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Ereshkigal Ishtar

This hospital has helped me and my wife tremendously!! It is an excellent hospital overall. The staff sometimes make their patients seem like they don’t matter , but the techs are absolutely amazing. They make every patient feel as if they have a purpose and never discriminate against another patient. The nurses may need to work on their people skills and communication skills. We were in the psych ward but they made out stay less of a hell than our outside lives are. We are forever grateful for this hospital and hope that they continue doing what they are doing. They are awesome and should never change!

Alicia Marquez

I was there yesterday for gallstones surgery no complains. Nurses and the surgeon treat me well they care for me. I don't know what other people are complaining about. Is because nurses talking too much well let me tell everybody talks in their job. I like this hospital.

Maria De Los Santos

My mother has been here twice and the place is small and very clean. The attention she receives from the staff is great. They are very caring and check up on her constantly. She has a beautiful view of the Culver City Mountains.


This hospital need a lot of fixing cleaning up,but the nurses on the second floor went out of their way to do the best they could ...

Jacob Williamson

I took my Girlfriend here yesterday after a few too many for her to handle and collapsing. The staff was very kind and non judgemental and gave great care. We really appreciate all the nurses that we saw during our stay.

Andy Rollyson

The hospital itself was fine. But good luck with the billing department. I had a $700 bill which I have been paying $150 on time monthly online. I was down to my last payment and the online payment login was not working. I had to call in to make a payment and the lady said they were going to turn me in to collections. I asked why since I had been paying monthly and was down to my last payment. She said because I wasn't on a payment plan. "But I've been paying by the due date each month." I told her. Doesn't matter she said. I had to be on a payment plan. Dumb and incompetent admin. Don't go there.

Wahed Khaliqi

This ain’t St. John’s or Cedars Sinai hospitals but it will do. I was quite hesitant and nervous going in for an outpatient procedure scheduled by my new GI doctor because of so many one-star reviews on google and yelp sites the night before my colonoscopy. US News & Reports on hospitals give SoCal Hospital at Culver City an average rating. I decided to go in any way the buyer be aware, question every step and point out the poor ratings to the nurses and attending medical staff. My experience was a pleasant one. I arrived at 5:30 am checked in with the security guard at the lobby.m then sat down at the waiting area which I consider above average, more like a hotel lobby than a hospital. Within a few minutes the admission staff appeared thru the door next to the front desk, checked the only name on the walk-in signup sheet (At this point I was the only patient in the waiting area) she looked up turned around and without saying hello, good morning or calling my name uttered the words “follow me”. Which I did but I thought oh uh here we go, she was cold with no much emotions on her face to help this nervous hesitant patient give a little comfort. We all at one point or another have been a little cold and not friendly at 5:30 in the morning, maybe she was not fully awake and there yet. Once I was admitted, I was asked to go back to the lobby and wait. Within 30 minutes 3 other patients were admitted and asked to sit and wait. Finally a happy go lucky pleasant lady with a nice smile on her face and a chart in her hand introduced herself called 4 names and asked all four of us to follow her to the elevator and on to the basement where the pre-operation preparation room was located. The room was small but clean and felt a little too crowded for 3 patients 3 family members and 3 or 4 nurses. With little and no privacy, I could hear other patients answers to personal question such as how much do you drink or if you smoke and what medications do you take. My nurse was nice quiet and focused on the task at hand. Once I was hooked up to an IV I was moved to the operation waiting room. I have to say everybody was nice from the doctor to the nurses and even Ricky who Kept too many gurneys in the hallways which looked a little crowded. I did not sign the release form for anesthesiologist until I spoke with him first. I asked him two questions. If his license has ever been suspended and question two has anyone died while under his care. once I was satisfied with his answers I signed the release form, I was told to count from 10 to 1 I think I remember five and then I was out. Next, I woke up in the recovery room pleasant looking nurse met me I found out that she was originally from Sierra Leone. She gives me some crackers and apple juice had a pleasant conversation while removing the IV from my arm. I signed my release papers and was discharged. All in all a great experience, at least for me in the outpatient surgery unit and the G.I. department. If the rest of the hospital follows the example of the G.I. department and that outpatient surgery unit this facility should improve their ratings real soon. I hope so and fingers crossed.

Yesenia Orellana

Really bad service!! My mom kept telling them she wasn't feeling good, they told her they were gonna give her a pill for a nausea.. she said they never came.. she has bronchitis and they sent her home last night.. she looks so pale, doesn't look better.. only prescribed her medication for uti.. not even for her diabetes or blood pressure.. she also fainted 2 days ago... who know how long she was on the floor for.. they shouldn't leave patients alone for a long time. The hospital is nice and all but bad service, I dont think they know what they're doing there smh

Kelly Santos

They took care of me quickly and got me breathing again

James Balcomb

whoever is in charge of answering these customer feedback reviews, just spend an hour in your lobby observing the intake process here. Criminal how poorly run this hospital is

Rosa Rodriguez

My brother went to ER dept. had the worst service the nurse was upset about everything. the Dr. took 2 HOURS to see him...and was admitted to the hospital and nurses on that floor where even worst then the ER nurses.

laura cooperman

Unsanitary... you’ll actually get worse if you go. Looks like a jail, no thanks.

Lisa Dominguez

Worst hospital I was there 2 weeks ago nurse talk like they r in a bar I never see a real Doctor

Jerell Howlett

The Emergency room is ghetto, the nurses are rude, it looks like a hospital from a horror movie. The nurses on the 5th floor is extremely mean and rude. I've never had a experience like this in my life! I wouldn't recommend this hospital!

Andrews Dad

Had spinal surgery here 2017 all was good even the food the only thing I could complain about is the day shift they were good taking care of me but nonstop cussing...just doesn't seem professional to me. Other than that it was a good experience

preeti vaswani

The worst place and the most unrespectful staff. My husband went to Brotman accidently with a requesition for Quest for blood work. Instead of telling him he is in the wrong facility, they admitted him and sent us a bill for $3600. I have tried to fight this and was told by Jackie and Myra (Managers) that it would not go to collections if we called and set up a plan, I have been calling them to set up a plan (and note-why are we paying $3600 for bloodwork -it should have only costed us $30 at Quest) and no one would call me back. I was just told by Jackie that I never called and Myra is always busy. Now I got a call from collections to pay this or it would effect my credit. I am so ashamed of this hospitol for taking advantage of us and for fradulently charging us such a outrageous amount. PLEASE, take it from the reviews, do not go here

ashanti jackson

California Department of Health, Los Angeles county Board of Supervisors, Culver City City council need to all come together and shut this less than mediocre, substandard piece of so called hospital down. The absolute worst. I'd rather go to one of the Public County hospitals than to come to this system of negligence.


I received excellent care at this Hospital. I was attented to within 15 minutes in the Emergency room. Within 30 minutes I was in a bed and admitted. My stay was one week after surgery. My Doctor the Nurses and Staff were kind and caring. Thank You to all of You !!!

david sturgeon

My girlfriend was transferred here from UCLA Santa Monica for asthma issues and the difference in the level of treatment is astounding. They did not have a working spO2 monitor for more than 5 hours. Eventually I just walked down to cvs and bought one which we have been using since. For an asthmatic patient to not have an oxygen reading for that long is astounding. The doctor visited her once during 3 day stay. Her nighttime nurse doctors were awful and she had to page them frequently when struggling to breathe. Her daytime nurse Debbie was very good, and so far the only one to update the whiteboard in her room with statuses. If the goal is to make this a good hospital you need to support the good nurses with the supplies they need. Add in addition to the experience another patient across the way yelling for water for 20+ minutes. I would recommend anyone that comes here to record every interaction with the staff, note date times and names. You will most likely need to monitor yourself or your families own medical treatment. Hopefully we will be able to be discharged soon, the doctor during his only visit said we could be 5 hours ago. The nurses though don’t see it in the system.

Aneta Rychetská

I went to Southern California Hospital couple months ago and they were great! The only problem is that I have payment due now and don’t know how to pay it since I’m back in Europe now and their email on website in non-existing. Please, provide me with some email information I’m stuck in this situation! I can’t call you from Europe so phone number is not helpful.

Stephan Bajaio

STAY AWAY AT ALL COSTS!!!! I had an emergency appendectomy at this hospital. It was horrible. I had to beg to see my surgeon or any doctor for that matter for more than 24 hours. They tried to collect money from me in my hospital bed while I was still drugged up and before I'd seen a doctor (over collected as well). Not to mention I had to stay in the hospital for an extra 24 hours as no doctors ever did rounds to help. As soon as I saw a doctor I was finally able to leave in a couple of hours. I received a bill from them over 18 months later and when I tried to dispute it they refused to discuss it. They'ed periodically call my cell and when I'd pick up they would have a recording saying it was their billing department and when I'd wait for someone to get on the line it would hang up on me (probably their way of saying they tried to collect yet never having to speak about their services). I rarely review anything but this hospital should be shut down!

Jeffrey Gowdy

believe the other 1 star reviews, this place is rough. there was blood on the chair of the first room i entered. i asked if it would be OK to stand. the guy wiped it up and said, "No you can go ahead and take a seat." - Yikes! Next, I told him about a serious allergy I have to a specific type of medication, and when I saw the paperwork later, I realized he put "No known allergies." - This probably really needs to be changed in the event of an emergency. I waited. Waited. Waited. Finally saw someone. She was nice, but then vanished without a trace. Since you have to pay in cash to park there ($8 to park at a hospital is insulting), I had to park on the street, requiring me to run back out to feed the meter twice. I eventually asked if it would be OK to leave, and received a rude and condescending attitude from the staff. I eventually made it out (nearly 3 hours later) alive, but scratching my head as to how hospitals are allowed to operate in such a fashion.

Andrea F

TANIA JOCIUS!!!!! My name is Andrea Filipovic and I was admitted into the culver city location yesterday. This morning I woke up in excruciating pain I've been suffering with ulcerative colitis for about 8 years. My nurse Tania Jocius has a best friend who suffered from the same thing, lucky me to get fit with someone who is so knowledgable on the disease. She was so attentive and helpful I couldn't believe it. I know this hospital doesn't have the best reviews but I see the potential in her. I think when you put nurses like Tania in lead positions and allow that eagerness to help shine you only want to make others around you work. Shes got an addictive personality that would make anyone around her want to do better. There wasn't a single time I had to call for her for any kind of help. Shes young, smart, and eager to listen and get down to the root of the problem. This girl needs to be a team leader. She not only went above and beyond but she made it look effortless. You guys truly have a remarkable person on your team!!! If you want to get the ratings in this place up you need to allow people like Tania to take control and lead the way and staff. Saying she deserves a raise is an understatement this girl needs to be front row in all matters. Shes worth a million dollars. I just happened to get lucky with such a remarkable nurse!!!! TANIA thank you! thank you! thank you!!! You truly are one of a kind and I hope this doesn't go unnoticed!!! ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

Alexa Braham

This is a horrible hospital. Some of the 2 nurses were great and I just got admitted for the next two days. There seems to be constant staff grumbling. Nurses are aloof and lack of communication. Some patients on the SAME floor were served meals and others weren't and on the back end they were offered sandwiches. Seriously considering getting myself discharged.

Yvonne Williams

My son was in this hospital twice with Pnomia. Fluid on is lungs. Seen by a nurse practitioner. Now he is in a real hospital where they are running the right test that this hospital should have run. I would never tell anyone to go there for medical help.

Yi Zeng

Got a $2400 bill and I was NOT EVEN Treated! 2 hours for $2400! This Hospital is a Rip-off! AVOID at ALL COST!

Amy Llewellyn

First of all, I never knew this place existed. While I was on my way via ambulance the ambulance drivers told me this place was a rat hole. When I got there I was ignored for hours and even transferred to another room because my roomate was complaining that I was crying too much and would physically harm me so they moved me to a room where a woman grinded her teeth all day and night and did nothing to help her stop. By the time I had arrived it took them 6 hours to give me any medication. I had 2 really good nurses that unfortunately had worked there. The rest were rude and ignored and "forgot" requests you asked for after telling them 20 times or more. I had a vein blow up and had asked the nurse to remove it and was told to just do it never heard that one before. The bathrooms and room were filthy and due to the front desk not answering help button or nurse pages you just heard several people screaming for help. I was there for 4 days and saw my doctor on the last night who talked to me for 2 minutes and the next morning I was being discharged which was never explained to me as well. I was prescribed 7 different medications and when my cousin ;who is almost done studying to be a nurse was horrified. She said it smelt so bad and she wanted to throw up. Her shoes kept sticking to the floor and upon us leaving I was asking medical advice and the nurse literally ripped my iv out and knocked the cotton ball and tape on the floor she threw the iv which hit my cousin and had a very rude attitude telling is she didn't have time for this she had 5 patients. There is no way I would ever go to this hospital again and neither should anyone else. For the very few nurses that were good to me I thank you and encourage you to find a better facility were your talents wont become part of such a horrible organization. And to the supervisor who I tried to get help from after being discharged who told me it wasn't her job my question to you is...What is?

Nemanja Filipovic

TONIA JOCIUS!!!!!! Hands down one of the best nurses at this hospital! My sister was in critical condition and we were dealing with unprofessional and poor service. When Tonia came in she related so much with my sister since her best friend had the same condition. She was so kinda and compassionate and ran and helped us at every whim. Nurse Tania sets the standerd for how every professional should be. The staff could learn a lot from her and she NEEDs to be placed higher and paid more! She went above and beyond with everything we asked. Careing, compassionate, professional, smart, beautiful inside and out! TANYA JOCIUS FOR PRESIDENT

Sugey Ramirez

Please don't take your love ones to this father passed away because they didn't take care of him.. reading these reviews just proves me right the nurses don't care, doctors won't show up everyday to check on their patients..this hospital should close down

Habeb Hussein

Very bad and dertiest emergency room I have ever seen. They need to shut it down for real.

Wendy Vasquez

My mom had outpatient surgery today and the staff and nurses were so nice and helpful. It was so cold in the waiting room so they gave us a warm blanket and a voucher for free coffee.

Reilly Nelson

If i could give 0 stars, I would. Couldn't tell us of we were in network or out until we "meet with a doctor." I asked what the cost would be if my boyfriend's insurance was ultimately out of network, and she said ,"that is a 'what if' scenario, that i can't comment on because it might come back on me." So, you're saying i can't know what the cost is or if insurance covers it until he's already received care? And you try to bill us? This is non- standard. Left without care, and this woman is the reason my boyfriend said he'd rather die than live with this pain. 0 stars or less.

Ck Keidis

This Hospital is the worst.The staff isn't helpful and could care less about their jobs.My mother was transferred here from Kaiser like her life doesn't matter.This facility needs to be SHUT DOWN!

Mat Hand

Excellent rehab staff on 4 th floor could be more quiet but it is a hospital. Special thanks to Claire inphysical therapy and ronit in occupational therapy and Christi in speech therapy

Kelly Marquez

By far one of the most unpleasant experiences I’ve ever had,if I can post a lower rating I would. Extremely unorganized very unprofessional. I waited over 4 hours and still wasn’t seen by a doctor. I was in horrible pain and according to one of the nurses I wasn’t considered an emergency! I DO NOT recommend this hospital to anyone.

nina sadd

I was admitted to the 5th floor at Southern California Hospital for 1 week. Please stay away from this hospital. I had the worst experience of my life there. The Marsha the supervisor was the most unprofessional, rude, manipulative and lazy staff member I witnessed during my stay there. If the nurse supervisor is a disaster what am I going to complain about from having had such horrible nurses. Also the Dr.'s do not communicate or look at each other's notes when it comes to patient care and provide very poor patient care. It's worse than a 3rd world country hospital. This hospital is a disaster and needs to close its doors down.

Matthew Militello

Pretty good for a rundown hospital amazing staff that work very hard everyday!!! Anyone know patient visiting hours on the psychiatric level

Tonisha Mendoza-Cal

This place is terrible. I almist died at walmart in baldwin plaza and they took me to this hospital and had ne on some sort of body support and i was screaming and crying because i had bad chest pain and i couldnt breathe and i wanted it off because it hurted so bad but they told me if i take it off walmart wont except my clain. Then 2 years later i see medical bills on my credit report thinking my medical payed for it but i guess not. I never received any medical bills only when i was filing a case on walmart then i try to call and email them about the medical bills but the email address is wrong and i can get through to the right department. I thought they was suppose go be a hospital not a horror place!

[Alex ]

My sister Andrea was admitted into this hospital a few days ago for severe gastrointestinal issues. She was accompanied by my brother who stayed with her for both physical and emotional support. She was nursed by a young lady named Tonia Jocius incredibly skilled in her field and very professional and knowledgeable. She attended to my sister's needs by want of ordinary care for others. As a recommendation I believe all nurses should strive to be kind and caring like Tonia and if anything the young lady deserves a massive raise... The issue with this hospital however though arises with another nurse. Marsha a nurse at this Hospital deemed it appropriate in her infinite wisdom to separate my family. She stated it was due to hospital policy which states because my brother was a male he wasn't permitted to be in the room with my sister as there was another female patients present. Mind you the another female patient notified the medical staff that she had no problem with my brother staying with my sister in the room. After Marsha's statement I deemed it appropriate to read the ENTIRE Hospital Policy including any an all correlating state and federal statutes. To my astonishment I found that no such hospital policy or public policy exists. Further, to add to the matter my brother was escorted out of the room by security who informed my sister that her illness was nothing severe compared to the other patient and notified my brother that if he didn't leave he would be escort out by force. This degradation of my sister's illness by security and the separation of my family by Marsha is medical malpractice of the highest order and is morally irreprehensible. I say this because the policy Marsha stated doesn't exist anywhere both in public or private policy. Seeing as Marsha's statements are nothing more than baseless, arbitrary, erroneous allegations and determinations that have no basis in law or in fact. I can only make the logical determination that Marsha was just hell-bent on exercising her power hunger which is nothing more than a figment of her imagination. The only reason that I leave a 5-star review is because I believe HR handled the matter incredibly well. The entire matter was resolved within a few hours with my brother and my sister being very well taken care of... The only thing holding this Hospital together is the actions of nurses like Tonia and the incredible professionalism of the Human Resources department inside this Hospital.... Many thanks Tonia and HR!!! Truly yours -Alex-

Mirna Marquez

OMG.. Wow...Marina,Olympia, Cedars, Kaiser, Harbor are not too far. Everyone should check out what is available in their area in case of any medical emergency. Always call your insurance provider to select a specific hospital or ER. STAY AWAY from places that have so many negative reviews, are creepy or shady in any way. People may not always have the right words to express themselves. Clearly when your health is at stake, Actions speak louder than words. If anyone needs to detox go to GAADS. Don't be the lamb that voluntarily goes to the slaughter house...All this is crazy.

Maria Lopez

Didn’t like the hospital the staff don’t care for the patients. The doctor don’t even visit the patients at all no physician on site they say the physician is there but doesn’t check on no one. I don’t recommend this hospital unless you want to die soon.

Kent Martin

I waited for 3 hours with severe chest pain. Aloof staff, uncaring attending - and I never even saw an actual real doctor. The end of it all it was basically 'take two aspirins and call me in the morning'. A COLOSSAL waste of time. If you have any other options, use them.

Debbie L

Absolutely the worst hospital I have ever experienced. I give zero stars. I had to go to the ER yesterday to help my brother (I won't discuss the reason as it's personal). First, the entire staff could use training on their people skills. I found everyone rude, nasty and Inconsiderate to the needs of someone and their family in the ED. We were there for hours after the initial assessment waiting for a bed... no one communicated with us it was as if we didn't exist as if we weren't even there, completely invisible, staff would walk by and not even look at us, we were tired, it had been a long day and hours in ED. Since I wasn't getting ANY INFORMATION I decided to ask his nurse on the status and I was told we were waiting for a bed. After some time passed I once again went to the nurses station and again I was simply told to wait and that his pain medication was ordered, after a long wait it finally arrived. Not once did I speak to an actual physician (M.D.). I kept going to the nurses station to get some information to know where we stand, what's the status and how much longer did we need to wait and I got eyes rolled at me from one nurse in particular (my brothers nurse) how despicable. After some time longer I once again went to the nurses station where the nurse was nowhere to be found (ok so she may have been helping another patient but the ED was not busy), a gentleman at the nurses station asked what he could do for me, I asked if my brothers nurse had left and he said " no, what do you need" WHAT DO I NEED??? what?? I explained and asked if he knew how much longer we had to wait because I was not getting any communication from anyone on staff.... his answer to me was as follows " we have nothing to say so noone is going to go in there, when we have something to say we'll come in, you don't need to be coming out here". What??? How dare a hospital employee speak to someone that way. In other words go back to the ED bed where your loved family member has been waiting, sit there and shut up and we'll talk to you when we're ready. I would NEVER recommend this hospital. I work for a hospital (i won't disclose which one because I don't feel it's appropriate but believe me I truly want to disclose it) I know how our ED operates, how our nurses operate and let me just say we have compassion, we communicate, our nurses check in to see if everything is ok, they provide updates so you don't feel neglected, we know how it feels to be in an ED with a loved one and we are most deffinately there for our patients. S.C. Hospital is absolutely the worst hospital I've ever experienced NOT RECOMMENDED, RUN AWAY, go somewhere else where your treated with respect and dignity. Personal note: If you became a nurse, or a PA-C then act with compassion. The people in your ED are scared, stressed, and desire communication. If I wasn't referred to this hospital for this particular issue my brother was having I would never know how awful this hospital is. NEVER AGAIN will I walk thru those doors. A word of advice to the hospital.... changing your name doesn't change your staff, I suggest you make those changes as well!!! I have no idea how this place received more than 1 star from must have been there on a decent day. A note to administration: I can offer your staff training on how to deal with patients and family properly. I'm appalled at how things were handled at this hospital, and by the way I've been in health care for over 20 years. Half the staff was on their personal cell phones and if I approached anyone of them they responded while chomping on gum (Classy) Personal cell phones! Has anyone heard of HIPPA violation! Instead of being on your personal cell phones and sitting in a nurses station ignoring your patients put your cell phones away and do your job! What you're being paid to do in healthcare. ADMINISTRATORS NO NEED TO REPLY WITH ONE OF YOUR APOLOGIES TO MY REVIEW....JUST TRAIN YOUR STAFF FOR YOUR FUTURE PATIENTS!

Nicholas Curry

Man let y'all treat my family like that who is currently in that hospital. Thier will be problems that day.

Samantha Walker

I'm here NOW!! Been here since the10th of nov!! I've Had a lady hip replacement!!!! I'm ready to go#! Some of the women nurses are cool mostly the foreign americans r nicer to me!! They foOD SUPER SUCKS!! Been starved twice!! The male nurses on 5th floor were. Super nice to me I got alll I wanted!! From the men! The doctors are the best cause my leg and back feels better!! TY DR. GORING AND STEVENSON!! See ya soon! Peace!!!

Christiane Flentie

Worst experience of my life. Went to go to the detox which is awesome but another health issue ended me up in telemetry. I don't have heart issues and I asked all along the way to see if there was a problem. Answer was no but there I was on telemetry. I got no sleep for four days. Nurses were arguing with each other in my room at 3 am. Please find someplace else if you can. This is a hell hole.

Benjamin Buday

This hospital will not send my partner's stay information to her insurance company. After several calls and many hours on hold over the past month, this is still unresolved. Unless you want to pay 10s of thousands of dollars out of pocket because of this hospital's lack of organization, don't come here.

Simon P. Warren

This is the worst hospital I've ever been to the staff are not trained are rude and should think about going into another profession, could not eat the food in 3 days I lost 15 lbs.

Babydoll Hendon

I love this hospital the quality of service is amazing. Ive been coming for years due to a ongoing medical condition and the staff is always nice receiving and treat me like family im in er quicker than any other hospital and once i get to the floor my orders are up right away. The patient liaisons are always around if a problem should arise which makes me feel great about the service. Compared to other hospitals where wait times are longer and staff is inflexible here u will find staff catering to your personal needs to insure the most speedy recovery. The doctors and nursing staff is consistently. And my care is always top notch ive read some of these post and i really cant believe any of them as i am hospitalized once a month for my condition and witness my care and those around me.

Hassan Almana

The worst hospital I ever been in my live don't go there you going to die before they come to you.


HATE this hospital!!! DO NOT EVER go there!!! If you can be admitted somewhere else DO IT!!! My grandfather was taken there for a V-Tech... he ended up having all these other issues. As my grandfather was V-Taching out again... the nurses, and doctor did NOT give him Morophine until I came over and DEMANDED THEM TO DO IT! He went through that horrific pain and heart beats for over an hour could not catch his breath! * Another incident * My grandfather was severely backed up, my father and I ran to CVS and got him an enima to BRING TO THE HOSPITAL!!! As my dad ran it in, with the private nurse we hired THAT NIGHT, I pulled his nurse who was standing there chitty chatting and eating candy... told her I wanted to speak to her in private... and RIPED HER A NEW REAR END! Proceeded then to have her FIRED! He was unable to be moved due to his condition! They are a bunch a IDIOTS, the doctor even thought my grandfather was in Physical therapy an hour before he passed away... of heart failure... DROWNING to death! REALLY Physical Therapy?!?!?! PLEASE NEVER USE THEM!!!!!!

Nedra Shelton

Its been a while since I had to go to this hospital, but when I did come here I had a 3 day stay and they were excellent doctors and nurses and I'm a very hard person to deal with at times!! I would recommend this hospital anytime to my family and friends dont listen to the negative people reviews, I've been there many of times..

John Vara

I should preface this review with the following three items. One. I'm a business development, marketing and operations cluck with 32 years in the healthcare field. Six of these years were spent at acute care hospitals. They were both of similar size to Southern California Hospital at Culver City. Two. I was brought to this facility from St. Mary's Hospital in Long Beach in an ambulance. Three. I was 'treated' and stayed on the sixth floor psyche unit as a voluntary patient. I was a hair away from committing suicide. So, if you are so inclined, you may take my review with a grain of salt. You know, what with me being a loon and such. I was in the care of this facility last week. As previously mentioned, I was on the sixth floor open psyche unit. My stay lasted six days. I believe that I'm still in a capacity to look at this facility, only the psyche unit, with an unjaundiced eye. I'm also quite experienced in JCAHO/Joint Commission preparation for hospital accreditation. I'm quite curious as to how this hospital scored and what deficiencies were noted. In my opinion, it's certainly not at a higher grade. The nursing care on the unit was satisfactory. I would rate it higher, but there was one nurse, who I believe had a Jamaican accent, had the whole ignoring and looking straight through a patient skill down. Even when politely attempting to get her attention, she would completely and quite adeptly, gave this patient the snub. She spent her time chatting with a security guard. Thankfully, she wasn't my nurse. On the other hand, my nurses Susan, Paul and Nneene(?) were excellent and were caring professionals. Especially Susan and Paul. The linen in my room was never changed. Now, this could've been because my roommate rarely got out of his bed. Plus, when he was awake, he was generally a douche. The floors were mopped. If this task was completed with Snooze-ola in his rack, they should've been able to change my linen. No Bueno! The paper towel dispenser was empty for two days. Mr. Snooze asked the EVS staff to refill the dispenser. No dice. There was another patient in the room. The room itself, was generally clean but a dreary affair. The food? It was pretty good. I had a diabetic menu. Why? Because I'm diabetic! Duh! We had enough coffee and snack breaks. So, that was cool. Yay for dietary! Therapeutic care? Zero. For someone in my condition this is critical. I met with an MD, I assume an internist, in the hallway near the nurses station. Once. He did ask why I was a patient. I gave him some leeway as I felt that I would see an actual physiatrist. I never did. This is quite an interesting turn of events as I was on a psyche-unit and suicidal. Daily, I did see a psyche-NP for about three to five minutes per day. I did attend 'group sessions.' These were comprised of, depending, on the day, coloring and making bead wrist bands. This was for stress management. During this session, music was played. It was violent, loud and blatantly profane rap or whatever. Hardly stress reducing. The next day was composed of the therapists leading the group in singing. The therapists were actually quite good. But, it doesn't seem that they were given much of anything therapeutic. Perhaps it was for 1930. The other loss was on 'exercise therapy.' This consisted of playing ring toss, throwing Velcro creatures at a dart board and other such diversions. Kelsey was excellent and well versed in psychiatric music therapy. I'd give her four to five stars. So, this knocked down the score . This facility wouldn't get that if it were not for Sue, Paul and Kelsey. The final to go is related to the discharge. They seem to be more concerned with getting the homeless into shelters. In my opinion, they also keep patients as long as possible. Census. More heads in the bed with as little expenditure as possible. They probably make a killing. Meanwhile, I'm worse off than when I was admitted.

Raj G

Terrible. Terrible. Terrible!!! My grandmother has been in this hospital for numerous reasons. I admit their ER has improved quite a bit. But the nursing staff....hell no! They left her in filth for an hour and a half before I came in and asked the nurse why has she been left there. Then they come up with the whole oh we had shift change garbage! Their food is terrible. Luckily there are restaurants around for some good food. Cleanliness of the rooms are a -10/10 . If you can get a better hospital...please do so!!

Sam Gebhardt

Wow. I should have listened to the other reviews. Im kind of speechless. It started when we were trying to get checked in. My wife is almost comatose sitting in a wheelchair next to me, Im madly filling out paperwork and I ask the clerk " would you like my insurance card so that you can start?" she replied "oh no.. no rush" ...uuum yes! we are in a rush. Luckily we did get a good nurse. Thank God! or who knows. The topper was when she said that we were discharged and wondered if everything was clear from the doctor. "No . No doctor has been into see us" She leaves comes back in "Oh he has left for the night" Dr.. ____ will see you" "A few min later the second doctor walk in and literally says "Whats up" and shrugs her shoulders.. like what do you want. "We'll we were hoping you could tell us?" The doctor proceeds to casually tell us "she got a virus or something" "something made her vomit" ..mhmm I was aware of that part. Then she tries to throw out some long words hoping we'll leave. -Me "so what does that mean" -Me "what should we do?" she rattles off the intake for the next 3 to 4 days.. "but its all on the discharge papers" Icing? get home put her in bed.. nothing! is on the discharge papers.. hope my memory was good after spending 4 hours in the er at 3 am.

kim white

My mom is in this hospital, only because she was transferred from Kaiser. She is on her deathbed there. I have read a lot of reviews and I agree with a lot of the bad one. Today we experienced some negative info from a staff member, we just asked him to leave the room and prayed for are mother. No we did not see any Dr. or nurses assistance helping or doing anything, just sitting at nurses station talking. We took care of our own mother while we were there. The caseworker was very rude to me and my sister. Please do not go to this hospital, not a good place to be sick where uncareing staff mable a few nurses are good there but most do not care.

Dave Wallace

I was held against my will after they refused to treat me and then received an expensive hospital bill anyway.

ann meads

Correction on the name of doctor who murdered my elderly father. He released my father back into nursing home without our permission; my father never had a kidney infection before he was under this doctor's care. My father had one when he was released back into marina pointe who is a nursing home in on the kickback scam with Dr. Abraham Ishaaya. This doctor released my father and he still had pneumonia. Then to cover things up he was sent back to this horrible hospital without my mother's permission. Marina point would then call us to cover up that they had sent him back to the hospital and lie to each of us, and say that they got permission from either me or my mother when that was a lie. We never met this doctor and we always asked for him to be transferred and they would never permit it. Finally when he did permit it they wouldn't release him! The last conversation that I had over the phone with this doctor, was the night my father was killed by him. I told this doctor that he was covering up his mistakes of not having our permission to request and re realse him back to marina pointe and he failed in releasing him still sick, and he failed by causing more sickness after under his care. I told him that he had a God complex and that is why he wasn't releasing my father. (mind you my father had not been dying before this conversation). Exactly one hour later my mother called and said they were trying to revitalize him he went into cardiac arrest or something. When I got to the hospital my father was so swollen and blue (like they had injected him with something). He died. my father always said what is done in the dark will always come out in the light. Its just a matter of time Dr. Ishaaya. My father will not be the only one that you think you have gotten away with.

Rosario Saenz

Horryfying hospital. Long wait time. In the psychiatric behavioral health unit i literally saw with my own eyes somebody die there!

Alex Alex

If i could i would give it negative stars they shpuldnt be open as a hospital The nurses are all rude,i said excuse me 2 nurses and they just turned around and looked at me up and down Just maybe cuz im a hispanic mail they just looked and walked away and when i called another nurse she did the same thing I came in at 7 am its 3 pm I have a big pain still ..all they did was just flashlight my throat and gave me shots oh you will be good and not one nurse has came to ask me if im ok and when one did come she came to tell me shut like if i cant speak with my family They told me to call a ride that i will he discharged its been since 12 they said that and im still here my ride has to go to work

Adi Lope

This is the word hospital I had ever been, is very sad the unpleasant experience been hospitalized here. From waiting long periods of times without treatments and pain killers as well as uncomfortable and unnecessary comments from staffers such as the cardiologist on the floor, rude and unsolicited opinions. I been talking about this behaviors with the social worker Llewellyn E. Lobo and is been so kind, yet no changed is been manifested. Some of the nurses look like first timers due there weren’t able to find my vains correctly and medicine when to my arms. Please AVOID

Ana Hernandez

Is the worst experience of my life and it looks like they chose the worst nurses to work there. Everyone is mad. Everyone in there fights or argues because they didnt get attended and many walked out with no treatment. No nurse or doctor cares for their patients life. Also its really dirty in there. Dont go there. I feel obligated to give 1 star because that emergency room deserves -1.

shelly sussman

My son was admitted with cellulitis in his foot. He’s been a diabetic for 28 years. The attending Dr. Schwarz came in one time to see him and then sent his PA for the rest of the stay. The PA was stupid not empathetic and basically did nothing. She never looked at his chart, didn’t even know he was diabetic. Asked him how his uti was!?!? The infectious disease Dr. Liu was very good. Very responsive to my sons needs and very informative as to how to go forward in controlling the diabetes to .prevent future issues. The nurses were very nice too. however throughout his entire stay his blood pressure was very very high and was really never addressed and neither were his high blood sugars. They discharged him without home healthcare telling him that he would need one week of very strong antibiotic IV minimum possibly two. No one looked for the source of the cellulitis until the day he was discharged. Dr. Liu’s assistant came in and said let me check your feet. This is something all diabetics should do every day and certainly in a hospital everyone should be aware of that. But that never happened till the last day. At which point she recommended antifungal cream. And that was not administered to him by the nurses. Once he was discharged we had to make several phone calls to get the home health care and a prescription for the antifungal. there is no one that will see him at the end of this week of heavy duty antibiotics to tell us if the cellulitis is Gone. My son is missing work and jeopardizing his job and spends the day calling the hospital for help for a job not finished and not very well done. there was no home health for 36 hours and as we all know antibiotics have to be taken in a timely fashion to be affective. It seems like nobody knows what’s going on there and their agenda is not necessarily to cure people but to process them and get them out.

Rachel Carrillo

This hospital is horrible!! Zero rating for this hospital! My husband went in for surgery on 07/30/19, he was just staying overnight. After surgery they assigned him to a rm, entering the room there was a bad smell, I opened the door to the bathroom and there was toilet paper all over the floor, blood stains on the floor and in the tub. We notified the RN immediately and took pictures and reported it to the Administration office, RN said she would call house keeping never showed up they just moved my husband to a different room.Staffing was horrible, they showed no compassion day shift passed the bucket to night shift and night shift passed the bucket to the morning shift. This is the worst hospital my husband and I have ever been in. I would not recommend anyone staying at Southern California hospital of culver city. This is absolutely a horrible horrible Hospital staff and all.

Tinika Day

I was recently admitted to this hospital on 4/26/19 for kidney stones. I must admit I am extremely apprehensive about going places I am unfamiliar with. Due to insurance this is the only place I was able to be admitted to. Upon first inspection I was not to impressed! But once my mother and I were settled in my room it was a totally different story! I was on the 5th floor and when I say EVERY single nurse I encountered was absolutely Amazing! I truly mean it. My 1st nurse "Austin" had the best personality ever! He gave me insight on my situation and just over all made me and my mom feel comfortable. "Lisha" who took my vitals was hilarious and kept the whole vibe in my room upbeat. My night nurse "Tussie",was great and let me sleep and "Meagan" who took my night vitals was also very sweet. My next and final day, I met the wonderful charge nurse "Marsha Johnson" I just got a since of comfort from her. She's very skilled,very knowledgeable and very caring. She even bought my Mom a little breakfast. I was transferred to this hospital from Northridge which is 45 min away my mother rode in the ambulance with me So she stayed in the hospital with me. I am HUGE on bedsise manner. I believe it is one of the main things to master if you decide to work in the medical field. Basically to end this review I say you cannot judge a book by it's cover. I did not think I was going to like my stay here at SCH but not only was I incorrect my expectations were exceeded! I just want to Thank the wonderful staff :) keep up the,Great work!

Krazy Kat

Doctors are worthless. Didn't do due diligence in examining patient and came up with a "diagnosis" that was simple without knowing the patient. Doctors are not willing to talk to patient or family. As with many hospitals, some nursing and CNA staff stand out, the rest....just stand back from their bad attitude. Only way I would ever go back would be in a body bag.

Billboard AZLyrics

Wow...I come from a family of folks in the medical field (not me!!), and I've been a visitor in many hospitals. Two nights ago our good friends birthed baby Kingston. He's beautiful, with such a calm demeanor. I helped to coach my pregame friend while the Anesthesiologist snick up to administrate the epidural. OUCH!!!! She has my uttermost respect now. Elaine has been a nurse for 21 years, if I remember correctly, and she is extraordinary. To be working in a sometimes stressful environment for years and to still be able to emit such a beautiful and helpful presence...And from what I heard the entire staff experienced was much the same. If I ever birth a baby this is where I want to go.

Destiny De Los Santos

If I can give it no star I would. This hospital should get shut down. My sister was in the emergency Room all day did not eat anything. When she got a room she asked for something to eat they told her no sent her to bed when no food. It's not like she could go out and get food by herself. The nurse are rude and so much more. They really need to investigate this hospital but there not because it's for the poor.

Ashley coggs

H O R R I B L E !

Tamara Akins

I think I may have benefited from a whirlwind of bad reviews and a change of the guard because of the them. The nurses, aides, guards and doctors at this facility were absolutely fantastic. I scared myself by reading the reviews and went in, ready to walk out if I had to. Instead I was welcomed in at the front lobby, which was clean, updated, well-lit and busy with happy doctors and nurses crossing each other and greeting the people who walked by them. I was promptly admitted, escorted to my floor and then treated absolutely amazing by the 3rd floor nurses! I was then greeted by doctors, specialty doctors, and recovery people - all of whom were fantastic and made me feel as if I had checked into a hotel. If you have to go, go with an open mind. Give it a chance, you would be surprised how they are counteracting all the bad reviews.


Patient care is terrible. Nurses and MA's need to work on the way the speak to patients. Patients should not be harrassed or shamed of their medical conditions or of the fact that they do not know what sets off their symptoms. Explanations doctors don't even have. Please have your staff work on their bed side manner urgently. This experience was more than horrifying and just speaks poorly of your company/foundation.


THIS LETTER WAS SENT TO THE COLLECTION AGENCY AND BROTMAN MED. CENTER DETAILING MY EXPERIENCE WITH THEIR FACILITY On November 20, 2014 at approximately 0800 hrs., I spoke with you regarding a billing issue related to case . I detailed the circumstances whereby I was denied full consideration toward a 100% benefit coverage by my Medical Plan. This denial is the result of grossly inaccurate documentation by Dr. Jennifer Cariquist, treating physician in the emergency room. On May 25, 2013, while practicing BASEBALL with my nine year old son . He was struck in the left upper quadrant (LUQ) at the lower portion of the rib cage by a line drive hit by me. He fell to the ground became pale and complained of pain from the hit. Based on the speed, relative distance (16 feet) and area of impact, I knew he needed a trauma screening. I immediately drove him to the closest medical facility for this TRAUMA related issue. Based on my medical training, I was concerned for possible internal bruising or injury to the spleen or a rare possibility for a cardiac tamponade. He was evaluated, tested (CT scan) and released the same day. As a reference I have provided the narrative from Dr. Cariquist. The doctor inaccurately documented this as a medical related abdominal pain. As you are no doubt aware, this debt collection effort on the part of CMRE is to directly compensate Dr. Cariquist. The irony here, is that Dr. Cariquist’s inadequate documentation is the result of this billing debacle. Dr. Cariquist is culpable for grossly misrepresenting the sole purpose and intent necessitating the emergency room treatment and evaluation. I have a copy of the narrative provided on page two of this document as proof. As per our discussion, I have appealed the denial by my medical insurance plan and am confidant they will recognize the immediacy of the circumstances that led to the medical treatment and will compensate the doctors group in full. However, based on the lack of due consideration on the part of Brotman medical facility and CMRE, I am not confidant my right to have my credit rating corrected will take place. I am extremely disappointed and disenchanted by both institutions (Brotman and CMRE). This lack of professionalism on the part of Brotman Medical Facility and the administrative/financial disinterest on the part of CMRE; in disregarding the importance and need for adequate documentation is shocking and speaks to systemic apathy. I will no longer do business with Brotman or hold them in esteem as a viable and ethical institution. I am a resident of Culver City. As a career professional first responder and a public servant, I am all too familiar with the need for accurate documentation and customer service. In closing this letter is placing CMRE on notice to repair my credit rating and provide a letter acknowledging the correction be provided to me as soon as the balance is paid by my insurance company

Mark Wilkening

Recently had an inpatient surgery here. I had read the reviews and to say the least was a bit nervous. Although the facilities were not extravagant and did show their age, the service provided was above average. The nurses all appeared to take their job seriously, however maintained a polite and friendly demeanor. This helped to put me at ease. All in all the experience was a pleasant one.

Cecilia Jones

Best treatment ever. Xray department rocks.

Brandon Haywood

Never Ever Ever Again. Two stars because this hospital was very clean, but very sad service. The lack of communication with the patient, the inability to actually listen to the patient and understand the position they are in. Literally turned off my call light before coming to me and asking what i needed. I left there felling just as bad as i did when i walked in the door. To make matters even worse i passed out moments after leaving. Come hell or high water. Even risking death, this is one hospital i would never go to again. Why go to a place to feel better just to feel even worse when walking out of the door and no one seemed to care except to hurry and get me out of there.

Naga Shakti

Wheeled me to the rest room and then left with the wheel chair. Was not given Rx's or discharge papers. A hell hole. Don't ever go there.

Kashmir S

This hospital is HORRIBLE!!! It's filthy! The ER Cubicles are dirty, the restrooms are FILTHY. The staff is slow and rude - they act as though you're impeding on their precious time, when ... HELLO! you work in an ER! You're supposed to be there for the patient. The doctors are no better, and just as rude as the receptionists and nurses. My SIL had to use the bathroom while waiting there with me, unfortunately it was covered in feces and urine. Luckily, or so we thought, the janitor was cleaning outside the bathroom so we pointed out the bathroom, explained the problem and politely asked if she would please clean in there so everyone could use it. Instead, she huffed and tossed us a rag and told us to clean it. LITERALLY tossed us the rag. I hate to be rude, but B!*@#, isn't that what you get paid for?!!! So, I'm sick, injured, and waiting hours for a doctor - with a rude staff AND I should do your job and clean?! This hospital sucks!

Paula Long

My mother is very picky... Unfortunatel..her health is declining..We have had several visits to different ERs and She will make a big fuss or she will just leave the hospital against doctors advice!. However...after her first visit to this ER my mother loves it..she feels safe and well taken care of..which gives me peace of mind and i can relax.. All of their hard work is very much appreciated..

Yadira Flores

This hospital is HORRIBLE, briefly a just want to say most of the nurses are rude and unprofessional at this hospital. You will not get the attention you're looking for. AVOID,AVOID coming to this hospital.

baby beena

If I could give this place a -1, it would be a lot more fitting. This place is slower than molasses. I would hate for anyone to be dying here bcs you can be in ICU and they don't care. These people here from the doctors to nurse are incompetent. It's like they bring them from the bottom of the barrel. None of them know anything when ask and just don't care. If you use your call button, they will not respond. They pretty much leave you to DIE!!!!! Ask to be moved as soon as possible before you die. You've been warned!!! It's worst then Martin Luther King Hospital !!! If you can avoid this place like it's the plaque. DO IT!!!

Ben Bradley

I rarely if ever review anything But my experience today was amazing. I hate going to the ER and have found myself there many times since I have two young kids. The ER here was quick and efficient and they were so incredibly nice to my children. The kids got so much attention I wish I had gotten the gentlemens name who helped us or today but he was so great with them. Never thought I'd enjoy a trip to the ER

Ian Covert

If I could give negative rates oh I would, my wife was supposed to have surgery done and they can't because of complications they aren't telling her, so now she doesn't want to continue on with the surgery and they are keeping her here against her own will, we were told by one nurse that they are ready for her to do x-rays so we can leave and the replacement nurse said she can wait I have other patients to take care if first but yet she was told that they were ready for her.... Now all they do is give us the run around, she's not having to operation that you'll can't do and now you're keeping her here against her will, so they can run more test and try to operate on her again after she said "NO I WANT TO GO HOME" been here since Thursday at 7am it's now Friday 11am she's been doing nothing but liquid diet like they said hasn't eaten in 3 days and all we want yo do is get her home and we will lose the weight like we have been the natural way... This hospital is horrible and so are all the staff in the building....

Candace Worline

This hospital need to be shut down permanently. The nurses are rude and disrespectful. They didn't help me to the bathroom. The nurses never told me how to use the phone. And they didn't even feed me or clean my room. So I am calling the health department asap.

Tyler Alvarado

seriously....worst medical center ever! my father ended up needing surgery at another facility due to negligence here. i seriously think we should petition culver city or la county to shut the facility down.

Charlotte Sekona

PLEASE do not send any of your loved ones here. They are the worse in patient care. The facility is run down and dirty. I have had my father and aunt pass away, within the last 12 months, while in their care. When my aunt passed away she was in the ICU. Our entire family was there the night before, and there was a leak in the ceiling. The morning she passed the leak was so big, the only way to get into the room to see her (before the morgue was to pick her up) was to use a towel or a sheet to get in, or else you would be drenched from what was leaking in the ceiling. RIDICULOUS! If you can at all help it do not go here!

Billie Jackson

I dont know why all these bad reviews but wow. To each his own. But i gotta say...i have been here a few days and its unclear what my plan is but i have not had a bad experiance. The doctors are all real laid back. They answered all my questions. I am currently on the 5th floor. I only had 1 issue with 1 nurse but other then that all the nurses are really cool.. Austin is 100% my favorite. His goofy personality and positive outlook on things just made my day go by great dispite my issues. You can tell he LOVES what he does. He truly deserves an award. Sam and Jon were so cool. Jon is the IV KING!!!! After so many failed IVs he got a good one. The radiology staff x-ray and ct scan folks were so nice. I dont know what these bad reviews are for..but i tell ya....the 5th foor nursing staff and cnas are a group of great souls. I appreciate the humans on my team who took care of me. I want to thank them all for taking good care of me. Chatting with me when i was loanly..explaining things to me and of course just being good at what they do and going above their jobs. Not everyone's perfect or will make everyone happy but as long as you do ur best and do right by the person YOUR taking care of thats all that matters. Thanks SCH for taking care of me!!!!!!

Osiris Savar

While waiting in the ER I met a woman who told me how great the staff is here. I must concur; Dr’s and nurses are incredibly committed and most importantly patient and very empathetic.

Lili Moore

Great care-

Loren Kincey

Took my Son to the ER for Pink Eye. Took less than an hour. Excellent service, everyone was extremely nice and caring. The best ER service I’ve received EVER!!

India M

My father was a murdered in the hospital by doctor that my mother or I never met, Dr Abraham Oshia. We tried to transfer my father out and this doctor with a God complex stopped it from happening. I last saw my father on thanksgiving day of this year and he was somewhat alert and after I went off on the doctor for not doing his job my father died exactly one hour after I got off the phone with this doctor. My father was 79 years old and they had written him off. I just thank God that he had a family who cared. It ain't over yet with this doctor and this hospital and overall healthcare system. This isn't the last that they have heard from us. Beware.

Kevin Roy

I came to the ER with a sprained ankle. I was interviewed right away. When I started to get up to move to the waiting area, the lady who took my information told me just to sit, so I didn't have to walk on my painful ankle unnecessarily. The triage nurse called me in within minutes. She asked me if I needed help, but I declined and hoped to her. She put ice on my ankle right away and got me inside promptly. Dr. Mayweather introduced herself after only a few minutes and got my X-rays started. After a short wait, Dr. Mayweather explained that I had no fracture and talked to me about my sprained ankle. My ankle was wrapped up and I was fitted for crutches and left fairly promptly. The staff members were uniformly courteous. They were clearly cognizant of the pain I was in and attended to that (as opposed to other ERs where you're made to feel as if they're doing you a favor by treating your pain). Overall, my experience was quite pleasant and I would return to the ER should the need arise.

LuvLeighAn Clark

First hospital around here not to have issues with my service dog and then one found out that I was homeless treated me still with respect Thank you


Some people I have known go in, and don't come out alive. The treatment is terrible, and many of the staff are in the wrong profession. The worst part, is that if you have to be taken to the nearest hospital in Culver City, this one is it! The city where the homes cost over a million dollars, with a sub-standard hospital. Changing the name from "Brotman" to Southern California Hospital certainly doesn't make it any better. "Brotman" had a bad name, and so does the same hospital with the new name. I would venture to say that the hospitals are better in third world countries. I don't wish this kind of treatment on anyone. I also notice that some of the more "positive" posts, that they were during a delivery of a baby. Well, guess what? Babies come out on their own very often! It isn't usually a surgery, or someone dying. They charge too much money too. Someone I know went in for an infection and came out with a bill that was close to $10,000. Is that even legal? If I could have given them a "zero," I would have, but this rating system doesn't allow it. Two thumbs down. Avoid at ALL costs. Go to Marina Del Rey (not the best, but better than this one), or UCLA, Cedars, Torrance, etc.

yemane hagos

At first and formost, the worst hospital I have experinced. My mother in law went from emergency of kaiser, and we went at about 1am. No Doctor can see her untill 9am because the on duty doctor was sleeping and they dont want wake him up. After that, it is very long story and at 4pm. We left. They were good on making us signed the release paperwork. I would rathet die than going to that hospital and will tell everyone I know.

Edward Aguirre

I was born here in July 13, 1985 back when it was Brotman Medical center. They must've done something right, cuz I'm still alive! Michael Jackson was admitted here back in 1984 when his hair caught fire from the Pepsi commerical he was shooting. If it's good enough for Michael and me, then it's good enough for you!

Carl Leon

Went in for a very small procedure. Got the bill $16500 wow have great insurance it paid $16000 Brotman is looking for their ounce of blood and are hassling me night and day for the extra $500. I am fighting with them on the costs of the meds they gave me while there. Here are some examples..LIDOCAIN 1% 20ml costs approx $4.95 each they charged me $119.32 (2 doses) KETOROLAC 30mg costs $29.95 their charge $153.53 (2 doses) ONDANSETRON PER 1MG costs $27.95 their charge $231.88 (2 doses)..... I won't bore you with the rest of this very detailed rip off but I am fighting with my insurance company to get back some of their and my money. It was a medical necessity to have the surgery lest anyone think it was cosmetic or by choice. I found their staff nice and caring, but I really can't afford to go back to this hospital. I would never eat in a restauraunt that has no prices on the menu and yet when I asked numerous times beforehand about the cost I got back blank stares from their staff !!

Anthony Uriarte

If you love this person Dont bring them here

Sharon Litaker

Worst treatment care facility I’ve ever been to in my life. It was dirty and most of everyone was rude and could have cared less. I have chronic migraines and when I had an extremely horrible one I couldn’t get rid of and was non-stop throwing up, they treated me carelessly and like I was a low life and drug addict. I’m a respectable professional and retired soldier that does not do any drugs or alcohol mostly because I unfortunately get severe migraines. Never again will I ever go there. On top of it all they didn’t even process my insurance. Never again.

Crystal Chong


Sammy Tuffaha

Horrible place & service. Avoid it if you can.

Cynthia Parducho

Do not go to this hospital they will treat you like your not sick the nurses at 2nd floor in the morning are awful especially Ana and the male black nurse assistant. and the staff that seats by the desk. All they do is talk about the patients. Nurse Ana you should not be on this field you are awful and that nurse assistant with you be thankful that I want there when you were screaming at my daughter. One day your going to get sick and your going to be treated badly. All the staff that works behind the desk pay attention to the patients needs and their fam

Shekinah P

If I could have given it no stars I would. I hate this hospital to say the least. I took my daughter there for strep throat, they bill you for services that have not been given. Now the collectors are calling me regarding a bill that should not have been given due to our insurance. That was only one bad experience, another time I took my son there for throwing up blood and sat in the waiting area for 2 hours, no one ever even called him to be seen by the triage nurse. We left.

deven p

My girlfriend had stomach cramps for 2 daya so i took her to this hospital because it was the closest hospital... some guy who looked like a custodian at a mexican restaurant came in to take her blood and it took him several attempts before hitting a vein... once he finally hit a vein, he went full on dracula and proceeded to steal at least 4 or 5 bottles of her blood... at this point, she was dizzy and not herself... then, a grumpy nurse took her to a room and violated her and the they told her it was appendicitis and they insisted on an immediate appendix removal. There was also another patient in the waiting room and one of the nurses told another nurse in front of me that his HIV test came back positive.. i felt bad, not only about his results, but the fact that it was announced to everyone in the waiting room... very unprofessional... When they proceeded to take my girl to the surgery room, they wouldn't allow me in the room with her when she was put under but there were 3 creepy dudes and a nervous female who were allowes... i assume they were assistants to the surgeon but they didnt tell me anything. when i was finally allowed to visit her the next day, she was in a room with another woman who was so sick that the whole room smelled like diarrhea and I got sick just from the smell. It was really hot and stuffy with no air conditioning which made the stench even worse. I asked the nurse to please move her to another room before we both vomit and they told me there were no other rooms... i took my girl for a walk through the halls because they recommended her to walk a little to help healing the stomach muscles and we discovered at least 15 EMPTY ROOMS right next to the septic smelling room they stuck her in... LAZY STAFF! This place is creepy and shady! I'm just glad i don't live near there anymore.. i would never want to be in their care... if you're from a third world country, then you might like this place... but on a scale of 1 - 10 in the 'free world', this place sucks. I give them a ZERO. this place should be replaced with a live music venue.. afterall, it's located in beautiful downtown Culver City. I would feel guilty if i sent my worst enemy there... people deserve better treatment, and this place simply doesnt care about you.

Diana Mendez

Nancy, the charge nurse is a horrible person! She made it impossible for us to be with my brother! Harassing us every moment she could, took a reclining chair away from my other brother. We have been here since early morning and it is now 1:24am....I brought in a chair to rest my feet because they hurt like hell and I have a small cyst on the bottom of my foot. I couldn't elevate my feet because she took the reclining chair away from my brother. I had to give him the other chair I brought in. Now I have nothing to rest my feet on. My brother is here due to a gastric sleeve. Tonight I witnessed another person dying in this hospital of a cardiac arrest and the family cried their hearts out in the hall way. This hospital kills people, I hope they don't end up killing my brother with how upset he is. He should be recovering and in peace because we are here, we can't even be here. So many issues have happened tonight due to Nancy. She needs to get fired or retrained on how to treat people, no respect, and no work ethic! Comes to threaten us saying we both can't be in the room with my brother and then she takes the chair away from us. Then she says we have permission to stay. I have had it with this woman, I understand she may be stressed and worn out by her job but why should we pay??...her attitude is disgusting!

Lumei Xu

It’s always the people that makes the difference. I have been to its emergency room twice this week due to excruciating pain in the gut. The first time the staff were rather aloof and uncaring, making me feel like some annoying drug addict. I understand that sufferings and deaths are normal in the ER, but the indifference towards someone with a potentially deadly situation is just inhumane. A little more caring and attentiveness would comfort the patient much much more. The second time I was there this nurse named Jesus was the exact opposite(which is why I rated 4 stars). He would get my attention while my eyes were closed through gentle touches instead of shaking my body like what I’ve got the first time. He was always patient and really took care of my concerns. And he KEPT AN EYE on my IV infusion speed unlike the nurses during my first visit, who would NOT even take a look when I pointed out the infusion was way too slow, which they finally found out when adding another solution. After my pain has gone away, he even tried to help me figure out what my mysterious pain was caused by, and offered to help me with late night transportation. Such a great experience at the ER. It’s always the people that makes the difference.

Maria Barnes

Just called to inquire about my sister, she was transported there in critical condition. Operator transferred my call to the emergency room. Spoke to some rude nurse that was of no help. Looking at this hospital reviews and ratings and I'm am not surprised.

Derek Lingle

Went to the ER and the nurses were lovely but the doctor was an absolute nightmare with no bedside manner. She was cold hearted and had no respect for me as a patient. Go to another emergency room if you can make it there.

Melissa Mcmahand

Terrible hospital! My husband was here for 4 days. It was the worst experience we ever had with the hospital. The restrooms where he had to take a shower were mildewed and rundown with clothes all over the floor. It was an elderly mental health patient admitted for having a seizure that was next to my husband. They never came to watch him up or to offer him anything or to check on him often. At 3 in the morning I was coming from the restroom on my way to my husband's bed and witness this man having a seizure and he also fell out the bed. These people act as if it was his fault. The whole time he was in the hospital he was covered in blood dirty the hospital was dirty it was a physician assistant who was very rude the doctor did not show up and they did not know where he was at for 3 days so they were calling going through different channels to get anything done with left my husband in pain for hours at a time. I seen elderly people and homeless people throughout this hospital as I walked each floor. In my opinion this hospital is just accepting people to use up their medical. I had never knew that things like this exist, hospitals like this exist in the Healthcare System. It was a horrible experience and they released my husband with a blood pressure of 190 / 85 as soon as we left there he had to go right back to a different hospital I refuse to let him be sent back there

Erika Lewis

My son had a minor scrape. They insisted on putting a staple in his head when it wasn't needed. I should never have taken him in but he hit his head on the lion statue in front of the movie theater and it was bleeding. The billed my insurance company $688, not including what the supposed physician billed the insurance. We wound up with bills for over $3000! NEVER GO HERE. NEVER. NEVER. NEVER.

Rafi Kamhi


Mr. Snifflz

Had food poisoning one night after bad taquitos at Tomys on Pico and Sepulveda, frequent diherrea, could not keep water down. Woke up, felt dizzy, typed my symptoms into the internet and: food poisoining related dehydration, very severe, get to hospital! So I drive to the hospital in Culver City, big mistake. $1700 for a 90 min stay ER stay and an IV. Not to mention they were super rude the whole time. Never going here again.

Frozen Feather

I'm mostly writing this to let go of my hurt and let myself move on. I was admitted to this hospital in mid June, in the psychiatric ward. While waiting to be admitted I read other reviews and was nervous, but I thought everyone was just being overly dramatic. It was clean and the few workers I had met so far were nice. I was here for 8 days. OVERALL it was decent, I can't deny that. There were many really wonderful staff members. I did however have bed bugs in my first bed, they trandsferred me to another part of the psych ward, and that's when things went downhill. The other ward was calmer, but the nurses were AWFUL, the only decent one was named Whitney I believe, she was caring and attentive. I was struggling with suicidal thoughts and was very confused. My medication wasn't working and the nurses and my doctor, Dr. Louie, were very unhelpful. They ignored me, masked things and would just tell me "things will get better, go back to your room". They didn't give me any help or comfort, there was no counseling, I saw the doctor 3 times in 8 days, each time for 3-5 minutes, amd never once looked up from his notepad to look at me. He never once asked me what was going on, or how I truly felt, he only cared about the immediate reactions from medications. After being stuck with no answers for 5 days, I felt trapped amd alone, the depression worsened and I cut my wrist while alone in my room. Shortly after I told the staff and told them I was getting worse and having a very difficult time. Luckily it was more of just a scratch than a deep cut, so there wasn't much bleeding or damage done. One of the nurses said, I kid you not, "oh, it's barely bleeding, he's fine." then directed to me said "You know, you really shouldn't do that, it's not good for you." I immediately felt like a 5 year old being slapped on the wrist for doing something wrong. They didn't clean it or bandage it, I wiped the little amount of blood on my shorts. They didn't let me see the doctor, but locked me in a room with 24 hour watch. 3 days later, after my mom called and yelled at the nurses to figure stuff out and progress with care, they let me see the doctor, he asked me if I still wanted to hurt myself or kill myself. I lied and said no, and he said I could leave. I was discharged the next morning. I have since gotten into therapy and found a competent caring paychiatrist and have had no more self harm or suicidal thoughts. After 4 months of therapy I can understand my depression more, and see that what happened in the hospital was not me being a brat, I wasn't doing it for attention, I wasn't just goofing around, I was in pain, I wasn't thinking clearly, and I was acting out in the only way I knew how. I will forever have that association in me, that because of my depression I am a "silly little boy" that isn't doing as he's told. It has scarred me deeply, and I don't know that I will ever be able to let it go, but this is the first step. I pray every night, that the nurses and doctors here can treat the other patients with more loving respect than I recieved, and that the patients can find understanding and answers rather than criticism and punishment. I pray that I can let this experience go and stop punishing myself for what happened. I also pray that I will never have to return to this hospital again.

franklin Cerritos

Bad hospital. very rude employees

Greggory Babb

Great Hospital terrific staff

Michael Mandel

Abysmal care from doctors, if you are allowed to see them at all. Totally uncoordinated on discharge, very unprofessional. Would not speak to me about my case except refer me to doctors who never came to consult.

anthony Morales

I am writing this in concern to my son he had surgery on Monday 8/13/18 and was only staying overnight we’ll its Wednesday 8/15/18 and he still here the doctor has not come in to check on why he is still here or if he can be discharged and the worst part is they can’t even get a hold of the doctor he doesn’t answer or return calls , I can’t believe there is no doctor on call that can handle an issue like this ,, service is terrible and of course no one ever knows anything this is the worst hospital to get surgery done

Sophie Stein

Very helpful! Not only with medical things but also with financial advising. Thank you

Metric Weight

Malpractice follows under neglect next time I come to have to use this hospital and you neglect my health as you just did a few days ago prior to following up with another hospital, I will file a complaint on the doctor & I will open up a lawsuit against the hospital. I called the State Department of Health already, will make sure to follow up out of concern for not just myself as well as my community.

David Ehrich

This is absolutely the worst hospital in all of Southern California. The personnel there are the most disrespectful people I have "ever" met. Stay away. Far, far, away.

ivette martinez

The worst treatment any person could ask for. There is but 1-2 exceptions of nurses. If your family member ever gets Charge Nurse by the name of Marsha (5th floor) ask to be changed!! She is the worst of them all. We unfortunately didn't have a choice because of insurance issues. But if we could, we would never would have step foot in this horrid hospital. Hygiene is a 1, staff a 1-2, food 1, overall experience 1.

Eric R

Triage nurse was so disrespectful. i will never go back .!

Liz H

I find it interesting that this hospital is still open after all these years, especially since it continues to have terrible ratings! I made sure all my children's emergency plans said "do not use Brotman Medical Center in an emergency". Years ago this was known as the hospital where you went to die. When my daughter was in anfant, she had a fish bone stuck in her throat, and I thought their ER could handle this. I was told that they needed a pediatric endoscope but didn't have one, so they sent me on to another hospital. Now, realize choking is the leading cause of death for children under 5, so the fact that they did not have one in their Pediatric Emergency Room is ridiculous. They called a few days later to ask how I enjoyed their wonderful facility, and as expected, I blasted them for being so ill prepared to deal with a basic pediatric emergency. They then had the nerve to call back and say that they had one but the staff on duty didn't know it! For some reason they felt this make them look more rather than less professional! 25+ years later, they still haven't a clue, as evidenced by all the negative reviews.

Ethan Tudor

I'm giving 5 STARS because the service is fast friendly and the place is REALLY clean. Staff are also outgoing and knowledgeable. It took them a couple try's to get my meds correct but after they did, that issue was settled. Place looks like some recent remodeling has gone on, rooms are spacious, large windows and lots of light. There is an on'suite bathroom. The hospital bed in 216a was new and comfortable, most of the beds look new. Place is clean, I mean REALLY CLEAN. Inviting. Ask the staff about places to go see in the area, it's safe...HIT THE BEACH! ONE COMPLAINT! VERY VERY DISAPPOINTED. I THOUGHT HOW ABSURD IS THIS. I just had a major spine surgery, I wear a back brace, Soft neck brace, Leg brace, wheelchair, walker and cane I sleep in a hospital bed at home and I wear Depends Brief. , for both bladder and bowel incontinence. I suffer from Enlarged Prostate, and have a Dr. Scheduled to do a "TURP." Until then, I need a diaper. And I need help getting changed I mean....I was hit by a car. I get it. I brought some diapers with me as the only alternative you offered was a "Chuck's" under me. I leak 24/7 Bladder and BM, and after one night with urine and feces all over the place, I found a diaper simply the best way to deal with this. I understand the CDC'S findings on different situations, the opiod issue for example is a huge matter, AS IS paitent's comfort, safety and well-being. I was told because of the time, attention, and mess it makes to change a single soiled oantsg

Sanita Mitchell

This hospital is literally the worst I've ever seen. My sister was transferred there from another hospital for a procedure. After we got there and seeing how short staffed, and filthy it was, I took my very sick sister to another hospital in Marietta. Unfortunately my sister passed 2 months later but I was gone be damned if she was going to die in that out dated, filthy hospital.

Michael shandale Adams

Awful horrible place to go for medical services

Billi Tera

I was here for two days and you towards so bad experience:/ I Hope to never come here again!

Mansa Hunt

I came in to get some simple antibiotic ointment for a stye on my lower eyelid at 4:30. I just left at 7:40 without any ointment. The staff is just way too slow/old or i dont know what was the problem. They kept taking my blood pressure and temperature as if i had never been helped before.All this to say if you have a real emergency DO NOT GO HERE!!!! because my problem wasnt even serious and they still took a long time!

Elodie Moore

The staff were friendly and the service was good. It took a while to be seen but that was expected. The hospital was dirty.

Vaneza Isidoro

Currently at this hospital with my father and I regret allowing the ambulance to bring him here to this hospital. My father is very limited to the things that he can do for himself and the medical team are aware of this information yet they fail to help my father maintain him clean. Majority of the time I come to visit him he has feces in his bed which is unacceptable. This hospital need to be re-evaluated .

Angelica Moreno


Tiffany Oliver-Ingle

Ive been here for 12 hours. Transferred from another hospital because of respiratory problems. Since I have been here Ive not seen an actual doctor and they keep trying to give me stuff unrelated to my health issue. I havent evem gotten a standard I.v. drip on. What the hell is this place, where they sens you to die?

Dollon Galz

Worst staff and professionalism I have ever seen. My friends and I are tourists. One of my friends was feeling really bad, he had fever, headaches, throw ups and shivers. We had to wait for 3 hours in the ER waiting room until one of the nurses gave the first check. 1.5 hours later without any of the nurses checking on him, the doctor checked him and told the nurse to do the paper work and unplug him from cardio machine. She did nothing of what the doc told her, she only talked with her friends and ate. It took her 1 hour to type the paper work and she was impatient about explaining about the prescription. Find a different hospital.

Sharone Blackburn

I had the most amazing time at this hospital gotta love the nurses there...

Alexxa Chavez

I would like to start by saying That I personally want to Extend my gratitude and deepest appreciation To a very special nurse that was exceptionally professional courteous friendly and Was very attentive to all my patient care that was Needed. Her name is Lavon and she isThe nurse that left the most Positive Experience I have ever had At any medical facility or hospital.nurses like Lavon Are very rare and I was very fortunate to be under her care. Thank you very much Lavon for being the wonderful and caring professional nurse that you are. Your facility Should really commodate people of such merit like Lavon.

Israel Arias

Because its not possible to give “0” stars, the 1 star will have to do. This hospital is absolutely discusting. Our room has dried blood on the floor. The staff is textin on their phones and my girlfriend is having a bladder infection and no one to help her. We have been waiting for the doctor on the bed for 2 hours now. Hot the E button and a nurse came in we asked her to find the doctor. Shes been gone for 15 minutes now without a word. Mediocre hospital.


Warning don't go here it's a horrible experience

Pete Jamea

I had a very good experience. The staff was very friendly and professional. The facility was very clean. Surgery department was especially good, the nursing staff and techs were excelent!

Mirian Contreras

1:45 am with my mom at the ER waiting for a test. And a patient got crazy throw things around. One of the nurses got into a fight to put the patient down. The nurse was Already in a bad move. My mom was admitted at 9am in the morning. To the hospital second floor the nurse there was complain about is not enough stuff to help her out with patients. My mom is Diabetic is 6:49 June 17 and just 1 min ago she brought dinner to my mom after 24 hrs. With out food. All the employees complain about is too much for them. Some body need to investigate was going on at this hospital. They are taking care people not animals. This hospital needs to be change or to be closed permanently. They are killing people slowly. This is not right. Just to complete this review my mom stayed in this hospital from June 16 , 2017 and she died here on July 08, 2017. This is why I telling you people out there do not go to this Hospital. Is no good they transfer patients from one floor to another one because the nurses or the staff they don't care about it. this hospital have to be closed.


The worst hospital in the world. Most of the RN's, LVN's and CNA's are appalling, negligent, incompetent, unsympathetic, unnecessarily rude and patronizing. The charge nurses tone and behavior is unethical and goes way beyond the professional code conduct. The action, behaviour and demeanor of all these employees portrays a poor reflection of the quality of care this hospital provides patients. I don't even know how they can stay open, they need to be shut down for good. Instead of all these apologies I have seen replied to other patients bad reviews on here, maybe the administration needs to do something to actually improve their hospital, staffing and quality of care.

nancy trotter

Lousy. Horrible staff, food. No compassion.

Fredric Booker

This hospital has horrible food no Wi-Fi how cheap is that. Plus they served my grandson cold food while he had to stay there for a few days. Even the county hospital in Compton MLK has Wi-Fi. The kitchen here had horrible leadership it feels like a uneducated person is ruining the food and beverage department. The cafitera has horrible service. My grandson had a knee replacement 5 months ago and now his insurance sent him back to this horribly ran hospital that can't even afford Wi-Fi or get their kitchen staff in order. The staff on the 5th floor was awesome and my nurse was awesome and the staff. Other then that you can see the lack of leader ship in the management sector. This hospital needs help and if you are able to go to another hospital then do it. One more thing the hospital operator is rude and not friendly.

Itay Seith

I was admitted as a direct admit due to long standing pulmonary hypertension and my reg hosp was full. THEY did the regular ER workup for breathing difficulties: CAT SCAN, VQ SCAN, & Ultrasonic scan of the heart and lungs. It is good to be retired since I have all DAY LONG to review all bills, and cross reference if they are duplicates. Check every bill you get and itemize. I was charged TWICE for a hysteroctomy and I am male!!!! Nevermind you only have one of the charges were totally out of whack with what I received. It was a new place and new docs so, I wrote down who saw me and why and when so I could check the bill later. IF we had one set of billing for everyone, then they would not be able to call a tissue box that they automatically provide as a nasal collection system. At 7000 a day use the sheets to blow you nose...I did and I refused the tissues since it is a shame for medicare to be ripped off so much. I stayed in the ER for three days AND got charged for the full private room rate which is where I was supposed to go directly as Olympia Medical ARRANGED. Now after a few months have passed, I reported them to medicare for fraud. YOU CAN NOT LOOSE DIRECT ADMIT paperwork as the old hosp doc and the new hosp doc have to agree to the plan and determine if equipment is available. I got a copy of Olympia's fax and poof the bill disappeared.

Lorenzo Hold

This so called emergency room is staffed with 15 zombies masquerading as health care providers. Waiting room full, no intake person, people wandering around looking dazed and confused. If you are sick..don't go there, just pray. I felt better leaving the waiting room after 45 minutes after no care, no attention and not one person noticing or caring that I was there with an emergency.

Susana Sandoval

unprofessional staff, computers are always down. My father lives in a nursing home very close by, but this will be the last time he gets transferred to this hospital. Horrible hospital after new management took over. These people need to get it together!

Erica Vasquez

The staffs were rude when I asked for help when my partner was very ill and couldn’t stand no more, she told me that there was nothing they can do about it and that I have to wait for a nurse. They made us wait 3 hours. Even after they did nothing. Never going there again.

mitch geiger`

A disgrace. Discharge planning is not incompetent they are actively dangerous and reckless to human life. They actually do not care about the safety of their clients and patients. With plenty of time to set up a safe discharge plan and situation they obnoxiously sent an 80 year old quadrplegic trach patient home with absolutely no home health nursing from the moment of discharge on Friday late afternoon for the next three days till Monday. When I phoned the hospital to ask for assistance I was given the endless run around, endless transfer with no one responsible and no return call from their discharge planner. In fact, talking to the operator, he admittrd that he is not permitted to page the dischsrge planning nurse. There is more to this ugly story, but it does not get any better. It is obvious to me there is a top down attitude that reeks from this hospital's administration. I have no specific issue with any individual caretakers. If I were a discharge planner I would be ashamed of the work ethic.

Michael Powers

I couldn't have had a better experience than I did a Urgent Care on Lombard. Firstly, the location is excellent and so convenient. Located in the middle of the Marina/Cow Hollow and just down the hill from Pacific Heights. It was busy when I visited (flu season) but they were able to see me quite quickly. The staff there is top notch. They are all extremely helpful and professional.

Vera Cooper

This place is terrible. They informed me that I needed a pacemaker, and then discharged me without one. I had to be re-admitted two days later. I had to cry for hours in order to get proper care. The nurse clearly stated that she was going to go see about finding me a place to go upon discharge, then flat out, completely denied saying that in front of the pacemaker technician. Laughingly stating that she would never say that she was going to see about finding me a place to go upon discharge. I had to state to her quite blankly, that I really did not care if she stated it or not, and that I needed her to now keep her mouth shut while I get instructions from the Pacemaker Life Vest technician. She would not keep her self out of the way of the technician, and acted like a selfish middle school bratt. When it was time for her to rrmove my I.V. she used an alcohol pad to stop the bleeding, attempting to create as much pain in the removal of it. She then, emphasized the need to see me walk out of the building when I was waiting at the security office to retrieve my belongings. She complained the entire time it took the security officer to retrieve my belongings from the security office. The hospital almost did not allow me to leave with my Life Vest. They were completely unprofessional, and did not have my safety and good health in their mindfulness while I was in their care. All of the patients that shared a room with me, three all together, had nothing but complaints while under their care.

Jenny Silva Levis

I had surgery Thursday, Jan 25th and being discharge today. I had a good experience some nurses took long to respond few times but overall, I liked everything my experience staying these days were good. Room was clean, nurse assistants very helpful the only thing was breakfast and lunch all the days I was here I got it and it was cold food. Coffee was cold eggs were cold. Just need a little more communication that's all.


If I could put zero stars I would....people can get away with murder at this hospital...horrible service patients are left to die! They shouldn't have an ICU because they wheel people to the morgue like everyday... plus they don't have the new equipment to care for patients they wait for family to do research and suggest how to help the's horrible


I would not recommend it as the emergency wait time is really long and sometimes the impatient hospital is almost full go to marina del Rey if you can

ashietashiee Baker

This hospital is not even close to good. The nurses and are very nice but they do not know how to nurse a patient back to health. I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and they fed me things that only made my blood sugar go up. They then released me when my blood sugar should’ve been at 110 but it was in the 300s. I got no help whatsoever on how to live with diabetes and had to find a doctor with their own practice that could help me because they couldn’t. When I was released no one saw me out, they gave me my papers and let me walk out alone with no help from the nurses. I saw a doctor once at 2 a.m. and he was no help and I never saw him again.

Bartholomew O

Some of the staffs are abusive to patients, rude and careless. There are no working materials. Patients stay in cold. If you ask simple questions, they will ignore or start been rude to you. No customer care. Worse hospital I have ever seen in my life.

Sharon Montiel

Read reviews before you check in this hospital by far the worst hospital ever I only checked in here because it was convinent for my family and I since it’s close to home there is. Blood dripping on the walls , I have been here going on 4 days waiting on a consult and Dr showed up once while I was sleeping didn’t bother to wake me for update , second time around he was in my room for 3 minutes and left with no clear answers as far as my surgery I was told I was admitted for surgery to begin with nurses have been calling the dr to Approve Benadryl for my itchy skin due to the meds there is no answer back from him. There is great nurses I have came across in my visit here Berruna , Chudi was great aswell looked like all the nurses run around over whelmed , also there is patient in other rooms yelping for help for the past 20 minutes and no ones shows up to aid them . Upon arrival In the E.R some kind of janitorial Management can be heard yelling at the workers about completing their jobs very unprofessional I don’t understand how this Hospital is still running and has not Closed their doors due to Malpractice !!!!!!

Kimberly Brown

My post is of an amazing experience no let me correct that, shocking experience, It was Saturday I worked my entire shift of 12hrs with chest pains and migraine headache, but was sitting majority of the shift, able to go outside get some sun and air which helped the migraine, well as the shift is ending I asked one of the nurses to take my blood pressure, it was 167/112 a doctor over heard it and said go to ER as my shift ended I was triaged into the ER and back immediately, the ER Dr, that night was so AWESOME, April 15, I was on the 2nd floor for 5 days and the nurses, Barbara, Henry, Angela , Angela, Drenda, Doctors, Cardio Dr., lab tech, everyone,ANGELS FROM HEAVENS when I came back from take a test which was a lot my room was clean, smell good, I was given water without asking, supplies to shower, my stay was exceptional. Thank you Southern California Hospital Culver City.

Omar's Fitness

Horrible experience good god clean the fu*king hospital it's soo dirty and have some security it's all full of crazy fu*king junkies and horrible service and nurses really bad hospital do not consider coming even if ur dying

Tamela Plaine

worst hospital. Dr. simply put patients on pain meds and do not check them out. No Test, not even a good morning - absolutely NOTHING!!!

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