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REVIEWS OF Shriners Hospitals for Children — Northern California IN California

Sultan Jackson

Alecia Santiago

(Translated by Google) Excellent (Original) Exelente

Miss Annie

moises lopez

Khang Xiong

Suga Buga

Next to St. Jude, Shriners is the best for families who can't afford the best medical care. They make the patients feel comfortable and that always puts parents minds at ease. Plus they're in great hands for burns and orthopedic issues. I was a patient at Shriners back in 84, when they had the S.F. hospital. Without them I highly doubt that I'd be walking at all today.


Haven't been seen yet. We waited two months for a transfer appointment (from another Shriners location, so our daughter was not a new patient). On the day of the appointment the doctor cancelled for "an emergency". We were told we would get a call to reschedule, but three weeks later I had to call them, and was told it would be another four (!) months before my daughter could be seen.

Aproll Dossman

This place is not organized. Every time I come in here for a appointment for my son. We are in here 2 hours to see the doctor for 20 minutes. You might as well go to the free clinic.

William Workman

Katie Callaway

Jake Oliver

Angel Vega

Mohammad Sultani

Felipe osorio

(Translated by Google) I recommend that you come to visit the children (Original) Los recomiendo que vengan a visitar a los niños

Christina Raquel

My son has been a patient here since 4 months old. Hes 10. We love Shriners!

samuel aller

My sister came here for her back and it a amazing hospital

Linda Sancrant

this is the best place for any child to go with orthopedic problems. I love them and will be forever thankful for what they have done for my brother and I.

Jovanna Escobedo

My baby was scheduled for surgery at 11am and its already 1pm and she hasn't been seen. My daughter is 2 years old hungry and very fuzzy. I ask a nurse for info on how much longer do we have to wait an nobody knows anything we drove 4hrs away came to the hospital very early cuz they wanted her here at 8am and were still here waiting very unprofessional.


Elizabeth Castodio

They took extremely good care of my son and very polite

Areli Calderon

Great Hospital To Contribute Some Build A Bears Which Were Given Friendly Staff

Olivia Federico

(Translated by Google) Excellent attention to my daughter Karen Tinder she had spine surgery .. best regards (Original) Excelente atención a mi hija Karen yescas que se le realizó cirugía de columna.. saludos cordiales

Gunshine State Of Mind

Great staff and the process was fast

Jeffrey Gaston

mercedes marin cedeno diaz

Luciana Cline


Djuan Baker

Great staff very fast

Melvin Smith

Elvia Fischer

Excellent service. God bless all the staff. Doctors and Nurses

anela De

Waiting for Andy to, be admitted.

Harshan Gill

it sucks

Laura Aguilar

Zac Littlepage

Visiting hours end at a soft 8 and the people here are uncomprably nice and helpful.

Eily Kern

I have been acquainted with Shriners Hospital for Children for the past 12 months. If you or any patient needs a referral or connection with UC Davis across the street, you'll be in waiting for a very long time. They have extreme problems in communication. Speak out and feel free to write a complaint, until you get the response you need. I have been waiting for PT for over a year now, and they continue to ignore my requests and turn a blind eye to my current condition. Some of the staff seem close minded and rather vague. If you need immediate help, don't hold your breath!

Marina Ortega

(Translated by Google) This place is the best children's hospital, the treatment of the staff is excellent. (Original) Este lugar es el mejor hospital de niños,el trato del personal es excelente.

Kenyatta Charles

Yesenia Rangel

Matthew Turman

C Sheri' Jasper

Jacob Wagner

Nice place

Jason Carmichael

Betty Merrill

I can't tell you how the care is there because after five days of waiting for an appointment we still don't have one. our referral has been completed since Tuesday last week it's now Monday and we still don't have an appointment to get a cast on a broken foot. Yeah you read that correctly there is a child with a broken foot who do far hashwent 10 days with no cast 7 of those days after the referral to Shriners Hospital was complete. So as I stated I really can't tell you how the care is but I can tell you that getting an appointment is not an easy thing to do. I suppose I need to get some plaster of Paris and just cast it myself because I have no other options. It really doesn't matter what happens from here. I will never believe in Shriners Hospital I will never trust Shriners hospital and I'm going to end my monthly donation to Shriners Hospital. You know 8 days ago when they told me we were going to Shriners I thought all this is perfect he's going to get really good care. Now what I think is that they don't care about children at all.

Rudy Orta

Dori Roberts

They r the best hospital for kids

Norma Orozco

Best doctors ever!!! So blessed that my baby is a shrinners patient! !!

Steve Ivy


Lazaro Martinez

Kevin Kasberger

Sandra Rocha

(Translated by Google) I had a very good experience with my child and had very good attention and follow-up after his surgery and at no cost. (Original) Yo tuve una muy buena experiencia con mi niño a tenido muy buena atencion y seguimiento despues de su cirugia y sin ningun costo

Torie Clay

Linda Ogram

Z Thietz

Terri Flores

Yevgeny Mayrhofer-Chechnev

Alejandro Ayala

Andrew Giesbrecht

Blanca Castillo Castillo

(Translated by Google) It was the best treatment that my daughter had the operations were a success everything was very good the doctorate nurses (or) the people who were auxiliary to Dr. And all the people who work there are angels and I give them the GRACIAS with all my heart (Original) Fue el mejor trato que mi hija tuvo las operaciones fueron un éxito todo estuvo muy bien los doctotores enfermeras (o) las personas que estaban auxiliares del Dr. Y toda la gente que trabaja allí son unos ángeles y les doy las GRACiAS de todo corazon

Isaura Vega

Flower Munguia

2 years ago my son smashed his finger on the door and instead of waiting for me to open the door to get his finger out! He pulled and his finger from the cuticle up came completely off I was so scared cus there was blood every we're like when u watch a movie on tv and theirs blood squirting every we're. Took him to ththe emergency room and they didn't nothing but hurt him more! So I when to met pediatric clinic and they referred Me to Shriners Hospital in sac! Right away I calls and working hours they told me to come in. There is a long waiting but I was already there and I knew he would be ok. My son was only 4 years old when it happened and he was so brave an the doctores were very gentle and libeling and caring for my son not to be scared

teresa javid

Shriners hospital and every single staff member from doctors to receptionest make you feel welcomed.

Michelle Dobbs

Potentially good for burn care; travesty for treatment of child health issues that are not easily diagnosed. Prolonged suffering for 5 years with no results, only demeaning physicians who conducted test after test and continued to look at our family and ask "Why is this happening?" when my son went into seizures and experienced multiple dislocations in front of them and other Shiner's staff. Perhaps his epilepsy and painful neuropathy would have been diagnosed and treated years ago if Shriners hadn't strung along a child in extreme pain.

Karen Rhodes

Excellent care


Impressive services for kids!

Mary Apodaco WILLIAMS

Antonio Gonzalez

(Translated by Google) Good attention (Original) Buena atención

Wendi Sherman

Shriners is the very best in children's care. Absolutely awesome doctors and staff. THE BEST!!!!

Darren Butler

αимαя мαjєiɒ нυssαiи

Noor Rezaie

The best friendly staff and 5 star hospital Thank you for the service

Uche Favour

Though am new here

Mohammad Nawaz

Excellent service and very respecting and polite staff.


I've been here for two surgeries and both times I've received impeccable service. Everyone is caring and always make you smile and make you feel better about your situation.

Vanessa Scott

staff has very poor communication and my appointments were constantly be cancelled or moved around because my daughters doctor was either never there it was her day off or she was in a meeting I will be very happy when my daughter does not have to go to this hospital any more not to mention I live over an hour away so it is very frustrating taking a day off work and going all the way to sacramento to be told oh your doctor isn't here so we are going to have to reschedule thuis has happened to me three times now within the last two months its ridiculous

Courtney Cloud

First time at Shriners and everyone was AWESOME! Thank you!

Lisa Ruiz

They are such great help in every way

The Nasia Show

I love it on TV

Troadio Laya

SHCNC provides the best care to its patients, no matter who you are and where you from. You'll get the best care of health, best spine surgeon, burn specialist, physical therapist, etc. My daughter is the living proof about their awesome and superb healthcare.

Michelle Weldrick

Such a wonderful place

Jenn Moore

William Blizzard

These guys are awesome. I have no words.

William Carpenter

My daughter had a major surgery and they r the best

sharice atkins

David S

Awesome hospital, if you'd like a tour you can call to find out how to set one up.

Maurice Robinson

Scott Geer

Ayeala Crystal Beck

They're literally never available when we need to communicate about everything from routine problems to prescriptions for our chronically ill child. The phone rings and rings. They have a wonderful reputation and I’d love to know why. Glad we can go to UC Davis where you can book appointments and find your provider.

Lynette Garcia

Norma C Villalpando

(Translated by Google) Because it's a great place there to tend to my daughter and (Original) Porque es un excelente lugar ahí a tienden a mi hija y

Moe Dejesus

Deena Waite

Amazing place

Catherine S Jasper

Lopez Patty

I went to the lab so my 6 month old baby can get blood drawn. They were being very rude at first. It took two people to try and get blood. They poked my baby with the needle so many times still couldn't get no blood. Until I told them that I would take my son to get his blood drawn at a different lab.

Lydia Galbraith

Angel Salazar

Marco Antonio Ramirez Torres

Carrie Gibson Braegger

I have been a Shriners patient for 5+ years. So grateful for everyone at Shriners for being patient and loving! They have helped in my life changing process

Eric Wentworth

Juan Guzman


Rosalia Perez

This is an amazing place...just in the reception point some trees are growing...the architecture is beautiful..and people is very kind..

Robert Ogden

Marisol CRUZ

Murid Khan

Just they westing the times


Ghost Legend

Shannon Herr

My sister with Cerebral Palsy was a Patient there and she has nothing but positive experiences as well as my Mom & I who came to the Appointments with her or even the Surgeries! There was 1 Doctor I remember but the life of me, I can't remember his name! He looked like 1 of the Marx Brothers (Compliment of course) and he always had something funny to say, and the 1 thing I remember the most was he walked in and there was a Child in there and he went "Tee - Hee", the doctor went "What is this Tee - Hee Business you speak of?" he got the Child on his way, and then when he started talking to my sister, he pulled out a Black spider with orange hair stuffed animal and started saying "Why Me?" and he made the visits ALWAYS positive!

Alfred Guajardo

A display of Love,Compassion and Humanities on a SundayAfter noon at the Shriner's Hospital comprised and sponsored By a Kaleidoscope of car buffs Vintage and rare American or foreign,Not only is it a dream to reflect your talent and personality but a chanceTo give a gift,visit and a smile to the less fortunate Kids in need of a Inspirational and morale upbeat at a special time of year Christmas All in all It was a unique display of Love a word that says it all Als Poem Zone EuroSunday at Shriners Hospital for Childern (Thank you Larry Stiver for orchestrating such a unique event) (and I'd Like to thank Mike Ritenour for a host of information)

Alison Ross-Medina

Alejandra Gomez

Lorena Tejeda

Lolita Rodríguez

Youa Yang

Great doctors and great nurse. They always come check up with their patients and treat them very well.

B Han

So far not impressed as we have been waiting 2 hours for an xray 60 people were called and I went up to the window to find out what was going on! O sorry your xrays weren't ordered... What the??? This place is the McDonald's of health care. Lots of pretty colors but the actual meal makes you sick. Obama care has made getting a simple cast on your arm into a circus side show. Good bye America Update: So here we are for round two. We are greeted by an old gentleman who can't even read the names on his list. Then he tells us we are late! Haha there is a line out the door? So five minutes is gonna make a difference??? Can't wait until we finally see a doctor after two weeks of BS. This is our new reality. Reminds me of Mexico healthcare where women wait on cold floors for hours to have a baby!

augusta irvin

si mac jaan

Adowable blanket!

Mariela Fernandez

Bryan Weldrick

Great people doing wonderful thing to the children that are in there care. My daughter has been helped so much. Thanks to the Shriners.

maria del pilar bastida gomez

Sara S

Juan Escatel


Luis Cabral

Excellent Doctors an staff ,caring, friendly, an such a great environment. Our grandson is always made to feel at ease and safe when he's there. He is always so motivated after his visits. Our family will forever be thankful for the the care our grandson has received at this wonderful hospital. Such a blessing best orthopedic care.

Kenny Matthews

Misty Bailey

I have never been there god bless the staff it takes a special person to do what you guys do I see the compassion you all have on the commerical.

Lara Hawthorne

The most warm, competent, amazing staff. This place is ALL about the kids

Hazael Medina

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