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Margie Hanopulus

Hugo Rojas

John Oxman

Emergency Room had excellent caring staff and fully competent and personable doctors. The entire visit was quicker and also better than I expected. Quite a pleasant visit. There is however a major glitch with the ER Doctors billing service. When speaking with them they stated that they do not communicate with the er hospital. The could not and would not review updated billing information with the er hospital. They had a non caring tough luck attitude. The were just the opposite of the er staff and Dr's. Quite an UN REAL experience in dealing with them!

Jasmine Corello

Much better than dignity health in Glendale . Thank you everyone.

Todd Belger

Excellent facility. Loved it. My daughter was born there in 1988 so they did a good job.

Rachel Basulto Melendrez


lizette juarez

(Translated by Google) Tomorrow will be 13 years q my son was born there and was a super service (Original) Mañana serán 13 años q mi hijo nació ahí y fue un super servicio

Vickie Lugo

All my three children were taken care the staff is great.

Jewels Alling

Excellent in Health Care!!!!!

Heela Turner

This hospital is a hit or a miss, they take their sweet time to get any procedure done, my dad was supposed to get an x-ray done by 10:00 am and now it’s 2:00pm and he’s still waiting to get his X-ray, the nurses were rude and his nurse never checked out with us when her shift was over. How rude.. and their Moro is “ Hello Humam Kindness” seriously!???

Denio Castro

Warren Warren

I was hit by a car and was there for a week. I just got to my acute rehab facility and had to rewrap my broken leg because it wasn't done properly..It's literally cutting off my circulation even with meds and elevation. My leg was wrapped 3-4 different times and not once did they follow the same method .All I can say Is there's a lack of set standards that everyone follow.Jy family and I couldn't get straight forward answers when asking questions regarding my status etc . The end result was inconsistency in their practices and professionalism. Ive had other poor experiences prior to this one and truly hope they begin to consistently treat their patients with respect & DIGNITY.God bless

Joseph Talavera

Horrible hospital, dirty, rude and very unprofessional nurses. Imagine a county hospital with beds lined up all along the hallways, people running around like crazy and the staff look so overwhelmed they don't know what to do.


Glen Waites

After attending at Providence holy cross hospital, I went to see my friend Lisa, I thought they were very nice to me, they let me stay a little longer than I was supposed to stay, and I thank him for letting me stay, I said goodbye to my friends LISA, and I said goodbye to the nurse embly.

Nancy Morales

My cousin came to this hospital because she wasn’t feeling well, and she is just waiting for one more step to see what is wrong with her. And it is taking forever, no one has come into her room to check up on her for about an hour. It’s not even busy today, so I don’t understand what is the hold up. For crying out loud, hire more employees

Chad Wannamaker

megan chrisman

Having an allergic reaction and the doctor didn’t look at the rash and isn’t taking me seriously . I have been waiting for steroids for an hour as I feel my throat swelling more . Don’t come here they will let you die .

Fernando Ramirez

If you want to pay more for the same service you get at a different hospital than come here. I got sick and landed on this hospital and they charged me almost 60% more than what providence charged and I was performed the exact same thing. This is ridiculous.

Dan Haff

My mother had an accident due to swelling in her brain. I called 911 to help. An ambulance came and loaded her up. I live 2 miles from the hospital and got a bill for $1500 for that 2 mile trip. That is a complete ripoff as there is nothing they could possibly have done in those 2 miles that would warrant a $1500 bill. Then their oncologist, Dr. Tang, was rude and didn't seem to know what he was doing. We asked him to evaluate my mother to see if we could move her with the swelling going down. He came into the room said all of 5 words to my mother and immediate told my father and I he didn't feel she had improved enough to move her. 5 words. How can you possibly evaluate someone in 5 words?! The nursing staff was great but you can tell most of those doctors are there for the money and don't actually care about medicine or the patient. If I ever need, I'd rather travel a little further to another hospital where I can at least have someone who cares even a little.

Adriana Soria

A Google User

Reignor Wiggins



I had a surgery here, I was told the scar will be just around two inches, but it's huge.

Mary C

They are very professional and caring. Love that they offer fast care service


So my sister was admitted at this hospital, she always goes there because the staff and service is great. This time she was admitted and they had to take her to get some tests done outside her room one nurse in particular kept going in and out to check on her like every 10 minutes to see if they had taken her already which my sis thought was weird because they never do that. Well they finally took her to get her tests done and when she went back to her room her wallet was gone. She made a report with the securities which said they had nothing on camera and till this day nothing has been done. They stole her wallet, credit cards, money, ID and social security number. I'm pretty sure the person that took it is more than likely still employed there. Whole point is what kind of hospital is this where the cameras can't capture anything are the cameras even rolling. I'm very disappointed in this hospital and securities who are suppose to be monitoring everything that goes on in there. If you visit this hospital leave your belongings at home or this might happen to you also.

Fatma Villagrana

Suit 514 Dr and his assistant rude as can be I will never come back here just for them have no ethical sense on how to talk to a person

bryan suttles

Northridge has the same problem it has always had. Understaffed, it takes triple the time to get anything done there. Hire more people who move quicker!

Jennifer Najera

Been here at their ER since before 4pm. It is now 612pm and we still haven't been seen my 1 year old has been screaming the whole time and this place is very dirty. Wonder if we will ever get out

Angela McElligott

Left with Dignity

Gary Hebda

Cozy neighborhood hospital with highly professional doctors and nurses.

Vee Bee

They charge for parking. That's really hard to believe.

Adrian GM

I am grateful to live walking distance from this hospital. Doctors and staff are excellent with many cases, urgent care, emergency, intensive unit, etc.

Kathy Rodriguez

(Translated by Google) It is the best ... (Original) Es lo mejor ...

Kim Thorpe

My mother tried to kill herself today. I took her to emergency begging for help at 11am. It is 8 pm and they sent her home No Help because some Dr who didn’t even come down to interview her said he would not admit her. Who is this Dr Makhani? This is horrible that this hospital kept us there for 9 hours and did not put her on some kind of watch. She is a danger to herself and others in this house. Do not go there!! It is terrible!!!

Wendy Sumerlin

Great ER Dept. Great Specialists on call 24 hrs a day. And the Nurses on the 4th floor, are just amazing! My brother who has cerabal palsey fell and needed a hip replacement. They were just awesome, mentally he is 4, but age is really 49....they gave him extra attention like he wa a little boy. They were understanding, and helpfull to every one of his needs. Kudos to Northridge Hospital...Did I mention that my son was born there 28 years ago...So thats how long I have been going to this great facility

Alpha13 lee

Jo Harper

I called the number to get an appointment for the emergency,it I was to be there @ 4:15 pm.Well needless I went. Tarzana hospital, I had pnuemonia. I was hospitalized for a week. Your hospital is filthy,nasty and dirty. Homeless people are sleeping in the emergency room,and outside, I was in will never go to your hospital again!!!

Duane Tanaka

If you don't know Northridge Hospital has been known to have the best health care in the San Fernando Valley. I would like to share this with the best of the best as a friendly reminder that as a common place for only it's clients of NH. That if you find yourself paying high prices often for Kaiser then don't forget that the shuffle starts out of Cedars Sinai from Olive View as the next best thing including Gardena Memorial and Children's Hospital. With the always nice and new entrance that is as old as it is new; you would always enjoy this Hospital as a resident of the San Fernando Valley. Don't forget that they do keep up with records quite well from what is understood. Known for it's bi-centinneal building and it's new gsk products. If you've known Novartis then it starts here or there. As the place where you can find comfortable relief. If you find yourself going other places and not getting what you've been looking for then start here. -2006/2010.

Victor Olano

Excellent and high quality service. The medical and ancillary are very attentive and very responsive. I can't think of a better hospital to be in if I ever get the need to stay in one. They took great care of my mother and we are very appreciative.

Shellah Ang

Just called in for a question and the girl was rude and was not helpful

yong choi


Sub standard professional care with an impersonal and abrasive touch....Welcome to Northridge Hospital ER. This department has really gone down hill in the past few years. My mom had been a patient on and off at this facility for many years and it’s a darn shame to see a facility loose it’s Dignity. Move our business and care over to good people at Tarzana ER.

Rhonda Litt

A beautiful facility awaiting use by patients. Sadly the patients are in far to great of pain that they are unable to utilize the facility. You see the head doctor is not a believer of IV drug medication. So whether you have open heart surgery, a multi level fusion or a severely broken bone, you will only be given the smallest oral dose of pain medication regardless of severity. The doctor that oversees the facility uses his low medication use for patient care to boost his ratings among other rehab options. After 3 weeks at Northridge Hospital and 2 major surgeries, I have not had a pain level below 6 and I am constantly crying because of the pain.

Mr. Nunya

Very fast ER service, very friendly staff.

Gai Mordib 3

I can’t apologize enough I should have wrote this years ago. My partner had a stomach problem he went to Northridge Hospital on Reseda Boulevard. I get a phone call from Northridge Hospital they performed an emergency surgery. With out A colon rectal specialist, they didn’t have one on staff. I rushed to the hospital The Doctor Who performed the surgery and his assistant They told me my partner wasn’t going to make it. I’ll try and be concise they put the colostomy bag in the wrong place right below his solar Plex instead of at the bottom of his stomach. The wound was getting infected they left the cancer in. What I’m about to say it’s not about all doctors there’s something strange going on. I was in my partner room at the hospital. Two doctors were discussing my partners faith one of the doctors he said and I quote LET’S STOP FEEDING HIM. AND NOT TELL THE FAMILY. the other doctor he pointed to me and he said he is the family. I immediately got a colon rectal specialist he save my partners life Dr. Charles Hedrick. I’m sorry I didn’t write this sooner. He lived another year the oncologist at Northridge he said his cancer was in remission. Kaiser Said it was never in remission.

Seyit Yılmaz

Sako A

The worst hospital in the world probably, if I was able to give negative starts I would. Brought my mother in with paramedics the dr showed no care just sent in for blood work and ct never showed back up after 4 hours later the nurse comes in and says they never started Iv or gave her any meds I said no and the nurse disappeared had to call people over to give my mother help I hope one day this people could have a heart and care

Tucker Clarke

rip Buck Adams :(

Service Kitty

Miakoda Rodriguez

They suck. They're rude to their cleaning staff they have no respect for their patients or staff that is deemed lower than a doctor or nurse. Not only super slow service.

Justin Oliver

So me and my wife got to this hospital at 5:45 pm and it’s now 9pm my wife got seen and was discharged and it’s now taken them 45 mins to get her the paperwork all night long this has been the worst visit I have ever had at this place the nurses literally have not checked on my wife one time and are sitting there talking to each other about there next gym visit instead of checking on there patients it is by far the most disgusting and disgraceful hospital in the valley and to think we had our daughter here and I was so partial to this hospital and they have disappointed me and my wife to the fullest we just ended up leaving

Maria Garcia

Everyone was very attentive, and kind.

shahrzad zolfi

RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!! My father was allergic to ANTIBIOTICS and we repeatedly told the doctor not to prescribe ANTIBIOTICS with high dosage , and they prescribed him KEFLEX, um thats an antibiotic "Dr"Jesse Menchaca! Horrible staff, yesterday my father got admitted here to ER, first I want to say that the staff keeps gossiping and talking with the security. So we went to a room that they assigned us and they took my father for scans and it took a while and I fell asleep on the chair and I was woken up by two guys from the staff wearing green uniform staring at me leaning from the door and said she's asleep in the room then started speaking Spanish and laughed. When I brought this to the nurse in charge of the nurses station she said are you sure? My staff are pretty "professional", and I said yeah I know what I heard and saw, then after a bit she came to the room saying, so I investigated about what happened you were right about the guys they were talking spanish to the patient next door but they were not talking about you! Well of course they are not gonna tell you that they were checking a visitor out and were invading her privacy! Other than that when we got there the nurse inserted the IV not on the usual spot which is the inner crook of the elbow, she decided to insert it way lower, and for the first time I heard my dad screaming because of the pain, then she finished up and said this is better, it'll absorb quicker. Anyway we have never seen such method in any hospital. Then when the serum was finished the nurse grabbed my dad's hand and aggressively pulled the IV out and he started bleeding so bad, then she taped cotton on his arm. There was still blood so he told her that his arm is dirty with blood and she started snapping like oh this is from my glove "look" and then grabbed his hand with attitude and started cleaning his arm... This was the most horrible experience we have ever had, middle east gives better medical care than these imbeciles! They're all freaking wearing crocks its like watching people with pajamas coming and telling hello I'm your doctor, this hospital is a joke.

thalia brown

Jabri Rios

Going on 4+ hours for the result of an ultrasound. The staff however is professional. I just believe the wait is a little unnecessary for what was needed.

Ernesto Koh

Terrible hospital. Impolite requested i see a psychiatrist? Did nothing for my heart problems. Nurses walked by me while i waited in a lobby. Was not giving recovery option. Sorry for you if you decide or only have that option.

Maraliz James

Excellent experience very well trained staff very friendly Joy is very very kind I love her attitude she's very caring I'm from MN and recommend this place

Michael Diehl

I was in the Emergency room area, I mean inside a bed, but had to wait four damn hours before someone came back and help me,, didn't even check on me once even asking for a blanket since it's a ice box in there, severe pain with stomach virus and cold, and tired of the way I kept being brushed aside like I didn't exist I came to the point where I yelled you guys treat me right now or I will be walking in the street. They could care less about you unless you cause a scene for everyone to hear that treatment problem that they are giving you, not less than 10 min later after that did I finally got iv fluids in the hand and ibprofine for the pain. Don't waste your time going there unless you have to. I go since it's next to the bus stop

Marisela Correa

They transferred my 5 yr old daughter from Palm Dale to Northridge medical center she had to get surgery for apendicitis and emidiatly they had her room ready the nurse was super nice and pelite and very helpful .all the staff did a wonderful job and the surgeon did the surgery in 1 hour exactly thank you Dr.samuel

Edward Reiner

A confused center of mediocrity. Lost most of my mother's medical records (what ever happened to HIPAA) and referred me to other doctors without a name. Discharge instructions were a mess and incomplete.

eliza Marie

Church's Chicken

High quality paper! Crumples very nicely

Rob Rod

My experiences with Northridge hospital are mixed. On one side the two times i have been there...once for trauma surgery at the ER was excellent great expeditious service while at the ER and the treatment while hospitalized. The nursing staff amazing all the way around. Especially during my prolonged visit. During my second visit to the E R...once again excellent service by the overall medical staff. Upon arrival i only waited less than half hour to be seen by the doctor after triage. To be admited it took less than ten minutes. Whereas at ST Joseph's medical center i had a 4+ hour wait at the ER. For that reason i visited Northridge facilities. However, as far as securing my personal property. They have a lot to improve because personal belongings disappeared. I did a number of follow ups not only with security but Harry whom advised me that a full investigation would take place. Finally, four months later i received notice funnel down from a ten persons panel. Through one manager (Harry) advised that my property was not located and refused to replace and or reimburse. IF ANYONE HAS HAD PERSONAL PROPERTY LOST.. MISSING OR STOLEN...PLEASE CONTACT ME. for additional follow ups and coordination.

Axel Jarquin

Ai nací yo el 06/06/2003 alas 4:21PM

Lauren Logos

Not a very good hospital. I was brought in by ambulance from home, and was placed in the hallway having a recurrent medical issue multiple times while in the ER, which did not feel as though it was addressed. On top of that, what they don't tell you is that the ER physicians bill you separately even if the hospital is in network which is not acceptable in my opinion. I also received a bill for a test that never happened because I was actively having a medical issue at the time they were trying to transfer me to the test and it was up to me to argue it with the billing provider. Avoid this hospital at all costs... UCLA or Kaiser are much better for patient care. I don't remember much of my time in the ER, but my fiance was pretty upset.

Josh Rodriguez

Hamlik Abrahimian

Extremely long wait time. Incompetent staff; they are all just walking around confused. They gave my friend medication without even checking to see if she is pregnant... made several mistake on the insurance paperwork... just a neightmare... worst part is we were there because of a car accident and they made her seat on a chair in the waiting room with her neck in a restraint and medicated... not enough budget for beds/rooms...? This is not our first hospital visit, but for sure my last to this one... I rather drive 25 miles more with a broken neck to get better help elsewhere... stay away!

Jeni Partee

I really love this place. Super clean, employees are nice and helpful. Some rooms are decorated for children. Doctors spend time with you to give you the best care possible. Parking is $8. They will validate which will reduce price to $4. Lab is right across the street. Super convenient.

Skylar Gray

This hospital is the worst place ever. It was dirty there were homeless people sleeping outside of the front door. My nurse who was supposed to help came in talked to me for 2 minutes insulted me and told me she would be right back in one minute never showed back up. There were no private rooms at least were they put me which was in a hallway/room area with curtains and bout 15 other people. If you wanna go to a hospital go to West Hills hospital. Do not go to Northridge you'll in up worst off then your were when you showed up!

Kimberly Baskins

The service was top notch. My surgery went off without a hitch. But in the car on the way home I felt a scratch on the back right side of my bottom jaw.. it was pretty sore but the next day it was so unbelievably painful. After a couple days I felt it with my finger and it feel like a piece of bone. Like after you have a tooth removed pieces of bone sometimes work their way out. But this tooth had been gone for the better part of a year. It's gotten so bad I can't swallow barely but I finally went to the dentist to get this piece of bone removed. It was big it started out about 1/8th of an inch but by the time I went to the dentist it was closer to 1/4 inch long. And so painful it couldn't sleep at night would cry all day because nothing would stop it from hurting. Mind you I was on pain killers for my surgery. My mouth hurts worse then my shoulder that they just cut open hurt. Well the dentist takes x-rays and there is no floating bone or tooth fragments. Because whom ever put the tube down my throat for my surgery was so incompadent and in such a hurry they yes they scratched the bottom jaw and it was RAW BONE I HAD BEEN FEELING. They literally scratched all the skin off of my jaw bone. I am outraged over this but don't know who to talk to about this and it's not like they'll even care.. but I will say everything and o mean everything else was exceptional from the nursing staff to the room and even when I was leaving those nurses were there absolute best. I was totally hungry and they brought me a turkey sandwich and juice and made me so very comfortable. I wish I could have taken them both home with me. I was way too loaded to remember their names but I would like to thank the nursing staff for making my nervous anxiety riddled crying non stop self have the best experience.. on 10/30/2018 .. but the surgery staff might need some refresher course on intabation. It however you spell it. Just so no one has to go through the pain that I'm still going threw today. Praying that it heals fast cuz mouth pain is no joke. I'd rather have 5 babies natural birthday then deal with mouth pain.. thanks

0 0

Scott Rydell

The hospital advertises extensively. Medical treatment with loving kindness after two visits In the emergency room very quick and anything but loving kindness after I leave. I received the most loving kindness from a security guard at named Alpha Camara

Lucia Ramirez

They have always help me they are really nice

Otto Kaiser Tahouri

Amazing hospital

Matt Vierra

I met the most well educated caring doctor his name is DR Christopher Dan who was so corncerned with my treatment spent time talking with ways to go about my illiness and consulted with other collages.He was my best experience ever with a doctor.Thank God I was under Dr Christopher Dan he made the difference other doctors should follow by his example.

sandra Torres

Excelent doctors!! very happy with service!

Glenn Axelrod

Like any ER, they are short staffed..expect a 4 hour wait to be seen in the ER if its after normal hours. Wife broke her wrist and never saw a doctor but a Physicians Assistant. It is sign of the times there are shortages of doctors in the medical community. Once we got seen, the staff was very friendly with excellent bedside manner. If you need to go to an ER, call around and see what the wait times are. 2-4 hours seems to be the norm. Being impatient will not make you be seen in less time..if you are bringing a loved one into the ER and can't stay awake, they have good coffee available if needed.

Stephanye Ventura

This hospital sucks my fiance was having a seizure and they didn't do anything the doctor said it was an anxiety attack hes had 2 seizures like seriously? Horrible and the wait mine as well die

Ceres Diana

I had knee replacement surgery done 1/7/19, my stay and care at NHMC was GREAT until I received a call at home one morning from a very rude nurse name Allison for calling the NHMC’s hotline 24/7 about my post-op problem/concern. I called at night and Allison returned the call the following morning saying “ARE YOU THE ONE WHO CALLED THE DIGNITY HEALTH EMERGENCY HOTLINE LAST NIGHT? CONSTIPATION IS NOT EMERGENCY! TELL THAT TO YOUR DOCTOR!” then she hung up the phone without saying thank you or goodbye. Very rude and unprofessional! She did not introduce herself, she did not mention my name (I left my name in the voicemail), No concern about my post-op problem or concern, no compassion to a person who just had surgery.

Elaka Jessona

Worst emergency room

Chris Forsse

Rude front check in personnel


I cannot say enough as to how compassionate and caring is the staff of this hospital. From the aid and attendants to the doctors, they try to do the best to help regardless of ability to pay. Thank you for treating patients with dignity and respect.

Marie Rodriguez

They charge you to park 5 bucks for an hr we all no ER visitis ... there is no street parking it's permit I'll never come here again .. .

ricardo canizales

Scott Robinson

One of the best trauma hospitals in Southern California

Jorge Duran

Came to the er at the middle of the night for severy cronic back pain, all I got was a lecture from a so called doctor who all he did was criticize my weight, and tell me that I caused my back injury then they left me sitting there for 2 hours, I ended up having to go to another hospital!!!

Anya Morales

Excelent doctors!! very happy with service!Oh and you wait thirty minutes to an hour just to get in a room!They have a lot to improve because personal belongings disappeared.


I love a commercial that announces this sign and out of the blue i had the privilege today to see it thanks for the person that made this commercial and sign human kindness is a heartfeeling to me to serve others.

Rostam Khodabakhshi

Ashley Smith

Best hospital in town Stuff are awesome

Molly Digman

If I could give this a 0 rating I would. I went in yesterday at doctors orders because was vomiting blood, lab work has been extremely abnormal and am waiting to get into the LA Cancer Center. All of this was relayed to the intake staff. My bloodwork was sent off as “STAT” and I was taken back quickly. I was hopeful that this would be a good thing until it took almost an hour for a nurse to come and see me at my bed in the HALLWAY! Patients that came in after me with less severe conditions were taken into rooms. A doctor didn’t come talk to me until about after 2-2.5 hours of waiting. In the meantime, a man was brought in via ambulance with chest pains and again placed in the hallway unattended. When the doctor finally came to talk to me he said that my blood work seemed fine although my spleen seemed enlarged. No orders were put in. When I asked what my lab work was he said he would have to go see if the lab work had come back yet. So, apparently he never checked it in the first place. He said he would go “look right now to see if it’s in” (4 or so hours after being sent in STAT and supposedly having already read it) and that he would be “right back”. He never came back. After about another 40 min I left as I realized I would not be receiving any care at this hospital. I cannot believe that this hospital refers to itself as DIGNITY Hospital! They showed no dignity, care, concern, or attention to their patients. I will not be returning. Very worrisome as I just moved to CA and this was my first experience. I’m just waiting on an outrageous bill for service never rendered. And by the way, no one ever came to register me to get my insurance information. I will NEVER be returning and I would never recommend this place to anyone! If a patient tells you they are going to the Cancer Center, maybe you should take them a little more serious. Order labs, CT, ultrasound for possible internal bleeding due to massive blood in vomit. They never even started an IV to run fluids when they knew I had been vomiting. Absolutely horrible “hospital”.

Malik Al Junaidy


Steve Lee

The Paper Guy

Wow! Very impressed with the quality of the paper! The cellulose fibers are very well pressed, it’s more pleasing to write on than any other pad of paper I have had the opportunity to utilize. Might I ask whether it is produced from pulpwood logs or already recycled paper products?

sam lourence

Excellent doctors!! very happy with service! They have a lot to improve because personal belongings disappeared.

rosana campos

(written by my husband and patient, Kent Wilson) As a recently discharged patient with a new hip, I would like to praise the full-service care received at Dignity Health, Northridge. From the moment I was wheeled into the ER on a fast-track for surgery, these professionals -- from admittance to around-the-clock care to discharge, three days later – each and every one stepped up to take care of every physical and emotional concern. Ever courteous and solicitous to needs of myself and my wife, they seemed to be connected to what I was feeling -- and fearing – helpless on my back, in pain, awaiting the appointed hour in the OR. Looking back, I cannot locate a single moment when my wife and I felt under-appreciated nor under-served. Many thanks to you all!

don highley

$4 to park for 33 minutes at 8 am in a grubby lot with no security is criminal. Parking attendants should be wearing mask's.

Toby Goodhue

The paper here is incredibly high quality. It takes to both ballpoint ink, and graphite very well! Would highly recommend!

Gedion Ismael

I went into the ER for a dog bite but because the wait was too long so i left. They proceeded to bill my insurance and myself for services that were never rendered.

Mario Casas

(Translated by Google) The best in attention (Original) Lo mejor en atencion

craig hunter

Francisco Medina

(Translated by Google) He was the best doctor. It helped my wife and me a lifetime. (Original) Fue el mejor doctor. Me ayudó a mi esposa y a mi toda la vida.

Johnnie Krazed

Whiteleaf Arts

nice pa0er. feels good on my fingers.

jolie paulsen

Just had my gallbladder removed & they doctors did not treat my pain appropriately. The nurses were not very professional, took a long time to respond to my call button & overall the service was slow!

elizabeth aldrete

Tatiana Rieux

Felix Bermudez

Cassandra Haro

This review is for the Northridge Family Practice Center. MAs at the front desk are rude and treat you like your wasting their time. Aren't considerate of your situation and you can't be a minute late for an appointment and no walk-ins. Glad I changed clinics not because of the doctors but because of the MAs. Oh and you wait thirty minutes to an hour just to get in a room! Ridiculous , happy I switched to somewhere I'm treated like a priority and not like I'm wasting their time and energy! Good bye bad clinic hello happy mom happy son!


Been at ER since 5pm with my 91 yr old grandmother.... at 7 pm they admitted her to the hospital, we are now waiting for a room.... it’s 21:02pm!!!!!! She bed is the hallway I front of the bathroom.... come by and say hello! They told me I would get an better update @9:20pm... at 10 pm they told me there was no update!! How about you stop staking the patients if you can’t house them!!!! How do we get out of here!!!!

Robert F. Sanders

Best baby repair shop in the valley. Friendly customer service. Free popcorn in the waiting room.

Matt Barrera

Incredible Service. In and out within an hour. Our son split his head open and the entire staff were so caring and speedy with their work. I am so thankful for the nurses, doctors and secretaries at the ER in this hospital!

Laurie Carrigan

Yessenia Avalos


IT'S VERY FRUSTRATING. I have been calling and calling to Ridgeline emergency physicians medical group INC ( Northridge hospital emergency room physicians group) since Dec 2018 to resolve billing issues several times. The representatives were not helpful. When I asked to speak to the manager, they tried to distract me to other directions. I feel they are trained for that purpose. Today I spent for another 40 min waiting on line and finally spoke to someone.....It ends up I only can leave a voice mail to the floor lead ...I am still waiting for her to call me back to discuss with her why my billing account was sent to collection agency again which I made minimum payment before the due date according to billing statement.

Anna Halumyan

Horrible experience...

Sarah Mclan

I called the hospital trying to get a hold of my father to figure out where he wanted to stay after a major car accident, but HIS NURSE would not let me to speak to him. She kept asking for the phone number of his ride and insisting on it even after I repeatedly requested to speak with him. It was the MOST UNPROFESSIONAL and INAPPROPRIATE behavior I have ever experienced. I ended up hanging up on her!!! What did she think was going to happen exactly??? That I was going to be forced to give the contact info of the guy who was taking time out of his day to help my dad out and allow her to haras him at WORK?? ALL SHE DID WAS MAKE SURE IT WOULD TAKE EVEN LONGER FOR US TO PICK HIM UP BECAUSE NOW WE DO NOT KNOW WHERE HE WANTS TO SPEND THE NEXT FEW DAYS RECOVERING!!! Again, what did she think was going to happen by REFUSING TO LET ME TALK WITH THE PATIENT??? No brains. No manners. No solution, actually made it worse. Bravo!!! How are people allowed to behave this way is beyond me!!!! And at work in a hospital non the less.


Be aware! Few months ago had no insurance went in for a bad cough, gave me a chest x-ray, inhaler, and steroids to breathe through. Dignity rep came by and quoted me about $800 total in the ER for about 2 hrs, stiffed me with a over $3k bill. Would never go to Northridge Medical Center/ Dignity again, that's bad business mis-quoted thieves take responsibility. Taking advantage of people is a crime and should be reported. Learned a big lesson here, people should know this! All they want is your money!!!! Be careful when you walk in here! Make sure you are covered.

Kate Mc

I had hip replacement surgery at this hospital, and the word I used to describe it is "clusterf**k". I waited for approximately 5 hours in the pre-op waiting area. The nurses there were lovely and cheerful, but one of them put my IV at the bend of my wrist, so flexing it and using it for support hurt, and the IV site bled constantly. After my surgery, I was in recovery until after 8pm; I was told they were "waiting for a room". Once I got to a room, it was small and cramped; my bed was against a wall, so the bed could only be accessed from 1 side. I hadn't eaten for nearly 24 hours, and when I asked for something to eat, they told me that all there was was vanilla pudding - which was so disgusting I couldn't eat it. The only available drinks were apple and cranberry juice, neither of which I can drink (for various reasons). The water carafes were heavy and awkward jugs that didn't keep water cold. The top of the pitcher wouldn't stay on, and when I tried to pour myself a cup of (room temp) water, I ended up spilling it more than once. The nurses all seemed to be wearing perfume; I thought that was a no-no. One of them wore a fragrance that came close to making me nauseous. I was in a lot of pain and unable to sleep; but when I did manage to doze off, someone would inevitably bustle into the room to poke me with a needle or take my blood pressure and ask me the same questions over and over again. Because of the pain meds, my mouth was extremely dry - and I was unable to eat more than a couple of bites of the breakfast and lunch they brought me. Bland, dry potatoes, dry vegetables, dry quinoa, dry fish - no butter or sauce to help make it easier to eat. They did manage to find me some yogurt and ginger ale, but the table was too high and too far from the bed, so I was mostly unable to reach anything, so I basically gave up. My room was apparently next door to the break room, and was constantly noisy all night, including assorted bangs and thumps. The nurses were reasonably attentive, but always seemed rushed and distracted. I wasn't bathed, nor was the under sheet changed. That sheet was always rucked up underneath me, and because I was only able to lie on my back, ended up being painful. All in all, my stay there was miserable, and not just because of the surgery. There was an additional layer of torment on top of the expected discomfort, which made me even more miserable. When I asked my surgeon why he had chosen this hospital (which is approximately a 30-45 minute drive from my house), he told me that it was the best. Yikes.

Mark Ravenhill

A rundown hospital where the care seemed to lack any level of urgency and communication was poor. In a near parallel incident, I was helping a colleague out with billing from one of Dignity's other facilities where Dignity are clearly in the wrong and after a bill has been paid, they are coming back and asking for more money; I received the most arrogant and rude employee from Dignity. In no way was it 'customer service', by any definition - and there was certainly no relation to 'Dignity' in any part of their interaction with me. none of my family will ever be visiting a Dignity Healthcare facility again, and I wouldn't recommend that you do either.

Dustin Thomas

Simply the best Medical care u will get in LA I have crohns and have been thru the ED , admitted to the hospital and through the infusion center. This group of clinicians do an amazing job.Their Emergency room staff wins the overall award for best bedside manner and clinical judgment.They have saved my life multiple times Dr Kim is the sharpest and best ER doc that they have and the nursing staff really care's.There maybe a wait but it's worth it the only great hospital in LA has to take care of everyone, so cut them some slack North ridge hospital is amazing and take that from an East Coast brat who's a flight paramedic I have no clinical ties with them but health care in LA is scary and the clinicians here are the best u will get in the LA area.#Humankindesss#clinicalexcellence#northridgehasturnedthepatientexperiancecorner!

Korbyn Henninger

My homie was in there for personal reasons and the doctors/nurses were very disrespectful and not able to understand due to the lack of there English talking

Josephine Lua

I had Physical therapy for 5 sessions already and 4 more to go. I highly commend my PT Debbie, Rissa & student PT from CSUN Alex for their excellent, gentle & compassionate care. These kind of people made me proud to be a part of healthcare system too. Thank you Debbie, Rissa & Alex!

Dean Jon

Giuseppe the ER Tech threaten to kill me to today because HE MISTAKEN ME FOR SOME ONE ELSE WHOM the SECURITY WAS CALLED ON! Is this how a hospital treats injured patients who are vulnerable ? I hope you all regret what you put me through and it will not slide .

Kevin Flint

Lindsey Douglas

The entire team were wonderful, they are attentive and caring, never felt better in the hospital.

Romeo Villarreal

Jayne Gutierrez

It's a good hospital! To say I was born there! They have excellent doctors and amazing stuff! They are very supportive! I was born there and they helped my mother a lot with me! So to all the people who's been saying that the hospital doesn't work maybe because they got new doctors!!! But northridge hospital is a good hospital I'm proud to say that I'm from there Van Nuys! I mean it will all respect to everyone though, not trying to be rude

Mike91 Perez

I had Tober service I was passing out I felt dizzy nobody help me out go to the Olive View super great service LA County hospitals are getting a lot better now don't waste your money there they just care about the money

Sandra Hernandez

This hospital sucks

Suragni Parsad

Very good to my mom every stay there yu

Mustafa Sabeh

Elizabeth Brown-Galbraith

Understaffed and couldn't care less.

Stephanie Aguirre

Worst experience ever. My boyfriend had multiple surgeries when other medical centers said it should've only been one. Was there for a few days and only got 3 meals and not once was he bathed. They discharged him 10 hours after his surgeries when he couldn't even walk. Just because they needed the bed for a new patient. According to Other medical centers his surgeries were botched. They told him they put him sutures and in reality they gave him staples. They had him signing paperwork left and right while under heavy medication, using his right hand which is the one that needed surgery. This hospital just lied about everything. I can't believe that they would treat a human being in such a horrible manner. It's sad to see hospitals being ran like business and not having the proper care for their patients.

Adventurer-like-you 1

High Quality paper

Alberto Changcoco

excellent rehab.service and very supportive therapists.

Tanya Trasovan

I just want to say thank you for all Northridge Hospital employees!!! Best service , great doctors!!!

Sandra B

I came in on 1/27 got admitted due to medical issues. On the 3rd floor. 2nd day a specialist told me I was staying until they figured out exactly what was going on. Dr Sharif came into my room the next day told me there was nothing wrong with me and said she was sending me home . I told her Dr jabore said I was staying she was mad and gave me attitude. Day 3 was scheduled to have procedures done. Dr Lau came into my room that morning said nothing is wrong with you you're going home. Seems like these 2 ladies just want to get you up and out to bill the next patients insurance regardless of what's going on with you. I find it unprofessional and insulting that they want you out regardless of what other drs have scheduled for you and their findings with what's going on. These ladies come off rude and if you don't speak up you will be kicked out without any exams or necessary orders from the other doctors that see you. I will be taking my dual private insurances to another hospital when I schedule my surgery. Dr sharif and Dr Lau seem like they are only interested in the next patients insurance money instead if the patients well being.

Lauren Jaelene

L Train

The nurses and doctors are kind but the billing department is inadequate. I provided my insurance and I underwent a few tests to attempt to identify what was wrong with me. It was deemed inconclusive and I was asked to pay about 300 out of pocket and I did. 2 months later I receive a letter from a collections agency telling me i owe them 7900. Northridge Hospital turns out to be the creditor.

James Macatangay

This is a shout out to the Labor & Delivery department. 5 star for Liberty, Sunny, Jill, Yelena, and Tamila. Amazing damn team. They are so good at what they do....We couldn't ask for a better experience. If you have any doubt about having your child here, forget it all.....This place is not crowded and the care is top notch. LOVE BABY KAIA

zlo gta

Michele OConnell

We had a great experience at Northridge hospital.....our admitting agent Shamin was kind and informative. The pre-op nurse, Janet B. was kind, knowledgeable, helpful and just plain wonderful. Of course, Dr. Ren, Dr. Hernandez, and entire staff were super professional and full of useful info. PAC room staff were supportive and kind! Can I say more!!! Yes, God Bless them, every one!!!

Mello Wesley

worst hospital, no help with first aid, even if your dying DO NOT GO TO THIS HOSPITAL.

Lakeldra Harris

Jay AV


Elsy Perez

I love Northridge Hospital, I had my children there 13 years ago , and I just had surgery as an outpatient. The service and care was wonderful. I felt safe, and welcomed. I would definitely go back again if I need to. The staff were amazing!

this user doesn’t exist

Northridge Hospital is one of the best hospitals! It’s my opinion. I am a 14 year old that’s suicidal and my school sent me to this hospital and they’re service was very good! I’ve been 6 months out of the hospital and I miss it so much! When I was there, I felt home, safe. I found my first love there! (sadly we didn’t last) Can’t thank the hospital enough!!

Jesus Guerrero

Iren Kolar

If I could give this place less than one star I would . The doctors visit took 2 minutes while our stay at the ER took 3hrs !!! I would care either way if the treatment and diagnosis was right ! How ?! I ask how do you misdiagnose thrush as a double ear infection . "Dr" Judi meindl. How do you sleep at night knowing you are not giving your patients a complete diagnosis ?! Worst worst experience ever .

christine colbert

Too busy. Unkind & rude front office clerks & nurses when we checked in after midnight. Short staff for waiting/reception area led to multiple hour wait for a very sick teenager. Doctors & nurses inside the ER were nice, just slow, busy and unable to assist without hours of wait time. Will NEVER return willingly.

Rocio Robledo

(Translated by Google) Always, it is the best. (Original) Siempre, es la mejor.

Victor Lemus

(Translated by Google) Excelent service..!! (Original) Exelente servicio..!!

Karla Carmona

Cassandra Cantwell

Dennis Halliwell

Came in with a friend who’s doctor told her to come in She waited 5 hours to get in. She has internal cancer and was bleeding from her backside and nobody in the ER would go out of their way to get a answer my advice is go to Kaiser

jose navia

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