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REVIEWS OF Shasta Regional Medical Center IN California

Kathie Maurer

I have presented at the ER on two occasions. BOTH times the staff were attentive and made me feel as though they actually CARED about my issues. Always listening well to my concerns with them explaining things well to me. Friendly yet professional. UNLIKE the other local hospital personnel who don't even know basic first aid or how to splint an injured limb, SRMC will always be my first choice.

john silva

They have always treated me great. I don't like there competition. (Mercy)

Don Schroeder

9/16/17 My Father was transferred from Red Bluff to SRMC this past Sunday after having a heart attack. Shasta Regional Medical center is better staffed and equipped for bypass surgery. The staff at SRMC has been kind, courteous and helpful. Dr. Mazur explained the procedure to us prior to surgery, then debriefed us after. He spoke to us with respect and in terms we could immediately understand. Our Father is now on the road to recovery. We hope to see him on the tennis court again soon. Thank you, Don S,

Cheryl Brumley

The staff is great and they try really hard to get you better

Ryan Hoag

I have some bad experience couple of years ago. (long story).

Susie Bell

ER department needs to get there stuff together


Last night my husband was bit by a black widow spider. Confirmed by the support staff because we captured it and brought it in. The nursing staff was great but I am shocked by the lack of knowledge of black widow spider bites in an area that has many. Dr. Brett Ohlfs treated us like we were ignorant. Told my husband the pain would go away in 6-8 hours. Sent us off with 8 Percocet. Less than 24 hours we are at another ER in Eugene (we were hiking in Yosemite, on our way to Redwoods) as we are trying to get home to Washington state) The staff here is shocked that no antivenin or muscle relaxants were offered. I do NOT Recommend this center or this particular doctor. He treated us like were ignorant and he was very condescending.

Kaula Reed

Terrible experience!!! I was just escorted off of the property lol because I said I felt I shouldn't be discharged without being treated. I did not raise my voice, everyone who knows me, knows I have a lot of health issues. My kidney is about to be removed. Came in there for kidney, and bad neck from a fall...... passed off the wrong person and boom!!! I was treated terrible. Dissatisfied with this hospital. Sad too because I am friends with a couple of the docs. Sorry but I will not be going for a while! !

Patricia Russell

I went to this hospital a couple times for an issue I was sent home with over and over agin. Although admission was fairly quick, many of the staff members were not friendly. While I was waiting in my room with the door or curtain open, I could over hear the staff making fun of patients from mocking the way patients spoke to the reasons patients were coming in. I found it incredibly rude and unprofessional. The billing department is another issue. Do not expect any help or friendliness from them. I was pretty much told there was nothing they could do. I just needed more time for addressing my share of cost bills. The majority of the people I spoke with were NOT very friendly. Probably the worst I have been treated on the phone by a place of business.

Brenda Robinson

The best nursing staff

Dale Thompson

I was litteraillt held prisoner on an 18 day stay at first the reason wadls that one of the bags I was caring held narcolics and could not leave the building they told me ifvi left again in so many words that they would discharge me and refuse treatment later that week they removed the narcotic meds and i asked if i could go outside they said no for no other than reason then the woldnt be here only outo lunch

Rick Ashe

the staff there are really nice. :O)

Bryan Rick

Vero Garcia

My sister went into the er walking and never made it out the staff didn’t do their job didn’t take it serious until my sister colapse they literally let her die in the waiting room when she had chest and arm pain

Kelly Todd

Very very Rude er staff, very long wait


Eldon Ramsey

rene bourgeois

I had the worst experience in a hospital setting ever.. last night I went in with my daughter who is 3 and a half. She was puking her brains out, with blood.. the room was filthy.. and by that I mean blood on the floor and bed.. the nurses and doctors were very rude and could care less about the patients.. 3 and a half hours of waiting for one nurse to come in after asking to see someone sooner and all she did was talk about site seeing.. my daughter was never medically treated .. the rn watched my daughter and I struggle as she puked and choked..asking me questions while it was happening.. when I asked one of the 7 nurses sitting around joking, making fun of patients where the bathroom was, he pointed as though I was wasting his time.. I am utterly disgusted.. I called and complained to the head nurse and he made it as though inwas the bad guy for leaving with my daughter..

Timothy Parker

LaRae Gingell

Best hospital around. The nurses r great

James T. Kirk

Ryan Todd

Worst hospital i ever been they charged my insurance but only gave me a wrap.i told them it could be infected and i was treated for bone infection and just got out of wheelchair they dent care.ryan todds my name 8 years i had those wounds.

rosalia Kolster

Emma Woods

Absolutely fantastic...much better than Mercy. Our nurses, especially Amoreena were amazing and so compassionate. Thank you so very much!

Stephanie Mayo

Fast and helpful. Thanks for caring

Abigail Bristow

Pam Castleberry

My husband had to visit the ER with pneumonia while we were on vacation in Redding. He got excellent care. Especially from our ER nurse, Jessica. Dr. Heilpern went above and beyond as well. I can’t emphasize enough how well we were treated. No one wants to have to visit the ER on vacation but the staff got us back on the road. Thank You!

Sean Main

Lily Guava

Yvette Steele

My husband came in with status asthmaticus a life threatening condition. He was unable to fill out admitting information from lack of oxygen the security guard grabbed his admitting paper from behind the glass widow and told him he would have leave he can't fill it out. My husband who is partially blind told then he could not and needs help. The guard called the police to remove my husband from the hospital. We quickly went to mercy medical center who admitted him to the hospital for his restricted air way. Mercy was nice and kind and understanding, they had quick service. My husband almost died and shasta would have been responsible. I don't recommend shasta to anyone

Jonathan Williams

As an employee in the Environmental Services field, I have had the pleasure of serving in the critical care areas as well as Angio and Surgical units. Not only do the surgeons and docors, and all of our staffing have personality and profession standards exceeding expectations of 90% of those I've interviewed, but the hospital is incredibly clean and sanitary. Our CEO is in every area of the hospital multiple times throughout the day inspecting and communicating with EVERYONE. We don't have multiple managers for every department, but instead we have supervisors who have years of experience in the field they supervise keeping every employee at SRMC within their scope of professionalism.

Reyes Martinez

Elena Cooper

Didn’t get proper care. Came in with stomach pain, throwing up, no one checked my stomach, tho I have had a few problems with my stomach in the past at that exact hospital. Left in a lot of pain, and untreated. Thank you doctors at Shasta Regional for not diagnosing my stomach ulcer, You made me be in pain for a lot longer than I needed to be.

Gretchen Offord

Took my mother to SRMC because the other local hospital nearer us is just awful, horrible, etc. At SRMC she is treated with dignity and respect, the nurses and doctors are available and explain things clearly. One ER nurse gave us a nutrition hint that has been invaluable in my mother's continued recovery from the other hospital's repeated mistakes including zero understanding of anxiety attacks (staff just did nothing for an hour). My only negative is that SRMC needs to embrace 'Integrative Medicine' such as NY Presbyterian Hospital (and others across the country) are doing so that patients' entire health: physical, mental, emotional is treated simultaneously as is proper (and how the body functions, anyway).

Jonathon Phinney

After catching a nasty case of poison oak, I went to the ER. I saw a PA for less than 30 seconds and was told I would get a steroid shot. All together less than 20 minutes in the ER. I then received a bill for physician services of $394.00 and a hospital bill for $458.27. I called my insurance to find out why the bill was so expensive and was told that it was for building and equipment use. As an RN myself, I shudder to think that the single needle and syringe that were used could cost that much. I would never go back to a place that is going to bill with ridiculous rates like this when the PA spent under a minute with me. Clearly there is no integrity.

kristy anderson

Awesome staff! Quick and courteous!

Abigail Boone

best hospital ever i had 7 surgeries there, but my dad also worked there at the time so...

Andrew Voogd

david Vanlandingham

I went in with heart pain. I was a walk in they took blood and did three test it was decided I had heart burn. I was hooked up to the ekg and saw a Dr. two times. The hospital charged me 8500. the Dr 1600.00 I went to the local Hospital in fort Bragg CA and they said the total cost would have been less then 4000.00. This is so unfair to gouge a person without insurance.

David Striefel

My experience with Shasta Regional was the best I have ever had at any hospital I have ever been to. Over the years i have had surgery several times at different hospitals or clinics and this Medical center tops them all. From my experience, Shasta even beats UC Davis as far as I am concerned, and they are great at UC Davis. From the moment I checked in all the way through my recovery time they were taking great care to provide for all my needs. This time I had to have my hip replaced, DR. Cross, was my surgeon, outstanding surgeon. if you ever need your hip replaced, check him out. The anesthesiologist was great. came in to pre-op and talked to me and gave me a choice of spinal tap or not, that was a first. The surgery RN was Glen, outstanding. He even called me a few days later just to check to see how I was doing and to see if I had any questions at all. The recovery room staff, Outstanding all of them. So a shout out to all the staff at Shasta Regional medical center. Outstanding job all of you. Thank you.

Dejuan Hopkins

After having to so sit outside with my sick 7month old daughter for 2 hours we decided to leave, also watched a 6 year old little girl with a busted head have to do the same, hands down the worst hospital experince ever

Lisa Van Vliet

Horrible experience and will never be coming back. I'm a RN so I am very familiar with how pt care should be done. My dad had a total knee replacement by Dr.Schwartz who is amazing.He spent 2 hours in recovery because his room on the floor wasn't ready once we get to the floor nothing is set up for him as far as water, tissues etc and he wasn't NPO, P.T came in before his nurse did and told him they are going to be working with him he told them he is still kinda numb from the spinal in surgery but they proceeded. Once they came back I noticed my dads knee bandage had a moderate amount of blood I said something to the P.T who took a paper towel and placed it on the dressing...ok well maybe she will get the nurse to reinforce it..nope primary nurse didn't come to his room until an hour after my dad got to the floor and I had to tell her about the bleeding. I understand bleeding after surgery is common but the nurse was never notified and it needed to be reinforced and monitored better. I felt even though I'm an RN they treated me awful. We had to ask for everything including blankets, my dad only had 1. The nurse had 5 patients which is a lot but cmon have the room set up and at least bring in the basics water and blankets.I am not from Redding so being here alone with my dad in the hospital was a very scary experience. I defiantly learned from this experience and will utilize it at the hospital I work at but we will never come back here unless it's an outpt procedure.

Ann Schuenemann

I was a surgical patient, & had a total replacement of my right hip. I did my research, chose Shasta Regional even though there were closer hospitals & am very happy I did. The care I experienced was compassionate & caring, never making me feel like I was interrupting them or something was more important. I'm convinced the quality of the staff made a real difference in the speed of my recovery.

Janelle Reynolds

Mtr Fkr


David Marshall

Andrew Makarov

May god have Mercy upon the Disabled. Always Pray for God to be the surgeon, Or instructor to the Physician. In Memory of Boris Makarov-Junev Golden Gate Baptist theological Seminary Graduate Sincerely, Andrew B Makarov


I went to this hospital after losing 75 lbs in 6 weeks. My blood pressure was so low I couldn't stand up. After not seeing my dr. ( Dr. Towns ) in 10 days he entered my room and said, and I'm quoting ( you're good to go ). He hadn't even looked at my chart. I know because he was completely unaware of my extremely low blood pressure. We went back and forth until I said my next stop was to a lawyer. He kept me another night, entered my room and said to me again in quotes ( mr James you physically threatened me if I didn't give you pain medication". I called the hospital today, 3 years later because I just paid off my bill last month to complain about dr. Towns. They told me he no longer has privileges there. I don't hold the hospital responsible, and am happy to hear that A**hole that was willing to let me die is gone.

Kristina McKrola

Pops and I ended up in the ER together and the staff was absolutely awesome! They were exceptional at communicationg amongst themselves so Dad and I weren't stuck explaining ourselves over and over. The wait time was reasonable and my super rad nurse Nicki was great at checking up on me even though I was by no means in dire straights. I personally had a great experience all things considered. Thank you so much to everyone that mended me up. :)

Terry Odenbach

The staff and volunteers were very good. The cast technician did such a terrible job that I had to have the cast cut off and redone at the Dr's office.

R. Im

Admitted into emergency with visible head trauma. No xrays, no CT scan, no NOTHING. Carry Blue Shield but treated like a psychopathic street bum. Horrible Emergency room doctor. WORST EVER!

Michael K

I went into the ER for a agrees tooth the doctor wrote me a prescription for penicillin and hydrocodone I go to pick up prescription at Walgreens they tell me I can pick up penicillin but hydrocodone is a cat 2 controlled substance and the doctor did not sign and date in his own ink I can't pick up the hydrocodone so I have to go back to Dr doctor is not there other doctors say they can't overide doctors signature that I must go back through ER have a other doctor look at me now they get to bill medical twice for the same thing and this doctor says I'm not going to give you hydrocodone for pain because I want you to be in pain so you will see a dentist and this is a Saturday evening ok at sure I will get right to the 24 /7 dentist at the local corner and get it taken care of and you doctors and pharmacist can go ahead and do up my prescription of hydrocodone and bill medical for it I survived the weekend it was hell I'm not a pill Popper but now I know who is

Michelle Flanders

Fantastic ! Dr ohlfs is the best my nurse Luke thank you for making me better

James Dakis, D.Min.

Best medical care I have ever received at any medical facility around the world. Caring and knowledgeable staff made me feel confident with decisions being made. Had to return to the hospital today and was treated very well as always. There is no other medical facility in Northern California that I trust as much as SRMC.

Christopher Mcmillen

Katrina Hodges

Went in for stitches and was appalled at how filthy this hospital is. Dried blood on furniture and floors. Old band aids with blood on them. It looked like the floors and rooms had not Been cleaned in weeks. There were old syringes in the public bathroom. The toilets were filthy. Needless to say I will not be going back to this hospital for care. Mercy Medical is my choice. Super clean and friendly staff. And very atentitive to their patients. Srmc is a dump. Not well managed. Do not go there if you want good care. You might leave with a new symptom or disease its so bad.

Sofia Bingham

Mara Sherrill

Supernova 907

Worst care I have ever had in a hospital. Granted I came in extremely intoxicated with a huge laceration on my arm I came to with two different nurses holding my face down they continue to call me rude names and treat me horribly when they finally stitched me up they missed a stitch and didn't discharge me with any paperwork on how to take care of said wounds worst care I have ever had disgusting facility disgusting staff rude all around if you need medical care I suggest you avoid this hospital by any means necessary

Linda Ward

Worst experience,during a crisis I was treated horribly,I was not allowed to talk with anyone when it was critical to speak,I was threatened with ...I’m gonna call security on you, I asked when could I speak with a doctor,I was told oh he will get here when he feels like it.... and I was told I’d have a way home,but one male nurse said oh once your discharged your on your own,I walked half way to Shasta Lake where I live before I got a ride home near lake blvd. How bout that treatment I’m 64 yr old female ....done!

Sue Price

I broke my wrist badly at Roller Derby on June 6, 2014. SRMC took me right in and gave me great care that night. The following Tuesday I returned for surgery, and installing of metal plate. Took me right in--no waiting. One week later, took out stitches and put cast on my hand/arm. Again no waiting. Three weeks later, my cast was taken off and my arm x-rayed and reevaluated. The surgeon, RN, Techs, and assistants were all friendly, professional and very caring. My family plans to use SRMC for any emergency in the future.

Veronica Tolle

I went to the emergency room with severe pain going down my spine, they got me back in a decent time frame but I ended up sitting on a bed in the hall way. After about an hour and a half a doc finally came and asked me some questions then gave me pain meds and sent me home. About a week and a half later I went to pick up my two year old and something snapped between my shoulder blades and I couldn't move my body or breath. The ambulance brought me to shasta regional and when we went thru the doors a female head nurse asked the ems what my problem was. I couldn't believe how I was being treated. Then to top it off three hours later a doctor came in, by this time I actually couldn't feel my legs and was havin more difficulty breathing. He asked me what the problem was and I couldn't help but start to cry and in my frustration asked him if he was unable to read as the ems had written it all down. He then proceeded to threaten me asking me if I really wanted to play games with him.... he than said I pinched a nurve and prescribed pain killers. He didn't examine me take x-rays or anything. I still have constant pain thru my spine. I would never recommend anyone go to this hospital unless they have a death wish.

dawn Bryan

I hate shata regional hospital so badly rude didn't help me with pain from car accident of xray very poor never again

matt sellers

My wife was admitted with kidney stones. They were very nice the first night but kept her an extra night and the doctor hasnt talked to her for 26 hours.

Paul Beck

As a local physician and surgeon, I work at both of the local hospitals. I have found the staff at Shasta Regional Medical Center to be both professional and patient oriented. I believe patients at out local hospitals get the same quality of care as they would at some of the larger, University Centers that I've worked at.

KingSlayer _

Do not take a minor to this hospital with mental health issues. My child was left in the overflow wing for over 24 hours with no contact with mental health personnel. This child had been 51/50 because they felt he was a danger to himself then left in a room with 9 people admitted for various reasons and waiting for a room. There was absolutely nothing for my child to do but dwell on his depression. We were told we had no rights and had to leave him there. Shamefu!!! I'm glad my child survived this ordeal and is now getting the help he needs.

cindy rose

I just spent 6 days in this hospital and without question it was the worse hospital experience of my life and of my families. I was on the cardiac unit one step below intensive care and i was left mainly to my own devices and that of my families, I was lucky my sister is a nurse and came to stay with me at the hospital, truly with out sounding dramatic not sure I would still be here without her. The nurses were good, over worked and too many patients to provide care. I did like the doctors but the nursing care was so far below ok I cannot stress enough to avoid this hospital if possible, the administration of this hospital should have to be a patient there and then maybe they would staff it properly. STAY AWAY!!!!!!

Veronica Mackie

Horrible experience, will never go to this hospital again! Was in PCU for over a week & got only a couple good nurses/staff including 1 good Dr. , Dr Rusu, who actually treated me with dignity & like a person. Last day because I'd improved got moved to surgical for some reason, & was treated like garbage! Stacey the charge nurse in surgical should be fired, NO patient should EVER be treated the way she treated me! Could say so much more, but so disappointed in this hospital, and Dr. Jon, to say the least. Praying for those who stay/are stayin here.

Gary Wagner

I have been treated better here than at most hospitals

Amber Mayhue

My son was in the er and we were flown to uc davis his nurse that Monday night is awsome and I would like to find out again who she was so I can give a update she was the best nurse we have ever had

Ryan Goforth

My experience was terrible. I was left in a room with severe testicular pain, they gave me I.v. fluids and toradol, after that I didno see a Dr or nurse for hours. In terrible pain and was ignored and treated terrible.

Ethan Jorgensen

We helped accompanied a family member through a planned surgery. Staff were extremely helpful and friendly. Building was clean and smelled good. Waiting rooms were well lit and tastefully decorated. Free WiFi was available.

Justin Leeds

One of the worst hospitals in Northern California! E.R. Dr.s are rude stupid and condescending. The entire hospital is dirty and gross, very run down. I'm surprised more people don't leave with MRSA just from having been inside its walls. I guess if your a junky looking for an Opioid fix then this is the place you want to go. They'll even see you ahead of others who are in real need of actual medical care.

Meg G.

I had to go to the ER twice this month and both times I was seen very quickly so I didnt have to wait long at all. The staff was all very friendly and knowledgeable. I also called a couple of times and was greeted by a real person, very quickly and professionally. I would reccomended. I have waited a lot longer at urgent cares than at this particular ER. I like how small they are, gives a more intimate vibe than a larger hospital like Mercy.

Ashley & Ken Valentine

What a horrible place to have surgery!! They brought me food with dairy in it despite having an allergy bracelet on. Now they won't feed me at all. You can't get a nurse on the call button. I am in here alone and scared. This place is filthy! I can't take a shower because there is a waste basket in the shower. The paint is peeling off the walls and I have to sit on a dirty toilet. I wish I would have went to Mecry!! I loved it there, had both my c-sections there. Nothing like the horrible bed side manner here!!

Old Man

When you think all is good and in life, than something happens and your world turn upside down. Thank God for Shasta Regional, these unselfish hard working, caring individuals , take great care and pride helping people in need of medical attention. This was my second time here with me wife, there care she received is top of the line. When you love your soulmate with all your heart. You want the best care in the world for her, have that at Shasta Regional from the check in to your room. Some people might not think so but god gave us two hand to work with, if you think you can do it better than you should be behind the desk, I hold everyone in highest Respect thank you for being there in a time of need . God bless you all in all things you do.


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