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Sean Davison

Fei He

Amir Ervin

Great Hospital and beautiful area.

Parris Lane

Normally it’s usually a plus service but today was the worse ever... always being the advocate for others...Today was for me.. already diagnosed with flu over five days ago and was having major complications.. After three hours waiting in the emergency room I got a chest xray... I couldn’t stop coughing so they had to wait.. now back in the emergency room.. waiting... claim they are waiting for a bed but nine people got beds before me big disappointment of the emergency front desk selecting folks to go in the back... Praying that I do not die in the emergency room

glenn greene


Mitchell McNamara

The best, ever.

Bianca Estrada

Super Great Assistance With My Babys Condition

Amalia O'Riley

Susie Yung

Jack ingle can.t keep food down.o ensure .see doctor 2 months from post. Grand father a money go to another hospital.....susie yung wife 10 years 5 months lung cancer .text bill gate etc from ucsf.they did not say nothing to me last time i was there.

Xavier Nava

Norah Eldredge

I cannot tell you how frustrated I am with UCSF. I have not even been able to visit a doctor yet because I have been trying to make an appointment for over an hour. I have been transferred five times between the same two departments who both tell me that only the other department can help me. Upon being transferred for the last time, I had to demand that the receptionist talk to the next receptionist–instead she transferred me to a moderator. I will likely not make any appointment with them and seek an entirely different medical facility. I feel like they are caught in terrible, terrible communication and do not really care about the patient on the other end of the line.

John Seronello

The staff was outrageously kind especially the nurses, for my 5 wks on the neurology ward. I just wish my neurosurgeon intern was. Still suffering the past 29 years from that life threatening mistake, or would have given 10 stars!

John Ryan

Chaos and extortion. UCSF is the epitome of what is wrong with the US medical system. Phantom charges for services I never received, the same service with the same billing code billed at different rates (that no one could explain) and most infuriating of all...when I was told they were investigating the incorrect charges they sent my bill to collections. I guess they are fine to collect your money but will wash their hands as soon as you ask any questions about the scam they're running. Every medical professional should be embarrassed to be associated with this "hospital"

one love

Jose Munoz

A Google User

Arsenio Allen

Good Hospital

Mariana P

Avoid seeking help at their Emergency room department. Approximate wait time is 5+ hours minimum to get a bed or any service at all related to your condition. Regardless if you are brought by ambulance doctor takes information and patients are wheeled to the waiting room and left to wait in the chair hoping to be called. For the 5 hours I waited I've seen patients condition get worse, I've seen people throwing up. Even one blind gentleman who was calling desperately just to have someone take him to the bathroom and end up wetting his pants, and there are three hospital staff sitting at the front desk doing absolutely nothing at all, ignored him for the whole time. I end up leaving this place and I went to Saint Francis Hospital instead, I was seen in about 10 minutes and was assigned a bed right away. I would not give this hospital not even this one star. Last time Iam coming here

Jeannie Fox

The experience with the Memory Aging Center has been rewarding. The staff is of highly professional and caring individuals who are dedicated in the research of the brain. I would highly recommend the research center to those individuals with brain disorders. Very inspirational!

Anaperla Aureoles

I will never go back there again the staff at the pituitary disorder clinic are so rude. And even some of the doctors.

math crime

Johnny Berry

queen princess julie chilelli 3239473759

Why am I a kidnapped doctor named Hillary Whitney in a movie beaches ? Why am I a real kidnapped doctor? Do you take pay to keep me poor as name Julie chilelli???

Miranda Ellis

This is were I was born

Albert Fountain

Nursing help is not treated well by UCSF administration and other Nursing staff members.

James David Widtfeldt

Terrie Lindsey

On August 8th my dearest friend Mingo Cervantes passed at UCSF Medical Center. I would just like to thank everyone who made his stay there as comfortable as possile. I would like to thank the Chaplain Angela for her kind words and his doctor for all she did. I miss my friend so very much but wanted to extend my graditude towards the hospital and its staff for all the dedication they provide. Much Love this holiday season. Love Terrie Lindsey (Torres) God Bless!

Ernesto Cortez

Lack of attention to patient, they don't listen to their patients. Both doctors that saw me 4 hours later were rude, when I tried to explain my situation they would rudely cut me off and take other calls and leave me their with me trying to explain why I was their. I'm from a small town and I went their based on their rating as the number 1 hospital in California. My little town Hosptial has more compasión to their patients. In my opinion they don't deserve that rating. They are very uncompasionate towards their patience. I found the rudest service not by the nurses but from the doctors. They are high class jerks.

Veronica Lopez

Sieglinde Schneider

Friendliness & expertise beyond my wildest expectations! !!

Laura Hayes

A person close to me had a stay there and they treated him with respect and dignity. They also let me stay overnight with him and they were so nice and helpful. I felt so much more at ease when I wasn't there because I knew he was in good hands.

Rosemarie Vazquez

Elizabeth Quintanilla

(Translated by Google) I do not recommend this place and I hope I will have to use it again I am from Central America after dinner I began to feel bad that in less than an hour I vomited many times they called the ambulance and I asked to be taken to the general hospital San Francisco they told me I was closed which I thought I was led to this place UCSF a sick name () mom do () that at the time I called doctor surely that offended him he began to treat me badly when the paramedic of last name said that I lived in a chelder his change was automatic in the sense of ignoring me because when they left the paramedics began my ordeal left me my jackect facing the door they used to enter every time I would have entered the cold I continued to call him I know the problem is the language I started to all who passed defrente to me to prehuntake6 di spoke Spanish and not even seeing me in d ificultades approached to ask what I needed then how I could pull out my phone and the AAP Google translator speak to a nurse she very fearfully approached me and told me she did not speak Spanish the nurse continues to do his job! But not with me since he did not pay attention to me. I admitted to other patients except my ne of the stretcher and asked another patient who will help explain what was happening and told me that it was not for the reception since my illness was not important that when a doctor came he would let me know. that moment I could not have my control I demanded that they remove the whey they did not want then I said that I was going to call the police to report what was happening mistreatment and discrimination the nurse told me that unfortunately I did not see her name she took me off professionalism the serum and I began to bleed at that time I woke up as I said was defrente of the exit I went to the street bleeding from my hand to find how to return by my own means as I repeat I do not recommend this place and much less to their employees to It was a horrible experience (Original) Este lugar no lo recomiendo y espero lo volver a tener que uutilisarlo soy de centro América después de cenar comenze a centir mal que en menos de una hora vomite muchas veces llamaron a la ambulancia yo pedí ser llevada al hospital general San Francisco me dijeron que estaba cerrado lo cual me pareció straño me llevaron a este lugar UCSF un enfermo de nombre () mamá do () que en su momento yo llamaba doctor seguramente eso lo ofendió empezó a tratarme Mal cuando la paramédico de apellido prieto de dijo que yo vivía en un chelder su cambio fue automático en el sentido de ignorarme ya que cuando se fueron las paramédicos empezó mi calvario me dejaron un mi jackect de frente a la puerta que utilizaban para entrar cada vez que Habría entraba el frío yo continuaba a llamarlo se que el problema es el idioma yo comencé a todo el que pasaba defrente a mi a prehuntake6 di hablaba español y ni aun viéndome en dificultades se acercó a preguntar que necesitaba luego como pude saque mi teléfono y el AAP Google traductor le hable a una enfermera ella con mucho temor se acercó a mi y me dijo que no hablaba español el Enfermero continúa haciendo su trabajo ¡! Pero no conmigo ya que no me prestaba atención. Ingreso a otros pacientes menos a mi ne levante de la camilla e le pedí a otra enferma que ne ayudaré le explique lo que sucedía y me dijo que ne fuera para la recepción ya que mi enfermedad no era importante que cuando viniera un médico me avisaría en ese momento ya no pude tener mi control exigí que ne quitaran lo de suero no querían entonces dije que iba a lo a llamar la policía para reportar lo que estaba sucediendo maltrato e discriminación me dijo la enfermera que lamentable mente no vi su nombre me quito sin profesionalidad el suero y comencé a sangrar en ese momento me levante como dije estaba defrente de la salida me fui para la calle sangrando de mi mano a buscar como regresar por mis propios medios como repito yo no recomiendo este lugar e muchos menos a sus empleados para fue una horrible experiencia

Fabien-Pierre NICOLAS

Alberto Ramirez

All the doctors and nurses care a lot for their patients! I had a brain tumor surgery in December 2014! What I can say Angel's exist and they're @ ucsf. Thank you very much!

Emanuel Walker

Great venue.

Julie Keffel

Emily Soukup

Husband and I were there for a MEG scan in August. The staff was very helpful in helping us find where we were going and very friendly. The radiology waiting area was comfortable with plenty of plug-ins for devices. (I was waiting for four hours so that was important.)

Mark Mata

Very professional people that actually know how to do their job. My mother had went to two different hospitals and got sent home but thanks to UCSF for helping my mother get surgery before she was released from the hospital

Jasleen Raju

My dad is under patient care right now in the Neuro department. Many nurses are very sweet and caring and the doctors are very knowledgeable and very good at explaining everything every worried family member needs to know. One of the RN’s, Ashley Bernon was the sweetest. We’re staying in the room with my dad, and she had brought us pillows and blankets, water, toothbrushes, and accessories to use for a shower and continued to have a smile on her face despite the many times we asked her for help. She was super sweet and passionate about what she did, as every nurse should be. Really appreciate her and the few others who helped us without making us feel uncomfortable.

Paul Selk

From my surgical doctors , their support team to all of the nurses and supporting staff in the ICU and recovery. My surgery and recovery has been excellent. Doctors are very busy and the nursing staff is exeptionally busy, yet the take the time to see to your cares, needs and wants. They are your grandma so don't expect them to rub your chest and read your favorite bed time story. There are others to be taken care of. Relax and recuperate and you will learn why this is the number one rated hospital in California.

Nadia Arifah

Karen Callison

Sister went in for brain surgery. Should have been recovering in her home town, but, they dropped the ball. Didn't check out put of liquids, she was lathargic for 3 weeks, then they found 3.5 liters of piss in her kidneys. And when she's supposed to go home again, the feeding tube surgery was cancelled because they are on strike. This hospital is run my morons


Top medical facility on west coast.

Ofelia Vasquez

I love it. They took amazing care of me.

Hamilton Carter

Ick. Friendly and efficient help, but the facility is dingey and feels dirty. It's also overcrowded.

Gerald M

Took my friend here having serious chest pain and they called him 4 times inside to do one procedure at a time blood test, ekg, X-ray etc. Four hours later we are still waiting. They had a code gray which means a patient got violent probably been left in a room w/o any care. Took 30 mins before they announced code gray is over. They kept paging nurses to come back from break & for help in certain procedures. Explains why it takes too long maybe short staff and there were at least what looks like homeless folks just hanging out in the waiting area of ER & those homeless folks were never called in for anything so you could tell they just loitering. The restroom is dirty the entire time we were there were no janitors came by to do up keep. If you hurting bad & you want to make it the next day consider going elsewhere.

Desiree Nuesse

True angels work for this hospital!!!

Pete Bowne

Very helpful & knowledgeable!!! Thank you

Justin Nixon

I was tortured 30 years ago in that hospital they strapped hands and ankles down. I was only 6 years old, I never forget that. That was the day they broke my mind the day myself became two minds one is Pain and tortured the other myself the sweet person I am. I still remember that like it just happened. The day that was tortured. I can still hear myself screaming for my parents to make them stop. But they did stop with it. Me continuing to screen. After that was first time I realized listen to the voice that would guide me closer to pain and torture side. I have thank to Dr. Portola for release the evil into my heart and pain and torture. Nothing really scares me anymore because . The only thing I know is pain, i do not understand happiness and joy. I want people to hear my voice and understand what they did to me and and they will continue to children.

James Johnson

By far best hospital for orthopedic surgery. Physician and staff including kitchen janitorial and physical therapy were the best. Highly recommend UCSF!

Shwetha M

Patient having severe chest pain is made to wait more than 4 hours in emergency, no medicine given, did lot of tests, bill was $8000. Finally nothing detected in reports, so they never gave any medicine. Still suffering from the same chest pain. Visited again after few days, again the same procedure repeats. Pathetic!! Why is the Govt. not taking health care seriously?? I'm sure that many of these positive reviews are fake!

Harvey March

Betsy Stapleton

I have had way more medical care than anyone could imagine over the past few years and the care I received at UCSF was far better than any I have received elsewhere. The Surgeon and his team were fantastic, the nurses excellent. I am a retired nurse practitioner and watch all that is done to me with an eagle eye and have not one compliant to make. A small example of the excellent care I received is that not one person entered my room without washing their hands.

Devon Lininger

Saving Lives.Taking Names.And Prescriptions..keep up the good work!

Gauipule Akapohosea

Gigi Gontiz

I really liked this hospital the nurses were very nice and the doctors and this where I got my brain tumor removed

Emmy DeForge

I hope someone at UCSF reads this. They have to be about the worst hospital I have EVER dealt with. Every department has terrible organization. They don’t call back. It’s impossible to schedule new patient appointments as the schedulers take months upon months to contact you. The GI clinic referred me to both hematology and rheumatology. BOTH of those clinics I’ve called to schedule an appointment over a dozen times and NEVER receive a call back. My care was switched to Stanford. No problems at ALL! They call back when they say they are going too. They follow up with you. I will never ever recommend UCSF to anyone or go there myself. It’s unorganized as hell.

Doris Lillie

Nadia Love

This hospital sucks and they like to go down your through with questions and I would not recommend this hospital

Cathleen Baldwin Maggi

I have to go every few months to the endoscopy unit and they are always professional and caring. I highly recommend this facility!

Robotech Gallegos

Linda Duncan

Their post-op is loud unorganized, they dont transport patients to their rooms for hours after surgery. My loved one had a 23 hour stay. Spent 3 hrs in surgery and the rest in post op. Loud loud loud so he did not rest He was supposed to have a room.No excuse given, just did not put him in a room. Been here before this is the first time this happened.

Jennifer Funderburg

This is an excellent hospital. The care is the best.

Modi Rajeh

Best hospital

Raji Nair

All stars for the top notch doctors and staff in the Cardiology department. Dr. Mahadevan, Dr. Beygui, Dr. Agarwal. All very skilled professionals who are also down to earth. Cutting edge technology! Staff is super responsive too!


The hospital is well known as the 7th best hospital in the US. US News Report ranks it high in numerous specialties. The Parnassus location is mainly geared toward adults. The hospital is clean and well-organized. The staff is friendly and respectful. Numerous patient guides, translators, and social workers are available to make your visit easier.

Jesus Rios

Katherine Hanes

good facilities and service, but I hope it will get better

Jason Stillwater

UC has always taken good care of me from heart cryoablations to kidney stones and vaccine alerts. I feel their organization is efficient and responsive. Kudos, ucsf!!!

Sally Peral Estrada

Absolutely the worst medical service.

Herb Davies

Had hand surgery and spent two nights there. Excellent facilities and staff.

Alex Faith OwO

Albert Wu

The best damn hospital with experienced staff, passionate physicians, and cutting edge research.

Manuela Gomez De Villalobos

Lee Magnusson

ai tamai


Worst Hospital Hands Down! ! Old as dirt! Outdated old, smelly, dirty and over run by stupid new grad nurses who may be educated but they lack experience. Absolutely no common sense. I had the worst experience there. 6 months of hell. Beware the idiots working pediatric hemoc. These people have frequent chemo spills, and they act as if it were no big deal since it happens so often. It's over run by people who went into nursing after realizing that a bachelors in music or sociology would not bring them any money. Do the research... Most of these girls who claim to have masters degrees in nursing came from non nursing background. Would you like a piano teacher to administer chemo to your child? I'll take Kaiser any day!

Melina del Carmen M Gonzalez

Eric Becker

Be assured this review is not just sour grapes; UCSF has serious systemic issues (corroborated by multiple employees off the record). I wrote this sitting in the reception area TWO HOURS past my scheduled appointment time in the middle of a weekday and they have yet to get to me. Now, if this were an anomaly it'd be easy to overlook... But literally *every* appointment in *every* department I've ever had here has had the same issue. (One note: on the occasions when actual care was provided, the quality of the staff is generally excellent. It's largely their administrative morass that this review is intended to address.) Eventually I just got up, asked for a refund, and left. No apology or explanation was offered. One gets the impression that such things happen all day, every day here. Despite repeated assurances that UCSF Is one of the finest medical institutes in the world, between this awful scheduling/planning, their doctors' amazingly labyrinthine bureaucracy (unparalleled anywhere else I'm told), and the apparent complete lack of interdepartmental communication, one is left with the impression that this is an institution that's heavily subsidized and attracts bright talents but is drowning in red tape, politics, and possibly ego. Who then but a bureaucrat with a petty departmental fiefdom would want to work here more than a few years? Answer: you'll see when you meet the department head you're dealing with. Disappointed and frustrated. I came to you for help UCSF - you've failed me thoroughly.

Jeannie Edwardsen

The best care in neurological disorders. The best nurses on the earth! The medical staff has saved me more then once. 5 brain surgeries post op. Just the best!

Buretta Cael

Bruce Sherron

Excellent care

Ryan Bagunça


great place but why all the sick people and hurt people i thought this wuz a cafe

Bernardito Soliman

Excellent Nurses are very accomodating

John Salt

FANTASTIC medical Facility nestled in the heart of San Fran.. Great People with a Great Environment

Susan Stevens

Worst hospital ever. And there will be a strike next week. 1) thanks for the heads up 2) so the service will even be worse???

Tanya Harris

Stephanie Boula

Extremely expensive.

Dustin Bole

In November 2007, Doctor Praveen Mummaneni saved my life. His continual care has kept me mobile, rather than bed ridden or dead.

Jenny Ramaswamy

Sad to say, but my family needed to visit their ER twice in one week! The first involved a trip to their pediatric ER and the second involved a trip to the standard ER. We were very impressed with both. What stood out to me was the quality of the staff. Everyone was so friendly and helpful and seem genuinely concerned about our well being. I am so glad to know this pediatric ER is close by. Hopefully we won't need to go again anytime soon, but when we do, I know the care will be outstanding.

Rena Estes

So far, my granddaughter has had the best care she can get. The staff are so awesome, even when we all come in to visit (all 8 of us).

Paul Jung

The radiologists are questionable. A glossed over reading of a MRI led to a lengthy delay in diagnosis. I don't see a link to Medical Records Dept. online at My Chart to request records. UCSF did not accept coverage from Blue Shield of California. That may have been political since the insurance company and their attorneys' ploy is to squeeze the patient and care providers then, blame it on the Affordable Care Act while raking in record profits. Cleaver B.

blab Malina

Matthew Moore

Fantastic experience!

Bing Sun

Best hospital and worst parking

Kristina Huerta

Riza Khan

Brother had brain surgery here, no complications, staff was amazing, nurses were straightforward. The entire hospital works like clockwork, no wonder it's one of the best in the nation.

tsui judy

Mike fuller

Lisa Ma

Love the gym at UCSF! Great fitness classes with great instructors, especially Les Mills Combat and Body Pump with Lars. They also have open play volleyball on Mondays, as well as an outdoor swimming pool and racquetball courts.

lesley feierstein

I spent a week at Mount Zion Hospital (UCSF Hospital) to be treated for cellulitis. I was given i.v. antibiotics to treat the underlying staph/strep infection. I was experiencing excruciating pain from the cellulitis, and other than being given dilaudid on a few occasions, the only pain medications that were offered to me were tylenol and oxycodone. I experienced excruciating headaches which were a side effect of the oxycodone, yet there were no other medications that were offered to me. This is completely unacceptable! Also, I brought my Miralax (fiber supplement) and stool softener with me to stay regular, but I was required to give them to the nurse upon getting settled into my room. Then, when I requested to be given my Miralax and stool softener, it took several days before it was finally cleared with the doctor. On top of the excruciating pain that I experienced due to the cellulitis and headaches, I was also constipated for several days. I felt and was trapped! To be denied the products that I take on a regular basis to stay regular, is also completely unacceptable! Of lesser importance, I want to also mention that during that entire week, I was laying in a very hot room and there were no fans available so I was sweating all week!

Yihua Shen

When the others rejected because of the high risk, UCSF accepted and saved life. UCSF medical center deserves 5-star.

Rural Simulation Center

Mike Cohen

Their billing department is the absolute worst I've ever dealt with. Even though I made sure they had the correct insurance info, they repeatedly tried to bill my old insurance and sent multiple bills. Their system is also one of the most archaic I've ever seen. I really hate dealing with them.

Rosi Medrano

dianna king

Always great. Very professional & they give great care.

Jimmy Tongamoa

Paco Castillo

The best hospital

Laurie A. Berliner

Danyelle Diggs

Ermelin Colón

Joseph Aaron

Greatest Nurse of All Times Margaret and Mercedes Floor 6 Long 505 Parnassus Ave. San Francisco, CA 94143 Dear Margaret and Mercedes, This is a love letter. I don’t really know you but I will always love you. Our relationship was really intense for two and a half days back in early November of 2018. I was deeply disappointment two months later when I looked up the word “empathy” in the dictionary and your picture did not jump out to greet me. I just knew you would be there. I think of you often. I think of you when I tell the story to anyone that will listen of my DBS operation and convalescing under your competent and emotive eyes. I have tried to write this letter a half dozen times. I could never complete it because I was always overcome with emotion. The words would not come, writer’s block reigned supreme. I told all my friends about my experiences with you. This proved to be equally embarrassing because I would tear up and my voice would desert me. Yet, I cannot allow your heroic efforts on my behalf to pass without acknowledgement. What you gave me cannot be prescribed by a doctor. It is your special gift. Only you can give it. It is the gift of empathy. You promised me that within a day or two, my pain would go away. How could eye contact like yours convey anything other than a message of truth? And just as you promised, the pain went away. You know that that mean, mean Doctor Larson? The man who gave me those awful headaches, not to mention that shameful haircut, was right. My essential tremor has disappeared. My hair has grown back and I am much, much cuter now than Dr. Larson. In closing, I have a suggestion for you. Do you think you could lower the glow on that halo over your head? It could be a little too much at times. I will forever be your most grateful patient, Joe


Am a kidney transplant patient had my surgery in 1995 is August 2019. Am asking for help hopefully someone at this center can help me... I was only 15 when i had my surgery. After my kidney transplant i was told that i had to take immunosuppressives for the rest of my life basically i could die without. I just want too find out if AM THE ONLY ONE THAT HAS BEEN LIVING WITH A KIDNEY TRANSPLANT N NOT TAKING IMMUNOSUPPRESSIVES?? SO FAR EVERY KIDNEY TRANSPLANT PATIENT I'VE MEET THEY ALL DO TAKE THEM.. EVERY TIME I GO INTO A HOSPITAL THEY TRY TO PUT ME BACK INTO TAKING THE IMMUNOSUPPRESSIVES BUT EVERYTIME THIS HAPPENS MY BODY'S HAS A REJECTION REACTION. I NEED HELP IF AM THE ONLY ONE WITH THIS CONDITION I'LL LIKE TO HELP ON HELPING OTHER'S LIKE ME. IT'S BEEN 20+YEAR'S YES NOT A VERY PERFECT LIVE BUT BETTER THEN MOST. THANK YOU

kriti taneja

Michelle Ramos

Epilepsy Dept, Dr Larimer is wonderful!!!

Jonny Rocket

Waited over 7 hours just to find out that they forgot all about us. Someone was supposed to call the ultra sound technician but completely dropped the ball and left us waiting in our room for hours. We finally asked for an ETA for the technician to find out he was never called. It’s been 3 hours since they made the call and they seem to have forgotten about us again! Been here since 3pm and it’s 11:06pm. With no sign of us getting out of here anytime soon.

June Gin

Thomas Laughlin

Wade Wegner

After waiting two hours and dealing with obviously overtaxed (but courteous) nurses I was finally told that it might still be a six hour wait. Extremely disorganized.

Michael Seng

10 years ago I still have concerns about the doctors and the staff integrity. My wife was in the ICU for several weeks and nearly pass away due to unknown cause of blood lost during a simple surgical procedures. I had strong faith towards Dr. Pogrel due to his credibility. But I questions some of his integrity why a simple surgical procedures went to further complications after the surgery. I was fortunate, the San Antonio Military Medical Center Dr. Tsegga and his staff made my wife more at eased and all her surgeries was a success.

Marisela Gomez

Ci ndy Aultman

There should be clearer maps of where to go and who to ask to explain how ypu find a patient or a room. Its a maze of madness with little instruction from employees at the information booth inside....

abdul Mofleh

Great! Amazing ! Phenomenal Job! I was born at this hospital 30 years ago! 12/25/1986! I came out great aside from that J.S Kennedy MD, character getting all fruit ninja with me Johnson ...

A Fashionable Condition

The sad part is my PCP is no longer at this campus. The upside is the parking garage maxes out @ $7 if you show yr disabled placard! No matter how long yr wait at the lab is, though they have stepped up the service there. If you are disabled & need to park at the ED, make sure to park in the ED disabled spaces b/c if you get out after hours or on a weekend/holiday,you get to pay The normie rate. ♿

Jennifer Gaitan

Ken Fournell

Erin Fredrick

Great staff

Ray Lingad

Kimberly Jones

I agree with the other individual that the nurses where some of the rudest and lack compassion. They hold huge stigmas over people's head. The nurses have gone down hill since I started recieving service. I used to think of them as the best and referred everyone to them, but after my past few stays I lost respect for the good rep that has and was embarrassed by the nurses lack of education in certain areas they are supposed to specialize in. However, truly their lack of compassion and understanding is substandard. Furthermore, they speak unkindly within ear shot of patients. They do not comply with HIPPA. They depend on patients not being educated and just say whatever to placate them. Doctors outright lied to family members just to make it work for them. It was sad that the track record doesn't follow the prior standard they had back in 2015-2016. Neuro floor has truly gone down hill, lack ethics, fabricate some stuff to family, an dare not educated in seizures and the different types. They can't answer most your answer if you are educated and they don't know half the info. They do not do the same every 4 hour neuro assessment, had my eyes gauged out and left with black eye by 200 men, and fell and hit my head. Beware of 8long neuro floor nurses. Make sure family is always present and that you are educated so you know when they are out right lying to you, doctors, family, or reporting fake BP's and stats for the pt. I wouldn't even them them a one start if I didn't have to... If zero was an option that would be my star rating for neuro nurses and residents. They make false resports, they destroyed 3 pieces of my property one a $200 Izod glass, and my medical alert bracelets they promised to replaced and nowther never have. My dad was pissed when he saw my glasses broken In a bag they just tossed them in with bunch stuff in bag during brain surgeries.

Vineet Gautam

Allen Jackson

Kristine T

dhani toldon

Russ Cucina

Monica Ortiz

Gave birth here to my first and the doctor was horrible. She was uncaring and very harsh, was in a hurry and used the forceps on me forcefully. Definitely a traumatic experience but this was 6yrs ago and I don't know if this woman is still there. But because of her I don't want to have my second here. The nurses here are amateur young students who talk more than work and my night nurse had a snotty annoying attitude

ron saturno

My family and I have been shocked at how UCSF does not respond to calls. This past week we have made 9 calls to the glaucoma clinic and we have either waited 20 minutes to 40 UCSF has a very poor communication system Wait time s another HUGE problem! On more than three occasions I have had to wait over an hour to see a doctor. I would not recommend anyone to UCSF

Sister Regena Ross

My sister is a patient here and she is happy with her doctor and the care she is receiving. A really unfortunate thing happened. My sister spent hours preparing for surgery only to be told that the surgery had to be postponed because there wasn't a room available in ICU. The surgery had to be scheduled a week later since the doctor only performs surgery on Tuesdays. What a disappointment this was for my sister and all of us who care about her and love her. If you haven't heard, the parking is crazy here. On my second visit here, I decided to take public transportation from the East Bay and it was so easy. I took BART to the Powell Street station and transferred to the N Judah Muni which was in the same station and then got off the bus at Kirkham Street. I walked in to the garage building, took the elevator to the street level, and walked across the street to the hospital. It took about 50 minutes including the wait for BART and Muni. Easy peasy! I recommend public transportation. Don't waste time looking for parking on the streets and in the full/crowded parking lots.

John Smith

While I had a loved one in CVICU at UCSF, I was disturbed to find out the staff and registered nurses were sleeping all throughout the hospital while on duty and responsible for my mothers care. One nurse came in after just waking up from a nap and was somewhat disoriented. This was not a comforting experience and not the kind of care my mother deserved and only demonstrates the lack of hospital administrators integrity in assuring the best, safe care possible for their clients.

David Ray

Great Hospital and Staff

Theworld Traveler

Was in emergency years back after a bay to breakers run and these ignorant liars told me my blood work was fine and they could not understand why my heart would not slow down! They told me vitamins and minerals were bad for my body and to not take any! Years later I find out I could have died from an enlarged heart from these people not telling me I was hypochalemic which is low potassium also had dangerously low sodium, magnesium vit d and phosphorus including low ferritin storage of iron! Should have died! Because of the years of hospitals like this one lying to me and not telling me the truth, it took 9 years to get my body to somewhat normal again with careful supervision and massive supplements and minerals! Do not trust these people or any hospital in the Bay Area! They all lie and want your money! They don't know anything about health or what the body needs! I needed electrolytes and so much more and I had adrenal failure and a serious virus! What a bunch of jerks! Shame on this hospital and all the liars that screw people for money and want them to stay ill! Stay informed people don't listen to anything these people tell you!

Judy Bennett

Absolutely hated it! I will never come back here again. The doctor who saw me for 5 min. was aloof, rude, and unprofessional. They told me that my condition that I had successfully been treated for by 2 neurologists at Sansum clinic and 2 neurosergeons from Mayo Clinic the last 10 years were wrong in their diagnosis. So I guess that my 2 weeks of psych and neurotesting not to mention 3 brain surgeries and a 2 month stay at Mayo was for nothing! Oh and I guess genetic testing for DYT 1,and 5 were wrong. Forget that I was asymptomatic at the time(thanks Mayo!).Stupid me. I didn't want to take the trip back to Mayo and deal with those overly friendly staff and 3 days of tests.I had to wait 7 months and your approval for this CRAP! No thank you. JB

Lee Boysel

Daniel Tacci

Don't go here unless you feel like getting treated like a second-class citizen. Fathers especially.

Debbie Murphy

They have saved my best friends life.

Cindi Griffin

DO NOT GO TO UCSF, especially the Spine Center ! The reason they are 3rd in the country is because of the NUMBER of patients they process, NOT the quality of their work. It's a Mill. You are getting a Resident doing your surgery, and I got a bad one. Post op care was horrible too! I saw Dr. Clark for 1 minute, and he ,nor any of the Residents or even the Nurse in ICU, even looked at my many incisions. The Residents were not only below par, but insensitive as well ! I am in more pain, and worse off than before I had surgery. UCSF is just NOT WHAT IT USED TO BE.

Irma E Bejarano

Jeanett Gonzalez

Mike Finneran

My wife just received a new kidney, that involved more than 2 weeks in and out of the UCSF hospital transplant unit. I would rate the Doctors and nurses as all very highly skilled, mostly very friendly and communicative. The facilities were mostly modern and spotless. The only major failing I saw was in there communication (or lack there of) with us at home or with other non-UCSF medical professionals. And, they also suffers from an almost universal problem that UCSF shares with just about every medical facility I have seen was the extreme workload that the nursing staff is expected to do. This results in slow responses to problems and occasional forgetting of minor needs/requests. Overall, a fine institution. Highly Recommended.

I Love You I Love You

I was transported to this ER since it's the closest to my house and I received the WORSE care by the nurses and doctors! I've been here before and things have gone smoothly, but the night of January 14-15, 2018, was the absolutely TERRIBLE! NONE of the nurses and doctors were attentive to me and other patients. They didn't even give me a proper diagnosis that I later hate to treat on my own because they were absolutely USELESS! The worse part on top, they have metal detectors in the ER and other parts of the hospital where as other hospitals in SF, don't! It didn't help that when I was being transported in, the EMT's said to another that there were new staff that night of doctors and nurses. I saw SOOO many doctors and nurses either sitting around doing NOTHING or chit chatting personal stuff around patients. It was VERY unprofessional! They treated the ER as it was like Grey's Anatomy or some other medical TV show, not how a hospital should be operated! Here are some photos of the 5 needle stabs they gave me that night! I look worse than a heroine addict with these marks! After labs, an early EKG, and a CT, they just said my white blood cells were a "little" high but saw no worries. Also, they didn't even treat my chest pains that I developed while in there. What was my diagnosis from them? Nothing. ...That's what happens when they allow dumb-asses to deal with life and death situations!

Giorgio Lagna

Martin Fred

This hospital staff welcomed me and treated me with the utmost empathy, kindness, and support. Although my stay was relatively short but I was inspired by every single person that I came in contact with.

ali mana

Kelly Smithfid

Took the best care of my dad as he died loved EVERYONE they really helped one of the worst days of my life be a little easier THANKS ICU THANK YOU SO MUCH

Dave Hunter

Marc dal poggetto

Superior doctors and technology. I've bet my life on UCSF.

Vandrea Davis

Extremely rude staff. People need to realize that people are dealing with extremely difficult times and a little compassion goes a long way. You know theres something really wrong with the world when warmth isn't even found in hospitals.

katrina mclaughlin

Not what I expected from this hospital in regards to time given, thorough review of the case, and various staffs manner.

Ryder Meehan

The billing is super shady. The billing department is completely separate from the hospital and you cannot get an invoice at the time of your appointment. The invoice is always wrong and their phone support just refers you to an email address that doesn't respond for days at a time.

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