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Moala Pahulu

ER wait is horrible. I have been here almost 6 hours and have not been call. An elderly couple next to me from Oregon said they have been waiting for 8 hours. Wow!

Keith Smith

There is a a high turnover rate here at Long Beach Memorial Medical Center. They don't hire Men for common or general positions. Unless you are a new Doctor or seasoned Male nurse good luck getting pasted the biased HR department. Honestly when you visit next start counting how many men you see working here. It is so off balanced that you are looking at a 70% female to 30% male work force. Is this equality? Maybe if Long Beach Memorial would hire more MEN their female work force could get some relief and there wouldn't be such a high turnover rate. Hint, Hint...

Maria Rivera

I had the best experience here.... I got a surgery here.... My surgeon is a really good doctor.... All the ones helping my surgeon were also really nice... I was there for like 4 and he would go every morning to see how I was feeling... He would always answer back to my burse when I had a concern. The nurses were the best... Always friendly.... They would check up on me.... I just really like it... Really clean.. Not to mention someone would come visit me and ask what I would like to eat for the next day.... I really recommend it....

Roger Perez

They will not let children visit nor stay in the main lobby even on a cold day because of the "flu." Other hospitals provide better accommodations for their patients families. So if you have a child that is not a patient don't bring them here or better yet don't become a patient here. if you do bring children here the security will harass you all the way out.

nessa ly

the doctors are useless, they're giving my friend very strong medicine when they know she's uncomfortable with it and they're taking so much blood out and giving her too much medicine. it's like they're trying to kill her and im very angry. her doctors can't do their job properly

Roberto Serrano

Great humans work there , thanks for all your hard dedication.

Charde Hunter

Nurses were very rude to the guy who was in the next room. Telling him "so" that he wasn't coming back because he was in pain and ibuprofen was not working. My friend had a knife cut on his arm and broke his hand. The nurse took blood pressure and just ripped it off his arm to where it hit the cut. THEN she came back with skin glue. Obviously didn't properly assert the glue because it was caught to her glove and she ripped her glove off and re-opened the wound #BADSERVICE

Aaron Teamer

Well I went to the ER today and contrary to the reviews I read before going I had one of the best experiences I've ever had in life! The staff was prompt in accessing my condition, very polite and courteous and I was in the examination room within 20 mins. Spoke with a Dr Evanston in the reception area and Dr. Ian Buchanan in emergency room is the BOMB! He actually cares, and in today's world it felt good not to be herded thru like livestock. Not to forget about the nurses asst and the RN they were equally great as well. I just want to say thank you guys and please keep up the good work. God bless you guys and Happy Holidays to you all...

mattthew borba

very long wait in the er rude staff doctor doctor didnt help me they are cold there this place is a joke dont go there doctor did not help me with my kidney stone finally another hosptial got it out much better to go to los al medical center

Alexander Rohde

Great staff and nurses!

Mario M

My dad died here, admitted for shortness of breath that worsened and didn't get better despite their interventions. I have doubts about how well they took care of him because he wasn't in-network and there were additional things that they could have tried to fix his breathing, which we didn't even see them try. I requested medical records from them. The CD had the wrong birthdate and wrong medical record number, and they only had text, no radio imagery (x-rays etc) even though I requested for everything. The nurses are generally good and nice. It's mostly the doctors in ICU and admin that I still don't trust.

rony garcia

Doctors are our hope we put trust on their hands .very accommodated.BT some nurse were rude .and helpless. Notice it on the older once.the youngers were very helpful. Now security's are not on there job to protect them are more into visiting had one person walk into my mother's room and was not even register in front desk .couple tyms thus us very dangerous not proper they need to atleadt have them walk down the floors which they dnt only seen it once.

Lexus Rodriguez

Terrible. I've never been to an emergency room where the doctors and nurses are so rude, insensitive, and look at you funny while you try to explain your issue. Instead of compassion and understanding like most health care givers are. I'm from New York City and lived in GA 3 months prior to moving to California and having to come to this emergency room, never have I ever been to a place as poorly mannered as this hospital in either city. The staff were giving each other massages and doctors having random conversation in between swapping out patience as if they just talk about you and your medical problem right then. This place is sad.

todo bien

This hospital is very very nasty I have a room Bailey nest never never never coming again

dbaby afrocarribeangal

Had my baby at 12:50am Sunday May 28. I loved my stay from start to finish, all the nurses were very caring and loving. Food is okay but what do expect for hospital food.

Lat Sri

Delivered my baby girl a month ago here. Wow! Seriously such a service from the hospital team. The doctors and nurses are really doing great job. Facilities and staffs are amazing. Definitely would recommend for child birth. Would like thank some nurses specifically.. the traveling nurse: jenelle from Florida, nurses Nancy, Karen... What to say about the night duty nurses.. Thy were very o patient, caring, punctual and what else to say.Few more ppls who helped me when I was in labour but I forgot their names.. The food was tasty and healthy

Dick Andrews

Great staffing

larry cowan

This place is the best in long beach by far and take care of you asap. And the staff are kind and were friendly and the place was very nice and clean.

Daniel S. Renegade

I was born here once, and I survived with no lasting grievances . So best case scenario!

Jaysen Sorrell

They charge 6 bucks to park as if you are going to Disney land or something. Then i get harassed minding my own business and not doing anything except entering the er. I used to like this hospital. I will never ever go to this hospital again. If im dieing and this is the only hospital... let me die. Stay far far away from this place. Crooked greedy. Hospital

Mayra Cervantez

During me 2nd delivery I had nurses tell me it was okay to tell them if I had a discomfort. While in labor my doctor actually yelled at me to "shut up" while my son was coming out. HORRIBLE experience!!! Not only was it embarrassing, but I was in so much pain going without the epidural. And my grandmother was in the delivery room, I was completely humiliated. He cut me with scissors and didn't bother to stitch me up right. The pain never went away until i had my 3rd baby and finally got the delivery I was promised. At a different hospital with a doctor that actually knew what he was doing. Doctor Cardin Laktineh did a HORRIBLE and rushed job, not a good delivery at all!

Mark Michael

I notice all the complaints about this place but we have been coming here for years and really never experienced a big problem here and they saved my life twice and they are currently saving wife's life right now.. so with this said I must give it four stars and the cafeteria is damn good and Seaside Café not bad .


Very good staff. The hospital beds sucked though.

Laura Kerchofer

Very uncaring and cold. The surgical department is like an assembly line! May as well be in a third world country with the care and compassion shown! Would not ever recommend this facility to anyone!

Nancy Delgado

I got into a car accident went straight to ICU Was in COMA ON life support the trauma team save my life good nurses and DOCTORS HAD ALOT BROKEN AND DAMAGE ORGANS THEY HELP ME WITH THERAPY REHAB AND MORE THEY TEACH ME HOW TO STAND UP FROM BED AGAIN AND WALK AGAIN AFTER COMA .... THEY MADE ME STRONGER MOTIVATED ME ALOT I LOVE THIS HOSPITAL alot it's a Miracle I'm still alive thanks to them and blood transfusion

Art Howard

Had my surgery here - there are more drugs in the area then in the hospital....

Farah M

We had a great experience & care at the emergency room. The nurse & the Dr.s were very caring & professional!

Carl Fields

My niece had a baby girl last week we went there she was in very good spirits a healthy baby and she looked like a visitor instead of a patient all smiles and very talkative the procedure she had went very smooth the doctor was very good everything turned out the way it should if you look very hard to find something wrong it would be not enough salt in the food ( my daughter went and got her a salt packet and pepper packet) and that solved that thank you doctors and nurses for taking care of her and being professional

Marie Claire Fiala

Best help ever....

Jose Aguirre

Wonderful modern facility. cafeteria prices are reasonable and food good, very clean. the whole hospital is clean and security camera everywhere and security presence very obvious, restrooms are clean but a bit hidden you need to look for them. the only drawbackis the waiting room chairs which are not ergonomically designed and it hurts your back and neck. You do need to pay for parking but there is a huge structure .

Orozco Orozco

Worse hospital ever all they care is about organs they would let there patient die so they can get there organs don't go there your better off at st Mary's hospital.

Ariane Barnes

Great food! Gave birth here! Great food!

Autumn Resto

Was hospitalized over the weekend for a mysterious kidney and liver infection. It was the first time I had been admitted into a hospital since my birth and the first time spending the night in a hospital for myself. Had done so to be with family members before. Now being hospitalized in General is not a pleasant experience, but the staff at Long Beach Memorial really did their best to make me comfortable. They were all very nice and did their best to make sure I made a speedy recovery. Thank you Long Beach Memorial.

D Chatman

Great staff and nurses

Joseph Battram

This the worst hospital ever period.6 hour wait for a blood treatmenylt.the staff here sucks all they so is laugh and joke at the desk while there patients in the waiting room feeling sick and these nurses and doctors seem not to done with hospital I rather go to st Mary's hospital on 10th n Atlantic.


Horrible experience during birth and after with the nurses.

Jannette Agaiava

Love the hospital but the nurses in the ER are rude & mean (a few) I know a couple of nurses who works there, I was rushed to the er & I got in the room quick cause of my condition. As I was laying there my husband & I overheard one nurse (Caucasian, mid height, long blond hair shoulder length) talking to the nurses & making fun a patient that was handcuffed to his/her bed (as we heard that patient yelling to take it off cause his/her hand was hurting) & we heard him told the other nurses "oh you guys got the psycho patient" like really? INAPPROPRIATE & UNPROFESSIONAL if you're gonna make fun of patients get another career. People come in to get help, if that was your family you would treat them good. We don't want nurses to make fun of people who may be dying & they sit there & joke around as if patients don't hear anything. I love your service and the hospital just set your employees straight & teach them respect when speaking about patients who are in need of help. Specially the nurses in the ER that works the triage area.

jordan spurling

Don't go to the Emergancy room unless you are dieing!!!! It is the slowest process ever!!! But the people are very friendly and nice.

Marysol Macias

All the nurses all very good and friendly I delivery my two baby's on that hospital and am very happy with everything

Leroy Bessellieu jr

This is one of the best hospital in the country

Sabrina Parker

I went to Long Beach Memorial on Oct 2nd. I parked in ER parking lot. I couldn't make it inside the Hospital due to CHF. The staff came out with a wheel chair. The staff in ER moved quickly, Martha did my EKG super nice. Evelyn RN super nice, Camille, patient Care suoer nice. Mallory RN super caring, Alex RN very caring. 7th Floor ICU unit. Telemetry Floor; 1st floor room 114. Oct 2nd I had outstanding nurses. Alete, Lisa R N is the best. I come back on Oct 17. I hope I have them..Angela Patient Care so nice. Thank you all for taking Good Care of me. I know some nurses get into the field just for the money. Not these nurses. They truly care. I hope the CEO reads this review. Thank you all again

Alfonzo Cisneros

I like to thank all the staff at the hospital for the way I was treated thy we're really good to me while my stay. I was there for three days and it was an experience I never had before.

Mercedez Smith

This is by far One of my favorite hospitals for kids! My sister had her baby here and the treatment was great. The doctors are really professional and the emergency room is busy but they always do their best to get the patient to see the doctor.

Adan Palacios

wrong phone number for the hospital.

Love Bug

After having horrible service at st.Marys hospital. My family told me don't go back there. So they brought me to the ER here. The wait to get a room took a while but it was worth it. They took good care of me and fixed the problem st. Mary's ER caused. I had great nurses here treated me with dignity and respect. I'm coming here from now on. I'm never going back to st. Marys. That place is a joke

Geener S

Thanks to Dr. Bethencourt, Dr. Kalayjian, Kim NP, Barbara NP Joanne preop, Elaine, Val, Mark (CCU), Bea, Gabe, Joe, and forgot the phillipino lady (forgot her name)(Telemetry), and everyone in preop! for taking care of my Mum! She just had surgery and we were really pleased with the services from the cardiac floor. If you're thinking of getting heart surgery done, please consider getting it done by Dr. Bethencourt. He does da vinci procedures and my Mum was out of the hospital in 3 days! Thanks to everyone else that was part of the team that I couldn't mention. Your care was truly appreciated and never went unnoticed. XOXO

Im Felix

Brought my grandmother to the ER from Cerritos, there was no wait time as we came in at 6 am. Long beach memorial has the best patient care all who came in from nurses to drs to the guy who did her ekg were friendly and fast let us know everything they were going to do. All of the nurses were professional no one on their phones. I heard no chit chat or laughter like in other hospitals. Also very clean! I saw housekeeping continuously working and cleaning, which is very much appreciated.i would recommend this hospital to anyone

Daniel Newman

They get things ✔

Lex M.

I brought my 4 yr old into the ER to get looked at on New Year's eve. The receptionist was very nice, no complaints. The nurses here on the other hand, different story. They were very rude and mean to my son. They treated us like we were a nuisance like we were bothering her on her day off. The good thing besides the receptionist was that we were able to get into a room quickly. But, when we got in we had to wait nearly 3 hours for a doctor to check my son. The nurses in there did not even acknowledge us. There were nurses in there talking about personal things that had nothing to do with any of the patients. There was even one nurse on a hospital computer watching youtube. Really dude? When we asked when the doctor would see my son they told us they have no clue, with an attitude I might add. I will probably take my kids to St. Mary's from now on. MAYBE there they'll treat us better.

Christina Du

I gave birth here last week and couldn’t be happier with my entire experience from check in to discharge. All staff were attentive, nice, professional, and made me feel comfortable. They move pretty quick but they checked on me so often that it didn’t bother me. My delivery room was spacious and clean. They also rolled in a lounger for my husband to sleep on. After my delivery, they wheeled me to recovery and discharged us after 2 days. They have shared rooms set up but luckily, we didn’t have to share a room with anyone - even though they had A LOT of deliveries that day. During my stay, they checked on me very often to make sure my vitals and baby were okay, gave me my medicine, and fed me breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Not the best food, but that’s fine because if you have family or friends who can bring you food, then you don’t have to eat their hospital food. There’s a private bathroom for showering as well. I will definitely choose LB Memorial for my other deliveries! Shoutout to all the nurses but especially Kay, and Joy who made me feel the most comfortable.

Nichelle Bishop

The ICU team there is taking excellent care of my Mother. The staff is gentle, patient, compassionate and personable!

Danielle Eichelberger

Long Beach Memorial to me has lost the credibility they once had. Especially the ER doctors and some nurses. They honestly don't care and talk back to people, they have no respect and I really don't understand why the Majority of them chose this field because they walk around disgruntled and do not provide great care. The doctors took no initiative to really listen to my problems and made my care worse and had to seek another hospital. I'm surprised they haven't been sued for malpractice because they have by far the worst providers there. Please go elsewhere because you won't be taken serious there. They only want to flip beds and get paid. I haven't seen or met one doctor there that is truly in that position because this is what they love. This hospital is equivalent to Martin Luther King Hospital. Horrible service!


I planned on having another homebirth with my son, but having a high risk pregnancy I was referred to Long Beach hospital by my midwife. I had a VERY bad experience at Harbor UCLA hospital with my daughter once so I was very cautious about which hospital to choose this time. The staff at Long Beach was very kind and respectful. They let me birth how I wanted to birth, They supported me %100 on having a natural birth. I was never preasured to do something I didn't want. Dr, Ken Chen is an awesome doctor and helped me all the way through my high risk pregnancy. I overall have nothing bad to say about this hospital. I thank God for leading me into the right hands. :)

Phillip Penn

The best hospital anywhere in the south bay

John L. Kerr

The staff charted incorrectly causing my surgery to be canceled. None of the staff would address the issue with me and tried to discharge me early. I phoned the State of California number for patients in hospitals who believe that they are receiving sub-standard care. The State called the hospital and one of the floor doctors walked into my room and said "Why are you such an ass****? “ Fortunately, the State representative was on the phone with me and heard the comment. She filed a separate complaint but it was a terrible experience.

Patricia Montemayor Lopez

Frienly clean great doctors & staff

Tee K

Regardless of insurance. Took me in when I could have bled to death from a skateboarding accident. But Hella exspensive!

Jose lemus

Baby had a 103.8 less than 5 min we were seen by doctor bush . lol. No lie.

Stephanie Rodriguez

The nurses at the birthcare center are amazing.

Sonyda Nep

My father had clogged arteries and the surgeon had to implant 3 stents. The after care nurse Debra Resnick was amazing. She was so attentive and caring. Thank you for being such a great nurse. My family appreciates you.

Blake Hunter

These guys are scumbags Make you pay upfront!!! Refuse treatment Wont work with cash customers Management is very un kind and needs to learn how to have some empathy

James Mitchell

Your attempts to break the nursing union is wrong.

Solar Blaze

This hospital is great. My son was sick from a pneumonia and they give him the best of service. Nurses and doctors are very nice. I was scared about my son health but one of the nurse (I can't remember her name) she talked to me and give me some prescriptions and he got better in a week. Thank you guys so much.

marissa pierce

Worst hospital I ever been to. Laziest nurses only was interested in their fat paychecks. I asked for a cup of water which I never received. Avoid this place.

Teddy Alvarez

Very good hospital awsome staff thank you long beach memorial medical center for everything i owened you guys a big one

Josh Borup

9 years ago when my father developed and suffered from Diverticulitis, he waited 2 hours in the ER waiting room, was later admitted, received treatment and was diagnosed. This past run, he saw the symptoms reappear and came in to the ER waiting room on a Tuesday at 11. I get off work and meet him at the waiting room at 8. He still hasn't been admitted. At this time, due to his symptoms and what he was suffering from, he advised me he was going to pass out, which result in a bloody mess if he was not conscious. I ran to the front desk and screamed at them to hurry or else....the front desk worker then started doing clerical entries while my dad kept yelling for me and for help. I pounded the desk and yelled at him. I then ran to my dad who was losing consciousness and further, suffered from the symptoms. I yelled in the waiting room (many negative things toward the staff) and finally, ONE person came out with a wheel chair and assisted me in lifting my now unconscious father to the chair. While trying to lift him, he DROPPED my dad and I was doing my best to help him. There was blood everywhere. Finally more staff came out and got him in the chair and into a bed. He's admitted and it's been two days. He is not going to receive the treatment while here in the hospital and it is looking like he will be discharged with treatment for a later date. This is our healthcare system now. This hospital is a joke. Why does it take my father waiting 8+ hours on a Tuesday to pass out and bleed out for him to receive treatment? This hospital will be hearing from my family and I. Completely unacceptable.

RJasmine Herrera

I've only experienced Long Beach Memorial from taking my neighbor to go pick up her meds. She would call them in the day before, and the next day I would drive her up to the front door, temporarily park outside by the curb, for less then 5 minutes most of the time, and just like that, she would quickly come out. I always saw 2-3 cars w emergency lights on, or someone waiting inside the cars. If it's going to take more than 5 minutes, you should just find parking. The hospital has first hour free!

Enedina Quezada

They are Always helping you, I have ten years in Long Beach and the only Hospital I trust is this Hodpital. They are soooo nice.

Alessandra Baby

Shane took care of me very excellent

Mary Rodriguez

the emergency room staff was very nice my grandmother had a really nice doctor! but , i am very upset on how the security guard at the emergency room handled the situation on letting one visitor in , he said that if we wanted to wait in the emergency room waiting area or at the entrance waiting area either way he was going to ask us to leave, i said why would you want to do that, he gave a bogus story about the rooms are full and theirs too much going on, i sense he was rude and condescending , i said in that case than you're going to have to ask everyone waiting to leave as well . he was very rude and ignored my answer, and i felt stereotyped , judged and so did the rest of my family that was trying to see our grandmother... don't know the security guards name but this happen at 8p.m last night January 23....

G & A nation Live

i love long beach memorial it is the best place

roxanne morrill

Umm o work here in ICU best trauma, stroke heart attack, place to come in northern OC county

Ricardo Perez

I was treated here for cancer. This place is the best.

Marquis Nave

This ER doctor felt like it was best to force me to keep my child in the hospital even after all the tests/xrays were administered. When I objected to staying he threatened to call the cops and CPS because "he thought it was best". Now I'm forced to keep my 8 month old in the hospital because a doctor thinks he knows what best despite any medical reason! Never had such a horrible experience with a hospital in all my life! I will file a formal complaint and never bring my child to this place ever again!

Jayde Marquez

I've gone to this hospital twice a week for a little less than 10 weeks for fetal testing and I absolutely love the staff. They are all for nice and caring from the start. I am going to deliver my daughter here in 2 days abd I'm very sure I'll have a great experience.

C. R.

Loud unprofessional staff in the ER entrance. Nurse I had was also rude.

coolnicole garcia

I am at memorial hospital now they are taking care of me.

Eileen Arredondo

I had my son there 47 years ago they are a terrific hospital

Maria Renteria

This place sucks. Like everyone else says, the nurses there are very insensitive. This stupid nurse seemed annoyed before she even start taking my sons vitals. She was rude and upset the whole time. Why do people apply for a job they don't want to do? Idiots.

Dawnise Conner

Waited 6 hours to see a Doctor or should I say quack that told me I was fine. Went to a urgent care a couple of days later

Michelle Perez

I would give it no stars if I could came in with chest pains and shortness off breath and a very high blood pressure was in the e.r 3 hours after being triaged the older black lady was very rude when I asked how many people where infront she said 6 I'm like really I came in with chest pains and have a history of cardiac arrest and was told that I had to wait last time I came in for the same thing I was sent straight back and was seen in a hour after arriving i was so disappointed with the service and rudeness off the e.r nurses I just left and will follow up with my primary d.r


I love this hospital, I had my daughter here 2 years ago and had nothing but the best experience, even the emergency room is quick most of the time, depending how many people are there too. Over all this is my go to hospital at all times.


Gave birth here they gave me to magnesium then may baby had to much magnesium. An I had a c section then a few day after going home stuff was draining from the side went to the ER told them I think my c-section came open got check out said I was find went to the Dr. The next day found out my c-section was opend then on top of that they couldn't find then Dr. That deliver my baby this is a bad Hospital

Javier Rodriguez

Love the nurses here very helpful and nice

Bobby Jones

This place pulled me out of my mother 30 years ago. So yeah, good place. ;-)

SayDat Entertainment

Long wait. Came at 7 got out at 7.. Not good.

william conero

The hospital was clean, the nurses were ok and professional. The food was 50/50. Transfer to facility was ok

rachael freeman

had a difficult start in the beginning, into the outcome of my stay all the nurses were lovely in their special ways .

David Ripperdan

A big thank you to Kelsey and Steven in the ER. Thank you very much to Jonni and Aby on the Cardiac floor and thank you to Kari in recovery. Great nursing by all. Thank you very much

Justin Gossett

Great hospital! Very clean with a pleasant and helpful staff. Situations where hospitals are needed are never easy, but when you are in a place like this it helps having 1 less thing to worry about.


SO RUDE! My daughter was in a car accident and the receptionist/intake girl was crazy rude

Arellano Rezielyn

The staff are kind, friendly and the place is very nice and clean.

Markeesa Timmons

Had my baby here and the staff was fantastic and great.

Jennifer Perdomo

I gave birth here on june 21. And the staff were amazing. I even had my own delivery room. Nurses were amazing. Nice and clean enviornment. My baby was by my side since the minute she was born. She was never out of my site. Nurses check in on u every chance they got.

Cynthia Starks

Very good service

Tracy Tracy

worst hospital in america

Tamesha Polk


Deziree Pinzon

My 10wk old was admittied a week ago. Still here. She had a trach put in on Wed. Since then the day nurses all suck! Too much talking with each other and NEGLECTING my daughter. I came this morning and my temporary parazlied baby was slouwed over in an uncomfortable position, with a different nurse standing right there! Who knows how long she's been like that. And today has been 10 hrs of trying to get an IV in her. No IV! !! They finally stopped just an hr ago, from 10am. Horrible people here. Night nurses are the only ones that seem to care.

Evan Haug

Horrific. My father went for heart surgery to repair is titanium heart valve. Shortly after the procedure, he was put into a medically induced coma because of the surgery complications. We were promised 2 nurses over the night and a doctor on call to make sure he survives the night. We only had one nurse for my father and the doctors who were "on call" would not return calls on time. My fathers condition deteriorated over the night and the hospital failed to provided the human resources to save him. During the night I overhead our nurse talking to her colleagues asking "who's getting a drink with me after work" while my sick father was dying. The doctors did not return the calls in the middle of the night and the nurse was not able to do all that needed to be done to save my dad. My father died in the hospital that night because of the negligence of the staffing at Long Beach Memorial. Do NOT go here for procedures. I lost my father because of them.

Thomas Reindel

On Fri., Jan. 9 I was referred to the ER by a walk-in medical place. I arrived at 2pm, I was not seen until 11:30pm. The waiting room had at least 100 people waiting, many who appeared not to be in any kind of emergency, and who may not have had insurance. After waiting 9.5 hours to see the ER doctor, I was admitted immediately. Then, after being admitted, no doctor came for another 44 hours to check on me (this is the doctor's fault, not the hospital's). Were it not for one nurse who called the doctor repeatedly v(with no response) and who took my concerns to hospital managerment, I'd have found the whole, exasperating experience to be negative in every way. Thank you to Cheryl S. for intervening on my behalf. She was the one bright spot in an otherwise dismal demonstration of health care.

Herlindahdh g g Benavidez

Friendly staff, very patient and helpful


I had my baby here and I loved the room especially the staff they were so kind and very helpful .

Anthony Lopez

I'm Here Staying At The Hospital Now And I Must Say I Wouldn't Want To TAKE Anyone Here They Don't Know What They Doing Here They Didn't Do None Of My Sons Meds Here And He Has Cystic Fibrosis and I Also Press The Button For The Nurses And They Have The Nerve To Ignore It, I Hope They Get On Their Employees Because This Isn't Right For A Children's Hospital

Dottsie Nat

I had to go in on an emergency basis being a heart patient. I was triaged quickly and efficiently then had a Dr approach and evaluate me within 8-10 Minutes after I walked in Door.i was quite impressed with the facility.

Frank Parth

This is the worst hospital on the face of the planet. They won't even give my fiancee her earned vacation days off to get married. She's worked there six years, and tried to schedule it as far in advance as they let her. The management here is so horrible the idea of quality of life is something they've probably never even heard about.

Veronica Aguilar

My father was hospitalized in the ICU and we received the best care we could’ve expected. The nurses and doctors were very attentive and treated us like family. I thank them so much for saving my dad’s life.

victor barajas

Fast service with great nurses and doctors.

Dannie Giirl

Gave birth here a couple of days ago and the labor and delivery staff was great! However, the postpartum staff acted like they were over worked and under paid. Got attitudes when you choose to do something different with your child that may possibly cause them to do additional work. A few of them are sweet hearts. But for the most part just a really uncomfortable experience when it came to recovery.

Romeo P

Went to the ER on a Saturday night had massive kidney stone pain. They received me right away gave me pain medicine through IV. CT scan done within 25min of being there then gave me a bed to rest on while I healed up all within 1hr of arriving! Stayed for 2 more hours then was released with rx for the pain. The nurses were super nice the doctor was awesome. I hope I don't have to ever go back but if I do I'm definitely going back to LBMC ER!

Kimberly Escalante

The best and most helpful staff. I've been to a few hospitals but none have treated my family and I with such courtesy.

Francisco Sañudo

Some nice people, but the waiting never ends! Lie after lie after lie of when they going to take care of patient!! Two stars to the handful nurses I met!

Chris Armistead

The ER is dysfunctional and some of the personnel working there seem to be incompetent. Most of the people waiting appear to be going to the ER due to a lack of insurance not because of an emergency. Side note- Miller's Children's Hospital is great and the staff is awesome (such contrasting employees in the same building)

LeAnna Jayden Watson

This hospital discriminates trans genders refuses to give you a new nurse new doctor and food that you know that you can eat and refuses to transfer you when you ask.

David Howard

Everybody is nice

Kim Massey

I love this hospital and I have been going there for over 20 years and I think it is one of the best hospitals in L.A. county, the Dr.s and nurses and staff are knowledgeable, polite and friendly and this all ways makes me feel comfortable and at ease no matter what is going on with me, And also the hospital is all ways nice and clean.

Robert Lee

In 2012 my wife was mugged. She was rushed to Long Beach Memorial. She was in critical condition. She had a 8mm crack on her skull, inner cerebral hemorrhaging, lots of bruises and to top it of she was 5 months pregnant . Dr. Ceverha was the surgeon that operated on her. I could never thank him enough for what he did. LB Memorial became our temporary home for the next 6 month. We got to know alot of NURSES and PCA on 4west. They made us feel right at home. The staff on 4west was very professional, friendly and caring. Took make the story short my wife and my son Trebor survived. My family and I would like to THANK everybody that took care of my wife. I give LB Memorial 2 thumbs up in Healthcare.

O Ofunwa

Intake staff was very pleasant. I took issue with the used materials on the floor of my room, the malfunctioning plumbing, and other things that were quite unsanitary. The general consensus is that you come in with one issue and possibly leave with another due to unsanitary conditions and staff carelessness.

Elvie Zamora

Omg the staff is amazing here very friendly and helpful I couldn't ask for better treatment. Yes, the er does take a few hours but we'll worth it for how I was taken care of

Joseph Ginder

Great Hospital

Rachel H

Nurse was very rude she clearly had a personal problem with me even tho I never met her in my life. I won't ever return here

Cindy Parra-R

The ladies that sign in the emergency are rude and don't know how to talk to stressed people. They talk back. The security guards also have major attitude. They don't even help you there. I'll never bring my family to this hospital again. They also make you wait hours just so they can tell you " everything is fine".

Jurline Redeaux

Saved my life. I had cancer treatment here and surgery. I love this hospital

Samuel Newman

Best tertiary care facility in the Long Beach area.

b steph

If I could give 0 stars I would. My mom is currently at Memorial and has been shy of 2 months now and I must say that this hospital has some of the worst nurses/staff around. They are not accommodating in the least, they aren't friendly and act like they hate their job and don't listen to their patients' concerns. My mother just got an above the knee AMPUTATION and they treat her as if she's there for something minor. Nurses and PCAs have treated her so badly that she's literally traumatized, she never wants us to leave her and tenses up anytime a nurse has to come in to change her wound dressings. It's truly ridiculous! And don't even get me started on their surgeons. That hospital almost allowed a student surgeon to (as in shadowing a senior surgeon) perform her surgery! I'm very disappointed in this hospital and wouldn't recommend them to anyone!

Ryan Harp

THE WORST! I waited 12 hours hours in the waiting room and when they called my name , they brought me a bed in the hall way in the back. A HALLWAY? There were beds lined up in the hallway! I couldn't believe it. There were rows of people outside of rooms. This made no sense , there was no privacy what so ever. I heard the medical history of 5 other patients because they were literally sitting a few feet away from me. Needed an endoscopy, guess what? NOPE! They apparently don't do them! Which brings me to my next point. The staff. The front desk people are rude and dismissive. The nurses are running around like chickens with there heads cut off, there is 1 doctor per medical wing. ONE. Severely understaffed. All in all, the doctors seem like they want you gone. What little they can do, they will do. They literally don't care about the patient and send you home empty handed looking for answers. If anyone is even reading this, AVOID THIS HOSPITAL AT ALL COSTS!!!

Ammy Fragoso

The only time I've came here was because my son got sick n all they did was prescribe me medicine I already had which wasn't helping at all I waited 5 hours and then I came because he fell from the jumper and he can't put no pressure on his foot they have him in pain waiting for almost 4 hours just waiting for at least a Dr to say if it's fractured or something .. they stay talking and all they say someone will be with u shortly every 20 minutes.. last time only because it was the closest one around me at the moment.

Herman Grajeda

I am with my significant other and she wants me with her but the nurses are rude and don't let me be with her. I don't like this place. Find another place to go to because the nurses don't let you be with your people.

Anne Puckett

The nurses and Drs are great HOWEVER THE CEO SUCKS! He's slashed budgets and so badly lowered the standards of patient dietary care that my cancer patient soon won't eat anything from the kitchen! He took away cookies from pediatric recovery, cut cookies and pizza from the cafeteria budgets, and fired the nutrition staff who helps kids find something from the menu. HE NEEDS TO GO!!

P E Teaford

Surgery in 1994. They were excellent.


Worst Service Ever. I DON'T know how the state let's this hospital Operate. They had me Wait 3 hrs before they were able to see me I can't believe it.

Kevin Harvill

Best place to be born ever! Class of 64

Lloyd Br

I took my son to the emergency room because he had a cycling accident, he hit a parked car at approx 18mph, he passed out and was for a time disoriented and had a one and a half inch laceration on his lower chin. They triagged him after 5mins, but did not believe what we told them, they did not pay attention to his previous history regarding epilepsy. He was immediately given pain medication by doctor Bush and no attention was given to his history of siezures and told to wait in an interior waiting area with inappropriate TV content, a show on the dark side of medicine. At this point our insurance was taken with private information being asked auibly with no concern of the importance of privacy regarding sensitive personnal information, a Federal HIPPA law. At this point we were sent to a trailer, their emergency room, where we waited for the next three hours. No CT scan was ordered until the fourth hour when the PA(physician's assistant) realized his history, or finally read the report. But not until the nurse made me call a fourteen year old boy who was at the accident to verify that my son had actually passed out. REALLY? They couldn't believe the parent of a fourteen year old boy, a minor, who had a large cut on his face and various scraps and bruises all over his body that he passed out? After approximately four and half hours! My son finally recieved EMERGENCY MEDICAL ATTENTION! He was sutured after this.

Edward Holderbaum

Horrible hospital, my wife went in having a lot of pains and the staff refused to let her use her current medical because her license had her maiden name on it and actually used her old medical info that hadn't been active for years, then the nurse at the desk just handed her some pills and told her to take them to help because itll be a long wait without knowing or asking about her condotion or even if she had allergies, and when she finally got called they brought her to some dirty little bungalow that only had sheets seperating patients that here coughing up their insides, will never ever think about coming here again

Shannon Rigdon

The ER moves slower than molasses. Ive already been here 3 + hours and told there are still 9 people ahead of me for a i ask for a blanket because it is freezing in here and clearly ill be here a while. The nurse tells me "we dont give out blankets in the ER because people take them home". This place sucks.

Ceci Quintanilla

This place have the worst staff. They are disrespectful and seem like they just do the job for the money but don't really care for the people. This place sucks.

SithLord Jessica

I'm being sent here to get induced, I was given my date a week ahead of time. So my boyfriend asked for a few days off from work to be with me during labor and after to take care of our other 2 children at home. I get a call on the day of my induction that they don't have any room available and that hopefully later on in the day they will. So I wait. I call to see what's going on still no rooms available I ask maybe around when will there be one available since my boyfriend had asked for the day off and I was suppose to go in at 9. By now it's like 2. He could of been at work for a few hours if that was the case. I get told most likely around 7 or 8. So I call again and ask. I get told again no rooms available if I wanna resedual for tomorrow at 9 again (but the possibility of not having a room will be the same) . It's irritating that I get scedualed at a certain time and certain date ahead of time! Plan out who's going to take care of my kids and my boyfriend takes the days off work losing extra days and money we can use . Plus I will not be at work for at least 4 months. And my boyfriend doesn't receive parental leave. Especially now that we are a family of 5 . Then what was the point of having a date to be induced??!! I get other women are already going into labor and arrive to the hospital ready to birth. But tell me then what was the whole point of me being scheduled to be induced ??! It's ridiculous.

Jesse Anaya

Very well trained nurses and much more important however, the amazing job they do to keep you happy and cared for 24/7.. Wow

Brenda Moreno

My stay at the hospital was the best!! All the nurses were super professional, knowledgeable, punctual, they always were there to help even with the smallest of things. Always polite and caring, showing compassion and understanding the patients need. The assisting staff was also nice from house keeping to the receptionists to transports. The nicu staff as well answered all my questions and always answered my phone calls when I would call for a update.

Anthony Brown

Horrible service, uncaring, unorganized, and unproffessional. After many hours they put you in the little ER rooms and forget about you. This place is just the same as UCLA Harbor or USC free hospitals. The quality of care and service in the ER is not even worthy of 1 star. I was post op major surgery with complications (internal bleeding) and was dehydrated. They did not give me water or an IV to combat that. My surgeon who does not work there was very angry they wouldn't help. After numerous times telling doctors, nurses and anyone who would listen that I needed water and protein they went on deaf ears. I would spend hours not being checked on. Finally after lab work and a CT scan they told me hours later that I may have needed emergency surgery for a very large blood clot that was caused by the internal bleeding. That is why they never gave me water. That was many hours after I asked for water. Why didnt they tell me that when they were talking about surgery. Come on start an IV on me you idiots hours earlier then if you knew im dehydrated. It was determined I needed a blood transfusion only and the clot was ok. At 7pm they said they were going to do a transfusion and should be released at 12am. Nope waited over 2 hours before the first blood showed up. The staff does not pass anything to each other or to shift changes. They write down wrong info on your files and have to be corrected numerous times to have them fix it. Finally after 2 transfusions, 1 hour observation time I was released at 2am. 14 hours after we started the process. Something that should have been done in the first few hours. Their was no urgency to find out why or fix my internal bleeding or get me water, an IV and transfusions. Luckily the bleeding stopped on its own. Although they knew I was post op major surgery and knew I was seriously sick I was put to the back of the line. Funny I have duel health insurance and all bills are completely paid. I will no longer use any facility that is run by this crappy health company. Oh by the way I see St. Mary's hospital has scored higher then Memorial as a better hospital. After reading other negative reviews they all resolve around the bad ER.

Armando Hernandez

Its a awesome place to go but its cafeteria is at the basement, which is creepy!!!!!!!

Josh Huang

Lots of people seem to either really dislike their experience here, or love it. I guess I'm in the minority. I thought it was pretty good---4 stars.


I was there two nights with a horrible bladder infection! The nurses were so kind and prompt and courteous. From the moment I arrived in the emergency till I got moved to my own room, the staff at long beach memorial were exceptional!

Robert Herod

I have a patient for many years and today was the first time I've had this many problems it took 7 calls to scheduling for them to get it right ,then they gave me directions for a 24hour fasting exam 15 hours before exam,when I showed up they tried to cancel the exam on their end by telling me labs were too old by days (which they could have told me when I spoke with scheduling when they called with directions ( which now I find out were wrong as well)the only good part is after getting a supervisor the test will be done anyways, to the staff remember our time is important to us the patient as well !


This institution is not equipt with the proper doctors in the ER. As a person who works in the medical field, i suggest that those who are looking for Emergency care avoid this hospital.

Isabel Sanchez

Staff is always great

Sara Yucute

I had a great experience in the emergency room. But once I was admitted for pneumonia only one nurse seem to care and the Dr came in twice, not once did he check me he asked me to stand up and sit down and that was the most he did. He discharged me with a prescription and it wasn't even signed. He was more worried about me being diabetic then the actual pneumonia. What does the diabetes have to do with pneumonia? When I asked him that he discharged me. I've been trying for the last 24 hours to get a hold of him so I can get my prescription signed and no one will help me. So if I gets worse I'm suing the f****** hospital. I went in because I couldn't breathe and I came out the same I I thank the nurse but the doctor is only there for a paycheck.

Adrian Solis


Steph Burns

My son was born here via C-section in November 2018 after 32 hours of labor. Absolute worst nightmare from start to finish. Five terrifying and excruciating attempts to insert the epidural. Then the anesthesia during surgery COMPLETELY WORE OFF and they had to tie my arms to the table because I was grabbing at my abdomen, panicking and screaming bloody murder. Those are my first memories with my son, thinking I was going to die and never meet him, and the sound of both of us crying and screaming. Then in recovery, my husband and I didn't sleep more than 30 min. to an hour at a time for FOUR DAYS STRAIGHT because people NEVER STOPPED coming into our room for every ridiculous reason, like CHANGING A LIGHTBULB in the bathroom 2:00AM or refilling our water pitcher at 7:00AM after asking them over and over again to leave us alone. It was absolutely maddening being almost completely deprived of sleep AFTER A TRAUMATIC SURGERY – I've never be so exhausted in my life, I felt like I was going crazy. My son had jaundice, and instead of just treating it with the light therapy, they pricked and squeezed blood out of his heels a total of 14 TIMES over the course of several days to "check his levels." WHY???? They were high, why not just give us the damn lights???? Then to top it all off, after many, many painful attempts to breastfeed and finally giving in to formula feeding (which they were adamantly opposed to), and feeling completely defeated, a nurse came in and grabbed the formula bottles off the shelf and said, "I need to hide these, we're a breastfeeding hospital. This looks bad on the nurses." I was livid. After all that, they wouldn't give us even a dime off our bill. We're paying them $3,550.00 out of pocket after our insurance paid $34,575.00. I wouldn't wish this experience on any mother. If you can somehow give birth someplace else, FOR GOD'S SAKE, DO IT. This hospital is a torture chamber full of inept and callous a-holes.

Spydir Panda

Great with my kids

Miriam Leon

My cousin and my aunt brought my mother here a long time ago because she was in very bad pain and she was vomiting due to the fact that she had a gallstone. The right side of her stomach was quite inflamed, but these inept morons just made her lie on a bed all night long and gave her some tylenol supposedly to make the pain subside. Can you all believe it? A week later they sent her a bill for $12000.00 just for doing nothing to help her. They charged her for lending her the bed, giving her the tylenol pills and for speaking to her. They did all of these stupidities on the pretext that she didn't have enough money to pay a private hospital such as this to have the gallstone surgically removed. She had to enlist the help of the general hospital here in Los Angeles because their cruelty and their greed are absolutely, positively incredible, they know no boundaries! In my personal opinion, this sorry excuse for a hospital should be shut down for good! Think twice before ever seeking the help of these good for nothing charlatans for fear that the exact same thing might happen to you as well!

Marlon Ramos

My teenager son suffered a head and hip injury while skating. I brought him to the ER at Long Beach Memorial just to make sure everything was ok. We came in around 11:00PM and left by 2:00AM. The doctors conducted a very detailed exam of my kid and even held him for observation. The doctors, nurses and staff were amazing. They were very friendly and helpful from the beginning and they would even check up on my kid very often. Although the ER is not my favorite place to get services, my experience with Long Beach Memorial was amazing.

Rags Mj

Great Service and Very Kind Nature Doctors. Always take care about all....

Dustin Moore

A friend of mine had 200 to 300 dollars on him while he was admitted! He went to the ICU and the money was stolen! Definitely will be filling a complaint!

mugzy blacbeard

If you have a emergency... plan to be here for 6 to 8 HOURS... no lie... have your blanket and PILLOWS

Big Goose

Children’s hospital is awesome! From the Doctors, rn, everyone is friendly and helpful. Ronald McDonald’s House was a big blessing! Thank you all for caring and saving my daughters life!

Lucy Sanders

My 2 year old daughter recently woke up limping and we didn't know why or how bad it was. We were able to see a Dr the same day and she was very patient and thorough.

Monica Albillo

I thought I would NEVER use this hospital EVER again, after a VERY poor Labor/Birthing - Stay experience in 2016 But decided to give it another try ( because it's the one hospital where my OB delivers that will do a Bilateral Tubal Ligation 24 hrs after Labor ) .. So straight to the point.. This time around I had a GREAT experience.. I had my Baby Girl Nov 30, 2017.. & needless to say; my Labor nurse went above and beyond for me and my husband. She gave me support, attention & helped me to be comfortable throughout Labor & Delivery.. I am very Happy with the treatment this time around ... KUDOS to Aimee, absolutely Wonderful Nurse

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