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Reynaldo Blume

I live in San Diego but got sick on my vacation here in Manhattan. Came to this clinic with flu like symptoms. The staff was very friendly, efficient, and knowledgeable. I was in and out within 30 min. My medicines are already available for pickup at a nearby pharmacy. I highly recommend this urgent care!!

Paula Tipsword

The nurses are very nice and patient!


R.N. Natasha Norwood poorly represents the company.

Mahnaz Kocher

I don't recommend this ER, a family member was brought in into Hillcrest ER in OCT 2017, too much of unnecessary wait, tests, blood work, MRI, x-ray, CT scan at the ER room and all of the tests were repeated when the patient was transferred to the hospital because obviously the more tests they get the higher bills they bill the insurance. They made the stay at the hospital very uncomfortable for the patient. They would bring food and remove it right away while the patient was asleep so the patient would stay hungry until next meal. The nurses were not compassionate. The paitent, witnessed one of the hospital staff was searching into her personal stuff in the drawer while she was coming back from the bathroom. I wanted to report the staff to the mgt but when I went there it was too late to know who it was.

BLTD Global

I've been coming to UCSD's Thornton Hospital in La Jolla whenever I've needed to take a trip to an emergency room. It's always been a positive experience or as positive as an E.R.visit can be anyway. For the most part the medical professionals are some of the best there are. Today Thornton blew it when it comes to health care. They forgot that poor people get sick too. I was shocked when I came to find that f you come to the he E.R. at Thornton you now have no option but to pay full price for parking. Depending on the time you get to the ER that price can be anywhere from $5.00 up to $20.00. When I asked what happens if your poor and can't pay the ER room parking fee I was told that you get a very expensive ticket. Thornton has truly abandoned serving the poor in San Diego county and become an Elitist Hospital...

Louise Miller

ER experience the worst ever. People vomiting in the waiting room, one guy having a seizure and screaming for nurses and the guy sitting next to me pooped his pants. When I bought this to the attention of the totally disinterested nurse, she rolled her eyes. So crowded and not place to sit all all. People laying on the floor. NEVER, EVER GO THERE UNLESS YOU ARE DESPERATE!

Amber Reid

Omg NO.

Esther J

terrible experience and system there they did a mistake to my son during surgery ! stupid anesthesia

Dawn Gilsdorf

My sister has been admitted 3 times & NO diagnosis! I have asked 9 times & 4 different drs for multiple myeloma test yet the Dr.s have refused. The ONLY tests that have been performed is infectious diseases tests all came back negative. But once again they are sending her home worse then she came in. Shes not eating at all now. But let's not find out why. She cant walk, she slurs when she talks, her bones hurt, they pulled 4 ltrs of fluid from her tummy last week & it's coming back. I've watched her amount of urine in the cup become less & less so starting to dehydrate but insisting she must be taken home today. My heart hurts because the hospital wont help her. Her husband absolutely doesnt seem to care. Hes bringing her home today to die. She keeps saying no one cares to hear me, they wont help me.

Niloofar Noori

Double standard hospital. I called to in to make appointment as a new patient and told them I am new and they got all info and when it came to insurance they said sorry we don’t take new patience, I told them I am a new patient in the beginning. They want insurances to fill their pockets, greedy people.

Jacqueline Neuman

Alexis Miller

The worst hospital I have ever been to in my life and my old Rheumatologist, Dr. Abha Singh is the worst doctor I have ever had in my life!! I walked on blood entering the front door. I had to walk around the hospital with someone else’s blood on my shoes!! Higher authority was contacted, but they were playing games too. I will NEVER go to this hospital again OR reccomend anyone to ever go back here!! If I could give this no stars I would!!

Luis Corona

ER services will make wait hours and hours.... If you need emergency services DON'T GO to UCSD Hillcrest ER... Go to UCSD Thornton ER instead. Much Faster service.

Vine Sanchez

Good facility and everyone friendly and my mom favorite hospital when she was alive Thank you guys and keep up the good job.

Janice Williams

It was horrible for me,I stayed there long enough to do a shift. The person who came to get my insurance information was definitely confrontational. I would never go back.

Daniel Thiel

I was a pation at ucsd hospital and I will never return to this hospital because I had bad experience at that hospital and I would not recumeasd to go to this hospital and they stated I was not a diabetic and I prove them wrong I am a type 1 diabetic that is why I am giving them zero stars because I had a bad experience with that certain hospital

Maureen Portella

Just went today to have a biopsy done and let me tell you what a difference from the La Jolla hospital. The nurse Marvelyn at the imaging department was by far the best nurse I have ever encountered in my life. Very kind person, she made my heart calm down. Doctor Quinn came to introduce himself and again another great experience, everything was on time and ready. Very professional, you guys take CUSTOMER CARE to the next level. Thank you so much.

Sanaz Taherzadeh

The workers in burn center are terrible. They take long lunch time, and never answer the phone!!!

Bryan Trenberth

First off this is a hospital not a hotel. They are here to save lives not wait on you so please treat them with the respect they deserve. These employees are some of the most hard-working indivuals who really do care about the people being treated even if the people they are treating don't care about them. So stop acting entitled and rude to these people the amount of harassment I saw to employees today was out of this world. These people all deserve a raise. Thank you for the quick and friendly service to everyone in the er department on 10/6/18 from the hours of 3pm-8pm. I thought you went above and beyond at your job!!!

Benedikt Messmer

Ernesto Garcia

Liked the staff And doctors. There are serious of taking care of there patients. Just need more translaters

Alonzo J. Taylor

Alan Hiller

Angela Brett

Jeremy Lipinski


Cathy Shinkoskey

I felt my friend was cocooned in the best care possible-- always a person from one of the teams checking in after a team meeting.staff wAS friendly and ready to share all information - u treated as if family and d friends were an integral part of the plan. I left my cane and was flying out so had to slip in while they were getting him into the cardiac chair - yet no grumpiness or treatment like I was in the way . a tough situation treated with the utmost care!! Thank u for your dedication and commitment!!

Idys Goff Ochoa

I love UCSD. The staff are so professional and kind. Always leasen the patience. And always are fast on the service. They are not losing time to referer the patience if they need an specialist. I'm glad have my husband and daughter in good hands. God' bless always.

Joy Ace

I came because I had no other choice every where was full the EMT pick me up because of my high blood pressure 230/100 had to wait like 15 minutes to get into a room they didn’t even have the bed ready they didn’t even wipe the bed down and didn’t even give me something to change my clothes I had my T-shirt and a jogging pants then they ask why Are you here when they should know why then took the time to do blood work I had been there around 11:00 am in the morning guess what time I went home 12:30am in the evening they still didn’t give me anything to lower my pressure they took a long time to do a head scan then came back telling me everything is ok to see my doctor what a joke the emergency waiting room Is so small that you are so close to one another breathing Everyone’s sickness I couldn’t believe my eyes there’s no where to seat and people waiting so long to be called this place is crazy

Cyn Bray

Poor medical care. Student oriented. Long wait for appointments. Poor support for chronic conditions. Sorry I ever trusted them.

Tanya Covert

Spent about 5 hours in their ER. Not sure why it took so long. Waiting room was packed all night. Many patients appear to just be "present" probably a better option than spending night on street. One patient had pants that ke pt falling down, he had red sores on hiss butt and he sat in about 6 different chairs that I know of. It was freezing in the waiting room and procedure rooms. Now I see the reviews I wish I would have looked at the reviews and stars before I seelected a hosspital. Not sure how this hospital has a Trauma 1 status.

Wendy Hibbert

Excellent if you wish for over $3,100 in billing fees for a women's wellness exam and some basic blood work. Follow-up is also exceptionally poor. I do not recommend their service at all.

Trisha Runion

I give 5

nicole rosstamian

San Diego Injury Law Center

Gina Dennison

Dr. Mark Rechnic did an amazing Rhynoplasty on me. I had a botch job from years ago from a private plastic surgeon. Dr. Rechnic rebuilt my collapsed nose along with giving me ability to breathe. OMG I am so happy. He s such a professional and exellent detail qualities. I don't feel so botched up now, nose is beautiful..I AM FOREVER GREATFUL. Sincerely, Gina:)



Jay P

Trauma unit is pathetic. My partner got into a scooter accident and was taken here via ambulance. Noone told me where to go to wait or who to talk to to see him. Staff is very cold and show no compassion towards me even though I am clearly worried and upset. Terrible communication and after he was taken to his room, I spent the night and wasn't offered any blanket or pillow. Noone even offered coffee or anything for me. I was treated like I was invisible the entire time. Medical staff should know better that when loved ones are shaken by something traumatic, adrenaline and fight-or-flight mode kicks in and it can be just as traumatizing as the person suffering from the physical injuries. Learn to be more personable and show compassion and to not treat the patient's same-sex partner as a nobody. I will be forwarding this review directly to the hospital and via other mediums.

Iam That Iam

Do not go there, first thing parking tickets from the Hospital itself will be your treatment. 95% are just graduate students with no prior experience only with a leader to teach them while they are doing their rounds you have been warned.

Annatude Noneya

I am 45 years old and have had 15 plus different types of surgeries. I have stayed in numerous hospitals all over the United States. This is my first experience sharing a room. Here in this UCSD hospital they have smashed three different patients into a tiny hospital room. There is NO PRIVACY. I can tell you about every patients illness and plan of care. It is constantly loud as well and VERY difficult to rest at all here. This shoving three patients into a tiny room should have never been an option. This is awful!!!! I would never come back if it's within my power.

Heather Enayat

Save yourself the hassle of Insurance Claim codes and mumbo jumbo for charges regarding inpatient vs outpatient and hospital charges for using the facility to see a doctor. What should have cost me $15 in co-pay has landed me in a bill of $394 with many hours on the phone with both insurance and facility. Eventually they waived some of the charge, but it is still a lot "due". Go see a doctor at a clinic and avoid the billing hassle. I would not recommend this to anyone who has private insurance like me. I will not return.

Kristina Babich

The orthopedic staff are awesome and work so well together. Wait time after check in has been 10 mins tops the last 4 times I've arrived for an appointment.

Phillip Leggitt

Without a doubt I would not be typing this had it not been for the brilliant minds at UCSD. I'm now a volunteer for life.

train account2

I've sat in total over 24 hours waiting for help. To be discharged and told nothinh was wrong by a doctor Ive never met in under 5 miuntes, I'm im this position because a nurse popped blister grabbing my arm with out gloves and refusing to wrap it. Having severe black out/ seizures leaving blisters and rashes on skin, black eyes, cant let my hand han g with out collapsing, biting my tongue, and through my lips, but I'm fine and not hurt, But the meth head get his fill there. JUNKIES GO THERE< THEY LOVE YOU.. They refuse to treat it with anything more than Tylenol. Discharge me every time without protections. These are all over arms and legs. Luis C. told me to get a wrap out of the garbage. lost 20lb in a week, no food, no iv, no updated blood work , no updated cultures, no organ functioning test, Just me rotting them being smug. I'm not the only one. Another young kid came in he was hella young. Thought he was having a heart attack. THey had him arrested. Another young beautiful soul crying hysterically. came 2 hours in ambulance with strict instructions. Due to possibility of terminal illness. They had one thing to do. Refused to. Discharged her and lost all her imaging and packets she brought from hospital who had transferred. Just left her in the hall. Another girl witnessed(Thank heavens) An awful young doctor scream at me. I have real sick people deal with I dont have time to waste on you and your games?!!!!? What games are those blister games lets go you inerpt cow. Speaking of cows the person I was in the waiting room with in every waiting room so drunk they cant function yet you seath them by me. This rechid woman who' looks like she gets ran over puts me down as well IX. A physician shall support access to medical care for all people.update: so I went out of state to get help. I'm really young I'm beautiful and smart I have lymphoma late stage and I'm going to die. All because they wouldn't treat me. They were too busy looking a or existing conditions and who I was 10 years ago. The marks on my skin were it falling off!!! I've lost 60lb in a month. I just wanted help. All I was, was a joke. It's over. My blood is on your hands doctor Jeanne Grace. Top notch doc. Disgusting pig. Oh no did I hurt your ego? You guys were cruel. I had my dog. I dress Super nice. I am timid I have been tapped attacked violated groped held captive. People like to hurt me. I guess your sadist sociopath too. Nothing will fix this. Done. Done. Done. All your names will be on a list and you'll find me floating. Just take care of my dog universe. I hate you so much. I shouldn't go out filled with this much hate but you try walking with your groin full with little balls of swollen puss. You sizes so lumpy you can't use your arms. You guys destroyed me!!!!!!!!!!!! Why couldn't you listen. Your scum.

Linda Javier

I am surprised to see these negative reviews! I have been to UCSD ER in Lajolla several times for myself and other people, and there has been Very few people in the waiting room. I have always gotten care there like I feel like I am royalty!! You people above should visit Kaiser Permanentes ER!! It’s like a war zone every time!! Or any hospital in Los Angeles! You will wait Six and seven hours in L.A. at an ER. I feel very secure and living close by UCSD

Sara Wilde

Screaming and crying in pain because of a corneal abrasion. There were no other people in there. We waited 3 hours in the waiting room to just be put in the hallway to wait for another hour. And then when they finally put us in a room they made me wait an hour to be treated. They gave us eyedrops we weren't supposed to have, and the way they told me to use the antibiotic eyedrops did not work. I ended up going to another hospital the next night.

The Heber Castrejon

Jafet Hdz

I was made an appointment to follow up regarding my (still) broken finger and was charged 185.00 dollars just so the doctor could explain to me the same thing as my first visit to the hospital in Hillcrest. I tried to schedule an appointment for surgery and the lady Tracie Lukerralli told me it would cost $10,000 to me that’s ridiculous amount for a surgery on a finger then she said it would cost maybe $8,000 and I don’t know if she was negotiating but she was rude about it. She said the financial department would give me a call till this day no word. I will never go back to this hospital. I could see why The United States needs to fix its broken health system.

Luis Jimenez

Was brought here after a Motorcycle accident with my husband. We both had a great experience. Jen who was working the night shift in incoming trauma was a gem. She was exceptionally caring and nurturing. It would have been a completely different experience for me if it hadn't been for her. So grateful she was there that night!! Please tell her she made a difference. Was moved to the burn unit afterwards and the team was also wonderful. Sarah was my night nurse and i adored her. Even the lunch staff went sbove and beyond for me. They were very accommodating to my vegan diet and didnt make me feel like a nuisance with all of my requests! Thank you to all who helped care for me during my stay! Love, Jackalope


The best medical and surgical care in San Diego!


This is a terrible place to give a birth. Please don’t go there to have your baby. Your baby will be born with injuries like my baby. They scarred my baby’s beautiful face. We tried to contact later and they didn’t call us for more than 6 months and they said that’s not their faults. It seems like they don’t care that my baby got injured. ++ Those answers they copy and paste here was the exactly what we got 7months ago. And they called us in 6 months. Still they didn’t get anything right. They’re just acting like they care. But they actually don’t!! —update— Today, after 8months after the contact, we got a letter from them, and it’s just saying it’s not their fault and no offer, no treatment or anything for my baby’s injury. How could this happen? How is this hospital to cure patients? How are they called ‘caregiver’? They don’t give “any care”!! And most shocking part is they are going to close our case without answering any questions. I really don’t know what they are working for.

maria Ramos

(Translated by Google) Worse! Enter emergency and more than 5 hours waiting, well reality 8 very bad I do not recommend (Original) lo Peor !entre a emergencia y mas de 5 horas esperando ,bueno la realidad 8 muy mal no lo recomiendo

2 Million Ways

I told them ai couldn't sleep at night because of withdrawal symptoms, they only gave a small pill that didnt do anything.. suffering.from pancreatitis and they almost attention to me. By the way, waiting time was 4 hours. Go to Scripps instead.

cristina esparza

juan gonzalez

I'm surprised to read negative reviews I really like this hospital how the nurses treated my niece and my sister very friendly and carrying comparing other hospital I been to

Rafael Zancanari

Valerie Correa

(Translated by Google) Jaime Lopez thank you.

Shannon Goodman

Lori Rios

I have been on the 2 sides of this Coin the last visit to the Hillcrest UCSD did not end well. My daughter put in a room with a patient with Mrsa got an infection in what was her New Knee..... Went through a whole 12 months of run around... But atlas got the Best Dr that UCSD has Dr Ball... He has since removed the equipment hopefully got the infection out it has been 6 months from him taken over and I feel better about your establishment...... She just had Surgery in Hillcrest to put the knee replacement back in.. Best staff up on the 11th floor I do have to say that..... Also Kuddo's to Dr Shapiro.. ( Not even involved with my daughters case actually helped in the recovery room... Great..... Dr Kuhn pain specialist thank you (hope I spelled your name correct) The Nursing staff has been great....Chau , Cecilia M., Lucia on the 11 West are Great!!!!! Onyia also top notch... Anya is great, as well Estella, Zara, Jennifer Y, Elena W., Katie S, Rachel M., Ryan B Justin was part of the intake to the 11th floor thank you.... Just wanted to let you know I know you don't hear the positives all the time just the Negative.....Thank you

Paul Shamoon

Notoriously known to be the worst medical center in San Diego. Somehow the bad reviews go missing a short while after they are posted. 8-| Go to UCSD to get treated like trash. You've been warned.

Jose Flores

Hilary Walker

Very frustrating experience trying to get an appointment with my regular OB/GYN. The people working here do not seem to be organized and do not follow up and lie and say that they did. Long story short, I had serious symptoms and tried to get an appointment and they instead referred me to a nurse who never called me like they were supposed to. Used common sense and went to urgent care.

James Feldman

The UC San Diego Health organization is a total scam from start to finish. At point of entry, even registering at the hospital was a frustrating experience, and that should have been my warning sign for what was to follow. But I stuck with this outfit because that's who my surgeon was affiliated with and I needed to get my operation. Although the operation itself went smoothly, my "care" afterward was dreadful and the staff seemed to care less about my health. Then, after everything was done, the billing part came. The bills from UC San Diego were outrageous , egregious, and preposterous. Plus , the bills never end. After they bill, using terminology designed to keep you, the patient, 100% in the dark, they bill yet again and again and again and again, squeezing ever more cash, even after they've collected tens of thousands of dollars from my insurance company. Do yourself a favor. If your doctor or surgeon is affiliated with UC San Diego Health, AVOID at all costs! From now on, if I ever need hospital care in San Diego, I wil ONLY go to a doctor or surgeon affiliated with Scripps.

Lisa Gates

Jason Shearer

Check in was ok although I felt as though I didn't get a chance to explain the situation. After a 5 hour wait( saw so many not so sick people go before me) when I finally did get back to be seen, things SEEMED better. Dr was not at all interested in what I was saying and was ready to push me out the door before the attending stepped in and ordered further testing. Finally released at 2:30 and while waiting for a ride went through an inquisition by the highly unprofessional triage nurse! ER nurses were great and so was the attending. The rest need some lessons on bedside manner and ettiquite in general. I won't be returning for ANY reason.

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