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This Hospital corresponds to the category of Psychiatric hospital.

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REVIEWS OF Pacific Grove Hospital IN California

Juan Cordon

Abram Giovanni Macias

Jeremy Oliver

Because 0 stars is not an option. Think one flew over the cookoos nest... Sadistic staff. Stay away! This place needs to be shut down.

Tom Quirici

Someone close to me was recently admitted to this facility with multiple levels and types of very severe problems. I made numerous visits there, daily sometimes twice daily,speaking to admin and supplying them with ample documentation regarding the patients fragile state in the form of her own e messages. printed out. Pleading with them not to release her to the street with nothing but the clothes on her back, the MD or whatever care(less) taker was responsible for her, released her and she once again became a missing person after having had located her myself with the help of police. I cannot fathom the level of evil this system is filled with when hospitals ( not just this one) only concern is for constant turnover and maintaining its revenue stream regardless of outcome. This patient was willfully discarded to the street with no means to survive, no car, phone, money or any means to survive. My experience there will not be forgotten nor repeated if I have any say about it.

Judy Callaway

My daughter was inpatient in March 2019 as a result of a suicide attempt. I was terrified of ANY psych hospital due to a precious experience but need to say, Pacific Grove did a good job with her. Intake was lengthy but not unpleasant. The patients can make outbound phone calls. The substance abuse patients are in their own unit so that was nice. There’s a family visiting room that you can request which I highly recommend because the normal visiting room is really really loud. Her stay was about six days. As with any acute care hospital, they are over worked and under staffed. If you go there be the squeaky wheel, advocate for your loved one and know their rights. The people are really nice and work very hard under really tough workload issues. I’m sorry you’re in need of a facility like this one but since you are easing this I thought it important to share a “not negative” experience. Good luck!

Charrie Celestine

I went in 2015, and I was treated very well,the staff was great, the groups were great. You have to do the work tho

Christoph Anderson

Great staff and food! The Doctors are very good too. Cozy beds too! Great group's and activity room!

Pat Flores

Thanks for caring and making my stay a smooth transition ,Yolanda

Jessica Nieto

Sophia vaughn

I was there in 2016 and it was a great experience. The care I received was great .The groups helped food was average and staff was amazing.

Linda Valentine

Never never again next time I'll handle it myself

Patricia dube

Derril Harvey

Except for the lack of screaming patients, this must be what asylums were like 100 years ago. None of the staff seem to know what is going on. If you call the office they cannot connect you with a patient. Instead, you are given a number to call which is the common phone for all patients. Most of the time you get a message machine. The rest of the time the phone is answered by a patient who will tell you they are not the person you are trying to contact. It is amazing that Kaiser subcontracts to this "hospital."

Bryien Barahona

EDWARD Hendersen

If you dont stop stalking me I will arrest you!

Wayne Doc Wilson

Adolescent psych care is outstanding!

Duane Tiegen

if u realy need help dond go here

Alexa Hill

I cannot believe this place functions. From the moment my partner was admitted, they were disrespected and discriminated against. The stickers promising an "LGBT safe space" are wildly inaccurate. In this place, my partner is a number in a box. When it came time for visiting hours, they decided that medications needed to be dispensed right then and there. They gave her HALDOL. She was out in 30 minutes, and it cut my visit short. My calls/messages to case workers went unanswered for WEEKS. I wondered at one point if there was even a case worker on duty. I was never once informed of her condition, medications, and discharge plans. I had to get in nurses' faces multiple times. At one point, a nurse admitted to physically hitting my partner. Sorry for the attitude, but it's the ONLY way I could get straight answers in your facility. No one seems to know what they are doing, or even care for that matter. No one is willing to own up to anything until I get in people's faces. In theory I am an emergency contact, but in reality I am an afterthought. My partner was released without the clothes I gave her. She asked multiple times for them back, but never received them. In effect, the hospital stole my clothes. I've been directed to call multiple people, but SHOCKER! My calls go UNANSWERED.

Ruthie C.

Just reading these reviews makes me hope they shut it down.

Frank Ceps

nice service and caring people but need to be more organized in paper work

Katey P

If I could give negative stars I would. On the wing it was severely understaffed to the point that patients were suffering because staff wasn't available. The vegetarian food is awful. The comments and suggestions bin is so ignored and full that you can't add anything to it. I saw my doctor for less time than I normally see a doctor and I was there for a full week. Overall if I hadn't had my doctor outside supporting me it would have been even more hellish. Also, they didn't return all of my stuff and now blame me for the fact that someone stole an expensive personal item despite the fact that it was in their care exclusively and that inventory list and items were just not given to me. Regardless, something that was given to them for safekeeping because I couldn't have it shouldn't be allowed to be stolen. I will be following up with legal action and writing terrible reviews on every outlet I can find.

Estelle Magallanes

This hospital was a blessing in disguise! Highly recommend...

Lance Kelly

Attempting to get my child in for treatment and extremely unhappy with response so far. Front desk person failed to acknowledge my presence at the window. This is the first step in feeling welcome someplace. If you are the first person people have to see then you need to be observant of who is in your waiting room and needing assistance. Once we saw someone that part seemed to go well and he seemed helpful. Afterward he told us someone would call us that day to schedule an assessment. No one called. I called back and left a message for the outpatient office and still have not received a return phone call. If their job is caring for people this is not the way to show it. I'm glad to see it has worked for others but so far I am not happy with our initial attempts to get help.

Brandon Bushnell

Great hospital, it can get busy at times but staff will go out of their way to help you. Clean interior, good food, and comfy beds. Of the many psych wards I’ve been on, this one ties with mission laguna beach.

t corridean

worst place filthy unethical and should be shut down

Cesar Garcia

I was a patient there for a short time and the staff was very abrasive and at times unprofessional. They never took a moment/time to discuss the process, procedures or what to expect, which at times while detoxing, this can be VERY detrimental to ones recovery, progress or success. Some of the staff isn't even licensed or certified to provide care let alone to diagnose, treat or determine ones progress and recovery. I would NOT recommend this facility to anyone.

Domz Di Marco

I went to pacific grove in 2014, and recently they called me to let me know that I overpaid them $500. I spoke to Jackie in charge of the financial department and set it up so that I could go pick up my refund after I got out of school at 6pm and since it was after hours she would leave the check in the front office and I would show them my ID and get it. No surprise when I got there that the check wasn't there, and they would make no attempts to contact Jackie. The director let me know that it was a COURTESY that they're giving me back MY OWN MONEY which they over charged me! Unbelievable! I had just wasted my time, and I'd have to get back on another bus, and if I didn't leave she would call the cops on me! If you're looking for recovery DON'T COME HERE! After dealing with them YOU'LL WANT TO USE!

Lily Munroe

I have referred clients to this facility because they do the right thing .

Tiny Thundaa

Horrible place to be, I had abdominal issues so I went to the er and after returning to the facility I was still in pain so they said I have to go to a GI specialist to get checked n cleared to come back, i did that and now their saying I'm not allowed to go back at all because I'm a liability to them , don't ever go there if ur really trying to get help , metally or phycially , they don't care even when they say they do. I loved a couple compasionate workers that actually sat with me and helped but other than nope. I'm relapsing n after telling them that they said to find another facility so never go there

Perla Campos

My husband has been here in the past for his bipolar/ schizophrenia and they usualy work with you. This current experience has been the worst. Dr cui will not return calls or listen to the family who actualy know how my bipolar husband is. She released him prematurely with out him sleeping and now that he is home is still not sleeping. He knows how to pretend to be okay for a short while so she refuses to prescribe sleeping aid that he badly needs. This is after i left a message trlling her that he got so bad I had to call the cops. I have never felt so hopeless and alone in this situation like the one Dr Cui has left me in. Update: so after persistently calling leaving msgs I got a call back from Someone who I felt really cared listened and was the go between Dr qui and I. After talking to Wayne my husband was put on the medications he needed and got better( it takes time for him to come back down it was a long prosses It was not instant). I briefly got to see the doctor and she was able to convince my husband to go back in patient to be able to adjust his meds. Was a long road but Im honestly grateful That someone from the hospital called back heard everything I had to say and made a diffrence in my husbands recovery. He is currently still going to the outpatient program and after finding out they have a shuttle service that picks him up and drops him off at home for free was a Godsend ( or at least no money out of pocket, not sure if its the insurance that covers it or if its really free to be honest) The shuttle service does full time and part time outpatient pick up and drop offs. It also gives me piece of mind that as long as he he is drug free he can keep going to the outpatient program.

Jim Hetzler

Alicia Songer

I spent 4 hours back and forth between my insurance company and the hospital trying to get approved for emergency intake. I am still sitting at home, a complete mess, waiting for help I so desperately need. I don't know about the hospital itself, but the intake staff I dealt with leaves a lot to be desired.

terrance maxwell

This was the worst facility I have ever been in. They called me “THE SCUM OF THE EARTH” as were all the other people that the police had dumped there. They claimed I had no rights because I was a police hold so ...shut up and GO TO YOUR ROOM!! The experience was terrible start to finish.

Ron P

I brought a friend there and was very happy that they were nice to both of us. I was glad that there was some where ... that could try to help.

Mike White

Started me on my recovery. Was there July 1998 still clean n sober. It is not fun it is not easy. You have to surrender completely to the process to succeed. It is not a cure it is learning how to live in reality and how to cope with life. It is the start of a life long process that takes work and works for me. Most of the people I see having problems still insist on doing things they way they want to instead of a new way that works. Doing things their way has not worked and will not. They look for any excuse to quit.... Its the food. They hurt my feelings. They dont let me do as I please. They want me to do things i dont want to do. Its all bs reasons. Its life or death do it or dont.

David Montes

This place needs to be shut down!!!

Alexandria LaNier

Before I even went there I read all the reviews so I was prepared ahead of time. I don't give 5 stars out like skittles, and I'm a pretty picky person so let's see why I gave them a 5 star. First off, the online pictures are accurate. The building is located in the historical area of Riverside. Not that most of Riverside isn't historical to begin with. So, I wasn't surprised to see that the building was old. What I looked for next was if it smelled and it didn't. It smelled freshly cleaned. I looked at the floors and they were all clean, no stains and no blood. The earlier comment from another person was a bit over the top. Next, I listened to how the staff was with the patients. Nothing strange or unusual there either. Lots of laughter and voices were low. None of the patients looked upset or uncomfortable in any way. Finally and most importantly, how was my son's visit. He said everyone was nice and the food was good. He said he could have stayed there longer but he was ready to come home. Also, he refused to take any meds and nobody ever tried to force them on him. In conclusion, my son was in a safe environment, with people that were being very nice to him and he probably gained a couple pounds. 5 stars from a sometimes overly protective parent. My advice is to relax and try not to overthink. Don't be so judgmental and be thankful you have this opportunity to get help. I do realize some people don’t want help and that may be the reason for negative reviews.

Bemo 790

Once you are in the program your life and any progress you have made previously is stripped away by the quack doctors that you are supposedly assigned. They don't listen or help you in any way. This place sucks ass.

Rachael Strossman

Apparently you're not allowed to call and speak to a family member here unless you have the magic number. Works out great when you weren't told what that number is and your family member calls you without leaving a message. Can't reach them. Answering desk wants you to play guessing games by calling every possible department on your own until you get the right one just to return your family's phone call. Additionally the answer desk is apparently either unable to understand english or they blatantly lie to avoid taking responsibility because if you ask for a supervisor or manager, suddenly that person who answers the phone is ALSO a manager...oh really? Sounds like you just want the complaint to go missing and never reach an actual manager. Go to hell

Jackie anaya

I was here is 2013 and it really helped me. I was there for 2 weeks and had really bad postpartum with psychosis. Dr Chundu got me under control and I was able to function again. I am thinking about going back because I am having another breakdown.

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