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REVIEWS OF Huntington Hospital IN California

Julia Lopez

Horrendous hospital. I've seen patients vomiting in the waiting room, waiting over 3 hours to get a room. Something is seriously wrong with the staff in the emergency department.

Tyeanna Graham

Worst service ever. Went in for emergency psychologocal assistance for a family member, sat for 4 hours with only vitals being taken. No sense of urgency, empathy or understanding. Never again will I refer this place to anyone.

James Gersbach

Amazing, clean, fast!

Alex Bell

I called ahead and they told me I would go straight into care to end up waiting 4 hours for a room, when I asked when It would be my turn every hour they said I was next. Once it hit hour 4 they had the audacity to tell me I was not as important as the other patients. By the time I was seen I was in so much pain and the nurses were extremely rude and sent social workers to try and help me by talking about it. I'M IN PAIN I DON'T NEED A FREAKING SOCIAL WORKER I NEED A DOCTOR. After waiting 2 more hours lying in that horrible room they tell me I'm the problem for my sickness and gave me something to fall asleep so I could be discharged. With how long i was there i could have gotten on the next flight home, seen my doctor and been home again. Long story short I left this hospital in pain and upset. and ended up flying home early to Seattle to see a real doctor.

Glen Kuniyuki

Brought my mom to ER and the entire staff here, front desk, admitting, technicians, nurses, doctors were all friendly, caring, professional and awesome! This is what a real hospital should look like and be like!

abel wu

I had my first baby here and so far it has been truely an amazing hospital. I am most impressed by the nurses here. They are so caring and competent in ways I don’t see in other hospitals. The facility is also amazing as well. Even though my baby has to stay in NICU, I am still having a great experience here.

Alyssa Smith

I had a very bad experience with one of the ED OB doctors (Mulvilhill, Maureen Ellen) here last night. She was extremely rude when I decided to go home and decided it would be a good idea to pretty much call me selfish and cuss me out because of it. She refused to listen to any of my concerns and told me “your OBGYN has no say in what we do here, I will not be calling her” this bothered me because I had strict orders from my OBGYN to be induced at 34 weeks due to ruptured waters. I had already been given IV antibiotics as well as magnesium, and steroids yet I was given them again without them even understanding the situation. This lady clearly had no idea of what she was doing


My gripe is with the surgical team at this hospital. My wife was admitted for emergent surgery after a miscarriage and we were told it would be a low-risk routine procedure that should take only about 20 minutes. It was 10:30pm and I was escorted to an empty waiting room in the hospital. The anesthesiologist spoke about the surgery with a flippant attitude and assured me that I would be updated as soon as the procedure was over. I waited alone with no word from a soul for 3 hours!. After the first 40 minutes, I began to worry and tried to find somebody on the floor nearby who could help, but no one was around. I then used a phone at the desk to call the operator who told me that she would phone the OR and recovery area and would call back with an update... I not got a call back. I then called the operator again and she said no body was answering the phone and she had no update. I asked her what floor and room number the recovery was and she did not give it to me, she said she would call again and would get back to me ASAP. Again , there was no return call, it's now over an hour and a half, I tried calling the operator again and after being on hold for quite a long time, and demanding that somebody update me. I was assured somebody was on the way. I waited, it's now over 2 and a half hours without any word or contact. I found a maintenance worker and demanded they take me to the OR recovery area. When we got to the area there was no access in. Finally, 3 hours after going in for a "quick, 20-minute procedure" I finally saw my wife. The Dr who assured me that he would speak to me after the surgery had long gone, and when I asked the PACU nurse why no body bothered to inform or update me, she was rude and gave the excuse "I was busy." REALLY!? was there no body else in the whole hospital who could have updated me? This was an agonizing experience that could have so simply been avoided. I know someone who was permanently disabled from a "routine" procedure like this and while sitting and waiting for hours, one starts to assume the worst.

andrea lyn

This is really a beautiful and clean hospital so far as I've ever seen. It's a nice place to volunteer.. The training I received through the volunteer office was very thorough and kindly given. Respect and care for patients well-being is always a top priority and if there should ever be any complaint or comment by a patient or visitor, it is always seriously taken and addressed as needed.

Kwamina Neizer

I just got home from this hospital today and I must say that I was thoroughly impressed. My wife delivered our daughter in this hospital and all the staff, especially in labor and delivery were exceptional. They were all very pleasant and attentive. A couple of the nurses who helped us out in L& D even came down to postpartum to visit my wife and the new baby the day after delivery. I must say I was hesitant about this hospital after reading some yelp reviews. I feel incredibly grateful that my experience at this hospital was what I will call top notch!

Sieyono Lee

Incompetent hospital, doctors inside are more worthless than dirt itself, unable to answer a biological question.


Overall good experience. Some of the staff was insensitive to special needs patients. Particularily the front desk.

Regan Boone

Saved my life twice! Great staff. Thanks

Haley N

My best friend was ill for along time and after so many times in and out of the hospital he built a relationship with the medical staff there. We can all imagine how difficult must be to know you are dying, as my friend did. There were those days he didnt want to be bothered, there were those days he needed love and understanding it was a very hard time for him. One day i walked in room of my friends at the entrance there was a lady t playing a huge harp, with an angelic voice almost looked like an angel. My first impression was oh my god hes dead, whats going on? I didnt know what to think. you would think this is a nice touch for someone is dying right? well it wasnt for my friend I will never forget the look on his teary eyes as he was shivering afraid because he was also confused, he said to me. why are they doing this why are they torturing me, i dont want to die yet. it broke my heart!!!...common sense it is not for everyone i called and complained about it. ironically my friend passed away from a head imjury nothing to do with all his medical problems. i was his power of attorney. we signed documents there and gave the nurses station a copy of them, well when he died they never notify me, medical records "sheena" said they didnt notify me because his chart was down stairs. I was like...are you serious?? there is no excuse for not allowing me to be there by his side. all because they were lazy. i have a voicemail where sae person admits being wrong and she apologize for the mistake....Haha it is not a thing it is someones life. ok so I called the hospital to retrieve his personal property clothing he was wearing, wallet, anything he had on him. Hospital doesn't know anything they never called me back either. I requested a medical report and it has been almost 2 months and i still haven't heard from them. i found out my friend had passed because i called coroners office and unfortunately they confirmed he was there. I am very resentful towards Huntington memorial hospital, there is no words to describe the agony they've caused me. it is very frustrating when you have so many questions and there is no one available to answer you. I often find myself feeling depressed and angry.the lack of professionalism i can understand sometimes they have interns and they learn as they go along, yet not being compassionate is beyond my understanding we are born with human instincts it is our nature to act like humans. Huntignton Memorial Hospital what a dissapointment!!!

Juliet Jones

Emergency department is pretty quick!

Lupita Villarruel

My husband die just because of this hospital they give an infeccion on his stomach he just went there to get blood transfusions and he get salmonella on his belly I ask why and the doctors only said wait for the results this is not fear for me and my two boys 10 and 11 years old be careful with this doctor Dr Maria Aranas

John M Piper

Hello there, Here's the story...In 2005 I was have pain in my right wrist because I am on the PC a lot and I thought I was getting Carpal Tunnel Syndrom so I went to Glendale Adventist hospital for help. After I went through triage and then put on a gown and was laying in bed in pain and waiting for the doctor, the very feminine gay nurse snuck up on me, opened my gown and slammed a syringe into my left buttock, and right into my sciatic nerve...I was in pain for a year from that, but I ended up going to Good Samaritan hospital in Los Angeles and received over two months, 3 epidurals shots into the base of my spine and I was pain free...until March 24th 2013...just walking down a flight of stairs, all of a sudden a sharp pain shot right through my hind side left and down my leg...and I knew exactly what that pain was...sciatic nerve on Sunday April 7th I just could not take this pain any longer and had a friend drive me to Huntington Memorial Hospital in Pasadena, Ca. I was taken after triage to a room with a bed and the whole time was in excruciating pain. The gave me an IV and whatever was in it did nothing for my pain, would not give me anything for this pain, but asked if I wanted to go home or be admitted...well I was still hurting extremely bad, so I said admit me...I got a nice room...but while trying to find a comfortable position in the bed that was in that room, realised the bed was some new kind of self-adjusting bed and would not stop moving!! The bed itself was not comfortable AT ALL so I asked the nurse if I could get a different bed, or room oh and ANYTHING for this pain that was holding steady on a pain scale at 10! She said 'No, there was nothing they could do.' So I got dressed, took me 30 minutes to do that struggling and asked to have a Taxi Cab called because I would rather be in my own "Non Moving" bed than fighting with the one I was given...whatever happened to any compassion for a patient to make us feel better and see to our comfort? I feel like calling an attorney and talk lawsuit again all involved that did nothing to help me...and I am STILL in major pain as I am writing this!! So what is wrong with this picture that I just painted?! Sincerely, One Seriously Pssed Off Patient, John M. Piper


This review is specific to the ER. I took my girlfriend there based on the advice of a local urgent care. They were concerned that she had appendicitis and felt an ER would get her the best and quickest treatment. Upon arriving to this ER, her vitals and subjective information was taken pretty fast. We were told by the charge nurse that the wait would be 2 hours. While waiting we were called in for some blood work. The phlebotomist working with us was very kind and put my girlfriend in a comfortable location to do the blood work. Unfortunately at the time he was working with us, a nurse came by and started yelling at him about the location he had us at for the blood work. Rather than wait until after we were gone from the area and other patients weren't around, this nurse threw a fit and wanted him to move us immediately. After the blood work was completed we went back to the waiting room for another hour. During this time my girlfriend ended up presenting with worsening symptoms. The staff there continued to do nothing with her. We ultimately ended up leaving before being treated and went to Glendale Adventist. There she was admitted immediately under suspicion of appendicitis. I'm amazed at the incompetence of the charge nurse at Huntington and their lack of urgency with many of the people waiting. I would not recommend going to this emergency room unless you absolutely have no other options.

karen segovia

This is the best hospital ever, I had surgery there two months ago and I felt like if I was in a hotel with really good food and excelent attention from the nurses that made me feel confortable and like if I was home, they took good care of me, and Dr. Todd B. Dietrick is amazing always caring for his patients and making sure they are getting the best care.

Maria Rodriguez

highly recommend this hospital.. i had surgery to repair my shoulder cuff. i was there for 9 hour. very nice staff . wow thanks to all that helped me.

Ariel Ramos

I asked to be transfer to billing if u know there in lunch why do you still transfer the call

Emily Covington

When my mother was passing away, we had very skilled, professional, kind, and knowledgeable staff caring for her and our family as we transitioned to her passing. I am a nurse and have been on the other end of this for many years, but found my mother's passing very difficult. The weight of the decision-making laid on my shoulders. Huntington Hospital staff were wonderful by supporting us, caring about us and for us. Thank you all. You are fantastic!

Steven Brokaw

The best hospital in Southern California hands down PERIOD.........

Rob Armendariz

Staff very helpful and friendly

Julio Villegas

The nurses in triage were doing their job but once they put me in a room I have been waiting for 1 hour for the nurse , I asked the lady at the front desk for water because I have to fill the urine specimen and they just told me to go back to the room beautiful facility but the people are lacking in their job initiative pass the triage

Patrick Prentice

Excellent hospital! Professional and friendly staff, and amazing facilities! It was like a five star hotel!

Chris Derry

I was born here February 14th 1955 I think I was switched and went to the wrong family. I got


Customer service was terrible. My mother was obviously in very severe pain, and they had no patience or respect. we immediately went to a different hospital.

David Jauregui

If not the best one of the best hospitals in the nation...

victor fraire

disrespectful self entitled nurses at this hospital, who ever hires these people feel that they are superior among us patients, must be reported, total negligence.

Aaron Klinsmann

What a terrible terrible place. They need to reconsider everything about it. The staff, the methods, the communication, the temperature or at least the comfort of their patients... I was hopeless and came to speak with someone about the next step to take in my mental health, to seek some sort of help of any kind. i arrived at eleven and was in the waiting room until 5 am. They drew my blood and tested my urine and told me nothing about either (which is hilarious considering i think i might have a bladder infection, but not the main focus here). I specified every time I saw someone that I just needed to talk to a psychiatrist or someone who can have a conversation with me but they just told me someone would come and to just lay down. The next day was when they moved me to the hallway and I saw the horrors of how they treat their psychotic patients. They speak to them like animals or small children, and openly argue about actions and complaints they have right in front of the patients. The patient in question kept saying he thought they put something in his IV, and instead of doing the logical thing and nicely (and briefly) explaining that the IV was to help him, and that he is in a safe place and they are going to make him feel better, they abruptly tell him to sit down and let them continue. The way they speak is so stern, and mostly involves "do this" or "don't do that". There is no feeling of hospitality, no feeling of comfortability. Not once was there an explanation, a nice word, or even a calm or gentle tone of voice. For someone with psychosis that is the worst thing you can do. The workers there remind me of workers at Taco Bell, or Goodwill, though I've experienced register clerks that were better. One doctor stormed off in an angry fit after arguing with another doctor in front of the patient. I just sat there and watched, until finally someone spoke to me. An intern social worker. The only person in the whole facility that actually seemed like they could do their job. She came back some time later with a sheet of paper with some clinics and such to call. Wow. I come in saying my life is absolutely hell and they make me sit in the cold five hours, and on a slab for another five, for them to hand me a sheet of paper. That was the most expensive sheet of paper I've ever been handed in my life. Also may I add that they marked my issue as "dissassociation." It's called dissociation, and it's one of the most common symptoms aside from depression and anxiety, and it's ridiculous that even the psychiatrist there didn't know what it was. I was a severe case and they just kept asking me if I hallucinate (I don't, thanks.) I could pick a million descriptor terms to further express the terribleness here, but hopefully you can come up with a few yourself.


The worst ER I've ever seen. It's a shame that a beautiful hospital has this bad of an ER. The people in admitting have what they think is this cute and funny way of dealing with people who ask how much longer the wait is. They say things like " probably 8-10 hours." And when you actually see them smirking with eachother, it really feels like they just slapped you in your face, which obviously they would love to do. Unprofessional and uncaring.

frank vazquez

Great hospital... I was in the ER last week and ALL staff is amazing... ER nurse Cassandra was amazing and answering all our questions... When I got admitted and went upstairs the other nurse KAT was making sure we were fine and was even tracking down the doctor so that we could get out quicker... She knew we were ready to leave and was trying her best to get us out. They answered all our questions and seemed to legitimately care about the patients

Florian Borgeat

went there for 2nd degree burn on my feet. waited 5h to be finally see by a doctor who checked my feet for 2 min, a nurse applied cream on them and sent me home. $1,000 . when calling to talk to have more info for my insurance, they hang up 4 times already. this hospital look pretty but is not.

Charissa Chan

My brother ended up in the hospital for at least 3 weeks, including undergoing brain surgery. The staff, nurses, doctors and surgeons were awesome. Most the nurses were attentive, doctors (residents) were thorough and answered all questions. The place itself was clean, spacious and as most people who visited said, "this looks like a resort." I mean there is valet parking people.

Virginie Drouot

Wow! thanks to all the nurses and doctors from the ER to the Neurosciences Stroke Unit, including the ICU, you saved my life and you were all so nice, professional and efficient. Very well organized, everyone cares and gives 200%. Thank YOU

Ashley alba

Love this hospital

Its Pee

This hospital is very clean. The staff here are very caring and enjoy helping the patients; they atmosphere they bring is warm and welcoming. The cafeteria is also very spacious and clean.

Yuman Samano

My son had the best care in pediatrics, the doctors nurses and the rest of the staff where great.

Adam Lurvey

Never been inside, but looks nice from the outside. It's fun to watch a helicopter land on the helipad.

sumita ghosh luthria

Excellent services by all staff , doctors, nurses . and volunteers were very kind and compassionate. But valet parking men need to learn manners and be polite . One of them went in length to insult me cause I complained about misappropriation of the valet ticket at the stand .These workers need to be trained n organized . There should be poster posted to form a line , so no confusion arises !

Patrick Gharibjanian

We waited for 7 hours to get into ER but no success. My friend was almost dying, but no body cared. The worst experience I had with a hospital. Ashley and Danny did not help at all. We left the hospital without any treatment.

e Ramirez

Way better than Arcadia Methodist! Helped my father get rid of bacteria infection that turned into MRSA, because of Methodist.

Jerry Martinez

If you can go to another ER, don’t come here. I have been here a 3 times . First of all the intake nurses input incomplete info and aren’t the friendliest. The ER staff as a whole most Nurses , PA’s and Doctors are rude except for a few . They to be monitored for customer service and the empathy they show the patients. They need could learn from the support staff like phlebotomists. Radiology and Transport . They have to remember why the choose this profession . They need to pray they don’t find themselves in a health crisis and be on the receiving end of the care and service they put forth.Hospital management needs to get a handle on this once prestigious institution . It may look pretty on the inside but the inside service is decaying.

Art Haj

You come here for emergency purpose, you never leave.. They run every test on you to make as much money from you as possible! Then the doctor's have attitude when you refuse!

Benjamin Miller

i used to be a doctor there delivering 10,000s of babies... i went there with a dislocated ankle that needed a reduction... they gave me a muscle reduction told me i was faking stealing muscle off my body probably to eat, and now i can barely walk i have a crippled foot, there is no history of the rape kit they took, and apparently my rapist who stalks me goes to the hospital at the same time as i do and they tell the cops to go easy on him. i still can't walk right two years later, they took a bed away from me with two dislocated ankles and an ass that was fisted with two fists for two hours in and out i still have injuried 2 years later, and they told me to walk and i was faking, an orderly treated me like he was my doctor and discharged me for a bed for a woman who had already given birth in like 10 minutes of pushing out a vagina... my ass had two surgeries since then and i need further foot surgery that would have been fixed without the muscle reduction , a foot reduction is when they allign the bones of the foot they took muscles off my body...

Derek McCullogh

Great service, payed attention to detail with peoples health, great group of people working there, I had a wonderful experience


Cleen & frendly

Yi Xu

Really bad ER. I have been there twice. One time they mailed the insurance to the wrong place. Because of that, the insurance company refused to pay. At the same time, the hospital refuses to file a proof of mailing to wrong place. I took me a year to argue with them just to let them mail a proof! Second time in ER, feel really bad after taking a kind of pain killer and fell down. Some nurse yelled at me from doing that because she thinks I still have my conscious.

Ruth Gonzalez

My husband was here for stroke and all the staff are very helpful care in people even the doctors..

Trevor Scott

Had a conference here and it was awesome great info desk and food!

Nana forChrist

Kind staff. Considerate of patien's fears. Clean looking. Entrance looks like you are arriving at a Spa. Colon re-section went beautifully for family member.

Danielle Miller

ER is horrible. If you're actually in a state of emergency you'll probably die before you see a doctor. Staff talks down to you and does irrelevant testing that doesn't match your symptoms. Why am I getting an abdominal CT when I'm here barely able to breathe? Why am I waiting so long to see someone when I need immediate attention? Why did no one AT LEAST give me a rescue inhaler to see if I have asthma and don't know it? I was in this past month a few times referred by my doctor after I was having some really severe symptoms - barely able to breathe, and basically mixed symptoms that could be seen as diabetes/ketosis, respiratory arrest, or meningitis/something wrong with my brain. All bad things that need ruling out ASAP. Instead I was basically brushed off with anxiety? Also wait time is astronomically bad. 8 hour wait someone else mentioned isn't a joke. It's literally faster for you to take a train or drive to Scripps Encinitas in San Diego, get better and faster care and not just random testing, and then take a car or train home, than it is to go here.

Zhe Jiang

Very bad experience! We need pay $250 copay. However, we didn't receive any bill from the hospital. We called the bill centre and were told there was no record for us. Suddenly, we received a letter from a debt collection agency and said we need to pay the $250 plus interests immediately. One of my friends met the same thing in this hospital. How ridiculously it is! Hate it!

Brendan Sanford

Wonderful, caring and respectful nurses and very knowledgeable doctors!

Tobias Gorsline

Man's World - Nothin Without A Woman!

Castro Carlos


Tesha Dianne Allen

I was taken to the ER. The staff was attentive, pleasant and if their area of expertise, they answered my questions in language someone not from a medical background,, could understand.

win mg


Adriana Sapetto

Delivered my baby here and I cannot express how incredibly wonderful the nurses, doctors, pcas and lactation consultants were. The nurses were always available and made sure to explain everything to us, constantly checking in and making sure that we were doing ok. The lactation consultants helped me latch baby almost immediately, and would stop by to make sure she was doing ok. So glad that I was able to deliver my baby here as the entire experience was truly wonderful

Jasmine Gonzalez

Lack of professionalism! Went in the emergency room & had to get surgery so they sealed up my wallet to put in a safe that I was told, would be easy to get ahold of after surgery. Post surgery I had to spend 3 hours asking the emergency staff for answers on my wallet & they avoided me & giving me answers so I had to walk around the main lobby, ask one of the officers for help, and do everything in my control to get the emergency ppl to take me seriously & begin locating my wallet. My pain started kicking in & I had to struggle to buy my med due to my money & cards being in a “safe”. Absolutely incompetent staff! To top it off, I had to go home & spend hours calling the admitting office the next day & drive back to the hospital to recuperate my long lost wallet! Patients who had surgery should not have to deal with this kind of problem * I DO NOT recommend TRUSTING these people with your belongings* * I DO NOT recommend coming here for emergencies*

Krystle Retolaza

Dr. Mary Mazel saved my sons life! He was transported here with norovius and hipavirus while suffering from “status asthmaticus” he was only 5 years old and was so scared everyone was so sweet to him and I was treated so well, they even helped us fix our insurance my kids lost their coverage a few weeks before and I was in the middle of fixing everything when Maks got sick, when Maks was released Debbie comer from RT department helped us get his meds that he was discharged with a local pharmacy, were actually on our way to the asthma clinic both my boys are a part of with Debbie and dr. Chen this place is amazing! We have since moved from Covina to Ontario and I happily make the drive every other month for their appointments! ❤️❤️❤️ good hospital, more important caring employees


Our 3 children were born here. My mother was hospitalized here after here stroke. My father had his gallbladder surgery here. My son had his appendix surgery here. Excellent treatment and service by the doctors and staff.

Thelma Wakita

I visited my husband today at HMH. A patient coordinator in the CCU asked me to move into my husband's room because I was INFRINGING her patient's right for privacy by standing near the empty nurse's station. The nurse's station was empty, the doctor & his team were on the other side of the hall and I was thinking more of my husband and did not have time to listen to any conversation or gossip going on around me. The medical care is very good but some of the employees needs sensitivity training. .

Kelly Turner

Greatful I wasnt refused

Sue S

Good hospital, good service but long wait in the ER. I understand they have to attend to sicker patients first but It would be great if they were to communicate more with people who are waiting. The nurses and doctors are competent and hard working. Thank god for foundations and philanthropists that help operate non- profit hospitals.

Jen Kert-Ransweiler

I called ahead and was told they weren't crowded. Got there 30 minutes later with my 7 year old daughter who had fallen on her arm and was in pain. They made her wait 4 hours! By the time we got out of there it was 5 hours and 11 pm at night. While we were in the waiting room I saw other people come and go. A man in his 60's had cut his finger and he was in and out in an hour. When the doctor saw her after 4 hours she immediately got her pain medicine. They said only her wrist was broken but when I took her to the orthopedist the next day he said it was her wrist and elbow. And they gave us a prescription for a medication that has been discontinued. Who makes a child wait for 4 hours with a broken arm?

Norma Prado

A beloved one was there a few years back. Because it was our first time this happen we thought we were doing the right thing by taking our loved one to the ER. I wasn't there when he was taken there to the ER. But when I got there and seen that my loved didn't look right and was told to wait like everyone else. I was furiest. The nurses said that he wasn't shot or stabb so he had to wait like everyone else. I raised hell my poor loved one was getting worse by the minute. It turns out my loved one had a stroke that day. But they wouldn't take my love one because they weren't shot or stabbed. It makes you think right?? My loved one passed away about year ago. And yes they made me sign papers. Thank you Huntington Memorial, you could have saved a life.

serena fontaine

Avoid Retino in ER Fresh out of no name residency program and a Caribbean met school. Arrogant and egoistic, She walks around as if she owns hospita. She interrogated me In such a hostile and condescending attitude why I was having chest pain and difficulty breathing(almost a heart attack caused by another ER) and threatened me before she almost stormed out. She also lied up all my ice chest CT being normal. Her attitude was as if she was talking to a criminal she didn’t treat me at all and her threat went down in vain when she kicked me out in the same conditions I came in Triage Asian nurse May has significant language and cultural barrier doesn’t even understand what root canal is And was so rude cutting me off and making assumptions whereas I overheard a Caucasian old lady carried on as if she was a PCPs office and me would not interrupt at all. Stay away from ER Dr. Tim Lin D.O. Who was an x-ray technician in Huntington and ER Dr. Kysai. Lin Is completely ignorant will sit around and do nothing, and treat you like a criminal based on your insurance and if it turns all you have better insurance his attitude changes or 180 degree. Both knows nothing about central nervous system damage toxicity ,and Fibromyalgia, stroke and Other neurological conditions. Be aware to check your medical records to see what the right income. The best is to wear a USB recorder so the mean nurses and bad Drs can I bully you. Also avoid Dr. Kimberly Shriner who is an infection is disease specialist and try to pay aneurologist and any of her entrouge, esp. rude Jr. physician Dr. Schneider And anyone from Southern California neurologiy. that caused me severe central nervous system damage . Best ER doctors are Dr. Rhee and Dr. Coburn.

Nikki Sweet

One of if not the most amazing hospitals I have ever been to. I recommend it with the utmost conviction.

Baby Gronk

Went there to get pain relief for my mouth that needed surgery. Stayed waiting for 4hours crying in pain in the main lobby, asked for another room to wait in, so I wouldn’t have to be vulnerable in front of others, they told me absolutely not! Eyes closed, leg shaking in pain, my wallet fell out of my pocket and someone scooped it up with 700$ in it two days before Christmas. There security and front desk did absolutely nothing to help me or check cameras. So after waiting for four hours and only getting blood drawn and my wallet stolen, crying in pain, I left. 2 months later I get a 700$ bill in the mail HAHA! Not paying it. If you want crooks that don’t care about your well being, this is the spot to go to ! absolutely TERRIBLE STAFF THAT DONT CARE read all the comments you will find more bad than good about this place! 1 star hospital! And negative 1 star staff and security!

Eve Hayes

I would NOT recommend ANYONE to deliver (give birth) at Huntington Memorial! They are very insensitive and inconsiderate to the families who are there to support and take part in such a memorable and happy occasion. They make such a happy day so un-ejoyable and miserable for the parents to be and their families. Their rules and regulations are so stringent. They take "security" to whole different level! They do not allow families, not even the grandparents of the soon-to-be-born baby, to be in the delivery room offering their support to their daughter while they wait for her to go into labor. We were there for 12 hours. They made us wait in the tiny waiting room (no bathrooms anywhere near-have to walk back out behind the lobby to go to a bathroom) and would only allow us to go back in, one to two people at a time, and would only allow us to be there for few minutes, then we had to come back out. The room had two rolling stools but nothing comfortable for the family to sit on. In two separate occasions the two grandmothers asked to be buzzed in, the girl at the desk denied them entry without so much as an explanation. I asked to take my son back (5 year old who'd been waiting for over 6 hours to see his cousin) but they wouldn't let him in (this was before my niece went into labor). Later on in the night, another family came in with two children roughly the same age as my son, and they were both allowed to go in....hmmm? That family's grandparents showed up later, and were not allowed to see their grandchild after she was born. They had driven from far to see their grand kid, and were not allowed to go back to see her and were sent away! That family left so upset and deflated, I felt really bad for them. Both my sister and my niece-in law's mother came in from Guam and Florida to be there for my niece, and were forced to wait in the waiting room THE ENTIRE DAY! Only my nephew was allowed to be in the room. Once the baby was born, they didn't let anyone back to see the baby---by chance we happen to run in as they were taking her to the maternity room and got a glance of her while they were moving them to the new room . Earlier that evening, my husband was going back home with my son since they were not allowed to go in. I walked my son out to the car (security saw me walking out the door with my son- I was also wearing the pink hospital visitor sticker in my blouse). They watched me put my son in the car, when I tried to walk back in, they told me they couldn't let me back in because the doors closed at "8 pm". They told me if in order to get back in, I had to walk all the way around back in through the emergency room or wait for somebody to walk out, but that they could not swipe their badge to let me back in!! Their rules and ridiculous and overboard to absurdity!!! DO NOT DELIVER THERE!!!

Idir Tameriout

They have the worst service I’ve ever seen in my life, they are super slow and don’t care about the patients, I’ve been to this hospital a couple times, either for me, my wife or a friend, in the past 5 years this hospital is going from bad to worse, the employees (doctors and nurses) are super rude and they get upset when you try to understand, I know they are doctors but they are not gods, lastly I’ve been in a different hospital over the world (France, Germany...etc) I wouldn’t compare this hospital to them because hospitals in Africa are much better in service and what ever you can think. You guys need to change your attitude.

Melina Mendez

Best hospital, I'm si thankful with all the stuff who work here they are so kind. Also to Dr. Chamaint who save my life and my Baby's.

Robb Armendariz

Peaceful atmosphere good security.staff and Drs very friendly and helpful

roze molina

Doctors and Nurses are wonderful. Love this place!

Kyle Tallman

Never been to a more useless hospital in my life

R Gaston

This is a horrible place don't go here. 1st they asked for my insurance before they began treatment or checking my vitals. which i found out is illegal. They never took my temperature but said I had pneumonia. I waited 4hrs in the ER. The restroom was nasty. They treated me like a 2nd class person, rushed me out of the ER. I had blood pressure that was 146/101 they sent me home. Dont go here they are horrible. Id rather walk 50 miles than go here. Worst experience of my life.

kitty kitty

hospital was lovely! but inside downstairs at the cafeteria I was getting food and this lady with jet black hair by name Tabatha Crawley was extremely rude and threw food at me because she claimed I was rude to her! horrible cafeteria lady! I wanted to look for her boss but he wasn't there

Atoya Turrentine

The worst hospital ever! They don’t care about the patients if they are not insursed. They will literally set them out in the street in pain with barley any medicine. Not a good hospital at all

سعيدة ملاخي

Well.... They saved my life, and after I was discharged they made sure I had proper doctors by following up with me when I was at home. Because of them, I got better doctors, which has also saved my life.

john d

I came in with chest pain from a car accident and I left worst. The doctor couldn't do much. My chest pain got worst. I would have died. I found my own remedy and resolutions.

Kruger Vorhees

i was being mistreated just because of my political view.

Vera Rabadi

I was brought in by the ambulance to ER it was the most horrific experience that I ever had in my entire life at that ER I felt like I was was nobody to the Asian doctor that was on duty my husband tried to ask him a question his respond was I am busy while he was sitting using the computer for over an hour.

Kelvin Mok

Went into ER for internal bleeding a year ago, ER staff appears quite overloaded as if a bunch of chickens with their heads detached. Other staff, like janitorial and administration appears calm and professional. Once I was admitted to the hospital proper, the staff were helpful, attentive, and accommodating. Even had good and efficient response to a new allergic reaction. Facilities were also very up-to-date. Hospital seriously needs more ER staff.

Mayra Torres

I had my Son at this hospital on 5/22/17, by c-section. I had no one staying with me during my recovery at the hospital, so I pretty much needed to rely on the nurses to get my baby for me. The second day of my c-section I called the nurse (a travel Nurse by the name of Mariellou) around 9pm to help me get my baby that had pooped. All i needed was for her to help me get my baby so I can change his diaper, she rudely said "you can change him on your lap." Gave me 2 wet wipes and the diaper and walked out of the room before I could say anything. So I buzzed her to let her know I needed more wipes, that 2 was not enough. She came in with a handful of them gave them to me and walked out. I also had let her that my pain Ned's were due in an hour. She never came in. I had to buzz her to let her know the my pain Ned was due an hour ago. She did not look happy to assist me. I was trying to comprehend why she had decided to be so dismissive and rude to me, it's not like I was sitting in my bed having her do everything for my baby. It was my second day after surgery and just wanted her to help me up and I would do the rest. What I initially got from this hospital is that they are stingy with the medication, and lack patient care (due to being overworked). Also the room I stayed in had a spider issue. The only good thing I have to say about this hospital is that the pedestrian that's assisted my Son was wonderful and caring!

Katey M

Today I was here with my husband for a procedure. They put him in a room that shares with another patience. He was tried n the patient next to him was so loud n rude. Our nurse was outstanding. The patient next to us was waiting to go to surgery. She had her whole family n no considerations for my husband. We are not happy that they put him in a double room. Hopefully we dont have to come back here. If we do...we will ask for a private room. The procedure that he had was not an easy out procedure he needed rest and the nurses attention Even our nurse would come in and apologize for them being loud .She even asked us to lower the the tv voulme because she couldnt hear my husband. If you come out of surgery make sure you get a private room. NOT HAPPY WITH THE RECOVERY ROOM FOR PATIENT THAT R WAITING OR OUT OF SURGERY.

Sunshine Taylor

This is the WORST hospital I’ve EVER been in. In 2/19 I was admitted through the ER I was there for 4 days. The doctors are idiots. There didn’t know what to do it’s was like they all were students. I had to cal my doctor from cedars hospital tell him what was going on he had to call the HEAD dr in charge of me to tell him what to do. MF SHAME. After 4 days I finally got out. How one more thing while was there one shift took my IV out and my monitors off and left it for 2 hrs and when I asked her she said she ddnt know I was her patient Now I’m hoping this was a bad unfortunately I needed to go again to the ER for CHEST PAINS I got there with 2 people ahead of me I waited 1 1/2 hrs to X-ray 30 for blood I told the muse which arm but she was sooooo sure she knew what to do I explained u will only one once “ she missed ; no blood. 1hr later 39 mins ekg.. now they called me to bk but in order to get there I MUST go in wheelchairs. Well hell I’ve been walking and waiting for 3hrs I could hv died. I get to the the nurse asked why wad I upset I v her the rundown she tells the dr and u heard him say “oh well that’s her problem... REALLY... smh .. it’s the worst

Katherine Stover

Boyfriend went in for routine surgery, should have been out the same day. 8 days and 3 surgeries later they wanted to keep him another 4 days and do yet another surgery...we left AMA Wouldnt go there or reccomend it ever. Most of the nurses after check in were ok except a few but leading up to getting a room every nurse was a huge B****. They Didnt feed my boyfriend or let him jave ANY water for 8 days. This place is messed up please stay away your life may depend on it!!


Stay away if you have an emergency you better goto a different hospital I Was in a car accident I went to the emergency Room with a broken hip they told me my hip was not broken and to go home. they kept wanting to give me a flu shot. I refuse to go home needing service I stayed in the hospital for 2 days I was not offered a gown or any water I had to ask for everything when I asked to be transferred to a different hospital they told me that I have to have an MRI before they will transfer me When I was finally transferred to another hospital I took the x-rays that were taken at Huntington with me none of the x-rays were any good. they had to take all new x-rays And the doctor wanted to do "exploratory surgery" I would not tell my worst enemy to go there

Mel Aldama

I can’t believe they’re throwing me out, I had a hysterectomy Monday night it hasn’t even been 3 whole days and they’re kicking me out, I’m in a lot of pain, and they made a comment saying this isn’t a hotel. Wow! And I use to think this was a nice hospital. I should of went to San Gabriel Hospital like my doctor advised me to. I won’t ever choose this hospital again. Treating me like I’m some kind of bum that is homeless. Saying this isn’t a hotel. I’m really shocked and sad that they’d treat me this way, I just got my stomach cut open. I definitely don’t recommend this hospital if you’re needing Surgery or something that takes a long recovery. They will kick you out with no care in the world of how you feel!! Let me add that after kicked out I couldn’t get my pain meds I was in the pharmacy crying Like a baby. I shouldn’t have had to experience any of This. Had the hospital waited and let me gain strength a couple more days i wouldn’t have experienced that. Forced to get out it left me with muscle and nerve spasms from having to move so much so soon. My recovery has been a nightmare all because this hospital is so fixated on making money by bringing patients in and out. Mind you I do have good insurance and I will be having to pay for my stay there so it’s not like I was trying to live Somewhere for free maybe because they saw my husband staying with me not sure but he took off a week from work to be with me. Over all I’m very upset with this hospital they’ve made this a nightmare for me, thanks Huntington and I use to say awesome things about your hospital! I had two of my babies there. Way to go on how to treat returning patients!!

Fernando C

Great and corteous staff! They definitely treat patients as they should, as human beings not some sort of animal they wanna get rid of in 15 min (as in most of hospitals)

Michael Wilhelm

We had quite a long stay here, from Perinatal High Risk unit to maternity to finally the NICU. Amazing care and staff. I couldn't imagine a more well rounded hospital. The ammentities are impressive for a hospital. And the medical expertise and equipment is fantastic. Highly recommend this place if you have any choice in the matter, unlike we did as our baby had her own plans :p

Martha De Perez

I love this ER, today I was lucky to go in when it was empty. Always great care, nice people and amazing Doctors. Thank you guys ! Keep up the great work !

Aline S.

I get to ER my dad was just brought by Ambulance they wouldn't let me in. He's alone and not fluent in English and he had stroke recently. It's really unreasonable to not let one visitor in. He's not in trauma. I'm ER Nurse as well, in these situations need some compassion and understanding of family and patient emotional needs instead of following procedures and policies. So inhumane.

Kirstyn Ewing

Absolutely worst ER ever!!!! I work at loma Linda Er and I would never recommend this hospital to my worst enemy. They threw my husband outside wouldn’t let him sit in the lobby and wait for his ride after discharge at 4am !!! I was 2 1/2 hrs away so for 2 1/2 hrs my husband was sitting out in the cold! What kind of care and compassion is that?!? It will be my mission to make sure security that was on that night and the RN both lose their jobs!!!

Jorge G de Cossio

My daughter is in the NICU and all the staff has been great.

Stephen Wratten

On April 14, 2017, I was having trouble breathing and overall did not feel well. At 12 noon I checked into the Emergency room at Huntington Hospital, I received an EKG, blood test, chest X-ray, blood pressure and oxygen saturation test. i was then seated in the waiting room. I made the hospital clearly aware that I have an Atrial Fibrillation situation, brought all my medications to the ER. I waited four hours in the waiting room, never was spoken to by anyone let alone a doctor and finally left the ER. Huntington Hospital has nice appearing rooms but the service is medically lacking in service and sorely lacking in showing any concern for a patient. In the future I hope I will never see the Huntington Hospital ER again, their staff are completely lacking in patient impathy, concern for life or any other type of common medical professionalism.

McBrida Bavarly

great they have great stuff there

Peggir Welt

Good caring doctors and nurses took really good care of me!

Crystal McLean

Staff and doctors were efficient, fast, and caring. I had an enlarged and extremely painful bartholan cyst which made it difficult to sit, stand, and walk. I went to the ER where I was seen in under an hour. Everyone listened and was thoughtful, from providing me with a bed to lay down, lots of top shelf medication to ease the pain, thorough test to check blood heart and lungs, to giving me warm blankets. Best of all the doctor fixed my problem. He drained the cyst, gave me antibiotics, and an hour to rest and recover before leaving. Overall HMH was comfortable, and clean, with a patient and attentive staff of collaborative medical professionals who are the very best at what they do. I would recommend HMH to everyone!

Dorian Ortega

Always good to have someone with you there

Jennifer orvis

I have to say, this hospital saved my life. I encountered severe seizures, with no explanation. I was admitted back in 2010, and they had me in the epilepsy monitoring unit. Turns out I had epilepsy, and with proper treatment I’ve been seizure free for years! They were all so kind, and offered the best care ever, when I lived in the Pasadena area for a few years. Too bad we don’t have such great hospitals here in Kansas.

Diana Wei

Hospital resort. Surgeries at East Tower 2nd floor. Park at North Lot. $22 for 7day in/out. Private rooms, semi-folds out chair for those sleeping over. Service here is incredible. Wifi: Guest. After 4days of sleeping over, highly recommend the rock star surgeon/doctor Walter Burnham for any back surgery, super duper attentive and compassionate staff RN Rowena, PCA Christian and PCA Ed at East Tower, 6th floor. Day of surgery: 1. Park north lot. $6 for 24 hours of when start, valet is $7 per day before 12am, $22 for 7 days can come in and out. 7 day pass must be purchased before they close it at 10pm? - Visitor entrance after 8PM is thru ER way and parking. - Lot is sectioned by physicans, carpool, employee, patient/visitor with a elevator and stairway area. - For those trying to avoid the parking lot, there is street parking and a Vons plaza (2hr max, customers only) across the entrance of hospital. Careful for overnight. 2. Main entrance - get visitor badge sticker to place on yourself. 3. 2nd floor check in. - 12PM checkin time. Patient will get a urine and blood test done and just wait. 4. Only 1 visitor can go into check in. 2nd and other visitors can wait at waiting room for an hour until see the patient before the surgery starts. - Waiting room 5A-8P has free water, tea, coffee. Plenty of seats and outlets around. Friendly staff in the front and will answer questions. TV screen with surgery info. Another TV for visitor entertainment. USA! USA! Olympics! - Patient gets a layered gown that has it's own heater with customized settings!!! - Inside waiting room is a private room with own toilet, sink and tv. - Staff and nurses are ridiculously nice and compassionate. - 4PM surgery time (not usually suppose to be spread this far part. Suppose to be a 2pm check in time instead. We were giving credit vouchers toward parking or cafeteria because of the inconvenience. Incredible service, unexpected.) 5. After see your patient, wait in waiting room again. - 7PM was original surgery time (lower back spine surgery). We were told it got pushed to be complete at 9PM, but actually was 1130PM. 6. Waiting room area - The surgeon will find you here to tell you about the surgery. If you already had an assigned room, the waiting room area is still the same place to wait for him. The nurse will come get you to bring you to the patients assigned room, or you can ask the front desk staff. 7. Private room - Our RN Cristina and PCA Ed were awesome help. Marie was super knowledgable and helpful the next day. - Patient will be thirsty. Staff will give small ice cube in a cup. Either cold or hot water (half half to make warm) can be given by the staff. - And if sensitive to the medication pumped into them, then the patient will be nauseous and might puke. - The private room is spacious with 3 chairs (1 rolls and semi-folds out to sleep on), your own private restroom, movable commade and shower, tv and a window view. - staff were nice to give me blankets for staying over. 8. Food is ordered via phone - huge variety that include liquid foods. Cereal, yogurt, eggs, meats, fruits, desserts, juice. 9. Physical Therapist - Michelle, nicest lady ever, super patient and informative. Back brace was suppose to be ordered ahead, think someone forgot. He was suppose to be standing and doing a CAT scan within 2hours after surgery. It was fine, therapist was able to still help a lot. Cafeteria/food - Huge variety of cold and hot food for a hospital ($3-$4 pizza, $3 cup miso turkey soup/clam chowder/tomato, oatmeal, cereals, different drinks from juice to lactose free milk, hamburgers, customized salads, microwaveable food, $2-$3 small cup of candy m&ms or gummy bears). It's still a hospital and its okay food. But they have their own starbucks!!! - Closes at 8PM, reopen 9PM. - Vons is a better option in price and quality. It's across the street. This Vons also has a Starbucks. - Plenty of seats, utensil and condiment section. - There are some nice large outdoor patio seating tables.


My name is Darryl Thomas, I brought my 12 year old son into ER on 12/26/16. It was standing room only, after about 5 hours we were called to the back. My compliment is to the professionalism, understanding, patience, and abilities of Nurse Sofia in ER. She displayed the attributes mentioned above when I became irate and lashed out at her over a simple question. I was wrong in doing so, Nurse Sofia stood her ground and handled my negative behavior like a true professional. She did not respond negatively at all. I realized that her question was a valid question and I had given the wrong answer. I apologized to Nurse Sofia for my behavior and the response from Nurse Sofia was heartfelt. Nurse Sofia is a true asset to Huntington Memorial and she should be recognized as such. Sincerely, Darryl Thomas

Raquel Hunter

No one really likes hospitals, but if you or a loved one needs to go to one, this is it. I delivered my first daughter here and the experience was nothing short of magical. The staff are wonderful, very helpful and almost always have a smile on their face. But not the Mrs. Cleaver, leave it to Beaver smile, a real genuine smile. There are many great departments at Huntington. Their neonatal department is top notch. The only 3rd tier neonatal department in the San Gabriel Valley. This is VERY important if you have a premature baby. Maternity ward top notch. They also have a reputable cancer center. The cafeteria food is also great. No complaints here either. If you are going to have a long stay, or frequently visiting a patient, buy the long-term parking. It is much cheaper and does not have an expiration date. Almost forgot to mention their gift store. I have bought many gifts for family and friends (birthdays, anniversaries) from their gift shop. You'll always find something unique. Their emergency room is not the greatest. It is always very busy and crowded. If you have something like a cold, flu, or even a cut that needs a few stitches, I recommend skipping Huntington Hospital and going to one of Pasadena's urgent care centers.

Karoly Veres

Mixed experience. Nice place and clean. Some personnel, great some not. VERY long wait for my surgery, 6 hours. After the surgery, kicked out way too fast, with very little care.

Bluecloud Blueheart

I have been here for 3 hours. They just take vitals. Lots of patients waiting. Taking forever in the emergency room. Been to many hospitals, but this one is a nightmare. It used to be one of the best

Samuel Newman

Great staff and medical care. ER is very good but very busy

Anca Ianculescu

At the end of April my Mom was taking in, in a very critical condition - i was expecting the worst! .With the excellent care she received, mom is doing well now and i can't thank enough to all the doctors,nurses and all the staff! They are very professional, caring and they treat you like you are part of their family. I just want to emphasize, that this is not Mom's first trip to this Hospital ( she is 90 years old) and every time she had the same excellent care! WOW! I would like to thank again and again to all of you and wish you all the best! Regards anca


Once in the Huntington Hospital ER, I received quick, accurate, and excellent care for what was diagnosed with Pancreatitis & Gallstones. Each healthcare professional was extremely sympathetic and took great lengths to make sure I was attended to and comfortable. Specifically, Dr. Garshna & her team, to all of the nurses that I had the week I was there especially Mike. I cannot say enough good things about all of the people who I spoke with, from techs and nurses, OBGYN’s to surgeons. Everyone, I mean everyone took their time with me, educated me and gave me the absolute best care. The care, hospitality, and compassion Huntington gave was exceptional. Outstanding Care!

Naomi Berris

It has a Trauma (Emergency) Room, paramedics also bring people here for heart attacks, strokes, sudden pregnancy issues, sudden headaches, minor and major bleeding, broken bones, fractures, stomach aches, sudden circulation problems, difficulty breathing, high/low temperatures, food poisoning, and a whole lot more. There are lab services, MRI, and many types of other testing/dianostic equipment. The hospital has been serving the Pasadena, and much of the San Gabriel Valley for nearly a century (100 years) although the year it opened is unclear and perhaps someone else knows better. Overall, it in general is a good hospital to go to. From infants to older adults it serves everyone.

Monidipa Dutta

A very great hospital and great staff. They saved me....

Babylokes Cervantes

It's the worst hospital I ever experienced . The wait is horrible. A doctor is someone that puts there full heart and dedication to there patient s and these doctors are not even close to be one . I don't recommend anyone to. Come here

Rest. N.

Great Doctors, save a finger and a stroke The morning staff is the best... thank you guys

Jose Velazquez

Very bad experience with the ER department at this hospital!! Waited for over 5 hours to be seen after taking my 8 month old son with a fever of 102 and nonstop crying. Asked and was told 8 people ahead of me. 2 hours later asked and got the same answer. At the same time there was a lady in obvious pain. She was crying and grunting in pain. Staff here has no urgency in taking care of patients. Ended up leaving.

Esther Vargas

My son was born here great hospital

Tina xoxo

Long wait.... It no coffee.....

Hilda Landeros

I delivered my daughter Zairah on 12/02/2009 the experience in this hospital was amazing . The staff very friendly and caring . Also the hospital is beautiful doesn't look like a hospital looks like a 5 star hotel.

Gina Swayne

Ended up here as a result of a vehicle/pedestrian accident, me being the partial passenger of a Uber driver who took off before I was completely in the car, dragging me on the street until my 2 cousins yelled for him to stop the car more than once. I heard this hospital was one of Pasadena's best. I must have gone on the wrong day. I had never been treated/untreated so lackadaisicaly. After 4 hrs, I had to asked if they'd please clean my wounds out, as bacteria from the street was surely setting in & I was a diabetic and as the nurse was about to touch me with betadine antiseptic, I let him know I wasn't allergic to it. A question never asked amongst others. I was not given a thorough physical exam for possible injuries other then the obvious, to which didn't get attention till I asked. My foot swelled to point where I had to, in pain remove my own leather scraped shoe. The Doctor only ordered xray of 1/2 my leg, then decided to order xray of the other 1/2 of my leg & I think foot. I'm not sure because the pain medication he ordered when he 1st saw me I didn't get till just before discharge. The 10 pg discharge papers were basically generic. No Ins info, no primary care Doc info, no detailed description of injuries info & treatment, no detailed drug administered info, no xray info & no medical diagnosis or post ER recommendations. Worst experience EVER...

Patrick Fong

Werr at labor and delivery and the nurses were super nice and helpful. Never felt rushed or pressured. Great job L&D!

John Wiggins

We were a bit hesitant to choose Huntington Hospital as our hospital at first to deliver at because we knew so little about it and most of our friends delivered UCLA, Cedars, St Johns, etc but our OB, Dr Dwight is here and he is the only OB we would consider so we went with it. I have to say that we were really pleased with the experience-I ended up getting a C section and we were there for a total of 5 days and the staff was great. All private rooms and the nurses and nursing assistants were super responsive and patient and we felt well taken care of. If we have a second-we feel comfortable that we will be delivering here again!

Giuliano Altobelli

This hospital is great and makes you feel as comfortable as possible but the major problem is the ER. The ER is just terrible I mean from the second you walk to the receptionist you are already looked at with rolling eyes and horrible attitude, I literally felt like just slapping all of them because you just get so annoyed.

Paul Davis

I was born their on November 25th 1963 at 2pm.

Andrew Minchosky

Had spine surgery on July 17th, was released on july18th late afternoon. That evening had a fever of 102 and high heart rate, so went to the ER and they put me on a gurny which can be uncomfortable for a spine surgical patient that being said they had me in it for ten hours I complained about it numerous times and they told me I would be getting admitted so my ride went home. They were waiting for my dr to answer the phone which he finally did but at about that time I was in excruciating pain and advised them i was leaving which they didn't care...just sign this paper. Ten fking hours with no proper pain meds i just had surgery there. No pillows given either. They did take blood but forgot one vile as found it laying on table along with a full pee bottle and other used stuff, took video of this it was like this for ten hours. So if you could imagine me waiting at 8am for a ride after up all night there in pain. Horrible hospital even when I was there for the surgery in recovery room the nurses were kind of not professional and seemed like untrained nurses

eric berger


R1killa Inc

Came in for my pregnant wife needing observation and the staff was great very friendly and Soo nice and showed so much concern and very professional

Della Lizarraga

This hospital has the best staff in labor and delivery. The are all amazing!! In maternity as well. They are very attentive, polite, helpful, supportive, caring, and very friendly. I had a friend who delivered here and she wasn’t an easy patient due to her being schizophrenic but the staff had the proper patience and I was very happy that they treated her so amazing!! They even got her the medication needed to treat her condition. Very pleased with this hospital!! Thank you those in labor and delivery!!

Dana BB

Almost 3 weeks in CCU. The RN's were so caring and compassionate. The doctors were great. They take their work seriously. Thanks to the RN's that served us. Charlene, Maggie, Rob, Stephanie, Dixie, Paul, Jamie, Kristy, Emily, Rebecca, Samson, Brandy. RT's: Kevin, Mario, Kai, Dawn, Elaine, Joel, Catherine, Ross, Pilar, Tricia, Becky. Student Nurses: Ruby and Carissa, and Vik. Oncology 6th. Floor: Gloria Tango, Corissa, MariLou, Diane, Margarita, Miguel and Stephanie/Discharge. Doctors: Dr. Arenas, Dr. Smith, Dr. Hay, Dr. Man, Dr. Shriner, Dr. Shen, Dr. Kirimis, Dr. Applebaum, Dr. Black, Dr. VanDerlaan, Dr. Cohen, Dr Lee, Dr. Hagwire, Dr. Earl-Morris, Dr. Girard, Hope we didn't miss anybody. Huntington Hospital should be very proud of their staff in CCU, Oncology and Radiology. They are worth every penny and more!!

Chris Pinon

I'm not quite sure what type of demographic this particular ER brings, but it seems as though the staff is accustom to acting harsh to the patients checking in. They are snarky when answering a question & their body language & tone are very disrespectful, it could be a combination of long hours or poor work environment, but none-the-less it didn't feel comfortable especially driving 3 hours away for an emergency. I hope we never have to return to this place.

Malaundja Gayles

I wish I could give 0 stars. The ER didn't give a care at all about the severity of the pain my friend was in. She just sat in ER with no priority waling in pain.

Andre Henry

This hospital is the best overall period.

Erika Saavedra

The worst service í need a surgery í have a terrible pain for 2 weeks and what a surprise they can do the surgery because is no want to of the especialist that want to do the surgery so i have to stay with my pain and find a place that they can help me the first and the last time that came here this is like a movie of terror

carlos castle

This place is amazing, personally every major illness I've been afflicted with has been treated successfully. The last was in Feb 2014 the pain was off the scale, after having been seen at the ER @ LAC-USC AND HOLLYWOOD PRES and just being told "can't find anything" and sent home with pain meds. HMH's ER was very fast and comprehensive, I was diagnosed with inflamed gall bladder. Had surgery by noon the next day and was home by 6pm. Everyone, staff to volunteers are always great! Most of my family members have also been treated there with positive outcomes.

bailey ford

It took three hours to get back into a room. I was there for a boil. They had a physician asst not a actual md. Once back after an hour of waiting in the room. No nurse came in or anything the PA came in said he thought it was cellulitus not a boil. 3 days later I am at a different er. He severely mos diagnosed me. I am now on syrong iv antibiotics and have to be kept over next night because.of how much the infection spread. I spent a total of 5 1/2 hours there. Poor treatment, a mis diagnosis, not to mention the staff is extremely rude, I have never seen a staff like that. ER moved so slowly... it seemed lile they were.all chatting to.much to realize patients needed care. If your able id go to any area hospital but this one. Worst er ive been to. Reckless, rude, and neglegent

Alexis Rafael

I was treated perfectly and the doctors are so nice so are the nurse's.

HairFreek Barbers

This place looks like an oasis from the outside. Its very inviting. Especially when you have an emergency situation and live one mile away vs 10 miles to your regular hospital. I took my husband in for severe stomach pain. The man was in tears. We checked in and waited hours to be seen. There were only four people in the waiting room. My husband was vomiting. The lobby was freezing cold. They refused to lend him a blanket. He was trembling, in pain. After about an hour they called him, drew blood, and sent him back out in the lobby. We asked for something for the pain but they told him they had to wait for the labs. Two more hours wait and they finally put him in a room. The lobby was filled by then with people in pain and suffering. They put my husband in a room, ran tests, took x rays, and still no pain meds. I asked several times for someone to give him something. I was getting extremely worried and began yelling at them to give him something. That's what it took to get him pain medication. They sent in someone to draw blood again. The guy stuck my husband five times before getting help. Turned out they had already gotten those samples. To rub salt in the wound, someone keeps harassing my husband on his review of his experience. Must be one of those billing employees everybody is mentioning in their reviews. He used phrases like "people like you" and "go back to Kaiser Hospital". We sure will Mister!

Howard Ruffner

Great staff. Very efficient and professional. This hospital is very clean.

George Sisneros

I really love this ER and staff but in all they need more help i was in pain they said 6.5 hour wait oh ..don't go to urgent care next door if you have internal pain there'll charge you then send you to the ER so you can pay more And wait ...urgent care is only for a Band Aid and a cold that's it!!!!! Again love this place but the ER needs more staff..not giving up hope ...!!

stephanie newsom

It's my plans hospital. They're great.

Edith Samano

This hospital is the best! I went into the ER, they delivered great customer service, did everything to help and the staff is great!

Jodi Hessing

I received great care from the medical doctors, however, many personal items were lost and not replaced. The case managers and social workers were unprofessional as were the ER doctors.

Tricia Bonilla

Very nice . good Atencion thanks Tha everything personal.

Noel Toro

they treated my mom very well. She's had to stay twice, unfortunately due to different medical issues.

Vicki Huddleston

All private rooms. Excellent doctors. Superb staff.

Andre Mosley

This hospital was awesome I had a broken thyroid and they really went way overboard to help me. And the food was great

Grizzly One


Alvin Alday

8 hours and still waiting. My 4yr old is dehydrated from vommiting and diarrhea. Worst ER Ever. We were advised by our pediatrician to come to the ER. God forbid there is a next time, we are going to urgent care

deelu sapkota

Great place , little wait but worth it, i love this place

B Barrow

Dont be awe struck by the outside decor or the location of the facility. This hospital is like a piece of poop dipped in gold, still poop! Having my child here was the worst decision of my life and 2 years later I am still paying for it, LITERALLY. From the incompetence of the doctors, to the cracker box maternity rooms, to the nurses trying to peddle meds to me every 5 minutes, they could have at least pretended to not be money hungry in everything that they did! I am disgusted that I ever stepped foot in this facility. Trust me, there are better options!!

Coyote Del Norte

THEE most important thing is that.. EVERY BODY OF COLIUGES comes together in harmony. I went in for a dislocated shoulder .. and I can honestly say that I don't remember the procedure performed . . this HOSPITAL 'ITY' IS THE GREATEST EVER . 2 THUMBS UP TO THE EMERGENCY DEPARTMENT

Gloria Trosch

The nursing staff, specifficly, the ones I was fortunately to have, were outstanding. They were more than simply there doing a job, they were exceptionally pleasant, kind, thoughtful, genuinely


i work for a home health and every time i call to see if our patients are still there, they give me attitude, they transfer me from person to person and then they tell me to call the patient to ask them for the discharge date. horrible service!!!!

Joe Cinocca

After spending 3 unfruitful hours at the Healthcare Partners Clinic, I was referred to UCLA Olive View. After another 4 hours there, followed by 3 more hours the following day, my insurance was viewable and I immediately transferred to Huntington in Pasadena. The difference in quality and care between the country run UCLA - Olive hospital and Huntington was night and day. The rooms were great, the views scenic and the floors were predominantly quiet. Nurses took good care of me after gallbladder surgery and am extremely grateful I was able to make the switch. The last thing anyone needs to do is wait 10+ hours for treatment. Huntington was able to get me situated very quickly.

Melinda Luna

So far so good. My dad was transferred fro. White Memorial he was transported and had intake done in less then an hr. The nurses were very attentive and helpful. Thank you Saro and Imelda. Let's hope the rest of his is as well.

Jacob Frederick

Great hospital with some amazing staff and devoted volunteers that care for their patients. I am waiting on a bill for the maternity side, so I will update once I get that statement! yikes..

Tristan Weir

Nice ER. Was seen by staff immediately to check vitals. EKG was needed to check heart as I was in a great deal of pain my bp and hr were spiking. I had a high fever. Experiencing terrible pain, stomach cramps, diarrhea. Was relegated to waiting room for six hours before being taken in to ER. Waiting room Was ice cold. No effort was made to provide comfort or to check on patients during this time. ER staff made fun of me for putting on my dorm that I needed a CT scan of my lower abdomen immediaty as the pain was experiencing could be bowel obstruction or abscess... I did not get a CT scan for nearly ten hours. I spent two days here before checking out. I was negative for C Diff infection upon receipt. Several days afterr checkout my condition worsened considerably. I contracted a C diff infection, most likely during my stay here. This facility is unclean, decrepid, and in dire need of update. It should no longer be considered a medical facility until it can be held to a modern state of cleanliness. I have been further hospitalized for several weeks and subjected to immeasurable amounts of increased pain physically, mentally, financially, and developed increased risk to my future health and mortality because of this facility. Going there nearly killed me. I advisw that if you read this review, be more discerning than I was and avoid this place. Seek Healthcare at a more modern and reputable facility.

pete caravolias

Excellent and kind doctorslike. Hoel

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