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World Class Idiots. I brought in my brother for hear surgery and they had him walk from the lobby up and down cooridoors all the way to his room in an adjacent building. He had difficulty walking, had to hold the walls and I’m looking at this half wit from UCLA escorting us down instead of having the single IQ point inside that cranium of his to see him struggle and wonder if he needs a wheelchair. DeJaVu all over again. Had the exact same thing done by UCLA in Santa Monica for another heart procedure. Wow. UCLA you sure are word class - idiots. Once ? Sure, it’s a mistake. Twice in a row ? You have some basic problems with basic remedial competence and void of good judgement. I am floored every time I see a sign about UCLA and outstanding medical care - would that include checking in hear patients and having them hold the walls and basically limp to their hospital room? You look at this and go - wow - UCLA - if this is any indication of care or empathy for patients - then you’ll probably kill half the people coming through your doors. The fact that you are in a hospital and nurses, doctors, supervisors are watching someone struggle up to their room without anyone raising an eyebrow points to how UCLA takes care of business - sloppy - real sloppy. Truly pathetic level of amateurism not found anywhere else but unique to UCLA. Run. Runaway from UCLA as fast as you can. These people do not deserve to be in any sentence with the word quality. Half assed Medicine is what UCLA is all about. Half assed half wit medicine. Steer away from these lobotomy jobs in white uniforms. They clearly don’t know what they’re doing.

Michael B

The hospital and staff provided excellent care and service.

Jonathan Rudd

STRIKE! The CT (Computer Tomography) department Director willingly withheld vital information about the work environment during the interview. I started assignment April 8th and within 15 minutes on the job, I was informed by staff, I was there to cover the strike that was taking place on April 10th... Can you imagine being brought over 2000 miles away from your home only to learn you are in a bad situation? The director intentionally withheld information and intentionally put me in the middle of a labor dispute between the union and UCLA. I was never given the opportunity to decide if I wanted to put myself and career in a hostile environment. CT Department Director lacks accountability, integrity, and respect for those that strive to do the best for each and every patient they serve in the Los Angeles community. I soon found out that this director has done this with all previous traveling technologist ( no one was every told facility was having strikes or that they would be requested to cover those days with only little extra compensation for hours covered). This labor dispute is not new, but over 2 years and counting. UCLA hires traveler CT technologist for the purpose to cover strikes (periodically), and intentionally/ willfully does not inform travel technologist or the agency (the technologist works for) to avoid paying a striking contract( strike contracts cost more than a regular 13-week contract). I would rate this facility a 1 star if it wasn't for the good nature and quality of the workers that help patients day to day. The staff here gets 5 stars for they know the dirty and underhanded ways of the facility. They stated to me, "that is how UCLA does business", I must say, it's very shameful for such a place to do such a thing to us travelers that put our heart and soul into helping people in traumatic and life-changing events within the healthcare facility. I also refused to work any other strike days (one that took place May 16th, 2019) and the director stated to me, " I was hired to cover those days." I replied, " working strikes is not in my contract and we never discussed it." The following day a corporate manager from my agency called me and asked what happen, they received a not so favorable email that I missed work yesterday and UCLA was not happy. I stated to her, I called out for the strike day. She was confused and was not aware facility was having a strike and asked if I was on a striking contract, I stated no. Agency was not happy because of everyone losses out for the strike contract cost more, but it also informs Technologist of the situation they will be in. The nature of the environment was never told to my agency as well. For all future travelers, PLEASE make sure to protect yourself from UCLA and the UC system as a whole. Ask questions and stand your ground! I hope this was just the ongoing act of one rogue CT department director and not the system as a whole, but then again, this director may be doing what her superiors are ordering, I'm not sure how far up the ladder these misdeeds go.


I was in for brain testing in October 12th to 23rd. Because I was all wired up I couldn'dt leave the bed. All the nurses were very nice. I didn't ask for much, the nurses would come in and check up on me to see if I needed anything like a walk or something. I really loved it when the dogs came to visit me. My favorite one was Zanders because she fell in love with me. When it was time to leave she pushed her owner away.

Charles Holloway

Dr. Quinton Gopen and his team, Dr. Issac Yang and Dr. Jos'lyn Woodard and the Neurosurgery Team, the PACU and ICU nurses, the ancillary staff, the food service staff - indeed everyone at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center - I can say with absolute certainty that I made the right choice coming to UCLA for my surgery .... Everybody at this facility has exceeded my expectations. I am very grateful to everyone that has participated in my care. Thank you!

hurmast hurmast

very good because my wife born here so best service best doctors thank u for helping guys

iras mart

That’s the hospital when Michael Jackson died

Evan Buche

No where better to be if you are having health issues. The staff here sets the bar for excellence.

I am No Face

One of the best hospital cafeterias (and many restaurants) anywhere. Yes, some food is not the best, but overall they do a great job with an excellent salad bar.

E Trejo

Very clean, modern hospital. Staff are some of the most professional and dedicated.

Chip Onium

Love their knowledgeable staff and the kindness for each patient. Very impressed at the level of quality care.

Ben Gugled

My mother was hospitalized here waiting for a liver transplant, this was very hard for her and our family after months in the hospital she received her new liver. During the wait and after the surgery the staff were the best and we are thankful for all their work. From the cleaning staff to the surgeons, all have to commended for all they do. Thank you !

Lela Dennis

I've been getting my Prenatal care at UCLA Westwoods High-risk OB clinic for almost three months. Honestly everything has been wonderful. The staff members in the OB clinic, as well as in the FDU and L&D units have treated me so well. Here's why I leave one star: Recently I've gone through some really bad stressful situations in my pregnancy. So bad that, my case worker, a wonderful woman there named Joan, recommend that I go into UCLA Ronald Reagans emergency room for a psych eval. I took her advice and went. WRONG DECISION!!!!!! I was treated horribly there. I was constantly laughed at and provoked by the security guards there. Eventually the situation became physical. They had NO FEMALE SECURITY GUARDS there. So I was undressed and completely exposed to SEVERAL males while laying strapped down to a gurney. (I'm a recent survivor of human trafficking). I was grabbed, arms and fingers twisted into very hurtful and odd angles, as well as having my hair pulled and being hit in the stomach twice by a security guard. One security guard put the back of his forearm on my throat. I told them I could not breather. Their response? "If you're talking, you can breathe". (Mind you, I'm 8 months pregnant. And I'm a High-risk pregnancy). This happened two days ago. The experience was horrible. Horrible enough that I am looking to get my prenatal care at a different place now. Because this experience has just ruined the way I once felt about this place. If you are someone experiencing depression or just needing someone professional to speak to, DO NOT COME HERE!!! Especially if you are pregnant! When you come in as a psych patient, you literally lose every right you have. Even your right to be respected.


You will be died in this hospital. Most of my friends died in UCLA business not hospital. This hospital looks like a business that make people sick to make them come back to the hospital again.

Abraham Horowitz

Do nor come here. We have been held prisoner for almost 24 hours right now with a promos my son would be admitted. They did this knowing they didn't have any beds, and told us a half hour ago that there are no beds. We are still trapped here under armed guard waiting for the psych doctor to talk to us. This is the worst hospital experience of my life, and I was held prisoner at the Bremerton Naval Hospital at attention for six hours at attention with a kidney stone attack my a bad doctor. Side bar, that doctor was reassigned to combat duty after I complained to the hospital CO. Please, someone I castigate this hospital for malpractice, false imprisonment, and refusing care?

Trudy Avalos

My husband suffered a severe stroke and was in the ICU for 13 days. The nursing staff is the best I have ever come across. They are caring and its nice to see its not just one nurse but the whole staff!. The doctors keep you informed. Although I got the impression that they do not like you to ask to many questions.. The hospital is nice and very clean.. The parking is very expensive however.

Evan Daggett

A family member recently had a lung transplant at Ronald Reagan. Truly every staff member at the hospital was kind, patient, and helpful. The surgery was a success and I couldn't imagine it happening anywhere else.


Great Hospital in Southern California.!

Emily Little

The medical staff and volunteers made my Dad's hospital stay so much better than it could have been. In a scary situation for our family, their good natures and friendliness were so much more than we expected from a hospital. The building itself is gorgeous--designed by I.M. Pei and his son! And the facilities are pristine. Their $12 valet parking is the best deal in Westwood!

John Michalski

People I love have been well taken care of.

Alicia Martinez

I had an amazing experience here! All the nurses were so caring and very attentive. The admitting process was quick with great staff! My surgeon Dr. Gelabert was amazing and he had the best bed side manners! The discharging process was speedy as well.


Waited 3 Hrs to get seen in Emergency Room..Some staff believed I could walk even though I had torn my acl earlier that day.Wish I would've went to Urgent Care instead of ER at midnight. My fault slightly I'm just made at the ER BILL. Please go to Urgent Care if you can make it.$1200 Vs. $150 will save you.

Terry Tulak

World class facility, doctors, and support staff. We have several family members and Friends with serious medical conditions. We would go nowhere else. Very blessed to have this type of care in our own backyard.

Naomi Hsu

Many of the nurses who care for ICU patients are incredibly warm, compassionate, and gentle, and the 3 Wishes Project initiated by Dr. Thanh Neville is a wonderfully humane program that honors the lives of dying patients and helps families cope with loss.

Carl Porter

This hospital is the most helpful place I've ever been to. If your going to stay in a hospital you can't go wrong here. They have the most wonderful staff from the janitorial to the Head surgeons. Absolutely wonderful hospital.

Sean M.

I have to give one star for the way this was all handled, not only by the hospital but by the Ear Nose Throat doctor. Aug 31, 2018 was my surgery. I was not expecting it to be so involved for a minor surgery issue to clean out some infection and correct a little scar tissue. But on the day of, while my stress level was high and increasing, they are making you fill out forms...Why wasn't this done in the doctors appointments? Why wasnt I given the side effects or danger of?? As they were hooking me up to an IV, it was taking the nurse forever looking for a vein, meanwhile, im in pain just from the holes he was making in my arm, at the same time they want me to fill forms and to advise me of the side effects or what might happen if the surgery didnt work....Hey im only having infection removed from my sinus wth? Another Nurse took over and found a vein in less than 3 mins. I asked them, I only want the injection to knock you out, but NOTHING else....after the surgery, I discovered after the surgery and a break down of the cost, at almost $800 each, 12 different injections, one being "Unclassified" and three being pain killers....why do I need pain killers while knocked out?? The others, I have NO IDEA. The doctor told me before the surgery that she may be able to seal a hole that was made after a failed tooth extraction, left a hole into my sinuses, it is part of one of her specialties...The dentist who performed the tooth extraction years before, did not review the xray to see that the root extended into the sinus cavity! (that means, YOU DONT PULL IT) This is why I continue to have sinus infections...After the Surgery I questioned my doctor why she didnt seal the hole, the ENT doctor tells me "No, I dont that, you have to see an oral surgeon....Yet no Oral surgeon will touch it because it's a sensitive area. Another ENT doctor told me that he cant touch the sinuses until the hole had been why did a UCLA doctor perform the surgery knowing the hole would still exist. As of today, I'm in a major crisis with a sinus infection and a huge medical bill from a failed UCLA operation and NO one is willing to help! The infection, is behind my eye now as I am losing my eyesight on the side of my infection, as others said if it reaches the brain, I could die.....Oh well, I guess this is what they mean...Life is Short! I will never trust another Doctor or Dentist again...all they care about is the thousands of dollars they make for their multi million dollar mansion! And of course, while you are wigged out on the stress, they let you sign the papers that say "You cant sue us if we F*** you up" At least, if I do die from this infection, I wont have to pay the $12,000 medical bill...The entire bill was $120,000 just to do surgery on a minor sinus situation! The UCLA DOCTOR SHOULD NOT HAVE PERFORMED THE SURGERY KNOWING THE HOLE COULD NOT BE SEALED UP! Why have the surgery then if another infection will occur??????? I'm also losing all my teeth because of the infection and the failed Sinus surgery, so Im doomed either way.

Araceli Macpherson

some of the best facilities in the country. The staff are amazing and are always ready to go. Our visit was flawless and we appreciated all the hard work of the staff and doctors

Rezvan Easy


Maria Ines Quesada

My friend is Happy with the doctors and staff

Alejandro Ruiz Aviña

Excellent service, but prices are really higher than usual. Went there for 3 times for acute gout emergency room and was around 900 without insurance and with insurance around 230

John Walker

These doctors don't listen to the patient. They do whatever they want and there is no dialogue, nor understanding. And that is why my dad is no longer here.

Johanna Aguilar

All i can say is definitely the best from the best. Top notch! Amazing doctors and staff.

Diana Stewart

This hospital is labeled number two in the country but that can’t even manage to use a phone. My partner has a brain cyst he was told to come here get emergency medical and see the doctor. They left him waiting in the waiting room for 10 hours. When he left they said they would call back with an appointment to see the neurologist. That was two weeks ago. So I called a few days ago explaining that he had come by and that it had been over a week and still no one has called with an appointment. The lady I talked to said she’d put a note in for me took my number and said they would call soon. Well it’s been three days so I call again. They just keep passing me around from person to person and I never actually get to talk to anyone. IF YOU ARE IN NEED OF CARE DO NOT GO HERE!!

mari avalos

One of the best hospitals best doctors and staff

Jaci Boyd

UCLA saved my sons life!!!!! He spent 29 days in another hospital and they had to transfer him here because they couldn’t figure out what was wrong. Within 2 hours UCLA properly diagnosed him and 7 days later we walked out of the hospital on his way to remission. My son continues to have the best medical team we could have asked for.

Jamie Fiasconaro

Best hospital I ever been too plan on driving an hour just to give birth here

Willys Chang

Very professional staff. A÷÷.

Hannah Slough

I have been three times with several different doctors and they were all great. But it's so expensive! Even with great insurance. They bill as an outpatient facility but didn't tell me. My insurance doesn't cover very much of that. They will also always bring a second doctor in even without consent and even for minor things like colds. This means that you are also paying a second co-pay. For a cold which I thought might have been a sinus infection I paid almost $120. At other offices I have paid only $20 so it looks like I'm back on the hunt :(

alise herrera

My family and I thank you so much my mother had her liver transplant here. If you or a loved one needs to get checked on please come here especially to get a second opinion. My mother was misdiagnosed for years and only found out she had an auto immune disease instead of hepatitis C. UCLA is by far the best for liver transplants

Stephaniee Aviles-Ramos

Honestly I think this place is great if you're there for a day. Once you stay longer, they stop being attentive and aware of patient care. They take an hour and a half to bring prune juice to help you use the bathroom yet stress that you HAVE to use the bathroom. They stop answering questions and concerns as well as stop coming around much to check up on patients.

Susie Bjorkman

My experience at UCLA INVOLVES multiple concerning events over time Poor communication initially Poor follow up 9 hours in ER with absolutely nothing done as physician was too busy to call ER STAFF No explaination of tests and lab results Calls were rarely returned Extremely unhappy

Jaqveline Sáenz

Thank you for your great support and service... you're clearly saving lives.

Lydia Magana

Truly am amazong hosiptal with some of the best doctors and nurses in the medical field. My dad received a heart transplant there 2 years ago and unfortunately a few months ago he started having rejection.. The rejection was sereve and damaged his heart.. He was 70 so he couldn't undergo another transplant but the team never gave up him. However he passed away 1 month ago. The staff made him comfortable so he wouldn't feel any pain and they were so sympathetic and nurturing to us all. The nurses and doctor's came in to offer their condolences and surround him during his last moments. They were a part of our family and although my dad is no longer with us, we will forever be grateful to the transplant team and all the amazing staff. I would recommend this hosiptal to everyone! Best in the West!

Josie Ultarie

These guys are fantastic ! They definitely know what they’re doing

Marco soto

My father was treated here for a lung transplant and the staff and the doctors were great. Every step was explained in detail they were very patient and answered all of our questions. My father had a successful surgery and i would definitely recommend this hospital to anyone.

George Marinay

Nurses and doctors are compassionate during our difficult moments.


Everyone was AMAZING!! I was treated like a welcome guest. From admissions to transport to nurses & their aides, techs, and doctors...they were all cheerful, pleasant, helpful and made my Hospital stay a little bit more bearable. Thank you!! The food was impressive & tasty {fresh herbs & veggies}, which is not usual for a vegan. **There was a group of 4 medical students medical students who came in today {Friday} doing an art program that THEY created and implemented. It was really fun and helped bring my spirits up.**

Lawrence Staton

Transferred to UCLA from my local hospital with a virus of the heart. Was there for about 20 days. After going through all the questions and testing for a heart transplant I was approved. During the week leading up to getting a heart they kept me alive and comfortable. During my time there I did not experience one not one single employee that appeared to be having a bad day. They all were very kind and caring. Amazed how much each person knew about me. The doctors are all tops in their field. The nurses were just as good if not better. The care from them made all the other stuff you're going through seem better. Needless to say my heart transplant was a success. It's been almost a year and I'm still amazed every time I go in for my monthly visit or test just how great these people really are. Still. Five stars doesn't seem like it's enough. Thank you heart transplant team( coordinators, nurses, doctors and everyone in between)!

James Little

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Tahseena Kahn

This is probably the best hospital besides Cedars Sinai I myself was never a patient but have either taken others there or visited people there. Doctors are world class! Nurses are probably the top in the country.

Susie Q Mylove

My sister was hospitalized here. Friendly staff. Very specialized hospital. The doctor in other hospital wanted to remove almost half of my sister’s stomach but UCLA only took only a very small part of it . Amazing work. A+ cleaned environment. Teletracking patient is outstanding, too.

One set Life

Worst experience of my life ! To have my first child here and be treated like I was no one. My delivery room got switched 4 times. I had to give my room up for another pregnant person even though I'm there to deliver as well. Then they have students check how much you are dilated and they say 4 . But when you ask the doctor to check as well your 9 .. There was so much bad stuff I can say about this hospital and how they did me . But it makes me super mad so this is just somewhat of what half of what I went through. Wish I never had my baby here ! Stay away .. No Stars

T Newsom-king

This a bad hospital to go to for your kids

Evy Morales

By far THE best hospital. Very attentive, clean, caring, and so genuine. Forever grateful to all the staff that took care of my sister and nephew ❤️

Analuz Hernandez

My brother is there receiving treatment at the moment and I visited yesterday. Unfortunately the doctor seemed rude and bothered by the fact that I had questions regarding my brother the nurse seemed like she had a very bad attitude towards her job or was having a bad day. She seemed very unapproachable . One male nurse was very kind and explained everything he was going to do to my brother. God bless nurses like him.

Steve B

I visited a friend who had to stay for 2 days after surgery. This hospital is updated, well lit, clean and his room is spacious. He had a great view of UCLA football field. Medical staff especially the nurses are caring and provided him with good care! They made sure his needs are met and spend time talking to him.

Kat Rodriguez

My baby girl was here for her heart defect. Every single person here loved my child and treated her like a princess! She got every bit of attention she needed and someone was with her at all times. UCLA will forever be our second home.

Abby Malone

UCLA Emergency Department is terrific. You men are extremely good. A professional, hardworking, compassionate and being concerned group of medical doctors, nurses and different body of workers. Thanks

Ted Galsim

UCLA Medical Center has saved my life twice, once in 2008 and again in 2016. Thank you, doctors, nurses and everybody responsible for my extended existence. You have been so wonderful!! But above all, so competently excellent in what you do. I trust my life and those of my loved ones to you any day!! Again, thank you from my family and I.

Lara Ortiz

Thank you brenda whos an rn here she did an awesome job taken care of my mom. Keep up the good work you do.

gregary johnson

Excellent Doctors and staff and the Nurses I appreciate all your help and taking good care of me and my family from my surgeries and after care was outstanding they’re the Best Hospital on the South Coast #1 Thank you

Moe Khoddami

Definitely the BEST doctors and staff! I visited the ER, it was clean, modern and...WARM...nothing like other emergency rooms. The staff was great from the security team to the administrative team to the nursing team to the physicians! The doctors had a "shift change" during the first 20-30 minutes of my visit, we were kept informed and involved throughout our visit. The first doctor advised us that his shift was ending and another provider would also attend to us AND still took the time to provide an exam, order xrays and have a very informative, interactive and interested discussion with us. His demeanor was professional, well-educated, highly interested, sincerely compassionate/caring. Easily one of the most, if not THE most pleasant and effective medical visits I've ever had. The next physician was equally impressive. Thank You to each UCLA Ronald Reagan ER team member who CARED (by every definition) for us while we were there. We felt like family. Thank you.

Jose Lopez

The best in the west.

Lucille Martinez

The best hospital in Los Angeles! Clean and very organized(: The nurse who helped me was really friendly and sweet. I injured one of my finger and had to get the blood in my finger drained out. She really made me feel alot better during the process while she was explaining what she was doing during each step. My nail grew back completely after half a year like she said:) I love it here soo much!

Rosalba Morales

The best treatment ever. Had major surgery and received royal treatment. Not only me but my family as well. Love the facility and the staff. Even the ride to my car by Chris was a 10!

John Smith

The best and most beautiful university in the world in all respects in terms of higher education and scientific research and education and the average who wants any query or any question about this university or about Los Angeles I am present and ready to provide services for you and answers

xPort Wireless

I am very dissapointed. I am currently in the Emergency Department and I have been turned away because of my insurance. I have just entered the 3rd stage of MCL Lukemia and since they were they were rated one of the best I came here. It is a very unfortunate situation for me. So if you are not rich or famous stay away


DR.HEAPS and his staff were amazing. Made me feel good knowing i was in good hands. Had s surgery and was treated with utmost respect.


I have come to UCLA Health twice a week for the past three months for my seriously ill daughter. I have been graced with the utmost consideration, compassion, friendliness, efficiency and whatever else these people have in their hearts. From Oncology, Neurology, Endocrinology, Rheumatology, Labs, MRIs, infusions, xrays....every single person we have dealt with has been wonderful. Never an unkind word, nor even a disinterested face...I am so highly impressed. This is from a person who is a lifelong USC employee and medical patient - the USC employees could certainly take some lessons from the staff at UCLA...thank you for keeping my daughter alive!

Marion Flores

Amazing care for my sick child. They took everything very seriously and really worked hard to find out all the information needed. When they realized he needed surgery they assembled a time in less than an hour and did everything they could to make sure he got the care he needed and he is now expected to make a full recovery.

Bobby Hosseiny

Hard working and courteous staff but you can get the run around. Doctors and their staff in to inform their patients a little better about the proper channels they need to go through so they don't have to spend hours on the phone trying to reach 1 office.


Don’t come here with heart issues. Chest pain and left arm pain will only get you several hours in the waiting room. I’ve been to ERs in the past, and people with such symptoms always are bumped to the top. Not here though ...

Lliam Burke

Having been in many hospitals in and around Boston, Massachusetts and going through 14 operations with countless outpatient procedures, I found UCLA Westwood to be the finest hospital I've visited, hands down. Everyone, from the people cleaning the bathrooms to the top surgeons are pleasant and informative. This comes from the top, and it shows. Thank you management. I've had six operations at UCLA since 2014. They always have their act together, treating me with kindness and respect. Everyone pays attention to details; it's important. Thank all of the staff from bottom to top, that make this facility a Top Notch Hospital, bar none. Sincerely, Lliam


Great nursing staff in the transplant department. The Doctors were GREAT from the beginning of our stay to the end.. Love this team forever.. Thanks for the second chane at a full life for my family.

Chris Bondra

The worst experience ever! Brought my mother 77 years old with severe abdominal pain. We came around 7pm. She was placed in the room for examination. She was checked by the doctor and the medical student. They had some idea of what it was, and left. Like I said we came there around 7pm and left around 6am the next day. During this time she was administered one dose of pain medication, ct scan and ultrasound. The attending physician never came back. She was left to be cared by medical student, who was nice but not a doctor yet. I understand, this is a teaching hospital, but there still should be room for compassion for people in general, and especially for someone who is older and in pain. Nurses- Sara Jean was just indifferent. She did not care, it was obvious she just wanted to be done with her shift. I have approached her several times, to tell her that my mother is in great discomfort and pain, she was eating some dry food on her station, and would just tell me she did not have any orders from the doctors, but would not even come to the hallway my mother was placed. Then she disappeared, apparently her shift was over. The next nurse, Calsy, was going back-in-force in the hallway but she would never came to introduce herself. We have learned it was her almost by the time we had to go home. When I was asking the personnel where our nurse was, one nurse told me that there was a trauma patient brought in, and everyone had to be there. I told her that my mother is a human too and in pain also to what she rudely told me that my mother is stable. I am not surprised that nurses don't have their last names on the badges. Test ordering- It took 2-3 hours between the time test was ordered to the time it was performed, and about 3-4 hours to tell us the result. In the end - we left the hospital exhausted, disappointed, and my mother felt the same, even worse. The tests been ordered were useless, we found out that the next day, in St. John's hospital where we had to go next day. No wonder, she was not cared by a doctor but by a student ( who was actually very caring and compassionate), and ignorant, rude and indifferent nurses. I am deeply disappointed and shocked. I never want to be cared in UCLA emergency ever, despite enjoying working for UCLA health system, and being proud of my job

Gratitude Attracts Blessings - Sam

Best hospital in the country who has forgotten how they become one of the best. Success has them using Patient Experience Team as a prophylactic distancing and desensitizing from knowing actual patient experiences. As a repeat patient who has had multiple life saving procedures, I love the doctors, nurses and staff at UCLA. I have and continue to participate in clinical studies and each of my procedures made the hospital over $100k each. I've earned UCLA over a million dollars. I'm very profitable for UCLA, though I can't tell by the regard they have for me, even when I write about something positive. I have re-reviewed from 1 star to 4 stars after multiple dialogues with hospital management. While the clinical staff are very competent, the management dashboard has many warning systems that aren't working. The outpatient pharmacy is a disaster. Check Yelp reviews. There's a disconnect between patient care, patient experience, hospital marketing team and the management.

Jennifer Jackson

This place is so awesome! The nuclear inaging techs picked up on the fact I was having a stroke and insisted that I go to the ER and get checked out. They were RIGHT! I've been here five days now and Everyone at Every level is competent and professional.

Christine Jackson

Excellent care.

Chandra Deal

Everyone was professional and caring. I am a registered nurse and very picky about my medical care. The team of Dr's, nurses, and ancillary staff were wonderful. They had great hand hygiene and inferction control procedures, they thoroughly anticipated my needs during my stay my pain was well controlled, call lights were answered very quickly and I was never made to feel like a nuisance for putting on my call light I can't say enough positive things. I didn't have even 1 caregiver that wasn't amazing, and usually you have at least 1 that isn't up to par. Food services were great, they would ask you when you ordered what time you wanted your tray and would bring it either at the exact time requested or a little before. I had the chicken breast and it was lean with very little fat and no gristle, well cooked but not dry. My vegetables were frozen not canned and very good. My omlet in the morning was cooked perfectly. I wish I wasn't from out of the area so I could use this facility for all my healthcare needs.

Ann Edwards

We had some WONDERFUL nurses! Some attentive doctors, just overall very pleased with the care we received!!!

DM unknown

Love it because I work here!!


The one star is for the hospital existing. This is one of the worst emergency rooms... ever!! I don't know how this hospital received high ratings. Must be because they are staff and/or friends writing these reviews, or patients who were admitted and treated with the proper care patients deserve. The nurses, from the triage to the charge nurse are disrespectful and non-responsive to patients concerns and pains. If you are not having a heart attack, then they consider your medical condition a 3 or 4 out of 5 being the least emergent situation. They also mistreat sickle cell patients, believing that they are only there to receive medicine for drug abuse use. They have no knowledge of the severity of the pain of sickle cell patients, nor the damage that the pain can cause to the organs. I called from out of state while my daughter was there to request to speak to the charge nurse and one nurse became frustrated and hung up on me. When I called back, I spoke to someone named Amaris who told me that the charge nurse was not available and how could she help me. When I began to speak, she cut me off to voice her opinion of why my daughter had not been yet and that according to them her level of emergency is only a 3. She also would not provide me the name of the nurse that hung up on me, nor would provide me the spelling of her name. My daughter sat in the emergency for 3 hours before leaving, in extreme pain, worse than when she arrived because she was not considered an emergency as the nurse Amaris and her administrative manager, Eric stated. They also told me that she may have to sit for 3 more hours, they were not sure because they have other patients needing their immediate attention. My daughter had to leave and go to another hospital. I will ensure to write the customer care department, or whatever complaint department they have to file a complaint of the mistreatment and improper care of my daughter.

Jaclyn Lambaren

I called to get information on the diagnosis of my best friend who had been admitted there the night before so I could better understand and care for her appropriately but the 1st receptionist whom I spoke with hung up on me when I asked if I could speak with another person and the second receptionist after I called again was yelling at me for asking if I could speak with someone else because she couldn't help me. I'm a student at UCLA. I expected much more from this hospital but it seems like they hire people without compassion or professionalism. I've had much better treatment at the UC Irvine Hospital. I'm so ashamed of this one...

Crow One

Food is great. Their deli is world famous


Excellent care here! Staff and Doctors are great!


$12.00 make sure your bring your credit/debit card to park

Al Shey

UCLA Medical is all about Big Data, big practice, and enrolling patients into research programs to qualify for grant money. They treat patients like a number. Worst, doctors tend be on younger side, inexperienced, and run their business by the textbook. I had an inflammation on my lip and one Dr , rude and condescending as she was, suggested a biopsy. I looked outside for an older more experienced dermatologist who prescribed an antibiotic cream. In less than a week inflammation was gone. Gross bill (unadjusted) for the UCLA consultation $320, Bill for outside derm, $95. Need I say more.




Well done you helped Carrie Fisher unfortunately she died but you helped her a lot well done

Crystal Brooks

Go donate! Save a life! If you want to feel welcomed and appreciated for donating blood and have a fast easy experience come here! You'll feel so good about what you did when you leave. We need blood out there!

Celeste Galindo

Today was my last clinical rotation here at UCLA. Overall i am very thankful i was able to complete my hours here. The hospital is amazing and the hours and availability were perfect. UCLA is a well known teaching hospital. Almost everyday you’ll see students walking around eager to learn. The amount of experience I’ve gained working at this hospital has prepared me for what’s to come. I give it 4 stars and not 5 because there were some days i would over hear some of the staff complaining about teaching students. I even saw some staff ignore and intimidate some. Although i wasn’t one of the students who received this type of treatment, it really bothered me to see how such a prestigious hospital could have staff members like that working for them. I hope in the future this problem is resolved.

DaVeil Collier-Brockenborough

Nurse Victoria and Claudine are exemplary .. very very attentive to my husband while on ICU and CCU Units My husband was flown here from Vegas UMC very late 02/09 .. by the grace of GOD I was able to join him on 02/09 from Virginia .. We spent 4 days in ICU then 3 days in CCU including Valentine's Day .. doctors and staff were great .. He finally improved enough to go home Sat 02/16 .. after a grueling day at a time for a week .. BTW Catalina Island is visible from 7th floor room on a clear day Parking is $12 per day .. no help with that but $5 daily meal vouchers were of great assistance !

Adriana Hernandez

I’ve been here for hours.. brought my son here he had a fever of 100.2 didn’t give him meds.. a couple of hours later they checked him again.. he had a fever of 102 still no meds.. they checked him again like 2 hours later still 102.. and the nurse wasn’t doing anything about it.. I had to tell her aren’t u giving him anything for the fever.. only then she asked the doctor if they can give him meds.. this is one of the worst hospitals ever..

Li Roiter

Took a walk here. Was treated professionally and with care but I must say emergency department needs some improvement in triage

Alfeu Clements

First of all, why do people even go to hospitals when you have GOD!. Hospitals are not holy! I walked in, trying to donate a kidney. They asked me all these ridiculous questions like "whos is it?", "where did you get it?", and "why?". ITS NOT YOUR BUSINESS!

av patient

was in the procedure treatment unit for over two hours. nurse Annalise was MIA. when i went looking for her, she was on her cell phone on FACEBOOK! Seriously?! Facebook?! you should be tending to all the patients that are laying there waiting for care and/or updates on what's going on with them!

Diamond Cronen

My favorite medical center. Excellent care all around!

Leo Wyatt

There are great doctors there & I love them. BUT it is one of the most toxic place to work esp the Oncology floor, the NPs are horrible!!!

Basir Niazi

The doctors doesn’t look at your problem at all and they hours and hours to check the patients there service is trash these doctors need to get more educated

Edgar Ignacio

Top notch facilities, probably the best in America. Employees are paid well and benefits are awesome.

Linda Lockwood

What "man" can do to heal himself is within these walls...the rest is up to GOD! UCLA is as good as it gets. The thing that sets it apart? Loving human kindness! It seems they only hire kind people. From an accountant in the elevator comforting the cashiers in the food court holding me when the tears couldn't be held back any longer. They know it's not all about pills and cutting. Healing is about LOVE...and they are full of it! My #1 Top 10 Medical Facility...Anywhere! P.S. They've restored health and life to members of my family so many times over the last 50 years...all I can say is, "I'm so grateful to have you." Thank you, thank you, thank you! ♡

Tina Mendez

Kudos and god bless to all the hardworking staff here!Excellent service, but prices are really higher than usual.Best doctors, nurses, and customer service.

dunya abbo

I was in a bad accident... they made up lies on my medical chart , they told me I was fine To go on a plane next day and when I explained my eye didn’t feel right they told me it’s bc of “scratches” I drove back to San Diego couldn’t stop vomitting called an ambulance they rushed me to a different hospital (thank god) I was then told my head was fractured in 3 places and I needed emergency surgery.. I was shocked come to find out they left dirt and rocks in my legs from bad road rash my new doctor had to redo my stiches and staples Bc they were done so terrible ... THIS HOSPITAL IS LITERALLY TORTURE DO NOT GO

ildiko peter

Best ENT Dr Suh❣️

Jason Kim

Best care

Edward Bukowski

best trauma center in Los Angeles. the private rooms are extremely well kept. the food service from the kitchen is above reproach. after an exquisite tasting lunch I ordered a fruit plate with chamomile tea. the room had a very nice view as well. the staff is very accommodating. truly at your "Beck and call" attending to your every need.

QUEEN Ta Tiana

What an amazing hospital for children. My children have been members of this hospital for seven years. The hospital appears to be clean and tidy for the most part. The staff and nurses are really friendly. Cons: traffic in this area can be horrible during rush hour

Aleenah Herrera

I brought my husband to this hospital for 3 different surgeries and the Dr, Nurse and staff have gone far above and beyond to make him & myself feel comfortable and safe. I wouldn't trust any other hospital with the life of my husband. I'm so very grateful for helping him stay with me for more time.

Mortie Urshi

Just left the ER disappointed, and confused. Normally this hospital rocks, but today it was beyond pathetic. I have horrible shoulder pain which I'm waiting on my insurance referral.....bonafide...and I get over the counter scrips for Tylenol, and Aspercreme patch. Moral of the story when your primary Dr says go to the ER if you're in serious pain hit up Ceder Sinai. It's less than 4 miles away. Thanks for wasting my time and my insurances money.

Nancy Estrada

This place is garbage 4 hours in the emergency room and nothing we asked them to just give us our paper work and left no help what so ever. I wouldn't even give them a star but I have too.

Thomas Chee

Directly after leaving the Ronald Reagan Museum and Library in Simi Valley, California, I left after lunch to continue writing my research story at UCLA a few hours south in traffic on the highway towards the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center for dinner. My writing took an interesting focus on quality since the Ronald Reagan Medical Center is rated the top five hospitals in the United States of America as well as the number one hospital on the West Coast.

Marcus Adams

Hi my names Marcus Adams, I have previously been hospitalized at this hospital facility within the last 3 years and you guys really helped Me out sorry for not ever coming back to visit after my near death experience i was too happy to still be alive I am grateful for your assistance with your surgery and my life.

Richard Poirier

Not my favorite place. They helped to kill my wife. Interns and nurses were too busy playing grab ass. A little soap opera. We felt safer at a little hospital, Redlands Community Hospital than we did here.

foroogh rahnama

Loved it . I was scared to death from the complicated procedure that I had to do, but they made it the most sweetest experience of staying in hospital and having such a medical operation. The best staff, super supportive doctors, nurses and others before and after procedure. No delay in the scheduled surgery. Super clean hospital. Easy to track the status of the patient when operation is ongoing. Very good service. Very professional attitude.They explain everything very clear from A to Z If I need to get another operation done, I will definitely choose this hospital. God bless them all, they are all super nice.

Mariah TM

My Husband had a heart attack few days ago and was confined at Ronald Reagan UCLA. The CCU team were all very helpful and knowledgable EXCEPT to one A$#$!% social worker Greg, I believed his last name is Steele. This Greg guy doesnt deserve a job in social services! He doesnt have a heart and definitely need to be trained how to respect and deal with people.

Steve Perry

Great Drs very informed and proffesional id go here for any dangerous diagnosis. Id trust my life with them all.

Naghmeh Omrani

Worst nursing and caring service ever! My dad is here almost for a week and everyday its a terrible experience that we have with the nurse and Dr’s! We have to beg for a very simple thing! Cleaning the room, cleaning the patient, walker, Pt service. No one cares about you here! So sad

Michael Mandel

I felt very insulted and mistreated.

Letty G

My friends kids come here often. I think is a good place with hard working and good people.

Nolan Do

My daughter was there for her stem cells harvest. Thank you to all the doctors and nurses involved in her care. They were all very nice and caring. Thank you.....

Marissa Lejbowicz

I had my best friend transferred here when she was dying in another hospital's ICU. They saved her life!! The ICU staff was amazing, I have nothing but good things to say about this hospital. The facilities are top notch and the service was of great quality. I will be forever grateful of the ICU staff at UCLA of making a very difficult time the best it could be.

Aurora Ayon

LookIng forward to bring Mrs. Sylvia McColl to fine the best care and a cure.

Nubia Queen

It was a horrible visit, nothing was on time. The staff was lazy and would rather talk to one other instead of saving lives. The food was the equivalent to jail food. They had people waiting for hours in worry without any information. If you can please go to a different hospital cause this hospital is really horrible and should not be the #1 hospital in the world. Just horrible.

Jeff M

The overall experience should be no father went in for a cough and now he is gone...bad communication.

Deborah Lin

Omg! Outpatient pharmacy service is very terrible! Waiting for my medicine forever! For 30mins wait times that makes me wait for 1 hr 30 mins I think hospital need to improve it Top Doctors Nice nurses Bad pharmacy



Carole Albert

My son had a rare condition that in 1964, liver transplants were new, only 2 or 3 done. Surgery was done to try to fix his bike ducts, but failed. We were waiting for a doner, but one came to late,. But doctors and staff were wonderful to us and did everything possible to keep him alive, but God had other plans. But the staff at UCLA were compassionent, thoughtful, and so kind. I have never forgotten them.

Susan Hathaway

Great Hospital and staff are very attentive. Privacy is of the utmost importance to everyone during their stay. However the answer to your questions are somewhat ignored.

Not Recorded

I had solid nursing staff, a fantastic surgeon but terrible anesthesia here. I had no pain control after surgery (the anesthesia team forgot I had not received a block during surgery). I had to get a PCA pump for immediate pain control and it stopped functioning in the middle of the night. I was unable to get help because the resident on call was unable to replace my blown IV overnight (they were away from pager according to nurse). Patient relations is not responsive. Anesthesia department outsources billing and personal information out of the country. The international company double charged my credit card and refused to return payment until I contacted USA based anesthesia department liaison who confirmed with my credit card company that erroneous charges were made. I changed credit card number to ensure no additional charges were made by international company.

Eung Ty

staff was very nice and ready to help out, including those volunteers, doctors & nurses were kind, caring and attend to their patients & families. UCLA is the best hospital.

Joe Pro

A CHP felt the need to wake me up and arrest me for simply sleeping in my car. They forcibly took me to this hospital in order to obtain "Okay to Book". They are now trying to make me foot the $700+ bill for an unwillful hospital visit that I was forced into by the CHP after they deliberately disturbed my peaceful sleep for no other apparent reason than to disturb the peace and get money out of me in the form of a hospital bill and towing fees (avoided bail bond cost via DA Reject).

Katherine McChesney

This is a great hospital. All the rooms are private. But, let me tell you that their meals for patients are absolutely amazing. They even use fresh herbs in some of their dishes. I always wrote on the paper place mat how much I appreciated each of the meals. The Dietitian actually visited my room to ask my opinion and if I had any suggestions that would make the meals better. I was very pleased that they cared about my opinion. I can't say enough good 'stuff' about this amazing healing environment.

Eloise Catalano

I was never disappointed this past Monday. Has an appt with Sr Grisale at 4:15. With weather and traffic about 3 blocks away, i arrived about 10 mins after my scheduled appt only to be advised my appt was cancelled . The Dr had another appt. In the past i have had to sit in the office or exam room for more than 3p mins. I would have thought rhey would have called if i needed to be there earlier. I normally only come into my downtown office obce a month and made special arrangements to be at my appt time. The receptionist seemed to enjoy the fact of the cancellation and was alittle unconcerned with making a followup appt. Dr.very came out for comment. Very very disappointed.

Car Stereo Repair

They are doing great things here. They even have valet parking in the emergency room entrance, Thank you Brian Regan for bringing this to everyone's attention

Chris Mendicino

Was feeling shortness of breath and excentiated heart rate. They were so nice and friendly. They cared and spent time with me. Going to the hospital is never fun but if you have to go then go here

Barry Manheimer

The staff of the UCLA facilities are the absolute best. I have spent a lot of time there and have never been disappointed with my treatment. From the ER to the cafeteria it is all first rate


My girlfriend had to come here when she was feeling suicidal. The doctors and nurses were very kind and treated her like a human being and with respect. She is transgender and no one misgendered her. (I'm transgender too and don't pass well at all but they even used MY preferred pronouns when they found out). They were busy as hell and still got her into a mental health center in less than 8 hours with full beds which is crazy fast for an emergency room. The other time we went in to a different hospital for the same thing it took 36 hours just to get her out of the hallway and they Never found her a health center to get treatment. Very kind and considerate doctors. Beautiful facility.

Jason Miller

Amazing, caring people

diego magrin

don't be fooled by their marketing slogans. The most horrible experience of my whole life. They forgot about me in the IC unit...yes...they forgot, 3 days with no food. And in top of that, I walked in with a brain tumor and walked out without the tumor but with meningitis.....and then they billed me to get rid off..wait a gave it to me....and now you charge me to get rid of...pstt...later I found out that is a common thing in this hospital. I had a friend who walked in with a prostate cancer and left with seems that infections are a common thing. I complained to their patient relations department and it was like talking to a wall. Stay away if you want to live.

Mary McVey

Dr. Cameron, his amazing team and all of the folks at the medical center could not have been more helpful/wonderful! Even the team of folks cleaning rooms and removing waste were wonderful during my husband's stay at the hospital. We are returning for more care this week. Looking forward to their awesome help!!

Angie Smith

Great staff clean environment and fast service

Naser Jalil

When my mother was in an accident, they took the best care of her at the emergency room. Thank you to all the wonderful doctors and staff at UCLA for your wonderful care! God bless you all

Daniel O. Morales

Wells, I don't even know where to start from. My son was born here and their stuff is super professional. They take really good care of their patients. They're super kind May God bless all this people that work here and make everything happen.

Char Hopkins

Best hospital, doctors and staff in the World!!! Went into hospital May 2018 very ill! Had a heart transplant, with the most amazing care. The doctors are exceptional and really caring, while the nurses and staff are always around for anything you might need or want. Always with encouraging words and advice from everyone. I could never express, in words, the gratitude I feel for the hospital and the transplant team of UCLA. I have been given a second chance at life from a “hero” I never knew and I want to honor that gift!

Annaund Gianni

They saved my moms life!!! Wonderful staff and the best doctors!❤️ Hi from Germany, Berlin.

Karol Franks

Great care after my daughter's kidney transplant. Her kidney donor had very good care too. Transplant team, doctors, nurses - all made the experience easier. Cafeteria was good. Parking is pricey at $12 a day.

Alyssa Nusbaum

Had robotic-assisted release of Median Arcuate Ligament Syndrome on 6/21, and have absolutely nothing but praise for everyone at UCLA. I have a fair amount of medical trauma from childhood and they were absolutely amazing- held my hand before surgery right up until I got put to sleep, lightened some heavy moments with humor, and everyone just treated you as a human being and did their utmost to make sure you are as comfortable as possible and know that you’re in good hands. I owe my health to Dr. Dutson and the team at UCLA, and highly recommend them!

Chrissy TW

So update from down below. Today I had to take my son here to the ER and service was exceptional this time. It could be the time of day or that it wasn't crowded but everyone was sooo nice. Thank you to the team that was on shift this afternoon. 10/8/17 I love UCLA. My mom worked here for over 30 years. Looove my doctor BUT the ER Department is going downhill. I come on the 405 from Hawthorne any time I need to go to the ER. No one is friendly anymore!! Bring back the people who actually cared! One lady just ignored me when I was in her face asking a question. Really???!! Might start thinking about Torrance Memorial next time. Try them out and see how it goes


I hate this place. Two hours waiting for nurse one hour for doctor!

Traci Nelson

I concur. I took my 80 yr old mom there for her cataract surgery. The staff was friendly, and funny. I love the fact that they treated my mom like a Golden egg. She has a bit of short term memory but they understood and helped her relax thru the procedure.. thanks a bunch to staff for the entertainment.

Scott Maksutapal

Clean, modern, spacious, with plenty of staff waiting/willing to help you. Just check in at the info desk and you'll be all set.

Lisa Terrel

The Best Hospital ever

Jfk Son

Worst ER in the world. Chest pains at night told to wait, wait and wait as 5 people went before me who came in after me. Called supervisor nurse yet she never called back.. Been waiting over an hour and a half.

Niamh-Lucy McGinley Sarno

Never have I met a less efficient hospital. Their triage system is outdated and the hospital does not abide by the standard EDLTA.

Ana Valdez at the LDC

The ER of UCLA in Westwood is a sad waste of fabulous resources: bad management, nurses without direction, doctors that come and go as they please. I understand it is a students' facility and many do their practices there for free, but these patients have real lives with real health problems, and the lack of engagement, compassion, care and vocation is palpable when patients are being treated. It feels worse than social medicine, and the potential for being excellent is there, that's the saddest part of it all.

Ziggy Kruse

Medicine, Endocrinology - Diabetes and Metabolism ... Dr. Ines Donangelo is one of the most caring and kind doctors I have ever met. She truly cares about her patients and her positive attitude made my thyroid issue much more tolerable. I had an extremely large thyroid (goiter), which is the reason my Primary Care Physician recommended I should see an Endocrinologist, and he suggested Dr. Donangelo. My initial visit with Dr. Donangelo made me feel right at home. She explained to me from the start everything that I had questions about, and concerns with, and she didn’t push me to do anything I wasn’t ready for. For example, she explained the pros and cons of taking the Radioactive iodine therapy as supposed the more permanent solution: Removal of the thyroid. But, she also explained all the positive benefits a thyroidectomy will have over my lifetime. She suggested I should take some time to think about it, and after talking with my better half and my family we made the decision to get the thyroid removed. I mentioned my decision to Dr. Donangelo, and she set into motion the best possible care anybody can have! I feel so much better just knowing that she will be in my corner for the ongoing treatment, which can, and most likely will, last a very, very long time.

Jean Allen

very good treatment

Ken Per

Best Doctors and Nurses....UCLA rocks

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