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REVIEWS OF CHOC Children's Main Campus Orange IN California

Elaine Medina

Terrible service, never taking my kid's again, I waited 3 hours to get a room and 5 hours to see a doctor.

Traci Kobbeman

They took care of me 41 years ago.. I'm thankful for them to be ALIVE

Roman E.

Great friendly staff.

Maximo Nava

Buen Lugar para k curen a los ninos

Cesar Ortiz Gee

Why is it that the more we come the service gets worse. I don't see why it took so long for them to bring formula that they said would help the reason why we are here. They could of showed up with it when they told us he needed Gerber gentle and not wait more than an HR . We come here because it's known for a "the best" hospital for kids. Once I told them if they are not serious about their job let us know so we can go some where else to receive better attention suddenly they started coming in and out sending some one running to go get it. I'm just not sure if coming back would be a great choice.


Recently took my 1 year old to the Emergency room here at choc and knowing the commercials and seeing how they care for their children is complete lie and wrong! The waiting room was disgusting and when they called us into the room the room was STILL DIRTY WITH THE PREVIOUS PATIENTS DIRTY CLOTHS.AND ROBE!!! My child has a raging fever and now his room was contaminated and not sanitized at all! Thats how sickess and diseases are spread furthermore they didkt even know we where in the room!!! The doctor didnt know jack s@#$ about what he was talking about. We ended up going to Hoag in irvine did the same exact tests and propertly perscribe him with the correct medication. Hoag doesnt specialize in children and they fixed my son never taking anyone i know to Choc its not worth the time or effort furthermore i will bring this to corporate and may even press charges for the lack of care to my.little one!

marco romero


Deanne Smart

Choc is dirty, we had mildew and flies in our room. Then we were moved to another room that had no door and it was so noisy that my son who had brain surgery the day before couldn't sleep. The family bathrooms are filthy. We had a couple of fantastic nurses and the doctor were great. The child life program there is wonderful.

Dipan Saha

Beware of the HUGE bills... Recently, we took our daughter to CHOC as her PCP told that she might have pneumonia in her left lung. At the emergency, they made us sit 3+ hours before taking an X-ray. When the reports came out, the doctor told that she is fine and we can just give her Tylenol....It was normal cold. For that single X-ray, they charged me ~$3000 (Through multiple bills). As my deductible was really high, I had to pay the entire amount after insurance adjustment ($1900). I called their billing department several times, visited their billing office in person and requested them numerous times for cash discount/bill reduction, but they didn't reduce the amount by a single dollar. I don't how can someone charge $3000 for one simple X-ray while it costs only $50 - $100 outside. I shall NEVER refer this hospital to anyone.

Sean Lucero

From what I hear - lots of promises, most not fulfilled - heard this place charges $7,247 per day for inpatient services. Are you kidding me? that is insane. $7,247 per DAY. WHAT?

Kylaya Rose

I was there for 9 months and they made it grate my brother was there for 7 years. I can trust them

Andrea Clavon

Very caring and efficient staff, I would bring my daughter here again !!!

Pablo Galicia

Bad. Bad

Cameron Clemente

A great place to recover from heart surgery and to play video games

Halo Pics Photography


Joe Alan M

Awesome care was there for my 5week and went in right away !!!! Thank you choc DR's and nurses!

Erika Dietz

We recently had a scary visit to the ER with my son who was diagnosed with intasucception. We are from Dallas, and even in our panic were careful to ensure CHOC was in network. It was, and our insurance covered the entirety of the bill minus the co-pay. The care we received at CHOC was fantastic. However, the emergency room doctor incorrectly coded the care my son received in the ER, which is causing our insurance coverage to be different. I've spoken with insurance, who need verification/re-docing from the doctor, but I cannot get anyone to call me back.

Kelly Phillips

We were visiting southern California on a family vacation and out of nowhere my 4 year old son became very ill. This is unusual for him so we wanted to take him somewhere to get evaluated. We found the CHOC ER and took him. When we arrived they took his stats and gave him medicine for his fever and vomiting. We then waited for 2 hours before even seeing a doctor. By this point the Tylenol had lowered his fever and he began to perk up some. I told the doctor he was complaining of a headache, sore throat and was vomiting and had a fever. He didn't think any further testing was necessary and discharged him saying it might be the flu...he wasn't sure. We got home two days later and he continued to get worse. I took him to our peds office back home and upon telling our nurse his symptoms, she knew immediately to test for strep throat. We were told he had the classic symptoms. The culture was positive and he received the care he needed back home. I was baffled that a doctor at pediatric ER wouldn't think to test for strep when apparently he was exhibiting classic strep symptoms according to our nurse and doctor back home. I reached out to CHOC regarding the lack of appropriate care by their doctor and they claimed to have reviewed the information and said that they found no fault with their course of care. Just fair warning...if you are looking for an accurate diagnosis in the ER at CHOC, I suggest you go somewhere else! My son missed the rest of our vacation and his health deteriorated unnecessarily due to the doctor's poor diagnosis.

sally bejarano

Excellnt hospital overall my 3 month old grandaughter was treated for bronchitis Im happy to say she is on her way home as i write this review today Thank you ICU 4th and 3rd

Brian Denny

Best place for kids to make the best of their time. Great experience for parents to focus on their child's well-being.

Sugar Me Nails

This review is based on all my most recent experiences. I left AltaMed to join CHOC after hearing they have better Pediatrics. The wait is good, and the doctros are good, BUT, in all the visits, I always get a rude staff member either on the phone when I am making an appointment, or when I get some of the nurses. I understand they work a long time, but guess what? I also have to deal with a lot of people on a daily basis. As irritated as I am or if I am having a shitty day, I don't take it out on others. They are all CUSTOMERS and are the people who feed me. If I gave the staff an attitude I would understand why they always have irritated faces when they see me. On the phone I always have someone giving me some kind of, "I just want to hurry up and get rid of you," kind of attitude. I love CHOC but if I continue recieving attitudes from nurses and people on the phone, I will have to change doctors and I am sure that is why other people also change. And I feel sorry for the ones who do put up with it.

Claudia Torres

(Translated by Google) Thanks to all the doctors have of all the espesialistas very kind all the serbisio for me is the best hospital of children I am very satisfied Grasias (Original) Grasias a todos los doctores tienen de todos los espesialistas muy amables todo el serbisio para mi es el mejor hospital de niños estoy muy sastifecha Grasias

Janet garcia

(Translated by Google) I thank all the attentions received. Choc itodos losqueasen posiblegracias (Original) Agradesco todas las atenciones recibidas. Choc itodos losqueasen posiblegracias

Latasha Wilson

The weeken staff sucks!! MONDAY-THURSDAY. great service. Friday-sunday we get the worse service!!! There ways in a rush. Don't explain anything. Tell me oh we taking the sicker ones first! Really been waiting since 6am to be seen. So they telling me my little one not sick. Smh.. Weeken staff just there for the paycheck!!!

Cman Boss

Best place ever. I have three boys and I wouldn't take them anywhere else


My experience at choc hospital was that they were nice to me even with my short temper and the fights I got into when other kids started it.

Katie Brenner

This is a great hospital. The nurses and doctors are very caring. I just wish parking was easier.

Daniel Hernandez

It's the best emergency


Little brother went here. Had lots of time in there. Love the staff, opportunities. Basically everything! Love that you can call on the remote control or phone and they can immediately assist you. My little brother loved when they brought in the Wii and we had so much fun for only two days which isn't bad compared to other hospitals. Thanks again for all the help CHOC we love you!

Richard Chang

Best place for seriously ill kids in Orange county

Jasmine Bree

Everyone in the nicu is so nice. I love lori

Jennifer Moorhead

Best care & employees not just for patients but parents too! Second child that CHOC helped to heal! I'm forever grateful for you to relieve them from pain.

Jose Serrano

The worse ER ever. They do not care about the welfare of children and the nurses are unprofessional. I do not recommend this place.

Dominic Casillas

God is good....


Exceeds expectations!

margaret polous

Amazing staff

J Jaff

Hospital staff wonderful. Administrative Tower managers and staff gossipy, drama and.unethical.

salvador Posadas

Nice place and nice service

Ji Hye Hong

Nobody knows where to go. Growth seminar is held in Wade Center 2nd floor Clinic side. It starts at 5:30 not 5.

Julio Brito

Great staff. Made my stay there comfortable. They were very professional and attended my daughter with care.

Rigoberto Rodriguez

Mercedes is a horrible receptionist ... worse service !!!!!!! Would rather die then come here..

r 24

i don't even know where to begin. if i could give choc 0 stars i would. the hospitalists were disrespectful, incompetent, and careless. they ignored symptoms until they became life threatening. they prescribed meds that she was allergic to. they left a "sitter" in her room for no documented reason other than "at risk" for mental illness - despite multiple psych evaluations saying she was not a danger to herself or others. the sitters were frequently men, especially at night, and my teenage daughter was unable to sleep feeling sick and vulnerable with a grown man watching from the foot of her bed. she was not allowed to close the bathroom door or use the shower curtain when bathing. she caught a serious infection while inpatient and did not receive aggressive treatment until she was in full blown septic shock and organ failure. they took so long to address damage from the infection that she went almost a week without proper hydration, nutrition, or medication - all of which caused long term complications that we are still dealing with months later. the hospitalists did not even round on her every day and failed to own up to their mistakes. the nurses always seemed concerned but were too afraid to stand up to the docs - as if their jobs were at risks by questioning their judgement - even the residents and med students! i asked one of the attendings if she would treat her own daughter this way and she replied that it didn't matter because a mother would never be allowed to treat her own child. her chart is filled with false information - including consults from out of state doctors and facilities we have NEVER been to. while sorting through records recently i found the reports for a FATAL genetic condition.... apparently she was tested for it inpatient and they did not tell us. i have no idea if we found out in time to prevent it from limiting her lifespan. it has been months since the admission and she is still not recovered from the damage they inflicted. we literally had to pack up and MOVE to be away from choc and their emergency room, knowing that my daughter has a chronic illness that will need consistent medical care. we did not want to take the chance of an ambulance taking her there one day and putting her life in danger again. even now that we've established care at a new hospital with new doctors, my pharmacy received a call from choc trying to override the orders for her essential medications. she hasn't been there in MONTHS and they are going out of their way to take away her medical care. i cannot think of a reasoning for this that doesn't make them out to be pure evil. we did not agree to arbitration at the beginning of this admission and i think that is why we had such trouble. they never wanted to own up to mistakes and they wanted to be able to argue that she was "not of sound mind" in case we sued, which we are not bc she does not want to spend the rest of her life reliving this trauma in some court room. she still has nightmares about that horrible admission... i truly believe she would have died under their care if we hadn't gotten her out when we did - and i'm sure tons of families in our position have lost their children. absolutely terrible hospital - please avoid at all cost for the good of your children and loved ones.

Maira Diaz

(Translated by Google) Exelente cater well to children and are friendly. (Original) Exelente atienden bien a los niños y son amables.

Gregoria Salgado

CHOC has saved my life twice already.... at age 4 in a half I was diagnosed with cancer here when my parents took me to LA first and they didn't know what was it that I had. So I was treated here at CHOC for cancer.... a couple years later I was diagnosed being epileptic here... doctors tried so many combinations of medications I was seizure free for 5 yrs with several medications but unfortunately it stopped working and it got to the point where I would get up to 4 seizures a day they switched up medications and they decreased but didn't stop so the doctors gave me the option of having brain surgery Doctor stennari is the best neurologist I've had she recommended brain surgery and brought in neurosurgeon Dr. Olaya into one of my appointments and had him talk to me about surgery and the procedures to it. At first I wasn't so convinced but as I saw no improvement in my seizures I decided to say yes. Dr stennari and Dr Olaya ordered many tests before just to make sure I was a good candidate for it. Once they had all the results to those exams they reviewed them with other doctors and explained to me how things would go down for me. I was a good candidate for brain surgery. I had no complications during or after the surgery. I recovered quick it was an estimate stay of a month I was there an exact week I was admitted 12/11/17 And I was discharged 12/18/17.... didn't take a break from work nor school when the doctors said I had to they were upset and say I'm an overachiever. As a cancer survivor I have to thank Dr's merry English and lilibeth torno they saved my life from leukemia.... I love the nurses they're all caring and make you feel like home this hospital always made my stays memorable.

Victoria Corbett

Very very very clean, very nice people that work here, they validate for the valet parking but you still have to pay $2.00. The ER is very fast and thorough and kind with your child. Doctors are equally as kind highly qualified professional and explain things. The nurses are very sweet and helpful and knowedgable. Just don't go to the hospital next door they are rude noncomutitive and charge for parking.

Lorenzo Juarez

Great place

Jan Kreis

My daughter suffered from seizures since she was 6 months old. She has been to many Drs. and many hospitals with no relief. In 2011 we took her to CHOC and saw a New Dr. and they took excellent care of her. They performed much needed tests and after 7 years we finally got a diagnosis. They not only take great care of the children, they also take care of the family.

Chocolate Sunday

This hospital is greedy&doesnt put patient care 1st&top priority! They have 1 Opthmalolgist. I called to schedule an appointment 4/24 and won't be seen til 8/15.They only refer you to their doctors to keep the money at childrens. All of their appointments are this way far out&takes a long time.They save money by only having a small amount of doctors salaries to pay but they make a lot of the money from the insurance payments. Stop taking patients your not equipped to handle the demand nor do you want to be!!!!

Fatima M

a very well decorated hospital, nice lobby, comprehensive departments. but on the other hand I can't believe a Children Hospital has no dedicated locations for feeding my baby, breast feeding him, or expressing milk! babysAreUs has one and a children hospital does not can't it is a shame really. it gives me a hard time when I follow for my baby appointments.

Ruth Han

Great people who value setting the atmosphere above the norm.

Shannon Fries

First let me start off by saying I use 2 love Choc and have advocated for my son for the past 3 years to be seen here and even have fought my insurance company for him to be seen here as we live in Riverside. With that being said in the last year the service has completely went down hill and is a complete mess. Our son was born with some pretty serious issues and has been seen at Choc since birth, including spending the first 6 weeks in their NICU. He see's several specialist regularly including craniofacial, pulmonary, ent, sleep apnea team & pt. Last week we were at Choc 4 out of 5 days to try and get clearance for my sons dental surgery that had to be done at Choc. After pulmonary insisted we keep an appointment even tho we advised them SEVERAL times we had to have a hearing test done at Providence (which is across the street) at the same time their appointment was scheduled, they moved their appointment up 30 mins and assured me they would take him right away so we could make the other appointment that was necessary for surgery clearance (the pulmonary appointment wasn't necessary for surgery) Long behold they weren't on time and for an attitude when I told them I could no longer wait as I was now late for the other appointment. If I can drive from Riverside in an hour and 1/2 traffic and b on time there's no reason Dr Cheng couldn't b on time (We've seen Dr Cheng for 3 years and she has NEVER been on time, as you can see there's lots of other clients on here stating the same) I asked to speak with the manager on duty and someone named Tish cake out after another 15 mins. She was rude and not at all concerned with the fact they wasted my time after assuring me they would take my son first thing, again after insisting we keep this appointment! I flipped out on her after being talked at (I'm an adult & when you're in the wrong own up to it, don't catch an attitude with me) I called their "customer care" lady Sandra Schultz and expressed my concerns. Later that afternoon the same Tish chick called me and had Dr Cheng on speaker phone to which I again voiced my dissatisfaction with her being late and they both became rude & argumentative so I hung up on them. Then yesterday to my surprise I got a visit for cps stating that the hospital called them and reported on the day of this "incident" I was intoxicated (I don't drink alcohol at all & again it was 8am) that my son fell out of his stroller & bumped his head & had a huge "bump" and we haven't been back since. Well thank god 4 technology and the fact that I'm 1 of those parents that takes dozens of photos of my kids daily. Not only did I go to another appointment immediately after this "incident" we were back at Choc the very next day for a echocardiogram. I'm disgusted with the lies they told, all because they got called out for not doing their job efficiently!!!!!!! Thank god the cps worker saw right thru the lies and closed the case on sight. I will be filing a grievance against the hospital as this is beyond unacceptable.

Amir Ghabbour

CHOC Children's is just the BEST in terms of child health. Best care Best nursing Best Physicians Best quality of service In CHOC, care is not a job, it is what they really love to do.

De todo un poco

(Translated by Google) Thank you once my bb got sick and they told me to take him there very profecionales and soon we passed, to a very nice room and they did the studies!


Great Hospital! I took my 10 yrs girl with left illness eye today and was treated quite fast. Also the waiting room is clean and front desk people was friently,like CHOC!

Sara Pena

Poor care

Beatriz Cervantes

(Translated by Google) The worst experience that I am going through almost 4 hours and nothing better my girl fell asleep with the pain ... and it is not a headache only the name that is the best ospital I do not recommend them the truth. (Original) La peor experiencia que estoy pasando casi 4 horas y nada mejor se durmio mi niña con el dolor ..y no es dolor de cabeza solo el nombre de que ea el mejor ospital no se los recomiendo la verdad .

Danielle Murray

This review is specifically for the Children’s Clinic in Orange. Stay away from this location unless you like being pressured and bullied into unnecessary vaccinations. I took my 13 year old in for a simple sports physical and they spent more time attempting to pressure me into unnecessary vaccines than anything else. In total they brought up the vaccinations no less than 6 or 7 times and sent in multiple people to talk to me about it even after I said, “no thank you!” My teen daughter was shocked at their behavior and I honestly felt like I was at a used car dealership. First, we waited an hour and a half to be seen. Then, once they put us in a room, a nurse came in and told me that she only “required two vaccinations” and handed me the info sheet. When I questioned her about it since she is fully up-to-date, she said that she was “missing them”. I pushed back and informed her that the school district has her as 100% current, and I asked if they were now considered mandatory, she said “they will be”, even though I know they aren’t.

Mohammad Rony

Excellent hospital with full of highly skilled professionals.

Nicole Cooper

So far this hospital experience with my daughter has been great. The doctors and nurses are awesome. They made my daughter feel so comfortable. The food is pretty good too. The volunteers bring you board games, crafts or books.

Alma Rogel

Our #1 favorite place

lina lopez

I have not attended this hospital however I made a phone call to their customer service department on behalf of a mother who had her child attended here for some months and the representative that answered the phone had an extremely rude attitude. She told me that she could not release information to me since I am not the mother, which I completely understand since it would be a violation of patient's privacy rights, however the tone with which she spoke to me was exceptionally rude. She repeatedly told me that she would not tell me anything in a tone as if I were trying to steal information; she could have made her point without being condescending and rude.

Kim Duarte

Great nurses and doctors!

Travis Roper

Great Hospital with an Amazing Staff

Mary Eunice

Please hire some more diverse group of workers. Your worker accused me and my family of not paying for my services and tried to stop me when she let all the other Spanish speakers go without checking and smiling. Luckily the other worker was embarrassed for her and told her we were free to go. Stopped coming back after that ridiculous incident. My kid doesn't need that while being sick. Try that on the wrong person and see where it might land you guys.

Erika Castaneda

Best doctors and nurses.

Lulu Garcia

I didn't like the doctor the way he was taking my son's problem, what am I supposed to do when he had 103 of fever and he asked me why I was taking him to CHOC really? Because of fever obviously....

f mirshojaei

Excellent care and services

Elizabeth Preciado

My baby was transferred here from other hospital after being there for 3 days with a ruptured appendix. She was transferred to CHOC and was operated immediately and is now recovering. Awesome team of doctors and nurses!

Marcus Williams

On March 12, 2019 my 10 week old who is now 15 Weeks was admitted to CHOC Children’s Hospital of Orange County. He has been here for 35 days and is not getting better. Since day 1 when he was transferred via helicopter; we always felt that the CHOC children’s ambulance and transport team had collapsed our sons airway and when he was admitted there after 8 failed intubation attempts; (because they didn’t have the correct intubation equipment for an infant my sons size) he hasn’t been able to leave. Every since day 1 the doctors in the PICU team have been trying to get us to agree to a Tracheostomy. Our child was breathing fine; on his own without the assistance of a machine. Now we fear he can’t get off the machine and we have demanded a transfer but because some of the medical records are incorrect; due to doctors falsifying information (such as saying that they have watched videos with us (the parents) on Tracheostomy’s and that we are okay with it.) We are NOT okay with it and have been declining since day 1 and/day 8 when they brought it to our attention because that is not the treatment our child needs. He has a floppy epiglottis which is Laryngomalacia and there is a surgery to fix it. Maybe they can not perform it here or don’t feel comfortable but instead of letting us know they continuously push us to Trach our child without a thorough explanation of why. When asked they state that he doesn’t actually need it for breathing at this point but it may help him gain weight and leave the hospital. We feel our 15 week old son (who the doctors kept referring in their medical records as a female; stating they had examined a female; in which our child only has male parts) is not safe at the CHOC Picu and fear very much for his safety. They have been letting him desaturate down to 15, 12, and 6 percent oxygen levels. This can cause damage to the brain and internal organs and means that he is not getting oxygen even though he is there on the Oxygen machine and ventilator which does not us feel our child is safe. They have also given him medications to keep his heart rate up such as Abuterol in which the respiratory nurse stated he didn’t need and also Robinal which was making his heart rate go into the 200-220s after multiple request from us as the parents to stop these unnecessary medicines that were not needed. I can’t call the police or anyone to help us because we are supposed to be in good hands. We are stuck here and an ambulance to transfer him; if our insurance does not help is between $1200-$1800.00; depending on where he transfers too as we already live 2 hours away from this hospital and drive a 5 hour round trip everyday to see our boy but we don’t know how much longer he has because we feel if he stays here; he is not safe. His life and safety is at risk and we may be too late to get to him. After speaking with Patients Advocate to mediate and maybe help us explain in a better way to the doctors; so that they can help us; things took a turn for the worst. The attending/head doctor in charge; Dr. L (for short) has retaliated against us as we felt he would probably do. I asked him to call Loma Linda or a different hospital so we could transfer as it is a physician to physician transfer only. A parent can not just up and take their child who is intubated and an inpatient to another hospital. It is not that easy... well Dr. L recommended to the other hospital that we Trach and Gtube our child. Therefore we are unable to get an unbiased opinion from the neighboring hospital as we feel the doctors are in-cahoots based off of his notations so that we are not transferred; even though Loma Linda had just approved us a week before; they Have now changed their minds just off of these notations and or verbal communications which we feel is a retaliation because we have had to voice opinion and recommendations for our helpless child so much. We haven’t been able to hear or hold our baby in weeks. All we can do is look from the side of the crib. Please help us!

Sherri Sumner

Clean and great staff


Super long wait ! We were there before 11 pm 04,19,2016 , at 11'45 pm ı ask the lady how long it will take , told soon . 04,20,2016 ...... 01.00 am in the morning ı told the person ( nurse )who was at register , we cant wait anymore we have been all ready wait 2 hours , we will leave , she said if you want to leave we can not hold you , it is fine then you get one star !!! No more choc !!!!

Joel Chelo

(Translated by Google) They took care of my daughter quickly I just wait and they give her discharge and to sleep (Original) Atendieron a mi hija rápido solo espero y la den de alta y a dormir

Brenda Bravo

(Translated by Google) It is a very complete hospital, the facilities are spacious and modern, has medical attention 24 hours and is very well located. It is the best option for children since it is special and unique to them and the attention they give them is very good. It is good because here there are only children and doctors and nurses are specialized to work with children. (Original) Es un hospital muy completo, las instalaciones son amplias y modernas, cuenta con atención m3dica las 24 horas y está muy bien ubicado. Es la mejor opción para los niños ya que es especial y uniconpara ellos y la atención que les dan es muy buena. Esta bien por que acá sólo hay niños y los médicos y enfermeras están especializados para trabajar con niños.

Theduelling Dame

Have spent 10 hours now trying ti reach mu child a oncologist. Just get put on hold no one returns pages. Below are some average hold times

Sharon Glassey

My daughter was a patient of Dr. Mary Zupanc. Dr. Zupanc is the worst neurologist/epileptologist we have seen, and we have seen many. She acted recklessly and treated our daughter as a human lab rat. She over-medicated our daughter with harmful drugs. Her answer to everything was "add more drugs" even when it was clear that the drugs weren't stopping her seizures. Many children have suffered at the hands of Dr. Zupanc and she should not be allowed to provide medical care. The hospital needs to remove her from your staff immediately. She is a dangerous, uncaring, and reckless doctor.

benjamin rodríguez

Bad organization. Poor communication between employees. A guy tell me one thing and a nurse tell me another.

Beth Smith

Huge bills are the norm at CHOC. I tried to make and appointment with an endocrinologists but couldn't get an appointment for three months. Per one of the nurses I talked to: ALL of the specialists are CHOC employees and they receive huge salaries and have very little motivation to work, hence the long waits. Since the doctor's are employed CHOC is allowed to slap every visit with a HUGE facility fee. The facility fee can't be charged by a doctor in private practice. What a racket!

Magically Gifted

The level of service I have received here for my 3 disabled and special needs children has been TERRIBLE! And this hasn’t been one experience, it’s been an ongoing issue for 6 months. I’m absolutely disgusted at the unprofessionalism and downright cold attitude I my children and I have received from the physicians and specialists at this hospital. I just had the unfortunate opportunity to finally speak with a medical director after asking multiple over the past 6 months and he was an arrogant, short, and uncompassionate individual. It’s no wonder the staff are so awful, they’re mimicking the behavior they see modeled for them by those CHOC has placed in positions of authority. If you want to have to fight to get your children seen for vaccinations, be treated with malice and disrespect, and then talked to rudely when you are making legitimate complaints by all means bring your children here. If you’d like to be treated with even the tiniest amount of respect and care go anywhere else.

J Noone

CHOC makes it comfortable for your child while waiting for out patient services.

Mark Speeter

Great experience, speedy treatment, well taken care of. Nice facility. Workers even came by in costume to keep the kids cheery!

Chantea Janes

Dr. Camillon , best Ent around.

Jose Lopez

Very good service

Krystal Nimsger

CHOC is not what they say they are. I typically don’t write reviews, but this health system is one of the worst I have ever dealt with due to lack of compassion, communication and caring. I think parents moving forward with CHOc for the care of their child should be informed of the issues with this system. It takes days to get someone to call back when you have a problem or concern. It takes days to get in touch with your child’s physician. This should never be the case. When you do need to speak to someone they keep sending you back to the main line ( which is not a live individual just a recording). When we try to schedule a follow up appointment they tell us they don’t have the doctors schedule and to call in 2 months. When we did they said they are booked for 6 plus months at both locations. How is this the case If they didn’t have the docs schedule before? Then when I brought this to their attention they said they can’t not share with me the reason. They get an F for operations. Parents beware moving forward as you are better off finding a non- CHOc healthcare provider. They truly don’t care about their patients and it is really sad.

Grecia Hernandez

Wow what a beautiful place to bring your kids when needed the nurses the doctors everyone so friendly, helpful and the hospitality is amazing..

Trà Trà

The doctors and nurses are nice have to wait more than 2 hours to get my medicine, while all the other are getting their medicine and gone. Will never come back:)

Claudio Garcia

Place looks good but it is still a hospital.

Heather Downes

Their ER employs UNSUPERVISED PAs (physician assistants). When you go to the ER, don't count on seeing a board-certified physician. You will likely get stuck seeing a PA who only has 2 years of training (compare that to the 8 years of med school and residency training that the physicians have). The PA who saw my 3 year-old nephew completely missed the diagnosis. My nephew had a dislocated elbow. This is an EASY diagnosis for any ER physician, and very easy to treat. Instead the under-trained, under-educated PA diagnosed him with a sprained wrist and sent him home in a sling. After 2 more days of pain, my sister took him to an orthopedic surgeon who accurately diagnosed his dislocated elbow and popped it back in place. After this very poor care, CHOC still stuck my sister with a $1300 bill. They are very lucky my nephew wasn't left with nerve or blood vessel damage. My sister fought the charges after the misdiagnosis and terrible care. Finally, after a year and a half and repeated phone calls from a collection agency, they had the bill written off. I would not recommend going to their ER at all. If CHOC thinks it's appropriate to let an unsupervised PA diagnose and treat hurt and sick kids, then not only are they going to have a big PR problem on their hands but malpractice lawsuits.

Benwan Gorham

OMG, I wish when I was a kid, I was able to get a hospital as clean and vivid as this hospital. Great people, great service, great place to be.

Tiffany Ramos

Took my daughter in for a mri the staff was very friendly and very nice to my daughter caring ill go there again

Isabel medina

(Translated by Google) Excellent service and ten operations made him an my daughter and an always been very kind thank you for being the best hospital (Original) Excelente servicio ya diez operaciones le an hecho a mi hija y siempre an sido muy amables gracias por ser el mejor hospital

Jonathan Alveal

6+ hours waiting in the ER, it wasnt even crowded when we walked in... Avoid this place at all cost. Last Friday there was a young girl passing out after waiting over 4 hours. Really bad experience. If ER gets packed why cant they call more doctors in. Should close it if they need people to wait over 3 hours to be seen. Horrible!!

Cori Blosser

Hands down the best ER experience I have ever had! I have worked in hospitals and ERs, have 3 kids and have been to ERs all over the country. This the Disneyland of ERs. What impressed me the most was how happy and accommodating ALL of the staff were. We were met with a smile from registration to discharge. Everyone looked happy to be a work and enjoying their jobs. Yes, we were there for 4 hours but never felt "forgotten about". Staff were continually checking in on us making sure my daughter was comfortable. Thank you CHOC ER and all the staff!!

Victoria Ferguson

I was a patient on the 4rth floor and I really just wanted to give acknowledgment on how incredible Nurse Joy was. She made me laugh, feel safe, gave me my medicine right when I needed it and made my over all experience so much better. I really feel like she enjoys her job and it shows with the way she treated me.

Antoinette Mosley

DO NOT GO THERE! My granddaughter went there with a sore knee. Instead of just giving her IV antibiotics they operated on her, then she got staph infection, in her blood, bone and joints. Then she got a blood clot in her knee, Then in her lungs. Pain, fevers, ICU, she could have died. Scared we called friends and family to get her transferred to another hospital. Don't let this happen to you. Don't go there!! Go somewhere else. LA CHOC is great!! Make the drive, it is worth it.

Yolanda Sanchez

Great service! Great place to be!

Stephanie Turner

My son had been sick over the weekend. Today he was with his dad. His dad called that he was going to take him to this hospital with a sore throat. When I spoke to him, it was so bad my 12 yr old son was crying on the phone when I spoke to him. It is always heartbreaking to hear him cry like that. It's only when he's really in torment. I asked him if he wanted me to meet him at the hospital and he did. So I went. I did in fact have more details than his dad about how sick he had the past few days, he was tired and suffering a bad headache yesterday By the time I got there he was already being seen, and they told me that there was a one parent limit. I waited awhile and tried again, because I know my boy really wanted me to be with him. The front desk said he would be released soon. The whole time I waited I was wondering why I wasn't being allowed to be with my son. Turns out dad's girlfriend was there, so not only was the one-parent limit a lie, a woman who is not even his mother was allowed in instead of me. I was so distressed over this whole ordeal, and have been crying for hours. I did not get to even talk to a doctor about what my son has been going through. I will never come back to this hospital voluntarily. I don't trust the diagnosis of simply a sore throat at this time because he was also lethargic and suffering a bad headache. I am definitely making an appointment with his primary doctor and I will be the one there to give her all the details that have been left out.

Erica Castro

Worse care ever in the Emergency Department, the Doctor was too rude and lack to inform what is the diagnosis and what they given, plus the Nurse Lilly night shift she is no a good nurse for kids don’t have patience. Don’t explain what medicine she given and I think she is not good nurse to work with kids, please take care of your kids before go and wasting your time and money with this kind of people. Even one star here not good to given to them.


I am so disappointed with their CHOC ENT program where if your child has been seen by another ENT provider, you can not get a second opinion by their associates of ENT. It should be chosen by the parents if want to do so, doctors should not care about "stealing / taking" other patients from other ENT. If they do their job with satisfaction, then it shouldn't be a problem. I am so unhappy with the care of my child's current ENT and I can not change to the ENT of my choosing since he has been seen by another ENT. ITS RIDICULOUS. It should be the child's best interest and not the doctor's.

Alex Wright


Cat Mojo

If I could give10 stars I do it for Dr McMichael. She is simply amazing professional. I want to say that we are very lucky that my son is “on Dr McMichael’s hands”. They are not enough words to thank you again Dr McMichael.

Karina Torres

I love the service the have done for my child. Extremely polite, and how they care for there patients.

Anela Lauderback

Took my son to the emergency room here at CHOC & wow...was it a disappointment. It was about 1am, & my mother came with us. We walked in & the lobby was a disgusting mess. There was trash all over the floor, people's trash were left in the seats, stains on the floor. There was about 7 or 8 staff, including the security guard in the lobby, however we were the only patients in there. My mom made several comments to them about how dirty & disgusting it was ESPECIALLY BEING A CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL & not one of them said a damn word. Felt like the girl taking my sons vitals didn't know what she was doing. Everyone was just kind of everywhere. Finally got taken into our own room where we waited for about two hours before the doctor finally came in. He came in & made me feel like an idiot, as if he didn't want to be there doing his job. I am extremely disappointed & may even complain to someone who will listen as the condition of this emergency room was totally unacceptable. Should've gone with my gut & taken him to St. Joe's

Rachelle Garcia

Excellent care and services, as well as an awesome facility. They have so many entertainment areas for children and families to rest as well.

Maribel Flores

(Translated by Google) We were 2 weeks with my bb and all the time there was very good attention from all the staff very kind and careful thanks choc childrens (Original) Estuvimos 2 semanas con mi bb y todo el tiempo hubo muy buena atencion de todo el personal muy amables y cuidadosos gracias choc childrens

Sylvia Flores

Saved my daughters life!!

tamar alarcon

(Translated by Google) Thank you for being very kind and they welcome you with a smile they are specialists in children

Miguel Gonzalez

They had clowns to help the kids feel more comfortable, and a knowledgeable, competent staff. I feel comfortable taking my kids here whenever there's a medical emergency. Five stars, all the way. New facility, new machines, great process for getting you in and out.

RepTer katana

Take forever and I was in so much pain

Lazio Chava

Very good Doctors

Jeni Navarrete

Missin Dr. Martinez....Dr. Barros is just impossible. Highly dissappointed!

emily Anderson

this hospital has been amazing! my daughter sees Dr Taraman in neurology and Dr. Chang in metabolics and they are awesome

Claudia Jimenez

Best hospital for my kids

Vanessa Cardenas

I love it there!! They took very good care of my son there when we were there in cvicu!

Laura Gutierrez

The Best hospital a quick attention and all. The staff is so kind

chiva lpz

The best place ...... for children's my daughter love it

Samuel Newman

Great staff and specialty care

Keisha Gardner

I'm sorry but I have to write this review. The staff was friendly but when you ask a mom with three kids (one being a newborn) to show up 15 minutes before the appointment time and then ask her to wait for three hours before they see the doctor is just cruel. Next time you better be expecting hell on wheels. Fortunately, my kids were well behaved and my newborn did great but this is unacceptable to expect of patient and their family members. It was a consultation appointment that literally took 10 maybe 15 minutes once the doctor finally arrived. Telling people an hour into the wait time that future appointments require you to schedule three hours of your day does not make this OK. The excuse of there being procedures that take place and sometimes they go longer than expected is not a valid reason either. There should be a day for consultations and then a day for procedures. I realize I may not completely understand the structure and dynamics of the office appointments and the scheduling of things but to ask a family to wait for three Flippin hours for a consultation appointment is an absolute joke. Thankfully we will not have to have to continue coming to this office. And even if there was still an issue that needs to be addressed by these doctors we would definitely not be coming back to this office. Come on CHOC!! Get it together!

Jerri Thompson

Absolutely love this hospital. My daughter was transferred here from Loma Linda not even three days later she had surgery and is recovering now. The staff is awesome of course there are a couple of rude ones but other then that the security guards nurses and doctors are amazing and my husband and I love this hospital.

Mo li

We waited for over 6 hours and we end up leaving

Aliana Medina

CHOC hospital has so many great activities for children during some of the hardest times of their life. The atmosphere of this hospital lightens the mood, CHOC will always be my favorite hospital.

Jane Doe

immoral, shameless, reprobate, exploitative, corrupt, dishonorable, deceitful, underhanded, unsavory, disreputable, evil manipulating and illegal experiment working on our kids for cures like if they were hamsters ,with out our concerns or letting parents know of their doings. when they should just help with getting healthy and caring for the sick children unless their in risk of cruelty...but other then that with no other matters...but to cure our baby's....

The Choc Shop Official

Choc is cool and good. -John Watersmith

Zijun Situ

CHOOC is the top notch children hospital in Orange county, comparable with Children Hospital of Los Angeles. Consider ourselves lucky for being resided within easy access to medical care for new borns, infants, and children in Orange county without traveling to Los Angeles.

My Chips Got Stuck

I wasted $25,000 because of this place. Plain horrible.

Samer Shawky

Residents are total liars since they can't control a proper patient management they tend to lie and get rude to patients. Regardless being a children's hospital, be prepared that your "newborn baby" will be punctured 3-4 times for a single successful blood extraction. When you know the maximum value is 16 and the government value is 2690, you don't need a primary school pupil to tell you it's false positive and recheck all relevant investigations and check the perfectly normal baby for clinical symptoms or just tell the parent 'your baby will die' and start to over load the baby with useless medicine to save your ass from lawsuit and to hell with your baby. Worst human interaction. Terrible diagnostic maneuvers unless it is a 1+1=2 case.

Ana Lopez

(Translated by Google) Very friendly The best attention. For children thanks choc children.s (Original) Muy amables. La mejor atencion. Para los niños gracias choc children.s

julio almada

Muy buenos doctores y exelente personal te atienden muy bien en todos los idiomas exelente hospital

Amber Ekstedt

Endlessly Grateful to CHOC We have had to take our children to several area hospital and urgent care facilities and nothing, not even other children's hospitals, such as Miller's compares to the level of commitment CHOC has to children. The staff understands children and their parents and they take the time to connect with both. Because of this, medical care is much less traumatic for my kids which in turn makes it less traumatic for me. Recently, my 3 year-old son needed stitches. CHOC was the only place I would take him, because they are the only hospital that could actually make getting stitches fun to a 3 year old! And they did! My son was mad when we made him leave CHOC that night and he still asks to go to the hospital to see Dr. Jeff and Josh, the Child Life Specialist. What would have been full of fear and needles at another hospital, was all about pillow case capes and and smiles at CHOC. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

My T Pham

Great place for emergency care. A bit costly but you do get great service and care.

Christy Hill

The people are friendly which is what the stars are for. I was very disappointed in the lack of care by the emergency room doctors. They told me my daughter just had the flu after 7 hours of waiting for answers for her having a fever of 103 for 2 days i just took what they said and left. The next day at my dr turns out she has strep and uti not the flu so had i not taken her to her dr she would have became even more ill. It seems as though they just wanted to take my money and get me out rather than figure out really what was going on. So frustrating i wont be back thats for sure.

Ricardo Juarez

Bad service! Doctors always are saying "it's normal " I went to other hospital, my baby was with infection in the lungs and the ears, from November when the doctor was checking to him many times. PLEASE DON'T GO TO THE CHOC!

Andrew Rosen

If you are having surgery at CHOC, be aware you will receive a large anesthesiology bill, as the anesthesiologists are CHOC do not participate in the insurance networks.

Pieter Smith

They are so compassionate about the level or professionalism. Everyone is so child friendly. Its like the Disneyland of hospitals.

Michelle Adams

The worst experience ever. Triage doesn’t triage patients. Daughter passed out in waiting room after waiting for over 4 hours in waiting room. Ended up leaving and going to another hospital. Worst excuse for healthcare ever! Will not ever go back. If there is another choice, choose that one!

Liliana Carbajal

Destiny Batt

Worst place to bring your kid when there really sick . One thing I can’t stand is how they check vitals after the fact my daughter hadn’t gotten no sleep she’s only one and they just kept picking at her after it’s been shown she had NO FEVER .i understand they want to seem so concerned . But after I explained basically to please let her rest after being checked by the dr . They take hours just to even see you and forever to get papers sign to leave and Its tiring explaining why your there 4 fricken times to different people . I shouldn’t have to explain that many times WHY we are they’re . Plus what pisst me off is clearly they already diagnosed her and took that long to provide discharge paper and prescription when we could have been long gone and started medication right away . They need a lot of work with their systems how things work . Also the another nurse or dr came in TALKING SOOOO loud after I explained to the other dr why we were there and how she had t gotten ANY rest .i don’t even know why I’m bothering with my comment no one will do anything about anyone’s experience. And st Joseph is the same drs in labor and delivery are AWFULLLLLLL.

Andrea Martinez

(Translated by Google) Very good place for the care of children (Original) Muy buen lugar para el cuidado de los niños

Emilia Farias


Jolie Nuno

Love this hospital for my daughter , but as of yesterday I'm unhappy we decided to send her too Del on Amo Hospital because they don't have the proper mental doctors there so now I'm stuck out here and Torrance in a hotel trying to figure out why they told me that they said it was going to be a 72-hour hold and now there saying 5days minimum so I'll be over a hundred and eighty hours over here in Del Amo Hospital how can you trust CHOC Hospital after they discouraged me and say that they were going to help my daughter is resisting or throwing Tantrums or anything but still we have her over here and CHOC cannot even help her out

Joshua Vargas

Great staff make the kids feel at home I see them walking the halls playing and smiling even though there sick thank you to all the Drs and nurses here

Dino Ikeda

Great hospital


The staff is really kind I didn't have to wait in the waiting room for a long time. All the treatments that they did on me made me feel way better. The only thing that I didn't like was that they took like an hour to bring us our papers so we could leave but thats a whole different story. I recommend you come herenif you want to go to a good, clean, hospital with respectful staff.

LB Raider

This has to be worst hospital experience ever. Brought my son in because he's said his heart hurts. 5 hrs later they still tell me to wait.

Jeanette Maldonado

Amazing nursing staff. My daughter stayed these n the care was outstanding. They went above and beyond.

Jason Saylor

Always nerve racking taking any of my kids in to the dr. Took my son in at 1 month old during Christmas one year and he had to be stay for a few days. They were the kindest people. I kid you not. Very re-assuring! And as a Catholic for the deacon and the sister to come to our rooms and offer us the Eucharist because we couldn't be at mass was more than just a miracle. It was a pure sign of God's love. We've also been here recently for all 3 of our little ones and everyone was so awesome my 5 year old didn't want to leave. She said she wanted to stay and work the x ray machine for the rest of her life!!

Mr. J-Dog

They stab you with needles. Horrible place. Boston Children's is better.

ljhuh bhdc

UPDATE: instead of them investigating or even attempting to assess the situation they did a hospital wide investigation. Sent out notices to all departments to figure out who wrote this post. Long story short I no longer work here! And I guarantee it’s still the same bs up there!!! I work here as a contracted employee. So I’m in several different departments. In general the nurses here are rude and condescending. now specifically speaking of the emergency department they could careless about HIPPAA. I’ve witnessed children being given suppositories in the waiting room, a nurse also told me some patient info that was pretty private. The charge nurses down to the RN’s and EMT’s are very rude. They have no patience. The employees that check you into emergency have inappropriate conversations they play music all while parents and patients are in waiting area. If you don’t have a medical background they look down on you if you get any acknowledgment at all. Personally I wouldn’t bring my child here or recommend anyone else to bring their child here... unless it’s a last resort.

Paul Ison

My son is 2 and a half months old he was transferred on 2/14/2017 from PIH whittier to choc in Anaheim when we got there the staff was rude and could barely speak english let alone write. My son was sent there for a higher level of care they did not handle his situation with urgency what so ever. Donald bendig was the MD and he was so lazy and filthy it took him 15 hours to let us know what was wrong with our son who had been admitted for breathing difficulties and turning blue from lack of oxygen they didnt do a damn thing the only reason the doctor came was because we asked to leave. The staff drag their feet and look flustered when i asked for help they not once came to the room to check on him i had to go to the desk and ask. They forgot to hook him back up to his ekg machine my wife had to do it. Upon discharge i told DONALD BENDIG MD to have my sons IV removed and he said in a pissy tone my staff is busy doing paperwork i had to correct him and demand he have it safley and properly removed. We had to seek medical attention at a professional facility who actually new what they where doing. DO NOT GO HERE IF YOUR CHILD NEEDS MEDICAL CARE THIS PLACE IS A JOKE AND THEIR STAFF IS LAZY AND JUST THERE TO GET PAID AND GO HOME THEY DONT CARE ABOUT YOU OR YOUR CHILDS WELL BEING AS LONG AS THEY GET PAID THEIR HAPPY. DONALD BENDIG MD NEEDS TO BE FIRED.

Jason Corona

Good doctors stayed their for two days

Yoon Chung

My daughter has been going to this hospital every 3 month for more than a year. There is always billing problem. One time they sold the account to the credit collection agency. Very disappointed.

Foram Patel

It saved my life

Maggie Walters

Lately They Have Problems With Hiring More Doctors Which You May Expect Hours And Hours On Hold.......

Emmanuel Martinez

I love CHOC children's hospital and its better than the st. Joseph hospital.

Smilies lovexoxo

Best hospital ever I’m going to miss this hospital I’m moving to other state this was the only hospital I trust with my son this hospital is very caring love the specialist doctors they make u feel right at home my son stayed at the hospital for 3 days for testing they made him feel right at home they comfort him brought him toys movies they brought him snacks overall this hospital is the best hospital ever !!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Edgar Veloz

They are the best no children it's turned away ever, best care ever

Mireya Corona

Wait time 5+ hours at the lobby for my daughter running fever 102

Georgia Hurley

2.5 hour wait to get a room and another hour to see the doctor. Lots of staff around but maybe only one doctor? The check in staff was super friendly but one nurse who came in after I asked if they knew a how much longer was very loud and abrasive. Out of all the Emergency rooms I have had to go in this was the slowest! The waiting room only had 5 patients waiting to get in!

Nicholas Jacobs

Yes a great experience, but it wasn’t because of the doctors and nurses. They were everything I would expect of a nurse or doctor in an OR. For me what truly makes this place a children’s hospital is the girl whose job it is to make the patients experience there as pleasant as possible (Caucasian, mid-20s early 30s, glasses, I’m horrible with names). She did that and more. Every time my son was getting upset she would appear out of nowhere with a toy or bubbles to help calm him down. She also searched tirelessly for the Baby Einstein channel for him. This was the first time since his birth that my wife and I had to put our son’s life into someone else’s hands. As they begin to wheel him back to the OR, he became separated from my wife and I and begins to cry. Just as I start to panic, the girl whose job was to make the patients experience there as pleasant as possible rushes over to his bed with another toy that calms him down. The fact that she was there and made such an effort to comfort him put our minds and hearts at complete and total ease.

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