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REVIEWS OF Redlands Community Hospital IN California

Debbie Forthun Kitchen

It's better than banning's hospital but if you can make it, you have a better chance surviving at sbcounty hospital. Called blood clots a sprained ankle for 3 visits in ER, then once the ambulance and paramedics brought me in the medics assured them it wasn't a sprained ankle. Bi-lateral pulmonary embolism now as they took 4 weeks and me flat lining to get it right. Changed my life forever.

Allen Nock

The staff were very kind and understanding. What I saw of the facility was immaculate. They provided a class to me before my surgery. It was very clear and answered many of my questions.

Rene Stahl

The hospital is great. The doctors and nurses are terrific. Always very helpful. The care that I've seen given has been superior.

Robert Hall

Very nice hospital

Kandace Taylor

Clean,bright atmosphere. Workers seem well trained, confident,& helpful.

jasmeer oberoi

I was there for my friends surgery. The hospital is nice and clean. It's going through good updates.

Nadia Medina

Gina Capwell

Director of pharmacy is a horrible person

Bruce Barrett

Do not come here after you read reviews that it only takes 45 min to see a physician. That is not true!!!! I have been here for over 2 hours and there is no response yet!!! This is the slowest emergency room!! Do not come here!!

Rosario Tena

Después de 3 horas de espera en la sala de emergencias decidí irme. No me hicieron ningún diagnóstico. Pero si mi factura. Tengo que pagar por una atención que no recibí.

Chavez Victoria

We had to bring my 2 yr old grandson back to the ER for the 2 time he has had a fever th he has had for the last 8 days it is 102 and the nurse were busy running around the charge nurse a heavy set lady and the lady that register you sat in the front laughing on there phone talking about a pt that just walked making fun of him because her husband worked with the guy !!! Not very Professional It is rude and makes you wonder what they are going to say is when we leave not to mention My mom just died here 3 years ago from C-DIFF I just through we would try it again but I guess nothing has changed I WOULD GIVE IT A MINUS 10 BUT IT DOES NOT LET ME 07-03-2019 at 6:00pm

Christa Matcham

Donald Eberhart

My daughter went to the ER. The doctor said she had kidney failure and she should go to hospice. The next day tests showed that no such problem existed. This hospital put my family through a lot of emotional distesss. I wouldn't wish them on my worst enemy.

Rosa Rodriguez

The nurses in the a ER are the worst.. I been here for 4 hours , all they do walk up and down the hall there is a patients who has been yelling and crying for 2 hours And can't believed no one here can help her this is so sad... I only see two doctors in the ER .. I thought that is why you come to ER to get help... I'm changing insurance to Kaiser can't believed what I'm seeing and hearing...

Brooke Beck

I wish i never came here and just went home and took my chances. Having a cardiac episode and sat in a waiting room for hours waiting for the room they were putting me to be cleaned. I couldnt go to the cafeteria to eat, the lab people were so inept at drawing blood i was stuck 6 times by 3 different people. Arrived at 12:30 in the afternoon its now 8:30 and im still sitting here. I will never come here again.

G. Neal

Rude and unkind female staff in emergency. They are more concerned about what they are going to eat for lunch that for the health and comfort levels of the patients. They seemed bigoted and hateful as well which is utterly pathetic on their part. The intake person in the emergency was sour. I regret that I had to go there and would never go again unless by force. I would rate this place negative stars if I could.

raul RauL

Gian M

My experience at the Emergency Room was good: I was taken care of right away, and discharged in a reasonable amount of time. The attending PA and EMT administered medical care and relief efficiently. They brought and covered me with a warm blanket, and helped me carry my belongings since I couldn't see very well (eye injury). No complaints with the ER staff. Things went sour when I had to deal with the Business Office/Insurance Department. After my primary insurance paid for a portion of the bill, I forwarded my supplement insurance information to them for processing - Victoria did not do so. I paid for the bill myself (to avoid being sent to collections) and my supplement insurance had to call them and explain that the rest of the bill should have been paid by them. When the check from my supplement insurance went to them, it resulted to an over payment owed by the hospital to me. I spoke to Victoria again about this, and she said that she will handle it for me. About a month or so later, following up with her and leaving voice mails, I was ignored and didn't get a call back. One day, I spoke to Christine (Victoria was off), and she was able to handle it for me. Christine informed me that my information was forwarded by Victoria to their supervisor who needs to approve the refund, but that nothing else was done. I would have appreciated a follow up call or any update - I didn't get it. I have been dealing with this since mid-April, and just got the refund started last week. Very unprofessional and disappointing. This staff is supposed to be a reflection of the hospital. I hope that they learn not to promise things even if they would not follow through.

Miguel Zarco

Very short waits in general compared to neighboring cities with waits exceeding four hours

Veronica Reddin

Nice people and service excellence.

Joel Trujillo

Horrible experience!! I would give it no stars if I could...

Luz Duran

We came in and reception assistant only heard the first word and ignored everything else until repeated...I wanted to call 911 to take my husband elsewhere but he was afraid he would have to start the wait again ...I asked her how long and she said they had others seeing how bad my husband was was doing...just did not care ...had an attitude....I definitely will make it a point in to get her name and report to all health providers ...I hope this place gets shut down ...a complete disservice to all patients

Daniel Ramon

I love the new upgrade of the hospital and I especially liked the outline of the different waiting rooms instead of a big large room they had smaller more intimate rooms which psychologically felt more at easy

Wolle Property Management

Awesome, awesome, awesome! Traveled 750 miles from New Mexico for HIP surgery of my wife. Was 100% worth it! Wonderful caring people, before, during and after the HIP surgery of wife. Doctor Burton did a perfect job! Husband could stay overnight. Special thank you for all hard working people involved in this journey and Dr. Paul Burton, Dr Steinmann and Angela Carlson.

ronald richmann

My granddaughter had her first baby there I don’t know why her dr would put her so far from her home and in such a poor quality place they were out of baby medication my daughter had to go get it at the pharmacy and only give one two ounce bottle of formula a couple of diapers they left to go home so scared of them and that place I know she didn’t want to leave but feels she had to a hospital like that is really no place for a newborn you don’t know what to expect in cleanliness or germs I only gave one star because I had to write this review nobody knows what is going on there

Richard Stephens

Thank you Er and 5th floor staff. You guys we're great.

Jessica Trinidad

Tuesday morning sitting here in pain, another lady next to me in severe pain trying to sleep through her ridiculously long wait and three housekeepers are slamming their cans and mops around laughing and yelling so ridiculously loud they can't even hear me ask them to not be so loud. I've never seen anything so inconsiderate a blond middle age woman a young man and another Hispanic woman all yelling in Spanish. Everyone waiting is clearly upset. Should fire them

maria gambino

If you want compassionate nurses and doctors this is not the place to go! I felt unimportant and herded like cattle.

Christine Haeckel

Even though my brother in-law is a grumpy old man they still smile and keep him calm. That's a harder thing to do than most realize. Way to go!!!!!

Edward Mathias

About 3 years ago I brought my wife in for hip replacement. I don't remember much but knew I was coughing up blood for a few days. The incredible staff saw me and had me admitted immediately. I was being operated on that night for removing a section of my lung which had a syst that had burst. I was told I was in full cardiac arrest but the doctors didn't give up and brought me back. I am sooo grateful to the doctors and nurses who saved my life that night. Words can never be enough, but THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart.

Robyn Rivero

Had a good experience in the emergency room, kind staff.

Daniel DeRamus, Jr

Very good hospital especially their physical therapy department!

Shaye Robertson

This hospital is amazing, friendly and very cleaned the staff is fantastic and you feel at home in maturity. They have amazing food and are very professional if I have anymore kids I'm coming back here

Lyn Forcommonsense

The facility is jail-like in appearance and most of the staff stays behind a glass cubicle. The food is not very good and is served on Styrofoam. There is no outdoor time or activities, so you are cooped up all the time. There are no books or anything to occupy the mind--only 1 television shared by all. I would not send my dog there...

Cameron Wade

Had Atrial fibrillation (AFib) last weekend an was freaking out an Doctors and nurses once they diagnosed me with Afib They jumped on it and solve it pretty damn fast like clock work. Thanks to all the staff !

Nayiely Carrillo

All 5 of my children were born at Redlands Community Hospital and I'm so thankful for their great care before I had my children and after. Thanks once again for all the love and support the nurses give, you are all heroes in my eyes.

sara stocks

Clean well operated hospital

Angel Amour

Im not one to ever write a review but this was needed. I had the worst experience ever the women working at the check in desk was awfully rude. No one working here knows how long the wait is going to be. My father was brought here due to having severe stomach problems he was not seen until 4 hours later. They were so focus on these two older women and nothing appeared wrong with them laughing and joking in the waiting room. Yet here is my dad vomiting and bent over in the chair along with others in the waiting room in way worse condition. This hospital is quite ridiculous. I'd never come here again even if it was the last hospital standing.

Lisa Perez

If I could rate this hospital with no Stars I'd be more then than glad to, I've experienced the worse treatment at this hospital. Had an IV put in wrong! Mind you it not only has caused severe pain and discomfort. It swelled up and turned it completely black, causing it to get burnt from the fluid going in wrong it made big blisters as well and cause of the Negligence on behalf of the Nurse ..I now have to be treated by a wound Doctor. All this from coming in with Severe Anemia that now left me with another medical problem! I wouldn't recommend this hospital to care for a loved one or let alone leave a loved one there for Negligence!!!

Bengi G

Patients ***BEWARE*** this hospital almost killed my family members new born. They have multiple lawsuits for medical malpractice and wrongful death suits against them. Please go to San Bernardino County Superior Court and search Redlands Community Hospital in the online case summary and see hundreds of cases against this hospital. They will allow your loved ones to die, fail to treat infections, falsify your medical records and try to get you too sign authorizations while under duress. This is your warning, keep your babies out of this hospital.

Shannon Williams

Hopefully the nurses and doctors are better than the switchboard operators. She somehow found it appropriate to giggle at her coworker while I was checking on my mother in law, who happens to be on machines. Really?

Amanda Johnson

My mom was admitted to the ER last night. While our nurse Demi was fabulous and definitely deserves 5 stars herself, the condition of the ER was deplorable. My mom was in a stark room with literally a sink, a student desk and a restroom. No soap, no hand sanitizer, no trash can, no paper towels, no electrical outlets, and her call light was broken. At the beginning of her stay, a drunk man peed all over the floor in the restroom, which by the way, also had no soap. A nurse threw a towel on the mess and had somebody come look at it, but the mess remained the entire evening for hours. When they sutured up my mom's head, bloody rags and wrappers were thrown on the floor and left there all night. Not once did i see anyone wash their hands or sanitize (with what?) Or attempt to clean up any unsanitary messes.The standards for proper medical hygiene were that of a 3rd world country or midevil days, we couldn't believe it. I will never go to this ER again.

Matthew Irwin

Like many hospitals, it could use a facelift, has ongoing construction going on, and needs better parking. But the care is good.

Linda Gomez

In and out to quickly for surgeries

The Ameriken

staff is super nice and very proffessional in the way they treat n receive patients.thanks to Dr j.oman

Solskinn BFG9000

Redlands Community Hospital has the most terrible service I've ever witnessed in my life. Sorry mam "we're busy" busy with what?? Picking your arse?? The waiting room is empty at 5am, no one is at the front desk, and the doctors are just jerks. If you have to drive another hour to a hospital please do, you'll just waste your time here.

Debbenmeyer ThePineappleQueen

Quick and easy service. Everyone was nice even though it was hectic.

Julia A

Very thankful with the maternity and nicu staff. They were nothing but good to me. Made me feel very comfortable.

Barb Onken

Doctor and nurses listened this time. They cant help if they dont ask questions and listen to answers. Last year the nurses were rude and awful.

Rebeca C

I gave birth to my son at this hospital 4 years ago. I had the BEST experience. I had my own big private room. The nurses were awesome. And the midwife, OMG. She was the best!

Boost Monile

Terrible hospital! They have no idea what they are doing and could care less about any of their patients. One time at this place was enough to never want to come to this particular hospital again.

Stephanie Rodriguez

WORST HOSPITAL EVER! Seriously!! First off just to start off theres a homeless man sleeping in the ER they even gave him a blanket. Theres NO ONE!! literally harldy no one in the ER its pretty close to empty and the wait is ridiculously long, the staff is very rude they laugh at patients make rude remarks and joke anongst themselves about patients and all they care about is billing you how your going to pay they could care less if your dying if they figure you have no way of paying they dont want to see you i saw it happen to a couple while i was waiting here tonight there is absolutely!! No communication i was in labor and delivery and then sent to the ER after and they had absolutely no idea why i was there every single hospital ive ever been to in my entire life if i was ever transferred somewhere else they always have had communication and knew why i was there not here tho they were confused why i was there and had to ask all the same questions all over again. I was called up to the desk multiple time like really multiple times just to be asked the same question how are you paying? Do you have insurance like didnt you guys figure that out already the first 2 times you asked me that same question and i answered?? My registration was very wierd the lady was asking me questions out loud for everyone to hear every hospital or clinic ive ever been to registration has always been filling out a paper and registration was done at the end of my visit not in the begging very weird! Had to wait for blood results i waited like 2 hours and never recieved the results because i left never waited this long in any ER in my life!! And ive been to hospitals that are super ghetto and with way more people in the ER like hundreds of people in the ER and have been attended way faster than this lame hospital and with more compassion from the staff!

David Anderson

The absolute worst ER I've ever been to. Period.

Alex S.

Went for ER 2nd surgery. I had a first surgery years back. They were so great I had to go back to them. I'm glad I did. Their true team in all levels is really great. Every step from ER to discharge was great. I felt I was at a luxury resort with staff everywhere. Not one single negative moment at all. They are busy doing their jobs and do it very well. I didn't want to leave, all that attention. I highly recommend this hospital and they work faster and better than many hospitals I've been to. I'll definately be back some day. Everyone was great! Thank you Redlands Hospital. 5th floor nurses rock, and my limo driver taking me to the surgery room. Thank you.

Lester Walters

Two trips here for pneumonia. Great staff. I had a private room which made sleeping easier.

Susan Bullis

I wouldnt mind coming back here for the most part. They treated me well during my operation and the nurses were kind.

Peter Nguyen

My child David was admitted to the hospital for Spine surgery on 4/2016. It was a great success from the Dr. Hopkins Gail to nurses like Debi, Huely, to general staffs and receptionist.. David received number one treatment there, everybody was dedicated to their profession and answered all questions. The facility is clean and provides adequate equipment... They always welcome you with radiant smile when you come to the hospital. I give it overall 5 stars.

Teagan Walker

I almost died here. To start off i visited the ER here 3 times. The first time i went in with severe stomach pain. After a painful wait the doctor pushed on my abdomen and i screamed out in agony. I was given pain medicine and test but sent home. I returned a couple of days later by ambulance in utter agony. I was promptly placed in a bed in a hall although their were many open rooms. The nurse was so rude and had no compassion for her patients. Again after staying all night and not being moved into an er room until about 4am i was sent home. I followed up with my obgyn a day later who called the ER and notified them he was sending me over to the ER immediately because something was not right. Once at the ER i was once again treated like nothing was wrong even though i couldn't stop crying. Thanj god the on call obgyn surgeon came down and could see my eyes pleading for my life. He agreed against the ER doctors orders to admit me for observation and elective surgery. The sunday my surgery was supposed to take placd they tried to bump me off the schedule. We had to fight to keep me on and therefor my surgery took place that evening. Lo and behold once the doctor opened me up my appendix had ruptured and caused adhesions of all my abdominal organs working its way to my liver. I also now have to be aware at 27 yrs old that if i choose to have children there could be complications. Thank god for Dr. T. He saved my life. You would think the horror was over right? Well no, a couple of days after the surgery i was in extreme pain worse then before. Although screaming bloody murder i was told by the arrogant on call obgyn and floor manager that i just had surgery it was normal. No! What i was feeling was not normal. I asked if i needed to call 911. As a social worker i was appalled at the treatment i was recieiving. My mom ended up having to call Adult Protective Services. Not to mention the doctor ordered be shot up with ativan to quiet me down. Without my approval!!!!!! Next after APS was called finally a hospital social worker helped get things moving. I recieved a hospitalists doctor and it was determined i had an illeus and needed a gi tube down my throat to clear the bile building up in me!!!!!! I was right that something wasnt right. Not to mention there are plenty more things that went wrong. In the end i finally had a great nurse and the hospitalist was nice. But overall i would never ever everrrrrr recommend anyone to go here. Also follow your gut! Go for a second, third, or fourth opinion. You know your body. Im so lucky i had family to advocate for me. Please if you do end up here do not leave your families side. And make sure to stay on top of every move. Your life depends on it. So disappointing Redlands Community, lives are not just a money buisness. Not to mention the after effects. I have now had to deal with major ptsd, anxiety, and depression. I have had to resign from my job thanks to this mental trauma.

Rose Flores

Loved my stay there, the staff was very helpful and friendly service and support was amazing! !!!!

john gutierrez

Just the best to have your children be born here .

Rikky Haynes

Cindy Whitaker

The professionals here made everyone feel like they mattered!


The emergency room is the worst. If an illegal alien attacks you they will take exrays and not treat you and say your just fine and send you home.

Desiree Mendoza

Worse experience. I went in with a really bad kidney infection, the pain was unbearable. I went on a Saturday. This day was “ok”, I was there for hours, sitting in the back in a hard chair when I could see some more comfortable chairs were in another room not being used (some other patients were in those chairs), I had an IV. After about 6 hrs, doctor came to tell me that I had a kidney infection, gave me some meds through the IV, and sent me home with antibiotics. The next morning, I was worse, went back. Aside from the kidney pain, I had severe stomach pain. This time, I was there for almost 12 hrs, same hard chair with an IV, sitting in the hallway in the back. All day I was there I was given pain meds that didn’t help at all. I kept telling them that the pain meds given to me the day before had worked much better, but they wouldn’t give me the same ones. Finally see the doctor, a very rude doctor (that seemed he wanted to be anywhere else but there) came and told me he didn’t understand why I also had a stomach pain (although they also found gal bladder stones) that my kidney was “ok”, and he also refused to give me the same pain meds from the day before. This is not my regular hospital, I go to Kaiser, but was a bit too far from it and the pain was bad, I didn’t want to wait to get to Kaiser when Redlands Community Hospital was down the street. Needless to say, I went to my regular doctor (Kaiser), and found out I had a sever kidney infection, like the first doctor had said. Next time, I will take the time to drive to Kaiser. Oh, and once I was finally cleared (doctor had to review my chart and approve me to get water), after 6 hrs of waiting to see if I can have water, the water never arrived, no matter who I asked...a passing nurse, doctor, anyone. I ended up getting up myself and getting water from a fountain...but come on, not even water??

Linda Riddell

No privacy in waiting checkin and triage areas. But the actual care providers are very professional and reassuring.

Dani Locke

Ok I was hit by a car and taken here today man they took for ever to do anything they did an ct of my head cause I hit my head really bad on the pavement I had a really bad bump and road rash from it but yeah they take for while to do anything and I didn't even get the results back from the ct or xrays but man did they take for ever to do anything


Absolutely the best hospital! Such friendly, knowledgeable staff! I nearly died last year of a stomach blockage that left me with no potassium. Redlands Community Hospital saved my life! They kept me there for 2 weeks just to ensure I was ok. They ran every test imaginable! They took my illness very seriously. I am convinced this hospital is the only reason I am alive today! If it weren't for this hospital I wouldn't be writing this comment. I cannot thank them enough! Such a clean place. If I ever die I'd be PROUD to die in this place!!! Thank you!!

Blanca Resendiz

This's the worst experience after waiting for 5 hours they tell us that we have to check in again cuz they put the chart away that's mest up because there mistakes we will have to wait another 5 hours how stupid its that

Anna Henson

I delivered my first baby here April 3rd 2015. I chose this hospital because my sister, sister in law and others said it was the best. I really agree! Huge clean private rooms, decent food, and super friendly nurses. I can not say enough about my delivery nurse Laura! She worked the 2 nights I was in labor. I had some complications and she was so wonderful about explaining everything to us and being patience with all our questions and concerns. She always gave us a lot of time and care. She was so encouraging and sweet. I feel I couldn't have gotten through such a hard time with out her. My whole family just loved her! I had other labor and delivery nurses while I was there but she was hands down the best is every way! I felt so lucky to have her and I hope she is still there if I ever have another baby. Thanks again Laura! From Anna and Baby James III !!!!! I also really liked the night nurse in recovery, Lauren. She was also very sweet, helpful and encouraging. The only things I did not like about the hospital is that I had to lay in my dirty sheets in recovery. I think they should change your linens often since you just gave birth and everything gets dirty. Also, they only have 1 anesthesiologist there! When you are ready for your epidural they are busy and you have to wait in pain! It happened to me and my sister. I really think they should have more then 1. What if I needed a C section or something! I would definitely recommend delivering here. It is very nice and has great staff!

Douglas Deem

It's the best they always fix me here I'd rather die in an ambulance coming here than go to any other Hospital just Hospital could revise me

Geraldine Sanchez

Please look elsewhere to have your baby. Rude nurses and Dr's with absolutely no table manners, bordering malpractice. I had a traumatizing experience here and I don't wish it on anyone.

Angel Nogueroles

Everyone was polite and informative.

Kimberly Ward

Truley caring staff throughout the whole hospital departments, everyone caring and doing the best to get you better to get home well.

Sebastian Melissa Pineda

RANCHO CUCAMONGA.... Best hospital, doctors, RN, LVN, and staff. Very fast and helpful in all ways.


They don't care about anyone, All they care about is the money. My wife passed away in Aug, 2017 and they still wanted $75.00 dollars or they were going to turn it over to a collection agent. She was sent their by an assisted living facility because she fell down. She passed away about a month after, she had Alzheimer's. The hospital bill was paid by her health care provider and she had a deductible of $75.00 She was billed approximately three months after her death and they still wanted the money. Like I said all they care about is the money. You would think they would not worry about the $75.00 as they make so much now. Everything is way over charged.

Paul Frank

My husband was taken there via ambulance due to his second episode of dizziness and profuse vomiting. . 10 days prior to ER visit he has first situation of severe headache, dizzy and extreme vomiting. 3 days later intense pressure in head a "foggy" feeling had him going to Urgent care , who had done a CT showing abnormality with possible infarct or mass. The Urgent care MD ordered authorization for STAT brain MRI /MRI with and without contrast which was then scheduled for 1/30/2014 at highland springs imaging. RCH ER refused to do and MRI stating that this was a very expensive test and that they would redo the CT. They stated that the CT was WLN at the hospital. He was transferred to Observation unit where he was overnight. No further testing was done on him. The next morning he had a Neuro exam By the ER doctor and thereafter became very dizzy , nauseated with severe vomiting. Yet a doctor that never even assessed my husband discharged him later that evening without explanation. I never spoke to a Doctor once he was in the Observation Unit and the entire staff besides one nurse was extremely rude and not helpful, just eager to kick him out . I was instructed to take him to have MRI done the following day. The MRI was done at 10:00 am and we received a call stating that my husband did have a stroke and poor blood flow in the Brain. We could and should have received these answers in the HOSPITAL , however the start of his treatment with Plavix and Lipitor did not begin until his primary Doctor consulted with a Neurologist and therefore delayed. This lack of care and treatment is not acceptable. I have insurance and the MRI had already been authorized. Again, My husbands treatment was unacceptable and this situation should be looked into.

Maria Dagnino

Very good experience in this hospital. Very clean, private space for every patient. Very good doctor!

Anastacio Orozco

First time here. Great experience, friendly staff and clean environment

chainmaly mao

Great place and great staff my husband had a allergic reaction and they had us in and out of the er as fast as they can . very kind workers n doctors

DeeAnne Gunnemann

Pleasantly surprised by excellent and friendly staff from ER to overnight observation. They made a bad situation better through their care and knowledge. Kept me moving along with very short wait time. This is now my hosp of choice, over Loma Linda. Added benefit - the food was actually tasty. Breakfast burrito was superb.

Latin Agent

The staff does a good job for the type of patients they have to deal with in the ER. I would say 80% of the people who come to this ER are seen for colds, headaches and to get their dilaudid fix. I went here on Easter Sunday the the ER was dead. Why? Because the common cold patient will wait after a holiday. Why do they come to the ER to be seen for a cold? Because they have no insurance and hosipitals can't turn anyone away? But it's the law to have health insurance so why don't they have it. It's the Inland Empire and the people without healthcare don't belong here legally. People who come here the right way and do the right things won't waste our ER resources for people who really need emergency care and don't belong here. While getting fluids in the room there was a white trash lady with her gangbanger BF. She kept screaming at the nurse for her dilaudid fix. Once she got it she ask the nurse to disconnect her IV so she can go out for a smoke. The nurse said she would have to reconnect her IV once she leaves the building. She said it was fine. Then the patient with the foul mouth comes back smelling like smoke in the patient IV room. Redlands should not allow this to happen when Chemo patients are in the same room as a drug addict who goes out to smoke and come back in the patient IV area. Give her a nicotine patch and not a smoke break. If you parked an ICE vehicle out front of the ER, then you would see a drastical drop in patients who should be going to urgent care or their primary.

Jacques Nassar

James Williams

I have been here multiple times and have had pretty good experiences besides 1 Dr. I seen in the E.R. one time. other than that this hospital is a nice one with good staff

Scotty Adams

The staff was very friendly, polite and truly cared about my well being. I even received a follow up phone call the following day regarding my injury.

AJ Nuccio

The RN were so awesome to my wife. They take really good care of you here. Thank you so much Redlands hospital!

Maribel Marquez

Quick and caring service. Thank you Dr. Berhinger in the ER.

Stephanie Renteria

The best service,the best nurses,the best doctors ,the best hospital.

Marissa Drinkhouse

My Nana (grandma) had to go to the hospital via ambulance on a Sunday night shift. The ER staff was absolutely horrible. The RUDE AND NASTY RN named Jaime (blond night shift RN) was so horrible...I hope that if her grandma ever goes to the hospital, she is treated with love and compassion...something she did not give to me or my family. She did not attend to my Nana for care in an appropriate time- she stated "she will have to wait because everyone is on break". When the physician asked my Nana questions as she's lying in bed moaning in pain, I responded that the file would have the information (she was admitted not to long ago for a surgery)...Jamies response was rude as she rolled her eyes and said "SO she needs to respond". As another nurse came back from break and she was filling her in...she began to whisper about my aunt and I. JAIME IS rude...disrespectful...unprofessional. Any questions we (MY LOVED ONES ADVOCATE) had regarding my Nana's care she immediately rolled her eyes and would respond with an attitude. The ER staff sits and gossips about other co- workers and patients in front of everyone. I am beyond shocked at the ER staff and their behavior and attitude on patient care. Patient care still consists of customer service...and treating others loved ones as you would want someone to treat your own. Just to note I am well aware of the caos that occurs for a night shift in a hospital...and the night we were there was very slow. I will say an RN by the name of Laura was very caring to my Nana and family. She seemed to be holding the entire unit together.

jingo kidd

Always good care....

susan chaidez

Thanks to ER staff!!! They were busy.

Doree Grindell

So this ED was so off putting and uncaring to my brother, his insurance is Obamacare (he's self employed) so after six hours sitting in the ED with bloody vomit and inability to eat and drink I showed up with my good insurance. I went up to the desk for a sore throat, I was triaged, waited an hour, went back got looked at, was given a prescription and was out in under 2 brother, still sitting in the ER for three more hours was sent home to follow up with his primary care doctor...the next day, hospitalized at a different hospital for an esophageal tear with profuse bleeding, bravo RCH...can you say Press Ganey

Elizabeth Mendez

So I came here the other day cause I was having a horrible cough and couldn't breath along with chest pains and fever, I had been this way for a week already but ya know life happens, anyways after being asked numerous times by about 3 different people if I had been vaping, and repeatedly telling them "no" i finally got 1 x ray of my lungs taken then had to wait 2 hours for them to tell me my lungs were clear of pneumonia and there was nothing they could do for my cough not even prescribe cough meds. I left and ended up going to another hospital out in riverside told them I had a severe cough, chest pains shortness of breath and fever they took me back right away started me on a breathing treatment gave me meds to calm my cough cause I couldn't even talk to hospital staff it was so bad then had x rays of both sides as well as front and back of my lungs low and behold I have bronchitis exactly what I told them here at redlands, if you have bronchitis before like I have many times you know when you have it. They gave me meds, an inhaler, and a few other things. I can't believe this hospital only was willing to help me if I was vaping! What a joke they are! I should not have had to go down to riverside just to get properly checked. Not once at the riverside hospital was I repeatedly asked if I was vaping, i was asked 1 time told them no and then was taken back to have treatment! What the hell is wrong with redlands community hospital!? I would not recommend this place at all if I could give no stars i would!

Kay Strebe

Except for three employees, the majority of the staff was rude. Nurse Karol and Nurse Ashley on the 5th floor were very nice and patient. They were exemplary in their bedside manner. The infectious disease doctor that visited my friend who was the patient, was completely rude and offensive. The CNA Michael on the 5th floor was very attentive and helpful. He was the third exemplary employee on staff. Maddie (?) was okay but paled in comparison to Karol and Ashley. Except for Michael, the other two CNAs that were in attendance were horrible. The food for the most part was good according to the patient that I was staying wit.


If it was allowed to put no star I would have. Last night my schizophrenic son was hearing voices and the room and board took him there to get help. Instead of helping him the emergency asked him to leave, he didn’t want to because he needed help but the emergency called the police on him and instead of admitting him so he could get help he was arrested. The Redlands police department should have 51/50 him but they didn’t. They arrested him and released him at midnight so now my son instead of getting medical treatment like he wanted/needed he is in the running the streets of San Bernardino somewhere and I can’t find him. What is wrong with this hospital, they couldn’t tell he needed help? And the police, they couldn’t tell how mentally disturbed he was and didn’t 51/50 him

Sand Shark

I wouldn't send my dying dog to this hospital. They are incompetent, they don't pass on information from one department to the next so your always starting over with information regarding your loved one that's there to be helped. They pass the buck from one person to the next and when you do talk with someone they don't know what's going on because either, the ONE person who's supposed to be know what's going on is either on break or, Oh, their not available right now. No one takes responsibility for knowing anything about the patients in their hospital. BEWARE if you end up here.

Eden Ramirez

This place is great they did a amazing job on operating on my mom and the doctors are extremely nice. Shout out to Dr. Hage for doing a great job on my mom.

michael burback

My dad an 89 year old veteran came to this incompetent hospital with pneumonia and was treated wth no respect. They didn't have the proper equipment and the doctor didn't even know what an IPV is. They waited 9 days to culture the pneumonia they also treated him as if he had dimetia. Today they will kill him as they planned,theytried to get permission to take him off the vent from day 1!

Sterling Marshel

Mom had knee surgery and Doctors/Nurses were top notch. Very professional and friendly. Rooms are very clean and nurses were attentive. That's all you can asked and they came through. thanks

Priscilla Vermonters

The RNs are so rude making fun of a sick patient with his co workers. He thought I was asleep.

Sara Morkos

Not recommend this place at all .. they trap and cheat the patient..Worst experiences ever I have .. I wish if didn’t go over their, I didn’t get any treatment in this lazy and horrible emergency waiting in lobby for full entire time (6 hours) . Only blood pressure and lab test with $5000 bill ..non asingle treatment or any especially!!! They are just business money collection place more than take care of patients healthcare and the most annoying part that they surprising patient with their bills and if you try to complain to Those responsibile for the money issue (Lisa and Betsy ..patient liaison) they will do nothing just will say that what it’s , i wish if they got in the same situation and see if they say the same thing and pay !!! They are doing not logical and unfair bills ..before you go their get prepared for a huge bill ....

ruth vela

Treated my sister with excellent care. Very professional doctors, nurses, and all the other hospital personnel. Wonderful I'd give it 10 stars!!!

Samantha Walls

It mess up i hate it i will never use this again

Kevin A

My visit to the ER was on January 1, 2017. The waiting was long to get admitted.

Susan reed

Unfortunately, I've been hospitalized several times. I have never had such wonderful , caring people to take care of me. After my surgery, they were very compassionate. They made sure my husband was comfortable while he stayed with me overnight. They were all so very nice, and made sure I was as comfortable as possible, checking on me constantly. They made me feel so blessed!

samantha vlogs

The ER staff are rude here

Praveen G

Since there is no rating less than one, I'm rating it as one. Worst service I have ever seen in the USA. Please do not go to this hospital's emergency department (ED). The worst treatment you can ever get will be provided. I took my 15 months old kid to the emergency room for wheezing. My kid was not able to breathe properly and the oxygen percentage was 83% (should be 95% to 100%) which is very very less. Nurse and the staffs at the reception was seeing all these and made us wait for an hour to complete the registration process. After an hour, my kid's name was called by the nurse sitting at the reception. She did all preliminary checks and let us inside a hospital room. After waiting in the room for 25 minutes, a doctor came and moved us into an emergency ward which had 3 or 4 beds. To our surprise we were given only a recliner seat (not a bed) and my wife had to sit with my kid on her lap and holding for close to 3 hours till the continuous nebulizer treatment was completed. After 3 hours the doctor came and discharged us, which again took one more hour to complete the discharge process. I was billed $948 for this worst service. I contacted the Patient Experience Liaison team highlighting all my concerns and requesting them to waive off or atleast reduce my bill amount. After 4 months I got an apology letter from the hospitals Patient Experience Liaison team stating that they apologize for what they did. But nothing on the bill reduction or waiver. Hospital's business office called me and asked to settle the amount of $948. I'm also attaching the apology letter that I got from the hospital. Below are the list of people whom I spoke regarding bill reduction/waive off - Debi Carnes from the Patient Experience Liaison team - Lindy from the Patient Experience Liaison team - Mary Akshem from the Risk and Compliance team - Angelica from the Business Office or Billing team

Shauna Offutt

Had to deal with staff that was rude! I used to love this hospital, the level of caring and concern is lacking to say the least. Will never recommend this place again! If you can make it to another hospital, you should! It’s a shame, the new ED is beautiful. To bad some of the ED staff don’t fit. Sensitivity training in human kindness would be a great asset to some that work there!! Oh ya and remember, ears are everywhere!

Gloria Calderon

I delivered my baby here a week ago and had the best experience ever. I had been a little nervous based on the negative reviews I read prior to delivering, but they proved it all wrong. Everyone was extremely attentive to my needs and I had the best experience. I even had a menu to pick my items for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and if I didn’t place my order, I would get a call so they could take my order! I’ve never heard of any hospital having this type of room service :) They were all amazing! Dr. Dixon was great and there was one nurse named is Ginger S. She was my favorite! She was very sweet, informative, and attentive to my needs. I know everyone has their opinions & own personal experiences about this hospital, but I can’t complain. I’m very pleased with all of their staff and I would definitely deliver there again! :)

Marie Bozzetti-Engstrom

my father was admitted to the ICU last Sunday, his first choice was LL Med Center down the road but since he had respiratory failure, my folks live in Redlands, this hospital became the choice. We are so glad that this is where he has been in the ICU until yesterday. The staff is nurturing and inclusive. Each day the family is invited to attend Grand Rounds conducted outside the open door of the patient's room. Also the social worker assigned to the section of ICU has been fabulous. My father has been treated with top notch medical staff including an attending physician who is a specialist. The ICU is an environment that can be stressful to family members and the one who is hospitalized. At Redlands Community, the staff creates a healing place of nurturing care. Now my family's first choice is Redlands Community Hospital.

Felicia Gallegos-Barragan

Both my daughter and stepdaughter had their babies there. Very helpful nurses and doctors. Very satisfied

Gregory Lopez

Nurse and services were amazing while adding this new addition to our family thanks so much.

Linda Camphuis

Childbirth classes here were very good. We obtained a lot of helpful information. We also went to Labor and delivery dept and had excellent service there. The nurse gave us a plethora of information and we were well treated. We also have used the ER recently and had an excellent physician who explained what was going on with my daughter's heart in such a great way. Kudos to Dr. Jones.

Jessica Anderson

J Sarmiento

Terrible attitude from the check in nurse in the ER waited for 9 hours to be seen.

Kimerlee Rice

Dean Dickinson

I had emergency surgery and I was back home within 36 hours

fidel olmos

Pamela Page

Laurie R

My son had outpatient surgery two week ago. The nurses were very nice and attentive. Dr. Gail Hopkins is a great doctor. He is friendly and explains everything in detail. I highly recommend this doctor & hospital.

East LBC

I Definitely Won't Be Coming Back Ever Again to This Hospital The Emergency Department i Arrived Here At 8:00pm And I'm Still Here And It's 2:30@m going on 3:00am and I'm still waiting on my results SMH.. They are So Slow Definitely will not come bck poor service ..

Thomas Cashman

The level of care my mother is receiving is a joke. This hospital has terrible communication and the staff needs constant reminders to give my mother the medication she needs. At one point a nurse came in took her temp, which was 102, and failed to tell anyone about it. The MD that initially saw her was completely useless and failed to communicate to the specialist that her case was in need of urgent attention considering the high fever and abnormally high white blood cell count. It took them nearly all day to get her on any antibiotics. It took multiple complaints to the staff to finally call the specialist who couldn't do anything due to the previous hospital not transferring her records over when she was transferred here (he then confirmed that he should have been alerted of her condition vs just being told a consult was needed). Again, it shouldn't be placed on the patient's family to follow up on needed care or records needed for this hospital's staff to do their job and ensure that patients are being treated effectively. The first MD must have assumed that the specialist wasn't going to be able to see her that day and gave permission so my mother could eat... which in turn delayed a procedure that was desperately needed to reduce the infection in her kidney. Today we find out that for the past two days she should have been connected to DVT device to prevent blood clotting; they put the calf wraps on her but never connected the device. She could have died due to lack of attention of the staff and doctors at this facility. If you care about you family DO NOT BRING THEM HERE!


10/6/13 Went to ER for infected knee post knee replacement. Leg was twice size of other leg, red, warm. I was dizzy, nausea, headache, extreme pain. Checked in right away, and called to triage right away. He used, used b/p cuff and did not clean equipment between patients. Was call to be back after 20 minutes, "not bad".. The area I was taken to was a small cubby. Chair and equipment on wall. Again used b/p cuff hanging off wall. The grime on floor was so thick it was hard to see color of tile. In places the tile was broken. Numerous holes in drywall, especially around trash can. I was having difficulty sitting up in chair. Sat approx 30 minutes. Finally a physician assistant came to interview people next to me " so much for patient privacy". The assistant spoke so loud I'm sure the people in waiting room could hear. I waited tell she was done with neighbor. Had to call to her twice before she would stop to help me, could tell she was not happy. Explained I was having trouble sitting and could I lie down. In her rude tone told me that " as you know we just had 4 ambulance runs and I don't have anything for you" I requested blanket for floor she state " I don't want you lying on the floor" I was not paying attention to her ambulance runs or anything else. I could not lay head against the wall as people ahead of me had already done that and left their dirt on wall. So I finally got up and went home. Leg still infected tomorrow is Monday so will try to contact my Dr for care. Sadly my insurance requires that I go to Redlands, otherwise I would not go there without cleaning supplies and a blanket for lying down on floor.

Hector Lopez

Would give it a negative but only lets me put in 1 star but yeah this use to be my favorite hospital but after how they treated my wife on 08/06/2019 I’m never going back there again. She waited 4 hours and didn’t even get an X-ray nor pain medication. The nurse Ashley Stemley was really rude and unprofessional, she cancelled for my wife to get pain medication and wasted my wife’s time when she went to the pharmacy just to find out she cancelled her prescription as well. Will not go back again!

kenneth tash

Professional and quick

Christina Moreno

A couple of day ago I took my sister over to Redlands after coming from community hospital in San Bernardino to have her apendix removed.. she was treated bad at community hospital. Arriving a couple of days ago to Redlands was great!! the staff and everyone treated her so good we got a good vibe considering she just had experienced the bad. Redlands treated her very well her nurses were kind and friendly Melissa and Staci awesome nurses at Redlands .. I would recommend this hospital to everybody

Vaughan Luis

Very good

Gabriela Gonzalez

My mom recently had knee surgery with the Spine and Joint Inst at Redlands Community. Since the first day everyone was wonderful from the volunteers to the hospital staff. They all made us feel so comfortable, especially my mom. She had 2 wonderful nurses who where very attentive named Noel and Victory and one more in the morning who we only briefy interacted with. The nurses assistant where also wonderful and patient.The phlebotomist came in and were quiet and efficient as it was very early in the morning. She had physical and occupational therapists go for therapy 2 times and everytime where wonderful as well especially the second morning, they went above and beyond what they should have done for therapies and aided my mom while she was nauseous and sick . We only had one problem with a nurses assistant by the name of Claudia, very rude and was not willing to help my mom to get up to go to the restroom, she said thats what I was there for. I thought that was rude because I was assured by everyone else that that is what they are there for to assist the patient. I dont find it fair that because of one person there someone else may have a bad experience. I did not put a formal complaint, maybe I should have because I dont want to have a bad memory of all the wonderful staff there. Aside from Claudia this post OP unit was doing everything that we could of hoped for and more. THANK YOU FOR BEING SO GREAT DURING SUCH A TOUGH TIME FOR US.

Julio Feliciano

Wife in hospital for a stroke, also a type 1 diabetic. Came to help feed her lunch, and no lunch came! Complained to nurse, and eventually lunch came at 2:30pm, COLD!!! The day before her blood sugar was so low, they had to give her a sugar water iv drip to bring it back up! (Not being fed? Hmmm?) Came to feed her dinner the same day, and the food was cold when they brought it, so i went to a local restaurant and bought a bowl of soup and fed my wife a warm meal... They then tell me she is being transferred to a therapy hospital at 7:30pm... here we sit at 12:30am still waiting for a ride to the new hospital... Redlands used to be a great hospital, but times have changed unfortunately for those who need it most! Think twice before choosing Redlands community hospital, your life could depend on it!

Jim Lowman

I'm not sure why there are all the negative reviews. While I realize that patients are not at their best when they are taken to the ER or hospital, I find it hard to believe that any staff members are rude. My wife was admitted from the ER two days ago. Everyone helping her was caring and attentive. She has received excellent an thorough care. I've been in the Spine & Joint Institute twice, and it was like being in a four-star hotel.

Ruth Santiago

Went to ER after hitting my head. I arrived at 9am and no one was in the waiting room, not even the nurse who check your vitals. I checked in and after 20 mins. The nurse appeared to check my vitals. Waited another 20 min to see Dr. After being told dr ordered a CT SCAN. Waited 2hrs before going back to ask nurse what was going on. I was told the people with appts were being taken first and I would be fit in. I was like what the f@%#!. This is ER. People who are here should have priority, right? I have been to an another hospital and ER patients have priority because it's emergency. Finally I got taken for my CT scan and returned to waiting room. Waited 1 hour to be called back for results. Only to get a sarcastic remake that they called me 30 mins ago. I was stand right outside the entrance because there was no room to sit. No nurse bothered to take 3 step to see or call my name. So a lot of patients got over looked because no lazy nurse could take 3 steps to door. I even saw one nurse man handle a patient who was mentally ill. After 7 hours I was finally released. Had to wait 3 hours for meds and over 1 hour for my release paperwork. What the hell is going on there. I will be filing a formal complain

Lucinda Calleros

ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS HOSPITAL! EVERYONE there so Giving, Concerned,Caring, take their time to listen.

Armando Aguayo

NO help what so ever, dirty floors and they treat you like there just shoo'ing you oit the door, quiet of bit of halfass worker doctors included

April Price

Call to see if I should bring my baby in with a fever of 104 and Ben said he couldn’t help and hung up.... thanks Ben worst customer service ever.

Ted Hanson

The nurses/specialists were absolutely outstanding. Cheerful (when appropriate), professional and competent when the serious stuff happened. Having surgery was not fun. They made it less difficult and scary. My heartfelt thanks to them.

Curt M Morgan

My elderly mother was brought here a week ago and from day 1 the staff have been nothing short of amazing. We have been to many hospitals and Redlands has by far exceeded them all. From the doctors to nurses, CNA's and all the way to housekeeping and bed side sitters, they truly are the best. They really care about their patients and family. Thank you RCH for making my mom's final days respectful and compassionate.

deb thurston

what a magnificent new addition. In & OUT of the ER in 2 hours with CTs, X-rays, blood, OMGoodness a slew of tests & a great ER staff that was so very courteous & respectful. I am delighted that I chose to go back there!

Gary DeTinne

My wife was seven months pregnant and had an aneurism. Hemet hospital said it was the flu, nice. Transferred to RCH and she spent a month and had brain surgery here. A month later my daughter was born with no complications. This review is old because my kid is now 15, a beautiful normal teenager. So good hospital.

Alexandra Amador

Always awesome service thank you for me and my children Great people Thank You ❤

David Chubrick

Delivery and Maternity were wonderful. Kept us updated and made sure wife was checked in for any needed for herself or baby.

Jenna Mobley,ll

Volunteers on staff are rude and need to learn better costumer service. Thank you to the idiot rude ass that is no help.

Mona Gutierrez

Awesome Staff! I had an appendectomy back in October last year. Will be having my baby here this Thanksgiving. Only thing I will have to complain about is that perhaps they are short on emergency staff. Since it did take about 4hrs to check me in under urgent care (perhaps there was a faster route I do not know about I should have taken). Of course I was in terrible pain, but I did see little kids in there waiting before me that were throwing up. I just had to wait my turn, but once I was in, I got help with pain via medication and I was taken care of, and everyone there was very attentive throughout with updates and keeping my husband informed of my options. I was operated that same night since my appendix was about to burst. Left 2 days later, my husband was allowed to stay with me.

David Reagan

Yesterday around 12 noon my fiance was 17 weeks pregnant with complications of abdominal pain and slight bleeding.she get to the er with pain increasing they triage her and send her back to the waiting room ( at that point I do understand) but at the point of her laying on the ground in the waiting room in the fetal position and it took a nurse 45 min to give her attention is ridiculous and vary unprofessional now at that point you would believe she would get a bed but that was not the case it took her water to brake in order for her to be rushed back and get a bed at this point obviously she is in labor so dr Bennett Stewart ( who is an amazing ob and actually has knows how to do her job) comes in checks to see if she is dilating orders them to transfer her to labor and delivery stat before er could transfer the baby was born at 1432 it took 15 min with me yelling at the top of my lungs as well as 2 other people for any medical professional to open the door a dr (I forgot the dr name) open the door and said he didn't know what to do and he want to wait for someone that does then it took another 5 min for her nurse to show up to take the baby out of the hands of my mother in law and keep insisting that my fiance get into a wheelchair while baby is still attached I insisted that was not going to work and they have to use the bed with them finally listening we start making our way to labor and delivery but of course they dont know how to get up there we run around the first floor tell a nurse finally stopped and asked another nurse how to get up there this is another show of how unprofessional and or lack of training and needs to be addressed by by the hospital... once we got up to labor and delivery gladly our experience changed dr Bennett Stewart as well as the amazing rn (lana) made the process just a little easier I want to thank teeny tears (walk to remember ie) for the beautiful memorie box as well as the amazing rn lana for your help and support though this hole thing and to the director of redlands community hospital I hope you hold up you part of our agreement and get your er in order and more training

Rachel Campbell

This hospital has been top-notch so far! Etremely grateful for the great customer service that I have received today!!!!!!!!!

stephanie figueroa

If I could give this hospital zero stars I would, I'm only speaking on behalf of the ER but I had the worst experience tonight so much so that I felt the urge to write a review because I am so angry. The nurses were very cold and not compassionate at all towards my mother tonight they dismissed her the entire time she was there saying there was nothing wrong with her when she was clearly feeling pain they said they would do blood work for tests and never did instead told her she was probably having an anxiety attack and just gave her medicine for that they kicked her out of the room she was in while she was having convulsions and vomiting profusely, they had no comparison not a care in the world for her she was passing out and disoriented and the RN just tapped her cheek a few times calling her name and when she woke up she scolded her for going on conscious with the rudest tone in her voice, the PA was just as bad scolding and dismissing everything we've told her it was like a no win situation and my mother is still very ill it's such a sad thing when a hospital is staffed with people who do not love what they do or care for their patience a little kindness would have gone a long way regardless of what was going on with my mother. I will never allow her or anyone I know to return here.

Chris Surdak

3 hour wait, so far, and not a doctor in sight. Some "emergency" room... More like a morgue. Drop off your sick so they can die here.

Krystal Torranto

Ef Yo

They need to improve the ER. The wait time is horrible.

Jessica Rivera

Mom loves it's here

Elizabeth van Zee

Emergency sucks

Kelly seymour

Staff is great in radiology. Good luck finding a place to park. Parking sucks!!!!

Lynda Muir

Thank God for RHC! My sister is there. The floor charge nurses are the very BEST! We know she is being well taken care of. I would personally like to thank Heather. She got me through the first day and they all completely understand what family members are going through. Oh and Chikako? Wow, I only wish I had that kind of energy and compassion.

Olga Politz

Had both my children there love it great staff very clean

Senaida Hinojosa

Julie Moeller

The nurses,doctors, Respiratory Therapists, CNAs, porters, security guards all the way to the volunteers were all amazing. They have been wonderful and I thank God that's where my fiance has been able to recover

Oakland Raiders

Okay my wife is in TCU Redlands community hospital now, when she was up on the 5th floor after she got her surgery and all that other stuff from a spider bite from a brown recluse, the only problem I have with this hospital at the moment is that there's one nurse who verbally assaulted my wife and also scrubbed her wounds which are our big wounds scrub them too hard to where they hurt her I just left from visiting her I get into San Bernardino get off on baseline and I get a call from her baby they hurt me and baby they also assaulted me I was outraged other than that the nurses have been very helpful they're a little slow at times giving her her pain meds then I have to say something but overall the hospital is all right the nurses are great the friendly although they seem to know nothing about anything They are very professional other than that one nurse, she's not here to be mistreated she's here to get help and get well the doctor tried to discharge her the other day nowhere near ready to come home, but overall just a few little things and those add up you know what I mean but those little things, they count and frustration sets in she's frustrated she wants to go home she's not the same person but she's a trooper and she is the strongest woman I know me and her kids are so sick of this hospital we want to move her to Loma Linda to be honest with you

Brian Bales

Incompetent, poorly trained and overall useless people. Rude, slow and have absolutely no concern for the well being of their patients. I would sooner go to a witch doctor than have any dealings with this miserable excuse for a hospital.

Brandy Wellman

The staff was very nice i don't like how i had to come back twice in two days time for the same problem they treated me wrong the first time I like loma Linda way better

jonnie miller

I'm giving you a five star because although my mother passed, the icu staff were so great. They took such loving care of my mother and our family. The team that was on her case involved us in every aspect of her care including calling us in the middle of the night if need be to update us. The ladies down at the surgical desk were awesome and so helpful as well. I agree, I wouldn't bring my dog here but I would deffinantly bring my family here. Thank you all for making my mother's passing a little bit easier to deal with.

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