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Eric Lyon

A quote from 90 minutes turned to 3-5 hours. After 5 and a half hours that turned to them saying their wait time was 6-10 hours. I left.

CA Angel916

These quacks call our family to "say our last good-byes" to my "dead" aunt... AND SHE'S NOT DEAD!! NEVER WAS!!! THEY'RE TRYING TO KILL HER!!! This place is horrible!! I wouldn't bring my dog here!! If you value the people you love - DO NOT BRING THEM TO MERCY GENERAL!! THAT CROSS HANGING IN THE FRONT MEANS NOTHING TO THEM!!!

Colin Paul Spears

Please learn from my experience today, do not let yourself be assaulted (and injured) by the approx 150 dB incessant banging/jackhammer noises of the Mercy Gen'l Hosp MRI scanner, using only foam ear canal protection and leave with about 50% hearing loss and greatly increased tinnitus (if you had prior)...there are far, far better units at Sutter ( I know from last December) and elsewhere...they don't inquire about your hearing sensitivity or tinnitus or need for better hearing protection prior, but their unit is so ridiculously loud it should have been retired decades they care? We shall see...

Sharlett Rose

This is my second time at this hospital but for myself this time. I have stomach pain and I have never been asked to leave a room so many times to return to lobby. The last nurse seen me and told me that there is no one to monitor me while they wait for results so return to lobby. Why not put me in a place where I can rest while the processes are continuing? Sometimes I wish that medical professional's can be swamped with the patients to understand and feel the lack of concern and care for the entire process.

g.a. J.

Some of the medical staff has been awesome, but they do not seem to communicate with each other. I have had to tell my life story to every new nurse, PA, or the ever so elusive actual doctor to try to get help. Nutrition service leaves a lot to be desired. I have not gotten a meal I have not begged for, despite supposedly regular meal services. What is eventually served barely qualifies as food.

Alfonso Madera

Bad experience, really bad treatment for they own patients. A really good place to lose your time that’s for sure.

Roy Glidewell

Jenelle Hunsucker

Luis Avila

Melanie Cantu

Worst Ever. Took my mom here Waited 3 hours and still waiting. The doctor sees you in a cubed room. Doesn't properly evaluate the patients. Its like a prison. Oh and Sutter sucks too.

wilton merkitt

Nothing but happy memories. My son was born here.

Hilary Bray

I have been Here a couple times.... they always made me feel like I shouldn't have come in and that they didn't want to treat me. I have heard the same from a lot of people. I did hear that they have gotten better but I'm not sure.

Jonas Laurince

Nice hospital Good service Smart staff #LetsGuide

Mario Lozano

This ER Dept doesn't have any compassion for the patient or it's family The expect a family member ( who actually needs rest and support as well) to do all thier nursing duties as well. My husband whose fever keeps going up. They dont even attempt to keep him cool nor help when he's cramping. They threw a hot compress to me and told me to handle it. I have No degree in nursing nor in the medical field. Not only that but they give me attitude and just want to drug him up some more. This is ridiculous. This is thier Job . That's why they went to school and get paid for it. Not only that but they never handle him a call button . I could've gone to the restroom and they would've never helped me because they lacj compassion.

Linda Sancrant

So I went to mercy general because I was having a reaction to a medicine I had started. I was the only one in the ER mind you. There was no nure at the nurses station. And the security guard gave me instructions on what to do and what to fill out. After waiting like ten minutes the nurse finally came out took my vitals and then had me wait again. And then I saw a nurse practitioner! No doctor. I was examined in an office not an exam room. He did not even examine me correctly. Or thoroughly. And googled the side effects of my medications and did an interaction checker (I did all of this at home already, this is how I know it's the medication). And then sent me home with little instruction. Later I was billed 1200$. I am fuming mad! I hate mercy so much. Quality care is not a thing here. They are also not kind. No human kindness. They just want to rush you out and not give you the time of day. They are all stupid.

Laura Aguilar

Sinai g

Best nurse ever, Lori, she's in her 50's amazing nurse! I was so lucky to have her treating my kid, she was compassionate, very gentle, she asked questions like, do you mind if I sit next to you? Explaining all the process to my kid in a very nice way, Dr's really care about kids, the Dr who did the surgery on my kid was checking on my kid often asking if he had pain, etc.. Nurses often asked me if I needed something.. Amazing hospital!

Sarah Ranin

They care but they have made me wait here for over an hour for water

jazmine smith

Went to check out the hospital to give birth and all the nurses had stank attitudes definitely won’t be giving birth here

Alex Tran

The people were excellent and it is a little hard to find the direction but the map helped me to find it.

Brandon Roots

Two babies born here, the staff was phenomenal and the doctors and nurses are very caring...especially all the nst weekly appointments and post natal care.

Alen A

Asihe Adams

Decent,nice staff,need to work on some things

TMS 330

I had a 3.5 hour cryoablation procedure for heart atrial fibrillation performed at Mercy General Hospital in Sacramento. While recovering, nurses delayed walking me around for many hours and also allowed me to become severely dehydrated - I learned later each issue can cause blood clots. These two issues may have contributed to the blood clots that subsequently formed in both legs. A portion of the blood clots eventually broke-off which then created a near-fatal large pulmonary embolism discovered during a Mercy General Hospital CT scan 17 days later. Multiple doctors told me most people would have died from the pulmonary embolism. I was told I survived due to my excellent physical condition from previous lifelong vigorous exercise that gave me cardiovascular “reserves” most people lack. When I arrived in the Emergency Room, I sat on a chair for 45 minutes before they finally started urgently treating me. During the 45 minute wait, a nurse, apparently misinformed by other staff, mistakenly told me they would give me some pills to take with me and that I would be released – this surely would have been fatal had I followed her advice. Shortly thereafter a different staff person instead told me not to go home and admitted me. Doctors started to belatedly treat my now noticeably worsening condition. For the next six hours I was so close to dying that one of the three attending doctors prepared me for death by telling me if I died it would only take three minutes and be painless. I then spent two nights in the Intensive Care Unit. Due to the pulmonary embolism, I had an IVC filter implanted into my abdomen the next day to catch other clots that might break-off in my legs. Two months later, vein damage apparently caused by a second failed attempt to retrieve this temporary IVC filter created escalating upper thigh pain prompting a visit to the Mercy Medical Hospital Emergency Room (the IVC filter later was removed at Stanford Hospital & Clinics). I had to wait 5.5 hours for a doctor consultation. Although the doctor initially was going to send me home, I asked and they agreed to let me stay overnight. My decision proved correct since the following morning continual internal bleeding overnight in my leg created a very visible large leg hematoma and a blood clot from my thigh-to-ankle. During this nine day hospital stay, I was mistakenly over-medicated with the anticoagulant warfarin that subjected me to the risk of additional serious internal bleeding that I was already experiencing from the leg hematoma. They had to administer an emergency antidote to lower the dangerously high warfarin blood level. Although my leg was significantly swollen, the hospitalist apparently did not consult with a specialist about the obvious internal bleeding source for a few days after two ultrasounds failed to confirm internal bleeding. It wasn’t until I insisted that the hospitalist locate a specialist to resolve this ongoing health issue that she contacted one. The vascular surgeon immediately discontinued anticoagulants for 10 days to allow the vein injury to heal and stop ongoing internal bleeding. Later during this hospital stay, I was informed I could have a heart attack since my hemoglobin level had fallen dangerously low from the internal bleeding. This required two urgent blood transfusions to replace lost blood. Due to what likely should have been avoidable blood clots and a near-fatal pulmonary embolism, I have had 13 cumulative days in the hospital, 7+ hours of radiation, 40+ doctor visits, substantial pain, past/future medical expenses, forced early retirement, adverse impacts on my formerly active lifestyle, and permanent health complications.


Zoe Kaitlin

The staff at this hospital (particularly ER) has no sense of urgency or compassion. I myself am in the medical field and I would NEVER behave the way the staff here does, talking about their personal life in front of patients, laughing and joking while patients are waiting, walking around aimlessly with nothing to do while the waiting room is full, and i could go on.

Kamal Kohar

Never ever go to this place I got more sick n they didn't ever care they work for money only

Elizabeth Ligiamo

The registered nurse named Ayala(?) In the ER department completely brushed off my daughters migraine headache symptoms as dehydration amd simply set her up on IV. She stereotyped us from the get go. My daughter never gets headaches and we were adamant about explaining how something is not right. Never were we checked on or explained the test results of the CMP blood test. This is the only blood panel they did, which only checks basic vitals. Needless to say we went home that evening and my daughter was still not feeling well. 6 days later I took her to UC Davis ER and they ran a full panel of tests as well as scans and found a brain aneurysm. This was on Wednesday. My daughter passed away the following Saturday. The doctors told me that if it was caught just a few days sooner, it may have been possible to save her. I plan on suing Mercy Hospital for negligence. My baby is gone and to know that she could have had a chance if it wasn't for their negligence hurts more than anything I can even explain. They do not belong in the Dignity health network. My life is over and not worth living without her here with me. She was only 33 years old.



El Pinche Guapo

nurses are awesome. I went in a with a heart problem and they confirmed I had one, they took good care of me for 3 days and sent me home feeling better with some good drugs. new wing has private rooms so you don't have to listen to some old fart snore all night.

mandj campos

My first pregnancy and it was the worst experience had to wait 4 hours for obg to come nurse keep asking me to not push. Worst experience of my life pregnant again and my insurance wants me to deliver my pregnancy here no thank you . Worst experience

Sheryl Thorson

Rapid Growth

Took 4 hours to get a prescription from them... I was practically dying from being sick I couldn't get a blanket or cough medicine I almost went home multiple times. Worst experience at a hospital ever.

Kristen Marshall

Horrible place had to sit in the waiting room for hours while having a miscarriage just for them to call a ob the nurse at the station was rude will not be coming back and I would suggest you go

Danette Thomas

They were super nice and helped me alot

Mike Imhof

My uncle was in there and it is a nice and clean and top notch place very good staff

Rosi Conley

I had spine surgery March 22 and from start to finish I feel that I received the best of care. In pre-op I was treated with professionalism, with the staff explaining every step they would take. My neurosurgeon Dr. Shahi and anesthesiologist Dr. Lohmann patiently explained the proceedures to me, my husband and my sister and answered all our questions. I was extremely apprehensive from past experiences and they put me at ease. After surgery in recovery the nurses couldn't have been kinder. I was fortunate enough to have my room on the fourth floor of the Alex Spanos wing and it was very spacious. My nurses during my stay, namely, Mandeep, Chris, Megan and Kerri plus the ancillary staff were so responsive and helpful. Also appreciated was the physical therapist Rita who was the perkiest and most cheerful person I have ever met. I want to express a special gratitude to my night nurse Chris who spent a great deal of time with me the first night when I experienced a panic attack. The entire staff went above and beyond the call of duty. All in all, my experience was a positive one. The only comment that might be considered negative was the food was not good. I never got what I ordered even when the nurse herself called it in. Kudos to all the doctors and nurses who were there for me.

Barrios Turrentine

Lena Morales

I love Metcy. I had my first daughter at this hospital. I wouldn’t be more happy with the stuff. They were very kind and me as a first time mom answer all my questions. I give 5 stars to Mercy.

robert lieberson

Outstanding heart and general hospital.

ExamnN U

Went to ER with laceration over right eye. Needed stitches. Was treated promptly and staff was friendly and thorough. No complaints.

Fabron Fretwell

My dad had a heart attack and they saved his life.

Emma Powell

Bartender was sexy but rude. Arrive early to get the best seats

Eric Rojas

Lala Estrada

Rude staff. These nurses and doctors are totally different than the ones in 2014. This place has done a turn over so bad. Worst place ever. Don't except help from them at all


Friendly staff, great doctors.

Cypher Digital

Dictators. They do not listen to or consider the wishes of the patient. When you're here you will do as you are commanded or they are going to be mad at you. If you tell them "no, you won't be doing that" they will send everyone they can think of to your room to say "why, why, why, why". When you answer why, they'll just keep asking why. If you have religious, cultural, social, financial, or other requirements that say "don't do x thing", they only see that as a chance to annoy you into compliance. There's no respect for the patient whatsoever. As well, if you leave against their wishes because you've told them "no" to something and they try to do it anyways, they'll contact you not long after leaving and blatantly lie to you to try to get you to come home. I was called by my nurse about half an hour after I left because they wanted to violate a requirement of mine. She claimed I had a massive pericardial effusion (tons of fluid crushing my heart) and that I would die within hours if I stayed gone. It's been two months, and no other doctor has found any evidence of any effusion at all much less a massive, life threatening one. Their staff are liars and you should not trust them while you are there or after you leave. Easily the worst hospital in Sacramento.

larisa mor

the wait time in the ED is way too long. chairs are very uncomfortable. nurses and doctors seem very impatient, unprofessional with zero compassion about the patients.

Rosy Boa

Sal Del

I would give this hospital negative stars if I could worst experience a parent could have. My premature (23 days old) son had stopped breathing I gave him CPR while my fiance called 911. He gained conscious after 2-3 min. Paramedics arrived right after and took him to the hospital my wife rode in the ambulance with our son. I went in my car maybe 15 -20 min after they left. When I arrived at the hospitals I couldn't get in because they put a different last name on my son. When I was able to go in the emergency room I saw my fiance holding our son and as I got closers I saw my son changing colors and didn't see his chest rise up. I checked him to see if he was still breathing and as I feared he stopped breathing again. I asked a guy dressed up in the front desk. "I don't think my son is breathing can someone please check him" he said "give me a second " I lost it but thank God my fiance got a nurse to check our baby and the male nurse called the doctor and got more nurses to assist. I was crying and speaking loud "how could you just leave a baby without a monitor or anything that would alert you that he's not breathing or put anything that would help him breath" I was just cusing especially to the guy that told me "give me a second. I am never bringing my son to this hospital again I don't know who I need to talk to but I am not leaving this situation without any follow up I need to speak and complain about what happened that day.

Sima p

The staff where they prepare you for surgery gossipy, unprofessional, especially girl with dark straight hair with a horrible English accent . She seemed to put everyone around her using foul language. Not a professional place at all. I was there with a family member .

Marcella Hollingsworth

Mercy took excellent care of my family member who had TAVR. Everyone from valet to information desk to every nurse we encountered was friendly and professional. The collaboration with Kaiser was easy and allowed for us to receive the best care with best cardiac team.

Esmerada Paizkñ


Love this place and staff!!!! Friendly and willing to help!

Lethe River

I was admitted to Mercy General on March 3, 2017 thanks to a marvelous orthopedic podiatrist who spotted a potential cause for some severe leg pain and lesions I had that no other doctor had seen--Dr. Craig Wilkes. My experience over an 11-day stay at Mercy was far superior to that of nearly every hospital experience I have previously endured, which includes all the best hospitals in the Los Angeles County area multiple times. I write this review in appreciation and to document that. The doctors at Mercy, all new to me and assigned, were first-rate, from bedside manner, to diagnosis, to treatment and medication options. All deserve mention: my vascular surgeon, Dr. Ali Tajlil, my interventional radiologist, Dr. Paul Brown, and my hospital internist, Dr. Michael Labriola. They got to the root of my problem, treated it, and gave me a great plan for the future. The staff, from transporters to room cleaners to lab techs and nurses, were uniformly first-rate. They were patient, considerate, always available when I needed help, and all the nurses were RNs, not some volunteer or assistant as was too often the case in the "prestige" hospitals in L.A. I was heavily medicated for pain, but I want to mention the first names of those who interacted with me, as I am sure that rarely happens. If I missed anyone, forgive me. I was and still am on very heavy pain killers. In any event, a huge thank you to transporters Bradley and Cora, Oncology floor nurses Katie, Kristy, Nick, Glenda, Miguel, Pete, Brandon and Neil, Neurology floor nurses Lizzie, Lylyssa, Allen, Kevin, Dennis and Phoebe, and my physical trainers Tim and Paul. Even the food was great, better than I have had at any other hospital. It was well prepared, nicely but not overly seasoned, the fresh vegetables and fruit actually were. The portions were perhaps a bit large, but I am used to tiny hospital meal portions, so these were a revelation. If I ever have to return to a hospital in Sacramento, it will be to Mercy General on J Street. I have noted some negative reviews here. I can only say none of them remotely squared with my own experience. This very grateful patient appreciates and again thanks all of you for your competence, compassion and dedication to your work.

Angie Goh

Krista Barnett

Worst hospital I've ever been to. I come from a state where quality healthcare is taken to heart. I'm 18weeks pregnant and here just to visit. After talking to my doctor in Colorado because of some scary symptoms i was having and being high risk pregnancy, I was instructed to go to the er. Nothing but a waste of time and some of the staff were incredibly rude. I noticed how they were treating other people as well and seems compassion and care is not a priority with these people.

lps love kk

Mercy is the best hospital experience ever...The staff is sooooo nice,caring,respectful and honest. I really love this hospital.I highly encourage people to trust this hospital due to the doctors, staff,and hygiene of this place.... special thanks to Dr. Fowler,he did a great job always has always will.Thank you mercy in Sacramento, ca your the best..

Helping Hands for Humanity Mason Valley

Absolutely the best hospital in Sacramento in my opinion. My wife had Gaul bladder surgery here. Hospital is beautiful! Staff was perfect, friendly and helpful! Could not ask for a better experience. Even heard a nice prayer over the loud speaker thruout the hospital. Amazing, amazing, amazing!

Dennis Hansen

This was the best hospital I have ever stayed at in my entire life and I'm 70. The staff knew what they were doing, and actually spoke English. The entire staff we're on top of the things. They have a great Telemetry system that monitors you you 24 hours a day. Better care than any place I've ever been I can't say it enough. Unlike most hospitals nowadays they actually have a chaplain and a chapel and Ministry services for you. Thank God for Mercy Hospital

Ghazwan Alqaraghuli

The are awesome stuff,

Michael Hamilton

Luckily I don't have any experience ranking hospitals but Mercy was some good, some bad. Some nurses and assistants were very nice, some were very rude and seemed like they hated their job. Weird but I guess being a nurse can make some people that way. After surgery when I needed a nurse it would take almost 20 minutes for them to arrive when I pressed the button. That's a major problem.

joel simmers

Went in doctors told me I had the green flu and some guy named bill loved our outfits.

Arthur Defenderfer

My daughter had an unexpected c section yesterday. From the moment my wife and I walked into the doors of Mercy San Juan Hospital we were treated with respect by the friendly volunteers (who showed us where to catch the elevator). The nurses assigned to take care of our daughter and our new born baby grandchild were relaxed and friendly. There was a general sense of peace and caring professionalism during our stay which made us feel secure, included and peaceful.

Amanda Caarrillo


I have been waiting with my uncle in the emergency room for over 7 hours now waiting for them to admit him. He had open heart surgery 4 weeks ago and is having complications. Why do I have to ask what’s going on? Why do I have to wait this long for them to admit him? Why does this hospital do this to their patients. My father was admitted to Sutter within minutes of arriving to the ER multiple times! This is absolutely terrible service

Tina Sullivan

Muhammed Loweymi

Some nurses and staff, who I talked to, are rude and unprofessional. There is not good service nor comfortable place. My neighbor, who is 60 year-old, has been sleeping there for five days just for endoscopy, which hasn't done yet and everyday there is a new excuse.

Dennis G Johnson

Joseph Barnes

I have been to Mercy on several occasions due to health concerns. Mercy staff has always given me the best treatment one could expect; courteous service, thorough examinations, good food, clean rooms and bedding. I always feel the staff tries very hard to please you and to make you comfortable. I appreciate the attention that the staff gives to make one comfortable and to assure that you are provided the medical care that you need.

Don Julio

Really? Hospital like mercy and you still charge hourly for parking? Kaiser doesn't. So much for "human kindness" like they say

lisa loo

Make sure to never call cardiac support unit if you need help. They will tell you to screw off.

Dylan Spencer

My grandpa has a heart problem and the staff and doctors have been awesome

Felix Lopez

I was about to pass out and just needed water. DENIED.

Sonia Bajalan

Susan Thatcher

My experience in the ER was excellent. I received a complete work up and a diagnosis from a fantastic doctor within an hour. I was kept warm and comfortable for the duration. My family panicked because it looked like a heart attack after I fainted but it was only gastroespophageal reflux disease, GERD. I’m very grateful for the care I received especially since I live in New York and was a visitor in Sacramento where my granddaughter lives. This happened on October 1, 2019.

Yashi Archer

What a pleasant experience. This hospital took AMAZING care of my wife. She was severely ill and was admitted for 4 days. All the physicians, nurses, and even the care coordinators and EVS workers were exceptional. True patient care and professional demeanor. They even called to follow up after she was discharged to check if she was doing ok

Linda Gibson

The staff are firm but fair

Amanda Allum

Great staff. Lively. Compassionate. I CAN'T BELIEVE I HAD TO PAY $10 TO PARK THOUGH!

harlan antler

My experience may be an anomaly, but it was so disturbing this is the first such review I have felt compelled to write about care and conditions in a hospital.I arrived in the emergency room at about 4:00am in obvious abdominal distress. I was in severe pain and had difficulty breathing. The waiting room was empty and I was directed by the receptionist to take a seat.Approximately ten minutes later a nurse appeared and asked me to fill out a form. I told her I was in too much distress and she asked me to indicate pain level from one to ten. I told her it was severe and I was not thinking clearly. She was totally indifferent to my predicament and suggested two number for me to choose between. I told her I couldn't think clearly. Anyone without a medical background could have perceived the distress that was clearly apparent and severe. I told her either number was fine...I couldn't think straight. She became adamant and told me "we are not proceeding further until you pick one number'" I picked one and she told me to have a seat where I remained for another ten minutes. During that time I young African-American male entered the reception area. He was in horrible distress, doubled up and holding his stomach and screaming and moaning. He appeared to be dry heaving and was unable to sit up in a chair. No one attended him. Uniformed personal walked by and ignored him, including a pair of employee who looked at each other ..smirked...and walked on. The only contact I observed from anyone connected with the hospital was when an African-American security guard came over, and without saying a word, handed him a vomit bag and left. I was called to see the triage doctor, who demonstrated all the care and compassion one might expect at a VA hospital. I was directed back to the reception area, and about ten minutes later was called into the emergency room. The young man was still in the reception area, screaming, doubled up in pain, and apparently not seen by anyone. The doctor assigned to ordered blood work and CT scans and gave me morphine.Some hours later, a physician explained that several organs had enlarged and had caused pain and the labored breathing. I was told to consult my own physician and that the condition was not acute enough to justify admitting me. They told me to leave...after injecting me with morphine...never asking how I would get home (I drove there).The supervising nurse could answer none of my questions regarding the application of the medicine they gave me and then wrote down the name, address and telephone number (pointing out that he was doing this to be helpful) of the very physician who had been treating me for some time. I left Mercy with the strong feeling that this was no place for anyone who needed competent medical help urgently. It caused me to wonder about the efficacy of a national health care program if the quality of care was so dreadful.


No parking however.

JerrY Her

If you guys ever need an eeg done. Moustapha Moustapha is the best. I recommend all neurologists to recommend all their patients to him. Great service and people person. Made my experience here the best ever. Thank you so much Mr. Mustapha.

Henry & Suzie Thorne

A Google User

The Overall Review Was Excellent.

Elisa Escamilla

Nurses and doctors lack compassion. A women came in crying and moaning. The intake nurse was so rude to her she was in obvious pain couldn't even stand up to use the restroom! Her care taker or partner said she was about to have an accident the intake nurse told him they need to wait. As she was putting her in the system the poor lady could barely talk! The intake nurse got super rude with her and said I can't help you if you aren't going to talk to me.. really!? The lady just told her barely she was in so much pain she could barely talk... The PA was very shifty as well he wasnt compassionate at all. If you can please don't bring yourself or your loved ones here! Especially to the emergency room! They are horrible!

christina lee

Andrea Meza

The staff were so caring during my stay.

Tracie Glasoe

Worst E.R I have ever experienced ! (Which I've been to many all over the u.s. Do not go here!!!!!!!

Izaiah Kinsey

You will die here in Sacramento dealing with all the hospitals here in Sacramento. I have sickle cell anemia and heart fauiler i was told i am ok because i was talking when asked a question

Pearl Harris

April Avalos

Not your average WISH

Suba Haasini

Brennan Gates

Muhammad Adeel Anjum

I like this hospital, they take care pateints in a friendly way. There are good facilities for patients. But i pray to God, May God prevent you all from this place.

Deirdre Holloway

Always feel like I'm good hands when I come here

Joy Lujan

Venus Gerlach

John Banse

Great people. Truly friendly and helpful. Their process can use some attention but they absolutely mean the best.

Maria Lopez

I had my son here 20 months ago. I am pleased on the nurses and doctor help. Definitely individualized care!

antonisha Clayton

Very satisfied. I have sickle cell anemia ss so I'm always in and out of hospital, I was rushed there in ambulance due to dry heating caused by gastroparesis. When I got there it was 2 people already waiting I happened to get a room b4 one of them nd i was admitted. I was there for a lil over a week ever nurse I had I absolutely loved and had no problems with any of them. I had actually left Methodist earlier that day due to lack of care from the DOCTORS.. I got there the doctor's got right dwn to the point was instantly on a plan to help my problems!! I will return again if I have to go to the hospital again

Tajmohammad Khilwat


My 99 year old grandmother was admitted to the hospital after leaving a Dignity nursing facility that overmedicated her and dehydrated her causing her kidneys to begin to shut down. Upon arriving at Mercy the ER team was very responsive and thorough, which was a pleasant change from Methodist hospital, also a Dignity facility. Everything went downhill from there. The nurses didn't walk my grandmother to the restroom, which caused her to become incontinent. The case manager told us she was being discharged before we even spoke with a doctor. The case manager was verbally abusive and threatening to us, and did not know proper Medicare discharge procedures. The day nurses on the cardiac floor were rude and dismissive of our concerns as to the continuennce of our grandmother's care upon discharge. The fact that the only reason she had to be hospitalized was because another Dignity facility gave her inadequate care made no difference. They just told us, "She's 99, take her home and let her die." Communication between the doctors, nurses and case workers was abysmal, if not nonexistent. What a terrible way for the widow of a WWII veteran to be treated. Do not go to this hospital or any Dignity facility. They do not care about people. My grandmother passed away 2 months after being discharged and declined more in that 2 months than she had in the prior 10 years, and it was the fault of Dignity, their staff, and their policies.

Frank Wood

Kraftman Gearhead

Two ambulance rides the their ER and one outpatient procedure. The entire staff is the best that I have ever seen. Attentive, compassionate, and caring. After 21 years of Air Force medical personnel, I never imagined care of this quality could ever exist. By far my favorite hospital.

Himanshu Modi


The worse experiance ever in the ER didnt even have a bed for 10 year old daughter the wait was horrible... stafff rude showed no interes in my daughters suffering

Juan Ospina

(Translated by Google) Ecxelente service all your staff provide human warmth Thank you Mercy (Original) Ecxelente servicio todo su personal brindan calor humano Gracias Mercy

Olga Minchuk

Worst hospital I've ever been to

Audrey Hicks

Birthing center was pretty good

Danika Smith

I came in for heart surgery. The nursing staff, team of doctors were amazing. Everyone if friendly and caring. I would recommend this hospital to my friends and family.

Joe Jiron

This place sucks don't come here. They should shut this place down. People are dying in the emergency department and the staff don't care.

QuEeN NaNa


Sahana Acharya

Terrible hospital. My mom was so upset with the care she received for my grandma who was a patient there. DID NOT feel like she was in good hands at all, we are happy to be home from that place.

ghost 1888

My son was born here, and every single person in the building was so kind and informative... I highly recommend Mercy. There new breast feeding consultant named Teri is amazing. She tought us so much even some of the older mothers had no idea. If i ever need anything again i will go there

David Pummill

Staff are excellent. Facilities are fair to good. Lots of older areas are cramped and poorly lit. Melding the physical and spiritual elements of healing is a plus.

Nicole D'Antuono/PorvidaLoca85

So many memories good and sad at this hospital, to start with, I was born at Mercy General Hospital, as I was growing up, I would always get confused with Mercy General and Mercy San Juan lol. Then a time when my grandpa took me to see my Ex boyfriend that was in the hospital, we had the nicest visit. Then another sad awful time, my boyfriend's mom's heart stopped and she died, it was the first and only time I have seen someone's life flash before me and die right there, it was heart breaking seeing my boyfriend's reaction when he dropped to his knees crying. Then just recently like days ago I went there and visited my grandma in the hospital, the nurses on the 4th floor are all wonderful, especially at night, they are so sweet, kind and patient.

Bassir Ahmad Ahmadzai

They dont care about their patients, even in the emergency room

Nonya Noonya

WORST ER EVER!!! They are VERY unprofessional, their conversations are very inappropriate (it was 5:00 am and they were saying things like" penis size", "#ucking good" restaurants, cheating with married men, so on) and they let you know that they don't care. We arrived at 3:45 am, didn't leave until 5:00 pm...for UTI on a Sunday!!!! Nurses are incompetent and the physicians are a joke. Do yourself a favor and take a couple more minutes to drive to Sutter Hospital or UC Davis Med Center.

Blake Nall

Why does Mercy hospital charge 12:00 dollars to visit the emergency room☹️ I’m poor and did not want to go. My doctor would not see me until I went to the emergency room. I called to complain and it went on deafh ears. To me it’s a scam making millions on sick poor people, nice Catholic’s

Theodore Vaj

Just one horrible service after another. I wouldn't even go there ever for any kind of treatment. Seems like they rather try to rip off they're patients by making them wait for 5 + hours in the waiting room just for a small diagnose that only took them 2 minute then bill them for $600 + . And seems like there nurse staff aren't even fully train how to use needles or hooking up the machine to they're patients.

The Duchess of Sassy Town

Cris, Jigger Daniel and Dr. G, all professional and helpful in a scary situation

DeVon Carter

The reason why I give 4 stars is that, they should take their patients very carefully and their life is in their hands. I used to work there from August of 2002 to July 2003 in the Environmental Sevice, as a technician, back then was amazing and this.......I am kinda disappointed, I know they can do better and don't let one person affect the whole thing.

emily brown

Mercy took excellent care of my mom who had TAVR. Everyone from valet to information desk to every nurse we encountered was friendly and professional. The collaboration with Kaiser was easy and allowed for us to receive the best care with best cardiac team. The only thing that we felt was lacking was the housekeeping. In 2 days no one came to clean the room, floors or the bathroom

Wendie McFarland

Was there on a pass from mercy urgent care. I had too wait for three hours just to be given tylenol by mouth after I had explained multiple times that I was nausea and hadn't eaten in 2 days. I ended up leaving due to making me feel worse than when I got there. They made me feel like a number not a patient needing help.

Miriam Safady

Our experience in ED was very bad. Anthony the PA was not very compassionate and didn't use active listening. His attitude was very arrogant and he listened to the lung sounds of one of my residents over many layers of clothing (sweeter, long sleeve and jacket). I don't think his assessment can't be that accurate and he was teaching his bad assessment habits to the student that was following him.

Elizabeth Hunten

Amazing hospital and staff. I can't thank you enough for saving my mothers life. My mother fell and had been on the ground for 15 hours elbows completely raw. They went to Kaiser and they said she was fine apparently she had been having a heart attack over the next few days took her to Mercy general and they could not have been kinder. They are seriously working miracles over there. My mothers health had been declining very rapidly over last few years and no one looked at her heart. There have been so many specialists and nurses and doctors. Each and every one of them treated my mother like a person. Thank you Dr. Hayes and Dr. Marquadt for saving her life. Amazing surgeons. So many others. Dr. Wong, all the nurses, Igor, Fetina, Yvonne, Peter, Matt, Julie I can't remember them all. The respiraotory therapists and Nancy Amado the social worker. She had 3 stents in her heart, 2 in her legs, 2 in anuerysms. It's amazing she's alive. I don't believe she would have gotten that care anywhere else. My mother now has a new lease on life. Thank you so much! Kindest regards, Elizabeth

maze gamer

I work here and the staff are amazing and caring!

Penny Mozell

Hello Human Kindness is a false. My daughter has a serious disease and the doctors at the entire Mercy system continue to fail her and show no compassion. Can't wait for open enrollment so she can get out of this system.

Caleb Alvarez

My girlfriend came in with crippling anxiety and wanted a referral for a mental health agency. They did not ask her about her suicidal ideation, gave her a Valium, and left her in the waiting room for over 6 hrs, invalidating her cry for help. If she hurts herself, it's on them.

eric poole

Most of the nurses in delivery and post partum were very nice. A few were cold but efficient.

Sassy Witt

Worst experience ever feel like resptionist and security all they do is gossip about coworkers and/or patients which is totally unprofessional and immature as they mock people very rude.

Kelly Schubert

donnie prince

Pang Thao

Its going to be me & my Daddy again.. i love u Dad.. i wish i can take all ur pain away & fix u up all back to good health again.

Jamal & Marci Martin

I would only give a half star if I could! Wish I would have read reviews first before having surgery! I’m new to this state so I thought It was different here. Reading the reviews made me feel better cause I thought I was the only one being treated badly. Nurses and doctors do not have compassion or empathy. I had surgery a hysterectomy, endometriosis and scare tissue removed also. Woke up out of surgurey and in so much pain had to beg for medicine that I did not get. Got release with a prescription that could not be filled until 9 am the next day so I was with pain meds the day of surgery. I was told I had just terry strips cause my cuts were so small and got home to see stitches.. so much unorganization and miscommunication it’s ridiculous. I will never go to this Hospital again beware if you have surgery you will suffer in pain there is no care or compassion. Beware of a nurse named Joann she is horrible. I don’t think these people even read patients charts!

Sophia Alvarez

Half a star is what they deserve

Nicholas R


Calamity Gane

This place takes forever to be seen. If your in alot of pain then dont come here.

Annetta Collins

I visited mercy general. 1 month ago and loved hiw i was treated there!

Cynthia Lozano

We had such a great experience! The staff were all truly awesome! Our nurse Trinten made us feels safe! Forever thankful God bless!!!

Renée Kauffmann

Due to the fact that I haven't had my surgery yet I have to give a very low STAR rating right now. Had the hospital come through for me I'm sure I would have a better review. I was scheduled for a full hysterectomy on April 19, 2018 at 7:30, had to be there by 5:30 and of course I can't be late. I had already done intake over the phone the prior day with admissions which was very easy. I checked in at 5:15 AM and was taken from the waiting room at 5:45. My nurse was very professional and very nice. I was informed that there had been a flood in the computer room and the computers were down therefore the nurse had to do another intake manually (paper). I suppose it's called the "OR prep. room" with all the patients awaiting the first surgeries of the morning. There are curtains between all the patients. We were all awaiting word from the doctors to find out if the surgeries will be taking place. Being radiology was down that seemed to mean that the doctors can't look at information and X-ray's that would aid them in the surgeries so many of those folks were sent home and the poor woman next to my bed was sobbing horribly. She clearly was not in good health so this seemed devistating for her. The person on the other side of me sounded like they were having orthopedic surgery and again needed info from radiology to reference during the surgery so they too were sent home. I honestly didn't think my surgery would cancel since they didn't need to reference anything to complete it yet my doctor also canceled my surgery as well claiming communications are down and if something didn't go as planned and he needed to order something there wouldn't be a way to do it timely. Although I agree with his reasoning and I wasn't upset being cancelled, what did upset me is that they couldn't get me scheduled for another 6 weeks and I've already waited 6 weeks the first time. It seems to me that if something like this happens I shouldn't have to go back to the end of the line and wait again. I honestly thought they would diligently to work me into the schedule within a day or two. Seems like Mercy General could have made exceptions and scheduled the surgery over the weekend even. I would like to say that my nurse was exceptional and professional. I really appreciated her and being she was the face of Mercy General I honestly felt like I was in good hands. Shame on me for not remembering her name but she was from Tennessee and so we nicknamed her "Tennessee". Thank you Tennessee for your excellent bedside maner and professionalism.

Ivan Vargas

Vigneshwaran Radha

Darlis and Stan Beale

I was supposed to die from a very severe heart attack 15 years ago. Kaiser knew that as a diabetic kidney transplant, the only hope I had for survival was at Mercy. So, the folks at Kaiser sent me over and after having to use the paddles on me three times , I made it. Can't complain.

Anthony Scott

Michael Dumetz


Went to ER with my 82 year young father with possible stroke was in a bed in fifteen minutes and speaking with a doc in twenty.

IriNa RuiZ

Very nice and very helpful... My grandpa just broke his hip and he's already on his way to recovery ❤thank you Mercy

Andrey M

Great Hospital, Very Friendly Stuff, i like this place!

Michael King

I had open heart surgery on September 29. My experiences with the surgeon, his staff and the nursing staff were excellent. No complaints whatsoever.

shamanth jilla

salvador munoz

Great hospital nurses and all, BE CAREFUL WITH VALET! They left my windows open in the rain when we had them shut when we came to the hospital, 3 days of being open till I had to get something for our newborn.

Jesse Dias

I want to thank all the staff in the emergency room who treated my wife. i am also grateful to all staff when she was admitted. Bless you all

Jim Gilbert

For generalized medicine

Lura France

***NO STARS*** THIS IS JUST AN OPINION, NOT A RATING OR REVIEW. I was contemplating changing my medical insurance from a Sutter Hospital ( which I KNOW is fantastic) based plan to a Mercy/Dignity Hospital based plan. (I wanted to get a plan that includes a fitness benefit, which my current plan doesn't include.) But WOW! The number of one-star reviews for Mercy Hospital is ASTOUNDING! No way would l want to have to go there!

Isaura Garcia

My first visit in the ER (June) was quick and efficient. This second visit (Aug) was slow. To be fair the first receptionist was kind and confident. The second receptionist was frantic, stressed and unwelcoming. All I needed was a quick response to a lab result, and I waited three hours before I left with no response because I was tired and weak. Later I found out that patients can accessed their medical results via a portal, but three people on staff couldn't tell me that.

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