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The Dark Side of Rady's I know it's hard to believe, but I have found Rady's to be more like "The Godfather" than a friendly caring and understanding healthcare provider. And remember, most do not go to Rady's by choice... Now I am a private sector worker with marginal insurance, and yes I found Rady's to be quite aggre$$ive with us almost from the start - heartless really.

Cody Peanut

We were from out of town and was visiting for a few days. I had to bring my baby at the emergency room here but after getting us in the er room, everything went downhill starting from the person that took our insurance information. I specifically told her to just use the one insurance that we have instead of both insurance. She seemed to understand but apparently she didn't. Because of that they wanted to send us to another hospital after already waiting for 4 or 5 hours. When we thought they're already preparing a room for us to stay overnight. On top of that the nurse that we had at the er was so rude and doesn't know patient care. I've never experienced anything like that from our previous er visits. I totally wouldn't recommend this hospital to anyone. If you need to take your children to the hospital go somewhere else.


The worst Children's Hospital Ever. I had some very horrible and rude nurses in the Nicu. The bathroom is outside the nicu so you can't use it in between 7am to 7:30 am and 7pm to 7:30pm during shift change or they lock you out. My experience here was very very terrible. The Dr's say one thing and minutes later they change it . .

Brad Kelly

Wonderful place

Niel Mayer

Good office visit the nurse named Jackie was really nice and I did not feel rushed at all in any way during my appointment I felt like I could ask all my questions and get them all answered really happy about that although I sat on a piece of gum which lowered my stars because that was a really annoying experience experience however I don't think this facility is usually dirty in anyway it seems very clean I just may have had bad luck

Junk Mail

I had a great experience here for my child. The staff and doctors were fantastic and like someone else stated they treated my child like royalty. For the reviewers giving bad ratings due to the food; you are at a hospital for medical procedures not a restaurant, you did not choose a hospital based on the food it is based on the care giving to the child. Yes, the food is mediocre but the care giving exceeded my expectation. And it is about the CARE not the food for me when looking for a HOSPITAL. Just my two common cents =)

Alex Love

Avoid this hospital at all cost. Brought my 14mo son to meet with a pediatric cardiologist at the request of our primary care doctor. We paid our co-pay ($20) to meet with the Doctor ("specialist") who decided to perform a basic EKG. The Doctor didn't make mention that there would be a separate facility charge for the test. I was shocked when we received a $450 bill from the hospital. I decided to call three other pediatric cardiologist who said they charge between $25-50 for an EKG. Why is Rady's charging almost 2000% more than a private practice? I called the hospitals billing team to voice my concerns and they said i should have read the signs posted around their facility explaining their billing practices. Absolutely absurd!!!!


Daughter had a very large open wound near her knee from shattering glass. Doctors were top notch and did a fantastic job of treating and stitching up wound. Nurses/Staff were friendly and great with my daughter. Would definitely recommend. A++++!!!

Cody Hutcherson

I brought my two year old daughter to the emergency room here. The staff was very accommodating and made her feel comfortable while we waited. We ended up spending the night and the overnight nurses kept up the great service. Thank you Rady Children’s Hospital for everything you do for the children.

Arne Quanbeck

Billing is a disaster.

Deepty Angrish

Pathetic Pathetic Pathetic!!!! Few of the Nurses are trained mostly are untrained... It is a not a right place to admit your precious child , no Doctor available in eve or in night in Cancer ward even if nurses are unable to handle situation. They come on their own time in the morning ...

Jess Jimenez

Great experience, wonderful staff! Thanks for everything !

Lee Gundy

Sad that this is the only place around to take my child in a emergency. Completely inefficient, pharmacy labeled a medication for my daughter which was the WRONG medication, and don’t even think about seeing a doctor in a timely manner even if your child is having a seizure from a 107 fever they neglected to treat for over two hours In the ER. She was admitted for a week and the floor staff was better but I have nothing good to say about the emergency department. I worked in the PICU so I’m saying as a medical professional this is unsafe practice going on here. I couldn’t even list all of the dangers I would have to make it into a novel.

J. Roed

So yourself a favor and do not go to this place's ED. Waited for 3hrs, and my daughter was never seen!

Alonzo Gonzalez

An employee there that works in the Ostiopedicts or fractured bones dept. Keeps harasing me after she took care of my son. My son passed away and i invited her to funeral. She now does not stop bothering my family even though she hates me for bringing it up. At this point i wont post name but if it continues i will. She expects my neices and nephews to call her Aunt.

Kelly Brown

HORRIBLE. HORRIBLE. HORRIBLE. I would NOT ever recommend this hospital to anyone who has children. I cannot believe how incredible rude the staff acted, how long the wait was, the unsanitary conditions of the rooms, and how unprofessional the doctors treated me. I was treated so poorly by the doctor there, that wouldn't even shake my hand or touch my daughter. She even told me NOT to come back to Rady because my daughter wasn't "sick" enough. I took me everything I had not to lash out on someone that I was completely DISGUSTED with, I can't believe this doctor was actually hired to work with children. As a parent, I would NEVER recommend this place to anyone. I've lost all respect for such a terrible environment that is suppose to be for children's care.

Sean Claiborne

All my children been here for one thing are another

Steve Nelsen

This was the best hospital I've ever seen! The doctor how performed my daughters surgery was skillful, kind, companionate and so dedicated to her recovery. His team was first class all the way & calmed our fears of such a traumatic experience for both parent & child.

George Honaker

Horrible. Horrible experience. Came to the ER because my son had been vomiting for hours every 20 min. They made us wait in the waiting room for 2 hours even though there was only 1 other family there. (Apparently they were reducing the number of rooms and doctors available.) By this point my son was vomiting every 15 min. When we finally were taken to a room we waited another 40 for the doctor who then examined him and left to consult other doctors all with out ever doing anything! No meds to stop vomiting and no fluids. At this point my son had been vomiting for 8 hours and they were thinking about giving him a cup of water rather than IV fluids even though he was still vomiting during the exam. Terrible doctors with terrible knowledge. Worthless! If he could hold down fluids we wouldn’t be here! Completely incapable staff. As my son is screaming “help me” and vomiting into a bucket they bring him a glass of water to drink. And still haven’t given him anything to stop the vomiting. Worst experience ever.

Peter Par

My son had a surgery on his eyelid, staff were caring, knowledgeable, and fast. Comforting to know people knows what they are doing.

Sandi Langtry

We were on vacation in San Diego, when we had to visit with our 3 year old son. Thankfully Rady Children's Hospital was close by. We were there 2.5 hours start to finish. Everyone we worked with from the front desk to the nursing staff, doctors and radiologists were wonderful! They were kind, spoke directly to our son to explain what to expect and went out of their way to get us what we needed for our trip home. While its never ideal to have to visit the ER especially with a child, we were grateful to be so close to such an amazing facility. When visiting with a dr when we returned home, I was told that she studied under alot of doctors who worked at Rady and that we couldn't have been in better hands! We are so thankful for the staff that made our visit just a little easier. Sandi and Rich Langtry

Penelope Freeman

This is the institution that made "shaken baby syndrome" a basis for sending innocent people to prison, despite the scientific evidence to the contrary. Many cases are being over-turned because of the lack of scientific data to prove that any time a child suffers a head injury, there must have been an intent to commit a crime committed rather than an illness or a fall. I would hesitate to take my child to this hospital for any reason.

Nikki Spencer

This place is amazing if you have a special needs child. From heart surgery to ear to eye to thyroid to neurologist to you name it, this hospital is made for special needs kiddos. I will not take my daughter anywhere else.

Josh Crutchfield


Jovana Tvrdisic

I'm wondering if they have someone to clean this hospital!!?!!!!? The floors and rooms are extremely dirty and dusty. I wonder how this doctor's and nurses can work there. Such a shame. It was not like this before.

Eva Cameron

Discrimination if you have been child abducted in your past by your sisters ex, you can score 96 percentile. They discriminate! Obviously, you are a minor at age 17, nothing to do with being a nurse at 25. Who cares about AR, they don't ask if you were falsely accused.

Renae Wilber

I wanted to give this hospital 5 stars, there was so much good here. But at the end of our experience, as my five year old grandson lay dying for 24 hours in the hospital, his oncologist, Jennifer Elster, never bothered to as much as offer her condolences (she was there and we had her paged twice). He was her patient. Four days later we are sitting here at the Ronald McDonald House with such grief and heavy hearts...and we are left wondering, why didn't his doctor, who was at the hospital that day, who we had paged, who knew he lay dying, never bother to offer her condolences. That would have made all the difference in our experience. I guess he was dying. She just didn't care.

Sara Dick

The receptionists and PA were cold and unaccomodating. I felt talked down to from the PA and she did not seem to care or be able to address the issues we are having with our baby. We never saw a doctor, only a PA, and she was rude and very pushy. She did not listen, ask questions or help us in anyway. She did lecture though, and make me feel stressed and uncomfortable.

Siri Ziri

Help is always available and the hospital is well known all over California to be the best one to take your children when they are sick. Best care available. No doubt! They have come through so many times, I cant begin to thank them for they have done!! Best hospital for kids ever!!!!

Rommel Bhargava

Long waits. Inaccurate time estimate.

Jordi Falcés i Valls

Very good hospital for children, not too far away from San Diego Downtown.

Denise Aragon

My daughter has been coming to this hospital for almost 2 years. My experience has been amazing. The neurology department is very nice , her doctor is awesome & gives us comfort for my daughter's seizure disorder. & if you take your child to the outpatient lab, make sure you ask for Sonia . She is amazing as well, & gets the blood the first try, because we have had other phlebotomy staff that don't get it in the first try , or move the needle around until they get the vein, Painful for a child !!!

Jose Luis Morales

I came here to get better and I never did.This place is B.S

Vance McAlister

Top quality service from a caring staff. You never want your children to have to be here, but always appreciate the level of care.

Desert Cruizer

Children's is the best children's hospital in the West coast.

Tanya Robles

Amazing hospital. They did surgery on my daughter when she broke her elbow. The only bad thing I can say is that they charge for parking which is crazy for me since it’s a hospital...

me is me

The nurses are nice, but there are way to many learning residents my 8 month old did not need her temp and blood tested 4 times in a row, her MRI was pushed back 4 times, and the learning doctors dont care they will come in the room and wake your baby up to take turns poking and examing her for no reason!.....we spent 4 days here and although we got a diagnosis of epilepsy, I feel like when you are dealing with an infant naps, feedings, and other things should be respected if there isnt a real reason for a team of residents to come In and bother an already miserable baby who is already hooked up to machines that monitor everything.


My son is a Medi-Cal patient so they wanted nothing to do with him. The doctor was argumentative and disrespectful and refused treatment. I had to take him to a different ER in order to get help. I’m seeking legal advice. This doctor was incredibly unprofessional and unethical.

Janette Perry

Everyone was so nice! We are here on vacation and got in right away. The Dr even took time to tell us a few beach spots to check out. Thank you all so much!

Angela Martinez

One star only because 0 stars and negative stars wasn't an option. Their ER sucks. If you're child is seriously injured or ill, take him/her to a different hospital. The waiting time is UNREAL, as the ER is occupied by parents who forgot to get their children flu shots! Or, go in for an emergency and leave sicker than you arrived!


This is a great hospital to take your child to.

Jose Cruz

Great staff and servicd

Alecia Stinson

The waiting times are so long (we waited 40 minuets in the exam room for the doctor) and they charge for parking!!

Chy Garcia

This children’s hospital is very caring and loving from my experience. They took care of my son immediately and made me feel comforted and that I didn’t have to worry no matter what was going on. They helped me feel that they would help us and take good care of us. When my son had symptoms that made me worry they made seeing my son a top priority. Thank you doctors, nurses, staff and all at Rady’s.


Beware i took my son for oral sergury. I had a verbal altercation with a staff member over their lack of care to my autistic son. 3 days later cps came to my house with accusations of emotional child abuse. They gave his medical info to cps. They do not respect privledged information. Pathetic

Brook E.

They so far have been of great quality service for both of my daughters needs when they had to be seen by a specialist, both for different reasons. The fact that this is a children's hospital that has doctors/specialists who specializes in children is a relief all in its own. I've been to a couple hospitals for the ER and received care from doctors that really don't know what they are doing with an infant/child. Both my daughters insurances covered all the tests done, again different needs. The staff as well as doctors are very friendly and professional. If my daughters are sick and need to go to the hospital/ER, hands down, it's Rady Children's Hospital!! Now, I want to add for the people giving bad comments and ratings, just remember, because you had a bad experience doesn't mean the whole staff/doctors are bad. There will always be a couple bad seeds in a good place no matter WHERE you go. Shouldn't let a one time experience alter your decision for eternity, next time could be wonderful. Now if it continues to happen, than of course, that's an entirely different story. Yes there are more than 1 or 2 people who have had a lot of problems but it's not enough to alter my mind and experiences so far because these experiences stated by others, well, they can have them at any hospital. I am sorry for everyone who has had a bad experience though. Both my experiences, completely different times and reasons for my daughters (a 7yr old and at the time a 1month old) were great! The doctors/specialists adored my children and were respectful, understanding and sweet. I do have an issue with having to pay for parking though, never will make sense to me.

mom of four

Been there yesterday and had a horrible experience! My 1month old baby need the lab thats the order from her pedia because she still a lil bit yellow. And the lady who did blood drawn to my baby is very rough! My poor baby end up having bruises. First bruise is where she poke the needle at, she attempt 3 times but can't find the veins,and everytime she poke the needle she move it side to side,its like is it suppposed to do that?? Cause that really hurts!! Second bruiseat the arm where she tie the rubber, she tied so tight and some of the skin of my baby get ruffle. 3rd bruise at my babys wrist that is where she hold my baby. 4th at my babys left ankle plus it get swell,because she cant find the veins she decided to take the blood to the left heel,she squeeze it really hard. My baby cried alot,turning purple due of pain she feel alot. Why can't be gentle?? Shes only 1month old,she cant fight back to end up having bruises and swollen foot. As a mom its so hard for me to accept it. I just cried when i see it and realized how much pain she felt that time. So on our way home my babys doctor called us and told us that we need to redo the lab, the problem he says it because the level of potassium is too high which is because the way to squeeze it is very hard. I told him we dont want to go back there anymore. Its so traumatized..

Alexis L

Remembered when I was small they sent me here from AZ due to liver failure. Wow the staff there was really horrible, especially one. She treated me with the most disrespect when my parents weren't around. I remembered needing help to go to the bathroom and the nurse gave me the most disrespectful response to telling me to wait. She even thought I was crazy because my food tray fell on it's own, and assumed I pushed it to the ground. If only I was old enough to know her name. because she really treated me horribly. Now to the present, so lucky they built more hospitals in AZ because now I never have to go back to that hell they call "children's hospital"

Jing Yang

A preteen (usually healthy)with pneumonia (did not get antibiotics from pediatrician on time) admitted to Rady, who can talk and walk normally on the first day in Rady, could not talk with enough oxygen or walk without help after first day in Rady, needed life support on the 9th day in Rady and his pneumonia was developed into ARDS near that time! Do you think it is only the course of the illness under hospital care?? 1 on the first day, he was given two times bolus of IV fluid before the medicine (speed 800!) 2 only one blood test besides TB was done in the first week, nothing found; no culture or phlegm test done 3 The kid's right hand got swelling due to infiltration after one night and it was changed to the left hand 4 two strong antibiotics that were just guessing made him sicker and have rashes 5 the kid suffered coughed attach for 3 days before the chest tube, and was sent to ICU after chest tube 6 ICU doctor gave a even stronger antibiotics (third one: more good bacterias killed and bad ones not sensitive to medicine grew more!!)still with no proof based, causing high fever, widespread infection and more machines/tubes on him in only 2 or 3 days there 7 until 9th day, when the kid was in danger and simple pneumonia became ARDS they finally said they found an antibody from the third blood test done in such a long time! 8 After they added the 4th antibiotics, but replaced the third killing one with a previous one and added antifungi at parent request, after many people's prayers the kid started to get better but still sedated another week, when no improvement was made. X-ray on the day he was awaken was worse than the one on the 5th day! 9 CPAP treatment was missing over 24 hours when he was still not moving around. His head (back left)was bumped on the IV pole when RT used the vest in him and was not stopping when the kid said pain and cried. 10 The kid was ordered to take bitter medicine during midnights for a week; the kid was choked because the nurse told him to swallow the stick liquid medicine on the first night out of sedation, when his throat was swelling. I would give negative starts if I could!

Michael Castello

In my limited experience, the staff choose to be here because they genuinely care about their patients. Parking, however, is a nightmare.

Alyssa Duro

I’ve been coming to audiology for the past 6 months for my son’s hearing loss, and while I have been happy with the audiologists and ENT docs, I have been deeply disappointed with basically every other aspect of my experience here. Scheduling is consistently hard to get ahold of, medical records is VERY inconvenient to gain access (in person ONLY!!?). Also, no free parking anywhere, and it is difficult to find proper directions to specific departments as the campus is spread out and constantly changing. Rady’s should pay more attention to what patients and parents require when visiting their facility by providing clear directions, convenient FREE parking, or at least helpful, friendly staff. Customer service has unfortunately been very hard to find here. I’ll be going using Loma Linda in the future.

Sallie Pass

This review is for the outpatient lab. We were seen very quickly and the phlebotomist, Robert, was very knowledgeable, efficient and nice to my son, who was very nervous. Thank you for the great experience!

roel garcia

Easy to find but parking was hard

Martha Nicolas

Good place whe baby sicks

Jack Hasso

What an amazing hospital. From the moment we pulled up to the moment we left everyone at this hospital did a stellar job. My son was very sick and was vomiting all day. My wife and I brought him in and the entire staff made what was such a tough day much more manageable with their attention and care. They were so good to my son and were very professional and friendly with us. If you're looking for a hospital for your little one this is THE hospital to bring your little one to. Thank you to everyone at the hospital for helping our little guy get better and back on his feet so quickly.

Amanda Fates

They are our only local option for pediatric GI. Doc and nurses are generally good but the admin of this place is appalling. I was just denied access to my 12 year olds liver test results because she “is a teenager now.” Yup really, apparently a child just learning long division is a consenting adult in their eyes. When I asked for any legal authority for this absurd policy I was told I could write a letter. What a joke. Families of chronically ill children go through enough but Radys again and again makes it apparent they don’t care AT All. Ugh.

Sergio Marshall Kenner

By far the worst hospital ever the staff are extremely rude and they make you wait hours in a small room. The Hospital looks like it's from a 3rd world country. All the nurses and doctors look like they are just in a rush it seems like they do not even try to see what the cause of the sickness is. They overcharge you for the simplest things and it seems like they only have 2 doctors running the ER.

Rachel Chapman

I called to get details on who staffs their ER. Specifically, I am also a physician and didn't want to take my child to someone with less experience who could only tell me things I already know. The nurse was very rude and said it was 'illegal' to tell me what level of training the providers have which is not true at all. She was very condescending,and made up a bunch of nonsense, then had the audacity to tell me I made it sound like I was asking for a specific doctor which I did not do. We went to the naval hospital amd got much better treatment without the attitude and condescension.

Mary Joy Adamos

TRACEY, RN at Rady's Children Family Pavilion, CAPS unit IS RUDE, UNPROFESSIONAL, AND DISCRIMINATIVE. My family came here concerned for my confined brother and promptly asked to speak with a Nurse in charge for a few questions. After my first attempt of asking her a simple question, she begins with, "Did you not hear what I just said?" On the contrary, I did not have a repeated question; I only asked about the policies on requesting to refuse a medical service, which is entirely different from my mom asking if she could take my brother home. Unsurprisingly, given her attitude and unneeded sass, she later in the conversation decided to throw in the question, "How old are you by any chance?" An unbecoming conduct at any hospital, this was unnecessary and had felt that this was used as a means of justification that my questions and opinions are invalidated because of my young age. Evidently, I understand she must have a job to do, but being inconsiderate and unprofessional for a family in a miserable time only replicas a subpar hospital with low quality care.

Nicole Knott

I had read a review last night (night prior to my son's surgery) that said I can't bring any child under 13 with me to his surgery. I had planned on bringing my 5 year old since check in time was earlier than her preschool opened. I called the recovery nurses line at almost 11pm at night, scared I'd have to cancel his surgery since I have no family or friends in San Diego (military). I spoke with Rebecca I believe her name was. She assured me that since it wasn't flu season and we weren't sick, my daughter could come. She said she'd look out for us as we came into recovery since that's where she would be. From check in to check out, everyone along the process was amazing (which from reviews I read, I was scared of since there were so many bad ones). My 2 year old had a very difficult time waking up from recovery but true to her word, Rebecca was right there to help. 45 minutes of screaming from my son who couldn't handle it and while I was tending to him, she brought my 5 year old a popsicle and even a stuffed animal. Among my sons screaming, I heard her explain to my 5 year old what was going on (in kiddo terms). She even let my daughter ride in the little car since my son was having none of that. Seeing that my son didn't even want to let me hold him, she offered to help get everyone to the car which was amazing of her to do. My daughter rode in the car and I held my son who was still losing it (I knew he'd calm down once we got home which he has), and off to the car we went. She helped get my daughter in the car while I attempted to get my son in. Afterwards, she hugged me seeing that I was ready to break and gave me some great words that helped me hold it together. I had forgot to validate my parking and even the lady at the booth gave me a pass as she saw us walking and my son screaming. My visit was nothing short of amazing with this hospital (aside from my 2 year old who obviously does not handle anesthesia very well, note to myself). If I had to do this all over again, I'd hope and pray that we get the same staff that we had as they took amazing care of all 3 of us even though only one of us was the patient. Rebecca in recovery at 3010, if you read this, you are outstanding at what you do and a blessing to the hospital.

Ryan Johnson

They are wonderful. They have taken the best care of my daughter.

San Diego Injury Law Center

Great staff. 5 stars!

Brooke Summers

I have always loved this Hospital for all my children they are always fast and work very well with children

Elvia Hernandez

Parking should Be Free !!!

Turk Harris

It's all about money... One doctor wanted to release my child but was overruled because they wanted more "monitoring" everyone on his care team feels comfortable sending him home but that one...

Michelle barboza

Very professional, attentive too your child's care...I considerate one of the best hospitals and specialty doctors as well..


My daughter suffered a very traumatic dog bite to the head. She was taken to the ER at Rady Children's and from day 1 this hospital has been by far the best. We have had some bad luck within the family ending up in hospitals. So my thoughts on the negative reviews if you think your going to a 5 star hotel for medical care check yourself haha that's not the idea you should have. We have spent 7 plus weeks at Rady Children's and yes the food isn't 5 star gourmet which is expected but it's not horrible either. All my wife and I care about is the treatment is top notch for our kid and it has very well surpassed any expectations. I have slept uncomfortable many nights and never complained because it doesn't matter how comfortable I am. I paid for parking even being very tight on money because money is too insignificant to what really matters I mean really it's 20 bucks (long term rate) x days so 100 bucks plus some.... Just figure it out and keep focused on your kid. We have had plenty of issues with insurance and referrals not going through but a couple phone calls just doesn't cut it people call a few times a day if you have to they will get the situation rectified. All in all with some stress we have been uncomfortable for many weeks ate cafateria food for many weeks and paid money that we had very little of and in return couldn't be happier to have THE BEST staff caring for our daughter.

Lizzy Camaro

This is the most horrible hospital to take your child to If you go there on an emergency basis all they do is shovel s TV in front of your child and feed them and stuff them with food for days and don’t let them leave the room only to use the restroom. Then when you leave the facility, and you’re seeking out sourced help which there’s very little resources, trust me we have private insurance and we can’t even get a bed anywhere , He ends up getting hospitalized again but this time I did not take him to Rady . We chose to go to our local hospital who was wonderful just the environment was it so great. But the loving caring staff and doctors at Tri-City Hospital were amazing and wonderful. Their liaison there found our son a bed unfortunately it was at Rady‘s. We ran home to pack a suitcase and we returned we were told that they weren’t excepting him anymore. I called to find out why they tried to play the blame game and were very rude . Do not ever take your child to this facility. All we want to do is help our child and all they want to do is give you the runaround. It’s a broken system if you have private insurance like we do seek outsourced private facilities that have nothing to do or governed by the state or government. Don’t be become a part of their system. Our child is the most important thing to us and we are his biggest advocate as I made close to 200 phone calls in the last three weeks . Do your research and tread lightly. It’s like being pulled over by a police officer you tell them that you want to speak to your attorney first if you get my drift. We have an attorney I suggest you get one also. Best of luck to all of you parents and your children that are seeking medical and mental attention. God bless us all

ms bella

Very friendly and kind! Made my baby's experience wonderful!


I make appointments for ultrasound for 7:30am for my 4years old child because they requested no eating and drinking 8hrs before the exam. I reached @7:30 and we walked together with another patient and she lucky to be the first to chick-in. The lady who was doing the check-in, her name called Janet I think, took 10min to check-in the first patient. Seriously!?, I don't know how it takes 10min to do a preminary check-in. Then my turn, which was 2-3min. Then other patients start coming and do the check-in to seat in the waiting area. The place becomes over crowded, but no body was called for the exam. Eventually they start calling for the exam one by one. Other patients who came later start being called one by one not the two of us who check-in together. While the other patient is complaining, she got her turn to be called. But me was there till 9am with out being called. I go to the service desk lady, Janet, to complain and she didn't talk to me properly but speak out to all the patient that one of the radiologist didn't come and there are only two of them. Am I unfortunate to being in this situation to wait and even my child to be without food or drink for 12+hours? Or am I paying my money for such service? I live that for others to answer. Finally I went to the other customer service lady to cancel my appointment and she spoke to the radiologist and got the exam for my child in 10min. If the radiologists are not ready by 7:30, why you make the first schedule @7:30. Is it to make us wait for 1&half hours? Improve your customer service, train the front desk, give us the service we deserve!

marisela ramirez

Every time, it happens every single time i come here, “its a virus””its just sore” “everything seems ok”. This Hospital is full of Doctors and Nurses that are just there for a paycheck, not because they care about their little ill patients. Please GO SOMEWHERE ELSE.

Janet C

Went in for a scheduled CT Scan with anesthesia- upon arrival we checked in front desk, got guest sticker/pass - the gentleman was friendly and kind enough to give us instructions on how to get to our appointment- checking in to appointment was easy and fast + friendly- once nurse came to get us she asked if I wanted to try to do CT Scan without anesthesia & said all we needed was baby to be asleep- she took me to a separate room next to CT Scan & long story short it took me 45min to get my baby to go to sleep and we were successfully able to get CT Scan without anesthesia (which I was petrified about). Nurse was so patient & friendly. I am confident and appreciate this place. Cleanliness- hospital/hallways/restroom/areas were all clean. There was art work to look at every where- place is very child friendly. Even the room we were in had a theme and stickers.

Alain Austenfeld

We are blessed to have a Children's Hospital like Rady's in San Diego. Top-notch doctors and care. My son has gone there many times and we are always impressed. The most serious was treatment for LCH (a very rare auto-immune disease some consider analogous to cancer) and he had to have head surgery to remove a mass. We were obviously very scared at the time, but had confidence knowing that we were at the right place to treat such a horrible disease.


The security at check in and his assistant very rude. My nieces just got hit by a scooter at sea port village and I came down to see how she’s doing, the security and the assistant where not letting me in when I got the green light to go see her from the front desk. The security and his assistant went out of there way to make sure I can’t see my niece to know how bad she is.. the security and his assistant names are Vicki and Stephen guerin very bad people

Brianda Sanchez

I am amazed ! By every nurse here , my son just had craniosyntosis surgery and they did such a great job they made me feel comfortable about the surgery as they kept making me come for appointments after appointments and they guided me through everything to feel much better about it , now we are just waiting to get sent home and I can't leave without sayin I LOVE Rady Children’s Hospital & every staff here the nurses are such sweethearts and for me to say that bout a nurse / doctor it's HARD but they amazed me ! I totally recommend this hospital !

Shady Torres

If I Could Give This Place Zero Stars I Would. The Service Was Really Bad Got Here Around 4:50am In The Morning Nurse Checked My Two Month Old Daughter In Checked Her Temperature And Weight. We Came Here Cause My Daughter Had A Fever Of 101.7 Has A Bad Cough That You Could Hear Her Congested All They Gave Her Was Tylenol And Told Us To Wait. Mind You There Was People Waiting BUT Is Was Not Crazy Busy People Kept Coming In After Us And They Was Taking Them To The Back We Was Waiting Two Hours And When We Ask We Kept Getting Thirty More Minutes And You Guys Will Be Seen ... NEVER SEEN. We Ended Up Leaving Without Our Daughter Being Seen We Had To Go To Another Hospital In Order To Get Service For Our Baby . Terrible Place . I'm Not The Type To Right Bad Reviews And I Understand If They Are Very Busy I Mean They Are Human Too But If the Just Sit You Down Forget Your Even There And Taking Other People In That Are There For The Same Reason Your There And Keep Pushing You Aside Like Your Last That's Horrible Hospital Service.

Deval Patel

Worst customer service ever

Lacey Coelho

My son had surgery at this location, I had an amazing experience. The staff and doctors are so nice they are amazing with children and made me feel very Comfortable. The hospital seemed very busy but I was in and out of there I a matter of hours. When I walked in the children’s recovery room , it was silent every child “there was quite a few this day” every child was happy. I was amazed how smooth writhing went. I wish I could give more then a 5 Star! Thank you radys staff you guys are amazing! Also! This hospital is SUPPER CLEAN!!!! I don’t understand why there are reviews of the hospital being dirty

Anthony Barajas

We took an ambulance in from urgent care to this hospital. Our 2 year old daughter had taken medication that wasn’t hers. The staff was excellent. I had gotten lost coming in and out of the PICU. I had 3 different staff members stop what they are doing and helped me get where I needed to go. I had staff help me in the elevator to the parking lot. The nurses and doctors there are phenomenal. Emily, Tara, Rachel, Lisa were all outstanding. It really was the best hospital experience we have ever had. Of course what brought us there was terrible and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. They let us go after a night stay. I really can’t say enough about how nice and understanding everyone there was. This was a very unfortunate accident and they didn’t judge or try and place blame on anyone. We were very very happy with this hospital.

Bao Phan

Know what words can describe my thankful for all doctors and nurses who attended to cure and take care of my son. They gave my son a second life. God bless you!

Krishna Srinivas

Excellent care by Doctors....

Ehsan Ali

My daughter had dry cough, she doesn’t get treatment. I don’t recommend to go to this hospital because you just wast your time

Claudia Navarro


S Nguyen

This place is the BEST place to take your child(ren) to in San Diego, California if medical attention / care is needed. The medical scientists here practically wrote the manual on children. ;) The staff, medical scientists, and experts here are nice, courteous, knowledgeable, and compassionate professionals. Meticulous and caring medical doctors and staff give it their best everyday to dispense miracles for those children that walk through their doors. But before your child(ren) has/have long forgotten what ailed them in the first place, Rady makes a last compassionate act by making a follow-up call to see how your child(ren) is/are doing. Kudos to you Rady - this simple act goes a long and sincere ways into every parent's heart! During our visit, my 3-year old son nonchalantly enlightened the resident MD that was seeing him in the examining area with the following idea: "You know... you can make balloons with those gloves (latex medical gloves)?" The doctor quickly took hold one of the blue glove from its secured box and left the room. So with the new found knowledge, the doctor acquiescly came back shortly with a blown up glove and handed it to elated young teacher. To our surprise, the doctor smiled and said: "I've had lots of practice!" But getting special requests from children and delivering them isn't all they. These people work tirelessly to meet the expectations of their patients and respective caretakers or caregivers - that somehow they (patients) will get better. I think part of this is earning those that walked through their door, their trust. For example, one of the medical staff kindly handed my son a Marvel Titan Hero Series - Captain America (on loaned for the duration of our visit) to be played with my son's own Marvel Titan Hero Series - Spiderman. Thank you to this young man that went above and beyond to earned my son's trust and made him felt calm and secured. My son was delighted as he acted out and shouted the epic battle scene of the Captain and Spidey, all whilst receiving his treatment! Thank you Rady for doing your best everyday - being super heros to every child that comes here for life saving second chances, to minor cuts & bruises, and anything in between in severity! Thank you Rady for making my daughter & son's visits both memorable, painless, and making them well again.

Paola Navarrete

The nurses suck they took literlly 2 hrs too come check up on my son they didnt even realozed i was there until one of the nurse peeked in and got surprised too see me.. I was so upset

Leslie Johnson

Exceptional care. My son was very sick and we spent over 3 weeks in the ICU . The nursing staff is incredibly competent and caring. I felt my child was in good hands.

Mark Lee

Worst care, overly priced, inhumane, and basically abused our baby while taking her without our permission. Beware! Update: They billed me for 30,000 dollars for one over night. My insurance, which they fought not to take, adjusted the cost down to 10,000 dollars. This means they tried to steal 20,000 dollars for unnecessary charges. They get away with neglect because most mothers don't care or unknowingly trust them. My daughter had fluid in her lungs, they treated it like it was a life threatening emergency and gave her treatments and shots they we didn't consent to. The nurses smile but they crack jokes and comment about how they were attracted to me. Weird.

romina miles

Doctors and nurses nice but the restrooms where dirty

Ana Hernandez

I love this hospital, my granddaughter has received awesome care here. Staff is loving and caring. Ronald McDonald house is the best very helpful and food is good.

Robert Foster

No place is perfect, but if your kid is sick it's hard to imagine a better place for him/her.


Plan to be here in the emergency room for a while and just be patient

Young Kim

This is ridiculous!! 4 hours at Scripps Encinitas just to be sent to Rady’s to sit in the waiting room for an hour all the while my little boy wearing a hospital gown with an IV in his arm from Scripps!!! And the staff, absolutely no compassion what so ever!!! Is this a children’s hospital? It’s 12:15am!!

Zully kane

They take good care if the kids and specialize in the kids size level.

steven Todd

One of your employees hit my vehicle while texting her name is Lara betty works at children hospital

Haydee Torres

I love that everybody was really nice and kind exactly why you need when you going through a hard time with you baby

David T

It has been numbous time they are requesting for a paid statement to be paid again ... every time all provided the proof of payment (ie: Credit card statement, payment of proof from it's own website with confirmation). Now it's in collection agency. Not sure how far needs to go before small claim against Rady Children's Hospital.

George G

Unprofessional, bad service,

Lourdes Villarreal

This is the place to bring your sick children not to other hospitals were they might catch adult germ/sickness. Your child might have to be sent here if they need more medical attention anyways why make 2 stops. Have been bringing my children and grandchildren here. N will continue to recomend Rady Children's Hospital to anyone with children.

Amelia Ruiz

Took me back quick helped my son quick was there maybe 30-40 minutes tops this is the second time. I will never take him anywhere else.

sarmad allawi

I am here since 9 am waiting for Dr. Now it 's 2 PM and I have not see the doctor , what' s this nonsense?

Haider Al Abdulaal

We visited the doctor for a regular check up, the waiting area was really hot & the waiting time is above average. However, the doctors here are quite great & very friendly. It is affliated with the university, so you gotta grow up & give those young doctors a space to practice.

Miranda Quintero

Today my 4m old daughter was discharged 4 days after her surgery! The surgeons, and nurses have treated my daughter and me with so much care and made sure our stay was comfortable! I want to thank Nurse Jess, Jen and Gabbi on the 3rd floor for being so caring, kind and sweet to my daughter. They really took there time to make sure we had everything we needed. I also would love to thank the Ronald McDonald’s house, they really take care of the parents/families with 3 meals a day and showers!

Jennifer Urenda

I called to notify I'm coming late. They said it was fine I show up to find out "they received no call" I come from an hour away ! So they took another patient in because they did not know I was coming. If I had known they would do this I would of turned back to go home! I have been coming here since my son was born and I have never experienced this in the past Radiology Front Desk Needs Professional Receptionist ! They are not only rude but very unprofessional.

Chris Wang

It's a careless, greedy and dangerous children hospital. My baby was almost killed by their carelessness and heartlessness. The nurses are very rude and heartless, put my baby into very hot infant incubator, and caused my baby stopping breathing many times, and let the skin very reddish. My baby crying but no one care about it. I checked online, the high temperature in the infant incubator already baked and killed several infants. Their nurses almost killed and ruined my baby and I stopped it. Then My baby returned into normal conditions, but I don't know what aftermath that badness caused to it. It is a shrewd hospital, and it attempts you to give your healthy baby into their new infant emergency room, which threw my family unbelievable overcharged medical bills. This deception practice and outrageous bill should get sued in court to stop the crime in the hospital. It cooperates with other hospitals like Scripps Memorial, and the Scripps sends many healthy infants to the Rady hospital where Rady rented Scripps facilities. Many people get deceived by this secretive practice in Rady hospital and Scripps. Be careful to your baby, don't be ruined by the Rady Children Hospital. For your baby safety and family budget protection, stay away from this worst greedy dangerous Rady Children's Hospital.

Jeffrey A. Vidal

worst hospital ever! Don't take your kids here please. My son had a fever of 105 and we waited for 3 hours. Do yourself a favor and go somewhere else.

Diana Romeo

Well i just tried to get my pre teen mental health care & was ding by Aurora Behavioral Health, Childrens CAPS & Sharp Mesa Vista mental health in San Diego for being privileged for Having Blue Shield HMO. because she is not homeless, foster child & unwilling to take medication she does not meet criteria as they discharge us they said but if she thinks she is going to harm herself bring her back. According to Dr. Patel @ Aurora Behavioral health the Social Worker Mayra Bel has final say about what happens to my kid so im new to mental health my daughter was mentally dumped out. According to Mayra my kid was accepted by a residential & i should drive her immediately to the facility. I ended up at project oz which is a satelite or no profit YMCA program. What i did not understand at that moment Mayra the Social worker at Behavioral health was medically dumping my kid out & i was volunteering takimg her out to a YMCA residential based on me paying, etc. They dont take insurance. It was a volunteer program & it was up to me financially & if i agreed to drive up & take days off work for my kid couslimg sessions. According to blue shield Hmo mental legal department, Aurora Behavioral health never returned their phone call. According to Dr. Patel my Blue shileld HMO is a pain. According to Dr. Hal @ Childrens CAPS Christina the Social workers degree overwrites his Medical liscense & Christina has final say & cannot go to a residential. So the homeless, foster kids have priority but only because they dont know better & are willing to be in an unclean facility & take medication. What happened to couseling? My concern is medication to mental health homelessness is priority what happens when they go back on the streets with no medication & no counseling tools to deal with the real issues of assault, abuse neglect etc. Is Mental health & medication 1 for treatment is this a billing issues or kick back from pharmaceutical to physicians, social workers & mental facilities. My other issue is if you make an appointment for knee ortho they ask you at Childrens mental health, self harm questions they dont treat your knee because you tested positive for mental health & thats priority, Childrens hold the kid for 72 hold 51/50 the kid refuses treatment because they are looking for counseling this dings them as they dont meet criteria for mental health treatment. CAPS at Children Rob the RN was set to discharge my kid bevausr i arrived earky since i live 2.5 hours away from San Diego. I asked what i had to sign Rob the RN said nothing because i was taking my kid voluntary, i asked if they were going to document as me taking my kid Against Medical advice, AMA according to ROB its just voluntary. According to ROB RN, Dr. Hal was not promary doctor for CAPS Mental treatment so why was Christina the social worker & dr. Hal in charge of diagnossing my kid as does not meet criteria. My kid said they did not offer couseling, they offer she treat with someone in her area. kick the kid back home for parents with no mental health degree to deal with. I will make under appointment for my my kids knee appointment & my kid will get tied into the same systems going around in circles with no treatment for my kids knee because the kid will answer the same depressed questions & is a potential self harm. If your Mental treatment is worthless in San Diego with more resources what do you think its like 2.5 hours in the imperial valley with less resources. If as a parent working to have insurance dings us as privileged then give us all a fair chance in the mental health services & give all U.S. citizens who work free Medi-Cal. Not to tale from the RN, technicians who really did help the kids. To them thank you.

Farazdak Jabbar

Excellent service except for couple ladies at the front desk please have smile on your face it’s NOT my child fault that you are working

val costa

I am a respiratory therapist student. Love this place. Looking foward to applying for a job.

Jose Ocampo

My experience was ok....

Austin Gonzalez

The doctor was great. But, the wait was horrible. Took less than an hour to get a room which we thought was good. Then we sat in it for 2 hours before the doctor ever came in. After she came and looked at my baby it took another 2 hours just for the nurse to take her temperature. 2 hours later we finally got her tylenol. 7 HOURS, for tylenol. Horrible.

Larry Dixon

I cannot say enough about the hospital and their staff! Our family appreciates all of your hard work and dedication. This goes for all of the donors as well.

Financial autogroup

We usually have a good experience here at Children's hospital San Diego. But, this time we came across a nurse by the name of Jennifer at the ER. She was a very rude, impolite, and she was treating my 2 year old daughter like a criminal. She was schooling my daughter and us how medicines are important and she forced the medicine to my daughter's mouth and made my daughter's mouth bleed. Jennifer's approach was very improper and definitely she works in the wrong place. She told us sarcastically that "you guys will have fun once she grows up". She !doesn't belong here at Children's hospital. I let the resident doctor and Dr. Kline know and the doctor was very nice and apologized for Jennifer's behavior. I know Children hospital is very good place but people like Jennifer makes it look bad for patients.

Six Sixer

My son went in for a asthma attack. He had to stay overnight and was treated very well and they showed us how to use his medication for when he went home. Only complaint I would have is having to pay for parking.

Amanda Gibson

Beware the high cost of an exam - $735 for 5 minutes of time with a nurse. My son had a minor finger fracture that required a $28 metal finger splint. (We even provided the x-rays from urgent care.) I had no idea it would cost this much. The nurse was impatient with my son, and I felt like we weren't important to them. We never saw a doctor.

Stephanie Haskins

Great staff! Brought my daughter in for a severe reaction to an antibiotic, the registration team, the triage nurse and the doctor were all great! Very clean and everyone is willing to help!

Rochelle Baptiste

I always bring my children here or to their urgent care in city heights. It's worth the drive no matter what part of San Diego your in.

Joe Greider

Its a children's hospital. No one wants to have to go but it is the best in the area.

sweet Angel

hello my name is marcy weekley and i would like to thank dr newton for doing a serious back surgery on me, i have scoliosis and it was pretty bad so i allowed dr newton to do surgery on my back and he did and amazing job, now i can sit up straighter and i can actually breathe more better now i owe it all to him thank you dr. newton for all your hard work and dedication

Leticia Hernandez

Terrible experience!

Stardust Bich

really bad desk service. everything is nice and good until you call on the desk operators trough the phone and give a attitude and sometimes they just won't notify the nurse. i called 3 fraking times and the nurse told me ahe never received a notice about it. ridiculous.

SA -yo

Not at all pleased with the care here. I saw two orthopedic specialist, with one visit to the Ed. The treatment was slow and really inappropriate I am an RN for over 30 years with ICU / Ed and Trauma experience . My son had a severe bayonet fracture with tenting to his left clavicle., he hadnumbness over his brachial plexus and eventually numbness and tingling to his fingers. On all occasions,, I was told, it's not his dominant arm, he is not a professional athlete and he is not in the military. We will wait to see if it becomes a Mal union, if so, after 12 weeks they would do surgery, break it and reset it. Un except able !! I went to Alvarado hospital and had the awesome opportunity to see ortho specialist Dr Ralph Rynning ,who's specialty is shoulders couldn't believe that my son was left like that for 3 weeks. Within 2 days my son had emergent surgery He was given an ORIF to his left clavicle for a severe displace ment, shortening 3cm neurológico numbness and tingling. I'm grateful to Alvarado hospital for taking on my sons case. No, he is not a professional athlete or as far as I know right now won't be joining the army He's a 16 year old boy who needs full function of his left arm. This kind of clinical assessment is really sub par, I guess I would of been treated differently if I had Radys insurance.

Bethany Robinson

We were transported by helicopter due to my son's extreme fracture of the femur. We were greeted with an experienced ER staff who quickly evaluated my son from head to toe. After evaluation and many x-rays they carefully transported him where he waited for surgery. The nurses were caring, attentive and able to decrease his pain levels. When transported to surgery the staff and doctors made this traumatic event bearable. The hardest part was waiting for him to come out of surgery and leaving the hospital as being moved from bed, to wheelchair to vehicle was excruciating for him. The food was a 3 star, however care a 5 star! Many thanks to Rady's staff, we appreciate you so much!

Jason Pruitt

My son had a significant eye injury. The speciliasts here were amazing, helpful and knowledgeable! Wonderful place!

Carmen Bernard

Since March of 1996 that I have been bringing my special need son,I have received nothing but pure,quality, loving,caring and fabulous staff at Randy's from pediatric to orthopedic to neurology and I can go on and on about all the departments and staff. Thank you Thank you from all the parents who really appreciate what you all do for our angels

Book L

Owners of mcdonalds donate for this hospital

monica garcia

Horrible my cousins baby went there while on vacation in mx and baby had a bad fever and cold being a 2 months old they only took blood and clean her throat no meds no ivy no meds would not let her out they kept saying it’s a virus we check out on the 3 day brought her home to uc Davis the gave treatment right away it was a respiratory infection not happy with this place

Diana Herrera

Love the people who have great experience and knowledge.

Saiclyn Sithong

Whenever my child was sick, I thought this would be the best place to take a sick child, but I was wrong. I never had a problem before, but since my son has been admitted to the hospital, the first primary staff team was great. Dr. Edmund and her staff were excellent. She listened! The second primary staff on the other hand, they did not listen. They diagnosed and made decided upon themselves, which I did not always agree. To add everything, my child's pulmonologist team was the worst. They think they know everything and instead of treating the problem, they want to prevent the problem. I want both. When you ask the pulmonologist (Dr. Siew) questions, she completely ignore you because she believe she knows the cause. I mean in all honesty, when my son was hospitalized how often did the doctors spend time with my child. They come and spend maybe 20 minutes or less, diagnose my child and come up with a treatment plan. How do you know what the problem is within a short period of time? Even I knew my child was developing pneumonia before they diagnosed him with pneumonia because the doctors did not listen and went off their knowledge just cause they feel entitled to made a medical decision due to their degree. Well I dont have a degree but I can tell there was something different about my son. If the doctors listened in the first place, it would not have occurred.

W. S

For a hospital who prides itself on excellent medical care for children, its service has been substandard (to say the least).both times we have brought our child there. First both times the wait has been extremely long even to triage. Last night there were less than 8 kids in the waiting room and it took 2 1/2 hours for him to see a nurse and two more to actually get into a room! At least this time his doctors had good bedside manner and assisted with professionalism and courtesy. I can't say that for our previous time. They need to do better for kids.

Leticia Ostler

Rady Children's Hospital below standard of care. While my daughter was admitted to Rady Children's Hospital for emotional distress, the on call without parental and neurologist's authorization over medicated my child to a comatose state. During this difficult time I called the on call neurologist and she stopped the conversation because she could not help me and to call the next day for my daughter's treating neurologist. My daughter could not stand, speak, or stay awake. As a mother I felt helpless and these professional caring for our young children do not have the best interest of the patients. Parents please be proactive in your child' treatment because doctors do not have all the answers and as parents we are the only voice a child has to protect his or her health and well-being.

Rod Underhill

Where they save the lives of children. The best.

Wal sead

My wife and I brought our daughter here for regular checkups when she was an infant. We have good insurance with a low deductible that we paid on time every time. Much to our surprise we received a bill for late payment. I made contact with the hospital in order to determine what we hadn't paid. They explained that it was a billing error, that we had paid in full and that our account would be adjusted accordingly. I figured the issue was put to bed, until we received ANOTHER notice. Again, I called them asking what the deal was. Again I got the whole "Our fault, your account will be updated." Now I received a letter from a collections agency telling me that my credit is going to be negatively hit if I don't pay them. Well I am not going to let my credit take a hit for $46. I am just going to pay it since Rady has me over a barrel. Congratulations, Rady Children's hospital. You got your undeserved $46, and a bad review and my negative endorsement to every person I know who has children.

Madison Acri

I am very great and blessed to have a great team for my daughter. They all work hard..

Kimberly Andriotakis

The Staff are beyond awesome

Bhimisha P

This review is for the customer representative. When I asked whether my Insurance is excepted at the hospital or not...she got angry and told me "go check with your insurance company" in rude tone. You would assume them to be with calming tone and gentle since they are getting calls from worried parents mostly. But this lady (Eva if I heard correctly) was very rude on the phone.

Jocelyn Castillo

Excellent service very fast at attending the clients

Debora Jackson

They are the bestest hospital I know. They take care of the children.


Brought my daughter because of a displaced supracondylar fracture. She was treated with such respect, as well as my family. The whole process was very quick and thorough. We are please with the current results and will be coming back for follow ups. Thank you to the everyone involved!

Gucci Girll

i had my galbladder removed here it is truly an amazing hosptial. i highly recommed.

t w

Great experience! We are here from Houston visiting family and our daughter started to experience vision loss, numbness and a bad headache. From check in to check out, every hospital staff member we came in contact with was caring, patient and really made us comfortable with the visit. Before releasing her they made sure we were all ok with going back to the hotel and let us know we could come back if needed...hoping it doesn’t happen, but if it does we wouldn’t hesitate going back. Thank you Rady Children’s Hospital for making our baby feel better.


The staff is not motivated at all. They are purely profit based. I've witnessed double billings and a lethargic effort to fix them. I have a truly sick child. l have witnessed in fighting and bickering. We had to schedule 2 surgeries withing 3 weeks because the two doctors couldn't/wouldn't align their schedules (they truly hate each other). They have also botched 3! Biopsy's. This has been a nightmare. Trying to get out has even been worse. They are purposefully withholding genetic test information from being transfered to an out of children's provider. My child is terminal, this is unacceptable. I've been in this for 3 years. My girl is suffering and they barely even care. I'm now taking her all the way to LA. What a nightmare this has been. THIS IS NOT AN ISOLATED CASE! I spent too much time there, this is happening every day. I've been holding back this comment for fear it would impact my daughter. We're gone now. This place is not a good hospital. We've worked with Sharp and they are 1000x better. Wow, what a difference between the two. We now spend little time in San Diego for medical care, my doctor is now 3hrs north and a world better. I pity anyone forced to go to this hospital as we were.... :(

angelica wood

I haven't had a bad experience with Rady's until today when I came into the ER with sharp abdominal pain and the dr that saw me was rude and told me that I needed to see an adult doctor and all I am looking for is pain medication which is not true, I was following dr orders to come back if the abdominal pain persisted and got worse and also if I started vomiting. I understand that I need to transition to an adult hospital due to being 18 however there is no need to be rude about it. Rady's is a great hospital other than they can be rude at times.

Gigi Li

Purposefully and forceably retracting a baby's foreskin because he was brought in with a fever?! How can you trust the doctors when they try to hide the damage they're doing from the screaming mother whose telling them to stop?? Gross!

Mike Perez

My 7 year old daughter broke her arm this past weekend. It was an incredibly long day, but the team at Rady Children's was great. She ended up breaking both the radius and ulna bones, as well as bowing those bones so they had to realign them. Resetting the bones is painful procedure, so they sedated her. There were a team of 5 that ended up working on her: the ortho doc, xray tech, cast tech and two nurses. The nurse was really great and helped put us at ease, as well as my daughter. I'm thankful to have such a great facility here in San Diego. My only complaint was the waiting. We were there from 11:30am-6pm so there was quite a bit of waiting. I also made the mistake of going to Pomerado Hospital first (in retrospect we should have come straight here) so we were at that hospital from 8am-11am. They x-rayed her and put a split on her, but they then sent us to Rady for treatment. Hopefully there is no "next time" but now I know, go straight to Children's.

Rahul Karmaker

Worst hospital ever. they bluff people and send unnecessary high bill. I took my child to them as there were no urgent care doctor available near to my place in Sunday. They forced me to go to emergency room and I ended up paying hefty bill. Overall my child was given no medication as he was having just diarrhea.

Shaniqua Robinson

They're always sweet. Every nurse and doctor I know, I never have a issue with. My daughter goes here for her sickle cell and its not like regular hospitals, they treat you with respect and care always.

Siobhán Murphy

Terrible experience. The staff were rude and complaining about being busy. It was very busy but that’s not my fault. Our health insurance is very expensive and the ER copay is very high. Clearly they get a lot of people abusing the ER with non-emergencies. They need to do something about those people so real emergencies can get the attention they need. The staff are behind thick glass and had 2 phones for everyone to use. Talk about spreading germs. The place looked disgusting, like something from the third world. I have no doubt that Radys has some great specialists but the ER is a disgrace. They can’t wait to get you out, once they’ve gotten your copay.


We had to take our little brother here. Kind of through me off guard to see the border patrol agents posted up here. I'm like WTF is going on here. But as soon as walked up closer they were extremely cool. But ✋ it didn't stop there. Every last person we encountered here I'll tip my hat to them. OMG they have tons of things to make a kid smile and forget about whatever is going on to have them there. Top notch place. Not to mention they had cucumber water stations every where. take a look at the pictures and like this if this helps in any way.

Lise Adams

You guys are awesome! Never had such a positive experience in a hospital setting. My grandson broke his arm and they were so quick to get him in. The orthopedic team was ready and waiting to sedate him as soon as possible to set his arm. Everything was thoroughly explained, they were professional, helpful, kind and compassionate. . . I am so impressed and so grateful to Nurse Brandon, Dr. Ponton, Dr. Ishimine and so many others for their outstanding care. . .Thank you so much!

Joy Zhao

We stayed Rady for two months. Doctors ,Nurses and staff were respectful and kind . But we do not mind how kind and nice they treat with us. We only care what you do. Our son’s heart surgery failed because of technical and professional reason. Honestly I did not plan to take a surgery here since Rady ranking were #17 national wide, but they did not give us exact situation about my son’s heart. But up to now, there were no time to regret, it failed already!! we finally flew to Boston children hospital and found better post-surgery medical care. If God give me one more chance, I will definitely go to Boston or Houston. As a mom, My heart is so painful ... feel like it is all my fault...

Charlie Jenkins

I lived here for 11 nights. They treated me with nothing but respect and understanding. They tended to my needs and allowed me to heal. I am incredibly grateful for all of the staff of the MBU food disorder center. They saved my life and taught me many lessons that will keep me healthy for the rest of my life. In addition, the facility is ideal. My bed that I got to know very, very well was comfortable. My room had a great view. The machines are up to date and the staff are very knowledgeable and so kind. All of the nurses are just the best people, always checking up on me and seeing if I need anything. To them, I was more than just a patient, they talked to me and got to know me and played games, they are all incredible. The food is also good, which is a major plus. I am so glad that I came to Rady Children's. Now I am home and healthy.

Hello Person

Very helpful. I broke my wrist they put it back in place and placed a cast on it. They were very kind I would like to thank them

Eric Mackie

The NICU and CV-ICU took very good care of my daughter.

Your Mom

This place is horrible this is one of the worst hospitals i ever been on. I have a handicap child so I have visited many hospitals throughout Los Angeles Orange County and San Diego but here in San Diego Doctor don’t care much about patients keeping them comfortable they just said o there’s nothing alse we can do. They don’t have a lot a new machine or technology like other hospitals. Children hospital in Orange County is way better than this one. Every time my daughter gets hospitalized I get so nervous

Chewy Girl

The best place to be around for parents and child. Seeing others and thier sick ones helps kids to appreciate thier situations knowing it could be a lot worse. Good bonding and sharing time for adults just to know you are in the same boat. I appreciate the faculty and God bless everyone for making this place not so hospital like and comfortable for the little ones and parents too! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Juliana She

Mixed experience with Rady's--some worst communication with their Poway unit but once we changed to the Scripps unit it was much better. We just moved to the area and was looking for a new pediatrician for my daughter. First we found someone from the Poway unit but the staff there are completely unhelpful. In fact every time I call, I have to wait for at least 10 minutes or more for someone to pick up the phone. The staff who pick up phone calls are not very polite and very impatient. I called at least four times. There was one time I waited for 20 minutes and nobody picked up. The other times I was then told that the doctor is super busy so we can't see the person until my daughter's next check-up unless my daughter is "really sick". Then I was told that for a simple flu shot I need to wait until December, unless we help ourselves and go to an after-hour clinic at Scripps. That was when I thought why don't I just call Scripps and see if they have pediatricians available there? The Scripps unit was completely different. The first call took about 5 minutes, the person who picked up the phone was very professional and easy to communicate with. And we get to see the new pediatrician in the following week, and get the flu shot right there after the visit. Everyone was very patient and friendly in that office. This is the same quality service we used to get in Massachusetts. And this is the type of service everyone should be getting. But we just wonder why the service quality can vary so greatly between units. Rady needs to get better in their quality control and should look into units that often get patient complaints.

Yuleni DENNI

Very late post but I had to share terrible experience. Son had diarrhea for a week, he couldn't keep anything down either. We brought him bc he was severely dehydrated. We waited 4hrs to be seen. He was crying the whole time. It was very stressful. Then the they call us and we wait another 45mins to see the dr. She tells us there's nothing they can really do, it's a bug. She said he's hydrated which was the most important thing. I beg her for fluids as i was a desperate mother trying to care for her son!! She finally agreed and it took a while before we got a nurse to help. They then proceeded to poke our son over 6x with different nurses and they apologized saying he's dehydrated and that was why they couldn't get his veins. This was so stressful and i was crying for my son who kept crying at their poking him so much!! My poor baby!! Never going there again!!

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