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J. Darnell Cox

During early June of 2010, Ms. Louise Cox my (Mom) was taken to (CHMC) for an overnight observation on (Sun.) night approximately 9 - 9:30 p.m., resulting from lower-abdominal "moderate" pain and some blood appearing in her phlegm after coughing etc., (CHMC) performed a CAT Scan, then proceeded with a "NG (Nasal Gastric) procedure, which subsequently caused her to aspirate, asphyxiate and (choking) to death during what was considered a..."low-risk" procedure./// JDC...miss you mom.

Brenda Carmona

Worst hospital ever. I took my two month old there doctor didnt even know what he was doing. THEY SUCKKKK

Christopher Cabrera

The wait time is ridiculously long, the care is definitely below average .

Prince Sky

I’ve been there 2 times and had to wait more than 5 hours just to talk to someone.

kevin smith

My time here was very disappointing and uncomfortable nor did i even get to see or actual talk to to doctor as i was here 8 /18/2017. Doesn't value patience values or opinions. They feel they knowledge over serve their right so to consulate never will i return or even if i was on my death bed no way no how .. Dr young and her head dr should and hopefully will be replaced

Diane King

Emergency room nurse patient ratio is unacceptable. Nurses were being rushed to get patients out they didn’t have time to clean their rooms. Triage would bring patients back to rooms and not let the nurse know she had a new patient New grads were noticed to be trying very hard to take care of patients and be considerate and were continually told your not fast enough hurry up this is about money and getting patients in and out don’t worry about anything else

Zolleka Smith

Excellent service.. every one was at my bedside. the doctor was very nice.. and patient.. i have one problem to report.. if you do not have no insurance. And it a medical Emergency. . Watch out. You will be slapped with a bill of 2000.00!!! In the mail..This is robbery..

Rob Nelms

If I could give negative stars, I would. This has been the absolute worst hospital I have ever been to in my entire life. My experiences there are beyond horrifying. First the staff: they are like robots. They mostly have no personality and will only follow orders. Most you can't even have a conversation with. And will lie, lie, lie right to your face and keep lying to you. A lot can barely speak or understand plain english and are impossible to have a conversation with. Next: the doctors. In my last fiasco with them, the doctor even yelled at me, for no reason. DR. MK is obnoxious and will not listen to the patients at all. Next: Hospital stay. DO NOT STAY THERE! I've seen cockroaches. The staff is completely incompetent and will let you suffer with any care in the world. They will get you prescription wrong. It's noisy. The food is terrible. I had nothing but bad experiences there. They misdiagnosed me, left on surgical dressings without clearing them, left me in a bloody gawon that was supposed to be changed, tried to deny me my right to see a doctor while I was staying there, mis my timed dosage of important antibiotics and lied about it, took blood test without consent, and basically just treat you they want to treat you. PLEASE do not go. The only thing this hospital has is it's location.

Mi'chel Maciel

This is the filthiest most trifling hospital I have ever been too! I give 2 stars to the staff because they did the best they could. The facilities and equipment are very outdated. Patient rooms are the size of match box. The ER was so dirty it could not possibly be sanitary. I will never go back and wouldn't recommend it to my worse enemy. If you have other options take it!

Man OnMoon

Horrible hospital very unprofessional nurse and supervisors give u the run around they have had me waiting for hours so far 5:30 hours waiting in the ER and counting they claim theres no beds open but they keep putting people in I been waiting patiently until my pain got more severe and I asked to speak to supervisor because they're just putting paitiens in but they're stalling not to mention they dont have people cleaning it's disgusting dry vomit in side walk and nothing seems to be cleaned it's not safe

Milton Perez

Fast Hospital good service better than General USC hospital

anamichelle hanson

Soooo horrible on the phone ! Super rude

Joe Chavez

I had surgery here last Sep 19th...before that i checked some of the very negative reviews of this hospital..i admit i was a bit nervous about my surprise everyone of the staff i dealt with was courtious professional and kind...a very special thanks to Ada,Myra..nurses john and Michelle


Had my baby here, all the nurses were great and very caring.

Letrecia Anthony

I came here july 12, 2011 my ankle twisted around in a full circle. my bone even poppes out, they got it very quick, as soon as I stepped in I was serviced like an oil change, this is a great hospital I want to say thanks for the wonderful service I am now walking again.

Lady Stynnett

Very clean hospital, newly remodeled and super caring staff. After having mom admitted several times at Gardena Memorial- a total dump, this really is such an improvement. She's in good hands here. I'd recommend it for sure, but clearly all experiences differ but ours was great

J Fra

Recent surgery patient bleeding out transported to hospital via ambulance had to wait 4.5 in emergency room hallway before given a bed. Patient requested pain medication while waiting. Nurses claimed that No medication given to ease pain until seeing doctor. Terrible triage nurses. When asked to speak to charge nurse was told nurse was "in the hospital yet unavailable." Hospital staff seem unknowlegable about emergency room protocol. As of 6 hrs later patient has yet to see a doctor and is still bleeding from surgery site. Thankfully patient visitors administered medication prescribed when given the surgery otherwise patient would still be in extreme distress and pain. Visitors and patient have yet to see charge nurse and was told several times cn is simply "unavailable." By far the absolute worse hospital in L.A. county. Hospital highly unrecommended.

Save The Streets


Bethlehem Ande

This hospital deserves 0 stars my mother was brought in at 10:30am a doctor didn't come and say one word to us until I went completely off and that was at 2pm, fast forward to 5:30pm been waiting on a bed since 2pm they have no idea how long it will be they said hopefully by 8pm that's insane.. this place needs to be shut down!

Lizy M

Only cause I have to put a star or I wouldn't but some of the nurses suck here especially Shani (short curly haired) who is a coward and only talks but doesn't do much. So much for becoming a nurse who doesn't help and doesn't know much. What a waste.

Teresa. Tafoya Escobar

My husband was admitted on 10/14 /19 realesd on 10/17 N Was back in hospital on Friday nxt mornni g with bleeding in his stomach ,Now hes at Gardena Memorial in ICU with Amonia Levels high due to bleeding .Dr from Centinela neglegted to chk his stomach infection which he said my husband had ..

jazmine parrish

1 nurse raz or something was the best rn nurse ever and he was very quick

Jennifer Yat

Horrible experience! I went there when my toe was smashed and I could barely walk, and they took over half an hour just to clean it up! :/ Really horrible service

Randi Berwick

This isnt a hospital to go if your having a panic attack. And I am pergnant I up there for 4 hours and they didn't do anything for me.. I will never come to this hospital again they treated me like I was so kind of a junkie.

Amaris Chicas

Best service ever!!!!!! Emergency room was very clean and staff very helpful....

Roman Avershyn

Spent two hours of waiting in ER with my wife just to be told that "what do you want me to do" and that a severe headache can be caused by coffee... left with no treatment and received a bill for couple hundreds of $ for that... Trying to engage my health advocates to dispute it, this is ridiculous and feels like a scam.

Karen Ramos

Don’t ever come here!!!!!!

t w

I have been to this hospital about ten years ago and it was a horrible experience. But they have really improved. The staff was both professional and friendly, they took time with my mother and myself to explain everything that they were doing, the doctors were great and friendly also. They did everything in a very timely effortless manner that left my sister-in-law and myself not wanting to have my mother transferred to Kaiser. We both work at different hospitals that do not give the attention to patients like we received at Centinela Hospital.

Serenity Cruze

Worse hospital ever.. My toddler was having breathing complications.. We called 911 and the ambulance suggested they take the baby of course I road with them. The Nurse Michelle was really nice but didn't have any real medical knowledge.. They discharged my daughter because someone else's needed the bed.. We where instructed to sit in the germ infected waiting until we where able to reach family members for a ride.. Everyone is sleep at this hour..I asked to speak to the supervisor for some help..Mark came out and asked if I could afford my own taxi. At that moment I knew this hospital was the worse.. The older white security was very respectful and understand to everyone even homeless people.. May God continue to blessed him and this hospital staff.. Definitely not community people.. I'm still waiting in the lobby two hours later just contacted my family smh

Ariane Barnes


Sarah Marshall

My experience with them was great! I got sick really bad and went to their ER. Admission process was quick, my nurse was very caring and professional. The doctor explained me the diagnosis thoroughly and it was easy to understand. Loved all the staff who helped me. When you are sick, one thing you want is someone who shows compassion towards you and provides articulate medical care, and they provided me those. oh and I can't forget to mention, I got a lot better after the visit! Definitely 5 stars!


My daughter was born there in 1988. One of the best back then.. I remember the staff well..

Alfredo Gomez

Horrible people bad service, long hours to wait the people more The heaviest people I've ever met in my life the worst service of my life

Kimberly McFarland

I suggest you send your family members to another hospital for surgery.

Kid G

Workers are really rude! My mom was in so much pain and they weren't treating her right.

Monica Motley

Horrible Staff!

leonor lopez

Prepare to spend 10 hours or more at the emergency room

Dee Ram

PLEASE REGULATE ON THIS HOSPITAL US GOVERNMENT! These doctors are fake and phony. Stay away from here!

franchesca lucas

My girlz Ericka and Deyondra. wuz born. dareand also mario Erick Sr. babiez. r so cute. God bless him.

Gladys Kristophersen

They handled our injuries very well, happy with the care

Angel Vargas

Came in to the ER scare heard so much about ERs. But to my surprise i was treated fast with respect and on point the nurses were all nice and treated me like royalty did x rays blood work and just like that they took care of my knee.. Thanks to Courtney ER surgeon I'm walking again..

Patricia Blake

This is the worst EMERGENCY ROOM ever. I was there for TWO DAYS WAITING to get help for a family member. We finally left it was going into another day of WAITING to be transported to another hospital.


I really don't get the negative comments. I been to this hospital so many times for my pancreatitis among other things, and the hospital staff are wonderful. Very professional and everyone there gets seen depending on the severity of their problem something some people don't understand. It's not on about who gets there first. I would highly recommend this hospital to everyone, the staff really cares and they always have a special way of letting me know I am not alone. I love it!

Sharon Benson

I would never ever go there if im dieing let me die this is tha worst hospital n america

Miss Treas


mark brown

I encourage anyone an everyone not to come to this hospital ever unless about to die. I work here an I would never allow myself to bring my child or any family here at all. The nurses here arent qualified to handle people they are rude and lack respect. The doctors will have you here for hours taking xrays just to make more money then tell you that they dont know whats the problem. Security here has to handle patients who are 51/50 an inmates with no weapons of any kind an u feel bad seeing what they put up with. The hospital also looks like its falling apart as well water leaks in the ceiling in the er lobby and no air condition at all. So from an employee who works at centinela dont come here if you can avoid it an if you can get a hospital transfer if possible.

Therese Jamison

I was there about 3 wks ago for a leg infection from a spider and the nurses there were very caring but there was one nurse who made my stay at the hospital very comfortable she was very nice and very concerned about me her name was nurse Vivian C. on the 6th floor I'm sending this shout out to her to say Thank You for all you did for me much love to you there should be more nurses like her and also shout our to a male nurse name Neil he was very nice to me to ,but then there was this nurse name Shirley on the 6th floor also she was very rude trying to be sorcasted and funny and smart mouthed about everything she needs to go back into training and take notes from Ms.Vivian C. maybe then she will learn something about caring about people who need help instead of her pretending to try and act like she was a certified doctor with an M.D. degree first she needs a PhD and stop trying to act like she was black cause I no once you go black you can never go back that's for you Shirley.....

esmeralda avina

Looong Looong wait!.Cancel everything before u decide to take a trip here....

TheMan People love to steal from

This hospital needs to be able to branch off to the airport motel across from the stadium lot just for more room. Tons of people come to cali where we love to love. If you're a baller let's put our money together to make sure that they have everything they need caring for our natives along with those who just want to be around us. We have always been strong. I appoligize for leaving a little while my Cali family. I've been back now I'm ready to make the changes we have always wanted needed to be a better place to live not be hurt... -Money has spoken

Tesfay Tigist

Me and my Daughterr went to the emergency room at 9pm and then we had to wait there till 1pm the next day. My daughter was throwing up and she has a severe headache and I had lots of pain and when we went there we didn't get checked up till 8am in the morning we kept begging them to check us up and when the finally did they just gave my daughter Tylenol they didn't check her at all they just gave her that. And when I told them we wanna go home all of a sudden they start checking me up and they said they didn't even know I was gonna get checked up. And when they finished checking me up they said just go home without explaining what we should do to feel better.We stayed there for 16 hours.And we were sourounded by dangerous people and I got a parking ticket. Worst emergency room ever. And the staff acted like we weren't there and we were not important. Never going there again!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sooo Seductive

Checked in at 11:20pm didn't see a doctor untill 4:00 am.... I watched Security makes a mockery of the mentally ill and forget HIPPA .....shut them down!

Mischele Higginson

ZERO STARS!! These people need to remember the reason they have a Job in the first place. They are more concerned about the the hospital getting audited and getting high scores while inspectors are around but forget all about the patient care in the process. I will NEVER seek medical attention from this place. The Insurance companies need to be notified and maybe ALL will be revealed by having secret inspection done.

Family Bam

Centinela Hospital Nurses & All Staff Dont Know How To Receive Patients, Dont Know About Customer Service . They Have You Waiting For HOURS Without Giving You Info . Patients Are In Pain & They Still DONT Do Anything About It . All I See in The Er Is Just Nurses Talking To Each Other I Dont See Nurses In Rooms With The Patiences .

Tomisha Horn

I like the hospital overall. Not a long wait during my 4 experience. Some nurses can move a bit slower than others but overall they are good with me!

rahjanae salter

Horrible place DO NOT HERE !!! Will let u sit an will not do anything for you need better off going elsewhere for results

Maya Patterson

Terrible experience. They were extremely slow. I was in extreme pain and was doing my best to stay calm yet was talked about by nurses who weren't even trying to be discreet. Everyone seemed to move in slow motion and took forever to get some help even when I was in a room. The doctors never came in to tell me my results from my ultrasounds. It wasnt that busy either. They left me in a wheelchair in the waiting room when I was picked up and no one came to help when I called for someone to escort me to my ride outside. NEVER will come here again.

James Little

"Follow The Yellow Brick!" Author Jimi Little! Fresh! New Book! Based On Business Success! Overcoming !Obstaces In Black America!

Roy N

I went in on June 5, 2015 with a severely swollen left foot, which I thought might have a broken toe. I was attended 20 minutes after limping in. It took another hour to be seen by a Dr. Niama, but I received an x-ray, ultrasound and antibiotics shortly after. It is difficult to wait patiently when you're in pain, but I left in better condition than I arrived. The staff was friendly, attentive and helpful. Thank you nurse Linda and the staff of the radiology dept.

Susan Mendoza

Good day hospital Inglewood ca 90304

Paul Kray

Went for open heart surgery . Got my heavy duty meds . Reckon guy came in from operating room and gave me another whole dose. This caused my death during the operation . They got me back Now I'm suffering from decongetive heart failure. It wa a big misteak on their behalf . 2 stats for bringing me back

Ramon Halley

I was rushed in by the paramedics, I was having a miscarriage at 12 weeks , I had my baby on the toilet . they helped me , they checked me , ultrasound and everything ... The nurse ad left me in a puddle of my own blood , I was in crazy amount of pain ... They ended up letting me go, saying I was all fine everyything passed .. I went to my ob later that day and was told I still has stuff in my uterus . just after I was let go ... They don't know what they are doing .

barbara firchow

My first time here and I have to say I'm not very happy with the care so far. I'll just leave it at that since I'll be here for a couple of days.

Vian Leo

Went there for emergency and waited for almost 6hours. I have to take my sick self out of there before my condition get worse. Worst hospital ever! They are extremely slow.

Raul Escobedo

Had surgery for bowl resection dr hurst & dr shore were grate .the day and nite Nurse andrew and amamda are the best along with the nurse's assistant lisa, bobbie,omar very nice and careing as a mater afact the whole 8th floor staff is grate thanks so much

Judith Hollombe


Darylzhae Stevenson

Terrible hospital my daughter can barely cry has a fever and coughing like crazy they sent us back to wait in the waiting room any other hospital would take her back to see a doctor as priority seeing that she's only 8 months old smh this hospital needs to end the emergency services


Staff doesn't seem to care, terrible service, will never come here again

Diana Rubio

Worse hospital ever

Chelsea Johnson

My Momma was here and they did a pretty good job taking care of her. She was a tough patient at times, and the hospital did a good job taking care of her. I wish they would have explained more things to my family and I. Luckily they referred us to a very very good skilled nursing facility called Primrose which took great care of her and got her home strongly and safely. I hope in the future they can be better and communicating things. We felt a little left out at times, but aside from that they did a good job.

Starkiller Kimio

Never coming back again!!! This hospital is the worst...

Rosario Saenz

Longest wait time. Unprofessional rude staff. Im still very ill and very sick and i got discharged.

Maycol Camey

It's a nice place but the people there take days to see you...

Kandice Jackson

Horrible place! It's newly remodeled but the staff is extremely slow. After waiting in the waiting room for 2 hrs i get to my room where I'm still waiting its going on my 3rd hr. I'm gonna give them 30 more minutes then I'm leaving. I should've just died on the corner...

Classic G

if u ever have a love with a stroke.... this place doesn't know how to treat stroke victim... this hospital needs to be shut down.

Joo Dii

The worst hospital I've ever been in, staff at the ER is careless, hospital is dirty, security guard at the ER is extremely rude, argued and screamed at me when i asked to see supervisor and still ignore my request said he was authority there. Smh! 1 start is too much for such a horrible place in my truthful opinion.

Dianne Phillips

Emergency room personnel do not know what they are doing. They need more training. Like one "nurse" said, this is the only place that hired me. Once you are admitted, you see the professionalism and level of care in the staff.

Justice Sheen

They have ok service but they don't tell u how long u have to wait and I sat there for 2 hours waiting to get called when there was less than 8 ppl ahead of me


Bad service my son was taken to the ER by ambulance and he was never seen we were there for more than an hour and after that they send us to the waiting room saying we will be called back in like 5 minutes another hour passes and nothingi asked the front desk and they said they don’t know when we will be called we were there for like 3 hours and nothing , restrooms are super dirty and no toilet paper or hand soap, everyone is very rude .. worst hospital I’ve ever been


Worst e.r ever!!rude and tacky nurses waiting with pain for 6 hrs not even trying to get me some pain meds while I waited had me go back and forth in the lobby and out for tests until 6 hours finally the dr sees me so rude and ridiculous

Orry Morgan

Wonderfull and compassionate staff who helped me and my family after my mother tragically passed away whilst on holiday from Australia.Heartfelt thanks to all staff for their efforts and professionalism.Special thankyou to Carol .Morgan family

Allura Robinson

My Name Is Luana Jackson-Gaffney. I would like to thank all the staff and Leopold Lopez the ER PA who was in attendance on my ER visit. I was on vacation in March of 2014. I was bitten by insects and had to be rush to the ER. I was seen by a very caring and professional medical secretary and triage nurse. The medical attendant was also very pleasant and made sure I was comfortable while waiting to be seen by the NP. I notice that other patients were being treated with the same level of care and concern, so I'm sure that this is how they treat all incoming patients to this ER. Even though I was only there because of insect bites and was a visitor to LA, this experience at this ER added to another reason why I Love California. If I have another medical emergency while in LA, I will use this hospital again. Again thank you to the staff and Leopold Lopez ER PA at Centinela Hospital Medical Center ER.


If you are a nurse and are thinking about working registry here, please reconsider. Meditech without training and no help from staff. A true ZERO stars

Richard Reyes

Horrible hospital with terrible nurses, they made us wait for 5 hours just for results from blood work. The hospital has a foul smell from the moment you walk im. While waiting in the waiting room there was a mentally unstable person on her menstraul bleeding down her leg. This place is completely unsanitary. When we finally got put in a room, I heard a patient in another room desperately begging a nurse "please help me idk what's wrong and I can't breathe!" Only to hear a nurse respond "yeah sure, you better stop screaming!" She actually yelled at the patient for being in pain.Please DO NOT come to this hospital if you value your health and those of the people you love. Shut this hospital Down!!!


I was in about 2 weeks ago because of an issue that I was having in my pregnancy. Everyone was nice and helpful from the guy that I first saw in emergency to the security guard who directed me out. Nurse Lori in Labor and Delviery was very nice and made my visit a comfortable one.

Tasha Collins Pollard

Edward from patient admitting was Rude and let us know that he had other patients that he had to attend to ( no one else was waiting). He made rushing gestures with his hands as of he were in a rush. Kevin helped us because i guess that Edward didnt want to after i expressed my displeasure with his attitude. My mother is blind and in a wheelchair and you want to rush her? Why would someone want to come back to a place that is not welcoming? He is not helping anyone and we have been working with kevin for at least the last 10 minutes. I demand good customer service and i was extremely disappointed. My mother and father come here often but it's time for a change.

larrica gardner

Waited there for 7 hours and still wasn't called. I have never waited this long at an emergency room in my life.

Jasmine Hayes

So just to sum it up someone is in the lobby sitting in their own pee, not a joke, they literally have peed on themselves twice and not one employee has addressed this issue as of 1 hour.I’m in absolute shock that this hospital is actually running. This is about as bad as it gets. I would actually rather have gotten seen by a doctor in an alleyway than been in this sad excuse for a hospital. But alas, this is the hood, so that’s how it is. Makes me sick to my stomach from the security to the nurses. It’s almost laughable, but I am truly disgusted.

Francisco Franco

Unprofessional, unkempt, rude, EXTREME lack of customer service. Our 10 month old was transported to this hospital due to a medical emergency. For starters, the security at the front lacked empathy and courtesy. Seemed like he was bothered I walked in to the hospital and he now needed to get off of his smart phone to help me out. The room they placed us in had blood on the walls and floor, there was a urine stench in the air, and there were old bandages and dirty towels at our bedside. I must say though, Dr. Hussein, during his 5 minute visit was actually very helpful with his thoughts, concerns, and plan for our sons well well being. After he left it went downhill again. They roomed us with a mentally ill patient who was not being monitored and kept pulling out her IV and dropping her urine tub. As you can imagine this added to the urine stench and blood being dripped EVERYWHERE on the floor. When I went to complain, the nurse said "ok" and walked away. They sent someone 10 minutes later with a bag of cookies and juice box for the poor mentally ill patient. They didn't mind she was still dripping blood from her arm or that there was urine on the floor. I walked out again to look for a nurse, but again no one seemed to care. This place is in serious need of professionalism, cleanliness, and better hiring standards.

Amber Fulford

The wait time at the ER was awful and inefficient with people signing in then leaving and returning after they had been called, which slowed everything down. I went in with abdominal pain, when I began crying in the lobby from pain the security guard checked on me and a nurse brought me an ice pack. Almost every single staff member I encountered was kind and compassionate. I was very stressed that I had to have my appendix removed but the ER MD Dr. Green was awesome and personable and made the whole situation more bearable. Everyone from the transport guys, imaging staff, to the MDs were upbeat and caring. I had 2 nurses that weren't amazing but adequate during my stay, overall I think I had great care and would recommend this hospital and staff to anyone in need.

Darlessia Summerville

The nurses on an unit is only here for an check... No quality of care... Patients that can not do for them selves get treated any kind of way... That's why its so important to have family or in friend around to speak for the patient... This hospital sucks.... If you have an complaint, he can't be found...

Kenneth Tyler

sorry to see all the bad reviews. i went to the emergency room a couple of years back i had to wait like everyone else but after i started vomiting i was rushed in and found out i had a hole in my intestine i was operated on right away saving my life because my system was being poisoned. we have to realize they are trying to see people as fast as they can and most emergency rooms are packed with people that was there before you. doctors and nurses were very professional. enjoyed my three week stay.

maria rodriguez

DONT go to this hospital. The people who check you in don't care about you. I understand that people who are brought in by an ambulance get seen first but Jesus I've been waiting for over 3 hours when I walked in there were only 3 people infront of me and I'm still waiting. I asked the security guard that's on duty right now if there's any way of letting me know how much longer before I'm seen and he said no. When earlier the female security was nice enough to call to the back to find out for another patient that was asking! The staff in the emergency room don't care if you come in dying..... they'll let you die! This hospital has gone down sooooo much. Don't know why people go there. As for me never again!

Ami Pannell

My husband feel out the bed and they never looked at him. Had heart issues and passed out. Thank God his insurance transfered him. They told him he had food poisoning. Better to find a better hospital when your sick they are liable to kill you

inez munoz

very clean and nice staff every single one!thanks

Angel McGowan

I am here this is the worst place I came in because my right side is swollen I had open heart surgery at the age of two I have low blood the dr i had seem to not care at all blood pressure was up the nurse i had when i came in she was not friendly at all never put me on a heart monitor then never checked on me so an hour passed another nurse came in she was very nice to me an she said our you ok I said no I am not at all then he want to give me my discard papers she started to explain to me I said why he did not do anything on this paper work then I was really upset the nurse said I am sorry I hope you feel better I said thank you I hope some contact me about this all happened on July 30,2019 oh another thing the EMS they use cuss words in this hospital all of them people need training..

Deric Tucker

Even tho I was initially hesitant to come here because of past experiences with myself, family and friends I'm grateful that I did. From Dr Kumar and her staff to every RN (especially Sierra) and CNA that made my stay that much better considering being in a hospital. This hospital has done a complete turn around from patient care to just general customer service. The battle that they have put up for me and the DME I need to go home I'm grateful. Unlike other hospital I've been to in the past few years they finally found the underlying reason whats keeping me ill and jumped on it like they actually care.Thanks to the entire staff

Michelle Gutierrez

Your best going somewhere else wait time is 5+

Shakari Clemons

I've been here since is now 4:36pm. Everyone that was in the waiting room with me has been taken to the back and I'm still here. I've been waiting here for hours with emg stickers all over my body for nothing. I'm starting to wonder why I even came here.

damnimso savage

The nurses were on top of their game ..they explained everything and I really appreciate them

Karen Moody

This hospital is a joke i got her at 1208 and im still waitin 6hours later

Ee P

This hospital truly serves patients. They stay on top of their game and makes you wanting to stay longer. It was my second stay at this prestigious hospital and I should say I'm very lucky even though I was sick of gallbladder pain . I tried other hospital and I can say Centinela Hospital Medical Center trully cares for its patients.

Danje Jackson

For 3 days I've been down...I went to ER yesterday but left...long wait! Today I went back...excellent ER attendings...quick... personable & professional...Thanks ER

brittany Lear

The hospital is clean and staff are nice but their emergency room makes no sense. I have been waiting for a bed for 7 hours! If why I was here wasn't important enough to them then why didn't they just sent me on my way. There's no point in leaving now. This is awful

Laurie Ishii

Never again. I was there on Saturday 5/26/19 a few days ago. The nurse was very nice, but I’d rather have a doctor or nurse with not the greatest bedside manner and QUALITY than nice ones who give inexperienced care. I have a picc line and it goes straight to my heart - until I can get in home care my doctor told me to go to the ER to have them clean it which has to be done once a week. And if anyone handles it, they should use sterile gloves, mask and rubbing alcohol and a picc kit. The nurse didn’t use a mask, I had to tell her to wear a mask - she didn’t even know how to flush it - she said she’d only been working there since February 2019 (like 3 months?) she kept trying to flush it and then another nurse came over with NO GLOVES AND NO MASK, who just pulled the dressing off and opened the lock. My husband was questioning them and they made it sound as if the do it like that all the time and it was no big deal. My husband was like, “If that’s the case, even I can do that!” My oncologist nurses said only an RN can clean my picc line and they need to follow procedure (gloves, mask, tagaderm, date when cleaned etc.) as well as the nurses where I got the picc line put in. While I was still there, I had to use the restroom - I was hooked up to fluids and I told a nurse and a young guy can over and unhooked me and said I could use the restroom - I walked to the restroom and felt something cold on my side - I thought it was dripping from the fluids and checked - it was BLOOD all over the side of my gown! The kid didn’t even lock the picc line. I’m at the ER in San Gabriel and they are cleaning my picc line the RIGHT WAY - with the kit and according to protocol. If you ever want to go to an ER that’s QUICK (I was in and out of there in three hours TOPS) and you don’t care about quality medical treatment, go to Centinella hospital!

Lou Doggg

They don’t have enough beds , ER room takes for ever for you to get in to see someone Workers are rude

Antonio Donozo

Went in with my dads fluid lung problems, came out dead cause they never even attempted to treat it cause he had diabetes.


This Hospital is horrible, avoid if you have a true medical emergency. This hospital is failing it's community. Terrible service from staff, very unprofessional. Unacceptable wait time for true emergency conditions. Staff seems minimally educated and unconcerned with aiding those who need help; not attentive at all! Staff acts like they hate thier job, their life, the patient that come through the doors and as though they have somethng better to do. This hospital is a joke lie something you see ina ghetto movie.

wallace snow

Pretty good, everyone was nice and helpful. From the E.R. to the hospital stay. A little dated ,but they are working on that.

Joey Cornejo

This is the worst hospital I have been to in my life I waited 5 hour's and was never seen I left and went to a hospital in Culver city and I was seen in 20 minutes please don't go here you might die no joke.

Magnifique Productions

Had no one who really cared. Just treated me with no compassion. I don't think they like blacks here.

Dennis Johnson

First off let me say that the first nurse and front end receptionist were awesome. While they were not super great social skills they understood the severity of my situation and took care of me really well. and they really seemed like they wanted to help even though they werent super empathetic people. That being said for what i was in there for i had some really major problems where i was completely scared for my life forcing me to AMA myself as i knew i was in danger. I strictly asked for half doses of narcotics and as this was late night i want to be awake for anything done to me or want to be able to agree to it. However as one of the times i fell asleep i remember waking up and without me asking i remember dozing off as i already have sleep problems and they said they just gave me another vial of morphine to ease the pain. This is something i strictly didnt want, I DID NOT WANT THAT. I firmly dont like having that many drugs in me and was not fair. for the next 14 hours i was knocked out. I remember waking up and the nurse i've been dealing with was actually like "Its crazy how long you slept!" Well no kidding. they literally drugged me. The next few hours observed my significant other came over and also noticed as did i these guys were handling a picc line ( Which is a line directly to my heart) without ever washing their hands or putting on gloves. Now, most of them do carry alcohol in their pockets and can scrub it before the room. However, the nurses were literally walking into the room touching the door nob and were not doing it. I actually had to wait until she was there and confirm that this was happening for actual proof. The next issue was i take a non narcotic medication for pain with a different issue i've been having. After being out that long i had none of it in my system and i really needed it as i was hurting extremelly bad. They forgot to put it on my chart apparently and told me i wasnt allowed to have it. At this point i was starting to have insane spasms. I was under extreme amounts of pain again i told the nurse i really needed it. And because i was getting a lack of fluids i noticed i was extremelly dehydrated which amplifies the problem. I was denied and was told unless a doctor approves its not possible. I told them again i need it, actually need it. and finally asked if they could do something else then for the pain or call the doctor. they told me i was no longer allowed to have anything to help with pain and believe me it was so bad. i was so emotional i actually had nightmares for the next 2 nights. Maybe a third we'll know tommorow. Lastly, they said they would contact my doctor about my picc line because they wanted to put a new one in for no other reason then "It should be changed every 3 months" I was told previously from multiple other doctors its not uncommon to have it up to a year. so they wanted to do a surgical procedure to me and claimed that they were gonna do it and have confirmed it with my doctor. i dont believe them as her hours werent in the time frame but i will find that out tommorow as i made an appointment. Be very careful with this place. they literally drugged me and took advantage of me, touched me with dirty hands for more then likely the entire time i was knocked out. This is serious people, really serious. This place is dangerous. Honestly i've had bad experiences before but nothing like this. this is the first time i've ever even been forced to write a review.

Dragon Sky

Vary professional and calm

Vincent Hammork

When I had my stroke in February, That's when I got transported to Centenila Hospital. Not all the staff is bad Some of the nurse staff actually care. On the 2nd floor where I was transported, they was very kind and courteous to me. But when I got transported to the third floor, they wasn't so nice. When I needed assistance with my urinal, the nurse wasn't very helpful and it tipped over and spilled all over me. Thank god my brother in law stayed over and made sure the nursing staff took care of me. They was giving me the run around when I Was going to leave the facility to Rancho facility to start my rehab. It took an whole month before I was transported out of that hospital to a Kaiser facility in Harbor City. Then my Dr. called Centila Hospital to ask what medicine I was taking, and they weren't very cooperative. I wish this on know one to go to that hospital. I do thank them for helping me, but I feel that some of the people on that nursing staff needs to be retrained. Not all of them, but some of them.

Tasha Jackson

If I could give no stars I certainly would..This is my first and last time coming here..The staff just mopes around so unconcerned.This is by far the WORST ER I've ever had to visit..If I could have fixed the problem myself I surely would have,but I came here because it needs doctors care..What a disappointment!!! I will drive the distance to another hospital..This place isn't fit to treat a common cold..4 hours and a doctor hasn't even peeked in to see what's up?? No the ER nor the rooms are filled with people..By far the worst of the worst..

Phabian Robinson

Got there at 3pm today with bad migrane headaches over last 3-4 days. Waited 2 hours to be put in room with mentally ill person who was humming and yelling for no reason about 45 minutes. No doctor visit asked why I was there by 3 different nurses. Asked for another room they put me in room with homeless man with loud tv and flatulence. Stayed ER for 5 hours saw 7 nurses and 1 doctor for 5 minutes and received one motrin no mri or xray or anything so I got up and left another couple days of pain is a gift compared to how they treat people there. Worst run hospital I have ever been in. Obviously reflection of leadership.


This hospital is okay to me. When I go to the ER I get seen in a reasonable amount of time. The staff, doctors, and nurses were all nice to me. However, the restrooms are filthy and need to be cleaned. The service just depends on the day, time, and amount of patients needed to be seen.

Melissa Mcmahand

My husband and hospitalized there. On the parients parients parients rights a person has the right to have someone to represent them. But they won't let anyone stay unless the person is dying. Not only was the house manager rude she showed no interest in my husband's health but was more worried about the care they do not provide being noticed. If this hospital was not serving predominantly blacks and Hispanics it wouldn't be that way. They treat you like a second class citizen and make got feel like nothing. He was on the 6th floor and the truly this hospital treats us like garbage. If anyone on here can guide me to an official place to make a formal complaint i would appreciate it. They send you to management which is probably the reason the hospital is in poor shape. We had to go there because that's where the ambulance took us but never in my life have I personally witnessed such a dreadful place that's job is to provide service. It doesn't even deserve a scoring of 1.

Nelly Nation

The security guard at the front desk is very rude. I kept asking, if i can go to the back with my grandmother, the security guard kept saying 10 mins and its been 2 hours. I dont like this at all

Anna Hidalgo

Unfriendly and unprofessional staff Took my 3 yr old to th ER waited overnigth to get seen and any type of treatment..

Tay Mitchell

The worst hospital ever!!!!!!!! I came in to the ER at 7:45am and waited 4 hours to receive an x-ray. Mind you the X-ray process took less than 10 minutes.

Beverly Johnson

Absolutely the worst hospital E.R. room I've EVER BEEN TO...what in the world is going on at Centinela Hospital. My daughter had a horrifying experience here. The ER room is the worst place in the hospital; the rudeness , and attitudes,and the blatant disregard you get and feel for your health and safety is scary within itself. It's shameful!! Its imperative that the State check on this hospital for all of our safety and well-being.

Natasha Warren

My mother was losing blood, they sent her home and said it was a virus and there was nothing they could do for her. My mother had to go to another hospital a few days later where she had to get a blood transfusion.

tresure hall

Wouldn’t even send my dog there

Cedez Scott

Good doctors and nurses I was seen there today I went in so sick couldn't walk .left out walking feeling great they really did there job and help me in the er so this is a excellent good hoisptal unlike Gardena memorial

Yoga Enthusiast

I wish I could give 0 stars!!! you guys dont care how many patients drop dead right in your vicinity you will send them home and let them die there you drug your patients to shut them up and lord knows what you do to patients that dont have visitors my heart is aching for my mother. I cant wait for her to get better and sue the pants off of this hospital

Joseph Pembleton

Great Hospital great staff but the food sucks as a patient they really need to reconsider how they feed their people where in the hospital no eggs don't post nothing of great substance that hold me over to the next meal even the breakfast sucks had to ask for like two trays just to get something to eat to fill me but other than that no complaints great Hospital.

Briana Vaughn

Nurses and staff act as though they are unconcerned and don’t care about the patients what so ever. I am having a miscarriage and have been sitting for 2 hours and I’m getting no answers.

tasha worthy

Husband was taken there after an accident. I arrived to a nasty, dirty hospital. Piss on the floor, used needle on the floor, used bandages and unused medical accessories on the bed next to him. The nurse offered me to sit down and I told her no way. Walls we're dirty With some stains, from what I don't know. The nurse we had was very good, but never let your people go there.

eye spy crooked eye

Horrible service all the employee's do is play around the supervisors dont care i waited for about 10 hours for them to call me in and when i was placed in a room i see dry blood on the metal tables it was discusting and not sanitized at all i dont recommend coming to this hospital at all it was a nightmare coming here

Horatio Chatman

Great hospital and great staff of doctors and nurses! They really and truly care about their patients!

Ram Subedi

I arrived to this hospital to check up after a car accident but the patient examination process was bit slow. I had severe chest pain and doctor suggested for xray but it took bit of time get my turn for xray to be performed. After an X ray I again waited bit longer than expected to see the doctor. Their emergency treatment seems bit slow. The hospital looks clean but it was bit crowded.

Latrice Jenkins

Centinela Hospital Medical Center Will let your family members Lay in pain and just die

betsy cuevas

Worse place to goPLEASE DO GO TO THIS ER. You will be waiting for over 6 hours of you are lucky


I was born here on November 20, 1987 I'm now 28 going to be 29 this year . They told my mom the chances of me coming out alive when she gave birth to me were very low . Now that she had a lots of health problems during the time she was pregnant with me . The doctors here worked hard to save my life when she gave birth to me . Not all hospital are perfect this one at the time had a doctor that saved my life when I was a born,a baby. If it wasn't because of a doctor here and his team that worked hard to save my life when my mom was giving birth to me . I would be death right now that's reality.

Vonyae Lockett

Worst Hospital in America. Doctors are rude, nurses are rude. It stinks. Your wait is beyond normal. The hospital should be shut down!!!


THE worst hospital in LA county by far. My friend has been taken a few times for various medical issues and every time he is given discharged early or given sub par care. LAFD rescue 65 always takes him to that one hospital. Its annoying. We are about to file a complaint with Jcaho.

Vanessa1000 Cardenasmathee

Worst hospital ever. Long waits rude ass staff foul smell no janitors to clean up ppl dying in lobby they still make yo ass wait


One of the nurses in the E.R. unit refused to help a crying patient on a stretcher who got into a car accident because she was "off." In fact, she threw up her hands at the EMT who asked for help and said "I don't know, I'm off.." The patient was so upset she up and left out of the stretcher. The EMT then proceeded to state to his partner, "That's good for us, because I'm ready to bounce." I was absolutely disgusted by the lack of empathy and human compassion from people who are in the healthcare profession supposedly because they care about human beings. What I witnessed really left a really sour taste in my mouth... Horrible. By the way, I came in for possible problems with appendix or gall bladder issues and I've been waiting for 4 hours and counting... Never will I come to this place for so-called care again...

rocio Cabrera

I don't recommend this hospital they treated my son really bad he had a big wound in his feet and they kick him out they didn't care it was night time, no clothes and had a recent surgery in his feet because he was upset because a relative came to bring him something and they didn't let him come in or hand him the things it was 8:30 pm they didn't even want to give his belongings. Security Very unprofessional and rude behavior


Before I went there yesterday, I called to ask what the hospital would do if I went in for the problem that I was having (abnormal vaginal bleeding migraine, bad cramps/abdominal pain, dizziness, fever and feeling faint while doing anything)and imidiately the nurse gives me attitude then hangs up. And mind you I called because I had to walk there and if I have to go somewhere I don't want to walk for no reason. So since she didn't give me an answer I had to take a 30 minute walk there even though I'm sick and probably made it worse by doing so. I make it there to urgent care and to the back where I see the first two nurses who aren't really letting me speak they're just trying to rush me out it seems. So they give me a little container to do my urine test but don't take me to a bathroom they have me wait in the hall and don't get a chair until I say I'm about to pass out. So I wait for about 25-30 minutes before they call me they send me to a room and I finally do the urine test. The doctor only finds me cause I'm asking a nurse what I do with the urine and he sees the blood. The doctor is ok even though it seems like he's rushing me a bit and isn't really getting everything cause he's asking the same questions over. The female nurse he came in with seems a bit uncaring and just tries to everything quick. So he says he's going to go tests to see what's causing this to happen. So I end up sitting at that hospital all day I get multiple vials of blood drawn but end up getting discharge knowing nothing because the doctor never came back to tell me what was causing this to happen and it's really annoying because I heard the nurses all looking at and talking about my test results but nobody came in the room to specifically tell me, and there was an elderly woman in the bed next to mine who had been asking for a nurse's help almost the whole time I had come to the room I finally got fed up and had to get up and get a nurse for her. Like how do you not care that your patients are sitting in pain like that. Even for my migraine and cramps all I got was Motrin it didn't work but I felt it pointless complaining the nurses weren't going to do anything The discharge nurse who gave me papers on what I already know and came to the doctor in the first place was shocked the doctor never came back like he was confused so he got the female nurse I started with and it's frustrating cause when I was discharged I was being rushed out by that same nurse. And when I ask her for my blood test results she prints out a paper that only lab tech can read. After she rushed me out and had to walk home at night still feeling horrid knowing nothing more than I did when I walked in. I recommend that you don't go there because this isn't the first time I've gotten poor service from this hospital

Jawid Akram

This hospital and the attending doctor, Armund Hovonisian are responsible for the death of my father... The nurses are unqualified, incompetent, lazy, have no idea what to do in the case of a patient experiencing chest pains. Equipment is faulty and dated and no one is accountable at this hospital He was admitted for a virus, ended up with a heart attack in the hospital and he died. Due to the virus he was on antibiotics and IV. He had a heart monitor which was not working.. The monitoring desk changed it at least 12 time within a period of 3 days. The doctors and the nurses continued to give him Antibiotics and IV without checking his condition to see if he was retaining water. Due to excessive fluids, he began having chest pains, and no one was around except my brother and I. We ran out to the nurses desk to look for a nurse or anyone to help and no one was there.. A doctor was siting at a desk, he ignored our pleading for someone to come and check up on him.. good 5 minutes went by, and finally the male nurse came in and asked my father where he was having a chest pain...My father was so angry and in pain he angrily pointed to his chest. The nurse didn't do anything but said let me check the monitor... His heart monitor was NOT working and he said he was going to call the doctor... ALl this while my brother and I frantically running around for some one to attend to him.. Finally we decided to go downstairs to the emergency room and call EMT.. Good 20 minutes had gone by when someone finally came upstairs tried to revive him with an electric shock.. By this time he had already had a heart attack and never recovered and died 6 days later... The attending doctor was absolute negligent, he was never available and we had to leave angry messages with his office to call us. The doctor was Armand Houvisian. He deserves to have his license taken away!!!! We had attempted very hard to transfer my father out of this hospital and the doctor and the hospital denied it although a family doctor had made arrangements for my father to be transferred to an orange county hospital...It was because he was an out of network patient and the doctor would stand to make a lot of money treating this patient. While my father was in the ICU, the hospital services realized that they were responsible for the heart attack and possibly his death, they attempted to talk with us and we declined, because we had all intentions to disgrace the hospital and the doctor!.. We have made every attempt to go after this hospital and the doctor, but unfortunately no one is willing to take this case because it has become very difficult and a long process.. Any attorney willing to take on this hospital and the doctor, please do so and you can keep whatever you can get out of these people.. We don't want a penny!!! Just Justice!!! We don't want anyone to be another victim of this hospital or Dr Armund Hovonisian ... Any news channel reporters please investigate this hospital and Dr Hovonisian.. THEY ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE DEATRH OF MY FATHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Horrible place to go to you’ll be in so much pain and you’ll still be waiting there for hours and hours ..

Beautifully Macabre

The absolute worst urgent care/er that I have ever been to in my life. I’d rather endure the pain and go on with my day. You will be waiting for 5+ hours. Count on it, even if there’s only one other person waiting to be seen. Absolutely nothing is done to speed up the process, so pray it’s not life threatening if you must stop there. And it reeks. Smells like a nursing home.

Brittany Shelton

I didn’t even want to give Centinela Hospital one star don’t ever come to this hospital the nurses are rude and so are the charge nurses and supervisor the case manager never told my insurance company I was here then lied and said she told my insurance also one nurse put a blood pressure cuff on my I v line I cried and screamed take it off which the nurse did not do till I v blew and blood came pouring out and my arm turned purple and red u think that’s all man I have bed soars and raw skin I can’t walk so no one turned me oh they also gave me the wrong medicine so my boood pressure dropped from 123 to 100 in 5 minutes I told the charge nurse I was having problems breathing and I was shaking she called the doctor and left out my room shut the door and didn’t see her for 2 hours I could of died there is a lot more just don’t come to Centinela hospital in Inglewood I’m trying to leave today

crazyvln :]

They do not know what they’re doing at all. How is this even running

anissa tinajero

Never ever again, terrible experience here. Took forever to call me in, 15 hours just for 3 iv’/s, wouldn’t provide food unless you asked, very loud er room, unsanitzed, security guards very bad attitude, very disbursing things going on &nurses doctors were taking forever to come in and out! wouldn’t recommend this place to anybody!

Mary Collins

They tryed to kill mee also stole my jewelry.

Payton Chacalos

I had a heart attack and was taken here by the ambulance. Ended up needing 2 stents. Got there on Friday, didn't get the stents put in till Monday. I was told they don't do the angiogram on weekends (it was Presidents Day weekend). Good thing it was a MILD heart attack. I feel like rest is important when you are recovering from anything, but that was impossible (In all fairness I did get 2 hours one night). Someone down the hall was screaming 24/7, there was a loud gurgling noise 24/7 in the air conditioner even though it wasn't being used, I had more wires hooked up to me, it was like having sex with an octopus, and a nurse was coming in every hour or so to do the same vital signs that the wires were doing. Unlike the issues the other reviewers were complaining about, the nurses, despite their procedural short comings, were all really sweet and friendly. I suppose there were some that had an attitude on other floors as one nurse told me they do 12 hour shifts and don't get paid overtime. It was somewhat hard to get any info from the doctors about what was going on. One doctor told me my cholesterol was very high, when in fact my cholesterol is so low, (97 total), I had been taking pills to raise it up. Despite all that I give them a "good' rating for the simple reason that I'm still alive. Rated as one of the top 100 Hospitals in the U.S.

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