These three agreed that my mental health symptoms i was experiencing were exaderated and fake. They told me after I did this too myself to grow up and stop whining. They never cared about my symptoms even when i spoke to them correctly so i had no other choice but to freak out and self harm. Then a day after i did this they just discharged. Im going back to another hospital because of my experience here. Never come here seeking psychiatric care until they fix the attitude of the nursing staff. Psychiatry and everyrhing else was okay. And the one nurse who was great to me was named Nympha thank you Nympha. The rest of these nurses need to be fired.

Yiqun Lu

The doctors are very professional and cured my disease. The font desk woman is very kind and helpful. I really appreciate the treatment there.


Staff is friendly and nice. Usually not too crowded as most hospitals. Very clean.

Geo Kakkar

RN De Jesus shows lots of dedication to his duty as a nurse with a smile. He sets the example.

Damaso Brack

Had this hospital been around in 79, I would not have been born at mercy.

NIcholas Calderon

Everyone was great only thing I wold recomend is if you go in for an accident and you were drinking but now driving specify they tend to jump to conclusions. But once they found out I was just in the car everything was cool

Jose Cruz

Love it

zeke shearer

Staff is amazing !!!! If you are unlucky enough to have to be hospitalized,this is where you should be! Your H .R. Director should be awarded...

Lisa Harris

I went in for a bad kidney infection and sepsis. The nurses were awesome but I was not prescribed enough antibiotics or pain medicine to go home with. My infection has now returned. I am very disappointed.

Diane Getgen

I broke my wrist in January and went to the ER at a Hospital by my home. After sitting in the ER in pain for over 4 hrs, finally given a pain pill, then having to wait to get a X-ray and the having to wait in the lobby for another 4 hrs to be told they did not have a Orthopedic Doctor on Duty and that they sent the Xrays to him at home and he wanted them to splint me and have me see him in his office the next day. That in itself was a bad experience but did not get better. I went to my appointment was early and still waited over 2 hours to be seen. To have the Doctor walk in say "Your too swollen, come back next week and we will set it, and discuss surgery that from the Xrays, you need or you will never has full use of your hand". Then left the room. I went the following week to be told "We are going to go ahead and cast you". I asked if he was going to set it and he said "No, it's too late now". So I told him what he said the week prior, he said "so your going to do the surgery?" I then said I guess I do not have a choice since I am right handed. The communication never got better, the fracture nor surgery was ever explained to me. I just knew I broke my arm. I finally got mad since he was not listening to me after the surgery when I tried to complain about pain, and told him I quit and walked out. I then started seeing a hand specialist who on my first appointment took the time to explain the fracture I had. (found out it was my wrist not arm) and the surgery I had. He explained that in his opinion that I would have needed to have the surgery. I have been seeing him and he has listened to my all along the way. I have continued to complain about the pain, and he sent me for a MRI and found that the Xrays along the way did not show, but I have a nonunion fracture. He got me started on a bone stimulator and my last appointment said that on next appointment if still having pain he would send me for another MRI. If that comes back that I still have a nonunion then we would have to discuss a bone graft from my hip. I told him that I wanted to get a opinion from another hand specialist not affiliated with the group that him and the original Doctor have affiliation. He said that was fine and "had no problem with me doing so". Saw a hand specialist at UCSD and he said he felt the best chance I have to get the bone to heal is to have a bone graft from my hip. So I have 2 hand specialist saying the same thing. I just did not want to feel like I did after the first Doctor that I was forced into having surgery. The UCSD Doctor was very good, answered my questions and listened. While I liked him as well, I will stick with the Hand Specialist that I have be seeing. Since we already have a good communication and I know he has 24 years experience as a hand specialist. But I have nothing bad to say about UCSD. I have seen other physicians (Burn Unit, High Risk OBGYN and Pediatrics for my children) While there have been some I liked better than others, I think all have shown a high level of care.


The nurses who took care of my wife, Joanie, we're great. The Sea on there team also worked diligently to help my wife get better.

Glenn Humphries

Plan on waiting for hours in the Emergency room. Even when there are no patients . My advice go somewhere else if you care about your health and time ..No Parking!!! What a waste of time .. Did nothing for except the tetanus shot ..

Ariel Martinez

Really disappointed with the staff, my wife arrived with abdomen and leg burn from a pressure cooker, the paramedics arrived with her screaming and in a lot of pain. The nurse told my wife to shhh (silence). The paramedic s were growing inpatient with the lack of professionalism. The billing staff look like vultures and vampires , " hey hey hey do you have your insurance?... While the patience is in agony in pain. Vvery dissapointed with the burn unit. Faith in humanity and United States health system ; Lost

silvano faoro

What an experience to spend 7 nights at this facility. The nurses and support staff were qualified concerned and delivery a first quality event. True mental and physical assistance before and after surgery. silvano faoro


I love the nurse who stay whit me today is so sweet and great person..

Lu La

Upset & need to vent, so the 1-star is it for now. Will write full review shortly, but suffice it to say the place is poorly run, understaffed, and piss-poor communication between staff which left my loved one in an unnecessarily painful, inconvenient, and expensive situation.

Damien Garcia

My practitioner is fantastic. Do not go here for emergency room medical care or psychiatry.

Joan Karr

Super slow, been in waiting room for 2 hrs. In severe pain.

Scott Spencer

They saved my friend's life. He had a heart attack and they saved him.

San Diego Injury Law Center

Great staff. 5 stars.

Andrea Diane Brown

If I could give this hospital zero stars I would. I went to the ER with an array of symptoms for food poisoning. Not only were the nurses rude to other people waiting in the ED there was a huge wait about 3-5 hours to be seen. I got up and left after vomiting in the waiting area and none of the nurses helped or asked if I was okay. I won't ever go there again. HORRIBLE.

Brian G.

Clean facility

Mark Derhak

Very poor experience at UCSD. I would not recommend this facility. Very difficult to communicate with anyone at UCSD. I left a message for my doctor online, as requested, which I never received a reply to. Telephone calls go unanswered. Billing issues take years to resolve, if you can reach the right person. It seems as if nobody is in charge. Nobody to be held accountable. I am very disappointed and will not seek medical treatment at UCSD in the future. I am now receiving treatment at Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale, AZ. They are the best. UCSD should really go to Mayo and learn from them. Mayo is great! If you have been treated at a Mayo facility, you know what I mean. If not, you should try them!

Kelly Baldino

I used UCSD Midwife services for my 2nd pregnancy and was extremely unhappy with the group. Every appointment I waited over an hour to see a midwife. Once I finally was seen I always felt very rushed in my appointments because they were always VERY behind schedule. The midwives never knew me or my medical history. Throughout the whole 9 months I had to explain to the midwifes over and over again who I was and my medical history. It was very impersonal and toward the end of my pregnancy this worried me very much. I would not recommend this practice to anyone I know. I would never go through them again. When I called to schedule my 6wk postpartum appointment I was told I could be seen in July (1.5 months from when I called for appointment).

Karen Fitzpatrick

Has specialist's in this medical building. Cardiologist and other specialist's. Have many specialist fields in this medical building.

Rocio Sanchez Gravelle

I had a Kidney transplant 6 yrs ago, at the beginning of my transplant there was rejection,however, the wonderful Doctors and Nurses did everything for my new Kidney not to be rejected by my body, they worked so hard. Doctors and Nurses did such a wonderful work that I'm forever so "GREAT FULL"

Timothy Dudley

In 2009 The trauma surgery was god sent.

Leon Mansi

Very professional well cared for I wish I lived closer!!!

Megan Marshall

If I could put 0 stars I would. I had scheduled an MRI over the phone with an employee. The time given to me was 7:45 (no am or pm was specified by the employee). I arrived at the medical offices at 7:45 am the day my appointment was scheduled. I checked in at the front desk of the imaging department where I was charged my copay. I filled out an informational packet and waited for approximately 20 minutes. It wasn't until after I paid and waited that I was notified that my appointment was actually scheduled for pm. I was told to comeback at 8:30 pm. I left and was planning on returning that same night. I was running a bit late and called the department multiple times to try to alert the staff that I was on my way. The operator I spoke with informed me to just show up. An MRI technician called me back when I arrived at the medical offices (approximately 8:37 pm) and told me my appointment was actually scheduled for 8pm not 8:30pm. So at this point I was told the wrong time twice by two different employees within the department. On top of that, I wasn't able to get ahold of anyone in the department when I needed to. I asked the MRI technician if she could squeeze me in considering the inconvenience I already experienced. She told me no and that I needed to reschedule. I called the following day to file a complaint and request a refund for the MRI I did not receive. The department answered my call, but no managers at the time were available. The employee took down the message and told me a manager would return my call. That was last thursday and I still haven't received a callback. This entire department has proved to be incompetent across the board. Multiple people were not able to meet my basic needs as a patient across multiple days. I have never been more disappointed with a medical experience. Since I cannot trust the employees at this facility to accurately schedule a simple medical appointment or call me back, I do not trust them performing any medical procedure on me. Through my full experience not one employee showed any sort of remorse or sympathy for the runaround the department put me through. I will be receiving medical care at a different facility moving forward. I am completely disappointed in the services your facility has provided me. Strongly advise not going here.

C Horvath

It was a horrible, horrible, terrible experience by phone. I called the uc at La Jolla Perlman medical center, the receptionist kept asking me questions and putting me on hold. After 35 minutes on the phone, she finally told that a triage nurse will call me back for an appointment. The receptionist tried to discourage me of making an appointment. She finally took my info, and told me the nurse will call me back. When the nurse call me back, she was rude, inconsiderate and scolded me of my medical situation. Well, that is the reason I called them to make an appointment to take care of my medical situation. She did not cross her mind that maybe I waited to see a doctor because of how hard is to get an appointment!!!!! Or other personal reason!!!! She did not have any sympathy at all!!!!!!!! She send me to the ER??? I am not in an emergency here......I know when I have to call 911. I not a child!! She wants me to sit on the ER for hours when I do not have pain, not bleeding, no broken bone, no broken skin, I am actually sitting in my living room feeling good. I don't see the need for extra time and expenses on going to the ER, when there's people in car accidents or something else that need immediate medical attention!!! On top of that I didn't got an appointment. Now I have to look for another doctor. Very disappointed.

Completely Anonymous

I have had multiple surgeries here years apart and am amazed at the consistency of professionalism and genuine caring of all the staff. They have their excellent reputation for a reason.

Colleen Lugo

I had a wonderful experience at UCSD Medical Center. I had to have my gallbladder removed and the liver transplant surgeon removed my gallbladder. Everybody was very very nice to me and took very good care of me thank you so much UCSD.

Don Davis

I am a "Concierge" medical services participant at UCSD. I pay $1500 a year for several services that I find very practical and convenient. I am also a patient of Dr. Douglas Chang of the orthopedic department at UCSD. I made an appointment with his office, waited a month for my appointment, which was cancelled the morning of. The haggard sounding person who told me Dr. Change was ill stated that "we will call you back to re-schedule" People, even Dr's get sick. However its been a month! Nothing. Its like they are doing me a favor to schedule me. This has happened more than once.

Laura Harrington

Great and friendly staff, you can tell they really care about their patients.

Mike W

Intro: I ended up at "UCSD MEDICAL CENTER" -- because this being the closest to where my injury incident occurred. Along with the Medic-Alert personnel literally BRIBING me to use their medical services, in such a way to manipulate me. That I have no control over them. Their not giving me a "waiver" to sign under my request. This review being my 2nd review/attempt; as my original review got deleted by UCSD (telling google to take it away?). After I phone-called UCSD; of my telling that I gave them a NEGATIVE review so that they look at it. (no coincidence, that this all occur to me) The only + being a 'supervising nurse' for SOME of her work/attitude. ~AND UCSD STILL GOT MY ENTIRE COMMENTS DELETED.~ I also add that for any patient who have personal, expensive items along with them. Who being concerned where they are placed, by the E.R. personnel. UCSD personnel are completely convincing, that your items being along with you. A patient must be very secure with himself/herself, if the patient's mindset is in well enuff clarity. (as there be those like I, that are alone). The more lucky patients have friends/relatives along. At least UCSD offered me something to eat, before my time of leaving. As ALVARADO, (The Next Visited Hospital E.R.) Did Not Do. This was an incident on a record day of heat temperature.

Brian Gomez

Superb Service

Edd Bayes

Worst parking system around. No shuttle or employee assistance available on weekends Maybe the administrative staff should experience their decisions Uniformed guards outside texting and gathering watching customers walk miles or in the rain. Inefficient to say the least.

Jacquelin Hancock

My husband was life flighted to USCD Hillcrest on Thanksgiving weekend 2015. It was the most horrible hospital experience that I have ever experienced, and I have had a few. The doctors on call that holiday weekend were so busy that they actually tried to send my husband home when he couldn't even walk, and this is a big strong construction worker man, not some weakling. He had a severe back injury, but the doctors refused to give him an MRI, stating that diagnosing the problem would not change their course of treatment. Huh? I guess they don't need to diagnose to treat injuries anymore. They then proceeded to overmedicate him so much that he was unconscious most of the time, when he was awake and in agonizing pain, one orderly dropped his food on a tray out of his reach, and when asked if he (the orderly) would please move it closer so that my husband could eat it because he could not move, the orderly told him to call his nurse. This occurred when I went to eat in the cafeteria. The nurses were rude and failed to respond quickly ever, and my mother was a nurse for 46 years, so I hold great respect for nurses. WE finally asked for the Doctor who was the Attending Physician, not the Resident, and found a much better experience with him. He did order some physical therapy, but this did not happen until day three of a four day stay. We switched rooms three times in four days, the overall care was pathetic, and my advice to anyone is, DEFINITELY do not get hurt on a holiday weekend. Wait until non holiday. That is apparently when the "A" team shows up. During holiday, everyone working represents the lowest standards, the lowest pay, and the lowest experience in the hospital. Also make certain that someone is in the room with the patient at all times so that they can monitor what the hospital staff does so that they cannot hurt the patient. They just might!

valeria garcia

(Translated by Google) I'm just going (Original) apenas voy


I've had somewhere around 30 surgeries in my life, Monday being the most recent at this hospital. Let me start with the positive, the nurses that work here are awesome. From the recovery room, to my nurse for my 1 night stay, all Rockstars. Now, the not so wonderful. This hospital needs to either make rooms all single person rooms, or Institute visiting hours. My roommate was a nightmare, he not only kept his lights on all night, kept the TV on loud all night, but talked loudly to his son, who was allowed to stay in his room all night! Trying to heal from a surgery and only getting two hours of sleep is not conducive to the healing process. I spoke to two other gentlemen in the discharge lounge and we all had the same story, no sleep, visitors all night I asked to be moved, but no other rooms were available. My roommate also ordered several meals and his friends came in, ate their meals, washed the dishes off in the sink, then took them. I honestly would never go back, which I feel bad for saying, because the nurses were great! But, had I stayed more than 1 night, I would have gone postal. It was not a good place to relax and heal.

marcy weekley

I had my daughter at that hospital and the doctors and nurses were great, i was ordered to go to that hospital only because the doctors knew how to take care of handicapped people like me so i went there and was treated with the upmost respect

Lex Smith

I've been to this hospital twice within the last six months and every time I go, the staff goes above and be the worst hospital I've ever been to; and I spent a month in L.A. county!! Unprofessional in every sense, it's like a frat house with an O.R. Bedside manner: non exsitant. I would have been better received had I been a cockroach, rather than a patient. Right now at this very moment, I am writing this review in the middle of a very busy corridor BECAUSE THAT'S WHERE THEY PUT MY BED!! Hippa is worthless when you are receiving care in front of an audience of people and the doctor is yelling out the status of your bowels and personal fears. I just can't wait to experience what comes next...fml

My Name

I checked in the emergency room in severe pain from inflamed throat, nasal passages and ear canals. They wouldn't give me any prescription strength pain relievers and were very callous toward me. They treated me like I'm just an addict trying to get high when I asked for hydrocodone even though I clearly had a bad infection. They didn't seem to care about my suffering.


my dad works here

Samuel Newman

Can be a long wait. Best times to go 3am to 9am

Darlene Clark

I'm at ICU, the people are really taking care of me and everyone else

Nusayr Azam

Outstanding care and service, not to mention the great calibre of techs, nurses, and docs.

Bramble Stone

My daughter and I are both alive thanks to the quick response of the UCSD medical staff. I had a partially ruptured uterus, my daughter was a full mic. Aspiration with full lung damage. It took over 15 minutes of resuscitation efforts to get a pulse. The team was amazing. If we had gone anywhere else, our daughter would not have made it. They are one of the few hospitals around that have a oscillating respirator for newborns. The doctors induced a coma to reduce the chances of brain damage and it worked! The NICU staff is wonderful. Now thanks to God and the staff, we are enjoying to the full our beautiful preschooler that we almost didn't get to keep.

napo Montanez

My granma was here for surgery and had the best attention

sergio torres

Great place, such kind and responsible people here. Only down thing is the food. Not a great service, and the food is tasteless. I feel so sorry I couldn't eat here. Not recommended. If you need food go to a restaurant.

Melinda Valencia

I gave birth here. Side effects and risks to me and my baby of a treatment I was given were not communicated and turned out to be huge. Some tense stuff went down during the birth. No one bothered to explain what happened to me or the baby. I had to ask some random nurses what the heck had happened to us the day afterwards since no one came to me. My epidural came disconnected so had no anesthesia and screaming, horrible level of pain during birth and procedures after birth. My medical record is weirdly inaccurate and says I had anesthesia and it was boosted before the excruciating incident I mention which is not true.

M. J.

Doctors are OK but the system sucks. Takes too long to see a doctor or have a referral go through. Insurance approves but UCSD takes forever to process. They never call back either when your inquiring about the status. Doctors are very textbook and its a teaching school so keep in mind you'll have students trying to survey you and like 5 doctors learning on your during exams.

Javier Diaz

no es recomendable una mala experiencia te atiendes despues pasa 1 hr vienen te preguntan otra cosa se van regresan en 1 hr te mandan hacer estudios regresan no te informan la verdad es pesimo el servicio el personal en el celular platicando entre ellos nomas porque no dejan tomar foto para mostrar esos hechos pero bueno estoy aqui desde las 9 pm y son las 4.47 am y nadie dice nada solo que estan haciendo cambio de turno uno viene aqui porque es una emergencia y no es gratis como para que el servicio sea muy mala calidad.

Arelis N

The staff at the front desk are rude.

AnaMarisa Velasco

This is by far the worst ER I have ever been to. I have terminal cancer in my lungs, diaphragm, and lymph nodes & vomited blood tonight. I have been having a lot of pain for the past month in my chest & ribs (I think the cancer has spread into the bones), so my Oncologist insisted I get checked out. From the moment I arrived, the grumpy man at the check-in counter was terribly rude & short with me. There was an overflow of patients in the waiting room, and not enough chairs for the sick patients to sit in. People were standing everywhere & throwing up in plastic bags because they have the flu. I was told it would take 1.5-2 hours to get a room. After waiting for nearly 2 hours and telling then I was going to leave, they suddenly had a room for me. The first thing the Nurse, Vivian, said to me was: “I will be your Nurse tonight until 8pm. I have been here since 8am this morning (she let out an exhausting sigh). My name is Vivian”. Poor Vivian had been working at that point for 10 hours. Does she want to trade places with me? I would love to give up my terminal cancer & be cleared to work again...I tried connecting with her anyway & asked her about her work schedule & she told me she works 12-Hour shifts, 3 days per week. That sounds like a pretty sweet schedule to me! She seemed like a very disgruntled employee & a very unhappy person. Her second remark was “What is Sarcoma cancer?” Shouldn’t she know this? Don’t they teach you about different cancer types in Nursing school? And why is she asking the patient? Google is always available, and would make her look less incompetent. Dr. Boylston (Resident) came in right away and listened to my symptoms and said I would be getting bloodwork done, Chest x-ray, Urine test, and given pain meds. I was there for 4 hours and NEVER received my pain meds. In fact, I never saw Dr. Boylston again for the rest of my time there. Dr. Galuma came in and seemed to have taken over by asking me a bunch of questions, and said he had gone over my chart & medical records. I asked him if I was going to be receiving my pain meds soon and he said yes, but never put in the order. The pain meds I had taken 2 hours before I had left for the hospital (in an Uber) were wearing off and I was going to fall behind the pain & that was going to be a huge issue for me. Vivian was nowhere to be found. I buzzed the nurses at the front desk & they said they would find Dr. Boylston. Never happened. I finally found Vivian & asked for my meds and she said the order was still not in from Dr. B or Dr. G for the meds, but the ‘Doc Box’ (office of doctors/computers) was down the hall & I could go find them myself because she was busy. What?! I went down there in my robe, and this blonde obnoxious nurse came out & told me that people were dying and she was soooooo sorry that I was having pain, in a very sarcastic & condescending tone and told me to go back to my room. I explained how I had been there for hours with no meds and my pain level was escalating and I wasn’t staying ahead of it, and it would only get worse the longer we waited. She continued to patronize me & said she’d let Dr. B know. When I looked up, there were about 8-9 nurses at the nurse station all chatting with one another, and doing nothing!! Another 20 mins go by & no meds, no doctors, no Vivian. I was so frustrated & in tears that I left. Vivian took my iv out and I told them at the front desk I was frustrated & leaving, and that’s when Dr. G came out wanting to talk to me & asked if I would go back to the room & they would give me meds, but I refused and said it was too late for that. He was full of excuses. My pain level was at an 8 and approaching a 9, and I told him I could take better care of myself at home than in this place. Awful experience!! Everyone that works there seems to hate their jobs & their lives. They walk around with terrible attitudes. I don’t understand why these people are in healthcare, since they don’t seem to give a damn about patients. Avoid this place at all costs. It’s a waste of time.

Daniel Behrendt

The emergency room is dirty such as urine on the floor for hours and the Sandiego union newspaper said their surgery utensils ( Scalpal etc ) had blood stains on them and they did surgeries with bacteria all over the place.

Gary Bell

I can't say enough about the wonderful staff at both UCSD campuses. My daughter has highly complex medical conditions. UCSD is the only hospital system that offered (and succeeded) in doing a risky needed surgery with a team of fine doctors. The surgery went smooth and lasted 4 hours at Hillcrest. UCSD has doctors that are very forward thinking and will take risks in some cases. I am very appreciative of the UCSD Health System and the hospitals.


Came in for suicide thoughts. I saw the Dr. for a few short minutes. Then a nurse came laughed and said okay get up and started escorting me to the door. I asked her was there no room in psych or at another hospital or even a crisis house? She laughed again and said "oh I don't know we didn't check." And left me outside the doors. I called my friend to take me home but I've never felt so humiliated and treated so worthless for just asking for help like a Dr. from UCSD told me to do

Mark Bettencourt

I was there so many times and I Am happy they accepted me.

M. Mingle-Vines

A place for the dead or soon to be dead to go and wast their life and time at...

Rios Watkins

Horrible hospital they over charge you go some where else Affordable a lab test should not cost you $3,000

Tommy Rodgers

terrible they wouldn't listen to me where I was in pain at. I had a kidney stone. "still have it over a year later they told me it'd pass by itself

Bob Aronin

It's a factory with patients on a conveyer belt. They really don't care about the patient. Every action, rule and policy is decided to support its academic programs. Even the buildings are designed around the needs of the health car providers. Patient needs are rarely a consideration. Physicians who also teach at the medical school are well paid. Those doctors that don't are paid. That explains the UCSD turnover as doctors flee the UCSD system to join Scripps, Sharp and private practices. And, this doesn't even speak to its accounting/billing department. It's up to their sick patients to monitor the bills. They are of no help whatsoever,

Randy Jones

The doctors are good, but the office is woefully understaffed. They are constantly making mistakes with prescriptions and insurance forms. It is impossible to speak to anybody, all calls go to a call center that only sends notes to a nurse who usually doesn't respond.

Jennifer Ramos

Worst I mean THE WORST service ever. Me and my husband waited for the doctor for almost 4 hours to tell us how's my husband is doing and if he should go home already since the tests are all done. Also the IV was hurting him so I push the button to call for a nurse assistance and she was so rude that I didn't finish explaining the problem and hang up on me. I called again but this time to take the IV off of him but she hang up twice on purpose. I hope who ever is reading this review from the hospital to take these issues seriously and train your staff to do a better job. Whenever your going to work somewhere I know your boss tells you to not response bad with the patients but you let them do it anyways and it's okay to let them. Going to another hospital !

Haoran Sun

Fantastic hospital with great doctors, nurses, and stuff. I had been living there for 10 days, and all the stuff really cared about me, and they often asked me for advice to improve their services. In addition, the environment and dining were awesome as well.

A Bàez

Great experience i had a great nurse , er doctor and student dr very kind people shout out to nurse Murby !!! ( i hope i spelled it correctly lol) she was so funny never a dull moment had me an my aunt laughing the whole time

ess wess

Nurses are carelesss at ER reception . Do not care about 80 y/ o lady waiting in pain with abscess. No stretcher offer for someone who can not even sit down due to pain and seems careless toward others pain. After waiting 90 minutes no one had call me. Run away from this place . Nurses think they have inal answer prior to see patients. This place stinks when you get in , full of police when you get in as well. It seems you entering to NY subway scent and police. Receptionist nurse seems very judgmental and racist, even he obviously has same sex preference. Not sure why they hire people so rude in San Diego.

El Borracho LovesBeer

This is the best place to have babies. Specially twins. The NICU people are the best. Thank you for everything.

Diana Ortiz

This is the nastyest if not the worst hopital and that includes death valley that i have been in. There registration for ER is horrible the walls are super dirty the medical equipment look disgusting and dirty they dont give u any information on whats happening or whats the next step ,the protocol is horrible and wrong. I know the are medical student and resident but that should be more reason to have MD to chaperone or supervison on sight. We been here for about 1 hr and no IV is placed I had to tell medical student what to do, This is just Really Bad Hospital and negligence to medical and health reputation now I see why people would rather die at home than hospitals like this Super disappointed and gross out.

Paul Shamoon

They keep changing the business on Google so that the reviews go away. They've had a countless number of reviews detailing horrible experiences. WARNING DO NOT GO HERE

Jaime Flor

Actually went there to do some service work for UCSD's Bannister House, which is a home owned by the UCSD, where families from out of town can stay, if a loved one happens to be an injured, or sick patient staying in the hospital itself. It was spacious clean, and it even has a nice view overlooking San Diego's I-8. It's only 1 mins aways from San Diego's old town, and since it's near the I-8, and 163, you can get to the beaches, downtown, or even Balboa Park, fairly quickly.

Wendy Flanagan

It's a hospital.

Reverse. TwinZ13

They are amazing they help alot . Thank u I appreciate u alot

Sean Johnson

The staff was sociable but they were overcrowded. Cafeteria was overpriced, of course. There is a coffee shop/cafe across the street worth checking out.

Tom Cox

Absolutely fantastic staff. Doctors and nurses are terrific. They really know how to treat a patient well. I give it my highest recommendation

Mary You

If you don't got a car then cut you loose at 12 midnight and make you walk home

martin hernandez

Overall this place is good Clean, great nursery and doctors are awsome, I hope dont be there again for obvious reasons.

Susan Baker

My sister suffered a stroke on June 18th, she was taken to UCSD Hillcrest by ambulance and upon arrival she was given such great care, we can never say enough about them. Her stroke was a bacterial endocarditis, her artificial heart valve got an infection in it and every time it opened and closed it would spread the bacteria through her body. One of the bacteria clusters blocked the artery to her brain and caused her to have a stroke. She could not be treated with the usual stroke meds since hers was not a typical stroke. The bacteria had connected to her spine, in her spinal canal, on her gall bladder. We had Infectious Disease Doctors, the Stroke Team, Cardiologists, Thoracic Surgeons, Neurologists, and Nephrologist, you name it we had it and they all were so great with explaining everything every step of the way. She was in ICU at the Hillcrest Hospital and then ICU at the Sulpizio Cardiac Centerl for a total of 45 days. She had 10 hours of open heart surgery at the Sulpizio Cardiac Center adjacent to UCSD Thornton Hospital in La Jolla. They saved her life more than once during this and while it isn’t over and she has been moved to an Advanced Medical Hospital we are coming up on 3 month of being in the hospital every day is a better day. It is no wonder that UCSD is #1 in San Diego for treatment.

Eduado Ortiz

(Translated by Google) Very pretty (Original) Muy bonito


Thank you to the CCU. The staff in that unit were incredible, very caring and loving.

P Si

Poor medical care. Poor response for concerns from staff. Poor support for chronic condition. Rude staff. Sorry ever established care with this facility. Would give it less than 1 star if possible. Don't trust this facility.

Jeffrey Durell

I got in at 5pm for very stomach pain to the er. Everyone was nice they admitted me to 6th floor my experience at UCSD Hillcrest improved because of the nice nursing staff especially Anna she went out of her way to help me even though I was negative because of last experience I had here . The are a few bad .

J Skoog

it took a year, multiple appeals and begging to get an appt ONE YEAR AWAY where your resident continued to tell my caregiver to give me orange juice. i continued to stress that oj is high in salicylates and that i was on ADHD Feingold diet in negliglbe/low foods OJ is 100x stronger than moderate foods and would result in days of anguish. THat did not stop her to continue to repeat her ignorance nor reporting completely inaccurate symptoms/diagnosis. LET'S NOT FORGET THE YEAR I WAITED TO GET THE FAULTY METER THaT I HAD TO REPLACE.YOU COULDN'T EVEN CHECK IT OR SHOW ME AFTER 1`YEAR OF DISABILITY & SUFFERING? TEACHING HOSPITAL MY ASS. JOKE. I HAVE REACTIVE HYPO. IT'S so much DIFFERENT THAN HYPO. I HAVE ADHD WITH COMORBIDITY OF ANXIETY AND NOT UNSPECIFIED DEPRESSION BUT SEVERE MAJOR DEPRESSION RESISTANT THAT ALLOWS ME PARITY. IT'S DEADLY FOR ME. AB88 legislated BIOLOGICAL. Deadly for me-not unspecified. I WAS TREATED WITH DISRESPECT AND HAD TO REPEATEDLY ASSURE MY CAREGIVER THAT YOUR RESIDENT WAS IGNORANT IN SPITE OF MY repeated ATTEMPTS TO EDUCATE HER ON SOMETHING SHE SHOULD HAVE KNOWN - OR SHUT THE HELL UP WITH HER IGNORNANCE THAT WOULD END UP HARMING ME SEVERELY. EVEN MORE THAN THE ONE YEAR WAIT WHERE ANOTHER ENDO ALREADY RECOMMENDED THE 72 HOUR HOSPITAL TEST CONSIDERING I HAVE 2 5 HR GTT BELOW 50 BUT YOU GLANCED AT IT AND WASTED NO TIME MAKING THEM SOUND USELESS. IGNORANCE KILLS. i see i have an appt wednes with your colleague. please correct the info for her. I can only hope you experience the same when you are as sick as i am so you stop the insanity. that bottom line is ALL and UCSD cares about as has been demonstrated repeatedly. and don't follow up with the stupid "contact our EXPERIENCE or whatever dept." you've wasted enough of my life and you didn't care then when i voiced them to you personally.


I have an appointment and I have been waiting for more that an hour and i half to be seen, I don't want to generalize but it doesn't say anything positive about the organization of the center. You can do better

Tristan Petricca

Clean hospital and the staff was friendly when I came to visit my friend while he was here.

CK Kalinowski

I am horrified at what they did to my mother. She went into for 5 stitches. She didn't know her birthday so they admitted her even though her xrays were fine and my dad was there to take her home. She ended up drugged on a dangerous antipsychotic that PREVENTS recovery after brain trauma, has black box warning because it kills elderly people, and catheterized her--Some creep stuck a tube stuck up her urethra. She says they PUNISHED her for something. She says they wouldn't let her use the bathroom. She had to use the bathroom so they stuck a tube up her urethra? How could they make her undress and shove a tub up her urethra? For a cut on her head? She isn't acting like herself. She barely talks. They must have forced her to be catheterized which would be as traumatic as rape. They probably restrained her to shoot her up with the antipsychotic. She had a small cut on her head. What the hell happened? What did you do to my mother? She walked a mile a day and read three newspapers. That drug, haloperidol, probably killed half her brain. It's for psychosis, not for a cut on the head, morons. Her feet and ankles are swollen up and they never have been before. She might never be the same as she was FINE last week. Beyond malpractice. All the recent reviews are 1 star. What is going on? Do they get Google to delete them every few weeks? I'm watching.

Daniel Wills

I've been with this group for seven years and have rarely been happy (and finally looking for a different group). They will consistently send you mail saying that you owe them money even when you pay your co-pay up front. You'll have to call them, point out that you paid it, then listen to them apologize when they see that you did and reverse the bonus extra charge. I blame my three week illness (that ultimately resulted in a tonsillectomy) on them. The first two doctors I saw told me that it was a virus and it would clear up. The third doctor asked why I wasn't in the ER. Once there, they didn't know what was wrong so they just pumped me full of steroids and antibiotics. Then, five months later, told me I should get my tonsils removed. And, finally, I made an appointment last week for today. After getting there, they told me that nothing had been scheduled for me. "Your call may be recorded for quality assurance" is a lie because they said there is no way to track who I spoke with. Even if you give them the exact day and time you called. Like I said, I've been with them for seven years because I've had good care on and off. Your health is not something to give any medical group the "benefit of the doubt" for, so please consider all your options before settling with UCSD.


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