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REVIEWS OF Scripps Memorial Hospital La Jolla IN California

moz L

Their phone is never picked up.

Tony Ram

People come here to feel better not worse. My girlfriend had excruciating pain for days and was yelled at and asked to prioritize a single part of her body with the pain. When she stated that she felt pain in two different parts she was told again ajd again to only chose one, "which one is more important." Who does that to people? At least explain to the patient why they can't be seen for multiple symptoms. Unbelievably bad service.

Julie Twigg

I was born here in one of the pictures i can just see my family waiting in the waiting room;)

Silvia Sanchez

I was happy with all the attention that is offered!my dr Olson is a very good person and all the doctors!!

Jewels McQueen

I am shocked by the bad reviews from people whining over their ER wait. Obviously a fever is not going to take precedence over true emergencies! I had all 3 of my sons there and all the staff has made it an excellent experience all 3 times! Hands down, best hospital in San Diego County and one of the top ones in the nation.

Rebecca Hyaionne

No waiting time. Care is flawless. Staff are knowledgeable, caring, beautiful beautiful building. The best hospital in the world.

Matthew Brace

Best ER ever! Super fast checkin. Staff is crazy friendly and straight to the point. Took my wife here and everyone is super helpful, thoughtful and friendly. Thank you!

Dylan Phillips

saved my life. I cannot say enough good things about the staff.

Jose Estrada

Nothing but the best..wonderful professional caring staff... thank you

Alice Bell

Absolutely awful treatment of patients. Horrible, and absolutely astounding the “staff” stands around doing nothing staring at empty space. Came with a elderly woman who needed a wheel chair because it was painful to walk. “No wheelchairs right now” ok great thanks for the effort. So they just stood there and watched her limp around in pain all over the hospital with no assistance offered even when ASKED. Don’t go here, unless you’re ready to be mistreated and stared at by staff because they can’t even do what is asked of them. Also I’m pretty sure

Julian Santoyo

18 years ago, I was born here! 10/10 would recommend as a place to be born at.

Kailai Kayy

This Hospital went above and beyond to Help out both my Husband as well as me the nurses on 4th floor West treated both of us exceptionally well also Stacee The Case manager my husband had helped me more than I could have asked for and I am eternally great full for everything they did to help my husband recover from his motorcycle accident Thank you ALL from the bottom of my heart Sincerely Melissa Ladd-Brown

Anicka Kratina-Hathaway

After driving up to La Jolla Scripps for a doctor's appointment, I was told that I would need to pay to park in the parking garage. This is absolutely ridiculous. As a patient, already paying an exorbitant amount for health care, one would assume that at the very least, parking would be provided. Obviously, Scripps cares little about their patients' accessibility and general comfort.

Endless Matrix

Not a good experience. One day my loved one is getting better then all of the sudden the Dr tries to cover up fatal mistakes made. If an older person is likely to have more delicate lungs whom ever is cleaning lungs with the tracheostomy should think to be more delicate. The lungs might tear. A family loses their loved one. Hearts are broken! The dr lies and says something different to each person. Because of age no repercussions can't be done. The Dr that lies should lose her license to practice medicine. It would have been better to hear I'm sorry we made a mistake then to be told many different stories. Glad I won't have any more family going there.

Frederick Regenold

It’s doubtful any hospital is 100% perfect, but based on my experience there a few weeks ago Scripps Memorial in La Jolla comes close. The nurses and doctors were exemplary and took great care of me. One physical therapist from the Scripps Home Health Services, Jennifer Gasko, saved me at the edge of death. A Catholic priest performed the last rites for me. Following a urinary tract infection and a spinal operation by the talented Dr. Frank Coufal, I developed a blood clot, pneumonia and was barely able to move my arms and hands. The operation was successful and I was told to be patient and determined. That’s when Jennifer came in. She worked with me for several weeks. Giving me exercises I thought were impossible, along with detailed instructions, she challenged me to the point of embarrassment. She’s fantastic. I can walk now! I know God and my family played important roles, but Jennifer Gasko is the angel who taught me and encouraged me. I’ll never forget her… and the splendid treatment I received at Scripps Memorial Hospital.

Arctic Kat

the compassionate people make this hospital wonderful

Stephen Giddings

My friends called me a couple weeks ago complaining of feeling put off sorts, trouble walking, balancing, difficulty moving one arm, etc. This is a woman I've known for 20 years who was otherwise in near perfect health, full of energy, sharp as a whip, and always cheerful. But when i went to see her I knew, just add she's did, something was VERY wrong. There was nothing to argue about, we both knew this called for a trip to the ER. Apparently her insurance policy affiliated with Scripps Mercy hospital, and since the LJ location always had shorter wait times (we now know why, it's bc no one wants to go there!) off we went, North to Scripps Mercy LJ. They opted to keep her o in the ER for observation for a free hours, so i left, assuming she was in good hands. The next day however i received yet another call from her, this time telling me that they had released her in no time, saying that she was simply having an anxiety attack. But her symptoms continued into the next day, steadily worsening despite her efforts to relax. In fact, terrible speaking, confusing thoughts, and failure to walk normally only worsened. She begged me to take her to another hospital, this time Sharp Memorial in Learning Message. This time her symptoms had worsened so much so that i had to carry her from the car into the ER. It didn't take long for the fine medical staff at Sharp too realize the scary truth, she was in the middle of a stroke! I She was admitted to the hospital this time, and was discharged about a week later. She is undergoing physical therapy, and luckily managed to survive the stroke with a minimum of ongoing problems. Altho we won't know for sure till about a year passes. I'm soaked at the lack of attention and medical care she was given at Scripps, and this is the third time that a Scripps host in SD country had sent a friends of mine home while they were in the middle of an acute physical crisis, and would have died or emerged disabled if they had not sight help somewhere else. I will bNEVER visit Scripps again, and advise anyone who cares about their loved ones to do the same.

Carl Johnson

For such a modern state of the art facility,I was very surprised to have an experience where I got disconnected 3 times and never got a nurse in the ICU ,3 other times after there shift changes trying to get information regarding my sister on Life support.All I got was a recording that said they were busy and a system that didn't offer an opportunity to leave a message in order to check on My loved one. that sucks!!!

Sara Mortensen Martin

A couple of months ago, I sliced my finger and had to go to the Scripps Memorial emergency room and get 26 stitches. Two months later, I can barely move my finger and I need to have surgery on it. I also received a bill from La Jolla Emergency Specialists - the ER doctors' group - for $1507. I have great health insurance - nationwide carrier - so this shocked me. Apparently the doctors' group is out of network. I have never heard of an emergency room doctors' group refusing a major insurance carrier. My insurance tried to negotiate to have them agree to accept the plan allowance for their treatment. They rudely refused. I've had several providers agree to that in the past. I understand billing is their prerogative. But, this is emergent care, not elective or primary care. By definition patients don't have time to check if the individual providers within a facility are within network or will accept comparable fees. La Jolla Emergency Specialists actions are completely unacceptable - for more costly situations, unconscionable. I will never go their again and I hope nobody else gets caught in their trap.

Fernando Acosta

Great hospital , worth the drive from Arizona, real care , by professional ,who don't view you as a commodity.

Erica M

The staff at Scripps La Jolla is fantastic! They are very supportive and made my experience as comfortable as possible. Highly recommend!

tiffany blakeslee

The hospital was very nice, the l&d nurse I had was very nice, but the postpartum nurse I had was terrible and I believe played a big part in my difficulties breastfeeding. The worst part, though, is the billing department!! I was sent to collections after 4 months because I never received one of the bills. When I called to see why they had sent me to collections, as I had gathered all of my bills and paid them all at once and my online account showed a balance of $0, the guy who answered was very rude and would not allow me to speak a supervisor and instead transferred me to the collections company. They did knock a few hundred off my bill after I posted something to their Facebook page, but it was too little too late. I’ve been dealing with billing issues for the last 2 years, I was miscoded as a vaginal and c-section, and have had to call probably 20 times to try to get it resolved. The call center is terrible, and I’ve had to wait on hold for 25 minutes only to be told that I needed to call back and press option 1 this time, but I’d need to call tomorrow, since now they were closed. I’m switching to Kaiser in October.

john abbo

just moved here and had to find a new hospital. I think I found it. Great doctors and staff.

Wen Wilson

The business side of health care appears efficient in operations as observed by this degreed, Health Care Management major, whereas clinical applications, not so much.

KC Stanfield

Incompetent, rude staff in a nice building. This place is just in it for your money.

c H

Here on business and unfortunately my Cystinuria flared up. I have a rare genetic disorder characterized by the buildup of the amino acid cystine, a building block of most proteins, in the kidneys and bladder. Normal kidneys filter blood to create urine, cystine is normally absorbed back into the bloodstream. People with cystinuria cannot properly reabsorb cystine into their bloodstream, so the amino acid accumulates in their urine creates cystine stones. It is super rare and has caused me over 150 kidney stones since childhood. Multiple surgical procedures and stents. First I would like to say the place is very clean, having been to many ER’s, luckily only a few ICU’s but I can say this facility is modern comfortable and every machine is new; even the blood pressure cuffs are nice. Sorry I nerd out on this stuff. Sometimes I wonder in some healthcare settings why the people chose to go into healthcare. Dr. Deitch was efficient, friendly, and I could tell from listening and watching he would be great to work with. This hospital I would trust with serious issues. The doctor is exactly the type I like; An alpha male but nice and polite at same time. He seems in control and knowledgeable. I like and have had great care from all types of doctors and NP’s women and men both great but you can tell this doctor is meant to work in the high paced fast environment he is in. PA’s are a different story have had bad experiences with them so happy I was seen by a doctor. My nurse is from the south and was very serious attentive and nice. To me one of the ways to easily judge if a nurse is nurturing or caring is if they offer a blanket. It is a simple quick way to make someone comfortable and many nurses think they are above the basics and she wasn’t. She asked and brought me a warm nice blanket. It is a simple way to make you feel more comfortable when you are cold and in pain and with the bright lights and loud noises it makes you feel comfortable and believe it or not I would say about 50% of nurses don’t offer or bring you one. My best friend is a nurse practitioner at an ER in Massachusetts and I hear it all!! So I understand how many annoying crazy patients there are she doesn’t tell me names or anything but boy oh boy there are some real crazy people out there and drug seekers but as a person with legitimate life long intermittent episodic painful kidney stone episodes I really appreciate when I don’t feel like I am being grilled as a drug seeker. And this place comes from a place of trust and obviously they are professionals they can tell with high blood pressure from pain and blood traces in urine and records in file I am sure from urologists and nephrologist if you are real. But I have had places that even know my urologist who still are combative and or take too long with pain relief. What I have found is if I get ahead of the pain quickly I need much less of it. My cousin is a doctor and so is her husband and My best friend’s bf is a trauma surgeon so I hear about stuff a lot and they all have researched my condition so i have a good support system but I have dealt with ER’s who treat you so poorly and just create a culture where like in school one bad apple ruins the bunch but this facility is a center of excellence and they even walked me out to my Uber. I don’t review many places because I have had this my whole life and work in healthcare sales myself as a community liaison for Medicare part C referrals so you sort of once you know a lot of nurses doctors and places you can get bitter and sum people up quickly like they do to patients but this place is not that place. So I felt moved to give a great review. Dr. Deitch and his team were the best. Wish I lived in this area I would make this healthcare system my home base. Although I like my urologist very much in Colorado the ER attaches is hit or miss.

Yuriy Aleksander

Have been to this facility a few times and it is one of the better ones in the San Diego county area. They have received significant funding some years ago and have put it to good use having built state of the art cardiac facilities and the new arm of the hospital where I got hospitalized earlier today. I am sure experiences may vary from person to person and will depend in part on the staff that was carrying for a patient. Due to my condition I had to be seen rather frequently and having been around the hospitals in the county, like I said earlier, this is one of the better ones. A friend of mine once had a surfing accident and tore a part of his face off, within an hour an eye surgeon had come in and performed a surgery on his face, reconnecting the tear draining tubes so excellent that a few months from that day there was nothing but a small white line below his eye after such massive damage that he had undergone from the accident. Anyways, enough rant from me, if you are looking for a facility to be admitted to consider this one. Also if your matter is cardiac in nature Scripps has a reputation of a leader around here. Hope this helps!

Chloe Curnutt

This has been one of the worst experiences. My twins were admitted into the NICU because all places in our area were at capacity. The NICU is great, no complaints other than a couple moody nurses. Then I passed out, had a seizure and was rushed to the emergency room. Ever since it has been a never ending battle of horrible experiences. My machine that's hooked up to me will beep for 10+ minutes even after I've called nurses, I've been neglected and forgotten about for several hours, the people here don't know how to draw blood and barely speak english. I want to be discharged as soon as possible because another day in this hospital will be the death of me. Getting poked 12 times in one day and having to listen to beeping consistently while being ignored and treated like a burden by nurses is not how it should feel at a hospital. I will never recommend this hospital to anyone and will continue to voice how bad they suck.

Jeannette Casillas

Thank you so much for making me well Scripps ER Staff. From the emergency check-in to all the wonderful nurses and a huge shout out to Dr. James Quan-Yu Hwang for your compassion and outstanding service and Dr. Hwang, I will remain encouraged!

Bonnie Shovlain

Have received the very finest care here. Would never go anywhere else.


Not too bad, actually quite good. ER was excellent! Gave me very high priority attention!


I loved the service in this hospital. Patient care is top-notch. They loose one star because they keep on charging me for an ambulance ride that is litterally less than a block, and shold have been requested as a service to my insurance.

Harriet Berholtz

I went here today after suffering a severe episode of dehydration, a ruptured ovarian cyst and severe vaginal bleeding among other things. The doctor was lovely the woman who checked me in was lovely however my nurse whom I spent the most time with was one of rudest people I have encountered and left me in tears. She didn't believe me when I said that going in through one vein wouldn't work and it didn't, my vein collapsed and caused a severe bruise, I asked if I could use the restroom before she put in the iv drip because I was bleeding badly and needed to clean myself up and she said "I have about 65 other things to do and can't guarantee I'll come back anytime soon you can walk over with your saline bag, you can walk right?", and when it came to take out my iv from my hand she ripped it out causing it to bleed badly and leaving me with another bruise. I get I wasn't an important or desperate patient who was dying, but I was alone and sick and scared and she was truly a nasty person with zero bedside manner, I left in tears after a 100 dollar copay and more bruises than needed. Wouldn't reccomend this woman to anybody

David Beaton

Scripps missed its annual budget by $20 million last year. It sounds like it was a wake-up call... The management needs major improvement. They need major restructuring in every aspect of the organization. CEO "We've got to shift our organizational structures around to be able to deal with the new world of health care delivery, find ways of lowering our costs significantly,” Van Gorder said. “If we don't, we will not be able to compete.” Scripps Health reorganization to include layoffs and needed asap... Scripps Hospital is among the facilities affected by a reorganization plan underway at parent company Scripps Health Scripps Health will pursue layoffs in 2018 as part of a reorganization strategy that emphasizes lower costs and greater reliance on caring for patients outside of its five hospitals. In a recent memo to all of the health system’s 15,000 employees and 3,000 affiliated doctors, Chris Van Gorder, Scripps’ chief executive officer, says that cuts are necessary to remain competitive in a health care world where health insurance companies increasingly consider low prices as a main factor in contracting and patients are more often shopping around for services as deductibles increase.

nathan heid

If you want to fight for your life find a different hospital... they will push their agenda on you, convince you you're wrong, tell you everything's's not!

Srinathpattabhi Sastry

Very good hospital, doctors extremely professional and courteous thumbs up

Pamela Nathan

Easy access. Easy parking. Good docs.

Tony Winn

The best hospital in SD country

Sla Br

Wife made an appointment for prenatal screening (nuchal transluscency) - I don't know what they were thinking, but they gave us a wrong date - it is supposed to happen during weeks 12-14, ours was set for week 17...When we called the hospital, the answer was, "Oh well, it's too late now...Must've gotten due date wrong..Nothing we can do" Not even an apology, and they would not reschedule even though we have a couple of days left until it's too late for the test. I'm very disappointed - this is not the situation to make blatant mistakes like this.

Mandy Jenson

The staff there is Awsome very friendly people there

Paul Herbst

HORRIBLE... If you care about your health... and your wallet... stay AWAY AS FAR AS POSSIBLE from ANY SCRIPPS HOSPITALS... they only thing they care is to dry you and your insurance DRY... to pay egotistical, un professional and professionally fully incompetents doctors and staff. Now we know why they need all the billboards and adds on freeway and what not... otherwise nobody would ever go there .... from a nurse.... " we have not seen you in two years?" answer... well, shouldn't this be a good sign? I said... nurse answer..." well if you do not come, we cannot bill the insurance and we cannot be here then..." that shows where we are in the US with Healthcare..... single pay for all is the ONLY answer!!

Custom Trained

Quick in the ER. Nurses in the hospital were great. The Surgeon on the other hand wasn't. He preformed two separate surgeries and basically told us he had to give up and to go to original surgeon out of state. Supposedly this is a top notch hospital with the best doctors. We now know this was not the case for us. Months later we did goto another surgeon at a different hospital and she corrected the issue the first time.

Rich Haskins

U actually charge patients to park to come to their appointments???? That is insane and please let someone know before they drive all the way there without money. Tried to call the clinic and goes to voicemail. Thanks for a wasted day

Todd Lewis

Beautiful hospital located with numerous building at a huge location. Employees were very friendly and the main desk was helpful answering all our questions.


Nursing care very good. Stay away from Dr. Harrington if you want a decent bedside manner. He has none. Speaks to patients and staff like they are dirt; However great mechanic. The rest of the staff and care very good to excellent.


Great hospital.

Marilyn Anderson

Rooms are not very comfortable. Staff is not very attentive.

Gilberto Carrasco

Very Proud and thankful of my Scripp memorial Hospital...

Daisy Santiago

I had a short stay here in maternity ward. I was treated extremely well. Everyone was attentive to my needs. My doctor showed up when expected and discharged me promptly. It was a good stay. I am grateful for care I received.

Judy Norton

I live in San Diego and tried to schedule an appointment for CT and ultrasound for follow up on a cancer diagnosis being treated at UCLA. Scripps schedulers refuse to make an appointment without an order in hand. UCLA faxed the order several times. Employees in the scheduling department are unable to accept Faxes from UCLA for an unexplained reason. Therefore I had UCLA send the order to a 3rd party who forwarded it to Scripps. They received the order and then stated unable to make appointment as no physician signature on file. The physician information was clearly stamped at the bottom of the order but Scripps refused to accept that information. I asked for an alternative solutions for them to receive this information. I offered to email, hand carry, scan, photograph and was told "There is no alternative, they can only receive information via FAX". It is obvious to me that Scripps is not geared to accommodate patient care. There was NO solution offered. I will be continuing my testing and care at UCLA which is inconvenient but essential in the follow up treatment and care of my cancer.

Devan Maingot

Utter garbage. I went in with chest pain and an inability to breathe. The staff just laid me in a bed for several hours, then came back and said my x ray was clear, so I could leave. No CT, nothing. The doctor chalked it up to anxiety even though I wasn't anxious at all. He dismissed me despite my protests, and as it turns out, I do indeed have a breathing disorder (diagnosed elsewhere, by competent doctors). They charged me $6,000 for absolutely nothing. To the people at this hospital: LISTEN TO YOUR PATIENTS. If a person insists they aren't feeling a certain way, entertain the possibility that they really aren't. You're not gods. You're pathetic.

Brendan Fry

Be careful when using their ER. They contract doctors out of network for their ER and you will be billed from the hospital as well as the contracted doctor. It seems crazy that a hospital would use out of network physicians but is seems to be more and more prevalent in the medical care industry. Unfortunately the industry knows it has all the leverage as you do not get to select the doctor you see when visiting the ER.

Andrew Fear

At approximately 6:45pm this past - we got a phone call from dad's house. The fire department called over because my father's house ADT alarm going off. They stated they can't leave him alone because of memory issues (not sure what day/month it is or what he did today) and liability issues for city, so will take him to hospital. I called Scripps La Jolla and reached the ER nurse. I explained that he has no ride home, no one is in the house, and he has dementia. I also explained that I had a flight to San Diego from Texas and could be at the hospital at 1pm to receive him. The nurse said they would have a discharge plan. The next day I called my house at 6am and no one picked up. I called Scripps La Jolla and the ER nurse told me that they had released him at 11:30pm the night before and he had received a ride home from your service. I have security cameras at my dad's house and checked the video files. I saw my dad walk up to his door at approximately 12:15am, attempt to get in the house and fail. I then saw him walk away and re-attempt entry two more times at 2:30am and 5:30am. I called a family friend at around 6am Pacific Time who was able to locate him in the backyard. Words do NOT express my anger and frustration at the care my father received under Scripps Memorial La Jolla supervision. There was no after care plan to ensure my father got home and into his house.

Andrew Workman

I'll rate this hospital 4 stars only even though the head surgeon saved my life because I was unfortunately hit and knocked down by a damn suv driver.. the paramedics picked me up asap I heard then I got life flighted to this hospital and boom got my head surgery cause I had a big hemorrhage in my brain.. the only thing I dislike is the damn medical bills for this...

Maurice Johnson

Great hospital with top level care. Doctors and nurses were friendly and helpful.

Carlos Vigo

On March 20, I arrived at emergencies because I was losing sight of my eyes after a short while. Dr Frederick j. de la Vega. is a certified neurologist doctor. which means a diagnostic error based on many studies I came to the conclusion that I had multiple sclerosis and that made me very sad and I told my wife that it was better to die than to live with this death sentence when I left the hospital; Two weeks later I got worse and I talked to Dr de la Vega but he was on vacation in Asia and I went to the sharp kearny doctors and neurologists based on other studies I did not have multiple sclerosis but if it is a fungus located on my spine which was attacking my optic fibers attacked him with azithromycin and steroid drugs to fight the fungus and after 8 months I am already cured thanks to god and the sharp kearny hospital that they treated me so well and in the scripp not negative my name it’s Carlos vigo happens in March 20 2018 medico malpractice

Vergil Esau

From Kansas needing emergency heart care. Everyone from the receptionist to nurses, lab and doctor friendly, helpful and caring. No wait, ushered in for treatment for afib immediately. Professional and personable.

Rev. Dr. Will Green

The incredible life-saving medical inventions that I received from the Prebys Cardiovascular Institute team of doctors, and the majority of their nursing staff, especially Drs. R. Schatz and D. Gibson (EP) were sadly twarted and defeated by the numerous inexcusable ER Dept and 7th Floor cardiac unit's negligent nursing staff errors, failures and unprofessional conduct. Following a very successful repeat ablation procedure by Dr. Gibson I was immediately readmitted because of complications. Due to several unprofessional nursing mistakes, errors and a preventable injury, and because I felt completely disrespected and unsafe, I ended up leaving the hospital against medical advice at 1 a.m. to seek medical care elsewhere. Given the serious nature of my cardiac conditions this is absolutely unacceptable, not to mention a violation of law, policy and health care standards. Several of my interactions and experiences with some staff on the 7th floor cardiac unit before and after the ablation were abominable. The day bbefore my ablation an incompetent, uncaring and unprofessional nurse misdiagnosed severe runs of arrhythmia. When I requested that she be replaced I was ignored by nursing management. Yesterday because of a negligent and incompetent float nurse's apathy and incompetence I sustained a painful and swollen blown-IV infusion infiltration injury, which was not even treated on the following shift. My well-documented problems with cardiac arrhythmia and chest pain were not properly monitored nor treated. I was falsely accused of obsessing over my symptoms and the heart monitor by a callous and indifferent charge nurse who has no business working in a top-level hospital. I've had several great experiences in the last 3 months at this hospital, but I have also experienced the worst care imaginable. In addition, in July when I arrived in the ER with symptoms of stroke and cardiac arrhythmia I did not even have an IV placed, nor see a doctor, nor receive a CT scan for almost an hour. My ER nurse was apathetic and incompetent. Frustrated and demoralized, I ended up leaving and going home instead of being admitted as they recommended. My repeated calls and voicemails to the ER manager were never returned. Hospital errors failures and mistakes are a leading cause of death, disability and injury in this country. It is a sad commentary that the Scripps organization can put together such incredible teams of doctors and support staff, and yet cripple them with inconsistent, incompetent, uncaring and unprofessional nursing staff on the hospital floors. Whatever happened to the Apollo 13 standard of "failure is not an option"?

Khawla A. M.

I loved the hospital and my OBGYN, but the waiting time is depressing since I have to be here twice a week at least! Everytime I show up right on time, yet I spend 45 minutes waiting! Non-stress test became really stressful with all of this!

Carol Secoy

Swift to respond to my hip fracture. Expert surgeon. Good after-care.

Tom Brewer

Best care anywhere. My father passed away with the utmost dignity. His wishes were followed to the letter. His care was exceptional, to a person everybody, every hospital employee was respectful, caring and professional. He passed with his family present through all stages. I hope when my time comes I experience the same. No fear, no pain, in the arms of family.

patty chao

Staff is great!!!!! Rooms are clean,big, and comfortable!!!!

Jim Katz

Awesome, most professional staff ,I highly recommend them. After patient care people totally worthless.


The people who work here are truly kind and caring. I have been treated with great care and am thankful especially to the nursing team for their kindness.

Michael Delgado

nicest staff. allows me to stay over night with my dying father.

Jeanna Amahouch

As a first-time mom who was new to San Diego, I was especially nervous about the quality of care I would receive while pregnant. Originally, I chose Mary Birch to give birth with Dr. Daneshmand. However, when he moved to Scripps La Jolla I followed him (since I couldn’t see delivering with anyone else). I did this unsure of whether my experience with the nurses and hospital would match the excellent care I received with Dr. Daneshmand personally. The 15 plus days spent in antepartum and labor/delivery absolutely wonderful. The nurses were personal and friendly. They went out of their way to show that I was truly cared about while making sure I was medically taken care of.

Maria Carrillo

I been in the ICU here in Brawley California,Just got news tht I will be joining you facility and I must say reading all the awsome reviews is making me feel like am going to get the best care and ever Thank you am ready for a hood healthy recovery and meeting all the loving caring staff

jacqueline reynolds

Awful. substandard orthopedic emergency care. Went in with an OPEN fracture over the July 4 holiday and they sent us home??? Shattered bones and all? Went to Sharp where they immediately performed emergency surgery to installed 6 screws and a plate??

Guadalupe Galindo

Thank you so much, taking care of me.

Roger W

The Trauma clinic kept me wait for an hour for the x ray result. However, the staff said they could see the result right away after I did the x ray. No apology. How nice it is.



Sama Abdulhalim

My father had surgery at Scripps Memorial in La Jolla. He spent two days in ICU and 3 days in recovery. All of the staff at Scripps was wonderful. They took good care of my father and were patient with us (his family). We appreciate all of their hard work. Thank you all!

Joe De Angelis

I can never thank enough the staff, doctors, and nurses at this hospital for my stay several years ago.

Jamie Matthews

This hospital has some of the most snobbiest rude disrespectful nurses I have ever meet in the ER ! The doctors are not very caring either ! I will never go back to this hospital ever !

Larue Long

GREAT Doctors And Staff!!

Brittany Piersall

I personally will never go to this hospital again due to the harassment and discrimination I received from the case management staff .

Maggie Mcdaniel

Wonderful health care providers!

beto garcia

Words cannot describe the way my wife Victoria was treated at Scripps La Jolla, Dr. Daneshmand is an exceptional doctor who goes above and beyond for his patients. He has such a loving atmosphere that it’s contagious, his staff is the same way . They make you feel welcome, Irma ( Dr. Daneshmand’s head nurse) is the best. Anything my wife would bring to her like documents to fill out or even asking how her day was during her pregnancy as my wife was at high risk and most of the time had a hard time , Irma always made her feel better. We thank Dr. Daneshmand for being in our lives and helping her get through such a hard time. Her appointments at the office always made her feel better knowing he had everything under control and him being so calm and explaining to her she was in good hands. The delivery at Scripps hospital La Jolla was amazing, Dr. Daneshmand would come to check on how my wife was feeling! He is truly an angel sent from heaven! Taking care of my wife, coming to see her made her feel more at ease. The nurses at the OR made my wife go through the delivery so much faster. The nurses always by her side when delivering and this is not just as their responsibility but you could see the difference in care. They actually cared! My wife was so amazed at the quality of care from the nurses to the doctor. After delivery she also saw Dr. Faksh who was amazing with my wife, she let her know she was there for her if she needed dr faksh. She let my wife know to talk to the nurse and she would come ASAP to see her. I was amazed at how the doctors could care so much for a patient they saw just for a couple of appointments, as family we care but knowing a doctor would care the same way! There is no other place she would’ve had the type of care she received with Dr. Daneshmand’s team. Thank you Dr. Daneshmand for taking care of my wife!!!

Robin Varghese

The staff in the labor and delivery unit were fantastic. We had both our kids there and the experience was great with both. The rooms are very modern and comfortable and they staff are very supportive.

Paul Idle

The staff is incredible. The care they provide is top notch. Thank you Scripps.

Robert Cadriel

I came in with pain in my chest and back, hard time breathing and in the worst pain of my life and it took about 30 minutes for them to do anything. Once I was in the back, the one nurse who took my blood was great. After that, it was intermittent seeing people. Nothing was found, so I was discharged. I came back the following day because the pain was worse, they redid all the same test to only find nothing. I get there was nothing there but I'm in the worst pain of my life and you tell me to take an antacid. Also, the second day I barely make it through the door I was hurting so bad and the nurse who checks me in tells me to calm down. I was barely checked on and curled in bed in absolute pain. I guess talking about baby showers and "nipple cream" are more important than patients. I'll never go back to this hospital again, I wouldn't even recommend it anybody. Still in pain and heading to another hospital for a second opinion. Worst experience of my life.

Tajahney Espinosa

Great Care but the Billing Department sucks! Get ready to sit on hold for the rest of your life to give your insurance information because the registration person stated “I know all insurance, I deal with a lot of them” when I gave her my insurance card & long behold a $1300 bill comes in the mail that say **no insurance** ......


Apparently, it's not enough that they charge you an astounding amount (although that comes as a given living in a country that loves to leave people in debt) for medical care. But charging 10 dollars for a lost parking ticket even though you're going through the emotional stage of seeing a loved one sick in the hospital? Talk about spitting on you when you're down.

Joss Carde

My mother in law is getting the best service in 6th floor. ..Thank you. .....God bless you all...

Stephanie Purifoy

Scripps Memorial Hospital is the BEST hospital I have ever been to. I had a hysterectomy there on 5/24/13. Every single person I had contact with- from admissions, the information desk, to the nurses and phlebotomists, and everyone in between, was top-notch. To the hospital administrators: Thank you for hiring such compassionate, humble, sweet, gentle, intelligent....I don't have enough adjectives to describe how wonderful your employees are. It's obvious that you treat your employees very well, as they are all so happy and were so very genuine in their concern for my well being. Dr. Millbern, my anesthesiologist, your soothing voice calmed my nerves. This was my 6th time having surgery, and the first time with no nausea when I woke up!! I stayed overnight in room 309, and I don't remember the name of the nurse who was on shift when I first arrived, but my night nurse was Kathy. The best way that I can describe Kathy is if Jesus were to clone himself, mix in a little bit of my mom, my favorite Aunt, and my best friend and put them all into the body of a beautiful Asian woman, that is Kathy. The smallest, slightest little details that you normally wouldn't think about, she paid attention to!! She is truly, truly an asset to the nursing profession, and to Scripps Hospital. Her assistant Drew was so nice too. And it sure didn't hurt that he is so handsome!! When it was time for shift change I thought oh my gosh how can anyone replace Kathy? Well, my day nurse was Rusty, and she was every bit as wonderful as Kathy. Rusty's assistant was a beautiful Indian girl, I don't remember her name, but she has the loveliest accent. Every single person who cared for me was just so wonderful!! I will copy and paste this review onto Yelp and Google, and any other review site I come across. Thank you so very much for making my surgical experience so easy and stress free.

Cheryl Stratton

a lot if the nurses are rough, a PA came in to change a dressing on my mothers neck and the taoe frim the,dressing was on her hair and the PA just kept pulling while my mother cried, I asked to please just cut her hair rather than pull it and,she just ripped harder and ignored me. It was the worse thing I have ever seen and I have worked in Er's for many years. Today again a CNA helping to position her the bed was just pushing her and and was jerking at the pads and sheets under her, I can't wait to get her out of Scripps and down to Sharp

Dawn Hill

My time at Prebys was positive due to the care that I received from Dr. Rogers, Dr. Gibson, nurse Steve M. and nurse Kim R. Specifically these two nurses who took care of me post-op made up for my thoroughly frustrating, and quite negative experience with the nurse; who I will leave anonymous, that I had the misfortune of being given prior to my procedure in the EP lab. I cannot sing loud enough praises for both Dr. Gibson and Dr. Rogers. They are truly two of the kindest physicians I have ever met. If you are fortunate enough to be under their care you are undoubtedly in the best of hands. Their professionalism, kindness, thoroughness, knowledge and earnestness to care for patients is unparalleled. Scripps is so fortunate to have both Dr. Rogers and Dr. Gibson. The facilities in sum are beautiful. Staff are helpful and the volunteers at the EP Lab are wonderful!

Trent Ralston

This place has excellent care however you will have a MF after discovering they sent you to collections without sending ou a bill!! Truly outrageous!!!

Gail Swope

My sister was in for surgery, everyone we uncounted was wonderful it could have not been better. The experience was a great one. Thank you for saving my sister and all the happy faces

Benjamin Gonzalez

If it was not for their doctors I would quit. The office support staff is incredibly incompetent. They say they have a new system issue. I think its more their personnel or training.

A Selig

I was born here! Thanks Scripps Memorial! Came out healthy and so did my mom. Over the years growing up they stiched me up quite a few times and didn't leave many scars. I guess I haven't really been back much since I was to younger but I did get an orthoscopic surgery that also turned out pretty well. So thanks again.

Karen Grube

My neighbor, who has several severe illnesses, was admitted to the La Jolla ER last night. They decided to send her home this evening totally inappropriately. She lives alone and , with what's going on with her physically, she is not capable of caring for herself. How DARE they! When she calls me in the middle of the night to tell me she's not doing so well, I will probably end up calling 911 to have her brought back to the ER! This was absolutely outrageous. She could easily take a fall or drop something and have broken glass all over in her current state. She should have been allowed to stay at least another night and have a more thorough review of what's going on before sending her home. I am so disgusted and angry! This is not the standard of care I expect here. Someone needs to be held accountable for this.

Channel Hyman

I work here and patient safety is always first priority. We are a Magnet Accredited facility for excellence in nursing.

MicahandPolly Whorton

The only thing Scripps ER did efficiently was get my insurance card and charge me my co payment. The staff were ignorant and inattentive. I felt very unsafe. I wouldn't recommend this place to anyone for anything. It was such a horrible 3 hour experience of isolation and amazement at their lack of knowledge. I am still getting the bills for it.

Rocco Boi

Don't expect much from the volunteers, 3 disconnections and 45min spent trying to find out what my fathers condition is. Very frustrating. In the end he was discharged. i am not happy with the amount of time it took to discover that my father was alive and not at the facility. Limbo is not good place to be.

Deborah Garrison

Love them, drs are amazing, I feel well cared for from my cancer to cardiovascular issues and I send everyone who needs care to Scripps. No other hospital or Doctors have provided me this type of care. My husband has cancer, my daughter has had both AML Leukemia and non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. Cancer Survivor's like us, we owe then a debt of gratitude. All I can say is "It's Scripps". Drop the mike.

Jenny M

Very embarrassing, awful experience. I went to the ER one night with horrible pain in my left calf and foot. I drove to the ER and parked in the back because there were a lot of cars there. It took me a bit to struggle out of the car, but I climbed out and starting to limp towards the doors. I was in horrible pain, and the worst part was, they saw me. The people behind the desk, the orderlies walking around, even the ambulance drivers who were standing around talking to each other. I started crying but made it to the door. When I got in the woman behind the desk demanded my id, insurance card, then told me to go sit down in a chair next to the desk. I sat there for 20 mms listening to her and a couple of other workers laughing joking, and they never said one word to me. Then some guy comes in swipes something across my forehead and mumbled some number. I said excuse me? He just says come in thru here. I felt like I was in a very bad dream. This person walked ahead of me all the way to the other side of the ER, Then stood there and watched me struggle to get to where he was. The ER was busy, and people were watching me in obvious pain, trying not to put weight on my left leg. I finally made it to where he was and then he told me to sit on a bed in the middle of the hall! And of course he didn't even have the courtesy to lower it. A doctor came along about 10mms later, asked me what happened, didn't let me finish, then he had that person slap a walking cam. Boot on my left leg, said POSSIBLE achillias tendonitis, gave me a prescription for heavy painkillers, and then I was shoved out the door. No instructions on the boot, btw, I fell in the parking lot before I got to the car, no x-ray to find out what it was. I went home and cried. Never in my lifetime have I ever been treated so cruel in an ER. This review does not include the hospital! They are WONDERFUL!! But this ER experience will be with me for a very long time. Just wanted to add, after speaking to some one about this humiliating experience, they told me about how they went to the same ER and were given the same terrible treatment bc their insurance was not good enough. Sadly I think that was true in my case. Update. No response to the humiliation and pain I suffered that day. I saw the post from some one just now that said her loved one was sent home, but did not have anyone to help her. This is so sad. They did the same thing to me. Sent me struggling with something I knew nothing about, pain killers that made me dizzy and nauseous,and I am alone too. No help or family. My heart goes out to anyone struggling to make it in this messed up health care, it is not right.

Darlene Woodend

best hospital in San Diego#

sarah smith

I had my daughter here and it was the best experience ever. We were all treated like family and everyone was warm and comforting. The nurses totally pampered us and a couple weeks after we got home, they emailed and called to make sure the experience was exceptional, which it was.

Mark Lee

I would not go here if a choice is available. My baby was abused by the staff. And taken from us after she was delivered.


Best hospital ever. My mom was in the presby cardiovascular building and they took very great care of her. She got her stent done there and made sure she was okay in her hospital room. She had the best view ever. Cafeteria is awesome as well.


Doctor Daniel Gromis is the most compassionate MD that I ever had.


Had double mastectomy at this hospital and spent the night there! I had exceptional treatment the entire time. I felt very safe and protected. The hospital treated my fiance extremely well too-they rolled in a reclining sleeper type chair for him to sleep in and pulled it close to my bed so that he could hold my hand throughout the night to comfort me.

Merry Maisel

My brother, 73, with MS, was treated in the Prebys Cardiovascular ICU for a urinary tract infection this past Saturday and Sunday, the third time in four months that this has occurred. This time (and last), he had to be intubated, his wife and I were told, because the infection had proceeded to the point where he had difficulty breathing. On Monday morning, the tube came out and he was transferred to the seventh floor of the Browning building, with no assignment to any attending physician. He received one or two of his sixteen regular medications, plus one antibiotic pill. He received no meals, as far as he knows. When I visited today, there was not even a pitcher of water in the room, although there was a lot of random debris on the counters. This hospital, like its companion UCSD, is able to transfer a very sick elderly man around like a tennis ball in a game of catch without anyone looking to see what the record says or what he needs. The minute you complain, they are "very sorry you feel that way," and they do not acknowledge that you are actually complaining of mistreatment (i.e., they can smell lawsuits, but they can't smell the coffee). I am so very sorry that my brother moved here to San Diego to get better care than he was getting in a small town in Pennsylvania. I was so very, very wrong. The entire system at Scripps (and at UCSD as well) is an abomination. Hospitalists don't talk to outside physicians and vice versa. No piece of information given or shared can change any initial assumption. And no piece of information travels twelve inches unaltered. As in most places, the nurses and aides are excellent, hardworking, overworked, underpaid, and badly led people. But the doctors appear to be holographic projections. What my brother needs most is for his various doctors---a primary care physician and a neurologist and someone cognizant of his entire ER experience---to hold a conference to make a plan for his care and rehabilitation so he won't keep coming to the ER on the point of death. Is that possible? No. Not under this system. The thing they seem to dislike most is, well, how to say this? Patients. They don't want patients making all this trouble for them. The best you can expect is care that won't trigger a lawsuit, and what you get is indifferently delivered (although hidden under the sweet talk of nurses), because all sorts of systems are in place to assure that anyone who really has control and could exercise it will never be able to do so. I'm sure the better doctors run screaming. If only the whole city could abandon these prized icons and medical anchors that have two entire cardiovascular centers within a stone's throw of each other--yet cannot keep track of, um, what're they called? oh yes, patients.

Ralph Montgomery

Nice and clean with decent staff that’s accommodating

Gavin Zau

Attentive staff. Good parking. So facilities are nice and clean

Brad Almy

I was born here in 1956 to an opiate addicted mother. I am still alive and quite healthy...Thank you and God Bless.

Bill Brady

Emergency Department hit me with a bill for THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS even though I have amazing insurance. My physician told me my condition was EMERGENT and to go to the ED so I did. I am a clinician and I would never go to the ED unless my condition truly warranted it. Next thing I know the ED physician at Scripps Memorial La Jolla coded my visit as non-emergent and I get hit with THOUSANDS of dollars in bills. DO NOT USE SCRIPPS ER UNLESS YOU LIKE GETTING BILLED THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS!!!

C Wah

Be careful!!! Dishonest billing? Balance billing patients? With a protruding jugular vein while on vacation I called my insurance company to find an in network provider. On my way there, I called Scripps Hospital directly and verified I would receive in network care as well. My husband also called Scripps from his cell and verified I would receive in network care. I just received a bill for $833 bc apparently Scripps Hospital (in my network) assigned me a doctor who is not in my network outside my knowledge or approval. Dr Gromis, apparently accepts Medicare but not Blue Cross. The contracted amount for my care is $250. My co-pay $25. And I am billed $833. I have paid the doctor the $275 and am told I still owe because they are a different provider from the hospital. I called billing. I called the hospital. Conveniently, the doctor doesn’t have an office that I can locate. This is a “typical practice”, assigning out of network MDs without informing the ER patient. Protruding jugular at 2AM and I verified 2x prior to arrival care would be in network. Please contact me Scripps. Seems pretty simple the MD should accept the contracted amount. No one intended this to happen. Will update if resolved- but Stay away- deceptive insurance practices. And no one replies or cares so far.

Marissa Stwart

I was on vacation in San Diego and started bleeding heavily from a previous procedure I had at home. The ER nurses were awesome but the post op nurses Engle and Kim were exceptional! I was so scared and if it weren’t for them it would’ve been such a bad experience. Thank you to everyone there!

Samuel Newman

Best Hospital and ER in the area.

Trinity Gunner

Took my wife to the ER, took 2 hours to be seen. The nurse forgot about us, it took us asking how long to see the doctor before they did anything.

Eugenio Ascanio-carrera

Horrible wait times, three hours plus just to see a nurse. You’ll have better luck just fixing whatever is wrong with you on your own

irene r

If you want to be treated like a piece of s..t this is the best hospital they don't care about your loved ones the workers are always angry ,front desk very bad service they always answer you with a attitude, if you don't tell them to clean the rooms and change the sheets they don't do it I'm soo disappointed with this hospital supposed to be one of the best ones and is the worst one, do you imagine heaving that horrible pain on you chest because the person you love is very sick and you cant do anything about it, go to the hospital and then they receive you with a bad attitude the patients room and sheets with blood everywhere for me that is horrible they don't care about the patient ooh if you are going to stay the night with the patient do not go to the restroom outside where the front door is because you can push the bottom 20 times, they will answer,but they going to leave you waiting 10 to 15 minutes be sure to have a sweater with you

Cherie Keirstead

The most caring and attentive staff.

Omar Sabbagh

Stay away 100 feet from them If you are a patient who needs a screening procedure. The financial departments are not professional and not aware of what they’re doing. Basically they pull you into the procedures they recommend and as a cash patient I ask for an estimate so I can find out my finances. They charge me over $2300 and they told me that my account should be all set. A few weeks later they sent me a bill over $760

Susan Hirsh

Patient treatment was great, everything that followed is some of the worst customer service I have ever received. I was doubled billed for the same exam and suturing by the doctor and again by the hospital. No one is able to explain this to me and I get a complete run around. I will never return for treatment.

John Sadler's Auto Repair

This post is for the 25 year old man that can't speak anymore due to the fact his doctor misdiagnosed him and gave him the wrong treatment. He can't speak anymore due to the fact the Treatment Killed Him Last Month! Natasha was my nurse on November 16, 2018. She was just transferred from the Heart patient care unit. Natasha gave me an Injection , I immediately vomited, got really sick and my face got numb and tingling. I was due to be released at noon and i couldn't leave till 7 pm. Went to the Emergency Room two times in two weeks after being released from the hospital due to Natasha's Injection. Dr Mark Rally Pe misdiagnosed me and gave me the wrong cancer treatment which gave me right kidney failure and phenomena! Took 3 doctors to bring me back to life. Dr. Chang, Dr. Naitoh and Dr. Boyd all told me I was Gravely ill and put me in Isolation for 5 days and informed me i was there by a Direct Result of Dr. Pe's treatment. In closing, 7 months later with a very damaged bladder and facial numbness and tingling I feel very blessed to be alive after learning about the 25 year old man who died. The director of the hospital Mark Sherman din't see anything wrong with what happened to me. I requested to be at the next Hospital Board of Directors meeting and Mark Sherman's assistant stated that " my condition didn't meet the requirements to see the board".


Only one anesthesiologist in labor and delivery. My daughter suffered for hours waiting for an epidural. Worst care I've witnessed yet and this is my 5th time welcoming in a grandson. Disgusted.

Edith Felker

Scripps saved my life. Thank you!

Pratap Shah

I came to the emergency and I the lady at the front desk was very rude. She did not even respond properly when we talked to her. People at front desk need to be people friendly. I get it that she has to see hurt and sick people every day and if she doesn't like it , then she should look for some other career.

melisa spangler

My review on the website, I am going to have surgery there & I am nervous about, I was trying to find a picture of the rooms, can't find one, called to see if tours were offered, was transferred 4 times and no tours unless you're having a baby. What are you trying to hide? Why can't I see a room? I need to feel comfortable and right now I don't, I have been to imaging and I am not happy with the fact it looks as everything is outdated and needs replacing. Please, i hope my room isn't going to be the same way. May be I'll just sneak a peek on my own.

Nantschya Wirunantmetin

It was so difficult to get through the staff for scheduling. My first time I did ask about if they got my blood test from previous doctor 4 times and they said no. I asked to make sure if they got everything they need for my first visit because we had to drive more than an hour for the visit. And the staff said they need anything, they would call back. Otherwise they got everything. Sure enough, they did not have all they needed. I saw the doctor and had to get blood test later . Had to wait almost an hour to be seen. Otherwise the doctors were nice. Blood test was quick. But I got an intern who drew my blood on one arm and did several pokes until I had to say please stop. It was traumatising. I knew she was an intern so I tried to be patient with the pain so she could practice.

Aaron Goulding

6th floor and Cath Lab - Thank you for a wonderful experience!

Linda Matheny

Been here 9 years!! Awesome staff, great coworkers. I was also a patient and received best care in ever!! We are in top 50 in US in healthcare.

Roddy Rod

Eye Care of La Jolla is a HORRIBLE office with completely incompetent and rude staff. Their office manager (looks like a cafeteria lady, big old with short hair and crooked teeth) is the worst. She should be fired and sent to Siberia for hard labor. Dr. David Michelson should be ashamed for hiring these people.

owen schmidt

In general, all services provided thus far are good, the positive interactions with health care professionals was as expected. The appointment making process and follow through returning messages is frustrating and downright horrible. In any business, those who handle phone calls, make appointments and follow up on patient requests really influence the total experience and in this department, Scripps fails miserably. When making a decision where to go for your health needs, receiving good customer service will always lead you back to the same facility. Once I conclude my medical issue, knee surgery, I doubt I will ever go back to Scripps voluntarily again..

Brianna Wray

ER was the best I’ve been to. No wait, super super friendly staff, and the ER doctor was the best I’ve ever had. I’ve had some of the absolute worst experiences in the ER and coming here was the best decision I’ve made.

Paul N

My mom has been in the hospital for 1 week and 1/2 and today we got discharged to go to a rehab center. I can't say it enough but the nurse at SICU and the nurse on 5th floor are truly amazing. They worked super hard to take care of my mom and because of them, she is getting better every day! I just want to give a huge shout out to this nurse named Monica (Don't know her last name and she's Hispanic) on the 5th floor... She is an excellent nurse and truly a caring, sweet and helpful nurse. I honestly wanted to cry when we were getting discharged because Monica and other nurses made us feel like family and always caring for each and every single of one us. Thank you for taking care of us!

Rita Hopkins

Saved my husband’s life I cannot complain 3 stars for the billing issues I am now going through

Andrea Morales

Felt very modern and clean. I love my doctor and the nurse who helped me was awesome!

Twytchy Paskovich

Horrible wait, had to actively hunt down the doctor to be seen, and when he did he discharged her without doing anything meaningful. Had to go to a different hospital where we learned that they missed an 8" long sharpie-width abcess in her leg. Go anywhere else that your insurance covers

Karen Moore

I cant say enough positive things about this hospital. Staff is very friendly and skilled. Arvin in the nuclear department conducted some tests which took a lot of time. He stood out as among the top in terms of care, skill, and making me feel comfortable. He honestly made my time the best it could possibly be. He is the BEST and i will alway remember my experience with him!

Tim Marsh

Emergency Room. Medically they are good. Billing wise they are not. They use contracted doctors from La Jolla Emergency Specialists who are out-of-network and not contracted with your insurance. You will get a surprise bill for the balance. How do you request an in-network doctor during an emergency?

Janet Kiley

I write this on my ninth day of hospitalization following a serious accident. I have had plenty of time and contact with the entire staff, without one negative incident. I couldn't be happier! The entire experience, although very traumatic and painful...was tempered by the kind, patient care and support of the staff. I am hoping to go home soon, but I will never forget the wonderful care I have received at Scripps Memorial Hospital.

Moataz Hamza

The level of care my family and I have received here over the past decade has been consistently excellent. The Doctors have always been compassionate and have always patiently discussed each plan of care meaningfully with us, and with sincerity. Every time my family has needed professional medical care, and especially emergent care, we’ve made our way here. The Nursing Staff are also outstandingly compassionate and diligent. I’m thankful for the care my father, my children, and I have received here over the years.

gary iliffe

Emergency room was excellent, will get trauma and go there again. Great and caring nurses on 5th floor PCU! The food in the lower level leaves much to be desired.. Last the parking, was ok, $10 one day $25 for a week, free at emergency room.

Hana Bohlala

Bad experience; in emergency room the Doctor doesn’t have any ethical behavior, he tells so bad news even before he wait for that

Stacy Lynn

Only hospital i will go to. Super clean and fast. Best hospital in my opinion

Tim Colling

A family member was recently treated at this facility, both in the Emergency Department and then later on an inpatient basis. The medical care that she received was excellent, the staff were all very professional yet caring and warm, and the facility itself is very clean, modern and fresh. If you have to go to the hospital, this one is a great choice!

Jess Martinez

Idk about the rest of the hospital but when I had my son years back it was an amazing experience. The Nurses were super nice & helpful. As a first time mom I was obviously scared & the nurse was very supportive. Room was very clean. After my emergency c-section they made sure I was comfortable & that I still bonded with my baby. They even brought in the crib & special lights into the room since my baby had jaundice. When it came down to breastfeeding they send a specialist to help. When we finally were ready to check out they send us home with a bunch of freebies & even a handmade baby blanket. I can't say enough good stuff about my experience there.

Maya Gomez

This is my first time visiting an ICU my grandmother had heart surgery 8/24 it was a success however on my visit to cardiovascular building I brought some flowers and was completely unaware they weren't allowed I asked for directions to her room from the nurses who clearly saw the flowers and even commented on how beautiful they are and they still let me into the ICU it wasn't until I walked up to my grandmother's room that my aunt who was watching over my grandmother at the time told me that we're not allowed to bring flowers and I immediately reacted and took them back to the nurses and they held them for me that should have been the first sign that at this hospital they are horrible communicators UC the heart surgeon that performed the procedure on my grandma never reported back to us for around a week we were given a completely different heart surgeon I had no idea what was going on when I visited her she was eating she was well alive but she still had to continue breathing through these tubes unfortunately due to the neglect in the miscommunication the tube was left in her for too long and it caused an infection shutting down one of her lungs she died on the 3rd of September instead of carrying her wishes we were told that there is a 79% chance that if we put her on this revolving machine whatever is in her lungs will come out 3 days past I finally walked into that room with the revolving bed and they have a sheet of paper to catch whatever's coming out of her lungs and there was some mucus but mainly blood so we came to the conclusion that she will not be coming home in two weeks just like the heart surgeon promised I do not recommend this Hospital the neglect and the miscommunication will turn your loved one into an experiment for many "hope worthy" procedures save yourself the grief

Zhenhua Chen

This review is about their billing department. A TOTAL MESS. Had a medical bill 10 MONTH ago and there was some dispute between insurance company and the hospital. The billing is really a mess here.

Karen Sadiri

On August 9, 2018, My husband had an Anterior Cervical Discectomy and Fusion (ACDF) level 3 surgery. The Neuro surgent who performed the operation was Dr. Scott Leary. The staff at this hospital had outstanding service. Everyone I encountered did an excellent job. We like to thank Dr. Leary, her assistant Tracy Sebastian and other staff such as my anesthesiologist Dr. Lee in operating room. We also would like to thank other such as Ms. Fereshteh (means Angel) in recovery room who applied the IV, Kylie Bolton, RN, Benjamin Brewer, RN, Chelsea, RN, Ju, Diane, RN, Megan, RN, and Laurie, PT. Kylie, Chelsea, and Ben were the most pleasant RNs that I have countered. They went out of their way to make my husband stay at hospital very pleasant. The room was also very clean. Tracy Sebastian always had smile. On Saturday, August 11, 2018, Dr. Leary was performing other back surgery. Tracy Sebastian cut short and came to visit me and release me from the hospital. The surgery went so well that my husband did not have any complication. Again, we would like to thank everyone.

Robin Upton

I sat in the surgical waiting room for 4+ hours and was tortured with CNN news reporters arguing over politics on their TV. It made it very stressful to hear arguing on the TV while your stressed waiting for a loved one to come through surgery. On top of the arguing that was occurring, they played over and over again all the women's accounts of being sexually abused, on CNN. Can't they turn it to something more neutral like a travel channel or a diy channel.

Boyce Fish

Dropped my headphones in the waiting room, my bad. As the waiting room was empty when I was there I called within the hour, neither staff at registration nor security could bother to look for them. Seriously. Neither would look. Felt like I had called United Airlines. Both blamed he other for not looking.

Guy Robinson

Went to the Emergency room in the early morning hours. No waiting thank goodness. Was having chest pains. The staff of Nurses were on top of things. I hadn't been there for more than just a few minutes and I was being taken care of. That dedication saved my life. If it wasnt for this Hospitals awesome staff, no telling what might of been my fate. I am very grateful to the Nurses and Doctors of this Hospital.

Patricia Brown

WARNING: The Scripps Memorial Emergency Room may be in network for your insurance, but it employs OUT-OF-NETWORK physicians to treat you!!! I got stuck with a $1000 bill after I went to the ER with a broken foot in November 2018. I have Cigna employer-based GREAT insurance. Scripps has been my provider for over 20 years. It's really UNFAIR to advertise yourself as an in-network facility and then go and employ out-of-network physicians. In a patient's most vulnerable moment when they can't "check first" or say "please don't give me an out-of-network provider", you can end up with out-of-network bills. Cigna attempted to negotiate with the provider for months to no avail. I'm now stuck with the bill over $1000.00--not for the hospital but for the ER physician Dr. Shawn Evans. I guess after 20 years, I'll try the UCSD ER room to see if their policies are any different. Or I'll go to an in-network urgent care!!!

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