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REVIEWS OF Methodist Hospital IN California

Xi feng

Jan Jarvis

I had an appointment and sit in the waiting room for an hour, the front desk was rude and indifferent.

Oswaldo Romero M.

Excelente atención y servicio. Vocación, voluntad y conocimiento en cada miembro de su equipo de emergencias.

Bob Jewett

I was admitted to the ER Saturday, Oct 7, 2017. Now I know this may irritate folks with hangnails, halitosis and the like waiting in the ER, but I was suffering from ventricular tachycardia and went right to the head of the line. And I'm glad I did, or I wouldn't be writing this. I don't remember the names of any of the ER's cardiac crash team, but they did a helluva job. After pulling my fat out of the fire I was soon in a room where I enjoyed the ministrations of nurses Molly, Hayley, Julia (she said "bif" {as in biffy} for the toilet,) Josh and the big, friendly guy in the middle, of the night (sorry I never caught your name,) and aids Ron, Katyrena (?,) and Tom. Doctors Davis, cardiologist, and Kruger, the surgeon, Kim and, well there was at least one or two others.

Rosalia Gutierrez

Love service. and nice hospital

Sadie Potvin

PLEASE TAKE THE TIME TO READ. I got T-boned in a car accident today and was taken to the hospital by ambulance. This hospital have no sympathy for what I was going through! No smiles, no happiness or support like doctors and nurses should have. I understand they're under a lot of stress and pressure but if you make that a career you need to understand that that's the work environment you're going to be in! I have a diagnosis of severe chronic back pain and when I got in the car accident I had smashed my head against my window and my whole left side of my car was totaled. I had a neck brace on and was suffering from pain in my head, my neck, my arm was numb and was seeing stars. I was in so much pain so they ended up giving me pain medication and a cat scan but the nurse was very rude, disrespectful and wasn't telling me the medication she was given to me before injecting them into my IV and also didn't tell me about side effects of certain medications while she was inserting them into my IV, I was receiving severe PAINFUL side effects for a short amount of time that were very uncomfortable without her telling me to the point where I was screaming " ow ow ow!!!" Then when getting sent home my doctor refused to prescribe me any pain medicine when I just got in a severe car accident? He was yelling at me in the hallway the whole time while I was yelling at him back about how he didn't want to prescribe me anything...all he did was give me a steroid and a strong ibuprofen when my pain levels were so severe. I could go on and on but the patient service and the staff there are absolutely terrible!!!!! The doctor was telling me "I was going to get addicted to pain medicine if I were to get prescribed so he refused to give them to me" then I stated " do I have to have my neck cut off to get them?" and he said " yeah or a fracture "... sarcasm is very unprofessional as a doctor... and this is AFTER I requested just an amount of only 5-10. I live a sober life style and I did not want a lot but my pain was so high! Finally he got very upset and prescribed them to me then refused to see me after. Sorry that I have severe chronic back pain now neck pain, head pain and got T-bones on my direct drivers side going 45 and totaled driver side of my car.....even if they did give me pain medicine with no problem, that place is still horrible and I would of done the same review... I do not recommend and please don't ever go there! This review is not about pain medicine but about doctors and staff treating people horribly and having no sympathy for their patients... I just got home and cried that I had to go through such a horrible experience at a place when I was physically, mentally and emotionally already going through a horrible experience in general and for that place to make it WORSE?!?, was completely unacceptable and very unprofessional. Trust me and DO NOT go here. EVER!

Joseph Flaschberger

Wendy Chiem

This is a terrible emergency room ever. You have excruciating pain. Waiting for 7 hrs without a budge . Better have great insurance when you come here. Medicare for old people forget coming here. Definitely not gor our family. No thank you.

Esaul Magallon

(Translated by Google) Very satisfied with the service ... (Original) Muy satisfecho con el servicio...

Missy Ozzie

Just released from outpatient back surgery yesterday. With the exception of one nurse, I had amazing staff. I did however spend three or more hours in the recovery area because they did not have a room for me. It was very loud (mostly nurses complaining about a schedule) at a time when I really wanted to just sleep. This part was quite frustrating.

Steven Daggett

the daoctor was quick to see me and vary accurate on him diagnosing

evan xin

My brother had a seizure and was rushed here. They gave him an IV drip, HOWEVER, the frickin nurse didn't plug in the tube and left it running without checking to see if it was plugged in! The drip spilled all over the bed and we had to wait another hour until he could be discharged! I'm surprised this place has 3 stars.

Ronda Vondra

Have some patients everything will work out ! You know ,you aren’t the only person they have to take care of ! They’re awesome !

lil _G

This hospital staff was okay Dr. was very nice but the nurse Mary from the E.R is a really bad person they really need to get a new nurse she was very rude and treated my son like a person that did drugs my son don't do drugs telling my son here's some good coke when she was putting in the IV in his arm and when she gave my son pain medicine she told my son that it was a good drug wth and she didn't like my daughter in law in the room at all and she kept telling my daughter in law that to repeat her self because it doesn't sound right wth also nurse Mary is only nice to white people I noticed that really quick I wish there was a way I could sue this hospital or nurse

Theo Jumièges

very unsafe hospital with incapable staffs. The doc and nurse shall treat and care with good faith. HOWEVER, this hospital docs and nurse do opposite. Some superiors here are hiding under desk when it comes to fight off DO and nurses' unsafe,dangerous, and untruthful torturing of patients. This hospital is an animal zoo that you need to avoid. The white woman RN, did not know the name well, but here at this hospital is nicotine dependent and driver at reckless high speed and hates patients except herself and thar RN talking, skills, is full of do-nuts.

Wendi Alvarez

Zero Stars! My sister was robbed while getting a C-section at this hospital!! My scared and nervous sister was under the care of nurse Jennifer while prepping for her C section, Nurse Jennifer asked my sister to remove her jewelry(wedding rings and earrings). This nurse stated that she will place the jewelry in a draw string bag and put it with my sister’s belongings. The jewelry has not been seen since! With the arrival of the beautiful new baby, my sister didn’t think to check her belongings until she got home. She was devastated to discover that she had been robbed. My sister quickly called the hospital to file the claim. At that time the hospital staff informed my sister and her husband that nurse Jennifer did not follow protocol. The nurse was supposed to hand all jewelry to the husband in the room. Nurse Jennifer was the last person to see the jewelry. The hospital stated that they will investigate this matter and provide a written letter in 7 days. It has been almost 3 weeks and still no letter! My sister filed a police report. At this point all we can do is warn other people to be aware of the nature of this hospital. These people prey on people that are in a vulnerable state. Please don’t trust people like this with your life or your baby’s life. They are dishonest.

Josh Hassing

You're better off performing open heart surgery on yourself in your own kitchen. All you do when you go in is sit, wait, and be ignored. It takes over an hour to even be admitted to a room, and then another hour before the doctor walks in. And the whole time you're waiting for the doctor, the nursing staff walks around completely clueless.

Camille LaVie

DO (Howard) and RN (Carol) bad here at this location. Crazy.


Lady that checked me in was rude to me as well as others in the ER. They came out more than 10 times and called names of patients that aren’t even here, and I’ve been waiting to be seen for over 2 hours. They took 5-6 people that came in after me. This is ridiculous. This is disgusting medical practice. Don’t come here if you expect to be treated.

geraldine valdez

my little brother was transferred to this hospital from an emergency room in san gabriel. he had a heart attack and needed an angiogram. on his delivery the ambulance drivers contracted were very nice and informative to my brother. my brother was admitted to the icu intensive care unit ccr critical care respiratory rm 17. the operator was nice, transferred me to that unit.. the women i presume my brothers nurse...was polite, kind, friendly. she was pleasant and calming since i was calling from san bernardino. she explained and answered all my questions, she also related a message to isaac for me that i loved him. i heard the angiogram went well and test went well. i haven't heard any complaints so far. so thank you MH. i was actually concerned my brother weighs upwards of 400-500lbs. but so everyone knows they can handle and take care of super obese patients. much gratitude to MH, thank you ICU/CCR rm17

Irene H

Had my baby here excellent experience

Habu Nazz

Worst experience ive ever encountered at the birth center,Anna the midwife,and Meagan who was a student midwife,made all the nurses,uncomfortable by disrespecting them in front of the patients and the visitors ,they spent most of the time on the hallways gossiping,leaving the patients alone in terrible,painful ,life threatening situations,but thank God for nurses like Karen,kelly ,and Beth, who really went above and beyond for helping the patients, made it easier, I won’t not recommend it to anyone, and if you happen to go there please make sure you are helped by other midwives if you don’t you will regret it

Travis Creley

I had a bad expirience in the ER. The doctor failed to address my concerns. Don't go here.

Rose Campos

The emergency staff was fast, caring and helpful. My mom had a cardiac arrest on the way to the hospital. Upon arrival the emergency staff reacted, fast to administer CPR, the staff was caring and very helpful. My due respect.

Kirlisha Brooks

Staff was very unprofessional in ER department. I felt they could have been more personable dealing and interacting with family especially when we ourselves were dealing with a traumatic experience.

David Gaspar

No Hospital is perfect but I my self love this Hospital I was treated very good all the staff from the sitters to the Doctors did their best. Sometimes being patient and understanding that I am not the only one being tended to helps. I think Methodist is the best they made me feel comfortable with my stay for 10 days.

Jessica Edgerton

Manny M

Here is my experience with the ER, Dr. Bella, and Mason Smith... I went to the ER earlier this month with severe lower back and abdominal pain. Long story short, I had blood and urine lab work ran, and I was told that I may have a bacteria infection in my kidney. The remedy was antibiotics and a follow up appointment 3 days later to find out if the infection had grown in my UA sample. I went in three days later, only to find that they never started the culture process of my UA sample. I was really upset about this. Dr. Bella then recommended we take another sample. I was confused with this solution because I had been on antibiotics for 72 hours now. Wouldn't that mess up the results I asked.. She replied, "yes."So why would you recommend this? She replied, "you're just suffering from back pain." She couldn't be farther from the truth. So the next step was Client Relations. I met a man named Mason Smith. I explained my frustration about not knowing what was wrong with me. He was extremely apologetic and agreed that the ball had been dropped. He told me that they were going to look in to the matter and get back to me. It has been three weeks now. I have called Repeatedly. No calls have been returned. I called the main line and asked the operators to leave a note on Mason's desk to please call me ASAP. The operator told me that she would be fired if she did this. Haha really!? You see is let this go and move on with my life, however lab work is never cheap and nobody should have to pay for this if the hospital isn't going to do their job. Also, the pain has come back and now I have to start this whole process all over again. I'm extremely disappointed with Methodist ER staff, and Mason Smith. I was never taken seriously, and a potential serious health issue was pushed aside and swept under a rug. I would expect this from a 3rd world hospital, but not a hospital in the best health care state in the USA.

Galen L Bryant

Yashika Malik

Me and my aunt waited in the ER room for more than 5 hours and no one attended my aunt despite of her having severe abdomen pain. Would not recomend this hospital ever

Norm Dang

A week ago, my grandson had a fever at 105F. We checked him to the ER of this Methodist hospital in Arcadia at just before midnight but he had to wait to 4am to have a doctor seeing him. Terrible, terrible, terrible.


Higher Standards

The emergency room is always abysmally slow. EVERYONE HERE IS TOO BUSY SMOKING AND JOKING HAD TO CALL THE CHARGE NURSE TO HAVE HER SHUT DOWN THE SMOKE AND JOKE BECAUSE THE MANIACAL LAUGHING WAS DISTURBING EVERYONE No compassion whatsoever Homeless people sleeping in the chairs with their stuff everywhere! It's always reassuring when the emergency room security guard is telling the other guard about getting his ass kicked by a bunch of "Asian kids" in Santa Monica when he decided to say something to them about tagging the sidewalk. "The last thing he remembers before blacking out"

Bill Needam

I'm a former employee. The doctors, nursing staff and hospital services are very dedicated in giving patients top care.

steven grof

Thank you to EMT's that transported and took care my wife Saturday who had a heart attack. Great job with getting us to Methodist quickly and safely. Thank you to the great nursing staff in the south tower on the 9th floor. Tammy, Quinn, and Heather were awesome taking care of her and me during her visit. Answered every question we asked. Great care and extremely nice staf . And thank you to doctor Olson who performed the cath. His professionalism and skill brought a great sense of relief to the both of us.

Tab Ferrell

2 days after surgery i left ICU and went up stairs... one of the nurses was so rude to me she shoved a thermometer damn near down my throat and then I told her i needed a pillow below my hip.. she adjusted the bed with out warning and I told her to stop she put a pillow behind my back and ran out... she didn't even make sure i was comfortable and then I had another nurse come in because i didn't want the rude nurse assisting me and the other nurse said in the real world you cant just fire people when u don't like the way they treat you.. #I was in tears.... my experience in ICU was great my doctor bottini was an awesome surgeon... brain decompression surgery..

Anon Doe

horrible experience ridiculously inflated bill.

The Flamingo

Save your money and don’t go here!!! I was brought in by ambulance for severe vertigo and throwing up blood. I became unresponsive and disoriented in the ER. I was hooked up to multiple machines and had a 2nd IV inserted because they thought they were going to have to give me blood. After finally coming to and getting stabilized, I was admitted. The nurses were terrible except for 1. I would put my call light on to ask for help or medications and it would take forever for someone to come. Then, they would say they paged the doctor and are waiting for a response. I’m an RN myself and never ever would I treat my patients like this. In fact, I would probably be fired if I ignored patients and said I was waiting for a call back from the doctor for 2 hours. I was told the next day I would be having some vestibular therapy and some other things to figure out what was wrong. They kept asking about my pain level but never did anything about it. How would your pain level be after hours of throwing up blood? The doctor came in at 6:30 the next morning and I was discharged. No therapy, no nothing except a prescription for a drug that my insurance doesn’t cover and apparently you can find it OTC but it’s expenaive. I told them I didn’t feel comfortable going home. I am still dizzy and nauseous and in pain, but they didn’t care. The care you receive here is terrible. I would never go here again. As a nurse, I am astonished at the way they treat their patients.

Susan Lecy-Lindall

KT Cobbin

Kind and caring staff

Alex Escobedo

My experience was one at first a long wait but the long wait was great.I been to other hospital with a longer wait but no help. The staff were great all very helpful respectful made my family fill at home. Every time I talked to a nurse Dr. They were very positive.


The third floor acute rehabilitation unit is understaffed. My husband was left to sit in his own poop and pee for well over an hour tonight, and this was just the straw that broke the camels back over the last couple weeks. They are OFTEN very slow to respond. Also, after about 3.5 weeks in rehab, he seems to be no better off than he was. I believe they failed to motivate him. Now they are kicking him out to a nursing home. It's just a shame. They remodeled this floor and it is visually appealing, and most of the staff seem to be generally nice, which makes this review difficult for me to write. The CNA tonight has 15 patients to care for, and she is so nice, but obviously way to busy. Also, this floor does not have a charge nurse. If this unit was better managed, and if they had 1 more CNA AND a charge nurse, the ratio of patients to staff would be much better, and probably able to respond to the call light much quicker.

Darrell Hadley

Cyndi Graffio

I am 5 weeks post op for endometrial cancer. I have to say I received the absolute best care! Everyone from admitting to the surgical team was kind, caring, compassionate. I was very well taken care of!

Sherri Barnes

They are pretty good here. They are clean, right on time with your medicine, I love their staff. From the Drs, RN, LVN, Janitors, Kitchen crew are very kind and helpful. Thank you all for the great service

ESP 1138

The white employers are racist and unprofessional and honestly disrespectful. Avoid this hypocritical institution.

jordan kullmann

Terrible experience here. Doctor ran tests I did not want, insulted me, and then charged me for everything. When I tried to dispute the charges they would not call me back and then transferred it over to a debt collector. I will never go here again.

Wendy Biernbaum

I personally believe some of the best humans I've ever met work in our local hospitals, and I'm thankful they've helped care for me during my battle with cancer. Every person I encounter at Methodist has been patient, warm, kind and knowledgable. They've made me feel like I'm in a safe place, and wish I could thank the doctors and nurses every single day for all that they do. Hopefully you don't need hospital services, but if you do, Methodist is full of wonderful, helpful people who truly care.

Christopher Embree

Kong Vang

2 hrs. waited time in the patient room for an appoitment without word from staffs.

Marissa Napolitano

Absolutely HORRID. Came to their ER after a doctor demanded that I be admitted, but after I was in they took four nurses to even get an IV going, and when they finally got one in it broke my vein open within minutes but no one would listen to me, even while I screamed in pain. It was 6 hours later before it was taken care of, after a shift change. My results showed Several organs swollen, including my liver and colon and intestines, but the GI “specialist” who came in to speak with me told me that he believed I was being dramatic BUT will admit me over night anyway. I was brought up to floor 8, after being there for several hours was when my IV was FINALLY fixed. The next morning a different doctor came in and told me my results again, vitals all out of whack, swollen organs, blood counts at strange numbers, and then continued to tell me he didn’t know what my issue was, so he wrongly dismissed it as the stomach flu and had me released. They all treated me horribly and like I was stupid because I’m a college student. Even my family was appalled at the care I was given. No matter a patients age, if they are in pain, then treat them as such. I am in nursing school, I am well aware that this is NOT what is expected of these professionals. A few months and doctor visits later and we have found out that I have a dangerous disease in my bowels and it had broken down my organ lining so much that microscopic tears had formed and bacteria began leaking out into my abdomen, almost causing me to form sepsis. I am now on antibiotics and doing fine, but if I had listened to Methodist’s HORRIBLE doctors, I would be in serious trouble right now. I am very disappointed.

Olivia Foy

Very poor service, especially during a not so busy time. Brought a family member in after falling and cutting open their head. When arriving we asked 2+ people if we could have ice for his head, were told “maybe” and “let me check” and never got ice. The Tech didn’t even clean or look at the wound during examination. The doctor didn’t wash their hands before touching my family member. Other than the laziness of the staff, their was no soap in either of the waiting room bathrooms and after asking to get some it was never filled of the 4 hours being there. I cannot imagine what it’s like when it’s busy. I work in healthcare so I understand prioritizing and things not running perfectly, but laziness is not okay.

Dustin Hogue

My wife was in the emergency room last night. They did a great job. She forgot her earnings in room. Hospital called and let us no we could pick them up. So I came in after work this morning at 6 am. To get them. On my way out some completely rude security guard came up to me and told me I could not park in the emergency parking lot I asked him why is that it is 30 minute parking and I'm done was only there 2 minutes. He just said it's for emergency parking only all I can say how rude

Mike Symons

After recent stay last week on the fourth floor I wanted to describe my excellent care!! The doctors, nurses, students, and aids really cared about me. CARE RESPECT AND TOOK TIME TO TALK AND LISTEN TO ME!

love Is real

My grandma died around cold hearted nursing staff that put 0 effort into making her Comfortable or taking care of her.

Hector Figueroa

Thank you so much for the great care I received. Admitting and ER awesome job!

Elizabeth Starr

They don't have good bedside manner, my daughter choose this place to have her first baby and the nurses were rude, they didn't want us helping but she would ring the nurses and it takes them forever to come and then I walk up to the front and they are sitting and laughing and talking..this is a stressful job I understand it's your job

Paul Pace

My first son was born here, what's not to love!

Darin Lunde

Great hospital. If you ask for help, they provide it. Quality and friendly care, and very well kept facilities. I would go here for both emergencies and for regular doctors visits. Fantastic place.

zachary parish

My name Is Zachary Dean Parish and I was born In this hospital on April 13, 1996 with my twin brother Andrew Frank Parish and me and him were born 10 weeks early. My mother Lisa J. Parish gave birth to me and my twin brother Andrew when she was 60 yrs. Old.


Try to avoid to come to this hospital. You wait in the lobby for one hour if you come for the ER service. They finally take you in, place into a room and they forget you like the parents who forget their children at mall. 2 hours 3 hours. You can feel lucky if you see a doctor at the end of those 3 hours. Then the doctor comes and misdiagnose you. Yay. You can now leave the hospital and spend The rest of your life outside still ill and miserable... As a result beware of this hospital for the sake of yours...

Jodi Edelbrock

ER is great!


best hospital

Deborah D

A few years ago I was in the hospital for two weeks with Rhabdomyolysis. Even though they could never figure out what truly caused my condition, the doctors were great, the nurses were wonderful, the staff was wonderful. I pray I never have to go back in again, but Methodist Hospital was the best!

Lysa Cazares

Big thanks you to Dr.Danny Chang and ER staff Jennifer RN was amazing they took there time out listen help friendly my son needed help breathing asthma was horrible and they took time to explain and check on his breathing... best hospital everrrr...

Hannah Marie

Nurse was not nice, she was yelling outside my door being assigned to me and I could hear it all. I felt not welcomed. I will never come back again.

Cha You

I went in for a routine appendectomy. The following morning I was woken up between shift change and was required to go to the bathroom. I became faint (which is apparently common after anesthesia) and fell in the bathroom suffering a concussion and laceration above my eye. I ended up with more stitches above my eye than in my stomach. When coming to consciousness on the floor of the bathroom the nurse was busy leaving for the day so she did not hear my screams. Suffice it to say I had a terrible experience with this hospital's post surgical care.

J Pat

Surgery went wrong plus talked to an Advocare worker the size of the Titanic to get away from my abusive mother and she said b/c I don't have a vagina I couldn't go into a shelter that they offer. Waste of money.

Julia Caldwell

Love this hospital. Son was born here 6 years ago and it has changed tremendously. In a good way.. we drive a bit out of our way just to come to this er

Well Well

Erica Taylor

I would not go back to this ER even if I was dying. Lack of care and very unprofessional doctors. During "discharge" I was given another patients paper work... can you say HIPPA VIOLATION?? Go to the med center instead this place is a joke!

Stephanie Peterson

Minimum 3 hour wait. Bad service, rude nurses and your more than likely to die in the waiting room than be helped in a timely manner.

Jerry Ervin

Valet parking @ $6 a real necessity & a bargain at that. Access Assistants are easily available, friendly, efficient, and extremely helpful. They meet disabled patients and handicapped visitors at two main entrances with wheelchairs, if needed. They'll transport wheelchair-bound persons to/from medical facilities and other locations at Methodist & Meadowbrook.

John Pecaut

Kathy Sullivan

Awful!!! Husband was released with a infection in his leg after knee surgery! It was noticed at the Rehab he entered !!!! The nurses were telling us they did not know what was happening with his leg... they were wondering why it was so swollen and hot to the touch!

Robert Hernandez

Worst hospital ever , take way to long. Been waiting here for 4 hours to get my gf checked . That's it checked . 4 hours !!! No one even here . Ridiculous absolutely ridiculous! Security guards are worthless. Don't know anything. All anyone does here is mess around and waste people's time and health. Don't ever come here, your not there priority at all.

Ron Edlund

Have stayed twice and experience was as good as it gets Facilities and staff are great Rooms are all upgraded and your treated like your at home Meals are very good and service is exceptional

El Amason

I've never had a problem here. ( parking can be expensive but they validate). Doctors are caring and knowledgable. My surgery went fantastic and my prenatal care at The Women's center was wonderful.

Payton Carpenter

I was at the emergency room with my roommate and she is extremely sick. She got there at 6:30, and finally at 9 o'clock we left to go to a different emergency room because she still had yet to be seen. The same people were still in the emergency room that were there when we got there. But more then 5 people had left, so they should have been more circulation with getting people in and out. On top of that, there was an elderly man who was extremely sick and filled several large bags with puke. His friends went up and said that someone needs to get him help fast, and they just looked at him like he was stupid. Then, 5-10 minutes later a nurse came out. Gave my friend and I a dirty look, this elderly man a dirty look. Then looked at the receptionist and said "Who?!" in a very rude manor! She then looked at the elderly man, and said "Come here!", again very rude manor! He then stood up and started to walk her way. She turned around and started walking towards the back, without helping him. He was so unstable that he could barely walk and she just let him walk on his own! Did not help him at all. I can not believe that this hospital would treat their patients this way. Also, my roommate was tested for strep throat out in the waiting room at 6:30, and when she told them that she was leaving because it was taking to long and she really needed to be seen. A nurse came out to have her sign a release form, and then told her at 9:00 when we left there, that she was negative for strep throat! Like what in the world?! A test like this takes 30 minutes!! Why did it take us leaving to tell her these results?! The receptionists were absolutely rude! The nurse that treated the elderly man this way, rude! Everything rude!! We left and came to CHI Bergan Mercy, less than 2 miles away from Methodist, and we sat in the waiting room for less then 10 minutes. And they are truly concerned about her and caring. With that being said, I will never go to Methodist emergency room again!!

Diana G

The nurse that was supposed to be "helping" my sister was terrible when she was delivering, she was mean, unorganized, took for ever to sing her in, her name is Linda which the name does not fit her at all she was sarcastic an awful human being, she did not listen to my sister when she explaining that she was in so much pain! and she would go away and not caring, she felt like a know it all and do what ever she wanted, we had never had this problem before with any nurse, all the other ladies that were helping her after where so nice BE AWARE!!! She didn't file the all the information of the surgery for next day non of the nurses or doctors were aware of the surgery! She did all wrong and she ordered the epidural at the very last moment, nowadays this should not happen! I just hope that God will repay her the same way some day!!

Mac Broadway

Came to Methodist Hospital to be w/ my daughter after a procedure. This is her 4th operation at Methodist. EZ2get2 even in snowy weather. The admittance procedure was organized & for my daughter, pretty smooth, Gave us a pager to let her know when they were ready to take her to pre-op. After signing in we went up to the surgery center, & checked in. Once in pre-op, left the same pager w/ us, so we could go back to visit her until she went into O.R. Afterwards we kept the pager so: 1.) they could call us to a post-op consultation & let us know how the operation actually went, then 2.) let us know when/where they'd taken her to a room. The surgeon & anesthesiologist congenially answered all our questions & addressed our concerns prior to the procedure. Not sure about my daughter & son-in-law, but I felt much more informed & relaxed throughout the process because of their openness & communicative approach. ☤ The nursing staff is exemplary! Douda was our 1st nurse. He was professional, caring, great at explaining things & physically comforting the patient (& her support contingent) immediately after her operation. If all the nurses here are like him, Methodist should get 10 ★'s, not just 5★'s. The rest of the nursing staff has been attentive & sensitive to the patient's needs. ☤ Some helpful things on the 1st floor are Surgery Admitting, Gift Shoppe & Bistro, a Chapel & Chaplain, several comfy waiting areas (at least one w/ life music - string player or pianist), Coffee Express, typical concierge desk, Muffin Man Café & Bakery, & (the usual hospital) Creeksedge Cafeteria. ☤ Thank you Methodist Hospital for taking good care of my baby girl! ⚕️

Patty Kennedy

Some of the reviews are ridiculous. How does the parking situation have anything to do with the care you receive? In my experience, the care I received was a 5. I was on the 4th floor, for 30 days, after having a whipple. The docs, the nursing staff, and the hucs were wonderful and caring. I would go out of my way to go to this hospital.

Diane Radel

This was the worst experience we have ever had and we will never return to this hospital.

Christine Schermerhorn

Don’t go here. The doctors are retarded and don’t know what they’re talking about. Never going there again!!!!

Junhong Liu

No stars! My doctor scheduled an appointment for me at this place. Called them, an operator named Madelan picked up. She was rude and unprofessional. Dont know why they put a person like her works at a hospital customer care. I just told my doctor to change my appointment somewhere else.

Debra Reddy

I'm sure some of the reason for my five stars is because we had such a horrible experience at the University of Nebraska Center two weeks before that this place seemed like the plaza hotel. After having a kidney stone removed my husband was allowed to relax in his own room and was even fed dinner instead of being discharged shortly after waking up in recovery. The waiting is awesome and I was informed of my husband's condition many times. The doctors, nurses, and other stuff were great to work with.

gary Bloomfield

My Daughter went in for Gyn cancer surgery WOW this is such an amazing place EVERYONE was so kind and considerate !!! Thank You All !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Johnnie Serrano

Cause it is

Rita Keating

Great experience with my daughter's delivery of her baby at Methodist but when we returned after 24 hours and he was admitted to the Special Care Nursery for dehydration they were unable to provide a gluten free meal for my daughter who has celiac disease. They told us to go to the cafeteria. My daughter was breastfeeding and as medical professionals they should know how important it is that she get a good meal to eat in order to be successful at this. The cafeteria only had fruit snacks and potato chips that were gluten free. When she was an impatient she had great meals and I suggested they should order her something. They said they couldn't because it was for inpatients and she was not an inpatient. We were there for 12 hours and I had to go to Pizza Luce to get her something decent to eat.

Nancy K

My father was here for Acute Rehab after a stroke. He has been at previous rehab facilities for a couple previous strokes, so we have some basis for comparison. This place is run like a factory, where everyone just puts in an amount of time, and every day the therapists are different, so none gets to know the patient and familiarize themselves with the patient's abilities and progress. For example, one day the PT wanted my father to walk up a set of stairs (he has paralysis of his left leg), and the next day a different PT was afraid for my father to transfer from the bed to the wheelchair when my father had been doing that already for 3 weeks. Another PT had the idiocy to argue that doing strengthening and conditioning exercises are not part of PT, only skill development. How lame; obviously they go together. The OT's seemed to know what they were doing, but the PT's, except for one who is normally not at the unit, were uniformly mediocre and incapable of assessing my father's abilities. In fact, the PT's all seem to be kids in their 20's who barely know what they are doing and just put in time, rather than really assessing the patient (the one PT who was dropping in to help was older and actually figured out what was suitable for my father and spent extra time to do more things; the other PT's and the scheduler need to learn from him). It often felt as though the therapists standing around the gym were kids barely out of school and excited to be at Disneyland, not like serious adult therapists who are actually thinking about the patients' condition. The rehab doctor spends hours on the computer and barely a minute with the patients, and when he talks to you, it is as if to announce how well they are doing rather than to inquire how the patient is doing and any concerns they might have. The CNA's need training in patient privacy and dignity, and the place needs to have a system for managing incontinence care. If your loved one is incontinent, they have to lie naked under the sheets, since the Acute Rehab is too lazy and cheap to provide adult diapers. One morning one of the CNA's forced my father from the bed to the wheelchair with no pants on and only a towel to drape over his private parts, since they get told that it is the OT's job to dress the patient; so if the OT comes, say, several hours after breakfast, then the patient is basically unclothed for other activities. One time he was having to do PT without any pants on and a towel around his waist. What the h--? Is the patient just a slab of meat to toss around? This place feels like they are just ticking off boxes so that they can bill insurance. No one got to know my father's progress at all while 2 weeks there. If you want to go to an Acute Rehab facility (also known as Inpatient Rehab Facility), go to Health South in Tustin, where they treat the patient with dignity, and the therapy is well-tailored to the patient and high quality. We were so relieved to get out of the Arcadia Methodist factory. Two stars instead of one only because the building is nice and has a nice view. But their Acute Rehab unit is not a place to send someone after a stroke.

Alicia Marty

Maybe we weren't their finest moment, but we felt like we were left up in the air a bit too much. Several nurses were good caregivers, but had too many issues for it to be a coincidence.

QTZ 0069

Los empleados son racistas y mal educados. Les falta respetar a los Latinos.

Paige Schlemmer

After having a pleasant experience with my back surgery in June, I expected to have a decent experience in the ER. 3 hours later I just left without being seen. I went in with 103° and all they did was give me tylenol, which I had already take at home.

Peter McCallum

Avoid this ER, very slow and dirty with inept staff.

ahmed abdiwahed

My experience at the emergency department is horrible. I'm currently sitting in the emergency room with my 2 months daughter. We have been waiting for a doctor to come for 2 hours and half now, God knows how much longer I have to wait now.... I don't understand how it's the emergency department, but we have to wait for hours to see the doctor. There are 5 doctors as the nurse mentioned, but we have yet to see any of them. Next time we are not coming here for any emergency.

Rocio Martinez

My Primary doctor sent me to the ER because i have Gallstones in my Gall Bladder and he said it could be infected was in a lot of pain waited 5 hours. After the 4th hour I went to registration window and told the girl I was in a lot of pain. She was busy texting someone on her phone and didn't even notice I was standing in front of her Again I told the girl Im in a lot of pain.. She said ill let the nurse know she showed No COMPASSION what so ever and was rude. Waited for a nurse to come no one ever came. She never told the nurse. I ended up leaving the ER and went to another hospital and got seen right away.

Breena Lehan

I went in for a procedure and the staff was amazing! Dr. Long and his nurse are fabulous!!

Hack Man

With all the land they have, you'd think they would have a better parking scheme. And this is AFTER they ripped up everything to re-do construction!

Uli Torre

I got to Arcadia Methodist hospital Emergency room at 6:22pm because I injured my back very badly. I was in horrible pain and could not even stand up. They admit you right away so they can charge you even if you leave without being seen. Everyone could see I was in pain, the only thing that helped was constant ice on my hip, but after 7 hours in the waiting room it was clear I was not going to get any relief from this agonizing pain so I had to go home we’re i am still in bed trying to keep the pain in check. If a person hurt this bad can’t go to a hospital for help then what do you do?

Dylan Nelson

I had a broken ankle, so I went here and they did an xray and said they saw nothing wrong and my ankle was not broken or sprained or anything. But it was too clear that it was broken, I requested an MRI and they refused to let me get one. I kept on bugging them for months until they finally gave in and I got an MRI, but they had me wait another month because "they couldn't get me in for an appointment" Really....? Hmm.. seems fishy. I got the MRI, they did indeed find that my ankle was broken and they made me wear a boot. Incredibly ridiculous, they refused to put me in a cast. I wore the boot for a month, nothing improved so they put me in a cast FINALLY, when I got the cast taken off I had a horrible infection on my foot. It looked like someone had stabbed me on my foot and it was disgusting, to this day I still get sharp pains from inside my foot right where the scar is. I also used to come here regularly because of emergencies I kept having, always was late at night. They said they couldn't get me into a room with a bed because "they had none left" but there was open rooms with nobody there. When they finally got me into a room, it always took 1+ hours for a nurse or doctor to finally come and see me, horrible service.

Terral Reed Ewing

It's become an assembly line. They no longer give you the best care possible they only give you the quickest care possible. I no longer a patient at this facility. They lost my trust so I have switched to another facility.

Judee Swarens

Outpatient surgery patient. Absolutely everyone we came in contact with could have been a goodwill ambassador. I'm an RN for many years, wish everyone I worked with was as happy as your staff!

Johnna Roberts

multiple ER and admits for husband. Sometimes fast, sometimes slow to get into ER b/c of triage status. Heart attacks, car crash, gunshot wounds etc. take priority. Some folks don't get that or notice the ambulances rolling in. Much better experiences than at Lakeside where we had to go b/c shortest route ambiance route rules!

Laura Gomez

When I got there it was full we waited there to get a room from 9pm to 3:30 am but they found what was wrong with my daughter thank you to all the staff

Do Not

Average Hospital experience. Did not like hidden fee. And you have to go during business hours in order to pay the bill. Inconvenience.

danny dang

The nurse and the doctor everybody there is wonderful great job taking care of baby an mother staff is good I recommend to everyone to good here if you mom that give labor please look for the nurse name sue, an the doctor Chou

Lydia Gaid

this is the worst hospital I ever went from the ER to the room service every time I enter this hospital I always get the worst treatment ever irresponsible doctors and irresponsible nurses The worst doctor work at the ER they don't care about the patients

tamara vanderlee

I have waited over 8 hours in the E.R to see a Dr. with my mom, County hospital would've been better than this! And a lot cleaner, last time she was admitted here her room was full of bed bugs she had to leave her personal belongings behind. Do not go here!!

Kenneth Harris

I had a sudden cardiac arrest on September 16, 2017, flatlined for 8 minutes no heart beat, no brain wave activity. Their amazing emergency room and cardiac team save my life! What else can I say! 21 day hospital stay was great also, didn't want to be in the hospital and if I am again it will be with Methodist, they take care of their patients.

Diane Esquivel

Worst place ever. They need to add more staff and doctors, waiting for almost 5 hours. The staff they do have , don't know what they are doing, unorganized and unprofessional.


I was in the Emergency room lobby, I saw this man wanting a nurse because he has been waiting for almost 3 hours. That man needed help.

Joshua Xu

I was left unattended for 2 hours with nurses paid 5 bucks an hour to tell me "stop being a crybaby" and that it wasn't that bad. They left me alone in a room where I passed out from the pain for a whole hour to have the doctor finally wake me up to treat me. It would be another hour before I got medicine and care. These people treat the elderly far better than anybody like myself in CRITICAL condition. Possibly seeking legal help.

Stephanie Braun

Will never go back to this hospital. my husband was there Monday and sat in the waiting room for 3 hours with a 2 inch gash bleeding on his foot! He Never got seen! He ended up leaving and i took him to st. Francis where he was seen in a matter of mins with excellent care :)

kessea moses

I can not believe the lack of care given to me tonight in the ER! I came in with wounds from a dog bite, in great pain, and when I asked for something for pain before, during, and after the nurse irrigated the open punctures marks I was told they are under scrutiny for pain meds and denied anything other than Tylenol!!!! Anyone could see the immediate swelling, bruising, and bleeding for 3 hours yet absolutely NO thought or compassion was given towards me. Doctors should understand that screaming during a procedure is not standard medical practices and a pain med to help while in their care isn't the same as requesting a script to bring home! In addition, the female nurse had her pants half way down her ass the entire time (looking gangster). Not what I want from my medical team and just another sign of how unprofessional this ER is.

Bryan Chan

I agree with real reviews which mentioned how they suffer here under this hospital staffs' careless negligence, mistaken notes, mistaken assessments, illicit interventions, wrong treatments, wrong patients Howard, not real doctor but just the DO guy, is extremely careless, does not listen and has no attention and does not have quality to work as as DO, not even as a doctor. Howard and some staffs mixed up patients. They value people based on assets, weight, marital status. If you are single and slim who are progressive about health and eat healthful foods, they discriminate against you and charted "patient is insane, alcoholic, nicotine user, illegal drug user". NOT only that they mixed up patients' and patients' record.

Lee Young

Worst experience ever if you ever see a midwife named ANNA run for your life .This midwife is the rudest person I have ever seen in my life and not only that but she is racist too .She is there just for the paycheck and not to help people she roams around the hallways and not help patients I wish someone would have done something about her.She is the reason why I hated this hospital.


Great people great attitude I can't said nothing bad about this place is a great place with great people. Thanks for everything. Wilson, Monica, Francee, Lourdes you guys are great.

Rashelle Buness

Nothing but many good experiences here

Nabi Dong-Yeong

The hospital doctors here are very dangerously careless.

Mike S

Is 8 hours a long time to wait in a hospital ER! Got here at 2:45 I'm still waiting. 6 hours later after complaining about my neck being soar I was taken back to get o It is now11:30 pm and I'm still here. You decide if this is acceptable.

Jamal Jamal

Worst Emergency.

diana perez

had a fallow up appointment here not to long ago typical hospital however the employees were cold if not downright rude

alejandro ruiz

(Translated by Google) Excellent good service the best in health care (Original) Excelente buen servicio lo mejor en cuidado de salud

Emily Watkins

Don't go there to deliver. No empathy, rude, racist AND incompetent. I pooped on myself after a major surgery because no one came to answer my call light! Don't go there, just don't! I gave them one star because of this one wonderful nurse I had.. she was amazing! I wish they could clone her and fire everyone else!

Kayla Johnson

I have nothing but good things to say about Park Nicollet/Methodist but I feel the need to share my most recent visit. I went into the ER on 4/6 at 18 weeks pregnant because I was having spotting/cramping..It was a 3 hour wait so they called up to labor & delivery to see if I could come up there instead which I did. I was told they don't even send people up unless they're at least 20 weeks so I appreciated that. I ended up being admitted because I was already dilating 2cm with bulging membranes..It was shocking and devastating because there was nothing they could do and I ended up delivering my angel Sophia that Sunday. I can't believe how attentive and empathetic the nurses are especially Cindy and Kate!! I wish I knew there last name but they went above and beyond. I also just received a card in the mail signed by the Dr. and all the nurses I had seen which was about 5 or 6 in that weekend which was very nice of them. I continue to get phone calls from Park Nicollet to check up on me to make sure I'm okay which I also appreciate. I highly recommend Park Nicollet and all of there services! They truly do care about you.

Arturo Izquierdo

I went in for an emergency surgery. The GI care team was totally awesome

Selena Acevedo

My father in law is in 5 north. His diaper was full. Called via nurse button. They answer with "we just changed it an hour ago". 10 min go by..NO ONE shows up. Dinner arrives.. gross! Diaper still not addressed. I go to nurses station, they give me the same line "we just did it an hour ago" Nurse shows up finally and said the same damm thing? And with an attitude of being bugged. Asked if it was urine?? As it that's not a good reason to change it? They do not pay a whole lot of attention to this 88 yr old man who is choking, has fluid filled lungs, cant press the nurse button himself, he barely knows who he is or where he is! My father had the same problems but in a Bakersfield hospital where they took excellent care of him. They paid absolute attention to their patients without an attitude of the diaper had to be changed more than once within an hour. This is dissapointing and makes the family feel they need to stay here all hours to make sure he gets taken care of properly.

Dianne Thomas

The emergency room was clean and wait time was reasonable. There are masks, tissue , hand sanitizer and a television in the waiting area. Everyone was friendly. The E.R. doctor listened, responded and explained test results.There are limited parking spaces for the E.R.; however, parking garage is available.

Reiko Runquist

Amazing service at maternity department!

Audrey S

Juanito Ramirez

were Very Helpful in direction to see mah sick friend almost 2 polite. a cut above rhe Rest. jyes almost too polite ,,,,

Cathleen Matza

Horrible experience in the ER. Went in at 3:30am with severe abdominal pain which happens every few years, usually in the spring, and has always in the past been diagnosed as gastroenteritis. Lab and CT scan were normal, but the ER doctor insisted that I be admitted and looked at by a surgeon for other possible causes of the pain. I refused. Treatment in the past has always consisted of one injection for pain with no additional pain meds needed, and other tests have never indicated anything other than a brief bout of gastroenteritis. Before I left, I was given one pain pill which had no effect whatsoever, so I will wait out the pain until it resolves on its own. The quality of care at Methodist, as well as the facility itself, has declined steadily over the years. I will never again, under any circumstances, set foot in that facility, and will advise my insurance company not to pay any charges since no care was actually provided. I am a reliable and accurate source of information regarding my own medical history, but I felt that nothing I said was taken into consideration by any of the Methodist staff on duty. My visit this morning was a complete waste of time and resources, and I see it as nothing more than an attempt to run unnecessary tests and rack up more charges for an inpatient stay.

Cynthia R.

Its a great hospital and all but i decided to get a quick snack at the vending machine and put in $5. Couldn't get it back since I need the exact change. (I eventually got my money back

Rachael Richards

Bradford J. Salamon

I have had a baby here, brought my kids to the ER and been on several different floors with my mom and the staff really is great!

James Fish

I had some scans done and a set of X-Rays (orbital scans) and I must say every single staff member from the woman at the Info desk upon arrival to the man in the MRI waiting lobby to the X-Ray tech were all excellent. Great positive attitudes, extremely kind, friendly, and excellent communication. The shift changed while I was waiting for my MRI and the girl who took over was a very smiley & informative Nurse or assistant. Both the MRI radiologists that helped prep and assisted in music selection were kind and helpful. Both empathetic to the joyous process that having multiple target scans done via MRI in the confines smaller than a coffin. I couldn't shake the paranoid thoughts of having my eyes torn apart by metal flakes from using a grinder days prior holding my anxiety within. I felt it was necessary to give credit to an excellent friendly staff from greeter to parking lot booth especially for a visit I had not been looking forward to doing (i.e. dentist) I highly recommend Methodist if you need scans of any sort thank you!

Sheryl Norrgard

My brother was admitted with Kidney Stones in early August. He underwent removal of the Kidney Stones and developed Sepsis. He spent 4 nights in the hospital and was released unable to urinate so was given self catheter. He also had severe diarrhea and in my opinion, never should have been released. Several weeks later he was admitted to the emergency room and after many hours was taken to a room where he spent 2 more nights and then released again on antibiotics and still needing to self catheter. He died 2 days later at home of Sepsis Shock. I would like to know the statistics thus far this year of people dying from Sepsis Shock after being in this hospital. My brother was otherwise a healthy man and should never have died from Sepsis and I feel the hospital could have done much more to,prevent this from happening.

Gball 763

I suffer through an hour drive when I need emergency care, and for good reason. Great Hospital!

Robin Thomas

My wife and I are expecting twins, and are in the hospital now. We've had dozens of visits here, including several emergency visits and a surgery. We're super impressed and pleased with the staff. Everyone from the nurses to the doctors to the administrative staff has been so friendly and helpful. I always get the sense that they really respect our decisions and concerns, and they never try to press anything on us or brush us off. My only criticisms are that their internal communication doesn't seem great — people forget to order tests, or don't know that a test had already been completed — and the parking fees are annoying. Good bedside manner is way more important to us than little logistical things, though, so we're very happy. Thank you so much to everyone who works here!

Anthony Arellano

Ken killed my Grandmother

Larry Dong

Very bad hospital. The grandfather is admitted for shortness of breath. At home before admit to this hospital, grandpa and grandma had no prior lung damage, no prior organ damage and is admitted for thoracic sprain from slip x fall during the admit at this hospital The hospital ER and many doctors and many specialist here from this hospital forced opioids. Lumbar sprain from slip and fall at this hoospital, grandmother need antinflmmation, not scheduled drugs. As for grandpa, he died as a result of this hospital doctor and specialist wrongful noting, nurses' negligence, lack of caring empathy. The 4th floor nurses RNs and CNAs are very bad, and doctors here including specialists are sucking out the well existence of patients. The RNs in 4th floor and doctors and specialists here at this hospital cannot assess and cannot implement effective medical care. When they cannot implement effective medical care, they said negative falsehoods about patients that kill patients. This hospital is a shipwreck. The medical staffs RN, specialists, Docs here are very very lackadaisical, lacking expertise, lacking knowledge, lacking empathy and lacking understanding BUT disseminating wrongful diagnosis, wrongful noting, doctoring in gossips (HIPAA and JCAHO violations). The innocent patients are being ensnared. Mistakes of ER, DO, specialists and nurses who work at, who work fir this hospital made mistakes that sent patients back and forth between ER, ICU, upper unit floor. When patients and patients families member stand up for justice, when patients and family members catch fatal errors these RN, doctors including specialists who work at this hospital and assertively speak up about abuse that doctors including specialists and RN, they put false negative information, wrong note, wrong diagnosis. On 4th floor, their RN case manager (a guy) suction my granny, my granny lungs were punctured from that 4th floor supervisor RN nasal suctioning and they had to be sent to ICU and had to be on ventilator since then. They also inserted G tube from their wrongful diagnosis. My granny died within 3 weeks at this hospital due to conspiracies, negligence, wrongful noting of doc, RN, specialist. Medical doctors here made mistakes on diagnoses that cause patients' lives. RN here at this Methodist hospital gossiped a lot and did not start antibiotic IV medications even 1 and a half hours later it was due, although hospital pharmacy already sent IV antibiotic meds to the floor. That is why patients got more serious antibiotic resistant infection @ Methodist hospital. They did not sanitize enough so my friends' fathers and nieces and nepohews also died from contracting MRSA, VRE, post-op septic from this hospital. Doctors and specialists made mistakes about diagnoses from incorrect documentation MR and eMAR, & instead of fixing it, further put more wrongful notes that cost my granny's life and many other patients' lives. More patients passed away due to this hospital discrimination. Also, they hated US legal folks who are Irish, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Hmong, Han, Vietnamese, Mongolian, Manchurian, Sichuan, Taiwanese, Hong Kong, Cambodian,Thai, Laos, Brazil, Spanish, Latinos, Mexicans, Chicanas, Indians, Canadians, Australians, Irish, Jewish descendents, Hebrew, Italians, Punjabi *******patients****** and they hated fluent English speakers whose parents are ESL patients. Stop saying that Asians, Irish, South Americans are bad. Ridiculously racist. Some races doctors here hate their own races so much that they rather resort to doing conspiracies than care with good honesty. This hospital staffs champion in wrong-prejudice, med-mal, hate and condemn any brave and assertive patients. It goes like, "You do as I say even what I do is medical malpractice that will kill you. You take opioids as I give so you fall asleep, will not express about your illness condition so I do not have toso my job, or else I say and echart many false things about you on your MR." Unsafe medical malpractice Arcadia Methodist hospital-- shipwreck.

Jacqueliene Pereira

Always had the best care possible n never felt like i was second best! My obama care fully took care of the bill n even asked if they should call a taxi for me! Now with private rooms i reccomend 110% n have never been so plzd n respected by any other establishment!!!! Thk u for makung feel safe n cared 4. Also food in cafe great too!!!! Jackie P.

Crystal Sosa

Worst hospital ever. Super dirty, they leave blood and throw up on the ER floor for hours without any one cleaning it up. Careless workers. Super rude staff. Doctors and nurses seem like they don’t even care about patients health. Over all this hospital is an abomination

Jake Hoskins

Methodist was a fantastic experience. Not only did I feel revived, but there was a certain NIT (Nurse In Training) that made the experience monumental. If it wasn’t for the erectile dysfunction, I don’t think we would’ve ever met.


My wife had terrible pain in her head and we've waited in the ER waiting room for more than 5 hours to be seen. They took her in the ER room and we waited for another 2 hours before they examined my wife conditions. I seen a bunch of nurses sitting on their's lazy asses doing nothing but talking and laughing. This damn hospital is a joke, they just want to keep patients in as long as they can so they can charge more. This is my first visit in this hospital and it will be my last. Horrible. Horrible hospital stay away from this hospital if you are injured and want to live. I will NOT recommend anyone to come to this hospital.

Lauriebeth Asadoor

It's hard to believe the E.R Department works as well as it does with such a wimpy C.E.O. Dan Ausman!

Jeremiah Hughes

Sheryl Haddix

My experience at Methodist hospital was excellent. The care that I received was beyond my expectations. Everyone was so nice and knew how to care for someone who just had surgery.

chelsea korth

Got to the er at 545 with an asthma attack. They treated me horribly and then they took their sweet time giving me medicine. Then they wanted to lie to me every time they came in the room saying they were really busy when no other patient was in the hospital. Are you freaking kidding me. I just got home took them three freaking hours to say I could go home.

John Edwards

Came to Arcadia Methodist Hospital thinking I was having a stroke and was seen right away, x-ray,cat scan and mri with in 2 hours, it was diagnosed as bells palsy. I was seen by 3 different doctor's and released,was given medication and have made a full recovery,Arcadia Methodist Hospital is the best

An B

This is my first time at Methodist Hospital in Arcadia. I am less than impressed with their operations . I came to the ER to get check in, the person behind the window told me to go upstairs, I went upstairs to resigtration. They said our ER department is downstairs. A nice manager was apologetic and walked us back down. When you’re sick the last thing you need is to be walking around. I came back down the ER admitting staff needs to go to their break that is why they didn’t want to check me in. OMG, you’re working in the ER, people come because they are REALLY sick! I got lucky and didn’t have to wait too long to be called in. I saw the doctor for 5 minutes then got moved to be tested. I was in the room for almost 5 hours. Although, the staff was courteous, I got a little water cup, no blanket or a remote to call the nurses if I needed anything. I got super cold and I have to get up with all the ivy in my arm looking for help. I never saw the doctor again. The PA and her in-tern came in and got my information. The nurse discharged me but I still have more questions of my condition. The nurse offered to answer them. I asked if they could call in my prescriptions because I am too sick to wait to at the pharmacy. The nurse said they don’t call prescriptions. I always preferred Huntington Hospital. Now, I know why I have never been to Methodist. It’s like comparing the Ritz Carlton to the Best Western Express. I am sure my bills not be cheaper at the Methodist. The PA told me to come back if I don’t feel thanks!

A. Vasquez

Overdue review of Nurse Leslie Tomislloso. I may have butchered her last name. Forgive me. My wife and I were taken by Leslie’s keen attentiveness, seamless can-do attitude, and her ability to have us feel she’s dedicated to us while managing her heavy work load. All this during my wife’s stay from November 9th Wednesday to the 12th Saturday. You hired well!

ylsi sandoval

Diana Ferguson

This is not the hospital.

farah mohamed

The hospital is wenderfull

Erin Riebe

This is nuts - it’s 2018 and they still have shared rooms. HIPPA is clearly not followed here - we know everything about both roommates my 94 year old Grandma has had. And they keep moving around and there is zero rest with the back and forth. This is the worst situation I’ve seen for hospital. The nurses are very caring - that isn’t the issue. It’s the terrible situation they put patients in

Lulu Martinez

Stood in waiting room eight hours did nothing for methe doctors very rude they need more staff didnt solve what was wrong with me had to go to another hospital after getting out at 545 am ridiculous was there from230 pm got seen 1100 pm got out at 545 am to tell me to see my doctor in the morning and i told them it was him who told me to go to hospital from his office bad service all the way

Sierra Vanderheiden

Rude staff. Waited so long to be seen both times I was here. Defiantly not coming back

Thom Fox

I've accompanied my mother for two major surgeries here. The staff are absolutely amazing. We were all comforted knowing she was in the best hands, patient included. And the flatbread in their gift shop is also amazing. Especially when in the mindset of "I'm off to order up some hospital food" ;)

Pat Hernandez

My mother in law went to the emergency room .and she was told she had to wait outside in the admitting area .no rooms .she complain about her stomachs pain . and she's a diabetic also .and highpertension. They call everybody else that came after her and she was .in pain .

Randy Wyngard

Took good care of our daughter

Marian Douglas

it is clean and staff are always busy.

K Jay

Please go to a different hospital! If I could give 0 stars I would. My dad went in because of chest pain and shallow breathing last Tuesday. He sat in ER forever then was finally admitted. Some Doctors are ok but most of the staff are idiots. No communication between Drs and nurses. Everyone who comes in says something different. They don't clean up after themselves (left open needles out 3 times), almost gave the wrong food twice (he's diabetic) and still don't know what he has. We will never come here again! Then they charge $11 per day for parking and only give a discount after 5 days. Really?! We found out it's also $125 per Tylenol too. SMH this is the worst hospital in town.

Mary Merrill

Fabulous care, wonderful people!

Carla Christensen

Triage nurses in emergency were extremely unprofessional. Sarcastic and refusing to help my son when brought to Emergency by his wife. He was in very severe pain, vomiting, unable to stand or sit. He wound up laying on the curb 5 feet from the emergency room door. His wife could not get triage nurses to get help for him. She called me, a RN, panicked about what to do and then had to call 911 for help. Who should have to call 911 for help when you are 5 feet away from the Emergency room door and laying on the ground in.severe pain, near fainting, and vomiting? I drove over as quickly as I could and was really pleased with the care he re received once admitted to the Emergency department. Therefore I am giving 3 stars. If only reviewing the 2 triage nurses who were busy laughing, looking at Instagram. being sarcastic to a patient in distress, i would give 0 stars Definitely will never speak well of this hospital again!

Patty Beagin

Very long wait. Not happy with any service there.

Rome Cottrell

Hello I have known about Methodist Hospital & Children Hospital for many years , however I personally have never visited this fine institution of medicine . Yet I'm sure that this hospital does provides outstanding healthcare to their patients , just like other hospitals within metropolitan Omaha , Nebraska and our neighbors in Council Bluffs , Iowa ☺. Truly Mr.Cottrell

Natalie Bourgeois

As a female patient with anxiety disorder who is routinely dismissed by most doctors, I can't say enough good things about this place. From the intake staff to the nurses to lab techs to doctors...every single person I encountered at Methodist today was empathetic, patient, and genuine with me. I did not once feel belittled or judged by them despite my obviously worried and frazzled state. I have a surgery scheduled here next week and I already know I will be in good hands. Thank you so much for easing my mind and taking me seriously.

jared hendrickson

My lovely lady birthed our daughter at this hospital with the assistance and care of Park Nicollet- Methodist staff. The people and the facility were absolutely wonderful. I have recommended them and will continue to recommend them to everyone. Thanks to all that were involved in little Nora's birth day and after care. God bless you all for everything you do. :-)

Em Renville

Honestly screw this place. My mother went to this hospital and was not treated well at all by the staff. It took them so long to get back to her and when they did, they immideatly left, forgetting why they came in the room. She wasn't given medicine when she needed it, and most of all, she had to walk out of the clinic alone, no wheelchair, nothing. I'm dissapointed and disgusted with this, for a hospital should be warm and welcoming- hell, hospital comes from hospitality! If the doctor wasn't a good one, I would say this place has absolutely no redeeming qualities. Work on this, for it's not okay for patients to leave a hospital feeling worse than they already are.

Providence Devine

Excellent ER staff. Dr Romero is a wonderful ER doctor great communication with patient and family. Nurse and staff are very caring! Great facility especially in the San Gabriel Valley. I would go no where else.


If you come in through the ER, the initial set of doctors seems OK, but when you are passed off to random "hospitalists" for in-patient care, the quality really drops off. I had some chest problems diagnosed as "anxiety", when the real issue turned out to be how I was sleeping. They seem to have quite a few foreign doctors, and my experience with 2 of them was that they tend to make goofy conclusions/diagnoses (makes you wonder where they went medical school).

lisa p

zero zero zero zero zero star !!!!!!!!!! lazy billing department who did not want to deal with the health insurance company sent the bill to collection. will tell the whole world not to go to this hospital. BAD billing, BAD management, LAZY people. I was not even seen by the doctor but a PA. I encourage you to go to other hospitals. Garfield Hospital is better than it.

Ben Darby

This used to be the Best Hospital ever.Now its ran like a medium security compation for patients pain or mental stresss whatsoever! Its sad an pathetic at the same time.Realy Arcadia methodist is a good example what a hospital shouldnt be.

Harmony Johnson

Poor quality of care from the nursing crew and doctors. I felt like I was in a jail rather than a hospital, I will go to North Memorial before ever going back here

Timothy Wong

Great hospital with nice staff

Beth Rockswold

Amazing hospital - excellent care! All of the staff is extremely helpful and so caring and nice!

Delorise Seiber


Ashley Collett

Nurses were great to me but everytime i wasnt around they were very rude and disrespectful to my husband. Went in there for an unbearable migraine and couldnt move my head and they had the bed alarm on and it went off several times hurting my head more. The iv came out and the beeping from the machine was excruciating as well as the bed. They put a new iv in and exploded something in my arm now ive had a bruise for ay least a week. I had to beg them to add on a mri to my spine with my head and neck.i was transferred from st.francis here to do a spinal tap and they refused and only gave me an mri. All my doctors and surgeons said things like "thats not likely" "i dont know" "im not sure" "that doctor is wrong" "that doctor could be right but im right" got absolutely nowhere with them and my doctor from park nicollet clinic.

Lil Turtle

Awful experience in the ER. The nurse’s name was Victoria, an African-American lady. If she is assisting with your family member, remove her immediately!! She is awful!! Never experienced such a rude and uncaring person. When I called her on it, she replied, “he’s your loved one, he’s a dime a dozen to me.” She gave answers to the Dr that was totally incorrect and potentially dangerous. Fortunately I was there to correct her. She is ruthless and should not be practicing. Btw, I contacted patient services and asked for a manager to contact me. No one did (so don’t believe the response they will inevitably leave, like call us). We had our family member transferred out as soon as we could. We removed Victoria. Another nurse didn’t know the answer to a question, so he made up an answer!! He later said, I don’t know. That’s a more appropriate response). Anyway, AVOID!!

Suzanne Glad

All of the nurses were very nice, helpful and johnny-on-the-spot!

Tom F

I had a Melanoma excision and node biopsy at Methodist. It was my first surgery and needless to say I was very nervous. Considering all of the moving parts and pace of a facility like this, I cannot speak highly enough of my experience there. The staff is aware of the emotional roller coaster you are on and is very genuine in there desire to help you understand what is happening and empathize with the distress you feel. If you are shopping doctors and facilities as I was then let me say I was very pleased with the ease of access, professional staff and all of the "little things" that made my surgery as good of an experience as it could have been in very stressful time. Keep it up and many thanks!

XieXie ThankYou

Kari Rogers

Had a great experience here! Glad there are a couple big bright spots in the HP/PN system!

Bree Krueger

The nurses at the SAR unit are angels.

Roger Kampert

My wife came to the ER for lower back pain and shaking legs but the doctors and nurses keep saying they can't help her here because it's not life threatening. She can barely walk and the pain is debilitating but they don't care. So if you want to be made to feel like your health is unimportant while the staff pretends to be on a hospital drama show come on in. Otherwise find another ER, preferably not in the Park Nicollet network. The whole organization has gone way down hill.

Donald Weber

Uncle Bacon Face

!!! Go to a different ER !!! Came here looking for a better ER experience and this is the worst one yet! Terrible experience aside the staff was about as crabby and foul as humanly possible. Thanks for nothing! I should note I’m insured, have good insurance at that, and am here for the legitimate emergency medical needs of my spouse

Eli Martines

DO NOT GO HERE. Absolute worst experience of my life. Horrible service, rude nurses, lying doctors. I've never been to a worse place.

Marcelle Jenay Timonen

No stars. Did not address my health concerns despite 2 months of pain. Zero bedside manner from both the assigned nurse and doctor admitted we can’t do further testing due to costs. They also forgot I was waiting on a test so I left after waiting an hour. Don’t waste your time and money at this hospital.

Calisha Sanders

There is usually long waits and the triage doesn't treat u nice but this place did one of the best surgeries I ever had and I will be forever thankful and the nurses that took care of me were absolutely wonderful

Alisa Hanson

Wonderful birthing center, and their NICU nursery was great. All the doctors and nurses were so kind and pleasant during our stay.

Daniel Anderson


mS. aMiRa

Nurse Mary in the Critical Care Cardiac unit is extremely inconsiderate and rude. Called to check on family but I had to hang up and call back after 11 minutes on hold. Mary did not offer any apologies for having set me on the back burner as I suspect they do with the patients.... nor did she try to redirect my call to the correct staff. Instead she hastily argued that 11 minutes is not long to wait on hold. Also she reminded me that she is not a secratary and she is NOT required to return to the line to reassure me that my call was not forgotten. It really shocked me to receive this type of reaction from a nurse who works in a cardiac unit where people are hooked up to devices and ventilators. People who need kindness and to be cared for. I'm concerned for her ability to provide simple himan kindness.

Robert Parker

Us fags case

Nwonk Un

Methodist Hospital do not take care of their own employees. Employee Health made it difficult for me to return to work. I had a signed documentation that I could return to work after my hospitalization. How am I able to care for the patients that I love. How am I able to make a living? This has caused me increased stress! I guess all that knowledge from experts, about nursing care plans do not apply for us hard workers. I can tell JCAHO that I was not properly oriented, and those crabby nurses never helped me learn to be the best for the patient. I do love nursing. I can make my patients feel good with their care. I know that I am great.

Corinne Henry

Best hospital ever!! I fell in love with Methodist after I had my second child at the Women's Hospital. I now work there and will be attending school there in August. I love everything Methodist!!

Mary Linstroth

Last week, I had a traumatic fall. My incredible experience began at The Methodist ER, where I was greeted and brought to a room, right away. The nurses and doctor were exemplary in their care and and compassion. The following day, I met my surgeon ,who was dropped down from heaven and had just started with Methodist, as an accomplished trauma physician. My procedure was scheduled but I needed a CT scan and preoperative physical. That same day, within hours and less than a mile away from each office, all was completed! In each location, I was treated kindly, promptly and with care. Upon arrival to my surgical procedure, two days later, , I was greeted by a knowledgeable front desk member. A volunteer escorted me to a pre op room and even stayed to help me change...a volunteer! Again, the doctors and nurses couldn’t have been more kind, caring and compassionate. The two day “in hospital” stay continued this VIP experience and I know, for a fact, that the reason my outcomes have been amazingly fast healing and with a fraction of the pain that I had worried about, was because of these fine employees of Park Nicollet Clinics and Methodist Hospital. I am beyond grateful for everyone of you. Thank you!

virginia lund

Horrible experience. Neurologist admitted then refused to treat patient. Told pt to make final plans. Mayo willing to treat. Hospitalist wrote pt refused treatment when in fact DR, using label loosely, refused to treat. Pt had to transfer by car, with a brain bleed. Very risky.

Kawaii Kun

This hospital is horrible bad attention, it took more than two hours sitting waiting and nobody attends me or says anything!!!!!!!

Jonathan Morales

Great place and staff is nice and helpful

Sammy Consatntinides

In God's name guys anyone has any compassion or consideration for 77 years old mother barley breathing that Methodist refuse service at their Hospice 4th floor giving conflicting info since friday wen she has only 24 to 48 hours to live!!!! Have Mercy People. Spread your Christmas cheer and kindness. Have a feeling. Stop blaming it on the insurance!!!

George Moore

What a nice hospital!,

Mary Lentfer

Alexandra Coren

Methodist was the best hospital I have ever gone to! Bethany, my nurse, was an angel.

Roman Andrade

Horrible service a hospital is supposed to be a place of help and all you get is rude er staff who think they are superior to you especially that er charge Nurse patie wow what a attitude she was so rude unprofessional, and just everything you wouldn't expect from the person you seek when you need help. Other than the er, this is a very nice facility.

Mykai Meza

in Er I was waiting there for 5 hours

Jae [alias Lili]

Been there once in 2015, and once just a couple weeks ago, and both times, time was quick (waiting), doctors were kind and understanding. Like any other care center, they treat based on your presentation and "triage"-- so the severity. I had come here for Pancreatitis in 2015 and a mental health reason in 2017-- an OD, and a concussion after a ski accident in 2019. Very diligent, kind, funny, and knowledgeable staff. The staff helped me a lot with anxiety regarding me getting an MRI and CT scans during those two main medical visits. Thank you for all you do.

Jessica Reeb

Excellent doctors and nurses. Exceeded my expectations. No wait in ER and after admitting me they took excellent care of me. Acute care

G.D. E.

Service was okay, but watch out for facility fees billed later from the hospital. It will surprise you in a bad way!

Cường Unlimited

This hospital is very nice. The staff are courteous and caring. Everything seems very calm. Great for fast healings.

Desiree Wallace

The doctors and nurses in the ER department are excellent they are very knowledgeable and caring about their patients. I went in for an infection and ended up having a slight reaction to the contrast from the CT scan I didn't get the nurses name but she was on top of everything. Thank you for what you guys do.

Dirty Mac

Overall their staff is doing the best they can, but I see no leadership in upper management. Their management team has no clue how to run a well oiled ship.

Mary Pint

Great and helpful hospital. Surgery was successful and staff here was attentive and open and answered all questions. Thank you all at Methodist for your beautiful service and caring.

Kyle Pierce

Great Emergency Service for my husband with detailed follow up care.

Reef Colman

We went to the Emergency room. We had an issue that previously wasn't identified or fixed by several different Doctors. We were helped by Dr. Ivan Rokos, who made sure we got the care we needed. Our nurse was Celia, she was absolutely amazing, and very kind. Thank you Methodist! This needs to include Debbie the lovely lady who helped us not transfer to another hospital, which our insurance covered, but was horrible. Thank you, sincerely from, room 1.

Verbal Kint

This hospital saved my life - not kidding. And since I moved to MN, only use Park Nicollet. They have hosp in St Louis Park and Shakopee - all my surgeries in St Louis park, but have been to Shakopee, Carlson Parkway, Wayzata and Plymouth locations several times. CANNOT say enough good things about their medical doctors, nurses and staff. ER, Urgent Care, Lab personnel - all awesome.

jaz o

Outstanding. The service was really good. Doctors didn't give up on my dad and finally figured out his issues. All Emergency rooms are slow. They can't help that. Once he was seen, I could tell the care from the nurses was sincere. The doctors really listened and problem solved my dad's condition after taking him to other hospitals in the area that just sent him home abs said he had dementia. Methodist considered that but knew something else was up.

Vito Lombardi

I needed an urgent help, but it took almost a week to schedule an appointment.

L Nudd

Absolute bottom of the barrel. Incompetent and unbelievably arrogant.Currently filing two complaints with the board against an ER doctor and a hospitalist here and I have contacted an attorney. My spouse left this hospital in worse condition than she was in upon entry. These people do not care about patients, only numbers and lessening their own workload. Contemptible.

Angie Keenan

Brought my eight year old here last night for a very high fever and sever abdominal pain. The triage nurse was the only one that seemed to care about him and acted quickly and got us moved through the starting phases in fair time. (It was busy and I knew we would be waiting for a while, but from check in to being in a room we waited maybe an hour while doing some tests between there.) She wanted to have an ultrasound done to see if they could see his appendix without having to do a CT scan. Anyway, long story short, after waiting in the ER room for almost three hours the doctor finally came in and there is NO way he even read my sons chart prior to coming in. "Well he doesn't have a fever and his stomach doesn't hurt, it can't be his appendix. If they thought it was they would have ordered an ultrasound or CT scan to see it and they would have done some blood work. He might just be being a kid and we don't know if he doesn't hurt anymore or if he just doesn't want to be here." I told him they did do an ultrasound and blood work hours ago but we had yet to hear anything on the results. I am not joking, his exact response was "they DID do an ultrasound?! oh boy..." then went to go look at his chart. His lack of concern was disgusting and I definitely didn't walk away feeling like he knew what he was doing AT all. The kicker, as we were going to leave and I moved my chair away from the bed I noticed dried blood on the railings on the bed - absolutely disgusting and a major violation. Needless to say, I will not be going to this location for a possible emergency ever again. They have a major lack of communication and the dried blood set me over the top.

Brandi King

Worst hospice team in the world! Dr. Illig. Lisa Illig that is tried to kill my husband! She tricked him into going home on a dilaudid pain pump when he tried to deny it. These ppl don't care about their patients. A nurse named Rick from park nicollet hospice messed up my husbands med box twice by not putting the right number of meds in his med box. He also 4got 2 put new batteries in his pain pump causing it to go dead at 3 am. We had to wait 3 hours for a nurse to come out and put new batteries in. My husband suffered in pain because of this. Please think twice before you chose pArk nicollet methodist hospital for care or hospice. The Dr.s here are phony and fake and will try to keep your loved one sick so they can keep profiting off of them!

Nazila Naderi

poor ER visit. ER physician was very unprofessional and not responsive to patient's care or question 1/2018. While was in floor attending physician did not communicate care with the patient or patient's family despite multiple request. Very Disappointed.

Dizza Marie

Last night I took my mother in to the ER with chest pain and trouble breathing and Ive never met a less concerned group of people in my life! When we came in i announced it multiple times that she couldn't breath because Iv always seen the signs about chest pain and trouble breathing. Not a single person responded. The first check in desk was occupied so i took her to the big window check in where even telling them she couldn't breath i was made to give them her ID and insurance and then wanted my info also ALL WHILE SHES STILL SITTING UNABLE TO BREATH! After she struggled to sign the consent papers the girl turns and asked the Dr who had been calmly standing there the entire time and ask "do you want to take her or?" I used to feel a sense of safety living so close but now I will always question if I would have to time drive to a different hospital. It makes me sad to say that because me and my siblings were all born there!

DJ Parker

The emergency room is a joke!!! My gf had blood all over from an accident and I've been here with her for over 3 hours! Worst in the world

Diana Lopez

WORST WORST HOSPITAL EVER!!! They dont care about patients..My uncle was on life support..but Doc Rodriguez said there was nothing else to do .. but as soon they found out he was a Donor before we even knew.. they started bringing heat machines..i had no idea why..They just said to keep body warm..We didn't know my uncle was A Donor but after next day ..Doc said hes been dead n they were just keeping him connected to keep organs with oxygen so it could be use for someone who needed a transplant... I was angry confused because meanwhile i was having hope.. Especially bcuz my uncle would move his finger when I would speak to him.. I guess Being a Donor brings money for doctor's and joy for others..I cant forget how the nurses staff from CCS were rude and would look at our family weird bcuz we were a big family..And so the security would look at us weird bcuz my uncle had lots of visitors..My uncle was very loved by so many.. bad experience for a very difficult moment.. Hope you guys manage your staff.. and do better..Should have been better after the first bad review..its no joke..Care for patients not Salary.. Life matters.. let this be the last bad experience review... Please be a better hospital.

Chris Mortada

ER is indeed incompetent and I count myself lucky that I was able to get out as fast as possible and the billing was outrageous over-charging for needless items like $50 aspirin and blood tests that weren't even required and other saline infusions and such. And when you bring this to the attention of the billing department, it is like talking to a brick wall because after all who are you dear customer to tell us anything about medicine.


The best

Jennie Grap

Very caring doctors and nurses would recommend to anyone. I was in sore. One day in may had the bat.

ginger espinosa

Clean Friendly Staff

Sharon Dean

steve white

The people were very accepting and polite to me, I was late to my girlfriends appointment and when I walked in the room the consultant got up to shake my hand , it's the little things like this that make places like this worth 5 starts... Thanks you all...

Krista Badola

JHPlushvids 96

My mom cut her finger but it's taking forever, you think it would be faster than that

Tenpa Rinpoche

They saved my life here in 2006. I agree, their Emergency Room is absolutely terrible. Their insensitivity to pain control issues is awful. That being said, the cardiology at this hospital is second to none when it comes to bringing you back from the dead. Dr's Soldo, Yun, and their man Richard are the best in the business. The real problem with this hospital is the nursing staff. They recruit way too heavily overseas, so there is a fundamental lack of cultural sensitivity. They could do with some training in that regard. As compared to other hospitals, the nursing staff is this hospital actually obstructs the flow of services. Why? Way too much socializing, lack of basic communication skills, and a culture of avoidance, all traceable to lack of supervision.

Hellowei_ wei

The Chinese consultant is arrogance.And she didn’t answer the question seriously.I do not want to go to this hospital anymore.

M Bender

Very kind, knowledgeable staff, they took great care of me during my short stay.

mason lommen

I have been through the ER twice with the most recent just a couple weeks ago. Doctors and nurses have taken very good care of me. This is not the closest hospital to me however it is where I choose to be taken. My speed of care has been directly related to the immediacy of my medical needs, as it should be. I am very grateful for the care I have received and have always felt respected by the staff.

Marc V

At the beginning I was received by the admittance personnel with a smile and nice attitude. All the way up to the pre-op I didn't have any issues. Things changed AFTER the surgery. The RN's or RN in charge placed me with a gentleman that had dementia. So no rest for the 16+ hours I was in the same room as him. It wasn't until I seen my doc in the morning and he ordered me to get my own room. Let me tell you it wasn't because the recovery rooms/floor was busy either (look at the books). On another note it was few and far in between to talk to a nurse that I could understand. They either would speak Spanglish, throwing in a Spanish word with their English sentence or couldn't think of a proper sentence or phrase to convey because of their Orient/Asian upbringing. I was just about to dial the language line to get someone that spoke English not the other way around... Disappointment to say the least. Next getting service around that place (recovery floor) is like the DMV! Take a number OR IF you plan on being seen there make sure to call for your help/wants/assistance 30 mins ahead of time. So much more I can say, but I won't go into too much more detail. I suggest if your doc can work out of Huntington Memorial in Pasadena, do it! I give that place def 4+ stars!!!

Steve Pattrin

Do NOT use Methodist hospital if you need imaging. The billing department for Radiologic Center is completely unorganized and they have no idea what they are doing. I have contacted them about 5 times to pay a bill that my ex-wife charged in my name and every time they tell me they cant take a payment for me and that I need to talk to someone else. Once you are able to make payment, they tell you that they turned you over to collections and have ruined your credit rating. If you call the collections company, they tell you they have no information about your account and that you need to call Radiology Center. I have a credit rating over 800 and ALWAYS pay my bills. This company is rude and incompetent. I have spent hours on the phone asking to speak with someone that can tell me how to pay a bill or get conformation that they relieved a check and gotten nowhere.

April Nicole

This hospital sucks for giving birth! I had my fourth son at this hospital and I had my other three at hcmc. (way better hospital) anyway I got to the hospital I was 8cm dilated I was upset because I wanted to try epidural so the midwife I like you can still get it blah blah! Me saying to myself it's extremely to late to get any meds!!! So the nurses about three of them is poking my arm trying to find a good vein they couldn't find it, shortly after I had to push one of the nurses is still poking me while I am pushing I said stop it's pointless now I am pushing smh!! After I had my son I had a new nurse who didn't no what the heck she was doing

Karlaevo x

This is the nearest hospital near my house and it's always been the one I go to whenever I'm not feeling so great. I was there just yesterday night. I checked in around 4:37pm. I waited and waited, everyone got called in, all except for me. 7:50pm came around and I decided to leave. I went to the ER because my left side wouldn't stop hurting for 2 days. Now I'm bleeding whenever I use the bathroom and I'm in the most excruciating pain. My parents are telling me to go to the Methodist hospital but if it means not getting the help I so desperately need, then I'll pass. I'll go elsewhere.

Katie Grace

Mauro Lombardi

There is nothing bad to say, but some things still need to be improved. It would be great to have high-speed wi-fi in a waiting area.

Yolonda Jensen

Excellent care no complains what so ever Good food , nice doctors and nurses Clean rooms .very nice I’d go there anytime

Heidi Krabacher Taylor

My 99 year old was left on a bedpan and souled for 1.5 hours even with repeated calls and walking out to 4N nursing station.


I respected the hospital so much that I wanted to volunteer there, at the time of course I didn’t know how rude and disrespectful the operator is and for the face of the hospital to be so aggravating enough so I could make an account in order to hate on this hospital. I call asking about volunteering she says nothing and directs me to the volunteering center well I mean that’s ok but then the volunteering center didn’t answer so later today I called to ask her to redirect me to the center (I apologized for any inconvenience I might have put on her) and she closes the line on me not worth the hype

Jenina Schutter

I was very happy with my stay during a total hip replacement. The nurses were very attentive, Hospital was clean , modern and organized. I am hoping to be back when I have my other hip done.Thank you to all.

Jennifer Torres

We love everything about Methodist! Our oldest was born 8 wks early (in 2011) and we had a great experience in the special care nursery. Our 2nd was born June 2012 and we received excellent care yet again. Most recently in Nov 2015, our 3rd child was born at Methodist. The nurses and doctors are amazing. They listen, find answers and take time to visit with patients. I highly recommend Methodist hospital family birth center to anyone!

Peter Varughese

No proper communication between Doctors and Lab. My wife came in for a diabetes test. Doctor informed her to come early as its a 1 hr test. She reported to lab at 7:15 and got to know its a 2 hr test. It took us another hour to correct the confusion and addition to that I was late to work.

Isabel Olsen-Valdez

This hospital is very nice and especially clean. The care the nurses and staff exhibited was very high quality. Anytime, we needed anything someone was there and graciously willing to assist. Wish hospitals where I lived were like this!


When I to the hospital I seen signs to go into the ER, the signs that pointed to ER parking were about 6 blocks from the ER. When I finally got there it took them an hour to see me. (The person behind the desk told me I was next in line, and it would be about ten minutes) when I finally got seen they asked a few questions. Then they sent me back to the ER waiting room, to wait another 2 hours. I am still waiting now. I can hardly walk and am in a lot of pain. There are so many other places I wish I have gone.

J Broadway

I went to the ER In excruciating pain Very unprofessional staff.all the way to the Security Guard who told me to "ask and I will recieve" I kept telling them Im in Sooo much pain! I waited 2 hours in the waiting room hanging onto a counter bevause i couldnt sit down the pain in my abdomen area was soo bad! I While people are walking up to the security guard Oh Im here to see my son who bursts out of the triage area Cussing Screaming at everyone in his way ! He was about 16 years old. When I get in to a "bed" the nurse tells me Oh your lucky you didnt wait 10 hrs in the waiting room after I told her I cant stand the pain Im in. The Dr. was very disrespectful to me . I asked him if he was a Dr.because he didnt have a name badge on,he got mad and said Am I gonna give him problems ? I couldnt believe this! Im still in hirrible pain.

Jacque Danielson

First time here. I gave three stars because the Dr. & operating room staff were amazing & that's the important part !! Getting into the operating room, however was a different story. Everyone we encounted on the way from the admitting desk to the coffee shop had a condesending tone & arrogance in how they talked to & treated us. About 10 people. Almost like they all took the same class on how to treat people badly. It was a surreal experience - Now to decide if seeing those wonderful doctors is worth being subjected to this behavior.

Ong Hdao

If I can give them negative star I would. My niece went to ER on Friday afternoon due to pain in the stomach area. Ultrasound results show internal bleeding but ER doctor unable to find the caused after couple tests. They admitted my niece to the hospital for Surgeon doctor to review the case next morning, they put her on no food no fluids diet. Saturday morning, the nurse name Mina come to give my niece an IV. Morning than afternoon gone by no sign of the doctor/nurse. NO one stop by to check up on her since. Around 2:30pm I called Mina to tell her my niece is hungry and what's the doctor plan for my niece that day. She said I am busy but I will call the doctor later...3:30pm Mina came so I ask her again what is the plan for today? She said honestly I have nothing to tell you cuz besise the test report from the ER on Friday, I got nothing else in the file. I don't know if Dr Wang will be in tonight. Saturday night FINALLY the doctor came... Again nothing new, repeated the (ER report) same information that we already knew...then he said Sunday morning they will withdraw the fluid from my niece stomach for test...Sunday morning a different nurse came to check for fever or blood pressure..than nothing happened after that visit...hours past by contact the nurse to asked about the fluid withdraw procedure, the nusre cannot comment whether it will happen or not because the doctor is not available. REALLY?! ... They kept my niece their for two full days without any treatment.... This hospital obviously do not care for their patient weel being. They make up excuses to keep you there so that they can collect money from the insurance company... we are reporting them to our insurance company.

Steve White

Was here with my girlfriend for her appointment and all the staff that I encountered was very nice and made us both feel comfortable

Glenna Belland

My daughter was in horrible pain and the nursing staff was laughing that her ECG was better than theirs. She was having excruciating chest pain and couldn’t breath and they told her to just take deep breaths which she was unable to do. They treated her like she was crazy and sent her to waiting room. After waiting an extended period of time she left and went to regions hospital. We would not recommend this hospital to anyone. Terrible service and absolutely no caring for their patients at all.


Great place for care, great place to work!

Shirley Hsia

I delivered my baby at Methodist Hospital. I couldn't be happier. Starting from check in all the way to labor/delivery and recovery room, I had the most caring, attentive and speed service. I want to thank Riva from Labor and Delivery especially. She was there every step of the way and try to ease my discomfort throughout the delivery process. When I was in agony with contractions, she was able to plan ahead and get the anesthetist for epidural to my room right away. And she was there caring for me all the way until I was sent to recovery room. While I was in recovery room, the staffs there were amazing and caring too. They came in with frequent check up in the nicest manners. They also were able to share lot of info with me. It made me, a first time mom, feel more confident taking care a newborn. I had a great experience. Thanks!!!

Daniel Jimenez

All i could say ..!!! I never felt soo loved and cared for in my life than ever being at this hospital...i been in prison all my life were they treat us like animals.. Here they treat u with such a love and concern.. That i felt i didnt really thankfull.. I couldnt walk do to ba k injury and the nurses there were very caring thank u guys... 5150 i know theyll rememeber me by my


Big disappointment!! My father went in to the Wound Care Center for treatment and the nurses were extremely rude. Nurse Jenny in particular was very unpleasant and charted my father's condition under the wrong name! The transporters are untrained and when they lifted my father from the bed to the chair, one of the younger transporters held him by the pants and almost dropped my father when his pants fell slipped off. These were the major mishaps. The wound care center really needs to train their staff and get an attitude adjustment.

Michelle Wampole

S. Garcia

Md Zubiar in ER did not prescribe appropriate medication. Went four days without antivirals due to holidays until I saw my primary doctor. Gross negligence on her behalf. Otherwise Broc the RN was competent. Nice hospital, nice area but not as good as it looks.

whit f

Sandra Negron

The best nurses in the cancer unit. Very compassionate. This is the only hospital I will go to.

Slim Siyam

Great hospital, staff are wonderful


The Emergency is a joke ! My wife was bleeding but they had her standing risking her life, asking her first your insurance and your social and after that we can get you a doctor . Unbelievable!!!!!

Pearl Mak Lee

Very clean and spacious room!

Travis H

We have had nothing but bad experiences at this hospital. The staff have no idea where things are located and have no communication with each other or its patients and visitors. It is all hurry up and wait, wait some more and then be ignored. My mother has now had two operations done here and both have been very negative. Both times, she has had a semi-private room and then was moved into a room in the area for patients who are going home after their surgery. That would be a great place for her to be, but both times she had to stay over night due to complications of her surgery. Both times they moved her to this section where she was unable to rest and recover due to the fact that people are constantly coming and going from surgery. When asked if something could be done, nothing came of it and nothing changed. This is a mockery of what health care should be and a perfect example of our broken health system in this country. My mother was also in recovery for over 4 hours throwing up from the anesthesia and some other complications, but still came back to her room throwing up and sick after over 4 hours of being in recovery. I do not understand how you can let somebody be that sick and suffer for that amount of time and not get it under control. This is sickening and a perfect example of how this hospital is ran. Please do not go here. It is one of the worst hospitals I have ever seen. If you read the other reviews you will notice a common trend, please pick wisely. One last thing, the night before being admitted to her room for the night, we waited 5 hours to see a doctor in the ER. They had two doctors on that night and one was limited to what they could do because they were pregnant. Help me understand how this makes sense and how this is how a hospital should be ran. I feel bad for the doctors, nurses, and staff that have to work in such a place.

diana vanderson

on the cardiology ward the Nurse so nervous-in a hurry -so many mistakes. Could not remember anything-had to remind again and again.So out of it, tried to put heavy instrument (read info from wrist id) on wall but dropped it on my swollen painful foot instead. Had to ask for ice-she couldn't think. Did not provide adequate info when leaving. Asked me to call ins re transportation home-could not figure it out, said she'd return-didn't.Another nurse stormed in, mad as transportation was here and about to leave , falsely accusatory even when I explained other nurse said she'd return/didn't -my light was on and waiting for her. Second nurse, argumentative-false info-asked her name and asked she leave. Much ado about nothing-their mistake not mine-but blame the patient.This is a cardiac unit! supposed to be highly rated but their patient reviews are low. The experience was terrible and inappropriate.Because of these two. Hard to understand the treatment

anthony riddle

Not that you ever want to go to a hospital but if you go to this one its not a bad experience

Rachel From-Le

Two departments with mostly negative experiences. 1) Labor & Delivery. Admitted one night for preterm labor, yet I was kept in an uncomfortable triage room. Nurses ignored me the whole night: not responding to loud beeps for my blood pressure getting dangerously low, or to contractions going every 2 minutes while I screamed for hours, or baby's heart rate ranging quickly from 120-200 bpms sending alarms off too. Rarely responded to the call button and it was not a busy night. After beeps going off for 5+ mins, hubby would try to find them and each time they were just chatting away doing nothing in a big group. He ended up being the one helping me to the bathroom almost every time. Vaginal cervical exams were unnecessarily rough. No one could give me a straight answer on the most basic questions or requests. Only one nurse who was there for a brief 3 hours of my 20 hour stay was compassionate and responsive. They also gave me a medicine without my consent that was on my allergy list. Had uncontrollable itches and a migraine all night from it. Nothing helped with the side effects. Thank goodness my baby didn't come that day. I switched hospitals and doctors ASAP for when my baby does come. I've been here twice for preterm labor and both times were just awful. 2) Neurology. I came there from an affiliated Park Nicollet clinic at a different location. That clinic called ahead of time, and so did I, to make sure it would be okay for me to arrive late due to my previous appt going over time and the blizzard conditions on the roadway. I was told it was no problem as long as I arrived before a certain time. Well, I got there 15 mins before that time and they still turned me away. To make matters worse, the staff sent me to the wrong parking ramp so I walked the length of the hospital while 35 weeks pregnant with my young son when I have walking restrictions, didn't offer a wheelchair, and didn't offer free parking for the inconvenience with no actual appt to attend. I had to ask for a wheelchair back to my car even though I told them I'm pregnant and having painful contractions. There was no concern or empathy.

Tim Johanneck

Faisa Ugas

Somaaliyey ha isku aadina isbitaalkaan. Do not go for labour and delivery. I had the worst experience. Bad doctors and nurses that don't advocate for their patients. Carelessness . Very bad service. I will never go here ever again.

Brenda Walters

I've had 4 major surgeries here and had wonderful care, a beautiful room with a view, and the best service of any hospital I've been in.

Karen Wedergren

Great experience overall for my husband's stay with the glaring exception of the inpatient dialysis center!! Horrible experience with the inpatient dialysis, board of directors will be receiving a written complaint via certified mail.

Jeanne Miller

My mother went to the ER with chest pains on a Saturday afternoon. After ruling out heart attack and stabilizing her, they transferred her to an "observation room" for more tests. (Medicare treats "observation" differently than "inpatient"; that means a lot of the expenses do not qualify under Medicare and are out-of-pocket.) Medical staff informed her early on Sunday that they had to hold her until Monday to have the additional testing and medical care done as they don't staff those departments over the weekend. What? This is a hospital! I asked that since she was stable that she be discharged and we could seek further care elsewhere. Medical staff was very courteous, but I cannot recommend that emergency cases go to this hospital on a weekend.

Mary Dunlap

Thank you Methodist. ER for saving my life on Jan 23rd 2014...

Aaron Kite

Had a Heart Attack and ended up staying in the Cardiac Unit on the 9th floor for a week. Must say I was Blown away by the level of care I received from the ER to my Heart Cathe, then my discharge. Best Hospital and nurses hands down.

CJ Wright

Nice staff (mostly) decent hospital food (mostly) it's overall a (mostly) great hospital

Steven Weir

The worst service ever for an Army Veteran...i know an emergency room most of the time are crowded...however i arrived to this hospital at 3:00 pm they did a blood work and send me out to the waiting area...after 4 hours wating and i asked for an update, i was informed that because i was not in a room they couldn't give me an update....what the in the world is that? Never been an ER and the service was this stupid...any military member or veteran please don't support this hospital no worth it...

James Wolpert

This hospital plays with people's lives. PERIOD. Went for a persistent cough (+2mos) and the doc ( IAN COOK ) told me he doesn't put his signature on cough medicine because he thinks it's bad for you. Exact words, no paraphrasing. He then advised me to exercise. What? When I'm 2,500mi away from home, sick enough to go to the ER I am supposed to take NO MEDS and exercise. He then told me about the 5year old that he just saw who he also denied medication to. Wow unprofessional and biased. Again, Docs name is Ian cook. This guy is a lawsuit waiting to happen get rid of him. Cold and indifferent. My interaction with him was less than 3minutes. Almost had to call 911 after I left because I can't breathe/walk. Days later, no improvement but according to this doctor I am the epitome of health. I feel like calling a lawyer.

Cheryl Love

This hospital saved my life!!! After Huntington Hospital in Pasadena refused to even draw my blood and do any exam at all because they didn't want to access my port( their poor excuse), i was shaking, vomiting, sweating, chills, fever, chest pain, the whole 9 yards! I was in septic shock. I went to Arcadia Methodist hospital just praying that they would help, and i was shocked to my surprise! The Drs listened to me! they took me serious, they caught on to my obvious PTSD from the abuse i had suffered at Huntington Hospital, They had to keep reassuring me that they were on my side and that i wasn't going to get abused. I was treated with nothing but total respect and kindness. It came to be that i desperately needed surgery to remove my port o cath which had clotted 21 times and had been infected as well. It was a matter of time before i got a deadly clot in my port! They brought in so many specialists to see me from cardiology to infectious disease, hematology, surgery, everything. they were determined to get me well and end my suffering! The surgeon even re over a cyst from my head! Now, i have said it before, i have the worst possible insurance! No hospital wants to take it! Doctors won't take it! medical supply places won't accept it! i have never been kept longer than 5 days in any hospital since i've had this insurance, and Arcadia Methodist kept me an entire week running tests and waiting for my blood to thicken for the surgery. They could have cut me loose after i recovered somewhat from the sepsis, but instead they kept caring for me! Down to nutrition! they must have gone wild with my crazy diet, but they completely accommodated my dietary needs and i was actually able to gain weight in the hospital! All i can say is the Dr's and nurses were all excellent, they were fun to talk to, they were friendly, they truly wanted me to get back to living again and out of this rat race if hospital trips!

mark cullen

lost my review , but this place sucks!!!

Amanda Guttmann

I went in with my mom who was experiencing severe blood sugar spikes and was referred there by the urgent care since it was a Sunday. The nurse "Ross" ignored my questions and walked out of the room while I was calling his name because he "has a really sick one" down the hall but he wasn't in a hurry and strolled asking as I called out. Along with other people's ER experiences who've given reviews, go here if you want to feel unimportant and like you're not in bad enough shape for their attention. Susan F, RN (who was the one who did her check-in portion) was kind attentive and caring and followed up with us after our poor experience. She was the only good thing about the visit. While waiting in the lobby area a guy came in who's shirt had a fair amount of blood and he just sat in the waiting room chairs. Pretty sure that's not sanitary.

Yvonne Lara Iniguez

The ER here is absolutely the worst I have ever experienced. Waited 8 hours and was not seen by a doctor. The attitude of the Admitting staff is cold and indifferent. So disappointed to see what a once top notch hospital has sunk to. Please do not take yourself or a loved one here. San Gabriel Medical Center or Huntington Memorial are much better options.

Ryan Tyler

Ver nice facility with very nice people. Everyone involved from start to finish was fantastic.

V A.W.

Audra Hisey

Eric Jeffreys-Berns

Had my colonoscopy here. Very nice people

faraz khan

STAY AWAY!!!. Doctors in ER don't know what they are doing. Example? Well their ER doctor recommending radioactive tests on my pregnant wife. Hospitals and insurance companies in this country are a ripp-off. Try not to go to hospitals unless absolutely necessary. Even if they do treat you, you will probably die of a heart attack or nervous breakdown after seeing that bill.

Mahamed Afrah

Bernie Schoep

best hospital in the area wont go anywhere else but was upset with them when i was there the last time didnt control my pain i was having.

Mary Berg

Always excellent care, attentive and professional.

Allison Mingo

Had my 2nd child at this hospital. Found the pediatric physician assigned to us to be overbearing in a very scary way. She said to me that she was in charge of my son, not me, and she'd do what she liked as far as stabbing my son in the heel over 20 times in two days to test his blood sugar after I said enough after the 6th heel prick and his levels were above their threshhold. As if that wasn't bad enough, my insurance payment was misapplied and, over the course of three months, each time I called to get it sorted out, I was threatened, hung up on, and told I could not speak to a supervisor until I finally complained on Facebook. That got their attention alright. I changed doctors so as to remove the threat of EVER landing in this hospital ever again. I suggest you do the same.


This place is terrible. The nurses and Drs would not listen to my mom when she tried telling them my uncle was in distress within minutes he was dead. If you value you or your loved ones life DO NOT go here. Go to Huntington Memorial in Pasadena

Zane Hansen

The woman RN Carol Beggs is the worst. She gave wrong information and assessment to doctor who then assessed one thing and wrote and ordered wrong. The black RN had to.pitch in and help patients on behalf of Carol. beggs and Howard DO.who did not wanna do the job. The worst hospital that abuses and enters wrong information on Asians and Canadians and Europeans. This hospital is thick skinned bigotry: wrong information at ER was entered on many pateints. By the way they go by useless Freud theories x Erikson theories x and useless pyramid guides that no longer fit vast diversities.

audrey gaudette

Really helpful staff. Long waits but I doubt that’s there fault.

Efren Aldana

They rushed me right in . I was in excruciating pain and they took really good care of me

Lee Anderson

I waited for two hours in the E.R. and thought about getting angry but by the time I was fed up, I got called back. I had a piece of metal stuck in my iris for 12 days and was misdiagnosed by an urgent care. The E.R. doctor had it out in no time at all. The wait is to be expected at an emergency room. But the relief and the patience of the doctor was amazing. My deepest gratitude to the doctor that helped me!

Amber Kerrigan

My mom has received care at Methodist Hospital since 2005 and has always been treated with dignity and respect. I have been so impressed by their staff, in particular their oncologists and oncology nurses, as well as their hospice social workers and nurses. Dr. Menge is a phenomenal doctor who is kind and so knowledgeable. He is never in a rush and always explains things clearly and compassionately, leaving plenty of time to ask questions and process options.


Downright dangerous hospital! You're safer at County.

Janneice Burnett

I recently had a hip replacement. My hip joint dislocated on Saturday and I was sent to Methodist ER. I received excellent care from all the nurses and doctors except one nurse that had no patience or compassion. She did not want me to touch her, maybe she does not belong in the ER. Thank you Methodist Hospital ER for the excellent service.

Lauren Davidson

Long but important! This ER could have killed me and they have completely ignored all official channels I’ve tried to use to contact them. I’ve also reported them but want to warn y’all to stay observant. Most of the time I’m treated fine here but now I watch them like a hawk. On May 29, I’ve visited Methodist ER. I was treated by a doctor named Bradley Williams and I do not know the name of the nurse who was in charge of me. The doctor ignored my request for an oncology consult and lied to me about it. They said they would page oncology and I found out from my primary provider the next day that this was not done. I requested the consult, as I was going through my first round of the chemo therapy treatment and experiencing new symptoms, I was given Incorrect medical advice for the regimen I’m on as a result. Potentially damaging as the advice they gave me caused more dehydration and did not solve my issues. On top of that, when I was discharged, the nurse did not properly check my IV. Shortly after leaving the hospital, part of my IV tubing fell off, and I Started to bleed from the rest of the tubing. The nurse did not clamp my tubing and did not attach it properly. Thankfully I was aware and have been dealing with my port for 2 years. I clamped it and cleaned myself up. This could have resulted in my death of I had been asleep or hadn’t known how to stop it. These complaint has been officially filed through patient relations, dismissed and ignored. I received letter stating that oncology consults are not required and the IV concern was completely ignored.

joyce love

The experience at the emergency is very bad. I was in the emergency on Wednesday night for stomach pain ,I was discharge the same night with antibiotics. The next day it was worst my stomach hurt me so bad I call the nurse line they told me to come back to the emergency, I came back to the emergency in pain and they acted like they had no information about the previous night. I am still sitting in the waiting room in pain

Jacob Austin

Needs to improve in communication. I shouldn't learn I need major surgery by someone calling me and asking me to schedule it.

Rosalene Lee

Leslie Hiller

I had a total knee replacement in mid-November 2016. Everything went well because the doctors, nurses, physical therapists, and other staff were very good & knew what they were doing. My only complaint would be the Thanksgiving dinner - whoever cut the turkey had not idea on how to slice it. I got a hunk of turkey about 1 1/2 thick and very dry. [the picture is from the new rehabilitation wing]

donna reid

took our son in yesterday and despite a long day in the emergency room, they got him in quickly and the nurses (especially Steve) were very compassionate in taking care of him Hospitals are difficult places to be and especially emergency rooms. It was this nurse, not the doctor who kept us informed and help us understand. Our son had to be admitted and I do think as patients and families, we sometimes don't realize the stress we can add into the situation because we are worried. I hope he continues to get good care while he is there, I believe in most cases, not all, that the intention of most hospital staff is caring in their work.

Chris Daugherty

Debra Beall

I wouldn't go to this ER with a sliver. I don't know how they got to be in the top 100 hospitals. Whoever rated them obviously never went through their ER department. Checked in and triage 1/2 hour later only to return to the waiting room. Notified at 3:04 that xray would be at 3:05 p.m. At 5:05, we checked ourselves out. Notified via email at 6:14 p.m. that xray was scheduled for 6:15 p.m. Ah. yoohoo ... stupid people ....we checked out over an hour ago. The nurse said she was sorry we were dissatisfied with the service. I just laughed at her. What service? We didn't get any! Frightening to now that they are dealing with people's lives. It's evident they don't give two hoots.

Gerardo Montaño

I was waiting with massive pain in the emergency room for over 5 hours!!!!!! I have never been in a hospital with so many incompetent people!!! Horrible service.

James Lin

(Translated by Google) Attitude is too bad! (Original) 态度太不好了!

Sally Dodds

Lexi Martinez

This clinic has the worst customer/patient service skills ever! I had been bit by an animal with possible rabies, and needed to receive the series to counteract it. I then had to return several times to receive follow up shots, which I was told on day 1 that I could walk in and be seen within 10 minutes. The next time I went, I had to wait 45 minutes just to get to triage. It was all about making it count as a doctors apt, and getting the money. I don't care what you bill me, but give me proper treatment. The receptionists were very rude, and several times I had waiting room conversations with others who felt the same way. And also, the inconsistent answers you get from even the simplest questions was a concern. The only thing I recommend them for is the eye clinic next door.

Kathie Baumgart

My Mother was treated in the ER by many caring nurses and a team of Doctors lead by Dr. Henke Le and her Residents. They understood my Mother's end of life needs. They worked with the staff on 4th floor to make my 95 year old Mother comfortable and delivered to our family the care we needed with Hospice to be able to take her home. Many thanks to the staff of Park Nicollet ... Keep up the good work!

Edward Andrada

My mother (84 years old) has been there a number of times over the past 2-3 years. Methodist continues to be our hospital of choice. It was also our hospital of choice in the 1970's (along with the U of M) when my father was dealing with his diabetes. As a pastor I would say that the care there seems to be decent. I have not heard complaints of which give me great concern. This is unusual for a hospital. There always seems to be someone with complaints (usually some legitimate) so the lack of complaints is a good sign in my book. Parking is pricey. They do have a free lot off sight with a free shuttle. But in inclimite weather it is not desirable.


Jim Henry

Slow and every tv on political channels spewing hate.

Vince Huynh

Er is okay.4 north is the worst. Everything is bad there. Only hard working person there is the volunteer.

Faith London

Used to be a great ER. Don't bother go elsewhere! My elderly Mom was treated horrible twice this weekend. Today she was extremely weak with a fever, could barely stand without throwing up. Had to call house supervisor, charge nurse came out to waiting area - staff lied and said that they thought she went home. BS, her friends asked several times when she was going to go to a room and they were told " they are so busy." This after Mom had a stroke and went septic a few weeks ago. Then the rude nurse told her and her friend she can be admitted " if she pays out of pocket." Of course she has Medicare and is 77 years of age. If that isn't elder abuse ....


Amazing place the doctors and nurses their are incredibly amazing, they are super supportive and kind, the building is in a good condition so I have nothing to complain about here.

Marykate Nelson

Dr. Vietzen told my husband he was going to stay overnight 1 or 2 nights. When I went to recovery they said they were sending him home. My husband was in no condition to go home! Could not get a hold of Dr. Vietzen for an extremely long time. By the time he approved the stay we had to wait forever for them to find a bed. All of this could have been avoided if he hadn't changed the order.

Ann Thorpe

The treatment I received at this hospital tonight was exactly as I expected and what I wanted and needed to occur. I had been attempting to contact my primary care doctor to have his office set the earliest possible appointment for me with the wound care clinic associated with their practice. I understand that it is difficult during a holiday week, but I had been to so many doctors by now and with no progress that desperate times call for desperate measures. I had been in terrible pain all week. The doctor who treated me tonight got me started on a medication I needed so that has begun and should help before I can be seen in a wound clinic, also he increased another medication I currently take as the dosage was too low and that could negatively impact my kidney function, and he explained more clearly than any doctor had exactly was the problem was that I was experiencing. Now I can more fully participate in making sure I follow exactly the doctor's orders for my condition. Also, with the next step in treatment, I will need to use a scooter for mobility so I can now research exactly how much of that will be covered by my combined insurance coverage and it should be fully covered as I am at that point in the year where it is considered catastrophic, so no deductibles or co-payments. I would say that, once again, Methodist Hospital has saved my life.

Deb Schwandt

Wonderful hospital! Nurses, doctors, surgery, and kitchen staff was outstanding! They listened to my concerns before even coming in for my procedure and they had everything ready and waiting! Exceptional treatment!

Angelique Williams

I got in and out both times I came here. I love that they have a fast track section for people who don’t have that big of an emergency. The doctor here told me I was on the wrong antibiotic and put me on the right one. Since she changed it my problem went away the next day. The staff are friendly and I feel you get better service here than the big name twin cities hospitals!

Eric Trepp

The ER staff were all wonderful people. However the Hospitalist Dr. Huang was horrible. She didn't listen to anything I had to say. She got upset with me for trying to give her helpful information in my regards and she just wasn't interested in getting the information I could provide. She continued to not listen to me into the next day and basically told me to be quiet.

Jacob Banitt

The initial ER doctors did a good job, but after transfered to hospitalist it was a disaster.. My wife ended up in a coma but the doctor would tell me to wait it takes time. The treatment he was doing wasn't making a difference. He also told the nurses he was too busy to come talk to me or call me for 3 days! I ended up having my wife transferred to the Mayo Clinic in rochester! My wife is now doing well with a completely different diagnosis. If i did not have her transferred i dont believe she would have made it :/ the Hospitalist had my wife moved from the icu to general when she was in a coma. When she arrived at mayo she was immediately transferred back to icu and i knew it was more serious than park nicollet said. Stay away from this place! And the cafeteria is pretty bad too. Overpriced and the only drinks they have are all zero calorie no sugar.

Chad Schmid

They ignore medical emergencies and wrongly bill for transportation to other hospitals for wrong care,patient dumping and neglect is their game at Park Nicollet Blaisdell,Carlson Parkway,Methodist Hospital,intimidate fragile patients,wrongly practice unneeded and wrongful psychiatry, malpractice major and my dad died in their hands without right diagnosis and help as well as they endanger my life routinely.

Veronica Cendejas

The only hospital that I've been in that makes a person wait more that 8 hours to be treated. This use to be my favorite hospital. All my family has always been treat there. They really have to change the way they run things. At the end of the day, they dont care if they get a bad review.

Jody Virnig

Joscilynn Potter

Ive been vomiting four to five hours in the waiting area in the er and the only answer referring to when am I going to get any help is idk idk idk idk. My insides hurt so much and ive been continuously throwing up a bunch of stomach acid

Grace A Jopling

I was at Methodist for several months in 2016. The staff couldn't be better, starting with the ER doctors who quickly started treatment that saved my life, to the surgeons and other doctors who treated me, to the RNs and LVNs who took day-to-day care of me, along with the CNAs who did their part. My only complaint--and this is a big one for me--is that they do not have vegan or vegetarian meal plans. This is a hospital, where people with all sorts of dietary issues come, i.e., low-sodium diets, diabetic diets, Kosher diets, etc. Yet in this mecca (the Los Angeles area) of vegan and vegetarianism, they're not prepared to properly feed us. That's a shame.

Marilyn Ray

Birdie Cervera-Martinez

I can't even find the words to use about the wait time except pack a lunch or two. My son had kidney stone s rolled.up in A ball wait was about 6 hrs. My other son waited 10 hrs thers aas no beds they said not having a car we jad to wait. The doctors are good though very good caring attentive on informative Its the wait that kills it

D Lieske

I had both of my children at Methodist Hospital Midwives and now, looking back, I sincerely wish I would have gone somewhere else. The first birth experience was fine, but when it came time to give birth, I found myself in the hands of a nurse midwife who was on the end of her 24 hour shift. She had little patience and hardly any bedside manner. When my second child came, I decided to go back because other than the birth experience, I had a relatively positive experience. However, when I recounted my birth experience to one of the midwives, Kira, I think her name was, her demeanor from that point on became icy and I was taken aback that my recounting of my experience would be met with such a reaction and not at the very least, heard. It's unfortunate, but I just wanted to write my experience in a review for others to read and help them make an informed decision.

Gladys Lockhart

Visiting a relative and I could see they were being well cared for. The nurses and attending physicians were wonderful and made me feel at ease. When I got there I wasn’t sure when to go (I was in the wrong tower, South). I was going to ask the woman at the desk in the lobby but she ignored me. I was directed to the right area by a friendly man on the housekeeping staff. I think his name was John he was very nice. Had a pleasant visit with my relative but then meal came... The person serving my relative was a short overweight, bald, middle aged, black woman and she had the nastiest attitude. Not very pleasant at all. I could feel her anger the moment she walked into the room. I work in customer service and I am always puzzled by such people interacting with the public who have such poor social skills. Practically slammed the tray down. I really dislike rating a hospital on a good service worker’s behavior but no one wants to be in a hospital I felt like the person I was visiting was taking up her time. I instantly felt bad for the people who have to work with her. I was apprehensive about visiting the cafeteria after my room service encounter but I didn’t really have time to stop elsewhere. I was pleasantly assisted by a nice older gentleman who was very personable. The other gentleman at the cash register was also very nice and had a big smile. I think his name was Lou. Overall a nice experience.

Eugene Kurdzesau

Robin Harmon

My husband had a 10 hour surgery. Terri in the surgical waiting room went above and beyond to help me get through that difficult day. She reminded me that I need to take care of myself. She sat and talked to me, she listened to stories about my husband and even gave me hugs. You are blessed to have staff like her.!!

Avery Cazares

Worst ER ever!!!! My brother was brought in for full cardiac arrest at 28 years old and they did not treat his condition very seriously. Waited for an ICU bed in ER for over 20 hours and the entire time in ER he was only checked on every 2 to 3 hours. His IV fluids ran dry at one point for 4 hours and his pain was completely unmanaged. My mom and I (both RNs) were terrified to leave his side for even a second for fear they might kill him. The doctors and nurses would not give us any information and when asked, didn’t even know his lab and test results themselves. I can go on and on about how unprofessional and uneducated this place is but I won’t waste my breath. I pray none of my family or friends ever need to go here again!!!!

John M.

Great hospital..great doctors.. very busy place like most places lately.. would go there anytime I needed care

Jeff Ocel

The building is falling apart inside, the clinicians are rude and they still have the nerve to charge 11 bucks to park. Don't trust your health to a place that let's the walls peel apart while profiting on your visits. Came to the ER with a friend. He was put in a room for 2 hours without being seen. When we asked to see someone they just said ok and went back to ignoring us. We ended up leaving and going elsewhere, we clearly were not important.

Tracey Neese

The care I received in the emergency room and on the floor was excellent. My nurses and doctors kept me informed of my treatment and updated on my test results.

Mikey Rosales

Went in today for chest and neck pain, plus ive been super dizzy for 3 days i went in to get my self checked. So I was waiting for 2 1/2 hours amd never got my vitals checked them I guess a lady with her son come in amd starts saying hit to all the RN that walk by. So I'm asumming she works there there is people that have been waiting for hours and I guess she special and she going in after 5 min of waiting . STAY AWAY FROM THIS ER, so if youre dying ..they dont even check your vitals when you come in.

Marriott Marriott

The worst hospital to ever go to. They do not care about nothing except for your insurance. I wasnt even supposed to have been released and they sent me home extremely ill. I had to end up going to UNMC, where they admitted me. Had an intestine issue. They didnt even have a callback number for me. Lets not get on how they treated my over 70yr old friend who was involved in a car accident. Her clavicle and ankle were broken and they did not do any x-rays or give her any meds until the next day!!!!!! Stay away from here. Im going dispute this with my insurance company.

Bethany Moore

My experience in the emergency room was truly disappointing. The staff was unprofessional and actually mocking and heckling patients who would inquire about the wait. There was more than an hour wait. The receptionist had eye make up like a clown. The nurse who took my vitals rolled her eyes at patients. The only persons who treated me with any dignity were the male phlebotomist who drew my blood and the male nurse who spoke with me once I had a room. The doctor was completely off base in his diagnosis, didn’t listen to me at all, patronized me and sent me on my way. You could not pay me to return to this hospital. Also the Park Nicolett urgent care up the street shares blame for insisting I go to the ER when clearly the ER didn’t think my symptoms were serious at all. Thankfully I was able to recover from the flu on my own at home.

Janet Sanchez

Wonderful RNs people very helpful, was there Sunday morning awesome experience!!!

Jennifer Ponnam

Went to Methodist ER with severe abdominal pain, I checked the wait time online and it listed 20 minutes. When my husband and I arrived shortly after leaving our house and were seen almost immediately (There were also other patients receiving treatment). I had a few test done and eventually had surgery that afternoon to remove my appendix and stayed in the hospital for several days. The ER staff, Dr. Belzer and his team, and the staff on the 4th floor (where I was admitted) were all amazing! I wasn't sure what to expect since I haven't visited the ER since a child and haven't had surgery like this, but I would definitely recommend anyone to go to Park Nicollet Methodist! Even my visitors had great experiences and were impressed. I'm honestly not sure how previously reviewers had anything bad to say.

Laura Wills

I have never been treated so rudely in their ER when I took my mother on a Sunday with extreme high blood pressure. We were there 7-1/2 hours. The nursing staff was great, very compassionate but the ER doctor was rude and very dismissive. He did not even come and talk to us prior to discharge to inform us of her test results. I understand being busy but you would think it would be a requirement to at least inform the patient and their family about tests, etc prior to being discharged.

Howland Boyer

My family and I have been in several times, I have had good results and a good experience each time. Glad they are there when I need them, and yet hope not to need them.

Rhonda Gee

I was having heart palpitations for 6 hours with a pulse of 155 when I arrived. After getting my info, triage nurse Lori immediately took care of me, getting a EKG reading and had me taken to a bed where I was respectfully and kindly treated by RN Steve and Dr. Romero. They explained what they planned to do to help my heart rate slow down and what I would probably be feeling. The medication addressed my symptoms of supraventricular tachycardia and my heart resumed normal rhythm. I had brought my bp meds. Dr. Romero was able to replace another bp med for one I was taking for years that may have been depleting me of potassium. I was very pleased with the quick response to my symptoms, the competent staff and the kind treatment. Thank you, Arcadia Methodist ER Team, for being there for me and my family in crisis moments like this!

JC Cross

The Family Birth Center is beautiful - new, clean, and warm. But I can't recommend the midwifery. My wife had our third child there, and this was our second delivery at the hospital. Both of our previous births were natural, but my wife had some anxiety going into this one. And since the moment we were admitted, they pitched the idea of an epidural like a carnival worker selling cotton candy. Vida, who has been a midwife for 16 years, spent the first few hours with us during our labor experience. She did wonderful comforting my wife. She knew our desires for natural birth and did her best to coach us. The next midwife who joined us, Anna, didn't operate the same. As soon as my wife shared her fear, and I championed her strength (like we had done so many times before), she jumped in like she knew better. She gave so much power to her fears that my wife came to a breaking point. She wanted to speak with an anesthesiologist about risks. He proceeded to say there were no risks and having an epidural was actually more beneficial than delivering without one. After all of the narcotic-pushing and in a naturally weakened state, my wife had little effort left to resist. I supported her in her decision but the midwife left us little choice. Even during our previous birth in the hospital a nurse stuck my wife with pitocin without our consent and despite our written birth plan to the contrary. If you and your spouse have agreed upon a natural birth, avoid this place like the plague. I felt robbed of an incredibly special moment and the opportunity to walk with my wife through the natural birth of our child.

Jordan Kroft

It was a amazing experience!!! From the time I checked in to the time I left. Everyone was so nice and understanding. Smiles all the time. Very amazing hospital!! Tammy Kroft.

Jessica Loe

Not my favorite hospital but the E.R. is great. Place is getting better.


Good hospital and experience overall. I came for a routine echo and they discovered a blood clot. I was admitted right away and given classes on how to inject myself with blood thinners. The doctors, nurses and CNAs were very good and kind. The only reason why I give it 4 stars is that the hospital could use some updates. The floor that I was on was very cluttered and dingy looking. Looks like they hadn't done a paint job for years. The other reason is that it was noisy during the night. I've been to a few other hospitals and they always dim the lights at night for patients and are respectfully quiet. I didn't find that here. My last complaint is that they need a proper place for giving their reports on patients. They gather at the end of the hall and I could hear every word on all the patients, including myself. This is a violation in HIPPA. Other than that, it's a good place.

Angel Gutierrez

Everyone I interacted with was very helpful, knowledgeable, professional, and caring.

Gerald Layton

Isabella Sebastion

Had my EKG & ECHO Stress Test I was rather difficult, the 2 lady's helping, were patient and lovely.

Mercedes Ibarra

Thee absolute worst hospital I have ever been too, was rushed in by an ambulance after a horrible car accident. Was just left in the hallway for 30 minutes then in a room for 3hrs. Finally got serviced then they quickly kicked me out because they had other patients supposedly.

Lois Fossen

When my sons came to visit me, they said I wasn't there! They knew I was so they persisted until the registrations were correct. What a rip.

Grizzly One


Beth Rindlisbacher

Excellent care, clean facility, caring employees, healing environment Muffin man has very good food and excellent smoothies! Medical supply store has many things Cafeteria is reasonably priced

Alejandro Castillo

The nurses and paramedics don't care weather you live or die. Although the doctor was really nice and helpful

sqartle and friends

We are currently in the hospital 2:25pm May 10th we come and visit my mother she is elderly and they have her tied down from her hands, they have brought her lunch at 11am and we get here at 2pm and food is still there no one has untied her so she can eat. We call the nurse assistance some one from front office stated they will send the nurse.And it's been 30 minutes and no one has not showed up.. Please keep your family out this hospital .. look at the other reviews.. Christy was the Nurse they called her and she told them to call her assistant it is now 2:48pm no one has showed up... sad

Melissa Gray

The ER was wonderful. But DO NOT let yourself get admitted here, especially under the care Dr. Catherine Nguyen. This doctor left me in pain for multiple days, agony! and wouldn't even consider changing the medicine that wasn't working. All her reviews online about her as a doctor are 1 of 5 stars for similar reasons, so she does this a lot to her patients. I was exhausted, jolted awake with pain, and crying each night, and she did nothing and even threatened that if I left she would put I left AMA and said my insurance wouldn't pay any of my bill when I stated I wanted a different doctor or facility due to how she was neglecting me. My blood pressure was very high from the pain, she did nothing. This doctor also put me in observation for 3 days ,and you're not supposed to be in there more than 48 hours or it costs you extra money and co pays with insurance. I made the hospital patient servies and her aware and they admitted it would cost me more, but they did nothing even though it going to cost me $200 extra instead of putting me in a regular room that would of waiived my ER copay and I just would of had the inpatient room, and doctor copay. Now I have three $200 copays for this visit, and an Ambulance copay because the urgent care demanded i be sent over to the main hospital that way. I only stayed initially because ER doctor recommended it for treatment for only 1 night with medicine he couldn't send me home with to get my pain under control because due to the pain my blood pressure was so high . Once I was put in her care Dr. Catherine Nguyen didn't treat me with those medicines , and kept me 3 days. And she threatened to report I left AMA if I did leave, or went to another facility, and wouldn't let me see another doctor. I was then stuck here so they could bill me more than they should of ,or have my insurance not pay anything by saying I left Against medical advice because I wanted a different doctor/ facility because I was treated so poorly by her. Shame on this hospital for keeping someone on staff like this. I am reporting her to the medical board, my insurance company, and American Medical Association. Do not let her do this to you. Cause if you do, you will suffer like me and her other patients who have received the same issues with her. Also the hospital doesn't follow what the ER Doctor recommends because they are per the hospital only contractors so they ran all the blood and imaging a second time after the ER already did. More money charged to me and my insurance. BEWARE, they will leave you in pain, double test, and keep you unnecessarily.

Justin Dauel

The staff was very helpful and respectful. They were courteous as well. I am very happy we were here as opposed to another hospital.

Michael Perez

My wife recently gave birth here, and I can easily say, hands down, it was the best and most comforting experience we could have asked for. The nurses, doctors, and staff went far above and beyond any expectations we had. You can tell that each one there truly cares about their patients. We honestly felt like we were the only ones there, due to the fact that the nurses were so attentive to my wife's every need. They made us feel at home, and very comfortable. The whole process start to finish was smooth and informative. The actual birth came on pretty sudden, and everyone was on top of it, and in place within minutes. Our son had to be put into Special Care for a while, and the nurses in there gave him the absolute best treatment we could have asked for. If we ever decide to have another child, no question, we will be having it at the Methodist Family Birth Center again.

Hggmgha hgg

This is beautiful place to take care family's Anyone needs services God bless this place

Myra Williams

Methodist hospital has been showing discrimination to patients. Also the patient relations representative is not great with concerns of patient well being. Anyone who have issues with any Professionals whever it may be please posr. Also report to the Nurse's Association and Physician's Association. We are paying our insurance for quality care. Kudos for the awesome professionals out there. Quality care not suppose to be a money making business. Where has the compassion went out the window.

John Reed

The nurses are top notch. Nurse Jenny is the best.

Barbara Dobesh

My mother was there for a surgery which she had great care but it was after the surgery my mother and our family weren’t happy with. It took them 4 hours to find her a clean room to go up to, she asked for Tylenol before she left never got the Tylenol, they never walked her in the hall or anything else that’s supposed to be done before a patient is dismissed. My mother was there four years ago and didn’t have good care then either. Very disappointed with my mother’s care and both times she was a patient at this hospital.


ER experience was the worst experience of my life. Staff was cold and unorganised. My questions were answered passive aggressively; if even answered at all. The nurse couldn’t even explain how i should take my medication correctly. I was in the ER from 12:30 pm to 3 am without any food and barely any water. When asked to use the bathroom, it took the nurse an hour to come back and hook my IV back up; which I would excuse if it was busy. I’m usually a very understanding and patient person but this was a nightmare.

hbg G

Sept. 4 waiting in ER for my son who had rash and pain, on and off- headache, throat. There were many people. We waited more than 2.5 hours, informed 2 RNs at different times about the pain, asked for pain med. One said in a few minutes, helping another patient. Another said I have to wait til seen by MD. My son could not stand pain so we left, took him to CVS got him ibuprofen and he slept. Eventually saw his primary care doctor. Waiting in the ER: I was billed- $120.00 and then $457.00, kid in pain and nothing done. I recommend Kaiser, if you have kids, they seem to take your kid's health more seriously and do a better job checking up on you...


Don't go here!

Austin Wick

Overall a great experience. The staff were helpful and kind. The only thing I didn’t like was that one of my nurses was not so happy with the fact that I was scared of having an IV and there was a way around it. She was quite rude about the fact but we both made up and she was quite understanding in the end. They treated my migraine well and did a CT scan as a precaution which was nice because I was hit in the head during a hockey game. It ended up being a migraine which my family and I had suspected but better safe than sorry.

Just kidd

Celia Cervantes

Emergency room was horrible , my 87 yr old mom was in a lot of abdominal pain. We got here around 3 pm. They did an ultrasound, X-ray blood work, but we' were still in the waiting room after 9 pm. They had offered her pain med in triage at 3:30, then said they couldn’t give her anything since she was in the waiting room. You feel like they forget about you . You ask and they say they’ll check for you and don’t come back. I know they’re busy, but my mom has to sit in pain for over 6 hours. Good thing she wasn’t dying. I pray I never have bring her here again

Tom Crome

Been here going on 7 hours with my 89 year old mother. Still waiting and waiting and waiting. Soon it will be tomorrow.

Elizabeth McInnis

I delivered my son here about 2 months ago and couldn't be any happier that this is where I chose to have my baby. All of the nurses and doctors that cared for us were so amazing that I actually was sad to be discharged. One nurse in particular got to be the lucky one who coached me through the breathing process during my strongest contractions and delivery. I don't remember if I had a chance to thank her before she ended her shift, but I hope her and the rest of the nurses and doctors know how much we really appreciated everything!

Letty Rios

Took great care of my mother !!!!!!!


really nice hospital

Bintou Seebou


Pat Packett

My husband has been at Methodist three times in the last few months. He’s been on different floors and was on 7 for beginning of this week and after going into AFib he was transferred up to 9th floor. Nurses and in house dr have been excellent on every floor but our nurse for the last 3 days has been Dan on 9 and he is excellent. Was so attentive to my husband, so receptive to his wishes and such a very nice person. Our heartfelt thank you to Dan and good wishes to the staff st Methodist.

Remy Daeshin-Taylor

The worst, med-mal negligent RN Wiley one upstair unit who neglects patients till patients pass out. Wiley has very thick make up like the one who works for downtown gentleman club, so inappropriate for the hospital. Avoid Willey and that CNA who tells lies like clock-ticking soundof every second. At ER, instead of caring for patients, instead of fulfilling his due duty, Howard was running maniac dance and RN at ER laughs like ER floor was a theatrical for patients to go there to die. ER Romero Howard, Carol RN, and their team mates made seriously dangerous blunders, not in the here and now. Howard DO is not prepared for any clinical setting at all. His RN Carol Beggs is bad and unsafe. When you have PPO, do not waste your money and co-pay and deductibles here. If you have HMO, better save self, time, and life, and never come here. Whethere you are ethnic minority or born-and-raised here, this place is a bad plague.

Kim Pearson

It's very disrespectful that my child sit in your er room in pain.Your er staff is very rude won't answer any questions.

Julie Huang

We went last night to the ER because my daughter needed stiches. The check in nurse told us she would be the next patient. Three and a half hours later, we were still in the ER waiting. We tried to ask our nurse how long it would take to see a doctor and she said, 'I don't know' and walked off never to be seen again. We saw only two other patients in the entire ER. My husband and I waited in the hallway and all staff ignored us completely. A different nurse came to move us in a different area that she claimed would be faster. She then told staff that we were antsy, so she moved us. Two more nurses came in later to look at her and said that she should have medical glue on her wound in her eyebrow. I questioned that and they thought they know best. We did see a doctor about an hour later and she said stitches. Glue is not good for expression areas and would pretty much take off the eyebrow. I really loved Park Nicollet Methodist Birthing Center, but their ER is terrible!!! I think I will be changing insurances to be able to go somewhere else!

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