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Djamirh Smizal

They have the worst service. The doctor said “your head is too strong, you’re fine. There’s no need for a CAT scan or MRI.” Even though I was in pain and feeling horrible. Literally a 10 minute consultation, just so they can run my insurance.

Jesvs Leyva

Jasmine Corello

I was better off asking Hitler to help me. I came in with meningitis and they treated me like a bum off the street, actually they treated a bum that was there better than me. After two hours of waiting and multiple calls to the back then to the waiting room then to the back and back to the waiting Tommy condition worsened. I was having a shortness of breath and some bald guy with glasses and orange nikes told me me oxygen was fine n I needed to leave the room. I told him I needed time because I could barely walk , see or breathe with a pounding headache. He yelled at me like an animal and if I felt better I would have really told him about himself. Everyone who works there is there for college credit obviously and not our actual well being. He also mistreated the mother of a sick toddler leading us to both leave that hospital worse than when we came in. We feel better off taking the risk of traveling to another facility than be mistreated by some registered nurses and pa's. I'm disgusted!

Eric Lim

Sliced my toe open and they fixed me up good. Also an awesome bedside manner.

Jumar Joe Busto

Excellent service! E.R. staff were very attentive and they made me feel like I'm the onpy patient. I Highly recommend this hospital.

Laurel Coleman

I walked in due to a scare from an immunization shot I had the week prior to my visit. The visit itself was fine and my doctor was comforting and so was the PA. However, I have this astronomical bill because your staff, after finding this out from discussing with the wonderful Lisa in Customer Service, decided to stop contacting my insurance provider for information and instead just CHARGE ME UNINSURED, which is unprofessional and lazy. The bill ALSO decided that I went in for an appointment related to LEUKEMIA and was "diagnosed" as such, which is not even remotely true, and it's incredibly sketchy that this charge was made and Lisa found no indication of who my primary physician was during my visit nor the PAs who assisted me. It was the most poorly informed bill she had ever seen. Very bizarre, very unprofessional, and it leaves me very frustrated that this has happened. You should be ashamed of yourselves and you'll be receiving a dispute form from me very shortly.

Anthony Stanis

Terrible place. RockBottomMafia highly discourages travel there.

Alice Arabian

Lil Riggs

Hospital emergency rooms are not places anyone really wants to go so it's hard to appreciate these facilities and the staff who run it. However, having visited on Sunday night I have to say they did a pretty good job! The staff was very friendly and helpful! The facility was clean and even though they were crowded the wait was buffered by periodic check-ins from staff. Dr. Pero was on duty and his beside manner was impeccable. Following his lead, the nursing staff was equally delightful. Truth be told, I have a pretty low expectation for these things but Glendale Memorial Emergency facility left me impressed.

Robert Deaver

Adri Muñoz

Excelente personal

Diane Clarkes

If I could leave a zero stars, I WOULD. Nurses in this unit need to be more customer service oriented in the Emergency Room. Unfortunately, I did not get the name of the RUDE employee. From greeting patients, to listening how they scream at people over the phone. Administration really needs to do a quick intervention and make corrections. "HELLO, HUMAN KINDNESS??????"

Ailin Es

RD Jenkins

Kind respectful came in with chest pain token back to have my BP done and a EKG after that went straight to a bed and admitted to cardiology the doctors where nice and caring the nurses where just great love the hospital would come back there and recommend it to my family

vega manuel

The glendale memorial hospital is the best in los angeles area. My wife was there for a open heart Surgery and the treatment was excelent. I have used the hospital my self in the past, but now is even better.

Vera Rosarios

Rosa Baltazar

I took my mom to the emergency room here because she was feeling real bad, i drove from san bernardino county to pick up my mom at her home in l.a. to take her here and dr. just felt her belly and went back to his desk , nurse came in 2 hours later to tell us we were good to go n she getting some meds... i was like huh, i told them my mom has been feeling dizzy and vomiting since mid day.... ( no i.v. or meds to stop the dizzy or vomit by the way) and they sending her home ? oh but they quick to bill you...... I get way better services in my county.....smh

Kevin Cotterman

Fay Osep

My husband has a terrible experience in the ER. We were waiting more than 5 hours in the empty waiting room! The nurses are very rude and careless for my husband as a patient !

Ivan Morales

(Translated by Google) That disappointed in this hospital, its staff is too inhuman, they have no vocation for service, they do not help you, they leave the forgotten passenger for hours, they are looking for you to help you, you only receive pure bad faces, I do not really recommend them (Original) Que decepcionado de este hospital su personal es demaciado inhumano no tienen vocación de servicio no te ayudan dejan al pasiente olvidado por horas los buscas para que te ayuden solo recibes puras malas caras no de verdad que no se los recomiendo

Mehrdad Joukar

My wife had a terrible experience last night in the ER. The nurse assistant ( her name:Nicole) was very impolite and rude and careless for my wife as a patient ! I hope the hospital pays attention to this important issue and fix it.

Rafael Gonzalez

J mart

Maria Lopez

Brought my daughter here for an ear infection. We waited in the ER for maybe 15 mins tops. They were all very professional and we were seen by a doctor in no time. My baby is on antibiotics now and resting. Great place!

Cinthya Estrada

Paul Newman

Angie marie waite

went to visit a friend staff very unprofessional lacking verbal and communication skills

Katherine Amaya

gregoryhips mopoy ju

i have had alot of bad experiences here. i wish i didnt have to live near this hospital especially in my medical and mental health condition. its scary to know i could end up dead because i am mistreated by this hospital or turned down basic medical needs . there are a few good staff and nurses here but alot of mistreatment, prejudice,malpractice, gets CONDONED here by good nurses. they cover for eachother so no matter what you wont receive any justice from here. unless you are rich and have a good paid lawyer. its sad i know. they probably will retaliate against me once they check their reviews as they have before. they personalize thier prejudice by projecting it as innocuative. maybe im not the only one who feels this way.

Veronicaa Maariee

Sarkis Karaminassian

Alberto Soto

Rangerrick na

I just want the ER staff and the NP on duty that night ER doctors thank you they took care of me fast all i know if you not feeling good from heart or other medical problems go there again thanks so much other need to know that this hospital is no joke they get 10 plus 10plus

Anna Barie

I had my first baby here in September and all the nurses were fantastic--kind, professional and supportive. Facilities are clean and I didn't have to share a recovery room. Thank you!

Matt Sunder

Hayley Frazier

The front desk staff was amazing, but everyone after that was awful. I went in because I couldn't see due to tunnel vision, dizziness and heart palpitations. Of course, they asked if I had a history of anxiety. I said yes, but I'm also on medication for anxiety, I know what my anxiety feels like and it wasn't that, plus MY PCP is the one that told me to go in because for two weeks I was lightheaded and occasionally having these episodes and it was not/is not my anxiety. At first, the physician's assistant thought I may have a terrible sinus infection causing vertigo. Fair. But when I got to the room and the doctor finally got to me, he had already made his mind up that it was anxiety and nothing else. He refused to listen to me, he yelled at me twice about breathing deeply in correctly, and didn't even tell me his name. Then his nurse gave me an ekg to be sure, looked at it and said I might have to be hooked up to a monitor. Cut to 2 and a half hours later of no care, no doctor, no updates. I have to discharge myself and am told that my ekg has to be looked at by someone else and that I'm being discharged with anxiety. It's not anxiety. I've struggled with it my whole life, I take care of it and am on medication. I also certainly wouldn't spend 150 on an er visit for anxiety. To top it off, I had another episode yesterday and was told by my normal urgent care and my PCP that someone should've ordered an MRI. I understand that people come in needing different levels of care, but the blatant disregard of the doctors and nurses when trying to explain my symptoms was appalling. I don't mind waiting for hours if I eventually receive the same care as everyone else, which I did not. And I understand that he was probably the only doctor on in the er and extremely busy, but that's not my problem. I shouldn't be yelled at on a hospital bed when I'm sick. I would like to file a formal complaint and would love the phone number to do so.

Ewa Baczkowska

Good nursing care but terrible same of the doctors like Dr.Eric Sitker attitude.I have Systemic Lupus Erythromatosus ,Fibromayalgia,hypoxia , and mycoplasma pneumonia. That test of mycoplasma pneumonia ,I myself recommended to be done and lowel be hold came positive for mycoplasma pneumonia . Despite. Of that I got kicked out of the hospital by my doctor Dr.E.Sitker because of the holidays or so he said.He also made detegatory comments in my medical records, about me as narcotic sicker patient .As a patient with, Fibromayalgia ,dyvelculosis SLE, chostiochondritis,IBS., G ERD,chronic asthma all joints and back pain I am in tremendous destres,pressure pain and discomfort .At the moment I have difficulty to breath without oxigen ,being left with untreated pmeumonia and other issues uncontrolled. This experience left me with outrage, distaste with luck of trust towards your medical professionals . How cold and not caring doctors your wonderful other wise facility higher? Urgency in relising untreated papatients with posiblity they come back as new case. This is Al SIMPLY UNACUNACEPTABLE Patients assessment quick and wrong judgment of patient health and it's medical history .Not helping patients in their imidiate medical needs is SIMPLY UNACEPTABLE Also doctors rushing on vacations and do not wanted to be bothered with existing patients is a problem.Thy just relise tchem not caring what well be happening after the patient lives the hospital . Now I'm home again 3 time with pneumonia underteated inyour facility. Shame

Ofelia Salinas


E.R., hospital, doctors, nurses, staff members -- all are wonderful, patient, friendly, and competent. If you have to go to an E.R., this is especially the best place to to.

Carla Romo

My brother was in this hospital for a week and almost passed away due to the neglect of the night shift nurses. My brother has a lot of health issues and was sent here from another hospital. One of the nights that he was here, he was having stomach pains and kept asking the night shift nurses for medication to help ease the pain. They kept telling him to go back to his room and stop bothering them. The nurses finally called the main nurse who was sleeping in another room and when she saw my brother she pinched him by the arm leaving bruises dragging him back to his room from what I understood. He did not sleep that night and once the morning shift nurses came he asked them to help him and he ended up needing emergency treatment. They called over the intercom for help because his heart rate was high and his blood pressure was high. He was shivering from the cold and the nurse that stayed with him till he got help kept telling him not to fall asleep. If he did he could go into a diabetic coma. I am very upset at hearing this because of the neglect of the night shift nurses my brother could have died. This is not a way to treat your patients. If you can’t handle working a night shift and treat your patients with dignity and respect you shouldn’t work for a hospital. Your purpose as a nurse is to help people if it bothers you to help your patients you shouldn’t be working there. I really hope the person responsible for the night shift and the nurses during that night are held responsible.

Cindy Lane


Luna Gates

Ana C

freddie ferraro

Fastest emergency room I’ve ever been to. Came in around lunchtime on a Friday and was seen, x-rayed, consulted, and discharged all in less than an hour.

Lalaine Nash

I used to bring my parents here. The staff do not listen to patient nor family members, even to someone who understands the ins and out of the medical health system. I remember my mother was in ICU before, I have to tell several times and forced the nurse who won't stop peeling the tape from my mom's skin though my mother was already crying from pain. I have to yell at her to stop. She won't listen, and I told her what she was doing was a battery because she was performing a procedure despite the protest of the patient and the family. I have to scold at her before she listened to get special wipes to remove the sticky tape from my mother's arm. I came here to request for an ultrasound before because it was Friday and my mammogram was suspicious. They declined to perform an ultrasound to me, and I end up suffering from severe anxiety over the weekend before I was finally diagnosed came Monday. They then charged me with thousands of dollars for a horrible ER experience. Today, my husband brought himself to the ER for chest pain. I was an hour away from home. When my husband called me, I told him to give the phone to the triage nurse so that I can give her a complete medical history of my husband. I am an ER nurse myself, and l know precisely the information they will need from my husband, who is a non-medical and a poor historian. The triage nurse was dismissive, sarcastic, and argumentative. She won't even give me a chance to talk to her even for 10 seconds. Although I already know my husband will be ok, I completely lost all my trust to this medical person who refused to listen to a family member who knows the patient best. I spoke to their House Supervisor Fred, who promised to return a call but he never did. Upon arrival to the ER, I found my husband in a cardiac monitor without blood pressure reading, and with several unlabeled blood tubes on the table. I drove for an hour, but the only thing they have done to my husband was a basic EKG. He still not have seen by the doctor. He still did not have orders to do basic labs such as troponin. No CXR. Nothing. An hour after I drove to Glendale and nothing has been done. There was no waiting time for there was no one in the waiting room. Summertime in the ER is not busy, yet my husband with chest pain was there for more than an hour in a gurney unattended by an ER doctor. Then came the charge nurse who is trying to lecture me why I can't talk to the triage nurse while she is triaging the patient. He should be educating his nurses to label blood properly instead. My husband was not coding so the triage nurse can effectively work collaboratively with the family. They can't just ignore a family member who is already worrying for her husband. Now that my parents have Medi-Medi and after this incident, I do not think I will be comfortable to bring my whole family at Glendale Memorial again. It is a hospital with rude and sarcastic staff. They claimed that they are a "NICE ER," but my experience was quite the opposite of that. If you want to be treated as a patient, go somewhere else. Here in Glendale Memorial, you have to follow their rules! Because most of them will not listen to you and your needs!

Kylie Z

I LOVE this hospital. Did I say LOVE? Cause I mean it!?! I recommend that everyone gives birth here! From my amazingly fast and efficient Dr. Joseph to the incredibly sweet and funny nurses (Barbara, Lois, Kelly, Im Jo, Fe, Luisa, Mia, and Joy)...not to mention the amazing director of Labor and Delivery April Fox! I love love love this place! I had a c-section delivery here about 12 days ago. I was treated so fantastically that I may consider having a second child. This coming from a woman who never wanted kids. They taught me so much during my stay and treated me so well. I plan on coming back month after month to visit these amazing ladies so they can see the adorable little man they helped me bring into the world! ❤️

LA- Kevin

I am terrified of medical issues and being treated by doctors who order tests involving the drawing of blood with needles and IV insertions and painful tests with scopes and tubes going places I never have! So this review stating my GRATEFUL APPRECIATION of the care I was given twice during the last month comes with some surprise - even from me. At the ER and, subsequently, Outpatient Surgery two weeks later I was treated by medical personnel at all levels who were nothing but caring, empathetic and gentle people. They listened to my fears and helped me become comfortable by putting my mind at ease over the fears I had which were not going to be a part of my treatment. Of those fears which DID apply (installing IV's and such) they took such care that the experience was nothing like I feared - and they were just great all around. I am super appreciative of the quality of care and the professionalism I witnessed and received. Surgery went well and I am on the mend now. If you have to go to this hospital, I believe you to be in great hands.

Niranjala Mudiyanselage

aheheh teheg

Had a bad experience on paternity when I had my baby on this hospital I got two treated bad by the nurses they gave me a room with no control told them change me they never did in till almost leaving they will skip my lunch or breakfast I would have to remained them most of the time won't recommended this hospital to no mother having there baby here had two baby here same treatment the two times

George Lozano

I went to pulmonology i was treated with kindness and staff was curious. I'm glad the doctor did treat and explained everything I needed , say that he was professional and will look more deep into my matter,puts me at ease. I hope he does not find anything wrong with it.

John Tor

Incompetent parking attendant, no one knows how to get to the Emergency room. You have to walk a far distance to get to the emergency room and climb 20 steps of stairs to get to the emergency room from the parking garage. Do they expect you to drag your body an eighth of a mile and climb 20 stairs in an emergency? This is completely ridiculous. Bad architectural design.

Patty Martinez

(Translated by Google) My son was born in this hospital 4 and a half years ago, and my experience was the best, Dr. Joseph's attention is excellent a very professional doctor, and very friendly nurses, provide good care, and the hospital very clean. I had very good attention. I have recommended it and I continue to recommend it. If God sends me another gift of course I go to this hospital again. God bless you and always help you in such noble work you do. Very grateful to God and all the staff. I bless you in the name of God. (Original) Mi hijo nació en este hospital hace 4 años y medio, y mi experiencia fué lo maximo, la atencion del doctor Joseph es excelente un buen doctor muy profesional, y las enfermeras muy amables, brindan buena atención, y el hospolital muy limpio. Tuve muy buena atencion. lo he recomendado y sigo recomendando. Si Dios me manda otro regalo por supuesto que vuelvo a ir a este hospital. Dios les bendiga y les ayude siempre en tan noble labor que desempeñan. Muy agradecia con Dios y todo el personal. Los bendigo en el nombre de Dios.

Indigo empath Sbear

One of the best customer service experiences I've had and really good bedside manner for an emergency case basis.


If you enjoy NOT being cared for, come here. This hospital is absolutely horrible. My boyfriend was in the ER throwing up blood, pooping blood, and screaming in pain and there was NO urgency to help. The nurses just walk around casually like no one needs help. I don’t work in the medical field but it seems like the staff at this hospital don’t either. We’ve been to the Northridge location and we usually get seen within 30-45 minutes.

emily gossett

So thankful I went to Glendale memorial. I went to Glendale adventist when I got a lump the size of an orange on the back of my leg, behind my knee. They didn't listen to me or treat me like I was human Im guessing because there's a lot about my addiction problem in my medical history. I was judged the second they learned I have an opiate addiction. The doctor skipped an ultrasound because he thought he knew what it was but he was just a cocky jerk and did an unnecessary procedure that made it worse even though I told him i wanted him to do an ultrasound before he made an incision because I thought he was wrong. I ended up having to stay in the hospital because his screw up could have caused and infection and the loss of my leg and Im sure they were just worried about getting sued. I was there for 4 days without any tests or anything being done so I obviously I was mad and left AMA and went to Glendale memorial hospital where they took me right in and actually treated me like a human being. They ran tests and did an ultrasound and figured it out right away and i was able to leave that afternoon. They were very kind and caring and determined to find a solution. They were even able to do my blood work and get an IV in me on the first try unlike Glendale adventist which poked me over and over and then put the IV line in my neck where it ended up causing a painful bump and irritation. My advice is don't go to Glendale adventist!! Go to Glendale memorial

Ana Duran

David Trousdale

Derek Z

If you value your life avoid this hospital at all costs. Ignorant and useless staff.

Michelle Alvarez

Ororo Munroe

Absolutely PATHETIC!!!! These doctors need to be stripped from their licenses. They DO NOT provide effective services to the allocated population. The medical staff are lazy. The ER is no place to receive treatment. You will wait 6-10 hours, when in reality the visit could be done in less than 3. But when you have lazy staff that sit around and do nothing, then you get 6-10 hour waiting times. I wish I could provide pictures of these “medical staff” working, but I did not get their pictures approved by them. Please, if you value your life or your families life, do not come here.

Sean Lynn

I'd rather bleed to death than go to a "dignity" hospital ever again. unspeakable horrible things. Any positive reviews must have been posted by the staff. These people are truly horrible bad people.


3 and half hour wait in the pain , room no help not even buz to call the nurse or anyone All the good reviews are fake, i think its inside employees. The ER is horrible


haven't been in 11yrs and today was 1st time back came in with sickle cell crisis and from check in to triage to treatment was truly amazing . attentive and wait time was a breeze thank u glendale

Robert Parker

Us fags case

Sara Bergstein

Maria Del Razo

P. William Powers

Don’t go for physical therapy. Fairly nice people but wasn’t helpful. Wildly expensive- several hundreds per visit after insurance discount.


If you value your dignity, your health, and quite literally your life, you will avoid this torture chamber/cesspool. The entire staff are the worst of the worst; individuals who could not get hired anywhere else. I'm pretty sure they put up help wanted posters in methadone clinics in order to find nurses and doctors. I've had the unfortunate experience of finding myself there on three different occasions. Each experience was worse than the one prior. Let me start with the first. I came to the emergency room feeling faint and believing that I may have accidentally taken a double dose of an alpha blocker. Alpha blockers can lower your blood pressure and if your blood pressure is normal to start with I found out after the fact they can lower your blood pressure to a dangerous level. After 4 failed attempts by four different inexperienced nurses at trying to run an IV, I declined further treatment at which time 6 armed security guards entered the examination room, told me we can do this the easy way or we can do it the hard way, so I acquiesced. The head nurse informed me that I would remain there until they were able to run an IV no matter how many attempts were needed. Finally after threatening lawsuit, some old Chinese lady who was evidently head of their legal department came in and insisted that I sign a hold harmless release if I wanted to leave. I fainted three times while I was there. And the third time I fainted the head nurse told the other nurses to just let me fall as they were pushing me out the door. I fainted two more times on the way home. Nightmare experience number 2. I checked myself into the emergency room at Glendale Memorial having felt very dizzy and nauseous for that whole afternoon. I was later diagnosed with labyrinthitis which is an infection of the inner ear which governs equilibrium. After waiting at least a couple hours to be seen, one of the nurses poked me numerous times trying to run an IV to no avail and on the 4th or 5th attempt I screamed out because it was extremely painful. The head doctor decided it would be a good idea to have their security guard goon squad escort me out of the hospital. And as if that wasn't bad enough, to add insult to injury the hospital staff called the Glendale Police Department and notified them that I was DUI Knowing damn well that was a bold faced lie. I had been in the emergency room for several hours before this event even occurred and at no time was there ever any alcohol in my system and they knew that. Nonetheless, I was chased down; my vehicle was lit up using air support. I was pulled over and questioned at length by Glendale PD and once I cleared everything up by letting them know that Glendale Memorial erroneously and vindictively placed a false report simply to harass me, I was released. Fast forward to my final experience at this toilet of a hospital. I came in with lower abdominal pain fearing that it could be appendicitis. While conducting a routine blood draw, they infected me with staph resulting in a life-threatening condition known as sepsis. Over the course of the following four months, I lost use of my arms, my legs, my spine was destroyed. Two baseball size pus-filled cysts developd in both psoas muscles, and needless to say I was in excruciating pain 24/7 and lost 100 pounds. A very high percentage of people die from this condition, but after several months of intravenous antibiotic treatments at a different hospital and tubes running out of my back and learning how to walk again, I survived. It suffices to say I am a cripple to this day thanks to Glendale Memorial and live in constant pain with limited use of my hands. Forget the fact that every single person on staff is rude, filthy, illiterate, and just simply does not care about your health and whether you live or die. You're probably wondering why I ever returned after the first negative experience and/or certainly the second. That's a very valid question. I truly thought these must have been isolated anomalies. It wasn't until they almost killed that I got the message.

Sean Cole

If you want to live, don’t come here. These medical “professionals” need to get their degree and licenses revoked. They are a disgrace to the medical world. The ER does not save lives or mend the pain and wounds of individuals, rather they neglect them at DIGNITY HEALTH! You will be left in the dark, with no help. This place needs to be shut down! NOW!

Elsa Cruz

Jess Jasmine

Tatev Karapetyan

I was trying to schedule a hospital tour to go and check their hospitals Perinatal care but the way their phone operatior was speaking i lost the desire even to go there ! The rudest possible customer service ! How they can even work in a hospital? :( so sad

An Ye

Worst experience in their emergency room. I went there with terrible stomach pain. I get in they draw my blood tell me wait for results we'll check if any infection. I was there for 3 hours just laying down no nurses around no Dr. Then I asked for a painkiller. I was in terrible pain & it took the nurse 30 min to bring me Tylenol. After 3 hours they tell me here we got the results no infection bla bla bla you can go if you're feeling better. I get the bill for $3000 plus $500 for Doctor since he or she out of network. They made sure to clear my insurance. I called them asked to help me bring down the bill amount they say we can't it's part of your insurance deductible. So much stress with them. Why did you charge me $3600?! For what? Only for drawing blood & results that I waited 3 hours for. What a nonsense. Anyone reading this remember they don't care about you they're after your or your insurance money period. The moment you step in they make sure to clear your insurance to the max. Stay away

Lorena Duran

Kruger Vorhees

rude and disrespectful to me and other patients at this hospital. in fact this is the second time this hospital has admitted me and lost my belongings and never have i got refunded or returned items. worst hospital ever. i personally believe they discriminate patients based on classism.

Eduardo Marquez


Ana Cruz

Armen Betoceh

I'm waz take my dad in er 3 am in some stomach hearts and in 7 am doctor in say my dad in need stay hospital but in 12 noon in my dad in er room and in er say we don't have room avelebale now and keep it my dad in er I'm don't know that big hospital in no avelebel room and I'm not happy in for that hospital

Choose SpeedRunner

Went to see someone and they gave me shot and medicine and my issue wasn’t resolved and said I had to pay again. Never goin back to hospital.

Karen Vázquez

Everything was perfect!! Like it!!

varand zadoorian

Their service is good as an emergency but when it comes to charges they try to send you different bills as many as they can. The co pay is a joke they send me many bills later plus the copayment and they don't want to wave it

Earth Wind

I understand that hospitals are a difficult enviroment to work and fucntion, there doing there best.

Carlos Alvarado

**NEGATIVE STAR RATING** Terrible experience with all nursing staff who did not know what patient they were attending after 24 hours of being in labor. Have never heard of anyone being induced for labor and it to take so long. 24+ hours in the hospital to having to end up pleading to "Move on" to surgery instead (MIND YOU I BROUGHT THE PATIENT IN, I WENT HOME TO SLEEP, WORKED AN 8 HOUR SHIFT AN HOUR AWAY FROM HOME, WENT TO EAT LUNCH, WENT BACK TO THE HOSPITAL AND STILL WASNT APPROVED TO "Move On") and then the doctor not wanting to approve to move on til he said and nurses being extremely unhelpful to family members who stood by the whole 24+ hours tired, weary and misinformed.(HAVING TO PAY PARKING CONSTANTLY TO RELIEVE FAMILY MEMBERS IN A 24+ HOUR SPAN)To not be able to accommodate for the patients own mother to know the well being of her daughter or grandchild is inhumane. Please stay far, far, far away from this hospital from personal experience that I wish on no one else to have to go through ever... No updates and still unsure how our loved ones are doing, uneasy, no rest, stressful and terrible medical care. At the end of the day the nurses to say there was no way she could've pushed that baby out :-O! UNPROFESSIONAL MEDICAL MALPRACTICE! Negative Star Rating!

Sang Park

I recently checked into Glendale Memorial E.R. with a chest pain. Everyone worked swiftly to assess my condition. It was a very comforting experience in contrast to how nervous I was. I was introduced to Dr. Wen (the cardiologist who treated my condition) as soon as the blood test results came back. Dr. Wen was very knowledgeable, patient and precise in explaining my condition and treatment options to me as I was being admitted. I had to spend two nights in the hospital for Angiogram and Stent placement procedure which wasn't as unpleasant as I had expected thanks to Dr. Wen's high level of professionalism and expertise. After the procedure I met my nurses on the 6th floor, Emma, Franco and Maria. They were super good, comforting and caring. This was my first time in staying in the hospital for any reason. I thought it was a very pleasant one.Thank you Glendale Memorial!

Internet User

I went to the ER of this "meat market money making dignity health glendale memorial hospital", to cut and drain an small abcess on my skin and TWO of their ER "doctors" told me they didn't know how to do it. I try to tell them how other doctor cut and drain it before but they didn't listen and were both very up set with me for "telling them what to do".....they kept me there for about 5 hours ( for NO REASON they ER was not busy at all) they did a HALF WAY JOB and I left after getting a shot of paiN killer. Now they sent me a bill for OVER $12,000 !!!! I'm calling a LAWYER and I will ask for $5,000,000 or as much as possible. Thank GOD I'm not sick and it was a commun procedure EASY to handle. I will take this meat market money making place to court because if they did this to me a healthy person I wonder what sort of coward acts they would perform in a sick patient .....STAY AWAY FROM THIS PLACE THEY WANT YOUR MONEY AND NOT HEAL YOU !!!! You can see the photos of the bills in attachment.

Law Clerk At The Law Offices of Andres Bustamante

I received excellent care at ER.

Jerry Drake

Updated review: They are over-billing and they are not complying with California law AB 72. After many missed calls (do they ever pick up the phone ?) and voicemail messages, I was able to speak with Michael Zane of the "Patient experience and quality outcomes department". Even after I told him that the hospital billed for an extra hour of surgery the insurance (I have the documentation because I asked for the transcripts of the surgery), he did not help. People check your paperwork for discrepancies. Also they are not complying with California Law AB 72 : the use of out of network billing is not allowed anymore, if the hospital is in network ! People do your research and read the rest of the review. They are asking for lawsuits now..... if there are enough people even a class action against them .......please contact me if interested. Prior review: In a summary: do not use this hospital ! I have been in many hospitals around the USA and this is the worst. Went for a surgery here because it was in network with my insurance, and that was my mistake. I checked the transcript of the surgery and I could see that they over-billed the insurance. Also, they use excuses like they have to use whoever they have available in emergency to perform some work, so that they have other offices out of network to bill you (I wonder if they have a kickback from that); for example, the insurance reimbursed 70$ for a simple pathology lab test. but they billed out of network for 700$, and the anesthesiology office billed out of network for $3500. After many months and many calls (and waste of time) back and forth with various offices and the insurance, they are still sending bills home to be paid. It has become a nightmare. My advice to you people, if you have used this place already, ask for a transcript and do check your medical bills with the services that were provided to you to see if they are legit, and if you have not used this place yet, use any other available to you. If you want more proof, just check the Glassdoor reviews that come from people that work there.....

Espi Rose

Frank Williams


Horrible things happen to kids here

Graf Stein

Best experience ever

Antoni Eishoei

Honestly this has to be the worst ER in all of Southern California. Brought one of my family members to the ER early Tuesday morning, and we waited 3.5 hrs before we were even seen for blood work. I truly don’t understand how they do things here. Do they only have one blood work personally, one doctor, one x-ray unit? If your willing to drive and can handle the pain. Drive over to west hills or mission hills. They at lest get you in and give you a bed with fluids to help. But dignity of Burbank, hands down the worst hospital around. STAY AWAY!!!!!!

manja kwiej

I was a guest in this hospital twice this year. With a broken hip and two weeks in rehab. My experience was wonderful. The staff was excellent ! From the main nurse Virginia to all the other staff, rehab, and social worker. Great with follow through with nurses to the home ect. I will say at times my room felt a little cluttered The second Visit was in the emergency room not as good became very bruised But cured the proble M.

Dylan Chesnut

They killed Uncle Phil.

Jovo Diaz

(Translated by Google) Excellent hospital (Original) Exelente hospital

Juan Valencia

Naira Kituryan

Very professional

Grigor Malakyan

I was bledding to death And they had me sitting outside.. worts hospital of all times

Gary Martin

Saturday August 2nd- my son went to the E.R. because he had been seizing for about 25 minutes and his lips were turning blue. The attending E.R. doctor (Friedlander) spoke to me with a very irritated voice. He told me there was nothing he could do for my son. We would have to consult our own doctor. He wanted to just send him home before checking to see what triggered the seizure. I had to ask if he was going to check his lungs because he had been congested. It was obvious that the doctor just wanted to get off his shift and not have to deal with us. I was very disappointed with his lack of professionalism and bedside manner. Doctors are suppose to want to help people not make them feel like they are a nuisance.

Consuelo Juarez

(Translated by Google) When I had my baby the attention was very good the doctor is very good doctor and the very kind nurses also very good hands they have, and above all it is a very clean place (Original) Cuando tuve a mi baby la atención fue muy buena el doctor es muy buen doctor y las enfermeras muy amables también muy buenas manos que tienen, y sobre todo es un lugar muy limpio

Joe Gray


Wendy Barillas

I am giving one star because I cannot give zero stars. I went in with a swollen finger and right when I walk in front desk has to let me know how bad it looks and the next nurse also liked to inform me on how bad it looked. If your dying or have anything broken dont go here if you dont want to feel worse about the situation. I had a xray and then left with Nothing! I immediately went to a different hospital where they gave me a splint and some antibiotics with a pamphlet of instructions on how to take care of the inflammation. Its really sad what this world is coming to....not sure how the people i dealt with today have a job in that hospital. Oh! not to mention I can hear the employees at the desk complain about a patient yelling in pain.

Belmy 08

This review is about the ER department only. Tonight I went in with my 2 year old. He had a high fever and a double ear infection. While we waited for the doctor to come back out with his release papers my son was uncomfortable I began to walk him up and down the halls. Yervand T and RN yelled at me that I need to not be there because it violates HIPPA laws . How is me walking my son up and down the hall violations of hippa laws ? I was not looking through papers I was not going into other peoples rooms ? So how was I violating any laws. The other a Christopher L said that children under 6 are not allowed in the ER because their crying disturbs other people. I told him the my baby was the patient and that they should stop discriminating against babies and children while a lady and a college age girl where also walking up and down the aisle. If RN do not like children crying then they shouldn't work in the ER. The child was crying because he is sick not because of any tantrum. Horrible experience please parent report when your child is being discriminated against especially in a hospital that doesn't like children.


This hospital is old and there not much hope of renovation ,, but more than anything else as a negative point is the food in cafeteria that is really bad and very expensive, staff is suffering from men power , but they are trying their best , front of the emergency is really dirty and its been like this for as along as i remember (30 years) parking is very inconvenient and expensive , its like they making the most money of people,s parking fees , I didn’t have a choice at the time of the accident , other wise i surely would have chosen glendale Adventist hospital ,, the staff are kind of nice yet some time so indifferent and cold as ice , no compassion , nobody smiles in this place ( I refer to staff) over all two and half stars would be the best i can give and i hope that they would add some new building(cross the street where it signed parking for hospital) so they can update this poor old and very outdated hospital,,, our city needed Hospital not Americana. Fancy apartment building , shame on the Glendale City Councile and all the Greedy ilicites members ,,, Shame on you with capital S

Паруир Батоян

Arturo Coronel

I am never going here again. Yes they might help you as quickly as they can but that is their job. Another part of their job is to keep the comfort level of their patient up which they fail to do countlessly. There is no dignity, no respect, and no humane act in the way Dignity health takes care of business. The problem with dignity health is that the treat the health care system the are run like a business. Well there is no bossiness in health care but that every one and everything about there patients is important. The nurses are usually not in fault with my horrible experiences. It has been mostly the uncaring and heartless doctors that act terrible. I know there has to be good doctors out there, but from my recent visits, all are take I suppose. Its the Emergency room staff that needs a reality check. All the post I have read are true with the exemption of a few who meet the good doctors that we so desperately need.


I think this is the best hospital I have been to. I went to Cedar Sinai for some issues I was having (refusing going to Hollywood Presbyterian because of how horrible they are) but knowing they are nice and wont be there all day waiting to be seen at Cedar. TI ended up being transfered here, and everyone I met was very nice. I was against being transfered from Cedars and actually wanted to just leave after being told I would have to, but would have done so against medical advice which I did not want to do and was glad I did not after. They did their best to make sure sure I was doing ok, and even went as far as helping me get my dose of medication for my addiction therapy. The only complaint I do have is that their food is worse than I even remember hospital food being (having been in lots of mental hospitals it is a part I do remember from these)at any place I have been. But cant really fault a hospital for bad food. Thanks again to everyone I saw.

Pat gaming

Sorry im not leaving this place good reviews but i dont like this place because i went here with my friend and she got stitches on the second day they were opening and saying its normal and it was bleeding but they did nothing so now she will have horrible sccars but there is nice staff

Maria Castillo

It’s the best hospital I had my 3 kids in this hospital all the staff where very nice no complaints

Sarah Lillard

Their billing department is a mess. I have been receiving notices saying I owe them for a bill from 2013, that WAS paid. In 2014, I called, re-sent them my insurance info, it seemed taken care of and then two years later, it starts all over again! Trying to get through to a billing rep on the phone is nearly impossible! I've called three times, was on hold for over 40 minutes the first two times, then the last, the guy was going to call me back and didn't. Today, I was on hold for over twenty minutes, just waiting to speak to a human, to then be disconnected! I called back, and once I FINALLY got through to a human again, I was told the system was down and they have to call me back tomorrow!!!! So unacceptable!

Danielle Allen

They murder my best friend. And now they trying to cover it up.

Charles LaFont


Every time I go because I am stressed out thy help me about 95% of the time with some atavan which is a bezo so they are cool with me

Carmenita Corona

Saleh Hussain

Eunice Youn

My mom was here over a month and some of the staff and doctors seem to care their patients, but you have to keep your personal belongings with you. When they transfer my mom from one room to the other, a diary is gone. They don't seem to care about losing the personal belongings. They will tell you they will look for it and follow up with you, but NEVER happened. Since she was in bed over a month as I said, she is not able to walk when they are trying to discharge her. They gave me the phone numbers of the nursing facilities to call. Isn't it their job to call and accommodate the patient's needs? I guess I don't have much choice here now but just go. When you call 911 and get to ER, oh don't have an option to choose which hospital to go. This was not our choice and it Won't be.

Hapet Darbinyan

Anna Rovin

ER - Free covered parking. Very quiet. Nice staff. This is a very small ER room, only about 4 parking spaces and the ER waiting room is small. We were very lucky, less than 10 other people there with us at night. HOSPITAL PARKING - $6.00 maximum charge per day in the covered parking garage. After spending 8 nights at the hospital, I would have liked a discount because $6.00 maximum is still a very high charge. HOSPITAL STAFF - My mom's 8 night stay was beyond expectation. The nursing and support staff were fantastic in their attention, politeness, information and accommodation for extras, like making it as comfortable as possible for me to sleep over and stay with my mom after surgery. Because of the staff, my mom's initial fear went away and she was able to concentrate on recovery. Our family thanks the ER and Hospital staff, all of them, for getting us through a scary time. If ever we have a need, we will choose Glendale Memorial Hospital for services. Darling & Rovin families

Сергей Горбылев

Fernanda Cardenas

(Translated by Google) I am days away from relieving myself in that hospital .... And look at several negative comments ... how scary (Original) Estoy a dias de aliviarme en ese hospital.... Y mire varios comentarios negativos...que miedo

Anna Haghnazarian

The Hospital affiliated OBGYN practice is THE WORST IN TOWN. I Love Dr. Valdez he's an awesome provider but HATE his office and his staff. very unprofessional, rude, bad attitude, always messed up schedule, no respect for your time. There are no office manager or anyone who's responsible for this mess of a clinic. Very sad!


Very Caring Staff, some people are never satisfied, they should try a third world country hospital, then they would appreciate and not be naive, just like some stupid remarks that i see, especially about the remark about kids crying what a stupid comment.

Manuel Cortez

Very rude and disrespectful RN filipino nurse. Unattentive , overall not a good place except maybe a few doctors. This place is corrupt.

Melchora Naron

For me. Not only 5 stars all the stars that I given. More luck

Jasmine Campos

Jesse Fermon

Came here for delivery of my first child. It looks really nice from the outside and labor rooms seem nice as well. This is the ONLY reason we chose toncome here. But the more you look around, it has been revamped to look nicer than it really is, how can you tell? Go to less traveled areas or look at the terrible excuse for a cafeteria they have. Months ago, they refused to allow us to change hospitals even though we had spent 90% of the time at Valley Presbyterian. Once we finally came in to deliver, we realized how poor the nurses were. I assumed the nurses would fit the profile of the hospital, but I was clearly mistaken. I'm actually shocked they passes medical school. They don't seem familiar with the machines. Didn't check machines prior to delivery (stood around for 10 minutes fumbling around with machines looking really unprofessional). I was ok until they started to lie to me when I had questions. I may not know their job, but I sure do know when someone is lying to me. Information never matched from nurse to nurse. There must be ZERO communication between the staff. They tried to repeat shots, tests, ect ect. They never fulfilled any requests (for bedding, pillows, paperwork, to stay out of room for quiet time, ect). The doctor showed up 30 minutes late for delivery. The only thing I could focus on was his damn iphone hanging off the front of his pants and thinking how infested with bacteria/germs it was. Recap, Unknowledgable staff No communication Fail to respond to requests Lying to patients and slow work flow I wouldn't recommend this hospital

dalponuse magrro

i was refused mental health and medical service here. i over heard the nurses say "discharge him no matter what because he is a trump supporter". on top of all the madness tgat these employees get away with some of them participate in gang stalking due to a political motivated leftwing hare campaign. they only help those who they feel like.

Kelly Paul

Boris paronian

hye angel

Worst hospital ever My wife is 4 months pregnant had some issues and we came to the E.R and were here 3 hours The tech did Ultrasound and waited after that hour n half for an answer and at the end the doctor didnt even see us the nurse gave us papers to sign and ok BYE so we still didnt get a answer on what the cause was People dont mean anything here even a Pregnant woman who had a problem

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