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Larry Padgett

I have found that this E R only wants money first, befor they will help you or answer any questions very sad they need to rewrite the Hippocratic oath to say pay first or we don't care if your not an eleagle or some other government freebie or have cash or insurance we don't care go die we want money money money money .

Crazy For U

I don't understand the negative reviews for this hospital, either people are too picky or they had a personal bad experience but ours was wonderful! The staff and nurses went above and beyond our expectations, what a wonderful labor and delivery, I can't say enough positive things! Epidural went perfect, felt nothing not even an urge to push, just pushed during contractions...Dr. Eppy delivered my baby boy, he was amazing. They really make you feel comfortable here, they gave me and my husband special steak dinners, we were offered showers during our stay, got snacks etc. The staff was so sweet and friendly and always made sure we were happy. I give this hospital 5 stars because I can't give more... Thank you for the best labor and delivery I've had!

Karen Eastwood

I sure was in great hands there! I was given the best care I could ever ask for,☆☆☆☆☆ I believe I have witnessed this fasility making awesome turn around form that past experiences I've had here!A shout out to the ER on 8/18/18Thank you all for being so kind,Karen

Hollis Rogers

Horrible experience sat behind a curtain for hours. No one came to check on me for hours.

Jenna Kussart

This place has me doubting that Joshua Tree even has a medical care unit. Been here 2 hours I have either a broken ankle,foot or sprain, totally in pain. PROBABLY should have went to the VA for care which is 60+ miles from here. Empty, just saying...


We had an unexpected visit to the ER tonight. Upon arrival to the very busy ER, we were immediately taken to triage. 13 staples later, we were happy to be on our way home so quickly and happy to have received such great care. Thank you to the following staff for your compassionate care: Jorge RN, Bill, Vanessa RN, Sylvia and Helena in registration, and Dr. Nichol, you all rock!

Nicole Morris

The triage nurse actually asked why we were there and not at our Drs office. It was 4:30am. My child was crying in pain. RUDE. Drive to the next town

Prophet Team

What a joke, I waited two hours you get blood drawn, finally got in the chair and they bumped me to do someone else. First experience and I am not impressed.

Scott Hammerbeck

Usually a decent place. Walked away to make a call, they called my fiance to the back. They told me to have a seat, she was in back for a quick exam. She didn't want to be alone. Forty five minutes, and some complaining later, they allowed me in the back where she hadn't even been examined yet. So much for bedside manner.

Anne Marie Ferguson

Took our loved one, a cancer patient, into the ER, as we were away from home. It was a long wait, but once under care, it was excellent. Special thanks to Bill, the ER Tech, who urged us, the caregivers, to go home and get some rest. He then kept us posted as to developments throughout the night, when our loved one was being transferred, etc. Would you please make sure Bill receives our profound gratitude for all that he did for us? That is not to overlook the doctor and nurses who were also attentive and professional, as well.

Maxine Russell

Came in with husband we are from high blood pressure the staff was great checked him right away we has to wAit but that is expected staff offered blankets if anyone was cold very compassionate staff and they were very organized over all for an out of town experience we were glad they were there they were great

Scrapy Blue

If u think an about dying this will be the hospital, definitely not recommended to anyone that needs really help. I really think there hiring people that have no experience in the medical field, including Dr.’s. Wish someone can really do something about it, too many people are not getting the help they need and end up for the worse.

Judith Feldman

My husband was admitted by ambulance running a very high fever and tremors. He was there 5 days 2 of which were in the ICU. His so called dr....Mohammadi was so uncaring and wretched he needs to be fired....kept doing high dollar tests to help the hospital get richer but did nothing for my husband. Everyday he wanted to discharge him and everyday the nurses would say hes still running a temp. But because they were females and so am I he completely disregarded us...I asked to have him transferred to Loma Linda VA and they refused. We left and my husband the next day was admitted to the VA. He is not a Dr. In the true sense. He is uncaring and disrespectful. His service was horrible. I'm in bewilderment why a hospital would keep a person like this. A freind was in at the same time. Had Mohammadi for his dr was charged went home and collapsed and in now braindead. We nor any of my friends and family will ever set foot in that place again. I feel totally sorry for anyone entering thru their doors.

Jason Roberts

My wife went into the ER concerned with pre-eclampsia at 38 weeks of her pregnancy. The staff was incredibly polite, kind, and helpful. They checked her promptly. Contacted her doctor, Dr. Troung, who wanted the baby monitored for 45 minutes. We then went to the labor and delivery part of the hospital, where Cortni monitored our daughter in the womb. Cortni was beyond excellent and her bedside manner was the best, treating us with compassion and exhibiting evidence of looking out for the interest and well being of my wife and daughter above everything else. My wife was admitted as they saw her cervix dialation progressing. It was 12 hours before she was completely dilated, and during this entire time this staff never ceased to be there for her to comfort and communicate each step of the way. When the staff switched off from night staff to morning staff they made sure that everyone knew exactly what was going on. They communicated this in the room with my wife. Never did we have to question what was going on. You will not find a more excellent staff to deliver your child and comfort the mother, in my case my wife. I want to acknowledge clearly and proudly that Cortni, Brandi, Sara, Alyssa, Rebecca, Lulu, Melissa, Dr. Troung are the best you will find, to be there for you and your baby during your delivery. If I wrote every prefect experience that took place during this hospital stay it would be a book. At the end when my wife and daughter were discharged, Korina (Director of Obstetrical services) came in and talked with my wife, greatly encouraged her, and gave many helpful tools to help my wife know she will do great at her first child. She also followed up on the performance of the staff, she is entrusted to lead and direct. I want to ensure you this Hospital and especially the maternity staff will exceed all areas of expectation as they excel beyond excellence for you and your baby. I thank God for all of them. Thank you Jesus for a blessed delivery and an experienced staff. In Christ Jesus, Jason Roberts

Julia H. Ehret

Worse experience than the car accident. Next time we will not take ambulance to ER for soreness and concussion . Instead we will get a ride to urgent care.

Pascal Walter

Went there to the emergency with real bad teeth pain. Waited there for 3 hrs. Got painkillers that worked prefectly, thanks for that! then i was told to pay the 250 USD which i knew was the standard fee (i asked the staff when i got there). 4 weeks later i received another bill of 540 USD, which NOONE told me about.

omar skir

Worst hospital, very unprofessional, 6 hours to get a diagnose when there is few patients in ER Room .

Jade/ Dora

I was waiting out in the lobby for almost 6 hours! Worst hospital ever

drknockit Smoothly

It’s a hospital in the middle of nowhere what do expect


Marielle Stobie

My throat was closing up from severe strep. Drove to this ER after being turned away by Avalon and another Urgent Care bc Medi Cal cancelled my insurance and I didnt have $ for same day pay. I was in and out in less than 2 hours, treated respectfully by everyone I saw, assured Medi Cal would cover my visit as long as I reapplied soon. Thank you Hi-Des. X

Pamela McLeod

I was a little worried about coming here because of the ratings but I could not have asked for better care. I was seen right away and a doctor was by my side in minutes.

Sadie James

Been here several times... both the ER and the hospital. Excellent all the way around. From the admissions department to the surgeons everyone is top notch. We’re very lucky to have this place.

Lori Griffith

Caring and competent treatment

Monique Mayer

Took my 4 year old here this morning and all the staff from the security guard to nurses to respiratory therapist and doctor were great. Good communication, friendly, and very clean facility. They are a busy team, seeing lots of patients, so we waited awhile but not very long. Thanks everyone for taking great care of us!

Dilia Francisco

I am 34 weeks pregnant and waiting in ER area because there is no doctors in labor and delivery, i been here since 530 it is now 10 minutes before 10 and still haven't been seen and my contractions are getting worst, one of the nurses in the back said it will be a long wait because they have a lot of sick patients like my pain is not an emergency.

Briana Smith

I was on the verge of death and they turned me away. My heart nearly stopped at Eisenhower. If you can go to that hospital. They'll treat you like your an actual human being.

Sean Nichols

Melody Farnik

I have been to the ER on two separate occasions in the last week(for a friend and a loved one.) Everyone we encountered was kind, courteous and informative. I feel we are lucky to have an ER like this in the high desert. Keep up the great work ER!! Thank you for your kindness!

Rebeca Rivera

gary biggs

Jennifer Jacobson

I went in for pain in my wrist after i hurt it and after the x-ray he did even come and tell me it was a sprain...the nurse did...not only that I was put in a chair right next to the emergancy doors where every time it opened I got cold 30% took x-ray an hour and a half to see me too....I've never been treated so poorly at a hospital in my life....maybe they would be better if state paid a visit to them!!!!!!!

bob bob

So er misdiagnosed me, they just went off of my first attack and said it was cp this time. Well today i wemt to drs he pulled up my labs and guess what they were normal that night. So irritating that a hospital would just be in such a rrush to make people leave that they would give you false information and false diagnoses. So apparently the er lied and i didnt have a pancreatitis attack that night. Wow im speachless at this moment. **** this place if you have an emergency go to desert regional instead

Chris Porro

Told me my insurance would cover my prescription. I had to pay for it out of my pocket. What kind of insurance fraud is this! I would have never gone to the hospital if all I needed was over the counter medication. False advertising. This place of business is shady now. Reimburse me for my purchase. Or this post is staying.

David Carl

I had a CT done on the 30th of May and I want to say that Scott the tech besides being just as goofy as I am was very professional in explaining and also making sure that I was as comfortable as possible made the appointment very enjoyable! Again thank you Scott!!

Just B

The customer service at this place is the ABSOLUTE WORST! Please be advised that the people that work in the registration and front desk are the rudest people I’ve ever seen in my life!!!!

Sandi Stanton

I recently had a 2nd surgery here. I cannot say enough good things from checking in through leaving. Fabulous surgical staff. Very competant & caring. I have had a few things done here. Mammograms and a few ER visits, myself & family. Long waits, they were busy and to be expected. They took good care of us and answered all questions. I have seen alot of bad reviews. I don't know if they were unreasonable or looking for meds. Not sure and i am not judging. I have been happy with my families experiences here.

Cheryl Bennett

Great care and great staff. I'm new to the area and was very leery of a small facility, but it's where the ambulance took me. I was very impressed and wouldn't hesitate to use them in the future if needed.

alberto buenopatino

Jasmine Earley

I came to the ER tonight and everything was great. I want to shout out Nurse Stormy! She is truly amazing, kind, and she has the best patient care I’ve ever experienced! Thank you so much for a wonderful experience!

satore mark

Not helping anyone in the er nurses and talk wile the er fills up with sick pepole

M. Clevinger

The radiology dept gave me an iodine iv but he didn't wear gloves and got my blood all over him.

Barbara Bateham

Took my daughter in for a fall and they called cps now there is an open case all cuz we did what any careing parents would do.

AA Vasquez

Amazing staff. Had my daughter there and it was an amazing experience. Very clean.

Pay’n It Forward Distributions

Bless this High desert medical center , prayers to a friend who is under their care.. cardiology

Gianelli Rodriguez

If i could give it -5 starts i would!!. This hospital sucks!

messi 17

My name is John and this hospital was amazing , from everyone in registration when I got there to the surgeon. Even whilst in the pain they did everything to keep me comfortable for my short stay there and everyone was friendly and took amazing care of me. I would absolutely recommend this hospital 1 millions stars if I could.. unfortunately I cannot but keep up the amazing employees you have there hdmc! They even let a guest stay with me for the night so as to not be alone. Which was new for me so thank you hi desert for the utmost amazing care California has to offer !

Adam Paige

Amazing wonderful facility- great staff

Chatel Mckettrick

If I could give a zero star rating I would; 2 of the male triage nurses in emergency room were absolutely horrible. My friend had a ruptured ovarian cyst and the threatened to kick her out without further treatment when she laid down on the ground after waiting in the empty lobby for nearly 5 hours. We have now filed a complaint with the department of public health, licensing and certification.

George whiplemyer jr.

Son went into the ER and was told he had food poisoning. Six hours later, he was back and then they did a emergency appendectomy for a ruptued appendix. He almost died. Thank god for Dr. Wilcox (who is no longer there and he even filed a law suit against the hospital ). Words of advised from a old Desert Rat. Colds and mild Flu ONLY. Anything else, if the hospital don't get you. The doctors will!!!


$1400 for them and $300 for the P.A. (of questionable competency) for a 10 min conversation telling me to talk to someone else. Also never received the bill; they somehow managed to photocopy my ID and still not get the address right. If it wasn't so sad it would be hilarious.

Lz Cc

On December 19 my son Daniel and I had an unexpected visit to the ER due to a pain on his right side. To be honest I was very afraid to be at a new Hospital we’ve never been in. We’ve moved six months ago to Joshua Tree and we didn’t know what to expect. But as we walked in to sign in we started experiencing a very friendly environment starting with the security officer on day shift he was friendly and helpful pointed out to our first step, continues with the personnel in admitting, the male nurse that first seen my son, the phlebotomist was great, very good sense of humor, as follows the x-ray technicians very friendly. After we found out the results of my son’s pain which was appendicitis he was admitted for sergury for the 20th at 9am, while we were waiting for a room for my son we met Jeff the RN one in charge of the care for my son and he was a wonderful person with great sense of humor as well he took my son and the family to watch while a helicopter landed that was amazing it help my son relief some stress of being afraid and in pain, after going to his room 202 all the nurses/staff were friendly, caring, and amazing very attentive, can’t forget the DR. Argawal she’s was very professional, caring a great Dr. After our experience I learned that this hospital has the most wonderful and amazing staff very friendly and caring. Thank you all for your wonderful hospitality. I’m so glad we have a great hospital to count on due to the great personnel great experience!!

Raymond Lam

Susan Weston

I was in the E.R. on September 13th I received excellent care from everyone. The nurses and doctor took good care of me. Thanks to everyone and I'm glad we have a great hospital in our area.

arron stonge

Curt Sheldon

If possible, go to Eisenhower Medical.

David Yang

Visited the ER 07/02/16 on my trip to LA and was diagnosed with peritonsillar abscess which I've never heard of before.. It was so painful.. Without the staffs of the Hi dessert ER I don't want to even imagine what would have been done to my throat... It was the Fourth of July weekend... was pretty busy.. packed with people like me.. however the wait wasn't even long.. so I thank to all the ER staff !! I am now very healty because of you guys!!


I had to get blood work and x rays done plus a urinalysis, requested by my PCP, I appreciate the kind service that was provided. Everyone at Airway and the main hospital was very kind and made me feel very comfortable and could not be more happy with the service provided. Thank you very much

Eilzabeth Jauregui

Had surgery there a few days ago everyone was so nice and comforting.


Didnt even take the name when we came in told us to go sit finally accepted my trying to check in after 30 mins and 4 conversations..... Still waiting 4 hours later unable to feel or use hands or legs employees are less than thrilled to talk to you. We are right next to a national park that has an abundance of loose rocks and cacti. There for 5 hours didnt see a single park ranger. I honestly would never return to this park or hospital if you are reading this please drive to another hospital so many reports of mistreatment and i havent seen a single person wait less than 2 hours a woman came in with a small infant who was in pain and waited an hour..... I am from out of state so maybe we just have better healthcare but if i had a hiking injury anywhwere in this town i would honestly fear for my life. If you dont have your arm chopped off and in a cooler i wouldnt bother stopping here keep driving to another hospital even if its an hour away i promise it will be faster.

Paula Evans

My daughter was out of town on a rock climbing trip with her friends, after a terrible fall, she thought she broke her ankle and went in to get it checked to what she thought was an urgent care facility, $1462.35 later for the bill of just someone taking x rays to find out she had a!!!! She is a college student with no money and they would not even reduce the bill! Please be aware of where you go to get medical help these days!

Nadine Brady

My grandson was stuck with no phone and no transportation in the middle of the night. He saw there lights on and they offered him a phone to call home and let him wait inside till we got there which was almost 2 hrs away. Very friendly and helpful..

rachael williams

vicki murphy

Went into the emergency room via ambulance. Was admitted into intensive care unit where the nurses were awesome...The doctor who was assigned as my caregiver , decided she didn't like me...So that first afternoon, she pulled her care and put me under observation...Came in with a Spiriva capsule inhaler, which did nothing, as I am in the final stages of COPD and had had an acute exaserbation. Then a few hours later, sent me home.. I am unwell, and now afraid to call 911 in case I get that bad again. ( and I will get that bad again ) Worse experience of my life. And a petty doctor who can't get over her petty opinions and just treat a patient respectfully.

Devin Iiames

Make you do all the work for yourself. Attitude isn’t the greatest until you tell them they are in the wrong.


I went here three weeks ago for a dislocated shoulder stemming from a climbing trip gone wrong. I got admitted very fast which was a huge plus considering how much pain I was in. My ER nurse was Linda. Linda is awesome in every way. She was so kind and attentive. She strived to keep me calm and comfortable. I really can’t speak highly enough of her. Carlos the X-ray tech was also really cool. I had a great experience and was taken well care of. 5 stars

Ashlee Francis

I love the service there because, they are... nice, friendly, and has a nice sense of humor! I don't know how they deal with all the bad coments when they are in the same room as the person who said it! I would want my friends, family, and kids to look up to them! Have and nice day!!!!!! -Ashlee

Lori M

I had a ct scan and the staff was excellent. They were professional and kind. Scott is a riot (thank you again for your military service). I'm really glad I was able to get my scan done here.

Roberta Foster

While visiting family and the Joshua Tree National Park in October, 2018 I developed a UTI infection. Checked in around 3:45 pm and wasn't released until 10:00 pm. I sat in the waiting room, getting up every 5 mins to use the bathroom. That's what you do when you have that infection. About 3 hours later I was called and gave my urine specimen. Then, waited, waited and waited. I am no stranger to this infection, and I can be in and out of my doctors office in a half hour. I kept checking with the nurse to find out what was taking so long and was told they were waiting for the lab results and of course the more sickly or injured came first. I understand that but, urine testing is not rocket science and I was in agony all that time. Needless to say I was the last person who walked out of there. Yes the nurses are friendly, not so much the "young not so compassionate receptionist. Totally unacceptable wait time for treatment and would woul not recommend them. Fortunately for me and the 3 other people who had to wait with me, had a big late Mexican lunch because we didn't get to have dinner.

Jennifer Grandi

My doctor ordered an ultrasound and I called for two weeks to try to get scheduled. Their voicemail said they would get back to me in "one business day," but they never returned the call. Finally, my doctor had to call and be transferred three times before he could get through. This is a serious breakdown in communication out there.


As a former employee of HDMC, I am dismayed of so many negative reviews. Some years ago, I was seriously injured in my spine due to my holiday decorations piled atop Sub-Acute beds. My spine was severely compromised. Amazingly, I was quickly air lifted to Eisenhower. HDMC admin. Quickly advised Eisenhower I was to be given the best VIP care they could provide. The irony of course is that my position at HDMC was merely an Activity Director, not really a prestigious medical professional. I hope this testimony points to the fact, that not only is quality of care to the patients, but that the employee's are equally treated with compassion and enjoy a superior work environment. Kudo's to Admin, The board of directors and ALL the wonderful staff. David G. Hart

Kenny Pavan

Brenda Bork-Meyer

It's a small hospital! The staff was very friendly & helpful.

Korkie MC

Photojournalist looking for answers about the quality of service at this facility get harassed by security..... THEN SHUT THE PLACE DOWN TO THE PUBLIC.... because of cameras & ?'s.. What is this hospital trying to hide.!!!-

Cris J

Major HIPAA violations going on in this hospital. I saw an ER tech asking personal information and taking vitals in the ER waiting room! This is against the law! Do not give your information to any nurse unless you are in a private room. I worked in hospitals and have a medical background and people are being asked their name DOB and all kinds of personal information out loud while everyone watches. This is scary! I can tell you about a few people's name and DOB just from hanging out in the ER waiting room. Omg ... now the doctor just came out to discuss the treatment with a patient. This place is unreal. I am making a report of the HIPAA violations to the appropriate authority.

Jessica p

They just up and decided to change my apt time without warning lol

Samantha Wisocki

Mel Skud

Worst experience ever. We are from out of town. My 2 year old little girl woke Thursday with blisters on her lips and in her mouth. Took her to the ER Thursday, they did a strep test and flu test both negative but still prescribes antibiotics. That night she was in so much pain, she wouldn't even swallow pain meds to reduce fever and allow her relief to maybe drink fluids so back to the ER Friday morning. I was treated like a POS mother because the triage nurse and PA assumed I didn't try hard enough to get her to take the meds. I had to beg for help as I was belittled by the triage nurse to the nurse helping us and the PA also made rude assumptions. I wasn't there asking for Vicodin like a druggie. I came seeking help for my daughter and left with a diagnosis of canker sores. She has Hand Foot and Mouth and I don't have a medical degree. Don't waste your precious time at this place. Drive to the next town/city if you want decent medical care.

Nicholas Colegio

This use to be a really good hospital but you have everyone and their mom from the city overpopulating our town And filling our hospitals and schools up so I can understand the wait but still this hospital is mediocre

Corey Brown

They take FOREVER and the fat nurse with curly hair is rude.

Valerie Dobbins

I went into the E.R. because of abdominal pain which turned out to be gallstones, everything was done very quickly and efficiently. They sent in a traveling surgeon, Dr. Julie Lindholm and the surgery was done right away. Everyone was very pleasant and Dr. Lindholm was wonderful. Truly a great experience, I would highly recommend all of them.

Candice Demercado

Seriously a one year old comes in with a fever and they take almost two hours to even give her meds for it. Okay it's busy at least don't make a 1 year old suffer and give her something for the fever!!! Then they discharged us and gave us the wrong papers for a 3 and older!!! They have no idea what they are doing obviously I'd give a worse rating if I could!

Nicole Kelly

Haven't been seen yet.. Will let you know when all finished up.

David Jennings

RIP OFF ALERT!! they will Bill you for the doctor then they will send you another bill for the hospital.$591 and 599 for the physicians assistant. we didn't even go back into a room or anywhere Sat in a little nurse station in the lobby with everyone else.

Shanitra Byars

Labor and delivery This experience was a very good one because of my nurses but one in particular Julie S she was with me every step of the way. I had a planned c section and when i say she made me feel at ease she kept me calm gave fantastic direction so i knew what to say and when to say it. Let me know what was coming next she was very informative and polite. She had a great sense of humor very funny she was just the bright light that my family needed if and when i have another i hope she is here so i can request her

j may61

Fantastic staff! Had surgery yesterday to remove a large cyst on my ovary, and it was a very positive experience. From the admitting and checking in all the way through recovery. The most thorough, professional, kind, genuine nurses and doctors I could have imagined. Great communication All the way through. All my questions and concerns were answered before surgery and I felt very confident I was in good hands. Very competent and caring health care professionals. Very clean facility too! I feel great today! Heartfelt thanks to every single one of you!

Jenifer Mitchell

Kelly Burke

I had my baby this past week and let me tell you, Korina and the whole LDRP staff was AMAZING! I couldn't have ever wished for a better place and environment to welcome my baby girl. Despite the fact that epidural pain relief was not an option for me. The girls-Cortni and Amber went above and beyond to make me as comfortable as they could. They were ALL there to reassure me everything was going okay and supported me the whole way. A huge thank you to Becky who educated me about my new journey and took excellent care of me and my baby. Also, thank you to Bri and Korina for answering all my questions over the phone after being discharge. Dr. Kasko was also amazing as he has been my whole pregnancy. What a great experience!

lori M

Son in law seen after garage door hit him in the face/ head over lt eye. They asked if he was in pain he said yes, they didn't treat.. no x-rays or diagnostic scan. ( done next day @ immed. care after his face went numb..showed a fracture) asked if he was current on tetanus .. he wasn't , they didn't administer one..discharged him without instructions on possible concussion or other s/s to observe for and return if needed.. I would say very disappointed, however this is the type of care we've come to expect from our local healthcare agency.

Glenn Gaarder

I went in with shortness of breath. They saw me right away. They treated that with inhalation treatment but where very thorough and did a chest xray, ekg, etc to make sure everything else was ok. I'm guessing all the bad reviews here are from people trying to get pain meds and not getting them. My experience was excelent..

Ashley East

I have lived here my entire life. I may only be 17 but I have been in this hospital well over 10 or 15 times because I have very bad health. And every single one of those experiences were horrible. You wait for hours and hours well into the early morning when you came in the afternoon before. Can't breathe? Hives all over your body? Extreme chest or stomach pain? Well I'll give you some insight on what they will do for you. They will make you wait for in the very least 2-3 hours before they will even take a look at you and see why you came in. Once they do you wait for another 2-3 hours before hearing anything else from them. Even if the ER is practically empty. You will most likely have to pee in a cup and get blood drawn (which I do need to point out the big guy who does the blood drawing is really awesome). Then you wait again. For hours. Now your butt and legs have gone numb from the hard chairs they provide and you still have yet to be seen. And finally!! At hour 7 or 9 you have finally been brought into the back! Someone asks you the same questions that triage did and sends you back into the waiting room. You wait again. You look around and see that the nurses and doctors and chatting it up and goofing off. Even laughing at patients behind their back (even though we all can hear them). After waiting for SO many hours you might called back and get a bed. They will say they ran tests and couldn't find anything and will send you home. They might prescribe you with antibiotics or tell you to take some over the counter meds for the pain. These people do not care if you are in pain or if you think you are going to die. I am a 17 year old girl that came in for extreme stomach pain just a few months ago. They asked if I'm pregnant and I said no and that it isn't possible for me to be because I've never had sex and I won't until I'm married. Guess what they do. They ask me to pee in a cup to run a pregnancy test. Not for anything else just that. They will doubt what you say and think you're just trying to get drugs. No matter what are you are too. My 95 great grandmother in that hospital currently and they are doing nothing about it. Because they can't find anything wrong with all of the small tests they are refusing to call a specialist to dig deeper as to why my grandma is screaming in pain everyone you lightly touch her stomach. And there is a reason why she is 95 because that woman is one of the most healthy people I know. Oh and they also refuse to transfer her to Eisenhower and won't do any MRIs on the weekends either. So we are going to have to check her out and drive all the way to Eisenhower and check her in to the ER there. Which if this is life threatening she could die trying to get her there. So here's a summary to this. They will not find out what's wrong. They will treat you horribly. They will screw up. And if you are in a life threating situation you will die if you go to them for help. This is the worst hospital you could go to and they don't care to change.

Matthew Kealey

C.C. Silsbee

The reason for the two stars is for the three times I have had to go to ER where the staff were nice and cared about my comfort. I called for an ambulance on February 20 because of severe and debilitating back pain. The paramedics helped me into a wheelchair. I was left in the wheelchair in the waiting room for several hours, no efforts to help. The staff was rude, dismissive, abusive, and they were so insensitive and careless that my pain is worse than if I had never left home. They all expected me to function normally; The head nurse threatened me and I was refused care. No one believed that I was in too much pain to walk or did anything about it. I called the hospital operator to ask about being admitted since the ER discharged me without care. A supervisor went on the line and told me I could walk and there was nothing wrong with me; she told me I had to go to another hospital. She told me I had been treated (they gave me Tylenol which did not work and I have this at home!) Thanks to this ER I am in worse pain than before. I still can't walk and the pain is severe.

mommy andthej's

This is the WORST hospital EVER !!! Staff is rude nobody helps I have had MANY awful experiences here if I could give it negative stars I would!!! Sucks this is the only hospital in town you would think they would try harder....they put NO effort at all!!!

Kyle McClay

The wait time is insane. Been here for 5 hours still and not out of here. Obviously poorly managed and run. They need a better system.

Karina Luna

Mz RaMiR3z



All was very helpfull and nice

Rebecca Feldman

Usually the care here is hit and miss. Had some good experiences some bad. But this last one is beyond bad. FIL was taken by ambulance to ER with a fever of read that right. ER doc can't immediately find the cause so they want to send him home...with a fever...finally decided to admit him. His fever keeps going up and down but the doc keeps saying his discharging him. 15 minutes later his temp spikes back up to 108 and he's sent to ICU. Labs come back and sure enough the infections in his blood. He's released from ICU and the doc promptly discharges him...after a few doses of the right iv antibiotic. He still had a fever when the doc discharged him. Called the VA they wanted him transfered, doc refused. All he had to do was sign a form and thats it but he refused. FIL goes to VA for follow up and guess what he's admitted to the hospital because he's still spiking a fever. I have never seen a doctor so eager to push someone out of a hospital before. Why couldn't he just sign the paperwork for the transfer? Blow my FIL will have to be on stronger antibiotics and will spend more time in the hospital because of this. That doctor had no business being a doctor if he's that unconcerned with his patients.

Logan Burns

I took my 4 month old son here and I was so pleased with the experience I had at the ER here. It was clean, the staff were nice and caring. They got us back right away and helped bring down his fever. The wait wasn’t too bad and they actually listened to what I was saying. I have nothing negative to say about this ER.

Debbie McCluskey

Just was released from High Desert Medical Center. I wanted to tell the people in the E.R. Thank You so much for your kindness and my're a wonderful group of people! The Wonderful Nurses who took care of me I appreciate ALL of your hard work,kindnees and taking care of me. YouAll are wonderful! The Doctor on my case had really bad bedside manor and for me NOT very caring at all!! In questing his care he gave me while I was there he raised gis voice to me and got upset so I asked him to leave!!! I don't understand his comment to me "I'm the Doctor....well Doctor, I'm the patient!!!! Like I told you....would you like a doctor treating your mother the way you chose to treat me? Really? Just because your a doctor doesn't give you the right to be unaprochable and arogant and Mean!!! For his treatment I will always go down the hill from now on!!! My nurse Jackie......You are just the Best!! Thank You

J High

Worst E.R. experience ever, DO NOT go here if you have an emergency. The triage nurse that saw me has a horrible attitude and should look for a new profession. When I attempted to call and retrieve the name of the nurse that saw me to file a formal complaint and rude individual named "Denver" hung up on me and refused to give me the first name of the nurse that saw me. When I called back he said that he was not obligated to release her first name. I will be filing a formal complaint in person first thing today. The staff in general seemed to have a bad case of being overly de-sensitized.

Groovy Yurts

over $1200 for 3 stiches! Came in for a bad cut on one finger. Waited a couple hours and was forced to take an x-ray which I had declined. Was told I could not get treated without x-ray. Got 3 stiches (by very capable nurse). First amount was paid on-site $330, second amount was charged later for $275. 6 months later I receive a bill for $619 from the doctor whom I saw about 5 minutes. Total to date $1224 for 3 stiches and a finger x-ray. I am told another bill is on the way for the x-ray... very very sad scam

Tyler Rementer

Worst hospital in the country. Friendly nurses but seriously retarded doctors. I was just in an accident and my back and neck hurt realllllllllllly bad and he touches my neck says it's something from the seat beat gives me a pill and tells me to leave no x-ray no nothing .Hope they get shut down .Oh and the reason behind his diagnosis is I walked in the hospital that I should be ok. I walked into a hospital with a broken foot after 3 weeks the hospital I went to said we won't do any x-rays we had to force them turns out I did have a broken foot. We will find out because I'm going to another hospital or my doctor and getting it checked because the people that were supposed to help me pushed me out. Thank you hi-desert

Dylan Wright

Apparently some back pain is more urgent than a pregnant woman having stomach pains and bleeding? That makes no sense to me. Update- my pregnant wifes pain is getting worse and the bleeding is getting heavier...and we are still waiting in the waiting room 2 hours later. What is going on? Update- finally got into an exam room and just waiting on a nurse. Thank goodness for the owner contacting the hospital for me and having them check on us.


Go down the hill if you can, I've had more bad than good experiences... Surgery botched, released too early, being discharged without any pain management. Nurses are nice but their hands are tied though and you can see the best they can.

Jennifer Teo

Worst hospital in the high desert!! If you want your hipaa rights violated, if you want to be mistreated, and discriminated against then by all means this is the hospital for you! But if you want to be treated with respect, and compassion steer clear of this place! This hospital needs to be investigated and shut down! I wouldn't take my pets here to be treated! And Ann Sims is the worst PA she has no place in the medical field! Take my advice..Do not take your loved ones to this hospital!

James Henry

I am posting for my husband. He was admitted at Hi Desert medical center on January 30, 2017 with complaints of heart pain, shortness of breath, dizziness, and swelling of his ankles. They did a 12 point lead, and xray, they then decide to do an echo. The most serious finding was "severe mitral valve stenosis" The most serious finding from the 12 point lead showed he was experiencing arrhythmias. He also had some not so desirable labs. I spoke with the head nurse regarding his labored breathing during sleep, the bed was moving every time he exhaled. Well i guess the powers that be in their infinite wisdom discharged him. He is at Eisenhower hospital, he is nothing by mouth getting prepped for surgery.ok hi desert medical how could he be let go in such serious condition, what is it, didn't want to pay for transport? ????

William Barrett

Wanda Christians

Was seen in the ER this past thursday. The only reason I gave them 2 stars instead of 1 is because of the kind triage nurse and attending er nurse. The PA-C i saw, Sophia Khalili, was not only rude, she kept sneaking away and shoveling food in her mouth, and seemed completely lost. She actually asked my husband to assist her with the electrical cord to the black light she used to look into my eyes. I was trying to ask her questions and she got upset at me and said, and I quote, "How many times do I have to say it!" She also misdiagnosed me, which I found out today bc the med she provided wasn't working so I scheduled an appt with an opthalmologist.

Christian Lopez

I was seen fast but the service was terible no bed side manners. I saw the Dr for littlerly 2 secondes they where even saying raicial slurs I even made a complaint no one cares anymore the only person who cared was the security gaured he came out and talked to me and made sure I was ok.

Corey Asylum escapees Slover

This is a place NOT to go. I am so apauled at the lack of care provided here. Please dont let the positive reviews from the staff and there friends and family fool you. They do not follow the law. The do not follow standard practices. There mission statement and oath to the public is totally being ignored. The nurses give dirty looks to those who KNOW THE LAW and hide there name badges. Please go to Desert Regional Medical Center. of you value your health. 2 1/2 hrs went by and i watched nurses joke with other nurses no triage nurse. No one getting care, 3 babys 2 elders no one to help. Shame on the staff, shame on those that work here and spent more time goofing off then doing your job to provide care in a timely fashion. No movement. And yes there were NO ambience either, Had to ask for help for people that are holding there chest. Just to be given an attitude. What a horrible hospital.

Nick Hoyt

Bf had to have some stitches on his foot and he was treated with excellent care by people who care! Hospital definitely has changed over the years from one star to five STARS in a matter of acouple years.

Jacob Howard

Before I even stepped foot in the hospital I had heard stories from locals and visitors alike that Hi Desert Medical was horrible. The first time I visited the ER late one night a patient died (as they do), but I over heard the doctor trash talk the deceased patient. As well as the staff. With as many bad reviews you'd think they'd try to get their act together. People in the High Desert deserve better care than this.

Jadon Fierro

This was one of the worst hospital experiences I've ever had, barely got any help and ended up getting discharged with someone else's information and diagnosis!

Tim Liddell

E.R. visit on 7-2-16. The staff, all the way from check-in to discharge, was efficient, friendly, courteous, and professional. I probably interacted with 8 different employees. The environment in the waiting room and the exam area was clean and well organized. We are fortunate to have this facility in the high desert. Thanks from a Joshua Tree resident ! (And finally: a pleasant farewell from hospital security on my way out.)

Ellie G.

I have been a patient in the ER twice. The first time, I went because my blood pressure spiked suddenly. When I got to the ER the Dr. bawled me out for coming in. So I got up and walked out. The second time I had been bitten by a hatching of spiders. After three days I had a terrible allergic reaction and went to the ER when I started to have trouble breathing and asked for some steroid treatment. That time the person on call said I had MERSA even though I said it was spider bites. He prescribed both prednisone and heavy-duty sulfa drugs related to liver failure. If I had had an infection, the prednisone could have created a super bug. When I had a heart attack, I didn't call 911 because they would have taken me to Joshua Tree. I found a way to get to Eisenhower and that probably saved my life.

David Koligian

Do not go here. Terrible emergency services. No patience care and way over billed for services. Overall terrible experience. I would put zero stars if I could.

Michelle Ritter

I’d never willingly go here or allow a loved one to be admitted again. I would get myself to Palm Springs or anywhere else. The nurses were professional and seemed mostly on top of things. The one doctor we got was another story. Dr. Mohammaddi was careless and has no respect for women and makes you feel uncomfortable. They will bill your insurance for all they can no matter how poor the patient care is. I will make a complaint to the ins. company too.

Eric Patton

Terrible hospital.The nurses all complain and talk bad about patients. Long waiting time and half assed doctors. Go down to Palm Springs if you want quality care.


Randy Ragsdale

E.R. staff was rude and dusrepectful to a homeless man who needed a bus pass to catch the bus instead of giving him a bus pass they called the sheriff to escort him out

Silvia Melendrez

Tracy C

Worse ER ever!!!! Just keep driving down to Palm Springs. Every time I go to ER they look at me like I'm stupid, and act like nothing is wrong and send me on my way to where I later learn something is really wrong. Ex. I have gone in before after getting hurt in a basketball game. They told me nothing was wrong, nothing broken and not my Achilles and that I can also go back to work. Guess what a doctor somewhere else told me next day. My Achilles was completely snapped and i needed surgery. I have been in with my kids and they have prescribed them things they didn't even need. I took my baby in at 2 months by ambulance waited for 4 hours in waiting room before I saw anyone. She went lifeless on us and they told me everyone gets one, and sent me on my way with discharge papers saying near death experience. Went in with baby again today who hasn't been eating or drinking and mouth is sore and hurting. They sent me home with papers saying she is teething. Took her to another doctor who actually checked her out and guess what it's not teething. I keep going thinking maybe it's just the doctor, but we always see different people.

Lillian Laing

Visited the emergency room for my daughter and we were treated with kindness, professionalism, and seen in a timely manner considering how busy they were. My daughter was even given a lovely teddy bear! The ER was clean and staff is attentive and really seem to care about patients. The ER has definitely changed for the better. I also gave birth to both of my kids here, most recently 7 months ago and the l&d is amazing. The nurses are kind, understanding, professional, and really make the whole experience as nice as possible. They offer a congratulatory meal for mom and dad and private rooms.

turborzr2017 D

Go down to palm springs if you are in pain and need professional medical help doctor Mohammedi is so new he does not no proper procedure for writing a legal medication request from Pharmacy so he will under prescribed medication cause he is not established doctor. I went to emergency room for kidney stones lodged in my kidneys and peeing blood from infection so spent 2 days trying to pass. So they send me home with a doctors script for meds he cant write so he gives me tylenol 3 for pain instead of what he prescribed cause pharmacists wont take his script.

Danielle Watson

The entire staff ...from ER to hospital attendees were excellent. I was nervous and in pain. They caught the problem and "Oilla!, took care of me and after 2 days, handled the problem. Thank you all.


dont know who decided to move triage to the unsanitary office area on left inside and then your seen in a tinny even worse room next same area. carpet covered in stuff and stains. eveyone knows no carpets serously unsanuary. over the years it went from normal to great and clean. to backwards nastyyyy. remind me of the homeless shelters you see on tv but tv ones looked cleaner ... if this sometype of rue to get more money it bs.. hope my swob for my infection is not tanted cuz of the environment. I constantly complanned. was told to make a complant. here it is. who ever did that should be fired. been going there 20 years worse ever situation. no I will not contact you all privatly. you know you are putting lives in danger with the new set up or even if its a temp nasty set up. wasnt' like this few months ago. no privacy to unsanitary. probly be better if all done on the bench out front.

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