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Generoso G Aguilar, Jr.


Worst "hospital" I've ever been in!

Gallant Fox

PLEASE READ THIS REVIEW BEFORE GOING!! Googled this number because i wanted to check on one of the residents that we have at our facility, and boy these reviews are correct. First and foremost the nurse that i was talking to was rude, and kept asking me my title because i couldnt understand what she was saying nor understand if she was saying G.I. or D.I. she said that my resident was going to be transferred to another hospital and then when i questioned her about it...heres the kicker...hold on to your horses....SHE GAVE ME THE WRONG PATIENTS INFO!! A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT NAME OF THE RESIDENT I WAS LOOKING FOR. She tried to play it off afterwards but the damage was done. Very unprofessional and very disrespectful.

Kieshima Green

This is the worst hospital ever.. The doctors lack communication and don't explain the care to their patients... They try to give medication when there was no symptoms... The nursing assistant never washed their hands after care.. The nursing assistant used the same gloves on different residents... It looks like a hole in the wall doctors office... No one knocks before entering the room... Noone come in to clean the restroom.. And the biggest thing is the nurses talks so loud about the patients personal information that everyone around the nursers station can hear... The broads on the walls in the patients room was never updated... This hospital is horrible and needs a lot of change.

David John Clare

Michael Moore would love this hospital. The Vietnamese not so lady like quack is the fly in the ointment. The Filipino staff are great girls. Caveat emptus buyer beware.

HaPpY Pia

Maria Angela San Juan

Roger Addams

No homeless in the lobby when I was there just quick prompt service

Dune Rune

No comment due to retaliation concerns

Maribel Aquino

Robinson Marquez

Really dirty hospital with doctors and nurses who are not very smart. The woman that checks you in seems more focused on her phone. Also, not very pleasant or helpful. And the wait time is long despite nobody being there. This is the kinda hospital where you could have a bone sticking out of your leg, and they’d tell you to put ice on it.

Dolphin Gal

HORRIBLE!!! DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME!!! I should have stayed away as the other reviewers said....but my child needed an xray & they were the only option for a 24hr Urgent Care. We waited maybe 20min, the tech came & took two Xrays, made us go back to the waiting room, waiting maybe another 15min, a nurse came out with discharge papers...What?! He says "Nothing is broken you can go home"...Are you freaking kidding me?! I tell him "Why isn't the dr going to exam my son, how can you say everything is fine without an exam, aren't you going to at least wrap the hurt area". He leaves, calls us back, takes us to this tiny room, where they are treating two other patients (Um, patient privacy Violation here) he wraps my sons foot, I ask where's the Dr. he says Oh he just left...WOW!!! I swear if they charge my Ins. for a Dr. exam I will fight it because my son was not properly treated...

Sarah Carpena

Worst experience ever . Kept giving morphine every hour and not really helping me out of the two days I was there I only seen the doctor once . When I asked to get discharged so I can go to another hospital to get better treatment they totally ignored me so I walked out ... and when they called me asking where I was they laughed (the supervisor) because I wasn’t getting what I want . So unprofessional of them. I will NEVER go back to them. Worst experience they don’t even deserve a star at all . This hospital needs to be shut down.

Danielle Le

My mom stayed in Southern California hospital in Hollywood for few days to have some tests. The Doctors and the staffs are so wonderful, caring, and trying their best to make my mom feel comfortable as much as she can. The communication between the hospital and family members is the best. I totally had positive experiences at the hospital. Thank you all for the great services.

Teresa Taylor

My father was stuck in this hell hole for one month. They almost killed him twice. My sister and I tried everything to get him transferred but ran into road blocks at every turn. We finally had to go discharge him against medical advice. It was a daunting task because my father does not walk and no one would help get him into the wheelchair. Once we got him out of the facility we though we would be able to get him into my car but we couldn't. Thankfully my Dad remembered that we could call a wheelchair taxi. We did that and it cost $25 to have him driven to Cedars-Sinai hospital. He was admitted within an hour. If you have a loved one in this facility, do whatever you have to do to get them out of this facility. I'm seriously calling a lawyer. This place needs to be shut down immediately. I'm mainly posting this so if someone can't pay for an ambulance they will have the idea to call a wheelchair taxi if they need to. It was a literal life saver!

Tommilynn Travis

I just spent a week at the hospital for a major surgery and recovery time. The staff there was absolutely amazing and they calmed my fears of having to go under for the first time since I was a little kid. I stayed on the second floor where the staff and I had a really good relationship. Shift changes always went smooth and they would always make sure to let me know when there was new staff on duty that I had not met. The hospital director personally came by several times to make sure things were running smoothly. My only negative was that the guest wifi needed improvement. I had to use my own 4G data all week but hey if that's my only gripe I day they were doing quite well.

Alexis Vickers

The reviews here really confused me, I ended up at this hospital for major surgery, the staff was quite literally the most respectful staff I've ever experienced at a hospital, including my local HCP Kaiser who used to be my "good hospital benchmark", Southern California hospital of Hollywood seriously blew me away with how kindly and attentatively I was treated, while I can't speak for more than the surgical services and recovery, every staff member I interfaced with constantly asked if I needed anything, and got it within minutes for me. I stayed 5 days and my only regret is having to go back to Kaiser for my future carer after being spoiled by this place treating me so well.

Manuel Barajas

Good afternoon everybody January 7th I got my SRS here at this hospital it's a great hospital this stuff is really good I wouldn't think other nurses and other managers there for take care of me and my husband I had my surgery with Alexander Sinclair

Omar Budhoo

I have been hearing for year from people who had been a patient in this hospital that the attitude of staff is not so friendly so I made visit just to see what kinda reaction I would get at the front desk I can see as I walk in the receptionist had this look on face like she wanted to jump out of her skin and run a way it didn't surprise me because for the past year and a half I have been experience a flood of bad altitude even when most of the time I kept a positive attitude so I know one when I hear one people should be more responsibility for there verbal action toward other people especially with the climates we are living in be nice so it can start affecting people in a good way.

Jay Garcia

They separate people here by race and try to make you stay as long as insurance will pay out even if you are well enough to go home . I should have charged them with kidnapping.

ashanti jackson

This hospital is the worst. A friend was originally at Southern California Hospital at Culver city (Brotman) due to complications from her Lupus. They discharged her after 3 days. That same night she was feeling no better and her mother drive her to Cedars Sinai only to find out she had Pneumonia in both lungs and her heart was extremely swollen yet no one told her this at South cal @ Culver city. Due to insurance, she was transfered to So California hospital at Hollywood worst thing ever!! They didn't treat her with proper antibiotics and decided to give her blood thinners in her arm instead of her abdomen and she developed blood clots and a infection in her arm. They did surgery which only made it worse after a second surgery to close the wound she developed sepsis and died!! 44 years young. The entire time she was in pain, we had to practically yell at everyone to get anything done. Please stay away from this hospital if you want any chance of making it out alive. We definitely will be getting a wrongful death malpractice attorney!!

Michael Dwight Smith

Just awful. The doctor refused to see me, and denied me service. I had extreme and excruciating eye pain. This hospital is not serving the needs of the community, and the staff is selective in who they treat. You should have no confidence in this hospital. They are extremely incompetent.

Timothy get real and get a lifelol Porter

Nothing at all it was horrible

Ann Rosa

They refuse to let people use the bathroom, saying it's their policy!!! Please note that in the Hollywood area there are no public restrooms, so if you have the need to go either too late at night or too early in the morning, you are out of luck. So watch your step in Hollywood, as people often are forced to use the street for their bathroom needs, and now you know why! And they call themselves a hospital. What a joke! A hospital is supposed to help and treat people's afflictions. And you refuse to allow even for physiological needs? Shame on you, the ones claiming such absurdity - like it's the hospital policy not to let people use the bathroom. Of course, they also have more humane employees at this hospital. Unfortunately they are at the mercy of the ones that are not, because the ones with no respect for human needs are the ones in position of authority - supervisors, administrative staff, etc. All in all, a hospital with no respect for the needs of their clients.

Michael S

Not good

marcelo vintino

This is the worst hospital in the world the food was horrible i found a pubic hair in my soup .and all the Philippinos were very rude i know thats the way they are but this was to much. I wanted to jump from the roof thats how bad this place is.

isaac bae

Its dirty and smells bad

Sad Io

This place needs to be shut down for god sake unsanitary horrible staff and you never see the doctors how can Los angles allow this type of treatment!

Maja M.

Juan Diego Rodriguez

Drew Orlando

Nurses work I'm very understanding a lot nicer than the paramedics

Ron Rosales

With the exception of one very conscientious nurse, the other staff seemed remote and misinformed about my reason for coming here for aortic aneurism tests and lower back CT scans. At some point a referring doctor had mistakingly said I was suffering from severe abdominal distress and the staff would not listen to me for two days causing me to be denied food and drink on the basis of an incorrect diagnosis. Finally when my real reason for admission was understood, appropriate tests were performed, though considerable delays caused me to be deprived of meals yet again. After five long days I was discharged with no problems detected. I endured starvation, painful blood draws, the usual uncomfortable IV and antibiotic drips, and a strange hospital diet that gave me the runs for three days. You are on your own here. You must advocate for yourself clearly and forcefully and often or you will be buried.

Ben Richards

Afraid to say

Laura Barnes

Atrocious experience. Took 1 hour to process a urine sample at 7am when there were no other patients. They were not friendly. Doctor prescribed the wrong antibiotic for a UTI, and asked me why my infection was so severe (how would I know as the patient?). When I went to CVS to fill the prescription, they told me the antibiotic was not for UTIs. When they called the doctor for a more appropriate prescription, they refused saying "the infection wasn't that severe." It was a hemorrhaging UTI. I had to go to a different urgent care. By that point, the infection was so advanced they had to inject me with the antibiotics. Weeks later, they have charged me for an ER visit, not Urgent Care.

Cendy Verduzco

Orrible service the nurses are so rude

Matthew Martinez

Jordan Man

Horrible horrible hospital !!! literally a bumb hospital!!! dont come here change your insurance if you can !!! the nurses are extremely rude they ignore you !! They tell you they are calling the doctor or they are coming back to help you and they dont do anything at all they show with their face expression to not bother them , you press the nurse helping button on the remote and it takes them hours to come to you and when they do come they come in and turn it off they dont even ask if you need anything , and apparently they feed you on a chair they put the tray of your food on a regular chair so u can eat they dont even have enough items for the hospital the beds dont work and are from the 90s it seems very old !!! That’s horrible!!! I am a patient here and this is what they have done . The floors and restrooms are dirty dirty i have not seen anyone come and clean my room in 2 days i had to ask them to clean it and theres 3 patients 3 beds in one room so imagine that .. very disgusting restrooms and showers !!!

Karina Lopez

Alejandra Vargas

Akira Akira1996*

they had me go in get a bunch of exams the CAT scan and everything the you can possibly think then they said that I was completely okay my stomach still hurts I think there's something wrong with my appendix and they never called back with my results.

Hannah Rose

Barbara Carr

Kate Rasmussen

Wonderful experience. Staff was very compassionate, students working on floors are helpful to keep up with the of patients and security made everything feel comfortable. The hospital is older and more basic, but staff took care of my mom and helped us out with care and concern.

stevie con

This place has the worse service i have ever seen. I waited 4hours befire even being seen bye a nurse once i was in my room. I only wanted Tylenol fir my pain. I waited another couole more hours until they decided to hook me up to my i.v . when i arrived most if the nurses were assisting an emergency. Somee guy was having a heart attack. One nurse from level 3 had to rush up to my level (level 4) to perform CPR on the man. Unfortunately he didnt make it. Afterwards(hours later they finially rolled his dead body being through the hallway like its nothing. Then taking that bed and remaking it for new patients like it was nothing. No sanatizing so wwiping down. Just clean sheets over. One of the doctors was even fast asleep at his desk while doing paperwork snoring louding for all patients to hereamd see. I was simply a transfer and i had to go through this whole ordeal. What a joke!! God forbid i came here with something serious.... Pssh i would have died.

Nicole Lashawn

THIS HOSPITAL surprisingly has a ONE star which is quite high for this facility. I've experienced RACISM and WAS HIT by a nurse WHILE I WAS working. Businesses do not end up with a 1 star for no reason.

Peregrine Express

(Translated by Google) The worst I've seen (Original) Lo peor que he visto

Tony cabello

Ali Akhavan

The billing department representative had a nasty attitude on the phone.

James Gottleber

Here 3 days doctor showed up once. Didn't know my situation. Thought i was someone else. They wouldn't feed me for 2 days because of some test they needed to run. Then they decided i didn't need the test. Ask for some water? You'll get it an hour later. Total and utter bullshit.

Thomas Romero

My brother was transferred to this hospital around 12 in the afternoon yesterday it has now almost been 24 hours and hes yet to be seen by a doctor? This is really bad he came in with what's still yet to be diagnosed and they have not run any tests to see if hes ok or what's causing his hallucinations or dementia. Where are the doctors in this hospital? What do we have to do to get help

Cameron Silva

Ricardo Mendez

How could they call themselves a company? They don't even care if you live or die.

Constance Escobar

I was born there and spent 5 days with the Assistance of Drs. Blacksmith and Mount.

Nancy Ocampo

Kruger Vorhees

Princess Marlena

Murderers! They are responsible for the death of a dear friend of mine, due to their stupidity and negligence! The stupid idiot nurses here are unqualified, even from their own stupid crappy countries. This one poor patient had a pan with vomit in it by her bed, and none of the nurses would dump it out. I dumped it out for her in the toilet and flushed it, amd one of the nurses watched me do that, and took the pan from me. Why didn't you take it away like we had asked you 3 times before, you useless moron!? This place should be shut down, and the staff should be rounded up and hanged.

Galactus Celestial

Alot of condoning goes on here, patients rights violations. Of course it is not all of the staff that participate in the inappropriate behavior towards patients here. This includes certain staff members and nurses and maybe one doctor that makes false reports on individuals who they dislike very much.

Robin Castillo

Poorly staffed and after 40 min of waiting finally tells us there are 25 people in front of us. Would give zero stars if possible

Bruce King

My daughter was transferred to this hospital from another emergency Room; they Would not feed her real Food . To transfer her back-to the facilities she came from they used a van that was not properly set up for transporting wheelchair Bound people. My daughter asked to be secured which they did not do-and during transport the wheelchair tipped over and she hit her Head, Driver wouldn't wear a seatbelt ,They called for another Van and transferred her In the middle of the route ,Horrible treatment of their patience all the way around!

UniPro Show

Wow. Worst urgent care ever. Period. Just needed stitches removed. Should take 5 minutes. Only one other person in the lobby waiting so figured it wouldn't be long. Took 30 minutes just for them to check me in. It's been 3 1/2 hours now and still haven't been seen. About to walk out and go elsewhere. DO NOT GO HERE.

Darrell Nelson

If u know in advance that you'll coming here. Check out the nearest pet veterinary first.

Ariadna Bello

My mother was brought here for over night observation and ended up for 3 days. Hallway smells like raid and everything looks old and in bad need of replacement. No Doctors in sight and no one seems to be around to get any type of updates.

Saulo Santos

stryder spencer

I waited hours to see if my girlfriend had the flu. Was told docs just making his loop. Don’t come here expecting an in and out experience because your not gonna get one.

Victor Fraire Jr Jr.

Chris Stark

Does not have emergency room - searching ER on Google maps brings this up - that is incorrect

Vlad Pelinovschi

Sandra Rawls

This is the worst hospital I have ever been to in my life. Both times I've been here were not of my choice but because of insurance issue's it makes me want to change my insurance. The doctor's when they come to check on you unless you are already awake they won't wake you and tell you anything that's going on with your case. The nurse's are the worst I've ever encountered they need to be re-trained in my opinion with bed side manner. I can't wait until they transfer me the hell out of here total dissatisfaction.

Melissa Mcmahand

Terrible hospital! My husband was here for 4 days. It was the worst experience we ever had with the hospital. The restrooms where he had to take a shower were mildewed and rundown with clothes all over the floor. It was an elderly mental health patient admitted for having a seizure that was next to my husband. They never came to watch him up or to offer him anything or to check on him often. At 3 in the morning I was coming from the restroom on my way to my husband's bed and witness this man having a seizure and he also fell out the bed. These people act as if it was his fault. The whole time he was in the hospital he was covered in blood dirty the hospital was dirty it was a physician assistant who was very rude the doctor did not show up and they did not know where he was at for 3 days so they were calling going through different channels to get anything done with left my husband in pain for hours at a time. I seen elderly people and homeless people throughout this hospital as I walked each floor. In my opinion this hospital is just accepting people to use up their medical. I had never knew that things like this exist, hospitals like this exist in the Healthcare System. It was a horrible experience and they released my husband with a blood pressure of 190 / 85 as soon as we left there he had to go right back to a different hospital I refuse to let him be sent back there

May Cho

I am lucky to find this hospital only because my Dad's assisted living facility decided to send him there because he was "problematic": "complained back pain" (said nurse), "almost fell, therefore requires 24/7 monitoring, unfit to be a resident at a assisted living" (according to the staff doctor). First time I called to find out why he was checked in at a hospital, because I was puzzled by the voice mail from his residential care nurse, his tending nurse that night Mia was available right away, stating that he never complained back pain, but after using interpreter, they still couldn't find out what bothered him exactly. What surprised me was that she carefully looked up the records, shared it candidly, and didn't' sound defensive at all. After MRI, nothing abnormal, I decided to take him home, instead of following the doctor's recommendation sending him to nursing home. This wouldn't have been possible without Manny bed (case) manager, who supported and understood me, who wants to find a solution for Dad who fell through the crack between 24-hr nursing and residential care. She showed me the third, possibly the fourth option combining palliative care and in home care. She was a sheer miracle for me with horrible hospice experience with my mom who passed away with final stage pancreatic cancer in 2017, which precipitated this ongoing challenge with Dad who continues to spiral downward without any acute illness. Physical therapist and neurologist on duty I met were very positive and helpful. Three other staff I was helped on the phone, Gerardo, Donna, and Cher were also patient and genuinely helpful. I spent almost 8 hours today in Dad's room, Mia and Benny are situated outside in the hallway, not at a separate station, always meeting patient's need above and beyond. Their level of care and dedication was unbelievable. The location and parking were easily accessible. This is one of the best hospital I've been to in California as a family member and also as an interpreter, compared to other upscale modernized hospitals in Ohio I used work on site.


If you want to die this is the place for you. My brother was transferred to this hospital by an ER that said they didn't have room for him at their facility. He gets to this facility they give him a cat scan, and inserted tubes in his nose to pump mucus out. On the 3rd day he sent me a video of a mental health patient that wondered into his room. I drove an hour to get to him to discharge him against medical advise due to them still not having any results on what was wrong. I took him to another ER closer to home and they immediately admitted him. His appendix had ruptured and had been ruptured for approximatley 7 days. This amazing doctor said if I hadn't had brought him when I did my brother would have died from all the poison in his body. They removed his appendix and he's been fine ever since. I don't understand with all the test that So Cal hospital ran for 2 1/2 days and no results then to take him to another ER and they find out it's his appendix less then a hour of being there. This hospital is a death wish. I would never advise anyone to go here it needs to be shut down and condemned. i agree with some of the other reviews they try to keep you there against you will so that they can just collect money and use you as a guinea pig and run test that still don't tell you what's wrong.

Teresa Barreras

(Translated by Google) Because they brought my mother now at 8 p.m. and it's almost 12 o'clock and they haven't enrolled her, they haven't even checked her at all. There's no doctor. I am worried, I don't know if they will attend to it well. The person in charge of registering, with a very bad attitude (Original) Porque trajeron a mi mama Ahora a las 8 de la noche y ya casi son las 12 y no la han inscrito, ni si quiera la han chequeado de hay doctor. Estoy preocupada no se si la van atender bien Cuando me vaya. La encargada de inscribir, con muy mala actitud

Michael Mandel

Dirty, crowded, no concern for patients.

Wil Slaughter

The security is horrible. The lady at the front where you sign in has the worst attitude. She did not greet us then asked what we need and speaks Spanish to her co worker about us she’s needs to be fired immediately I am going to visit a sick family member I do not need this stress nor does anyone

t akinstou

staff was nice, hall smelled of flatulence though. The food is basically vending machine food. All in all it could be much worse.

Argos Funeral Services

Professionally managed with a caring professional staff of Nurses, Doctors, and all support staff. Very clean and well maintained.

Angela Montgomery

There are homeless people sleeping in the waiting area. It smells like piss everywhere. I went there with a ankle sprain and was there for 5 hours. I visited another Urgent care after because the splint I was provided with actually scarred my ankle. Very unprofessional. I will never EVER go there again.

Tatyana Mckie

My nightmare started and it never ended

Brandi Wadelton

I was admitted here through a transfer from another hospital. At first, I was put on the 3rd floor, which is ICU/CCU/TELEMETRY, for the first few days then I was moved to "THE 5TH FLOOR" (twilight zone). The nurses on the 3rd floor seemed to be very attentive at first. Then, when I was moved to the "5th floor", everything just went downhill from there. There's so much miscommunication among the Doctors & nurses is so unbelievable!!! I've been here now about 2 weeks & I still have no answers from them, to what's wrong with me. Why is my body not responding to the medication like it should have? I'm dealing with a lot of serious Pulmonary & Rheumatological issues, I'm have to take it one minute at a time. I also noticed that there's a big difference in the night shift vs. day shifts. A lot of the nurses, I have noticed don't like to document patient's complaints vs. symptoms. I THANK GOD EVERYDAY THAT I'M ABLE TO SPEAK UP FOR MYSELF!!! THAT I'M ABLE TO STAND-UP FOR MY RIGHTS AS A PATIENT!!! WELL, on one positive note... there's a couple of nurses on the 3rd & 5th floors that are nice. Would I come back here? NO Would I recommend this place to a Friend in case of an emergency/ direct admission? NO, PLEASE RUN, DON'T WALK TO THE HOSPITAL. ¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤♡♥¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤ HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE!

Wedi Tesfai

Dan Hennings


cat beltran

Mirian Contreras

The nurses don't have a good support from doctors. The doctor don't communicate to them or family members about patients health. My mom was admitted on Monday for a little mass in her left breast, but by the 7 day they do not do anything. I hope never never come back to this one again. Really bad service. Nurses are nice and good service, but doctor never show up to talk to me. He make wait 2 days. So pissed off.

Ellen Heiden

I had a great experience here. It’s not in the greatest neighborhood, and despite what they probably have to deal with on a daily basis, the staff was very caring and accommodating. I can’t remember her name, but I was helped by a pretty, Hispanic lady in the Urgent Care center who got me in to getting my xrays very fast. Then, a nice gentleman came and got me and did my xrays in an fast, efficient manner. Everyone was very friendly and the lady who initially helped me looked out for my safety and let me know to not come alone too late as I was leaving. I definitely recommend this hospital.

Eric Schwartz

The DMV of Urgent Care. I give an extra star because the staff was trying their best but there are apparently not enough hands on deck. It’s so crowded and disorganized, you wonder how it can be open to the public. There are multiple, gravely sick patients packed into rooms. The staff seems to have gotten used to the conditions but this place felt dangerous. I’m sure many people die here because I saw several in the halls who looked like they were on their last breaths tonight. May they rest In peace. I had to go there because I sustained an injury at night and it was the only place open. My visit for a hurt foot took 5.5 hours.

Jude Draco

This place is horrible! The nurses only re-attached my I.V. when they wanted to. The majority of the time it remained unattached. The doctors were arrogant and uncommunicative. If you have a choice, don't go there!

Eric Lee

I was transferred here from an ER at another hospital for insurance reasons. It was a Sunday and I never saw a doctor and no technicians were working to do the tests I needed. After 8 hours of seeing only nurses, I checked myself out rather than wait until Monday for someone to come to work.

jiro sirkejian

this place needs to be closed... the patient bed didnt have brakes... they didnt have pillows...i asked for a urinal and they brought a water plastic cup...the nurse took my iv out and i was bleeding, she left me alone in the room while she ran out to grab a gauze and tape... I hate to complain I hate to be picky but this place needs to be demolished... people can get so many diseases from this hospital... blood was all over the place and im not talking about dust and dirt... please look up for your safety when you go there

Artin Ohany

The worst place I have been no one working they have no equipment for check people with, dirty as hell and you will die 100% over there plz if you love yourself don't go there and if you are dying and you push the bottom for nerses it take forever to someone come

Kathy Cowan

Michelle Johnson

Just found out my mom is going there due to congestion. I called the hospital feeling uneasy and a bit anxious. Judith answered and was very warm and helpful. Just what the doctor ordered!

Travis roller

My brother was in this hospital for a week. It was the worst experience he has ever had. He came out of the hospital much sicker then when he went in. The doctors ( we had to request a change of doctor and that wasn't any better) refused to give pain management and were very rude, abusive and unprofessional. The nurses were physically, mentally, and verbally abusive. I talked to the Case Manger, the Charge nurses, his nurses different times of the day telling them he was in excruciating pain to please go give him something for the pain. I had to talk to the doctor to get him more then a Motrin. I had to order them to take a physical look at him to see why he was in so much pain so they would believe him. He didn't eat the entire time he was there because the food was so horrible. We had to pay cash for an ambulance to come get him and take him to an ER to a REAL hospital and had to take him out "against medical advice" which worked fine with us because we didn't want their advice. If you care about your health, DO NOT go to this hospital! I would give a negative number if it would allow me to!!! I agree with Yvonne below: "This hospital is a death wish. I would never advise anyone to go here it needs to be shut down and condemned.

Manuel Cortez

This lady at the registry was very rude to me and kept staring at me with a mad face and her co worker some guy next to her were making insults about me right in front of me.

Bruno Preiss

Andre Ross

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