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Luke Wallace

I am writing to personally thank and acknowledge the staff of the labor and delivery department at Twin Cities community Hospital for the superior care and grace with which they treated me, my wife, and our new baby girl. We live in San Luis Obispo, however in the process of considering our labor and delivery options, we toured the hospitals in San Luis Obispo as well as Twin Cities. While we had good experiences touring the San Luis Obispo options, we were blown away with the warmth and competence demonstrated by the Twin Cities team, as well as the overall comfort of the facility itself. We ended up with a lengthy labor and got to know the nursing staff well over our six day stay. My wife and I were continually amazed at the professionalism, warmth, and caring spirit exhibited by everyone we interacted with. From the nursing staff, to the lactation consultants, to the janitorial staff; we were made to feel as if being taken care of by family. When my daughter was born, she had trouble breathing and a very faint heartbeat. While I was paralyzed with fear, the medical team sprung into action, swiftly and expertly stabilizing her while providing me and my wife regular updates and reassurance throughout the process. I’m convinced that the acute care she received in the immediate moments after her birth, as well as the meticulous monitoring and treatment she received in her time in the nursery, was critical in ensuring her survival and setting her up to thrive in the coming days and weeks. Over the course of our pregnancy, when we mentioned to someone in San Luis Obispo that we were venturing over the grade to deliver our baby at Twin Cities, we were given a confused and sometimes concerned look. I can say without question that choosing to have our daughter at Twin Cities hospital was one of the best decisions we made throughout our pregnancy.

Samantha Mogull

I am 20 weeks pregnant and had a bleeding scare. I was terrified and after monitoring its progress decided to go the emergency room. Upon arrival, the parking lot was quite full so I was nervous it would take some time to be seen but was pleasantly surprised at the amount of people in the waiting area- apparently they're very quick at getting to you. I reported my symptoms to the young lady at the triage desk and she immediately went into action, extracting all relevant information (how far along, due date, symptoms) and immediately getting on the phone with the OB department. I was quickly evaluated and taken upstairs to OB where I was tested, had baby's heart rate monitored and doctor on call consulted. I can't even put into words how reassuring every member of this hospital was the entire way. No one was condescending, snooty, or dismissive. I was treated with dignity and reassured as well as given resources upon being discharged should I have any questions. I have never felt so taken care of and am now seriously looking forward to giving birth at this hospital in December. I would not hesitate to recommend Twin Cities in any capacity!

Samantha DeKlotz

5 star - Hospital Staff 1 star - Billing Department I spent more time arguing with the billing department than in the hospital, and it was overnight stay.

larry brixey

We scheduled a 12 noon appt for the ER online. My mother in law was not seen until 3:20. She was in for serious colitis and C Diff. She was admitted at 9:30pm which is Rediculous. When we went to visit, there was medical wrappings on the floor, a syringe up on the shelf across from her, no protected clothing on the door as we were suppose to wear due to her being contagious. The food was terrible from what mom said. Mom had diahrea and needed help and push the button for the nurse on several occasions and not 1 person came for over 15 minutes. IV Alarm constantly going off and the nurses were slow on getting There! I actually had to go to the nurses station 3 times to mention the alarm. Since when did the hospitals cut there staff by 50% on the weekends! It's absurd to have a sick family member there during the weekends who are severely sick. I will NEVER take my 86 year old mother in law back and in fact, were thinking of having her transferred to Sierra Vista or Cottage

Anthony Cherone

Dr. Winter and nurses were exelent.

BK Morrow

While the staff is wonderful, the billing department is totally and completely inept. I had tests done two consecutive days last year that were paid. The billing department credited the wrong account or lost the monies in a bulk payment. However Twin Cities outsourced billing department continues to send me threating invoices (collections) even after my insurance has provided proof of payment more than once. I will be having my attorney contact these idiots. I give the hospital staff a 5 and billing department a zero. Everyone in your outsourced billing department is worthless... especially the rude supervisor! I will share my story with everyone and never step foot on the property again - period...

Pamela Nargie

ER visit was exceptional.

Jeff Haworth

Michael O'Connor

The hospital staff were great, they made sure I was stable and had the correct meds before leaving. The billing people were just absolutely awful and not helpful. The people may have been somewhat nice, however the way the department runs is appalling. They charged me copays when my insurance had no copay. I argued, but they charged me several more times over the course of a few months. They also tried to sneak the bill past insurance by billing it as something different than emergency or hospital. I had a great experience with the doctors, I felt in good hands. But, the department which handles insurance, their main mission is extortion.

Ana Carbajal

My mother was taken to this hospital after a head on collision and she was in horribe chest pain. The nurses there gave her over the counter medication-ibuprofen. Since the x-rays did not show any broken bones they removed her IV and off you go to the waiting room. This hospital showed no compassion for my mother's pain. So, I guess if there aren't any broken bones, she must be fine. This hospital is the worst.

Julia Elsey

All of our many nurses (Angela(?) and Ami was our most recent one) and our PT folks (Jessica and John) were EXCELLENT. Extremely competent AND kind, even though our particular patient was a very grumpy 92 year-old man. Our doctor was fine, given that my grandpa was not a complicated case, but it is important to remember: when you are talking to people in their 90s (i.e. the patient's wife) you MUST speak SLOWLY. Pause. Make sure they are 1) aware that you are their doctor. 2) Make sure they know your name. 3) Make sure they understand what in the world is going on with the patient's case, including timeline for when you want to discharge them. Of course there is no need to talk to very elderly folks like they are unintelligent, you just have to...let them absorb what you are saying. And make sure they understand your main points before you leave the room. Thank you. Again, ALL the nurses (in the room 121-- area) were WONDERFUL and so helpful and kind. Thank you very much!!!!!!

Elaine Dolcini Bechler

Friendly and efficient. This hospital fulfilled our needs with expert care. Clean premises, updated equipment, efficient security.

Rod Braly

I use to love this hospital and recommend it highly, but this experience has not been good. Took mother in law to urgent care who referred her to the hospital. We have now been waiting just shy of 3 hours with no end in sight. If they are this busy, they need to either hire more staff or call in more staff. No one should have to wait this long when sick and in pain. The worst part is that this appears to be the norm rather than the exception. Once we finally got in, the care was exceptional.

Cyndy Saliem

Took my husband in to the emergency room on Saturday morning. Place was pretty empty. His Blood pressure was sky high. Dr. Lum seemed nice enough and talked to us and ordered blood work. He NEVER came back to go over the results!! An hour and a half after the blood draw hubby sticks his head out and asks about his lab work. Oh the Dr is at lunch but here is your discharge paper work. Really??? Just here ya go and oh ya follow up with your doctor. Dr. Lum seemed confused as to why we asked for them to send him back in. He advised my husband verbally to change his med dose but nothing was in print. Oh ya and your blood work was fine. We will not ever go back to TCCH!!

Lori Kennada

My doctor sent me here and I am still waiting in the waiting room 2 hours later. One nurse said that I was next...then they take 2 more in. Still waiting... Next nurse said "sorry for the miscommunication". I am disabled and can't sit in a chair for very long. Now I am in even more excruciating pain! It's 1:00 pm now! Been waiting since 11:00... My advice is if you need to go to the emergency room, go to another hospital or only come in in the middle of the night or by ambulance. At this point I will no longer be able to drive myself home because while waiting my lower back is trashed! I now have arrange transportation home! I am fuming angry!!! STILL WAITING!!! 2 1/2 hours still waiting...

Donna Ruley

I was taken back to be seen, had extremely well trained ER Staff and they made me feel like I was the only patient that they needed to attend to. Finding out later, they were packed with patients. All great attitudes, and smiles. Thank you ER STAFF, YOU WERE ALL FABULOUS! ! !

suppe lenoede

If I could not give a star I would, great staff were really nice. That being said they billed me $4022.24, not counting doctor bill, for a 5 minute procedure to get a splinter out of my eye. It took 15 minutes to get in and there was a hour wait for the hospital to check me out of there. It took longer to setup the machine to look into my eye then to take it out. If it is an emergency I would go there but if I had a choice I will not go there again. They will not negotiate, so don't even bother trying if you are in the same situation. Apparently they are also doing automated responses for everything too. They said they would review my case and get back to me and never did.

Mike Busch

I had spine surgery (microdiscectomy) performed at the outpatient surgery center at Twin Cities Community Hospital by Dr. James B. Carr. Everything went off like clockwork, and I was in at 8:30 am and out by 3:30 pm. Excellent experience.

Luis Echevarria

I had WORST experience ever, especially in the ER with the personnel in the front desk, my mom had a terrible migraine and it took them more 2 hours the give her any attention. I decided to leave and head over to next nearest hospital, and told the front desk personnel, I was leaving and they did not seem to care at all and said "Go ahead." I hope no one has to go through this again!

Piper Barnard

Ian Trejo

For years I have heard how terrible the ER at Twin Cities is, but in the two or three experiences I have had there for myself and kids, they have been excellent. I was there on a night when it was packed with flu patients. The staff was kind, calm, and organized. My nurse, Christy, was compassionate and competent and Dr. Buys was excellent. Hopefully, I'll never need the ER again but if I do, I have no issue return to Twin Cities.

Kenneth Olive

Gabriela Tapar

Don Clutter

The Emergency Room nurse was ab rupt, rude, and unprofessionall.

Craig Giove

4 hours sitting in excruciating pain in E.R. still have not seen doctor.

Jody Georgianna

Nurses were very uncaring. Students showed more concern for patients than did the actual staff. Twice in several years they tried to get me to pay a deductible before I left the ER. Management eager to take my credit card for any amount I could afford and the resource lady never followed up with creating an appt for me and I never got my login information to access my labs. I couldn't even get the nurse to pass me an ibuprofen. I will not be suggesting this hospital to anyone.

Bunny Riley

I really like this hos. The ER docs and nurses are always great. (While people are bagging on Larry I have seen him about 4 times in our dealings and he was always fun and helpful and polite. My oldest daughter loved him every time.) Birthing experience was wonderful and the best maternity nurses. Billing department needs help, though

Owen Hackleman

We were instructed to go to the ER by my 1 year old son's pediatrician after he fell and hit his head. A nice doctor examined him and said he was fine which took less than 15 minutes. After the exam I asked the woman handling the paperwork how much it would be. She said she didn't know but probably around $700. Fast forward to a month ago and we finally receive a bill for $2700! Upon getting the bill we requested an itemized receipt which they have been very slow to provide. What's worse is that they have been calling threatening to send us to collections without even providing us with an itemized bill. This hospital is taking advantage of vulnerable people and their billing department is trained to scam you.

Lacie Greenaway

joel maldonado

Check in and other nurses were good except nurse connie very rude and non helpful.

Miguel Vega

Izzy alarcon

Was there for 2 hrs and wasn't acknowledged or informed they didn't forget about my daughter with her swollen feets. Left and went to French hospital. Always go to French they will treat you right.

Tom Martin

Absolute Thieves, Did nothing, and charged over $2,000

Jack Borges

What a shame this hospital has gone straight down hill over the years. My daughter was admitted through the ER due to her relapsing of a kidney disease she was diagnosed with at 3 years old, stayed untreated for 5 days and they never once brought in an on call nephrologist. Just consulted with one on the phone. I didn't know ER's have have resorted to tel-a-docs. The doctor treating her, Dr. Jose J Yongco, would not listen to her as to what medication she needed to be treated with (a steroid) stating "steroids are not good for you". What an idiot! She's only been dealing with this for over 25 years! Then you have a Doctor discharging her that never saw her, untreated and in pain. At one time I worked within this hospital and was an advocate for it. No longer! How dare you treat your patients this way. If your "on call" doctors are to lazy to come in, fire them!


I called from So. calif to find out if my Foster daughter was listed as a patient (I knew she was as I had just spoke with her) The receptionist seemed very put out as I spelled her last name. Within a second she came back with, WE DON'T HAVE ANYONE IN OUR HOSPITAL WITH THAT NAME). Needless to say I was baffled and I said, "This is the number she gave me", and Ms. Congeniality Came back with, I told you shes not lusted here. I said, Well I guess I cant send Flowers then. She could have at leadt asked me to spell the last Name again. Just in case she COULD BE WRONG.

Chris Van Huss

In my opinion some of the nicest nurses most caring nurses in the ICU

Salvatore Scolaro

I was admitted to ER on January 29, 2019. Didn't take too long to wait due to severe breathing and was diagnosed with acute bronchitis. The doctor and nurse served me well. The hospital even paid for a certified sign language interpreter. I am pleased with their service. I have been to ER several times and didn't have problem with their service.

Tyler Stoll

Sarah Lewis

Still in the waiting room with my extremely I'll father. Finally asked for a blanket for him, I got one with a very disgusted look from the receptionist. There are drops of blood on the floor from another waiting patient with a cut to the finger. This is on the heals of pointing out to the security guard at his desk that a child vomited on the ground. Aye aye!! Why didn't I go to Sierra Vista?????!!!!!!

Rosemary Reif

I would give this Hospital NO STARS!!! I took my son to the ER with a major concussion and he was looked over really quickly and I was told he will be fine and to take him home and let him sleep it off and he would feel better the next day. I have experience with concussions and it is very known that you DO NOT let a person who may or does have a concussion sleep. Luckily he didn't have bleeding in his head but the doctor would never have known this because he was in a hurry. Another time I took my child in with a chunk of wood under his skin. The doctor in the ER put him on general anesthesia. I stayed with my child in the ER while his was being worked on and my child stopped breathing many times for about one minute every time he stopped breathing and his entire body would shakein off and on throughout his time under. The doctor said "oh it's totally normal". Come to find out it is absolutely not normal at all and my child could have easily died because when a person is under their breathing and heart rate should be monitored and it was not. I will NEVER EVER AGAIN BRING ANY FAMILY MEMBER OR FRIEND TO THIS HOSPITAL AGAIN!!!!

Scott Halvorson

michael brown

Willy Reed

I woke up with an ear infection on a Sunday morning, so I called to get an appointment around 11am. Getting in was quick and easy. within 15 minutes of getting there the nurse was able to check my vitals and get me situated in a bed and wait for a doctor. Within 5 minutes the doctor was there, check my ears, told me it was a typical infection and gave a prescription and I was on my way. But 2 months later i get a bill of $900 for the ER and another $200 for the doctor!!!!!! And that was with insurance! I tried everything to fight it and get the price down to something reasonable, but i couldn't even speak to someone with authority to do something. It's criminal that no one tells you before seeing the nurse that once you walk in that door, you just lost a grand.

Victor Weeks

Had very intense chest pains for 36hrs and decided it was time to go to the emergency room. I'm a visitor from Hawaii staying with my dad who lives in Paso Robles. Sunday morning I checked in and was given a room immediately and attend to by RN Gianna and shortly after by Dr. Redd. Chest X-rays and a cat scan were next. They suspected a blood clot in the lung but came up negative and no heart problems. They couldn't figure out what the pain was from but after a hardcore antacid cocktail most of the pain went away. I never had pain like that but it turns out it probably was just gas...classic. My experience was very positive (can't figure out the two and a half stars) and was very satisfied with all of the staff (especially Gianna and Dr. Redd). They made me feel very comfortable. Thought I was dead:( Thank you Twin City Community Hospital...five stars! Mahalo and Aloha. Vic

K Mac

I had surgery here last February 2019. The nurses are fantastic. But the out patient surgery clerk over collected for my co pay. The hospital owes me over $400 and it has been over 6 months. I have called the billing department every month to see why I haven't received my refund and each time the answer is "it is being processed." I finally gave up and called my insurance company to file a grievance.

Adam O.

I visited the ER for a separated shoulder in January 2015 and I'm STILL getting bills 3 months later in March. I asked them repeatedly while I had follow-up visits if my balance was clear and they said yes. Surprise, I've gotten three additional bills and there's no end in sight. I have no idea what these bills are even for. They seemed pretty nice when I was there, but my god they just refuse to go away. They will nickel and dime you until the ends of the Earth. The doctor at the orthopedic clinic was nice and pretty knowledgeable, but he rushed me out the door both times I visited him and couldn't be bothered to talk to me face to face when I still had questions. The follow-up was a waste of time and money. I waited an hour to see him and he spent all of 5 minutes with me and I felt rushed the entire time. Avoid this place if you can, you won't regret it.

Laura Milagros

5/11/18 Since 2004 the Case Mgmt/Discharge Planning staff at this hospital have just been HORRIBLE & SUBSTANDARD! If you ever speak to one ... you are in rare company! They are NOT pt advocates as they should be, there is NO LIVE BODY TO EVER answer the dept phone, the CMs/DPs NEVER check their messages & the CMs/DPs NEVER, EVER RETURN CALLS! This must be stopped. Its unacceptable. Overall, this hospital is great ... but the CM/DP dept "sucks" & needs MAJOR surgical repair ... STAT!

Danielle Featherston

I had brought my best friend here she has epileptic and non epileptic seizure she had a seizure while they were taking he vitals and the check in nurse on jan. 31st at around 4pm had the nerve to day she was faking it are you kidding me i have witnessed many of her seizures and i know how violent they can be if you can for the sake of your health try to avoid this hospital and there is no such thing as patient privacy here

Rigo Garcia

Para mi en lo particular es uno de los mejores hospitales. la atención es muy buena el personal muy calificado mis hijos nacieron aquí y el servicio fue excelente .gracias. twin cities hospital. Por brindar un servicio tan eficaz ala comunidad .

debra taylor

Sometimes the wait is long but always got taken care of....twin cities diagnosed my sons heart failure n immediatley sent him by ambulance to stanford medical center wher he received a heart transplant 3 mo later...n he still is with us...I thank them for their services and care no matter the wait time....

Jazzy A

Went in because I have chronic asthma. asthma attacks are frequent for me , but this time my rescue inhaler was not working. I had shortness of breath &a sharp pains in my chest that made it hard to move. The nurses in the ER seemed unconcerned and made no attempt to comfort me or assure me that I would get better, they were on their cell phones preoccupied with a baseball game that was playing at the time. I was given a breathing treatment and the doc prescribed me prednisone. I went home that night , went to bed , within 3 hours i woke up with horrible stomach pains and numbness in my face , arms, legs, and feet. My fingers were cramped and I was unable to straighten them. I called my advice nurse and she said it was possibly and adverse reaction to the prednisone. I called 911 and was on my way back to the ER this time by ambulance . When I arrived the same nurses were on duty and one of them said ,"ugh she's back again, we sent her home and she was fine" The doctor gave me Benadryl through an IV & told me to keep taking the prednisone and my final diagnosis was Social Anxiety! How could I have a panic attack in my sleep? They obviously knew it was an allergic reaction (they gave me Benadryl) but insisted that I continue to he medication. Please don't go here if you are having an emergency medical problem , I will not go back here &I I WOULD NEVER TRUST THESE PEOPLE WITH MY LIFE OR MY KIDS !! Stay out of this hospital if you want to live !!!!

Takoda Simon

Steve Wagner

It's next to impossible to talk to someone about medical records or billing issues! They have contracted with and offsite service that is hard to get through to on the phone and online is impossible. Everything requires an email and password but there is no facility to register for an account!!! Any call to the hospital is referred directly to the off site company, so you can't even talk to anybody at the actual hospital!!!! HORIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!!

Matt Lu

Great hospital. 5/5

Daniela Abarca

This hospital saved my husband from a car accident in July 2016, they had great service and they were all the time with him now today he is in perfect conditions it doesn't look like he was one day in a hospital. Perfect service and no words

Jacob Allred

If you want to be told you're imagining everything you're feeling, then Twin Cities is the place to go. Everyone we know in this community that's been to the hospital has a horror story about it and can all attest to being told "You're making it up, here's some drugs, now go home". This has caused us to start a new saying: "It's better to die on the way to French hospital, than to go to Twin Cities". Let's talk about how we've come to these conclusions... My Wife's Experience: She had to go to the E.R. Thirteen times to get admitted to see what was wrong with her digestive system. THIRTEEN. Do you have any idea how much it costs to go to the ER that many times? How much the ER charges for each drug administered even if they have no idea what they're doing, if it's going to help, or what the ramifications are? Each time she went, they got her loaded, told her she was imagining everything, and sent her home. I was getting upset with the staff and demanded that she be hospitalized because she could only go 24~48 hours between visits before needing to come back for relief. After reluctantly being admitted, they managed to mismanage her blood sample and urine specimen which caused a bunch of false positives for literally every illegal substance known to man. How is it possible that this hospital is even open still? They kept from giving her pain medications for a full day while giving her other medications that caused her to be in pain due to the mishandled samples. My wife is terrified of ever going back to that hospital for her medical needs. She feels more comfortable driving for ~45 minutes to SLO for medical assistance. My experience: I was taken there after I managed to survive a hit and run on my motorcycle. After getting Xrays of all the areas where I hurt, the nurse told me I was being a baby and that I had a minor fracture to my pelvis and that was it. Not only is that a terrible thing to tell someone in that condition, they also managed to overlook the Scaphoid fracture in my wrist. They told me to take some pain meds and rest my Pelvis as the pelvic fracture wasn't serious enough to need to be stabilized. I spent a couple weeks in bed, but my wrist that they Xrayed (and said was fine) was still killing me. Not wanting to go back multiple times (like my wife had experienced), I went to another facility and paid to get my wrist re-xrayed. Sure enough, my wrist was broken and I wasn't being a wuss about it. This hospital doesn't seem to care about helping you get better. I believe they want to get you out the door as soon as possible without caring for you long term. If that means getting you loaded so you don't feel bad, so be it. I would absolutely LOVE to talk to someone from Twin Cities about my experiences here. Is there a representative from the hospital willing to meet with me? For now, my wife and I will die on the way to French hospital.

Rik Hardesty

Just had to pay another co-pay for a return visit to er. I was told at time of service that because we were back within 72 hours, there was no charge! Guess what? Because the untrained person billed it wrong, l get to pay for their lack of training... wonderful service

Erin Menezes

While I am a relative of the most amazing nurse in the world who works in labor in delivery, I have to say that the ER department here is awful. I have been there twice with my mom, and while the docs have been ok (not great but ok) I would have to say that Larry is by far the worst nurse I have ever had. He was rude, hurtful and unhelpful. I usually find nurses to be the most amazing people on earth. But not here. One sweet caring nurse was doing everything while we waited 6 hours wile almost every room was empty. If you can avoid this ER do it (unless you are having a baby!!)

Cassie Vee

New to the area.. I'm shocked at the ratings, because both times I had to take my daughter to the hospital the entire staff was AWESOME!!! From the check in Staff to All Nurses & All Doctors. I give it a Big 5 STARS

Misty Jones

Place is a joke

Emily Grim

If I could give this place 0 stars I would, especially their "emergency" department. I have taken my bf there several times due to the fact that he has seizures and some are worse than others. Each time he went in all they would acknowledge was that he had anxiety(he does not) and that all they were, were panic attacks. The time before last he had a really bad one and had to be ambulanced there, the emt and firefighter told the er staff that he was on drugs(never done a drug in his life). They refused to do a drug test and then contained to say it was drugs. This last time he was cleaning his pellet gun and it accidently went off shooting him in his arm. I took him in and they automatically assumed he was crazy, the triage nurse asked me 3x if I was going to feel safe in a room alone with him. Then the Dr(Easton) came in gave him a numbing shot so he could come in and flush it out in 5min. He didn't come back until 5 hours later after they called the sheriffs department to help escort him to San Luis Obispo County Mental Health hospital all because my bf told them that he was going to walk out at 5:30am to get to work. Oh and they told him that he isn't allowed to leave when that's against the law. Plus they never offered him a pain killer for his pain which he was in a lot of. They also said that he was on drugs without doing a drug test again. So if you want to be deemed crazy, and be accused of using drugs without a drug test then go here. From now on going to French

laura learned

Our experience at Twin Cities was excellent. The nurses were compassionate, loving, and empathetic while tending to our mother. My mother was not from the area so Dr Gordon and Dr Anthony as hospitalists took great care during her stay. As did Dr. Salem and cardiologist Dr. Von Dollen. All the drs, nurses and support staff gave my mother nothing but the best care they could provide and for this our family is very grateful! I have written letters to the doctors and brought thank you treats to the Med/Surg staff yesterday.

Lori Buckley

Had both of my kids there! Love the staff, especially appreciate Mason Buckley, who does a great job!

matawna michealangelo

Heather Valenti

Profiling people, making assumptions and accusations. Will never feel welcome or comfortable in this hospital again. If you want to go somewhere with very judgemental providers, this is the place!

Steven Smith

Slow to get help

Eric Wright

My daughter was bone there and it was a great experience!

Tony Harmon

Do yourself a a little, save your life...these guys are terrible. My wife had a head injury and the ER gave her meds that caused more damage.

Miltha Martinez

The ER was awful!! my daughter and i went to the ER today and we waited for ever in the waiting room. Once we saw the Dr. He rush us and didn't let me finish talking.The doctor didn't even check us. Never again will I come to this hospital!! It's sad the lack of care for patients. 0 stars!!!

Jean McGaw Thompson

Tiffany Belote

came in on the 5th and delivered my second child candy the ER nurse on the third floor for babies is amazing so sweet and compassionate I love Megan and Mandy and the nurse leader Michelle thank you ladies for such a comfortable and easy stay although I did have a bit of an issue with the drug test I was able to resolve it no judgement no fear this is a really good community hospital despite the negative reviews I'm definitely going to use this hospital in the future thank you so much for delivering my daughter dr. Hermon

Carl Stough

Nick Cekorich

I would rate it with 5 stars if I based it solely on the nurse that gave me my final paperwork in the hospital emergency room. I had a cut on my little finger, all I wanted to know was, will it heal. The first nurse took my temp and blood pressure/heart rate. She did her job but made me feel very uncomfortable. To me thats important. The Physician or Dr. ( I forgot what he was refered as) had a nicer personality but really made me feel like he could care less about my injury. I say that because, he never cleaned it nor did any nurse. I did say, I just wanted to know if it would heal but l also never said, dont clean it. I've been threw this before and my injuries have always been cleaned first before Ive seen a Dr. Poor job there bro. Last thing, to the nurse in the lavender scrubs, You get ,10 stars and a lifetime of positive compliments from me. you made me feel comfortable, and I appreciate that. Even thou it was a short amount of time it matters.

milorad vojinovic

Good god is this place even allowed to consider itself a hospital, visiting a friend here and I wanted to kidnap her and bring her to a safe caring place. The rooms are double occupancy and the neighbor was in pain ask asking for medicine and a nurse came into the room and taped a piece of paper over the clock and said stop "clock watching you calling for too much pain medicine" what the hell ??! The night shift is the worst you can't get anyone to come and help so I went out of my friends room to see where all the nurses were and there were about 5 of them at the station laughing and joking about a patient who had coded? How disgusted i was. One time a nurse cough on the food tray ewwww ask why do you cough a lot and she claim to have one lung....ookk but do you have to cough on everyone? One time night supervisor stopped in and she was so nice and understanding I think her name was Jillian she's the best thing this dump has in terms of appropriate people for the job. A couple good nurses here and there and you request them by namme because you don't want a full time one these ones are travel nurses just ask and they will tell you. If u can go to French you will be better off

William Powers

Hands down best ER staff and setup around, care, compassion and know how are top notch!

Mia Castro

0 stars if possible. WORST HOSPITAL I have ever been to in my life!!!!!! Took my 1 year old daughter here to the ER because she was coughing, throwing up, and diarrhea, and she ended up having pneumonia, so they want to get some fluids in here thru and IV. 3 nurses poked her multiple times with adult size needles, instead of the proper size for infants, but after so many pokes claimed they could not find her vein. Later a different nurse was able to get the IV in but when a different nurse was changing the bag of fluids to an antibiotic somehow the IV came out of her vein and all the medication went inside her arm instead of the vein causing her arm to swell up very badly. I can Not believe how horribly the treated my innocent little baby, the showed no concerns about what they were doing to her, they seem very untrained and unprofessional. Another time I took son who was having very bad wheezing, that I could clearly hear as he would breathe, He seen a women dr. she came in said she did not her anything and for him to just take some benadryl and go home. I told my spn to take a deep breathe out loud because I could clearly hear the wheezing but the dr. told him "no stop it's ok" and she said " I can do breathe out to and your not gonna hear anything, go home and take some benadryl" I knew she was completely wrong. ON TOP of that this was my son's 1st time ever going to this hospital so they did not have any of his records on file, I asked the receptionist at the front check in TWICE if she needed his insurance cards becuase he has never been he and she would not take them when she mad the wrist band and all his paperwork she put the wrong last name they asked my son his name and it did not match what was on the writ band but the nurse still continued to putting it on him so all the paperwork and wrist bands had the wrong last name and they did not have any of his medical information so I refused to sign, they tried telling me they will just put it in his file but HOW ARE THEY GOING TO MAKE A FILE FOR HIM WITH THE WRONG NAME AND NO MEDICAL NUMBER OR ANYTHING. Again, THIS IS THE WORST HOSPITAL EVER. I WILL NEVER EVER GO HERE AGAIN. THIS HOSPITAL SHOULD BE CLOSED DOWN! Horrible hospital, HORRIBLE STAFF, everything about this place is evil there just no words for this hospital. HOW CAN THEY TREAT PEOPLE this way when they are suppose to help you.

Tommy G

Sucks your hospital totally over charged me and if I didn't Have perfect credit I wouldn't pay. I literally went in for a stomach ache and got stuck with a $3000 bill. I recommend driving to slo if you can.

Haley Martinez

I would actually rate this place a 0. Horrible.

Brenda Ojeda

Tried calling the only niner for twin cities regarding a emergency, busy all night long and into morning . Still trying to get info on a patient. This is not acceptable. It says 24 hour service. Very disappointed in this place as they should have back up numbers to call.

Nashali Vicente lopez

If you wanna go die to a hospital, go to this hospital. I needed immediate help, and the employe said I had to wait an hour. Then the people who came to emergencies didn't needed at all immediate care.

Saad Nemeh

Great staff at difficult time.

Jamie Thompson-Scott

Michael Pinocchio

Karla Rodriguez

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