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Elizabeth Pink-Cauthen16

I love the doctor's true the nurses are the worse for. A great hospital

teresa orr

With a client

simchi spira

Never ever use the mount Sinai emergency room!! No one cares for you know one looks on you no one is blinking an eye on your side and you can wait for day's till you will be taken in got help

Silvia Rose

Great caring doctors they kept me well inform about my mom medical issues and treatment plans and also phone calls keeping me updated THANKS Doc's


Love this place. Doctors are trustworthy. Nurses care. Staff is great..

Kristina Gutierrez

About 10 years ago my brother was admitted to this hospital because his cancer had came back and till this day I blame this hospital for his death! When we found out that he was gonna need a bone marrow transplant I was the most Compatible one to do it but no one ever got back to us about scheduling the appointment to get a physical done like they said they would and mind you at that time I was only 17 and was still considered a minor at the time. A few weeks goes by my brother ends up in the ICU room cause he became even more ill and and then after being in there a couple of days they take him out of ICU and then sometime in the middle of the night he passes away on July 5, 2009. My family never really got an explanation except that he supposedly “choked” which I don’t believe till this day! I’ve been in the hospital when he stayed there I’ve cut school to spend time with him from when visiting hours started till when they end and I know how often nurses would check on There patient and let me tell you it wasn’t enough a lot of the time you heard them bickering about nonsense outside the bedroom doors. We never received papers after his passing and we are still empty not knowing the truth and all I ever wanted after 10 years was the truth!!! You guys should be ashamed of yourselves. From all the money we had to put into this place you don’t have the nerves to tell us or give us proof!!!! And I also find it funny after reading some people’s reviews how you only reply to the good reviews and not so much the ones that are being honest about there experiences it’s no wonder this hospital is rank #18 in the country. All I want is the proof and truth of what happen that night!!!!!!!

Deokjae Jeon

Please, have your call center representative through a diversity training. I am a transgender woman. I just moved to NYC and I called yesterday to find a local doctor to take care of my trans care. and I asked the representative and explicitly told her that i am a transgender who just relocated and needs a doctor with a transgender care specialty. She then proceeds to ask me my sex. And I replied "I told you I am a transwoman. I am a male to female transgender". She said "So, you are a male? Male, right?" Then she continued to call me Mr. and Sir during the entire phone conversation. She also had an extremely hard time understanding me and asked me if I needed an translator. This is really odd because I've been living in the states for 7 years and have had corporate jobs. I know I don't have hard times conversing in English. She just called again and kept calling me Mr and Sir. I didn't go with the doctor she scheduled me with. I just made an appointment on Zocdoc and it was much more convenient. & Guess what, It also was not humiliating.


jewelry stolen from deceased by the staff. sometimes patients are advised to bring in all their meds by their doc and I've seen oxycodone stolen from deceased also by nurses, they rip through bags and steal purses and this happens on a daily basis. Patients ignored, nurses yelling at patients for asking for help. Just very sad place, no one smiles, i feel like im walking into a dark cloud when i go there.

Ronnie Pest

Don't expect any empathy when visiting a Mount Sinai emergency room.

Michael Solomon

Great hospital, I'd give 7 stars if I could. Had my penile enlargement surgery here. Was hotdog size and now hung like a Tennessee mule.


Nelly Ramos works above and beyond in ER department.

Naleni Sanichar-Mohamed

Worst hospital in all of nyc... patients are being neglected in over cramped emergency room .. worse emergency experience... these ppl don’t care about people’s health.. a formal report will get made to the health department of nyc

Renee John

They need more help in this hospital The have you sitting there to long before they see you

Richard Dean

The operator on the phone hung up on me before I even asked my question, I said hello, then they hung up


Thank goodness for Dr. Arthur Kornbluth, Dr. Alex Greenstein and the staff at Mount Sinai Hospital, they helped save my life. Unfortunately I became severely ill early this year and was transferred to Mount Sinai from my local hospital. One of Mount Sinai's specialties is GI diseases and both Dr. Kornbluth and Dr. Greenstein are affiliated here. The hospital staff were great to work with (Go 10 East!). Dr. Greenstein and his staff saw me at least once everyday. Dr. Kornbluth stopped by to check in even after my case was turned over. The Nurses, aids, staff and volunteers in the hospital were all polite, patient, knowledgeable and clearly let me know what was going to take place in the way of tests, blood work to be drawn, etc. Everyone helped make me feel comfortable. The encouragement and support was amazing. I'm well into my final steps of healing and the team has given me a quality of life back that I had not seen for the past 21 years. THANK YOU!!! These are the Doctors and hospital you want to be at if you have a GI disorder. It's also important to note that the hospital patient rooms and floors are going through a major renovation. Floor 10 East is complete and it has modern amenities to make the patients feel comfortable and promote healing.

yosef green

Great dr good care very good nurses

Eurith Brown

Where I go for all my health care needs. Had an appointment today got my questions answered

Keven Bacon

Joan Rivers died here on September 4, 2014 from Cerebral hypoxia while on the operating table. Very sad

Angelina Mansour

Dr Robert Lee came right out school gave me a cortisone shot with Cushing tease . He wrote TUFTS UNIVERSITY Canel STENIOUS. Good health for a fusion. With adrenal cancer. FLEXERIAL and Ms

Shahid Mazumder

Thank you.

Rainy Night

My Dad was in Cardiac Catheterization Lab for blockage in his heart and it was the best experience in New York City hospital. The nurses were very friendly and helpful. I won't forget the service we received. Go ahead Mt Sinai !


It is one of the best hospitals in the USA from my experience with the doctors and the treatment I receive but only problem it has is; nurses! Once you leave the hospital sometimes nurses will call you for some reason but never leave a message or extension number to call back, in case you want to call back it goes into a cloud system to thousands of people who you want to talk to? Because you receive a call from a hospital general number and nurse did not leave any message and you see few different doctors you will never be able to talk to anybody! There should be mandatory system that when nurses or anybody call from the hospital to a patient they must leave a call back extension number and the person name or the department name to call back! This is the only lack of system they have!!! They should consider updating their call back policy! Nurses must leave a extension number on patients phone so when a patient want to call back they reach the exact person instead of a cloud system!! I hope they will see my review and implement my suggestions for better services. Thank you


excellent care!

nacho biz

I understand this is a teaching hospital but the fellow didn’t seem interested nor did he explain the horrible side effects that I had to endure when I got an injection which didn’t even work for my problem. They rush you like you are a number and then they inject stuff without explaining in details what they are doing or possible side effects and then when you ask questions about your health they get annoyed

Erica Harris

I am a mount Sinai patient, I have been experiencing lower back pain and hip pain I have had 2 spinal fusions 2015/2016 and all of 2018 I've been in the hospital for right hip replacement on jan/sept I suffer with pain so much I came here because of the excruciating pain I had a epidural injection on 8/2/19 Iit only made my pain worse i came to the Emergency room on 8/6/19 I'm so very disappointed in the Emergency room care and nurse that work there this Emergency room needs to be revamped to catch up with the modernization of the building it self !!!! The nurses walk by you with out bating an eyelash at you when you asked them for a bedpan or your status on your care ,I had a gentleman who had copd they gave him lasix and the man was asking for another urinal which it took them way to long to give mind you he had a slight accident (smh) and the elderly woman on the far left of me was left on the bedpan way too long ! I also almost urinated on myself due to the nurse not giving me a bedpan or the nursing assistant either ! When my doctor finally came over to me Dr. Hermansen and his team were the one's that actually gave me the bedpan .I was given very good pain control down in the Emergency room only when I got upstairs to the unit kcc-5 the pain pump was taking away which I was kind of fine with as long as good alternative was in place which I was told that I would be given a shot for breakthrough pain and a pill before hand .that night I was in the care of mr. Obi which he totally dropped the ball in my care I ended up with a blister burn on my back from the hot packs he gave me the broke open and burned me the pain management team orded for me to get my muscles relaxer 3x a day I got it at 9:30pm I feel that at 3am he could have given me it but didn't and it was also orded that I be given 2 tablets of percocet which adds up to 10mg ,but he gave one I was in so much pain crying couldn't lay down couldn't relax he said that he called the over P.A which supposed to have told him that he wasn't coming up to the floor to asset me and suggested that I wait till pain management make there rounds @9-10 am . I feel like everyone except for Dr.Hermansen and his team didn't drop the ball on my care the government took away the power for your primary doctor who knows you who has given you care ,where the pain management team doesn't even communicate with your doctor I know this for a fact and they are so scared to even suggest anything to pain management!!!!! Its so messed up for the people who really need them and we all get lumped into one bubble !! If your not a cancer patient you can chuck it all up for good care /management !! By the way today is 8/8/19 I'm still admitted and still waiting on pain relief.

Giovanny Martinez

BY FAR the greatest hospital in the NY. Childrens services and Most RNs have amazing positive attitudes and Always try to make parent comfortable. I Definitely recommend a private room if you're giving birth here. STAFF ROCKS!!!!!


Took a patient there and their level of care is just so amazing , these Dr's And nurses are very hardworking and gives the best care.


The environment is also good, offering excellent medical treatment.

Charlie Lewner

I believe he could have treated my mom better

Paulo Vetter

What an amazing team! Best docs and nurses I’ve ever come across !

barbara melo melo

I just got home after 4 days in Mt. Sinai. Can’t say enough about the wonderful care I received there. This was my second time with them and my experience was the same both times. Incredible nurses; let’s not forget what they deal with every day. And of course doctors too. They help you with post hospital stay needs. Don’t worry, they take good care if you.

Roger Martins

nice helpful people

tom derosa

So I just foundout that Mt Sinai owe's me money(MY MONEY) for over years now. I have reached my out of pocket from having surgeries both 2017, and 2018. However everytime I went to the doctor office for any reason they still charged me a co-pay when I already met all my out of pocket money. I have been trying to get my money back but it's been taking months. There should be a LAW that makes any bussiness(even a DOCTOR OFFICE OR HOSPITAL) That any credit needs to be returned within 30 days. If I didn't by chance find out that there was hundreds of my money sitting at their bank. I spoke to a girl at MT SINAI in BILLING and she said they don't send back money unless people ask for it. WOW can't believe this is happening

Andy Lo

Great assistance and communication.

Starr Burst

The staff are uaully nice however their all over the place which i get it their busy but two different staff tried to give my child the same meds twice and i seen them do this with 2 other kids also. They also left dirty/opened medical stuff on the table where there was a bunch of kids running around. They also suck at following up with after care. My child was referred to a specialist and they didnt called which they were supposed to do within 48 hours. I ended up calling them after a week and got the run around.

Tomfrank Tomfrank

I've been to this hospital many times and i can honestly say this is one of the top rated hospitals in nyc. The staff is caring, courteous, and generally concerned for a patients wellbeing. This is a top notch hospital and is noted for there cardiac care. A lot of people come to this hospital because of there cardiac care unit. I would recommend this hospital to anyone in need of a good/great hospital. This hospital is open 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Noha Elmolla

That’s the worst hospital I have ever seen in my life that’s cause almost the end of my dad life he has been treated from liver cancer for about 5 years and his oncology (Selena Ang) by the way she was a good oncologist we have no problem with her but on January 18-2018 my dad needs to do a surgery on his liver because he has tumor in his liver and one on his bile duct his oncologist said that he has to remove the tumor from his liver but it is impossible to touch the one on the bile duct so my dad agree to do that surgery but without touching the one on the bile duct so the most experienced doctor came with his one of his student (dr Schwartz) and his student (Rocha) to make my dad her sacrificed body to try her studies on him so she try to take off the one on the bile duct although the oncologist said that too dangerous to be touched and it’s so risky while she is trying she ripped the bile duct and made him a stitch and a medical clip on it so the bilirubin couldn’t drain from his body and they didn’t tell us till they discharged him after three days from doing a very complicated surgery and ended now they made him three procedures in his liver they added stenosis to let the fluid drain through the bile duct but all that procedures in vain now my dad admitted in NYU hospital with 12 bilirubin and 34 white blood cells with 10cm x5cm infection in his liver and the doctors here try to control the infection and the bacteria from spreading but in no vain too so that’s my story and I don’t recommend that hospital to anyone that’s the worst hospital I have ever seen and I could sue all of them because I have all the documents that support my experience

Stojanka Michevska

I had appointment at 10:00 am with dr Kaufman. Now is 12:15 and I am still waiting to be call for 5 minutes talking with the doctor! What do you mean? What kind of review I should to give for this hospital?!

Clifford Rosen

My mother had her cancer treatment at Mt Sinai. The doctors were great, knew how to treat her type of cancer and got her through it. She had surgery and it was huge success. I took a star off because the nurses here were clueless and largely unhelpful while she was there for a week after the surgery.

Ronda Xanthos

I went in last night and got out this morning. It took long but what ER doesn't? Everyone was so nice and helpful. They were so clean, caring and thorough always asking if I needed anything. I never met a nicer group of Dr's and nurses.

Linda Martin

I'm an RN in Florida and while visiting my elderly mother she experienced medical issues. We took her to Mount Sinai Hospital late night on Saturday. When we arrived at the ER we received good service. However, one tech in particular; Nelfa was *OUTSTANDING*. She didn't know I'm an RN and I observed her clinical skills and I was very impressed.

Brian Harkness

The finance department is in the stone age. Go to a better hospital or get ripped off here.

Lisa Mulligan

Get the phone lines fixed! Horrible


Wow!!! You guys make cafeteria food taste awesome. That was the Jerk Beef Briskets and vegetables. I don’t think I’ll be eating from any of the local restaurants as long as you guys are around.

Gina Aviles

The worst! Waiting for my Mom. Foot surgery scheduled for's now 5:39 PM and they haven't even started with her... Unbelievable! AND they said she couldn't eat anything past midnight so she's famished... who cares? They don't... Smh

David J Davis

the worst

Naomi Redeemed

Nelly is a nurse that works in the ER Department. Nelly treated my elderly father with a lot of respect and dignity. Even though the place was PACKED and we wouldn't recommend the hospital overall Nelly made the difference between a 1 STAR to 5 STAR. We recognize our Dad is a bit difficult to get along with but, Nelly had him laughing and made him very comfortable during his medical procedure. I think Dad was crushing on her ;) Please hire more nurses like Nelly because she is very good at her job and very professional!!!

Candace Pittari

Being in the Emergency Room in Mt. Sinai is a horror. The comedian, Mel Brooks once described hospitals in the year 2000 as large caves with people screaming and everyone walking around with complete indeifference. The Mt.Sinai emergency room is very similar to that. It was overcrowded, understaffed and twice I was mistaken for the wrong patient. Once they could not find me at all. I was kept there for 8 hours, in pain and not able to move. Although those who attended me were caring, the system is a horror. No one whould be tortured in that manner. I was not taken up to OR waiting for EIGHT hours. There were no seats for patients relatives. Fortunately I have a wonderful orthopedic team that takes care of me but the ER HAS TO GO!!!

Mickel Gunn

Good service

Shawn Kellner

I was treated better in a combat zone. I had to argue my way through a metal detector to get triaged. Maybe the god damn police should do their job here so that people can get treated before going through the metal detector at the door of the er at a hospital holding me from my right to life with chest pains shortness of breath and the worst pain I’ve ever felt in my mouth . God bless America

Jael Rodrick

Ironically, I came to post a review about the great care we received from a tech and I noticed she has already been publicly recognized. Tech Nelfa Ramos is fabulous. Please give this woman a raise! Despite the patient overload she was attentive, patient and genuinely empathetic. Thank you for embodying the meaning of a caring medical professional. Our family is very grateful for the care given to my uncle. I thought she was a nurse but, my husband thinks she's a tech. I originally got her name wrong too. Either way she works in the ER.

Calvin Salas

I was there for an hour and a half had to go to the streets to go and find some drugs to help with the pain. I saw a lady who was bleeding from her feet and the staff wasn’t doing anything. I’m just gonna call 911 5 minutes before I feel like I’m dying. Hopefully they take care of me then

David N

Do not go for Family Planning. We went there for family planning and the doctors and PAs were actually great, but I watched what I think is the head nurse (Nurse Viva or Vivo??) scream at one of receptionists in front of of the patients in the waiting area. Very uncomfortable, would steer clear.

Sharon's Livermore


Tsadik Kaplan

Great hospital. Everyone is friendly and polite and the doctors I had were very bright and nice. So easy to go from one department to another.

MADE IN THE USA God Bless America

A fantastic nurse in The Mount Sinai E.R. named Nelfa helped clean my mother up and got her into a clean gown right away. My mom was extremely embarrassed but, Nelfa treated her individually with compassion, dignity and respect despite the overflow of patients in the E.R. Mom's primary care doctor advised her to go to the E.R. as soon as she was exhibiting symptoms related to her chronic disease. Unfortunately, she was too late. Mom's neighbor found her unconscious in the hallway. Mom was rushed to the hospital by ambulance. She had vomitted on herself and lost control of her bowels. It was a big mess but, Nelfa made my mom feel a lot better with her kind words of encouragement and a few jokes. Mount Sinai Hospital needs a lot more nurses like Nelfa.

Jane Colaio

My husband was a pt of Dr Sharma. We had to stay overnight on 7 west. It was the best experience we have had .being a nurse myself I feel so strongly. Special graditude to our day nurse Alicia budha r.n.

Chris Everett

Worst place ever. Hallways filled with patients on gurneys, patients arranged three deep in rows with maybe eight inches between them, lying in their own filth, alarms, bells and buzzers blaring nonstop for hours on end. A complete and total insane asylum. Stay away at all costs!

Thomas Harrell

The hospital itself is beautiful. However some of the care that is given to patients is questionable. Now when I get a Doctor that cares and takes pride in their work I am taking care of BEAUTIFULLY but when I get a Doctor who is only their for a paycheck and have the select few patients that they get their money from it hurts so on a scale from 1 to 10 I give Mount Sinai a 8. You here to take care of us like nike JUST DO IT.

Miriam Caballero

This is my hospital. Since childhood they have taken the time to address my illness, needs and my well being. They come to the home to make sure I am doing well. The doctors care for their patients. They call me to remind me of my appointments. If I get sick and have to go to the emergency room I first contact the doctors that are on call to let them know what is going on with me and they will tell me to come in and send an ambulance for me. I understand all hospitals get overwhelmed with the amount of patients that come through the emergency room. But that doesn't mean the Doctors are bad. I know for a fact that the best doctors are at Mt. Sinai.

Malea Grubb

The interior of the hospital looks outdated (some areas more than others). But it's a hospital, not a hotel, so I guess we shouldn't expect it to look like the Plaza. That being said, I felt the quality of care here is higher than that of other area hospitals. Every doctor/nurse/staff person I've talked to has been polite and most seem competent. That's more than you can say about some of the other hospitals in this area.

Sheli Pickholz

I’ve worked at Mt. Sinai and been a patient multiple times, from ED to ICU and everything in between. I’ve loved both experiences - tho’ serious illness makes a hospital stay hard to love!My nurses and doctors have been caring, professional and knowledgeable. I appreciate all my care in the Hospital and at home through the Visiting Doctors Program.

Vanessa Amaro

The worse Hospital i have ever been to. They had me waiting for hours and my condition was extremely serious. If you want to die right away just come here. Stay away from this hell hole

Ariel Santiago

Mt.sinai is a very good hospital, courteous workers and very helpful but the downer for me is the emergency room is horrible needs major improvement

Susan F

Had a broken wrist and needed surgery. This was done on Nov 7th, 2014. I was scheduled for surgery at 10:00 am I waited in the outpatient waiting room for close to 1 hour. When I was finally called to "register" I complained about the wait time. No apology. She then tells me that my surgery is scheduled for 1:00!! I then went into another waiting room to be prepped for my surgery. I waited another hour in there. While i was waiting I observed the individual who registered me and never apologized for the wait time, take her time while she was delivering papers to stop and watch TV! No wonder you wait so long. I guess it is in their Union contract that they are permitted to make patients wait so long and watch TV. I finally made it to another waiting room where I was greeted by my surgeon. HE apologized for the wait and my surgery was finally started around 12:00. 2 Hours late! Their system at Mt Sinai needs some serious updates. It is antiquated and the individuals who check you in are lazy and nasty. Unfortunately, you must go to where your doctor is. If you have a choice - I suggest you opt out of Mt Sinai and go elsewhere.

S Taylor

Went here last night with post complications from an endoscopy biopsy. Immediately bought to the back and triage. Nurse Dawn couldn’t get which patient would be send to which nurse in the Acute Care Unit. Triage nurse spoke to her several times about which nurse was taking me. Nurse Dawn was overwhelmed and sending patients all over the place. They finally placed me on a stretcher where I stayed in the middle of a busy hallway for 15 minutes. Someone finally pushed me 100ft in to what look like a crowded club. I was placed in front of 4 other stretchers and had to move every time they needed to get to a stretcher behind me. There were wall to wall people some with coughs and no mask. The elderly man next to me looked like he had expired. He hadn’t moved the whole time I was there and there was no way he could be sleep in all that chaos. I got up and left. Went to Lenox Hill were I was treated quickly and with privacy. Not in a crowded hall as some doctors were doing.

Angnuri Sherpa

Good service

Kristal Rodriguez

Had my newborn here best hospital ever!

Anon E. Mouse ricer

Theres a patient that got infected with a fungal disease in may of 2018 here at this hospital. Its a new fungal infection that causes fever aches and fatigue. With no cure death occurs within 90 days. The disease is called C. Auris. This disease wasnt reported nor was the outbreak. There was no report or news about it cause the CDC thought it would be better for us, the people here in the

eluzer weiner

This hospital is worst place to deliver a baby! Rooms are disgusting and gross.


Great hospital the nurses where confidant and professional

Sharon Joyner

At the hospital right now with my sister at the ER. Disgusting. No privacy, the doctor wanted to examine her out in the middle of the ER. I had to intervene and tell the doctor you will.not do this here in front of all these people. No rooms to put patients in, every nursing staff look as if they don't like their job. No bed side manner at all. The worst hospital. Forest hill hospital in Queens, by far is the best I have been in. All these hospitals out here in the city need to take notes and ask forest hill hospital what are they doing so you guys can follow. And the nurses get paid much less than Mount Sinai. And this is how you guys operate. Disgusting. Worst customer service. From security to the nurses, the worst. Another thing my sister was cold and it took a nurse who didn't even work there to get her blankets. The nurses not attentive at all.

Melissa Sidor

The doctors and nurses are wonderful, the surgery went well and the pediatric icu room was comfortable and promoted healing. The regular pediatric room where my son has just now been moved is cramped and disgusting. I worry about my son having to navigate equipment to get to the bathroom. I have to get out of the chair every time a nurse or doctor come into the room to examine my son because there is no space and also must move our bag. My son is begging to get out tomorrow. I’m right there with him. Unfortunately they’re saying he has a few more days here. I have asked for a new room. Praying that will help make this bearable.

john mazz

i recently had a medical reason to seek attention at mt sinai urgent care i went 3 times in 5 days they referred me to dermatology who after 6 days called me today to give me an appointment at the end of Jan 2020 very caring of them they are a fraud pure and simple i was reading some reviews and i think most of them are lies! don't even rate 1 star but its a must in order to post.

John Knapp

Best cardio unit in the world , very professional service

Artie Lallai

I came to ED as my brother who is a DEAF/mute fell and suffered laceration to his nose , head and had a seizure post fall. The treatment we received for someone who is disabled and needs ASL interpretation. It was disgusting and I can speak of this given I am an Employee of another medical organization. I had to beg 4x for water and for pain meds to be given to him given his pain, the nurse who I asked 3x was at one point walking around asking other nurses to sign a petition. I had to continue to relate to everyone who had that he is DEAF mute/ does not read lips. The ED attending Dr Ben Chill was extremely condensing during the initial consult and he was extremely quick to jump to a diagnosis even though a formal Neuro consult was not done. When it was time for him to be taken for head CT the nurse assigned to him could not be found. I guess they work differently here, from my experience at NYPH at least the nurse introduced her self when they change shift they introduced the change of shift. I didn’t have to beg for pain meds because she actually recognized his discomfort form interactions g with him. The fact that the nurse Kirsten clark never knew who he was as a patient speaks volumes of the type of facility/ health care system that makes up this hospital. The Actual Staff that should be celebrated are the ER techs/ transport techs, honestly between the nurses and the attending staff are pretty much passing the buck around. A resident ER doctor was the one who “ sutured his nose” and it was still bleeding quite a bit 2 hours later. When asked to be transferred to my place of employment I was told I could against they recommendations. This was a truly disgusting experience and I can finally understand what everyone on the outside have said about this hospital-network. Once again the Transport techs & ER techs are the ones who are actually helpful the Neurologist was also very professional and patient and listen to the history and then give evaluation. This network needs a major overhaul- they have truly forgotten they are people ‘s lives in there hands. The ED looked like a make shift area for a disaster, not a ED that is in an actual building. I urge people not to go here!

Nanette White

I had to thow shade at the staff in the records department cause they did not mail my baby's records to the right place. When I threatened to report them to the hospital administration I got my baby's records in my hand to get her the right help she need.

KashKosov familje

My wife was born here and she says it's satisfactory

Clara Rodriguez

This hospital is very caring. I like their protocol on cleaning and maintaining a germ free environment. My mom had cardiac surgery and thankfully everything went smoothly all of the members of her team were absolutely amazing.

Myra Weiss

My husband, Martin L. Birnbaum (83 years old), just returned home after experiences in the Emergency Room, one week of inpatient hospitalization and one week of acute rehab., along with a social worker in rehab. Words can not express how wonderful our experience was at Mt. Sinai - in each of these three departments. All the workers - from the level of physicians to nurses, aides, cleaning people - were interested in and emotionally very warm to Martin (and, secondarily, to me). This was my first experience of Mt. Sinai Hospital and I hope never to have to go elsewhere for our medical needs! Thanks to all, again!!!!!!! Myra Weiss (Birnbaum), D.S.W.

Luna Rose

Went in for a simple scan, that’s exactly what was directed by the doctor. Instead, we waited 4 hours for blood tests and X-Rays that were completely useless to diagnosing the issue. Though it was profusely told to us that it was necessary in order to rule out any other issues. Fine. Next we are recommended to receive a CT scan which would include the use of iodine injected directly into the veins. We were told that this would be necessary in order to check for a possible blood clot in the lungs. What was not made clear was the fact that this procedure leaves the patient at risk for death due to allergic reaction. This was noted only on the documentation which we then immediately rejected. Instead we were recommended the original scan that we came to the hospital for. Go figure. So after waiting 7 hours in a cramped, over stuffed emergency room, stuffed to the brim with patients to the point of fire hazard due to blocked exits, and inhabited by some overly friendly flies, the scan was finally given. We then were forced to wait two more hours for the results. A doctor told us that the results would determine what would be the next necessary steps for treatment and then proceeded to disappear to who knows where and never return to deliver the information promised. Finally 9 hours in were told that the issue is pneumonia determined by the scan that we originally came for. We were told that we would simply need to wait to receive one dosage of antibiotic and then be discharged and good to go. The nurse assigned to us then proceeded to somehow take 2 hours to get the medication. She was directly asked two times for an update on the medication. The second time she lied directly in response by stating that she would only be a few minutes. Instead she dispersed all her patients and went home. Finally after 3.5 hours of waiting for one dose of medicine to be able to go home, the new nurse actually did her job and set up the antibiotics. All in all this somehow turned into a 12 hour day. And of course we weren’t the only ones. A woman in front of us waited three hours and asked 5 different people simply to receive her pain medication as she groaned in agony. Another woman was completely forgotten and fell asleep on her stretcher only to be woken by a nurse and told she could have gone home hours before. If you can avoid going to this hospital, please do. For the sake of your own sanity.

Cathy R

Excellent care. Very knowledgeable staff. Highly recommend this hospital and it's physicians.

Elsa Cordero

I was very un satisfied, my stay there was nearly 24 hours. There was no confidentiality when it was time to explain my situation I had to do it in front of other patients and I felt very uncomfortable. My condition was very severe I was supposed to be laying in a bed and the had me sitting on chair the whole time. During my stay I was not offered anything to eat or drink. I feel very unsaturated because my insurance pays a portion and I had to come out pocket with a portion for poor service ☹️

Ryan Neff

They treat their patients with kindness and respect and will go out of their way, even in the ER at midnight, to make you comfortable if they can. I highly recommend this place - everyone is so nice!!!

Andrew Prudnikov

The emergency room is one of the worst I've ever seen. If you need help fast, steer clear of this outdated, under serviced excuse for emergency service.

Jamie B

5+ hours just to get a chest xray done and for it to get reviewed then when it does get reviewed I was told the xray wasn't done properly and would have to retake it. Who knows how many hours I will be in here. Every gets done is extremely slow in here no respect for your time and to think its the emergency room.

Ruth M

Took my 3 yo son w 104 fever. When the tempral thermo read 99.6, i asked for a rectal temp. Was told "yea sure, tell the nurse" told nurse, she didnt do it, and put 99.6 as his temp in his chart. Finally got a hold of someone, checked, fever still was at 103.9 using their thermometers. You would think the nursing staff would be responsive and respectful to a parent of a medicially fragil child who has dealt w complicated medical issues. Nope. The nurse tech Came back 3 more times for vitals, all 3x tired to use themproal. I asked to ice packs to cool him down, nothing. I asked for a towel to cool hin down, nothing. And each time i asked to retest w rectal thermo....always a 3 degree difference. Big diff if its 100 v 103. We were told we could leave, have him take antibotics, last temp was using tempral, again, came out to 96 degrees. Tested in my car, w rectal temp they gave me, 103. Left w the plan to give him antibotics and if they dont work to return to ANOTHER ER. Drs are knowledgeable. Nurses attitude as if couldnt care less, and often were dismissive of me, his mother!. When meds came, i asked for help administering the liquid meds, nurse sucked her teeth (really? I though that behavior ended in your teens!) And said, what are you going to do at home to give hin his meds? I said, my family can help restrain him, i have no family here as it was an emergency and they were not close. I am warning you, as a parent who has been in and out of the hospital and ICU for 3 yrs he struggles to take liquid medication. She sucked her teeth again and didnt want to help but hoovered closely. My son spit the meds in her face, was waving his arms and only when that happened she intrevened. Never again. I like his pediatrician at mt. Sinai, great advocate. But nursing staff leaves much to be desired. And layout of ER leaves very little privacy.

Eli Michalowitz

Nobody should have to be in any hospital but this is one of the better hospitals was there a lot of times unfortunately lately they give iPads by every bed which is really cool and 99% if their staff is really helpful and friendly

David Freeland

Had a short out patient surgery, then waited around for hours while they tried to find a wheelchair (guy was on break) and get discharge instructions. This place needs a process overhaul. Doctor was great.

A Shafi

By far the absolute worst experience of any hospital yet. Ironic because I avoided the Brooklyn location for this same reason. Little did I know I would be commuting over an hour for an even worse experience. The ER is packed beyond belief, this can not be by code per the buildings department. The patients are packed like sardines, it’s repulsive. literally no room for anyone to even walk, they lined up stretchers in the hallways. They keep saying they have no available rooms, yet keep taking in more patients. It’s day two now and still nothing. We had to wait for cardiology to give clearance for an endoscopy. Hours after the cardiologist visit, I follow up with our nurse and she tells me we are still waiting to hear back from a cardiologist, I had to inform her that we already met with one. She had no clue. She also said there were no requests in from him to get back on anything (how would she know that when she didn’t even know he stopped by? Without even checking the system?). When I asked her to reach out to him, She kept giving me the “you’ve got to give me a second” and she’d disappear. I’m not sure if they are just short staffed or there’s poor communication or if this is just a learning center where all the newly graduates are sent, but this madness needs to be sorted out. Peoples lives are at risk, and I see lawsuits written everywhere. I can go on and on, my diabetic father is given sugary juices for lunch etc. we had to ask for his sugar levels to be checked, Lo and behold they were in the 300s. I mean seriously? Never again!

Azimullah Rehman

I have no words to describe the features of this hospital. I want to recommend this hospital to needy one as here everyone is totally committed to patient care and rehabilitation.

Susan Krone

My husband is immune suppressed and was supposed to be kept in a seperate isolated emergency room area We were in this area from 2:30PM until 11PM when he was moved into the general emergency room. This should not have happened. He had been seen by a doctor at 8PM. The doctor prescribed an IV antibiotic that was desperately need. By Most of the nurses were nasty when I asked for help. One angel of mercy tracked down the doctor at 2AM NOTHING had been given. I told this to the doctor who insisted that the meds he ordered at 8PM had been given. After aguing with me he finally asked to speak to the nurse who had shrugged me off. 20 minutes later the IV that was orderes at 8PM was finally given and my husband was ordered back to the isolated emergency room out of the general zoo. After 2 days he finally got a bed in the transplant unit where he belonged. His treatment on the unit was wonderful.

gvirestrepo restrepo

I LOVE THIS UNIVERSITY, The Best medical dr, the dr Restrepio

M. Stephanie Pagan

Had an experience thats unforgettable.

Joy Progga

Really takes long time on ER.. its a prominent hospital but ER service is really bad. I had to wait two hours to see a doctor and he gave a sonogram to do. They took all night to do the sonogram. The radiologist acts like he didn't even want to do sonogram. They returned me two times to my room saying that they talked to the Doctor I don't need to be done sonogram. But the doctor said I must have the test. Finally 3rd time they did sonogram. Doctors were good, one senior nurse she was good too but other nurses are not good.they are really under proffessional level. Really horrible service on ER.

grace park

Just had the worst experience with the Operating Room yesterday. I was scheduled for a procedure at 4:30. They called to tell me to come at 3:00. Then I was delayed for 2 hours. At 5:15 PM they came in to tell me I would be delayed another 2 hours at which point I left. No food or water all day long.

MeeLaura Mee

Worst place with worst unprofessional doctors/assistant/nurses from the clinic to the delivery floors to emergency, pediatrics and everything in this hospital. Stay away from this place. HORRIFIC

humberto troche

I came to the emergency room at 8:45am and saw a doctor at 7:50pm and these nurses that they have here are lazy you call them and they act like you are not there it looks more like a night club then a hospital they be talking to other nurses all the time instead taking care of they work I remember that this hospital was so good but now they be having these young lazy nurses doing nothing I also have everything recorded do you could see what they do all day

Dana Williams

My mother was admitted here, the most caring and attentive Doctors, RN's and MA's, and staff very happy she's in good hands.

Shereace Titkanich

I love this hospital my son was not born here but he was rushed here acting was born do too cardiology he was born July 16th at 6:45 p.m. And rush to mount Sinai Hospital he is doing excellent the doctors here are so good thank you for taking care of my son and doing surgery on his heart please keep up the good work keep up the research

M. G. Sharp #2

Very professional, caring and attentive

Day DelaC

Worst service ever, I still can comprehend how people can choose to work in the healthcare field and customer service and do not have the manner, patience and skills to work with people. The ER is horrible, the vascular department is Terrible. I just tried to reach someone there and since it was 4:55PM they kept hanging up the phone on me. And at 4:59PM someone decided to answer and said HOLD ON, and to my suprised (NOT) at 5:00PM hung up. And when I called back the automated system said the office closes at 5PM. If I could rate them with -5. 99% of the staff that I have to deal with are simply rude, unethical and with no manner.

Steve Tanes

Efficient clean friendly competent

Emily Etores

This region become clean and clean to get to. The docs had been friendly and the wait wasn't too lengthy. I commonly enjoy going to the medical doctors - however I sincerely would come lower back right here. The team of workers turned into quality and beneficial.

Kyle Blevins

I certainly didn’t plan on ending up in the ER in the middle of the night during my weekend trip to NYC, but I couldn’t have asked for better care than I received at Mount Sinai on Madison Avenue. The nurses and doctors were extraordinary in their compassion, attentiveness, and care. They restored my faith in good quality healthcare. Highly recommended this facility.

Gregory Pappas

horrific, third world experience. After 11 hours in the ER, they wanted to put me in a "hallway bed." The service I received was sub-human. Every single person affiliated with this place should be ashamed to work here.

Roni Pitkowsky

I love this place! it saved my life. The doctors and researchers are top-notch. I continue to be impressed with the medical care given to me. However, I wasn't impressed with the food in the cafeteria. They only have good cookies. If you are dying, go here!!!!!!!

Jeremy Naraine

One of the best hospitals. I had surgery on a large mass on my adomen. This hospitals has saved my life. I been in the hospital for 3 months. It wasn't easy but they help me feel better. Some doctor are friendly and caring. They help me give my strength back. Thank you doctors and nurses.

Gregarious Tomoa

Great hospital! And an even better staff and faculty.

Yanick Dorsaint

The ER needs a serous upgrade. I’m giving Sinai 5 stars because my neurologist practices there and I get my infusions there. Both neurology and infusion center staff are caring, professional and understanding.

Ann Lettis

Could not be more thankful to all the people at Mt Sinai. Everyone is so kind and feel secure with the doctors. Pulmonary Dept is outstanding as is my doctor

Mario Medina

I live nearby every time I go to ER for emergency services I can’t even get ICE for my pain (NO PAIN PILLS ) just ICE 4 hours get 2 lil bags of ICE. I understand Its busy. I don’t like going to hospitals especially this hospital emergency room needs more improvement if I can’t get ice for pain

david becker

Extremely poor and unprofessional pain care that I have witnessed on numerous occasions. In addition there is poor care coordination and doctors lack knowledge about some of the basics. I say this as a professional and as a relative of those who received care at the hospital- I have not been a patient there and trust me I wouldn't recommend anyone to go there for medical care.

Erinn 77

I had major brain surgery requiring a 4 day stay. Turn to two weeks later I felt like I was dying. Dizzy, pain in my neck, light headed etc. I arrived with my mom at 9pm didn't get to be seen until about 3am. It was packed that late at night. If it wasn't for a good amount of patients using the emergency room for stuff they can pick up at their local pharmacy (even if it is 3am 24 pharmacies do girl was there for I kid you not to see if she was pregnant or not) I'm sitting in a chair in the ER waiting for a bed in the ER shivering in excruciating pain with a blanket over me and she is there to see if she is pregnant it's called EMERGENCY ROOM for a reason. And it's not like she thought she was pregnant and was having pain she was chatting away with everyone saying she thinks she might be pregnant hasn't taken a test yet from the pharmacy even telling me she usues the ER as her primary care physician. If it wasnt for all the non emergencies clogging up the ER the wait would not be so horrendous. Finally an angel of a Dr appeared he was a resident I believe his name was Dr Rice and he was just awesome. Told me it would be a little bit for a CT scan but would keep be as comfortable as my blood pressure would allow even allowing me to pick what pain medication I wanted. Anyway I wound up being admitted upstairs for a week but spent 24 hours in the ER waiting to get a bed upstairs. Dr Rice left for his shift and came back for his shift while i was waiting to be brought upstairs. Anyway I've been in this emergency room countless times due to chronic medical issues but that first time was time that stuck out the most. 5 star review because the staff can't do anything about people showing up at 1am with hangnails and every other ER visit and sometimes admission was a lot quicker than 24 hours.

Sarah Wilkins

I'm in the ER. My afib is acting up and the nurses don't give a damn. I'm in for severe diarrhea. Was in for 8 days out for 1 and now back in. My heart is beating weird and they don't have me monitored. They don't give a damn. Think I'll transfer to Lenox Hill.

Josie Torres

Best hospital I ever been in

King Leon

Terrible hospital. Most of the nurses are really rude. especially the one from the Caribbeans.

Joseph Tezzi

Overall the hospital was great treated me with respect a little slow at times in er but should expected it's pretty crowded and wen had a complaint it was always resolved at the lowest level of administration I even switched my primary doctor to their Jack Martine clinic

Natasha Mayer

Brought my roommate in having a severe allergic reaction. The staff treated us respectfully and started treatment right away (because her throat was closing and she couldn't breath; other waited as you might expect to in the ER). That said, there were just too many patients. Patients were being wheeled in beds and squeezed in like sardines. The nursing staff, while friendly, were very rushed trying to care for everyone. It made me nervous that a mistake could be made, and there wasn't usually someone available to answer questions about treatment. Again, not the fault of the hardworking staff, but there was just not enough space or nurses to treat the patients.


Beautiful building, very attentive security, Overcrowded Emergency room with overwhelmed nurses. Unless you are on your last leg or have a gunshot wound or can no longer see, walk or hear, try another hospital if it is not a true emergency. The ER houses beds on top of beds with barely any room to walk. There are several nurses who really do go out of their way for you. Other parts of the building are undergoing contruction which can really delay your route to your loved one or destination because the place is a maze. Rapid response teams are really on their A game with an outstanding response time. Staff is overall friendly and their communication systems seem to be up to date. Doctors are very knowledgeable however they dont always appear right away or as often as youd like because they are likely overwhelmed as well... great food for patients and pretty diverse choices in the staff and community cafeteria....kudos.

michal hasek

Can't imagine a better Emergency experience. Dr. Yeo, William, Elizabeth Jennifer and everyone there treated us as if we were royalty or Joan Rivers. Hope she is as lucky as we were. Thank you all. Thank you. Also thank you to Blue Cross Insurance. Pretty important for travelling Canadians!

John Demian

It is well equipped hospital most of the facilities are available. Highly professional culture of Hospital.

Luis Feliz

Staff is okay but I don't really ever get satisfaction during a visit. You can tell they want you out asap, don't really care about your condition it's just a quick Primary Doctor referral. So if you're in need of treatment, only go if you want a primary doctor referral. Dead serious

June Bug

Exceptional care and expertise. From top-rated surgeons, doctors a d nurses, to the custodians and cooks, every one is a trained professional with an outstanding attitude. Best care I never received.

Steve Kathcart


Wesley Dziedzic

I'm still alive!

Sheila Bedford

Thumbs up

La Kesha Blades

Service needs to improve. Especially the pediatric department & labor & delivery.

Jorge Caguana

My mom came out of there very happy and good. I love because the doctors are so caring and they have a good attitude.

Molinda McDaniel

Mt. Sinai Emergency Room is an excellent hospital in general. So good that everyone comes here when they are sick which makes for a long long wait to be taken care of.

angelique estrellado

I have a very sick family member in the surgical ICU. Please understand that a smile, a "hello", or a "may I help you" is already enough to make visitors feel that their loved one is in good hands, in SAFE hands. I completely understand that my Critically Unstable family member needs your undivided attention...which is why I left the room so the nurse can do her job. However, not one staff member whether it be another nurse, an assistant, a resident, a med student, a nurse manager, a charge nurse, or a doctor stopped to even make eye contact?!?! Another observation...I did not see anyone wash their hands, not even with the hand sanitizing gel/foam that's outside every door?? before putting on gloves? after removing gloves? after exiting another patient's room? (FYI I was there for 3 hrs.) Scrubbing the port of an IV at least 15 times prior to access should not be a new concept, especially in a Magnet accredited hospital??? I saw it with my own eyes, No wonder he got a central line blood stream infection!! Coincidentally, its the same gram negative rod bugs growing in the loculated abdominal fluid weeping through his abdominal dressing... Maybe my uncle is an isolated case, however the practice of one is the practice of many in this hospital. Im very very disappointed. PLEASE PRACTICE SAFER INFECTION CONTROL!!!!

Benedict Delano

Great ppl....great staff...highly recommended

Thomas Adams Jr.

They saved my life. I have maple syrup urine Disease. I owe them mylife

Pessie Feinstein

I had a procedure done with my physician at the hospital / 14 floor. The nurses were so kind , gentle and very professional ! I definitely recommend using this hospital for all your health needs!

Michael Gorbachev

The surgical ICU is empty on the weekends, its obvious the hospital functions at the convenience of the staff and not the patients, the hospital is understaffed, incompetent and completely disorganized, critically ill patients do not get adequate attention. The ICU is full of interns and young adults who are more than ready to learn on critically ill patients (you don't need to pay them much). And if you thought the ICU was bad, wait till they put you into a step down, a small room divided into 4 walk-in type closet spaces with beds where the nurses cant even maneuver around to properly clean and administer medication. The social workers don't really do anything when needed and rush critically ill patients into rehabs because of insurance-hospital collusion. The Surgical team will not follow up with critical patients who were sent to rehabs with open wounds. There is no honor/courtesy only money. The entire medical/insurance industry is corrupt, (BTW hospital prices are set by insurance companies that collude with the hospital in order to make it impossible not to have insurance). Do yourself a favor and at-least go to the lesser evil Presbyterian Cornel-Columbia when you need emergency assistance.

Winston Hinds

In service since 1852.

Lisa Rogers

Doctor Genden is wonderful, honest, upfront, and his staff, amazing, I spoke with Tanya on her day off and she was fantastic, I would highly recommend them!!

Andrew Walker

Great staff and great doctors.

John Wylde

like all hospitals in the United States, the system is unjust. no other western nation forces their citizens into debt collection because of medical bills. in addition, their offices are closed over the weekend, like any good business that puts profits over people. this will land of deaf ears. good luck, working class.

stacy morales

i chose this hospital for my prenatal. and they took well care of me, the nurses were extremely nice and sweet. i recommend it 100% for all expecting women.

Marina Sokolovskaya

It's couldn't be better! Thank you!

ANDULLO CIGARS Dominican cigars

Bad service !!! I waiting more 3 hours , never again

Eileen Albus

I have been treated for cancer at the Ruttenberg Center for Head, Neck and Throat Cancer. While having a diagnosis of cancer is life changing and creates a time full of anxiety, the doctors and staff at Mt Sinai gave me confidence that they could treat my cancer and bring me to full recovery. Every doctor or medical professional that I spoke with at the beginning of my diagnosis told me to go to Mt Sinai as they are the experts in the treatment of Head, Neck and Throat cancers. From the reception desk, lab techs, radiation techs and chemo nurses, everything is top quality and first rate. My nurses for chemotherapy gave me great comfort and were wonderful in explaining the effects of chemo on my body. My medical team was the best as well. I highly recommend anyone that has had a recent diagnose of these cancers to go to Mt Sinai and hear what they would plan for treatment. I am very happy that I chose this hospital.

Jessica Dorssch

Family member was here for a while. The outcome was not what we hoped but the care was absolutely amazing! Thank you!

Good Mama

I love mount Sania so much I been going there for so 20 years i even let the students work on me I have my 3 beautiful kids there I always had a wonderful experience but when I had my third c section i had the worst experiences. I hate that the nurses rush u to leave the hospital and some of the nurse are very rude


Dr. Sunny is a professional doctor. She did wonderful job.

Zara Simonelli-Patel

The best hospital and best care in NYC

Jone Amedee

You are well taken care of, the staffs are like family.

Philip Koch

My gastroenterologist, dr. Joshua Novak. Is magnificent. Very caring. Very professional. The office is so clean you could eat off the floor.


Through this hospital i was given a second chance on life and since i was transferred to this hospital the experience that i have had is just a wonderful experience from staff to nurses to doctor's and i always say thank god that I was transferred at Mount Sinai and the feeling that I have for this hospital because of all the wonderful experiences that I've had I cant express it by words and all I can say is thank you for saving my life thank you for doing your best to save my life and your best worked and keep up the good effort and dont let the bad reviews affect your excellent work and the energy that you give to save a life and I am so grateful that if I say thank you everyday it still not enough for what you did to keep me alive. Thank you

bibs bibs

Good experience the doctor and nurse was so cared smells good

Frank W

I have recently started to work with Mt. Sinai. I consider myself so very fortunate. The more I see, the more I witness the diversity, professionalism and dedication of the great staff working there. I see so many wonderful things and so many people who REALLY care. Are there problems? Sure, but the good is so very good and the people are so very concerned. There is a culture at Mt. Sinai that demonstrates a commitment to excellence. I have seen first-hand the doctors, the care and the knowledge that goes into patient care and service. If you're admitted or being treated by the staff at Mt. Sinai, relax, then consider yourself in the best of hands with the best-of-the-best.

Lauren Cuprill

Dr. Cohen in the GI department is amazing! She listens, she told me things in the first fifteen minutes of my first appointment than the local doctors did/could in nine months! Absolutely phenomenal! Truly a life saver!

Lily Castella

Beautiful modern hospital loved it might break my arm again just to go back

Jax Labo

The tittle speaks for itself. It is a known fact that prenatal care and pregnancy during the later stages is very important. I just don't understand why during this time of need these women are not being prioritized. The clinic is way to small and the staff does not seem to accommodate their patients. Wouldn't go there.

Lydia Lovack

ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE!! I love the atrium.

Roberta Lipman

One of my best friends had s history of ovarian cancer and her father died of colon. I never saw such gross malpractice and negligence as the gi docs st this hosp. She had higher risk flat polyps and went for a yearly colonoscopy. For 3 yrs .she was complain ing about myriad stomach issues. I had med training and susp cancer but she didn't listen to me because her doctors are god to her. I begged her to get genetic testing for Lynch..did her docs never hear of it? She now is battling stage 3 rectal which the gi missed. They still have ignored diet aspirin. She could hv had a prophy colectomy. Horrible care. If u want to die i recommend going there.

pat paciello

I was a patient at Mt Sinai for 3.5 days, recovering from cervical spine surgery. The only positive were the two nurses responsible for my care. Aleth Costano and Kenisha Maxwell who were both professional, personable, and knowledgeable. I thank them for their fine work. The rest of my recovery was a nightmare. The hospital allowed my roommate to have his girlfriend move in! This led to a late night, lengthy domestic brawl. Patients in other rooms complained, but the hospital chose to ignore the problem. Thanks to their indifference, I got a total of ten minutes sleep my first two days following surgery.

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