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Melissa Vardey

Rude staff. The RT workers were good and efficient, but the nurses in general were chatting at their station and never answered the bell. I had to get out of bed and walk down a corridor to get theor attention. A coupleof doctors were very rude. They tried to discharge me too soon with my acute respiratory problem and when I asked to speak to a doctor, a nurse said " we are going to call the police as you Re now trespassing. Every minute you stay is on your dime"!!! I was insensed, furious. I

Robert Sanchez

The hospital is old and depressing

Kimberly H

Horrible facility, uneducated staff, avoid at all cost


Worse hospital ever i hate it not only bad service but dirty and they treat you less if you dont have insurance very sad we are all human

joseph dunn

I was in this place back in 2012 and it was dismal. The rooms are like sardine canned they cram 4 people in a room size of a closet. No activities, food was dismal. Unclean I got scabies probably from this place. 2 weeks later I moved to Baltimore and that's when the scabies itching started. My dermatologist said that I got it within 2 to 4 weeks prior to my arrival in Baltimore. It took a long time for me and my Baltimore facility to get rid of my scabies.

Mona Rodriguez

I called to see how mother in law was doing and a nurse by the name of Margaret was the rudest nurse on the phone, she had a nasty attitude and couldn't answer any of my questions!! She had an x-ray taken of her abdomen in the morning and we got there about 3 o'clock, she still had no results. Don't think she should be working there having to deal with the public if she can't handle it!! Margaret with her NASTY attitude has to GO!!! Can't believe no one has called the Health Department on this place, it's literally WORSE than a County Hospital!!

Gabriela Godinez

Edgardo Cruz

It's a really bad hospital wait its not even a hospital, its something else. Its dirty & bad service

Dennis Hoggatt

When I pulled up in the ambulance I was taken back I thought it was an old motel it happens to be they were very nice from the staff and the nurses were very caring also I would like to mention Rosa and Courtney freeline and Samantha also the nurses Simon, Stephanie and ning. were very good to me please don't let this place scare u they will take care of you .also the p.a Valerie was very helpful when getting me the rite medications. I finally meet my admiting Dr Mr Gonzalez he is down to earth and speaks to you as a person on the same level as you.once again don't judge this book by its cover .also the food was always warn and and very good tasting.i would be happy to tell my friends that if they need medical attention to come to hospital..once again thanks to Rosa for all of her help .five out of five stars.

Lisbeth Mejia

Horrible hospital, very rude nurses , service sucks , had to leave and come somewhere else ,

Betty Rosales

Agree 100% they should b just down they have no education or respect to thier patients god forbid the day my family or myself have to go there again

Xiomara Torres

(Translated by Google) It is fatal (Original) Es fatal

Nelson Escobar

Edgar Aragon

Don't judge a book by its cover don't judge the hospital Los Angeles community Hospital I'm in a wheelchair and since I came here they have treated me with courtesy kindness with positive attitude good nurses good staff good doctors.. For any reason that I have to be in the hospital again I will choose Los Angeles Community Hospital again thanks for the hospitality

El Mata Zetas De Jalisco

Worst Place You Can Go To E.R People Where Rude They Where Useless Take To Long To Attend You My Baby Is Only 7 Months And Had High Temperature InThe E.R And It Took Them 3 Hours For Them To Take His weight And Height And Another 2 Hours Just To Get Called Back In. Wouldnt Recommend It To Anyone.

Yadira Corchado

The only reason this hospital has not been shut down by the auditors is because they get paid off by the investors or whom ever own this place.

Rocio Panduro

Erick Ordonez

i was in.this hospital not to long ago but what i have to say about is that the people i met they were great

Al Lopez

Maria Diaz

(Translated by Google) Very grateful to Kathy Magana! He helped us a lot and made us feel better. (Original) Muy agradecida con Kathy Magana! Nos ayudó mucho y nos hizo sentir mejor.

tim stotlar

An amazing experience for a hospital. All the staff were spectacular, friendly, caring, and very much concerned about my friends health-and not just the concern that had brought him in. They watched and checked on him 24 hours. Ive delt with hospitals and doctors and this is a great one.

3Latinas En Cali

Marisela Jimenez

Worst hospital I’ve ever ever seen my mom was transferred to this hospital and I can say I’ve never seen a hospital so disgusted they put different patients together . They didnt even know why she was transferred here .never again.

nancy barboza

This is my moms second day at this hospital and I’ve been attempting to get her transferred since the first day. The nurses are very friendly however the entire operation itself looks so unorganized. We’re staying on the second floor and it’s so LOUD. Youd think being a hospital with sick patients the staff would be more considerate. Yes, the hospital is small but regardless I can hear multiple conversations between them that there’s no way my moms getting any rest. Some conversations have to do with other patients care (isn’t this is a HIPPA violation?) and some seem to be personal conversations. I want to just shut the room door but as we’re sharing a room with another patient, I can’t. This place needs some serious restructuring with regards to patient care.

Raymundo Castellanos

My name is Raymundo Castellanos. Patient room 208 bed A I Have seen the staff do a wonderful job as expected. On Monday August the 26th my nurse was Ms.Yanira The CNA assigned to her was Felicia. I could not believe the attitude this little girl was givin Ms.Yanira. anytime Yanira would ask her to do something she had an excuse of why she couldn't do it. She was fighting all day and doing what she wanted to do. I was very dissapointed with The way there was no respect or discipline. I would not want that felicia on my staff. Someone like that will bring the down the entire employee moral. Better to take out the rotten apple than spoil the hard work this hospital has been working to active.

Nikki N

shanda Ward

They let their patients set in there your urine for hours Wrost place ever

Viviana Vallejo

Ruben Celiceo

Wow so many complaints online. Is this place actually that bad

Nisha Bee

Dianna Chau

Nurses here do their best in patient care with what they are offered. This hospital is a teaching hospital and most nurses that are NOW big time nurses work at bigger hospitals by learning in LACH...not to mention that most of these experienced nurses still currently work here! Which is quite nice because even though the hospital is ancient atleast we can have the ease of being healed and cared for health wise with the best nurses LA can offer! Nurses here do their very best to tend to your needs...the only thing that I can truely say is that time goes by slow here only because of the MANY TYPES of patients and characters that come through the hospital doors that only ONE nurse can handle. So please be patient, as the nurses are trying to do ALL things at one time.

Cynthia Muro

Poor service, dirty rooms.smells horrible

Kimberly Harris

This hospital is horrible, disgusting just filthy. I wouldn't leave a dead dog in this so called hospital! I don't understand how they are still in business. It stinks, nobody can answer any questions they all seem dumbfounded. A family member of mines caught a stool infection after being there for less than a week. They don't have doors everything is so called privacy curtains that are paper thin. When you go into there so called ICU your body is touching bedpans and outdated hospital equipment. It's just ridiculous!! This hospital need to be SHUT DOWN ASAP!!!!!!!

Kalilah Franklin

99% of the nurses are nice and kind. They treated my boyfriend with respect and care. I hope I'm spelling her name right but Nurse Ara,such a nice lady. I was there visiting my boyfriend everyday and the nurses were kind to me as well. In terms of the hospitality and kindness of nurses,this is the best hospital that I've been to

Stephanie Medrano

This place deserve no Stars! The worst hospital you can be at in LA! I had an infection in my pancreas due to my GalBladder Issues ! And they sent me here ! But omg this is the dirties place ever! When i was on the ambulance, even the parametics told me if i have any chance to get tranfered from here to do it because its the worst place! I was there for a week so i witnessed a lot of things ! They keep 5 people in one small room! There were people who couldnt walk and would do their necessities in bed and the room smelled so bad the only thing they would do was spray some kind of scent to make it go away for a few minutes! I would cry, because i wanted to get out of there! And of pain but the doctor never came to see me for anything!! Only the rude nurses they have! Do not go here !!!!!!

Freddie Ayala

They really take care of their patient!!

Rosa Ballardo

Juan Ortiz

Claudia Andrade

Omg this place is really really bad run for ur life if u end up here came in as a stroke patient then they ended up finding out it was my heart 2 days later no medication no doctor didnt even meet him i asked to be transffered to another hospital nurses are nice but honestly they dont know what is going on i can tell u this much i had to help my elderly neighboor eat because nurses were blowing her off not cool at all

Mary Moore

Like it


Worse place ever Zombie hospital.

Monica Macias

(Translated by Google) Last week n the night the receptionist was very rude and with a very bad attitude, I told her that he did not care. Better I got dizzy and went to park near the firefighters in case I fainted. VERONICA MACIAS

Virginia Moya

My sister has been there for two days and has not seen a doctor. When she calls for nurses they take too long to get to her.Her IV wasn't even connected.


Bad hospital

lucy valencia

i am in az and been trying to get a hold of my sister, and all they do is transfer you put you on hold until you hang up .and believe me i waited a while and no one answered the the phone .and when i called earlier they would answer and transfer you pick it up listen to see if your still on the phone and put you back on hold but no i did not talk to my sister they said she was no longer there witch was a lie she is still there thanks for nothing

Darryl Williams

Just being Dominique

I'm going to file a complaint against your hospital my mother was admitted to the hospital for gallstones and she is a diabetic patient and your employees diabetic not give her no food she needed to eat and she was in pain if anything would of happen to my mother I was going to sue y'all but come Thursday morning I'm going to file a complaint against your hospital your employees getting in trouble

Christina Garcia

Second time there for same symptoms because the first round of antibiotics didn't work and got the same symptoms plus chest pain. Wasn't diagnosed correctly the first. I should've know better than to go back a second time but I was desperate and in the area again. So this time they did chest x-ray, blood test and EKG. This hospital is dirty, and some unethical practicing is going on in there. When it was time to take my blood, the Phlebotomist just threw the needle with all four vials on a chair that was near instead of rolling it in on a table that they are supposed to. I should've told her something but I wasn't feeling well and was so out of it. That can cause disease or infection. Someone needs to send the health department over there before they get a lawsuit slapped on them.

Theresa Moore

I didn't know if this place was a hospital or a crack house...dirtiest, nastiest place ive ever been to...when i complained about the smell on numerous occasions, instead of spraying air freshener,they spray one of the employees cologne or perfume into the air...i had to call my son to pick me up after i was transfered there from another hospital...i honestly cant believe this place hasnt been shut down

Justin Bieber

Edward Stempien

Awesome. I love this place.

Jess G

Worst hospital I've ever been to. You are better off driving further to go to a better one. They are not well organized at all. Avoid at all costs! The hospital looks unorganized and just generally dirty. They called me out of the waiting room and took my vitals. Then they tell me to go back out to the waiting room because there was no doctor and I'd have to wait for the next doctors shift to start! Okay, so I wanted to leave and they told me they would STILL BE CHARGING me and my insurance for the visit!!! Even though they had done nothing and it was not my fault that they didn't have a doc there. I explained this to the person in the front and she just gave me the run around.

Natasha Mont

Monique M Lukeman

I came here and the service became excellent. Every one is certainly useful. I would love to thank the care groups at this clinic for supporting me get higher. I also want to thank them for there challenge and hard work. God bless all of u who helped take correct care of me at the same time as I became there.

James Little

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hector salazar

Norma Delgado

I had always gone to this hospital because they would be very helpful but this time I took my daughter to the emergency room it was the worst experience they had no patients for the er and I go and ask the recepcionest how long it would be after I waited 2 hours already in the reception are and she says I dont know while shes doing her make up she tells me go knock on. The door I was like really so I go and knock n the nurse came out he was really rude and I asked how much longer it would be because I had been waiting for 2 hours already and he said that i still had to wait and he didnt know how long this is rediculose I took my daughter because she had a high fever and she never got seen by the doctor so I ended up leaving and going to another hospital were they saw my daughter in less that 30 minutes this is such a horrible hospital they will let somebody die here I dont recomendo and the staff are really rude worst experience ever

Shannon Brown

If I could give less than 1 star I would. That place is AWFUL! The doctor literally left the hospital for about 2 hours right before surgery, the nurses in ICU were rude and the parking is ridiculous. I worked at a county hospital for 13 years and it was nothing like LA Community.

Yolanda Retana

(Translated by Google) I have my daughter in the hospital for three days, I do not know anything about her. We have a few medical results waiting for us. Two days ago, I do not know what to do with my daughter. I'm desperate. (Original) Tengo ami hija en el hospital ya por tres dias ino an echo nada por ella nos tienen esperan unos resultados medicos dos dias asta haorita no se que va apasar conmi hija estoy desesperada

Laurawhoplike Lopez

Some of the staff is nice. You have a higher chance of nieces and nephews and kids play doctor with you because at least they might closer to you help you

barbara firchow

I wrote a review and right after I did the admin was in to chat with me. I errased the review because I thought maybe things would improve. Not so much. The one positive was Brittney, she was the charge nurse I believe. Very nice and caring women. Other than that my nurse, Cindy, was just ok. Cannot say anything else positive about this hospital. The Doctors sucked, the staff sucked. Meds weren't given on time. Blood sugar wasn't tested, heart monitor wasn't monitored, the list is to long. If you can go elsewhere I strongly advise it.

Irene Sotelo

The staff are so rude I have been requesting something for pain for 3hr. And they are just chatting away in the hall.. This is the worst hospital I have ever been to

Gloria Calvillo

BEWARE" MY BROTHER DIED HERE DUE TO ALL THEIR NEGLICENCY. The worst place I had ever been to, my brother was admitted there due tu a urinary infection but the doctor assigned to him never came to see him, place is dirty with no A/C and they took him out to the street for a C. SCAN since they don't have the equipment inside the building and they rent a truck at 10:00 .pm not caring about been too cold, got a throat infection room had 4 patients and there was not even space for my brothers wheelchair, he had to share a room with a patient who was treated with Dialysis, infection got worst, nobody from social worker, case manager or administration were willing to help us transferring my brother to a more capable place or getting the doctor to come and check on him. after 4 days my brother was Intubated and passed away at that horrible place where they did nothing but to hold a person there just to bill the isurance for that. DR. FLORES the one assigned to him never bother to come and check his condition but instead gave instructions always over the phone as his base is in San Diego, nurses at that place don't even know how he looks like as he never sees his patients; when my brother died, nobody bother to come and explained to us what happened, we had to make all the arrangements on our own. BEWARE OF THIS PLACE AS THEY DON'T HAVE COMPASSION FOR.THE PATIENTS AT ALL. Everybody is rude and mean and not helpful at all and the place is dirty and doesn't have the equipment neither the qualified personal to take care of the patients in need. I would never ever send even my worst enemy to this place.

Oleg Yavo

Unbelievably bad service. Never would recommend even to my enemies.

Joyce Bailey

You don't know who is your nurse that ,take care of you. Is confusion ,confusion I was sent here on Monday Gardena Memorial on Monday I don't like this here. I haven't seen a doctor but once since I've been here. Tuesday night I fell and hurt my back it was the next day when I took x-rays and as soon as we haven't got the results 1:25. I never heard of the hospital until Monday night.

James P OBrien

Adamary Ortiz

Miguel Medina

That is a good Hospital

Moshe Baechle

My mother is here right now as I'm putting this together, so far the nurses one on particular named Aileen was kind of bossy, they're not considerate of their patients feelings and have been to my mother since she's been here since Sunday June 23rd and it's only Wednesday June 26th and yes I'm referring to the current year which is 2019 for those of the staff that can read let alone speak English. So far I give this hospital a C- and that's being generous with my opinion.

Norbert Dayo

Norma Prieto

worst place ever I wouldn't even recommend it to my enemies I could be dying and they don't give a s***the damn nurses are so damn lazy and stupid.Close this damn place talk about being ghetto one room four patients. I give this supposedly Community Hospital an F

Izzy and Annie BBFL

building is old! the customer service is great! doctor's are really good Profesional! Maria Gallardo was really nice asking if everything was fine!

Rosie Guerra

As a facility: Worse please ever! Smell like diarrhea and pee all over the hallway. When it comes to Staff, there is luck of knowledge of what needs to be done, my mom was submitted to the Hospital for an infection ONLY, put on NPO/Nothing by mouth, and no one seems to know why they just say it was Doctor’s orders. 8hrs past still no idea what is going on no news or call from the Doctor. A Surgeon comes to see my mom and he has no idea why or what is schedule to be done hhhhmmmm. He apologizes for the confusion and left. When it comes to the Doctor at this place, he has no sympathy no morals nothing, he came to see her just to tell her that you are dying, when she is alone with no family member to hold her hand, and be there for her, this happens after you have tell the staff her citation and that she dosed know yet, to please don’t say anything. The only thing the Doctor makes sure to do is to tell my mom that she is dying and she has only 4month to live. I understand everyone has the right to know, but this was for us as her children’s to tell her not a Doctor that supposed to treat ONLY her infection, this dentition was make by her Oncologist her Cancer Doctor and her family. Like I say very but place to be in a sensitive situation

Rosaura Gonzalez

Jose Perez

Ok, this has nothing to do with medical knowledge. The reason for my low rating is the lack of patience and undivided attention for someone that clearly is on pain and needs help. I believe every single patient you help should get that care, I mean, come on! We literally put our trust, health and lives on your hands. I hate to be like this but I have to say what it's on my mind, it's something I can't experience and just go by as if everything went ok. I came in today to the Emergency Room at Los Angeles CH with excruciating pain on my lower right side part of my abdomen, lower back that went all the way to my privates. The nurse and Dr. asked what my visit was for, but they would never really get a full answer to determine what's is wrong with me because they kept cutting me off right away. Dr. Thought it was my appendix, Really?? How can you assume something like that, when the vitals nurses asked me if there were any surgeries done in the past and I started that "My appendix was removed"... Eventhough I gave all this information and they were "noted" every person that saw me after that didn't know exactly what I was in for, as I had mentioned before even the Dr. Wanted to check my appendix and make sure that wasn't the problem... Dear Lord,... If they only took the time to actually listen to the patients, they wouldn't have to GUESS (Yes, I said guess, with how they performed, it looked like they were guessing the illnesses) and actually take the right conclusions on what the case may be. I was discharged with "LOWER BACK PAIN" ... nothing else was done to help me ease my pain ... Oh wait, I was adviced to go see my primary care physician... O.o... No S#!+... I'm back to square one... still in so much pain, can't sleep or walk comfortably, and just as before, hating life... THANKS GUYS!!... Again, not complaining about your knowledge on your field, just pointing out that IF you rush things up, you will never be able to help people to your fullest potential, just as you promised when u took your Hippocratic Oath. P.S. To the person in charge of replying to this reviews of Los Angeles Community Hospital. Pls save your self some time, saying that you are sorry to hear what happened during my visit, if you don't mean what u write why do it?. We both know that a sorry won't fix the lack of patience and communication between your staff. Instead, use the time it will take you to write an apology and use it to recondition and reorient your staff so they actually help people like me that don't have the knowledge your staff does on this field. We can't survive without you guys. Please, we really need you.

Amoe Fe Y Esperanza

Thank you to the whole staff Everyone was very nice,friendly and professional The hospital is very small But the service is excellent Thank you very much for everything Thank’s for taking good care off my wife Thank’s to the whole staff at the Los Angeles community Hospital

Jackie Chou

Worst hospital I've been in. Especially the emergency room. The nurses and staffs there keep patients unattended for more than twelve hours not willing to do any work while joking and conversing among each other about things that have nothing to do with their jobs. One nurse in particular started watching a movie on her phone and telling the other staffs about the movie. They seem selfish and uncaring towards the patients. I wouldn't recommend anyone to go there.

kenny harrison

Ima Rising

Im laying in this filthy facility rt now. Nurses are extremely rude and disrespectful. This morning i woke my bottom was exposed to visitors and other patients .No privacy at all visitors stay all night long after visiting hours. Nurses under medicate don't follow Dr's orders. Yesterday a maintenance worker pulld my devider back eithou announcing himself. Thank god i had just finished fixing my gown. This man was not escorted by a nurse .he just walked in and fixed the a.c. unit. Portable commodes touching the same tray you eat off of crying patients all night. House Of Horrors Hospital should be the name of th his place

Julia Alfaro

Rudy Rivera


Seamus Genosky

Great poeple caring drs work here


FaZe Ramos

Socergirl Melissa Escamilla

Karla Gallego

Stonnie2lit Zachery

I don't even want to give this place one star bad service rude people and a whole bunch of malpractice going on there's just no need to give you your medicine and schedule time they do it when they want to do it not how the doctor writes it if I knew how to make a complaint or file one I would and expect to be hearing from my lawyer soon

Ramrio Roman

Maly Rodriguez

I had my brother at this facility and I'm so grateful for there care and attention they gave to my brother.

Julie Diaz

(Translated by Google) It's the worst hospital I've seen is disgusting too dirty and the worst are not doctors I was disgusted they have crazy people along with other people I left traumatized (Original) Es el peor hospital q e mirado esta asqueroso demasiado sucio y lo peor no tienen doctores me daba asco tienen alos locos junto con los otro pasientes yo sali traumada

Gustavo Duran

Nurses and personal are cool I was scared when they send me here because it looks dirty and creepy

Art Alvarado

Andrea Vasquez

To start of with the nurses are really rude and take a really long time with helping the patients. Most of the time they go on social media. I know this hospital has a bad reputation didn't know they could just get worse

Carlyn Warner

My mother's experience at this hospital was horrible. From the moment of admission to discharge. The staff is very rude, not compassionate and caring. They neglect the patients. The hospital is very filthy, and they cramp the patients 4 to a room. At the point there is no air circulating. My mom has recently passed away and I do blame this place for it. She was neglected. She went in the hospital for fluid in her lungs and legs. They were able to get it out but she was left on life support and to die. The Doctor did not even give me a time frame as to if she will make it. I ended up taking her home on hospice to pass in the peace n comfort of her own home. From one day to the next I saw her health completely deteriote in this so called hospital. They should shut it down or renovate it completely, and place better personnel. Our experience was horrible do not take your loved ones to this place.


Always Great Service in ER and Surgery Department and Rooms Nurse's and Doctors are Very Nice and Friendly Plus in all Other Departments X-Rays , Lab, Front Desk .. Thank You For Everything You Done All This Years..

Debbie Avila

Worst hospital ever!! Doctor in the ER for morning shift and nurses were rude! The janitor working the night shift was rude and disrespectful to me and my husband. Nurses in L & D had no idea what they were doing overall just bad never again am I attending that hospital. All the people that work there just don't know how to do their job

Billie Jackson

If i could give this place a negitive 1 star i would. This place is something else. Dont get me wrong..not all the staff were bad but once i got there i was put into a room with 3 other patients. Which is ok but they were begging that the lights get turned off. Mind you i was admitted into my room at 430am. The nurses were being so loud. I couldnt understand why it was so loud. I was told that once the doctors come at 7 i would have orders placed. As the first day went on the nurses were cool...the bathroom was dirty and the space i had was small but i wasnt there for a vacation i needed to be fixed so all that didn't bother me. One doc said i needed to be transferred to a bigger more advanced hosp. And all these tests were ordered...then suddenly another doc came in and well...he said he was discharging me. My blood still showed anemic. I had "blood in my stool" sorry for the gross. And i was still vomiting. My nurse didnt understand what was going on. I had questions and needed answers. The charge nurse for very rude to me and said "well you can always just never come back!" I just wanted to know why i was being sent home with all these issues still going on. My nurse told me that sometimes the doctors get lazy and just discharge first time patients. WHAT!! and so i askrd about going home with meds. Was told i was. 10 mins before i was about to leave the charge nurse said they cancled my meds and for me to go to a ER if i didnt feel better!! Um ok. So i got emotional and the cna came in and said "this place sucks. Im sorry you're being treated this way and to be honest they lie to patients all the time and say they are gonna give them meds just to shut them up and get them out the door. I hate working here. But i recommend you dont come back here!!! This is hell" i asked 1 more time to charge nurse why my discharge keeps being changed and she laughed at me and told me to shut up. My lawyer and insurance company is making a claim. Now im being asked why i was discharged with worse symptoms then when i arrived... They dont care.

yeKas World

This hospital is horrible. My father was transferred here not by choice . The care here is bad we asked to see a dr to get some information on my father's diagnosis and there was never one to speak to which was odd for me I'm in the medical field so I'm well aware of a lot of things and how they should work I would call and request for the dr to call me that never happened and my father was here well over a month here my dad fell into icu , I would get the information from nurses not doctors which is a no! in the medical field. My father's physician was dr. Gonzales and his physician asst is valeria who was the one that I met and was so rude . She stated that my dad was cured from a chronic diagnosis, Now I know they were not aware that I was in the medical field so she gave that false information to the wrong one she became erratic when i said that , that was not possible once this medical condition becomes chronic there's no coming back especially if he's already had kidney failure...I then proceeded to put a complaint with the state , and the hospital who said they would take care of it whatever that meant but at least I know the state health dept did come in & investigate . I hope as a hopsital they can get there act together especially when they are located in a Hispanic community where people are not well aware of there rights

Marleen Tafoya

My dad has been here at this hospital for a week and has had the best care, and Maria from customer service came by she was great and helpful. We are very appreciative of the care he is receiving from the staff. From Ralph Tafoy

joanna j

You'll never be seen by doctors, so unclean, smells like urine. No one cares about the patience. Screaming,crying patients all day and night.


Worst customer service. I've called several times in order to make a payment and no one, literally no one could assist me. I would get transferred several times to different people and it just seemed they didnt even know who is in charge of what. Amanda Castillo, who no longer works there, was an excellent employee. She handled everything in a professional way. She was nice and understanding. I forgot the name of the woman who attended me today, but she was rude and nasty. No wonder I didnt care to remember her name. Anyways thank god I no longer have to call there.


This hospital sucks & no nurse in her right mind would work here they are mean and don't care about their jobs.

Bertha Flores

My mom was a patient there for almost four day. Very unhappy some of her nurses took a long time to check up on her, we didn't know about her results. But We did liked one of her nurses Monique she would be the only one that we notice that would check up on her more often. They also Allowed one patient to walk around and go in other patients rooms . This patient had rash all over her face and body and would scratch it and make it bleed and smear the blood on the walls. VERY UNSATISFIED!!

Irma Perez

My mom was admitted to this hospital on February 8, 2017. Initially, she was taken to Downey hospital and she was denied service there because of insurance issues. In the condition that she was, she should have been admitted there but no, they did not care and sent my mom in an ambulance to this hospital where they found the problem she had. Dr. Chu, Dr. Flores, thank you both for saving my moms life. All the nurses in ICU, thank you all for handling us and for taking care of my mom. When she got to this hospital they thought she was there because of kidney failure. When my mom was complaining of pain on the left side of her back, Dr. Chu did an ultrasound and saw fluid around my moms heart, he ordered for her to have surgery right away. They drained a litter and a half of fluid during the surgery and fluid kept draining for a few more days. This hospital doesn't have the luxury of the big hospitals but they treated us good. Administration was always willing to accommodate all of us. Thanks to Sergio and Maiza for all your help.

Brendy Salinas

This hospital experience was excellent! Im not gonna lie its not the best looking place but once my husband was admitted we were treated with courtesy promptness and compassion..the doctor not only saved my husband life but he was very caring after the procedure he checked on him and showed him that he cared..the nurse's were amazing constantly checking on him making sure he was comfortable..the nurse's were so nice they made sure i was comfortable and i was only visiting. Best team here in LACH! I wanna take the time to thank all the doctor s and nurses that helped my husband!!

Denise Acosta

First day, I was told a bed was ready. They transfered me here but the bed was not ready. They did not treat me or do any tests until 9 hours later. They did not give me a meal. Day two, I still have not spoken to a dr yet. I have told the nurse that I am a vegetarian but they did not accomedate my diet at first. My IV was leaking but all they did was turn the machine off. Saying they are busy and they will get back to me shortly. Hours later and they still have not attended to me. The IV has my antibiotics. Am I not suppose to be receiving my antibiotics as treatment? I feel like they are neglecting me and my unborn baby. I asked for prenantals but nothing yet. I never had issues at the California Hospital. They are probably delaying treatment just to keep me here longer to use up the insurance. This place needs to be investigated. The review saying there is one patient to one nurse, that is not the case here. I have two nurses but still I am being neglected. I am still waiting for them to give me my antibiotics whoch is right next to me. They just need to stop the damn leaking. Day 3, still have not seen my dr. I was told that I didnt need any medication that my baby is being hurt for nothing. This random dr said that the emergency I was at lied and said whatever they can to get me out and that I do not have anything wrong. It took this b- days to say this but she never reviewed the ultrasounds from er. Just sipping on her starbucks as she told me all that. Im frustrated with this place. Where is my actual dr? Why have they still not give me my prenantals? I havent had a bowel movement in days but they still havent had a call back from dr about it. Why does everything take days to do here?

Lisa Maioli

Jerome Garcia

Worse hospital ever wouldn't go.back everyone is lazy rude tried to get help and doctors and nurses always gave me problems.all last year they gave me problems receptionist always worried about make up very dirty nurses in triage Rude so are doctors always waiting on doctors more than 2 hours everyone is Rude.From Monica

Valerie rivera

Shawon Sarker

sherri woods

This place is the worst. It's disgusting, 4 patients in a room, people crapping in the room with no air flow. The nurses are slow as ever. I was served a regular breakfast, knowing I'm diabetic. Lunch, they still served me a regular meal after the nurse told them. I never got to have lunch. On my list, I can't have milk, noodles, breads or tortillas. They make me sick. Well there were spaghetti and rolls and milk. So I didn't eat again. The night time nurses are totally bad. I did have a few good nurses. I mean a few...

Abba Dura

Felica Jones

Hospitals like this should be shut down. It is a shame that people that are less fortunate must endure substandard care. The hospital is operating with only half the building with air conditioning. The room temperature was at least 80 degrees. I had to fight for a fan for my husband, who was going to have major surgery after being a victim of a hit and run car accident. I was concerned about bacteria (staff infections etc.) He never received a bird bath I had to do it on a sprained ankle. I will say that the nurses are trying to do the best they can under the circumstances It's a shame they have to work under those conditions.


I was here last year and I have to say I’m impress they got way better nurses are way better now compare to last year yes the building is old and still has the creepy look but that doesn’t matter what maters is how they treat you and the Nursed and doctors so far I can say I’m happy all the nurses that I had have are super nice and they worry about my health today the two nurses clean my wound they didn’t have to do it but they did since I had a lot of old tape around it they clean and they always came to see if I was ok

Ms Taylor

The staff here utilize what they have do care for patients. They have one patient to one nurse to ensure the quality of healing. My stay here was comfortable and staff was awesome. This is a good hospital to be placed in.

rhonda bautista

Absolutely horrible was to be an admit send through emergency waited 5 hours for a bed the place looks like a horror movie from Halloween you could see Michael Myers in the shadows wooden take a cat I love to a place like that

Norberto Bravo

Was seen in minutes of my arrival got medical treatment rapid response


I was transferred here from Cedars Sinai because I have medi-cal and they don't take medi-cal patients. I arrived in the middle of the night. My bed was ready, I was admitted, vitals taken, and immediately hooked up to a heart monitor, an IV. , and blood was drawn. In the morning at "rounds", it was as if my Doctor had been treating me for years . He knew everything regarding my condition. Which surprised me, considering the fact that he had done no exams or asked me any questions about my reason for being there. I did not like his over- confidence (he often used the phrase "I'm a good Dr.".) And while that may be true, I never heard another Dr. say it out loud. My nurses were fabulous, my food was good, my entire time there was comfortable and I always felt like I was in good hands. By the time I was transferred to a nursing home I'd had a chance to get to know my Dr. better. Bedside manner aside he was a good doctor. Thanks again to all great staff members who attended to me at Los Angeles Community Hospital, you saved my life.

Cheryl Love

This is the most horrendous place I have ever been to In My Life there is going to be a lawsuit pending with another hospital leaving for even sending me to that hospital this is not a hospital there is no doctor on the weekend and even though there is a PA and she will try everything she can to help you out but whatever orders she gives gets screwed up every time I was thrown out of that hospital after giving it a one-star review on Yelp after having blood poisoning and being in there for 3 days without solutely no care whatsoever I didn't even get my own home medication as prescribed! They didn't even carry most of my medication in the pharmacy so they ended up using my own home medication which is okay but really it's not necessary! I literally had the sheriff's called on me after the head coordinator guy came with security and several other people to my room about the Yelp review and threatening me and then I was threatened by doctors as well and when the sheriff's came I told the sheriff's that I would gladly tell them everything that happened and show them pictures and needless to say by the time I turn my back they had the sheriff's out of there so fast that wasn't funny they did not want the share of seeing the pictures I had more hearing what I had to say! I was thrown out on the streets with no home health when I am on palliative care most of the people in there are homeless and psych I literally had psychotic men to come into my room and I was on isolation meaning nobody was come near me needless to say I got a secondary infection and I was never treated for the first infection that I came in for so I have to go back to Huntington Hospital that referred me there and deal with the whole damn nightmare all over again and I could be dead by now because of this this is unbelievable! Either way I have a lawsuit crazy I literally have lawyers calling me already just hearing about the story and Huntington Hospital is even taking action against their own because they know that it was wrong to transfer me to such a horror place they knew it was bad they said but they didn't know it was that bad! Huntington Hospital was very apologetic I can't wait to see what happens today when I go back to Huntington I am extremely sick! With cardiac problems and I am DNR meaning do not resuscitate because I have a pacemaker and you can't Shock Me! Also for people to note I added pictures and it does say Maternity Ward but there is no maternity they cannot handle children at this facility! They have no x-ray on-site they have no CT on premises at all they will bring in a bus for X-ray and send you off campus whatever it's not even a campus it's just one building and it doesn't even look like a hospital apparently used to be a Skilled Nursing Facility and honestly I think I would be safer in a Skilled Nursing Facility! I am absolutely shocked by this place I have other pictures on another phone with show the filth and just deplorable conditions the pictures that I put up show the air conditioning system which is literally just recirculating filthy air throughout the hospital. You will hear patient screaming at all hours at the top of their lungs! I literally had to go outside when I was staying in the cardiac section at a prior visit because the noise level was so loud that it was affecting my heart and I was in there that time for septic shock as well! This is filled to the rim with Psych homeless drug addicted people who have absolutely no insurance! It's not right that anybody be sent to this hospital I don't care whether they're homeless or not! This Hospital needs to be shut down and it will be!

Esperanza Martin-Juarez

Worst hospital ever. My experience was nurse told him he did not need his pain meds. She looked high.

Veronica Carolina Sosa Sorto

(Translated by Google) Lousy attention (Original) Pésima atención

eddie C

I underwent surgery and surprised with the great and friendly staff all around. Courtney W. Was a great help to me in time of need.

Enoc Solano

Cecilia Aguilar

(Translated by Google) Very good attention for 13 years I had my first son there very good attention (Original) Muy buena atencion ase 13 años q ahi tube a mi primer hijo muy buens atencion

King Neptune

Im another “If i could give 0 stars i could” cliche. Horrible service, i told them i had a concussion they only focused on my foot and didn’t even give me crutches to help me walk all because my foot isn’t broken when it shouldn’t has to be. I told them I couldn’t out pressure on my foot as well as having a concussion and they didnt even examine my concussion. Attending caregiver:Robert gibbs only seen me once and only ordered a xray for my foot when i told them i was in a fall. If i knew I would’ve gotten this treatment, i would have went to a different hospital. Im complaining about my experience there to other staff members and everyone i said something too gave me a look as if they didnt care.

Mimi Rui

I wish I could give negative stars... For the love of everything good in this world, please never come here! If you do come here, please enter at your own risk!!! 1) Nurses NEVER wear gloves! Extremely unsanitary. Multiple times I had to inform my nurses to wear their gloves before putting on my IV. 2) You can never get a hold of a doctor. Mind as well not even have a doctor here given how nonexistent they are. 3) I was transferred here from Cedars Sinai, and at Cedars they were planning on giving me an treatment and procedure the day I came in; however, this hospital made me sit through 3 days (YES 3 DAYS!) before they did anything! Amazing how it takes them 3 days to do something that only takes Cedars 1 day. 4) Good luck getting any wifi service. They will waste your time. Probably trying to get the most of out of your insurance. AVIOD AT ALL COST!



Angela Esslinger

Im actually a patient now waiting for suegery every nurse every staff member here has been super nice. Dnt whhat the hell these ppl comnents are about but ive been here 3 days n no complainants other then my room mate n her damn coughing

Yicel Bonilla

Roberto Perez

It was exceptionally great.

Ben Chin

Give me a break. I'll admit it's an older facility, but it's still well maintained. I was transferred there from Saint John's ER the second day to keep my Medi-Cal cost down. I ended up in a quad, meaning there were four beds to a room. But you wouldn't know it because of the privacy curtains, just the occasional moans from your roommates. So as far as hospital experience is concerned, this is well within the norm. The mostly Phillippino and Latino staff were friendly and responsive. When asked to borrow a phone charger, the Asian staff member took half an hour to return with a charger, but I had no doubt he would follow through.

Juanita Gutierrez

E.R Verry bad service nurses and doctor are verry rude. Maria Gallardo helped me with the problem (verry nice person) 2 floor nurses are great had n.p

Ramon Chavolla

(Translated by Google) Today I was here for emergency 3 hours and 30 minutes and I was not treated very badly but other people left for the same reason (Original) Hoy estube aqui por emergencia 3 horas y 30 minutos y no me atendieron muy mal servicio mas otras des personas se fueron por la misma razon

Maja Kancevic Matevosyan

Coby Barnson

Grecia Sanchez

I feel like I have more medical background than some of the staff here. They took more than 2 hours to get lab results back to my brother in law! Supposedly because there were more critical patients, what the hell does nurses being busy have to do with lab work!? Meanwhile my brother in law received no treatment while we awaited his results. Rudest lady at the front desk as well. Didn't get her name, just know she has glasses and burgundy hair. Better off going anywhere else.

flavor/fuss/Harmonizer Kelly

This place the Dr,s & Rn,s the whole staff here r good people they realy take it 2heart &do there best Ake sure they have made your stay a present one. & If u r depressed or sad or even suicidal they take the time 2just sit by your side &they just talk with u or just listen 2u . & U can realy c it in their face's that they realy care..

Wahlene Seals

Miriam Leon

Pedro Contreras

(Translated by Google) Very good attention a little dirty but good (Original) Muy buena atencion un poco sucio pero es bueno

Maricela Zendejas

Worst hospital ever ......

Bryan Mejia

If I can give them a lower score I would one because when my Grandma was in the hospital her belongings including phone and cloths had been misplaced by the hospital after constant moving from room to room even when the nurses said they would look for it but still nothing after a whole month.

David Hernandez

(Translated by Google) It would be good to locate the small keys with your writing (Original) Seria bueno ubicar las cayes pequeñas co su escritura

Carlos Prado

Betty Sylvester

My experience there for the few hours i was there was great, the staff was very nice, they made me feel very unnervous. The place was very clea

Awkwardly ATurtle

My name is Veronica Pacheco, I espaced this awful hospital yesterday. I was transferred here from PIH because of my insurance, I was having chest pain. I was there for about 13 hours in bed, I stayed the night, they only took my vitals. I had really bad pain and in 13 hours, no one gave me any pain medicine even after I asked for some. And they told me that I had to possibly wait about three days until the doctor came by to see me. It's such a dirty hospital and it smells horrible! I had brought my blanket with me and I covered my face with it to mask the smell. There are people screaming from the pain because no one gives them any pain meds, it's like an asylum! I pretty much escaped from this horrible hospital. They didn't want to give me my discharge papers, but I was not going to stay in a place like this. They just keep you here because they want to charge the insurance more money, not because they're taking care of you. Please don't go here!

Kathi Merriam

Spent 12 hours in ER to find out have UTI. Bed uncomfortable for bariatric patients. Only given Tylenol for pain. Nurse more concerned with her comfort blast air than whether I as the patient freezing. Doctor Saturday day shift poor bed side manner. Staff do not help patients. Discriminate against bariatric patients. Now at 13 hours no ambulance

Eye LA

My dad was transfer from another hospital just to keep him monitoring. Unfortunately two nurses were rude to us.

The Domain

The nurses were rood it was terrible getto asf dont go there

Meli Casi

Worst Place ever... My brother is disable/adult and they sent us here, we needed a diaper for him, they have no diapers. No assistance in helping him change (he is 200lbs), staff is rude and unhappy - they hate their job and take it out on their patients. Doctors are dirty and smelly. Please do us a favor and close this Hospital down.. or change it to suicide hospital -- definitely NOT community!!!

Celestial air Co Toy

The nurse do a great job with little to no support from doctors on call. doctors responce time to see you is worst then I have experienced. other patients they also agree to my post. Management no need to post your excuses or justifications.

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