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REVIEWS OF Miller Children's & Women's Hospital Long Beach IN California

Claudia zamora

the best hospital


The doctors are great but the hospital billing is extremely exaggerated. For few days of hospital stay they bill and collect dozens of thousands of dollars without a clear reason.

Rosalina Reynoso

I was there last night with my 2 girls one of them is disabled and they take us out was windy and cold they told us go out you can't in the building they don't leave us to wait in main lobby at less for my girl it has horrible customer service..

felicita Estrada

Debra Robertson

Got taken here as a child when I was 11the docs here saved my life and them long beach fire dept is real cool guys its a great hospital I felt like I was at home after a little while.and if doctor green is still working here someone tell him god bless

Frances Amador

Me and my husband and our 4 month old son came in at 10:30pm and it is now 5:20am they have not called us in I went twice to have how long and they couldn't even tell me all they said was it's a long wait the nurses are so unprofessional it's unbelievable. This hospital is so disgusting they let homeless sleep inside and it smell horrible I came here thinking that because my son is 4 months old they'll see him fast because it's a children's hospital. Omg I'm so mad people please don't come here even mlk hospital is better than here disgusting I'm not trying to be rude to the homeless but just remember this is a hospital not a shelter and a hospital shouldn't smell.

george banuelos

Great hospital

Meia Johnson

This hospital is rude the check-in desk is unprofessional using there cell phone under paperwork left me waiting for one minute till i was notice they do not talk professional the fat one had an attitude and took forever to look up a name the nurse is rude patient privacy dont exist in this hospital because the nuses huddle up talking about another patient business as soon as she walked out i shouldnt have to here her personal business

Miguel Aguirre

Nice professional staff

Meleny Rivera

My son has had several heart surgeries there and there PICU team took excellent care of him. But there facility can use some updating. The new side of Millers is nice & contempory.


Never ever come to the ER, super long waiting time. Once you check in nurses and doctors seem to forget about you. It seems like all they want is your insurance information so they can bill you and their done with you. So don't come here if you can help it. Dont.

Juana Fernandez

(Translated by Google) It is an excellent hospital has everything that senecita and an excellent service (Original) Es un excelente hospital tiene todo lo que senecita y un excelente servicio

Juliet Marota

This hospital is very organized outstanding service in every aspect. Speechless actually, i live in san gabriel valley my kid goes here for treatment but in the event that an emergency occurs i recommend to take them here.

Maria Garcia

Amy Ramirez

This hospital is good they are really on point

Carlos Roman

This hospital is very clean and the nurses are very nice and professional they threat the kids with care


Very professional surgeons. Especially when I had an unexpected brain aneurysm. Of course, it IS unexpected.

Raul Ledezma

The doctor and nurse are very helpful and supportif to all the family there but there reception and sercurtiy and are awful no proper training in people skills wow just disappointed other then that the hospitalh is not bad

Rene Urban

Very good hospital best place to get obgyn care the staff are very friendly and have mad staying here comfy also staff very encouraging and will answer any questions or concerns you have


Mario Lainez

The staff here has been great with my daughter in the nicu unit

Cesar Zuniga

Parents: If your baby ever has a rash, never bring him here! I took my 4 month old baby for a rash and first and for most they didn’t even know if it was a rash or not but they decided to give him random medicine anyway, where none of the doctors even knew what was going on. Second, my child didn’t get treated further more but only got involved with social workers and state investigators when we didn’t do anything!!!! These people think as if we are abusing these children and bringing them for treatment after. PATHETIC.

Andee R93

This is by far the best hospital I’ve been to. The whole staff was so nice. They treated us so great. We where on the general children hospital area and our 2 nurses were beyond incredible. We know that they’re job is hard and exhausted but they were so happy to help and that is something special they’re names are Karl and Wayne. The 2 doctors we got were as well great. They were checking on my daughter at least every 30 min. I’ve had really bad experiences on every hospital we go but this one made us feel comfortable with every decision we had to take. I’m definitely coming back with something for them to thank them.

Alma Flores

i love my doctors and nurses and the play room

Octavio Rey

One of the Best children's hospital n overall emergency care in southern California...would recommend it to everyone

Manuel Ramos

Rosa Ruiz

Mona Sangani

Took an X-ray today for my son. There was no waiting in the children's x Ray room but the technician hurried us along. Was trying to treat my two year old son like an adult. Had no courtesy. I stood my ground and did things slowly to my child's comfort. But feel sorry for people who are easy going. Technicians like her would mistreat children.

brent wong

Johnny Guitron

Ok good

Reyes Quiroz

maria aguilar

(Translated by Google) They were well looked after son ami (Original) Atendieron muy bien ami hijo

Priscilla Bocanegra

Hospital it great but had to be here a total of 5 hours, all i see is the nurses talking and sitting on their ass, first and last time coming.

Yvette Marin

Super friendly good doctors

Jose Sosa

I brought my 4 year old autistic daughter to miller childrens hospital er because she was running a temperature of 104.7 when we arrived just before 2pm they gave her tylenol but they did not see her again until now at 7:55pm to take a urine sample that was ordered hours before they came and after dozens of inquiring when they were coming. We are still waiting for the results. This is outragous. My daughter has autism. There is no excuse for making us wait this long. I want something done about this. Children are supposed to come first here. Especially children that are disabled.

Laura Gomez

Best place ever very nice personal and awsome DOCTORS

Rachel Abraham

The second i see sick kids in the hospital I think it's easier

Mark Barrus

Justin cross wonderful staff they really are taking great care of my son it's been a tough time for us but every single person has been making this week tolerable. Every day goes by quicker which means they are doing their job and that means the world to us we love our son very much and the people that are helping so much

Sierra Wilson

Love this hospital saved my 7year old son not once but twice. I really appreciate they care and love they showed to my son and our family. Thank you Miller's Children's Hospital, we are forever in your debt!!!!

Elle Mollet

Probably some of the rudest office staff I have ever encountered. Unprofessional, rude and incompetent at best. No care or concern for the patients. I feel bad for the doctors who seem to genuinely care about the patients. There is one woman who works there named Nora, who has shown the least amount of compassion that I have ever witnessed in the medical field. I manage a medical office and am horrified at her lack of professionalism and overall care for the patients.

Anhelita Lockett

OMG I just love this hospital the team is wonderful, communication is great. They made it feel like home to my son and I.

marissa alegria

Best hospital I've ever been too they took my son in right away. All the nurses and Dr's are awesome I can't belive how well they took care of my son. I'm very grateful it's rare to come upon people who have so much compassion for children as much as they do.

Alejandra Jimenez

I really liked this hospital they gave my son all the attention he needed.they even gave him and my daughter food

Elena Contreras

(Translated by Google) Excellent place ,,, I feel safe the service is excellent I recommend them (Original) Excelente lugar ,,,me siento segura el servicio es excelente se los recomiendo

jose maciel

Good children hospital


stupid hospital takes too to do anything your in their for 7 hours and for nothing then they still have the guts to send you a hospital for about 34,000 its just stupied I wouldn't recommend it


Kindly staff. Thank you!!


Had surgery for appendix in August

Mayahuel Espinoza

English with TEYO

My sister is been in the best care in the world I love it

Lupe Saldana

My daughters room was disgusting. The floor was bubbles due to mouisture. I swear it had bacteria growing. The room looked like it had not been clean in months. I had to complain to the cleaning supervisor, but the room still looked dirty after they cleaned it. I have pictures. Just trying to figure out how to add to this post. By the way my daughter is 4 in the pediatric pulmonary area. The nurses weren't helpful I OR nice. They disappeared. Alot!

coolnicole garcia

I sometimes have problems there, but I still love this hospital.

Laura Cedillos

Awesome service, attention and consideration for your children. My son recently broke his leg and was attended wonderfully. I recomend this hospital for the best care for your children.

Bella Event Services

My sister in law gave birth here and I went to go visit her. I found the staff very kind and cheerful. My sister in law was very well taken care of from the staff. The hospital looked clean and well maintained. Parking was very accessible. There was plenty of signage to know where you are going and if you got lost there was staff always directing you to the right place.

Alexandria Sims

I have to say received the absolute worse care from a doctor who refused to do her job today. She even made comments that my condition is chronic, and needs immediate attention. Looked at my wounds and saw they were draining blood and did nothing about it. No tests were ran. All she said was continue taking pain meds.

Julia Gray

My daughter latrina was born at Miller children hospital .

Nidia Mackie

Anarcho Memer

They said they could cure cancer, but I was born there. smh. But I might die there so ok

Kayla Stoute

Worst service ever. The emergency room needs help. Telling somebody to nurse their child in the bathroom or telling me to wait until I get called and there was only two people ahead of me. After numerous people being called and I was yet to be called they pretty much told me my 10 month old wasnt a priority as he is sitting in the lobby hacking up a lung.

Esperanza Vizcarra

(Translated by Google) My happy, they took very good care of my child, the very kind nurses, and the doctored as well. (Original) Mi contenta, atendieron muy bien a mi niño, las enfermeras muy amables, y los doctored tambien.

BLAT! BIG Wilson

I love this hospital, not did they only save my 9 years old son on many occasions but last year on August 12, 2016 I gave birth a my daughter at 32 weeks weighing only 2lbs they treated my family with so much care and love it was unbelievable, from the doctors to the receptionist we felt at ease with our daughter's care and health. Thank you so much Miller's children's hospital for taking such good care of our little princess.

rosa rauda

My experience is very very good!!! I’ll recommend this hospital with my eyes close and with out a though, because doctor, nurses everyone there is so beautiful and kind, they really put themselves in the patient situation, very loving, beautiful hearts here in this place! This place is a proof that we have a wonderful creator watching over us. ☺️

Kathy Diaz ramos

They give up on you so easy they told me there’s nothing we can do for u here any more and that it’s all in my head that if I didn’t accept a sitter or accept a therapist or a crazy person doctor that they won’t help me they don’t know how to put an iv they poked me more than 30 times on all my arms while I was here the nurses are mean and rude and ignore you the doctors only come for 3 minuets and go especially dr. Maggie they criticized how you treat your own child and how you live they won’t help you if they give up on you a good doctor won’t stop looking until they find what’s truly wrong with you but here in this hospital they give up the nurses take forever and leave you in pain until they feel like coming especially the nurse Ross she is Chinese and she gets in your business it’s truly sad how they can leave a child in pain to die and feel weak I hope one day everything changes there horrible hospital ever and they have you in a room like a presión I was in the pumalry floor it’s truly a bad hospital they hurt me and my child physically.

Fatima Estrada

They made me wait 2-3 hours.It smells bad.I wouldn't recommend this hospital to no one.

Rocio Gomez

my son had surgery a week ago.. it was excellent..

different name

A really good hospital! My daughter was transferred here from ER in Downey and the nurses even the lunch lady and clean up lady were all so courteous and kind! My daughter had a good time while she was getting treated here, they have a good selection of family movies and they bring in plastic toys so she won't be bored. Also having a family room with snacks and other stuff is really nice! they even gave her some free toys to take home. Everything was handled with ease and very professional! The nurses went above and beyond to attend to us and we left feeling really great about the care they gave her. I wouldn't hesitate to come back! They know how to treat and talk to children.

Jesus Villegas

Many thanks to all the staff. Great team of doctors and nurses. We love them for the care they have provided to our daughter.

Antonio Luna

I cherish this place like no other, my kids were born here and as a child this place saved me a couple of times. Now as an adult they saved my sons life. The nurses where on top of things and monitored him through his stay nonstop. They never complained even when my family would five them a hard time they always had a smile and cared not just for my baby but they made sure i was comfortable the whole time. If you ever have a kid hospitalized here (I hope you dont) you will realize that these angels spend 12 caring for you and your baby, they spend more time with your family than their own, they spend more time taking care of your baby than their own. I am forever grateful no matter how I put it, theres just isnt enough ways to describe how thankful I am with the staff here.

Mama Gee

My son was born at 24 weeks and he was in the NICU for 3 months. I must say I could not express how much gratitude I feel that they took so much good care of my son. I am beyond words. All I can say is that with every visit I make to the hospital I am always taken care of.

Angie Tran

Tony Moore

My wife and i came in to the ER due to her having abnormal pregnancy symptoms @ 7pm. We had an ultrasound done around 830pm and we are waiting for the results to see if the baby and my wife are ok..... its now 3am and counting. It shouldn't take more than a couple hours to let us know what is going on. Never come to this ER.

Karem Argueta


Basirah Rahim

If you want to be treated by mediocre doctors (who don't truly care about healing you, don't listen to anything you say and dismiss with pain pill will out a full evaluation, leaving you with more questions then what you came with then this hospital is perfect for you.

Marcia M Rodriguez

(Translated by Google) Excellente Hospital treated me very well. Friendly staff (Original) Excellente Hospital me atendieron muy bien. Personal amable

sonia Gonzalez

(Translated by Google) excellent hospital (Original) exelente hospital

Big dog

(Translated by Google) Good hospital (Original) Buen hospital

marcia martinez

Had the BEST experience ever at this hospital! The staff is GREAT & very friendly as well as helpful! They did a very good job curing my son...... the best specialists !

Maria Lozas

(Translated by Google) Excellent hospital, they took good care of my son and me. Just as the staff treated us well. . (Original) Excelente hospital , atendieron bien a mi hijo .y a mi. Igual como el personal nos atendieron bien. .

Alexander Arreola

Good doctors and assistant nurses

Astrid Martinez

I came because it was the closest to me. I always go to Childrens hospital in los angeles. Staff is rude.. They talk over u. I think if they were nicer the environment would be much nicer specially if ur there for an emergency . Never again. I rather drive 30 minutes more to l.a.

Mirca Sanchez

They have really nice doctors

Jose Davila

Just back home after bypass surgery very professionals & friendly nurses great care thank you God bless you all

Viridiana Herrera

(Translated by Google) excellent hospital! I have taken good care of my daughter and helped too much! (Original) excelente hospital! an atendido muy bien a mi hija y ayudado demasiado!

hector r ruan

Loved the pediatric surgeon that did wonders for my daughter Sofía. Some RN could IMPROVE THEIR PR HELP. ALSO HOW HARD IS IT TO INJECT AN IV INTO A SEVEN YEAR OLD???

cindy cotton

my son was here for a bone fracture. EVERYONE took such good care of us both. From childrens life program, to our nurses and to random employees i found in the hall while trying to locate a certain area in the hospital. To everyone in the emergency room to the security, and janitors. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

Loan Vu

Good doctor Good service

Lauryn J. Cooke

Terrible Hospital always a problem!!! Only person worth going there to see is Dr. Steinmetz if it wasn't for him I would have been done with this hospital! Nurse told me transportation will be available shortly waited 6 1/2 hrs for them to say your transportation was not approved! Gave me 2 tokens which didn't even cover the train fare! I live 2 hrs away Asked them 10 times about transportation oh yes it's approved well that was BS...left me to get home with a 4 year old who had a mild surgery had to carry her out plus her car seat wheelchair and diaper bag!

Chris Armistead

Very professional and friendly staff (Labor and Delivery), the NICU doctors/nurses are the best.

Cyrus Shahriary

Yesenia Torres

I felt very discriminated here by one of the nurses here for being Mexican/American. The doctor was very professional and very sweet but the whole staff does not have any humanity. Needs to improve on their staff because it seems like they are just there for the money and not for what they went to school for. Im very dissapointed never going here again. People please do not bring your child here for anything they are very racist! Becareful the nurses will discriminate you if you are a latino.

Jillian Morabito

I urge you to never go here. Go literally anywhere else. The nurses have seriously injured my sister twice purely due to gross negligence. I cannot stress how unpleasant this hospital is - it’s a prison where the patient might not make it out.

Evelin Flores

(Translated by Google) They treated me very well (Original) Me atendieron muy bien

Carmela Petetan

My son got tooken a way from this hospital so it's star

Dark -Edits

My niece Olivia is a leukemia survivor because of the treatment received here. Can't say no more, but THANK YOU TO ALL STAFF, Donors and Sponsors, Thanks a million.


they told my daugther she was going to die and watched her cry worst doctors i have ever experinced

Sang Yi

Dr. Kevin (unknown last name) under Abdelnur, Diego R, MD in emergency EVERYONE CALL AND TREAT YOU AS A DOCTOR?!? Seriously?!? WORSE HOSPITAL EVER!!!!!!!!! Our 23 month baby had head injury that I had to take him to this emergency. Waiting was not that bad, but HE DIDN'T KNOW WHAT HE WAS DOING. He didn't even look or touch the injury area properly and said it is fine. We can feel that head is swellen and not sure if his head is fractured or not. HOW CAN HE KNOW BY JUST LOOKING AT THE INJURY AREA WHERE WAS COVERED WITH HAIRS. Seriously!!!! He even couldn't make eye contact with us that he seems like he didn't know what he was doing. He just came looked at him and asked how his reactions were. THAT IS IT!!! AND HE SAID THAT WE ALL HAD TO WAIT COUPLE HOURS HOW BABY IS BEHAVING AND SAID THAT EMERGENCY ROOM IS CHARGING HOURSLY!!!!! Doctor didn't check baby condition and didn't show up for 3~4 hours. Are they freaking serious? When we got out HE DIDN'T GIVE US DISCHARGE NOTICE. He ASKED us!!! The way he was doing is to AVOID ANY RESPONSIBILITY !!! I AM SURE THEY WILL CHARGE THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS LATER FOR DOING NOTHING. Thanks for wasting our TIME AND MONEY. How can these place receive more than Star?! Seriously?!

Samuel Newman

Great new building. NICU is the vest in the area

charlee espina

If i could give them a 0 star i would. My daughter got refer here by her pediatrician, I've been making numerous phone calls and left 5 voice message, no one even bother to return my call. Also they treat customers differenly by what kind of insurance they have. (Well if you have medical, better to look for other hospital right now since Miller's children would not even give you a chance to see the doctor)

ana albarran

Nancy Azucena Herrera

(Translated by Google) Excellent that GOD bless you Thank you (Original) Exelente que DIOSITO los bendiga Gracias

Maricela Corrales

rick gullett

To the community the doctors at this hospital are subcontractors that utilize the medical equipment and provide the staff, if doctor discharges after you complain about your systems and decide a to throw you under the wrong, go to another hospital or call 911outside the hospital right away do not go back to this hospital. If s doctor caused you harm or a family member death contact the state medical board of California, it means the doctor is dangerous to the community and can practice like nothing ever happen.

Guadalupe Perez

Dr. Was so rude to me I felt like crying!!!!!


My 8 yr old son was born at Miller Children's Hospital and has been going there since, my son also has a blood disorder called Beta thalassemia intermedia and Long beach Memorial/Miller Children's Hosptital is a extremely great hospital, they have a team full of great physicians and other staff members...when my son was hospitalized for 6 days, the nurses made every last child on the hematology/oncology floor feel like they couldn't do anything because of their illness, they give have different things going on for those children, they live to see smiles on the children's faces...they are very caring and helpful i would recommend Long Beach Memorial/Miller Children's Hospital to anybody and their child and if your child has a blood disorder or has cancer please go to another facility thats part of Long Beach Memorial/Miller children's hospital and it's called Jonathan Jaques children's cancer center, they are truly the best as well. I love Long beach Memorial, Miller children's hospital and Jonathan Jaques cancer center, my son goes there for his blood disorder. My son has an upcoming surgery and i trust Long Beach Memorial's surgeons to safely do a splenectomy the staff is trustworthy.

urban spine

Expect to be transferred from dept to dept in a series of rude unhelpful staff with zero medical knowledge. One dr put me on hold so they could google the disease.

Maria Nieto

(Translated by Google) An excellent service thanks (Original) Un exelente servicio gracias

La Mimi

One on the best experiences.The doctor's and nurses were great. I wish I would have had my first born here. At least my second birth was a great success they motivate you and make you feel at home. I recommend this hospital for any new mother's.

Diana Valdovinos

The nurses and doctors were really friendly and helpful. No complaints at all.

manuel almaraz 54

nice place ..................................

Jesus Delgado

Great service

crystal pantoja

This hospital truly has the best staff. Blessed to know my son is in good hands.

cecilia garza castaneda

Son had surgery in Miller children hospital Dr. Huh the nurses and the anesthetic Dr. Was very kind. I absolute loved the attention and concern for my son. They made ua feel a home.

Aldloah Ahmed

Was at another hospital and the experience was terrible. Transferred to this hospital and it was amazing, comfortable, and over all made the idea of hospitals much more bearable.

Maria Ortiz

They have very nice nurses and doctors that only thing it takes a while but is understandable because we are not the only ones with an emergency

Abbey Tugwell

My son was taken to the NICU..The Doctors and nursing staff were wonderful. They did everything possible for my boy and were there to help ease our grief if any way they could...Knowing how much they cared makes such a difference even to this day..And my son left us in October 2011

Steph Burns

My son was born here via C-section in November 2018 after 32 hours of labor. Absolute worst nightmare from start to finish. Five terrifying and excruciating attempts to insert the epidural. Then the anesthesia during surgery COMPLETELY WORE OFF and they had to tie my arms to the table because I was grabbing at my abdomen, panicking and screaming bloody murder. Those are my first memories with my son, thinking I was going to die and never meet him, and the sound of both of us crying and screaming. Then in recovery, my husband and I didn't sleep more than 30 min. to an hour at a time for FOUR DAYS STRAIGHT because people NEVER STOPPED coming into our room for every ridiculous reason, like CHANGING A LIGHTBULB in the bathroom 2:00AM or refilling our water pitcher at 7:00AM after asking them over and over again to leave us alone. It was absolutely maddening being almost completely deprived of sleep AFTER A TRAUMATIC SURGERY – I've never be so exhausted in my life, I felt like I was going crazy. My son had jaundice, and instead of just treating it with the light therapy, they pricked and squeezed blood out of his heels a total of 14 TIMES over the course of several days to "check his levels." WHY???? They were high, why not just give us the damn lights???? Then to top it all off, after many, many painful attempts to breastfeed and finally giving in to formula feeding (which they were adamantly opposed to), and feeling completely defeated, a nurse came in and grabbed the formula bottles off the shelf and said, "I need to hide these, we're a breastfeeding hospital. This looks bad on the nurses." I was livid. After all that, they wouldn't give us even a dime off our bill. We're paying them $3,750.00 out of pocket after our insurance paid $34,575.00. I wouldn't wish this experience on any mother. If you can somehow give birth someplace else, FOR GOD'S SAKE, DO IT. This hospital is a torture chamber full of inept and callous a-holes.

Yailyn Machado

(Translated by Google) Well excellent hospital attention to children (Original) Bien hospital excelente atención a los niño

Spydir Panda

Friendly staff


Nancy Rodriguez

(Translated by Google) It's the best (Original) Es de lo mejor

Miriam Leon

Hi everyone I have never personally been here, but I really admire and respect the people who specialize in taking care of kids. Especially babies, due to the fact that their inability to speak makes it hard to communicate with and understand them. Kudos everyone and keep up the good work.

raul rodarte

You have to pay $6 parking everytime you come back to see a loved one. We are already hurting in trajedy and some people can't afford to see their loved one.

Clemente Avila

Security makes it harder than it needs to be. A security had our visitors walk to the other side of the hospital to check in when from our understanding we were allowed to enter and exit there. He told me to "educate my people" next time they came to visit. For parking I had to make a run to the store and the nurse said I didn't have to pay since I was the husband. To just say the room number I was in. At the exit the security says I couldn't leave till I paid, so I called the department my wife was in and was allowed to leave after that. Also the day we were getting discharged I went down to the car to leave some bags and was not allowed to go back up the same entrance I had to walk all the way around to the other side of the hospital. All I was trying to do was make things easier for when we left but security seemed to find excuses to make things more difficuilt. Security made it an awful experience.

Alma ordoñez

I was there and i absolutely recommended to everyone I love it! !☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆

December Carr

I’ve always had a very deep respect for these doctors at long beach memorial. I have been in search to find out why I have consistent dizziness with the numbness in my face hands and arms along with my heart racing. I didn’t get an answer I actually was treated very Rudely And then discharged. My ER nurse was very rude. She was cold and had no compassion for what I was going through. I’m actually quite shocked at my treatment I received today

Emmanuel Martinez

I remember miller children's and women's hospital long beach because I remember when I was a freshmen and I miss freshmen year.



Virginia Ramirez

I felt very welcomed they involved me in all they where doing with my Grandson was very helpful keep him & my daughter comfortable very clean i was very satisfied Thank U 2 all whom help with My Grandson Xizavier Moore

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