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REVIEWS OF St. Mary Medical Center IN California

Brittany C.

I came here back in 2010 to deliever my son. That was a horrible experience then from the time i walked in. Thought i would give them another chance. Very unorganized ER. They have lost 2 patients charts in the last 3hours. We waited over 1 hour just to do vitals. The Dr. Ordered different tests. They didn't even have my child's orders in the computer. This was another horrible experience at this hospital.

Jose Sanchez

So far the best service I've had hear in the high desert keep. Up the good work

Randy Pearce

All around amazing. Great staff and treatment.


Hate this hospital, my mom fell e.r. nurses very rude with smart remarks. Nobody bothered to order xrays and discharged my mom with pain meds. Today I'm back for removal of stitches and demanded for xrays. No standard of care for a senior patient, they just have us waiting. I really hate this hospital.

edward garabedian

Worst place ive ever been. The radiologist said my mom's stomach pain was caused by apendicitous. Luckly for her i told her what her diagnosis is and she said she already had it removed!!! When i told the doc he said ok lets do exploratory surgery. I said no i wana take her to another hospital and the doc said ok good lets get her out of here. I was dumb founded. I would not EVER go to this hospital again!!

Cinea Sherman

Terrible staff the nurses are trash ! they will allow you to die if you are in between a life and death situation ... There two terrible nurses in particular names are "V" and the other "Isela" terrible horrible people that need to be fired immediately ! this is just within my experience, but you can judge them for yourselves, I wouldn't take my turtle to receive care from this facility ! However there are a couple kind nurses full of compassion that will also help you after a 5 hr. surgery and 3 nights's stay their names are Sheunte, Ericka, and Tori, I had great experiences with these 3 ladies , they were the only ones to help me out in the what i felt to be very rude and racist facility ! Good job ladies, keep up the good work Please and Thank you !!

Kyla Rivera

My name is Manny Gonzales (Kyla is my daughter). On 1/28/2019, I suffered a heart attack at home. I was rushed by ambulance to St. Mary’s. The cardiologist on duty, Dr. Harikrishna Makani and the outstanding staff in the Cath Lab saved my life. My heart stopped four times, they didn’t give up. With an expert combination of chest compressions, fifteen defibrillation shocks and the insertion of a stent to open my clogged artery, my life was spared. I was in ICU and post-operative care for four days, I found the nurses and staff highly skilled, professional, caring and kind. On a related subject, next time you visit any hospital ER here in California that’s as overcrowded as St.Mary is, most of the time, ask yourself why ? Consider two things - people will go where they get the best care and factor in the ineptness of the politicians in Sacramento to solve the Health Care crisis in this state.

karamel macchiato

Their NICU is absolutely awesome.the staff was great. I didn't expect such good service from a NICU in the high desert. I was going to have my baby at Loma Linda because I'm high risk but they are great...

Arvelle Boyd

I had many visits there and they treated mange well.

emmanuel ogbaudu

Slow sorry hospital keep there patients waiting!!! When in pain waiting over and hour for pain meds from the nurses I hostly feel sorry for the people that that stay at this hospital


This place has gotten real ghetto not just because of the people but because of the careless staff and dirtiness of the emergency room this hospital use to be the place were you get treated like a human being now they treat you like animals here i have never had such a bad experience.

Mama Mia

The ER is awesome and caring, i took my son in during this crazy flu season weare having, with a rash, the ER was packed but after going to two other dr offices and hospitals, we just kinda knew this was the place to stay and wait. (I had taken my daughter to VVCH and Dr mikes in Hesp a week before with the same symptoms and she was miss diagnosed with an allergic reaction , but all the while my gut said some thing else was wrong. i was so frustrated, angry and in tears at the lack of concern and time and over all experience at these other two places). At St Marys the staff from the sec i walked thru the door were awesome, they got my son in right away the male and female nurse that were attending to us were such a great team and they were so nice but still professional and the actual time that the doctor spent with my son was more than i could have asked for and we even had the senior doctor come over and help out. I had to hold back tears cause i didnt want them to see me cry and think i was crazy lol. Turns out the rash was Chicken pox and nothing to be worried about . Thank you to the great staff and the wonderful doctors :)

Xochitl Martinez

St Mary’s has practitioners instead of doctors and always misdiagnose the illness, long hours to be seen just to be second guessing the symptoms

Diane Dippold

I had a horrible experience and I noticed things that really need improvement.. First, I went into the ER on Saturday August 26th, 2017.. I went in for chest n breathing problems, before getting any service my boyfriend stood in the admitting line for a half hour. So once he got to the front of the line we switch, anyhow I told the admitting nurse my symptoms she took my info and than took my vitals she ( she is the slowest admitting person ever, no smiles nothing compassion about her) then told me I doubt your having a heart attack your too young really does heart attacks have a number..., from there I was sent to the back to receive and EKG it came back abnormal and so the dr. Asked for xrays and catscan, they came back neg. For blockage, but its abnormal, seemed like everyone there was waiting on the results from catscans. Anyhow, I walk out there was a diagnosis of bronchitis... really so what happen about my EKG. Lol.. Okay, Secondly-- the ER is disgusting the cleanliness is poor I been to hospitals that a janitorial employee comes every hour on the hour to sweep and dry mop the floors, emptied chairs are sprayed and wipped.. the security should really enforce no food or drink except water.. also, when I was waiting to be release the janitorial couldnt be more lazy.. not changing the trash can liners just dumping into a main trash on rollers, alone there is also unsanitary.. oh and one more thing i think its so gross to put an patient in the waiting/ lobby room with a catheter hanging from his leg, really how unsanitary is that so much disease and germs lingering in that place.. I say due to laziness. Oh by the way i ended up seeing my primary dr and I again had an ekg still abnormal, now awaiting referral to Cardiologist..

Maria Blajos

My visit here was all bad I'm on fire, fever ranging from 101 to 103 and all they gave me was an ibuprofen and sent me on my way... People up here are no where near as caring and nurturing as they are in LA or OC.. Hate living up here!!!!! They need to evaluate all areas to determine the sickness not just look and u and say, ok yeah u have the flu along with bronchitis.... :(

Shelby Winchell

Negative 5 stars. One word= AVOID!

Tonia Shaheed

My sister is 38 weeks pregnant and she had the worse expereince any woman could ever have there. The nurses were rude and uncaring. She was experiencing lots of pain and never saw the doctor. Don't go there!

Dia T

Had a great experience. Excellent, caring staff in ER. Hospital took great care with my mother and likely saved her life. Very kind people.

Jose Linares

My wife gave birth at this hospital a year ago, received excellent treatment from the nurses working there. Today she got discharged from being treated from a bacterial infection which required her to stay there for two days and the nurses once again were very attentive and treated her kindly and assisted here in everything she needed. I would definitely recommend this hospital to others. I will continue to attend this hospital.

Yolanda Ramirez

St Mary's hospital is horrible l know they diagnosis my brother with a wrong diagnosis didn't give him any seizures meds hallways where jammed of people and it was filthy bathroom staff didn't seem to care one of the nurses was rude on the phone with me didn't care of what I had to explain to her about what happened they don't care they just want to get rid and herd the people out of the hospital when my husband picked up my brother there was no one to explain to my husband about my brothers condition this hospital has gone downhill a lot...

Jessica Hagood

If you want your loved one to live do not go here! Took my dad here on the 16 of July. They said he had a heart attack and put two stints in. He was discharged on the 20th of July.. my father passed away on July 25...:( I have reached out to this hospital several times in regards to what might have happened to my father, what might've went wrong why did he die? I tried calling to talk to his doctor and medical staff for over a month after my father passed. No one called me back no one wanted to answer my questions. The doctor/medical staff felt inclined to sign off on my father's death on his death certificate. No exam no autopsy so I will never know how or why my father died. Do you not take your love ones here. Biggest mistake I ever made in my life.

Lynnie Holland

Hospitals are never going to be a good place to be. We were a long way from home when a serious health issue took us to the ER at St. Mary’s. We were treated with care and respect even though this was the busiest hospital I’ve seen since my days in the military. Staff in both the ER and Cardio wing were as kind and efficient as you could hope for when there. Could not say enough good about these caregiver‘s. Thanks for making a bad situation (4 days) a good experience.

Michelle Wineijes

Never had an issue they didn't properly diagnose and take care of so far. Generally nice staff as well.

Erik Hughes

My fiance and I went here for a 2nd opinion cause she was pregnant. Desert Valley told us some BS and didn't sound good. So we went here all I can say is Thank You Thank You Thank You. If it wasn't for them I would if lost my baby girl. My fiance had to go in for emergency C Section. The Drs. Worked fast and did great. Only reason I'm giving a 4 is cause the rooms are small and they have you in there with other families. Wish they would add on and have patients have own room. But staff was friendly and very nice. Thank you

Ashley Rinehart

I have been admitted into a room for days and my roommate has now sat in her diaper for over an hour while we call and beg for it to be changed. I am honestly livid at the fact they have left her for so long she's complaining about it hurting her. This has happened more than once during my stay. I have had to call myself to see if anyone will come help her and still no one has came.

LR Hall

This place is a third world dump. It used to be the best in the high desert, and unfortunately maybe still is... but holy smoke if you have a medical emergency you'd best pray it's elsewhere. I tell you what you will get, plenty of saline solution (salt water) to re-hydrate you, everybody gets a saline drip. Check your bill, yeah like $650 a bag, the stuff is probably a $3 item. Nobody cares about your pain by the way, you won't die from that. If your vital signs are anywhere near the point where they think you're going to live, fuggettaboutit baby you're going to sit and wait for enormous periods of time. Awful place.

karma prue

Waited in a hallway in a metal chair for over 8 hours with no help from nurses, no pain medication given. Result... infection in gull bladder and twisted intestines. I received no help there!!!

Brittany Masse

Visitors beware! If you plan to stay with loved ones while they are in pain and then don’t stay here! They DO NOT allow visitors to stay overnight with patients like normal hospitals. My husband had an accident whilst on vacation nearby and this was the closest hospital. Had I’d known this was the policy (which they never informed us) then We would have requested to be transferred right away! They tried to kick me out at 10 pm (visiting hours were apparently over at 8) informing me of said “policy” and I had no where to go as we were out of town and low on funds and unable to afford other accommodations. The nurse told me I was welcome to stay in the ICU waiting room alll night and visiting hours start up again at 10am! Are you kidding me?! My husband is scheduled for a major surgery and is predicted to stay in the hospital for another day or two. How in the world is this suppose to work?! Sleeping in ICU waiting room for 3 days??

Charde Romero

Slow !!! Careless Brought my mom into the er and explained to them she couldn't walk and was on the verge of falling !! They said they didn't have a wheelchair but didn't even offer to help me with her inside to chair!! Every single nursed looked at me like I was talking to a wall !!! Then made my mother stand in front of them to prove she was as bad!! I'm 6 months pregnant and cannot hold her up none NONE OF THE NURSES WANTED TO HELP ME HELP HER EVEN BACK TO A CHAIR !!!! THE FAT RENT A COP SAT THERE STARRING at me struggle the entire time!! Terrible hospital and I convinced her to come her !! Never again.

steve davis

My Wife has been b..eing treated for many conditions and as of almost 4 years .Has a veary number of serious condtions, Now after numers test your staff refurs,s to give her the care she requrs she sits here with a numer of live and death contitons your doctors say . There scared to treat her,what has this country we live in refuses to treat our people in this matter is not RIGHT//// Michael DAVIS,Iam sure this not right///

Gilbert Murguia

If I could i'd leave zero stars I would my wife broke her arm we arrived at 2pm and she did not receive any pain medication or results until 11 pm horrible service

Nehemiah Amster

Very pleasant hospital and staff. I was brought in from a seizure, and they immediately got me a bed. In the room they practically waited on me hand and foot, and frequently checked on my welfare. They were absolutely wonderful, compassionate, and very caring. When I had another seizure in the room, the (3) nurses that took care of me, were very compassionate, even after I pee'd all over the bed, they were very understanding. This happened on Thursday, October 26th (2017)

Steven Fuller

A breath of fresh air! I'm writing from the hospital room. This is the best hospital out here!

Patricia Matis

Mother was admitted from ER. Never bathed her and left her in own night gown after a bad fall. No water pitcher just a small glass of water. At one point the couldn't find a bed pan for her to use. This hospital is filthy. I don't know why health department has not shut it down!

Bill Hom

If I get sick call the mortician. I have been to a lot of hospitals and heath care facilities across the country as a health care technician. This is one is one of the worst if not the worst I have ever stepped in to. The ER is a travesty to the medical profession. You could be there for several hours before being seem and that is not based on one visit but several visits with different people and issues.

Jill Linson

Worst experience I've EVER had!! If I could walk out now, I would! No pillows, nurses don't ask if you need ANYTHING! I had to ask for a commode, I got a broken one and almost feel off! KLEENEX is used for TOILET PAPER!! Might as well use nothing! Can't rest since door slams every 2 minutes, I jump every time, and I'm in here for a clot in my aorta!! 5:00 am and I have not slept, gave ME nasty orange jello!! What happened to this place, used to be the best hospital in high desert! NO I WOULD NEVER RECOMMEND THIS PLACE AGAIN. LIGHTS ARE ON. I CAN'T CLOSE EYES, SO I SEE ALL LIGHTS... YOU HAVE GONE DOWN HILL.. I WANT OUT OF THIS HELL HOLE! CHANGE IT BACK. I'LL NEVER EVER COME BACK AGAIN!!!!!

Manilyn L. Arnold

Very good hospital. Very good staff. Very good facilities and equipment. Like it!

Kevina Dubose

This hospital is a joke. Got here at 1AM wasn’t told about any tests or medicine I was going to have. WASNT EVEN TOLD I WAS GOING TO GET TRANSFERED TO A DIFFERENT HOSPITAL & DODNT EVEN LEAVE AT THE TIME I WAS TOLD. It’s a joke.

Mary Eaton

Best Hospital and Medical Center in the High Desert. Fantastic doctors, excellent staff quality care facility.

Deana Burnham

ER is crowded. The staff at the front desk treats people rudely and/or coldly. Total lack of professionalism!! St. Mary's in general lacks the warm caring and courteous consideration that one would naturally expect in a medical professional setting! Tragic.

Daniel Montiel

Thay errr very proficnal and the vety beutiful rb that took care of mr wad so awsume thank you nurse ruth renteria luv you much

Cortney Cofey

If i could give less than one star i absolutely would. When i got here at 8 am everything was running smoothly. I came in for severe stomach pain. They did the routine blood work and urine and ultrasound and gave the standard meds but then things get weird and uncomfortable. I am told to sit in the LOBBY after being given pain meds that i wasn’t told what i was being given. Then they sit me in the LOBBY, mind you they are sitting us all in the LOBBY with no care in the world. They are literally treating all the patients from the LOBBY. So they put me back in the LOBBY on pain meds, drowsy and sick and still in pain. Without any explanation as to why i need a cat scan they order one. Mind you i still have had no conversation about the other tests done. Just sitting in the LOBBY for hours and hours on pain meds looking crazy with no answers. Then the cat scan tech tries to be rude and nasty towards me as we are walking to the imaging room and i had to politely put him back in his place. So again I’m back in the waiting room on pain meds and itching from the pain meds and no does anything. Then after 15 mins of scratching and being confused on why I’m itching they give me one Benadryl and send me back to the LOBBY. I can honestly say i will never come back here again and they definitely need to work on their standard of care because how they treat their patients even if it is an emergency is horrible. I’m literally sitting next to a woman who has had a heart attack and they put her back in the lobby to wait to be seen. I have been in some questionable hospitals in the past but this one by far is the absolute worst and i would pray that anyone who comes here has someone to speak up for them or they could die in the LOBBY.

Oscar Garcia

We came to ER a couple days ago & this was easily the worst ER experience i've had. The older white guy nurses / doctors seem to be racist or prejudice with their bs holier than thou attitudes. They're next level douches who treat you less than human, especially that ginger doctor who's name i didn't catch & when you're at death's door the last thing you need is douchey hospital staff. The Asian lady doctor was the only pleasant part of our ER experience, she was kind, compassionate & seems to genuinely care about her patients. Aside from her, this place needs a complete revamp & if you're a minority i'd think twice about going to this hospital. I'll probably file a formal complaint in the next couple of days.

re gina

ive had ten surgies at saint marys their the best i almost got my leg amutated im doing ok still in alot of pain very good service very hard workers keep up the good team work

Arelys Martinez

My Review is about my experience with the admitting doctor Ezzat A. Nashed . He is the worst doctor you can ever seen...I don't recommend him at all!!! Pray that he doesn't admit you in any hospital he is associated with... He was my admitting doctor at St. Mary's Hospital.. I was admitted for lower abdominal pain. He kept me admitted for 4 days insisting that I have appendicitis, even though all my lab results, CT, MRI and Ultra sounds along with two other surgeons insisted that it was not an appendicitis but an issue for an OB to take care of and I should be seen by my OB-Gyn because my results showed a fibroid . Dr. Nashed insisted that I have to stayed and see another Surgeon because the first two didn't know what they were talking about....The moment he knows you have a ppo insurance, he wants to drain every penny of it in order to meet whatever quota he may have. I was on a liquid diet for 4 days preparing for a surgery that it was not going to happen. I went in on Friday and I force him to dismissed me on Tuesday. I heard from other nurses and staff members that he delays your stay at the hospital for as long as he can. He is known to keep patients for up to two weeks when is not even needed. Although my pain was under control, I was still going to need pain medication when I was discharged. On my dismissal day he didn't even see me. He sent the dismissal papers electronically from his office/ house. I was given my discharged papers with no pain medication to follow up until my surgery date, which is schedule for the next week and 1/2 by my OB. He gave instructions for me to pick up my RX at his office right after my discharge, which was kind of odd to me... because when you are discharged from any normal hospital, they usually give you RX along with your after care instructions. But with him, you have to go to his office and be charge for a hospital follow up visit if you want a prescription right after your discharge from the hospital...TOTALLY RIDICULOUS!!!

Lance Hankins

After my grandmother went to Victor Valley Community they gave her new meds that have sever reactions with what she currently takes. She road in an ambulance to St. Mary's and within 5 minutes of being there they had her stabilized and she was feeling normal. They constantly kept checking up on her and made us all feel assured she's in the right hands.

Lynda Bitney-Guzman

Went in on a early Saturday morning for chronic pain during a major flare and the ER was very nice, helped me out and made sure I had what I needed until Monday when I could see my doctor. Total time it took 3 hours! Not bad...

Tash Freeman

Had to take our newborn in who had a fever and the doctors and nurses were great for the whole experience. All the RN's in the NICU were great and very helpful. They made a very stressful and hard time for our family a little easier. They take such great care of all the babies that go through there. Over all a very good experience under the circumstances. Thank you St. Mary's!!!

Aka Trip

This is by far the worst hospital I have ever visited for a loved one. None of the staff seemed to care about the situation or severity at hand. X-Rays, CatScan and MRI's that were ordered took DAYS, and to get the results took even longer (this is a 24/7 hospital)! Was completely aggravating, and if you asked for any status the staff got offended that you were even asking! Like HOW DARE YOU ? Walking through the halls, was aweful, seemed like everyone was on their 'death bed' -- none of the staff cared. HORRIBLE experience!!! If you have an option to go to another Hospital facility- then GO!

{The Rodriguez Family}

I went at 6 am for a pulled muscle I was in extreme pain..there was no one in the lobby .the lady at the front window was not giving me her full attention and talking among with other coworkers about fireball shots! unprofessional!!! but I waited and they called me back within 10 minutes. Doctor Paul (PA)said he would put in an order for pain meds.The pain was so bad I couldn't bare it ..I Kept crying in pain and the Nurse just kept looking at me like saying omg shut up we know you are in pain. I asked her what was going on and she had an attuide and said "I am waiting on the orders" so I waited for like an hour and still nothing .so I said" I am leaving I'm in so much pain and you guys are doing nothing to help me! " . And she was like "ok bye". This place is very disgusting . The floor and walls were so dirty looked like they had not mopped in weeks. So on my way out the security stops me and asked "is that the hospital's blanket??" I said "no this is mine ! I came in with it. " he had the nerve to put hands on me and feel the texture or thickness to make sure it was not the hospitals. how rude! Then he said "I am just asking!" .the emergency room is unprofessional and staff is very rude.and on top of that they violate HIPPA because they consulate patients with no privacy .they talked to a guy on a waiting chair next to other patients about thier diagnoses and personal health care plan! Do not go here you are better off calling 911!

The Guarded Queen

Horrible doctor in the ER today. I was taken back around 6AM. They were not that busy, the doctor never came in to speak with me regarding additional labs. The nurses and technicians were very friendly. I refused treatment after waiting for 4 hours. I’m a cardiac patient, time is of the essence. I would not go back...ever!

Gloria Charlson

My husband is recovering after heart surgery and the ICU nurses rocked. He was moved to a regular room last night and caught some flack from a nurse about taking his pillows with him to his regular room, petty. Other than that the care has been excellent.

melody kohn

4-6 hour wait is difficult for someone in pain. Also, not enough parking or seating to wait. Bad parking = long walk to building in heat.

Jennifer Gomez

I absolutely Love it great happy helpful people!!! I am so excited to be going into labor there!!

Jeb Cooper

They called me in before i even finished checking in. I was being treated within 3 min of walking through the doors! Great job guys!!!

Linda Robinson

My Sister was taken to ER on Fri 4-27-18. She started having really bad seizures. All of the staff on duty this time was ABSOLUTELY WONDER. From the beginning to the end. Her nurses MO aka Monique, Wilson, Zack and all of her sitters even the Janitors were Super Compassionate, Caring, knowledgeable, helpful and nice. May God Bless Each One of You in Your Own Special Way in JESUS NAME. Thanks for being there. Oh, did I mention that everyone I met on her case that day was a Christian?. That was God. Won't He Do It!!!!!

Grant Harris

Most inefficient un dependable place I’ve ever seen. Even the switch board is screwed up. I’d lay in the street bleeding to death before I d check into that place. Constantly run unnecessary phony tests to milk the insurance company’s out of more money. Unfortunately they are probably the better of what’s available here in the high desert.

Holly Hampton

Every experience with St. Mary's has been a wonderful one. Wonderful, caring staff who truly listen to patients needs.

kiki can keeks

I don’t know how this hospital stays open. They are so unorganized and slow. The doctors don’t seem to know what they’re talking about. I’ve been to ER twice in the last few weeks for the same issues. The doctor didn’t even exam me before he randomly picked a prescription. Then I was left in the lobby waiting for my prescription for over an hour. Last week when I came by ambulance I was left in my hospital bed for hours. The doctor waited 4 hours to come talk to me. I have Kaiser and this is the only emergency room for kaiser in the HD. Hate this place. Never get any answers and always end up having to go to Kaiser Fontana to get real answers.

Miguel Gonzalez

Very friendly staff especially since they're running around nonstop. From the maternity rooms to the emergency rooms. You must understand it might take hours to get treatment but the desert has grown making it impossible to get a bed for everyone. These people are trying their hardest to attend all the patients.

Desiree Pena

The nurses we’re all so nice. But a doctor is someone who is suppose to help people and care. But physician Sabry Hala, did not care at all. If you are in the emergency room, and she is your doctor. Good luck getting the care you deserve.

Chavez Children

I gave birth here in 2011. Doctors were ok. During labor i felt like she/dr.wanda was putting me down. I just wished they would have warned us when they let 3-5 students come in to work on our new born. I was taken off graud and my husband had to ask to hold his on own baby. They were passing her around like a football. Im going back this year to delivery my 2nd child. I'll choose this place over Victorville leaving anything in me.

Brett Downes

Been here a few times, always clean and friendly staff, good care, decent labor and delivery

District TwentyOne

Not the best but they do with what they have. Mother had no strength with which to feed herself; they only gave the food out. Not even knowing if the patient was able to eat or not. Thats not righht.

Slovely p

Went into the ER at 3am and was in and out! The dr was nice and put my mind at ease. Very professional staff.

Yajaira Gutierrez

Wonderful nursing staff, Tesla from Tele North is the sweetest nurse. She made the process go by smoothly. Thanks

Alexandra Rodriguez

I can never get a hold of anyone through phone and if I do they transfer me to different departments back and forth


Horrible place the workers as in nurses and physicians are rude and unprofessional. The nurses and physicians assistants all looked like victor valley college graduates and they have students from Azusa pacific giving your loved ones medicines. Everyone looks like a bunch of idiots you can just tell the difference in employees when compared to a real hospital

Scott Briley

Wife had our baby here this weekend. In labor delivery This one fat white nurse was full of attitude and rude and really bad at putting in an IV wife was bruised and swollen for 2 weeks. The rest of the nurses were pleasant. Postpartum nurses however extremely rude, unwilling to do anything at all. Wouldn't even bring ice chips to my wife when its 5 feet behind their desks and my wife's room 2 feet from them.everyone seems to be in a bad mood all day. We had an Indian DR ( Guha or something forgot his name) he did a good job. Most of the RN are trash. Thank you to the ones that were actually caring and .nice

Mary Brunt

About 6yrs ago my husband & I had just passed through Victorville heading back east. (Truck drivers) When started having weird chest pains. He was sent to St. Mary's & they confirmed he had a heart attack. The nurses, ER doctor, floor Dr & Cath Lab personnel were the best I've ever seen. My husband has had several stints put in after that 1st one at St. Mary's, so I have a lot to compare with now. Thank you especially to the floor nurses (Tara) who took amazing care of him & me.

Megan Suter

Brought my Grandma in perfectly healthy, and she died a week later with no explanation. Nurses are very rude, and they lie!!! We will never go here again.

Christina Bentz

My daughter had appendicitis and every staff member that helped us were very compassionate. My daughter kept saying how nice everyone was.

William Brown

Please If you care about your loved one remove them from this hospital after they are stable. I had an issue with a parent that went in with a sickness that got worse as their stay got longer. The hospital staff didn't have answers to simple questions and the doctors were not responsive to our needs. After he was discharged we took him to a hospital in the city and he was immediately sent to their ICU. Stay away!

Wendy Cromwell

Husband was supposed to get discharged today. So now he can't get discharged. There milking this for all it's worth. Husband is PISSED#. Long story short here's the situation yesterday the doctor said that he could go and be discharged from the hospital today everything turned out good and he's got the pic line in and they're using the PICC line so there's no reason for him to stay in the hospital now because all he needs is the antibiotic IV antibiotics ordered for the PICC line I found all this out from asking the nurse to verify that everything is in place the home health nurse is placed that the IV antibiotics placed for him when he is discharged tomorrow to get home health nurse and the IV antibiotics. I asked did you tell my husband he has to stay. Nurse said yes. They're using the PIC line now. I told husband and said he wasn't informed. He paged Charge nurse and he told the charge nurse who's in charge of the nurses of the situation and how he's not happy about it and we're going to be contacting Medi-Cal making a complaint with Medi-Cal and let him know what the hospital is doing filing the complaint and have them do an investigation. He told the charge nurse he will be discharged tomorrow there's no reason more to do any more test cultures and all that when the surgeon had just seen him today and said everything looks fine you can be discharged and the other nurse said you can be discharged today and now all the sudden they're saying it could be another day or two. I told them their negligent incompetent during the whole time of the care there they didn't feed him for 40 hours I had to get on the nurses but give him food after his surgery they didn't do the wound care they didn't bandage it and they lie they contradict themselves they don't get proper Medical Care they don't care about their patients they don't do their jobs they are not nurses they will kill you first.

Nicole Shope

Brought my 13 year old daughter in to the emergency room after riding accident.. she was instantly treated as a trauma patient and taken straight in for CT scan. Once CT scan came back negative the level of care dramatically decreased. After almost 7 hours we have yet to see the doctor. My daughter was in excrtating pain and it took the nursing staff over 5 request and an hour to get the order ordered by the doctor for pain meds. The tending head nurse was fantastic!! He was the only staff that showed compassion for his patients. I wish I would have taken her ANYWHERE down the hill rather than here!!

Andy Egan

My 16 year old daughter crashed her dirt bike and was brought to St Mary's. Every single staff member from the ER to the OR to the ICU went out of their way to provide top notch service. We were hundreds of miles from home with no means of transportation, no wallet and a dead cell phone- nurses offered me their lunch & their charging cords as I waited through the 7 hour surgery. The surgeon was very thorough, and our family orthopedist even remarked that he did one of the best reconstructions he had ever seen. The facility was clean, the room was private and the care was top notch. My daughter has made a full recovery and we owe it to the wonderful staff at St Mary's.

Karen Razo


Jazmin Keledjian

If I could give less than one star I would. You wait for hours and hours and hours. The staff is really not wanting to help, no one knows what's going on. I went in for pelvic pain and I have a history of having ovarian cyst and end up having surgery for one of them. The doctor that tended me ordered an x-ray. First why would you order an X-ray. Second every time I tried telling him that it's my cysts are the problem he said if I had another cyst he would give me pain killers but never ordered an ultrasound or anything to check if that's really what the problem was. If you get dr. Bob you're screwed.

Joseph Dahlin

How does a butcher shop like this stay open. if you want to live do not go to Saint (bloody) Mary's. I will never forget what they have done to my family.

DJ Masse

Came here with a broken pelvis and extreme pain so they needed to do “emergency” surgery. They practically starved me for 2.5 days telling me they would get to me when something opens up. If you come here, just understand you are a number not a person. They told me everyday that they were ready for surgery only to find at the end of the day that they couldn’t fit me in. The nurses will tell me that they spoke to the Dr personally to make sure they squeeze me in and prepped me for surgery at 5am for a 7am emergency slot and waited til 10am to find out it wasn’t going to happen but MIGHT happen later so still can’t eat. They finally went through with the surgery later that night thankfully! The nurses and most staff (excluding front desk) were all so kind and helpful but the scheduling at this place needs major improvements.

Asha Abeye

Went into Labor & Delivery yesterday for such a horrible migraine I had been having for 4 days already and my nurse Marcia was beyond amazing she saw that I couldn’t take any noise that was going on around me nor the light and took me to my own private room where it was nice and quite and dark! I was able to rest my migraine away. Herself and Dr Lee kept checking up on me about every 30-45 min to make sure what they were doing was helping. Under certain circumstances I had to be there alone but with them two by my side I felt comfortable and not alone!!! Thank you so much Dr Lee & Nurse Marcia you guys were amazing and the best experience I’ve had in Labor & Delivery and this is my second Child.

Joe Sanzone

This hospital is one of the finest hospitals in the United States they are so caring and gentle and thorough they really do care about the patient. Though it is a smaller hospital it is the first hospital that was built in the high desert area and has so much unique history and architecture and Landscape it's truly destination to visit even if you don't need medical attention they just complered and urgent care facility on the property equally impressive I can't tell you how grateful I am to have this Hospital in our community they offer my family especially my father the best of care and I am confident that he will always be treated with respect and love. it means so much when a loved one is not feeling well and in poor health. I believe that his recovery is successfu due to the genuine concern and love they provide him. Surprisingly even the technology and knowledge of the doctors and equipment is amazing it is in some cases more advanced than UCLA we love them. A perfect example of real health care the way it used to be and always will be in the future. Joey Sanzone, Hesperia, CA.

Julieanne Gee

Do not send your loved ones here, this is the worst hospital I've ever been and I can not believe how poor most everyone's bedside manner is. My dad was rushed here in an ambulance because his leg was convulsing to the point that he couldn't walk or even stand. He's had brain surgery within the last 1.5 years so we knew this wasn't a good sign. When he got here it started getting worse, his arm started flailing uncontrollably. The hospital told my mother it was just a spasm and to go home. My mom knew this was something more serious, and the ER doctor's were aware of his somewhat recent brain surgery, so she said she needed something to be done.. he couldn't even walk! The nurse had the audacity to say to my mom, "So you're refusing to leave?" and told her there's nothing they could do and to go home. On the way to the car my dad started having a full blown seizure. He was then admitted. Since then our experience has continued to be awful: - The hallways are so noisy with nurses and assistants talking so loud about personal stories. Yelling down the hallways at each other about their taco and tequila plans tomorrow... while patients are trying to sleep. - We came this morning and some nurse had left a bucket of soapy water for my dad to bathe himself - he is immobile and can't even turn himself in bed, how is he supposed to bathe himself? - We waited an hour for someone to help us turn him his position in bed and when we asked the nurse again she just said "you have to be patient." - He needs an MRI, their MRI machine is broken. - My dad is lactose intolerant, which we mentioned when they asked about his dietary restrictions... they bring him milk and a cream-based pot pie... and continue to bring more milk at most meals - My mom has had to change his bed sheets herself because no one else was. - She had to request physical therapy, to which they responded, "Oh yeah! That's a good idea!" like they didn't even know that was an option. Literally some of the most common sense bedside manner is just thrown out the window. They are rude, incompetent, and ill-prepared. We are having him transferred to another hospital and will never come back here, and I recommend you do not either.

Dick Wolfe

Considering everything going on in the world today and the signage that clearly says POSITIVE ID REQUIRED TO VISIT PATIENTS IN THE HOSPITAL....I recently visited the ER and watched and listened as the security guard asked a hispanic woman for her ID to which she replied "I don't have one." The security guard responded to her "Do you have a facebook?" She kindly replied yes I do and he conpared her facebook profile on her phone to her debit card and then proceeded to let her have access to the hospital; even though he made sure he checked my disabled veterans ID to let me in. SCARY!!!!!!

Jessica Honeycutt

If I could leave zero stars I would!!!! By far the worst hospital I have ever been to!! They do not care if your laying there in pain, they would walk right past you and not think twice!! They take forever to do anything! The dr had an attitude because I asked for my pain meds and fluids! Ridiculous! Probably won’t go here again!!

Essence Allura

horrible!! I went by ambulance to get stitches in my wrist (suicide attempt) and my fiancé was there to help keep me calm, but they wouldn't let him in. here's the thing, I was not on a 72 hour hold, and told me "we can't find him, no one is here for you." then told him I was on a hold and couldn't see anyone which upset us both very much. just horrible!! and then I had to go back the next day to get the stitches re done due to one breakin and the doctor who was very rude said I must have cut it or pulled it out on purpose when all I did was sleep. horrible staff

Maribel Salazar

I brought my 2 year old son here at about 1 am this morning to be seen for vomiting I was so panicked and worried for him and what the wait would be but they brought my son back right away after checking him. We waited a good while to see the doctor but they were very courteous to us and made sure his needs were met. I am so greatful for the doctor that saw him in the second room where we were last called to he right away gave my son another shot to rid of his nausea as soon as he realized the other medication had not worked. He was so caring and even made my son two balloons out of latex gloves that he drew faces on to cheer him up and help keep him calmn. My son is doing so much better now so greatful.

Meshweida Carter

Great docs, highly technical and advanced equipment, state of the art facility and the volunteets are awesome especially Jeff- hes an EMT and volunteer in training for fire department. Hes amazing and attentive as a wrll trsined volunteer should be

Just Happ

Great place, every time ive needed to go to the ER i've come here. WOULD suggest. Dont go to that one on bear valley.

Cristina Garcia

People please don't come here. This hospital is horrible We have been waiting for gastroenterologist for 4 days! No body knows where she is or when she is going to show up. And yes we do have insurance. I believe they are scamming their patients. The more days you spend more money they get from insurance and more money for us to pay out of pocket shame on you Saint Mary Hospital.

Ericsen Parker

Terrible ER. The staff has horrible attitudes and completely unprofessional. If you want to stay here all day, and be seen then asked to wait back in the lobby, just for results be prepared to have them take all day. I arrived at 12pm and am currently still waiting while its 630pm. If you are truly ill don't go here go to Kaiser's urgent care it will be much faster.

archie dummy

Best visit to ER sounds crazy but the team from the front desk to every other employee were amazingly efficient, caring, and knowledgebase. I was included in my treatment decisions which relieved my anxieties. The doctor spent time with me so he could make an accurate assessment and did not rely only on test results. Ron the RN also kept me informed. .You want Ron on your Team.. He is obviously well trained but also personable and smiles a lot. Thank you to all who helped me. I am on my way to recovery already. Kudos to ST. Mary Medical Center ER.


I can honestly say the ER dept really gets people in an out in a timely manner. Im very impressed with their service and staff. I would highly recommend. My go to hospital for the high desert. Thank you for your services

Rachel Johnson

Went in on Thursday 9/14/17 because I was having contractions at 36 weeks pregnant with twins. I entered through the ER and instantly wanted to run back to my car but I just knew I wouldn't make it to LA county in time. Thankfully the security guard asked how far along I was and got someone to wheel me to maternity. I was relieved I didn't have to wait in ER where it was absolutely filthy and overcrowded. I got to the maternity ward. The RN was very cold and rude towards me and then saw my doctor Dr Worden who was very cold and overbearing as well. She stated she could not stop the contractions and since one of the twins was breech I would HAVE to get a c section. I had nobody with me and wasn't expecting to be rushed to OR but that's pretty much what happened. Nobody had any compassion and I was crying from fear. I was given the anesthesia in my spine, laid down on a Cold hard operating table and before I know it they are already cutting me open. They even strapped down my arms making me feel even more panicked. I was not offered anything to calm my nerves and the Anesthesiologist was irritated at my shaking from fear. Thank God my twins were okay but the whole time during the procedure nobody explained what was happening or even so much as held my hand. As a matter of fact the Anesthesiologist was joking with all the medical staff and bragging about paying $80 for the boxing match in Vegas. I was terrified and shaking and he had nerve to say I was a nervous wreck and to just close my eyes. I do 1,000's of these he said nonchalantly. Yeah ok but this is my first and a very unexpected C Section and everyone was so callous about it. The rest of the stay I was in so much pain. The pain pills didn't do anything for my pain, some of my nurses were ok but others were just plain rude. I Absolutely do not recommend this hospital. If you can go to LA county their healthcare is much better. If Maternity and Ward is their best floor, thats terrifying. St Mary's is so sub par it should be shut down immediately. Go somewhere else, stay away from this God forsaken hospital.

Joslyn Jordan

This hospital is HORRIBLE!!! The case managers that are supposed to be helping you are absolutely incompetent and lazy. They won't keep you informed, they don't return your calls. I've continually had to do their jobs for them. You definitely take your life into your own hands checking in this place.

Mi roe

Great hospital

All Boys Family

Fast attending very nice nd professional better than other high desert hospitals

Queen W.

I really like this hospital. Went to the ER and my husband was seen by the doctor in less then 30 minutes! Had his cat scan and everything done within the first hour. and we were out in 3 hours with the diagnosis and prescription. Doctor Daniel Loera was amazing. He answered all questions we had...was very hands on and moved at a speed i never seen before with any emergency room. He deserves a raise. Nurses were nice to.


It has a lot of parking space and a lot of building space.

Annie Britten

Had outpatient surgery on 9/9. Everything was great from start to finish! RN Julie was the best and put me at ease.

Caressa Pedraza

Their rehab services are a joke. They are not polite or understanding about your child coming up sick or about life happening. My child missed once because everything was so new and I was in over my head (I go to 3 therapist at 3 different locations) I called in once before his appointment because he was sick and then I called in late today because I have been up with my 2 sick kids all night (my son being 1 of the sick kids) and I'm sick as well and they were so rude and disrespectful. They offered me 1 more chance if I could promise that my son would never miss again!! No thanks crazy, life happens I can find better then you.... My son doesn't need people with bad behavior working with him and I don't need the stress!! Way to go occupational therapy for stressing me more, rather then be a support system for my family!!

james hong

I wish hospital staff would keep helping people at the core of their values.

Mzzz Leslie

Nurses all have an attitude and know your at their mercy. I would say theres a handful of nurses that truely care about their patients. Ive been in here over a week and Im getting worse and not better. its filthy with blood in the restrooms, sharps containers overflowing and my boyfriend had to take the trash out of my room due to it overflowing

Samantha Serrano

Ugh my mom had surgery today, we checked in at 8:50am because her appointment was at 9:00am and she didn't get into surgery until 12:39pm. Her case was done at 1:39pm and I'm still waiting to see her and it's already 4:00pm. Seriously St. Mary's?! You need to pick up the pace and stop working like union workers and get off your asses. I shouldn't be sitting here for almost 8 hours for a 1 hour surgery. Completely ridiculous.

Tum Bronson

Beautiful people, great staff, Fantastic Doctors. They took care of me right away!


3 year old coughing blood had to wait three hours to be seen!!! Under staffed and way too many disgusting junkies withdrawing. Floors were super nasty and medical care was rushed. We are visiting from Texas and omg I am APPALED. THAT HOSPITAl is a foot away from a lawsuit..

Lourdes Gutiérrez-Abundis

The nurse staffing was not helpful. When asked to clear iv alarm, it would be more than thirty minutes and 5 times calling on nurse. I complained to the nursing supervisor and was told that they are busy and their job is difficult. They should look for another line of work if they can’t handle the responsibility of taking care of their patients. Also, the lady in the other bed in the room I was in was smoking marijuana, I complained to the nurse and she told me that security would be called. What hospital let’s patient smoke marijuana or smoke period in the rooms. It’s probably not safe smoking in a room with oxygen in the room. This will be the last time I go to this hospital! I’ll drive a hour to Loma Linda before going to this hospital again.

Joshua C

These people really do take care of us all.

Garcia Family

5 stars to all the nurses here!!!! Have come several times and always had very good nurses. I wish I could remember all their names, but I definitely won't forget Patricia's compassion and care she had for me all the week I was here for surgery. Most doctor's are nice, but a few are very arrogant. Anyway let's remember the good ones!! :)

Bruce Broxson

Rude and incompetent. Do not recommend

Rita Scott

They killed my Mother.

Lilia Galvez

please don't come to this hospital this is by far the one the worst hospitals I have no idea how this hospital is not shut down . please get the word around for this hospital to be shut down .

Horror Cult

I definitely have some mixed reviews , some doctors and very caring some could care less it's usually busy with a long wait , it's a filthy place to be walls are dirty and it seems there's no cleaning staff but I do know that the labor and delivery Ward is a different story they are amazing .

Craig Oehme

Strictly an emergency facility. Of course they have some great employees, but for the most part they are poorly managed and rude. The doctors are often confused. If you have a serious problem, get out!!

Carlos Orozco Real Estate

They have friendly and good staff

Monica Arreola

This is a good hospital and good nurses and doctor this is very good hospital i been going to this hospital their good people they even gave me money for my bus fare and a snack,God blessed them for helping me every time i go

Margie Rocha

St Mary's hospital, My husband needed medical care. We arrived at 5:30pm in the evening he got checked in @6:00pm. This hospital is horrible. We didn't leave until 2:00 am. The hospital so dirty the beds are so dirty they don't change the sheets from one patient to another. The staff just walks around. If we asked a question they knew nothing. They had patients on the floor sick and some wounded. The floors so dirty a dog kennel is cleaner. They did minor surgery on my husband after hours of waiting they left him bleeding on a gurney for 2 hours. I asked anyone who was in there what happened to the PA or nurse no one knew anything.filthy you got sick just walking by. I have never been to a hospital emergency so horrible it was a nightmare! We waited over an hour for the nurse to take an IV out and discharge for my husband to leave. We didn't see a doctor at all. only these dumb stupid dirty nurses walking around. They PA looked over whelmed he didn't know what he was doing. The only medical people people see here in the high desert are MA or so called PA I really don't think they educated enough to see patients. Looks to me they get stupid people off the street to treat patients. This is the dirtiest filthy . This hospital should be shut down. And the lazy stupid uneducated staff fired. I'm call the American Medical board this is horrible. One star for this hospital and staff is to much..

Alejandro Lopez

My experience with this hospital, so far TERRIBLE, we had an elder patient with head and hip injuries, (tons of pain) they've taken forever to admit a person. Arrived on site at 10 am, 1.5 hours still NO update. UPDATE after 3 hours of waiting and a hard time to a nurse we had begun the process, the doctor provided pain medication and a CT-SCAN, keep in mind we called 911 to bring my elder. It is really disappointing the medical system in the high desert.

Carolyn Bell

Worst ER experience ever. Waited with a heart patient in the hallway, no monitoring of heart rate, for 10 hours and counting. Still no bed after 10 hours. Steer clear of st Mary's ER. Horrible experience here!

Edgar Gonzalez

Arrived at 9:30 Pm with An Infant of 3 Months was realy conjested , cough and hard time breathing. At 1st was attended right away and then exams were taken .. They said it would be another 30-45 minutes... Ended up waiting over 4+hours to be called .. With an ifant of 3 months and cold ass waiting room.. I guess they give junkies more priority...

Elena Carabajal

Very great excellent people who love to take care of you and the baby

Gee Gee Go

I came here with horrible stomach pain. And in less than three hrs i got blood drawn an ultrasound and a shot for pain good thing they numbed me because it took another three hrs to get my results. And ny prescription n discharge papers. The prescription was a joke 9 pills only. The wait was understandable cus it was so full. But the fact that they dont let you eat in the cafeteria sucks. O just moved out here if i wouldve known i would've brought snacks.

Shannon Vestal

The care is the best in the desert!

Drew par

Undersized for the area. Patents are stuffed in hallways on gurneys. If you are going to the ER better pack a lunch because you are going to be there for the day. This part is a edit to my comment. I went to Barstow community hospital er this week and would you believe there is absolutely no wait, I was shocked. They said it is always that way too. Worth driving a half hour for 100%

Bere Collin

They let you died here, they doesn’t care if you are feeling pain.

James W. Storey

I’m giving this place 2 stars purely because of the nurses. They are 4/5 stars most of them. The problem is the facility. It’s old and dreary and not that clean really. Please ‘like’ my review of you agree.

robert hall

Mixed results. the good? I'm still alive! The bad? The number of mistakes and carelessness of the staff is unforgivable, in that these are mistakes that can kill you. No human is perfect, but health mistakes are a little more serious. This hospital is low to average in the various Rating systems . Stay alert ask many questions, and get answers before you take anything, or allow any treatment. The best thing you can do is go elsewhere, outside the Victor Valley, if you can. This place is scary, but you can get decent health care if you are informed and careful. Good luck!

Miranda Dube

Dr. Rugge was one of the kindest doctors I’ve met. Although she of course had many patients to attend to in the e.r she was friendly and made me feel important. She wasn’t rushing through everything and listened to all my concerns, she even called the next day to check up on me and that made me feel even better because I’ve never had any doctor do that.

California Girl Cali

My family and myself have received the best care here. A few emergency visits. A few child births. Some surgeries. I wouldn't change hospitals. We have had fair,honest, treatment.


I had bad nurse would careless what im going through left me for hours would not give me updates. st.marys need close down !!

Shonna Hunt

Well going there for my surgery


icu staff in pulmonary department is great and very helpful, I'd say overworked and far as not in icu a nurse named ruban is on top of his game.he comes in and learns about his patients and every question he got asked at the beginning of his shift he was on the ball before i could even ask the question and I'm sure anyone who had him as a nurse could wait for his arrival.had everything else been on the ball like him I'd give full stars.also not any serious complaints by any means just five stars being perfect obviously there always room for improvement so 3 stars is pretty good all together

Erin Wozniak

Apathetic and lying staff. Trying to get me to pay for stuff they told me not to worry about. I know you must not feel much because you have to help so many people, but that means you shouldn't be touching people that sincerely need help.

Roy Johannesen

An excellent ER! I came in to Saint Mary's sick with food poisoning, after crashing my car, with a sprung back and was like to die. They were tough and fair, and they took care of everyone there. I learned that an 11 hour day was soft for them. Dr.Anderson I will remember well for a very long time. And it was the most amazing thing being in a very large room of people who hurt so bad in every imaginable way. Including the ER people too in their own way, I am thinking. The junkie who just crossed her arms and rocked with the pain. The many people wearing pain masks just sitting still waiting to be seen, and that ER staff going as fast as the law allows. It was like a MASH Unit in a medical war. When I was done, I sat outside in the cold, and did some push-ups waiting for the taxi man to come, to keep warm, and because it helps with shifting pain around. Someone just coming on shift noticed me, and came back out. She asked me if i were cold, and would I like a blanket? That's ST. Mary's ER VTY RJ

Sway Tee

Every so-called hospital up here should be ripped apapart all staff fired and start over. Especially VV Hosp.!! Horrible..

Janice Barker

The rn took very good care of my sister they took her right in and the doctors are great and shere pa wow that woman was one amazing lady pa and Becky Dr Dr sousa fantastic money well spent but the old security men sorry they can't move I saw that last nite get younger blood out there please. Dr Ernest squirera was amazing Dr very compassionate and took the time to explain the crisis of my sister's condition and offer explained options for my sister . Dr arcana and cherry jones in comfortable care unit were so beyond caring to the end of my sister's life and the staff may god bless them for helping me through this hard time

Victor Cruz

This is the only decent hospital in the high desert it's not that great of a hospital but i prefer to go here then to go else where

Tony B.G

Everyone seems to love their job and treat the patients very good (Delivery and labor). Own room and very clean. Had our first and fourth child here, regret not having the other 2 here.

R Carter

The staff very pleasant and patient. Clean buidling. I choose this hospital over any other

bruce Walters

Great experience. 30 years of angst built up since my last hospital visit. I was immediately put at ease by the caring staff and the knowledgeable and professional techs and Doctors......special thanks to Dr. Craig Woods who treated me and imparted a ton of valuable info about my condition to myself, and promptly followed up the next day with a personal phone call about another test that he had asked to be done. Thanks to all.

Christina Brown

If I could give this hospital 0 stars I would. They have substandard conditions. Rooms are single size but they add 2 patients to very room. Rooms are not connected to the air conditioning system so as of now it's 80 degrees in my mother's room that is about 10x15 with 2 patients. My mother shares are bathroom with 4 other patients. Ultrasounds can take up to 2 days for people with blood clots. If you take your family members or go here yourself be prepared for care that costs as much as top of the lone hospitals but at county quality.

Marina Iglesias

Nurses don’t come when you call, no matter how much pain you’re in! I understand you have patients but don’t abandon. Divide your time into EACH! Of your patients!

Tu Amor Serena

I wish I was able to give ZERO stars. This hospital is literally hell on earth. I was admitted to this disgusting hospital due to a gastrointestinal issue. The doctors are pathetically illiterate and the staff ultimately sucks. The nurses are either too old to give a damn or too young and inexperienced. If you get Cheyenne, Ben or Jerome as your nurse, SPEAK UP THEY'RE NIGHTMARES. They can care less about any pain you're experiencing and their response time lags. It's worth it in every way possible to make the trip down the hill to seek medical attention. STAY FAR AWAY FROM THIS PLACE.

Alexandra Kawahata

I had a rupture ovarian cyst that needed emergency surgery. The doctor (Annette I Hollingsworth-Moore) who performed the surgery is a traveling doctor, meaning she isn't a primary doctor here. She was absolutely fantastic. Couldn't ask for better. Everyone else from receptionist, nurses, and other doctors were some of the worst most uncaring I've ever experienced. I was taken in the hospital before others because of my extremely fast heart rate because of my pain. After being there for 2 hours doing tests trying to figure out what was wrong they said they are out of pain meds?! The doctor literally yelled on the phone for them to get it now. What kind of hospital has no pain meds? Then every nurse and doctor that came into my room didn't read the chart and just assumed I was pregnant because they had no room for me in other rooms so I was in the delivery ward. There's so much more.. If you're injured don't go here unless it's your very last option.

Melissa Martinez

I got a post-OP staph infection at this hospital that can only be received from infected/dirty wound saline wash which is used during an operation. I had lumbar sursurgery here and a week later got this deadly infection called the surgeon which he put me on CIPRO was in this for two days only got worse called back and was told by then by surgeons staff to return to the hospital but now to the ER. When I came In I was there on deaths door almost 4 hours before an infectious disease dr came which then instructed us that I was being rushed to emergency surgery! Was in surgery 3 hours and when I awoke I had drains in my back and my husband told me that the infection had went to my spine and bone. I was in the infectious disease ward in quarantine. That dr came back not my spine dr and he informed me that they didn’t know what infection/bacteria they were dealing with because I was on CIPRo and they had to grow it in a lab for a couple days and that my surgeon should have never done that! He should have sent me to the hospital as soon as I showed any signs of a post op infection! Because now I will have to be on a PIC line for two months of broadbands antibiotics because the infection went into my blood. The nurse treated me poorly acted like I was not in pain would not give me my medication and I found her actually taking out some of my pain medicine when I freaked out and tried telling the staff and other nurses they said I was feverish still from the infection and must have been seeing things! . Unbelievable!!! I was so over this place by then! So I never saw my Neuro surgeon and then never saw that infectious disease dr again either. Was discharged a week later and when I tried contact either one at their office was given the run around and told they could not talk or was busy. I later found out this was because of law suit fears and the hospital forbids them from having contact with patients after an incident like this so if a patient ask question and they give the wrong answer they are even more susceptible to a lawsuit! SCREW THIS PLACE!!!

Dianne Young

To all the staff in the OPS Thank You for taking GREAT care of me on my recent visit. Kind and caring nurses,Dr and staff. Once again a big THANK YOU to you all

Jessica Adams

Would give a 0 star if possible. Worst hospital in the high desert, dirty, nurses and drs are rude.

Rochelle Collins

Horrible experience! My elderly mom who cant walk was having chest pain had to waited in emergency for 6 hours and was also told that she couldnt get a blanket nor any of her medications.

claudia kewer

I was discharged today I was in the 2nd Floor heart floor for 2 Days I have so many tests done.. The nurses and doctors were so kind and helpful.. I will always go here..god bless you St Marys...

John Contreras

Hours and hours of waiting. Many many people waiting to be seen. No one wants to talk to you or answer questions. After all the tests waiting to talk to the doctor and be discharged I have been waiting so far 1 1/2 hours more still to come. No one wants to find out what the status of your visit is at. People moaning in pain in the aisles. Terrible terrible hospital!

Ali Alsaqqa

The worst place you can go to if you have an emergency the staff are nasty, they treat you bad, they are not nice at all, my wife was miss diagnosed and she was sent home after giving her the wrong medication she got worse when we went home so I had to take her to kiser . There the dr stopped all the medication the dr at sant Mary’s prescribed for her, they gave a shot after that she immediately started feeling better and the dr at kiser told us to stop all the medications from Sant Mary’s, leave this hospital to be you last option. Very bad experience and after all that I’m gonna get hit with big fat bill,


Went to emergency for asthma attack. As usual extremely busy. Lobby was very dirty and uncomfortable. My vitals were taken after waiting an hour and I decided to leave once sent back to waiting room. Checked out and asked if I needed to sign anything I was just going to wait and see my doctor. 1 mos later I get a phone call from St Mary's and they tell me I owe them money from my visit. I explained I was never seen by a DR and I left. She said ok she would update my file. 8 mos later I get a call from a collector. I asked them to send me a statement as I was dumbfounded that there was a bill since I was never seen by a Dr. I also contacted my insurance company who said they were billed for 1500.00. When I called st Mary's I was transferred from dept to dept and no one could give me a straight answer for what my insurance co was billed for and after an hour of phone calls was told I would need to contact there outside billing company. This is absolutely the worst operation and I wouldn't be surprised if they aren't billing insurance companies fraudulently as a statement was never sent to me. If I wanted a copy I would have to go in person during business hours. If this has happened to anyone else out there I would encourage you to post your experience. Worse than that this hospital claims to be a Christian establishment. Very disappointed in our community hospital. I will never donate or participate in community functions with this hospital again.

Keith Masteller

If you want to live go down the hill. You know about the kid that barely passed high school. Yep that's your doctor. Killer king in the high desert!

Sarom Toch

My mom was sent here by her cardiologist for her heart after a procedure done for her heart and the staff here was rude and I felt very rush in the emergency room . The way they run the place was stupid . I do not wanna come here again I like barstBa hospital way better . I just don't know why her doctor send her here to this lame as place to wait to die in the waiting room .its i dirty and staff not professional at all they look lazy and rude . If I could give a zero Star I would but I can't . That is how bad this hospital is

maria viramontes

I had a good experience yesterday.Went in 4 a bone biopsy.Already suffering from a lumpar& Rotatorcuff pain,I was very scared.Explained 2 the Doctor& nurse's, every 1 reassured me they would try 2 keep me as comfortable as possible.they were all kind,caring,& compassinate. With this said I am understand all the negative response. I have been in oother places where 1 nurse was wearing a mask, when I said oh yr smart 2 wear it, so u don't get sick.To my surprise she came back with, I wear it so people can't see how F-----g mad I am working here.Another,during christmas nurse told me she was leaving @ five,could hardly wait 2 get the hell out of there.Because we are not born with compassion,love,careing,All of the feelings that make us good human beings. Depending on our up bringing. We either learn that growing up,OR!we don't. I feel people working @ any medical office should get some kind of training to leave their problems @ home. Show compassinate,caring,showing patience.Most likely the people coming have all the problems they have, PLUS ,other worries> THE REASON THEY ARE THERE..Just my opinion.

Raynell Record

Horrible hospital

Kat villegas

Just a question??? How is this hospital on the deparment of delivery my Dr is associated with this hospital an I was wondering about the treatment on your stay from Dr's an staff... I was thinking on delivering my 3rd baby on desert valley,I had my kids at this hospital an I love my stay there but my Dr is not associated with this hospital,Any recomendations or previous experiences at this hospital on your delivery experience.


The doctors don’t even know what they are doing. Some of the doctors are saying that my grandma will get better and other doctors there are saying that she has more problems. The nurses don’t even ask for the password when you call ICU. They need to get it together. Update (2 months later)- we found out the real results of my grandma’s MRI. She had a lot of Brain Damage and the doctors at St. Mary’s had told us that she had no brain damage. A few years ago they were a really good hospital but they are not anymore.


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