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Celina Garcia

I would recommend this hospital to anyone it's in Pomona but it sure is Better than San Antonio hospital I must say. Just cause SAH is in a good area doesn't mean its good I and other family have had bad experiences there :(. Here in Pomona I will always come too they are professionals treat you like a partner they like to keep you updated with everything that is happening. They work with you as a team doctors and nurses are very good. I have delivered here, have had surgery done and have brought my kids to ER and they have always been attentive and I trust them. Doctors and Nurses are top notch. I don't have any complaints they are awesome!!!

Briana Taylor

Great service and ER wait for my daughter was not nearly as long as it would have been at San Antonio! Worth the drive!

Kayla Salewsky

Went to ER in the middle of the night and was taken care of with everything. Got so many tests, I felt like they were THOROUGHLY assessing my condition. They accurately diagnosed me after two previous misdiagnoses from random urgent care clinics prior. They pumped me up with meds and send me out and I felt SO RELIEVED, THANK YOU to the graveyard shift PA's, technicians and nurses! everyone was friendly and prompt, you guys literally saved my life! Husband went there a week later because he got the same sickness I did and was taken care of quickly and thoroughly as well. Didn't expect that in a city like Pomona.

Angel Solis

I am here right now and have been waiting for my daughter to get her breathing treatment. We were moved from one place to the other and waited for an hour. I came across a nurse and asked her how long do we have to wait, she said she will call it in. That was 5 minutes ago, now how long do we have to wait AGAIN to get her breathing treatment.

Ivan Cornejo

Was in a bad motorcycle crash last weekend lower body crushed my steering wheel also drivers side vehicle flew into air and flopped twice on floor i couldnt walk at all my hips where in such great pain as well as my back got rushed to this hospital in the beginning they were helpful but once i was sent into the trauma room they where very rude checked on me a few times but mainly was trying to rush me out of there i told them im in great pain they gave me a high dosage on medication which made me feel not great at all! After that doctor told me i had to leave i told him i couldnt walk at all u couldnt even pick my legs up cause my hips where killing me he said he will give me crutches?? As if it would help? Once i was helped by my friend onto the wheel chair took me a while to get seated on it the doctor was getting impatient as if i was doing it over dramatically? A lady nurse said behind that to get over it because she some time in the past broke something and took it like a champ? Haha okay? As if i could just get up and ignore the pain. It took me 4 days to finally walk agian till now im in great pain they gave me low dosage medication and no refills as if i was gonna be okay within days? This place is horrible and im looking foward to bringing my lawyers into this.

Fadi Mamar

Clean and new machinery. Very good staff in ICU2

Rosa Gonsales

This is the most horrible hospital ever had the worst experience i was going through so much pain and having contraction they were taking there time to sign me up and not even putting me in a room women that were 5 cm already they would send them off to walk like nothing they were dirty all of the employes are rude they get angry when u ask them questions they dont explain nothing and get angry for eveeything ugly hospital horrible people horrible service dont choose to give birth to this hospital because that would be a big mistake. Go to kaiser hospital thats the one that took me and helped me and was amazing thank god


I've been a patient here for the past several years. Because I am under LA Care I have to get the clearance authorization for a NEUROLOGIST. POMONA VALLEY kept sending me to Brain sergions which I didn't need because I already had brain surgery 27 years ago. This hospital doesn't have a Neurology Department. I was asking for them to send me to UCLA Hospital. They still didn't do that until a few months ago with my mother fighting with the hospital and LA CARE to get me to the right doctor. When you make the appointment to see your doctor they say that if you are more than 15 minutes late your appointment will be cancelled. But usually the wait to see the doctor could be more than 1 hour. The doctor will only spend 15 minutes seeing you no matter what you need from the doctor.

BronyOtaku Gamer

I've been having sharp chest pain and sharp pain and numbness and cold feeling in my arms and chest along with the sharp pain they keep saying nothing seems wrong I don't believe because they just been doing the same tests I feel like they should do a cardiogoniometry a (cgm) test because I heard that works better than a (ekg) but they said they don't know what that is and they won't keep at night for more tests and to monitor me I feel like they don't care and are just going to let me die

Shireen Hakim

Thomas in the ER is the best RN! Everyone else was polite and efficient. I appreciate their service.

Istranger Toall

My daughter broke her elbow and she was treated pretty well except the surgeon was not going to make it and I had to argue with them because they made her wait overnight with a brace that was it of course pain meds and fluids but she was uncomfortable. I had to demand they get a pediatric surgeon in and they did after I was yelling at the staff

Rebecca Johnson

Couteous efficiency Custoner care

Celina Hin

Love this place..staffs are very friendly..had my baby two month ago..thanks

Maygun Hance

Came to ER with pulmonary embolism. (Blood clots in your lungs). Super painful. Yes they greedy with pain management. I have been in Trama care for 4 days and have not been cleaned up. Oh yes and I am 13 weeks pregnant. Some of the nurses where great. All the others though may need a different profession to feed their god complexes. I am getting discharged today. And still no shower. What if I get an infection. Their bad

Alma Rc

I've had all my babies at pvhmc and have always had a wonderful experience, from Dr. Akram to all the nurses. So thankful for everything. Thank you

Amelia Rose

Don't go here unless you want to die. They didn't wanted to treat my dad because he's "an alcoholic". They didn't take him seriously. Had my mom not stayed by his side and fought, he could have died from his infection. The nurse denied him water (when my mom wasn't there) and didn't wanted to give him his food because he denied it earlier. I had to tell her several times to give my dad his food because she kept telling my mom he denied it earlier. It's not a difficult task to do. All he wanted was his jello and fruit. YOU DO NOT TREAT YOUR PATIENTS LIKE THAT!!!!!! It's totally unethical. If your nurses are treating patients like that, then they are in the wrong field and deserve to have their license revoked.

Natti Cargile

Nice hospital

RD Jenkins

The er was good the nurses where great but it seemed like the admitting doctor just wanted to get me off his floor without doing the full work up

Hancel Rizo

i was born here i think born here in 2005

Candy Herrera

I was referred here by my OB for perinatal visits for ultrasound monitoring of my growing baby. They don't accept children so I have to arrange for baby sitting and my husband takes time off work to come with me for support... this is the second time Iv had to walk out and leave due to waiting over 2hrs. The nurse that takes you back has no personality and has a sour face every time I've gone, the only thing I actually liked is the dr who saw me. I hate that they do not communicate they are behind... they won't say anything unless you finally go up to complain about waiting. Horrible customer service to their patients and I will never return to this hospital for anything... just walked out of this appt, now late for my 6pm appt 45mins away and I will not be returning.

Rodney Heinrich

I have been here so many times! I seem to have some surgery every couple of years. Last summer my kidneys stopped working right. I got the best nursing staff ever, and the doctors listened to my questions and concerns. This was on a Friday and Saturday I was supposed to officiate a wedding. We ended up performing the wedding in a little chapel on the floor where I was being monitored. Anyway, I've always been well taken care of for my many visits at the hospital.

Patricia Fuentes

Horrible service! They are unorganized and do not check on patients as frequently as they should. Nurses seem careless!!

Betty Torres

I had knee surgery in September & everyone from admitting to discharge were warm & caring. They kept my daughter informed. It was very clean. They were extremely busy but they made sure that I was attended to. All the nurses in out patient surgery were very nice & helpful.

LUZ Maldonado

My daughter had a terrible car accident. They had her in a wheelchair for 11 hours didn't even put her in a room. They had to do xrays twice after 9 hours they noticed she needed lab and a cat scan. The nurse was a bitter, grumpy and rude woman. Upon her discharge she made her walk with an injure leg to our car which was far from the exit of the hospital instead of wheeling her or allowing us to bring the car closer. This has to be the worst service and client care ever.

Muljibhai Hinglajia

Very good and nice hospitality

Veronica Cruz

This is a bad hospital the waiting needs to be solved the staff is unorganized had me waiting 4 hours to not even be called

Alex Moreno

Incredibly understaffed, horrifically slow wait times, should have gone to Presbyterian hospital in Glendora

Reparación de Crédito 866 608 1483

Nice hospital with very proffesional people there

Samantha Cabrera

this hospital is good but the doctors are horrible , i was pregnant and was supposed to be induced they gave me a date and everything on when to go and once i got there they gave me medication and shots so i can go into labor but a couple hours later they refused to induce me and sent me home with a risk of having the baby at home ... horrible

Kristen DeForest

My niece was admitted as a trauma patient after a severe car accident. She had a broken femur, ankle, and orbital bone. They were under medicating her (according to a second evaluation by her new dr.’s at her current physical rehab center) so her pain was through the roof. The staff had her up and walking. The next day, another nurse came in and mentioned my niece’s broken ankle. My niece had no idea due to lack of communication from dr.’s and nurses. She ended up having surgery on that ankle days later. They also failed to mention that she had a concussion. My niece hadn’t showered in almost 2 weeks, when my sister requested it the staff said “we will have to get permission from the dr.” Days went by and still no shower. Can you imagine?! My sister was finally able to wash my nieces hair and she said the water was brown because of the blood that was still in there. She washed it 4x to finally get it clean. On two separate occasions, a patient with dementia entered my nieces room unaccompanied in the middle of the night. How she was up wondering the halls unnoticed blows my mind. My niece mentioned she felt like she couldn’t ask for water or even to go to the bathroom. Thankfully my niece was moved to a different facility for physical therapy and is getting the proper care. If you have had a similar experience, please write a formal complaint. Care like this is unethical and inappropriate. No one should have to go through that, especially after experiencing trauma. Please speak up so things will change for staff and future patients.

Fehmida Kumar

Nurses and CNA are not attentive. They sit around and ignore you even when you speak to them asking about the patient. Especially attending RN Janith Showing attitude! Exceptionally great RN here is Dean.

Nicole Ewart

Best Labor and delivery wing ever.

Patricia Hernandez

Nurse could not find a vein for the IV. Hand one swelled, hand two, had the same out come. Epidural request was not submitted by nurse one. She forgot to submit it before going to lunch. Mother was ready to deliver but staff was not prepared. Baby was born on the bed. I was told, the department was extremely under staffed. I apologize for mother and baby. This should not be acceptable care!!!!

midnight rivera

I was in a car accident not so long ago and struck my head and had a laceration, I arrived around 4 am, it took them over at hr just to get x-rays and to give me some pain meds. After the x-rays I asked if I can have a CT scan just to make sure I wasn’t bleeding from inside well the tech said “why are you given more work!” I was sent back to the waiting area. A few more hours passed and a lady was been loud, security took her outside and one of them scream “anyone else?” REALLY!!! Well final at 8:00 am I was putting in in a room. It was the worse hospital I been and NEVER going back to that so call hospital.

Glen Elfers

Encountered attentive, friendly and competent staff in both the emergency room and main hospital. Good facility maintenance. Best food court of 3 hospitals visited in the area. Emergency room gets overloaded but that is a problem seen at other hospitals as well.

Brandi Breen

I was admitted to the ER last Monday, due to ruptured cysts on my ovaries-- SO PAINFUL! I had been told this ER has a 'bad reputation', but my husband used to work there and assured me it was a good ER. I got there, tons of people, waited forever -- but I will not even complain about that because that is typical in any ER. I was however, shocked by how I was treated by one of nurses. I was sitting and getting my vitals taken by a very nice nurse, who was making polite conversation with me. We got on the topic of my home church, and the other nurse turned quickly to talk to 'my nurse' as if I was not in the room. She spouted, "I've been to that church and I will never go again, etc etc etc' and began to berate my church. Mind you, my nurse asked me where church was, she brought up the conversation- I did not. I apologized to her that she had a bad experience (because who knows what really happened?!) and she continued to berate my church in anger. I do not remember her name, because I was hunched over in AGONY, but she was a little 'thicker set' with long permed bleach blonde hair and a full face of make up. I was appauled at her lack of compassion or care.. and her lack of professionalism. I will NEVER go there again. I would rather drive an hour away for a kind and compassionate nurse during such a vulnerable state.

SFC Franco

My wife is pregant, we had an appointment at 1045 am, they did not call us until 12:15pm for 10 minutes of a car salesman pitch of procesures, then I ask the nurse why it takes ao long, she says that is their normal. Careless and borderline gettho. I was expecting this because of the word pimina, but was hoping for better. Womens center needs better caring and professional staff. At the level they were working, it seemed that they are borderline GED education. If their normal is wait over an hour, then they need to change their normal to 30 minutes.

Omar Valencia

Went in there as a trauma patient 08/04/2019 nurse asked me to remove my watch never saw it again.Its been over 2 weeks still haven’t heard anything other than “there’s an open investigation “.

Laura Lilley

Last January an emergency room doctor saved my life, figuring out what was wrong with me when three other doctors didn't. Recently I thought I was having a seizure, so went to the ER. They took me in almost immediately, and a doctor had answers that no other doctor did. I was there 5 hours, but they took lots of tests and we waited for the results. I would return over and over to PVH! Sometimes you have to wait, but their triage is fair, sicker people go first. And the waiting room is often clogged with people who have less than emergencies, or put off going to the doctor till the evening or the weekend. That is not the hospital's fault. It's a great hospital,and so many of these negative reviews are just people whining!

Tatiana Anastacia

I had my first child at this hospital and was by far the worst hospital visit Ive encountered. They had the nerve to have an intern try to insert the catheter while I was in labor!!! Like oh no I need a professional ! I am not anyones guinea pig! The day room hospital bed had bed bugs that were bitting my feet at night. I Woke up super itchy and noticed red bumbs. All staff was rushy, rude, and careless. Do not book your delivery here.

Rudy De La Cruz

My daughter gave birth to her 2nd child here at Pomona Valley hospital. It was a great experience. Nurse Laura A. In the N.I.C. really stood out answer all my question. Sometimes twice.... Lol thank you for everything. Sorry didnt know how to spell your last name. She even went and help my Granddaughter Aubrey . calm her down with the stethoscope listening to her own heart

Rania Hussein

Worst ER ever!!! Bad service very long wait time and no privacy at your own room. My 10 month old had a fever of almost 101 they said give him Tylenol to the nurses and I stayed inside for almost 1 hour nobody gave him nothing and that's after asking me twice did he receive medicine and I said No. My other 2 were crying and I was there for 4 hours worst experience ever. I wouldn't go back for nothing.

Gonzalo Gomez

Hospital fantastic, Physical Therapist and therapy is great! Doctors are unbelievable nurses and staff very nice.

Cesar G.

It's a bit hood but everytime I had to go to the ER when I'm on that side of town bike injury or just something out the norm they been good service wise not bad could be better tho it's not UCLA But good in my view.. They stitched my up and fixed me up great that day

kelly wang

I just delivered my second baby in Pomona valley hospital the end of July. It was really a bad experience with my last shift nurse. I felt her discrimmation of foreigners(I'm a Chinese Mom). Before I left the hospital, she gave me a hospital bag with nothing inside except some coupons. But I definitely saw other mom who was leaving with two fully bags of pads, formula,liquid formula, a deal of diapers and some essentials. I asked my nurse, why I don't have these gifts from hospital. She told me she has no idea about that, maybe that's special care. I heard from friends and searched on website, almost every hospital will prepare bag of gifts to mom and baby before their leaving. It reallly made me unhappy.


Absolutely the best hospital my daughter born there

Adam Hensel

Between not giving my wife pain medication after giving birth to our daughter, making my 4 yo son wait 6 hours when he throwing up constantly or not taking my insurance info and sending me bills for close to $10,000. This place is horrible, avoid if possible.

Amaar Kirat

I have never had a particularly comfortable experience at an ER but Pomona Medical Valley sets new standards for one of the worst centers you can go too. Sure ER rooms are stressful and most stuff need to be a bit tough in order to get thru those hard days. But the problem is not the level of non-interest that goes on here, or that you will wait forever to be seen on non busy days. The biggest issue the bureaucratic insanity that goes on in this facility. Staff members from different departments refuse to assist each other in front of patients, refuse to answer or assist you and go on to explain how their job position doesn’t qualify them in assisting you in anyway, unwilling to listen to any information you want to provide them that might be helpful to report to the doctor. Hell they don’t even share the same systems or databases in order to pull up information on patients. I came here with a friend who was in need of medical assistance but I’ll never come back here again even if I got shot and this was the closet medical facility in miles.

nikki greaves

Extremely Disorganized and didn’t even have wheelchairs to move us from the hall to a room after our car accident. My son had a neck brace on and he was forced to walk carrying his stuff. I was in a lot of pain because of my back and I had to stand the entire time while waiting for someone to see us. If they say we are taking you to Thai hospital say NO!!

Caleb Govella

Nobody in ICU leaves here alive. They don't care. Get your loved ones out of this hospital!

Lynette Ashman

My review is in regards to service I received at the Pomona Valley rehabilitation services physical therapy center at Magan Clinic in Covina, Ca. Erika is my physical therapist there.She has done an excellent job helping me learn how to work through cervical spine pain and lower back issues. I couldn't be more thankful to her and the entire team. Vera, the receptionist is also funny and wonderful. They really do know how to ease ones aches and pains over there, Thank you to the Pomona Valley physical therapy team at Magan!

amber pasillas

You're better off going to another hospital... everything I come here there only two windows in the front of the entrance where you began you're checking into the ER. There person in front always take at least 15 mins and then addition 10 moving to the second window to be asked what's wrong when you just spent 15 mins. Then the lobby or waiting room is ALWAYS full and smelly and stuffy.. then they check you in triage to see how sick or hurt you are then the PA's take 20 mins to see you and ask you question again from start then the send you out side to wait for blood work or etc.. then a rep from registry come and has to sign the paper work to allow the ER to bill you're insurance but on top of that you'll be here for 5+ or more and if you leave you're insurance is always being charge for partial or no help. This hospital should worry about getting coordinated more than fixing a new parking lot of sick patients/doctors and people who have to wait 5+ to have his or her daughter or relative to be seen by a PA .

Peggy Cusack

PVHMC has many clinical services. Physicians are present in house 24/7. Intensivists. Trauma surgeons . NICU physicans . Hospitalists. A Rating


My father was taken by ambulance to the ER (revoked hospice), because my dad was semi-conscious due to a UTI (from a catheter at home), very high blood sugar (even though he had not been eating), and he was vomiting blood. ER was good to him. Shaheen, the ER social worker and I discussed that my parents needed to sign an advanced directive, medical power of attorney. She called upstairs and they said they have the forms and even a notary. My father was admitted. Then upstairs they kept putting my parents off from getting the advance directive, intentionally. They knew my parents were old, confused, and scared. They bullied my mom into signing a form and told her to leave it undated. What??? That's right, they told my mom she was signing a form to get my dad a bed at a nursing home or he would have to go home when she can't care for him because of her own current injury from caring for her husband. They promised her she wasn't signing up for hospice. LIARS!!! So my dad is moved to the nursing home, now with no physical therapy, because they tricked my parents. And that undated form? Oh yeah, he was signed up into hospice again. They knew they couldn't bully and deceive me, so they kept my parents from getting me in charge of this decision. I will be speaking to CANHR and elder law attorneys. It's not about the money. It's about the principle. They intentionally deceived and bullied my parents. This is straight up evil. They are no better than thugs on the street robbing the elderly because they are easy targets. The doctor who saw my dad at the nursing home asked how they could send my dad there without first running tests to find out why he can't quit vomiting and why blood is coming up. This isn't over.

Maria Rios

If you go to the maternity tour do not buy the yoga ball. I tried to inflate the ball with the manual pump and after so many pumps the pump cracked. which the air comes out of, so I cant inflate my ball. I didnt even get to use it.

jon lohse

Great people and service. I like the way they operate. I had my son go to their to ER and my father in law on different days and occasions.

Maria Antonio Amaya Martinez

Nurses were rude and hospital felt uncomfortable

Jennifer Marti

I am not only rating the hospital I am rating the best staff member nurse I have ever encountered in the the maternity ward her name is norma ydean she was super attentive to my health and my child's needs hospital she was sweet and gentle and genuinely concern I want to thank her for a great experience in such a miserable moment


First nursing staff are wonderful.second and why 1 star sergon botched insions closer with staples..and has not done anything to repair situation. See pics. Waiting to see plan of action to repair.

Nayely Calito

My insurance was not being accepted to other clinics, i called my insurance to see what i should do, told me to go to emergency. I first saw all the bad reviews, but i think that goes for maternity because in emergency they were on top of it. I went in at around 9:30 and out by 10:20. For me, thats fast for emergency. The staff was informative and cool. The bathroom is clean. The emergency room is small and retro but that's okay because they serviced real fast. I had a hard time with parking, I was a little lost but there was actually a staff member driving in his cart and I waved at him so he can help me and he did he made me park real close to the emergency.

Alma Galvez Torres

Its okay hospital. If you come here prepare to wait forrr hours in the emergency department. I've waited here in the past for at least 5 to six hours. Hasnt change. Though if you are an expectant mother and you are concern of your baby in the womb you should go to the women center instead. i was told when i had to the emergency with my baby in my womb.I do like the women center. However the emergency department really sucks.

Jordaun Marie

If I can rate this hospital 0 stars I would! I had THE WORSE experience here. On 6/22/2019 I showed up in active labor and was sent to the triage. I was greeted by a rude older lady with blonde hair and glasses (I will be finding her name and reporting her). She accused me multiple times of being on drugs and when my cousin explained to her that I was just in pain and it was my first kid, she stated “no, I have patients here all of the time who’s been pregnant with their first child and she’s acting really out of it as if she’s on drugs.” I showed up to the hospital 6cm dialated and she took her time with everything and she tried to force me to take a urine test excluding the fact that I was in so much pain that I couldn’t even walk. So by the time I went literally next door to deliver my kid, I had the urge to push while nurses and trainees put IV’s in me, tried to draw blood, and forced papers in my face to sign (including a drug test!) At that point, I had to say something through my pain. “WHY DO I NEED A DRUG TEST!? I’M NOT ON DRUGS!” They stated “we have to because we don’t know you (I didn’t receive prenatal care from them, which they asked a million times why I came to this hospital instead of focusing on delivery) and we don’t know what you are on.” Anyways continuing on, they realized I was 10cm dialated after saying I’m 6cm for the longest because of my need to push. There were two nurses, two trainees, and ONE DOCTOR in the room helping me deliver him. Suddenly, the doctor had to leave the room in the middle of my son’s head crowning to attend to another patient who was also in labor. She left me in the room to fend for myself. I was being yelled at from left to right by unproffessionals who didn’t know what to do because I kept pushing him, almost delivering him on my own! I had the urge to push and nobody in the room was able to help me. All I kept hearing was “STOP!” and “YOUR GOING TO HURT YOURSELF.” Y’all are suppose to help me! Finally the doctor came back, and the only thing that was great for me was my son coming out healthy and being in my arms. I do want to give credit to the ladies in the maternity ward credit for being great to me! They were so nice and sweet and it was a great ending to go home to. Everything else though, I absolutely hated and I should’ve picked another hospital to go to.

H LeFurgy

Long wait for Blood

Justin Ausman

My wife and I welcomed our first child here. It was incredible! The staff was fantastic and went above and beyond to make our experience comfortable and incredible.

GGP909 FZ09

This place sucks. Went in to have my wife checked. She's pregnant and needed to check on the baby. We were done with all the test in 3 hours. We waited for the lab results 8 hours. We asked for an update and they said they didn't have a room available for the doctor to give us the results. They didn't seem to care about the baby nor my wife. She was in pain and they kept brushing her off. One nurse noticed we were still there and asked why are we wait. We were waiting on the test results. They blamed the lab for not having them ready. They offered us food and drinks. But they never gave it to us. They were very apologetic after they noticed they messed up. I asked for hours to see if they skipped us or forgot and they would just lie all the time. Worst experience ever. I hope I never have to comeback to this place. People are rude also. They dont care about pregnant women. Hope this place gets shut down. That way no one would get treated this way. We. NEGATIVE F***ING stars BUNCH OF JERKS CARELESS IGNORANT EGOTISTICAL HEARTLESS INCOMPETENT

Anthony Lara

Great hospital but the lady security guard was very very rude she work in the front desk in the main entrance!


I usually love this place but this time around has been horrible ive been here since yesterday and haven't had anything to eat nurse told me she ordered my food but that was 3hrs ago .i have no food and haven't seen the nurse since then..Very disappointed!

Galaxy Cat

Help in this place is so-so. Depends on who is helping really. Had to take my mom in because her blood pressure was super high and brought her in. It was like 226/120. They helped her, and put IV in her. Had medication or some sort to lower it but then after like 3 hours, her blood pressure was low and then it got high again but it was around 146/94 and this dirty blood comes in a pony tail and is about to issue us out since her BP was lower than it was but its still high. Didnt really let her wait and see if it went down or not. I said, isnt her blood pressure high? She tells me in a smart ass way like she would tell to a little kid, Ooh its high isnt it? Yeah. Its high... OMG I wanted to say, "F YOU TOO" So bad! Oh godz. I didnt want to cause a scene and didnt want to get cops after me. I didnt want my mom to get worried from all of that either. So i let it go and bit my lip. I asked, what kind of advice is there to help keep it down? She explained but it seemed she just couldnt wait to get rid of us. After that, the nurse came and removed the IV and everything. We called my older Sister and went home. She was ok but still going home with blood pressure borderline high. The lady wasnt a doctor but she was like the help before the Doctor. Anything else that goes further, goes after her, to the Doctor. I dont know or remember her name but if you see a girl blond, in a pony tail, kind of Tomboy-ish, yeah thats her. Shes friendly at first but if you make her go out of her way on things, she starts to act weird. Dont by shy to say something. Its your life and its important. If you are concerned about something, say it, and dont hold back but dont fight either. Just show that you are polite about it but serious and need answers.

rosie carranza

I just want to thank everybody and prePrenatal especially upstairs in the second-floor super amazing nurses there and also Laura I want to thank all of you from the bottom of my heart you have been so amazing to me so far you are by far the best

Jess H.

I heard great experiences and reviews about this hospital. I delivered my first child here. Since I was so skeptical of we’re to go and have a smooth transition from my previous move. My doctors were great! They addressed all my questions and concerns and help ease my worries. I was very disappointed in the care I received at the labor and delivery unit. There was several times I had to get up and use the restroom and was attached to the IV and the nurses would never come in and I had to get up by myself with pain to go use the restroom. I had one nurse tell me try to hold it??? Hold in my Urine because your to busy not wanting to do your job? This really bother me and my whole stay there was a mess. I was being punish for pressing the call light. I’m sure other places you will experience differently but from my experience it wasn’t the best there.

Melissa .B

This has to be the most uneducated hospital staff I've ever seen or everyone on earth is walking around with UTI .nov.2018 I go in for severe back pain due to job injury..for my back injury they gave me chest xrays, ekg heart monitor, blood work ,urin finale diagnosis after 5 hours in e.r I was told I have an urine was clear .I have no urination pain.. i was prescribed uti meds.. couple week later my 4 month old teething granddaughter gets 103 fever .rush her to e.r. 6 hours later after chest xray blood work ,urin sample diagnosis....UTI. week after that my 64 diabetic mother goes in feeling sick..they give her chest xray ,blood work and she is also sent home with UTI diagnosis...lmao I guess when they can't figure out what you have they say it's uti instead of saying ..we can't find a cause .I'm curious how many walk out of there with an UTI thinking about calling the news fox 11 see if they can dig into this n see some records .

Freddie ReYeS

Friendly Staff who always try they're best for you.

SamiAdele Almanza

Even though I had a few problems in the ER, once I got to my room things got better. The nurses were kind and professional. Brian, Alicia, Liezel, Elmer, and a few more that helped tend to me were especially kind. Thank you all and Merry Christmas.

Violet Valverde

I don't ever leave reviews but I feel I need to. I went to er just last night with extreme dehydration due to pregnancy and vomiting. I waited 2 hours in waiting room, they took blood, urine and did a chest x ray( why I have no idea) they gave me zofran which is extremely harmful to pregnant women and I puked that up as well.. They said I wasn't dehydrated even though my urine was dark orange and I've been puking 3 + days. They said go home and hydrate orally, which is what I've been doing and why I went to the er in the first place. I wasn't even offered water. I was told hydrating I orally was the same as getting an iv... they said if vomit continues come back.. I came home and puked more and this morning I'm puking bile that Burns. They didn't do an ultra sound to make sure my fetus is OK. I'll never go back to this hospital again, I'd rather drive farther to go somewhere where I will be taken care of.... Horrible care!!!

Ronald Ramirez

The hospital is very helpful. Long lines at the emergency room. There is a long way to serve you. The line go out to the door. They need more parking place to park. Great location at the hospital.

Melissa Blomsness

TERRIBLE! My husband and daughter when in with me for my 20 week ultrasound. It was supposed to be a happy time and we were treated terrible. We waited 45 minutes, with a full bladder, to be greeted by a tech that told my husband he could wait in the waiting room until she was done and then she'd invite him in. We wanted to see our baby for the first time together! She was extremely rude and told me not to ask questions until she was done taking all the measurements. I felt so uncomfortable. I would not recommend this place to anyone!

vernize patton

I have been going to Pomona Valley Hospital since the early 80's and have never had a problem. Everyone is very nice, the staff is friendly hospital is clean. I love it and I want to it to be my hospital always.!!

anthony Cortez

This hospital sucks the nurses are rude don't care about the patients at all. Doctors are rude also give the patient and family attitude. We recently had a family member in this hospital she went in walking and this hospital ended up killing her. If you wanna die go to Pomona valley Hospital. Too bad I can't put a negative star rating


Its always busy here and they always have dog treats on the floor

Laury Urrutia

My Step Dad is here for brain surgery and they treated with the best medicine! I've lived in Pomona many years. Come to this hospital every time. Our hospital in Pomona only gets better! We love our Doctors, Nurses, cleaning staff, all the staff members. They have the best medical services. Our lives depends on this hospital. We love you! Keep up the Great Work! ❤️

Lovely Eyez

Never been in this hospital tell now. Worst hospital ever. The R.n in 2nd & 3rd floor so rude & cussing visitor's out. They dont speak spanish but with be mean to visitor's if they hear u speak it. The only Hospital tht closes there front desk or lobby doors before 6pm. Bad personal. Nurse are just talking & sitting down , when pacients buzzer them out or need them...

Alexander Gonzalez

Still waiting at the hospital for a nurse with the wheelchair to come been waiting for the past 30 mins to leave wont give us any formula because we have already been discharged and the nurse Karen told me to pull the car at front before leaving but for what does not make sense if ur going to make me wait for 30 dam mins on a 20 min parking in the front u better pay for my dam ticket if I get one worst experience ever don't have ur kids here u will regret it

Nikole Harper

Just had my baby here and I have to say that the nurses that I had were so amazing especially Katie, Kristine, Caitlyn and the other nurses that worked in labor and delivery and post delivery. I couldn't have asked for a better experience they were all so great especially Katie she was amazing.

Jai Marie

Took way too long in emergency room while the nurses sit around and socialize. Been here from 11 pm and it’s almost 6 am just waiting on lab results.

John Patrick Collier Jr

2 3 2018 What are you / they trying to do ??

Carlos Gonzalez

Horrible! Stay away! Unless your shot, stabbed or suffering a heart attack or you're taken there by ambulance. Now if your a glutton for punishment in all forms by all means this is the place for you. I honestly have seen better care and service had arrowhead County regional and that place is scary

Melody Alvarado

This place is ridiculous when it comes to their pregnant patients! They make you wait for hours in their waiting room while you sit on uncomfortable chairs until they figure out whether it’s a real emergency or not. And they don’t even check on the baby to make sure baby is ok. Do not come here if you need comfort. I ended up leaving and getting my results to show my doctor the following day.

Sharon Cameron

Excellent care. All Doctors and Nurses in Emergency worked as a team for my Mother. Quality and compassion at all times.

Sarah Orion Marie

As a diabetic with ketoacidosis, it took me FIVE HOURS to receive any insulin. The nurses barely treated me, spent most of their time flirting with the EMS guy, and proceeded to take ten hours to get me lab results that could release me. Horrible servie. Do not recommend

Greg Silver

Worst Doctor ever woman last name Singh. She discharged me in worse pain then when I came in two days before. Says there is nothing wrong with me. Makes it seem like I am making up my medical problem. Never coming back there..

amira Alazzawi

We t there to have my two babies, also many times to the ER, they are amazing helpers

Fred Lammers

I want to thank everyone for taking care of me for 6 days. The doctors were fantastic. I want to especially thank the 5th floor nursing staff, everyone treated me like I was royalty.

Joshua Son

Poor room and unprofessional staffs. Doctor's nothing to do and couldn't contact well from RN staff by patient request. Their system have too much old anf have to develop and provide best and comfortable to patients.

Christine Martinez

I had my baby here about a month ago. At first they were a little rude (I was guessing because they thought i was a hypochondriac when i told them i was monitoring my own bp)but i stayed calm and never raised my voice at them and after they realized i wasnt crazy they were nice. I had complications after the birth and everyone i came in contact with (nurses, supervisors, drs, anesthesiologist, random people who took my blood) was amazing. They explained what was going on, they were nice they were always there when i needed something. Based on my experience i would definitely recommend this place.

Brittaney Wong

DO NOT COME HERE. This place sucks, no A.C. in the ICU waiting room. The staff here needs to go back to school for more training . Very unprofessional here, don't know what there doing.

JoAnna Vizcarra

Bad experience! The prep nurse put my ivy incorrectly on my arm. So during surgery it had to be moved because I wasn't getting the meds accordingly. I was given too much anesthetic. I couldn't wake up. Woke up forcefully still half asleep opening one eye five hours after my surgery and I can hear the recovery nurses telling my husband that they had no beds available for me. That he can take me home. So he did. He got me dressed and out me in a wheel chair to car and home.:( its was a traumatic experience.

Eva Gonzales

This RN EDDIE at this freaken place is an ass hole! He is the ER admitting, not knowing Stephanie condition and never taking her vitals he thinks he knows what is wrong with her. His credentials as an RN need to be looked into we are taking her to another hospital! Whittier Pres. I will never come here again

Lupe Calderon

Comfortable & welcoming hospital , visit 10-am-8pm 7 days a week, lab opens at 7am.

Valery Alvarez

Had 3 of my kids here! The nurses are amagzing very helpful and super sweet. Doctor Tahira Akram is perhaphs the best best Doctor to deliver your baby! She is very caring and super super sweet! I Love Dr Akram!

Drew Chung

Nice hospital for the area. But do not work here unless you like to be micro managed to the reamed so that you don't know how to react to situations. Upper management think they are all that and put every body else at their feet.

Diane The Sims Queen

My mom went to the ER here and was treated rude for not being able to walk and using her own wheelchair by one of the main drs also this dr had rude comments saying she had no emergency when she couldn't even breathe! he wanted my mom out of the er bed. This place is a joke! and needs to learn how to treat their patients.

exjw yumyab

Waited 5 hours only to have some rude little girl tell me my insurance was denied. What wonderful health care we now have.... I was bitten by a brown recluse Spider twice on the face and once on the left shoulder. They refused to see me unless I gave them 150 dollars within a few hours and I was told just too be seen it would cost me nearly 2000 dollars. I had to leave, 5 hours later, no treatment (not even first aid), literally shaking, barely able to walk, and crying from fever the bites brought on, with only one working eye (my left eye had swollen completely shut by this point), at 3 am. These people are literal monsters.

Clarissa Cruz

Run away from here! Worst hospital experience.. my precious moments where ruined. Pregnant with my first son... 12/24/2016 my water broke @ 11am, my plan was to give birth as natural as possible. By 2am on 12/25 I still wasn't having contractions but I was starting to get a little worried so that is when I went to the hospital. When I first checked in, the lady at the desk was completely unfriendly. In a very rude way she asked me why did I take so long to get there, & every other questions were asked in a very snotty way. After all, the chances of getting an infection after the water breaking is very low. After getting a room, just about imediatly my nurse kept trying to push me into getting the pitocon. After denying it all she kept telling me is that if I don't take it is my choice, but that I WILL give birth to a dead baby & at the end of the day SHE WILL BE FINE & WILL BE GOING HOME. Kept repeating herself & I almost accepted it... Until I found out that taking the pitocon is allot more risky. Contractions would have been 10× worse, high chances of messing with my sons heart rate, due to that would have lead me into having to get a C-section. But do you think she told me anything about that? Absolutely not! So after finding that out, I signed paperwork to discharge myself. Went home around 2pm, still no contractions at this time. Started walking up & down my stairs for about an hour & contractions had lightly started. After hours of walking by 10pm is when my contractions started kicking in bad. I seriously just wanted to give birth at home but was afraid of something going wrong. I decided to go back to the hospital around 3am 12/26. Had a different nurse this time.. & not so friendly or personable either. Kept checking my dilation every one in a while, which was GROSS!! Each time she checked me, she would put gloves on, check me, take gloves off & rub hands with hand sanitizer, & simply walk out without saying anything. Mind she wouldn't wash hands before or after. Thank God I didn't get an infection that way! I can't believe I would let her. & Every time I felt like my baby was coming I had to call her because she wouldnt stay in the room with me. There were times when I really felt like I had to push, so I would & She would tell me not to. But I knew he was coming so I did what MY body would say so. So I pushed when I felt like it, & Lord & be hold!!!.. my baby was coming. & Again I had to call my nurse. Dr. Akrahm was supposed to deliver my baby, but never once told me that she wouldn't be there on my delivery KNOWING she wouldn't be there. So Dr.Choi delivered my son. Not a very personable person either. He was more upset because I wanted my delvery my way, not his. Was upset because I turned down the petocin, I didn't want IV, I wanted to delay cord clamping for at least an hour (he has going to cut it anyway until we stopped him & he only let me do 3 minutes before cutting), & I didn't want my son to be jabed with vaccines just yet, didn't want eye goop on my son although the nurse still rubbed something on his eyes & when my boyfriend & I looked at her she said it was just water, but it came from a container! So after delivery, I needed a couple of stitches & he was not so friendly that either. The injections hurt more than my contractions that I screamed a little bit & scooted back a bit.. can see that he didn't care at all & he would he was irritated with me. After all he was retired... So why am I having to put up with a grouchy man there?! After all this & getting a new room is where & when things got serious. At this point I just had enough with everyone one there especially with days of no sleep. I asked to sign paperwork to discharge & they made it seem like if I take him home now that he would die. After all, I nor my baby had ANY sighns of infection or anything else wrong. My boyfriend would also speak up for me since they kept trying to pressure me to everything they wanted their way & so they all ganged up on him saying that our son IS going to die. Continued...

Karina Suarez

This place after being my family's #1 hospital has now become a nightmare...when you call the hospital they redirect your call 1M times and when you get to the person you need to speak to they hang up the phone or "they aren't available" Family member went in for a bad migraine and all they did was prescribe pain medication NO absolutely no further testing. Save your time and go to the next local hospital San Antonio Hospital... avoid this place.. if they bypassed something serious on my family member they will be in serious trouble!! Let see what San Antonio has to tell us...

Sandra Dixon Traynum

Great hospital!!!! I recommend this hospital over any othet in the Inland Empire!!!! Great nurses and Doctors. Well trained and VERY kind.

Sam raya

Took way too long to attend. Understaffed and not fast enough to be a true hospital. No organization and they don't care about patient needs. Just another job. Needs to be audited. There is better tracking and organization at the mail office. Embarrassing for a place that's job is to help and be caring for people's lives. The responsiblity or fault is always claimed to be somewhere outside, the slow weekend schedule, or someone not there. Horrible!!!

Ryan McCrea

This hospital has the best staff, knowledgeable, and kind! Thank you for taking the time to explain everything thoroughly Mrs. Amber!

Bilibili Reefer

horriable waiting time; 3 hours waiting in women center;


We have a family that asked us to notify them when we removed their loved one, as they were waiting on us at 4:00 P.M. I was told by the RN supervisor she couldn't be removed until 9:00 A.M. the next morning. I guess when you are deceased, you cease to be as important.

Daniel S

I go in there because I am having trouble breathing and I am having panic attacks. The waiting area is very cramped and the people working there basically whisper peoples names when it's their turn to get looked at. The bathrooms are single person only. After going into the back three times and being thrown back out into the same waiting room, you finally get called back to go over everything. But wait! Instead of actually getting some help, you get forced to sign all the paperwork releasing them from all liability and making sure they get paid. Then if you bug them enough about it you might get to talk to the original doctor that first saw you to go over what they found out. The whole experience was a waste of 3 hours of my life. Oh, and if all that wasn't enough, the water fountain is gross as all get out!. Go ANYWHERE else but here.

Deana Bass

This hospital isn't a good place to go when you are sick. We went there through the emergency room, ambulance on Monday because blood pressure was very high. Nothing was done while in the hospital. We were kicked out of the hospital on Friday because they said that the insurance wanted us out.

Marissa Elchert

I was there for a broken leg. Way too long over the Christmas holiday. A CNA yells across the hallway to another nurse. Hey, why don't you poke your head out for me? I had just gotten follow up x-rays and I yell out- OH MY GOD! You just don't say things like that on an ortho unit! Dr. Krupt is another story altogether. Every time he entered the room OH...NO! Leave me alone... Nevermore. He knows nothing about life in SOCAL. Wanted me to explain things like Edgar Allen Poe etc. etc. Doesnt understand Kapish. My ortho unit trauma surgeons were the ultimate best. Only reason to wake up every morning besides breakfast. Relieved the drawn out drauma experienced every 48-hour nite. My PT Cruizers were great too. I think they had more fun than I did. I know that I made them feel sad and unimportant when I let them know I no longer needed them :D

Ruoyu Chen

Terrible, terrible person on phone, when I try to make an appointment. Rude, impolite.


I've only had one visit so far in the maternity/perinatal center, but that one visit was enough for me to change all my prenatal information from Magan to Pomona Valley. Contrary to other reviews, the staff was friendly and had great customer service. They answered all of our questions and explained things that my other Doctors office (specifically Dr. Morales) could not. I'm really looking forward to having my first baby at this hospital!

Eve Liles

I have delivered both my children here and i honestly have had great experiences. Obviously I wouldn't have came back for my second if I didn't have a great first experience. The maternity center has a wonderful staff. During my stay here I believe I had the absolute best nurses in the world. Each one was super friendly, informative, helpful and trustworthy. I really have nothing negative to say about this hospital. It's clean, rooms are great, the entire staff is friendly. Would come back again

Alan Burnia

I have unfortunately been a patient of this hospital one too many times. I am 41 and have had three heart attacks starting at the age of 38, which required three stints to be placed on three different occasions. In January of 2015 I had to have open heart surgery (triple bypass) and to say the least, it was no walk in the park. My nurses were always extremely attentive, caring and compassionate. From the ER to the OR, to the CICU, I had nothing but the best care they had to offer. I was in the hospital for a total of 16 days and these people were nothing less than amazing. When ever I have chest pains that require me to go to the hospital, I drive myself to Pomona Valley rather than call 911. At least I know if I drive myself, I can get to Pomona Valley. Otherwise the ambulance drivers just take me tot he closest hospital. I understand that is not the smartest thing to do, but once I was taken to a different hospital, and released while I was having a heart attack. Now THAT my friends, is unacceptable. After my surgery I was admitted to a cardiac rehabilitation program right on the Pomona Valley campus. What an absolutely amazing group of people took care of my post op care. Still, no complaints here.

Alicia Termini-Kruger

Rich in physical therapy dislocated my foot. Wasn't even working on that area. I will not go back. He rubs thr hair on your legs too- Not for therapy.

Jha Mercy

The staff is disrespectful and gave me the run around during an emergency situation. Some hospital. They need to be shut down.

Destiny martinez

Literally worst hospital ever I got here at 5:00 am with only like two people before me it took them 4 hours to just tell me what they are gonna give me then let me go they did nothing I kept asking what's going on they said they were waiting on the lab result which was supposed to only take 45 minutes I was reading the reviews about the hospital to my mom when one of the nurses walks in just to ask if that's about this hospital I said yes he replied with "he must of been drunk " it was a man talking about how it took them 8 hours just to see his pregnant wife also when he said that it just proves how rude these people are they just sit around talking about other staff or patients which was extremely rude I usually dont care to write a review me being only 16 but damn this place is so bad a minor could even see it. They lady in the front kept brushing me off intill they saw that I was getting frustrated when I got my room they sat me down for 10 mins then let me go they could of saved me so much time but they are so unorganized never coming back

Justin Hunsinger

This place is absolutely horrible. I went there yesterday, due to hypertension and heart palpitations. The nurse at the window was very arrogant. I waited 2hrs with breathing problems before being taken back to be evaluated. BP was extremely high and the proceed to take blood and put me back in the waiting room where the nurse broke my glasses. I asked 4 different nurses and doctors to please get the broken piece,this never happened. My muscles began to tense horribly, so i was unable to walk, i asked a nurse for assistance of getting out of the wheelchair to urinate. He proceeded to roll me in the bathroom and told me to knock when i was done. IF YOU FEEL LIKE DYING JUST DO IT AT HOME, YOULL BE MORE COMFORTABLE. Oh and for those who say everyone is bound to have a bad expirence, I've had my share of arrogance and ignorance, but this place takes 1st place.

andre tucker

Awsome place to receive care...


Been here several times because this is the only place that is open near me. First time I came here it was for my toe, it was swollen and the blood was gathered under my toe nail thus creating pressure. Nobody bothered doing a procedure on my toe because I was told that if they put a hole on my toe nail and drain the blood out, they are scared that it will just make things worst by opening up the wound. I went to my campus' health center to report to them that I went to the Emergency Room and also to check on my toe, and then the doctor at my campus actually did something about it. He said that he can't believe the E.R. people did nothing about it and made me suffer for no reason (the pressure from the blood under my nail hurts a lot + I have a very low pain tolerance level). He made some hole on my toe nail, drained the blood, cleaned my toe and bandaged it. What he did relieves the pain! Next time I dropped by the E.R.,I had trouble breathing. It was very crowded so I had to wait in-line as well even though I was gasping for air because my chest hurts when I try to breathe (I even cried when I was waiting in line because it hurts so bad). Other people in front of me can still talk and laugh with their friends / families while in line, and I was crying wishing that there was another E.R. I could go too because: 1)I had bad experience with this E.R. 2) The wait was way too long for E.R., if someone with a heart problem came in and waited in line, it will be a race between the wait time and the heart to malfunction, and unfortunately with this "speed" the E.R. will probably lose (I hope this will never happen to anyone) 3)They take forever wih everything I went in at 3 A.M., I was in line until it was almost 5 A.M.! They checked me in 3 different rooms and I didn't get to leave until it was 8 A.M. because there are just not enough staff so you have to wait for the nurses for like half an hour or so. It's clean and all, but why open up E.R. when you can't even manage it??? If someone has a flu and another person is gasping for air, isn't it natural to directly treat the person with breathing problem first??? It just makes no sense to me.

Maria Carmona

I had my second child here, all the nurses were super nice and helpful since I was induced I had to use the restroom every hour which I needed help with, they were always happy to help. Thanks Pomona Valley for the great experience,

Jonathan Luna

Great nursing staff and privacy of single rooms. Discharge paperwork won't be ready for several days for insurance purposes. Lesson learned.

Shai Bethea

I never write reviews but I had to do this one. I just moved here from SC and I must say this has got to be one of the most unorganized and unprofessional hospitals I’ve been too. You come in and leave in the same condition. Not to mention they took my identification card for registration and then lost it. It’s a disgrace.

Alma V.

Worst hospital ever... Please avoid This Hospital.. ER. Receptionist and the rest of the staff are really RUDE AND lazy as.... just gossiping around while having tons of people waiting... horrible hospital.. and no attention at All....

Lorena Taylor

Nurses make rude comments, work slow, i only got 2 good ones out of 7. And they have a lot of people practicing so the experience isn’t pleasing.

Johnny B

My fiance had to be admitted here after an accident which caused her to be in ICU. While the staff here is okay in general, many not all, "nurses" in the ICU lack basic human dignity, respect or compassion. As a veteran I was staying with her bedside. I use a CPAP machine to breathe. They said it was not allowed, nor my medication, cell phone charger or tea. No American with disabilities act apply here. They told me to place all items in my bag. While dealing with my fiance it was worse. They acted like everything was a labored chore rather than doing their job with a conscious or any type of compassion. Robots. No soul or allowance for understanding. They did not utilize courtesy or a sense of well being in dealing with her needs. Everything they did lacked compassion. I wonder how would they treat their own family? Are people here that insensitive? Incredibly horrendous experience there. Truly the most demoralizing experience in all aspects of medical care. I have visited many hospitals and have stayed in many. This place by far surpasses all combined in utter and complete failure. Most people treat animals with better care. I'm shocked and disgusted at how rude and intolerant the staff here is. If this is how we define health care in our sociery nowadays, somebody needs to rewrite the game plan here. Fail.

lol that girl Ana

The doctors are the worst for telling me that my foot wasn't a big deal and I'm waiting for 4 hours? I don't get it how you guys take so long to build a parking place why not make more rooms?? Worst place ever

Christina Olivas

Came here for an echo ultrasound for my baby. I was pleasantly surprised! I thought the place was excellent. Short wait time, clean office, nice people, new machinery. It was a great experience.

Ping MW

I delivered my son here, best nurse and staff I’ve ever experienced. Everyone is so friendly and helpful.

Carlos Rodriguez

Terrible hospital poor servicce

Jasmine Lopez

The best women’s center. Nurses are kind and helpful

Erin Martin

My cousin was brought in to the ER after a very large fall. They felt she was after something. She had fallen and struck her back and her head. The ER just said she was fine and sent her home. She passed out and was taken to a different ER. I don't know how they can still function as a hospital.

Don Vu

This place is horrendous, 100% horrible. My sister went to the ER for intense gastritis abdominal pain and first off the person checking the vitals wouldn’t let me in with her, but after a couple of minutes of arguing the lady in the front finally come out to explain that I could. They took 30 minuets to finally have a doctor check on her and another 30 minuets to get the IV bag with pain killers. For the whole hour my sister was crying and barfing with no staff coming up to ask her if she was okay they simply just pasted her like it was nothing. I asked them serval times that her pain was unbearable but the answer I got from everyone was “ it’s coming soon” When the nurse was putting the IV in she missed the vain and she started crying out of pain and I asked the nurse what’s wrong... she replied with “ nobody ever died of just pain ok” But the worst thing that adds up to the other problems is that why show no respect or compassion, it’s very heart breaking to see her be treated like that. They’re robots, they did everything as if it was a labored chore rather than doing their jobs with a conscious or compassion. They did not utilize courtesy or a sense of well-being in dealing with her needs.

marie rocchio

The staff was very nice and professional. But if you break your arm in an accident and think you can go to the emergency room and get help....nope, they won't be able to help you with it, but can give you pain killers....they will not cast your arm! Don't waste your time.

Geneviere Yang

would never recommend this hospital. Poor quality of care. Incompetent staff and physicians.

Yichin Lee

Emergency room is terrible, they do not treat the patient nicely

Nicole Duran

I just recently had a C-section there and my doctor MOHAMED ELSHARKAWY and his team were amazing and the care my baby and I received from the nurses was exceptional as well very happy!!!

Gonzales Injury Lawyers

His hospital has been doing great hints for a long time. Glad our clients can access such a great facility. Recommended.


Most important, it's very clean . The stuff nice . Nurses are the best . ask for help, they will replay right away . They have knowledge how to handle your situation. Thanks everyone for what you did with us . Me and my wife came in 2 , we went out 3 . First, we were not comfortable about this hospital after reading some.of the bad reviews, but we decided to get service here . I am writing this review to let every one know that , this hospital is great . If someone had bad experience with small situation, that's does not mean the whole hospital bad .

Glen Anderson

My wife was taken to PVH after some radiation treatment at another hoapital. The doctors and the ER staff were AWESOME! The surgeon saved my wife's life that night. We were on the ICU for 7 days and the nursing staff was great. My wife was eventually moved from the ICU and into a regular room on the third floor. All of the nursing staff was super. Even the security staff is outstanding. Nice people and very helpful. My wife is on the mend. Thank you PVH!!!

Alejandra Hernandez

This is the best hosital for a nicu babys and iam happy that my baby was born in this hospital the docters where nice and they would answer my question i aslo like who the nurses or nice and care for my baby

Javier Miranda Flores

I do not recommend you come here. Dr.Umemoto prescribed my mother a pain medication which lead to her having to visit the ER again after she became short of breath and was unable to move. During this second visit, he was the doctor in charge of her visit and acknowledged that the medication was the problem but failed to apologized. This mistake was clearly not well thought out and should have never happened under a "certified" practitioner.

Zummbi Zombie

Here right now at this hospital, got here at 11:40 pm and currently it's almost 6am.... We are here for my daughter for a fever that they want to collect urine from my 3 year old that refusing to pee. We have been trying to talk to them and ask them if we can go home to sleep and come back in the morning but they keep freaking out my girlfriend how she could get worst and how they don't know what to do till they get the sample. Finally they decide to see us and ask us to wait which was a 2 hour wait.... So we have been in waiting for 6 hours in a cold lobby room with extremely uncomfortable chairs. Currently we are waiting and nurses are walking around chatting messing around talking normal while we wait for a doctor who still haven't showed up..... It's been almost an hour and we just sit here..... Please stop ignoring us..... I just want my daughter to be ok but waiting for so long in a cold room not sleeping and her not getting her needed rest is very upsetting for me as a parent. AND THIS IS A EMERGENCY ROOM?! ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE.

josh west

Outdated/rustic appearance on first sight which is off putting as your going to a hospital for medical services expecting state of the art medical technology and advancements. Upon entering the facility you begin to notice why on first impression the hospital appeared out dated. Everything on the interior appears to have been upgraded, replaced and/or refurbished to give the employees, visitors, patients etc, the best environment, technology and services available today. Over the time of my father being there I can say the doctors are very professional and don't leave any stone unturned. We did how ever encounter a rude nurse a time or two, which is expected these days due to the amount of nurses and patients, size of hospitals, shift changes etc the occur within the bigger facilities.

Dee Proffitt

I went in for surgery. I had a total shoulder replacement. I would say the experience was very good. I was treated well and everything went well even though the surgery took longer than expected.

Marcus Shumaker

Worst hospital ever!! Unprofessional staff, does not return calls in a timely manner (up to 2 days before a return call) people health may be at risk and they give no F**KS at all! I will never recommend this place for ANY issues

TJ Johnson

The most helpful hospital I have ever encountered. My time in the Emergency Room and my stay in the hospital was much less traumatic for all of the very caring people there.

Aj Spearman

Shiiittty er staff. They let you stand in the wrong line for hours ignoring you then offering attitudes when you ask any questions. Shiiittty

Momo Is Hungry

Make u wait for hours, I am just a kid so they give me toys and stuff. My mom has to wait for 12 hours to just let her in we don't have a car so we just had to wait. My brother had a nail of his finger it was hanging my brother cried all night long they didn't let me in so when my mom and brother came out I told my mom what they do she said they grab a napkin and cleaned it. So I was like wow we waited a whole night for nothing.

Karen Madden

This hospital is ridiculous. There is no communication with family. I’ve asked several times for a physician or nurse to update me on my elderly father’s condition. Nothing. They told him he would have a lung biopsy in the morning so no food. By 5pm, still no biopsy. Dad went the entire day with no food then they cancelled the procedure without explaining why. I’d like to take the doctor’s family and not let them have any food all day and not tell them why. I’m still waiting for a call. This has been going on for three days. Even when I’m there with my dad for hours, no doctor communicates anything. Piss poor hospital. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

Miguel Moreno

This hospital Saved my son and wifes lifes when she went into emergency c-section thank you for an eternity!

marcela uwu

I went here with my mom not that long ago and all the nurses were very kind and helpful! The people at the front desk are very nice and give a welcoming presence! I've been here around 4 times for my mom and every time we've been here we're treated with respect and kindness!

Jessica Cabral Muchow

My nurses were amazing and my doctor Tahira Akram was also amazing. I was guided very well along the way as a first time mom, and I came in very educated and prepared for labor but the induction process can really be daunting for a first time mom. I was able to delivery naturally and had minimal tearing, and I only pushed for 3 minutes and my baby boy was born, I think this was in great part because of the relationship I was able to build with my nurse and how she coached me through the labor. I can’t believe how amazing this hospital was, all the nurses and procedures and doctors blew me away.

Yo Gaba gaba

Very nice nurses great hoping to stay for three days last time they discharged me was 2013 an my scar had opened

Chad Brown

I have always had an good experience with this hospital, had all of my babies here...had a bad nurse one time but opened my mouth and said i would like for her to be replaced and without hesitation a new and more attentive nurse was sent my way.....all these people complaining about wait time for the er, well what time of the day did you go in? And i dont know of any hospital that does not have a wait time call the paramedics u may get in faster.

Alex Lindsey

I'm bleeding from my prostate as we speak. I have been trying to schedule an appoint that my doctor has approved since Monday. They said no until i tell my doctor which type of ultrasound. The day before that they said I could walk in but that"s not true had to go back home and make an appointment. The doctor got it straight and Pomona Valley was supposed to call with an appointment. Now that was yesterday and they never did. Now they claim they have no record of the conversation and no appointment and to call back on Monday and its Wednesday. I have been calling since Monday Its really bad !!! Well the phone skills of the scheduling people is simple shameful !!! They put you on hold for 15 - 20 min without coming back on the phone ever few minutes to check with you.. They are trying to give advise overt the phone as to what you need and they are not doctors. I asked for the supervisor and they would not give me the extension or name. I asked for the relations department and person hung up !! I dealt with Melanie and Fran from ultrasound scheduling they should be fired !!!Melanie is rude and did not call me back with the appointment and Fran is slow and incompetent with not phone skills what so ever. She made me wait on the line for 20 min while she typed something into the computer. I'm pretty sure they do not review this feed back. It a shame because somebody may die and it could be me. Update !! Most people complain and provide reviews and you never hear what happens. I STAND BY MY ORIGINAL ACCOUNT AS TO WHAT HAPPEN .There is a lot of Cover my ass statements going on . (CYA). I keep detail notes so I suggest they review the phone conversations. Bad tone and tinnier and incompetence should not be tolerated in any case. I will be seeing a specialist next week Friday. I was lucky because they had a cancellation and the next appoint will be in middle October and its August. In my case this may be isolated as Pomona Valley is regarded as one of the top Hospitals in the inland Empire. I will let you know more next week.

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