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REVIEWS OF San Gorgonio Memorial Hospital IN California

Hemet Reviewer

Worst hospital ever! Do NOT go here for any reason. My first born was delivered here. Didn't tell us our son had heart problems, did not help us with learning how to feed or properly feed amount, didn't tell us or give us any help. Ended up at a real hospital, loma linda children's hospital to find out everything. Your better off giving birth at home than here. And if your kid of any age gets sick, don't go here. They don't know how to care for kids, or babies. Used over sized needle to try to give iv. Bruised his hands and made us look like bad parents. Loma linda taught us everything and saved his life. Never ever go here! You have been warned.

Patrick Karg

Was sitting in the waiting room of the ER and watched someone fall out. The admittance staff just stood laughing like it was no big deal. Not what I would expect from a healthcare facility.

Ivan Reyes

Worst experience EVER!!! I have 5 kids so I've been in and out of plenty of hospitals and have never waited this long especially for my 1 yr old. This place is either short staffed or poorly ran. Still here waiting for help, all they have done is check blood pressure and weight. She has a deep cut so might need stitches or something i still dont know im still waiting for their help for the last 7 hrs here in this waiting room. NEVER AGAIN

james spaulding

I was just discharged from your hospital at your hospital and was abruptly woken by a nurse I hadn't even seen 1 time in the 3 hours I was here. She continued yelling very loudly and seeing it was 4:30 in the morning I asked to talk to my doctor. I was refused. So I was very rudly asked to to go to the lobby and call my ride. On the way out I asked the security to talk to her supervisor. I was told you been discharged and need to leave. When asking the security guards name he was very rude, obviously friends with the nurse, and refused to give his name. I have been to this hospital many times and never been treated so rudely. Obviously your night shift has some manners to learn from the day shift. As I need a heart transplant and have had a bad heart since 333, now 50, I have been to almost every hospital in the area. Redlands is the only one that has been as blatently rude. As I was writing this review I was told by your no name security guard that I was loitering and I had no rite to talk to his or any bodies supervisor . what is going on ?shame on you no name.

Blanca Olmos

Awesome staff, fast, efficient and polite. I would recommend this hospital, to anybody and everybody who needs urgent care!


Best hospital I have ever seen!

Lyle Pascoe

Went there with chest pains make told me it was my medication a month later I had a major heart attack and they put in a stint at another hospital

Christopher Foster

This is my first time here, I have been here a little over an hour (admitted 6:30am) and I have already been admitted, had blood tests done, pain meds administered, had an EKG, two chest xrays, a CAT scan and have been seen by a doctor, and by registration. The staff are extremely friendly and courteous, the place is not over crowded, is very sanitary, and overall this has been the best emergency room experience of my life.

Brice Murrie

I went into San Gorgonio in 2017 feeling like I was dying. I could barely walk and was in so much pain it was unbearable. After a two hour wait they took an X-ray and sent me home saying that "I probably coughed too hard" and that's why my side hurt. I was in so much pain that the next day I decided to go to Hemet Hospital for a second opinion. Hemet hospital actually recognized that I was on death's doorstep and took me in immediately. I had pneumonia (and a fever of 105) and my left lung was practically filled with fluid and it was pushing on my heart. The Xray tech mentioned that I had so much fluid in my lung it was impossible to miss. I was in the hospital for a month it was that bad. Thanks for nothing San Gorgonio. If I had listened to you guys I would be dead

Daniel Ramon

I was hospitalized last year for 10 days due to a diabetic coma but I’m better now, the staff was extremely friendly and always happy. My time there while in pain was very nice

Gage Ainsworth

I went to the er here a total of 2 times for dizziness and swelling in my lower left jaw. The first time I was prescribed antibiotics. The second time I came in I was given a Shasta cola and pushed out of the door. By this time the swelling was to the level that I had issues opening my mouth and talking. The swelling made the left side of my jaw bulge. I went to the urgent care down the street the next day and they sent me to the er in Montana where they had to perform surgery on my face so the swelling wouldnt crush my wind pipe.

FasT_Ed MuM_E

All I can say is that I wished I had delivered my other 2 children at this hospital. I delivered my baby here and stayed for 3 days. This was the best hospital. ALL the nurses at the maternity ward are amazing!!! The nurses at the recovery room also amazing. Everyone treated me like really!!! Their food is very good and the hospital is also very clean. Its a small private hospital and I had a room to myself. I highly recommend this hospital. I want to thank all the AMAZING nurses (too many to name) that took care of me and my baby. May God bless you all and continue giving you that passion to take care of others. I'll never forget my stay here.

Brianna Martinez

Moving to the area several months ago it was nice to have an urgent care so close. Friendly staff all smiles and polite. Hospital I guess is typical for small city life. Waiting area was a bit tight with limited seating but I understand being an ER nurse. Families come in numbers. I didn’t think it was appropriate for food to be eaten in view of lobby by personnel. My apology for a delayed review. Settling in to the city is a big change for us .Thank you for recommending the outpatient XRay center. Us nurses need to stick together. All in limited on some resources for hospitals but a good urgent care with compassion and competent staff. Thank you all.


I have zero negative response regarding the ER staff to the nursing staff. everyone was wonderful. The ER doctors were quick to find the problem and respond to it. I was admitted two different times in the same month, for different reasons. I was very happy with DR. Konduri who saw me through the ER and followed me through the hospital stay and would thank the G.I. who saw me if I knew his name. Though much of the first stay was mostly a blur I easily remember the nursing staff and how compassionate they were, how quickly they responded to my calls. My son also told me how much he liked them. I was a very sick woman and they were great. I would thank each and every one of you if I could just remember your names. For the nursing staff who took care of me and might read this thank you! As I can't remember all of your names, there were many of you. Thank you for your kindness, compassion, concern and professionalism!

James Reed

Best and cleanest hospital I have ever been in the staff was so great tracie the nurse in the delivery area of the hospital and all hospital staff were great tracie explained every step that she was doing to my g/f and our newborn baby if I could give them 100 stars I would thank you everyone for making this a awesome experience jim heather & zoey

Monica Young

The staff is great! Never waited long. Great care.The administration is horrible!!! Won't go there Becouse of that. Its a shame

Jason Flo

I’ve been to the ER here twice. My longest wait was just around 35 minutes and they are packed. Great service, care and attention to details.

Lindsay Stephenson

All the nursing staff had good bedside manner, the PA on staff listened and helped. She seemed as if she actually cared. It was a pleasant surprise after all the negative things associated with this hospital

Wesley Latham

Real nice staff especially nurse Valerie on top of everything really nice thank you Valerie for taking good care of my mother

Debbie Micca

HORRIBLE! my sister had severe pain in her hip, they didn’t even take an X-ray! They didn’t even provide a wheelchair after releasing her without a diagnosis but with pain meds! I had to come to Banning and get her to Redlands hosp where she was diagnosed with a BROKEN HIP and needed immediate surgery!!!

Bill Watson

San Gorgonio Memorial Hospital has been a blessing for me and my wife. We have visited the hospital ongoing on and off since we moved to the area ten years ago and I'm proud that they are close by. They are the closest professional community hospital and I get treated like family when I'm here every time.

kristy baxter

This hospital is a joke. They are very unprofessional and sit behind the counter on their phones. They tell you they are going to help you and then avoid making eye contact when they see you. I sat at this hospital for 12 hours waiting for someone to help me and i got absolutely no help.

Greg Dufresne

Amjad Manassra

Toooooo slow, waited 6 hours in the emergency room that's unacceptable.

Ashlie A

We have been here twice and both times the staff was nice. This last time the doctor I saw was very nice and took time to see why I was experiencing what I was. Thankfully they found out what was going on and they wrote my scripts and got me discharged. Fast and efficient!

Christin N

The Doctor almost cost a woman her life! My mom was with a woman who had eclampsia. She was in the ER. The doctor wouldn't call an ob nurse even though she was going into labor with eclampsia. Luckily my mom is an OB nurse and professor and there was another nurse with them. The doctor wanted to check for everything else and ordered blood tests. Still didn't call for an ob nurse. My mom was livid. The woman started bleeding out because her blood wouldn't clot. The doctor said he was waiting for the test results to come back. SHE WAS BLEEDING OUT!! My mom told him she was going to bleed out and die before he got the tests back. My mom and the other nurse had to take control and tell him what to do to save this woman's life. No one thought she would make it. She definitely wouldn't have made it if my mom and the other nurse that came with them weren't there. This was an ER doctor. We're trusting our lives to doctors like this? He almost killed a woman because he wouldn't take proper steps. My mom made sure she was transferred to another hospital. Surprise, suprise, once she was transferred, she was better. This happened Sunday. This is only one of many bad experiences I've heard from people. None of them are minor either.

Breanna Ishmael

Very unprofessional! My mother who is very ill and has many disabilities was really mistreated and disrespected. Trence Clark M.D. was a very unprofessional and a very very disrespectful man telling my mother with a cold blooded attitude that she is a drug addict! Now this woman has so many problems with her healthy she was diagnosed with costoshonditis, diabetes, high blood pressure, she has had 12 knee surgeries on the left knee and 2 one her right knee, also a stomach stapling that has been malfunctioning over the years causing a hole in her stomach from the loose staples floating in her stomach, she had many bleeding ulcers in the past, also including lower back surgery of a L4 and L5 fused together cause of arthritis and a C1 and C2 fuse in the neck also cause of arthritis no cartilage between both, also kidney surgery cause of a large kidney stone logged in the tube she had to be cut in almost in half in order to get it.. anyways there are a lot more problems that she has been dealing with through out her years and for a 57 year old lady it has tooken a toll on her so of course she's been on many pain meds honestly what person hasn't but let me get something straight here my mom has been narcotic free for 3 yrs and denies all narcotics her doctor tried to prescribe her, I am very proud of this lady but at the same time I hate to see her go through all that pain everyday.. now let me include that this so called doctor trence Clark M.D. told my mom while he looked at her face exactly in these words "I want to take a good look at your face so I know not to treat you again" now I don't know how you all think this is professional but I feel he should have his liscence medical profession taken from him and ban him from working under any medical treatment again, i will be calling this hospital to speak with the head person and complain about this so called doctor and hope to god he will not be treating any other patients like he did with my mom. -Breanna ishmael

Betsy Diamond

This is the best hospital.The nurses and Dr's are amazing and so compassionate and friendly. By the time you leave this hospital you end up feeling like you've made me friends. Even the workers taking care of the billing and insurance stuff are so friendly. We have Kaiser Permanente insurance but I'd rather go to San Gorgonio Memorial Hospital for all my family's emergency room visits! We've had to go here for emergency aide for both illness and injury and everytime we have, the care has been exceptional. Everytime we've been here, we've never had to wait out in the waiting room for more then 10 mins before being called back to a room. Once in the room things go fast. The Dr. comes in fast, the x-rays and tests are fast. We've had to go here at all different times of the day, so I think the service must always be great and fast no matter what time you go. I recommend San Gorgonia Hospital to everyone!

david deleon

Never seen a bunch of idiot people like this .. I was told i couldnt see my daughter in her room in the emergency .. i waited almost two hours and watched numerous people go in and out without any problem .. then was told its too late but there was people still in her room and other rooms.. when I asked the desk why I couldnt go in they said hold on let me ask ..then two security gaurds came up to me and said i cant go in..When i asked them why they answerd i dont know.. and still wont let me talk to a doctor and refused to let me in the room.. im waiting for the nurse to call me back ..I will write what happens later..


My trip to the San Gorgonio Emergency room started at roughly 10:30 pm on the night of Jan 11th. I told my wife to call 911 as I believed I was suffering or about to have a heart attack. EMT's from the Beaumont fire dept arrived shortly after she called. Thank You Payton and Betsy for taking care of me, you guys are a credit to your profession. Upon arrival we were greeted by a very friendly, caring and professional staff. As busy as they were, they still took control of the situation and treated me with haste, genuine caring and concern . I can't remember everyone's name but I can tell you from the EMT's I mentioned to my first nurse Brian to my last nurse Valerie and every person in-between that this was one of the best run Hospitals I have ever been to. It takes a special kind of person to do what you guys do, caring for the sick and saving lives. I was lucky to be on the receiving end of such compassion, empathy and professionalism. I thank you, ALL of you for making me feel like I was somebody.

hitoishi pranayan

Seriously, she just told me before anything, it’s gonna be very long wait. Is this really an emergency or what. I brought my mom since she’s been having bad neck pain. First I took her to the urgent care, they referred her emergency since her condition is not that good. Front staff very rude. I really miss Kaiser permanent where they give the best service.

Gini Sorenson

On the night of July 6th my husband became very ill - I rushed him to San Gorgonio Memorial Hospital - we received wonderful care and I don't remember everyone's name who helped us, but would like to give special recognition to Dr. Clark, nurse Aimee and security guard Andrew - they were so very kind, thoughtful and professional - I am so proud that we have such a terrific hospital in our community

Captainblue 861

Muñeca R

I went to emergency n July 20th, poor service from the Dr Singh Karan and his nurse, he was more concerned about having me there for more than a day than to give me a pain pill, they don't work as a team, TO POOR SERVICE, if you can go somewhere else do it so. The woman by the lobby were great.*

Traci Deprest

Empty ER over staffed, and an entitled nurse who has a attitude of he is bothered by a question

hugo de la torre

8/31/17 I came with my son at 12:00 pm. Bcuz he got fever for almost 2 day is 2:30 pm and still waitng for some one.and they call me from the lobby to make sure down with my son on the hallway. In still waiting. Bad .bad bad getting bad hospital 3 hrs and still waiting

Tina Yang

They do thier best for patience but I would like if a patients family member is spending every night just to be a translator and be thier to help out the patient , atleast get a comfortable recliner or portable bed , etc instead of a chair that can't even recline at all and waking up with aching body muscles. They use to have portable beds but idk what happen, did they no longer want family member to stay or ?? But they are helping patience as going as possible it just the family member needed to be sleeping in a comfortable way

Suzanna O'Neal

5/18/2018 was my first visit to San Gorgonio hospital. We went to the ER, and I was so pleased with the staff that day!!! Dr Valenzuela and the nurses there were so attentive and caring. Although I was there for 7hrs it was very pleasant, despite the fact that I was in pain! Every staff member I encountered was amazing!! Radiology, CT scan staff, nurses, and the Dr handled me with care! My husband and I are so thankful for your outstanding patient care!! Your staff that day are forever in my prayers!! Thank you San Gorgonio Hospital!!

Mindy Ellinger

Horrible hospital worst case of medical neglagence ive ever seen it literally took them over 10 minutes to get to my mother after pressing the call button and telling them she couldnt breathe by the time we got them into the room she was not breathing and her heart barely beating. She is now intubated in the ICU. I have contacted a attorney.


This place was horrible! Unfortunately I had to go there twice. I had a stomach blockage that nearly killed me. I was sent to the ER at San Gorgonio hospital and the room I was in was dirty. Pills on the floor and not one nurse checked on me for 5 hours. When a nurse finally injected me with an IV with potassium, she was angry she couldn't find my vein and she was frustrated and she actually hurt me jabbing that needle in my arm. I was so angry I was almost going to call 911 so they can take me to another hospital. They kicked me out after 8 hours and I was still sick! I had to go to Redlands Community hospital where they kept me for 2 weeks and SAVED MY LIFE! Screw this place. Next time I'd rather die then to go to San Gorgonio! I'm serious! I'd rather die then to go there! No joke!

Serge Vinkov

This morning I had awful experiences with ER nurse who has complicated name kinda Xintau. Finally, I asked to change the nurse for my American family. She definitely hurt my feelings in Christmas. I feel so broken. How she got access for this job? What's happened with license system in the US health care? The ER doctor's communication was good.

Marcella Mediano

Rude nurses in natal department. Do not recommend having a baby at this hospital. I was very dissatisfied with the nurse's service. My daughter was in labor they sent here home three times. Her water broke no one checked. Finally she needed a c section cause bby was in distress. The nurses did not let her breast feed or hold baby after. I had to tell them too. While sitting there nurses closed our open door 2 times while they had a loud lunch.

Diana Angel

How can a Doctor give you a diagnosis in less than 2 minutes? My son has some wheezing dry cough that wouldn't go away. I finally decided to get it checked out. It was a Friday afternoon, therefore, his Doctor's office was closed.I waited in the waiting room for about an hour or so. When my son finally got seen by the Doctor he literally took less that 2 minutes with him and said he had asthma. They did a breathing treatment and gave him some other medicine to open up his bronchial tubes. That didn't help. He still had this gasping for air type caugh. I didn't want to argue. So I just left.

Jo Nunez

Was here for pain and nausea. The er was busy and there were several patients being disruptive. The nurses and technicians stayed focused. They were helpful and friendly. Only come here. Safe and clean.

ras gilleland

Anonymous Hi

Omg they're so amazing! Everytime I go the staff are always friendly and the wait times are literally shorter than a regular Urgent Care center. We went in tonight for my son and the staff were very empathetic, welcoming, and warming. They gave my son a coloring paper, stamp, and a pack of crayons, juice, popsicle and whatever else we requested. They did x-rays and labs within a lighting speed of time, and we were discharged almost two hours after checking in. The medical professional who examined my son was warm and reassuring. My experience with this hospital is always great and the only hospital my family and I utilize

Lisa Navarro

Horrible nurse named F.J in the E.R. cant believe he hasn't been fired they allow their employees to be rude and ignore the family's and patients. This nurse just didn't want to be there and you could see it in his behavior. I'm a Registered Nurse myself and would never allow someone like this to work in this environment. He has no empathy and zero professionalism.

C. Robert Olvera

This hospital has best caring, real big heart! number 1!, I ever have experienced, was stay for 3 days hospitalized after the endoscopy/ colonoscopy procedures, very good hard working staffs found my heart was beating uneven, I didn't know, couldn't feel it, surprise myself! I had to signed the consent at my own risk with thier highest professional skills at hard work, very successfully ! The doctors, nurses and staffs, both day & night did wonderful jobs, especially nurse Jennifer, I love her dearly, she did very good job at caring with advices on my health issues, humors each other, many things! Great foods!! Perhaps will go back for my next polyps surgery soon ! God bless you all at SGMH, I love you all too !!! Robert Olvera Rm. 110 B

Olav Emblem

Once you are admitted, you will find comfy beds, great food, clean rooms, and the best and the most friendly staff of drs and nurses. Best hospital I've been to.

Bill Coney

Icu staff goes above and beyond in taken care of patients and their families

Gilbert Mendez

On 12-27-2017 we came in the ER everybody was so nice and welcoming. It was a pleasure having Isaiah as a RN Nurse. He was Awsome did such a Great job on making our stay comfortable even though it was crowded and busy in the ER. Such a positive attitude, very kind and helpful.......he just made the difference. Thank You so much and keep doing what your doing!

June Aguilar

Daniel Flanagan

I will never return to this hospital again in my life. I should know better from the several (understatement) visits in my life being my local hospital my entire life. For over 15 years I have been dealing well documented illnesses due to this unknown condition that they can not diagnose even after my second endoscopy. I currently own and have ran business for the last 6 years, a father of four boys, quit drinking 7 years ago, and have never touched drugs. Regardless when I got there for help they have the nerve to tell me I am withdrawing possibly. I explained all this to them and they proceeded to leave me standing in a hallway moaning in extreme pain asking to be seen by anyone. Not one person came until my wife and mother showed up. I am tired of this hospitals unproffesionalism and judgementing attitudes from their MD staff. I will say the nurses are much better, but I refuse to work with their doctors. I would rather drive in pain 1 hour away to Desert Regional instead of dealing with this establishment ever again. After all this I made them discharge me immediately and told them I will not be returning. So here I am still in pain, but I feel better about t that than dealing with them.

Dovie Hahn

I was born at this hospital.. I'm alive and well.. so obviously it's not THAT bad.. 27 years ago.. fam didn't live in Cali for very long but both me AND my younger sister were born there.

jose garcia

Very friendly people and excellent attention thank you very much

Christina Mccory

Because in 2103 they helped save myself then

Stephanie Uribe

Rude nurses all that needs to be said.

Edward Rhoads

Sebastian Lopez

Ly Dionique

Looks a lot better than Hemet Valley Medical Center lawd Jesus

Travis Williams

Run as far away from this place as possible. Its by far the worst medical care and ER service I have ever come across in my life. The majority of staff appears to know nothing about anything medical related. High school-like girl drama is all the nurses seemed to take any interest in . I am convinced almost all of the registered nurses in the facility received their credentials from some scam online school. This place should be shut down.

Ana Lopez

madu dozie

SAN G is the best hospital in the world, WE WORK AS A TEAM AND LIKE A FAMILY!we love their patients with our hearts, and do our best to deliver excellent, and on behalf of SAN G, we sincerely apologize to everyone who may be displeased with any service rendered. we really do care. I LOVE THE PLACE WITH ALL MY HEART!

Patricia Gillespie

jingo kidd

Unprofessional burnouts at young age...

David Miller

Possibly the best staff ( especially emergency room ) I have ever encountered. Great job...........especially thanks to Claire Rupp.

SoCal Karebear

I had a bad experience, however i gave it a second chance. And im glad i did. Rose is awesome and so wonderful. She really listens to you all the bad and all the good. Can not ask for a better nurse.

Eden Ramirez

I would give this place a 0 stars but I can't This place is horrible when I went there they said I had the flu and I woke up that night went to the redlands hospital and I had pneumonia, and when my mom had to call 911 for my other mom they just brought in the structure and they should have checked her first and they didn't give my moms doctor the ct scans or the x Ray's

chris melby

Linda Hopson

My husband recieved attentive personalized care. The Emergency Room physician Dr Vasile performed thorough knowledgeable diagnostic review and has an excellent bedside manner. RN Molly provided excellent customer service and great care.

Daniel Villegas

Father in law went in for pain medication due to a serious illness and the doctor said he should go to rehab. Thanks for caring doc.

Tiffany Dooland

Hospitals are very hard to review because everyone's experience will be different. I've been here multiple times to see a family member. This is a relatively small hospital, so there is only so much that they can do here. There aren't many beds here, but the emergency room looks practically brand new and clean and well kept. The staff was friendly and hard working people. I've never been here as a patient, but they took good care of my family.

Brianna Mcgrew

Ryan Amaya

Worse labor and delivery. The nurses don't know what they are doing, there might be one or two who have even the slightest clue what they are doing. My fiance was delivering and was burning up so we asked if we could turn on the air or something to cool her down and they brought in a $20 fan and said that's all we could get. When we asked for an epidural, they took so long to bring it, she ended up delivering naturally, and believe it or not that's actually the happy story at San Gorgonio, later like idiots we came back because we were five months pregnant with our son, and my fiance was feeling pains, cramps, contractions, and low fetal movements. The nurse took thirty minutes to put a contraction monitor on her, when we asked if we could get an ultrasound and a physical check she said we have to wait for a doctor's permission. When she finally got the contraction monitor to work (supposedly) she said my fiance wasn't having any contractions and that it must be brackson hicks, and that we were good to go home. The next day my fiance was feeling the same thing but worse, so we drove to Redland's Community Hospital, immediately was physically checked, found out she was in pre-term labor, with her membrane's bulging out, they had been out for well over a day because she had an infection on them from being out too long, the doctors there estimated. They said that if they had found it a day earlier they could possibly have saved our son, but instead we were forced to give birth to him, and had to endure watching him trying to stay alive for just under an hour before he passed away. Again to reiterate, Worse place ever, if you value your family you will drive the extra 30 minutes and take them to Redland's Community Hospital.

Cynthia Rodriguez

I just want to say thank you to the nurses who attended to my husband on Jan. 11-24. He was there in ICU and if it wouldn't have been for you all I would have gone nuts with worry. Thank you so much for taking care of him when I couldn't. God Bless You !

Andrew Gardner

In January, 2019 I was experiencing severe stomach pain and shrugged it off as the flu. My RN wife told me I had better run to urgent care. The doc took a look and spot-diagnosed it as appendicitis and sent me over to San Gorgonio Memorial Hospital. Once there, I was very warmly received and triaged. The nurse was very personable, and made me feel like I was in good hands. She explained the process, including what would be expected if it WAS appendicitis. This allowed me to make arrangements with work and other upcoming obligations right from the hospital. The thing I remember most fondly about the experience was about 1am when I first arrived and was waiting on the diagnosis I was hooked up to the IV and the room was cold. I was just sort-of dealing with the cold room and falling asleep when the nurse unexpectedly put a nice warm blanket on me. When the physician notified me that it was in fact appendicitis, they scheduled an appendectomy for the next morning. The nurses and hospital staff was wonderful. They were caring and I could tell every step of the way they had my best interests in mind. Very glad we have such a well-run hospital in our community.

Jeremy Redkey

Michael Shipman

My mother was taken by ambulance to emergency in severe pain. We were told it was probably gall stones and they were going to keep her for further testing. I called the following morning to check her condition. I was told she was no longer there. It took several hours to find out she had been transferred to Riverside Community hospital. I asked why I was not informed, they said she signed the release form to authorize it. She is 87 years old, was on a morphine drip, and it was 11:30 at night when this took place. They also told me they don't have the time to notify the emergency contact I strongly disagree with that.


I love the nurses there... Not sure about the doctor that said there is nothing wrong and the little iv fluid I got long gone now. I'm left shriveled and in the state I came there in. Called the ER and they had no record of me apparently. As in only a couple hrs. Hard to provide for family of 5 and get such little care or answer... the nurses are great though... Not sure where to go now...

U Ocean

Worst hospital i have ever been to. Under staff. Dirty. Very unhappy wait time and still waiting.

Raquel Marqu


Courtney Palm Springs

Just waited over 4 hours to hear the staff super excited it was going to be their greatest capacity, record-breaking night in the ER... while I was treated like a factory assembly line by Carol Lam, PA. She lacked basic bedside manner and etiquette. Equally didn't do her due diligence. States I will not be better for work next day, yet never offers off-work order. Went for Diabetes complications, yet never asks my glucose levels. I won't dare go to this place again thanks to that experience.

Alex me

Went there for stitches after an accident. The ER couldn't be more helpfull and professional. From checking in to the dr. And nurses that helped. My wife was gratefull as well. It was busy but they knocked it out. Thank you

Laura Filian

Ed Newton

I went to the ER today- walked in and was seen within 10 minutes, I then waited less than 5 minutes to be seen by the PA. All said and done- less than 1 hour and I was out the door. Fantastic group. A wonderful, organized Staff.

Angela Blank

BECAUSE THEY SUCK! My daughter and son in law came in for delivery. The staff was rude insensitive and walked on all parental rights every which way they tried..(not mine but my daughters). Had her in tears over and over and so upset. Not ok!!! Was more worried about their own preferences they forgot to care for the patients mental and physical health. They caused unneeded,unnecessary emotional stress to my daughter,my grandchild,and my son in law. Not the way new parents, or family should be treated. Just un-professional, rotten bedside manner,out dated equipment and piss poor archaic practices and procedures. They most certainly failed to promote family unity. Im just appalled and extremely sorry that this was how their story of parenthood began. Needs to rethink their practices.

Richard Poirier

What a great place. I had two procedures done this week and the doctors and nurses were outstanding. They made me feel comfortable and safe the whole time I was there.

Minh Sou

D Romero

Bobby davies

Very nice and helpful staff. Quick to help us. Doctors explained stuff very well

Berenice Espinoza

My Family's experience with with this hospital is one of the best. Dr. Raffi is so helpful he definitely goes above and beyond to help his patients. My mother felt very week and out of breath we thought she had food poisoning. Dr.Raffi came to see us spoke to me asked about her medical history and order so many tests to make sure he found my mother problem. We were in the hospital for 4days and he was always concerned and on top of my mother health. My mother is now home feelling so much better. Thank you Dr.Raffi

John Micheals

Fantastic facility, staff and care. The cleanest and most modern facility and equipment I have ever seen! Unbelievable staff and care! Highest recommendation.

Margie Tanner


Jordan Gray

Everyone is considered a crack head upon entering this E.R. I came in with severe pains and sickness and was brushed off as a drug addict trying to trick them out of their pain killers. I was told, "I can't tell you what it is, but I can tell you a few things it isn't." Then dismissed with a "stomach cramp." The next night it was just as bad, so went back and was once again dismissed as having a stomach ache by the doctors. The ultrasound tech even told me that's why they wouldn't do anything about the pain! Rude, careless nurses, who gossip about their personal lives instead of helping patients, then say, "oh, sorry... you got put on the back burner. We were busy with other patients," after 8 hours of being curled up in pain and tears. The drive to palm springs or redlands is worth the time to avoid the abuses of this staff.

Marie Carter

This is the worst hospital ever I cannot get any information on my 4 year old daughter who had a bad reaction to something she ate and I work graveyard trying to find something out the er nurse was really rude

Nolan Simard

So after going to an urgent care and getting hardly any help with my pain, we went over to this hospital and right from the start they were cooperative and got straight to the point, they ran some tests, gave me a CT scan and boom just like that they already knew exactly what was wrong and what I needed to do to help it. They prescribed some medication and I was on my way, I'm feeling better now and my pain is practically gone, thank you guys for actually caring and not wasting my time by saying "you have tonsilitus bye"

brenda barajas

Every time we come its fast . Very clean and friendly staff.

Cecilia Camacho

My mom came came to the er Saturday morning feb 18th 2017. My mom got sick at work they called the ambulance and they took her there because it was the closest. I dont like that hospital has bad reputation and my mom has been complaining about her right side stomach. She had hard time breathing because of her pain. They took so many test on her. I had to tell the doc. Maybe it was her gallbladder it could be stones. He made a face and walk away and 5 min later they want to do a ultrasound found something kept her 4days and talked about surgery and nothing was done they release her amd now she in so much pain now im goinh to take her to redlands hospital.

Sam Ko

Tommy Meza

Excellent! I got great service care. They have great doctors, nurses, medical staff. Recommend this hospital to everyone who's in need of medical care.

Jen M.

Horrible hospital!

Estrella M

Margarita Ramirez

Why would it take OVER 2.5 hours of waiting in the ER to get a tetanus shot? Then after being called, patient was told it would be about 30 minutes for the person who is going to give the shot, to tend to this room. 30 minutes, if a person is going to be waiting that long why call them into a room? So disappointed with this hospital protocol for responding to patient care.

Rhedah Ingram

Great staff throughout!

Sophie Maldonado

Came on ambulance and left walking.great job as a team ..

Ef Yo

My wife visited San Gorgonio hospital for treatment. Dr. Karan Singh was helpful in bringing her pain down. The nurse was so friendly, helpful, and attentive. She kept asking my wife how she was feeling and was beyond what I expected. Thank you RN nurse ana.

Broly OG

Fast empty and on point

Alan Clark

Great hospital and great staff

Kristin Fielder

My husband was having a heart attack. We are Kaiser patients but this was the nearest ER facility. Our nurse was completely inept and the doctors weren't much better. The nurse (whose name was something like Bvelyn), said my husbands enzyme test came back negative so "he's probably just having gallstones". This was the second heart attack he's had (and he's only 46 y.o.) so he's familiar with them. Anyone with the slightest knowledge of heart attacks knows that enzymes from heart attacks usually don't rise until the next day, which is what his did and drastically. He was in the throes of a major attack and she was acting like we were overreacting. She was very slow to respond to our calls for help and always acted like we were annoying her. Thankfully, Kaiser got us transferred that night and my husband was able to have surgery at a Kaiser facility. Unfortunately, there is some damage to his heart which may have been caused by the delay in reaction from San G. Horrible hospital!

Glynis DelRosario

Sunshine Stewart

Im just looking for my sister in law nicole stewart I believe she work at the hospital

Taylor Lassiter

Wish I could give zero stars. Absolutely the worst experience ever. Had to call an ambulance for my boyfriend who was shaking, like convulsions, but still aware. Sweating. Pale face & blue lips. The ambulance said to just take him in my car to save us the $1500 bill but said they called to let them know he was coming so he could go straight back. We arrive, they told us is doesn't work like that and to sit & wait. We waited an hour an half before they called him into the triage and said it would be about another hour. We waited an hour and a half before I go ask how much longer to find out the lady didn't even send the paper work through, and about 12 more people had walked in after that so we were put to the back of the line. We got there at 8:30 pm and was there until 1:30 in the morning STILL without being called I proceeded to the desk and the lady told me very rude that it would be another 2 hours or so with only 4 people in the waiting room all of which we were there before they were. We just left & will NEVER go back. Go somewhere else!!

Desiree Freeman

ER is horrible. After waiting an hour to even be called on we got into a room and listened to the nurses gossip for about 20 minutes right on the other side of the curtain before the nurse talking said “ok well I’m gonna go to room 9 then I’ll get 2”. We are in room 2 and that 20 minutes gossiping could have gotten us seen 20 minutes sooner. Not the first time here and not the first time waiting hours, honestly spend your time driving somewhere else they do not care here.

thomas smith

Was great they took great care of my mother theirs to much to say and all is great with great people with big hearts keep it up

Emiliano Parra

"Best place to go for an emergency."

Erma Alfaro

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